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Welcome to Diet Starts Tomorrow, a podcast hosted by Betches co-founders Aleen Kuperman and Samantha Fishbein, featuring all things wellness, weight loss, mental health and fitness from the no-bullsh*t perspective of real women who understand the struggle. In a world where “wellness” looks perfect on Instagram but feels anything but in real life, this podcast explores the psychological and emotional side of wellbeing as a whole. Listen as they take you on a wellness journey where they discuss their own experiences with weight loss, which fitness routines are actually attainable for the working Betch, staying healthy while still having fun, and how to handle weekend socializing when your friends are forcing you to binge drink and throw caution to the wind.

Episode Date
Do I Have A Food Addiction Or A Diet Addiction? Ft. Caroline Dooner
Sami and Aleen are joined by Caroline Dooner, author of the F*ck It Diet. They start out with a conversation about the difference between food addiction and diet addiction. Is it fair to compare food to drugs, or is our obsession with food something different? At 21:10 she tells the story of how she started doing paleo, finally quit dieting and began writing her book. They talk about the bizarre history of food companies and their goal to suppress sex. At 34:05 they discuss the origin of the F*ck It Diet and the importance of breaking your own food cycle. They also discuss the connection between suppressing emotions and the anxiety that drives us to eat. At 54:40 they talk about how to stop blaming your binges and break from the “diet starts tomorrow” pattern. They finish out the show with Caroline’s daily eating routine and her number one tip for improving your relationship with food.
Aug 18, 2019
What’s The Worst Diet You’ve Ever Been On? (And Other Listener Questions)
Sami and Aleen are back to answer your listener-submitted questions and start off with some updates on their own lives. Aleen tells us about her upcoming wedding and they both share their honeymoon plans. At 22:30 they answer a series of wellness questions, including one about their morning and night routines. They also tell us how they each plan their days around working out. At 41:20 they respond to some diet-related questions and tell us about the absolute worst diets they’ve ever been on. Then at 51:30 they answer a ton of fun hypotheticals and would-you-rather questions. Then they close out the show with a listener Non Scale Win and some wins of their own.
Aug 11, 2019
The One With The Pizza Eating Contest
This week’s DST is brought to you LIVE from the Gramercy Theatre in New York City. Sami and Aleen start off the show with a round of Honest Insta featuring a special listener guest. Then they’re joined by DST’s resident dietician Tracy Lockwood Beckerman for a game of Fact or Fad where they address some of the wellness myths you see on Instagram. At 45:30 a group of listeners come up on stage to play Diet Start Tomorrow Trivia. How well do you know the show? Then at 57:00 a listener writes in to ask how to deal with a de-motivating husband. At 1:03:50 they’re joined by celebrity trainer Jordan Syatt to play a new game called “Weird Flex” all about exercises you can do with common household items. Next, they’re joined by the amazing plus-size fashion model Denise Bidot to talk about how to make the fashion industry more inclusive. They put her to the test with a round of rapid fire Q&A, then invite the audience to share their own Non Scale Wins. At 1:35:00 they close out the show with a pizza eating contest featuring Aleen as our referee and Sami competing against all three of our celebrity guests.
Aug 04, 2019
Overcoming My Eating Disorder Ft. Jessie Jolles
Trigger Warning: This episode of DST contains graphic content about personal struggles with eating disorders, and may be unsettling to some listeners. Sami and Aleen are joined by Jessie Jolles, comedian and Betches video creator. They start out with Jessie’s childhood story about struggling with food, including the pressure to diet from her parents, the food diary she started in 8th grade, and the letters she wrote to her younger self. At 17:45 she shares her experience with severe eating disorders until the age of 24. She talks about joining a sorority and the way bulimia became normalized in her life. At 37:00 they discuss going to therapy and learning not to purge. At 51:20 they dive into an email Jessie’s mom recently sent and discuss the way she was able to respond this time around. Why do our parents fail to recognize how the pressure they put on us actually makes things worse? They close out the show with a conversation about how fear controls our decisions, both on and off the scale.   The first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show is this week! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to:
Jul 28, 2019
Walking The Runway As A Plus-Size Model Ft. Denise Bidot
Sami and Aleen are joined by Denise Bidot to talk about her career as a plus-size fashion model. They start out with the story of how she was first discovered while working as a makeup artist, and eventually became the first plus-size model to walk the runway for two straight size brands during NY Fashion Week. At 6:30 they discuss the origin story behind the “No Wrong Way Movement” and how she learned to be comfortable in her own body at an early age. She tells us about her mother’s struggles with body image, and explains how she was able to break from that pattern. At 15:50 they talk about the rejection she experienced early in her career and how she developed an alter-ego after becoming a model. They discuss some of the most empowering elements of the new HBO series Euphoria, and explain why you should be watching too. At 28:45 they talk about all the airbrushing that goes on in the fashion industry. Is it time we all embrace our bodies and stop retouching our photos to death? They close out the show with a conversation about the brands that are actually getting it right with body positivity. Denise will be a guest at the first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to: Bliss: Save 20% on select products by going to
Jul 21, 2019
Our Thoughts On Amanda Seyfried And Something Navy
Aleen and Sami are back and start with a recap of all the amazing food Sami ate on her trip to Asia. At 14:50 they announce how you, the DST listener, can get involved in the show and potentially be a guest on this podcast. Then at 17:30 they dive into a conversation about the Instagram beef between Amanda Seyfried and influencer Something Navy. Is it fair for Seyfried to call her out over posting bikini pictures without acknowledging the work it took to get there? Or is this really just body shaming, plan and simple? They discuss the responsibility influencers have to their followers and how to be mindful of the way your posts can affect others’ body image. At 40:20 they share an audience Non Scale Win all about tackling Summer activities with confidence. They close out the show with an explanation of the “Hot Girl Summer” trend and why you should embrace it.   And don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to:
Jul 14, 2019
What The F*ck Is Going On With Flat Tummy Tea? Ft. Tracy Lockwood Beckerman
Aleen and Sami are back with DST’s resident dietician Tracy Lockwood Beckerman and start the show with a few exciting announcements. They discuss Flat Tummy Tea’s new pregnancy collection and how weird and harmful it actually is. At 13:55 Tracy answers a listener question about intuitive eating and debunks the myth that you can avoid foods on an intuitive eating plan. They discuss how hard it is to get into intuitive eating when you’ve been dieting for most of your life. At 40:35 Tracy gives the inside scoop on whether or not the Impossible Burger is worth the hype or even good for you. At 58:30 they play a game of “Guess The Healthy Option” all about foods you should be prioritizing throughout the day. They share a list of foods and supplements to take when you’re on your period, then close out the show with their Non Scale Wins of the Week.   Don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to:   Thanks to our sponsors...   BirchBox: Go to and use promo code DST to get $5 off your first Birchbox!  
Jul 07, 2019
How Do You Overcome A Life Changing Injury?
Sami and Aleen are excited to invite DST listener (and email contest winner) Tara Delany into the Betches office to tell her personal story. They start with a conversation about body dysmorphia and how to change the way we look at our own bodies. They discuss her career as a flight attendant and how she learned to stop mindlessly munching on airport snacks and fast food. How do we control snacking without being too restrictive? At 22:10 they talk about the things that helped Tara lose a significant amount of weight and gave her the motivation to start running. Then we hear the story of how a crazy car accident changed her life forever, along with the inspirational path she took to restart her fitness journey. They finish the show with a conversation about the enormous benefits therapy can have on our mental and emotional wellbeing.   And don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to:   Thanks to our sponsors...   Beauty By Design: Go to and use the promo code DST. First-time customers get 20% off!   ThirdLove: Visit now to find your perfect-fitting bra and get 15% off your first purchase!   
Jun 30, 2019
The Scale Doesn’t Have The Answers You’re Looking For Ft. Jordan Syatt
Sami and Aleen are joined by celebrity trainer Jordan Syatt to talk about the right and wrong ways to approach weight loss. They start with an exciting announcement about Jordan and the DST Live Show, then launch into a conversation about how not every workout is going to be a great one and why. They talk about Jordan’s 10,000 calorie challenge and how the scale doesn’t reflect weight loss as accurately as people think in the short term. At 16:00 they explain the importance of understanding what calories are. What’s the difference between health and weight? At 44:00 they revisit the “smash the wellness industry” conversation from last week’s episode. Why does bad advice seem to get more likes on social media than good advice? They finish the show with a conversation about different body types and why we need to stop comparing ourselves to one another.   And don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to:
Jun 23, 2019
Smash The Wellness Industry Ft. Jessica Knoll
Sami and Aleen are joined by bestselling author Jessica Knoll to talk about intuitive eating and the wellness industry. They start with a conversation about her recent New York Times article and the last supper mentality. They talk about disordered eating and Jessica shares her struggle with defining the difference between health and thinness. At 14:30 they discuss quieting destructive thoughts about your appearance and how to be confident in your own body. They talk about the principles of intuitive eating and how you can finally enjoy food again. Then they finish the show with a conversation about orthorexia and how to watch out for it.   And don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to:
Jun 16, 2019
Our First Ever DST Listener Episode
Sami and Aleen are thrilled to invite devoted DST listener Maggie Doherty into the Betches office to share her personal story. They start with her childhood experience as the “chubby kid” at school, joining Weight Watchers at a young age, and dealing with the death of a loved one. They discuss the ups and downs of weight loss and how eating is connected with grief. How do we avoid using food as our emotional support system? At 25:00 they talk about making the plunge to try antidepressants, the threat of gaining weight, and the challenge of weaning off of them. They discuss Maggie’s inspiration for coming on the show and the support of the DST Facebook group. She also talks about being a licensed therapist and gives some tips for dealing with your emotions. They finish the show with some Non Scale Wins, including a great one about this show. And don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to:
Jun 09, 2019
How Do You Really Burn Fat? Ft. Matt Sauerhoff
Aleen is joined by Matt Sauerhoff, CEO and founder of The LIV Method, and Aleen’s personal trainer. They start off with a conversation about this method of training and reveal why it’s Aleen’s favorite way to work out. At 4:13 they discuss the benefits of cardio vs weight training and explain how the LIV Method helps each client reach their #goals. Then they bust the myth that lifting makes you bigger (hint: it can actually make you leaner). At 16:30 Matt tells us exactly how to lose weight in a healthy way and shares the way to design a program for each client. At 30:41 Matt explains the different types of cardio, including the right and wrong way to do it effectively. They finish the show with a series of listener questions, including one about how he started the LIV Method.
Jun 05, 2019
Is Summer The Best Or The Worst Time For Being On A Diet?
Aleen and Sami are back from their Memorial Day getaways and kick things off with a conversation about holiday eating habits. Is a three day weekend the ultimate food abyss? At 8:00 they discuss the anxiety that we all feel at the start of Summer. They share some of the most drastic things they’ve done to get ready for Summer and react to listener confessions. At 17:30 listeners share some of their best healthy hacks for a beach weekend and tell us the secret obsessions they’re too ashamed to say out loud. Sami tells us about the enneagram of personality and tries to predict what Aleen’s numbers are. At 39:45 they answer a series of listener-submitted questions, starting with one about post-wedding body plans. Is it okay to go back to your old habits once the wedding is over? Another listener asks if it’s easier or harder to stick to your diet plan when it’s warm outside. They close out the show with an audience Non Scale Win and a great Workout Song selection. BIG NEWS! Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Tickets go on sale to the public June 5th. For fans only, get your exclusive presale tickets now with code DIETSTARTS by going to
Jun 02, 2019
Why Can’t I Take Compliments About My Weight Loss?
Sami and Aleen kick off the show with their Memorial Day weekend plans and admit how little they know about taking care of a baby. Is the itch to have a baby pure instinct, or just the result of watching people around you raise their kids? At 11:10 they talk about Ariel Winter’s drastic weight loss and discuss her public comments about her own transformation. Should people follow her lead and be more open about their use of antidepressants? At 26:25 a listener writes in to share her struggle with accepting compliments about her weight loss. Are we just afraid to admit our successes in the fear that we’ll return to our old ways? At 41:00 they play a Memorial Day-themed Would You Rather game. They close the show with an audience Non Scale Win, their own NSWs, and the Workout Song of the Week.
May 26, 2019
What The F*ck Is An Accountability Plan? Ft. Tracy Lockwood Beckerman
Aleen and Sami are joined yet again by DST’s resident dietician and fan favorite, Tracy Lockwood Beckerman. They answer a collection of listener questions, starting with one about Teddi Mellencamp’s “accountability plan” service. Is this just another word for diet? At 23:40 Tracy debunks the biggest myths behind collagen supplements and explains why you shouldn’t bother taking collagen for your skin. They talk about the booming anti-aging industry and share some of their own skincare habits. At 38:50 Tracy quizzes them on foods that help keep teeth healthy and white, including a few surprising suggestions. At 47:00 they play a game called “Raw or Cooked” all about the healthiest way to prepare each vegetable. They finish the show with a list of signs that you may not be getting enough calories.
May 22, 2019
How Do I Let Myself Be More Vulnerable?
Sami and Aleen are ill... with Brené Brown fever. They start by talking about Brené's philosophy around why we feel shame and how vulnerability is the antidote, even though the thought of that makes them cringe. At 20:00 they discuss ways social media plays into the shame theory. At 30:00 they discuss how wiping out shame can be good for your mental health. At 40:45 a listener writes in wondering how to enjoy herself on vacation when she is being constantly body shamed. At 49:00 they reveal their non-scale wins of the week.
May 19, 2019
Why Is Being A Woman So F*cking Expensive?
Aleen and Sami are back from the bachelorette party in Mexico and breaking down all the highlights from their trip. Aleen shares her vacation Non-Scale Win and admits which alcohol-related resolution she failed to keep. At 19:30 a listener writes in to ask how to fit alcohol into her diet and wellness routine. At 33:40 another listener asks if her wellness-related spending is out of control. This leads to a conversation about how much more expensive it is to be a woman and what we can do to get our finances in check. At 52:45 they play a Drexico-themed game inspired by a story from this week’s Betch Slapped. They close out the show with an audience Non-Scale Win, the Workout Song of the Week, and a preview of their weekend plans.
May 12, 2019
Why Are Millennials Obsessed With Wellness?
Sami and Aleen are in vacation-prep mode as they prepare for Aleen’s Bachelorette party. They start off with their goals for the trip to Tulum and details on where you can find the itinerary. In honor of Melanoma Monday, they share their sunscreen preferences. They talk about Kim Kardashian’s CBD themed baby shower. At 15:00 they discuss an article about Millennials’ obsession with wellness culture. This leads to a conversation about whether or not this generation is lazier than others. At 45:40 they answer a listener question about your workout goals getting derailed when you get sick, and another about dealing with work stress. They finish the show with their Non Scale Wins.
May 05, 2019
What Is Flexible Dieting? Ft. Alix Turoff
Sami and Aleen are joined by registered dietitian Alix Turoff to talk about flexible dieting. They reveal whether or not intermittent fasting is actually healthy for most women. At 8:15 they discuss the benefits of flexible dieting and pinpoint some of the biggest food myths. Then they talk about all the carbs you’re consuming when you drink alcohol. Is there a better way to approach drinking? At 36:00 they try to explain what “starvation mode” really means. They close out the show with Alix’s number one complaint about how people approach dieting.
May 01, 2019
DST Turns 1!
Aleen and Sami are tired but that’s not going to stop them from celebrating Diet Starts Tomorrow’s one year anniversary. At 5:00 they talk about Taylor Swift’s new song and new persona. At 14:30 they answer listener submitted questions in honor of #HBDST. At 33:45 a listener writes in wondering if her boss is inappropriately passing judgement on her eating habits. At 39:00 they play a special newlywed game in honor of their one year anniversary. At 44:31 they reveal their non scale wins of the week.
Apr 28, 2019
Let's Take The "Guilty" Out Of Guilty Pleasure Ft. Kelsey Wells
Sami and Aleen are joined by fitness influencer Kelsey Wells to talk about working out at home. They start out with a conversation about Kelsey’s newest exercise program. At 9:45 they tackle a series of listener-submitted questions, including how to find time to work out and whether or not "guilty pleasures” should be considered guilty at all. At 27:20 they talk about the best ways to get yourself out of a funk and start getting active. Sami talks about her first-ever personal training session and the fears that come along with it. They close out the show with a conversation about self-care and how hard it is to make others love themselves.
Apr 24, 2019
Should We Be Worried About Britney Spears?
Sami and Aleen are getting serious about personal training. They start by breaking down the importance of having someone who can motivate you leading your workouts. At 10:40 they talk about #FreeBrittany and whether or not Britney Spears is being held against her will in a mental health facility in Las Vegas. At 27:00 a listener writes in wondering if it’s worth it to go on a wedding diet if she’s feeling good about her body? At 41:35 they breakdown their non scale win of the week from a listener who’s "bum cheeks" have been knocked out of alignment.
Apr 21, 2019
Is Sugar Worse For Me Than Alcohol? Ft. Max Lugavere
Sami and Aleen are joined by Max Lugavere, science journalist and author of Genius Foods, to talk about the differences in wellness culture across the country. They start out with Max’s recent move to Los Angeles and discuss whether or not people really are living a healthier lifestyle in California. At 18:00 they talk about the growing movement to abstain from alcohol, including the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge. Is it worth it? Then at 31:20 they discuss the threat of ‘endocrine disruptors’ including synthetic fragrances, flame retardants and BPA. They close out the show with some tips for cutting harmful products out of your life.
Apr 17, 2019
The Anti Anti-Aging Episode
Sami and Aleen are back and talking about the emotional impact of getting older. They start off with Sami turning 30 this week and how her outlook has changed in the last few years. At 14:30 they talk about preventative botox and the threat of getting “filler face.” Does anyone just let themself age gracefully anymore? Then at 36:20 a listener writes in to ask how she should deal with a new friend who is constantly talking about dieting. Is it time to avoid this friend or just learn to tune her out? Next they play a game called Thirty, Flirty and Thriving all about giving up unhealthy habits when you hit 30. They close the show with some Non Scale Wins and a Workout Song of the Week.
Apr 14, 2019
Why is Bone Broth So Hot Right Now? Ft. Sharon Brown of Bonafide Provisions
Aleen and Sami are joined by Sharon Brown, founder and CEO of Bonafide Provisions, to talk all about bone broth and gut health. They start out with the story of how she first used bone broth to address her family’s health issues, and how she eventually started her own company. They discuss the health benefits of bone broth, how it differs from regular cooking stock, and the best ways to introduce it into your diet. They close out the show with some tips for incorporating bone broth into your own recipes.   Use the code DST for 20% off your first order at checkout when you visit
Apr 10, 2019
There Needs to be a New Word for “Wellness”
Sami and Aleen are back to talk about Kourtney’s new lifestyle brand Poosh. Is this website just another wellness scam? They highlight some of the most embarrassing content on the website. At 12:40 they talk about Jameela Jamil calling out the Kardashians for their promotion of harmful products. Then at 30:50 a listener writes in to ask what she should do about living with a roommate who has body dysmorphia issues. Is her roommate calling her fat, or just being critical of her own body? They finish the show with a game called “Poosh You Rather?” plus some Non Scale Wins and a Workout Song of the Week.
Apr 07, 2019
We Just Have A Lot Of Feelings... About Dieting
Sami and Aleen are finally caught up on the absurd story of Theranos after watching the HBO documentary about it and they are shook. At 21:00 they open the mail bag and answer listener questions, the first of which ask them how they REALLY feel about dieting. At 24:20 a listener writes in wondering where they find their healthy recipes. At 41:00 they do a lightning round of listener questions. At 46:00 they play Dessert Island which tackles all dessert related questions. At 49:00 they reveal their non scale wins of the week.
Mar 31, 2019
What’s the Deal With Food Shaming at Work?
Sami and Aleen are back to talk about the challenges of food in the office. They start with a debate about whether or not it’s okay to complain about work all the time. At 7:45 they talk about the parallels between reaching for your phone and reaching for food. Then at 13:20 they dive into a conversation about the new TV show Shrill and play us an inspiring speech from Aidy Bryant. At 37:35 a listener writes in to ask how to stop all the food shaming at her work, and another asks about dealing with free food in the office. Why does anyone even care what you eat during the workday? They finish the show with a ‘Sami vs Aleen’ themed game, Non Scale Wins and an update on Sami’s search for a wedding dress.
Mar 24, 2019
Does Sitting On Your Couch Count as Self Care?
Aleen and Sami are back to talk about hitting a birthday milestone and how to prioritize self care. Aleen tells us about her birthday weekend and what she allowed herself to eat. They share a trio of memes that got them thinking about the way we treat destructive behavior like it’s self care. At 21:10 they introduce a new segment called “Honest Insta” in which they examine their own Instagram accounts to help expose the reality behind social media sharing. Aleen discusses pictures from her birthday and Sami talks about pics from a panel she was on. They finish the show with their Non Scale Wins and a great throwback Workout Song of the Week.
Mar 17, 2019
How Do I Get My Ass To The Gym? Ft. Gina DiNapoli
Sami and Aleen return for their Weds. guest episode joined by Gina DiNapoli of Jabs By Gina. Gina talks about the origin of Jabs which was inspired as a response to the overpriced gym classes in NYC. At 11:55 she explains how she got motivated to get into a healthy fitness lifestyle and why the gym, not food comes first for her. At 22:10 Gina explains the advantages of working out in the morning as opposed to waiting until the end of the day and eventually making an excuse to blow it off. At 38:40 they talk about indulging while on vacation without going overboard.
Mar 13, 2019
The Wedding Episode
Aleen and Sami are back to talk about the big news from last weekend: Sami got engaged! At 3:15 she shares the story of how and where it all happened. Why do we still feel shocked even when we see the big moment coming? At 12:10 they tease an upcoming Betches announcement that will have everyone excited. They debate whether or not every bride wants to be at her absolute skinniest during the wedding and then cover their own marathon weight loss plans. At 25:15 a listener asks for help with looking great in her upcoming engagement photos. How important are engagement and wedding photos anyway? At 43:00 they each share their desired wedding “vibes” and tell us what they want to avoid. They finish the show with a wedding invitation themed game, Non-Scale Wins and a listener submitted Workout Song of the Week.
Mar 10, 2019
All Your Keto Questions Answered Ft. Dr. Josh Axe
Aleen and Sami are joined by Dr. Josh Axe to talk all about the Keto diet that’s taken the world by storm. He shares a personal story about the family health scare that shaped his outlook on nutrition. At 7:25 Dr. Axe explains Keto cycling and what ketosis actually means. Sami and Aleen ask about the five different Keto styles and talk about getting over your sugar addiction. What’s the difference between clean Keto and dirty Keto? Dr. Axe closes out the show with some tips for tailoring food choices to your Chinese elemental symbol.
Mar 06, 2019
Why Didn't We Used to Take Eating Disorders More Seriously?
Aleen and Sami are back from their #DSTVacay and update us on how the trip went, including their big vacation wins. At 13:00 a listener writes in to discuss National Eating Disorder Awareness Week by sharing her own struggles with food and weight. They talk about the right way to start making positive changes, which includes allowing yourself room for failure. At 22:00 another listener writes in to ask about body dysmorphic disorder, which leads to some personal stories about mistakes from the past. Is it time we stop telling our friends to “just stop eating” when they ask for diet advice? At 33:30 they talk about some of their latest recipe obsessions and play a game of Would You Rather. They close out the show with some book recommendations, Non-Scale Wins and the Workout Song of the Week.
Mar 03, 2019
Does Ordering Dressing On the Side Really Work? Ft. Jaclyn London
Sami and Aleen are joined by nutritionist Jaclyn London to talk about her new book Dressing On the Side. They discuss some of the biggest diet myths, including skipping breakfast to lose weight and buying into wellness fads. Does intermittent fasting really even work? They share tips for avoiding shame triggers and talk about the influence of social media on our habits. They close out the show with a conversation about the dangers of marketing language and how hard it is to figure out what’s actually good for you.
Feb 27, 2019
Don’t Be the Bitch-Assistant to Your Cravings
Aleen and Sami are back and talking all about their upcoming #DSTVacay. They discuss Jordan Syatt’s Instagram weigh-in challenge and how deceptive the scale can be. At 13:00 they talk about taking control of your cravings and ask how to tackle emotional eating. At 29:12 a high-schooler writes in to share her experience with binge eating. They react to this week’s episode of RHOBH and the conversation Lisa Rinna had with her daughter about anorexia. How much do our moms contribute to our issues with food? We hear their Non-Scale Wins of the Week including a listener submitted cookie win. They close out the show with the first ever Workout Song of the Week to help you get motivated at the gym.
Feb 24, 2019
Wtf Is IBS Anyway? Ft. Maya Feller
Sami and Aleen are joined by registered dietitian Maya Feller to talk about the link between nutrition and chronic health problems. They discuss the Impossible Burger and debate whether or not it tastes like the real thing. At 22:35 they talk about joining your local food co-op and what it’s really like to belong to one. At 30:30 Maya shares some proactive ways to prevent potential health problems through diet. What the hell is IBS anyway? They close out the show with a conversation about why you shouldn’t put your faith in industry-funded food studies.
Feb 20, 2019
Vacation is Where Your Diet Goes to Die
Aleen and Sami are back and talking all about vacation ruining your diet. They recap their Valentine’s Day dinners and discuss how hard it is to avoid chocolate in the office. At 4:00 they talk about an upcoming bachelorette party trip and how it’s going to impact their habits. Why is it easier to work out on vacation than it is to work out at home? At 11:00 a listener asks how to avoid sabotaging yourself before leaving for a big trip. They each share fears about how they’ll eat and drink at the bachelorette party and talk about the challenge of shedding for the wedding. At 46:30 they give us their Non-Scale Wins of the Week and close out the show with a vacation-themed game of Would You Rather.
Feb 17, 2019
Will My Body Ever Be The Same After Pregnancy? Ft. Founders of Tone It Up
Aleen and Sami are joined by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott of Tone It Up. They talk about developing a daily fitness routine and discuss how they built a community of followers. At 9:15 they discuss the importance of talking to your body positively and share a workout class horror story. They offer tips on keeping each other accountable. At 16:15 they close out the show with a conversation about how to help your body bounce back after pregnancy.
Feb 13, 2019
Should I Be Prepping Myself For Therapy?
Aleen and Sami are back and talking all about therapy. They announce a big change to upcoming DST episodes. At 4:30 they dive into their own experience with therapy and Aleen admits her biggest concern is simply survival. Is it weird to worry that if you were dangling from a cliff, you wouldn’t be able to pull yourself up? At 20:20 they suggest treating therapy as an investment in your own mental and physical health. At 24:10 they answer a listener question about mentally preparing for a therapy session. Therapy prep is like, a real thing. At 44:20 they each share their “Non-Scale Win of the Week” and close out the show with a game of “Would You Rather” about letting your boyfriend read your mind.
Feb 10, 2019
How Do I Control My Late Night Cravings? Ft. Dr. Robert Pampin
Sami and Aleen return despite having a jam packed week of apartment moving and meetings. They start by talking about late night eating and how they both scratch their late night itch as a way to soothe themselves. At 25:35 they talk about intermittent fasting and whether or not it’s the right approach to dieting for them. At 28:40 they talk about Jay-z and Beyonce’s effort to convert their fans to veganism by giving away free concert tickets for life. At 30:50 a listener writes in wondering if she should stand up to her boss after being told she must participate in an office weight loss challenge. At 36:10 they reveal their non scale win of the week. At 49:50 they’re joined by Dr. Robert Pampin to talk about intermittent fasting, healthy lifestyle changes, and more.
Feb 03, 2019
Is Celery Juice the Fyre Festival of Wellness?
Aleen and Sami are joined once again by DST’s resident dietician and friend of the show, Tracy Lockwood Beckerman. At 5:45 they discuss how this viral celery juice trend got started. What the f*ck is a “medical medium” and why tf is he telling us to drink celery? At 20:30 they explain what orthorexia is and why it’s a huge problem. They talk about the Weight Watchers freestyle diet and Aleen shares her fear of unlimited portions. At 40:30 it’s time for “Non-Scale Wins of the Week,” a chance to brag about anything and everything that has absolutely nothing to do with numbers on a scale. At 48:45 they respond to listener questions, explaining hunger hormones and why sometimes you just can’t seem to get full. At 57:30 they conclude with a conversation about the relationship between diet, brain function and your period.
Jan 27, 2019
The Sweet Salty Switch Off
Aleen and Sami are ready to admit their worst habits. Is there anything worse than when someone says “the thing about me is...?” At 11:00 they share some “Non-Scale Wins of the Week” including one from a listener. Sami is planning a birthday vacay... why is budgeting for food such an insane challenge? At 25:40 they talk about food prep and cooking something called “Orange Soup.” Turns out Saturday is like, the only day for food shopping. At 32:00 they play Would You Rather. At 36:00 they’re joined by behavioral health advisor Kelley Hoag of Root to Rise Health. She offers tips on cutting out the binge eating and managing food anxiety. Sami shares her struggles with the “Sweet Salty Switch Off.” Aleen and Kelly could immediately relate.   Thanks to our sponsors!   Shine- Go to to get 50% off Shine premium!
Jan 20, 2019
Why Is Adulting So Challenging? Ft. Professor Scott Barry Kaufman
Aleen and Sami are back and chatting about maintaining resolution momentum after the new year begins. At 8:15 they discuss the recent viral Buzzfeed article on burnout, adulting, and the challenge of doing simple tasks. Is there anything worse than setting out to do something and then you can’t remember your password? At 26:00 a listener writes in to ask about trying to start the keto diet with her boyfriend when he refuses to actually change his eating habits. At 33:00 they start a new segment called “Non-Scale Win of the Week” followed by a Would You Rather? At 47:45 they are joined by Professor Scott Barry Kaufman of Barnard College who is an expert in the science of well-being, creativity, and self-actualization.
Jan 13, 2019
The New Years Resolutions Episode
Sami and Aleen kick their new year off by reflecting on 2018. With so much focus on keeping resolutions they feel that it's important to take a look back on accomplishments before moving forward. At 13:30 they reveal some 2018 accomplishments from DST listeners that range from taking better care of one's self to holding one's self more accountable financially. At 23:00 they talk about prioritizing cooking at home to make their diets and lifestyles more healthy. At 26:45 a listener writes in wondering how to stay motivated on fitness despite staying the same weight after an 8 week fitness program. At 33:30 they reveal their resolutions for 2019. At 49:30 they ask the listeners what they should resolve to change directly related to DST in 2019.   Thanks to our sponsor! Hourglass- Discover Hourglass and experience unparalleled, next-generation performance by visiting, and use promo code DST to get free shipping with your purchase of a full-sized Caution Mascara!  
Jan 06, 2019
Can I Still Be Gross If I Move In With My BF? Ft. Done and Done Home
Sami and Aleen host the last DST of 2018. In the spirit of starting fresh in the near year, they start by talking about Sami’s new living situation. Sami is moving in with her BF and wants to know if she can still be gross. Aleen assures her that she can. At 13:50 Aleen talks about her experience with organizing her new apartment with her fiance in hopes to keep a full time commitment to cleanliness. At 23:00 they’re joined by Kate Palowski and Ann Lightfoot of Done and Done Home. Done and Done helped Aleen organize her new apartment with Rusty and feels the weight of intense clutter lifted off her shoulders. At 28:30 they talk about the mental benefits having an uncluttered home. At 35:40 they talk about best practices for people who want to attempt to organize their homes themselves. At 51:10 they talk about why organizer instagrams are fun to stare at.   Thanks to our sponsor, Emmy's Organics. 
Dec 30, 2018
Which Brands Are The Most Inclusive Ft. Katie Sturino
Sami and Aleen are back and they’ve got the giggles. With guest Katie Sturino of the “Make My Size” movement joining them later in the show, they start by applauding Netflix for being a company inclusive to more normal body sizes. Sami thinks that Netflix is at the forefront of a movement of normalizing female characters with real bodies in TV and film. At 17:50 they talk about the difference in “thin” expectations for children and adults. A thin adult doesn’t necessarily make a healthy one. At 26:10 they are joined by Katie Sturino. At 34:00 they talk about Katie’s “Make My Size” movement which started after she was tired of designers only making clothes for sizes 12 and under. At 51:30 Katie explains how voicing your frustration to brands actually helps make a difference in what they produce.
Dec 23, 2018
What’s So Great About Squats?
Sami and Aleen are back after balling out at a celebration dinner at Del Posto. After the dinner they've realized that they don’t know as much about wine as they think they do. At 5:30 they discuss how the depleting energy of the winter stunts their motivation to go out and do anything. At 10:50 they dispel the myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At 14:05 they are joined by Jared Stein. Jared trained Aleen for a long time until she moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan. At 18:25 Jared explains why CrossFit has the reputation of being a cult. At 24:30 Jared explains the best way to avoid injury while crossfitting, whether you’re an overzealous athlete or not. At 33:00 Jared explains why squats are such an essential part of a good workout. At 37:10 Jared explains the three energy systems and how they’re different. At 52:00 Jared explains why nutrition and sleep are essential to staying healthy while crossfitting.
Dec 16, 2018
Thin Does Not Mean Healthy Ft. Professor Lisa Sasson
Aleen and Sami are back. They’re joined by NYU nutrition and food professor, Lisa Sasson. Lisa’s field of expertise is breaking down foreign cultures through their agricultural techniques and dietary habits focusing primarily on Italy and Israel. At 9:30 Lisa explains that the Mediterranean diet is not just about eating fish and olive oil, but also about the social aspect of the lifestyle of the region which helped people stay healthy and stress free. At 14:00 they discuss the most reasonable way to eat locally grown fresh food in the US. At 25:00 they compare and contrast the Japanese diet and the Mediterranean diet. At 27:20 Lisa explains the importance of eating traditional foods from one’s culture to preserve healthy family food memories. At 34:30 they talk about the pros and cons of the Nordic diet. At 40:00 they talk about the importance of changing the ease of American living for the sake of society’s environment and food quality.
Dec 09, 2018
It Costs Way More To Make Your Own Almond Milk
Aleen and Sami are back with a long overdue no guest pod. Sami saw herself on TV and has finally made the realization that she’s not fat and feels great about it. At 11:05 Aleen reveals that she’s lost 11 pounds despite the chaos of the book tour. At 16:40 they recap Thanksgiving and Aleen’s unique strategy of sitting far enough away from the serving plates that she couldn’t reach them. At 21:00 they talk about the impact of Seamless and how cooking at home has helped them both stay in check. At 26:30 they talk about orthorexia, the new eating disorder that obsesses over all food intake being “pure”. At 31:40 a listener writes in wondering what the best way to balance intuitive eating with social obligation. At 36:25 a listener writes in wondering how to stop self sabotaging and emotional eating. At 44:30 a listener writes in looking for tips on how to nix her stress eating. At 48:30 a listener writes in wondering how to motivate people close to her to lose weight without being annoying. At 55:10 a listener writes in wondering how to settle into her new skin after a recent weight loss without feeling she has to lose more weight.
Dec 02, 2018
Ok But Like...What’s A Thyroid? Ft. Dr. Bojana Jankovic
Aleen and Sami are back. They’re joined by board certified internist Dr. Bojana Jankovic who’s here to clear up all questions thyroid related. At 10:00 Dr. Jankovic explains what a thyroid is and what it actually does. At 20:30 Dr. Jankovic explains the impact that stress has on how your thyroid performs. At 26:30 Dr. Jankovic breaks down the process for taking steps for diagnosis if you believe you have a thyroid problem since no one seems  to know warning signs. At 36:45 Dr. Jankovic explains what insulin is and what role it plays in diabetes. At 49:00 Dr. Jankovic gives her recommendation for preventative measures to take to avoid physical problems with your thyroid.
Nov 25, 2018
How Do I Not Eat 13,000 Calories On Thanksgiving Ft. Max Lugavere
Sami and Aleen are back and they’re joined by DST fan favorite, Max Lugavere. At 6:00 Max explains his philosophy on the importance of maxing out your protein intake. At 14:45 they talk about Thanksgiving plans and how to feel relaxed about eating a big meal on the day. At 22:00 Max explains the best ways to control your eating on Thanksgiving. At 28:15 they talk about their Thanksgiving foods. At 35:15 Aleen proposes a new strategy for holiday portion control. At 47:00 they talk about the idea of rewarding their bodies with a Black Friday workout to feel better after a Thanksgiving feast. At 55:50 they discuss the practice of advertising unhealthy food to American public.   Thanks to our sponsors   Living Proof   Tomboy X   Teami Blends
Nov 18, 2018
Instagram Knows When You’re Hovering Ft. Dr. Emily Weinstein
Aleen and Sami are back and they’re joined by Harvard University research fellow, Dr. Emily Weinstein. Dr. Weinstein specializes in the research of social media’s effects on mental health. At 3:30 they talk about the difference between active and passive social media use citing that passive use can make you feel extremely disconnected. At 10:00 they explain the struggles of capturing data analysis because social media is changing so rapidly for each generation so interpretation of social media has become a variable as opposed to a constant. Sami and Aleen are shook at the drastic change in social media platforms since they were 18 years old. At 18:30 they talk about the fact that because of social media, children’s social maturity is coming of age earlier than ever. At 38:00 Dr. Weinstein explains that she’s actually more worried about the effect of video games on the psyche of young men than the effect of social media on young women. At 44:00 they talk about what the social media landscape might look like for the next generation.
Nov 11, 2018
You Can’t Be Healthy And Fun At The Same Time Ft. Jared Freid
Sami and Aleen are back and they’re joined by FOB Jared Freid. Jared feels as though he has had the same type of body image problems that Sami and Aleen have and has become extremely resentful of people who don’t constantly think about food. At 9:30 Jared explains that he believes that every guy cares about how they look but don’t talk as openly about it. At 15:30 they talk about the importance of having a healthy day to start the week to stay on target. At 21:20 they talk about night time eating and how their emotions dictate their cravings. At 26:00 Jared explains that he thinks the difference between male and female outlooks on body image is that men are more likely to be called fat to their face. At 44:00 Jared talks about the struggles of battling the bulge while working the road as a comedian. At 55:00 a listener writes in wondering how to muster the confidence to go on dates when she’s not feeling thin.
Nov 04, 2018
How Do We Stop Trying To Be Perfect? Ft. Dr. Lara Devgan
Aleen and Sami are back and they’re talking all about plastic surgery. Aleen got a breast reduction in 2015. She says it was the best thing she ever did. It’s helped her fit into clothes better since her body is now more proportional. At 5:30 Sami reveals that she got a nose job when she was in highschool and it was a painful process that took more than one attempt to get correct. They agree that they feel a pressure to be perfect, a feeling that goes beyond just appearance and spills into professional life. At 20:25 they are joined by Dr. Lara Devgan. They discuss the connection between plastic surgery and a positive, healthy psychology. At 35:50 they talk about “snapchat dysmorphia” which is the phenomenon of people wanting their face to look more like a snapchat filter. At 44:00 they talk about the impact social media has had on plastic surgery. At 49:40 they talk about the reality of plastic surgery addiction. At 51:00 they talk about the best way to vet a plastic surgeon that you want to hire.
Oct 28, 2018
You Can Decide To Have Confidence Ft. Claudia Oshry
Sami and Aleen are back. They open the show with a tip of the hat to world mental health day, a day in which celebrities took social media to confess their struggles with mental health and raise awareness. They try to match the celebrity with their anonymous mental health related post. At 22:00 they discuss how big of an impact social media has on women’s anxiety to be perfect. Sami thinks we’ll never actually know for sure how bad the psychological damage is because “big social media” will never allow us to know. At 30:00 they’re joined by Claudia Oshry who informs them that diet is now a trigger word. At 34:30 Claudia explains that she was sent to weight loss camp when she was a child. At 43:20 Claudia explains how she became the girl with no job. At 52:30 Claudia explains how she deals with Instagram trolls and haters. At 58:15 Claudia explains where she gets her confidence from.
Oct 21, 2018
Live Every Day Like 2018 Gaga Ft. Kelsey Wells
Sami and Aleen are back with a lot to say about “A Star Is Born”. Aleen is dumbfounded and impressed by Lady Gaga’s raw talent. At 7:30 Sami explains that she feels as though the expectation of women is maturing in the entertainment field and Gaga’s turn to more cerebral, introspective music is a perfect example of that. They both feel like it’s becoming more acceptable for women to shed light on themselves that allow them to express vulnerability. At 32:50 they talk about how grateful they are to have not had social media when they were in 8th grade because of how hard it would have made socializing. At 39:40 they’re joined by Kelsey Wells who talks about rehabilitating the way she felt about herself after having her first child. Nutrition helped Kelsey get her body back after child birth but more importantly, helped her beat her anxiety and feel better about herself. At 1:06:05 a listener writes in wondering how to get back into shape both physically and mentally after giving birth.
Oct 14, 2018
How To Drink On A Diet Ft. Carolyn Brown
Sami and Aleen are back and they’re learning how to control their party habits. Aleen says her tolerance for alcohol is declining rapidly in comparison to what it was in college because she’s getting drowsy taking Advil. Sami admits that she’d rather eat her calories than drink them anyway. At 24:50 they’re joined by nutritionist Carolyn Brown. At 30:00 Carolyn explains how to reign in your drinking while you’re on a diet. At 46:00 they talk about choosing your vice explaining that being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun. At 47:45 a listener writes in wondering how to get drunk in a low calorie way.
Oct 07, 2018
I’ve Never Been On A Diet Long Enough To Plateau Ft. Tracy Lockwood Beckerman
Sami and Aleen are back and they are joined by DST’s resident dietician and friend of the show, Tracy Lockwood Beckerman. At 5:00 they break down the complicated world of macros. At 14:45 Tracy explains the three body types while Sami and Aleen try to figure out which one they are. At 22:05 Tracy explains what a weight “set point” is and how they always lead people down the road to say “fu*k it” on their diets. At 38:30 they dissect the long term effects of “yo-yo” dieting. At 50:45 Tracy lays out options for how to eat healthy on a budget.
Sep 30, 2018
Is The Body Positivity Movement Actually Helping People? Ft. Tess Holliday
Sami and Aleen are back and they’re feeling spunky, or is it, funky? At 5:50 Aleen explains her frustrations in looking for a wedding dress assuming that most dresses she sees on her Pinterest boards are not going to fit her the way they’re advertised. She wonders why boutiques can’t make dresses shaped differently to fit a broader range of sizes. At 14:00 Sami theorizes that Tess Holliday’s “Cosmo” cover is only the beginning of plus sized bodies showing up on the cover of major magazines. At 20:21 Tess joins them and explains her long journey to becoming a Cosmo girl and a prominent figure in an extremely competitive industry. At 35:25 Tess responds to the theory that body positivity contributes to obesity.
Sep 23, 2018
The Gym Is Just A Room Full Of Insecure People Ft. Jordan Syatt
Sami and Aleen are back and they’re pumped to have a brand new facebook group for all the Diet Starts Tomorrowers. At 7:45 they recap their calorie counting woes and agree that they’re not going to keep dreading happy moments because they don’t feel thin enough for them. At 20:20 they talk not caring about how they look in group photos because they realize its something they can't control. At 23:00 Aleen notices that even if she isn't losing weight, shes definitely witnessed an improvement in gut health which has made a huge difference in how she feels. At 31:30 they’re joined by Jordan Syatt who explains how wrestling and power lifting put him on the path to learning about training and nutrition. At 38:15 Jordan dispels cross-fit and training urban legends. At 1:02:00 a listener asks what to do to get rid of the guilt of a missed workout
Sep 16, 2018
Fu*k I’m Gonna Have To Weigh Myself Ft. Dr. Brian Levine
Sami and Aleen are back. After Aleen was open about her struggles last week, Sami is now the one wrestling with her diet demons. With the book tour coming up, Sami finds herself counting calories again, a practice that she had hoped to banish from her mind with intuitive eating. At 14:45 Aleen talks about her experience with her new health coach who is helping her hit her health goals. At 24:03 Dr. Brian Levine joins them. At 28:40 Dr. Levine explains what it means to be fertile? Being fertile as a couple also includes the man’s sperm. At 32:05 Dr. Levine breaks down the benefits of being on the pill. At 45:25 Dr. Levine explains that egg freezing success rates have increased significantly as technology has advanced. This episode is brought to you by Leesa. Don’t miss Leesa’s limited time Labor Day Sale! Extended now through September 13: Get up to $235 off and free shipping on the Leesa mattress at and enter promo code DST at checkout.
Sep 09, 2018
The One Where We Talk About Plant Based Nutrition Ft. Dr. Danielle Belardo
Sami and Aleen are back and they have a lot of feelings. Aleen confesses that she’s feeling burned out by trying to stick to the plant paradox. She’s also feeling pressure to lose weight for her wedding while Sami is just trying to have a healthy mental approach to nutrition. At 8:30 Aleen admits that she wants a lifestyle change, not just a crash diet. Sami is holding strong with intuitive eating, feeling like she’s finally starting to develop a healthy relationship with food. They feel as though there’s no perfect diet but maybe the answer is to piece together the information they’ve gathered from past guests and mold something close. At 22:00, Dr. Danielle Bellardo joins them to talk about the benefits of a plant based diet and how to stay healthy when eating vegan. This episode is brought to you by Leesa. Don’t miss Leesa’s limited time Labor Day Sale: Get up to $235 off and free shipping on the Leesa mattress at .
Sep 02, 2018
There's No Pleasure Without Pasta Ft. Dr. Glenn Livingston
Sami and Aleen are back and this week, they’re joined by author of the book “Never Binge Again”, Dr. Glenn Livingston, to help you conquer your inner brat and kill your impulse to binge. At 4:30 they discuss the 3 categories of food that cover emotional stress. Dr. Glenn explains that people who are broken hearted binge on different food than people who are stressed at work. At 19:25 they walk you through how to make rules for yourself to stop binging. At 46:00 Dr. Glenn coaches Aleen through what she wants to change about her eating. This episode is brought to you by Leesa. Go to or use the promo code DST at checkout to receive $165 off your purchase of a mattress, or $235 off your purchase of a sapira.
Aug 26, 2018
Does Anyone *Actually* Like Quinoa? Ft. Max Lugavere
Sami and Aleen are back and feeling great! Sami just returned from a brief vacation where she put her intuitive eating to the test. At 1:45 she reports that intuitive eating while on vacation helped her sit at a dinner table and worry less about food, and pay more attention to the people whose company she was sharing. At 11:10 Aleen gives her “Plant Paradox” update which she is sort of following, but is all positive. After not eating grains like the diet suggests, she feels like she’s in control. At 18:30 they dissect their food triggers. Aleen explains that she feels that she needs to be stimulated at all times and has trouble sitting alone with herself. At 20:25 they are joined by Max Lugavere, author of “Genius Foods”, who explains the origins of his crusade to help young people eat more brain healthy food and protect themselves from Alzheimer’s disease. At 38:30 Max breaks down what foods they should be avoiding to clear up brain fog and that he believes promote a healthy brain.
Aug 19, 2018
There's Nothing Sexy About A Leaky Gut Ft. Dr. Steven Gundry
Sami and Aleen are joined by Kelly Clarkson approved Doctor, Steven Gundry, to talk about his new book/diet “The Plant Paradox”. At 4:00 they talk about the diet plan which isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. At 8:00 they break down how to eat organic food correctly. Sami and Aleen are amazed to find out that ‘free range’ doesn’t necessarily mean your chicken was raised to be healthy. At 18:10 they talk about what fruits and vegetables to avoid. At 33:15 Dr. Gundry teaches Sami and Aleen how to be educated consumers and read food labels correctly. At 1:03:00 they talk about which supplements you should be taking and how they can help fight things like anxiety and depression as well as make you lose weight!
Aug 12, 2018
F*ck The Food Police Ft. Iris Netzer-Greenfield
Sami and Aleen are back and they’re fed up with beating themselves up over their diet missteps. They dig into the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating to take a healthier mental approach to food and break down the fact that no one is a “failure” for succumbing to temptation. At 11:50, Sami explains that people need to listen to and adjust to what their body needs. Eating carbs when your body craves them is not a betrayal of your diet. At 15:50, Aleen proclaims her victory over calorie counting by deleting the apps and removing her scale to improve her perspective. At 24:00 they break down their biggest diet weakness, associating food with great memories, as Aleen reminisces about eating delicious tortellini with her father. At 31:30 they explain how important it is to “challenge the food police”, which are the voices in your head attempting to keep you on a diet and then sabotage it. At 1:12:40, Iris Netzer-Greenfield joins them to discuss acupuncture remedies and dispel some of the fallacies surrounding the ancient Eastern treatment.
Aug 05, 2018
Mom, Please Stop Asking Me About My Weight Ft. Lauren Steinberg, Founder of Queen V
Sami and Aleen aren't sure if they should begin the pod because gluten-free pizza is on its way. They talk about society's tendency to value men more for what they say, do, and think, but women for how they look. There's no better way to summarize it than the "dad bod" sensation. At 16:48 they take a letter from a listener whose boyfriend is a similar height to her and wants to be significantly smaller than him. At 28:18, they take an email from a listener writing about how our relationship with our mothers can shape our relationship with food. How can we get over it? At 44:14, a college-aged listener asks how to shake off her mother's difficult comments. At 58:06, they are joined by Lauren Steinberg, founder of Queen V, a brand that makes vagina-friendly products. She talks about maintaining, healing, and restoring your "v".
Jul 29, 2018
Let Us Eat Cake Featuring Dr. Oz
Sami and Aleen talk about the issues that drive our eating aka emotional eating. They discuss the book Intuitive eating, triggers, and the “last supper” phenomenon. It’s that day where you utter to yourself “diet starts tomorrow” and then feast on everything and anything in anticipation of restriction. So what’s really making us eat everything in sight? Sami just wants to be a kid again. Aleen... Aleen just loves Chinese food. Emotional eating isn’t the worst problem to have. It’s not being addictred to drugs or spending all your money shopping, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to overcome. At 30:00, they take an inspiring email from a 60-year-old explaining that you don’t have to be young to be able to relate to the topics discussed in DST. At 32:31, they take another letter from a listener who has been binging (ha) the pod. She’s asking about having a streak of good diet days when all of a sudden the “flood gates start to open.” How do you prevent that from happening? At 38:42, they take a letter from a listener whose parents passed away when they were young. At 48:29. they are joined by Dr. Oz who brings expertise to the table regarding emotional eating. He talks about the importance of self-esteem, “realizing you’re worth it”, and thinking of dieting as eating the food you absolutely love - but that happens to be good for you.
Jul 22, 2018
The One Where We Finally Talk to a Therapist Ft. Psychotherapist Lindsay Liben
Sami and Aleen are joined by therapist Lindsay Liben. They talk about the underlying factors in poor dieting and health, self-image and more. How can one use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to positively impact their behavior? Lindsay provides the three Cs: catch, check, and change. Discovering one’s preconceived ideas and how one thinks about themselves is key. At 14:50, they take a letter from a listener asking about “being good,” where our entire character is judged by our eating behavior. Lindsay explains what this comes from: a cognitive bias of black and white thinking. At 22:07, they take another letter from a listener asking about eating disorders and the importance of having a therapist on the show to discuss the difference between eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors. Are recurring thoughts of food all of the time an eating disorder? At 29:15, they take a letter from a listener who feels bad about her body. She also finds herself lashing out at others and seemingly stuck being single. Sami discusses her toxic relationship with her couch. They discuss exiting negative feedback loops. At 44:24, a listener writes in about how difficult it is to behave with “mind over munchies.” Does the struggle ever end?
Jul 15, 2018
What’s It Like to Actually *Enjoy* Working Out? Ft. Stephen Pasterino
Sami and Aleen discuss working out and exercise in this ep. They talk about how hard it is to get off the couch and to the gym. They discuss feeling obligated to work out, guilt, and how when you ultimately do get to the gym, it’s like “an internal shower.” At 15:55, they take a letter from a listener asking about gaining weight during a tough period in their life and struggling to get back into working out. At 26:04, they take another letter asking about how to eat correctly from a registered nurse who works a 13-hour night shift. They move on to explaining how to “meal-prep your snacks” to get yourself to go for the healthier choice rather than the one that’s easiest to eat. At 43:52, they are joined by Stephen Pasterino, founder of P.volve, a fitness program for women focused on sculpting, toning, and defining. He’s also trained models for Victoria’s Secret. ***Use code “BETCHES30” for a discount at ***
Jul 08, 2018
Sticking To Your Diet On The Weekend is The Worst Ft. Tracy Lockwood Beckerman
Aleen and Sami have broken their Keto diets due to pasta (Italian and Chinese). They are joined by nutritionist Tracy Lockwood Beckerman who disapproves of the Keto diet on a whole. They talk about the upsides and downsides, including the Keto glow (which is enhanced with maracuja oil). At 20:08, they take a letter from a listener asking about intermittent fasting. At 28:58, they take another letter asking about bloating which seems to happen all of the time. Can it be stopped? Tracy explains the pitfalls of artificial sweeteners and a diet known as low FODMAP. At 38:58, a listener writes in to ask about tips for sticking to their diet for the weekend. They discuss moderation, the constant desire for carbs, and wrap up on a letter asking about mindful & intuitive eating.
Jul 01, 2018
Eating Over The Garbage Is The Best Restaurant In Town Ft. Y7 Founder Sarah Larson-Levey
Aleen and Sami share keto updates. Sami couldn’t resist a cruffin (croissant-muffin) at Instagram headquarters. Aleen went on vacay to Italy and now can’t stop eating carbs. Then they delve into the main topic of this episode: how to manage eating in relationships and after they end, when socializing, and how to work around your significant other’s eating habits. At 7:24, they take a letter from a listener asking how to eat right during relationships and after they end. At 20:13, another listener asks how to handle her weight gain when her husband is 6’4”, ripped and highly supportive. After, they are joined by Sarah Larson-Levey, who co-founded Y7 yoga with her husband. She talks about yoga, how important the environment is in a gym, and how much she loves eating.
Jun 24, 2018
What If We All Just Stop Calling Women Fat? Ft. Dr. Murad
Sami and Aleen discuss body shaming of the worst type: insults on the street. Aleen tells the story of having her body insulted by a homeless man, Sami recalls an incident from about a decade ago where Aleen's boyfriend called her the f word (fat) in Jordana's garage. They discuss body positivity and focusing on one's self in a holistic sense, placing less emphasis on one's outward appearance and more on your soul, mind, and accomplishments. At 16:30, a listener writes in talking about a boy who called her "big" comparing her to her other sized friends. At 29:30, they take another letter from a marathon runner (who describes herself as overweight on the BMI scale) asking how to handle passive aggressive criticism like "how do YOU do that?" At 38:54, they take a letter from a listener asking about grief eating. They wrap things up (51:54) with dermatologist Dr. Murad who discusses "eating" your water, supplements, collagen, skincare, women's health and more.
Jun 17, 2018
Don't Be Afraid of Your Instructor or The Gym Feat. Kira Stokes
Aleen and Sami talk about the challenge of fitness classes, doing exercises right, and dealing with instructors. After Kira Stokes joins them to talk about wellness, health, and making her clients wear tank tops (so they can immediately see results). Kira's emphases on rewards, having clients see their body, and her extremely structured workouts make her an amazingly informative source. Kira is here to say that people shouldn't be afraid to talk their instructor or to shop for exactly the right gym. At 35:13, they take a letter from a listener who talks about friends who have extreme anxiety about going to the gym because of how intimidating all of the fit bodies are. As Kira puts it, "Your vibe attracts your tribe."
Jun 10, 2018
Why Does Kale Get a Massage But Not Me? Feat. Leah Itsines
Aleen and Sami talk about how to make one’s dietary habits better. It can be tough to go from the Seamless-only lifestyle to making your own meals, but once you get the basics down, you’ll be whipping up zoodles in no time. Meal-prepping may be taking things too far, it’s all about crafting simple dishes and “pushing stuff around in a pan” so you can enjoy cooking - and your meals. After they are joined by Leah Itsines, a professional cook, who talks about food tips, picking groceries, and cooking with a microwave.
Jun 03, 2018
Stop Using Every Reflective Surface As a Mirror
Aleen forget her lunch at home and she’s annoyed. Sami views forgetting one’s lunch as a blessing (since you can get lunch, guilt-free). They talk about style and appearance, and how these relate to one’s self-concept regarding diet and exercise. At 30:00, they take a letter from a listener asking about the effects of negative self-talk in how we were raised, including over-hearing our mothers criticize themselves. Also, stop using every reflective surface that you pass as a mirror. After, they are joined by Jenny Greenstein of @YourSoulStyle, a personal stylist who talks about how fashion comes from within.
May 27, 2018
How to Stop Yourself From Eating The Fridge Ft. Rumble's Noah Neiman
Sami and Aleen talk about cravings and how they're not ultimately an "all-powerful" being. They move onto whims in general and how to approach the mind-body connection to start your diet and make your habitual changes stick. One major thing to accept: there is pain on either journey, diet or none. Is there anything worse than the pain of when you know you've eaten too much? After they take letters from listeners asking how to keep themselves from eating the whole fridge AKA "savage mode" and another asking how to cut back on sugar. At 42:42, they are joined by Noah Neiman, co-founder of Rumble Boxing. He gets real and explains how to sync up your mindset, habits, and physical activity.
May 20, 2018
Whole 30, But What About Day 31 Ft. Tracy Beckerman
Sami and Aleen sit down with Tracy Beckerman (@TheHappiestNutritionist) to discuss  a variety of health issues and dispel dieting myths. They start talking about the terms nutritionist and dietitian and how you shouldn't just trust any random "health coach." They move on to a discussion of ketosis. Bad news: a lot of people are ruining their keto diets with one crazy night out a week. Carrots make you look tanner, but what’s more interesting is that Aleen once tried to tan under a heat lamp. They move onto exercise’s role in weight loss- as necessary as it is, it can lead to some problems on the diet side. Next up: Whole 30. But what about day 31? Sustainability and good habits are the key.
May 13, 2018
Stop Putting The Pizza on The Pedestal Ft. Katie Sturino
Aleen and Sami generally discuss how they feel about their own bodies. Get excited as they read and refute an extremely negative review that accuses them of being suckers for the diet industry. After, they take a letter from a listener who visited Italy, and post-facial receives a negative comment about her body she can’t seem to shake off. They move onto a general discussion about obsessing over food and one’s body. Are you doing yourself any favors by still talking and thinking about it? Maybe stop putting the pizza on the pedestal. At 27:09, they are joined by Katie Sturino, founder of Megababe Beauty and The 12ish Style. They talk about body acceptance, body shaming, and how people of all sizes deal with these issues.
May 06, 2018
Keto, Whole 30, Gluten Free, or Just Say "F**k It" Ft. Vinny Guadagnino
Sami and Aleen briefly discuss penis straws and then move onto this week's topic: types of diets. If there's one thing every diet has in common, it's that anyone on them insists it's the best one. Look, it's all about what works for you (and realizing that your diet choice is probably influenced by Big Pasta). They discuss some ice cream alternatives, their perspectives on berries, and why cavemen were skinny. After, they're joined by Vinny from the Jersey Shore, or as he's known on Instagram, @ketoGuido, discussing the ketogenic diet.
Apr 29, 2018
Actually, Many Things Taste As Good As Skinny Feels ft. Kayla Itsines
Lifelong friends and Betches co-founders, Sami & Aleen, present Diet Starts Tomorrow. They talk about the turkey slice and diet coke diet, the process of losing weight, and the never-ending struggle of not comparing yourself to people on Instagram. This podcast is very much about the emotions behind eating, and how it's never as pretty as rose petals in a bubble bath. Nothing about being super healthy is easy, but DST is all about being down-to-earth, normal, and struggling compared to the superficial world of Insta. Speaking of fitness influencers, at 29:50, they are joined by Kayla Itsines who talks about how she approaches fitness, diet, and training.
Apr 20, 2018