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By Brooke Summer with Business Straight Up

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The Business Straight Up Podcast is straight forward business help for photographers and creative entrepreneurs. Website strategy, SEO, marketing and branding - I want to help you build a business and life of your dreams with success on your terms!

Episode Date
011 - Why Self Care is Not Only Important, but ESSENTIAL to Building Your Business
Welcome to another awesome episode of Business Straight Up, the small business podcast for creatives and photographers! Today I am talking with the crazy brilliant Elena Lipson, a coach and teacher that focuses on being productive and reaching your goals because of self care! Entrepreneur self care is something that tends to fall by the wayside because let's be real - we are SO BUSY with so many things happening, that by the time we take care of our families and our businesses, there isn't much left for ourselves! Elena and I are going to talk about energy cycles, a morning routine, what it can do for your life and your business, and about what to do with those fearful thoughts that can sometimes take over when you're facing something that you haven't done before. I can tell you from experience that even for someone who is NOT a morning person, that morning routine is truly life changing!
Aug 08, 2018
010 - Why Automation is NOT a Dirty Word with Tim Hussey
Welcome to another rockstar episode of Business Straight Up, the small business podcast for creatives and photographers! Today we are offering some photography business help, and automation for photographers - that's right, automation is NOT a dirty word and can be used to create an amazing and consistent client experience! Tim Hussey and I talk about automation and what that can mean for you and your business. Plus, huge bonus - yes, you CAN get your life back. Get OUT of the monotony of the same tasks over and over again, and move into your creative zone!
Jul 24, 2018
009 - How To NOT Be Handcuffed To Social Media With Stacey Harris Compressed
Welcome to another rockstar episode of Business Straight Up, the small business podcast for creatives and photographers! Today we are talking about social media for photographers and business owners with THE Stacey Harris, an awesome social media coach and teacher! You do NOT have to be a slave to social media, Stacey will teach you how to use social media as a tool in your marketing strategy and answer some burning questions about social media and photography social media marketing!
Jul 17, 2018
008 - Getting OUT of Impostor Syndrome and Comparison-itis with Hayley Collins
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Jul 10, 2018
007 - Marketing Strategies To Set You APART With Jaclyn Mullen
In this episode of Business Straight Up, we are going to talk with the amazing Jaclyn Mullen about marketing strategies that will set you APART. Because when you can reach out to the right people and truly build relationships with them, your business possibilities are endless! We also talk about the creative brain vs. the analytical brain and how they CAN co-exist, and should. Check it out!
Jul 03, 2018
006 - The Kickass About Page Formula - 3 Things you MUST have! Plus a bonus!
In today's episode we are going to talk about some MUST HAVE pieces in your about page or bio page. This is your stage and your chance to talk to your dream clients, and show them who you are! Don't hide behind what you do! I recently wrote an article on this but wanted to dive in a little deeper and go through some examples, check it out!
Jun 27, 2018
005 - Designing your BRAND, not just your business with Melissa Burkheimer!
Today's episode is about designing your BRAND, not just your business, and the difference between the two. Designing and conveying your brand to the world in various ways can mean reaching out to the clients that you really LOVE to work with - the dream clients! Join me as I chat with Melissa Burkheimer about how your brand is NOT just a logo, and learning to think of it as a living piece of your business will be key to your success and moving forward towards your goals.
Jun 19, 2018
004 - How to Personally Connect with Clients to ROCK your Business with Mary Schlener
So many business owners ask me if it's possible to be successful if they don't run their business full time - and the answer is YES! You are the boss, you make the rules, and my guest today rocks her business part time! Join us as we discuss how to set yourself apart in a world of online interactions with personal connection. We also talk about what success can mean for you if you allow yourself to define it based on your own life and family, instead of others' expectations!
May 30, 2018
003 - Productivity! 3 Tips to Move Forward Toward Your Goals!
In this episode we are going to talk about 3 things you can start doing TODAY to get more done and move towards your goals! I am diving into strategies that allow you to maximize your time for greater productivity and a better business. Start making the most of your time, so that you can build the business and life of your dreams!
May 22, 2018
002 - Money, Mindset and Success with Natalie Kita
In this episode I am thrilled to welcome Natalie Kita - a successful photographer and teacher with a passion for empowering women. Listen in to three of the top money blocks that entrepreneurs face, how to overcome them, and how to change your mindset to set yourself up for success!
May 15, 2018
001 - 5 Questions to Build and Define Your Ideal Client
Welcome to the 1st episode of the Business Straight Up podcast, business help for photographers and creative entrepreneurs! In this episode, we are going to dive into something that will help with ALL of the decisions you might face in your business - your ideal client profile. I want to challenge what you may have been taught about what matters when it comes to your ideal client, and offer you five questions to ask to really get into your client's mind, to help you figure out how you can add value to your clients' lives. This mystery is what will ultimately help you get BOOKED by your dream clients that value your work, and set yourself up for success! Shownotes: Subscribe to the show for more help to come!
Apr 17, 2018