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Jason Zuk, an intuitive psychic medium since 2004, will cover a variety of topics associated with the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, Life After Death, UFO's, The Paranormal, Missing People, and Much More.

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Lori Ann Spagna, Best Selling Author, Animal Communicator & Spiritual Teacher
Jason is pleased to interview Special Guest-Lori Ann Spagna, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Ascension Guide, Multi-Dimensional Channel, Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Light Worker, Visionary and Luminary who assists others to awaken to their alignment with the true Divine Source which exists in everyone to live their best potential.   Lori radically transformed her life after a series of near death experiences and an "induction/abduction" experience while living in Maui.   Lori is the best selling author of the books, "How Psychic Are You?: 7 Simple Steps to Unlocking Your Psychic Potential" as well as "Learn Animal Communication," "Animals in the Afterlife," "Stop Feeding Me Junk!  Superfoods for You and Your Pets," "The Secret Energy of Money and The Spiritual Laws of Wealth," and her upcoming book, "Two Years in Maui."   For over twenty years, Lori has transformed the lives of thousands of people and animals around the world via her Channeled Ascension Guidance, Intuition, Sacred Energy Healing, and Animal Communication and Telepathy.  She offers seminars and workshops about how we can improve our lives by learning from animals and aligning with our true Divine Source, The 5th Dimensional Reality, and beyond.  She has become known as an International Expert due to her recognition of the deep and intimate animal-human connection in terms of how animals mirror their human's behavioral, physical and emotional tendencies and for focus on the interconnectedness of all beings.  
Dec 14, 2018
Jason Interviews Mark Gober for his new book, An End to Upside Down Thinking
Jason Interviews Mark Gober regarding his new book, An End to Upside Down Thinking.   Consciousness creates all material reality. Biological processes do not create consciousness. This conceptual breakthrough turns traditional scientific thinking upside down. In An End to Upside Down Thinking, Mark Gober traces his journey – he explores compelling scientific evidence from a diverse set of disciplines, ranging from psychic phenomena, to near-death experiences, to quantum physics. With cutting-edge thinkers like two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences Dr. Dean Radin, and New York Times bestselling author Larry Dossey, MD supporting this thesis, this book will rock the scientific community and mainstream generalists interested in understanding the true nature of reality. Today’s disarray around the globe can be linked, at its core, to a fundamental misunderstanding of our reality. This book aims to shift our collective outlook, reshaping our view of human potential and how we treat one another. The book’s implications encourage much-needed revisions in science, technology, and medicine. General readers will find comfort in the implied worldview, which will impact their happiness and everyday decisions related to business, health and politics. Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time meets Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now.
Dec 07, 2018
Authors David Jay Brown and Rebecca Ann Hill Discuss Women in Visionary Art
Jason Interviews Authors, David Jay Brown and Rebecca Ann Hill on their new book, Women in Visionary Art.   Brown and Hill provide an exploration of the role that dreaming, psychedelic experiences, and mystical visions play in visionary art.   This book includes discussions with 18 well-known female artists, including Josephine Wall, Allyson Grey, Amanda Sage, Martina Hoffmann, Penny Slinger, and Carolyn Mary Kleefeld.  The authors reveal how they have all been inspired by deep inner experiences and seek to express non-ordinary visions of reality, reminiscent of shamanic trance states, lucid dreams, and spiritually transcendent experiences, and they show how visionary art often contains an abundance of feminine energy, helping us to heal ourselves and see that we are all connected.    Since early humans first painted from their mystic eye onto cave walls, artists have sought to share their sacred visions with the world. Created in every medium, from oil painting and sculpture to contemporary digital modeling, these visionary works of art give those who experience them a chance to “see the unseen,” realize wider modes of perception, and discover spiritual and mystical realms.   In this full-color illustrated book, David Jay Brown and Rebecca Ann Hill examine the work and inspirations of eighteen of today’s leading female visionary artists, including Josephine Wall, Allyson Grey, Amanda Sage, Martina Hoffmann, Penny Slinger, and Carolyn Mary Kleefeld. They explore the creative process and the role that dreaming, psychedelic experiences, sexuality, and divine guidance play in the work of these women, alongside full-color examples of their art.   They discuss the future of visionary art and reveal how these artists have all been informed and inspired by deep inner experiences and seek to express non-ordinary visions of reality.  
Nov 30, 2018
Special Guest Douglas Vermeeren Discusses His New Book, Personal Power Mastery.
Special Guest Douglas Vermeeren Discusses His New Book, Personal Power Mastery.   Personal. Power. Mastery. What do these mean to you? For Douglas Vermeeren, a highly successful international top performer in the fields of motivational speaking and personal development, these three words are the heart, soul, mind and title of his profoundly impactful leadership program, which was launched in 2010 and is being taught across the globe. Following interviews with more than 400 of the top achievers worldwide, PPM concepts are based on systems that top achievers are actually utilizing in their own lives and the outcomes created from them. With life-changing content based on thorough research, Douglas invites you on this personal journey, to discover and claim your own power and live the mastery for your best life.   In his book, Vermereen highlights: The five pillars that motivate individualsHow values influence prioritiesWhy "capturing" the present requires sacrificeThe ways hesitation and ambivalence can be seen in one's lifeThe ultimate power of choiceWhat he's learned from continuing his pursuit of mastery in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Nov 23, 2018
Jason Interviews Mimi Pettibone to discuss Dream Interpretation & Dream Work
What do dreams mean?   Are they trying to tell us something about ourselves?   Can information from one's dream assist with psychic development or foretelling the future?    Jason Interviews Special Guest, Mimi Pettibone to discuss her prior life experience with Dream Interpretation, Dream Work and her Podcast, The Dream Detective.    Mimi has been curious about her dreams since an early age, and she has been working on interpreting one's dreams for the past thirty years.   Pettibone's background in dream work includes all sorts of interpretive methods including Dream Interviewing, Gestalt, Universal Themes, Parts Work, Shadow Work, and Dream Groups.    She enjoys combining the best of these modalities into her own method called, Dream Detective Work, by connecting with images, seeing how they relate to waking life, and making informed decisions and changes based on the insights they provide.   All dreams have meaning, and understanding one's dreams is like solving a puzzle and Dream Detective Work can assist with placing the pieces together to create a refined understanding of one's dreams.   Insight from one's dreams can help us to connect our talents and life purpose, and assist us with finding, creating and developming healthy relationships with others.  They can strengthen our connection to our intuition and inner guidance.  
Nov 14, 2018
Author Thomas Hatsis Discusses His New Book, Psychedelic Mystery Traditions
Author Thomas Hatsis Discusses His New Book, Psychedelic Mystery Traditions: Spirit Plants, Magical Plants, and Ecstatic States.  Thomas Hatsis is a historian of psychedelia, witchcraft, magic, pagan religions, alternative Christianities, and the cultural intersection of those areas, who holds a master’s degree in history from Queens College. The author of The Witches’ Ointment, he runs psychedelicwitch.com, a site dedicated to promoting the latest and best information pertaining to the Psychedelic Renaissance. He lives in Portland, Oregon.   Hatsis shows how psychedelics have been an integral part of the human experience since Neolithic times and describes how different peoples in the Western world, including ancient priestesses, Christian Gnostics, alchemists, wise-women, and Victorian magicians, utilized sacred psychedelic plants and entheogens for divination, sex magic, communication with gods, and more.
Nov 09, 2018
Jason Shares His Personal Spiritual Experience While Under Anesthesia
Have you ever wondered about what awaits us when we cross over?  Have you ever dealt with a health scare where you go through a complex series of emotions and fear the future?   In September 2018, I was diagnosed with Stage One Kidney Cancer while undergoing a routine CT scan.   When I was first diagnosed with Cancer, I was emotionally numb about it.   I felt that I would get through this bout of it since it was Stage One.  I minimized it and its impact on my current life.   Then I had a cryoblast/cryosurgery procedure to remove the cancer tumor from my right kidney on September 26, 2018.   As I awaited the results from the surgery a complex series of emotions that were previously bottled up within me started to emerge.   I felt so lucky and fortunate that I caught this tumor in its earliest stage.  However, I also had a sense of guilt about those who are not as fortunate and who have a much more difficult struggle.   Even now when I think back to the past few weeks, I have not fully processed the full impact of my individual experience.   I have a great deal of gratitude for those who have been increbily concerned and supportive for me.    On Thursday, November 1, 2018, I underwent a routine colonoscopy and endoscopy as I prepare for my next surgery.   While under anesthesia, I had what I believe to be a significant spiritual experience.   I believe that I might have captured a glimpse of what awaits us on the other side.  I feel strongly that I encountered my deceased grandparents and other family members who reassured me and provided me with information to relay back to my mother and others in family.  Most importantly, I experienced Unconditional Love in its purest form and it was powerful and healing.  In this special episode, I wanted to share this experience with you and I hope that you enjoy it.
Nov 04, 2018
Dr. Carlo Maley Discusses Evolution/Nature's Role In Possibly Curing Cancer
Jason interviews Dr. Carlo Maley on the ways that Nature has already beaten cancer.   Dr. Maley received his Ph.D. from MIT in computer science (computational biology) in 1998 working with Rodney Brooks and Michael Donoghue (at Harvard at the time), his M.Sc. Zoology (evolutionary theory) from University of Oxford in 1993 working with W.D. Hamilton, and his B.A. in computer science and psychology from Oberlin College in 1991.   He went on to hold faculty positions at the Wistar Institute (2005-2010) and the University of California San Francisco (2010-2015) before joining Arizona State University in 2015. Maley is a Renowned Cancer Biologist, Evolutionary Biologist, and Computational Biologist.  Maley will discuss the findings from his TedxTalks Event: "How Nature Has Already Beat Cancer." (TEDxASU), published on 5/22/16.    Jason looks forward to interviewing Dr. Maley about his research which describes Twelve Examples of Animals Who Have Beat Cancer Through Evolution including such animals such as the elehpant, rhinocerous, giraffe, water buffalo, indian bison, polar bears and others.   Maley's team applies evolutionary and ecological theory to three problems in cancer: (1) Neoplastic progression: the evolutionary dynamics among cells of a tumor that drive progression from normal tissue to malignant cancers, (2) Acquired therapeutic resistance: the evolutionary dynamics by which our therapies select for resistance and we fail to cure cancer, and (3) the evolution of cancer suppression mechanisms in large, long-lived animals like elephants and whales (a problem called Peto’s Paradox). They use genomic data mining, phylogenetics, computational modeling, as well as wet lab techniques to solve these problems. In all of this work, their goals are to develop better methods to prevent cancer and improve cancer management.  
Nov 02, 2018
Jason Interviews Author Ellen Evert Hopman about The Real Witches of New England
Jason Interviews Renowned Author Ellen Evert Hopman about The Real Witches of New England: History, Lore & Modern Practice.    Weaving together history, sacred lore, modern practice, and the voices of today’s witches, Ellen Evert Hopman offers a new, deeper perspective on American witchcraft and its ancient pagan origins.  Beginning with the “witch hysteria” that started in Europe and spread to the New World, Hopman explores the witch hunts, persecutions, mass hysteria, and killings, concluding that between forty and sixty thousand women and men were executed as witches.   Combining records of known events with moving interviews with their descendants, she shares the stories of 13 New England witches persecuted during the witch trials, including Tituba and Mary Bliss Parsons, the Witch of Northhampton.  Despite the number of false accusations during the witch hysteria in the New England colonies, Hopman reveals how there were practicing witches during that time and describes the positive role witches played in rural communities until the dawn of the industrial age.   Her book includes in-depth interviews with 25 modern witchcraft practitioners, interwoven with practical information on the sacred calendar, herb lore, spells, and magical practices.    New England has long been associated with witches. And while the Salem witch trials happened long ago, the prejudices and fears engendered by the witchcraft hysteria still live on in our culture.   Emerging from their insights is a treasure trove of practical information on the sacred calendar, herb lore, spells, and magical practices. Bringing together past and present, Hopman reveals what it really means to be a “witch,” redefining the label with dignity and spiritual strength.
Oct 26, 2018
Special Guest Tamara Westwood: Host of the Podcast- Illuminations Media Network
Jason Interviews Special Guest Tamara Westwood, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Host of the Illuminations Media Network, Tamara's Podcast for over ten years.  Tamara holds a degree in Psychology, is a certified clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the state of Washington, a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Iridologist, and New Body Herbal consultant.   As executive producer/host of the Illuminations Media Network, Tamara has enjoyed a decade of interviewing hundreds of authors, artists, and entrepreneurs, who are making a notable difference on the planet. The IM network is Internet-based; podcast in the iTunes store, Blogtalk Radio, Spreaker, Player Fm, Youtube, and several other platforms.   In her private practice, she focuses on the mental, physical and emotional bodies, with an intuitive flair. With 6000 plus private sessions, hundreds of group presentations, and numerous radio appearances, Tamara uses her skills to balance the mind, body, and soul, through appreciation and care of the entire being. Tamara’s Beyond Hypnosis modalities empower her clients to heal past wounds and to embrace future potentiality with a fresh outlook.  As a Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Childbirth and Pre and Post Surgery Hypnosis Tamara is a great partner for those facing two of life’s the most stressful events.  Join Jason and Tamara as they discuss various topics involving spirituality.  
Oct 24, 2018
Jason Interviews Chakra Expert & Renowned Author Shai Tubali
Jason Interviews Chakra Expert  & Renowned Author Shai Tubali about his new book "Unlocking the 7 Secret Powers of the Heart."  The heart is the source of the strongest and most unbreakable power within us.  Singers, poets and enlightened people romanticize the power of love.  Our minds tend to see this as a romantic illusion that has little to do with reality, and yet we still have a powerful desire to become more connected to our heart energy.   Tubali's book seeks to unveil this hidden truth and help the reader to discover how he or she can awaken their dormant heart powers by making the switch from mind perception to heart-based perception by employing the 7 skills held within themselves.   Tubali highlights the importance of stregthening these skills with a few simple meditations and exercises that are easy to perform on a daily basis.  
Oct 18, 2018
Jason Interviews Mitch Horowitz, Author of The Miracle Club
Jason interviews Mitch Horowitz, Author of The Miracle Club.  Horowitz is the host of the New Thought Channel series Master Class and One Simple Idea.  Horowitz is a PEN Award-winning historian and the author of books including Occult America, One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life; Mind As Builder: The Positive-Mind Metaphysics of Edgar Cayce (A.R.E. Press).     Mitch has written on everything from the secret life of Ronald Reagan to the war on witches for the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Salon, Politico, and Time.com.    Mitch has discussed alternative spirituality on CBS Sunday Morning, Dateline NBC, CNN, and throughout the national media.    The Miracle Club is a guide to creating miracles in your own life through the power of thought.  It offers a concise, clear formula of focused exercises and concrete tools to lay out a specific path to manifest your deepest desires and it presents the first serious reconsideration of New Thought philosophy since the death of William James in 1910.    Following in the footsteps of a little-known group of esoteric seekers from the late-nineteenth century who called themselves “the Miracle Club,” Mitch Horowitz shows that the spiritual “wish fulfillment” practices known as the Law of Attraction, Positive Thinking, “the Secret,” and the Science of Getting Rich actually work. Weaving these ideas together into a concise, clear formula, with real-life examples of success, he reveals how your thoughts can impact reality and make things happen.        
Oct 05, 2018
Jason Interviews Author Carley Mattimore, MS, LCPC
Jason Interviews Special Guest Carley Mattimore about her book, Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa: Teachings from Zep Tepi, the Land of First Time.   Carley Mattimore, MS, LCPC, is a shamanic psychotherapist with 30 years’ experience as well as a therapeutic energy worker.  She has traveled to Timbavati, South Africa, and Zimbabwe several times.  She teaches shamanic workshops at the Aahara Spiritual Community in Springfield, Illinois.    Sacred Messengers reveals the wisdom and love of the White Lions of Timbavati, who have returned to help us remember our divine origins and it also explores how to reconnect to our original roots in Africa hidden deep within our DNA and remember our sacred contract to guard and protect the natural world.    Mattimore and Wolf offer shamanic journeys to connect with African power animals as well as the energetic hologram of the 31st meridian, the spine of Mother Earth.    Our spiritual warrior selves are being summoned to heal the separation between us and nature, to be the change agents of heart, as we evolve to a higher consciousness.  Carley Mattimore and Linda Star Wolf take you on a journey to connect with our original roots in Africa, hidden deep within our DNA. They share shamanic journeys and teachings to connect with the strengths of Africa’s spirit animals, including the inner authority and heart of Lion, the loyalty and wisdom of Elephant, the love and compassion of Giraffe, and the shadow side of Hyena. They explore the power of shamanic sacred sites and offer teachings on the African Tree of Life and the energetic hologram of the 31st meridian.    Offering a guide to reconnect with the ancient African wisdom of love and higher consciousness buried in our cellular memory, the authors show how we can help reopen the heart of humanity and heal the world around us.
Sep 21, 2018
Jason Interviews Author Frank Joseph
Jason Interviews Renowned Author Frank Joseph about his new book, Military Encounters with Extraterrestrials, The Real War of the Worlds.  Joseph was the editor in chief of Ancient American magazine from 1993 until 2007, and he is the author of several books, including Before Atlantis and Advanced Civilizations of Prehistoric America.   Joseph presents a comprehensive military history of armed confrontations between humans and extraterrestrials in the 20th and 21st centuries.   He explains how, with the development of atomic bombs and ballistic missiles, the frequency of extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs has increased dramatically.  Joseph documents incidents including the explosive demolition of U.S. munitions factories in 1916 by unearthly aerial vehicles, the Red Baron’s dogfight with a UFO during World War I, “foo fighter” sightings and battles with Allied and Axis combatants during World War II, and eye-witness reports from encounters during the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War in Iraq, and the ongoing hostilities in the Middle East.   He examines the evidence for the shoot-down of “flying saucers” at Roswell and Aztec, New Mexico, alien sabotage of nuclear weapons systems, and in-flight abductions of USAF and Soviet officers and airplanes.    Joseph explores the photo evidence for the Battle of Los Angeles, which occurred three months after Pearl Harbor, and the details of Operation Highjump, the U.S. Navy’s defeat in Antarctica by ET forces seventeen months after the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, while also uncovering evidence of secret Antarctic German bases.   Offering complete disclosure of the multitude of ET events over the past century, Frank Joseph gives us the first true reference book in the field of alien military encounters.
Sep 14, 2018
Jason Interviews Special Guest Alana Karma Regarding Her Road to Recovery
We all have situations that occur in life that alters our path and teaches us a great deal about ourselves and our ability to overcome adversity.    Events such a near-fatal car accident can challenge our sense of who we are, our purpose, and our overall place in the world.  I am pleased to interview Special Guest Alana Karma about her Road to Recovery Following a Near-Fatal Car Accident.   On October 11, 2017, Alana was driving in Tampa when she experienced a car accident that has transformed her life in many ways.    Alana assumes many roles as a daughter, a sister, a best friend, a performer, an artist, and an environmentalist to name a few.     A graduate  from the University of South Florida, with a BA in Fine Arts and with a 3.8 GPA, Alana intends to complete her graduate degree in Entrepreneurship and Business so that she can establish an Arts Center to instruct children about the benefits of pursuing a career in the Performing Arts including skills like aerial silks, acroyoga, handstands, and flow arts in the future.  Alana also specializes in body painting, digital arts and design.   She is truly a remarkably talented individual.   It is with great pleasure that I share Alana's personal story with you.   Please join us as Alana shares her personal story of overcoming adversity associated with her recovery.  
Sep 12, 2018
Jason Interviews Guest Will Johnson-Author of Cannabis in Spiritual Practice
Jason Interviews Will Johnson Author of Cannabis in Spiritual Practice:  The Ecstasy of Shiva, the Calm of Buddha.  This book provides an exploration of the use of cannabis as a sacrament in spiritual practice, and Johnson gives instructions for using marijuana for the spiritual practices of spontaneous movement, ecstatic dance, sitting meditation, and gazing meditation, allowing you to open the body’s energies more fully and get closer to the Divine or your higher self.   The book includes a new translation of the Five Moral Precepts of Buddhism, adapted to include energetic practices and the judicious use of entheogenic substances as a legitimate support for spiritual growth.    With the end of marijuana prohibition on the horizon, people are now openly seeking a spiritual path that embraces the benefits of cannabis.  Drawing upon his decades of experience as a teacher of Buddhism, breathing, yoga, and embodied spirituality, Will Johnson examines Eastern spiritual perspectives on marijuana and offers specific guidelines and exercises for integrating cannabis into spiritual practice.   The author explains how the great Hindu god Shiva enjoyed consuming bhang, a marijuana mixture that would cause his body to make spontaneous movements. From these cannabis-inspired movements, Shiva brought the body-focused practices of dance and yoga to the world. Examining the spiritual path of Shiva, including the Sadhu tradition, Johnson provides specific instructions and protocols for using marijuana as a sacrament as Shiva did.   Exploring the Buddhist practices of calming the mind and grounding yourself in sensory awareness, Johnson shows that, while traditional Buddhist teachings forbid the use of intoxicating substances, Buddhists who use cannabis are not committing a cardinal sin--in following our dharma, we must embrace what best supports our spiritual practice. 
Sep 10, 2018
Christopher Vasey discusses his book "Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals"
Jason interviews Christopher Vasey, ND on his book, Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals: 18 Infection-Fighting Herbs and Essential Oils.    Vasey discusses how nature offers us many natural antibiotics form the plant kingdom that work powerfully against germs while also being gentle on the body.  Knowledge of these safe and natural antibiotics and antivirals is more crucial now than ever as modern antibiotics become less effective due to the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant germs.   Natural antibiotics even offer an opportunity to reverse antibiotic resistance by reducing the use of pharmaceutical antibiotics to only the most critical cases.  In this guide, Vasey presents 18 of the most potent antibiotic and antiviral herbs from around the world and one beehive remedy, propolis.  He details how to use them effectively as mother tinctures and essential oils as well as what illnesses each is best suited to treat.  
Sep 02, 2018
Jason Interviews Author Bridgette Shea about Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda
Jason Interviews Author Bridgette Shea, Author of the Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.   Her book provides a comprehensive reference tool for maximizing healing of the mind, body, and spirit through a holistic synergy of Chinese medicine and Ayurveda   Shea details the foundational principles of each tradition and the many concepts they share, such as qi and prana, meridians and nadis, and energy centers and chakras.  She provides tools for self-assessment including a primer on tongue diagnosis and a mental, emotional, and physical constitutional questionnaire   Her book offers breathing exercises, dietary regimens, herbal recommendations, and guides for detoxification, including safe and gentle at-home cleansing   Chinese medicine and Ayurveda are two of the oldest healing systems in use today. Each is a complete art, in and of itself, and has profoundly contributed to the health and well-being of millions of people around the world. Drawing on their shared roots and spiritual principles, Bridgette Shea, L.Ac., MAcOM, shows how these two practices integrate seamlessly, with the two traditions’ individual strengths harmonizing to form a practical basis for prevention, wellness, detoxification, and treatment.   Sharing case studies that highlight the interconnectedness of these approaches, Shea provides a comprehensive guide for self-healing of body, mind, and spirit and a practitioner’s resource to cross-reference complex questions with respect to both healing traditions.  
Aug 31, 2018
Jason Interviews Special Guest Sindy Warren
Jason Interviews Special Guest Sindy Warren on her new book, Radi8: Using The Practice of Yoga to Cultivate Your Inner Shine.   Sindy Warren is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and a lifelong student of the practice. She is passionate about sharing the wisdom and beauty of the practice of yoga with others. In her new book, Radi8: Using the Practice of Yoga to Cultivate Your Inner Shine, she makes a persuasive case for the continued relevance of the philosophical underpinnings of yoga for the modern yogi and even simply the yoga-curious. Sindy lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio where she teaches yoga and meditation, has a legal consulting business, and is raising a family. Sindy grew up outside of Hartford, Connecticut and went to Tufts University for her undergraduate degree and Stanford Law School for her law degree. She has always been passionate about learning and growing, whether in a classroom, a courtroom, a yoga studio, or within the parameters of her own heart and soul. The practice of yoga provides Sindy with a platform from which to do just that – learn and grow. As a teacher of the practice, she seeks to share her passion and knowledge with her students.
Aug 22, 2018
Jason Interviews Special Guest Professor Brian Wilson, Ph.D.
Brian C. Wilson, author of the new book, John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age, is a professor of American religious history in the Department of Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University (WMU).  It was during his years in the Peace Corps that he developed a fascination with religion, initially fueled by what he experienced of the ancient religion of the Maya, and of Roman Catholicism. Returning to the U.S., Wilson completed a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he studied religion in the United States. In 1993, he co-authored a book on new religious movements in California. After moving to WMU, Wilson wrote an award-winning book on cereal inventor and the leading Seventh-day Adventist of his time, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. Based on the success of that book, the Fetzer Institute invited Wilson to write a full-length spiritual biography of its founder, John E. Fetzer. The Kalamazoo-based Fetzer was a radio pioneer, media mogul, and long-time owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. Of his many pursuits, however, there is one that is not well known: his life-long spiritual search, which led him from traditional Christianity to an exploration of a variety of metaphysical religions culminating in the New Age. In many ways, the story of John Fetzer’s long spiritual search mirrors that of millions of Americans who sought new ways of thinking and being in the evolving metaphysical religions of the 20th century. In John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age, Wilson not only explores the evolution of Fetzer’s beliefs, but how he put them into action by permanently endowing three funds that will foster research into the scientific/spiritual interface for years to come, and help cultivate a more peaceful, loving and inclusive world founded on the principle that we are all connected through one infinite force.
Aug 17, 2018
Jason Interviews The Mindful Guys, Alec and Oliver about Their New Podcast
What I enjoy the most about my show is having the opportunity to interview people who I believe strive to make a difference in their local community and who attempt to make the world a better place through their individual actions.   When I came across Alec and Oliver's podcast, The Mindful Guys! “The Podcast that Gives Back," I was very impressed at their interest in creating their own unique brand of podcast around the central theme of discussing topics concerning "Mindfulness" geared towards all generations.      What further impressed me is that Alex and Oliver are seeking to donate a percentage of all future proceeds earned from their Podcast towards different charitable and philanthropic causes (different monthly charities) in order to better human life overall.    I look forward to having Alex and Oliver on my show to engage in a candid discussion about their efforts and experiences of creating a positive stream of influence with the ultimate aim of altering the collective consciouness of the world over time.      
Aug 13, 2018
Jason Interviews Mia Regarding the Disappearance of her Dog, Charlie
Jason Interviews Mia Regarding the Disappearance of her Dog, a Gordon Setter named Charlie.  I first became acquainted with Mia at my best friend's Heather's wedding which took place last October when we were seated at the same table.   Mia works in the medical profession, lives in Pennsylvania, and frequents the Adirondacks located in Upstate New York.    We have kept in touch after the wedding.  The week of March 11, 2018 through March 17, 2018 started tragically when Mia lost Charlie while hiking in the mountains.  Charlie ran ahead of Mia and Kevin, her husband, while going up a short but steep hike up to a rocky point as part of the Adirondack Mountains.   For three days, Mia and Kevin attempted to find Charlie to no avail.  On Thursday, March 15, 2018, at approximately 9:30 p.m., Mia called me to ask whether I picked up any information about Charlie once she explained that he went missing and that they were searching for him.   I told Mia that Charlie is still alive and that I was picturing him in a shed-type shelter with either a sliding or swinging door attached to it or on the property of a stained wooden house which had three or four long narrow windows.  I didn't feel that Charlie was too far from where he went missing.  I felt that the residence was empty but that the owner may be coming up to the house within the next 24-48 hours, that Charlie did not appear to be hurt but that he was probably just disoriented.  I also saw a tan rope leash still on Charlie.  I said that Mia and Kevin would find Charlie within the next day or so and that everything would turn out ok.  Mia will share her firsthand account with us based on this remarkable story and what happened after our call.    We hope that you can enjoy this story as much as I did experiencing it a few months ago.  
Aug 12, 2018
Jason Interviews Special Guest Denise Alexander-Pyle
Jason interviews Special Featured Guest Denise Alexander-Pyle.   Denise Alexander-Pyle, after more than 40 years as a successful lawyer in Birmingham, MI, a suburb of Detroit, faced family demands that brought her back to Marion, IN. It was there, after limiting her legal practice to a minimum, that she elected to focus on her book that had long been incubating.   During the two years when Denise taught Sunday school in the 1990s to 15-year-olds at a reformed Jewish temple her passion for Judeo-Christian ethics and living the Ten Commandments in a world gone awry crystalized. It culminated in her book The Power of 1(0), a Guide to Living the Ten Commandments in Modern Times. The (0) is in parenthesis because she believes that even without the Ten Commandments, we have the Golden Rule to guide us and the underlying principle for all we do.   Her premise is that -- if we peel back the layers and deeply understand the meaning of each of the Ten Commandments on multiple levels--we would truly recognize just how vital it is for us to adhere to them as our “rules of the road” for peaceful co-existence and survival on this planet....just as true today as it was in Biblical times.  Denise tries to incorporate these principles in her life. Community and public service is important to her. She has served as a planning commissioner for two different communities, a council woman, and on several non-profit and professional boards. She has received the Circle of Hope award for her service to families and victims of child abuse.
Aug 10, 2018
Jason will interview Special Guest Karen Noé, Psychic Medium, Healer & Author
Jason will interview Special Guest Karen Noé, Psychic Medium, Healer & Author of We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace.   As a Hay House Author,  Noé brings forth Vital Guidance From Wayne Dyer and The WE Consciousness Guides.    As The Dyer Family Medium, Noé has brought Incontrovertible Messages From Wayne Dyer to Each of his Family Members, and He Continues To Offer Wisdom to Mankind.   Karen was a deep admirer of Dr. Wayne Dyer, a man whose teachings transformed her life.  She followed his wisdom to always ask “How May I Serve?” so that she could be a force for peace and love in the world.   A month later, as a Hay House Author, she had been booked to talk on life-after-death at Hay’s House’s "I Can Do It Conference in Orlando FL."   She flew in a day early to attend a tribute to Dyer, along with members of his family.   As she walked back to her hotel, Karen spoke inwardly to Dyer and asked him to give her a sign if he could hear her.  The answers came in minutes...not just a direct response telling her she was already serving, but also a visual sign that highlighted the letters W...e.   Delighted with this contact, she thought initially that the W...e stood for Wayne.  But she was soon to discover it meant WE.   Dyer had opened the way for her to become a powerful conduit to deliver WE CONSCIOUSNESS: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace (Hay House, March 2018), an extraordinary collaboration with Dyer and a collective known as the WE Guides, including St. Francis of Assisi, bringing forth vital information for all of humanity on how we can achieve heaven on earth today. 
Aug 03, 2018
Special Guest Nicholas Pearson-Renowned Author & Instructor for Crystal Healing
I’m pleased to host Special Featured Guest Nicholas Pearson on our show this Thursday @ 8:00 p.m. Pearson has been immersed in all aspects of the mineral kingdom for more than 20 years. He developed a profound love for rocks and minerals in early childhood, and his passion grew to include the spiritual beliefs about stones from cultures around the world. Pearson began teaching crystal workshops in high school, later studying mineral science at Stetson University’s Gillespie Museum. A certified teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho and a practitioner of Jikiden Reiki, he teaches Crystal and Reiki classes throughout the United States. He is a renowned author of such books as The Seven Archetypal Stones, Crystals for Karmic Healing, Crystal Healing For the Heart, and Foundations of Reiki and Ryoho: a Manual of Shoden and Okuden.  Please join us for an exciting discussion about how the use of Crystals, Gemstones, and Energy Healing can enhance your life over time.
Jul 27, 2018
Jason interviews Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D., Renowned Author and Gem & Stone Expert
Jason is pleased to interview Special Guest, Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D., Author of the book, Edgar Cayce's Sacred Stones.   For over a decade Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D. has worked with thousands of individuals and groups around the world helping them achieve greater peace and happiness in their lives as an Energy Healer.  Her past life regression process has been endorsed by Dr. Brian Weiss who called her work, “An important contribution to the field of regression therapy.”     Shelley became widely known as one of the world’s leading authorities on energy healing and mind body medicine using gems and minerals with her hypnosis clients.    For the past several years, Shelley has worked closely with the Edgar Cayce Foundation and is author of two books on Cayce's use of stones and gems.   Her articles have appeared in Venture Inward Magazine.   She is a passionate believer in the Cayce material and believes the Life Readings offer powerful solutions for modern seekers.  Shelley has been featured prominently in the media including several appearances on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Canada’s X-Zone, and William Shatner’s Weird or What, among others, and hosted Beyond Reality on KLIF Radio in Dallas.   Shelley received her Ph.D. in Parapsychic Science from the American Institute of Holistic Theology in 2001, and lives near Dallas, Texas. She truly believes everyone has the ability to make positive changes and live the life of their dreams. Visit Shelley online: www.pastlifelady.com www.redskytravelandtours.com Connect on her two Facebook Fan Pages: Past Life Lady Shelley Kaehr - Cruise Planners Twitter: @ShelleyKaehr  Find gems & stones and schedule readings and regressions here: https://store11914345.ecwid.com Questions? Email her at shelley@shelleykaehr.com
Jul 11, 2018
Jason Interviews Diana Joy about "Natural Spirituality"& Coming Out Psychic
Special Episode:  TSP Radio Show Coming Out Psychic Series:  Our show will feature individuals who have privately helped many in their lives as a part of their spiritual path.  These unsung heroes and lightworkers choose to work behind the scenes and use their intuitive gifts and abilities without any recognition.  They elect to give their time and energy to counsel, nurture, and reassure those in need.   I am pleased to highlight my first guest relating to this topic,  Diana Joy.  I first became acquainted with Diana during a visit to Costa Rica in 2012.  During that time, I was still on my own personal journey of acceptance regarding my intuition and mediumship.   Diana originally hails from San Diego where she worked as a Hospice Nurse for approximately ten years.  Diana relocated to Costa Rica at the end of 2010 in order to pursue the Pura Vida lifestyle, and she currently co-owns the Pelican Hotel located in the Central Pacific Coast Area of Costa Rica which is 30 minutes between the Jaco and Manuel Antonio communities.  Diana will discuss her personal experiences regarding spirituality, mediumship, psychic guidance, end-of-life planning, and the importance of maintaining one's connection with nature.  
Jul 08, 2018
Jason Interviews Aeson Knight: Host of The Psychic Coffee Shop Show & Podcast
Jason interviews Aeson Knight, Host of The Psychic Coffee Shop, Your Spiritual Cup of Joe.   Knight co-hosts the Show with Raine S Love, where they meet every Tuesday night to discuss current events form the psychic point of view.     Aeson is a Master Psychic for more than 22 years, he is a certified Clairvoyant who hosts international clients from around the world.  Each week, Knight and his co-host encourage their audience to relax with a cup of coffee and tune into a comfortable environment that provides answers to pertinent matters affecting one’s daily life and to assist with tools for one’s life journey.    Aeson’s show covers such topics as Psychic Phenomenon, Current Hot Topic Issues, and Relationship Advice.  They provide free psychic readings at the end of each episode to members of their audience.  You can reach Aeson Knight directly at aesonknight.com, and Knight and his co-host at Raine S Love at psychiccoffeeshop.info    
Jul 06, 2018
Jason Interviews Special Guest Harvey Kraft, Author of The Buddha From Babylon
Jason Interviews Special Guest Harvey Kraft, Author of The Buddha From Babylon: The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama-Winner of Major Awards including:  Double Winner of the 11th Annual USA Best Book Awards (Dec. 2014) for both History-General (nonfiction) & Religion-Eastern Religions; Silver Medal Winner for Religion (Eastern/Western) from Independent Publisher's 2015 IPPY Award (May 2015); Honorable Mentions from LA Book Festival Awards (March 2015) for two categories:  Spiritual and General Non-Fiction Books; and Amazon Best Seller (2 Categories-History of Buddhism).   The Buddha From Babylon features the complete biography of Buddha's journey from prodigy through maturity and ultimate achievement.  In this work, you will discover the long-lost missing parts in the greatest hero story of Ancient Asia.  This book is based on evidence that in the sixth century BCE the seer-philosopher Siddhartha Gautama had gone to Babylon where he became a popular leader.  But after a mysterious assassination, as a Persian general seizes the throne and orchestrates a religious purge, Siddhartha must head back to the Indus where he finally achieves Perfect Enlightenment while unveiling his cosmic vision of Existence.  A spiritual thriller and epic, an exploration of common roots of Eastern and Western religious beliefs, and a groundbreaking narrative of the Buddha's life and deep wisdom...with an enlightened ending.   The reader is invited on a journey across the vast universe of Cosmic Buddhism.  It is a transporting, thought-provoking experience, at once a journey to the stars and the gateway to the portal of divine self-discovery.  
Jul 02, 2018
Jason interviews Joanne Muir-Bodywork, Shamanic Healing, & Sound Therapy
Jason interviews Joanne Muir-Bodywork, Shamanic Healing, Sound Therapy & Life Events.    Joanne Muir’s life work in healing/bodywork / energy medicine encompasses 20+ years of experience inFascial release, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, Somato-emotional release, Verbal Process, and Sound Therapy.   She has also trained in many facets of Shamanic healing and energetic transformation.   Joanne holds a license in massage therapy and has a degree in Human Development from Eckerd College.   As her trainings brought her deeper perception and palpation skills, Joanne found the greatest teacher to be the physical and energetic bodies themselves and the wisdom they hold.  Through years of intensive training and experience, she has mastered the ability to tune into and work with the structural and subtle energy realms and the body’s cellular memory.   Muir states that "We all have the power to be our own healer, our own shaman."   
Jun 29, 2018
Jason Interviews Nancy Byrne-Featured Author, Psychic & Motivational Speaker
Jason Zuk will interview Nancy Byrne, the Author of the book, Choices a cutting edge work that empowers others to transcend the limits of common thought.    Byrne coaches her readers to listen to the inner guidance from their souls, rather than the mindless chatter of everyone around them.  Byrne was a Featured Author at the Louise Hay, “I Can Do It Conference” in Denver, CO., in April of 2015 and “Choices” was the Number One Best Seller of New Releases. As the Host of her own Radio Show – Choices – on News for the Soul Radio which airs every fourth Friday of the month at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time; Nancy offers inspirational messages of encouragement, empowerment, and self-renewal to her audience. Byrne majored in Psychology at the University of Colorado at Denver for both her Graduate and Undergraduate coursework.   She worked at an Adolescent Psychiatric Treatment Hospital, as Executive Director for a Women in Need of Group Support Program; a Rape Crisis Center; as the Director of a Victim Services Unit at a major Police Department in the Denver area, as well as a counselor at several shelters for “high risk” adolescents, and taught at both Aurora and Red Rocks Community Colleges.  She is a Spiritual Reader and Channeler for the prestigious American Association of Psychics, and Byrne graduated from the Aspen Program for Spiritual Development with certification in Spiritual Development, Spirit Mediumship, Medical Intuition, Reiki Master/Teacher and is an Astrologer.   
Jun 22, 2018
Special Guest Cathryn McIntyre Will Discuss Her Book "The Thoreau Whisperer."
Jason Zuk will interview Cathryn McIntyre about her new book, "The Thoreau Whisperer, Channeling the Spirit of Henry David Thoreau."  McIntyre is a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Astrologer, Ghost Investigator, UFO Experiencer, & Author.  She has written two books including “Honor in Concord,” and “The Thoreau Whisperer."     McIntyre has special ties to Transcendentalist Writers: Margaret Fuller & Henry David Thoreau.     Dial (347) 989-1206 to call into our show.    Listen to our show live this Thursday at 8:00 pm.   Please Visit McIntyre's website for Valuable Insight About Her Liteary Works and More at www.theconcordwriter.com.  
Jun 15, 2018
Special Guest Judi Lynch-Internationally Known Psychic Medium, Author, & Teacher
Jason Zuk will interview Judi Lynch-Internationally Known Psychic Medium, Healing Energy Channeler, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher & Author.   Judi has worked with countless clients by providing personalized in-depth spirit guide readings and high vibration healing energy sessions.  As a featured guest on radio, Lynch has presented various workshops on psychic development and channeling healing energy, and she has led online group events to heighten abilities through the study of the spiritual consciousness, energy channeling, ascension awareness, and meditation.  Lynch is the President of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to healing and spiritual evolution.   She is also a featured columnist for OM Times Magazine and has been writing for the publication since their beginning in 2009. In her readings, she receives names, life themes, colors, future options, health information, conversations and channeled messages from loved ones while communicating with her Spirit Guides.   Her book Friends with Lights tells the true story of a miraculous awakening and ability.  Her second book entitled Conscious Ascension is now available online.   A third book entitled “Alabama Medium” is scheduled to be released later this year.   Please Visit Judi's Website For Valuable Insight About Her Work at www.psychicmediumjudilynch.com.  
Jun 08, 2018
Special Guest Sara Wiseman, Award Winning Author & Visionary Spiritual Teacher
Jason Zuk will interview Sara Wiseman, Award Winning Author and Visionary Spiritual Teacher.   After a near-death experience, Sara had a sudden opening of consciousness, resulting in the emergence of her natural psychic abilities.   Sara's spiritual understanding expanded as she began to see "beyond the veil" and gather messages from her spirit guides.   Wiseman has authored several books including her most recent one entitled, Messages from the Divine-Wisdom for the Seeker's Soul.  Wiseman has reached tens of thousands of students worldwide through her books, courses, podcasts, and blog.  A top contributor to Daily OM, Sara is also the Founder of Intuition University, hosts the "Ask Sara," and "Spiritual Psychic" podcasts (with over 2.1 million listeners), and writes for the Daily Divine Blog.   I urge you to visit Sara's  website to discover everything that she currently offers at www.sarawiseman.com.  
Jun 01, 2018
Special Guest, Melissa Carroll-The Yoga Writer
Jason Zuk will interview Melissa Carroll-The Yoga Writer about her use of mindfulness, yoga, and writing to help others.  Melissa Carroll is an Acclaimed Writer, Certified E-RYT 500 Hour Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and Meditation Guide.   She is the Editor of the essay collection Going OM: Real-Life Stories on and off the Yoga Mat (Viva Editions 2014), with a foreword by Cheryl Strayed, author of The New York Times Bestseller,Wild.  Melissa is the author of two poetry chapbooks:  The Pretty Machine (ELJ Publications 2016) and The Karma Machine (YellowJacket Press 2011), which received the Peter Meinke Award.  Her work has appeared in Brevity, Mantra + Yoga Magazine, Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen.com, The Literary Bohemian, Sivana East, Poetry Quarterly, and elsewhere.  Carroll is on the faculty of the Yoga Teacher Training Program at The Lotus Pond (located in Tampa, Florida), teaches writing at Ringling College of Art and Design, and leads Yoga and Writing Workshops and Retreats all over the world.  Carroll engages in her lifelong passion and finds balance through mindfulness, yoga, and writing.  She fuses these practices to help others connect to their own creative spark and inner peace.  As a certified E-RYT 500 Hour Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Writer, and Meditation Guide, Melissa aims to assist her students with navigating through the challenges of daily life.  Carroll once suffered from Anxiety and Depression, but through the adoption of Reiki Energy Healing and Yoga principles she developed healthy coping mechanisms to effectively manage her Anxiety and Depression.  Carroll received her Master in Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing from the University of South Florida.  Her website is www.theyogawriter.com. 
May 25, 2018
Special Guest, Kelly Jo Monaghan, Renowned Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium
Jason Zuk will interview Kelly Jo Monaghan, Renowned Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Pet Psychic, Medical Intuitive, & Radio Show Host.   Kelly Jo is a gifted Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Pet Psychic, Medical Intuitive, and Radio Show Host.  Kelly Jo offers spiritual counseling to her clients, and she has prior experience as a Paranormal Investigator. Kelly Jo hosts a Spiritual Radio Show on BlogtalkRadio.com known as “Biscuit and Tea Mystic.”   Monaghan has experience as a Tarot Reader and Dream Interpreter.   She has performed House Blessings/Clearings, and Has Obtained Information for Missing People, Pets, and Objects.  Kelly Jo has appeared on Radio and Film, and she has been featured on Channel 57 and on 5 News for West Palm Beach, Florida.    Monaghan has participated in Archeology Dig Assignments in Mesa, Arizona, and Missing Person Cases in Pompano Beach, Florida, and Massachusetts.  You can contact Kelly Jo directly by phone at      (561) 333-5367 or through her website:  http://www.kellyjopsychic.com.  Kelly Jo can be found on Twitter:  kellyjopsychic. On Skype: kellyjo1009; and on YouTube: www.youtube.com/kellyjopsychic.
May 18, 2018
Jason Zuk Interviews Dinah Lechner, The State Director of MUFON for FL and LA
Jason Zuk will interview Dinah Lechner, The State Director of MUFON for Florida and Louisiana.  Dinah Lechner, a native of Florida, contributes a great deal of her personal time into investigating Florida and the area’s MUFON UFO Reports.   She has investigated over 1000 Active MUFON Cases.  Her personal experiences add greatly to her success at investigating UFO Reports.   Lechner has been very visible as a public figure, sharing her personal background and experience by appearing on such shows as “The Phil Donahue Show,” “The Canadian Shirley Show,” NBC California’s “The Other Side,” and over 400 other Radio and TV show appearances. MUFON is one of the oldest and largest volunteer civilian UFO-investigative organizations in the United States.  It consists of over 3000 members world-wide with chapters in every state.   MUFON has assumed a significant role with investigating UFO sightings since its inception in 1969 as a non-profit organization.  The Group relies upon its trained field investigators and specialized teams to assist with UFO sightings and with the recovery of any physical evidence left behind during a sighting.   MUFON volunteers carry out investigations and interview witnesses, perform research, and arrive at conclusions from any evidence presented.  
May 11, 2018
Special Guest Wendy Cooper, MSW-Renowned Animal Communicator
Jason Zuk will interview Wendy Cooper, MSW-Renowned Animal Communicator.   Ever wonder if you could learn to communicate effectively with your pets or with other animals?   Are you suffering from the loss of a deceased pet?   I encourage you to listen to our episode and learn more about Animal Communication.  While initially practicing as a psychotherapist for many years, Wendy's primary focus is now communicating with Animals where she works with her clients to provide relief from grief over a sick or deceased pet, or to help them gain an increased understanding about a pet's health or behavior from the pet's perspective.  Interested in asking a question to our Special Guest? Please call into our show at (347) 989-1206.   We encourage callers to contact us at approximately 30 minutes into the show to allow time for us to conduct our interview with our Special Guest.  
May 04, 2018
J.E. "Kelly" Snyder Discusses How "Find Me" Seeks Justice for the Missing
I’m pleased to have J.E. “Kelly” Snyder as my special guest for our April 26, 2018 Episode starting at 8:00 p.m.  Mr. Snyder, a retired Federal Law Enforcement Agent for the D.E.A., established Find Me in 2002 to seek Justice for the Missing.  Out of 300 cases, Kelly’s organization has resolved 90 cases involving Missing Loved Ones using a volunteer membership of 130 psychics, retired law enforcement, & Forensic Experts. Find Me has partnered with Search and Rescue Management Professionals with Canine Support.   Find Me developed its own Artificial Intelligence Program called “MIST” or Missing Person Intelligence Synthesis Toolkit by collaborating with Arizona State University to use the power of predictive analytics to improve its search methods. This Organization has enjoyed a 35% Success Rate: Out of 300 cases, Find Me has resolved 90 Cases involving Missing People. For additional information on Find Me or Mr. Snyder please see our Episode Promotion below and/or visit www.findmegroup.org.
Apr 27, 2018
Necole Livingston, Internationally Renowned Celebrity Spiritual Advisor
Necole Livingston, an Internationally Renowned Celebrity Spiritual Advisor discusses her powerful message of inspiration.  Necole is an Author, Transformational Consultant & Master Manifestor.  She currently enjoys having over 34,000 subscribers on her YouTube Channel known as "Spiritual Guidance From Necole XO," which has existed since May 2015, and she has produced 1,433 videos at approximately 14 videos per week.  Necole has been Ranked #4 out of the Top 60 Spiritual YouTube Channels You Must Followby Feedspot as of February 9, 2018-surpassing Eckart Tolle and Deepak Chopra.   This list was compiled after reviewing thousands of Spiritual YouTube Channels in Feedspot’s index and using search criteria and social metrics.    She offers private coaching and group coaching sessions to her clients.  As an Educator, Necole is offering a 7-month LIfe MIssion Master Class Academy, an 8-week Accelerated Program, and an E-Book entitled, The Art of Manifestation "Aligning Mind Body Spirit." 
Apr 20, 2018
Barbara shares an inspiring story about her son, Charlie.
Barbara, a client of mine, shares an inspiring story about her son, Charlie who is homeless.  Approximately 565,000 people in the United States are homeless at a given time.  They are forced to live on the streets, in cars, in homeless shelters, or in subsidized transitional housing.  Foreclosures and unemployment are pushing middle class and low-income Americans out of their homes and into emergency shelters and food pantries.   Barbara describes how Charlie obtains a contract position and offers hope to his current situation.   We hope that you enjoy Barbara's story about her son.
Apr 09, 2018
Jason Zuk and Megan Sage Review Cases Involving Missing People
Jason and Megan discuss cases involving missing children and adults with the hopes of increasing awareness of this important topic.  On average, approximately 90,000 people are missing in the USA at a given time.  The first 12-24 hours are usually the most critical in an active missing person's investigation.  The longer it takes to report a missing person to the authorities an open an active investigation, the less likely a positive outcome will occur.  For children, the first three hours are especially critical.  If someone you know goes missing, you should call 911 and report it to the police immediately.   There are mixed feelings regarding the use of psychics and intuitives concerning these types of cases.  Any information obtained from a psychic should be viewed only as an investigative tool and should not replace sound investigative techniques.  Join us for our first episode.
Apr 05, 2018
Socialize with Jason Zuk, The Social Psychic (Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. EST)
Bonus Episode: Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m:  As part of this Bonus Episode, I want the opportunity of hearing directly from you!   My goal is to interact with our callers and answer any questions or requests for intuitive guidance you may possess.   You can reach us by calling into our show at (347) 989-1206.    We can also receive your question by e-mail at the.social.psychic@gmail.com.   Please e-mail us before 12:00 noon on Wednesdays.  Let's expand each other's horizons and expect the unexpected.  To be featured on our blogcast by e-mail, please send first name(s), and one question to the.social.psychic@gmail.com.  
Apr 04, 2018
Talking Mediumship With Lindsay Marino
In this first episode, I have the pleasure of speaking to Lindsay Marino regarding her journey from third grade teacher to Psychic Medium.   During her second day of teaching the third grade, Lindsay tragically lost her fiance, Nick, in a motorcycle accident in Tampa, Florida.   Lindsay turned her heartache into the realization that she possessed a gift as a Medium which she would use to help others.   Approximately three weeks following Nick's death, I was first introduced to Lindsay through a mutual friend during a meeting to discuss developing my business website.   During my meeting with our mutual friend, Nick provided me with several messages to relay to Lindsay.   Lindsay and I became great friends as a result of the numerous times that Nick communicated with her through our many phone conversations and in-person meetings.  Our lives have changed permanently, as we have both embarked on our unique spiritual path.   Lindsay decided to leave teaching to pursue being a Medium full-time.  She trained with Lisa Williams where she earned her Psychic Mediumship Certification and became a Certified Spiritual Advisor ™ through the Lisa Williams International School of Development. She has also attended workshops with Renowned Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell.    Lindsay now teaches others how to tap into their own intuition and connect with Deceased Loved Ones, through her online programs: "Unlock Your Intuition," and "Unlock Your Inner Medium."  Her website can be found at: www.lindsaymarino.com.   I hope that you enjoy our first episode of The Social Psychic Radio Show.    
Mar 25, 2018