Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books

By Zibby Owens

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Category: Kids & Family

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Writer Zibby Owens, an NYC-based mom of four, interviews and chats with other writers about their work.

Episode Date
Jon Henes, Writer, “Alzheimer’s Disease: A Letter to My Mom”

Be prepared to cry. Listen to lawyer and writer, Jon Henes, as he discusses the devastating impact of his mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. His essays on about it are deeply moving, beautiful and poignant. Our conversation touches on life and death, the soul, parenting, family, love and what it means to remember. 

Aug 14, 2018
Live from Author’s Night! Florence Fabricant, The New York Times Food Editor

Listen in to this LIVE podcast from Author’s Night, the East Hampton Library benefit, to fabulous Florence Fabricant, the uber-important food and wine writer and editor of the New York Times. She talks about her latest cookbook (of 12!), her favorite dish to cook (hint: it rhymes with my-yay-ya), how she went from stay-at-home mom to rock star food writer in the 1970s and her tips for cultivating kids with sophiticated palettes. 

Aug 12, 2018
Live from Author’s Night! Ellie Cullman, “From Classic to Contemporary”

Listen in to this LIVE podcast from the East Hampton Library’s Author’s Night benefit!!! Legendary interior designer, Ellie Cullman, of firm Cullman & Kravis, talks about how she started her business, losing her best friend, the best bang for your buck when decorating, and what’s on her wish list. 

Aug 12, 2018
Rev. Lydia Sohn, Author of “What Do 90-Somethings Regret Most?”

Rev. Lydia Sohn, a 30-something Southern California minister (who says she’s “not that kind of minister”), wrote an article for called “What Do 90-Somethings Regret Most?” She interviewed her elderly congregants and found some surprising things about happiness, parenthood, love, body image and life in general. In our conversation, Rev. Sohn shares tips for a happier parenthood, decision-making tips, marriage hacks and more actionable advice to live a meaningful life. 

Aug 07, 2018
Rosie Walsh, Author of GHOSTED

Rosie Walsh is making her US debut with GHOSTED, a novel set in Stroud, Gloucestershire, where she was raised. (It was actually called THE MAN WHO DIDN’T CALL when it came out in England.) A former documentary filmmaker, a huge animal lover and a new “mum” herself, Rosie talks about dropping her pseudonym (Lucy Robinson) and using her real name for this novel, how she structured it, how tough it was to actually write, and her tricks for getting over a “Bad Writing Day.”  

Jul 31, 2018
Jill Santopolo, Author of THE LIGHT WE LOST

International best-selling author, Jill Santopolo, talks about writing THE LIGHT WE LOST, her strategies for crafting a successful book (short chapters!), how she writes anywhere and everywhere but always schedules it in, why she started writing and editing for kids, and what’s coming next for her, including an appearance at Author’s Night on the East End on August 11th. 

Jul 24, 2018
Jen Oliver, Author of “The Love FitMama Way: Transforming The Core of Motherhood”

Jen Oliver is the Canada-based founder and CEO of FitMama, a movement empowering women to love their bodies while focusing on pre and post-natal care, even decades post-partum! The author of “The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood,” Jen uses her fitness training, nutritional counseling expertise and healing arts to help moms look and feel good about their bodies. Listen to our chat as Jen and I interview each other for our respective podcasts (hers is called: FitMama). Listen in! 

Jul 17, 2018
Chef Lauren Costello, Author of “Notes on Cooking”

Chef, food stylist, author and instructor, Lauren Costello, shares some of her French Culinary Institute-trained well-earned tips from her books, “Notes on Cooking” and “The Competent Cook.” One tip: just say yes to everything! She reveals some food styling secrets, how to make breakfast kids will eat, and the importance of putting a little love into every dish. 

Jul 10, 2018
Elyssa Friedland, Author of “The Intermission”
Elyssa Friedland is the author of two novels, LOVE AND MISS COMMUNICATION, and now THE INTERMISSION (released July 3, 2018!). Elyssa, a Yale and Columbia Law School grad, was a corporate lawyer before moving to writing full-time after the birth of her second child. She has contributed to many publications including New York, Modern Bride, Real Simple and, most recently, The Washington Post. Listen to our chat about Instagram addiction, sexy tennis players, her writing tricks, and how she has sex in the mornings despite having three young kids.


Jul 03, 2018
Rebecca Makkai, Author of “The Great Believers”

Pushcart Prize winner, Rebecca Makkai, talks about her latest novel, THE GREAT BELIEVERS, the story of a man facing the 1980s Chicago AIDS crisis as well as the story of a mother searching for her lost daughter in 2015 Paris. This beautiful, interwoven tale paints such a vivid picture of an intimate relationship, a time and place, and a mother’s love. Rebecca shares what gives her “writer goosebumps,” her use of dramatic irony (remember that term from school?!), and what she wished other women wouldn’t ask her at book readings. She also gives specific advice to aspiring fiction writers. 

Jul 01, 2018
Andrea Petersen, WSJ Contributor, Author of “On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety”

Wall Street Journal Contributor, Andrea Petersen, shares her research and personal experiences from her book, “On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety.” She gives tips for how to raise less anxious children, how to help loved ones with anxiety and when to leave your kids alone in the house. 

Jun 26, 2018
Priscilla Gilman, Author of “The Anti-Romantic Child: A Memoir of Unexpected Joy”

Priscilla Gilman, author of “The Anti-Romantic Child” and former assistant English professor at Yale and Vassar, talks about raising her autistic son, coping with divorce, managing her career and finding happiness, all the while weaving the wonderful words of Wordsworth throughout her story. 

Jun 19, 2018
Courtney Maum, Author of “Touch”

Courtney Maum, author of “Touch” and “I am Having So Much Fun Here Without You,” talks about her unique professional path to becoming a writer (Corona party promoter in Paris!!), her meeting with a professional cuddler, how she accidentally came up with her novel ideas and the eternal quest to stock the fridge. 

Jun 12, 2018
Kwame Alexander, Author of “The Crossover” Series

Poet and author extradordinaire, Kwame Alexander, speaks off the cuff about love, life and writing. A best-selling author and Newbery Award winner for “The Crossover,” Kwame has written 25 books including ”Rebound,” “Booked,” and “Solo.” His work is intended for middle grades/young adults, but as a grown-up, I absolutely love his work. (I cried, repeatedly.) He blends sports and poetry in a unique way which provides “instant access to humanity.” Hear about Kwame’s plans, his work in Ghana, his future books and his thoughts on the NFL’s taking a knee. 

Jun 05, 2018
Allison Pataki, Author of “Beauty in the Broken Places”

Allison Pataki, author of memoir, “Beauty in the Broken Places,” and best-selling historical fiction books, “Sisi,” “The Traitor’s Wife” and “The Accidental Empress,” shares her story of coping with her husband’s unexpected, massive stroke at age 30. She shares her vulnerabilities, her advice, and her thoughts on how faith got her through that horrific time in her life: caring for both her husband (then with the cognitive capabilities of a teenage) and a newborn. 

May 29, 2018
Aimee Molloy, Author of “The Perfect Mother”

Aimee Molloy, author of instant best-seller and amazing novel/thriller, “The Perfect Mother,” as well as several other non-fiction books, talks about managing the anxiety of new motherhood, mom “tribes,” inverted nipples (?!), writing while hiding from her kids, and how she found out about her book being #5 on the best-seller list. 

May 24, 2018
Dylan Lauren, Founder/CEO Dylan’s Candy Bar, Author of “Unwrap Your Sweet Life”

Dylan Lauren talks about her love of color and candy, how she’s raising her “twin”kies, fitting in her workouts, managing her retailtainment empire, writing her first book, how 9/11 affected the launch of Dylan’s Candy Bar, her bunny love and more!

May 21, 2018
Caitlin Macy, Author of “Mrs.”

Novelist Caitlin Macy (pronounced “CaiSH-lin”), author of Mrs., Spoiled (Stories) and The Fundamentals of Play, talks about unspoken class distinctions, her own family’s fall from wealth, what it takes to make Upper East Side moms stop googling Hamptons real estate, and how she tries to get her daughter to wear socks. She references so many books and authors, it’s hard to keep up with her huge, literary mind. 

May 17, 2018
Dani Shapiro, Best-Selling Author of “Hourglass” and “Slow Motion”

Best-selling author, Dani Shapiro, author of nine amazing books (both memoirs and novels), talks about her secret to great writing, the app everyone needs to be productive, which sentence about her husband she rewrote over and over again and the family secret in her upcoming book from Knopf. (Cliffhanger!)

May 14, 2018
Jennifer Wallace, Award Winning Journalist and TV Commentator

Jennifer Wallace, TV commentator and award-winning journalist for the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and many women’s magazines, discusses her recent WSJ article, “The Teenage Social Media Trap.” Armed with many recent studies, Jennie gives tips on how to manage kids’ social media and gives some cautionary warnings. She also discusses how she broke into newspaper reporting, how her girlfriends were instrumental in helping her back into journalism after she took seven years off to raise her three kids, and how to appear calm, cool and collected on air. Plus she shares her secret to finding time to write without distractions! 

May 10, 2018