Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing!

By Lisa Lillien

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Lisa Lillien, a.k.a. Hungry Girl, is obsessed with food––how wonderful it is, and how much of it she can eat and still fit into her pants! Through bestselling cookbooks, a daily email with 1 million+ subscribers, a magazine, and more, her Hungry Girl empire delivers healthy recipes that are easy & delicious, tips & tricks, smart food finds, and real-world survival strategies. And now she’s reaching fellow food lovers like never before! Each food-themed episode is packed with personal stories, taste tests of better-for-you finds, foodie pop culture & news, Q&A with fans, fun food facts, and special surprises.

Episode Date
81: The Holiday Episode: Hacks, Tips & Tricks
The holiday season is here, but have no fear, Hungry Girl is here to help you navigate the most wonderful time of the year! In this episode, Lisa shares her tips on what to do at holiday parties, how to use the 80/20 rule, and the 411 on intermittent fasting. Plus, she has 6 classic festive foods that will help you not overindulge! But wait, there’s more… easy recipe hacks and our favorite HG holiday recipes! So make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, grab a seat by the fire, and enjoy The Holiday Episode of Chew The Right Thing! And for all the food finds and recipes mentioned in the episode, head on over to our Foodcast ( page!
Dec 13, 2019
80: The Top 8 Kitchen Gadgets You Need Episode
So many gadgets, but which ones do you really need? Good news! In this episode, Lisa reveals the top 8 kitchen gadgets you need and what to cook with them once you have 'em! Gadgets like air-fryers, Instant Pots, spiralizers, frothers, and more! There’s bound to be something to get for yourself or as a gift for a friend! So  push play, and when you’re done listening, head on over to our Foodcast ( page for a list of all our recommendations and recipes to go with them!
Dec 06, 2019
79: The Holiday Food Finds Episode
‘Tis the season to be jolly… thanks to all the TASTY HOLIDAY FOOD FINDS!!! In this episode, Lisa, Jamie, and Mikey try 19 healthy holiday products, including Starbucks Peppermint Mocha ground coffee, cinnamon marshmallow bites, Trader Joe’s Turkey Cranberry Meatballs, a Gingerbread RXBAR, a new Trader Joe’s dip that is to die for, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus we do an almond milk nog faceoff that’ll take all the guesswork out of your healthy nog shopping! And that’s not all… We have the 411 on the latest changes over at WW. This is definitely an episode of the season you need to listen to! So what are you waiting for? Push play, and when you’re done, head on over to our Foodcast ( page for the 411 on all the products mentioned in the episode.
Nov 22, 2019
78: The Costco Haul Episode (Fall '19 Edition)
It’s our BEST Costco Haul to date!!! In this episode, Lisa and the gang are trying new products like chicken breakfast sausages, soup, Kirkland Signature protein bars, a plant-based chocolate banana protein drink, an amazing steak appetizer, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, a dessert cheese that’s so good, you should go to COSTCO ASAP before it sells out! The sooner you push play, the sooner you can head out! And don’t forget to check out all the products and some bonus recipes on our Foodcast ( page!
Nov 15, 2019
77: The Snack Haul Episode
This is one BIG HAUL! We went to not 1, not 2, but 3 places to find healthy snacks just for you! In this episode, Lisa and the gang are trying snacks that crunch, chew, sip, and snap! Plus, the gang taste tests 2 new dips that are OUT OF THIS WORLD! And we’ve got a new protein puff that you’ll be one-clicking on Amazon ASAP. It’s SO GOOD! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. And when it’s over, visit our Foodcast ( page for a list of all the products!
Nov 08, 2019
76: The Coffee Shop Swaps Episode
Coffee time! Hungry Girl is here is to keep you alert (and caffeinated!) without all the extra calories! In this episode, Lisa shares her coffee shop tips and tricks! Like the “top ate” DIY coffee must-haves and the best coffee hacks, plus anHG coffee recipe that you’ll wanna make ASAP! But wait there’s more… The gang CHEW & TELL 4 new coffee products, and we bring back a rousing round of Chew or False! This episode is jammed packed, so what are you waiting for? Push play now, and when you’re done, head on over to our Foodcast ( page for the products and recipes mentioned in the episode!
Nov 01, 2019
75: The Must-Haves of the Month Episode (November Edition)
What a month we’ve had! From new recipes to new food finds and a very special guest appearance from our good friend Joy Bauer, it’s been an October to remember! In this episode, Lisa highlights our most popular healthy new recipes (here’s a hint: pumpkin is involved), our top kitchen gadget of the month, and 3 sweet food finds that will have you running to the store to buy 'em! Plus, we give you a sneak peek of what’s been going on around Hungryland, and we talk to Joy Bauer about her brand-new book! This episode is a MUST-LISTEN! So what are you waiting for? PUSH PLAY NOW! And when you’re done, head on over to our Foodcast ( page for the products and recipes mentioned in the episode!
Oct 25, 2019
74: The Frozen Meals Haul Episode
Frozen meals are making a comeback, and HG is here to help you find the best of the best when perusing the freezer aisle! In this episode, Lisa and the gang are taste-testing 13 healthy frozen meals from brands like Amy’s, Kashi, MorningStar, Healthy Choice, Trader Joe’s, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, a Korean meal from Sweet Earth that’s so different and SO TASTY — you’re going to HAVE to try it! Don’t wait any longer… Push play now, and when you’re done, head on over to our Foodcast ( page for a list of the products mentioned in the episode!
Oct 18, 2019
73: The Target Haul Episode
It’s everyone’s favorite store with a bullseye, Target! In this episode, Lisa and the gang CHEW & TELL over a dozen products from the big box store! Finds like reduced-fat ice cream, yogurt with nut butter, salsa, sparkling water, chicken, beef jerky, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, a new date & nut bar that’s a total game changer! So don’t go anywhere… Push play now, and after you listen, head over to our Foodcast ( page for more info on the finds mentioned in the episode!
Oct 11, 2019
72: The Weight-Loss Q&A Episode (October Edition)
You asked, and we listened! HG is back with another Weight-Loss Q&A show! In this episode, Lisa answers YOUR questions about how to feel fuller, how to deal with diet saboteurs, how to stay motivated and SO MUCH MORE! So go ahead, PUSH PLAY and when you’re done, head on over to our Foodcast ( page for more on the products and recipes mentioned in the episode!
Oct 04, 2019
71: The Plant-Based Product Chew & Tell Episode
Plant-based products are everywhere, and the category is continuing to grow MASSIVELY! Lucky for you, Hungry Girl is here with over a dozen hand-picked plant-based products that we know you’ll LOVE! In this episode, Lisa and the gang are trying only HG-APPROVED products like meat-free sausages and burgers, veggie-based deli slices, sorbet, taco filling, ranch dip, cheese, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus a brand-new product from our friends at Green Giant that you'll be running to the store to buy! So toss that chicken breast back in the freezer and get ready to discover some tasty vegan-friendly products that even hardcore carnivores will FLIP OVER! And head over to our Foodcast ( page for all the products mentioned in this episode!
Sep 27, 2019
70: The Great Pumpkin Haul Episode
The aroma of pumpkin spice is in the air... That must mean it’s time for HG’s GREAT PUMPKIN HAUL 2019! In this episode, Lisa and the gang are CHEW & TELLING (almost) everything under the sun that has pumpkin in it! From healthy soups, spreads, and yogurts to frozen treats, bars, and coffee — we’re trying it all!! Plus, the one frozen treat that scored a whopping 11 on a scale that goes up to 10. So what are you waiting for? GET PUMPed & PUSH PLAY NOW! And don’t forget to head on over to our Foodcast ( page for a list of all the products mentioned in the episode.
Sep 20, 2019
69: The Lisa's Secret Recipe Hacks Episode
She couldn’t keep them a secret any longer! Lisa reveals her secret recipe hacks that will completely change your life! Hacks for peanut butter, oatmeal, smoothies, dough, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, the newly invented HG coffee drink that will be part of your morning routine (or midday pick-me-up) forever! But wait, there’s more! We’ve gone bagel bite crazy with two new ways to make the bite-sized snacks. They’re SOOOO GOOD!!! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Then be a good friend and share these secrets with everyone!
Sep 13, 2019
68: The Walmart Haul Episode
We cleared out the trunk and made our way to America’s favorite big box store, Walmart! In this episode, Lisa and the gang CHEW & TELL over a dozen healthy products: frozen meals, pasta sauce, chicken sausage, specialty mustards, and SO MUCH MORE. Plus, a new raisin creation from Sun-Maid that’s SO GOOD, you could hand it out at Halloween to trick-or-treaters! But wait, there’s more! During BREAKING CHEWS, we try the new Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks! So hop aboard, you don’t want to miss this haul! Don’t forget to head on over to our Foodcast ( page for a list of all the products featured in the episode!
Sep 06, 2019
67: The Labor Day Survival Guide & Beyond Episode
Say it ain’t so, but the unofficial end of summer is here! Have no fear, Hungry Girl is here to help send summer off in style! In this episode, Lisa has tips on how to navigate the final BBQ of the season. But wait, we've buried the lead! Before all that, we have BREAKING CHEWS; the results are in on the meat sticks from Costco that were claiming to only be 110 calories. YOU ARE GOING TO BE SHOCKED!!! Plus, we try the Pickle Oreos from The Dessert Awards Episode! You know what to do now, right? PUSH PLAY! And for all the recipes and items featured in the episode, head over to our Foodcast ( page!
Aug 30, 2019
66: The Dessert Awards Episode
So many desserts… so many choices! Not to worry, Hungry Girl presents: The Dessert Awards! In this episode, Lisa is handing out the top awards in categories like “Best Retro Dessert,” “Best Topping,” “Best On-the-Go Dessert,” “Best Dessert Hack” and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, she has a delicious low-calorie find that will have you buying them on Amazon immediately! It’s time to satisfy that sweet tooth, so push play and enjoy The Dessert Awards! And for a list of everything mentioned in the episode, head over to our Foodcast ( page.
Aug 23, 2019
65: The Costco Haul Episode (August '19)
Costco is SO big we had to go back for more! In this episode, Lisa and the crew are taste-testing some cool new finds at the warehouse giant! Finds like brisket, cabbage rolls, chicken marsala and a meat stick that’s SO big, SO tasty, and SO low in calories that it might be too good to be true! Plus, a super green salad mix that is out of this world and a healthy cream sauce that you’ll be using on EVERYTHING! What are you waiting for?! Listen now! And when you’re done listening, head over to our foodcast ( page for a list of all the products and their rankings!
Aug 16, 2019
64: The Supermarket Haul Episode (August ’19 Edition!)
We’ve been to Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Aldi, but this time we’re going BIG and hauling from major supermarket chains! In this episode, Lisa and the gang CHEW & TELL healthy food finds like the newest products from Boca,  Kodiak Cakes, and even Hello Kitty! Plus, a new cheese wedge that’s as good as Laughing Cow! But wait... There’s more!  A tasty shelf-stable breakfast find that will change the way you eat breakfast forever, and one that you should probably avoid at all costs! So hop on the grocery cart and listen now. Then head over to our Foodcast ( page to find all the products mentioned in the episode!
Aug 09, 2019
63: Weight-Loss Success Story: The Dayna Miller Episode
Need some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! In this episode, Lisa goes one on one with Hungry Girl fan, friend, and WW coach Dayna Miller! Dayna shares her story about how she lost over 100 lbs. with help from HG and WW. She also tells us about the incredibly emotional aha moment that changed her life forever! Plus, Dayna has some great tips and words of wisdom to help you lose and maintain weight. Grab your tissues and get ready for a very emotional and inspiring episode of Chew the Right Thing! Don't forget to check out our Foodcast ( page!
Aug 02, 2019
62: The Too Hot to Cook Episode
Is it hot enough for ya? You’ve come to the right place! In this episode, Lisa shares her best NO-COOK tips and tricks so you don’t have to fire up that oven or grill! Tips like fridge & freezer staples and the best precooked proteins. Plus, the gang "CHEW & TELLS" nine new products, and some are really BIG hits! So don’t go anywhere near that stove, because this episode is all about keeping you cool in the kitchen! And don’t forget to head over to our Foodcast ( page for all the products and recipes mentioned in the episode!
Jul 26, 2019
61: Weight-Loss Success Story: The Kevin Episode!
You might know him as the fit guy from our Walmart treat truck, but did you know Kevin lost 50 lbs.? In this episode, Lisa goes one on one with Kevin to find out how he did it! He reveals what he ate, how he maintains his weight, and the super-fun exercise he did to help burn the calories off! Plus, Kevin has great tips to help you stay motivated on your weight-loss journey! So what are you waiting for? Click play now to hear his inspiring story! Don't forget to check out our foodcast ( page!
Jul 19, 2019
60: The ALDI Haul Episode
We did it -- we made our first-ever trip to ALDI! In this episode, Lisa, Mikey, and Jamie CHEW & TELL 15 food finds from the popular supermarket chain! We taste-tested foods like chicken sausage, Asian veggie burgers, salsa, kale chips, dips, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, the one item you have to get RIGHT NOW. (It’s SO good!) Here’s a hint: it’s “the other white meat.” And after the episode, head over to our Foodcast ( page to see all the food finds and their rankings!
Jul 12, 2019
59: The Top Weight-Loss Questions & Answers Episode
It’s the episode you’ve all been waiting for… Lisa is addressing the TOP weight-loss questions from Hungry Girl fans! Topics include getting started with weight loss, how to overcome a plateau, emotional eating, and so much more! Plus, Lisa shares what she eats every day and explains  ways to incorporate her 80/20 philosophy. Don’t forget to check out our foodcast ( page after you listen for more tips and links to help you on your weight-loss journey!
Jun 28, 2019
58: The Trader Joe's Haul Episode
Get ready, because the Hungry Girl gang is going to Trader Joe’s! In this episode, Lisa, Mikey, and Jamie are taste-testing 13 products from the popular neighborhood grocery store! We scoured the aisles and found products from cold brew andmeats to salsas and sweets! Lolly even gets to have some fun taste-testing a new dog treat. (The gang may or may not have tried it too!) So alert your taste buds, because almost all these products are homeruns, and you’ll definitely want to have our foodcast ( page handy the next time you head out to Trader Joe’s!
Jun 21, 2019
57: One on One: The Joy Bauer Episode
We’re jumping for JOY on this week’s episode as Lisa goes One on One with the TODAY show’s very own nutrition expert Joy Bauer! Lisa and Joy chat it up about her new books and her most embarrassing TV moments, and she tells us the three things you should ALWAYS be eating! Plus, we find out Joy’s number-one idol! Here’s a hint: He calls New Jersey home. We really hope you enJOY this week’s episode of CHEW THE RIGHT THING!
Jun 14, 2019
56: The 100-Calorie Episode: Ways to Save, Burn & More!
It’s the CALORIE-SAVING EPISODE you’ve been waiting for!!! This week, Lisa shares tips and tricks for unexpected ways to save and burn 100 calories, plus creative 100-calorie couples that will change the way you snack forever! So lace up those shoes and grab your headphones, because you could BURN 100 calories just from walking while listening to this episode of CHEW THE RIGHT THING!
Jun 07, 2019
55: The Summer Food Finds Chew & Tell Episode
It’s heating up out there, and we have just what you need to cool yourself right back down! In this episode, Lisa and the gang are taste testing healthy summer food finds so you don’t have to! Everything from salad kits and ice cream, to fruit bars and SO MUCH MORE! Plus the bite-sized treat that will have you running to the freezer aisle! So what are you waiting for? Push play now!!!
May 31, 2019
54: The Summer Survival Tips Episode (Hacks for BBQs & More)
Look who’s peeking around the corner…. SUMMER! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Summer Survival Tips podcast edition! In this episode, Lisa shares her advice on what to do before the BBQ, during the BBQ, and after! She’s also got the top 7 BBQ food hacks, and one of them involves a brand-new product that’s like liquid gold! Plus, we resurrect our guessing game with a rousing round of CHEW OR FALSE! It’s (almost) summertime, and the livin’ is easy on this episode of CHEW THE RIGHT THING!
May 24, 2019
53: The Starbucks Episode
Hot drinks… iced ones... frozen frapps, pastries, protein bowls, and so much more! Starbucks has so many yummy-sounding choices, but is there anything there that’s healthy?? We’re happy you asked, because in this episode, Lisa has your one-stop guide on what to order at Starbucks! From drinks to breakfast, lunch, and even dinner, this episode has it all! Plus, the gang tries the brand-new Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers! So sit back and grab a cup of coffee, we’re going on a food and drink tour of Seattle’s greatest export on Chew The Right Thing! [](
May 17, 2019
52: The What to Eat if You're Always Hungry Episode
Are you always HUNGRY, but don’t know what to do? Then this episode is for you! Lisa has strategies for making you feel full! Tips to use before and after you eat, tricks for ways to bulk up meals and snacks, and so much more!! Plus, the 5 things Lisa always has on hand in case she needs a quick bite! If you’re always hungry, you have to stop what you’re doing right now and push play! [](
May 10, 2019
51: The Costco Haul Episode
Empty out the trunk — Hungry Girl is going to Costco! In this episode, Lisa and the gang CHEW & TELL over a dozen tasty and healthy food finds from the famous big box store! Everything from fajitas, burgers, sausages, dips, soups, frozen sandwiches, protein bars and SO MUCH MORE! Plus a chocolatey treat that’s only 20 calories per piece and is to die for! Make some room in your fridge, freezer and pantry, your next stop (after you listen to this podcast) is Costco!!! [](
May 03, 2019
50: The 8 Skinny Habits to Start Today Episode
Today’s the day to start a new habit… actually, 8 of them! In this episode, Lisa shares 8 things you can do to help you lose weight and/or keep it off! Tips and hacks about drinking water, snacking, and SO much more! Plus, something to try after meals that'll be a total game changer!! So get ready, these might not be habits yet, but hopefully soon, they’ll be part of your daily routine! [](
Apr 26, 2019
49: The Myth Blasting Episode (April Edition)
He’s back! Our good friend Dr. Robert J. Davis, a.k.a. “The Healthy Skeptic,” is here to blast more myths! Questions about intermittent fasting, vegetarian diets, vitamins, cold remedies… All these questions and more will be answered in this episode of **Chew the Right Thing!** TUNE IN NOW!
Apr 19, 2019
48: The Top Amazon Finds Episode
The Amazon isn’t just a rainforest in South America, it’s also THE BEST shopping site for great products that are hard to find in stores. In today’s episode, Lisa shares her favorite AMAZON FOOD FINDS!! From healthy rice alternatives and secret all-natural cheese powder to TASTY low-sugar sweets, this episode has it all! Plus, a new protein bar that’s a total GAME CHANGER!! If you’ve never been on or you’re already hooked, get ready — you’ll be one-clicking up a storm! [](
Apr 12, 2019
47: One on One: The Ilana Muhlstein (2B Mindset) Episode
It’s a very special episode of CHEW THE RIGHT THING! as Lisa goes ONE on ONE with registered dietician and creator of 2B Mindset, Ilana Muhlstein! Ilana shares the story of how she lost over 100 lbs., and how she used her experience to create 2B Mindset. She has great tips to help you out right now! Plus, Lisa and Ilana share healthy food finds! This episode has 2B listened to! (See what we did there?)[](
Apr 05, 2019
46: The Top 8 Ways to Overcome a Weight-Loss Plateau Episode
Have you been dieting? Have you lost weight, but now your weight loss has plateaued? Then this is the episode for you! Lisa shares 8 ways to nudge your body to start losing weight again! Tips like which foods to eat and which to avoid, small habits that can make a big difference, and the one thing you should definitely be doing (and doing accurately)! This episode of **Chew The Right Thing!** is so helpful, you might need to listen to it twice! [](
Mar 29, 2019
45: The Chew and Tell Episode (March Edition)
It’s time to CHEW AND TELL!! In this episode, Lisa and the gang taste test SO MANY exciting & new healthy products! From mushroom jerky, to Greek fro-yo bars to the latest chips and crackers, we’re tasting it! Plus, a brand-new pasta swap made from an ingredient that’s going to blow your mind!! Hop on the CHEW CHEW train for a very tasty episode of **Chew The Right Thing!** [](
Mar 22, 2019
44: The Breakfast Awards Episode
The most highly anticipated awards show of the season (ok, maybe the WEEK?) has arrived, THE BREAKFAST AWARDS! In this episode, Lisa hands out awards for some of the best breakfast items at the drive thru, at a sit-down restaurant and in your grocers freezer aisle! Plus the best make-ahead breakfasts, the best hot breakfasts and Lisa reveals her top 4 go to breakfasts! If you like breakfast (and who doesn’t) this is a must listen to episode of **Chew The Right Thing!** [](**.**
Mar 15, 2019
43: The Myth Blasting Episode (March Edition)
It’s time to go MYTH BLASTING with Hungry Girl!! In this episode Lisa is joined by her pal, Dr. Robert J. Davis aka “The Healthy Skeptic” and they’re blasting MYTHS like; does Apple Cider Vinegar really help you lose weight? Is sparkling water full of sodium? Is Matcha a miracle tea? Is non-dairy milk really better for you? All these questions and so much more will be answered in this episode!! TUNE IN NOW! [](
Mar 08, 2019
42: The SIMPLY 6 Episode: 6 Ingredients, Questions Answered & More!
It’s finally here — Lisa's new book, Hungry Girl Simply 6: All-Natural Recipes With 6 Ingredients Or Less! Get a sneak peek of the new recipes and so much more. Lisa dishes on how she came up with the concept for the book and how it’s different from her other books! Plus, we answer fan questions about Simply 6, ask the HG staffers for their favorite recipes, and try a few of their favorite dishes! Everything you need to know about SIMPLY 6 is in this episode! [](
Mar 01, 2019
41: The Top Foods on Lisa's Grocery List Episode
Here’s your chance to find out THE TOP FOODS ON LISA’S GROCERY LIST! Everything you need from the fridge to the pantry to the freezer is in THIS episode! Cheeses, yogurts, salad dressings, soups, meats and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, creative tips and hacks for these healthy food favorites. Get ready, because we have over 20 items you need to know about it! [](
Feb 22, 2019
40: The Trader Joe's List Episode
On a very special episode of **Chew The Right Thing!**, Lisa welcomes to the podcast the awesome Natasha from “Trader Joe’s List” on Instagram! Natasha talks to us about her love for everything TJ’s and how she started her famous Instagram account! Plus, Lisa, Jamie & Mikey CHEW & TELL three new products from Trader Joe’s, and here’s a little spoiler... One of them doesn’t make the cut! So grab those Hawaiian themed grocery bags, because for the next 30 minutes, we’re all about a Trader named Joe! [](
Feb 15, 2019
39: The Carb Swaps Episode: Pasta, Potatoes, Rice & More
Surrounded by tempting CARBS and don’t know what to do? Listen to this episode, that’s what! Lisa is swapping out all those high-calorie carbs with HEALTHY alternatives! SWAPS for pasta, potatoes, rice, and pizza crust! Plus a Palmini taste test, and we step into the wayback machine to revisit a pasta swap from the early days of Hungry Girl! There are SO many SWAPS in this episode, you’ll definitely need a pad & pen. Then visit our podcast page at []( for all the recipes!
Feb 08, 2019
38: The Snack Awards Episode
It’s awards season — you know what that means! Time for THE SNACK AWARDS! In this episode, Lisa hands out awards for HEALTHY SNACKS in 7 categories! We’ve got the best crunchy snacks, creative & innovative snacks, and even the snack you need to one-click on Amazon right now! Plus, we can’t have an awards show without a CHEW & TELL! We’re taste testing brownies and picking the best brownie snack that has 150 calories or less! The suspense is building — who’s going home with a trophy?! Push play and find out! [](
Feb 01, 2019
37: The Specialty Dining Out Episode (Chinese, Mexican & More)
If you listened to “The Dining Out Episode” and thought, “This is great, but what about international food?" — we’ve got you covered! In this episode, Lisa and the gang tackle restaurant tips & tricks from around the world… Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and even sushi! She has hacks for sauces, bread, chips, desserts & so much more! Time to dust off that passport, because we’re going globetrotting, HG style! [](
Jan 25, 2019
36: The Dining Out Episode
SO many menu options... SO many possible mistakes! Worry not — it’s Hungry Girl to the rescue! In this episode, Lisa shares her tips & tricks for HEALTHY DINING OUT —everything from drinks and apps to the main course! She has the 5 biggest mistakes you might be making and 5 strategies for success! Get ready, because you’ll want to write it all down, people…(Feel free to listen to this episode again on your way out to dinner!) [](
Jan 18, 2019
35: The Supermarket Shopping Episode
DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go to the supermarket without listening to this episode! Before you head out, Lisa shares with you her must-have healthy staples for your pantry, fridge, and freezer! Plus, obscure food finds, which condiments and sauces to buy, and a CHEW & TELL of frozen meals under 300 calories! So before you push play, grab a pen, a pad, and maybe a beverage, because this episode has everything you need to fill up your supermarket shopping cart! [](
Jan 11, 2019
34: The Jump-Start Your Diet Episode
HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s time to jump-start your diet, Hungry Girl style! In this episode, Lisa shows you how to start off the year right, with HEALTHY tips and tricks for a successful 2019! Discover Lisa’s eating plan picks -- like intermittent fasting and the Hungry Girl Diet -- plus the three lifestyle strategies you need to keep you on track! So pay close attention... This is THE episode to kickstart a healthy new year! [](
Jan 04, 2019
33: The Best of 2018 Episode
It’s the end of the year, and what a year it's been at Hungry Girl! We debuted the “Hungry Girl Chew the Right Thing!” podcast, and thanks to all of you, it’s a BIG HIT! In this BEST OF 2018 episode, Lisa shares with you the best healthy HACKS, SWAPS, CHEW & TELL, and LISA LOVES IT segments from the year! So start the fireplace, and grab a cup of hot cocoa as we look back at the year that was! Happy CHEW Year from Hungry Girl! [](
Dec 21, 2018
32: The Diet Sabotage & How To Outsmart It Episode
Who (or WHAT!) is the saboteur in your life? Trigger foods, your partner, your coworkers, alcohol... YOURSELF?! In this special episode of "Chew the Right Thing!," Lisa reveals the top 8 ways your healthy-eating plans are being derailed and how to overcome these pesky saboteurs! Get ready for a little bit of tough love, but a lot of good advice, and maybe even a hug at the end! [](
Dec 14, 2018
31: The Comfort Food Episode
Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but comfort food is so delightful! In this episode, Lisa shares tips & tricks for HEALTHY comfort food! Everything from soup, pizza, fries, French toast, fried chicken, and so much more! Plus the product LISA LOVES that will make you rethink any dish with cheese in it! But that’s not all… We’ve got FOOD SHOCKERS from your favorite restaurants like Claim Jumper, TGI Friday’s, and The Cheesecake Factory! So get comfy, and grab your headphones and a pen & pad, because this is THE episode to help you make SMART comfort food choices! [](
Dec 07, 2018
30: The Top 8 HG Holiday Gift Picks from Lisa Episode
‘Tis the season for Lisa’s HOLIDAY GIFT FINDS! In this episode, Lisa and the crew share their top gifts for foodies, pet lovers, coffee drinkers, pun enthusiasts and SO much more! Plus, Lisa reveals the one gift she loves to give the most during the holiday season! Oh, and let’s not forget about Lolly’s tip for your four-legged friends! It’s the most wonderful-time of the year to listen to this episode of CHEW THE RIGHT THING! [](
Nov 30, 2018
29: The Top Ate Things We’re Grateful for Episode
Gobble, gobble, it’s TURKEY TIME! We couldn’t go away for the long weekend without telling you exactly what WE’RE thankful for! Here’s a hint, one of them is you! Trader Joe’s is another, but tune in to hear the rest! And have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! [](
Nov 21, 2018
28: The Best Of Trader Joe's Episode
You wanted the best, you’ve got the best… HEALTHY items from Trader Joe’s! In this episode, Lisa highlights the best of the best from Trader Joe’s over the first 6 months of the **Chew The Right Thing!** Foodcast. Everything from the best salad options to the best snacks to the best in chocolate! Plus, the LISA LOVES IT item that you can use to make EVERYTHING better. We even have Lolly’s favorite thing from TJ’s! So before you head out to Trader Joe’s for your food shopping, listen to this episode and make a list of the best things to get at TJ’s! [](
Nov 16, 2018
27: The Ask Hungry Girl Episode
You asked for it, so here it is! It’s THE ASK HUNGRY GIRL EPISODE! In this episode, Lisa answers the questions Hungry Girl podcast fans have sent us over the last few months. Questions about the best ways to store leftovers, Lisa’s favorite healthy frozen food staples, where to find ground beef with 4% fat or less, how we come up with Hungry Girl content, and SOOOO much more! This episode has SO much info, you’ll need to listen to it twice! To submit YOUR question for the next Ask Hungry Girl episode, leave a message at 805-380-8075\. [](
Nov 09, 2018
26: The How Not To Gain Weight Over The Holidays Episode
The holiday season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you have to gain weight! In this episode, Lisa tackles the BIGGEST reasons people gain weight this time of the year and how to combat them! She has tips from EMERGENCY SNACKS you should always have on hand to what to do on those BIG dinner days. Plus, desserts with just 2 - 3 ingredient that you’d never ever know are HEALTHY! And we can’t do a holiday episode without trying things from TRADER JOE’s! If you haven’t pushed play yet, what are you waiting for?! This is the episode you NEED to get you through the holidays! [](
Nov 02, 2018
25: The Candy Episode
It’s candy season, and it’s totally possible to indulge while still being SMART! In this episode, Lisa shares her tips on how to survive Halloween night. Plus, she has the STANDOUT candies that are all under 100 calories! Lolly has a very important PSA, and the gang tries sweets with HUGE flavor and SMALL calorie counts! But that’s not all… Lisa has awesome swaps for peanut M&M’s, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and chocolate-covered almonds! Tune in now for a lot of healthy TRICKS and a TON of healthy TREATS! [](
Oct 26, 2018
24: The Myth Blasting Episode (Supermarket Edition)
Do you really need to drink 8 glasses of water a day? Do CARBS make you gain weight? Are healthy FATS a MYTH? Is agave really better for you than sugar? Is stevia an artificial sweetener? Is red meat bad for you? SO many questions, so many MYTHS, and all of them will be answered in this episode of Chew the Right Thing! Lisa brings in The Healthy Skeptic, Dr. Robert J. Davis PhD, to help tackle the HEALTH MYTHS. Plus, the gang does a POP-UP TASTE TEST! Don’t wait to listen to this episode; just push PLAY! [](
Oct 19, 2018
23: The Time Saving Episode
Time, time, there’s never enough TIME! Good thing you found this episode. On today’s show, you’ll find great time-saving healthy foods, from liquid egg whites to frozen fillo shells! Plus, Lisa shows you the fastest ways to make lunch and dinner! But wait, there’s more... Time-saving kitchen gadgets, time-saving kitchen hacks, and we even have enough time for a rousing round of CHEW or FALSE? trivia! We’re about to save you SO much time, you’ll be able to listen to this episode twice! [](
Oct 12, 2018
22: The Great Pumpkin Episode
It’s the GREAT PUMPKIN Hungry Girl! This episode is all about... you guessed it... PUMPKIN! We’ve got the 411 on the most creative (and unexpected!) healthy ways to use the pudgy orange squash, and we reveal the most popular Hungry Girl recipe of all time! (Can you guess what it is?) Plus, the gang partakes in a Trader Joe’s PUMPKIN CHEW & TELL! And a LISA LOVES IT that'll have you running to the supermarket to pick up ingredients ASAP! So hop aboard the PUMPKIN coach before PUMPKIN season is gone, gone, gone! [](
Oct 05, 2018
21: The Trader Joe's Episode: Our Favorite Things (Part 2)
We have SO many healthy favorites at TJ’s, we couldn’t possibly cram them all in to one episode! In part 2, Lisa and crew discuss everything from snacks to soups to sweets and SO much more! Plus we get a dog treat review from Lolly and see if Jamie can stump Lisa and Mike during a Trader Joe’s themed round of CHEW OR FALSE? Get your shopping list ready and fuel up your car (again), because we’re going back to Trader Joe’s! [](
Sep 28, 2018
20: The Trader Joe's Episode: Our Favorite Things (Part 1)
If you LOVE Trader Joe’s (and who doesn’t), this episode is for you! Get ready, because Lisa shares her favorite healthy TJ’s items from the produce aisle to the freezer aisle! Part 1 of this special two-parter focuses on MEALS: ready-to-eat options, top ingredients, and more. Plus, the gang flips over several products they taste test. So grab your pads and pens, and maybe gas up the car, because you’ll be heading to Trader Joe’s immediately after you hear this episode! [](
Sep 21, 2018
19: The 80/20 Episode
On a very special episode of **Chew The Right Thing!**, Lisa dives deep into the 80/20 rule — her tried and true diet philosophy! Lisa explains what it is, how it has helped her maintain her weight loss, and how it can help YOU. Plus, you won’t want to miss Lisa’s wacky New York diner story! Grab your notebook, because this episode serves up some of the most useful tools to help you on your journey to losing and maintaining your weight for years to come! [](
Sep 14, 2018
18: The Food Crimes Episode
Some foods are so BAD, they should be locked up FOREVER! In this episode, Lisa shares the biggest FOOD CRIMES — from fried veggies to criminal food labels! Plus, a CHEW & TELL with one of the WORST food crimes of all time! And we can’t have a FOOD CRIMES episode without healthy FOOD HEROES! So put on your detective hats and get ready to hear some of the most shocking FOOD CRIMES ever!!
Sep 07, 2018
17: The Back To School & Back On Track Episode
September is here, and it’s time to go BACK TO SCHOOL and get BACK ON TRACK! In this episode, Lisa shares the KID FOODS THAT ARE PERFECT FOR ADULTS, plus a CHEW & TELL featuring SNACK BARS and the one BAR Lisa LOVES! But wait, there’s SO much more... like must-have GADGETS, FOOD CONTAINERS, EASY-PACK LUNCHES, and the healthy foods that are going out of season that you need to buy RIGHT NOW! Plus, foods to look forward to in the fall! Hop on the bus, because it’s time to go BACK TO SCHOOL AND GET BACK ON TRACK with Hungry Girl!
Aug 31, 2018
16: The Food Fakers Episode
Don’t be FAKED OUT by the foods you eat!! In this episode, Lisa’s exposing the foods that might seem healthy, but are TOTAL FOOD FAKERS! Plus, an ASK HG about the SUPER popular Yonana craze and an HG hack that you can take virtually anywhere! Settle in, maybe even take some notes, because this episode is your go-to guide to not being a victim of FOOD FAKERS! []([]([](
Aug 24, 2018
15: The Food Swaps (The Sequel!) Episode
ARE YOU READY FOR MORE SWAPS?!! You loved our first swaps episode so much, we had to do another one! In this episode, Lisa shares the BEST swaps for beef, pasta, fried food, and potatoes. Plus, a LISA LOVES IT with a cheesecake swap that might be the GREATEST FIND EVER! Get ready… You’re gonna SWAP ‘TIL YA DROP all over again!!
Aug 17, 2018
14: The Easy No-Cook Meal Ideas Episode
Who wants to cook during these HOT summer days? NO ONE! In this episode, Lisa shares her best tips & tricks for NO-COOK breakfasts, lunches, and dinners! Plus, the HG crew tries 5 COOL Trader Joe’s finds and reveals the one NO-COOK product Lisa is loving this week! Grab a bucket of ice (or just pump up the A/C), and turn off the stove… This is the only podcast guaranteed to keep you COOL during the DOG DAYS of summer!
Aug 10, 2018
13: The Protein-Packed Episode
We’re putting the PRO back in PROTEIN! In this episode, Lisa has THE MOST BANG FOR YOUR CALORIE BUCK: PROTEIN EDITION, ways to add protein to carb-based dishes, the HOTTEST PROTEIN COUPLES, a meat-snacks-only CHEW & TELL. Plus, the one PROTEIN find Lisa is LOVING right now! Did we mention this episode is PACKED with PROTEIN?! (IT IS!) [](
Aug 03, 2018
12: The Fast Food Episode: Part 2
We’re back with FAST FOOD: PART 2! In this episode, Lisa hands out the FAST FOOD AWARDS, answers an ASK HG about an iconic FAST FOOD dessert, and reveals the FAST FOOD she’s LOVING this week! In addition, the HG crew tries new products from Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and Taco Bell. Start your engines, because after this episode, you’ll wanna make a beeline for your favorite drive-thru window! [](
Jul 27, 2018
11: The Fast Food Episode: Part 1
Does healthy FAST FOOD exist??? In today’s episode, Lisa answers this question… Plus, she has the TOP ways to save 100 calories at the drive-thru, 3 ways to make healthy fries, supermarket must-haves for an at-home burger fix, and surprising things to completely AVOID at the fast-food counter! This episode made us so full that we had to do another! Stay tuned for FAST FOOD Part 2… Coming up next week! [](
Jul 20, 2018
10: The Supersizing Episode
Supersizing in our world has nothing to do with fast food! In today’s episode, Lisa shares her top 8 ways to SUPERSIZE food into ginormous portions with low calorie counts, a COLLOSSAL Chew & Tell, the GIGANTIC food Lisa is loving this week and SUPERSIZING hacks you can’t live without! Get ready, this episode is so big, it’s SUPER SIZED! [](
Jul 13, 2018
9: The Cauliflower is the New Black Episode
CAULIFLOWER POWER! In this episode, Lisa brings you 4 cauliflower hacks you HAVE to try, the cauliflower find she is absolutely loving this week and the one cauliflower product that will bring you instant happiness! “Cauli” all your friends, this is an episode not be be missed! [](
Jul 06, 2018
8: The Snack Attack Episode
Can snacking actually be good for you? In this episode, Lisa answers this question! Plus, you’ll find out what type of snacker you are… But wait, there’s more! We’ve got SNACK HACKS, a game of CHEW or FALSE?, the SNACK AWARDS and the snack Lisa is LOVING this week! Get ready for a SNACKTASTIC time… [](
Jun 28, 2018
7: The Breakfast Episode
EGGS AND OATMEAL AND YOGURT, OH MY! In this episode, Lisa tackles EVERYTHING BREAKFAST! From healthy 5-minute breakfast ideas to the flavor-packed Trader Joe’s find Lisa is LOVING this week! Plus, the HG crew tries 3 Starbucks breakfast items under 300 calories! Grab a cup of joe, and enjoy...
Jun 22, 2018
6: The Happy Hour Episode
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere... TIME FOR HAPPY HOUR! In this episode, Lisa shows you how to cut the calories at the bar and shares her 2-ingredient party food hacks! Plus, the gang reviews low-calorie mixers, shares some serious shockers, and more. Let the party begin!
Jun 18, 2018
BONUS BITE! More Trader Joe’s Chocolate Finds
Not enough Trader Joe’s chocolate treats in **The Chocolate Episode**? Here are a few more, this time from the frozen aisle… Enjoy!
Jun 15, 2018
5: The Chocolate Episode
We’ve gone CHOCOLATE CRAZY! In this episode, Lisa shares her 3 chocolate must-haves (under 150 calories!), plus the healthy secret chocolate find she LOVES the most! A round of chocolate Chew or False, chocolate hacks, and chocolate finds from Trader Joe’s. Settle in for a sweet ride!
Jun 12, 2018
BONUS BITE! Calorie-Burning Swaps
Have 5 minutes? Here’s a bite-sized segment on how to burn off the calories in donuts, pizza, and wine! Hungry for more? Check out the Swap ‘Til Ya Drop Episode for must-have food swaps, tips for DIY Starbucks drinks, a Trader Joe’s taste test, and more!
Jun 08, 2018
4: The Swap 'Til Ya Drop Episode
GET READY TO SWAP ‘TIL YA DROP! In this episode, Lisa dishes out the 6 swaps you MUST HAVE, plus her swap of the week (maybe of the year)! Here’s a hint, it’s a vegetable, but it’s not cauliflower! And our very first CHEW & TELL featuring 3 TRADER JOE’s swap finds!
Jun 06, 2018
3: The Pizza Episode
Is healthy pizza a myth? Lisa answers this question and shares her tips & tricks for ordering pizza, making your own pizza, and so much more. Plus, pizza crust hacks, her take on cauliflower crust, the most popular pizza toppings, and Lisa’s very first pizza memory!
May 30, 2018
2: The Ice Cream Episode
Does guilt-free ice cream exist? In this episode, Lisa and the gang talk wacky ice cream flavors, healthy at-home hacks, and memories of the ice cream truck. Plus, Lisa’s top fro-yo shop tips (#2 is a game changer!), an interview with the creator of ENLIGHTENED ice cream, and special review of Frosty Paws from Lolly.
May 22, 2018
1: The Travel Episode
Vacation brain: Do you have it? In today’s episode, Lisa has tips and tricks on how to navigate the airport terminal, the hotel mini bar, and room service! Plus, the best (and worst) airlines for healthy food, emergency snacks, and the biggest food fakers! []([](
May 14, 2018