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From hostile takeovers to C-suite intrigue, Behind The Money takes you inside the big business and financial stories of the moment with reporting from Financial Times journalists around the world. New episodes released on Tuesdays. Hosted by Aimee Keane.

Episode Date
Digging into student debt

The amount of outstanding student debt in the US has hit a staggering $1.4tn, and many millennials say the education-related debt they've been saddled with has prevented them from doing things like buying a home, getting married and taking career risks. Who has been hit the hardest by student debt loads and what does it mean for the US economy? With guests Michael Ranalli, Judith Scott-Clayton and the FT's Sam Fleming. Read more of Sam's reporting at

Review clips: Fox Business Network, CBS News, CNBC

Aug 21, 2018
Taking Tesla private

What is behind Elon Musk's plan to take the electric carmaker private, and who will provide the funding? The FT's Arash Massoudi explains the story that has unfolded since the chief executive posted his "funding secured" tweet. Read more here

Review clips: CityTV, CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg. 

Aug 14, 2018
Tesla’s rough ride

Elon Musk's grand vision for the electric carmaker has drawn dedicated fans and followers. But Tesla has also tested the patience of customers and investors after a hit-and-miss on production targets while burning through cash. What will it take for Tesla to become a stable and profitable car manufacturer? The FT’s Richard Waters examines its prospects. Read more here

Aug 07, 2018
Private equity's debt mountain

Private equity has flooded the deal market in recent years, in part due to an era of cheap debt and fund managers on the hunt for greater investment returns. Firms are scooping up stakes in oil pipelines and newspapers — and even dental clinics. With a record $1.8tn in pension and sovereign wealth fund money waiting to be invested, some analysts are asking when private equity’s winning run will come to an end. With the FT's Javier Espinoza. Read more here

Review clips: CNBC, NBC, Bloomberg.

Jul 31, 2018
Taking a short break

Behind The Money is going on a short hiatus for the next few weeks. We'll be back on Tuesday 31 July with brand new episodes. In the meantime, send us an email to if you have any feedback on the series so far. What have you liked? What would you like to hear more about? We'll see you soon.

Jul 03, 2018
The $100bn SoftBank vision

The man who built a $100bn fund has wooed investors with his vision for the future. But what is really behind the prowess of SoftBank's Masayoshi Son? With the FT's Arash Massoudi. Read Arash's story here.

Review clips: Fox News, CNN, CNBC, ABC News, PBS, Bloomberg, Fox Business Network, TechCrunch.

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Jun 26, 2018
Trump, trade and the markets

After a week that began with a tense G7 summit and ended with the US imposing more tariffs on Chinese goods, many expected to see a big slide in financial markets. But stocks remained flat last week. Why aren't investors bracing for rockier times? With the FT's senior investment commentator John Authers.

Review clips: CTV News, PBS, CBS News, ABC News, CNN.

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Jun 19, 2018
Following the cannabis money trail

Medical marijuana is legal in 21 countries. In Canada, residents expect they will be able to buy cannabis from dispensaries and pharmacies across the country later this year. Some analysts have valued the legal business at anywhere between $7bn-$20bn, attracting a host of entrepreneurs and investors trying to get in on the action before the market takes off. We talk to two entrepreneurs with two very different plans to capitalise on the boom. With guests Norman Conde, Nick Kovacevich and the FT's Eric Platt. 

Jun 12, 2018
The hunt for Fox

Rupert Murdoch built a global media empire across newspaper, television and film companies. Why is now the time for him to sell many of the 21st Century Fox assets? And which media or telecoms giant will scoop them up? With the FT's Matt Garrahan and Arash Massoudi. Read more on

Review clips: CNN, CNBC, BBC, Fox News, Fox Business Network, Al Jazeera English, PBS News and CBS News.

Jun 05, 2018
The economic crisis in Argentina explained

After Mauricio Macri came to power in 2015, international investors poured money into Argentina's hundred-year bond with the hopes that the centre-right leader would stabilise the economy after years of disarray. But less than three years later, the president is seeking a loan from the International Monetary Fund, in what some fear could be the the first major sign of the end of the global economic boom. With the FT's Gillian Tett, John Authers and John Paul Rathbone. News review clips: CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera English, Reuters. 

May 29, 2018
The dark side of fast fashion

Some big name fast fashion retailers are sourcing their inventory closer to home in order to get the latest pieces into the hands of their shoppers fast. But how is it possible such labour intensive production is taking place in one of the most expensive economies in the world? With the FT's Sarah O'Connor. Read Sarah's feature here

May 22, 2018
How WeWork really works

The co-working and office providing company set out to create the office of the future and has caught the attention of big investors, including SoftBank's Vision Fund. Will office subleasing open the door to profit for WeWork? With FT guests Dan Thomas and Alex Scaggs. 

Read more from Dan and Alex at Music by Podington Bear. 

May 15, 2018
How beauty is beating the rest of retail

Record numbers of bankruptcies and store closures have devastated the retail sector. So why is the beauty market thriving? Will the likes of Sephora and Ulta be able to ward off Amazon? With guests Moj Mahdara, chief executive of Beautycon, and Simeon Siegel, analyst at Nomura Instinet. Read more on this story here

May 08, 2018
What happened at Qualcomm?

The Trump administration blocked chipmaker Broadcom's bid to acquire rival Qualcomm on the grounds of national security. But how did the San Diego-based company become the target in the first place? And who will ultimately own the mobile technology of the future? 

With FT reporters James Fontanella-Khan and Tim Bradshaw.

News review clips: C-Span, Fox News. 

May 01, 2018
Coming soon

A weekly podcast from the Financial Times that digs into the big business and financial stories in the news. Behind The Money starts Tuesday, May 1. 

Apr 24, 2018