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Dig this! New Music Saturday with Dr. Bones and Mike Five brings you brand new tracks by independent bands, interviews, reviews, random music chat, and usually some poorly thought out phrasing. Broadcast live in 2 parts every Saturday night and then uploaded everywhere on catch up. This is a podcast for music lovers everywhere.

Episode Date
The 2023 #HalloweenSpecial... Part 2
Oct 30, 2023
The 2023 #HalloweenSpecial... Part 1
Oct 30, 2023
S07-Ep35-Pt2: It’s trip, tripp, trippy in this weeks modern standard classic...
Oct 30, 2023
S07-Ep35-Pt1: Bit punky, bit rocky, bit retro...
Oct 30, 2023
BONUS: Dr. Bones catches up with Colin from Joe Symes and The Loving Kind
Oct 24, 2023
S07-Ep34-Pt2: Some beautiful, some off the wall, all excellent - lets go #DownTheRabbitHole!
Oct 17, 2023
S07-Ep34-Pt1: Overall Gothiness... Sapphira Vee joins us to tell all about her new album and more...!
Oct 17, 2023
S07-Ep33-Pt2: The one that broke...
Oct 16, 2023
S07-Ep33-Pt1: Operation Neptune Spear briefly joins us at the end to introduce his track... and LOTS more before that!
Oct 16, 2023
S07-Ep32-Pt2: A lively interview with Joey from Common Cycles (ex No Rescue) kicks of this weeks Part 2...
Oct 16, 2023
S07-Ep32-Pt1: Lyn Rajah talks to us about boats... and music!
Oct 14, 2023
S07-Ep31-Pt2: This week Lyn Rajah pops in to introduce her own song!
Oct 14, 2023
S07-Ep31-Pt1: Part 1 is back!!! Rejoice!
Oct 14, 2023
S07-Ep30-Pt2: Part 1 is missing! Have you seen it anywhere? No? OK well here's Part 2
Oct 14, 2023
S07-Ep29: A Mike Five exclusive featuring 34 artists from around the world... and lots more!
Sep 11, 2023
S07-Ep28-Pt2: Another tripped out spin #DownTheRabbitHole featuring some very cool brand new tunes by some of the worlds best independent artists
Sep 11, 2023
S07-Ep28-Pt1: Finally... the return of the pub quiz while the songs load...
Sep 11, 2023
S07-Ep27-Pt2: One of these tunes features Method Man which is pretty cool...
Sep 11, 2023
S07-Ep27-Pt1: Western Jaguar joins us to talk about his brand new album after 5 years away from music!
Sep 11, 2023
S07-Ep26-Pt2: Lets just say this is a groove filled psychedelic pulsating trip #DownTheRabbitHole...
Aug 21, 2023
S07-Ep26-Pt1: Finally we get to chat to The Metal Byrds... AND we play a Lights And Lines Block!
Aug 21, 2023
BONUS: Dr. Bones interviews Richard Patrick from Filter / Army of Anyone / Nine Inch Nails!!
Aug 17, 2023
S07-Ep25-Pt2: This one has an NMS Exclusive AND a track featuring Method Man.. now that's a trip!
Aug 13, 2023
S07-Ep25-Pt1: We're back on catch up and it's alllll about the groove!!
Aug 12, 2023
S07-Ep23-Pt1: A few twists and turns in this weeks Part 1...
Jul 23, 2023
Season 7 Trailer
Jul 02, 2023
S07-Ep21-Pt2: Happy Canada Day... continued
Jul 02, 2023
S07-Ep21-Pt1: Happy Canada Day!
Jul 02, 2023
S07-Ep20-Pt2: Oh boy... they're going for the weird stuff again!
Jun 26, 2023
S07-Ep20-Pt1: We interview Trench Gun who does some amazing British accents before we start talking about music...
Jun 26, 2023
S07-Ep19-Pt2: Not so much a spiral down the rabbit hole as a tumble....
Jun 19, 2023
S07-Ep19-Pt1: A broad spectrum of guitar based noise, and also a shoutout to Spotify to give us $100m...
Jun 19, 2023
S07-Ep18-Pt2: Those little intricacies in songwriting that give you an amazing and emotional reaction...
Jun 04, 2023
S07-Ep18-Pt1: From ska to BLAAAAAAAAHHHHH...
Jun 04, 2023
S07-Ep17-Pt1: It's all about the crazy drums...
May 28, 2023
S07-Ep16-Pt2: What an incredible eclectic mix of beautiful and weird tunes!
May 14, 2023
S07-Ep16-Pt1: Starts off quirky, goes heavy...
May 14, 2023
S07-Ep15-Pt2: One of the most diverse #DownTheRabbitHole episodes for a while actually...
May 07, 2023
S07-Ep15-Pt1: Filled with Rock, Punk, and some filthy Heavy Metal!
May 06, 2023
S07-Ep14-Pt2: Back on catch up, back #DownTheRabbitHole...
Apr 30, 2023
S07-Ep14-Pt1: WE ARE BACK!!!
Apr 30, 2023
S07-Ep11-Pt2: Loads of reverby tripped out goodness in here...
Mar 26, 2023
S07-Ep11-Pt1: The theme here is HEAVY music!
Mar 26, 2023
S07-Ep10-Pt2: Includes a tripped out Lights And Lines block and loads of cool off the wall tunes...
Mar 19, 2023
S07-Ep10-Pt1: A very PUNK influenced Part 1... much to Mike Five's delight!
Mar 19, 2023
S07-Ep7-Pt2: Another deep dive into some of the surprising and unknown voids of the independent music scene!
Feb 26, 2023
S07-Ep7-Pt1: The MAW Experiment joins us to talk about the art of experimentation...
Feb 26, 2023
S07-Ep6-Pt2: How to go from Elephants to Drum and Bass via Folk Metal…
Feb 19, 2023
S07-Ep6-Pt1: We chat to Shaun Panda Nicolson and learn a LOT about Scotland, plus we talk about his AMAZING upcoming albums...
Feb 19, 2023
S07-Ep5-Pt2: You could call this one a traditional rabbit hole episode...
Feb 12, 2023
S07-Ep5-Pt1: "I forgot to say 'Dig this!' Damn it!!"
Feb 12, 2023
S07-Ep4-Pt2: Starts off trippy, finishes trippy, and uh, it's pretty trippy in the middle actually
Feb 05, 2023
S07-Ep4-Pt1: Full of rock, blues, and metal!
Feb 05, 2023
S07-Ep3-Pts1+2: Dr. Bones is joined by Manipulant and Texmex Shaman in this weeks bumper episode of New Music Saturday!
Jan 29, 2023
S07-Ep2-Pt2: From beautiful acoustic tunes to techno based ravers, and almost everything in between...
Jan 22, 2023
S07-Ep2-Pt1: A seamless blend of independent rock n roll tunes!
Jan 22, 2023
S07-Ep1-Pt2: Time to go #DownTheRabbitHole for the first time this season...
Jan 15, 2023
S07-Ep1-Pt1: We kick off the new season chatting to Cosmic Bos about their amazing songwriting philosophy and other stuff...
Jan 15, 2023
2022: A Year In Rewind - Part 2
Jan 08, 2023
2022: A Year In Rewind - Part 1
Jan 08, 2023
S06-Ep44-Pt2: The NMS Christmas Special 2022
Jan 07, 2023
S06-Ep44-Pt1: The NMS Christmas Special 2022
Dec 11, 2022
S06-Ep43-Parts 1 + 2: Restless Mosaic jumps in for Mike Five at the last minute and joins Dr. Bones for another fantastic episode of New Music Saturday...
Dec 10, 2022
S06-Ep42-Pt2: Everything from Celtic Trance to tripped out Electronica...
Nov 27, 2022
S06-Ep42-Pt1: We get right into the heart of the independent music scene with Kiffie...
Nov 27, 2022
BONUS: Dr. Bones chats to Diana from Trope
Nov 27, 2022
S06-Ep41-Pt2: A late night rabbit hole produces some interesting results...
Nov 20, 2022
S06-Ep41-Pt1: We have a wide ranging conversation with NMS Resident Terry from Cuecliche before playing a selection of heavy punk and metal tunes... lovely!
Nov 20, 2022
S06-Ep40-Pt2: Starts pretty trippy and ends with pure beauty
Nov 06, 2022
S06-Ep40-Pt1: We talk to Angela Powis about her very secret collaboration...
Nov 06, 2022
S06-Ep39-Pt2: The NMS Halloween Special continues...
Oct 30, 2022
S06-Ep39-Pt1: It's the New Music Saturday Halloween Special!
Oct 30, 2022
S06-Ep38-Pt2: A late night exploration of the very alternative to the alternative...
Oct 23, 2022
S06-Ep38-Pt1: We talk to Wolfden about their latest album, it's origins, and their amazing story...
Oct 23, 2022
S06-Ep37-Pt2: A surprising number of guitar lead tracks with some off the wall and interesting things going on...
Oct 16, 2022
S06-Ep37-Pt1: We talk to Robert Lane about all things creative, including his brilliant new album!
Oct 16, 2022
S06-Ep36-Pt2: A real opus of tunes that take us down the rabbit hole...
Oct 09, 2022
S06-Ep36-Pt1: We play the guess the album cover game with Jamie Jamal and talk about music...
Oct 08, 2022
S06-Ep35-Pt2: Another trip down the rabbit hole, and this one really is a trip - quite a beautiful one...
Sep 25, 2022
So06-Ep35-Pt1: We talk to Crushed By Pimps about sausages, songs, and sarcasm...
Sep 25, 2022
S06-Ep34-Pt2: We go down a particularly tripped out rabbit hole this week...
Sep 18, 2022
S06-Ep34-Pt1: A very wide ranging interview with our friend Ron Bowes and a whole load of new music follows...
Sep 17, 2022
S06-Ep33-Pt2: From alternative and quirky to bizarre and esoteric...
Sep 11, 2022
S06-Ep33-Pt1: We talk about accents, Soulwax, and occasionally his own music with GRIM17!
Sep 10, 2022
S06-Ep32-Pt2: Time to go back Down The Rabbit Hole.........
Sep 04, 2022
S06-Ep32-Pt1: What if each album was like a track on an album and the whole thing was 13 albums... And also time travel!?
Sep 04, 2022
S06-Ep29-Pt2: Lots of dark alt-pop and full of twists and turns...
Aug 14, 2022
S06-Ep29-Pt1: Listen to Cuecliché, they're really not too bad!
Aug 13, 2022
S06-Ep28-Pt2: A pretty chilled rabbit hole with a few crazy things thrown in...
Jul 31, 2022
S06-Ep28-Pt1: An alternative to the alternative becomes the new alternative...
Jul 31, 2022
S06-Ep27-Pt2: A spacey kind of rabbit hole with lots of reverbs!
Jul 24, 2022
S06-Ep27-Pt1: Proper filthy rock n roll all the way... and we also talk about the weather quite a bit at the beginning...
Jul 23, 2022
S06-Ep26-Pt2: The trippiest of trips in a mellow and thoughtful kind of way...
Jul 17, 2022
S06-Ep26-Pt1: Starts bluesy, gets HEAVY!
Jul 16, 2022
S06-Ep25-Pt2: One of the tracks here is so far out it actually makes Bonesy go back in time...
Jul 10, 2022
S06-Ep25-Pt1: "Sometimes even a millimetre does the trick..."
Jul 09, 2022
S06-Ep24-Pt1+2: TexMex Shaman joins Dr. Bones as a special guest co-host after an interview with The Far North..
Jul 09, 2022
S06-Ep23-Pt2: What a crazy mix... and with a bit of a theme in there too
Jun 26, 2022
S06-Ep23-Pt1: This week we DON'T interview Matthew from Headache Head...
Jun 25, 2022
S06-Ep22-Pt2: Listen out for 2 more #NMSExclusive's including a particularly powerful ending...
Jun 19, 2022
S06-Ep22-Pt1: We play the random question generator game with Wasay Oblique and play some awesome music...
Jun 19, 2022
S06-Ep21-Pts 1+2: We speak to The Men From Another Planet... the band, not actual aliens...
Jun 16, 2022
S06-Ep20-Pt2: A Gozer Goodspeed worldwide exclusive and we complete the commandments...
Jun 05, 2022
S06-Ep20-Pt1: We ask GrimRock what animal he'd like to be reincarnated as and some other things... plus we start to create our own 10 commandments!
Jun 04, 2022
S06-Ep19-Pt1: There are a LOT of sidetracks in this one, it's maybe 30% music....
May 28, 2022
S06-Ep18-Pt1+Pt2: Dr. Bones is joined by guest Johnny Darker, and Special Guest Co-Host this week Restless Mosaic...
May 24, 2022
S06-Ep17-Pt2: You can call it Alt-Alt-Indie if you like...
May 15, 2022
S06-Ep17-Pt1: Starts Punky, goes Grungey, gets a bit Folky, and finishes heavy!
May 14, 2022
S06-Ep16-Pt2: There are are no less than 2 more #NMSExclusive’s in this part, bringing us to 3 for the week...
May 08, 2022
S06-Ep16-Pt1: KInaara join us to talk about their amazing take on traditional Punjabi folk with a contemporary twist...
May 07, 2022
S06-Ep15-Pt2: Every time you think it can't get trippier we raise you...
May 01, 2022
S06-Ep15-Pt1: The scene is set for a heavy Part 1 and it doesn't disappoint...
Apr 30, 2022
S06-Ep14-Pt2: A mostly calming and chilled out Part 2 with a little bit of crazy in there too...
Apr 24, 2022
S06-Ep14-Pt1: An eclectic mix of heavy music this week with a few touches of something different in there too...
Apr 24, 2022
S06-Ep13-Pt1+2: Dr. Bones and Texmex Shaman interview Sapphira Vee in Part 1, and then go down the rabbit hole...
Apr 23, 2022
S06-Ep12-Pt2: It becomes truly surreal in places... the start probably sets the scene quite well!
Apr 10, 2022
S06-Ep12-Pt1: We chat to Torrid (A Love Affair) and ask them what they'd do with £10m...
Apr 09, 2022
S06-Ep11-Pt2: A diverse range of new musical treats for you
Apr 06, 2022
S06-Ep11-Pt1: We ask Alex Julia what she'd have in her ideal rider and the conversation spirals from there...
Apr 03, 2022
S06-Ep10-Pt2: I know we say it every week but this has to be one of the most tripped out episodes ever...
Mar 20, 2022
S06-Ep10-Pt1: If you like rock, metal, and punk we definitely have some of that in here...
Mar 20, 2022
S06-Ep9-Pt2: We've possibly never been deeper down the rabbit hole...
Mar 13, 2022
S06-Ep9-Pt1: We talk to Glasxs about her amazing new double album and put her on the spot with the random question generator...
Mar 13, 2022
S06-Ep8-Pt2: A spacey trip down this week's rabbit hole...
Mar 06, 2022
S06-Ep8-Pt1: Angela Powis joins us to kick things off and she is simply a wonderful human!
Mar 06, 2022
S06-Ep7-Pt2: This week we bring you CLASSIC Rabbit Hole episode full of twists and turns...
Feb 27, 2022
S06-Ep6-Pt1+2: Restless Mosaic joins Dr. Bones once again filling in for Mike this week...
Feb 27, 2022
S06-Ep7-Pt1: Heavy Rock, Garage Rock, Punk Rock, and Metal!
Feb 27, 2022
S06-Ep3-Pt1+2: Parts 1 and 2 of Season 6, Episode 4, bundled together featuring Special Guest Co-Host Restless Mosaic...
Feb 20, 2022
S06-Ep4-Pt1: Devious seemlessly steps up from Special Guest to Guest Co-Host!
Feb 19, 2022
S06-Ep5-Pt2: A cosmic trip down an unexplored rabbit hole...
Feb 19, 2022
S06-Ep5-Pt1: We go from heavy to sublime... and then back to heavy!
Feb 13, 2022
S06-Ep2-Pt2: A mix of experimental, instrumental, improvised, electronic, and acoustic tracks all in one amazing part...
Jan 23, 2022
S06-Ep2-Pt1: We speak to Felix Saunders about silly things, serious things, and music things...
Jan 23, 2022
S06-Ep1-Pt2: A proper old school rabbit hole trip...
Jan 16, 2022
S06-Ep1-Pt1: We're back with another brand new season of NMS!
Jan 16, 2022
S05-Ep46-Pt2: 2021 - A Year In Rewind, Part 2…
Jan 02, 2022
S05-Ep46-Pt1: 2021 - A Year In Rewind, Part 1…
Jan 02, 2022
BONUS: Choose your favourite track for season finale show, 2021 A Year In Rewind
Dec 16, 2021
S05-Ep45-Pt2: And that's a wrap...
Dec 12, 2021
S05-Ep45-Pt1: It's Chriiiiiiiiiisssssssssssstttmaaaaaaasssssssss
Dec 12, 2021
S05-Ep44-Pt2: This one goes really far down the rabbit hole...
Dec 05, 2021
S05-Ep44-Pt1: We ride the wave of the independent music scene with a whole range of amazing tracks this week...
Dec 05, 2021
S05-Ep43-Pt2: Backdown the rabbit hole we explore weird, wonderful, and beautiful new tunes...
Nov 28, 2021
S05-Ep43-Pt1: From Metal to Punk via the Blues and more!
Nov 28, 2021
S05-Ep41-Pt: A huge range including one of the most beautiful tunes we've ever played...
Nov 07, 2021
S05-Ep41-Pt1: We play an on the spot quiz about music from 2003 with Murder On The Airwaves...
Nov 07, 2021
S05-Ep40-Pt2: You wanna go #DownTheHauntedRabbitHole? It's Part 2 of the NMS Halloween Special...!
Oct 31, 2021
S05-Ep40-Pt1: An evening of Spooky Songs, Terrifying Tunes, and Bloodcurdling Ballads, and Creepy Compositions... it's the NMS Halloween Special, Part 1 - The Rock N Roll Graveyard Smash
Oct 30, 2021
S05-Ep39-Pt2: Some good advice in this one about taking it easier...
Oct 24, 2021
S05-Ep39-Pt1: We talk quite a bit about house parties at the beginning...
Oct 23, 2021
S05-Ep38-Pt2: All kinds of alternative all in one place...
Oct 17, 2021
S05-Ep38-Pt1: What would you do with $10m to spend on your music...?
Oct 16, 2021
S05-Ep37-Pt2: This week it can only be described as beautiful, narrative driven, and dramatic music...
Oct 10, 2021
S05-Ep37-Pt1: We chat to Across The Sea and Mike even makes an appearance...
Oct 09, 2021
S05-Ep36-Pt2: It's all about great narrative and storytelling...
Oct 03, 2021
S05-Ep36-Pt1: Murder On The Airwaves... they probably could have interviewed themselves to be honest!
Oct 02, 2021
S05-Ep35-Pt2: An amazing journey through the alternative, obscure, folk, and pop side of the independent music scene...
Sep 26, 2021
S05-Ep35-Pt1: We talk music, politics, and elephants with Bill Fever!
Sep 25, 2021
S05-Ep34-Pt2: I’m going to have to get a Whiskey mate…
Sep 12, 2021
S05:Ep34:Pt1: I haven’t even announced this on my show yet… listen out for an exclusive from Sapphira Vee
Sep 11, 2021
S05-Ep33-Pt2: If you liked tripped out music from folk to electronica you will love this...
Sep 05, 2021
S05-Ep32-Pt1+2: A double bill with Dr. Bones and Texmex Shaman...
Sep 04, 2021
S05-Ep33-Pt1: It's a proper heavy rock n roller!
Sep 04, 2021
S05-Ep31-Pt2: This weeks rabbit hole is truly beautiful...
Aug 15, 2021
S05-Ep31-Pt1: A proper heavy rock n roller...
Aug 14, 2021
S05-Ep30-Pt2: Another rabbit hole beckons as Mike returns to join Dr. Bones...
Aug 12, 2021
S05-Ep30-Pt1: "And by the end of the week I’d finished the album…" - we talk to Kiffie!
Aug 07, 2021
S05-Ep28-Pt2: Dr. Bones and Tex Mex Shaman take you down the rabbit hole...
Jul 28, 2021
S05-Ep28-Pt 1: Tex Mex Shaman joins Dr. Bones this week and Part 1 is a real rock n roller...
Jul 28, 2021
S05-Ep27-Pt2: We move from the tripped out side of rock n roll to the tripped out side of tripped out...
Jul 18, 2021
S05-Ep27-Pt1: We chat to Naz and Ella about Cats, Zines, and of course their amazing music....
Jul 17, 2021
S05-Ep26-Pt2: A mix of melodic indie-pop and other tripped out sounds as we go #DownTheRabbitHole
Jul 11, 2021
S05-Ep26-Pt1: We chat to Dennis McCalmont about winning the lottery and his new album...
Jul 10, 2021
S05-Ep25-Pt2: A far ranging and pretty chilled #DownTheRabbitHole this week...
Jul 04, 2021
S05-Ep25-Pt1: We play the improvised random question generator game with improv legends Cosmic Bos...
Jul 03, 2021
S05-Ep24-Pt2: #DownTheRabbitHoleSaga
Jun 27, 2021
S05-Ep24-Pt1: We've got TWO fantastic interviews and some cool tunes... you lucky things!
Jun 26, 2021
S05-Ep23-Pt2: From experimental to just a bit mental....
Jun 20, 2021
S05-Ep23-Pt1: We ask Gozer Goodspeed how many pairs of shoes he has and occasionally remember to plug his new album...
Jun 19, 2021
S05-Ep22-Pt2: I know I say it every week but this goes pretty far down...
Jun 13, 2021
S05-Ep22-Pt1: We chat to Lost Chimes about their sold out vinyl and play the What The Folk dilemma game...
Jun 12, 2021
S05-Ep21-Pt2: It starts off pretty weird and probably doesn't recover... you'll love it!
Jun 09, 2021
S05-Ep21-Pt1: We talk to Alex Julia about that terrible submissions website, celebrity crushes, and her new single...
Jun 05, 2021
S05-Ep20-Pt2: Tripped from the off with a real mix and even an acoustic section in there...
May 30, 2021
S05-Ep20-Pt1: Getting to know In Solace we ask about their music, the importance of talking about mental health, and their favourite pizza topping...!
May 29, 2021
S05-Ep19-Pt2: There's quite a few darker sounding tunes in this eclectic mix...
May 23, 2021
S05-Ep19-Pt1: More ear to ear tunes for you this week than usual and boy are they good!
May 22, 2021
S05-Ep18-Pt2: 200 rabbit holes later...
May 16, 2021
S05-Ep18-Pt1: This is Part 1 of the 200th Episode of New Music Saturday! 200 - can you believe it!? And we've got FLUX joining us to celebrate...
May 15, 2021
BONUS: Our 200th episode is coming up, get involved!
May 12, 2021
S05-Ep17-Pt2: One of the biggest trips down the rabbit hole we've ever taken...
May 09, 2021
S05-Ep17-Pt1: We chat to the brilliant Milly Thimaras about her recent change in direction and new music... and random stuff
May 08, 2021
S05-Ep16-Pt2: A mix of beautiful folk, heavy electronic, and some tripped out indie...
May 02, 2021
S05-Ep16-Pt1: We ask Without Andrew random questions from a 'Questions To Ask Anyone' blog... and there's music!
May 01, 2021
S05-Ep15-Pt2: A huge mix of alternative pop, eclectronic, folky, and even ska tones in here...
Apr 25, 2021
S05-Ep15-Pt1: Tonight we're hanging out with Orange G and we do a quick quiz about Pennsylvania...
Apr 24, 2021
S05-Ep14-Pt2: It spirals out of control pretty quickly actually...
Apr 18, 2021
S05-Ep14-Pt1: There was definitely some about ducks in there...
Apr 17, 2021
S05-Ep13-Pt2: Down the rabbit hole with the Shaman...
Apr 12, 2021
S05-Ep13-Pt1: Texmex Shaman joins the Doc of Rock (not a medical doctor obviously) for a proper rock n roll stake out...
Apr 12, 2021
S05-Ep12-Pt2: It's actually really difficult to describe this one...
Apr 04, 2021
S05-Ep12-Pt1: How many facts about pigeons do you have?
Apr 03, 2021
S05-Ep11-Pt2: It's a tripped out hour that ends far too soon...
Mar 31, 2021
S05-Ep11-Pt1: Dichroma join us in the virtual studio to talk about a whole range of things, some of which are music related
Mar 28, 2021
S05-Ep10-Pt2: From synthpop to alternative-folk we've got it all!
Mar 21, 2021
S05-Ep10-Pt1: Facts about Lemonade are interspersed with music and chat...
Mar 21, 2021
S05-Ep9-Pt2: We are really getting into something here and we're not sure what...
Mar 14, 2021
S05-Ep9-Pt1: We speak to One Blind Mouse about the crazy world of experimental music... and there's a quiz!
Mar 14, 2021
S05-Ep8-Pt2: We are now heading really deep down the rabbit hole to be honest with you!
Feb 28, 2021
S05-Ep8-Pt1: A happy mess of alternative rock n roll for you...
Feb 28, 2021
S05-Ep7-Pt2: A mix of crazy reverbs, big delays, and genre-bending indie anthems....
Feb 21, 2021
S05-Ep7-Pt1: Proper rock n rollers 21 Grams join us to chat about Slash's hometown and what to put on toast...
Feb 21, 2021
S05-Ep6-Pt2: It was always going to be difficult to dive deeper into the rabbit hole in Part 2… but somehow we managed it!
Feb 14, 2021
S05-Ep6-Pt1: This has to be one of the most surreal interviews we've ever had on the show...
Feb 14, 2021
S05-Ep5-Pt2: It starts pretty crazy and is a bit of a ride from there...
Feb 07, 2021
S05-Ep5-Pt1: Ill-Advised talks about a brand new direction and we ask him about mythical creatures...
Feb 07, 2021
S05-Ep4-Pt2: All in all it's pretty tripped out...
Jan 31, 2021
S05-Ep4-Pt1: Alan Morrissey describes the horror of finding birthday cake jammed into his pedals.... and music stuff!
Jan 31, 2021
S05-Ep3-Pt2: This rabbit hole has riffs mate!
Jan 24, 2021
S05-Ep3-Pt1: Here's what happens if you write 100 songs and pick 4....
Jan 24, 2021
S05-Ep2-Pt2: This one will twist your melon!
Jan 17, 2021
S05-Ep2-Pt1: We talk to Hands Of Blue about their weird collection of creepy dolls and their new EP....
Jan 17, 2021
S05-Ep1-Pt2: We went so far down the rabbit hole it broke at the end!
Jan 10, 2021
S05-Ep1-Pt1: Lets kick the year off with a brand new intro tune and an amazing interview...
Jan 10, 2021
S04-Ep49-Pt2: New Music Saturday: 2020 A Year In Rewind... Part 2
Jan 03, 2021
S04-Ep49-Pt1: New Music Saturday: 2020 A Year In Rewind... Part 1
Jan 03, 2021
S04-Ep48-Pt2: The final episode of 2020 takes you #FromTheNorthPoleDownTheRabbitHole...
Dec 20, 2020
S04-Ep48-Pt1: Listen to alternative Christmas music AND find out what Ben from The Amber Bugs currently has in his fridge !
Dec 20, 2020
S04-Ep47-Pt2: A super chilled out #DownTheRabbitHole with some very cool new tunes
Dec 13, 2020
S04-Ep47-Pt1: We interview Titanosaur and play the Titanosaur Musical Dinosaur Quiz... and play some music
Dec 13, 2020
S04-Ep46-Pt2: Loads of world exclusives, we talk about Bandcamp Friday, and there's a Don't Stump Mike too!
Dec 06, 2020
S04-Ep46-Pt1: We chat to Manipulant about his fantastic Lee Scratch Perry collaboration... and also Disney...
Dec 06, 2020
S04-Ep45-Pt2: This weeks rabbit hole is a combination of beautiful and haunting...
Nov 29, 2020
S04-Ep45-Pt1: We play the Without Andrew Famous Musical Andrew's quiz, talk about cups... and some other stuff to do with music
Nov 29, 2020
S04-Ep44-Pt2: Lady Bones joins Dr. Bones for Part 2 this week and there's 20 tracks!!
Nov 23, 2020
S04-Ep44-Pt1: It's unheard of but we've got TWO interviews in Part 1 and they both rock!
Nov 23, 2020
S04-Ep43-Pt2: We hope you like Violas, Ukulele's, and swirly things...
Nov 15, 2020
S04-Ep43-Pt1: We chat to The Silverbeets about their wide ranging musical exploits... and an earthquake!
Nov 15, 2020
S04-Ep42-Pt2: Brilliant songwriting steals the show here...
Nov 08, 2020
S04-Ep42-Pt1: We talk to Ill-Advised about everything from branded sex toys to Irish poetry - and occasionally mention his music!
Nov 08, 2020
S04-Ep41-Pt2: No tricks - all treats… its Part 2 of our Halloween Special!
Nov 01, 2020
S04-Ep41-Pt1: Terrifying Tunes, Scary Songs, and Alarming Anthems... its Part 1 of the Halloween Special!
Nov 01, 2020
S04-Ep40-Pt2: There's a track in here that has a proper 90s Alternative nostalgia vibe... and loads more!
Oct 25, 2020
S04-Ep40-Pt1: We ask Matthew from Without Andrew a question about an elephant... and play some music!
Oct 24, 2020
S04-Ep39-Pt2: Fix up, look sharp, and buckle up... this ones a trip!
Oct 18, 2020
S04-Ep39-Pt1: A tale of perseverance and passion from The Far North...
Oct 17, 2020
S04-Ep38-Pt2: Full of extraordinary and sometimes remarkable tunes!
Oct 11, 2020
S04-Ep38-Pt1: Music to define yourself by...
Oct 10, 2020
S04-Ep37-Pt2: The opus continues with possibly the most whacked-out Part 2 we've ever put together...
Oct 04, 2020
S04-Ep37-Pt1: This weeks bumper #NMS show has more tracks than ever before and maybe the heaviest Part 1 ever...
Oct 03, 2020
S04-Ep36-Pt2: From Hard Rock to Gypsy Jazz this trip down the rabbit hole isn't what you expected
Sep 27, 2020
S04-Ep36-Pt1: There's nothing grim about this interview with Grim...
Sep 26, 2020
S04-Ep35-Pt2: This weeks part 2 is full of great storytelling
Sep 13, 2020
S04-Ep35-Pt1: We catch up with Without Andrew, play some proper filthy rock n roll, and wish Mike a happy birthday!
Sep 12, 2020
S04-Ep34-Pt2: A whole load of mad melodies to wrap your head around...
Sep 06, 2020
S04-Ep34-Pt1: There are so many cool guitar riffs this week it will blow your mind!
Sep 05, 2020
S04-Ep33-Pt2: Back down the rabbit hole but we do pull you out occasionally...
Aug 30, 2020
S04-Ep33-Pt1: So where on earth do you begin? We chat to TexMex Shaman to ask him this and other questions...
Aug 29, 2020
S04-Ep32-Pt2: Down The Rabbit Hole has a brand new theme tune...
Aug 23, 2020
S04-Ep32-Pt1: Tonight we are rocking out with Hart&Bowes celebrating the release of their debut album!
Aug 22, 2020
S04-Ep30-Pt2: From Synthpop to Doom Rock it's all about feeling good in a crazy kinda way!
Aug 09, 2020
S04-Ep30-Pt1: The great vinyl giveaway!
Aug 08, 2020
S04-Ep29-Pt2: Representing Newcastle in a big way plus a cool charity single...
Jul 27, 2020
S04-Ep29-Pt1: Another packed part 1 with loads of brand new tunes and that one that sounds a bit like... you know... bullet something
Jul 27, 2020
S04-Ep28-Pt2: We kick off with a very special world exclusive and then kinda go nuts from there...
Jul 19, 2020
S04-Ep28-Pt1: Welcome back Dave from Grasscutter and The Guaco Project
Jul 19, 2020
S04-Ep27-Pt2: What a beautiful thing we do...
Jul 12, 2020
S04-Ep27-Pt1: Proper filthy rock n roll is the name of the game - with a few curveballs!
Jul 11, 2020
S04-Ep26-Pt2: An eclectic mix of spun our tracks from industrial to power-pop rock with some all out weird stuff thrown in there too...
Jul 05, 2020
S04-Ep26-Pt1: Celebrate in style with some feel good filthy rock n roll from across the globe!
Jul 04, 2020
S04-Ep25-Pt2: There's some serious sidetracking, phrasing, and general laughter in this one!
Jun 28, 2020
S04-Ep25-Pt1: It's all about collaboration and trust for our friends at Shotgun 21...
Jun 27, 2020
S04-Ep24-Pt2: Messed up and moody....
Jun 21, 2020
S04-Ep24-Pt1: Tonight it's all about proper HEAVY rock n roll tunes....
Jun 20, 2020
BONUS: NoSlip Records - The Neverending Comp
Jun 17, 2020
S04-Ep23-Pt2: Quite a few instrumentals in here blurring genres even further as we go down that rabbit hole again!
Jun 14, 2020
S04-Ep23-Pt1: We did say we wanted more punk in our lives....
Jun 13, 2020
S04-Ep22-Pt2: This week one of the songs is about an umbrella...
Jun 07, 2020
S04-Ep22-Pt1: In your face heavy with a few hard right turns in there as well!
Jun 06, 2020
S04-Ep21-Pt2: The new music just keeps flowing in this one
May 31, 2020
S04-Ep21-Pt1: How to get your first jam session on national news and other top tips from Red Or Dead!
May 30, 2020
S04-Ep19-Pt2: One of the tracks has a bassline that sounds like Bowser from the Super Mario games...
May 17, 2020
S04-Ep19-Pt1: But WHY does the goth girl turn out to be a vampire?
May 16, 2020
S04-Ep18-Pt2: We made Stu official so now you have to put up with 3 of us...
May 10, 2020
S04-Ep18-Pt1: Find out what colour the band Hunt Us think of when they listen to their own music....
May 09, 2020
S04-Ep17-Pt2: And down the rabbit hole we go...
May 03, 2020
S04-Ep17-Pt1: Big riffs and high tempo tunes before we start to go down that rabbit hole...
May 02, 2020
S04-Ep16-Pt2: Summer vibes and indie film soundtracks...Plus a cool COVAID track
Apr 26, 2020
S04-Ep16-Pt1: We talk to Prism Tape Philosophy about all things improv, happiness, and bumper stickers...
Apr 25, 2020
S04-Ep15-Pt2: From heavy groove rock to tripped out Zeppelin vibes....
Apr 19, 2020
S04-Ep15-Pt1: We talk to Grace and Danger about bacon, bass players, and their new album!
Apr 18, 2020
S04-Ep14-Pt2: In this episode we #DrawAnOwl and play some trippy music!
Apr 12, 2020
S04-Ep14-Pt1: Fantastic feel good upbeat tunes to help you rock the lockdown...
Apr 11, 2020
S04-Ep13-Pt2: 5 things you don't like that for some reason everyone else does... oh and loads of cool music
Apr 05, 2020
S04-Ep13-Pt1: Proper filthy rock n roll... and some ducks
Apr 04, 2020
S04-Ep12-Pt2: Just when you thought we couldn't take it any more dark and trippy...
Mar 29, 2020
S04-Ep12-Pt1: People have gone from self oscillating to self isolating....
Mar 29, 2020
S04-Ep11-Pt2: Mellow tunes are the theme of the day here
Mar 22, 2020
S04-Ep11-Pt1: "You're more Joni Mitchell and I'm just a whinging old bloke" - tonight we speak to Dandelion Charm!
Mar 22, 2020
S04-Ep10: We chat to Cyanide Sundae about their new EP and find out why one of their songs may need therapy...
Mar 15, 2020
S04-E09-Pt2: The way this flows is pretty awesome to be honest
Mar 08, 2020
S04-E09-Pt1: A tripped out metal edge dirty blues show...
Mar 08, 2020
BONUS: Interview with Johnny Stranger!
Mar 04, 2020
S4-E08-Pt2: Funk, Punk, Soul and Electronic - it's a proper mix of brand new tunes!
Mar 01, 2020
S04-E08-Pt1: High tempo, fast paced, rock n roll tunes!
Mar 01, 2020
BONUS: Competition winners!
Feb 26, 2020
S4-E07-Pt2: A mish mash of brand new genre busting tunes by independent artists...
Feb 22, 2020
S4-E07-Pt1: Friday Night Rocks - worth listening to hear the British guy say "trippy"...
Feb 22, 2020
S4-E06-Pt2: Trippy tunes with some industrial flourishes...
Feb 16, 2020
S4-E06-Pt1: We head to Austria for the #NMSTour and discover some delicious fuzz!
Feb 16, 2020
BONUS: Recommend a friend and win prizes!!
Feb 10, 2020
S4-E05-Pt2: It's got a low-fi tight punchy thing going on!
Feb 09, 2020
S4-E05-Pt1: What is it about doing the dishes that is so inspiring for musicians?
Feb 08, 2020
S4-E04-Pt2: Our own tribute to Terry Jones followed by some kick ass rock n roll!
Jan 26, 2020
S4-E04-Pt1: We head to #Finland on the #NMSTour and Mike learns what Armoire means... plus cool music!
Jan 26, 2020
S4-E03-Pt2: We go from really heavy to super mellow in just a few interesting steps...
Jan 19, 2020
S4-E03-Pt1: Blues rock moving into some gorgeous fuzz and loads of cool riffs. Plus a stop in #Michigan on this weeks #NMSTour
Jan 19, 2020
S4-E02-Pt2: We go from fuzz and punk to americana and electronic... just like that!
Jan 12, 2020
S4-E02-Pt1: The #NMSTour stops in Missouri this week plus loads of other cool tracks from around the world...
Jan 12, 2020
S4-E01-Pt2: A great new (probably old) interview format idea and some pretty trippy music...
Jan 05, 2020
S4-E01-Pt1: It's 2020 and we're on tour in Texas and spinning tunes from around the world!
Jan 05, 2020
NMS Season 4 Trailer
Jan 02, 2020
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