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Idaho Matters is the place on-air and online where folks with different views can talk with each other, exchange ideas, debate with respect and come away richer from the experience. We hope you'll engage with us! Now we're looking for your stories on growth and affordability in the Treasure Valley. Here's how to share your voice. _

Episode Date
He's Only 16, But That's Not Stopping This Idaho Kid From Getting Out The Vote
It’s been a busy fall for Boise 16-year-old Shiva Rajbhandari‏. In his spare time he works with Babe Vote, a non-partisan group that helps register voters in our state and encourages people to commit to a voting plan.
Oct 29, 2020
Members Of Idaho's Gen Z Share Why They Are Voting In Their First Presidential Election
Historically, young adults have had low voter turnout compared with other demographic groups. But could 2020 be different?
Oct 29, 2020
Birds Are Illegally Shot More Than Previously Known, New Boise State Research Finds
Over the last decade, scientists have noticed a trend. Out in the field they were seeing more and more dead birds, shot illegally. But previous research had shown this wasn’t really a big conservation issue. Since then, scientists started compiling data and found that birds illegally shot are a much bigger problem than we originally thought.
Oct 29, 2020
'Grouse' Podcast Host Ashley Ahearn Talks About The Sage Bird Behind The Mic
A couple of weeks ago, we shared an episode of a new podcast produced in partnership with Boise State Public Radio. “ Grouse ” looks at the prehistoric and controversial bird known as the sage grouse.
Oct 29, 2020
How Idahoans Are Celebrating A Halloween Altered By The Pandemic
This year, trick-or-treating has been listed as a high risk activity by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s broken the hearts of candy-hungry ghouls and goblins across the country. But some people in Idaho have found a way to celebrate this haunted holiday — safely. Boise State Public Radio News contributor Tess Goodwin tells us how some are adapting halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Oct 29, 2020
Doctors Answer Your COVID-19 Questions After Returning To Stage 3
Idaho once again hit new records yesterday for hospitalizations and ICU usage as our state added over 800 new COVID-19 cases and five deaths. And even with a rollback to Gov. Brad Little's stage three re-opening plan, Idaho isn't looking good.
Oct 28, 2020
With A Week Left Before The Election, Idaho Is Already Breaking Voter Engagement Records
The 2020 general election is anything but normal. From record numbers of voters registering to vote and a surge in mail-in ballots, to protecting voters and poll workers from COVID-19, plus concerns over voter intimidation and suppression — there’s a lot to unpack. S o how are Idaho election officials handling a particularly unusual and consequential election?
Oct 27, 2020
How Race And Class Disparities Can Affect Pedestrian Deaths In Idaho And Other States
The Idaho Walk Bike Alliance is hosting a virtual Transportation Conference on October 28-29 to educate transportation agencies, city staff, biking/walking advocates, elected officials, and residents on transportation issues in Idaho.
Oct 27, 2020
Chobani Grants $200K To Idaho Nonprofits To Alleviate The Financial Pain Of COVID-19
There's no question that people are suffering from the financial toll of the COVID-19 in Idaho. Now, Twin Falls-based Yogurt producing giant Chobani has granted $200,000 to nonprofits in partnership with the Idaho Community Foundation. Leaders from the company and the nonprofit say the money will be used to support community wellness.
Oct 27, 2020
Idaho Matters Reporter Roundtable: October 23, 2020
On today's Reporter Roundtable, Boise State Public Radio's Rachel Cohen and Jimmy Dawson , KIVI's Mike Sharp , and the Idaho Press's Betsy Russell join Idaho Matters to break down the last week in news. From hospitals filling from COVID-19 to the final stretch of elections, there's a lot to cover.
Oct 23, 2020
'Wanna Know Idaho' Podcast Investigates Goatheads (Also Known As Puncture Vines)
As the days get cold and temperatures dip below freezing, some people may be putting away their bikes for the winter. But before that, Boise State Public Radio's Wanna Know Idaho podcast wants to take you back to those summer bike rides, which are sometimes punctuated quite literally by a pesky foe known as the goathead.
Oct 23, 2020
ENCORE: Does An Idaho Candidate's Hometown Affect Their Electability?
Oct 22, 2020
ENCORE: Turning The Microphone Around On Idaho's 'Latino Card' Podcast
This interview originally aired June 30, 2020. Journalism, broadcasting and podcasting in Idaho has a big problem. The overwhelming majority of reporters, hosts and producers speak from one perspective: whiteness.
Oct 22, 2020
ENCORE: As Idaho's COVID-19 Cases Surge, A Look At How Our Dreams Have Changed
Oct 22, 2020
ENCORE: New Children's Book Tells The Quirky Stories Of Idaho's Past
Oct 22, 2020
"Things Are Going To Get Worse:" Idaho Doctors Brace For COVID-19 Surge
Idaho is experiencing the largest spike in new coronavirus cases since our first case was reported in mid-March. But this time, we're headed into colder months where safer outdoor interactions will be less possible, all while flu season is beginning. What could the next few weeks bring, and is the state ready for a surge in hospitals?
Oct 21, 2020
After A Judge Ruled He's Serving Illegally, Trump Appointee Defends His Role In Boise
William Perry Pendley came to Idaho last week. While he was visiting the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, he told reporters that he has never been the Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management. He said his title has always been Deputy Director of Policy and Programs.
Oct 20, 2020
How To Talk With A Loved One Who Believes In Conspiracy Theories
2020 has been a tumultous year for the U.S. As the country grapples with a global pandemic and an unsteady economic outlook, some people have turned to conspiracy theories for answers. But theories like QAnon can be dangerous, and have split up families and friends who have gotten involved with the cult-like conspiracy. How can you talk with a loved one believes these theories? Is there any point in trying to convince them otherwise?
Oct 19, 2020
Boise Area Education Nonprofit Hosts Symposium During A Chaotic Year
With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the educational system, many teachers, parents and school administrators are grappling with how to best educate students and keep them safe from COVID-19. RISE, the Treasure Valley’s education partnership, will hold a symposium Friday that will focus on the impact the pandemic is having on public education and what we can do to help Idaho’s youth.
Oct 19, 2020
ENCORE: 'Wanna Know Idaho' Podcast Explores Jim Crow-Era Housing Discrimination
Oct 19, 2020