Business of Fitness with Jason Khalipa

By NCFIT Collective

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Hosted by Jason Khalipa, the Business of Fitness Podcast gets real about the fitness industry. Along with his guests, Jason will breakdown the good, bad, and the ugly in the business of fitness. Each episode is an AMRAP...literally. Unique in this short format style, Jason and his guests will set clock and you're off! Topics will cover all aspects of fitness including: coaching, training, competing, starting a business, growing a business, and everywhere in between. If it goes down in the gym, it's fair game. Regular guests include world class athletes, some of the best coaches in the world, fitness entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and more! Business of Fitness is available on all major podcast platforms. To learn more about the NCFIT Collective, please visit

Episode Date
Episode 55 | CrossFit HQ Deletes Social... What You Can Do
Episode 55 | CrossFit HQ Deletes Social... What You Can Do by NCFIT Collective
May 22, 2019
Week In Review: I'll Sue You and Your Wife
Today Jason recaps the week we've had at NCFIT. Not even the pros are foolproof, and today's episode dives into exactly that. This week Jason, the business, and even his family were threatened with a lawsuit by a previous landlord. Jason explains how and why this happened, and how gym owners and buisness owners alike can avoid such a hassle. Discussing things like effective communication, "bro deals," and verbal contracts, everyone has something to learn from today's show. Enjoy!
May 14, 2019
Episode 53 | Passion Doesn't Pay the Bills
Today we sit down with Jason, MDV, and Matt Walker. Together the three discuss things they've learned at NCFIT this week including the internship and onboarding of a new coach, unforeseen permit problems, and takeaways from meetings with aspiring gym owners. It's no secret that fitness has both changed countless amounts of lives and is truly inspiring. However, even though this inspiration can motivate us to want to share the gift of fitness with others, Jason, Matt, and MDV explain why it isn't that easy. Discussing things from creating a culture to dropping an unexpected $9800 on an operations permit, the three cover a lot of bases here in regards to opening, maintaining, and growing an affiliate. Get your notebook ready.
May 07, 2019
Episode 52 | The Power of Mentors
There's no need to recreate the wheel; odds are there's someone(s) out there living out our business dreams. There's nothing setting you apart from this person. You could have the same potential, same drive, and same values as this business owner, making that person the perfect mentor. Today Jason shares steps that help us move away from a. competition standpoint in business, and instead allows for growth and support from one another. Breaking down how to find a mentor, what incredible lessons he's learned from mentors of his own, and how to stay accountable to the new tools gained, coaches, gym owners, and buiness owners alike won't want to miss this one.
Apr 30, 2019
Episode 51 | From a Coach to General Manager, Evan Mathis
Today we sit down with Evan Mathis, general manager of multiple NCFit locations. Evan has been with the team for almost 5 years now, and has held multiple positions within the company. Evan shares his story and the skills he's learned along the way, explainig what it takes to go from part-time coach to general manager. He breaks down daily gym operations, member retention, and how to build and matain an effective team.
Apr 23, 2019
Episode 50 | Growing a Business Strong with Lauren Fisher and Rasmus Andersen
"Today Jason sits down with both Lauren Fisher and Rasmus Andersen. We chat business, re-branding, fitness, living/coaching in Dubai, and competing in competitive CrossFit together. The two make a perfect pair on and off the competition floor, fueling each other to be better at both business and fitness. Explaining the reasoning behind recent re-brand, Lauren and Rasmus share why it's so important to have a relatable story behind your brand. Find out what this couple is doing differently, and how they're making their mark on the online fitness world. You can find both Lauren and Rasmus on Instagram at @laurenfisher and @rasmuswandersen Find out more about Grown Strong at And, be sure to follow the two this year at the CrossFit Games!"
Apr 16, 2019
Episode 49 | Fear, Failure, and Finding Your Why with Conner Moore
On today's episode of Business of Fitness, we do things a little differently. Jason sits down with The Realness host and Lifestyle Design Program Founder, Conner Moore, to talk about how much growth, positivity, and opportunity can stem from ""failure."" Conner explains how closing doors on his gym provided more clarity, self-discovery, and direction than he ever thought imaginable. We dive into topics including what warning signs to look for when scouting a gym location, how to most effectively utilize your time and resources to benefit your business needs, and how to act in alignment with your goals and values. If you're interested in getting involved with the Lifestyle Design Program, the Realness Retreats, or Podcast head over to You can also find Conner on Instagram: @connerwanders
Apr 09, 2019
Episode 48 | Iron and Mortar
Today Jason sits down with Iron and Mortar Summit founders, Layci and Brenden. Creating a space where shakers, movers, and influencers in the fitness community can connect, collaborate, and instruct, Layci and Brenden have an awesome event in store for attendees. Today's episode dives into what makes an effective business and how to get core values, visions, and missions align. The three provide easy to implement steps to help grow your business and keep members happy. Interested in attending the summit? You can check it out here:
Apr 02, 2019
Episode 47 | Athlete Experience
Today Jason and MDV dive deeper into the athlete experience. As coaches and gym owners we have the opportunity to be the best part of our athletes' day, and, in today's episode, Jason and MDV dive into exactly that. From the moment the lights turn on, until the minute the doors roll down, the two share tips for keeping your athletes engaged, happy, and receiving the best experience possible.
Mar 26, 2019
Episode 46 | You Can't Skip Steps
Episode 46 | You Can't Skip Steps by NCFIT Collective
Mar 19, 2019
Episode 45 | Northern California Classic, Ben Alderman & Blair Morrison
Ben and Blair have been in the competitive CrossFit space for more than a decade. Having watched the sport evolve, Ben and Blair have not only become successful affiliate owners of multiple locations, but are also about to launch the largest competition in Northern California since regionals. Discussing the current state and future of CrossFit, trials and tribulations of being a gym owner, and what it takes to host such an event, this episode is a must listen for gym owners and competitors alike.
Mar 12, 2019
Episode 44 | Chatting Assault Fitness
Sitting down with Traci and Paul from Assault Fitness, we dive into the masterminds behind the quad dominating, heart rate spiking, aerobic monsters that are the Assault Bike, Assault Bike Elite, and Assault Runner. With unparalelled customer service, Traci and Paul share tips and tricks for doubling the life of your Assault Fitness equipment. Furthermore, we dive into their business model, and examine the question of when the time is right to diversify. From a grassroots effort, to household name, and CrossFit Games go-to piece of equipment, Assault Fitness is here to stay!
Mar 05, 2019
Episode 43 | Jared Truby, Crushing Coffee Culture
Owner of Cat and Cloud, Jared Truby, sits down on the Business of Fitness podcast to drop some absolute knowledge bombs. Truby has been in the coffee industry for well over a decade, and knows what it means to be more than just 'another coffee shop.' With a mission to "leave people better that he found them," Jared and the rest of the Cat and Cloud team deliver more than just incredible espresso. We chat culture, team development, business strategy, and ethos on today's episode. So, grab your favorite cup of joe and give this one a listen!
Feb 26, 2019
Episode 42 | Joe G, Lease or Buy?
What does it really mean to OWN a gym? In today's episode of Business of Fitness, Jason sits down with Joe G to discuss the pros and cons of leasing commercial gym spaces versus buying, and the nuances of leases. Learning from past business ventures, Joe puts the often intangible and confusing real estate lingo into concise, digestible knowledge bombs that any gym owner can benefit from!
Feb 12, 2019
Episode 41 | Jason & MDV | Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Wellness Programs
With more than a decade of Corporate Wellness knowledge between the two, Jason and MDV drop absolute knowledge bombs in regards to launching, maintaining, and crushing Corporate Wellness Programs. In today's episode, the guys discuss what it takes to harvest a meaningful and genuine relationship with both members and business prospects, what numbers are most important to track, especially when walking into a business negotiation, and the biggest differences between running Corporate and Commercial gym locations.
Feb 05, 2019
Episode 40 | Connor Young (Ample Foods), Solving One Problem at a Time
Jason sits down with Connor Young, CEO and founder of Ample foods. They discuss startup life, prior CrossFit career, solving a friend's problem, and crowdfunding in the current market. Go to and use the code "ncfit" for 15% discount.
Jan 29, 2019
Episode 39 | Will Ahmed CEO of WHOOP, Building a Business
Will and Jason discuss how WHOOP was started, why it was started, and the key lessons along the way. For anyone interested in starting a business, specifically one that requires outside funding, this is a must listen. WHOOP is offering a special discount for our members of $30 off when you join at
Jan 22, 2019
Episode 38 | Jason & Ted Baker | Lord of the (QALO) Ring
Jason sits down with QALO owner, Ted Baker, to discuss the ins and outs of QALO (Quality Athletic Love and Outdoors). Together the two discuss the mission and culture of the company, and what it takes to "make marriage cool again." Grounded in family, function, fitness, and adventure, Baker explains how the company finds themselves situated amongst the entire family unit, and how the company has grown far passed their original hero product, the QALO ring, to appeal to all fitness enthusiasts an adventure-seekers alike.
Jan 16, 2019
Episode 37 - Jason & MDV | Change Your Game & Dive into 2019
Jason & MDV talk about some best practices, new habits and techniques to elevate your game, your gym, and your coaches to get ahead in 2019.
Jan 08, 2019
Episode 36 - Jason & Carl Paoli | Seeing the Demand and Building a Business
Jason sits down with Carl Paoli and talks about how he took his gymnastics background and built a business. They talked about how the industry has changed and how he has stayed relevant. Finally they discuss how he had to overcome a failed partnership and start over again. Please also note that the NCFIT Collective now provides session plans and programming on our custom app for as low as $99 a month. For a free trial please email
Jan 01, 2019
Episode 35 - Jason & Juliet Starrett | San Francisco CrossFit
Jason sits down with Juliet Starrett of San Francisco CrossFit. Juliet is an attorney and entrepreneur. In addition to being the co-founder and CEO of San Francisco Crossfit, she and her husband Kelly founded Before turning her attention to MobilityWOD and San Francisco CrossFit full-time, Juliet had a successful career as an attorney, practicing complex commercial litigation. Listen in to hear how Juliet and Kelly got SFCF up and running, and how they continue standout with split model between group classes, personal training, and physical therapy.
Dec 18, 2018
Epidode 34 - Jason & MDV | From the Mailbag...Volume 1
Jason & MDV dig into the mailbag and tackle some of our listeners questions about running a successful fitness business. They boys get into topics like building strong community, developing great leaders, guaranteeing leases, being accountable, and much more. All of these questions come from business owners and coaches just like you. The odds are that if they are wondering might be too! Tune in and hear what's on our listeners' minds. ** Don't forget to visit our friends at to get 20% off your first year with Wodify.
Dec 11, 2018
Episode 33 - Jason & Rob and Veronica Walber | CrossFit Flushing
Jason joins Rob & Veronica Walber on their home turf in a recent visit to New York City. Rob & Veronica are the owners of CrossFit Flushing, a very successful affiliate in Flushing, Queens and a member of the NCFIT Collective. The couple has been married for 5 years and owned the gym together for the same amount of time! With nearly 350 members...they are doing something very special in Queens. Listen as the duo describes their jounrey, joining the NCFIT Collective, and what's next for CrossFit Flushing!
Dec 04, 2018
Episode 32 - Jason & Justin LoFranco | Morning Chalk Up
Jason sits down with Justin LoFranco, founder of Morning Chalk Up. Morning Chalk Up started in 2016 as a grassroots newsletter covering all things CrossFit. Fast forward a few years Justin and his team are delivering these Monday thru Friday newsletters to more than 55,000 subscribers. With a mission to educate, inform, and inspire, Morning Chalk Up has grown steadily every year. Tune in and hear how Justin and his team have made this passion project into a leading resource in the CrossFit community.
Nov 27, 2018
Episode 31 - Jason & Brandon Delgado | Rising from the Ashes in Paradise, CA
Brandon Delgado is the owner of Custom Made CrossFit, an affiliate in Paradise, CA. Unfortunately, Paradise was one of the towns most directly impacted by the Camp Fire in Butte County. In this episode, Brandon describes what he witnessed as the town of Paradise burned within a matter of hours due to the fast moving fire. The Camp Fire is already the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. At the time of this episode, the fire was only 50-60% contained. Listen in and hear how you can help support the community of Custom Made CrossFit.
Nov 20, 2018
Episode 30 - Jason & Joe Gigantino
Jason sits down with his first boss and one of his most trusted mentors, Joe Gigantino. Joe is absolutely electric and one of the most dynamic, hungry, and motivated people we know. Joe is a fitness entrepreneur in every sense of the word and been in the fitness game for decades. Jason first met Joe when young Jason took his first job working the front desk at a local sports club. Jason credits Joe for many of the lessons he learned in business and life -- pull up a seat and listen to Jason and Joe talk life and business...
Nov 13, 2018
Episode 29 - Jason & Dave Newman | RX SmartGear -- The Ropes, History, & Innovation
Jason & Dave Newman of RX SmartGear get some time together at the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run. The two longtime friends talk the business of solving issues for athletes in fitness. Founded to solve a personal "issue" with double unders, RX SmartGear is now one of the leading equipment companies in the space. Dave and his team have sold many thousands of ropes and helped athletes accumulate many millions of double and single unders. Listen up and hear where Dave sees the ropes going next!
Nov 06, 2018
Episode 28 - Jason & MDV | Top 5 Things to Build Better Coaches
Jason & MDV take a deep dive into the top 5 things they believe can help build a better coach. Together, the guys have a ton of experience coaching athletes and coaches alike. They both started out their journey just like everyone else...a newly minted L1 coach ready to change the world one squat at a time. This list takes the most important learnings over the course of their careers and boils it down to the top 5 things you can do to improve you (and your coaches!) coaching. Tune in and learn more!
Oct 30, 2018
Episode 27 - Jason & Dave Durante | Power Monkey(ing) Around!
Jason & Dave Durante of Power Monkey Fitness sit down for a 20 Minute AMRAP talking everything from training at an Olympic level to the "Monkey Method". Both Jason and Dave share a lot of common characteristics when it comes to laser-focus, achieving greatness on the competition floor, and growing successful business ventures. Dave and his team have grown Power Monkey into an extremely special program and experience...tune in and learn how!
Oct 23, 2018
Episode 26 - Jason & Traci Bates | Assault Fitness -- Bikes, Business, & Better Culture
Jason & Traci sit down for a 20-minute AMRAP covering everything from the early days of selling equipment pre-CrossFit, the advent of the Assault Bike, and what's coming next for the biz. Along with her partner, Roger, the duo helped build some of the industry's most successful products. They might not always be the most fun to ride or run but you can find Assault Fitness equipment around the world. Listen up and learn how they did it!
Oct 16, 2018
Episode 25 - Jason, MDV & Rufio | Why NCFIT Offers Four Programs & Why It's Working
The crew gets together for a 30-minute AMRAP to discuss NCFIT's evolution as a training organization. Back in the day, NCFIT started off by offering just one program, one gym, and a handful of forward ten years, we've got four programs, multiple locations, and thousands of members around the globe. Why do we do it, and why is it working for NCFIT... ** Don't forget to visit our friends at to get 20% off your first year with Wodify.
Oct 09, 2018
Episode 24 - Jason & Patric Yumul | Serving Up Success Across the Globe
Jason pulls up a chair with Patric Yumul, longtime friend and President of the Mina Restaurant Group. Patric is one of the key players in opening up restaurants around the world along with Chef Michael Mina. Starting off as a bus boy, Patric worked for decades to earn his success. If you're a business owner interested in growing without sacrificing quality, you MUST listen to this episode.
Oct 02, 2018
Episode 23 - Jason & Dr. Dani | SteadyMD & Functional Medicine
Jason & Dr. Dani Urcuyo sit down for a 20 minute AMRAP that dives into functional medicine, the state of the medical industry, and...a frozen pizza start-up. Yep, frozen pizza! Dr. Dani has been around functional fitness for a long time and takes that lens to his current work with SteadyMD, a monthly subscription service that connects primary care docs and patients based on lifestyle factors and patient preference. Enjoy!
Sep 25, 2018
Episode 22 - Jason & CJ Martin | CrossFit Invictus -- From Corporate Lawyer to World Class Coach
Old friends, Jason & CJ, sit down at the Granite Games for a 20 minute AMRAP conversation that covers everything from coaching and competing in the sport of fitness to the beginnings of CrossFit Invictus. CJ is one of the most successful coaches in the history of the will not want to miss hearing how it all started and what's next for Invictus.
Sep 18, 2018
Episode 21 - Jason & Rich "Raz" Razgaitis | FloWater CEO & Lifetime Entrepreneur
Jason sits down for a 25 minute AMRAP with the CEO & Co-Founder of FloWater, Rich "Raz" Razgaitis. FloWater is a sustainable hydration company that's changing the way the world veiws water while putting an end to single use plastic water bottles. In businesses around the world (including NCFIT) you can find FloWater refill stations...the perfect interseciton of wellness, sustatianability, and technology. Listen in as the two dive into Raz's unique background and his quest with FloWater.
Sep 10, 2018
Episode 20 - Jason & MDV | Fearing Change? Focus on What You Can Control.
Jason & MDV are back on the mic discussing focusing on what you can control. This episode comes on the heels of some recent uncertainty around the 2019 CrossFit Games Season. The guys dive into the importance of focusing on what you can control and the grave dangers of worrying about things outside of your control. No matter if it's fitness, life, family, money or whatever -- train yourself to have a winner's mindset. Focus on what you can control.
Sep 04, 2018
Episode 19 - Jason & Dr. Kelly Starrett | The Doctor Is In!
Longtime friends, Jason & Kelly, sit down to talk business, training, family, mobility, and the entire fitness landscape. Dr. Kelly Starrett is one the ultimate resources when it comes to prehab and rehab. He's also the owner of a very successful CrossFit affiliate, San Fransisco CrossFit. Kelly has authored multiple books, trained countless athletes, and been a part of this amazing movement from the start. Pull up a chair...the Doctor is in!
Aug 27, 2018
Episode 18 - Jason & Matt O'Keefe | Managing the World's Fittest Athletes
Jason sits down with Matt O'Keefe, founder of Redline Gear and agent representative to some of the fittest men and women on Earth inclduing Mat Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir. In this 20 minute AMRAP, Matt and Jason discuss the business of competitive CrossFit along with the evolution and future of CrossFit athlete contracts. Matt's got a unique prespective on the biz of competitive CrossFit that you won't want to miss.
Aug 20, 2018
Episode 17 - Aaron Hoff | The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run – Saving the Youth of Kauai
Jason sits down with very good friend, owner of CrossFit Poipu, and founder of the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run – Aaron Hoff. Hoff is a big guy with an even bigger heart. Over the past few years, his and his team have raised close to $1,000,000 for the youth of Kauai. Listen in and get to know a little more about Aaron's mission and the amazing team behind the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run.
Aug 13, 2018
Episode 16 - Jason & Ashley Khalipa | Married in Fitness, Part 1
Jason and Ashley take to the mic and open up about the early days of NCFIT, competing in the CrossFit Games, and raising a family together. Jason and Ashley have been through a lot together...from opening the 1st gym, welcoming Ava & Kaden into the world, competing in multiple CrossFit Games, dealing with a very serious diagnosis, and to where they are today. For owners, athletes, coaches and their life partners...this episode will really hit home.
Aug 06, 2018
Episode 15 - Jason & MDV | Top 5 Biggest Mistakes in Opening a Gym
Jason & MDV are back together to bring you their top-5 biggest mistakes the guys see over and over. If you're running a gym or thinking about opening a gym, you won't want to make any of the mistakes on this list!
Jul 30, 2018
Episode 14 - Jason | Positive Self-Talk
In this 10 Minute AMRAP, Jason dives into the power of positive self-talk and the idea of being your own best coach. No matter if it's fitness, business or life you have the opportunity to talk yourself down or up. Which will you choose when it comes down to it?
Jul 23, 2018
Episode 13 - Jason & MDV | Living life with an AMRAP Mentality
Are you making the most of each day, each hour, each minute? When you'r tackling an AMRAP style workout you make every minute count...but what about your life goals? Are you really working like there's a clock against you? In this episode, Jason & MDV break down the AMRAP Mentality, a tool that Jason uses to maximize results in all areas of life -- fitness, business, family, and competition. The bottom line...when it's time to do work you better be ready to go hard.
Jul 16, 2018
Episode 12 - Zach Forrest | All-In In Vegas at Max Effort
Jason sits down with long-time friend, gym owner, Seminar Staff member and Games competitor, Zach Forrest. Zach owns Max Effort one of the biggest gyms in with three locations. One of the most unique aspects of Zach's business is his drop-ins, people from all over the world coming to Vegas and hitting Max Effort for a workout. Tune in for this 20 minute AMRAP and listen to how Zach and his team handle Vegas.
Jul 09, 2018
Episode 11 - Jason & MDV | Should I Quit My Job & Open a Gym?
Jason & MDV are back on the mic and answering the question that so many people have asked themselves..."Should I quit my job and open a gym?" Over the course of the 20 minute AMRAP conversation, the guys dive into all the things you need to think about when you find yourself at your bosses door ready to quit your job, put on your best coaching outfit, and open the doors of your brand new gym.
Jul 02, 2018
Episode 10 - Ryan Fischer | CrossFit Chalk
Jason & Ryan Fischer owner and founder of CrossFit Chalk and mastermind behind the 50-Swing Kettlebell Challenge sit down and talk shop. Ryan's got a very unique story and the former competitors on the field of fitness dive into it. Jason & Ryan get after a 25 minute AMRAP getting into what makes CrossFit Chalk so special and what makes Ryan tick.
Jun 25, 2018
Episode 9 - MDV | ABC...Always Be Coaching, a good thing?
Jason & MDV sit down to tackle some of the age-old questions when it comes to many classes can a coach handle, what's it like to bring the heat, when to hire coaches, should you pay coaches, and more. This one is PACKED with the good stuff. If you're an owner, coach, member, or somewhere in between...this one is bound to provide a few "light bulb" moments for you. Enjoy!
Jun 18, 2018
Episode 8 - Miranda & Julian | Street Parking
Jason sits down with special guests Miranda & Julian Alcaraz to talk about what's got so many people clearing out their garages and getting after it with Street Parking. You may have seen or heard about Street Parking but over the next 25 minutes you'll get the inside scoop from the founders themselves. Enjoy this AMRAP25 Podcast as these old friends and teammates break it down.
Jun 11, 2018
Episode 7 - MDV | Respect the Timeline, Bro!
So you think you're a badass coach but you consistently go over your time or end class early...hmmm. Jason & MDV dive into what it means to respect the timeline and how even a "few minutes" can show a lack of respect and a lack of care. You may think it's nothing but the guys think otherwise.
Jun 04, 2018
Episode 6 - Marcus Filly | Functional Bodybuilding
Jason sits down with Marcus Filly to discuss life, business, and the epic pump that Marcus is producing with his business, Functional Bodybuilding (FBB). The two former competitors squared off many times at both the Regionals and Games and now both are doing big things outside of the competitive arena. Listen in and learn more about what makes Jason and Marcus tick and get the inside scoop on FBB.
May 29, 2018
Episode 5 - MDV | Don't Be A D***!
Jason & MDV break down some of the cardinal rules of coaching. Starting with rule number one...don't be a d*ck! Not only are these great "rules" for coaches but these are great rules for life. Tune in and find out what makes the best coaches the best and what dooms others for failure.
May 21, 2018
Episode 4 - Brett Davis | Sales & Marketing for Gym Owners...What May Work & What May Not
Jason & Brett breakdown some of NCFIT's sales and marketing practices when opening and growing a gym. Over the course of 10 years, NCFIT has opened its fair share of gyms. In that time, we've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. Over the course of 24 minutes, Jason & Brett make sense of marketing for gym owners.
May 14, 2018
Episode 3 - MDV | Competitors at Your Gym
Jason & MDV dive into the good, the bad, and the ugly of competitors in the gym. When it's good it can be so good but when it's bad, well...buckle up. The duo also breaks down some of the magic behind NCFIT's programming and NC Compete. Whether you're an owner, coach, competitor, or a member you'll definitely want to hear the guys' opinions.
May 07, 2018
Episode 2 - JP | Brick Fitness
In our second edition, Jason is joined by his longtime friend and fellow business owner Jarett Perelmutter (JP) from Brick Fitness. The two run very successful gym businesses but with different models. The industry experience and uncommon success of their gyms provides a unique perspective on what works and what doesn't. The guys are also known to have a few laughs! Enjoy the show!
Apr 23, 2018
Episode 1 - MDV | Three Simple Things that Create a Great Gym...
In this first podcast Jason and MDV, breakdown the top three things that immediately come to mind when they think of gyms that are doing it right. This episode will give you tips, tools, and tricks to really bring your gym to life. This one is only 20 minutes but it packs a big punch! Listen and enjoy.
Mar 31, 2018