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By Adriana Belotti

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In this podcast, Adriana Belotti interviews people experimenting with and building new products using blockchain and DLT technologies. They are developers, marketers, business developers, accountants, founders, researchers and more. Each episode tells someone story, in a chat about their journey down the crypto rabbit hole, how did they first learn about it and what they are currently working on. In 2022, Adriana joined the team at Algorand Foundation and this podcast continues to be independently produced. #blockchain #crypto #blockchainpro #blockchainpropodcast

Episode Date
#56 - Harry Papacharissiou
Welcome to the blockchain pro podcast, I'm Adriana Belotti and today I'm chatting to Harry Papacharissiou about blockchain development, taking the time to switch gears and creating cool prototypes for hackathons.
May 15, 2022
#55 - Jemma Xu
Welcome to episode 55 with Jemma Xu. In this episode, Adriana and Jemma chat about evaluating projects for investing (not financial advice), what to do during the bear market, Jemma's investment pillars and more.
Mar 30, 2022
#54 - Mark Staples
Welcome to episode 54 with Mark Staples, Senior Principal Researcher at Data 61. In this episode, Adriana and Mark discuss researching blockchain technology, the role research plays with government and industry and what Mark has identified as the "three blockchain adoption paradoxes".
Mar 14, 2022
#53 Rob Allen
Welcome to Episode 53 with Rob Allen of the HBAR Foundation, where we discuss why blockchains needs to talk to each other (what we call interoperability) to truly unlock web3's potential.
Feb 28, 2022
#52 - Chris Were
In this episode, Adriana chats to Chris Were, founder and CEO of Verida, about how his professional life happened to follow the evolution of the internet, and the role of web3 in the future of technology.
Feb 14, 2022
#51 - Vanessa Lee-Ah Mat
In this episode, Adriana and Vanessa discuss the role of a cultural broker, the importance of educating all sides about cultural differences, as well as Vanessa's journey in discovering crypto through NFTs and how her latest project aims to change the lives of communities through fairer art deals.
Feb 01, 2022
#50 - AJ Milne
Welcome to episode 50 with AJ Milne. In this episode Adriana and AJ discuss issues founders face when starting blockchain businesses, Algorand's advantage, our social and environmental responsibilities, Algomint's roadmap and more.
Dec 16, 2021
#49 - Michael Bacina
Welcome to Episode 49 with Michael Bacina. In this episode, Adriana and Michael talk about the evolution of crypto legislation, the latest Australian regulatory recommendations, why crypto is bad for criminals and more.
Nov 30, 2021
#48 - Caroline Bowler
Welcome to episode 48 with Caroline Bowler. In this episode, Adriana and Caroline talk about how a financial markets career can be a good springboard for crypto, about crypto regulation and the Australia Senate recent hearings, what you need to be good at to work in crypto and more. Bio - Caroline Bowler is CEO of BTC Markets, based in Melbourne. Caroline has worked in Financial Services since 2004, originally in stockbroking and investment banking. Caroline began directly advocating for our industry in 2015, founding the first FinTech & Blockchain-focused communications agency in Asia. Connect with Caroline Twitter LinkedIn Connect with Adriana Twitter LinkedIn Blockchain Pro podcast Twitter Website
Nov 12, 2021
#47 - Bilal Brahim
Welcome to Episode 47 with Bilal Brahim. In this episode, Adriana and Bilal discuss the life of a philosophy teach turned blockchain advocate, how deeply connecting with other humans can sometimes sprout great innovation, even in the most basic of human endeavours.
Oct 27, 2021
#46 Dr Jane Thomason
Welcome to episode 46 with Dr Jane Thomason. In this episode, Adriana and Jane chat about Jane's humanitarian work, the fact the lots of people in the blockchain tech community deeply care about solving challenges for the underprivileged, one of these challenges being the costs of implementing tech solutions and how newer blockchains are tackling them, network effects and tribalism, inequity and more.
Oct 09, 2021
#45 - Arthur Falls
Welcome to episode 45 with Arthur Falls. Arthur's podcasts were my inspiration to go on this journey and in this episode, we chat about all the different jobs that lead Arthur to finding his "calling" in this brave new world of decentralised applications. We also talk about Dfinity's Internet Computer, how it works and how we can use it to deploy all kings of applications.
Sep 20, 2021
#44 - Rob Morris
Welcome to episode 44 with Rob Morris. In this episode, Adriana and Rob chat about his eagerness to leave high school and start "real life", bitcoin in the early days and how it has evolved in the past decade, what we can do to work together and solve that many problems facing our species and more.
Sep 01, 2021
#43 - Byron Goldberg
Welcome to Episode 43 with Byron Goldberg. In this episode, Adriana and Byron discuss how to start working in crypto (just make a start!), the challenges of launching a business to a new market and the dangers of hurried regulation.
Aug 17, 2021
#42 - Natasha Blycha
Welcome to episode 42 with Natasha Blycha. In this chat, Adriana and Natasha talk about the challenges of bridging the real and digital worlds in this new age of metaverse spaces and digital twins. Some of the themes are how to navigate innovation to help others understand new paradigms risks and opportunities, what is "jurisdiction shopping", smart legal contracts, DAOs and more.
Jul 31, 2021
#41 - Jake Denny
Welcome to Episode 41. In this episode, Adriana and Jake chat about Jake's career in the music industry and how he transitioned to work with digital and web, seeing early on how these technologies would affect the music industry. When discovering Ethereum in 2016, Jake rapidly went from being "digital obsessed" to being "Ethereum obsessed" and continues to face his challenges head on, but with hard work and humility.
Jul 13, 2021
#40 - Gendry Morales
Welcome to Episode 40. In this episode Adriana chats to Gendry Morales, a software engineer who early on saw the power of mixing code and art, using smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain. In this episode we discuss choosing a career in tech, the evolution of smart contracts, what's an NFT and more.
Jun 21, 2021
#39 - Michael Cotton
Description Welcome to Episode 39. In this episode, Adriana chats with Michael Cotton, CEO of Meld Gold about his experience with creating tokens backed by precious metals, starting with gold and silver with others to follow.
May 18, 2021
#38 - Greg Valles
Welcome to episode 38 with Greg Valles. In this episode, Adrina and Greg discuss his professional evolution from working for the Australian Tax Office to founding and managing his own business. We also discussed the differences between traditional and crypto accounting, common misconceptions relating to crypto and tax, things people need to stay on top of for tax time, the Australian crypto legislation landscape, the difference between NFTs and other crypto assets from a tax perspective, and tips for accounting professionals who are yet to start exploring crypto (TLDR; just do it!)
Apr 11, 2021
#37 - Adam Meister
Welcome to Episode 37 with Adam Meister. In this episode, Adriana and Adam discuss what it meant finding bitcoin in the early days, the problem it solves, what is a "bitcoin maximalist", the number 1 question Adam gets asked all the time and, finally, tips for content producers everywhere. Let dive right in and get to know Adam.
Mar 15, 2021
#36 - Mehdi Zerouali
Welcome to Episode 36! In this episode, Adriana talks to Mehdi Zerouali, cybersecurity expert and director at Sigma Prime, a Sydney-based blockchain security consultancy. In this episode, we discussed blockchain and cyber, misconceptions about blockchain security, how to avoid getting hacked and what people can do to contribute. Mehdi's Bio Mehdi Zerouali is a co-founder and Director of Sigma Prime, a leading Sydney-based blockchain security company. Mehdi has been in the information security industry for 10 years and has performed hundreds of security assessments targeting critical infrastructure. With Sigma Prime, Mehdi applies his skills to the Blockchain space, helping prominent projects secure their decentralised protocols. Connect with Mehdi LinkedIn Twitter SigmaPrime SigmaPrime GitHub Connect with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter Our website
Feb 23, 2021
#35 - Joseph Shew
Welcome to episode 35 with Joseph Shew. In this episode, Adriana and Joe chat about what made Joe realise he had a passion for teaching, as well as Joe's tips to safely invest in cryptocurrencies: six DON'Ts and three simple DOs. Listen in to find out what they are. Joe's bio Joe is the founder of Crypto Consulting Institute, a leading investment education business, helping new and current investors to safely create wealth in the highest performing asset class in history. CCI operates across Australia, New Zealand, United States, Asia and the United Kingdom and has helped hundreds of clients from all backgrounds achieve life-changing results with their unique proven 5 Pillar Holistic Investment System. He has been featured on Channel Nine, Channel Ten, Dollar With Sense TV, as well as speaking at major events around the world, like Barclays Bank in London, the Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair at the MECC and featured on a number of podcasts along the biggest names in the industry. Here are the direct links to download Joe's playbook, his investment course and to get in touch with him and his team. The Cryptocurrency Investment Playbook - Live Cryptocurrency Investment Training - Direct contact for the CCI team - Connect with Joe LInkedIn Twitter Connect with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter Our website
Feb 01, 2021
#34 - Torsten Hoffmann
Welcome to Episode 34. In this episode, Adriana and Torsten talk about bitcoin as the inspiration to a new career direction: documentary filmmaking. Torsten also talks about how he went down the rabbit hole and ends with some great advice for those starting to explore this space. Bio Torsten Hoffmann is a German/Australian entrepreneur and filmmaker. His first documentary about Bitcoin became a viral hit in 2015 and his new film about the emerging blockchain industry was supported by Screen Australia and is being broadcasted all around the world this year. The new award-winning cinema documentary Cryptopia is available on Amazon and here: End of Money (2015) generated 1.5M views in the past 5 months on YouTube but here's a link without ads Torsten also teaches a 3 hour course for newcomers to the industry on Udemy here: Connect with Torsten LinkedIn Twitter Connect with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter Our website
Jan 19, 2021
#33 - Justin Amos
Welcome to Episode 33. In this episode, Adriana and Justin chat about playing soccer for the "Banking League" in the early days. Justin's experience working with top-tier financial services organisations, which ultimately brought him to Sydney. We talked about his new challenge heading up Lygon, a DLT-based platform that is looking to transform the Australian commercial retail space (at first) with digital bank guarantees. Lastly, we chatted about the difference between traditional databases and distributed ledger technology, their use cases and what are good resources to help newbies down the rabbit hole. Connect with Justin LinkedIn Lygon's Website Connect with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter Our website
Nov 30, 2020
#32 - Keli Callaghan
Welcome to Episode 31. In this episode, Adriana and Keli discuss the exceptional opportunity of building the marketing and communications strategy for Algorand and the amazing community forming around the project. We also talked about some of the things on their roadmap, as well as tips for marketers wishing to work in crypto. Lean in, Keli talks fast. We packed heaps in 25 mins. Algorand's Ambassador Program Keli's Bio Keli, a results-driven marketer, leads all aspects of marketing at Algorand. She joined Algorand from Avid, where she was responsible for global customer engagement strategies, field marketing teams and programs, annual customer conferences, ensuring the needs of the customer were represented in product releases and roadmaps, and the collaborative marketing partnership with Microsoft. She was responsible for launching the customer community program that grew membership to tens of thousands of media professionals to become a respected voice in the industry. Prior to Avid, Keli worked with several global technology enterprises and startups that included Sprint, Zmags, and Rez1. Her roles have included the management of channel sales & marketing, developing marketing strategies and tactical execution plans to drive business awareness and growth, building go-to-market positioning and strategy, and leading cross functional teams. Keli holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing Communications and Business Ethics from Fairfield University and a Masters of Business Administration from Boston College. Connect with Keli LinkedIn Twitter Algorand's website Connect with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter Our website
Nov 15, 2020
#31 - Ryan Kris
Welcome to Episode 31. In this episode Adriana and Ryan chat about working with technology, getting started with bitcoin, keeping your digital assets safe and much more. Ryan's Bio Ryan Kris is an Associate Director in BDO Sydney's Technology Advisory practice. He is a bitcoin and crypto enthusiast and is BDO's technical lead for Blockchain and Digital Assets. Ryan helps clients design, build and deliver digital and technology projects. Through his career, Ryan has managed projects for major banks, telecommunication companies and the Government - with a key focus on data, digital infrastructure and agile management to deliver value and outcomes for clients. --- Get in touch with Ryan LinkedIn Twitter Get in touch with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter
Oct 29, 2020
#30 - Joni Pirovich
Welcome to Episode 30 with Joni Pirovich. In this episode Adriana and Joni talk about legislation shortcomings and the road ahead for crypto, improving business networks, the role of tax and money printing, Universal Basic Income (UBI) and much more. Joni's Bio Joni is highly regarded for her client advisory and policy work with respect to the legal and tax implications of blockchain and digital assets. Increasingly, Joni's work includes input into the development of smart legal contract templates so that, by design, laws are complied with and investor and consumer protections are upheld. Joni brings unique experience and insight to her technology-focussed advisory practice, drawing on her strong foundations in tax compliance, advisory and disputes - across a range of industries and clients - to provide a best practice advisory approach that is responsive to each of her clients' thresholds for compliance effort and dispute management and resolution. Joni is available to advise Australian and foreign individuals, start-ups, digital currency exchanges, investment funds, domestic and multinational private and public corporate groups, and projects with decentralised models of governance. Connect with Joni LinkedIn Twitter Connect with Adriana Twitter LinkedIn Connect with us too! Twitter YouTube For guest suggestions, drop us a line at
Sep 22, 2020
#29 - Developer Steve
Welcome to Episode 29 with Developer Steve. In this episode, Adriana and Steve discuss transitioning from a developer role to an evangelist role, or developer relations role, where the goal is to develop and support a community, always aiming to help people navigate the implementation of new technology. Fun fact: Steve has played a big part in my own bitcoin journey, so watch out for that scoop! We also talk about Hyperledger, IBM's open-source blockchain toolkit, as well as the Blockchain course Steve is developing alongside a "bunch of cool people'' for RMIT Online. Steve's Bio DeveloperSteve comes from a strong background as a developer, with over 20 years industry experience he has worked with companies, startups and not for-profits of all sizes. DeveloperSteve has worked closely with developer communities as a Tech Evangelist and Advocate to develop and nurture the healthy developer and start-up culture that continues to flourish. With a passion for sharing knowledge DeveloperSteve is an established international speaker and loves geeking out with people everywhere. As a Tech Evangelist and Advocate he has represented and worked with global companies such as IBM, PayPal, Braintree, Xero, Telstra, Nginx, Gitlab and more. Connect with Developer Steve Twitter LinkedIn Connect with Adriana Twitter LinkedIn Follow our podcast too! Twitter For guest suggestions, drop us a line at
Aug 31, 2020
#28 - Chloe White
Welcome to Episode 28 with Chloe White. In this episode, Chloe and Adriana discuss how interesting working in public service can be, as well as token economics and incentive mechanisms, bitcoin vs. blockchain and how to navigate the space. Chloe's bio: Chloe White is a blockchain and bitcoin enthusiast and has worked in various public sector roles since 2012, advising on policy issues related to economics and finance. Chloe has a Masters in Public Policy from the United Nations University and is based in Sydney. Connect with Chloe Twitter LInkedIn Connect with Adriana Twitter LinkedIn Follow our podcast too! Twitter For guest suggestions, drop us a line at
Aug 15, 2020
#27 - Steve Vallas
Welcome to episode 26 with Steve Vallas. In this episode Adriana and Stevie chat about how to "accidentaly" go to law school. The decision early adopters of technology need to make. His new role (s) as CEO of Blockchain Australia and co-chair of the National Blockchain Roadmap Steering Committee, which Adriana is also a member. Steve is keen on facilitating the conversation around adoption and how that looks like in a broad context. Steve's Bio Steve Vallas is a qualified lawyer, blockchain technology and digital strategist. His early-adoption of social channels combined with lifelong study of economics and new tech evolved into a deep and unique understanding of emerging blockchain technology and its impact across industries. Steve is focused on building value adding relationships with those who seek to advance the development of the Australian Blockchain sector. Connect with Steve LinkedIn Twitter Web Connect with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter
Jul 31, 2020
#26 - Anya Nova
Welcome to Episode 26 with Anya Nova. In this episode, Anya talks about growing up in a remote Russian island, where good career options were not common, her journey studying in the United States, moving to Australia, and how she feels like she's paying off her "carbon emissions karma" now, working at Powerledger, after having worked with non-renewable energy most of her adult life. Anya's Bio Recipient of the 2019 Australian Blockchain Leader of the Year. Anya works as Power Ledger's Crypto Economist where she is responsible for fostering global partnerships. Anya has presented at premier blockchain and energy conferences, including Consensus in New York, Event Horizon in Berlin and World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. Prior to Power Ledger, Anya held a variety of commercial roles within the resources sector (Shell, Rio Tinto), working internationally in the USA, Russia and Australia, as well as running an accelerator program for early stage resource focused startups. Connect with Anya LinkedIn Connect with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter
Jul 18, 2020
#25 - Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Welcome to Episode 25 with everyone's favourite bitcoin evangelist, Andreas M. Antonopoulos. In this episode, Andreas talks about what makes bitcoin special, the difference between bitcoin and blockchain, why open blockchains are the ones that matter for our future and much more. Andreas bio Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and highly sought after expert in Bitcoin and open blockchain technologies. Andreas has served as a teaching fellow for the free Introduction to Digital Currencies course offered to the public at the University of Nicosia. Along with co-authoring the course curriculum, Andreas has also written two best-selling technical books for programmers, Mastering Bitcoin and Mastering Ethereum. He has published The Internet of Money series of books, which focus on the social, political, and economic importance and implications of these technologies. Andreas has been interviewed by Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, and Financial Times for his industry expertise. He has been a repeat guest on The Joe Rogan Experience and London Real. He has been featured in numerous documentary films, and is a permanent host on the Let's Talk Bitcoin podcast with more than 400 episodes recorded to date. You can support Andreas' work on Patreon. Connect with Andreas Connect with Adriana Follow our show too!
Jun 30, 2020
#24 - Tim Bass
Tim Bass is the CEO of Block8, which is Australia's leading blockchain venture studio. He has deep technical experience designing infrastructure and cloud architectures across a wide range of customers. Tim enjoys working with customers to create and commercialise disruptive software products. About Block8 Block8 is Australia's leading blockchain venture studio. We partner with startups, enterprise and government to bring a professional product management and technical development capability that take ideas from zero to one. Founded in 2016, Block8 has grown to 50 people across two countries. Our team has deep expertise in product management, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, incentive design, economics and full stack development. Block8 has delivered Australia's most successful and innovative blockchain ventures which have created over A$250m in enterprise value. Our portfolio spans fintech, regtech, proptech, energy and gaming. Notably, in 2018, we designed and built a decentralized finance product called Havven (Synthetix) which raised A$39m and remains Australia's largest blockchain capital raise. More recently, our ventures have tokenised unlisted equities and residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), as well as developed blockchain-based industry applications within residential tenancy, payments and identity. Connect with Tim Twitter: LinkedIn: Connect with Adriana Twitter: LinkedIn: For requests and suggestions, visit our website
May 31, 2020
#23 - Dennis Graham
Marketers, this one's for you! Dennis Graham is a Marketing Director at a leading Australian cryptocurrency exchange. He has worked in marketing for over 15 years. In that time, he ran social networking sites, financial and crypto comparison websites, worked in FinTech, banking, cloud hosting and now crypto. Dennis is not only a marketing machine, but he is also the person who introduced me to bitcoin. We must have had a million conversations about it, and I'm pleased that he's finally working full-time in crypto, so I could interview him. Connect with Dennis Get in Touch Blockchain Pro Podcast Website: Twitter: Adriana Belotti Website: Twitter: Adriana is an ambassador for Edge app - a non-custodial multi-currency crypto wallet. Find out more info at
Apr 30, 2020
#22 - Katrina Donaghy
Bio Katrina is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Civic Ledger - a civic focused blockchain Australian company. We work with governments globally on the use of blockchain technologies to solve specific business problems where blockchain is advantaged over traditional legacy technologies. Through her early years as a sociologist through to her interest in entrepreneurialism, she has extensive experience in public policy and early stage commercialisation. For more than 20 years, Katrina has worked in both public and not for profit sectors with a specific focus on business development, project delivery and revenue diversification with the view to building resilient and sustainable organisations. In Australia, she founded the Brisbane Women in Blockchain Meetup and regularly speaks on the topic of why cities and governments should be exploring blockchain technologies. Katrina's interest in blockchain technologies is driven by her curiosity of its potential to replace government legacy systems to deliver efficiencies, stimulate innovation and build digital societies. Get in Touch Katrina Donaghy Twitter: Civic Ledger Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Blockchain Pro Podcast Website: Twitter: Adriana Belotti Website: Twitter: Adriana is an ambassador for Edge app - a non-custodial multi-currency crypto wallet. Find out more info at
Mar 01, 2020
#21 - Kaia Myers-Stewart
Kaia Myers-Stewart is a product manager at PegaSys, the protocol engineering group at ConsenSys. She has worked in emerging technology for nearly 6 years, including her first blockchain use-case for supply-chain in 2016. Originally from Canada, Kaia lives in Melbourne where she co-organises the local chapter of Women in Blockchain. She is also the "Entrepreneur in Residence" at #StartWest, providing mentorship and consulting to startup founders in emerging tech. Connect with Kaia Twitter LinkedIn Connect with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter Twitter Website
Nov 16, 2019
#20 - Brenda Saveluc
Brenda Saveluc is the director and founder of BlackGold Legal. She's a straight talking, freelance commercial and corporate M&A lawyer with more than a decade of experience working in accounting and law. Brenda is passionate about ICO and STO regulation, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and loves working with cool tech clients all over the world. Connect with Brenda Website Connect with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter Twitter Website See you at the next block!
Sep 23, 2019
#19 - Daniel Bar
Daniel is an entrepreneur with primary focus on decentralized web technologies. He is the founder of bitfwd and currently serves as Chairman. Daniel is particularly interested in disruptive innovation in the FinTech space and promotes equitable business models through opensource systems and cryptoeconomic empowerment. Daniel was selected as impact entrepreneur fellow to join the Edmund Hillary Fellowship program. He is based mostly in APAC (Australia, New Zealand and China). Daniel leads global Blockchain collaborations involving grassroots developers communities, high profile tech projects, venture funding activities, academic research groups, NFPs and governmental organizations. His work attracted government grants and sponsorship from China, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. Prior to Blockchain technology ventures Daniel was involved in research and engineering roles in areas such as Quantum Computation, Nanoelectronics and Biosensors. Daniel holds an MSc degree in Nanotechnology from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and a graduate of the QLC Orion Entrepreneurship program from the Business School at the University of New South Wales. Daniel cares deeply about initiatives in the education space, advancement of indigenous people, gender equality, diversity & inclusion, and environmental sustainability. Connect with Daniel LinkedIn Twitter Website Connect with Adriana LinkedIn Twitter Website
Jun 30, 2019
#18 - Crypto Chicks - Natalia Amelie & Elena Sinelnikova
Crypto Chicks is a volunteer-run non-profit educational hub with a mission to grow the economic, professional and leadership potential of both women and youth in blockchain and AI THROUGH education, mentorship, business and diverse employment opportunities. Check out their website Elena Sinelnikova FOUNDER AND CEO (TORONTO, CANADA) Software development team lead and entrepreneur. Elena Sinelnikova founded CryptoChicks non-profit organization with the vision to empower and inspire women interested in learning about blockchain technology. She managed to involve hundreds of women who became blockchain evangelists, blockchain developers, blockchain entrepreneurs themselves. Elena developed CryptoChicks into an international hub for women talent in blockchain technology with chapters and educational events all over the world. Elena holds a Master of Computer Science and her specialties are in blockchain, application architecture, software design and development. Natalia Ameline CO-FOUNDER (TORONTO, CANADA) Natalia is a Senior Finance Executive with multi-industry experience. Her expertise is in strategic financial planning, decision support, operations management and change management. She holds Master's degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration as well as CPA/CMA accounting designation. She is a co-founder of CryptoChicks and is inspired by its mission - to grow the industry and its adoption by engaging women. After attending multiple crypto events, she believes that "we have this incredible opportunity to gain further insight and innovation by tapping into the immense talent of women". Natalia was introduced to Blockchain technology in 2014 and has been passionate about the industry since. Connect on Twitter Connect with Adriana Twiiter Check out our website:
Apr 28, 2019
#17 - Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson teaches computer security and is the co-founder of Sigma Prime, a software and security consultancy, that is playing a big part in the new the Ethereum 2.0 ecosystem by developing a client implementation called Lighthouse. In this episode, we talked about the importance of developing skills like public speaking and coding, we also talk about geeking out at a young age, the new paradigm shift brought on by Ethereum, and much more. Get in touch with Luke Sign up for Ethereum Sydney Meetup Connect with Adriana Twitter LinkedIn
Mar 31, 2019
#16 - Leah Callon-Butler
Leah is co-founder and Chief Impact Officer for, a cryptocurrency bringing safety and security to the Adult Industry. With over a decade's experience spearheading the business development and growth strategies for a range of emerging tech startups, she devoted a large part of her MBA to the topic of social entrepreneurship. Leah is an official member of Women of Sex Tech; has been featured on Women@Forbes; and has consulted to the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) on SDG 5. Connect with Leah Twitter: LinkedIn: Connect with Adriana Twitter: LinkedIn:
Mar 10, 2019
#15 - James Zaki
With 15 years experience in engineering and software development, James has worked in a variety of domains from industrial/home automation, to local tech companies and startups. The last 7 years have covered development, product management, and tech advisor roles, both locally and abroad. As organiser of the OzBerry IoT MeetUp and smart-contract developer/auditor, James is exploring applications using IoT and Blockchain technologies that can positively impact society. Currently working with the Goera team (from AgriDigital) on their asset tracking platform, whilst still facilitating and running Ethereum education initiatives. Recently started auditing a smart-contract library. Get in touch with James Twitter LinkedIn Get in touch with Adriana Twitter LinkedIn
Feb 13, 2019
#14 - Lucas Cullen
In this episode, Adriana and Lucas talk about developing applications for the early days of the web, bitcoin, coloured coins and ethereum. The importance of being part of the community and giving back. Getting paid in crypto and much more. Connect with Lucas Twitter - LinkedIn - Connect with Adriana Twitter - LinkedIn -
Jan 31, 2019
#13 - Nick Addison
In this episode, we'll get know Nick Addison, who over the past few years has been pretty active in the Sydney Blockchain community. Adriana and Nick talk about ethereum development, blockchain technology progress, and tools of the trade, as well as the career paths for computer science graduates and how to become a blockchain expert. TLDR; It takes effort, but it's most definitely doable. Nick's Bio: Nick Addison is a Developer at ConsenSys where he designs and builds Ethereum based solutions. Nick's IT career has seen him work in logistics, payments, banking, funds management and agriculture. Get in touch with Nick: Twitter LinkedIn Get in touch with Adriana Twitter LinkedIn Website: Topics discussed: bitcoin, blockchain, ethereum, trading, software engineering, computer science, ethereum developer tools, docker, remix, security tokens, Ethereum 2.0, Sigma Prime, genAlpha, teaching kids, hackathon, bitfwd, community.
Jan 14, 2019
#12 - Samuel Brooks
In this conversation, Samuel and Adriana chat about how inspiring having access to technology at an early age can be, rebuilding the internet and the pitfalls of centralised systems, being a CTO in an incubator and solving 'first principles' problems, cypherpunks and bitcoin, the technologies that will most impact the future, using electricity to secure value and, finally, what needs to happen next in order to take this 'internet upgrade' to the next level. Plus, great advice for those trying to figure out what to do with their life, or looking to change their course. Sam's Bio: Samuel Brooks is Chief Technology Officer at Block8, Australia's leading DLT venture studio. He is an expert in connecting next-gen technology with current-gen business problems, specialising in the development of blockchain economies and distributed ledger systems. Sam's experience spans financial services, energy and utilities as an engineer, analyst and project manager, and has been actively working with blockchains since 2015. Sam is also an active member of the Australian Computer Society Blockchain Technical Committee and the Standards Australia Working Group for Smart Contracts (IT-041). Sam holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from UNSW, and sometimes posts on his blog at Connect with Sam Twitter: LinkedIn: Connect with Adriana Twitter: LinkedIn:
Dec 13, 2018
#11 - Dr Philippa Ryan
Pip Ryan Intro Dr. Philippa Ryan, a.k.a. Pip Ryan or Dr Pip, is a barrister and senior lecturer at the UTS Faculty of Law, on 31st of October 2018, the day that marked the 10th anniversary of the publishing of Bitcoin whitepaper, we had a quick chat about her career and how interesting it is to live during this time and being part of creating a new financial world. Her passion about education, law and blockchain is almost palpable through her words. Listen up :) Links mentioned: A New Classification for Barners v Addy - Dr Philippa Ryan Smart Contracts Open Source Model DNA - Scott Farrel and Clare Warren Smart Contract Relations in e-Commerce: Legal Implications of Exchanges Conducted on the Blockchain - Dr Philippa Ryan Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System Pip's Bio At UTS Law, Pip coordinates and teaches Disruptive Technologies and the Law and a capstone subject that explores the ethical and policy considerations that guide the law's interaction with technology. Pip's PhD explored the liability of third parties for fraud and breach of trust. Pip is currently researching the regulation and status of smart contracts and trust protocols enabled by blockchain technology. Pip co-wrote a book released in September 2018, titled "Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and Our World". Pip's memberships include: - the Standards Australia Technical Committee IT-041(Blockchain) - the Industry advisory board of the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA) - the Blockchain Technical Committee of the Australian Computer Society; and - Women in Payments Pip is an independent external member of the board of Lander and Rogers and she has a regular spot on ABC Radio with James Valentine where they chew the legal technology fat and contemplate the future of humanity. Contact Pip LinkedIn Twitter Contact Adriana LinkedIn Twitter
Nov 15, 2018
#10 - Laura Degiovanni
Laura Degiovanni is very much the typical Italian, warm, friendly and loud. She speaks with her hands and her heart, and her energy flows into the conversation. We caught up at the end of July at the Imperial College in London, as she was preparing to host her first Trustless Ecosystems meetup. This is why we had to wrap up quickly, making this one short and sweet. We talked about how to create trust with "trustlessness". Nonetheless, we discussed the 5-keywords of blockchain, how to measure someone's "love" for what they do, trusting before knowing and building before raising. Laura's bio: Laura Degiovanni is a serial entrepreneur building innovative business models from scratch and developing multi-channel businesses on EMEA markets. Laura experienced work from different perspectives: employer, senior manager in a multinational group, and consultant. Her experience led her to identify the need for a scalable solution to efficiently integrate outsourced, on-demand resources with internal workforce of organisations, whilst satisfying the growing demand for flexibility of the business world and the work style of the new generations looking for meaningful work and independence. Founder of TiiQu, a platform that uses blockchain technology to create an immutable digital "passport" as verified proof of an individual's professional trustworthiness. This passport tracks identity, qualifications, certifications, memberships, previous work experience, performance metrics and education. Contact Laura LinkedIn Twitter Contact Adriana LinkedIn - Twitter - Topics discussed: building community, the 5 keywords of blockchain, how to measure someone's love for their work, trust without knowing, building before raising.
Oct 04, 2018
#9 - Derek Myers
Derek has found great success in providing energy deals to businesses, whilst offsetting electricity carbon emissions. Taking this offer to the general public with The Zero Carbon Project is a natural development. Personally, what I like about this project is the "right now" approach using carbon credits to offset emissions. It's a great way to reduce the impact of dirty energy, whilst the world move to greener sources, which will take a couple of decades, if not more, to fully happen. **Disclosure** I didn't not get paid to interview, Derek. I fully support his project for the benefits it can bring on mitigating the environmental impact of electricity production and trading, as well as the ability to offer better deals for consumers. Contact Derek LinkedIn Website Contact Adriana Twitter @abelotti LinkedIn Website Derek's bio: Derek Myers started his career with Macquarie Bank where he was involved in designing derivative products; and trading options and futures in bonds, bullion and the energy markets. After completing his MBA, he joined Accenture as a Strategy Consultant in financial services and energy markets. In 1999 Derek established iVentures Capital to take advantage of software technology and innovation opportunities in the energy markets. Derek raised funds to establish PowerEx an online power exchange for energy suppliers, generators and suppliers which he sold to Amsterdam Power Exchange to facilitate their entry into the UK energy markets. Derek acquired Beond in 2003 and has since worked on developing its services, servicing its clients and building its team. He is the Chairman of West London Sustainability and Climate Change Commission.
Sep 26, 2018
#8 - Kate Korolkevich
Kate has plenty of experience with financial markets and hedge funds. She and I caught up in St. Petersburb on the day Russia kicked Spain out of the World Cup on a thrilling penalty shoot out. We discussed financial markets and how anyone can transfer their skills to work in crypto. Contact Adriana Twitter @abelotti LinkedIn Website Kate's bio: Kate has close to 20 years of diverse business experience with leading financial institutions in the USA, Russia, UK, EU and HK. She is Business Development Partner with background in Investment Management, Investor Relations, Finance and Lifestyle. She is co-founder of the Blockchain Development Technology Group (Russia), a member of The Financial Markets Association ACI Russia and a member of IDACB ICO Advisory Board. She also is a co-founder of Wine Alchemy, a venture uniting wine industry with entertainment, travels and consumer goods. She has successfully established a global network and long-term relationships with institutional investors, hedge funds, private equity funds. Through her career in finance, Kate held several executive positions, including Director of International Sales and Trading at MDM Bank and Senior VP Equity Sales at Glitnir Securities, was an International Equity Sales at AGCO and, earlier buy-side analyst at Rudman Capital. Prior to her career in finance, Kate was a part of Deloitte practice in New York and managed Data Analysis department for fast-growing US telecom company TelX. In 2009, she founded a NY-based advisory boutique firm Galatea Capital Advisors LLC focusing on cross-border transactions. Kate holds MBA in Finance and Operations, from University of Rochester (USA) and MS and BS in Applied Mathematics from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia).
Sep 02, 2018
#7 - Paul Puey
Episode 7 features Paul Puey, CEO of (formerly Airbitz) and overall cool guy. Paul and I caught up at Consensus, earlier this year. We tried to find a quiet corner for our chat, but that was next to impossible! We chatted about the start of his career and a software engineer and how he had to make a very difficult decision to improve his health. Our chat covers how his career, what are his plans for Edge, some hiring tips and much more. Enjoy! Contact Paul Twitter @paullinator LinkedIn Download Edge Wallet Contact Adriana Twitter @abelotti LinkedIn Website
Aug 16, 2018
#6 - Mitch Travers
Mitchell currently works at doing research, product development and community management. Upon finishing his undergraduate from Sydney University in Political, Economic and Social Science, Mitchell worked with a think tank, The Australian Institute of International Affairs, and has since developed a passion to change the way we do governance and develop monetary policy by leveraging blockchain technology. His core interests are in cyber security, blockchain, decentralised networks, data, sustainability, international affairs, and new democracy theory. Twitter @M_Travers8 LinkedIn Get in touch with Adriana Belotti, for suggestions, questions to say "hi" :) LinkedIn Twitter Gmail Follow the Blockchain Pro Podcast on Twitter @blockchainpp
Aug 02, 2018
#5 - Hannah Glass
Hannah Glass is a senior associate in the financial markets team at leading Asian law firm King & Wood Mallesons, specialising in blockchain technology and fintech. Hannah works with a broad range of clients advising on the evolving legal and regulatory issues associated with the implementation and application of innovative technologies. She is a recognised key contributor in policy development in Australia's fintech industry. In particular, she has played a significant role in the development of the legislative treatment of digital currencies working with industry to advise on the changes to GST and anti-money laundering legislation. Hannah is also a member of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance's legal working group. LinkedIn Twitter Get in touch with Adriana Belotti, for suggestions, questions to say "hi" :) LinkedIn Twitter Gmail
Jul 19, 2018
#4 - Nathan Waters
Nathan Waters is a futurist and entrepreneur. Founder of Peerism, a blockchain-based economic protocol which aims to solve job automation and wealth inequality via proof-of-skill and matching paid work to tokenized skill levels. He also founded the 7th largest monthly Ethereum meetup in the world (SydEthereum), and the largest independent hackathon in Australia (Hackagong). He currently manages communities for Consensys in Australia.
Jun 27, 2018
#3 - Kelsie Nabben
Kelsie Nabben's unconventional career path in international government, investment and startups has led her to accelerating the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. She is currently responsible for sharing the benefits and capabilities of the OMG financial transactions network at OmiseGO. Particularly passionate about ethical frameworks for blockchain development and the impacts of decentralization on society and people. Kelsie lives in Bangkok, Thailand, and enjoys skateboarding and jazz. Twitter LinkedIn
Jun 14, 2018
#2 - Bokky Poobah
Bok Koo, a.ka. Bokky Poobah is an Ethereum Smart Contract developer. Bokky first started researching blockchain in 2014, but really delved deep when Ethereum was launched in 2015. He is a community contributor and a big believer in open source. In this chat Bokky talks about his passion for smart contracts and sharing his knowledge. Bokky's Website Bokky's Twitter
Jun 06, 2018
#1 - George Samman
George Samman started his career in Wall St, where he worked as a senior portfolio manager, technical analyst and market strategist. In 2013, he co-founded a bitcoin trading platform called, now called magnr. Nowadays he consults and advises startups and has worked with, Hedera Hashgraph,, Praetorian Group, investfeed and Gazecoin. He also writes a blog on blockchain technology and use cases at I've met George a few years ago at a bitcoin meetup in Sydney. He's a true pioneer in this space and a natural choice as first guest to this show. Adriana and George caught up a couple of weeks ago, at the Metropolitan Hotel in Sydney. George's Website George's LinkedIn
May 01, 2018