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By ESPN, Buster Olney

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 Feb 29, 2020
i like it a lot.

 Sep 23, 2019


ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney leads the baseball discussion alongside other top analysts.

Episode Date
MLB Intake Process Complete; Yankees Having Fun; KBO Observations
Marly Rivera joins Buster to discuss the completion of MLB’s intake process that yielded a 98.2% negative test rate for coronavirus, player comfort and accountability as summer camp is underway, and the Yankees looking like they’re having a good time playing baseball (3:48). Plus, Karl Ravech stops by to talk about Steve Cohen emerging as the favorite to buy the Mets, why he thinks baseball will be played, Kris Bryant’s trepidation about returning and his observations covering KBO as MLB’s return is on the horizon (15:16).
Jul 09, 2020
Refreshing Pranks; Scheduling Games; Juan Soto
Tim Kurkjian joins Buster to discuss how refreshing it is to see Terry Francona and Francisco Lindor pulling pranks, the challenge of keeping players focused and the need to hear from Rob Manfred as issues with the restart arise (4:20). Later, ESPN’s senior manager of MLB programming Rick Mace talks about what it’s been like scheduling games for TV (16:19). Plus, Hembo on which teams have scheduling advantages and why he’d take Juan Soto on a 10-year contract (26:00).
Jul 08, 2020
Deep Dive on The Cleveland Name Change
2319’s Anthony Castrovince joins Buster to discuss the Cleveland name change, the history of the name “Indians” for the team, why he favors the Spiders for the new name, the inspiration for his book “A Fan’s Guide to Baseball Analytics” and what he thinks happens with Francisco Lindor this season (5:33). Plus, Todd Radom stops by to talk about the work involved with a team changing its name and creating a new logo (21:46). 
Jul 07, 2020
Forest City Spiders; Players Express Skepticism
David Schoenfield joins Buster to discuss Cleveland’s decision to review its name, possible names to replace the Indians, Freddie Freeman getting sick, Mike Trout, Sean Doolittle and Buster Posey’s skepticism about playing, and what the tipping point could be to shut the season down (7:16). Later, Sarah Langs drops by to talk about her aversion to spiders and what losing David Price means to the Dodgers (26:02).
Jul 06, 2020
Hermetically Sealed Baseballs
Matt Vasgersian joins Buster to discuss the possibility of calling Sunday Night Baseball at home, Sean Doolittle’s apprehension of playing, continued mistrust between the players and MLB, what seems unrealistic under the health and safety protocols, and field mics (4:01). Plus, Todd Radom drops by to mourn the loss of the minor league season, talk Tropicana Field and administer the weekly quiz (27:36).
Jul 02, 2020
Minor League Season Canceled, Front Office Diversity, Differences Between KBO and MLB
Buster is joined by Hembo to discuss the Minor League Baseball season's cancellation, the existential threat to the minors and why taking Kenesaw Mountain Landis’ name off the MVP trophy is a no-brainer (2:20). Then, Karl Ravech drops by to talk about the differences between covering MLB and the KBO, and keeping an eye on the COVID-19 positive test rate as players report to camp. Finally, Joon Lee joins the show to get into the lack of diversity in front offices, treating players as financial assets and how it all contributes to labor tensions (31:49).
Jul 01, 2020
Presidential Name-Drops, Ian Desmond Opts out
Tim Kurkjian joins Buster to name-drop his meetings with presidents and trips to the White House (7:07). Then the guys discuss the players who have opted out of the season, the need for complete transparency with testing results, Ian Desmond's decision not to play and his thoughts on race in baseball, and changes that need to be made to make baseball more accessible.
Jun 30, 2020
Candidates to Hit .400, Already a Lost Season for Many
Sarah Langs joins Buster to discuss which players might be able to finish the shortened baseball season batting .400 (2:36). Later, Alden Gonzalez hops on to talk about his series examining how baseball has already been lost for the season for so many across the country, bracing for positive tests across baseball as players begin reporting, and what it would take for the commissioner to shut down the season (14:08).
Jun 29, 2020
A's Reliever Jake Diekman on Playing While Being High-Risk for COVID-19
A's reliever Jake Diekman joins Buster to discuss his decision to play despite being high-risk for coronavirus. Diekman discusses why he didn't consider opting out, players policing their bubble and pitching relief with no crowd (2:20). Then, Eireann Dolan, wife of Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle, hops on to talk about her concerns living under the baseball umbrella after growing up with respiratory issues, and MLB making players decide between salary and service time and family members who are high risk (13:12). Plus, Todd Radom on the Rogers Centre and the weekly quiz (27:02).
Jun 26, 2020
Fantasy and Reality
Marly Rivera and USA Today's Bob Nightengale join Buster to talk about the fantasy of baseball getting started smoothly and the reality of playing during a pandemic. Rivera talks about why youth may prevail in a short season and shares players' concerns about spikes in coronavirus across the country (3:04). Nightengale says he thinks every game will be treated like the postseason when it comes to pitching decisions and shares his advice for the next time the players and owners get into the negotiating room (16:02).
Jun 25, 2020
Hardcore Baseball Talk
Tim Kurkjian joins Buster to talk actual baseball (2:38), including the biggest baseball challenge for all teams getting started, why they're high on the Rays in a short season, pitchers and hitters to watch, and which teams may surprise the league. Plus, they share reactions they've heard around baseball to MLB's plan to start the season, and give their reactions to the new rules and health protocols.
Jun 24, 2020
A Theoretical 60-Game Season
MLB is implementing a 60-game season. Buster and David Schoenfield react (4:33) to the news and discuss what the lack of an agreement between the two sides means going forward, sub-negotiations for things like universal DH and an expanded playoff, and the dynamics within teams during a shortened season. Later, Hembo stops by to talk about which players may sit out, Trevor Bauer's tweets and the folly of the players pursuing a grievance (20:55).
Jun 23, 2020
Hall of Fame Distractions, COVID-19 Closes Training Camps
Buster goes full distraction by asking Sarah Langs (6:12) and Karl Ravech (15:54) about the Hall of Fame candidacies of Yadier Molina, Justin Verlander, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Plus, Ravy gives his thoughts on the latest financial and health negotiations between players and owners.
Jun 22, 2020
Tyler Glasnow on Getting His News, Being Ready to Throw Five, the Rays in a Short Season
Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow joins Buster to discuss getting the latest labor negotiation news from his mom, why he's not on social media, having free time in June for the first time since 7th grade, throwing live innings, why he thinks Tampa Bay would be dangerous in a shortened season and his his personal level of concern with the coronavirus (8:34). Plus, Jesse Rogers on the latest between MLB and the players (4:37). And Todd Radom on Wrigley Field and the weekly quiz (26:16).
Jun 19, 2020
Hannah Keyser on Rank-and-File MLB Staffers; Roger Ehrenberg on How He'd Advise Players and Owners
Yahoo! Sports' Hannah Keyser joins Buster to talk about Rob Manfred and Tony Clark's face-to-face meeting and her story on the feelings of rank-and-file staffers around MLB as negotiations drag on (3:18). Later, venture capitalist Roger Ehrenberg gives his read on the situation, and shares how he'd advise both the players and owners (19:20).
Jun 18, 2020
Clinton Yates on The Pandemic as a Bargaining Chip for the Owners
Clinton Yates joins Buster to talk about spending time with LaTroy Hawkins, average baseball fans realizing the sport is in a bad place, the owners using the pandemic as a bargaining chip, why it seems like the owners don't actually like baseball and the players being over the drama (3:20). Plus, Hembo compares Rob Manfred to Adam Silver and Roger Goodell, and which players have the most to lose from missing a season (17:41).
Jun 17, 2020
Burn It All Down
The podcast leads off with Mike Greenberg's full interview with Rob Manfred, who says there's a real risk of no baseball being played in 2020. Then, Tim Kurkjian joins Buster to discuss what he's hearing from players and why they're feeling emboldened in these negotiations, the likelihood of the owners digging in and waiting for the union to collapse, this possibly being the start of a three-year labor war, and scenarios for what happens next (9:24).
Jun 16, 2020
Karl Ravech on "Long Gone Summer," Impasse Between Players and Owners
Karl Ravech talks to Buster about about ESPN's "Long Gone Summer" and the latest on the labor impasse between players and owners. Plus, Sarah Langs on Buster Posey's HOF odds.
Jun 15, 2020
ESPN's Tim Keown on Covering Mark McGwire in 1998
ESPN's Tim Keown joins Buster to reflect on covering the home run chase of 1998 (14:46). The guys get into the weariness of Mark McGwire and how he never really embraced the moment, the crowds that showed up every game for batting practice, Keown's mental image of a cross-armed Barry Bonds that summer, trying to rundown the steroids story, and Keown's thoughts on baseball's restart negotiations. Plus, Todd Radom on Busch Stadium and the weekly quiz (3:22).
Jun 12, 2020
Kiley McDaniel on Round 1 of the Draft; Mark McGwire on the '98 Home Run Chase
Kiley McDaniel joins Buster to review the first round of the MLB Draft, discussing what the Orioles did at No. 2, Austin Martin sliding to No. 5, the biggest head scratching pick, the best player still left on the board, and the latest battleground between the players and owners (3:42). Later, in a never-before-heard interview from 2016, Dari Nowkhah and Mel Kiper Jr. talk to Mark McGwire about the 1998 home run chase, including the serendipitous moments of that season, the pressure he felt chasing the record and what he remembers about breaking it (18:22).
Jun 11, 2020
Former MLB Pitcher Andy Benes on Giving Up HRs to McGwire and Sosa in '98
Longtime MLB pitcher Andy Benes joins Buster to discuss giving up home runs to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in the summer of 1998 (16:00). Benes talks about his scouting reports on McGwire and Sosa, fans and teammates watching McGwire's batting practice, the daily pressure on McGwire on and off the field, and why he's made peace with players who used PEDs. Plus, Hembo on Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt Jr. claiming baseball isn't that profitable and which teams lead the league in WAR with draft picks (5:29).
Jun 10, 2020
Bleacher Tweeters on Baseball Restart Talks, Vanderbilt Head Coach Tim Corbin
An All-Star lineup of Bleacher Tweeters join Buster to discuss how they feel about the stalled restart talks between players and owners, and how it impacts their feelings as consumers of Major League Baseball (3:16). Plus, Vanderbilt head coach Tim Corbin talks about Austin Martin, the five-round draft, the $20k cap on undrafted players and the virtual baseball cards he's created honoring medical professionals (25:27).
Jun 09, 2020
Kiley McDaniel Previews the MLB Draft
Kiley McDaniel joins Buster to talk about how his preparation for the draft is different with the pandemic, how teams are gathering information on players, drafting strategy with only five rounds, teams possibly avoiding paying for draft picks and the scouting report on potential No. 1 overall pick Spencer Torkelson (5:47). Plus, Sarah Langs on which colleges and high schools produce the most major league talent, and how her mom is feeling about getting a baseball season this year (30:36).
Jun 08, 2020
Tim Kurkjian on His Daily Baseball Fix, Bad Blood Between Players and MLB
Tim Kurkjian joins Buster to talk about the process behind his Daily Baseball Fix (2:23). Then the guys express disbelief and embarrassment at the state restart negotiations between players and the league, and discuss how the disagreements between the two sides date back to the 2016 CBA. Later, Todd Radom joins to talk about the Great American Ball Park and to administer the weekly quiz (21:42).
Jun 05, 2020
Clinton Yates on Baseball Cards, The Lerners, Players Who Might Sit Out
Clinton Yates talks to Buster about what baseball cards mean to him and his shrine to the "average black player," why it would be worse for baseball to start and not finish rather than not playing at all, and the Lerner family reverse course on docking minor leaguers' pay (3:08). Plus, Hembo on players that could potentially sit out a shortened season, and why Bryce Harper could benefit from a shortened season while Alex Bregman might be on the other end of the spectrum (26:32).
Jun 04, 2020
Jesse Rogers on His Interview with Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts
Jesse Rogers talks to Buster about his interview with Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, including why Rogers believes Ricketts doesn't have a lot cash of on-hand, the near future for the team with big contract decisions looming, the 18-month problem for baseball, and why owners and players should keep their mouths shut (2:03).
Jun 03, 2020
Eduardo Pérez on The Lack of Trust Between Players and Owners
Eduardo Pérez talks to Buster about his early mornings calling KBO games, including how many times he hits snooze before waking up. Then the guys get into MLB's idea of a 50-game season, the owners' "lump of cash" strategy and the lack of trust between players and owners (2:22). Plus, John Shea on his new book "24: Life Stories and Lessons from the Say Hey Kid" and the 100+ hours he spend with Willie Mays (24:13).
Jun 02, 2020
Jeff Passan on MLBPA's Return-To-Play Proposal
Jeff Passan joins Buster to dive into the weeds on the MLBPA's return-to-play proposal sent to the owners (4:09). The guys discuss what the reaction will be from the owners, deferrals as a fig leaf from the players, at-risk players sitting out and still getting paid, doomsday scenarios for baseball, and the key figures that could lead the sides to a middle ground. Plus, Sarah Langs home run chase of '98 and the 17 pitchers that allowed home runs to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa (32:00).
Jun 01, 2020
"The Roy Halladay Story" Producers Brian Rivera and Mike Farrell on Halladay's Wife, His Anxiety and Pitchers Using Painkillers
The producers of the E:60 special "Imperfect: The Roy Halladay Story" Brian Rivera and Mike Farrell join Buster to talk about the program, including why Brandi Halladay chose to participate in the story, Halladay's fear of failure, his sense of humor, what was left on the cutting room floor they wish made it into the special, and shining a light on pitchers using painkillers (2:45). Plus, Todd Radom on PNC Park and the weekly quiz (29:35).
May 29, 2020
Mark Teixeira on Restart Talks, The Owners' Picasso, Free Agents Not Playing
Mark Teixeira talks to Buster about the effectiveness of owners trying to drive a wedge between younger and older players, why this situation is akin to the owners having a Picasso in the basement, his thoughts on the public conversation between the two sides, and if free agents on bad teams might not play a shortened season (5:24). Plus, longtime Mets media relations director Jay Horwitz on his new book "Mr. Met: How a Sports-Mad Kid from Jersey Became Like Family to Generations of Big Leaguers." (23:51)
May 28, 2020
Yankees 3B Coach Phil Nevin on Aaron Boone's Impressions, Fighting A GM
Yankees third base coach Phil Nevin talks to Buster about Aaron Boone's impressions, the most intense managers he's worked with, why Paul Goldschmidt is the best baserunner in baseball right now, doing nothing for the first three weeks of his Major League career and an altercation with GM Kevin Towers (15:53). Plus, Hembo on MLB's opening salvo in restart talks, Goldschmidt and his review of "War of The Roses." (3:39)
May 27, 2020
Matt Vasgersian on a Big Week for Baseball Restart Talks, His Favorite HR Calls
Matt Vasgersian joins Buster to talk about a big week ahead for talks between players and MLB, some players hiding their financial concerns behind safety rhetoric and his five favorite home run calls (4:22). Plus, Sarah Langs on the factors that will come into play during shortened season and players who've turned in historic performances playing 82 games or less (28:43).
May 26, 2020
Orioles P Coach Doug Brocail on Embracing Analytics, His On-Field Near-Death Experience
Orioles pitching coach Doug Brocail joins Buster to talk about his journey to embracing analytics as a coach, what he could've done differently while playing if he had today's information, Trevor Hoffman's change-up, Tony Gwynn calling his own shots, playing with Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio, and his near-death experience on the field (11:01). Plus, Todd Radom on Miller Park and the weekly quiz (2:04).
May 22, 2020
Padres 3B Coach Wayne Kirby on Having Fun, Albert Belle, Manny Machado
Padres third base coach Wayne Kirby talks to Buster about the different ways to break in a glove, watching his brother play in the NFL, giving Adam Jones a hard time, the true importance of having fun, Albert Belle smashing plates after an 0-4 game and the lessons he's imparted on Manny Machado after going to San Diego (15:09). Plus, Marly Rivera on Alex Bregman firing his agent, and players' concerns about MLB's proposed health and safety protocols (2:50).
May 21, 2020
Ron Washington on Working with Josh Hamilton, The Pain of Losing Two World Series
Braves third base coach Ron Washington talks to Buster about missing out on the manager job in San Diego and his desire to manage again, what it was like seeing himself playing in "Money Ball," his work with Marcus Semien, the energy of Ronald Acuña Jr. and Ozzie Albies, motivating Josh Hamilton, and coming so close to winning a World Series with the Rangers (17:47). Plus, Hembo on the latest drama between the union and MLB, and why Josh Hamilton is the most gifted baseball player he's ever watched (4:08).
May 20, 2020
Dodgers 3B Coach Dino Ebel on Challenging Mike Trout, Albert Pujols as the Best Slow Baserunner
Dodgers third base coach Dino Ebel joins Buster to talk about how Mike Trout challenged him, what he's seen from Cody Bellinger after working with him for a season, the most difficult judgements to make as a third coach coach and why Albert Pujols is the best slow baserunner in the game (23:56). Plus, Anika Orrock on her new book "The Incredible Women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League." (4:04)
May 19, 2020
Mariners Play-By-Play Announcer Dave Sims on Perfect Games and No-Hitters, Home Run Calls, Griffey
Mariners play-by-play announcer Dave Sims talks to Buster about openly discussing ongoing no-hitters and perfect games, his interactions with Ken Griffey, Jr., watching the artistry of Felix Hernandez, the origins of his memorable home run calls, and being up-close and personal for a brawl between Dee Gordon and Jean Segura (10:27). Plus, Sarah Langs on some of the best individualized home run calls (3:12).
May 18, 2020
Mets Play-By-Play Man Gary Cohen on Colón's HR, Flores Weeping, Alonso's Emergence
Mets play-by-play announcer Gary Cohen joined Buster to talk about his Bartolo Colón home run call and Colón's clubhouse presence, Wilmer Flores weeping on the field, Johan Santana's no-hitter, Pete Alonso's emergence and Matt Harvey (20:31). Plus, Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper joins the pod to talk about a basebrawl with him and his brother, Candlestick Park and Oracle Park, and take the weekly quiz with Todd Radom (5:08).
May 15, 2020
Charles Barkley on Being Starstruck, Calling Trout to Share His COVID-19 Test, Scherzer
Charles Barkley talks to Buster about calling Mike Trout after getting his COVID-19 test, being starstruck by Wille Mays and Hank Aaron, and his love for Max Scherzer.
May 14, 2020
Mike Greenberg on Getting Tossed From a Clubhouse, A Shuttle Ride with Bo Jackson
Charles Barkley joins Buster to talk about why hitting a pitch is the most difficult thing to do in sports, being starstruck by Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, calling Mike Trout and Patrick Ewing after he got his coronavirus test results, Tim Kurkjian's basketball skills, going to Auburn the same time as Bo Jackson, people not understanding how hard it is to win, and his love for Max Scherzer (16:56). Plus, Kiley McDaniel on Blake Snell's comments, who he projects to be the top three picks in the draft and the prospect of scouts being laid off after the draft (5:11).
May 13, 2020
Dan Shulman on Calling Bartman, Freese, Bautista Bat Flip
Dan Shulman talks to Buster about calling play-by-play for big baseball moments. The guys discuss the air being sucked out of Wrigley in the Bartman game, calling Sunday Night Baseball when Osama Bin Laden was killed, David Freese's heroic World Series game six, the good and the bad of the Jose Bautista bat flip game, and being stuck in an elevator when Joe Carter won the World Series (17:57). Plus, ESPN Chicago's Jesse Rogers on the players' reaction the MLB's proposed plan to play, and the current animosity between players and owners as this is sorted out (2:20).
May 12, 2020
Chris Antonetti on "Stalking" Brian Cashman, Game 7 of the '16 World Series, Tito Wagering on Scrabble
Indians president of baseball operations Chris Antonetti talks to Buster about how CC Sabathia nearly landed with the Dodgers, trading for Andrew Miller, how the 9th inning of game seven in 2016 World Series was nearly postponed to the next night and the first time he saw Francisco Lindor (10:04). Plus, Sarah Langs on that game seven and the Cubs' shifting win probability throughout (4:31).
May 11, 2020
Terry Francona on Michael Jordan's Time with the Birmingham Barons
Terry Francona talks to Buster about his days as manager of the Birmingham Barons with Michael Jordan on the squad. Francona dishes stories on the first time he met Jordan, the first time he saw his swing, what Jordan's goals were playing baseball, the famous team bus and setting a screen for Jordan while playing pickup basketball (13:58). Plus, Todd Radom on Chase Field and the weekly quiz (4:01).
May 08, 2020
Jim Leyland on Miguel Cabrera, Barry Bonds and Justin Verlander
Former big league manager Jim Leyland looks back on his memories of a young Miguel Cabrera, what it was like meeting the likes of Barry Bonds and Justin Verlander for the first time, and his long-standing relationship with the late Al Kaline (8:55). Plus, ESPN's Marly Rivera on the latest in negotiations between the MLBPA and the owners. Tim Kurkjian also gives his Daily Baseball Fix (33:04).
May 07, 2020
Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos on His Big Toronto Trades, Creating Baseball Fans and His "Coronacut"
Current Braves and former Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos joins Buster to talk about getting the baseball bug because of the '92 Expos, having to leave a Raptors game when he traded for Josh Donaldson, pacing around Cherry Beach waiting for the Troy Tulowitzki and David Price trade to be completed, and the Jose Bautista bat flip (11:11). Plus, Hembo on the '15 and '16 Blue Jays, and Kerry Woods' 20-strikeout game (5:08).
May 06, 2020
A's SS Marcus Semien on Playing for His Hometown Team
A's shortstop Marcus Semien joins Buster to talk about helping his community in the East Bay, Ricky Henderson's not-that-helpful advice on how to steal a base, working with Ron Washington to get out of a fielding slump, his family's legacy at Cal, playing against Gerrit Cole in college and what it's like playing for his hometown team (15:57). Plus, ESPN senior programming manager Rick Mace on landing the KBO broadcasting deal (2:41).
May 05, 2020
Former Baseball HOF President Jeff Idelson on Rubbing Elbows with Baseball Legends
Former Baseball Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson joins Buster to talk about his experiences with Hall of Famers, including golfing with Johnny Bench, sipping coffee with Yogi Berra, Ichiro Suzuki's secret rookie of the year phone call, Eddie Murray not telling his wife he made it into the Hall and how Derek Jeter made him "cool" in the eyes of his daughter (13:51). Plus, Sarah Langs on the Nationals waiting to celebrate the World Series with their fans, which Jeter game she would pick to run on TV and building the ultimate five-tool player (2:58).
May 04, 2020
Janet Marie Smith on Designing Camden Yards
The designer of Camden Yards Janet Marie Smith joins Buster to talk about the current renovations to Dodger Stadium, her friendship with Frank Robinson, constructing a "fair" ballpark, the joy of the first Opening Day at Camden Yards and executing the vision for Eutaw Street (10:56). Plus, Todd Radom on why Smith should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Dodger Stadium and the weekly quiz (2:26).
May 01, 2020
Bill James on Starting the Modern Analytics Movement
The godfather of modern day analytics Bill James joins Buster to talk about putting his early analytics into practice working on arbitration cases, which teams were ahead of the curve utilizing numbers to run their teams, why he never finished reading "Money Ball" and the problems with objectively analyzing defense (2:42). Later, Kiley McDaniel drops by (29:53) to discuss his new book "Future Value: The Battle for Baseball's Soul and How Teams Will Find the Next Superstar."
Apr 30, 2020
Red Sox Groundskeeper David Mellor on Fish in Fenway and Helicopter Field Drying
Red Sox Senior Director of Grounds David Mellor joins Buster to talk about his battle with PTSD, using a helicopter to dry a field, finding fish in Fenway after a rainstorm and why he loves dandelions (11:46). Plus, Hembo on the fragility of the plans to restart baseball, Camden Yards and why former Baseball Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson should be inducted into the hall (3:44).
Apr 29, 2020
The Mystery of Baseball Star Don Mattingly's Birthday
Collecting baseball cards is a cherished pastime. ESPN baseball writer Sam Miller first got hooked on the game by studying the backs of cards growing up. And when he learned about a Don Mattingly card with a curious factoid on Mattingly's alleged birth year, Miller began a quest to uncover the truth. When was the former Yankees star first baseman born? And did this one baseball card have the inside scoop, or a crucial error? Miller tells us how he solved the mystery of Mattingly's real birth date.
Apr 29, 2020
Umpire Joe West on President George H. W. Bush, the A-Rod Slap, His "Feud" with Buster
Umpire Joe West joins Buster to discuss their "feud," Ted Turner threatening to turn the lights off at Fulton County Stadium, nearing the all-time games umpired record, giving President George H. W. Bush a hat and umpiring the Alex Rodriguez slap game (3:17). Plus, Hembo on Bill James' impact on baseball, fans returning to baseball and if we'll see baseball around mid-June (29:22).
Apr 28, 2020
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum President Bob Kendrick on Josh Gibson, Hank Aaron, Satchel Paige
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum President Bob Kendrick joins Buster to talk about why he thinks Josh Gibson is the best player of all time, being star struck by Hank Aaron and one of his favorite Satchel Paige stories (9:04). Plus, Sarah Langs on the top-five best Negro Leagues players (4:04).
Apr 27, 2020
Former Dodgers GM Ned Colletti on Manny, Kershaw and Puig
Former Dodgers GM Ned Colletti joins Buster to talk about his own attempts to trade for CC Sabathia in 2008, trading for Manny Ramirez and how he galvanized the clubhouse, when he found out Ramirez tested positive for a banned substance, the first time he saw Clayton Kershaw, and introducing Yasiel Puig to Kobe Bryant (12:15). Plus, Todd Radom on Coors Field and the weekly quiz (1:45).
Apr 24, 2020
Former GM Doug Melvin on Engineering Sabathia to Milwaukee and Pursuing A-Rod
Former Rangers and Brewers GM Doug Melvin joins Buster to discuss his attempts to trade for Roger Clemens before he went to the Yankees, engineering the CC Sabathia trade to Milwaukee, Sabathia's unselfish play in the Brewers' push to the playoff and pursuing Alex Rodriguez (20:03). Plus, Kiley McDaniel on how he came up with the concept for his book new book "Future Value," MLB's punishment for Alex Cora and the Red Sox, and the lay of the land on the future of the minor league teams (1:54).
Apr 23, 2020
J.P. Ricciardi on Roy Halladay, Deals in the Dirt of Fenway and Paul DePodesta
Former Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi talks to Buster about trying to trade Roy Halladay a year before it happened, the deal he worked out in the dirt of Fenway Park, his memories of Halladay, when he realized he had something with Jacob deGrom and Pete Alonso, scouting reports on other GMs, and introducing Billy Beane to Paul DePodesta (10:34). Plus, Hembo on A-Rod making a play for the Mets, teams paying employees through May 31, and numbers on Ichiro and Halladay (1:38).
Apr 22, 2020
Sandy Alderson on Rickey Henderson, Moneyball and Michael Jordan
Longtime baseball executive and current A's senior advisor Sandy Alderson joins Buster to talk about why he's described trading Rickey Henderson has his only hobby, acquiring Dennis Eckersley and moving him to the bullpen, the earthquake during the 1989 World Series, Moneyball leading a top-down revolution of the game, and a deal for Michael Jordan in Oakland that never materialized (4:42).
Apr 21, 2020
Pat Gillick on Ichiro and the Blockbuster Roberto Alomar Trade
Longtime executive Pat Gillick leads off for General Managers Week, talking to Buster about the early scouting reports on Ichiro Suzuki, the blockbuster trade he engineered for Roberto Alomar with the Blue Jays and personal scouting reports on his fellow GMs (13:48). Plus, Sarah Langs on other all-time blockbuster trades (5:01).
Apr 20, 2020
Randy Johnson on Fear and The Bird
Randy Johnson joins Buster to talk about why batters were fearful of facing him, accidentally throwing at John Kruk's head in the '93 All-Star, how people always ask him about hitting a bird with a pitch and his legendary performance in the '01 World Series (3:07). Later, Todd Radom joins the pod to talk about Pepco Park and deliver the weekly quiz (49:09).
Apr 17, 2020
George Brett on Chasing .400
George Brett talks to Buster about hitting, chasing .400 and the highlight that still gives him goosebumps.
Apr 16, 2020
Jim Palmer on Sandy Koufax, Mickey Mantle and Hitting Batters
Hall of Famer, Orioles legend and broadcaster Jim Palmer joins Buster to discuss how he just wanted to avoid embarrassment when facing Sandy Koufax, Earl Weaver discouraging him from hitting batters, pitching to Mickey Mantle after watching him while growing up, the lesson he learned from Al Kaline early in his career and his parents making the suggestion he play in Baltimore (5:13). Plus, Hembo's thoughts on the Palmer interview and Jackie Robinson (41:23).
Apr 15, 2020
The Day Baseball Stood Still for Clayton Kershaw
ESPN's Wright Thompson was set to profile Clayton Kershaw ahead of the 2020 season, with a focus on Kershaw and the Dodgers recovering from their 2019 postseason collapse. They spent the day together just as spring training got shut down, and Thompson witnessed firsthand as Kershaw reacted to the news that MLB would delay its season. Thompson tells the story of Kershaw's fate in baseball through the lens of what this stalled time means for his life and legacy.
Apr 15, 2020
Mike Mussina on the Jeter "Flip Play," Urban Legend of the Camden Yards Outfield
Mike Mussina talks to Buster about throwing a new pitch in a World Series, the Derek Jeter "flip play," his three scoreless innings in game 7 of the '03 ALCS, the urban legend of how big the outfield in Camden Yards actually is and a prominent baseball fight he regrets starting (3:54).
Apr 14, 2020
Johnny Bench on The Big Red Machine
Johnny Bench talks to Buster about his advice to fellow Oklahoman J.T. Realmuto on understanding pitchers, his thoughts on electronic strike zones, Joe Morgan being the best player he's ever seen, where the '76 Cincinnati Reds stand among the best teams ever, his first memory of Ken Griffey, Jr. and the Reds trading for Tom Seaver (8:46). Plus, Sarah Langs on some of the other greatest teams of all time and her favorite Jim Palmer stat (2:49).
Apr 13, 2020
Dave Martinez on the Nationals' 2019 World Series Title
Dave Martinez joins Buster to talk about the Nationals' run to the 2019 World Series title (2:18). They get into how he learned carpentry, how the team getting healthy turned the season around, GM Mike Rizzo bolstering the relief corps, not seeing Trent Grisham's error on Juan Soto's hit in the wild card game, hearing from Bryce Harper throughout the postseason, the game 5 rally in the NLDS and his quest to get a piece of Minute Made Park's right field foul pole. Plus, Todd Radom highlights Truist Park and administers the weekly quiz (33:23).
Apr 10, 2020
Buck Showalter on Deion Sanders, Don Mattingly and Randy Johnson
Long-time MLB manager Buck Showalter joins Buster to look back on when he called up Deion Sanders, thinking the dugout would collapse after Don Mattingly's home run in the '95 ALDS, seeing Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera for the first time, and the Alex Rodriguez-trade saga in Texas (13:23). Plus, Joon Lee hops on to talk about baseball players keeping in touch through video games (2:58).
Apr 09, 2020
Bruce Bochy on Pete Rose, Tony Gwynn and Madison Bumgarner
Bruce Bochy joins Buster to talk about what he remembers about being the catcher when Pete Rose broke the all-time hit record, how Tony Gwynn helped him establish credibility as a manager after the strike, why he can't tell his favorite off-field Madison Bumgarner story, his thoughts the first time he saw Tim Lincecum, and watching Buster Posey break his leg (14:17). Plus, Hembo's thoughts on MLB's plan to resume in May, reflections on Al Kaline and his favorite Bochy numbers (4:28).
Apr 08, 2020
Ben McDonald on Cal Ripken, Jr.'s Consecutive Game Streak
Ben McDonald chats with Buster about playing with Cal Ripken, Jr. when he broke Lou Gehrig's consecutive game streak (3:25). The guys discuss how the streak was relatable to the average fan, if Cal had special healing powers, wrestling in the locker room, how Cal signed an absurd amount of autographs that season and his commitment to playing hard even without any stakes. Later, Sarah Langs tallies up how many current consecutive game streaks would need to be added together to match Cal's (29:19). Plus, MLB eyes a May return and Buster shares a story about the late-Tigers Hall of Famer Al Kaline.
Apr 07, 2020
MLB Has Plan to Play in May & Lessons from Korean Baseball
Sources tell ESPN Senior MLB Insider Jeff Passan that Major League Baseball has a plan to resume in May, gathering all teams and isolating them in Arizona to minimize coronavirus risk. Hear the story of how that might work, and who's on board. Then, a firsthand look at how baseball has returned to South Korea. Scrimmages there are leading up to preseason games slated for later this month. Jeff Passan talks to pitcher Dan Straily, formerly of MLB, now of the Korean Baseball Organization's Lotte Giants, to detail the precautions his team is taking to keep their season on track amidst the pandemic.
Apr 07, 2020
Joe Maddon on the Cubs '16 World Series, Last Day of the '11 Season
Joe Maddon talks to Buster about his relationship with Mike Trout, what sticks out the most about the last day of the 2011 season, the unique passion of Cubs fans, when he plans on rewatching game 7 of the World Series and talking to his mom after winning a championship (1:58).
Apr 06, 2020
Craig Biggio on His Hall of Fame Career
Craig Biggio joins Buster to talk about being welcomed into the Baseball Hall of Fame fraternity, being hit by pitches and his son playing in the big leagues.
Apr 03, 2020
Jameson Taillon on Rehabbing During Coronavirus
Pirates pitcher Jameson Taillon joins Buster to discuss rehabbing while social distancing, staying connected with teammates, playing Fortnite, why there are no bad ideas in figuring out how to play games this season and growing up an Astros fan (2:08). Later, Tim Kurkjian hops on to talk about how the suspensions for Jeff Luhnow and A.J. Hinch will end later this year, regardless of whether any games are played, and his his daily baseball fix videos (22:39).
Apr 02, 2020
Jim Kaat on Playing Across Four Decades
Buster talks to former pitcher and current broadcaster Jim Kaat about playing across four decades with legends like Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle and Sandy Koufax (2:13). Plus, his thoughts on what sets Gerrit Cole, Clayton Kershaw and Jacob deGrom apart from other pitchers. Then, Hembo reacts to the Kaat interview shines some light on Koufax's dominant stretch of play (32:04). Plus, Tim Kurkjian's Baseball Fix (38:24).
Apr 01, 2020
Darryl Strawberry on the '86 Mets vs. the '98 Yankees
Darryl Strawberry joins Buster to discuss what he would tell his 18-year-old self now, what he remembers about the 16-inning game 6 of the '86 NLCS, why they came out flat against the Red Sox in the World Series, and the differences between that Mets team and the '98 Yankees (2:47).
Mar 31, 2020
New Changes to the MLB Draft
Kyle Peterson joins Buster to discuss the major changes to the MLB Draft including the hard decisions college baseball players and coaches have to make in this time of uncertainty, the $20,000 cap on signing bonuses for undrafted players, teams that might look to save money by dumping players and what Kyle would do to help increase interest in baseball (1:40). Later, Sarah Langs hops on to talk about which players might've never made the big leagues under the new draft format and how players on short-term deals are likely to be hurt the most by teams looking to cut payroll (28:20).
Mar 30, 2020
What Trevor Bauer Really Thinks About MLB
We should be in the first week of baseball season, but...try not to think about that. Instead, ponder the future with Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer and ESPN baseball insider Jeff Passan. On the heels of MLB's hiatus deal with players around pay, service time and other issues, hear how it sets up the 2021 collective bargaining agreement. Plus, Bauer gets into the issues with training during all this uncertainty, whether baseball is too slow, and the sport's need for a media makeover.
Mar 30, 2020
"A Story That Needs to Be Told"
Jason Grimsley pulled off a Mission Impossible-style heist for teammate Albert Bell. He recounts the tale with Buster and the two reveal the previously unknown role played by commissioner Bud Selig (2:28). Plus, Todd Radom on Citizens Bank Park and this week's quiz (23:33).
Mar 27, 2020
Aaron Boone on His Playing Day with the Yankees
Aaron Boone talks to Buster about his playing days with the Yankees, playing along Derek Jeter, dropping into the middle of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, his walk-off home run against the Boston in game 7 of the 2003 ALCS and if he thinks he'd have the job managing the Yankees if he didn't hit that home run (2:03).
Mar 26, 2020
Shane Victorino on the '08 Phillies
Shane Victorino joins Buster to talk about how scouts spotted him in Hawaii, learning to switch-hit when he was 20, why Chase Utley was the toughest guy he ever played with, how Charlie Manuel hides behind his West Virginia accent and his grand slam off CC Sabathia in the 2008 NLDS. Later, Hembo hops on to discuss Noah Syndergaard's injury and to debrief on the Victorino interview as a Phillies fan (31:26).
Mar 25, 2020
Bill Ripken on Blood Blisters and Power Drills
Bill Ripken joins Buster to talk about his new book "State Of Play: The Old School Guide To New School Baseball." Bill talks about his plan to avoid robot umpires, why the term launch angle drives him nuts, Cal Ripken Jr.'s "special healing powers" and power drills as a medical device in the Ripken household (3:41).
Mar 24, 2020
Dave Roberts on the '04 Red Sox
Dave Roberts stole second base in game four of the 2004 ALCS, sparking an 0-3 comeback by the Red Sox. Buster talks to Roberts about being traded to Boston midseason, the stolen base that turned the series around, why David Ortiz was so clutch and what Derek Jeter told him about the play years later (2:11). Plus, Sarah Langs on the biggest stolen bases in baseball history and Buster reads a text from Theo Epstein about the trade for Roberts (39:38).
Mar 23, 2020
David Wells on the '98 Yankees
David Wells joins Buster to talk about the 1998 Yankees team that won 125 games (4:28). They discuss when Wells knew the team was special, butting heads with Joe Torre, pitching a perfect game hung over after a night of partying with Jimmy Fallon, the loudest punch he's ever heard, El Duque's big game against Cleveland in the ALCS and getting hit by toilet paper during the championship parade.
Mar 20, 2020
The Italian Scout: Baseball and the Center of the Pandemic
Major League Baseball's season went on indefinite hiatus last week in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In parts of the world beyond the US, that chaos had already brought life and work to a halt. ESPN's Jeff Passan brings us the story of René Saggiadi, a Red Sox scout based in the Italian city of Bari. As his country deals with increasing contagion, we hear what happens when life and baseball pause, and how he's staying connected to the sport he loves.
Mar 20, 2020
The Sandlot Isn't on the List
Boog Sciambi dissects Buster's lists of top baseball movies and books to consume in self-isolation, and the guys discuss which classic games you should check out on YouTube (1:55).
Mar 19, 2020
David Freese on Game 6 of the 2011 World Series
Buster talks to David Freese about one of the greatest games ever played, game 6 of the 2011 World Series (4:31).
Mar 18, 2020
NL Central Preview
It's NL Central preview day! Buster talks Reds with radio analyst Jeff Piecoro (3:31), Cubs with ESPN Chicago's Jesse Rogers (8:15), Brewers with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Todd Rosiak (15:21), Pirates with The Athletic's Rob Biertempfel (21:52 and Cardinals with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Derrick Goold (29:10).
Mar 17, 2020
AL West Preview
It's AL West preview day! Buster talks Astros with radio analyst Steve Sparks (4:17), Angels with ESPN's Alden Gonzalez (9:51), Athletics with the San Fransisco Chronicle's Susan Slusser (16:39), Mariners with The Seattle Times' Ryan Divish (23:43) and Rangers with the Dallas Morning News' Evan Grant (30:04).
Mar 16, 2020
Suspended Season
MLB suspends the start of the season. Buster and Karl Ravech talk about a historic day in baseball (3:02). Later, Hembo drops by to lighten the mood as the guys talk biggest home runs, golf-foursomes and what they're most looking forward to when the season starts (19:08).
Mar 13, 2020
NL East Preview
It's NL East preview day! Buster talks Braves with's Mark Bowman (3:26), Marlins with the Miami Herald's Jordan McPherson (11:31), Mets with SNY's Steve Gelbs (15:36), Phillies with The Philadelphia Inquirer Scott Lauber (23:47) and Nationals with The Athletic's Britt Ghiroli (33:23).
Mar 12, 2020
No Naming Rights
The Braves are taking a flyer on Felix Hernandez, while Gerrit Cole is looking like Gerrit Cole. Buster talks to David Schoenfield about all of that (3:29), plus, the Rays' experimenting with a four-man outfield, Blake Snell returning, the impact of coronavirus on baseball coverage and Barry Bonds' comments on MLB giving him a "death sentence." Later, Todd Radom hops on to discuss Nationals Park for to deliver the weekly quiz (25:26).
Mar 11, 2020
AL Central Preview
It's AL Central preview day! Buster talks White Sox with play-by-play voice Jason Benetti (5:17), Indians with's Mandy Bell (9:44), Tigers with's Jason Beck (16:39), Royals with the Kansas City Star's Lynn Worthy (21:43) and Twins with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's Patrick Reusse (27:40).
Mar 10, 2020
Greatest Trip Around the Bases
Buster and Tim Kurkjian make the case that MLB needs to mic up players during the regular season (2:05). Plus, the guys talk about Trey Mancini undergoing a non-baseball medical procedure, Aaron Judge's cracked rib and Justin Verlander's sore tricep. Later, Sarah Langs joins the pod to discuss the Braves starting pitching vs. Mets bullpen, how Chris Sale's injury affects the Red Sox's win total and the Blue Jays' Nate Pearson as a rookie of the year candidate (18:22).
Mar 09, 2020
Catcher for the Expos
Kiley McDaniel's top 100 prospects for 2020 is out. He and Buster dive into the list (1:54), discussing how analytics has factored into generating the rankings, when Wander Franco might manifest in the big leagues, why he's bullish on Julio Rodriguez and if the Padres' young talent will manifest fast enough to satisfy ownership. Later, Hembo hops on to talk about Yoan Moncada and the White Sox's rebuild, Christian Yelich's team-friendly extension, and why Brian Cashman deserves more credit for finding value to fill out the roster (21:53).
Mar 06, 2020
NL West Preview
It's NL West preview day! Buster talks Arizona Diamondbacks with the Arizona Republic's Nick Piecoro (6:00), Colorado Rockies with the Denver Post's Patrick Saunders (12:18), Los Angeles Dodgers with Spectrum SportsNet LA's Alanna Rizzo (16:46), San Diego Padres with Padres TV and radio analyst Tony Gwynn, Jr. (24:42), and San Francisco Giants with Giants play-by-play voice Duane Kuiper (29:21).
Mar 05, 2020
Fishing in Khakis
A-Rod shares his thoughts on the Astros, Chris Sale is trending toward Tommy John surgery, and Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton won't be ready to start the season. Buster and Tim Kurkjian hit on all of that (5:16), plus, Christian Yelich is working toward an extension with the Brewers and baseball has started to buzz about coronavirus. Later, Todd Radom joins the pod to talk about Citi Field and for a quiz (18:07).
Mar 04, 2020
AL East Preview
It's AL East preview day! Buster talks Baltimore Orioles with MASN's Roch Kubatko (6:43), Boston Red Sox with the Boston Globe's Alex Speier (13:43), New York Yankees with WFAN's Sweeny Murti (19:41), Tampa Bay Rays with the Tampa Bay Times' Marc Topkin (25:44) and Toronto Blue Jays with the Toronto Sun's Rob Longley (32:58).
Mar 03, 2020
Reliever Anarchy
Buster and David Schoenfield explore the strategies around the three-batter minimum for pitchers (2:51). Plus, why predicting the World Series champ is harder than you think, who might be this year's Washington Nationals and what's the latest on Aaron Judge. Later, Sarah Langs joins the show to discuss Mike Trout checking in as the highest-paid player in baseball and Miguel Cabrera's outlook for the season (25:41).
Mar 02, 2020
Big League Spring Debut
Karl Ravech says there's no margin for error with the Angels in the AL West and the news of Griffin Canning undergoing an MRI on his elbow raises a yellow flag for the team (1:17). Plus, he and Buster discuss Madison Bumgarner dodging rodeo questions and what's going on with the Red Sox investigation. Later, Pedro Gomez joins the pod to talk about his son Rio Gomez's first spring training outing and managers in new places (25:26).
Feb 28, 2020
Live Free or Die
Who loves the Dodgers? Tim Kurkjian loves the Dodgers (4:26). He also loves the Indians' depth, while he and Buster are concerned about Edwin Diaz, Giancarlo Stanton. Plus, is the league really going to crack down on pine tar? Probably not.
Feb 27, 2020
Cutter Cattivo
How much of a bodyblow is losing Luis Severino for the Yankees? Jeff Passan (1:51) and Hembo (28:13) share their thoughts with Buster. Plus, Passan on spending 15 fascinating days in Astros camp and Hembo on two youngsters to keep an eye on.
Feb 26, 2020
Marathon Listening
Step away from social media, Astros players! That's David Schoenfield's advice as Houston continues to take heat. He and Buster also hit on the energy Gerrit Cole is bringing to Yankees camp, the status of James Paxton and Luis Severino, and how the Red Sox's rotation is shaping up (3:54). Later, Sarah Langs hops on to discuss the Braves attempting to replace Josh Donaldson's production, the White Sox taking a jump in win total and her thoughts on the Cubs' lineup construction (19:47).
Feb 25, 2020
Big Boy Pants
Madison Bumgarner is rodeo guy. Who knew? Definitely not the Diamondbacks. Buster talks to Bleacher Report's Scott Miller about "Mason Saunders" and how Arizona is likely to take this news. Plus, the guys talk about Yoenis Céspedes announcing his return, the Vanderbilt baseball factory, how Red Sox ownership is handling fan reaction to the Mookie Betts trade and Astros players receiving death threats.
Feb 24, 2020
White Sox Fan From Nepal
Luis Severino's status is unclear, David Ortiz takes a shot at Mike Fiers and Mike Trout is finding his voice. Alden Gonzalez calls into to talk about all of this, plus his piece on Francisco Lindor possibly being trading, the excitement at Dodgers camp and the anxiety at Angels camp, and his thoughts on why the White Sox could be a lot of fun to watch this season.
Feb 21, 2020
The Struggle Is Real and Great
Karl Ravech stops by to discuss Kris Bryant leading off for the Cubs, lineup configurations for the Angels, when the NL will have a DH, yellow flags around Aaron Judge, a deep Rays team and his thoughts on Rob Manfred handling the Astros scandal.
Feb 20, 2020
Censure the Astros
Tim Kurkjian demands to talk baseball, so he and Buster hit on Miles Mikolas missing the start of the season, the continuing drama with Nolan Arenado and the Rockies, and the Reds and the Diamondbacks at the NL's most improved teams. Later, Hembo drops by to discuss Buster's proposal to censure the Astros' World Series.
Feb 19, 2020
A Rabbit Chasing Its Tail
Rob Manfred roiled baseball with his comments about the Astros, Justin Turner responded and Mike Trout has something to say about all of this. Buster gets David Schoenfield's take on the continuing war of words across baseball and they run through the best players at each position in the league. Later, Sarah Langs joins the show to talk about where the Dodgers, Yankees and Angels stand after their big offseason acquisitions.
Feb 18, 2020
Firing Squad
Astros owner Jim Crane gave doozy of a press conference. Marly Rivera was on the ground and talks to Buster about how it went down and what Astros players had to say about the sign-stealing scandal in the locker room.
Feb 13, 2020
Free Fallin'
The Red Sox name Ron Roenicke as interim manager, the league floats out a controversial new playoff format and the fallout from the Astros sign-stealing scandal continues. Buster and Tim Kurkjian break it all down and much more in the final podcast of the offseason.
Feb 12, 2020
Betts On It
It's official: Mookie Betts and David Price are off to Los Angeles. Buster Olney gives his thoughts on the trade with the help of Tim Kurkjian (6:23), along with conversation on the move from the perspective of the Twins and Angels, the Mets sale, if the Astros understand how they'll be treated on the road, and why Tim thinks Pete Rose's latest attempt to be reinstated won't go anywhere. Later, Paul Hembekides stops by to sort through season win totals (25:12) and the guys close with #BleacherTweets (35:01).
Feb 05, 2020
Derek Jeter: Number Two
With Derek Jeter and Larry Walker making up the 2020 Hall of Fame class, Buster and Tim Kurkjian discuss Jeter's legacy, Walker's emotional reaction, the need for transparency from the voters, if Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will ever make the cut, Nolan Arenado's standing with the Rockies and more (8:05). Plus, a laundry list of Bleacher Tweets on the HOF elections and the sign-stealing scandal (29:40).
Jan 22, 2020
Mets Island
Buster Olney talks to ESPN national baseball writer Marly Rivera in the wake of the Mets parting ways with Carlos Beltrán. They discuss how the Mets got to this point, what Beltrán should do to move past this (7:03), why the timing worked out for the Mets, A.J. Hinch being available in 2021 (15:46), Alex Cora being labeled a cheater and what the reaction will be around baseball when the season starts (20:42).
Jan 16, 2020
The Rise and Fall of Baseball's Hottest Young Manager
Red Sox manager Alex Cora is out on sign-stealing allegations from the MLB. The charges date back to 2017, when he was the bench coach for the Houston Astros. It's a stunning downfall for a man considered one of the most talented young managers in the game. ESPN baseball insider Buster Olney joins Mina Kimes to explore Cora's career, and his role in this huge baseball scandal.
Jan 16, 2020
In an emergency podcast, Dave Schoenfield fills in for Buster and speaks with ESPN's Jeff Passan about Rob Manfred's ruling on the Astros, why the sign-stealing scandal evokes memories of the PED craze and more. Plus, Tim Kurkjian discusses the historical significance of these "unprecedented" punishments, the role of technology in the game and if the 2017 championship is tainted (11:56).
Jan 13, 2020
Catch 22
Before analyzing the changing nature of the catcher position with Padres front office assistant AJ Ellis (16:10), Buster and Tim Kurkjian discuss sneaky Nationals signings, the Josh Donaldson market and how the White Sox's moves will affect the 2020 AL Central race. Plus, ESPN's Eduardo Perez explains how Juan Soto can get even better (29:44) before Buster asks Hembo a very tough question (41:46).
Jan 07, 2020
Christmas in New York
In what will likely be the final podcast of the decade, Buster welcomes Tyler Kepner of The New York Times to talk about the Yankees' potential for next season, the latest research on the baseball and MLB's investigation into the Astros. Then, The Boston Globe's Alex Speier discusses how the Gerrit Cole signing impacts Boston's rebuilding process (30:26). Plus, Hembo evaluates the NL East (30:26) and Rena Banena makes her return (38:45).
Dec 19, 2019
Best in the West?
With Troy's Rangers finally making moves, Buster and Dave Schoenfield analyze the Corey Kluber trade and its impact on the AL West (32:29). But before that, Tim Kurkjian discusses Madison Bumgarner's deal with the Diamondbacks, the league's decision to alter drug testing and Anthony Rendon's comments about the Dodgers. Plus, Sarah Langs on remaining free agents and why her mom is angry (32:29).
Dec 17, 2019
Winter Meetings: Day 3
Nine years. $324 million. Karl Ravech reacts to Gerrit Cole's record deal with the Yankees, its impact on the AL East and how the signing makes the Yankees the biggest World Series favorite in years. Then, New York Post's Joel Sherman on what Cole's decision ultimately came down to (19:15) and ESPN's Marly Rivera with a story on the moment she found out about the signing (37:23). And, SNY's Steve Gelbs with the latest on the Mets and how MLB's investigation into the Astros will impact new manager Carlos Beltran (37:23).
Dec 11, 2019
Winter Meetings: Day 2
Buster and Hembo analyze Stephen Strasburg's 7-year/$245M deal and how it impacts the free agency of Anthony Rendon and Gerrit Cole. Then, ESPN's Clinton Yates (and Nationals homer) offers his own reaction to the signing before discussing the trade market for Kris Bryant and why it's important for baseball's sake that Madison Bumgarner remain with the Giants (12:55). Plus, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Derrick Goold on the Cardinals' offseason plans (22:37) and...does Scott Boras deserve a spot in Cooperstown?
Dec 10, 2019
Winter Meetings: Day 1
With the MLB winter meetings underway in San Diego, Buster welcomes ESPN's Alden Gonzalez (20:51) and Jesse Rogers (31:51) to discuss the latest in the Gerrit Cole sweepstakes, landing spots for Anthony Rendon, the trade markets for Kris Bryant and Wilson Contreras and more. Plus, Tim Kurkjian on last night's Hall of Fame inductions and Sarah Langs with her take on the changes coming to Mets ownership (11:02).
Dec 09, 2019
Around the Horn
With the MLB Hot Stove already cookin', Buster and Bob Nightengale discuss possible landing spots for the biggest names left in free agency. Plus, a special offseason "Hembo Knows" (22:13) and some Bleacher Tweets with a Texas twist (33:21).
Dec 04, 2019
Stealing the Signs: How Allegations Against the Astros Could Change Baseball
Major League Baseball has promised a thorough investigation into the Astros' stealing of pitching signs during their 2017 championship run, using a live video feed and...trash cans. At the owners meetings, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said there is no reason to expand the case to other teams at this time. But the scandal has raised big questions, and could change the game itself. ESPN MLB Insider Jeff Passan explores tough decisions for the league going forward.
Nov 20, 2019
Hall of Infamy
Just weeks after losing the World Series, the Astros find themselves in trouble again. Mark Teixeira tells Buster how he thinks Rob Manfred should handle the situation and if he was surprised when this story first surfaced last week (28:10). But before that, Tim Kurkjian and Buster talk about Derek Jeter and if his career warrants a unanimous Hall of Fame selection (5:53). Plus, will this be the year that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens get in?
Nov 19, 2019
Offseason Preview
Buster, Tim Kurkjian and Keith Law look ahead to 2020 by tackling the biggest questions swirling around some of the sport's biggest names this offseason. In a roundtable discussion, the guys talk about the Mets' hiring of Carlos Beltran, JD Martinez's contract and what it means for Boston, if Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon will return to the Nationals and more (5:27). Plus, Rena Banena's final "Bleacher Tweets" (29:39) and some final words from former Commissioner Bart Giamatti (41:21).
Nov 05, 2019
No Place Like...The Road
Following the completion of one of the most improbable runs in postseason history, Buster and Jessica Mendoza discuss another Nationals comeback, Max Scherzer's ability to get out of sticky situations, Gerrit Cole's eerie postgame comments and more (38:32). But before that, Sarah Langs with some ridiculous numbers on the Nats (33:50) and Karl Ravech on Stephen Strasburg's evolution and AJ Hinch's questionable bullpen management (16:54).
Oct 31, 2019
A Game 7 will happen tonight thanks to the Nationals winning one of the most unforgettable, action-packed baseball games you'll ever see. Buster and Jessica Mendoza try to make sense of what happened by discussing Stephen Strasburg's amazing performance, Alex Bregman's troll jobs, the interference call that sent Dave Martinez into a frenzy and how Anthony Rendon saved the MLB from another controversy (20:14). Plus, they speculate about how much Max Scherzer and Gerrit Cole can give their respective teams tonight. And, "Hembo Knows" (42:04) and Rob Manfred's latest comments on the possibility of automated strike zones (41:10).
Oct 30, 2019
Do or Die
Justin Verlander has never won a World Series start, and Tim Kurkjian joins Buster to give his thoughts on how Verlander will fare tonight, if he expects to see Max Scherzer in Game 6 or in a potential Game 7, the need for an electronic strike zone and much more (7:45). Plus, "The Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (24:43) and ESPN Radio's Chris Singleton previews tonight's game (30:57).
Oct 29, 2019
Flat Nats
Because of what ESPN Radio's Dan Shulman labels the Astros' "unwavering" belief in themselves, Houston now holds a 3-2 lead in the World Series. Buster and Shulman discuss how the Astros are living up to their pedigree, how disappointing it was to see Max Scherzer miss his Game 5 start and more (13:38). Plus, "Hembo Knows" (33:28) and the season's final "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom (42:55).
Oct 28, 2019
Friday Night Fight
With Zack Greinke on the hill fighting to save Houston's championship hopes tonight, ESPN Radio's Chris Singleton talks with Buster about the pitching matchup, why Houston's offense has struggled, how the Astros can steal Game 3 and more (12:57). Plus, Karl Ravech on the biggest challenge facing David Ross and the Cubs and if Joe Girardi will be able to connect with his players in Philadelphia (35:28). And, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (30:02).
Oct 25, 2019
With the Astros collapsing both on and off the field, Buster and Keith Law discuss Houston's underwhelming performance so far and the organization's lack-luster response to the incident involving assistant GM Brandon Taubman (39:59). But before that, "The Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (25:00) and Jessica Mendoza on the World Series and some new manager hires (11:10). Plus, Buster's interviews with Max Scherzer (30:45) and George Springer (56:40) and an excerpt from today's ESPN Daily podcast on the Astros' front office situation (35:45).
Oct 24, 2019
Fountain of Youth
After the Nats steal Game 1 from the Astros and Gerrit Cole, Buster and Tim Kurkjian discuss Juan Soto's big performance, Ryan Zimmerman's special moment and more (13:52). Plus, a pregame interview with Zimmerman (32:57), "Hembo Knows" (37:02) and the latest on Houston's troubling front office situation (25:56).
Oct 23, 2019
Team of Destiny?
How prepared will the Nationals be for tonight's Game 1 of the World Series? The Athletic's Brittany Ghiroli tells Buster whether the seven days off have helped or harmed this "team of destiny" (31:10). ESPN Radio's Dan Shulman also discusses the overwhelming amount of talent playing in this series, each team's readiness for baseball's biggest stage and his sense of Max Scherzer's demeanor ahead of tonight's start (7:48). Plus, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (25:06).
Oct 22, 2019
The Little Engine That Could
Calling it "one of the craziest ninth innings" he's ever seen, USA Today's Bob Nightengale talks with Buster about ALCS Game 6, Jose Altuve's ability to stay calm in big moments, if Aaron Judge is right to label the Yankees season a "failure" and more (11:25). Plus, "Hembo Knows" featuring a shocking proclamation (30:31) and "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom, the man behind the design of the Nationals logo (37:05).
Oct 21, 2019
Never Say Never
With the Yankees now facing elimination, ESPN Radio's Dan Shulman talks about New York's string of missed opportunities at the plate and what must happen for the Yankees to get back in this series (14:09). Karl Ravech also discusses Aaron Boone's bullpen management and the legacy of CC Sabathia, who likely threw his final MLB pitch after leaving with an injury last night (31:29). Plus, an emotional Joe Girardi sends a special message to Sabathia (30:31).
Oct 18, 2019
Silent Assassin
The Yankees need Masahiro Tanaka to be a "silent assassin" in tonight's Game 4 against Houston, says ESPN Radio's Chris Singleton, who also discusses New York's inability to drive in runs, how poor weather conditions will impact tonight's game, Joe Maddon's fit with the Angels and more (6:39). Sarah Langs also plays "The Numbers Game" (21:34) and Keith Law talks about some of the game's top prospects and how they'll affect the futures of teams like the Rays, Twins, Rangers and Mariners (29:41).
Oct 17, 2019
National Treasure
The Nationals advance to the franchise's first World Series and Jon Sciambi joins Buster to discuss how Washington overcame a sub-par bullpen to "obliterate" the Cardinals and if they'll match up better with the Yankees or Astros (10:12). Plus, "Hembo Knows" (28:05), Josh Reddick calls out Yankees fans (33:04) and ESPN's Marly Rivera on New York's bullpen issues and struggles against Gerrit Cole last night (34:34).
Oct 16, 2019
Storm's A-Brewin'
With the Nationals one win away from advancing to the franchise's first World Series, Buster and Dave Schoenfield discuss Stephen Strasburg's postseason dominance, how Bryce Harper looms over this team, if the media has underrated the Nationals and more (12:10). KBME's Steve Sparks also explains why Gerrit Cole is so good and if a canceled Game 3 (weather) would benefit the Astros or Yankees more (32:20). Plus, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (27:48).
Oct 15, 2019
Arms Race
The Astros and Yankees split the weekend and the Cardinals already find themselves in must-win mode. Sarah Langs fills in for Buster, who joins Sarah from the road to discuss Carlos Correa's big moment, Aaron Boone's managing of New York's bullpen and each team's path to winning the ALCS (17:16). Tim Kurkjian also preview's tonight's NLCS Game 3 matchup between Stephen Strasburg and Jack Flaherty (33:47). Plus, Todd Radom and "Cap Talk" (43:36).
Oct 14, 2019
Cole-d Blooded
Another dominant Gerrit Cole playoffs performance has Buster and Karl Ravech comparing the Houston ace to another all-time great (14:32). The guys also discuss Tyler Glasnow's pitch-tipping, X-factors in each championship series, the firing of Gabe Kapler and more. Plus, Rena Banena's "Bleacher Tweets" and some jovial conversations about underage drinking and baseball sitcoms (31:33).
Oct 11, 2019
Down Goes LA!
After the Dodgers fall short in October once again, Buster and Keith Law talk about Dave Roberts' handling of the bullpen and how Clayton Kershaw's poor performance affects his career narrative (20:43). Plus, they discuss Stephen Strasburg's resilience and the Cardinals' thrashing of the Braves. Sarah Langs also plays "The Numbers Game" (38:47) and The Athletic's Jake Kaplan previews tonight's ALDS Game 5 between the Astros and Rays (45:22).
Oct 10, 2019
...Get More Popcorn
With three winner-take-all Game 5's now set, Buster and Jon Sciambi break down Tampa's win last night, the Walker Buehler/Stephen Strasburg pitching matchup, Freddie Freeman's struggles and more (11:32). Plus, Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch discusses the compelling Braves/Cardinals series, the making of Jack Flaherty and the X-factors for tonight's game (28:38). And, "Hembo Knows" (36:02).
Oct 09, 2019
Grab Your Popcorn
Max Scherzer wills himself and the Nationals to a Wednesday Game 5 showdown against the Dodgers, who Buster and Dave Schoenfield say face more pressure to win than any other playoff team (16:34). They also discuss Houston's decision to start Justin Verlander today, Yadier Molina's clutch gene and why they're happy Stephen Strasburg will get the ball tomorrow against Walker Buehler. Plus, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (38:45).
Oct 08, 2019
Born for October
The Braves pull off a stunning comeback and the Dodgers shell Patrick Corbin. Buster and Tim Kurkjian recap a wild divisional series weekend by discussing Atlanta's clutch gene, the Yankees' plate discipline, if the Rays can salvage a game against the confident Astros and more (14:22). Plus, ESPN's Alden Gonzalez previews tonight's Dodgers/Nationals Game 4 (34:04) and Todd Radom joins for a playoff-themed "Cap Talk" (42:56).
Oct 07, 2019
Just Not Enough
Buster and Karl Ravech discuss a series-altering blunder by Ronald Acuna Jr. and Walker Buehler's dominance (13:33). Plus, Joel Sherman of The New York Post talks about the Mets' future following the firing of Mickey Callaway and also names some potential managerial replacements (31:52).
Oct 04, 2019
Sting Like a Ray
Can the Rays go to Houston and take down the Astros? Buster and Keith Law discuss that after reacting to the triumphant return of Yandy Diaz, Charlie Morton's strong start and Oakland's stumble in another winner-take-all game (14:57). Plus, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (41:13).
Oct 03, 2019
AL Wild Card Preview
A top reliever melts down, a young star emerges and one team moves on. With that, Buster welcomes Dave Schoenfield to break down the wild NL Wild Card game that was (11:05). Then, ESPN's Matt Vasgersian talks about the crazy atmosphere expected for tonight's AL Wild Card (27:11) and Susan Sussman of the San Fransisco Chronicle (34:53) and Marc Topkin of The Tampa Bay Times (39:20) preview tonight's A's/Rays showdown. Plus, "Hembo Knows" (43:50).
Oct 02, 2019
NL Wild Card Preview
With the Brewers and Nationals set to face off in tonight's winner-take-all NL Wild Card game, Buster speaks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Todd Rosiak about Milwauke's swath of injuries (27:43) and MASN's Mark Zuckerman about Washington's pitching approach (34:01). But before that, Buster and Jon Sciambi discuss what kind of deal Anthony Rendon will command in the offseason, the firing of Brad Ausmus and more (3:37). Plus, Sarah Langs and a NL Wild Card-centric "Numbers Game" (22:50).
Oct 01, 2019
So Long, Farewell
Buster and Tim Kurkjian relive the top 10 moments from an emotional weekend in baseball (5:48). They also discuss Joe Maddon's firing, the future of Brad Ausmus in Anaheim and some other names linked to managerial vacancies. Plus, Todd Radom rejoins Buster and Troy for "Cap Talk" (29:28) and an American figure says goodbye to a great American ballpark (36:19).
Sep 30, 2019
Baseball Royalty
After a night in which two larger-than-life baseball figures said goodbye, Buster speaks to Karl Ravech (13:53) and Jon Sciambi (32:38) about an emotional night for Felix Hernandez and if his career resume is enough to get him in to the Hall of Fame. Plus, a new addition to baseball's unwritten rules, more stories from Bruce Bochy (28:41) and a heartfelt tribute to Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman (52:30).
Sep 27, 2019
Down to the Wire
Buster and Keith Law discuss the Brewers' hot streak and how the organization's recent success stems from the top-down (12:49). Plus, Keith defends Gabe Kapler's managing style and also speculates on the future of the Phillies and Indians. Nationals OF Adam Eaton also explains what's so special about his team (32:45) before Sarah Langs plays "The Numbers Game" (36:36) and before's Mandy Bell explains why tonight is a must-win for the Indians (40:58).
Sep 26, 2019
Marathon Tuesday
ESPN Chicago's Jesse Rogers talks about the Cubs' epic collapse (33:35) but before that, Buster speaks with Jessica Mendoza about Gabe Kapler's future, the return of Jose Ramirez, Washington's incredible second half and why the league must figure out a way to shorten extra-inning games (15:34). Plus, a newly-married Hembo joins for "Hembo Knows" (27:42) and Buster and Troy give the season's final "Power 10" (42:28).
Sep 25, 2019
Old School
Before Giants manager Bruce Bochy tells some of his favorite stories from his legendary career (29:25), Buster speaks with Dave Schoenfield about Ned Yost's retirement, Tampa's resiliency, Yadier Molina's Hall of Fame case and more (10:48). Plus, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (43:07).
Sep 24, 2019
Race to the Finish
Buster and Tim Kurkjian discuss the Cubs' cloudy future following a season-altering sweep suffered at the hands of the Cardinals (13:11). They also discuss the Cardinals turnaround, if the Astros are the team to beat and if the Braves could get past the Dodgers in the playoffs. Plus, an interview with Indians manager Terry Francona (33:10) and a special appearance from Troy's older brother, Brady, in "Cap Talk" (37:12).
Sep 23, 2019
Midwest Meet-Up
Buster and Karl Ravech discuss Anthony Rizzo's unexpected return to the Cubs lineup as Chicago faces St. Louis in a crucial NL Central matchup (11:39). Plus, Buster compares Jack Flaherty to a Hall of Famer and Karl talks about Joe Maddon's personality clash with the Chicago front office. Jessica Mendoza also previews this weekend's Phillies/Indians series (33:40) and Rena Banena brings the Friday "Bleacher Tweets" and some love advice (45:12).
Sep 20, 2019
Giant Accomplishments
Before an open and honest interview with former MLB pitcher Barry Zito (33:14), Buster talks to Tyler Kepner of The New York Times about Bruce Bochy's 2000th win, an emotional night for the Yastrzemski family and Giancarlo Stanton's return to the Yankees (14:44). Plus, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (28:18).
Sep 19, 2019
'Fraid of Changin'
After a record-breaking night in Boston, Buster and Keith Law criticize the state of the game and explain why so many people close to the sport can't stand the product (13:27). Then, the two discuss the season-ending injury to Dellin Betances and who could earn the next $400M contract. Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel also talks to Buster about the Brewers and how they've overcome the loss of Christian Yelich (36:27). Plus, this week's "Power 10" (45:06).
Sep 18, 2019
In the Zone
Buster and Dave Schoenfield discuss how the Brewers have responded since the Christian Yelich injury, as well as Cody Bellinger's drop-off and Anthony Rendon's surge in the race for NL MVP (9:48). They also talk about a few of the question marks surrounding the Dodgers. Then, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (32:15).
Sep 17, 2019
Injured Party
Before speaking with Dodgers P Walker Buehler about LA's culture, Justin Verlander comparisons and a valuable lesson from his grandfather (33:39), Buster and Tim Kurkjian discuss Mike Trout's season-ending injury and how it affects his MVP chances, if Anthony Rizzo's injury kills Chicago's playoff hopes, Charlie Culberson's injury impact on the Braves and more (15:44). Plus, a minor league edition of "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom (41:22).
Sep 16, 2019
In the Medical Tent
Buster speaks with Karl Ravech about the rash of injuries facing the Yankees and what it means for the return of Giancarlo Stanton (11:00). They also explain why no teams should want to face the A's or Rays in the postseason. Then, Jessica Mendoza previews this weekend's Dodgers/Mets series and also lends her insights on the Noah Syndergaard/Wilson Ramos situation (30:56). Plus, Rena Banena's Bleacher Tweets (42:13).
Sep 13, 2019
A Ray of Hope
Buster talks to Keith Law about the debut of Oakland's top pitching prospect, Jesus Luzardo (10:36). Plus, Keith fills Buster in on the stellar seasons enjoyed by three of the game's top prospects. Then, Sarah Langs plays "The Numbers Game" (34:10) before Rays OF Tommy Pham discusses Tampa Bay's impressive season, why they're so hungry and how hitters have adjusted to the juiced ball (39:16).
Sep 12, 2019
Blue Crew
Buster talks to USA Today's Bob Nightengale about Christian Yelich's season-ending injury and its impact on the NL wild card race and his second consecutive NL MVP (10:55). Then, "Hembo Knows" (27:03) and Joel Sherman of The New York Post discusses his report on the alleged rift between Noah Syndergaard and Wilson Ramos (32:13). Plus, this week's "Power 10" (45:04).
Sep 11, 2019
Thank You, Next...
Buster and Dave Schoenfield discuss the ugly ending for Dave Dombrowski in Boston, James Paxton's importance to the Yankees, a sticky situation involving Noah Syndergaard and more (10:02). Then, Sarah Langs plays "The Numbers Game" (28:38) and The Athletic's Peter Gammons takes Buster inside the firing of Dombrowski before giving his opinion on how desirable that job really is (34:28).
Sep 10, 2019
End of an Era
Buster welcomes Dan Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe to discuss where the relationship between Dave Dombrowski and the Red Sox went wrong (11:22). Then, Tim Kurkjian comes up with some potential replacements for Dombrowski before talking about the future of the Red Sox and specifically, Mookie Betts (18:55). Plus, an interview with Yankees OF Mike Tauchman (34:22) and "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom (38:12).
Sep 09, 2019
Little vs. Big Town
Buster talks to Karl Ravech about the biggest threats to the Yankees, Dodgers and Astros and what makes the Rays and A's so special (11:27). Then, Boog Sciambi discusses the MLBPA's perception of the juiced ball and how Aaron Boone should manage his lineup once all of his players return (29:54). Plus, Rena Banena brings the Bleacher Tweets (43:22).
Sep 06, 2019
The Future Is Now
Buster speaks with Keith Law and Bias Cat about how baseball's top prospects will impact the postseason (11:18). They also discuss the futures of the Padres, Giants and Angels (23:46). Plus, Twins manager Rocco Baldelli on his first season in Minnesota (37:11) and Sarah Langs plays "The Numbers Game" (41:58).
Sep 05, 2019
Who's Your Natty?
Before Bryce Harper shares some childhood stories with Boog Sciambi (30:24), Buster talks to Dave Schoenfield about last night's Mets/Nationals game, Jack Flaherty's amazing second half and how history will remember the core of this Cubs team (15:14). Plus, "Hembo Knows" and this week's Power 10 (39:17).
Sep 04, 2019
No-No Brainer?
Before hearing from Justin Verlander about his third career no-hitter (23:44), Buster talks to Tim Kurkjian about the AL Cy Young race, Verlander's career revival, the debut of Gavin Lux and more (7:56). Plus, Sarah Langs risks her life for a special edition of "The Numbers Game" (26:44) and some Phillies "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom (37:25).
Sep 03, 2019
A Crushing in Flushing
Buster talks to Karl Ravech about Jeff Luhnow's surprising comments, the disappearance of the save and the outlook for the rest of the Mets' season (9:37). Then, Jessica Mendoza offers insights into the Mets clubhouse and the mindset of New York's front office before and after July 31 (31:21). Plus, Rena Banena brings the Friday "Bleacher Tweets" (43:54).
Aug 30, 2019
Arms and a Leg
Before talking to former MLB slugger Prince Fielder about his early retirement and the state of the game (30:02), Buster speaks with Keith Law about Gerrit Cole's earning potential in free agency and the Dodgers' bullpen struggles (10:04). Plus, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (45:07).
Aug 29, 2019
August and Everything After
Buster talks to ESPN Radio's Chris Singleton about the diminished meaning of home run records, Pete Alonso's impact on the Mets and the most likely landing spots for Gerrit Cole (10:15). Then, Jesse Rogers delivers some "Inside Heat" on the Cubs' playoff push and Yu Darvish's turnaround (31:22). After that, "Hembo Knows" (37:54) and this week's controversial Power 10 (44:27).
Aug 28, 2019
Hot 'Lanta
Before speaking with Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos about how he's built his roster for a postseason run (24:36), Buster talks to Dave Schoenfield about Josh Donaldson's resurgence, the AL Cy Young race and an idea for a new MLB logo (8:11). Plus, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (36:59).
Aug 27, 2019
Not So Black-and-White
After discussing the outrage over the Players Weekend uniforms, the impact of the Jose Ramirez injury and the bewildering Cubs, Buster and Tim Kurkjian imagine how social media would have reacted to the unexpected retirement of Sandy Koufax in 1966 (11:06). Plus, Buster interviews Clayton Kershaw (30:04) and then Buster, Troy and Todd Radom weigh in on the uniform craze in "Cap Talk" (38:23).
Aug 26, 2019
Shooting Stars
Before speaking with Astros OF George Springer about his rise to stardom (30:55), Buster talks to Karl Ravech about the LLWS and Gerrit Cole's earning potential when he hits the open market this offseason (9:57).
Aug 23, 2019
Home Sweet Home
Buster talks with Keith Law about the Mets' road to the postseason, the Dodgers' player development system and Lucas Giolito's growth (15:17). Then, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (35:23) and Alex Speier, author of "Homegrown," discusses the Red Sox's offseason plans and Mookie Betts' rise through the system (39:58).
Aug 22, 2019
Living Legends
Buster talks to Bleacher Report's Scott Miller about the evolution of Clayton Kershaw, how the Dodgers will manage their playoffs rotation, the significance of Carlos Correa's injury and more (13:12). Plus, "Hembo Knows" (31:24) and the latest Power 10 (38:16).
Aug 21, 2019
The Red Scare
Buster talks to The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy about the handling of Chris Sale's elbow injury, Dave Dombrowski's cloudy future, Alex Cora's unusual influence and more (10:43). Plus, "The Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (24:38) and Dave Schoenfield on Billy Hamilton's deal with the Braves and Carlos Correa's back issues (29:52).
Aug 20, 2019
Young and Old
Buster talks to Tim Kurkjian about Brian Snitker's decision to pull Ronald Acuna Jr., the severity of Chris Sale's elbow injury and the Yankees' ongoing feud with umpires (14:36). Plus, a quick interview with Anthony Rizzo (35:00) and "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom (38:02).
Aug 19, 2019
Sprinting to the Finish
Buster and Tim Kurkjian discuss league-wide bullpen struggles, Pete Alonso's versatility and if Bryce Harper's heroics last night will launch the turning point for him and the Phillies (12:14). Then, Jessica Mendoza provides the latest on the LLWS before previewing this weekend's Williamsport Classic (25:54). Plus, Scott Lauber of the Philadelphia Inquirer gives some "Inside Heat" on the Phillies and Charlie Manuel's impact on the team (40:52).
Aug 16, 2019
Hollywood's Finest
Buster returns from vacation and speaks to Keith Law about the historical significance of Albert Pujols' record for most hits by a foreign-born player, if Jake Arrieta will ever reclaim his former glory and how the home run boom has made talent evaluation more difficult (10:16). Then, Sarah Langs brings "The Numbers Game" (38:01) and Pirates OF Bryan Reynolds talks about his big year (42:42).
Aug 15, 2019
Devers Delivers
Buster Olney appears as a guest on his podcast for the first time and speaks with Sarah Langs about Charlie Manuel returning to the Phillies as their new hitting coach, Josh Hader's struggles, and the injury to Jeff McNeil (9:56). Mandy Bell joins to discuss how the Indians turned their season around in June (26:13). Plus, Hembo Knows (36:03.
Aug 14, 2019
Torrid Torres
Aug 13, 2019
Lessons from the Past
Dave Schoenfield fills in for Buster and speaks with Tim Kurkjian about the NL Wild Card race, the magic of Terry Francona, and what he learned in his reporting on the 25th Anniversary of the strike in 1994 (13:42). Plus, a conversation with Bruce Bochy (54:45) and Eddie Matz on the Nationals and what he learned from going to a game in the Atlantic League (30:50).
Aug 12, 2019
Field of Teams
Tim Kurkjian fills in for Buster and speaks with Karl Ravech about Bo Bichette's record start, the significance of Chris Sale's big night and the magic of Terry Francona (10:07). Plus, Ravech boasts of Tim's prowess on the dance floor. Todd Radom also makes his weekly appearance for "Cap Talk" (34:17).
Aug 09, 2019
Crushed Hopes
Keith Law fills in for Buster and speaks to Eric Karabell about last night's Chris Davis meltdown, tight playoff races and more (1:26). Plus, Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus discusses the Mets' playoff hopes (23:59).
Aug 08, 2019
Keith Law fills in for Buster and opens the show by discussing his takeaways from watching OF Luis Robert, the top prospect in the White Sox organization, last night. Then, Alex Speier of The Boston Globe tells some stories from his new book, "Homegrown: How the Red Sox Built a Champion from the Ground Up" (6:41).
Aug 07, 2019
Surprise, Surprise
Dave Schoenfield fills in for Buster and speaks with his old friends Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockcroft about DJ LeMahieu's surprise season, Bo Bichette's hot start and if the Mets can really make a run at the postseason (11:54). Plus, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (35:44).
Aug 06, 2019
Team Effort
With Buster on vacation, Dave Schoenfield fills in and speaks with ESPN's Bradford Doolittle about the Yankees and their knack for the injury bug, the falling Red Sox, expectations for the Cubs and more (18:04). Plus, a surprise guest joins Troy and Todd Radom for "Cap Talk" (43:37).
Aug 05, 2019
Grudge Matches
Buster and Jon Sciambi discuss the suspensions for those involved in the Pirates/Reds brawl before talking about the deterioration of Trevor Bauer's relationship with the Indians (11:02). Plus, Jessica Mendoza offers her insights on the Mets' trade deadline approach and this weekend's crucial series between the Red Sox and Yankees (31:59).
Aug 02, 2019
Trade Deadline Special
Buster Olney, Sarah Langs & Dave Schoenfield identify today's biggest winners after offering instant reactions to the flurry of deals that happened at today's trade deadline.
Jul 31, 2019
Fear Amir
Buster and Karl Ravech discuss how the MLB should come down on the players and coaches involved in last night's melee between the Reds and Pirates (17:39). They also talk about the Trevor Bauer trade and how it will impact the three teams involved. Plus, "The Numbers Game" (42:43) and this week's Power 10 (48:51).
Jul 31, 2019
All or Nothing
Buster and USA Today's Bob Nightengale go around the trade rumor mill, discussing which available pieces could help contending teams down the stretch of the season (9:43). Then, new Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman addresses the media (26:50) before another edition of "Hembo Knows" (29:24). Plus, Buster talks to Orioles OF Stevie Wilkerson about his record-breaking pitching performance last week and how it could spur a revolution in baseball (37:02).
Jul 30, 2019
Trades and Tirades
Two days before the trade deadline, Buster and Tim Kurkjian discuss Trevor Bauer's outburst, the bewildering Marcus Stroman trade and potential trade targets for the Yankees and Red Sox. (17:35). Plus, an interview with Alex Cora (38:34) and Todd Radom's "Cap Talk" (41:53).
Jul 29, 2019
The Fall of Troy
Buster talks to Karl Ravech about the historic finish in last night's Orioles/Angels game, Troy Tulowitzki's retirement and how the Blake Snell injury will affect the Rays (11:01). Then, Jessica Mendoza previews the storylines surrounding this weekend's Yankees/Red Sox series, like the future of JD Martinez and DJ LeMahieu's monster season (38:35).
Jul 26, 2019
So...What Happened?
Buster and Keith Law discuss the trade market after trying to make sense of the lineup confusion in the Rays and Red Sox game yesterday (14:57). Then, an interview with Nelson Cruz (42:23) and a special edition of "The Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs focused on the best 10 pitches in baseball (44:54).
Jul 25, 2019
Super Tuesday
Buster talks to Dave Schoenfield about the craziest night of the season thus far, the Yankees' pitching situation, Rays' struggles, and who the Dodgers should target at the trade deadline (18:19). Plus, a fascinating round of "Hembo Knows" (41:18) and this week's Power 10 (50:08).
Jul 24, 2019
Giant Obstacles
Before speaking to Red Sox groundskeeper Dave Mellor about the incredible story of his fight against PTSD (36:05), Buster talks to USA Today's Bob Nightengale about San Francisco's remarkable turnaround, if the Red Sox should consider selling and robot umpires in the Atlantic League (12:30). Plus, "The Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (30:00).
Jul 23, 2019
Closing Time
Before hearing some snippets from Sunday's Hall of Fame speeches (48:59), Buster and Tim Kurkjian discuss next year's ballot, Matt Harvey's fall from grace and how the trade deadline hinges on the Giants (12:14). Plus, an interview with Freddie Freeman (35:39) and "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom (39:15).
Jul 22, 2019
Savages in That Box!
Before speaking with Edgar Martinez about his favorite Mariners memories (33:18), Buster talks to Dave Schoenfield about how the Giants should approach the deadline, Aaron Boone's legendary rant and the career of Martinez (12:04). Plus, A-Rod tells Buster about the difficulties of hitting against Mike Mussina (48:16).
Jul 19, 2019
Mr. Roboto
Before speaking with Alex Rodriguez about his memories of playing with Mariano Rivera (43:42), Buster talks to Keith Law about the suspensions handed to Brad Ausmus and Noe Ramirez, if robot umpires are coming soon and some possible deadline moves for the Dodgers (11:57). Plus, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (38:23).
Jul 18, 2019
Sweet Revenge
Before speaking with Alex Rodriguez about his time spent playing with Edgar Martinez (46:07), Buster talks to Joel Sherman of the NY Post about the Angels/Astros scuffle and which teams should make aggressive pushes at the trade deadline (16:17). Plus, Hembo tells Buster why Bryce Harper isn't a bust (39:45) and Buster and Troy disagree on the Power 10 (58:51).
Jul 17, 2019
Feeling Blue
Buster talks to Jon Sciambi about the continued downward spiral of the Mets and the pitching market (10:46). Plus, he sounds off on baseball's perceived "home run problem." Marly Rivera also discusses Vlad Guerrero Jr.'s struggles and the dominance of the Dodgers (40:24). And, "The Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (33:22).
Jul 16, 2019
Trade Carousel
Before hearing from Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts (40:38), Buster talks to Tim Kurkjian about an unforgettable Friday night for the Angels, weekend trades and the amazing Fernando Tatis Jr. (11:55). Plus, a Chicago White Sox edition of "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom (32:04).
Jul 15, 2019
Ranger Danger
Before speaking with former MLB OF Kenny Lofton about his memories in Cleveland, the Steroid Era, his Hall of Fame case and the time he smashed a thermometer (31:47), Buster talks to Dave Schoenfield about which teams should buy, sell or hold at the trade deadline (5:39). Plus, Rangers manager Chris Woodward discusses his team's strong first half (26:29).
Jul 12, 2019
Ball Four
Before speaking with his old friend Scott Miller of Bleacher Report (29:06), Buster talks to Keith Law about his favorite moments from the Futures Game as well as Jim Bouton's impact on baseball (2:14). Plus, "The Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (23:06) and "One Last Thing" on the life of Bouton (52:05).
Jul 11, 2019
Bieber Fever
Buster speaks with USA Today's Bob Nightengale about his favorite moments from last night's All-Star Game and which teams will be aggressive at the trade deadline (11:12). Plus, Buster's postgame interviews with C.C. Sabathia and Francisco Lindor (26:55) followed by "Hembo Knows" (30:04) and this week's Power 10, where Troy Farkas reveals the real reason he's a Texas Rangers fan (35:56).
Jul 10, 2019
For Pete's Sake!
Before speaking with MLB Commissioner Emeritus Bud Selig about his thoughts on the current state of league/player relations and other topics (38:46), Buster talks to Boog Sciambi about last night's record-setting HR Derby and Justin Verlander's fiery comments (10:27). Plus, a special HR Derby edition of "Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (30:35).
Jul 09, 2019
Derby Day
Buster and Tim Kurkjian discuss the Jake Arrieta injury and the controversy surrounding the Jake Marisnick slide (13:06). Then, Karl Ravech previews tonight's HR Derby before looking back on the biggest storylines from the first half of the season (33:38). Plus, the new guy makes his debut on "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom (45:16) and Buster presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (55:02).
Jul 08, 2019
Angel in the Outfield
Before talking to Boog Sciambi about his impressions of the London Series and the new roles for Nate Eovaldi and Steven Matz (21:41), Buster speaks with reporter Alden Gonzalez about his time spent covering Tyler Skaggs (12:55). Plus, "Hembo Knows" (40:14) and the latest Power 10 (45:42). Lastly, Buster announces an exciting ESPYs experience (47:55).
Jul 03, 2019
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Keith Law fills in for Buster and begins by remembering the life of Tyler Skaggs. Then, Keith speaks with sports data scientist Meredith Wills about her controversial work regarding changes to the baseball (3:30). Then, we hear from Rob Manfred (24:20) and Sarah Langs highlights the youth movement across baseball in "Numbers Game" (33:02). Plus, a once-in-a-lifetime ESPYs experience is announced (55:00).
Jul 02, 2019
Battle Royale
Keith Law fills in for Buster and speaks with Eric Karabell about the electric BOS/NYY series in London, the All-Star voting process and the laughable Mets (1:14). Plus, Eric Longenhagen of FanGraphs discusses the Futures Game (20:45) and JD Martinez briefly talks about his performance thus far (46:20).
Jul 01, 2019
London Calling
Buster and David Schoenfield discuss ANOTHER Mets implosion, the London Series, All-Star selections and more (11:33). Plus, sound from the All-Stars (29:14) and Josh Macri's farewell as the show's producer (35:58).
Jun 28, 2019
Champs And Chumps
Buster & Keith Law discuss the College World Series, the next layer of the Mets' dysfunction and much more (14:02). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (40:34).
Jun 27, 2019
Stellar Sellers
Buster speaks with Boog Sciambi about the upcoming London series, All-Star voting and the guy he'd want over Madison Bumgarner at the trade deadline (13:15). Plus, "Hembo Knows" (37:02) and a surprising Power 10 (44:40).
Jun 26, 2019
New York Mess
Buster talks to Karl Ravech about the ongoing dysfunction in the Mets clubhouse, the Jordan Hicks injury and fans rushing the field (12:36). Plus, Sarah Langs and "The Numbers Game" (45:15).
Jun 25, 2019
Highs and Lows
Buster talks to Tim Kurkjian about Albert Pujols' return to St. Louis, the Mets' continued issues and the sinking Phillies (17:10). Plus, an interview with Angels IF Tommy La Stella (34:18) and a "Uni Quiz" with Todd Radom (36:37).
Jun 24, 2019
Foreign Threat
Before a conversation with Rays OF Austin Meadows (41:32), Buster discusses the possibility of the Rays splitting time between TB and Montreal with Marc Topkin (10:04) & Boog Sciambi (18:04). Plus, Boog weighs in on Madison Bumgarner's future, Albert Pujols' return to St. Louis & more.
Jun 21, 2019
Max Effort
Before hearing from Xander Bogaerts (34:31) and Hunter Pence (49:48), Buster talks to Keith Law about Max Scherzer's toughness, if the Nationals should sell at the deadline and "extraterrestrial" baseballs (12:35). Plus, "The Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (42:46).
Jun 20, 2019
South Side Story
Buster and Karl Ravech discuss the emergence of Eloy Jimenez, the Yankees' powerful lineup and the umpire union's response to Manny Machado (12:58). Plus, Derrick Goold with some "Inside Heat" on the Cardinals (33:00), "Hembo Knows" (47:48) and the latest Power 10 (53:18).
Jun 19, 2019
Take Two
Before speaking with Yankees GM Brian Cashman about the Encarnacion trade and the pitching market (31:55), Buster talks to Dave Schoenfield about Manny Machado's suspension and the Mets' struggles (12:36). Plus, Buster plays "The Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (46:01).
Jun 18, 2019
Power Purchase
Before hearing from Hall of Famer Edgar Martinez (32:05), Buster and Tim Kurkjian assess the Edwin Encarnacion trade from both sides and talk about Hyun-jin Ryu's dominance (12:52). Plus, "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom (44:24).
Jun 17, 2019
The Way It Is
Buster speaks to Karl Ravech about covering the College World Series and ASG voting (10:34). Plus, Jessica Mendoza previews the weekend (35:16).
Jun 14, 2019
Before a discussion with Twins P Jake Odorizzi (34:35), Buster and Joel Sherman discuss the red hot Braves, the developing trade market and more (13:16). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (47:19).
Jun 13, 2019
Deal With It
Before talking to Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos (24:16), Buster and Boog Sciambi discuss Boston's struggles, Corey Seager's injury and more (10:49). Plus, "Hembo Knows" (34:52) and the latest Power 10 (41:16).
Jun 12, 2019
Status Check
After getting the latest on David Ortiz's condition from Marly Rivera (11:23), Buster and David Schoenfield discuss the ridiculous power surge in the majors, the Dodgers' bullpen weaknesses and more (18:50). Plus, David Ross on Big Papi (34:10) and Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (47:34).
Jun 11, 2019
Before hearing from Cardinals 1B Paul Goldschmidt (28:02) Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss the latest with David Ortiz, the war of words between Madison Bumgarner & Max Muncy, Dallas Keuchel's pointed words about his negotiations and more (10:15). Plus, Cap Talk with Todd Radom (31:40).
Jun 10, 2019
Brave New World
Buster talks to Karl Ravech about the Dallas Keuchel deal, Craig Kimbrel and more (10:18). Plus, Tony Gwynn Jr. stops by to talk about his dad, Cody Bellinger & more (31:20).
Jun 07, 2019
Done Deal
Buster talks to Bob Nightengale about the Craig Kimbrel signing, what it means for Dallas Keuchel and more (11:20). Plus, Sarah Langs' Numbers Game (23:03) and Keith Law with thoughts on the Kimbrel deal as well as a draft recap (28:59).
Jun 06, 2019
The Good Guys
Buster talks to Matt Vasgersian about a major milestone for Bruce Bochy, where the Phillies go from here and more (10:24). Plus, Boog Sciambi on the Clint Frazier controversy and more (25:10), Paul Hembekides (46:31) and the latest Power 10 rankings (51:46).
Jun 05, 2019
Present & Future
After chatting with Keith Law about Monday's draft (7:11), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss Andrew McCutchen's injury, the Yankees' chemistry & much more (15:04). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (37:03).
Jun 04, 2019
Making Moves
Before hearing from Aaron Boone (33:56) & Xander Bogaerts (37:38), Buster & David Schoenfield discuss the amateur draft, the Keuchel/Kimbrel sweepstakes and much more (9:23). Plus, "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom and the weekly uniform quiz (40:58).
Jun 03, 2019
Surprise, Surprise
Buster & Karl Ravech discuss the early-season awards winners, the biggest surprises & disappointments so far and much more (10:06). Plus, Little League CEO Steve Keener hops on to discuss exciting new developments (33:48).
May 31, 2019
Enough Is Enough
After talking with Jesse Rogers about the horrible incident in Houston on Wednesday (13:19), Buster & Keith Law discuss fan safety, Keith's latest mock draft and more (18:15). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (36:51) and Michael Kay with some "Inside Heat" on the Yankees (41:54).
May 30, 2019
Conspiracy Juice
Before a "Call To The Legend" with Dodgers great Rick Monday (34:21), Buster talks to Paul Hembekides (10:06) & Boog Sciambi (17:37) about Joe Maddon's comments on potentially juiced baseballs, the overall weakness of the AL and more. Plus the latest Power 10 rankings (56:22).
May 29, 2019
Goodbye For Now
After a conversation with Indians manager Terry Francona (9:04), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss Dustin Pedroia's future, Bill Buckner's legacy, Manny Machado's annoyance with the media and more (12:54). Plus, Cardinals P Jack Flaherty (32:23) and Cap Talk with Todd Radom (36:39).
May 28, 2019
Make The Call
Buster & Karl Ravech discuss the most desirable HR Derby field, the Nationals' struggles and more (12:20). Plus, Jake Kaplan on the Astros (32:00) and Bob Kendrick of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum on the recovery of the museum after last summer's vandalism (39:21).
May 24, 2019
Throw The Damn Towel
Before catching up with Pirates slugger Josh Bell (35:33), Buster & Boog Sciambi discuss the Orioles' brutal season, SF's rebuilding efforts and more (11:31). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (30:42).
May 23, 2019
Challenge The System
Buster & Keith Law discuss the potential ramifications involving Braves prospect Carter Stewart, the best and worst college programs for pitchers and more (13:19). Plus, Mandy Bell with some "Inside Heat" on the Indians (38:09), Paul Hembekides (49:21) and the latest Power 10 rankings (54:35).
May 22, 2019
That's The Story
After Buster & Tyler Kepner break down an all-time day for the Mets (10:00), Tim Kurkjian joins to weigh in on the Mets, Vlad Jr.'s controversial off day, a tough moment for Andrelton Simmons and more (32:52). Plus, Sarah Langs' Numbers Game (25:22).
May 21, 2019
Winning Ugly
Before hearing from Kris Bryant (38:25) and Kyle Hendricks (43:15), Buster & David Schoenfield discuss the mess with the Mets, the Astros' climb, "Buster's" Presidents' Race win, Anthony Rendon's impact on this season and much more (15:24). Plus, Cap Talk with Todd Radom and the weekly uniform quiz (49:04).
May 20, 2019
Stay Classy
Buster & Karl Ravech discuss the rumors surrounding Mickey Callaway, Ian Kinsler's emotional outburst and much more (7:48). Plus, Jessica Mendoza looks ahead to the weekend (25:24) and a "Call To The Legend" with iconic Padres announcer Ted Leitner who shares tales of Tony Gwynn and answers the question of whether he's the inspiration for Ron Burgundy (36:10).
May 17, 2019
West Coast Bias
Buster & Keith Law reset some of the young stars to keep tabs on this year and much more (7:45). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (33:08) and Alden Gonzalez with a deep dive on the Dodgers, Angels and Padres (39:48).
May 16, 2019
Before catching up with Yankees manager Aaron Boone (26:51), Buster & Boog Sciambi discuss Chris Sale's progress, Vlad Jr., the Brewers and more (8:39). Plus, "Hembo Knows" (35:11) and this week's "Power 10" rankings (40:28).
May 15, 2019
Talk About The Weather
Before a conversation with Brewers manager Craig Counsell (30:22), Buster & David Schoenfield discuss scheduling issues caused by weather, the Astros' surge, Madison Bumgarner's future and more (6:16). Plus, Sarah Langs' Numbers Game (34:27).
May 14, 2019
They Are Who We Thought They Were
Before conversations with Christian Yelich (29:15) & Jon Lester (31:59), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss Madison Bumgarner's future, the tightening of the AL East and more (8:43). Plus, Todd Radom's "Cap Talk" and weekly quiz (41:44).
May 13, 2019
Presence Of Greatness
After a conversation with Angels OF Mike Trout (9:00), Buster & Karl Ravech discuss Albert Pujols' 2,000th RBI, Boston's visit to the White House & more (19:44). Plus, author Ron Rapoport on his fascinating book profiling the great Ernie Banks (46:18).
May 10, 2019
What Are We Talkin' About?
Before a conversation with Brewers P Jhoulys Chacin (42:38), Buster & Keith Law discuss the debate about foreign substances in the game, Tim Anderson's comments about baseball being "boring" and more (10:04). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (33:40).
May 09, 2019
Fiers Fest
Before catching up with Rays P Tyler Glasnow (36:22), Buster & David Schoenfield discuss Mike Fiers' no-hitter, Dallas Keuchel's decision, the future of the Angels & more (11:41). Plus, "Hembo Knows" (29:15) and this week's Power 10 rankings (46:00).
May 08, 2019
Mr. Negative
Buster & Boog Sciambi discuss Chris Paddack's gem, issues in Queens and more examples of the Marlins being the Marlins (9:51). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (37:32), and Jesse Rogers with some "Inside Heat" on the Cubs (42:47).
May 07, 2019
They're Baaaack!
Before hearing from Cubs manager Joe Maddon (33:40), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss the resurgence of the Cubs & Red Sox, why the Cardinals are in good shape, Tyler Glasnow and more (8:20). Plus, Todd Radom's Cap Talk and weekly trivia (37:26).
May 06, 2019
Thor Returns
Before catching up with World Series champ Chase Utley (52:46), Buster & Karl Ravech discuss Noah Syndergaard's dominant performance, the rise of the Twins, changes to the Nationals' staff and more (9:24). Plus, Jessica Mendoza looks ahead to the weekend (35:52).
May 03, 2019
Broken Dreams
Before a conversation with Astros manager AJ Hinch (27:30), Buster & Boog Sciambi discuss Corey Kluber's devastating injury, the red hot Twins and more (11:23). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (38:06) and Derrick Goold with some Inside Heat on the surging Cardinals (43:59).
May 02, 2019
Mr. 3,000
Buster & Keith Law discuss CC Sabathia's milestone, the HR surge, Addison Russell and more (10:14). Plus, Paul Hembekides (36:58) and this week's "Power 10" rankings (43:32).
May 01, 2019
Power Up
Before catching up with Braves P Max Fried (34:39), Buster & David Schoenfield discuss the power around the big leagues, Tim Anderson's hot stretch and more (9:40). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (28:04).
Apr 30, 2019
Dodger Damage
Before Boog Sciambi's conversation with George Springer (34:41), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss Cody Bellinger's hot month, the Yankees' perseverance and more (12:31). Plus, Todd Radom's weekly quiz and a discussion on the ugliest caps ever (39:25).
Apr 29, 2019
Family Matters
Buster & Karl Ravech discuss Vlad Jr., the first families of baseball and much more (7:51). Plus, Jessica Mendoza (30:19) and a great conversation with HOF President Jeff Idelson (40:39).
Apr 26, 2019
Smack Back
Buster & David Schoenfield discuss Rhys Hoskins' leisurely HR trot, Vlad Jr.'s call-up, a budding star in San Diego and much more (14:12). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (33:36) and the latest Power 10 rankings (39:28).
Apr 25, 2019
Emotions Runneth Over
Before in-depth conversations with Dave Roberts (27:14) and Andrew McCutchen (42:06), Buster talks to Boog Sciambi about the Mets-Phillies gripes, Mike Trout, Chris Sale & more (8:46). Plus, a dive into the numbers with Paul Hembekides (36:49).
Apr 24, 2019
Fightin' Phillie
Buster talks to Bob Nightengale (10:11) & Keith Law (31:02) about Bryce Harper's ejection, Jake Arrieta's reaction to it, Vlad Jr.'s status and much more. Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (25:02).
Apr 23, 2019
Young And Successful
Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss the incredible potential of Max Fried, the plethora of Yankees injuries and much more (10:22). Plus, a fascinating conversation with Terry Francona (38:50) and Todd Radom's weekly quiz and Cap Talk (47:40).
Apr 22, 2019
Make Your Pitch
Buster & Karl Ravech debate their Mt. Rushmore of pitchers, discuss the possibility of Mookie Betts getting traded and much more (6:53). Plus, Jess Mendoza looks ahead to the weekend (32:03) and Wayne Coffey discusses his new book chronicling the '69 Mets (47:27).
Apr 19, 2019
Let The Kids Play?
Before a conversation with CC Sabathia (30:55), Buster & Keith Law discuss the KC-CWS fracas, panic in Boston and more (10:33). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (39:04).
Apr 18, 2019
Another Level
After getting some Inside Heat from Alex Speier on another bad outing from the Red Sox (10:11), Buster & Boog Sciambi discuss Christian Yelich's demolition of the Cardinals, Anthony Rendon's contract negotiations and much more (17:32). Plus, Paul Hembekides weighs in on Mt. Rushmore with "Hembo Knows" (38:53).
Apr 17, 2019
Almost Like He's Psychic
Before hearing from Hank Aaron (33:10), Buster and David Schoenfield discuss Yasiel Puig's bizarre night, Clayton Kershaw's return to the mound, and Christian Yelich's dominance of the Cardinals (12:57). Plus, the "Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (8:01) and Jackie Robinson's daughter Sharon on the impact her father had on society (30:53).
Apr 16, 2019
Before an enlightening conversation with Jacob deGrom (49:22), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss Jackie Robinson Day, the red hot Astros, dominant pitching staffs & more (11:38). Plus, Negro Leagues Museum President Bob Kendrick (38:36) and Todd Radom's Cap Talk and latest uniform quiz (41:44).
Apr 15, 2019
Young Gronk
Buster and Karl Ravech discuss the impact that Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron had on MLB, the avalanche of criticism about Ozzie Albies' extension, and the early season success of Mets rookie Pete Alonso (9:13). Plus, NY Times' Tyler Kepner with stories on Steve Carlton's slider, Madison Bumgarner's fastball, and Mike Mussina's curveball (38:54).
Apr 12, 2019
Let's Make A Deal
Buster talks to Keith Law about the "emotional leverage" in Matt Carpenter's new extension with the Cardinals, other players who should be looking for extensions and the trend of "poor" baserunning in the league (9:48). Plus, Sarah Langs' Numbers Game (37:40), Jessica Mendoza on Mets first baseman Pete Alonso and more (43:13) as well as your "Bleacher Tweets" (59:53).
Apr 11, 2019
Palpable Frustration
Buster and David Schoenfield discuss the Mariners' hot start, Alex Cora's honesty about the early struggles for the Red Sox, and the 2018 playoff team that's in the most trouble (8:33). Plus, "Hembo Knows" on Max Fried's electric stuff (30:40) and some "Inside Heat" from Marc Topkin on the 1st place Rays (38:02).
Apr 10, 2019
Sunk Cost
Buster and Boog Sciambi discuss the Yankees rotation, the Chris Davis coverage, the best players under the age of 22, and the always interesting Alex Bregman (7:50). Plus, the "Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (27:21), Steve Wulf on Michael Jordan's career in the minor leagues (32:54), and Eddie Matz on Justin Verlander's quest to pitch into his mid-40s (43:11).
Apr 09, 2019
Phenomenally Good
Before hearing from Cody Bellinger (36:44), Buster and Tim Kurkjian discuss the brawl in Pittsburgh, the Dodgers' new hitting plan, the Cubs' slow start, and why the Orioles should just move on from Chris Davis (11:20). Plus, "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom and the weekly uniform/logo quiz (41:03).
Apr 08, 2019
Kings Of The Hill
Buster & Karl Ravech discuss Thursday's stellar pitching performances, the implosion of the Cubs and more (12:03). Plus, Jessica Mendoza stops by (34:35) and Coley Harvey brings some Inside Heat on the Yankees (50:26).
Apr 05, 2019
Center Stage
Buster talks to Keith Law about Jacob deGrom's dominance, the Acuna deal, the Ump Show in Texas and more (14:49). Plus, Sarah Langs' Numbers Game (49:10) and a tribute to Bobby Cox (54:28).
Apr 04, 2019
Phlipped Off
After the best highlights of the day and a dive into the numbers with Paul Hembekides (17:26), Buster & Boog Sciambi discuss Bryce Harper's bat flip, Ronald Acuna Jr.'s new deal and more (24:28). Plus, the 2019 debut of the Power 10 Rankings (51:13).
Apr 03, 2019
War Of Words, War Of Attrition
Buster talks to David Schoenfield about the injury issues that are already presenting themselves around the game, the war of words between Ron Darling & Lenny Dykstra and much more (13:35). Plus, Sarah Langs' Numbers Game (43:56) and Steve Buckley with some Inside Heat on the struggling Red Sox (48:20).
Apr 02, 2019
Weekend Observations
Before hearing from Bryce Harper (33:03), Freddie Freeman (44:16) and Gabe Kapler (47:06), Buster and Tim Kurkjian discuss the biggest surprises of the weekend, Christian Yelich's scorching start, cause for concern in Boston and Chicago and much more (9:27). Plus, "Cap Talk" with Todd Radom and the weekly uniform/logo quiz (36:15).
Apr 01, 2019
Let's Overreact
Buster reacts (and overreacts) to everything from Opening Day with Boog Sciambi (9:55) and Doug Glanville (28:04). Plus, a conversation with Boston's J.D. Martinez (41:12).
Mar 29, 2019
Happy Opening Day!
Before hearing pt. 2 of Mike Greenberg's conversation with Rob Manfred (50:00), Buster talks to Keith Law about the deGrom extension, his predictions for the season & more (8:20). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (34:24) and Jessica Mendoza on Opening Day excitement (38:49).
Mar 28, 2019
Raise An Orange Flag
Before hearing from Commissioner Rob Manfred, Buster talks to Karl Ravech about Fernando Tatis, Jr. starting the season in the big leagues, Steven Souza, Jr.'s peculiar injury, and concerns about the health of Carlos Correa (7:35). Plus, "Hembo Knows" about a position that's becoming extinct (39:46).
Mar 27, 2019
Episode 4: Jessica Mendoza
On the next stop on the Laughter Permitted party train, Julie Foudy catches up with her longtime pal Jessica Mendoza, who is a two-time Olympic medalist in softball and an analyst on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. Jessica tells the story of how a post-game interview during her playing days led to her current career in TV. She also delves into what it's like being a woman calling MLB in primetime, how a cockroach in a Dominican Republic bathroom helped her out of a hitting slump, what it's like homeschooling her sons and why scotch is her preferred drink of choice. Jessica's 9-year-old son, Caleb, joins the conversation and is so good on the mic that he has been invited to be on every episode going forward.
Mar 27, 2019
Done Deal For deGrom
Buster chats with David Schoenfield about Jacob deGrom's new contract and the future of Francisco Lindor (4:22). Plus, the "Numbers Game" from Sarah Langs (26:05), Rick Mace on how ESPN picks which games to air on Sunday Night Baseball (31:17), and Hal Steinbrenner on the Yankees' offseason (43:07).
Mar 26, 2019
An Unprecedented Position
Buster chats with Tim Kurkjian about how the Mets are in an unprecedented position with Jacob deGrom and the surprising contract the Red Sox gave Chris Sale (7:38). Plus, he talks to Phillies pitcher Jake Arrieta (35:42) before "Cap Talk" and the first weekly quiz from Todd Radom (47:05)
Mar 25, 2019
Buster & Karl Ravech discuss the activity in the NL Central, new-wave philosophies in front offices and much more (4:13). Plus, Marly Rivera talks Ichiro (28:32) and Jessica Mendoza discusses her recent interactions with Mike Trout and more (36:54).
Mar 22, 2019
Before Buster's extensive conversation with Phillies OF Andrew McCutchen (38:04), Josh Macri talks to David Schoenfield about Ichiro's goodbye, Mookie Betts' future, injuries to young stars & more (8:58). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (31:50).
Mar 21, 2019
Count It
Buster discusses the first game of 2019 with Eduardo Perez (5:35), dishes on the Mike Trout & Alex Bregman deals with Keith Law (9:50), dives into the numbers with Hembo (24:19) and catches up with Mets OF Michael Conforto to talk about his perspective on the Trout deal and expectations for New York this season (30:40).
Mar 20, 2019
BONUS: Mike Trout Signs Extension
Buster & Josh share their initial thoughts to Mike Trout's new deal with the Angels and discuss the several domino effects that the contract will have throughout MLB.
Mar 19, 2019
Games & Gamers
Before hearing from Carlos Correa (36:42) & Marcus Semien (43:17), Buster & Boog Sciambi discuss the video game epidemic, Scott Boras' rough winter, Clayton Kershaw & more (4:38). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (30:16).
Mar 19, 2019
Speaking Frankly
Before hearing from Nationals RP Sean Doolittle (31:43), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss A.J. Hinch's gripes, strength of schedule concerns, Carlos Gonzalez's signing & much more (8:11). Plus, Derrick Goold with some "Inside Heat" on the Cardinals' spring struggles (37:20).
Mar 18, 2019
Break The Mold
Before a conversation with Dodgers manager Dave Roberts (30:43), Buster talks to Karl Ravech about adjusting to changes in the game and much more (5:06). Plus, Jessica Mendoza on her breakout candidates for 2019 (37:35).
Mar 15, 2019
Better Late Than Never
Buster welcomes David Schoenfield to discuss the latest agreement between MLB & the players, Ronald Acuna Jr.'s hot spring and more (4:51). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (28:43) and Eduardo Perez on his biggest takeaways from the spring thus far (34:00).
Mar 14, 2019
Buster discusses ESPN's rankings of the top 100 players in baseball and much more with Jayson Stark (5:15) and Boog Sciambi (29:28). Plus, Yankees manager Aaron Boone (24:36) and Paul Hembekides dives into the numbers for "Hembo Knows" (49:23).
Mar 13, 2019
Before hearing from new Angels P Matt Harvey (26:32), Buster & Keith Law discuss front office strategy when it comes to valuable players and much more (3:09). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (34:29) and Tim Keown on his recent ESPN the Magazine cover story on Bryce Harper (39:48).
Mar 12, 2019
It's About Trust
Before hearing from Justin Verlander (30:16), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss Manny Machado's honesty, a level of distrust in the league and much more (6:51). Plus, Mandy Bell delivers some "Inside Heat" on the Indians (37:50).
Mar 11, 2019
The Human Element
Before hearing from Max Scherzer (41:59) & Bob Melvin (47:26), Buster & Karl Ravech discuss All-Access day, critical times for free agents, Tom Seaver and much more (6:01). Plus, Jessica Mendoza on her new role with the Mets (35:30).
Mar 08, 2019
All Access
On All-Access day with the Red Sox, Buster chats with Chris Sale (43:16), goes around the Majors with Tim Kurkjian (4:41) and Keith Law (17:38) and welcomes Sarah Langs for another "Numbers Game" (38:40).
Mar 07, 2019
Always Be 'Cruitin
Before hearing from Xander Bogaerts (25:58) & Max Muncy (37:44), Buster & David Schoenfield discuss Luis Severino's status, Bryce Harper recruiting Mike Trout & more (6:17). Plus, Paul Hembekides with "Hembo Knows" (42:21).
Mar 06, 2019
Time Is Money
Before conversations with Mike Trout (27:33) & Adam Wainwright (33:18), Buster & Boog Sciambi discuss service time manipulation, Clayton Kershaw and more (3:54). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (43:06) and an All-Access ride with Boston's Matt Barnes (48:34).
Mar 05, 2019
Before hearing from Giancarlo Stanton (31:15), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss the opportunity ahead for Bryce Harper, free agents still on the market, the most competitive division in baseball and much more (6:45). Plus, Jesse Rogers' "Inside Heat" on the Cubs (36:22).
Mar 04, 2019
The Bryce Is Right
Buster and Karl Ravech discuss the Phillies signing Bryce Harper (6:30), including scrutiny over the terms of the deal and how things look for his new team (Philadelphia) as well as his old team (D.C.) moving forward. Scott Lauber of the Philadelphia Enquirer joins for "Inside Heat" on how Phillies owner John S. Middleton was able to seal the deal (29:09) and "Hembo Knows" with Paul Hembekides on why the Phillies' lineup should be feared (42:16). Plus, Jessica Mendoza on Kershaw (45:57) and your #BleacherTweets (1:00:17).
Mar 01, 2019
A Baseball And Business Decision
Buster talks to Matt Vasgersian about the Giants' interest in Bryce Harper (6:01), goes rapid fire with J.D. Martinez (20:05), gets the Numbers Game from Sarah Langs (28:23), and chats with Keith Law about Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. (33:24).
Feb 28, 2019
Emotional Leverage
Buster gets some Inside Heat from Jenny Cavnar on the Nolan Arenado deal (1:11), discusses free agency and MLB's latest proposal with Boog Sciambi (8:14), and talks with Bill Shaikin about Mike Trout's future and the Dodgers' perspective on the Bryce Harper sweepstakes (36:49).
Feb 27, 2019
No Time To Panic
Buster talks with Mark Teixeira about Bryce Harper's free agency, Clayton Kershaw's shoulder, as well as a new idea to implement a pitch clock (4:27). Plus, David Schoenfield weighs in on Noah Syndergaard and Byron Buxton (16:50) and Sarah Langs delivers the Numbers Game (37:04)
Feb 26, 2019
Under Pressure
Before hearing from Manny Machado (44:58) & Mike Trout (49:25), Buster talks to Bob Nightengale about the Bryce Harper waiting game and much more (4:00). Plus, Meghan Montemurro with some "Inside Heat" on the Phillies' perspective (14:36) and Tim Kurkjian weighs in on the players, teams and managers facing the most pressure in 2019 (22:41).
Feb 25, 2019
Before chatting with music legend Garth Brooks about his time with the Pirates (29:35), Buster and Boog Sciambi dish on projected win totals and much more (2:49). Plus, Coley Harvey with some "Inside Heat" on the Yankees (36:21) and we remember the life of the late Nick Cafardo.
Feb 22, 2019
Tell Me That You Like Me
Buster talks to Karl Ravech about the emotion surrounding a potential Bryce Harper deal, potential issues for an NL Central contender and much more (6:59). Plus, Jessica Mendoza on Manny Machado and the Mets (31:39), and Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (44:31).
Feb 21, 2019
Money Machado
Buster talks to Bleacher Report's Scott Miller about Manny Machado's deal with the Padres, the ripple effect it will have and much more (8:23). Plus, "Hembo Knows" (24:48), Laura Armstrong with some "Inside Heat" on the Blue Jays (31:55) and remembering the life of the great Don Newcombe (44:31).
Feb 20, 2019
Living Legends
Buster talks to David Schoenfield about Mike Trout's future, the legendary career of Bruce Bochy, labor talks and more (6:01). Plus, Sarah Langs' Numbers Game (26:52), Marc Topkin with some Inside Heat on the Rays (33:01) and Karl Ravech chats with Alex Cora and Mookie Betts (35:44).
Feb 19, 2019
Hurry Up And Wait
Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss the waiting game with Harper, Machado and other big stars, what it means for labor peace and much more (6:48). Plus, Mark Teixeira shares his Spring Training perspective (26:50), Scott Lauber brings some "Inside Heat" on the Phillies (39:29), and Buster talks to CC Sabathia about his farewell season (43:28).
Feb 18, 2019
Buster goes rapid fire with Bob Nightengale on the latest free agency news (4:54), talks to Keith Law about labor negotiations and his rankings (15:35), plays a special "Numbers Game" with Sarah Langs (38:25), gets uniform updates from Todd Radom (44:25) and much more.
Feb 07, 2019
Hall Pass
Before catching up with Red Sox President Dave Dombrowski (30:16), Buster & Keith Law discuss the Hall of Fame election, what it means for the future and more (6:45). Plus, a Hall of Fame edition of "Hembo Knows" (42:54) and some Inside Heat on the Cubs from Jesse Rogers (50:04).
Jan 24, 2019
Cold Stove
After some Inside Heat from Philadelphia (5:14) & St. Louis (11:06), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss next week's Hall of Fame vote, the latest with Machado & Harper & more (16:37). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (35:35), a conversation with record-setting journeyman Oliver Drake (44:08) and longtime friend Chelsea Janes' goodbye to baseball reporting (58:49).
Jan 17, 2019
Holiday Spirit
Before catching up with Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos (38:19) & Giants President Farhan Zaidi (49:01), Buster spans the globe with stops in Oakland (9:34), Tampa (17:03), Chicago (21:49), Cleveland (27:30) and Colorado (30:44).
Dec 20, 2018
Winter Wonderland
Before catching up with new Spink Award winner Jayson Stark (36:59), Buster gets "Inside Heat" from N.Y. (5:00), Milwaukee (11:51) and Arizona (16:40). Plus, Keith Law shares his perspective on what's gone down at the Winter Meetings thus far (22:49).
Dec 12, 2018
Winter Meetings Check-In
Before catching up with Tim Kurkjian (30:44), Buster gets a Winter Meetings edition of "The Numbers Game" (1:52) and checks in on the hot Winter markets, including Houston (9:41), Chicago (13:56), New York (18:43) and San Francisco (24:29).
Dec 10, 2018
Spanning The Globe
Before chatting with new Orioles Exec. VP Mike Elias (42:31), Buster Olney checks in on the biggest offseason stories in L.A. (1:37), D.C. (6:44), Seattle (10:42), St. Louis (18:13), New York (23:59), Philadelphia (31:35) and Boston (37:41). Plus, a fascinating conversation with 30 for 30's Jody Avirgan (55:14).
Nov 29, 2018
Rob Manfred, Baseball Commissioner
Mike Greenberg talks to Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred about dealing with tough issues (2:00), his relationships with the other commissioners (10:15), balancing tradition with change (18:30), analytics (23:45), his passion for golf (33:06) and much more.
Nov 21, 2018
Heat Check
Buster & Bob Nightengale discuss MLB awards season, Bryce Harper's future, their expectations for the hot stove and much more (4:32). Plus, some Inside Heat on the Red Sox from Alex Spier (23:26), on the Cubs from Jesse Rogers (33:16), and an interview with NL Cy Young Award winner Jacob deGrom (42:38).
Nov 15, 2018
At age 46, Rickey Henderson refused to walk away from the game of baseball. This is the story of a baseball legend doing everything he can to keep playing the game he loves, whether or not it will ever love him back. Produced by Pineapple Street Media. Narrated by The Undefeated's Clinton Yates. 30 for 30 Podcasts is hosted by Jody Avirgan.
Nov 13, 2018
In 1995, star pitcher Hideo Nomo attempted to do what no Japanese player had done since 1965 - join Major League Baseball. Nomo and his agent hatched a plan to overcome the legal and cultural barriers that stood in his way, risking Nomo's career and reputation in Japan. The Loophole reveals how they pulled it off, launched "Nomo-mania," and transformed both American and Japanese baseball forever.
Nov 06, 2018
A Hall of Fame Conversation with Chipper Jones
What up y'all, I got a good one this week as I talk with Chipper Jones about hunting, flash bangs and how he broke his hand. Plus, I talk can beer with my boy Travis
Nov 01, 2018
That's A Wrap
Buster talks to Keith Law (2:59) & Bob Nightengale (36:02) about their expectations for the offseason and much more. Plus, Jessica Mendoza with one more World Series breakdown (24:48), a fascinating conversation with author Jane Leavy (45:47) and a podcast tradition to close out the year.
Oct 30, 2018
The Best Around
Buster & Tim Kurkjian share their perspective on the events that led to another World Series title for the Red Sox, Boston's unlikely heroes and more (2:37). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (30:06), Clayton Kershaw's postgame remarks (35:06) and the finale of Todd Radom's trivia (41:18).
Oct 29, 2018
SCOREBOARD: We Have A Winner
Buster recaps an epic World Series weekend which ended with the Red Sox winning their fourth title of the 21st century.
Oct 29, 2018
West Coast Stopper?
Buster breaks down every angle of the World Series as it shifts to L.A. with Jessica Mendoza (4:34) & Karl Ravech (28:54). Plus, Sarah Langs' Numbers Game (24:56).
Oct 26, 2018
Two For The Road
Buster & Keith Law break down what's going so well for the Red Sox and what's going so poorly for the Dodgers through two games in the World Series (2:17). Plus, Sarah Langs' Numbers Game (28:30) and much more.
Oct 25, 2018
SCOREBOARD: California Ugh
Buster recaps Boston's Game 2 win over the Dodgers focusing on David Price's stellar outing and a clutch hit by J.D. Martinez.
Oct 25, 2018
The Right Moves
Buster & Chris Singleton discuss Boston's flawless strategy in their Game 1 win over the Dodgers and much more (3:20). Plus, a dive into the numbers with Sarah Langs (29:26) and Paul Hembekides (46:17) and a chat with Phillies slugger Rhys Hoskins (35:54).
Oct 24, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Taking Advantage
Buster recaps Boston's Game 1 win over L.A., focusing on how the Red Sox took advantage of opportunities all game long to get the victory.
Oct 24, 2018
Ring Of Fire
Buster previews EVERY angle of the World Series with Dan Shulman (10:40) & Alex Speier (34:55). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (28:56), comments from Commissioner Rob Manfred (49:53) and more.
Oct 23, 2018
Cold Reality
Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss their expectations for the World Series, how the elements could be a factor & more (8:24). Plus, an epic trivia session with Todd Radom (38:14).
Oct 22, 2018
The Price Is Right
Buster talks to Karl Ravech about David Price's brilliant performance against the Astros & more (2:30). Plus, Pedro Gomez stops by to preview Game 6 of the NLCS (27:52).
Oct 19, 2018
Buster recaps Boston's win over the Astros in Game 5 of the ALCS, led by a dominant performance by David Price.
Oct 19, 2018
Instant. Classic.
Before chatting with likely AL Cy Young winner Blake Snell (38:52), Buster & Keith Law discuss an epic Game 5 between the Red Sox & Astros, the Dodgers' ability to take control in the NLCS and more (2:10). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (34:04).
Oct 18, 2018
Buster recaps Clayton Kershaw stepping up for the Dodgers and the Red Sox pull out a DRAMATIC win to take a commanding 3-1 lead over Houston.
Oct 18, 2018
Dirt Dog
Buster talks to Dave Schoenfield (1:51) & Jessica Mendoza (19:55) about whether Manny Machado's play should be considered "dirty," the Red Sox taking control & more. Plus, Paul Hembekides dives into the statistical trends of the series (32:28).
Oct 17, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Moment By Moment
Buster recaps Tuesday's MLB playoff action including the Red Sox pulling away from the Astros late, and the Dodgers winning in extras amid controversy against the Brewers.
Oct 17, 2018
Words Not To Live By
Before hearing from Brewers IF Travis Shaw (36:45), Buster & Boog Sciambi discuss Yasmani Grandal's remarks, break down the Championship Series & more (1:44). Plus, Sarah Langs' Numbers Game (32:22).
Oct 16, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Passed Opportunity
Buster recaps the Brewers shutting out the Dodgers in L.A., while the Red Sox and Astros prepare for a pivotal Game 3 in their series.
Oct 16, 2018
At the end of his career, Jose Canseco, the self-proclaimed "godfather of the steroid era," was effectively forced out of baseball. As revenge, Canseco conceived a tell-all memoir in which he would call out his fellow players for steroid use. Within a month of its publication, Juiced sparked a congressional hearing. Reported by Andrew Mambo. More at
Oct 16, 2018
Evened Up
Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian discuss the battle of the bullpens in the NLCS, David Price getting his first postseason win, the Red Sox treatment of Alex Bregman, Mookie Betts' boost and the Chris Sale situation (1:36). Plus, Boog Sciambi catches up with Jose Altuve (26:45), Todd Radom stops by for another uniform quiz (30:00) and much more.
Oct 15, 2018
Buster recaps the Red Sox evening their series against the Astros, while the Dodgers and Brewers are deadlocked heading west.
Oct 15, 2018
No More Talk
Buster Olney discusses the keys to the two League Championship Series with Karl Ravech (1:53). Plus, he chats with Steve Sparks of KBME about foreign substances and the Astros (30:28).
Oct 12, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Championship Preview
Buster offers his insight on baseball's final four and all four teams preview what is ahead.
Oct 12, 2018
Day Of Rest
Buster talks to Keith Law about his thoughts on the LCS in both leagues, the D-Backs' impending fire sale and more (3:22). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (28:25), Bill Shaikin with some potential changes to expect in 2019 and some Inside Heat on the Dodgers (33:13).
Oct 11, 2018
Buster Olney welcomes Adnan Virk to rank his top-10 announcers in MLB history.
Oct 11, 2018
Skinny Margin
Buster talks to Dave Schoenfield (1:52) & Marly Rivera (26:36) about the varied managerial success for Alex Cora & Aaron Boone in the ALDS, an ALCS preview & more. Plus, Paul Hembekides dives into the numbers for an NLCS preview (35:23) and Bob Nightengale delivers an all-time troll job (:24).
Oct 10, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Walking The Tight Rope
Buster recaps the Red Sox finish off the Yankees... Barely.
Oct 10, 2018
The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times
Buster talks to Tim Kurkjian about Boston's blowout of the Yankees, the Astros playing the respect card, the Dodgers taking care of the Braves and more (2:10). Plus, TBS' Brian Anderson weighs in on calling Red Sox-Yankees as well as what he expects from the Brewers for the remainder of the postseason (24:49). Finally, Sarah Langs plays "The Numbers Game" (42:21).
Oct 09, 2018
Buster recaps the Astros and Dodgers punching their tickets to the next round, while the Red Sox punch the Yankees in the mouth.
Oct 09, 2018
Turn It Up
Before hearing from J.D. Martinez (23:32) & Dave Roberts (26:51), Buster & Boog Sciambi discuss the Brewers' dominance & more (:57). Plus, Andrea Pelkey on her viral video of Aaron Judge (17:38), and Todd Radom's #ThirtyUnis examines the Mets (29:15).
Oct 08, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Colorado Curtains
Buster recaps all of Sunday's MLB action including the Brewers completing the sweep of the Rockies, the Braves living to fight another day against the Dodgers and more.
Oct 08, 2018
Away We Go
Buster & Karl Ravech discuss big wins for the Brewers and Dodgers, look ahead to the weekend and more (2:15). Plus, E:60 producer Max Brodsky joins Buster to discuss their feature on Carlos Correa (29:40).
Oct 05, 2018
Buster recaps Thursday's MLB action including a walk-off win for the Brewers, a dominant game for the Dodgers and more. Plus, a look ahead to Friday's games.
Oct 05, 2018
A Particular Set Of Skills
Buster talks to Tim Kurkjian about the Yankees' dominant win over the A's, his Division Series predictions & more (1:32). Plus, a post-mortem on the Cubs from Jesse Rogers (25:35), Inside Heat on the Yankees from Coley Harvey (35:29), Sarah Langs' Numbers Game (41:37), and a postseason edition of the "Power 8" (46:15).
Oct 04, 2018
Buster recaps the Yankees blowout win over the A's in the AL Wildcard game and looks ahead to the Divisional series.
Oct 04, 2018
Rock On
Before hearing from Astros 3B Alex Bregman (29:10), Buster & Boog Sciambi discuss the Rockies' epic win, what's next for the Cubs, the AL Wild Card and much more (1:16). Plus, a dive into the numbers with Paul Hembekides (35:48).
Oct 03, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Wild Wild Card Game
Josh Macri recaps a very eventful Wild Card matchup between the Rockies and the Cubs then looks ahead to the ALWC game between the A's and Yankees.
Oct 03, 2018
The Stage Is Set
Buster talks to Jerry Crasnick (:32) & Jessica Mendoza (23:37) about the MLB tiebreakers, what they expect in the Wild Card games and more. Plus, a Wild Card edition of Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (37:05).
Oct 02, 2018
SCOREBOARD: 163 Settles It
Buster recaps Monday's MLB action including clinching wins for the Brewers and Dodgers in Game 163.
Oct 02, 2018
Hard Goodbyes
Before Boog Sciambi catches up with Cubs manager Joe Maddon (23:22), Buster and Keith Law discuss the tiebreakers, legendary figures saying goodbye and more (:59). Plus, Todd Radom's latest #ThirtyUnis reveal and logo trivia (24:31).
Oct 01, 2018
SCOREBOARD: 162 Not Enough
Buster recaps all of Sunday's MLB action including the results leading to a pair of Game 163's, some potential goodbyes for legendary players and much more.
Oct 01, 2018
Working For The Weekend
Buster talks to Bob Nightengale (1:24) & Boog Sciambi (14:24) about what could take place in the season's final weekend, CC Sabathia sticking up for his teammate and more. Plus, Rob Bradford with some "Inside Heat" on the level of panic over Chris Sale and Boston's pitching staff (33:58).
Sep 28, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Money Well Spent?
Buster breaks down an eventful Thursday slate, including CC Sabathia passing on $500,000 and David Dahl's clutch gene.
Sep 28, 2018
Buster talks to Dave Schoenfield about a wild night in MLB on Wednesday (:49) and to Keith Law about what those things mean in the grand scheme of things (13:16). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (30:47) & more.
Sep 27, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Tickets Punched
Buster recaps all of Wednesday's MLB action, including playoff resolutions in the NL Central, a potential goodbye for Bryce Harper, a milestone for Mookie Betts and an exclamation point for Jacob deGrom.
Sep 27, 2018
Senior Circus
Buster talks to Karl Ravech about the Astros' AL West crown, the drama down the stretch in the NL, Kris Bryant's bad luck and more (:25). Plus, Paul Hembekides gets a trivia ambush (22:34), Jake Kaplan brings some "Inside Heat" on the Astros (27:14) and the guys unveil their final Power 10 of the regular season (39:20).
Sep 26, 2018
Buster recaps all of Tuesday's MLB action including a huge milestone for Max Scherzer, the Astros clinching the AL West and a crazy night in the National League.
Sep 26, 2018
95 For The Money
Buster talks to Tim Kurkjian about the A's low-budget success, the NL playoff picture, the Giants' future & more (1:40). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (28:23) and Tom Haudricourt with some "Inside Heat" on the Brewers (33:46).
Sep 25, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Playoff Clarity
Buster recaps all of Monday's MLB action, including a clincher for the A's, a franchise record for the Red Sox, a career first for Bryce Harper and a huge win for the Brewers.
Sep 25, 2018
The Home Stretch
Buster & Jerry Crasnick discuss injuries to Didi Gregorius and Xander Bogaerts, the Indians' chances in the postseason, tight races in the NL, Hawk Harrelson's final call and much more. (2:34). Plus, Boog Sciambi and Chris Singleton caught up with Francisco Lindor (31:30) and Terry Francona (43:13), Todd Radom stops by for another quiz (37:30) and your #BleacherTweets.
Sep 24, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Shortstop Shortage
John Brickley recaps the weekend's MLB action, including the Indians winning a thriller against the Red Sox, the Dodgers keep rolling out west and Kyle Schwarber carries the Cubs over their cross-town rival.
Sep 24, 2018
You Wanna Crown 'Em?
Buster & Karl Ravech discuss Boston clinching the AL East, the showdown between the Red Sox & Indians, the AL MVP race & more (1:39). Plus, Jessica Mendoza on what Walker Buehler's rise has meant for the Dodgers (27:51).
Sep 21, 2018
Buster breaks down Thursday's slate, including a three touchdown performance from the A's and the Red Sox locking up the AL East.
Sep 21, 2018
Blue October?
Buster talks to Keith Law about the Dodgers coming together at the right time, the level of concern over Boston's stumble & more (:33). Plus, a conversation with the great Dan Shulman (23:32), Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (35:23) and Josh acts out the dialogue of the guys who found the Red Sox's AL East championship banner (15:26).
Sep 20, 2018
K The Good Way
Buster recaps all of Wednesday's MLB action, including another win for the Dodgers, the Yankees staving off a Boston celebration again, and a milestone walkoff for Jason Kipnis.
Sep 20, 2018
Take Your Pick
Buster talks to Jerry Crasnick about the dynamics of the NL West race, his awards front-runners and more (:36). Plus, Marly Rivera on "The Cora 4" (21:38) and's Jordan Bastian with some "Inside Heat" on the Indians (31:28).
Sep 19, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Not In Our House
Buster recaps all of Tuesdaya€™s MLB action, including a comeback win for the Yankees, the emergence of Josh James for the Astros, an update on Trevor Story and much more.
Sep 19, 2018
Yelich Loud
Buster talks to Boog Sciambi about the art of the called shot in the booth, Christian Yelich's impact and more (:28). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (20:00) and Coley Harvey with some "Inside Heat" on the Yankees (25:23).
Sep 18, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Fortune Tellers
Buster recaps all of Monday's MLB action including a scary moment for the Rockies, a wild prediction from the Cubs' booth and a historical accomplishment for the potential NL MVP.
Sep 18, 2018
Before hearing from the Dodgers' Cody Bellinger (28:26), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss Adam Wainwright's impact, the awards races, Dave Roberts' future and more (:31). Plus, Todd Radom's logo trivia (31:05).
Sep 17, 2018
SCOREBOARD: What Else Is New?
John Brickley recaps all of Sunday's MLB action including another Mets loss behind Jacob deGrom, a big rally for the Blue Jays, a dominant performance by the Cards & more.
Sep 17, 2018
Down A Goat
Buster talks to Karl Ravech about the Rockies' dismissal of the Diamondbacks, Pedro Strop's injury & more (:42). Plus, Jessica Mendoza weighs in on Josh Hader's MVP case (28:18), Jesse Rogers offers some "Inside Heat" on the Cubs (43:12) and much more.
Sep 14, 2018
SCOREBOARD: What Can't He Do?
Buster breaks down Thursday's action, including a bit of everything from Javier Baez and Manny Machado flexing his muscles.
Sep 14, 2018
Keep On Rockin
Before chatting with Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos (25:30), Buster & Keith Law discuss the Rockies, Josh Hader's dominance, the Phillies' issues & more (:24). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (36:25) and the Power 10 rankings (38:57).
Sep 13, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Keeping It 100
Buster breaks down Wednesday's action, including the 100th win of the season for Boston and a tight NL Central race.
Sep 13, 2018
Playoff Bound
Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss the Red Sox being the first team to clinch a playoff berth, if Joe Mauer is a Hall Of Famer, the latest on Josh Donaldson, Tim's NL MVP favorite and much more (1:34). Plus, Paul Hembekides drops by for Hembo Knows with a surprise guest (20:13), Andy McCullough of the LA Times talks all things Dodgers (24:30) and your #BleacherTweets.
Sep 12, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Ticket Punched
Buster breaks down Tuesday's action, including the first seat at the playoff table being claimed and more tough luck for deGrom.
Sep 12, 2018
No, But Seriously
Buster & Jerry Crasnick discuss Josh Hader's epic performance on Monday, the sour grapes displayed by several AL contenders and more (1:07). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (23:52) and Derrick Goold with some "Inside Heat" on the Cardinals (27:33).
Sep 11, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Sipping The Haderade
Buster breaks down Monday's action, including a N.L. Central race that's coming down to the wire.
Sep 11, 2018
Upon Further Review
Before hearing from Red Sox OF Mookie Betts (28:24) & Astros GM Jeff Luhnow (33:05), Buster & Tim Kurkjian discuss the controversial call on SNB, the NL East race & more (1:31). Plus, Todd Radom's weekly quiz (35:30).
Sep 10, 2018
Scoreboard: Look Again
Buster recaps Sunday's action including a controversial play in Boston, a heated exchange in Milwaukee, a great finish between the Mariners & Yankees and much more.
Sep 10, 2018
Franchise Changer Or Changing Franchises?
Before hearing from Yankees OF Andrew McCutchen (51:53), Buster & Karl Ravech discuss the Angels' Mike Trout conundrum, the NL Central race, J.D. Martinez's shot at history & more (:22). Plus, Jessica Mendoza on Alex Bregman's sweet swing and who'd get her vote for NL Manager of the Year (33:22).
Sep 07, 2018
Buster breaks down an abbreviated Thursday slate, including an MVP case for Francisco Lindor and another clutch hit by David Bote.
Sep 07, 2018
Decision Time
Before hearing from Brewers manager Craig Counsell (28:14), Buster & Keith Law discuss Shohei Ohtani's dilemma, Alex Bregman's sweet swing and more (:25). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (23:48) and Alex Speier on one of the most remarkable wins of the year for the Red Sox (31:05).
Sep 06, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Shohei Oh-no-tani
Buster breaks down Wednesday's action, including the scorching hot Alex Bregman and a difficult Shohei Ohtani situation.
Sep 06, 2018
Fight Club
Buster talks to Tim Kurkjian (1:23) & Boog Sciambi (23:10) about the Mariners' infighting, personal fight stories, the bullpen woes amongst contenders and more. Plus, Paul Hembekides dives into the numbers (46:39) and the weekly "Power 10" rankings (51:07).
Sep 05, 2018
SCOREBOARD: Filling The Voit
Buster breaks down Tuesday's action, including more power from the Yankees and turmoil in Seattle.
Sep 05, 2018
Game Shame
Before hearing from Braves manager Brian Snitker (26:27) & Astros 3B Alex Bregman (32:25), Buster & Jerry Crasnick discuss Wil Myers "accidental" criticisms of Andy Green, the waiver deals that will make the biggest difference down the stretch and much more (1:04). Plus, Sarah Langs' "Numbers Game" (28:38), Todd Radom's uniform quiz (34:16) and much more.
Sep 04, 2018