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 May 14, 2019
snacks helps keep me up to date on what's going on in business /economics. the hosts are personable and easy to listen to. thanks, guys!


Digestible financial news. Get smarter fast with an entertaining breakdown of our top 3 business stories in 15 minutes. Pairs perfectly with your commute, workout, or morning oatmeal ritual. Hosted by Jack Kramer and Nick Martell.

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“Pop collars, pop stocks” — Abercrombie’s dirty secret. The Dow’s thirty-thow. Toast’s $8B steak knife.
Just in time for our last pod of the holiday week, the Dow hit 30K on word of a new Treasury Secretary’s signature. We jumped into Abercrombie & Fitch’s latest earnings, but discovered it’s not really Abercrombie anymore (literally). And DineTech company Toast is our “Unicorn of the Day”. After laying off off ½ of its staff in April, it’s back and just hit an $8B valuation. $ANF $DIA Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 25, 2020
“Needed more Lizzo juice” — Snapchat launches TikTok+. Reebok’s $4B fail. Warner Music’s muted money.
In the biggest social media launch of 2020, Snapchat zucked TikTok… but kicked things up nine notches (you’re not a viewer, you’re a voter). Adidas bought Reebok for nearly $4B 15 years ago and is now trying to sell it for a quarter of that (what happened?). And Warner Music Group is part Spotify, part Live Nation, part Coldplay.  $WMG $ADDYY $SNAP Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 24, 2020
“Canal Street of the Internet” — Wish’s public desire. A Wonder Woman Christmas. Affirm’s overdependent IPO.
Circle the calendar (again) for December 25th: It’s the new Streaming-palooza, courtesy of Wonder Woman and HBO. Wish is IPO’ing because Amazon doesn’t feel enough like a TV gameshow. And Affirm is also going public because you hate credit cards. $WISH $AFRM $T Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 23, 2020
"1 app to rule them all" — Google zucks Venmo. TJ Maxx's final treasure hunt. GM's in-car-surance.
Google’s new finance app is straight up Venmo, with all privacy perks you expect from Google. TJ Maxx is 100% focused on the treasure hunt experience of physical shopping, but then yesterday happened. And General Motors realized it knows more about your driving skills than your insurance company does, which led to an idea... $TJX $GOOG $GM Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 20, 2020
“We’re in a Baby Bust” — P&G’s diaper problem. Tesla joins the club. Duolingo translates $2.4B.
When a pandemic means making fewer babies, Procter & Gamble has to adjust its diaper strategy (spoiler: fancy dipes). Tesla stock popped 20% this week because admittance to the S&P 500 club brings perks. And our “Unicorn of the Day” is Duolingo, which just hit a $2.4B valuation as the translation app tries to pull a Spotify. $PG $TSLA Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 19, 2020
“The stock ticker should be KEYS” — Airbnb’s IPO. Mars eats Kind Bars. Amazon launches an ePharmacy.
We jumped into Airbnb’s IPO paperwork Snacks Style… and they finally told us who their favorite child is. Candy legend Mars just bought Kind Bar because snacks spring eternal (meta). And if you noticed Walgreens stock fell, it’s because Amazon just whipped up an online pharmacy. $ABNB $AMZN Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 18, 2020
“We did a 5th thing...” — Casper’s 14% nightmare. Southwest’s frugal-ness. Asia’s epic trade deal.
Casper’s 14% stock drop reveals a self-inflicted weakness that’s been hidden for years. Southwest Airlines stock rose 2% because it’s pulling the opposite move of every other airline right now — expanding. And Asia’s huge trade deal covers 2.2B people & ⅓ of the Earth’s economic activity — but the USA is MIA. $CSPR $LUV $PRPL Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 17, 2020
“Dip, dodge, dive, duck, Doordash” — DoorDash’s IPO. Disney’s stock defiance. Google’s unlimited strategy.
We ordered some noodles and jumped into DoorDash’s fresh IPO paperwork… but there’s one problem that they mentioned 649 times. DisneyLand shut down, no new movies, and stores closed? Didn’t stop Disney stock from jumping after its earnings. And we’ve finally ID’d Google’s strategy to get you hooked: “The 5-year Free Unlimited.” $DASH $GOOG $DIS Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 16, 2020
“TSA for Adele” — Live Nation’s 2021 strategy. Sonos’ niche need. Ford’s subscripturation.
Live Nation’s sales plummeted 95%, so it’s already got a plan for your summer 2021 concert game. Sonos’ latest product unveil has us thinking they should find their niche. And Ford’s newest electric van isn’t really a van… it’s a freaky software your boss loves. $LYV $SONO $F Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 13, 2020
“Lyft is worth only 1 Lyft” — Apple’s horizontal dominance. Hopin’s $125M. Lyft’s non-moment.
We’ve been thinking it for weeks, but now that Lyft’s reported earnings we’re just gonna say it: Lyft hasn’t done anything this year. Apple’s “One More Thing” event shows that it’s not only vertically integrating… it’s horizontally dominating. And Hopin is our “Unicorn of the Day” for snagging a fresh $125M to be the Zoom for events (but ultimately the Zoom for Zoom). $LYFT $AAPL $INTC Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 12, 2020
“Crazy in love (on a bike)” — Beyonce’s Peloton deal. Spotify’s podcast puberty. Ulta Beauty’s Inception retail.
Peloton snagged a deal with Beyonce because Peloton is not in the industry you think it’s in. Spotify’s latest $235M acquisition is its most important yet, even if you’ll never listen to it. And Ulta Beauty’s quitting on malls to move into Target… which kinda turns Target into a mall. $SPOT $ULTA $PTON $TGT Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 11, 2020
“Ronald McVegan” — McDonald’s McPlant-wich. Pfizer’s hero vaccine. Supreme’s $2.1B trick.
Markets surged on word that Pfizer’s latest vaccine is over 90% effective… but that means stock winners and some stock losers (sorry, Zoom). Just as Beyond Meat was about to announce earnings, McDonald’s revealed its very own plant-based competitor: McPlant. And Timberland-owner VF Brands is splurging $2.1B on Supreme to streetwear-ify its social media sales game. $MCD $VFC $PFE Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 10, 2020
“It’s Christmas for Candy” — Hershey’s 6% jump. Marriott’s profit surprise. Amazon zucks Airbnb.
Our favorite earnings report of the fall: The first post-Halloween candy earnings from Hershey. The entire travel industry is suffering right now… and yet Marriott whipped up a profit? And we noticed that Amazon’s latest product is straight-up zucking Airbnb’s latest feature. $HSY $MAR $AMZN Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 09, 2020
“More election stock movers” — Tinder’s 6% pop. Nintendo’s Apple strategy. What else jumped/fell post-election.
It wasn’t just cannabis, sports betting, and Big Tech making moves after the election… we’ve got 2 more stock sectors shaking now. Match Group’s shares jumped 6% because Tinder powered through a pandemic, and Hinge made a comeback. And Nintendo sales surged, but we’ve seen their Switch strategy before. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 06, 2020
“How the election affected stocks” — The post-election surge. Uber/Lyft’s Prop 22 win. A liquor legend’s moment.
We got you covered: Big Tech, gambling, and cannabis are the stocks making post-election moves. Uber and Lyft shares surged after winning the most expensive ballot initiative in California history. And since you probably poured yourself some top-shelf stuff Tuesday night, we’re looking at the latest update from Corona-brewing liquor legend Constellation Brands. $UBER $LYFT $GRUB $STZ Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 05, 2020
“Earth’s biggest IPO is MIA” — Ant’s $310B ghosting. Reef’s $700M parking lot. The Right to Repair in Massachusetts.
Ant Financial is the biggest finance company on the planet that was ready for the biggest IPO on earth… until the Chinese Government got involved. Reef Technologies is trying to do something kind of WeWork-y, but with parking lots instead of glamorous offices. And The Right to Repair would hurt corporate profits, but help just about everyone else. $BABA $AAPL  Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 04, 2020
“Crocs won 2020” — Crocs’ 400% gain. Nestle’s $1B meal(kit). Exxon’s slow burn.
First of all, have you voted yet? No? Stop the show (we’ll wait)... Nestle just dropped $1B to buy Freshly because it’s a learn-cquisition. Crocs just whipped up a Justin Bieber collaboration as its stock enjoys a 400% run since March. And for the first time ever, Exxon suffered its 3rd straight quarterly loss. $CROX $XOM $NSRGY Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 03, 2020
“The stocks on the ballot” - Presidential stock impact. Pinterest dudes. Spotify & Netflix’s price-punch.
We’re breaking down the stocks most affected by a potential Biden presidency and a potential Trump second term (now go vote). Pinterest shares popped as we noticed the rise of the Pin Dude. And Spotify and Netflix plan to hike prices because of media’s willingness-to-pay moment. $PINS $SPOT $NFLX Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 02, 2020
“The Barking Bundle” — Chewy’s tele-vets. Amazon wins Techageddon. The final pre-election GDP report.
Did ya feel that? Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook just announced earnings at the same exact time on the same exact day. Amazon was the Techageddon winner. Chewy is jumping into pet telehealth, so we’ve got a bold idea for them: “The Barking Bundle.” And we just got the final GDP report before the election, so we’re sprinkling on some context through Ford, GM, and Fiat-Chrysler’s earnings report. $AAPL $AMZN $GOOG $FB $CHWY $F $VWAGY $FCAU Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 30, 2020
“Tap tap tapppp it in (for $2B)” — Callaway’s Topgolf splurge. Tupperware’s 2,000% pop. First Solar’s puberty phase.
Topgolf was just acquired by Callaway for $2B because the Lazertag of golf is the future of golf. Back in March, Tupperware’s stock was trading at $1 — it’s surged 2,000% since then and just popped another 35% yesterday on your leftovers love. And First Solar is the biggest solar energy company in the US, but it’s going through a puberty phase. $TUP $ELY $FSLR Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 29, 2020
“Harley-Davidson’s done with Millennials” — HOG’s 22% surge. Postmates does everything. 3M’s 55K products.
Harley’s stock popped 22%, but we think its new business strategy is a short term sugar high. Post-It creator 3M has sold 1.4B facemasks this year, but the pandemic stock is down mid-pandemic. And Postmates has a new delivery strategy: Deliver Everything. $HOG $MMM $UBER Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 28, 2020
“$9B for 2 pumps of hazelnut” — Dunkin’s acquisition offer. James Bond learns from live sports. Big Banks squeeze you.
Dunkin’s stock jumped 16% on word it could go private… and we’re extremely skeptical of the deal. MGM is reportedly open to selling off James Bond to the highest streaming bidder, but live sports is a cautionary tale. And Big Banks just told us they’re getting squeezed, so we’re looking at how they’ll squeeze you to make up for it. $DNKN $AAPL $JPM Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 27, 2020
“Barbie looooves Zoom” — Mattel’s anti-screen bump. L’Oreal’s athleisure skincare. Redfin’s real estate future.
Shares of Mattel surged 12% because iPad is out, Barbie is in. L’Oreal sales rebounded as it’s inspired by what Budweiser’s doing. And Redfin’s CEO made a bold call about real estate in 2021, so we’re looking at all the Housing stocks that are publicly traded. $MAT $LRLCY $RDFN Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 26, 2020
“Gone in 60 Quibis” — Streaming Wars’ victim #1. Venmo’s $13K Bitcoin. Goldman’s $5B Malaysia trip.
Just a few Quibis after launching, billion-dollar streaming startup Quibi is shutting down — we’ve got the autopsy. Bitcoin popped to $13K for the first time in 3 years after PayPal announced it’s coming to your Venmo. And Goldman Sachs has to pay out $5B for its scandal in Malaysia, but the impact is way bigger. $PYPL $GS Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 23, 2020
“First ever Charge Chugger” — GM’s eHummer. Snap’s lucky quarter. Netflix’s inflexion point.
General Motors has taken the most unsustainable car every — the Hummer — and made it electric. Snap’s stock surged 28% because in-between moment content is having a moment. And Netflix fell 7% because growth in the USA and Canada is virtually zero. $SNAP $GM $NFLX Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 22, 2020
“GO O GL E” — Break it up? SpaceX’s other cloud. P&G’s 15-year best.
The Justice Department just slammed Google with the biggest antitrust monopoly case since the ‘90s. Elon Musk’s SpaceX nails a new partnership with Microsoft to handle cloud computing… in outer space. And Procter & Gamble’s earnings are a window directly into your home — while you’re eating and cleaning (so much cleaning). $GOOG $PG $MSFT Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 21, 2020
“Pivot to puppies” — The Dodo’s pet insurance. Halliburton’s oil shovel. Walmart app-ifies its aisles.
Partially-owned by publicly-traded Discovery Inc, The Dodo is known for adorable 3-minute cat videos — but now it’s launching pet insurance. Energy legend Halliburton is selling shovels to an oil goldrush that isn’t getting rushed into. And Walmart is bringing its app to life… as a store (1,000 of them). $DISCA $HAL $WMT Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 20, 2020
“$140M to Airbnb that Mercedes” — Getaround’s mega-round. FuboTV’s IPO. Amazon’s (Anti) Prime Day.
Getaround snags $140M in fresh funding to Piggyback Pop off Airbnb… but for your car. Fubo just IPO’d so we’re looking at the littlest streamer out there. And the winner of Amazon’s epic/delayed Prime Day? Anti-Prime Day. $FUBO $AMZN Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 19, 2020
“Facebook thinks it’s a telephone line” — Nio’s 1,000% jump. Sleep Number’s anti-Casper pivot. Twitter/Facebook’s Section 230 moment.
Shares of Nio (the Tesla of China) have subtly surged 1,000% since March because it’s made a lifestyle brand out of a glorified battery. Twitter and Facebook just faced their biggest ever test about whether they’re platforms or publishers. And Sleep Number stock popped because it’s doing everything with mattresses that Casper isn’t. $NIO $SNBR $TWTR $FB Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 16, 2020
“That’s a $111M chicken wing” — Pilgrim’s Pride’s chicken-fixing. Uber’s pet unicorn. BlackRock’s hedge.
Thursday’s the new Friday. And Pilgrim’s Pride just dropped millions to settle a chicken price-fixing lawsuit that reminds us of Big Tech. Meanwhile, Big Banks kicked off earnings season, but we’re more interested in the diversification going on at BlackRock. And we noticed that some subtle job postings reveal major moves from Uber’s moonshot idea: Freight. $PPC $BLK $UBER Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 15, 2020
“E.T., 5G, phone hoooome” — Apple’s iPhone 12. NordicTrack’s future ab-cquisition. Delta’s Mighty Ducks drama.
Apple’s surprise product event may result in the biggest iPhone sales season ever thanks to 5G. We noticed that NordicTrack’s owner, Nautilus, and Hyperice just raised big money in a Peloton world — but we’re wondering what Big Tech company will acquire them. And a single line from Delta’s earnings report was enough to drop the stocks of entire industries. $AAPL $DAL $NLS Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 14, 2020
“Big Papi goes public” - Red Sox’s potential SPAC. Twilio’s gold shovel. Fashion’s QVC-ification.
The Red Sox might bouncing back from missing the playoffs by transforming into a publicly-traded stock. Twilio stock jumped 8% yesterday — you probably use it everyday but don’t know it. And fashion brands are pulling a QVC to fix the 2 biggest issues with online shopping. $TWLO $PVH $RBAC Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 13, 2020
“Cannabis runs for Vice President” — Microsoft’s forever WFH. Cannabis defines the relationship. Disney’s $3B shuffle.
Cannabis stocks just enjoyed their best day in months after 2 major moves to finally define the relationship with DC. Should Disney send out dividend checks forever… or permanently treat itself to $3B every year in a Netflix world? And Microsoft is the first Big Tech to go permanent Work From Home — so we got ourselves the first WFH Playbook. $TLRY $ACB $CGC $DIS $MSFT Got a #SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork and tag #SnackFact Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 12, 2020
“A $30B check for racial justice” — JPMorgan’s unprecedented pledge. Kroger’s ghost kitchen. Dollar General’s fancy idea.
Remember when Netflix put $100M into black-owned banks? JPMorgan is spending 300 times that toward racial justice in a move we’ve never seen before. Kroger is disrupting itself with a ghost kitchen in aisle 4. And Dollar General is already living its best life… so it’s doing the opposite: A fancier chain for wealthier customers. The “five dollar” store.  $KR $JPM $DG Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 09, 2020
“The $30/month Breakfast McClub” — McDonald’s new breakfast. Levi’s thrift store. Crispr’s Nobel Prize bump.
Levi’s shares popped 5% after earnings, but we are most focused on its new online thrift store for secondhand Levi’s. McDonald’s just added its 1st baked breakfast item in 8 years, so we’ve got a bold idea for Ronald: Breakfast Club. And gene-editing pioneer Crispr watches its stock jump 11% — doesn’t hurt when your co-founder just got a Nobel Prize in chemistry. $LEVI $CRSP $MCD Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 08, 2020
“Gucci or Pucci?” — TheRealReal’s luxe breakthrough. Sono’s Apple breakup. Venmo’s Synchrony secret.
TheRealReal shares surged 10% on a deal with Gucci that changes fashion more than Blue Steel did (Mer-man, pop. Mermannnn). Sonos stock dropped on word Apple’s pulling the “it’s not you, it’s me.” And Venmo’s new credit card launch is really a story about the company behind the plastic: Synchrony Financial. $REAL $SONO $AAPL $SYF $PYPL Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 07, 2020
“Trump’s anti-COVID cocktail” — Regeneron’s 5-second fame. Tesla’s S-3-X-Y conflict. Cooler Screens’ $80M grab.
Regeneron’s stock jumped because saving a nation’s president’s life is straight-up earned media value. Tesla has officially cannibalized itself… and we think that’s a good thing. And Cooler Screens snagged $80M to make your bodega’s drink fridge digitally speak to you. $REGN $TSLA Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 06, 2020
“Pure-play Avocado stock” — Mission Produce’s toasted IPO. Etsy’s crafty surge. 2020’s most important Jobs Report.
The most important Jobs Report of the year is really America’s economic report card. Etsy shares have nearly tripled this year because it’s figured out something crafty that Amazon hasn’t. And Mission Produce’s IPO reminds us more of oil than avocado. $AVO $ETSY Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 05, 2020
“Rum and Coke, hold the Coke” — Pepsi’s liquor thirst. Bed Bath & reBound. Hims’ public prescription.
Pepsi is thinking about entering the alcohol biz — but that’s way more complicated than fermentation. Telemedicine innovator was the 2nd fastest company ever to become a unicorn, but now it’s SPACing itself into a publicly traded stock. And Bed Bath & Beyond is now living the opposite life that you expected. $BBBY $PEP Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 02, 2020
“Jon Snow wears wolf, Gen Z wears Goose” — Canada Goose’s restaurant bump. Disney’s firing paradox. Asana/Palantir’s Direct Listing Day.
Canada Goose shares jumped 8% yesterday because if you’re gonna eat out this winter, you’re going to bundle up in Goose. Disney’s firing 28K workers, yet its stock keeps rising. And Happy Direct Listing Day – Asana and Palantir ditched the investment banks and sent their stocks trading solo. $GOOS $PLTR $ASAN $DIS Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 01, 2020
“Hoooooow convenient” — Blackstone’s climate/profit pledge. Stitch Fix’s unraveling. Beyond Meat’s Walmartification.
Stitch Fix’s personal styling biz was already slowing - now Amazon’s doing the same thing. Beyond Meat shares surged 9% because this deal with Walmart is way more than just a deal with Walmart. And Blackstone is America’s biggest landlord. Their climate pledge is also a profit pledge. $SFIX $BYND $BX Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 30, 2020
“Thou art fit and proper” — Uber’s London trip. Roku’s home theaterization. ShipBob’s anti-Amazon Alliance.
Uber stock jumped 3% on a ruling in London that we think begins Uber’s new era. Roku is thinking 6-months ahead about your entertainment needs, so it’s turning your streaming TV into a streaming movie theater. And our “almost Unicorn of the Day” is ShipBob, which snagged $68M. It’s playing its part in the anti-Amazon rebel alliance. $ROKU $UBER Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 29, 2020
“Amazon’s $250 aerial Rottweiler” — Amazon’s home security drone. Vail Resorts’ snow report. Square’s Cash App-titude.
Vail Resorts’ is fighting climate change long term, but could surprisingly thrive this COVID ski season. Square’s stock jumped 12% last week because Cash App’s network effects aren’t getting enough love. And Bezos decided to go dystopian in Amazon’s big product day with a drone that flies through your home like an aerial Rottweiler. $MTN $SQ $AMZN Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 28, 2020
“Air Force 1 is 38 years old” — Nike’s sneaker moment. Spotify’s Hollywood repackage. ChargePoint’s electric shovel.
Shares of Nike popped 10% thanks to its retro sneakers, which are still the profit puppy. Spotify wants to repackage its podcast audio content into movies/TV. And ChargePoint plans to go public since electric cars need electric charging infrastructure. $NKE $SPOT Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 25, 2020
“Elon’s 3 year hype” — Tesla’s un-Tesla Battery Day. GoodRX’s IPO prescription. General Mills’ innovation renovation.
Elon announced… big goals at Tesla’s Battery Day. And Tesla’s stock dropped because we didn’t see the Elon we were expecting. GoodRX shares popped 53% on IPO day because it’s the of prescription drugs. And General Mills’ is so desperate to keep you buying cheap cereal that it’s making up business terms and mixing yogurt with candy. $TSLA $GDRX $GIS Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 24, 2020
“We already have a bunch of Quibis” — Quibi’s (potential) sale. Amazon Zucks Peloton? Big Bank money laundering drama.
After raising nearly $2B to enter the Streaming Wars, Quibi may be the first victim of it. Echelon creates low-cost Peloton knockoffs. And it claims it’s partnered with Amazon to Zuck Peloton now. And a new bombshell report reveals how criminal money is working through the financial system via our Big Banks. $PLTN $AMZN $DB $BAC $JPM Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 23, 2020
“Nikola & Theranos. Different companies, same accusations.” — Nikola’s 19% drop. Chime’s $14.5B swipe. BJ’s Costco-fication.
Nikola is kind of like Tesla’s stunt double, and its founder just resigned amid accusations of investor deception (CC Elizabeth Holmes). BJ’s is the cinderella story of the Warehouse Wars after its stock almost doubled this year. And our “Unicorn of the Day” is digital banking app Chime, which hit a $14.5B valuation. It wants you to think it’s a bank, but not investors. $NKLA $BJ Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 22, 2020
“Liam Neeson got TikTaken” — TikTok (isn’t) banned. InFarm’s vertical farms on aisle 3. AT&T’s ad test.
Soooo TikTok downloads are banned as of last night… but there’s a difference between the headline you saw Friday and the headline that should’ve been written. InFarm snagged $170M to make vertical farming a thing. And AT&T don’t care what HBO says — it’s testing the limits of ads because life comes down to pricing. $T $ORCL Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 21, 2020
“It’s like an invisible smart fridge” — Snowflake’s broken IPO. Facebook’s Ray-Ban deal. NextEra’s renewable monopoly.
Snowflake’s business is kind of boring, but their IPO reveals everything that’s wrong with IPOs right now. Facebook is whipping up a Zuck-free Ray-Ban partnership to win Wearables. And NextEra is now the most valuable utility stock in the USA thanks to renewable energy and a hint of monopoly. $SNOW $NEE $FB Got a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @TBOYJack @NickOfNewYork Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 18, 2020
“Wonder Woman snitches on Mulan” — Disney’s secret numbers. Goldman’s build-vs-buy. Amazon’s suburban dream.
We still don’t have the numbers on Disney’s experiment sending Mulan direct-to-living-rooms instead of theaters – but we still figured out it was probably a failure. Goldman Sachs acquired a startup that reveals when to build or when to buy. And Amazon’s having fun in cities, but it’s also buying up 1,000 strategic locations in the suburbs. $GS $DIS $AMZN Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 17, 2020
“No Watch? No weights.” — Apple’s Fitness+ unveil. Opendoor’s home-flipping SPAC. Carnival’s $1B life jacket.
We’ll be honest with you, Snackers — the big Apple event was kinda boring… except for a brand new fitness club they just unveiled for Club Apple. “Unicorn of the Day” Opendoor is going public via SPAC because it can flip homes at scale. And Carnival Cruise’s stock plummeted because it’s grabbing a $1B life jacket at the worst (and most costly) moment. $AAPL $CCL $IPOC Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 16, 2020
“TikTok refuses to sell TikTok” — Oracle’s TikTok-uisition. Pepsi’s dream drink. Delta’s frequent flyer fundrais
The winner of the TikTok sweepstakes is officially oracle — even though they’re technically not buying it. Pepsi whipped up a drink to help you fall asleep because it’s part of the beverage trend of 2020 — functional. And Delta is raising money in the most creative and airline-ish way possible: Frequent flyer miles. $ORCL $PEP $DAL Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 15, 2020
“Zuck Zucks Facebook” — American Eagle vs. Aerie. Phase 3 COVID vaccines. Facebook’s newest social network.
American Eagle’s stock jumped 4% because it’s less ath, more leisure. AstraZeneca and the other pharma companies are entering a key moment: Phase 3 trials for the COVID vaccine. And Facebook’s newest social network is the exact same as its first ever social network… college only (we’re calling it “TheFacebook”). $AEO $AZN $FB Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 14, 2020
“The official (BLANK) of the NFL” — Postmates’ football deal. Martha Stewart’s CBD. Restoration Hardware’s fanci-ness.
Postmates knows more Americans might be watching the NFL this season than ever before, so it became the official delivery app. Martha Stewart has a cult of followers, and Canopy wants them CBD-ing. And Restoration Hardware is one of the Fantastic Fancy 4 that’s winning by helping the affluent adapt to COVID.  $CGC $RH $UBER Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 11, 2020
“Ghosted at the $16B wedding” — Louis Vuitton breaks up with Tiffany’s. Google’s Chromebooks kid strategy. Slack’s schlep moment.
That multi-billion dollar merger between Tiffany and luxury legend LVMH just got called off, but we’re questioning the excuse. Google’s Chromebooks are the back-to-school item getting snatched up by schools. And Slack stock fell 15% yesterday because we think it’s way more of a schlep than Zoom is. $WORK $TIF $GOOG Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 10, 2020
“The tech stock white whale” — Softbank’s big Nasdaq money. Nikola surges 40% on GM investment. Boeing’s business class dreams
Tesla-challenger Nikola just saw its stock jump 40% because it’s marrying an older, wealthier life partner: GM. Just a year after jacking up private tech valuations, turns out Softbank is doing the same thing now to publicly-traded tech stocks. And Boeing has itself a cancelation problem because business class’ future is uncertain in the age of Zoom. $NKLA $GM $SFTBY $BA Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 09, 2020
“The Tesla of SoulCycle” — Peloton’s new strategy. T-Mobile’s back-to-school effort. Bankrupt brands get eResurrected.
Peloton’s announcing something special this week: Peloton+. T-Mobile’s splurging $11B on a back-to-school initiative for students to help crush the Homework Gap. And Retail Ecommerce Ventures is buying up the big bankrupt brands you miss, then digitaling re-launching them. $PTON $TMUS Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: https// Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 08, 2020
“Jeep Grand Wagoneer… is back” — Jeep’s nostalgia-wagon. Campbell running out of Soup. Samsung = 11% of Korea’s GDP.
Campbell’s soup is having a sodium-filled moment… but the stock just dropped 7%. Jeep unveiled a new $100K Woody that reveals how nostalgia = $$$. And Samsung is splurging $2B on the biggest medicine factory in history because going wide is what Samsung does. $CPB $FCAU Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 04, 2020
“Bumble stock makes the 1st move” — A Bumble IPO plan. Jack Daniel’s K-shaped recovery. Amazon innovation in Brooklyn.
Word from PFWTM is that dating app Bumble wants to IPO ASAP. Liquor legend Brown Forman saw shares jump 11% because its bourbon sales reflect our current unique economic reality. And Amazon just launched the most innovative thing in online grocery delivery yet: A ghost grocer grows in Brooklyn. $BF $AMZN Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 03, 2020
“And the growth trophy goes to…” — Zoom’s unprecedented-ness. Nestle’s $2.5B food allergy. Walmart unveils Walmart+.
While you were chewing Nestle’s peanut butter chocolates, the company just acquired a $2.5B company that develops a peanut allergy treatment. Walmart unveiled the details and launch date of Walmart+ to subscriptify your life (and it promises it’s got nothing to do with Amazon Prime). And everyone had high expectations for Zoom’s latest quarter, but this one was truly historic. $ZM $NSRGY $AIMT $WMT Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 02, 2020
“Free Netflix (but not for iPhone users)” — United ends change fees. Netflix’s free option. Lemonade’s non-profit-ness.
Cheers of joy spread throughout the land as United ended its change fees — aka 15% of overall US airline sales. Netflix is trying a new “give-our-content-away-for-free” strategy. And renter’s insurance icon Lemonade is giving away 17X more money than the average publicly traded corporation does… but it’s still not profitable (investors not down). $LMND $NFLX $UAL Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 01, 2020
“Happy TeslApple Day” — Tesla & Apple split their stocks. The Gap’s 1 hope. Abbott’s $5-15 minute Covid test.
In the rarest of moments in the universe, Tesla and Apple both decided to split their stocks today. The Gap basically became a fashionable facemask company last quarter, but its future depends on Athleta. And Abbott Labs stock jumped 8% last week not because of a vaccine, but because of “the $5 COVID credit card 15-minute” test. $TSLA $AAPL $GPS $ABT Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 31, 2020
“Apple should buy Warby Parker” — Walmart & Microsoft might adopt TikTok. Warby Parker hits $3B. Amazon’s 1st fitness gadget.
Since every company you know is trying to buy TikTok, an odd couple is trying to make it happen together: Walmart and Microsoft. Amazon is tired of looking at its Apple Watch, so it whipped up its first ever fitness gadget that has eyes and ears. And our “Unicorn of the Day” is Warby Parker, which we think would look really nice on Apple. $WMT $MSFT $AMZN $AAPL Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 28, 2020
“Can someone wake up Casper?” — Urban Outfitters’ fashion smoothie. Casper’s fresh CFO. Salesforce is in the Dow.
We’re looking at Casper’s new CFO, who has 1 mission: Find profits under the mattress (even if that means changing Casper’s core identity). Urban Outfitters’ stock jumped 19% because it isn’t just faux-ironic t-shirts — it’s actually a smoothie of innovation. And Salesforce is the newest addition to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, so we jumped in Snacks Style to its fresh earnings report. $URBN $CSPR $CRM Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 27, 2020
“It’s wedding season for IPOs” — DoorDash’s stock surprise. Best Buy’s best life. Ball’s aluminum-ification.
Apparently DoorDash now wants to IPO this year because it’s wedding season to go public (we’re more interested in its hidden product). Best Buy was left for dead by Wall Street, but now it’s living its best life. And Ball’s cans make it possible for you to consume sparkling anything, but its stock is trying to keep up with the aluminum-ification of everything. $BBY $BLL Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 26, 2020
“Codename: CIA IPO” — Palantir’s ironic leak. Luminar’s laser stock. Uber/Lyft’s politics.
The secretive tech icon Palantir’s IPO paperwork just un-secretly leaked. Luminar is yet another electric car startup going public through SPAC — except this one shoots laser beams and is run by a 25-year-old CEO. And we’re looking at how the shutdown of Uber and Lyft in California last week didn’t happen, but revealed their unique in-app policy power about the new battle, Prop 22. $UBER $LYFT Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 25, 2020
“Taco Bell’s TSA pre-check” — Taco Bell’s store of the future. John Deere’s waterfall chart. Drizly’s booze delivery.
Yum Brands’ Taco Bell is launching new “Go Mobile” stores that show how food is leading the convenience movement. John Deere loves your gardening moves lately, so we’re looking at its waterfall situation. And booze-deliverer Drizly is our “Unicorn of the Day” — It just raised $50M because alcohol and cannabis delivery are just different. $YUM $DE Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 24, 2020
“The Marie Kondo IPO” — ThredUp is going public. Verizon’s bundle of perks. The US Dollar’s fall.
The consignment industry is having a moment, and ThredUP is getting dressed up for its IPO. Verizon knows you quit cable because you hate bundles, so it’s whipped up something it thinks you’ll love: Bundles...for cord-cutters. And the US dollar is the global economy’s Batman, but now that it’s losing value, we’re looking at what that means for you. $VZ $REAL Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 21, 2020
“The tech 5 and the 495 others” — Impossible Foods’ $200M differentiator. GM’s divorce. Why S&P 500 hit record highs.
Apple is now worth $2T and the S&P 500 hit a record high, despite the economy getting crushed. We’ve got the 3 reasons to explain why/how. Impossible Foods has now raised $1.5B to scale its plant-based meats, but it also just found its differentiator from Beyond Meat. And General Motors is tired of being so general, so it could strategically split into a 2 companies. $AAPL $BYND $GM Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 20, 2020
“iBlackjack at the iCasino” — Penn’s Barstool app. Home Depot’s pimped dividend. Chegg’s back-to-school bounce.
Penn National Gaming shares jump on hopes it can turn the Blockbuster of gambling into the Netflix of casinos. Home Depot’s biz loved that you pimped yo’ crib, so we’re looking at whether it can pimp its own dividend. And Chegg pioneered eTextbooks, but shares have doubled because it’s not your textbook tech platform. $PENN $CHGG $HD Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 19, 2020
“Sweet battery, where’d ya get it?” — Tesla’s 2nd profit puppy. Aviation Gin’s $610M sale. Thursday’s Uber/Lyft-pocalypse.
Tesla shares jumped on word Elon may have discovered a second profit puppy: just the batteries. Earth’s biggest liquor company, Diageo, treated itself to Ryan Reynold’s Aviation Gin because premiumization needs celebrity. And Uber and Lyft are about to (maybe) shut down service in California this week, because, gig. $TSLA $DEO $UBER $LYFT Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 18, 2020
“Fortnite vs. Don Appleone” — Fortnite’s App Tax boycott. USPS pain = FedEx gain. Chili’s virtual wings.
Aaaand we’re back. Fresh off vacation, we’re looking at the screenplay-worthy showdown between Apple and Fortnite. UPS and FedEx stocks get love when the US Postal Service doesn’t. And shares of Brinker International, the owner of Chili’s, jumped after launching a ghost kitchen. $EAT $AAPL $UPS $FDX  Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 17, 2020
“Last pod until August 17th” — Take Two’s video game record. Disney’s ecosystem un-magic. Feather’s $30M rental furniture.
Our final Snacks Daily pod before vacation — We return to the mics on Monday, August 17th (we’ll miss ya until then, Snackers). In the meantime, Disney’s earnings underline the pain COVID is inflicted on physical businesses. Take Two’s video games are benefiting from the elusive double sales wave. And Feather is trying to become the Rent The Runway of furniture. $TTWO $DIS Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 05, 2020
“Windows TikTok 2.0” — Microsoft’s TikTok-quisition. Levi’s non-Amazon roadmap. Tyson’s new chicken-free CEO.
Over the weekend, TikTok learned it might be banned in the US. Actually maybe acquired by Microsoft (or maybe not). We break down the TikTok saga. Levi’s CEO revealed its wild new 5-month gameplan in a world where denim is out. And America’s biggest meat producer, Tyson, just made the boldest CEO hire we’ve ever seen: A Google tech guy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 04, 2020
“70% of us have Cash-Phobia” — PayPal’s crown jewel. Molson Coors’ brew shocker. SiriusXM’s revival.
PayPal hit an all-time high after saying “cash is dead,” but Venmo’s getting all the attention. While the rest of the brew industry douses itself in hard seltzer, Molson Coors figured out how to make beer flourish in the moment. And SiriusXM is a lot like cable TV, but for audio. We hope it doesn’t accept its fate of decline, like cable has. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 03, 2020
“Apple’s pizza is waaaay too big” — Apple’s 4-1 stock split. P&G stole Sysco's sales. Amazon’s record.
Fresh after hitting Capitol Hill, the Tech Big 4 announced earnings reports (they were epic). We’re focused on Apple’s 5 profit puppies and Amazon’s double-double. Then Procter & Gamble sneaked in with its best quarter in 14 years because one company’s loss is another’s gain. And P&G has tons of MBAs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 31, 2020
“Does this tie make my hoodie look fat?” — The Big Tech 4 hit DC. Blue Apron’s shocker profit. AMC’s movie truce.
Amazon. Apple. Facebook. Google. CEOs of the Big Tech 4 hit up Capitol Hill for their biggest Congressional grilling, maybe ever. Blue Apron whipped up its 1st profit since IPO’ing, but then the stock plummeted 15%. And AMC Movie Theaters just snagged the most important deal in streaming history — it shortens the infamous “75-day window.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 30, 2020
“Kodak’s FOMO-ment” — TikTok’s latest Zucking. Lysol’s consulting gig. Kodak’s stock triples.
Kodak went bankrupt in 2012, but now it’s pulling off an epic pivot from photographer to pharmacist. TikTok is going through a Level 6 Zucking courtesy of Instagram’s new Reels feature. And Lysol wants to become the Bain of Clean. Full disclosure: FOMO-creator Patrick McGinnis invented the term FOMO-ment. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 29, 2020
“Apple’s got a Stage 5 Clinger” — Jamf’s IPO. DraftKings Opening Day drama. Ro hits $1.5B
DraftKings shares dropped 6% because baseball just had its first mid-season COVID crisis. Jamf stock has doubled since its IPO because it’s got a single mission: Help your company thrive on Apple devices. And our “Unicorn of the Day” is Ro, whose valuation tripled to $1.5B by evolving beyond cheap direct-to-consumer Viagra to all of healthcare. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 28, 2020
“Favorite child? It’s hard seltzer” — Boston Beer’s 21% surge. The biggest SPAC ever. No blockbusters in 2020.
Sam Adams owner Boston Beer shockingly doubled profits last quarter, but it’s not thanks to Boston Beer. Disney, Apple, and Netflix have made moves that just killed the summer blockbuster biz. And the biggest Special Purpose Acquisition Company ever just went public, officially making this the “Summer of the SPAC” (fun to say). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 27, 2020
“You have to be this tall to get in the S&P 500” — Tesla’s profit shocker. Ben & Jerry’s e-ice cream. Microsoft bundle-bullies Slack.
Tesla shares hit a record high on its first ever full year of profit. Microsoft was caught bundle-bullying Slack, which is claaaassic ‘90s Microsoft. And Unilever announced earnings, but we’re focused on (and concerned about) its direct-to-consumer ice cream strategy with Ben & Jerry’s. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 24, 2020
“Spotify’s not a tech company” — Pfizer’s $2B Operation Warp Speed. Misfit’s ugly veggie $85M. Spotify’s new record label deal.
Pfizer snags a $2B contract to produce 100M COVID-19 vaccines for the US government as part of Operation Warp Speed. Spotify has so many marginal costs, so it just added a new revenue stream to try to offset that. And Misfit just bagged $85M in fresh funding to scale its subscription food box for ugly fruits and veggies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 23, 2020
“The Hamilton Musical (for economies)” — Europe’s $2T joint bank account. Starbucks’ free lattes. Coca-Cola’s “new news” stock bump.
Europe just whipped up a $2T stimulus package that looks a lot like what the United states pulled off… in 1790. Starbucks changed its Rewards Program and Wendy’s just launched the 1st ever rewards app for a burger chain. We think the Loyalty Wars are coming. And Coca-Cola jumped 2% after its earnings report because of new news. Ignore old news. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 22, 2020
“The anti-prenup” — Headspace gets in Snapchat. Fisker pulls an Apple. Google Maps gets Uber money.
To take on its meditation rival, Headspace is partnering with Snapchat in the rare, elusive no-money deal. Electric car startup Fisker just went public, but it’s deciding to act more like Apple than every other car company (including Tesla). And Uber can’t do it all by itself, so its paying tens of millions of dollars to be dependent on Google Maps: It’s one the Silent Servers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 21, 2020
“WeWork from the Dead” — WeWork’s profitability (?). Domino’s fortressing strategy. JetBlue & American Airlines colludiness.
Don’t even think about thinking WeWork is gone — the coworking pioneer claims it’ll be thrivingly “profitable” by this time next year. JetBlue and American Airlines have developed a special corona-relationship that basically feels like collusion. And Domino’s revealed its new chicken wings, cauliflower ambitions, and “fortressing” strategy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 20, 2020
“@McConaughey... didn’t get hacked” — Twitter’s TBOY hack. Hasbro’s Scrabble app. UnitedHealth’s record (double) profit.
Twitter suffered its biggest hack ever, which could forever change its role as the direct-to-consumer communication platform. Hasbro’s new Scrabble app is causing aggressive drama among Scrabble purists, but the toymaker has learned its lesson from the ‘90s about cannibalization. And UnitedHealth just enjoyed a record $6.6B profit because you paid for health insurance but didn’t use it last quarter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 17, 2020
“RZF = Resting Zoom Face” — Zoom launches hardware. Lemonade adds pet insurance. Goldman’s quiet before the storm.
Welcome to Big Bank earnings season, which kicked off with big words from JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon and is ending with a Goldman Sachs stock surge. Lemonade just launched its 2nd product: Pet insurance. And behold, Zoom from Home your desk’s 2nd monitor that is the closest thing to being in the office. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 16, 2020
“Ford’s midwestern modesty... problem” — New York Times pivots. Oatly hits $2B. Ford resurrects Bronco.
After 24 years, Ford just brought back the Bronco — but Midwestern modesty can’t win in a Tesla hype world. The New York Times is replacing lost ad revenue with a new plan: Repackage its reporting into great TV and podcasts. And oat milk pioneer Oatly hits a $2B valuation thanks to a fundraise with big-time investors who fully mainstream-ify it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 15, 2020
“PepsiCo should rename to SnacksCo” — Netflix’s earnings preview. Pepsi’s immuni-foods focus. Tech’s billions go to India.
Earnings season kicks off and it’s (shocker) supposed to be brutal — so we’re looking at the one potential bright spot: Netflix. Pepsi’s soda sales fell, snacks sales surged, and it’s already focusing on a new trend: Cleansing your insides. And with all the drama between the US and China, the big winner is India — which just snagged a $10B check from Google. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 14, 2020
“The SoulCycle of egg freezing” — Kindbody snags $32M for fertility. Anti-Tesla Rivian raises $2.5B. Biden’s $700B econ package.
$2.5B is a huge amount of money for a fund raise, but it kinda makes sense when that company is Rivian — aka the biggest threat to Tesla yet. Women’s fertility startup Kindbody gets $32M to apply SoulCycle-nomics to egg freezing. And Joe Biden releases his $700B economic package. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 13, 2020
“Skip medical school. Spend $1B instead” — Walgreens launches 700 doctor’s offices. Rocket Mortgage’s IPO. Kroger’s surprise meat strategy.
The lending artist formerly known as Quicken Loans has filed to IPO, calling themselves “Rocket Companies”. Walgreens is quitting medical school and pursuing a $1B investment in 700 doctor’s offices instead. And Kroger’s figured out a surprise strategy to boost sales of its own plant-based meat brand: Stick it next to real meat. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 10, 2020
“I can’t believe it’s not Chunky Monkey” — Perfect Day’s animal-free ice cream, Twitter’s subscription plan. Walmart finally zucks Amazon Prime
Some sneaky sleuthing on a Twitter job posting indicates that Twitter may be whipping up paid subscription… for something. Walmart whips up an anti-Amazon version of Prime called Walmart+, coming this month. And our “Almost Unicorn of the Day” is Perfect Day, which snagged $300M to make milk that’s neither plant-based, nor animal-based. But tastes exactly like milk. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 09, 2020
“A nasty Dunkin styrofoam cup” — Dunkin’s gas station makeover. Sunrun’s solar-powered merger. Under Armour’s $475M botched acquisition.
Dunkin’s boldest move yet is cutting out 450 gas station locations because it wants to upscale its brand (fancy coffee). Sunrun is merging the #1 and #2 solar companies because the industry needs a leader. And Under Armour is trying to sell the fitness app it splurged half-a-billion dollars on 5 years ago (it did nothing with it). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 08, 2020
“Puma-fy Harley-Davidson” — Warren Buffett’s $9.7B bet. Chipotle launches e-farmers market. Harley jumps 7%.
Harley shares surged 7% because its new CEO is turning the company into Puma (in a good way). Warren Buffett is making his first big corona-conomy bet by buying up Dominion Energy, a natural gas pipeline company. And Chipotle launches a virtual farmers market for its suppliers so you can DIY some barbacoa at home. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 07, 2020
“Tesla is a 14-year-old LeBron James” — Lemonade goes public. Tesla > Toyota. Walmart’s drive-in movies.
Techie insurance startup Lemonade IPO’d Thursday and its stock doubled. That’s actually an unfair problem with finance. Tesla became Earth’s most valuable car company — and then backed it up that milestone with an awesome report. And Walmart is turning 160 of its parking lots into drive-in movie theaters, but it’s not just about kindness and smiles. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 06, 2020
“It’s time for B-commerce (Booze commerce)” — Constellation buys Empathy Wine. Alibaba’s stores from the future. YouTube TV’s price jacking.
Last pod before the July 4th holiday (celebrated on July 3rd by Wall Street). Liquor legend Constellation just acquired Gary Vaynerchuk’s 1-year-old wine startup because it wants to go direct to consumer. Alibaba’s Freshippo stores make Amazon’s most innovative ecommerce look primitive. And YouTube TV just pulled a move straight outta the cable playbook: Jack up prices. We think the Great Price Reckoning may be coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 02, 2020
“Lulu, Lulu, on the wall” — Lululemon acquires Mirror. Uber may buy Postmates. Netflix’s $100M black bank bet.
Athleisure icon Lululemon splurges $500M to acquire Peloton-ish in-home workout startup Mirror. Fresh off its acquisition breakup with Grubhub, Uber is looking to rebound with Postmates instead. And Netflix will stream $100M of its cash into black community banks to fix the bank desert hole in the financial system. $LULU $UBER $NFLX Here’s a Robinhood Learn article, authored by Nick and Jack (What is an ETF): Here’s Robinhood’s Newsfeed, accessible if you download the Robinhood app and set up an account: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 01, 2020
“The 2nd Kardash-icorn” — Under Armour’s mega-deal. Facebook is too-big-to-cancel. Coty’s Kardashian investment.
Coty Cosmetics shares popped on word it’s snagging 20% of Kim Kardashian’s beauty brand. Facebook is facing its second ever #DeleteFacebook moment, except this time it’s coming from its most important stakeholder: Advertisers. And Under Armour is trying to cancel the biggest college apparel deal in history. It’s a sign of how far UA has fallen. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 30, 2020
“When aisle 6 produce goes public” — Albertsons’ grocery IPO. Ford’s profit puppy makeover. Big Banks houseparty.
The latest major IPO is America’s 3rd largest grocer, but we think Albertsons looks less like a grocery chain and more like a finance company. Ford is redesigning America’s most popular car, and the new F-150 pickup tells us where the truck industry is going. And Big Bank stocks are making big moves like they got the keys to Mom and Dad’s house for the weekend. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 29, 2020
“When you drink here, you’re family” – Olive Garden’s reopening. Google’s news savior. Slack’s crossborder email crusher.
Darden Restaurants has reopened 91% of its restaurants like Olive Garden, but the restaurant industry has a takeout booze problem. Google’s new news app will completely change the business model for the news industry. And Slack just whipped up an actual email killer. Talk with us about today’s episode on Listen App today at 2:30 pm PT.  Use VIP code “tboy”. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 26, 2020
“Beyond Meat is Regina George” — Starbucks’ Impossible deal. Delivery is like golf. COVID data is econ data… again.
Starbucks just announced a plant-based partnership with Impossible Foods in the US, which is awkward because Starbucks already has a relationship with rival Beyond Meat. Gatik’s delivery obsession with “the middle mile” reveals how the shipping industry looks a lot like your golf game. And the recent surge in coronavirus cases highlights how COVID-19 data is economic data. Financial News Curator: Snacks Editor: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 25, 2020
“Sports-pocalypse 2K20” — EA Sports is in the game. Club Apple’s big day. TJ Maxx’s revenge shopping.
The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is both a mouthful and Apple’s biggest day of the year, so we break down the stories that matter for you. Since there are no real live sports happening, EA Sports is really “in the game” during COVID-19. And TJ Maxx is enjoying the “revenge shopping” vibes among Americans. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 24, 2020
“Bob Ross would’ve used Canva” — Virgin Galactic surges 16%. Canva hits $6B. Hey vs. Apple.
Virgin Galactic shares popped on word of its 2nd business line: space tourism to the International Space Station. Hey (real name) is trying to fix email forever, but first it’s taking on Apple and its infamous App Tax. And Canva is our “Unicorn of the Day” for hitting $6B while making you look sharp on social media. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 23, 2020
“Apple secret sports division” — Tech’s real sports moves. Clear’s pivot. Carmax’s differentiator.
Twitch is kicking the Streaming Wars up a notch on behalf of its owner, Amazon: It’s going after cable’s live sports (and Apple and Google may follow). Airport icon Clear knows you’re not traveling so it’s pulling off its biggest pivot in a decade. And Carmax now has competition from Vroom and Carvana, so we’re looking at differentiation strategies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 22, 2020
“No more McLasagna” — McDonald’s menu reduction. Spotify’s latest acquisitions. Carnival’s 1 lifesaver.
Spotify shares surged over 10% on word they signed Kim Kardashian and Batman to exclusive podcasts. McDonald’s slimmed 100 items off its menu, and it’s loving how the slimmer menu strategy feels. And Carnival’s earnings reveal how it’s surviving in a corona-conomy “pause” for the cruise industry. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 19, 2020
“Dieting, but not cutting out milkshakes” — Uber-as-a-Service. Beyond Meat’s Cookout strategy. The (other) Dow’s filthy environmentalism.
Beyond Meat’s early adopters didn’t care about price, but everyone else does. So it’s launched an “affordable” bulk pack to get beyond them. Dow Inc. (not “The Dow”) is okay making filthy materials because it says they make Tesla possible. And Uber is teaming up with the public transportation it’s historically always crushed — we’re calling it UaaS (“Uber-as-a-Service”). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 18, 2020
“Rent-a-Zombie” — Hertz back from the dead. Apple’s App Store bias. BP’s oil DCF.
You thought Hertz was dead when it went bankrupt last month, but now it’s issuing $500M in new stock — we’re looking at how that’s possible. Apple wants to be both the referee and a player in its App Store, and the implications are huge for the great platforms of tech. And BP thinks its oil is worth $17.5B less than it last told us, so being honest about COVID’s impact on its biz. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 17, 2020
“The only Will Smith stock” — iRobot’s Cadillac vacuum. Shopify + Walmart vs. Amazon. Airbnb’s anti-racism algorithm.
iRobot is the only robot company that’s WFH right now, but we’ve got a bold idea for its next move: Sell yourself. Shopify shares surged on word it is partnering with Walmart for an unprecedented rebel alliance against the Amazon empire. And Airbnb just whipped up “Project Lighthouse” to fix racism on its platform — We think the entire gig economy could use that. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 16, 2020
“Throw cash in the $14B Instacart” — Photoshop pulls a Snapchat. Travel stocks go big/go home. Instacart & Doordash raise funds.
Because you’re doing delivery for everything your body consumes, Instacart and Doordash just raised mega fundraising rounds (sorry, you can’t invest in them yet). Adobe wants to make sure Gen Z uses “Photoshop” as a verb, so it just launched a freaky new photo-filtering app. And travel stocks’ latest plummet has made them 2020’s case study in risk/reward. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 15, 2020
“Why stocks plummeted 7%” — Chewy’s over-eagerness. Zoom’s China drama. The Dow’s 7% drop.
That recovery rally hit a hard Wall Street wall, so we’re looking at why the Dow plummeted 7% for its worst day in months. Chewy is enjoying the current puppy-palooza, but it’s more focused on its anti-Amazon tactic: customer service. And in 1 day we just saw 2 opposite approaches to doing biz in China — Zoom’s way (censor) and a scrappy podcast startup’s way (don’t-censor). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 12, 2020
“Selling cannabis shovels” — Scotts Miracle-Gro’s green rush. Grubhub gets acquired. Wave virtual concerts.
Scotts Miracle-Gro is enjoying the pimp yo’ lawn life, but we’re more focused on its other green side hustle. Grubhub was supposed to be acquired by Uber, but now it’s ditching for a European lover. And not-quite-Unicorn-of-the-Day Wave snags $30M to make virtual concerts a thing you take seriously. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 11, 2020
“Gen T = Generation Tiktok” — Restoration Hardware doubles-down. IBM’s anti-facial tech. TikTok’s business trifecta.
While you’re buying online, fancy furniture retailer Restoration Hardware is tripling-down on the physical world — it’s launching hotels. IBM is actually abandoning its entire facial recognition division on worries it could become a weapon of racial oppression. And put Millennials and Gen-Z aside for a sec — we just got data on what the little kids are watching (hint, we’re calling them Gen T now). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 10, 2020
“Make Winnebago-ing a verb” — Thor Industries’ resurgence. DocuSign’s fun funnel. Wahed’s Islami-Fintech
Thor Industries’ sales of Winnebagos over the last month show how vacations have changed. DocuSign is thriving in the corona-conomy, but we’re focused on how e-signatures are just the top of the fun funnel of its true business. And Wahed raised a fresh $25M to scale its shariah-compliant investing product, taking Islami-Fintech to 130 more countries. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 09, 2020
“The Crocs of Ecommerce” — eBay’s all-time high. Volkswagen’s e-investment. May’s shocking Jobs Report.
Remember eBay? Shares just hit an all-time high, but we think we know how they can keep the mojo going. Germany’s support for electric cars like Volkwagen’s is showing what 21st century investment in infrastructure looks like. And the May Jobs Report pretty much shocked everyone who read it, so we jumped into the little black book of hiring/firing (congrats, dentists). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 08, 2020
Yup, it’s a cult stock” — Nikola love/hates Tesla. ZoomInfo is the biggest tech IPO of 2020. American Airlines’ normal data.
Don’t call it Zoom — ZoomInfo is the biggest tech IPO of 2020, so we’re looking at why it jumped 70% on its first day of trading. Nikola is trying to take on Tesla, but it’s really a cult stock right now. And American Airlines’ latest data encouraged investors big time, because they love forward-looking data. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 05, 2020
“The Bruno Mars IPO” — Warner Music goes public. AMC Theaters’ sequel moment. Campbell Soup’s soup cockiness.
The biggest IPO of 2020 is Warner Music, which just surged 20% on Day #1 of trading. Campbell Soup is thinking your corona-conomy soup-binging is (shockingly) here to stay post-virus. And AMC theaters used a moment of honesty to admit it actually may not survive unless movies come back fast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 04, 2020
“The Zuck-ocracy” — Facebook’s super shares. Adidas & Allbirds partner up. Vacasa’s $108M booking.
Shoe rivals Adidas and Allbirds are teaming up on a sustainable sneaker that’s completely redefining what “competition” means. The latest walkouts at Facebook reveal how unique the “Zuck-ocracy” governing style of the social network really is. And even though the travel industry is hit the hardest in the corona-conomy, Vacasa is our “Unicorn of the Day” for because it’s just the slightest bit different from Airbnb. $FB, $ADDYY, $TWTR Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 03, 2020
“Kylie Jenner is the new Luckin” — Neou’s Netflix of burpees. Zynga’s video game collection. Coty Cosmetics’ Kylie Problem.
Turns out Kylie Jenner isn’t quite a billionaire — that messed with Coty Cosmetics stock, but reveals a powerful truth about public vs. private companies. Zynga just shockingly dropped $1.8B to make the biggest tech acquisition in Turkish history, so we’re looking at how Zynga saved itself in the past years. And Neou just raised money as the “Netflix of fitness,” but we’re thinking it needs a different model for the at-home workout megatrend world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 02, 2020
“Virtual Reality no-showed the corona-conomy” — MasterClass hits $800M. Williams-Sonoma’s pimp yo crib. Americans gained $$$ in Corona-conomy.
Williams-Sonoma isn’t just living the pimp yo’ crib megatrend — it’s revealing who’s enjoying it the most. Our “Almost Unicorn Of The Day” is MasterClass, which just hit an $800M valuation, but the fundraise highlighted that virtual reality is missing its moment. And you’re probably not shocked that consumer spending dropped last month, but you should be shocked how much Americans are suddenly saving up.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 01, 2020
“Guac never forgets” — Chipotle’s early COVID-proofing. Twitter’s un-scared threat. Draft Kings don’t care.
Chipotle’s stock has doubled in the corona-conomy because it’s literally been through its own personal pandemic before. You’ve probably seen the political drama going on between Twitter and the president, but we’re focused on the business side: Why isn’t Twitter’s stock down like 20%? And sports betting apps like DraftKings are living their best life… even though there are no live sports. So we’re looking at how that is humanly possible. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 29, 2020
“A 3rd degree, category 5 Zucking” — Instagram TV’s YouTube move. Zoox’s (maybe) acquisition. Apeel’s un-expiring avocados.
Zoox had the biggest ambitions in mobility: self-driving, electric, robo-taxis. But now it may sell out to become Amazon’s delivery boy. Instagram’s latest move to share ad revenue with influencers is the first big Zucking of YouTube. And our “Unicorn of the Day” is Apeel, which hit a billion-dollar valuation (thanks to Oprah money) to be the anti-aging serum for your fruit bowl. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 28, 2020
“This rocket self-drive to space or what?” — SpaceX’s capitalist milestone. Alexa wants podcasts. The COVID-19 umbrella challenge.
Small step for man, giant step for Elon Musk’s SpaceX, as it takes its first human customers to space. Amazon is making moves to invest in local news and sports podcasts because it wants to make “The Audio Wars” a thing. And stocks are up as the economy reopens, but this kinda feels like an “umbrella” situation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 27, 2020
“Pure-play Millennial stock” — Elf Cosmetics wins corona-conomy. Apple’s latest Donglegate. HBO Max’s streaming meal.
The mythical Millennial pure-play stock: Elf Cosmetics’ stock jumped 16% on word it figured out how to beat the corona-conomy. We found the latest Dongle-gate from Apple — and it means you may have to splurge on AirPods. And HBO Max debuts tomorrow, so we’re looking at how the latest streaming species is more meal than bite. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 26, 2020
“Step on the scale! Step off the scale.” — Ford Motor’s “reopening.” MakeSpace’s anti-gig-ness. Our 7-question test of the Retail-pocalypse.
Walk on in to the Ford Factory! Actually, don’t — it just closed down right after reopening because a worker tested positive, making it a metaphor for our economic reopening. MakeSpace snagged $55M of VC funding to try to *not* be “the Uber for storage.” And we just finished the biggest week of retail earnings, so we whipped up a 7-question test to determine if companies are winning or losing in the corona-conomy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 22, 2020
“Pimp Yo’ Crib” — Lowe’s megatrend. Facebook becomes a digital catalogue. Clubhouse hits $100M.
Fresh after the first wave of corona-conomy trends, we’re predicting the next megatrend: Pimping yo crib, Lowe’s style. Social network Clubhouse launched this year and just hit a $100M valuation… with only 1,500 users. And Facebook’s newest product transforms instagram from digital magazine to digital department store (so who got Zuck’d this time?). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 21, 2020
“Madonna, but for podcasts” — Spotify’s $100M Joe Rogan exclusive. Walmart’s essentiality cape. Moderna’s vaccine bet.
The biggest podcast in the world just went exclusive with Spotify, making it the biggest punch yet in the battle for your ears (Joe's now an orchid in Spotify's gated garden). Walmart’s earnings reveal what happens when one business is made “essential” and its competition is deemed “non-essential.” Someone’s going to win the COVID-19 vaccine race — Moderna is the $30B biotech company whose good trial results just excited markets. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 20, 2020
“The most unprofitable company on Earth” — Softbank’s garage sale. Peet’s $2.2B re-IPO. Detroit’s Big 3 return.
Even though IPOs are basically not happening, Peet’s Coffee is about to do one because… coffee — they think it’s recession-proof. Startup-obsessed Softbank is the least profitable company in the world right now (cough, WeWork/Uber, cough), so it’s having a tech garage sale. And Detroit’s Big 3 carmakers have re-opened factories, so we’re looking at why that’s the most milestone-y moment of the corona-conomy (FYI, 3M Americans work in auto). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 19, 2020
“GIPHY didn’t get Zuck’d” — McDonald’s post-corona playbook. Luckin’s scalding pivot. Facebook acquires Giphy.
Facebook needs to spice up its messaging game, so it’s splurging $400M to control your gif game: Buying Giphy. McDonald’s whipped up a 59-page playbook on how to reopen its restaurants post COVID-19. And remember Luckin Coffee’s $310M fraud last month? It’s pivoting its core biz because it’s more tech than latte. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 18, 2020
“Work-leisurewear, by Lululemon” — Smile Direct Club’s cavity. Sleeper’s fantasy sports fix. Lululemon’s nirvana COVID moment
Data from Lululemon shows it’s uniquely found balance in the coronaconomy for extremely specific reasons. Smile Direct Club should be the Peloton of oral care, but it simply hasn’t been. And Sleeper is the “not-quite-Unicorn of the Day” after raising $20M from Andreessen Horowitz to finally fix fantasy sports. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 15, 2020
“Work From Work (still a thing)” — $43M for Pizza-nomics. Google’s 12-mile-high wifi. Commercial Real Estate’s WFW problem.
Google’s secret Loon project just graduated to deliver wifi via balloon globally (and we’re thinking it’s a potential rare double-profit-puppy). Pizza ordering platform Slice is doing the opposite of all the delivery apps — it’s all about pizza-nomics (the unique economic principles of pizza joints). And while the world is straight-up WFH right now (Work From Home), we’re looking at the publicly-traded companies that are straight-up WFW (Work From Work). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 14, 2020
“Twitter goes Work-From-Home…Forever” — Uber Eats acquirin’ Grubhub. Vroom’s ecommerce car IPO. Twitter’s WFH megatrend.
New work update from Twitter: You don’t have to come back. Ever. Grubhub stock jumped over 30% on word Uber Eats wants to buy it, calling a Delivery Wars mafia truce. And Vroom is our “Unicorn of the Day” as it plans to IPO its online car sales (aka ecomm cars). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 13, 2020
“Bitcoin’s ‘Halvening’ just halvened” — Tesla vs. California. Amazon’s movie theater interest. Bitcoin’s Halvening.
After a year of just chilling, Bitcoin is back and demanding your attention with a once-every-four-years event: “The Halvening.” Elon threatened to move his car company outta Silicon Valley, so we’re looking at Tesla vs. The State of California. And a tabloid with PFWTM (people familiar with the matter) reported that Amazon may be interested in acquiring AMC movie theaters… so we break down this fantasy acquisition.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 12, 2020
“How to lose a $2.9B guy in 90 days” — Uber acts like McConaughey. Tinder’s corona-conomy DTR. The worst jobs report ever.
Uber stock rose 18% last week despite an earnings report soaked in blood. Match’s earnings reveal how Tinder has fallen behind, but it’s trying to make it up to everyone with video chat and trivia. And the worst monthly jobs report ever has us comparing what’s happening in the actual economy with what’s happening on Wall Street (spoiler: totally different). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 11, 2020
“Peloton, you’re probably too late” — Costco’s worst-in-a-decade. Nintendo’s game drought. Peloton pops another 16%.
Peloton is now worth twice as much as Planet Fitness, so we’re looking at the leading indicators that revealed how that could happen. Costco suffered its first sales drop in 11 years and it’s about to face the family budget gauntlet. And Nintendo profits surged 41% last year, but it’s struggling to develop more games while working from home. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 08, 2020
“Disney+ > Canada” — Beyond Meat democratizes itself. Pinterest is pre-commerce. Disney’s just too big.
Disney’s so big that its latest earnings report is a microcosm of the entire corona-conomy. Beyond Meat’s goods are so expensive, it just made a profit — but probably shouldn’t have. And we’re looking at Pinterest shares, which plummeted 12% because investors are wondering when your escapism pinning will make them some money. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 07, 2020
“A stock surge recipe” — Uber drops Lime’s valuation 79%. NBC vs. Streaming’s Achilles heel. Wayfair’s stay-at-home wins.
Uber splurges $170M into Lime — Uber got the better end of the deal as Lime is desperate. Every streaming company is its own species in the Streaming Wars, but NBC may have just solved one of the industry’s Achilles heels. And Wayfair stock has surged (get this) 580% (no joke) in just the last month (seriously), so we’re looking at the signs from back in March that this could have happened. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 06, 2020
“J. Crew returns itself” — Quibi’s real life drama. Berkshire Hathaway’s 1st public mistake. J. Crew’s bankruptcy style.
Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder day featured Warren Buffett pounding a 6-pack of coca-cola, and then admitting 1 huge stock mistake. J. Crew became the 1st big national retail brand to file for bankruptcy, but we’re not blaming the corona-conomy. And Quibi’s facing a legal drama that they could probably turn into a Quibi show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 05, 2020
“COVID-19 ≠ an Act of God” — Amazon trades profits for PR. Victoria’s Secret’s asterisk. Clorox’s surprising surprise.
Amazon shares dropped 8% after CEO Jeff Bezos told the world he’s just not into profits right now. Victoria’s Secret was supposed to be acquired by a private equity firm this week, and it’s all coming down to one dramatic line in legalese. And Clorox’s earnings report didn’t shock us — but its implications on a fad versus a trend did. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 04, 2020
“Elon goes full Kanye” – Tesla’s surprise profit/outburst. Microsoft’s Zoom killer. Figma’s $2B app blueprints.
Tesla’s profit surprise got overshadowed by Elon’s anti-everything rant, so we’re comparing him to Zuck. Microsoft’s sales surprised investors, but we noticed its passive aggressive ripping on a new enemy. And behind-the-scenes app design software Figma hits a $2B valuation, because software’s not eating the world, apps are. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 01, 2020
“Everyday is the weekend for Spotify” — Boeing’s $7B cash burn. Streaming Trolls (our sequel). Spotify’s earnings insights.
We listened in on Spotify’s earnings — shares jumped 12% even though you’re not commuting and now love audio meditation. Boeing’s earnings update is a case study in how cash flow is a science, and cash burning is an art. And fresh after we told you Universal Pictures’ “Trolls 2” would change movie math, the movie theaters just responded with the most aggressive open letter we’ve ever seen. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 30, 2020
“The anti-Amazon rebel alliance” — Shopify’s new shopping app. High Times, the weed chain. Trolls change movie math.
Shopify does everything behind the scenes so brands can have their own ecommerce sites, but they just launched an app to take on Amazon. High Times is the NY Times of weed, but it just acquired a chain of 13 cannabis dispensaries. The new Trolls sequal wasn’t just adorable — its direct-to-streaming pivot may change movie industry math forever. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 29, 2020
“Hey Instacart, change your whole biz model” — Nestle’s pet passion. VW goes back to work. Instacart’s 1st profit decision.
All your grocery delivery powered Instacart’s 450% growth, so we’ve come up with a plan for their first profit. Volkswagen decided to reopen the world’s biggest car factory, but it’s got a chicken/egg problem. And Nestle’s earnings reveal more about pets than they do about humans — an accelerated trend. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 28, 2020
“Opposite Day at Domino’s” — PPP + $320B + shaming. DraftKings goes public. Domino’s is better in Corona-conomy.
If you were impressed by Chipotle’s surge in online sales, you’ll be blown away by Domino’s. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) just snagged $320B in more funding from Congress, but publicly traded companies are about to get shamed over it. And sports betting app DraftKings decided, ‘what the heck, let’s go public’ — even though there are literally no live sports to bet on right now (except Russian table tennis). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 27, 2020
“A tale of 2 Remdesivir trials” — Raytheon’s nuclear-tipped missiles. Unilever is an economic mirror. Gilead’s 2nd COVID trial.
Ben & Jerry’s owner Unilever announced earnings that reflect the product hoarding and usage habits of the entire world (we know you’re not showering). Raytheon snags a nuclear-tipped stealth cruise missile deal that reveals what the defense industry is facing in a corona-conomy. And Gilead’s COVID-19 treatment just had disappointing results from a leaked report — markets react accordingly. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 24, 2020
“Chipotle is an internet-first burrito factory” — Netflix’s hoarding strategy. AT&T’s triple-whammy. Chipotle’s eLeadership.
Netflix’s corona-conomy subscriber surge wasn’t a surprise — what shocked us was how much (and whether it can last). AT&T’s earnings report confirms our Snacks takeaway from a month ago: It’s facing a triple-whammy of accelerating trends. And while the restaurant industry is hit hard, Chipotle’s CEO made moves that popped the stock 12% Wednesday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 23, 2020
“Plant-based sleepover at Starbucks China” — Beyond Meat and Oatly head to China. Local News’ 2 options to survive. DuPont’s diversification pivot.
Beyond Meat and Oatly oat milk wanted to hang out in China, so they’re hitching a ride and hanging out at Starbucks’ house there. Local news is feeling more financial pressure than ever as local ads dry up — we have two ideas for how it can be saved. And DuPont is the oldest company we’ve ever covered on Snacks Daily, but its pivot is totally fresh. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 22, 2020
“Pasta vs. Oil” – Uber’s unicorn contract. Oil’s historic 200% plummet. Mobile gaming 2.0.
We noticed Uber snagged a nearly $1B government contract that no one is talking about. The price of a barrel of crude oil was $140 when we were in college — and it just plummeted 200% in one day to cost less than your lunch (spoiler: Negative prices may become a thing). And gaming is having such a moment right now, Facebook Gaming lets you live stream your Fortnite to Facebook. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 21, 2020
“Zuck cancels his Libra moon-landing” — AMC theaters’ expiration date. Gilead’s corona-cure bet. Facebook’s cryptocurrency 180.
The most refreshingly ambitious project of the next decade should’ve been Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency, but now it just looks like a weird version of Venmo. AMC theaters stock surged 31% after showing off all its cash, though Thanksgiving is its expiration date. And markets surged Friday on word drugmaker Gilead has a COVID-19 treatment that works — and how this went down sounds like a movie script. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 20, 2020
“Amazon cancels Mother’s Day” — Blue Jeans “One & Only” product. BlackRock tiny fee = huge profits. Amazon’s killing its best sales tricks.
While you were mid-Zooming, rival Blue Jeans was just acquired by Verizon — but we hope it can stay focused on being a “one and only” business. Amazon’s new strategy is all about reversing its old one — it wants you buying less. And BlackRock’s profit puppy takes a really tiny fee on an enormous ocean of money. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 17, 2020
“Congrats, you now own part of an airline” — Apple’s $399 iPhone shocker. Aaptiv is “the Spotify of Sweat.” Our $25B airline bailout.
Apple decided to announce a new iPhone, but the surprise is in the pricing strategy. The airlines finally got their $25B government bailout, and that means you’ll own part of Delta, United, JetBlue, and the whole flying gang. And our “Maybe Unicorn of the Day” is Aaptiv, which claims to be “the Netflix of Fitness,” but we think it’s really “the Spotify of Fitness.”  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 16, 2020
“Roku — The People’s Champ of streaming” — JPMorgan is Paul Revere. Thrasio’s 43 Amazon-trepreneurs. Roku is 44% of America.
Big bank earnings season just kicked off, and JP Morgan is yelling a bankruptcy warning throughout the land. The Streaming Wars are enjoying primetime love, but Roku’s latest numbers prove it’s truly the platform of the people. And startup Thrasio just hit a $750M valuation in less than 2 years by hunting down and eating up Amazon-trepreneurs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 15, 2020
“Dunkin’s not a land-lord — it’s a Brand-lord” — Google/Apple’s superhero team-up. States acting like companies. Dunkin’s franchise bet.
In the world of fast food, Dunkin’ is 100% focused on a franchise business model — a strength and a weakness in specific economic moments. Rivals Google and Apple are shockingly working together on a new project to end COVID-19 by looking how close you are (literally) to the virus. And we’re seeing how states and cities could go bankrupt because their own business model is kind of like small businesses. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 14, 2020
👊 “Quibi vs Disney vs Everyone’s Expectations” — Wing’s “X” drone. Exxon’s oil price awkwardness. Quibi’s 1st numbers.
We just got fresh download numbers from Quibi and Disney+ — and it reveals how they’re completely different species of streaming. Oil prices surged on a Saudi/Russia kumbaya moment, but it highlights how little control Exxon has over its profits. And Google’s drone delivery startup, Wing, just saw usage double because it’s doing what it always was supposed to do. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 13, 2020
💁‍♀️ “Airbnb can’t sit at Slack’s lunch table” — Away’s humane layoffs. The alphabet-shaped economic recovery. Airbnb/Slack’s debt drama.
Away Luggage is sadly laying off staff because you’re not traveling right now (and don’t need their suitcases), but the extent of benefits and way they announced it reveal a major change in HR strategy. Airbnb is raising $1B debt and Slack's raising $750M to get through the corona-conomy, but the 2 different paths reflect 2 different situations. The stock market’s recovery could look like a “V”...or a “U”...or an “L” — we’re breaking down all the options alphabetically. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 09, 2020
🍝 “Olive Garden’s single Gnocchi problem” — Lear’s open-the-factory blueprint. Uber’s gig work jobs board. Olive Garden’s survival plan.
Uber’s latest “Work Hub” moves are making it the ultimate default job board for the gig economy. The Olive Garden revealed shockingly big sales declines (and 1 huge sales increase), but we think its future is in emulating clothing retail with omnichannel sales. Lear probably made the seat in whatever car you’re driving in — and it’s also whipped up a blueprint for every company’s post-corona-conomy back-to-work plans. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 08, 2020
🐉 “Jamie Dimon = The last Targaryen” — Buffett’s “smart money” stock sale. Constellation’s booze blueprint. JPMorgan’s last dragon.
Warren Buffett noticed something in airport data from the TSA that made him rethink his airline investments, so we’re looking at the smart money’s moves. Constellation Brands’ liquors are having a corona-conomy moment, but we’re more fascinated by the powerful slide #12 in its earnings deck. And we’re comparing JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s experience from the ‘08 financial crisis to the current one — because he’s the last big bank chief still around from the days of Lehman Brothers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 07, 2020
🕹️ “Video games are social media now” — WeWork’s $3B is cancelled. Google’s Big Data rebrand. Sony’s PS4 seesaw situation.
WeWork was supposed to get a $3B lifeline from its biggest investor this month, but that just got cancelled because its core business model is a public health risk. The surge in video game demand from companies like Sony in the corona-conomy actually marks an evolution in the term “social media.” And Google’s latest Big Data project could help rebrand the whole Big Tech industry. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 06, 2020
♨️ “The greatest fraud in coffee history” — Luckin plummets 76%. YouTube will rip off TikTok. Altria’s Juul collusion.
China’s Luckin Coffee lost $5B in value in 5 minutes on word the company made up its numbers last year. YouTube pulls a Facebook-on-Snapchat and copies TikTok because it wants mobile video. And Marlboro-owner Altria is being told by the government it should reverse that whole Juul investment it made — because it was really a collusion deal. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 03, 2020
🤦 “Carnival’s Panama Problem” — HBO’s Hulu coup. McCormick spice’s seesaw situation. And Carnival’s bailout problem.
Attend our 1st ever LIVE “Snacks Break” virtual event @ 3pm EST on Friday 4/3 by registering at — We’ll be whipping up our 3 mega takeaways on the corona-conomy. On today’s pod… Carnival Cruises was already facing a no-one-is-cruising-right-now moment — but now its Panama corporate citizenship is messing with its desperate bailout needs. HBO just made a critical hire for CEO of Warnermedia during the most important month for streaming of the year. And McCormick spices dipped 2% after its earnings because it’s facing what we’re calling the “seesaw situation” in the corona-conomy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 02, 2020
🤯 “Amazon’s biggest stress test” — Via’s $200M carpool fundraise. A Zoom privacy problem. Amazon hits crunch moment.
We haven’t had an Amazon story during the entire corona-conomy — now it’s facing its crunch moment. Zoom became the most popular free app in the world, but now it’s facing its 1st major privacy investigation. And our “Unicorn of the Day” is ride-share under-puppy Via — it just raised $200M for AI-powered busses in the strangest timing for a ride-share investment yet. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 01, 2020
🧟‍♂️ “HQ Trivia’s Frankenstein/Queer Eye moment” — Eggs are the new TP. Johnson & Johnson’s Da Vinci Code COVID-19 announcement. HQ Trivia’s revival.
Fresh after shutting down in February, HQ Trivia has been resurrected during this crucial moment for stay-at-home apps — and the announcement came via push notification. Cal-Maine is the largest egg producer in the country and it’s having a moment right now (eggs are essentially essential). And Johnson & Johnson shares jumped 8% on word it may be leading the race-for-a-corona-cure. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 31, 2020
🧘‍♂️ “Lululemon’s pandemic-proof mantra” — Nike is a close-talker. Fast beats Amazon/Apple/PayPal. Lululemon’s Power of 3.
It’s been one year since Lululemon set an intention known as its “Power of Three” — and sticking to its 5-year plan has become pure corporate leadership in the coronaconomy. Startup “Fast” raised a new round of financing from Stripe to solve online shopping cart anxiety, but its real power is as a Big Tech outsider. And Nike’s earnings report reveals a valuable Wall Street strategy: Be a “close talker.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 30, 2020
👉 “3.3M Americans laid off in 1 week” — Lime'de-horned. Target’s neglected profit puppies. The economic pain begins.
Fresh after the latest two-trillion-dollar stimulus package, we got news of the red wedding week for American workers — 3.3M filed for unemployment last week. E-scooter legend Lime already pulled out of 99% of the cities it scoots around in, but a new fundraise could drop its valuation by 80%. And you’d think Target is living its best life right now, but a surprise report reveals that its profit puppies are getting no love. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 27, 2020
🤸🏿‍♀️ “ClassPass’ work-from-home burpees” — $2T stimulus bill math.Twitter’s ad-pocalypse. Return of the eWorkouts.
Stocks popped (again) because the economic rescue bill finally passed the Senate, so we put the $2T spending total into a spreadsheet for you. Twitter and Facebook are enjoying bandwidth-breaking usage, but they’re about to face the ad-pocalypse of 2020. And workout platform ClassPass is launching virtual workouts — 1 year after they first tried the same exact thing and failed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 26, 2020
🍍 “Marijuana’s lockdown liftoff” — Pot stocks pop. The “Project Apollo” war effort/ Cat Person’s spinoff launch.
Businesses like Ford and 3M are entering phase they haven’t hit in decades: War Effort mode. The Harry’s Razors innovation arm whipped up its 2nd startup — a direct-to-consumer cat brand called Cat Person that’s changing direct-to-consumer. And marijuana companies faced an oversupply problem pre-coronavirus, but quarantines may be their cure. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 25, 2020
🍻 “Corona's $900M wounded soldier” — A canceled Mexico brewery. NYT’s pod acquisition. The economy’s “Two Paths.”
Constellation Brands brews Corona lagers in Mexico, but its $1.4B investment in a new facility there now isn’t happening, so the stock dropped 12%. Despite all its reporting right now, the New York Times took a break to acquire Audm — doubling its content in 1 move. And the US response to coronavirus is now facing a Robert Frost style “Two Paths” moment: Officials may start weighing the economy vs. human lives. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 24, 2020
🏚️ “What’s the refund policy on Airbnb’s IPO promise?” — Movie theaters get cut out. Airbnb’s host/guest hate. 5 “Corona-conomy” trends are accelerating.
We predict that the Corona-conomy is accelerating trends, including contactless payments, subscriptions, and cord-cutting. Universal Studios is going direct-to-consumer with its latest movies, which questions the whole must-be-in-theaters-first-for-90-days thing. And Airbnb promised investors and employees it would IPO this year, but now it’s got to make a careful calculation as its bookings plummet: Side with guests or hosts? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 23, 2020
😘 “Netflix just got asked to chill” — Netflix’s ad-free moment. Ford’s anti-treat-yo-self strategy. Uber surges 38%.
Even though ride-hailing has plummeted in the corona-conomy, Uber’s CEO announced the company has $10B of cash, food delivery, and some side hustle ideas. Media consumption is surging while you work from home, and Netflix’s business model may put it above its media rivals. Ford’s touching its $13B loan as part of an anti-treat-yo-self plan, but that’s more of a problem for its bank. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 20, 2020
⌨️ “Apple failed at something” — Walmart’s record. Starbucks treats itself. Apple’s subtle product unveil.
While it looks like nearly every stock has fallen, Walmart shares just hit a record high — we repeat: Record high stock price during this crisis. Apple just issued a subtle press release for new products that basically admits 1 big failure. And Starbucks has a couple billion dollars in extra cash, so it decided to treat itself… to more stock… of itself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 19, 2020
🧻 “Toilet Paper hates your hoarding” — Who wants to buy Lyft? $1 Trillion stimulus bill. TP’s front-loaded demand drama.
Lyft is worth 1 Lyft, but 1 Lyft is now worth less than $6B, so we’re wondering who may buy it (the whole company). Toilet paper sales have surged for Kimberly Clark, but the front-loaded demand now may not help its future sales. And the latest update in the government’s COVID-19 response is a nearly $1 Trillion stimulus package that completes a policy trifecta. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 18, 2020
🦠 “Google would like your health data now, please” — Lulu, Nike, and Under Armour’s leadership. The Fed’s last bazooka. Google’s COVID-19 moment.
To rescue financial markets from pandemic ruin, The Fed took drastic measures Sunday — but it’s already used up its major tools. To help people figure out testing for COVID-19, Google’s deployed “Project Baseline”, which is like but for disease screening. And private businesses are making “flattening the curve” possible with pro-social distancing policies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 17, 2020
#️⃣ “Slack — the not WFH stock” — Ro goes full pharma. Market bulls & bears. Slack’s surprisingly weak WFH business.
Despite your work-from-home lifestyle right now, office IM’ing service Slack announced a quarter that didn’t live up to expectations, because work software habits take time. Direct-to-patient half-icorn Ro has a new strategy: Launch pharmacies so it can vertically integrate your healthcare experience. And with the sudden end of the bull market, we’re looking at the history and reality of market cycles in the USA. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 16, 2020
☁️ “Midnight Blue Thursday (worst day since ‘87)” — The stimulus keg. LabCorp’s Baby Yoda moment. Direct-to-Consumer drama.
The worst day for markets since 1987’s Black Monday. We’re looking at why the stimulus keg from the government didn’t save stocks. Virus-testing company Lab Corp is now facing the moment it’s been waiting for (but it’s stock is still down). And Direct-to-Consumer startups and stocks have been having a different kind of moment, so we’re looking at Casper/Brandless/Harry’s/Outdoor Voice’s CAC problem (“customer acquisition cost”). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 13, 2020
🏋️‍♀️ “Apple’s secret personal trainer killer” — Pepsi acquires Rockstar. Government bailout chatter. Apple’s anti-Peloton app.
Another wild market drop has us officially in a “bear market”, and there’s chatter about a bailouts, so we’re looking at the last bailout and when/why they actually should happen. Pepsi splurged to buy Rockstar Beverages because you’re not a beverage these days unless you’re a “functional” beverage. And word leaked about Apple’s “Project Seymour” — a workout-guiding app that Peloton has a problem with (because it’s a problem for Peloton). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 12, 2020
🧵 “The Stitch hit peak Fix” — Dick’s bigger gun ban. Grove is a $1B tree-positive company. Stitch Fix plummets 25%.
Dick’s Sporting Goods used a tech-ish tactic to realize that its gun ban helped profits and its CEO’s values. Stitch Fix shares dropped 25% because the latest data shows its early adopters are losing enthusiasm. And the “Unicorn of the Day” is Grove Collaborative — it’s already focused on sustainability products, but its latest move promises a sustainable package future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 11, 2020
☎️ “Flick the ol’ Circuit Breaker” — Why the market (literally) stopped for 15 minutes. NBC’s Snapchat breakup. Oil’s worst day since ‘91.
First we learned that Russia and Saudi Arabia are in a fight about oil markets — it’s caused the biggest drop in stock prices since 1991. Investors weren’t thrilled (coronavirus drama + oil market drama = not good), so they sent stock prices down a shocking 7% within minutes of Monday’s trading. But it didn’t stop NBC from breaking up financially with Snapchat Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 10, 2020
🤑 “$1.75B (and Quibi hasn’t even launched yet)” — Spindrift’s $70M seltzer water. Burlington Coat Factory’s anti-ecommerce. Quibi’s starting lineup.
Burlington Coat Factory is going against the trend in retail: it’s ending its ecommerce to focus on physical stores. Mobile video streaming pre-icon Quibi has now raised $1.75B — and you can’t even use it yet. And LaCroix-fighting Spindrift just snagged another $29.8M — it’s differentiator is real fruit. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 09, 2020
🚢 “3 cruise disasters. 3 months.” — Carnival’s stock drama. Aerie underwear surge. GM’s big car battery.
Carnival Cruises’ has a hat trick of profit-crushing drama — but we found the perfect analogy for the travel industry’s current coronavirus struggles. GM has whipped up a fresh electric car battery that goes 400 miles, but we’re looking at whether Americans even want electric cars to begin with. And underwear brand Aerie is carrying its parent company, American Eagle, on its back. #HYHYSD Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 06, 2020
🥫 “Frankly this is a trend that many did not think was possible” — Campbell Soup’s shocking rebound. United Health pops 11%. H&M’s supply biz.
Campbell Soup shares jumped 9% because even the CEO was shocked that soup is making a comeback. United Health didn’t announce earnings or a new product — the stock popped 11% because of Super Tuesday (it’s all about policy risk). And you know H&M for whipping up fast fashion, but its latest business line wants rivals to love its supply chain. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 05, 2020
🦇 “The Fed’s Batman move backfired” — Waymo snags $2.25B. Honeywell’s supercomputer. The Fed’s 0.5% interest rate cut.
Alphabet’s self-driving car division, Waymo, grabbed $2.25B in outside funding for the first time as it adds 5 new godparents. Honeywell doesn’t just make charming thermostats — the historic company is now building (allegedly) the world’s most powerful supercomputer. And the Federal Reserve acts like the economy’s Batman, but the latest/shocking interest rate move had the opposite effect that it intended. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 04, 2020
🤬 “Twitter’s getting Tyrion Lannister treatment” — Panera’s coffee subscription. Bird e-scooter “Pay”. Jack Dorsey’s hedge fund pressure.
Twitter shares jumped 8% on word an activist investor is trying to push CEO Jack Dorsey out of his role at Twitter (because Jack is also the CEO of Square). Panera whips up a coffee subscription that fits our formula for subscription power (not subscripturation). And Bird scooters decides it also wants to be in payments, so it’s launching a way for you to buy food...via Bird. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 03, 2020
🌯“Chipotle 4B TikTok views” — Stocks’ 13% drop. Thyssenkrupp’s elevator sale. Chipotle’s viral strategy.
Context is king, so we’re looking at the market’s decline last week — the worst since the financial crisis. Chipotle is powered by menu items lately, and we noticed they whipped up viral attention on TikTok — but we’re skeptical of the numbers. And Thyssenkrupp is the German elevator company that just sold its elevator biz — just like another elevator company did. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 02, 2020
🍻“Here come the Bud Light Seltzer commercials” — Beyond Meat’s first struggles. Square’s Cash app stock. Bud drops 9%.
Beer-glomerate AB InBev dropped 9% as coronavirus stops China from socializing, but we’re focused on how Bud Light is losing market share in the US. After a week of plant-based meat partnerships and uncouplings, Beyond Meat’s earnings sent the stock down 9%. And Square shares jumped 4% because its Cash App is powering profits. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 28, 2020
🏃“Outdoor Voices vs. Lululemon” — OV’s CEO steps down. TJ Maxx beats Retail-pocalypse. hits $3B.
TJ Maxx shares popped 7% because its “affordable splurge” strategy is working. is China’s self-driving car startup that just hit a $3B valuation thanks to a big investment from Toyota. And Outdoor Voices’ iconic CEO was forced to step down, so we’re looking at why the cloud-soft anti-Nike couldn’t beat Lululemon. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 27, 2020
“🎢Baby Yoda’s baby daddy just retired” — Disney’s CEO quits. Shake Shack is behind. Amazon’s 2nd software profit puppy.
Out of nowhere, Disney’s legendary CEO Bob Iger is stepping down — and the new guy isn’t necessarily the right guy. Shake Shack’s shares plummeted 14% because it’s basically given up on innovation and is acting like a teenager. And Amazon will start licensing its human-less grocery store tech, starting with airport stores and sports stadiums. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 26, 2020
“Your score dropped, Nicolas 😓. New credit score, Nicolas 😃” Intuit buys Credit Karma. Tubi (almost) acquired. Dow drops 1,032 points.
The Dow plummets 1,032 points because coronavirus expanded beyond China (to South Korea and Italy). Fox wants to splurge $500M on streaming service Tubi, even though it’s got terrible content (it’s all part of Tubi’s plan). And Intuit just announced it’s officially dropping $7B to buy Credit Karma so it can data-double-dip you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 25, 2020
“We have to talk about ‘cult stocks’” — Plug Power’s stock jump. Lyft’s ad-cquisition. Equinox’s coworking/bikes.
Equinox snagged a fresh round of funding to push the luxe gym chain into coworking and at-home spinning bikes. Plug Power shares have popped because it’s become a “cult stock”. And Lyft’s latest acquisition is in response to #profitpressure, so it’s sticking ads on top of its cars. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 24, 2020
“We didn’t sell salads to sell salads” — Domino’s pizza domination. Victoria’s Secret ghosts. Morgan Stanley’s E*Trade trade.
Domino’s shares popped 26% because it’s got a uniquely DIY approach to delivery apps. Victoria’s Secret split from its L Brands parent, but turns out it’s worth just $1.1B. And Morgan Stanley buys up E*Trade in a deal that’s really all about saving time in the race to Main Street for the big banks. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 21, 2020
“Garmin finds you when iPhone can’t” — Alphabet kills an “Other Bet.” Toast hits $4.9B. Garmin’s GPS pop.
We’ve got a new era over at Google on word that its parent, Alphabet, has put its wind energy bet to sleep. Our “Unicorn of the Day” is Toast, which hit a $4.9B valuation as it tries to do everything at restaurants, but we’re focused on its SaaB (“software as a bank” — just made it up). And Garmin stock jumps 7% because it’s going places where your iPhone and Apple Watch can’t. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 20, 2020
“We found an Innovation Vampire” — Walmart’s Jet black shutdown. Molson Coors spiked seltzer. Uber/Lyft’s “rideshare” lie.
Walmart’s earnings report wasn’t anything special, but we think it’s latest moves to buy up startups, suck out their innovation, and then spit out the remains is. A report on the impact of Uber and Lyft reveals that the rideshare apps really aren’t about ridesharing at all. And Molson Coors isn’t a beer company anymore as it whips up its first spiked seltzer (did we mention it’s testing a spiked coffee?). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 19, 2020
“It’s like Ben & Jerry’s going dairy-free” — Delta’s carbon neutrality. Headspace’s $93M fundraise. Canopy Growth’s rebound.
The 3 major marijuana producers have had a tough year, but Canopy Growth’s latest earnings powered pot stocks up thanks to price per kilo. Delta announced plans to go fully carbon neutral by 2030 — how can one of the most polluting industries can pull that off? And Headspace snags $93M in fresh funding to one-up its rival in the wellness app showdown. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 18, 2020
“Cloud computing is the new oil” — Kraft-Heinz 70% stock drop. Tesla’s “buy low, sell high”. Microsoft vs. Amazon.
Fresh after Tesla shares hit their all-time high, the company has a surprise: It’s selling 2.6M fresh shares to raise $2B in fresh cash. Kraft Heinz shares fell 8% after the 150-year-old pantry icon showed it has no turnaround plan -- it just wants more processed foods. And the epic $10B JEDI deal between Microsoft and the Pentagon is frozen (and the real winner could be Amazon). Cloud computing is the new oil. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 14, 2020
“Facebook fact-checkers vs. 4.75B posts per day” — DoorDash’s not First-Mover Advantage. SoundCloud’s desperate $75M. Facebook’s hires Reuters.
Facebook has added a new addition to its army of information regulators for the election year, but we’re looking at their odds (spoiler: not great odds). SoundCloud snags a fresh $75M in funding from SiriusXM, but the music platform still hasn’t found itself. And DoorDash’s CEO sat down for an interview with Fortune that revealed how First Mover advantage isn’t an advantage. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 13, 2020
“Starbucks wants to pick you up at the airport” — Sprint/T-Mobile gets approved. Samsung’s flip phone. Starbucks’ airport deal.
Sprint surged nearly 80% on word its T-Mobile merger is good to go (because Sprint was basically a dead wireless man walking). Samsung whipped up a foldable new phone that you should definitely care about because we don’t actually live in an iPhone world. And Starbucks snagged a new airport partnership that’s innovatively all about getting you coffee without any terminal friction. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 12, 2020
“Burger King is jealous of Popeye’s fried chicken-palooza” — Brandless shuts down. Coronavirus’ lenders. Popeye’s power earnings.
Restaurant Brands International happens to own both Burger King and Popeye’s, but it was Popeye’s chicken-powered quarter that’s getting all the attention. Softbank-backed nearly-unicorn Brandless is shutting down after trying to create a brandless brand. And coronavirus is causing a financial crisis for many Chinese companies, so we’re looking at the lenders of last resort. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 11, 2020
“Warner Music is Venture Capital for musicians” — Uber’s profit shocker. Ericsson/Nokia 5G awkwardness. Warner Music’s IPO.
Warner Music filed to IPO because streaming saved the music industry. Uber shares surged 10% before the weekend on word it’s actually planning to become profitable by the end of this year (*depends how you define “profits”). And Europe’s telecom giants Ericsson and Nokia woke up to word the US government may want to acquire them because we’re desperate for a 5G internet network. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 10, 2020
“Dunkin’ stealthily went fancy” — WWE’s XFL problem. Twitter’s record surge. Dunkin’s premium coffee strategy.
Dunkin’ announced earnings, but we’re focused on the subtle hints that it’s transforming into a fancy coffee chain. World Wrestling Entertainment stock dropped 9% and we’re blaming the XFL situation. Twitter shares surges as the social network tries to convince you it’s in the most healthy shape of its life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 07, 2020
“By that math, Instagram is worth $150B” — Chipotle’s Taco Bell-ification. Instagram owns Facebook. Spotify’s acquires the Ringer
Turns out Spotify just made (another) acquisition in the podcast space because it’s trying to build a “gated garden.” Instagram’s numbers leaked and we finally learned how it stacks up to YouTube. And Chipotle’s sales surged 13% because its new CEO is cooking up a Taco Bell-ificiation strategy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 06, 2020
“Why Tesla is like a young avocado tree” — Visa’s swipe tax. BP’s empire. Tesla’s Elon-sanity.
Snackers want to know why Tesla stock has surged a freakish 60% in the last week, and the answer lies in avocado trees and orange groves. Visa is already Earth’s biggest payment processor, but now it’s making the biggest change to credit card transactions in a decade: AKA, “the swipe tax.” And BP’s oil empire is getting harvested by BP. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 05, 2020
“YouTube sells more ads than ABC/NBC/FOX… combined” — Harry’s razors acquisition gets sued. Coronavirus-benefiting companies. Alphabet’s YouTube surprise.
Alphabet’s stock fell 5% after its earnings report, but the real highlight was YouTube — the company disclosed financial info for the first time. Harry’s razors was supposed to be acquired by Schick’s parent company, but now federal regulators are trying to block the deal. And last week we looked at the companies hurt by Coronavirus, so this week we’re looking at who’s benefiting. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 04, 2020
“One Medical is the Equinox of doctors” — Nike’s olympics shoes. Pinterest’s makeup feature. One Medical pops 47% IPO pop.
Shares of One Medical jumped 47% because it’s trying to make you love doctor’s appointments. Nike’s freakishly performance-enhancing shoe just got approval for the Olympics — and gold medals are critical to its brand. And Pinterest whipped up a virtual makeup feature because being your first spot to discovery is what it depends upon. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 03, 2020
“Juul’s Darth Vader moment” — Amazon surges 10%. The Bouqs raises $30M for wedding flowers. Altria devalues Juul e-cigarettes (again).
Juul was supposed to save the world from smoking, but it made a critical decision that its new owner, Altria, is now paying for. The Bouqs direct-to-consumer flower startup raised $30M because it wants to get invited to your wedding (but seriously). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 31, 2020
“Barstool’s t-shirts follow a simple formula” — Barstool Sports becomes a half-icorn. SAP’s FOMO Marketing. Apple’s iRecord quarter.
Apple’s 4 divisions are as big as 4 other super companies. Barstool Sports hits a $450M valuation after an investment from a casino company. And SAP is the most valuable company in Germany, but no one really knows what it does — good thing it just announced earnings, and it’s all about FOMO Marketing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 30, 2020
“Who’s gonna buy James Bond?” — Casper’s un-unicorning. MGM’s bidders. Bird’s newest acquisition.
Scooter pioneer Bird just acquired a German rival, but it’s a sign the future scooter wars are going to look a lot like today’s delivery wars. Casper’s valuation dropped from over $1B to $744M before its IPO as public investors laugh at the VCs that thought it was a tech company. And MGM is looking to sell itself to Apple, Netflix, or the rest of the “Big 6.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 29, 2020
“WE are a real estate company (not a tech company)” — The Wing loses its big investor. Detroit becomes GM’s electric car HQ. Coronavirus messes with stocks.
Women’s coworking icon The Wing enjoyed a major investment from fellow coworking pioneer WeWork… which just sold off that stake. GM’s latest moves in Detroit have turned a shutting down factory into its new capital of electric vehicles. And coronavirus dropped stocks big to start the week, so we’re looking at who got hit the hardest and why. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 28, 2020
“Eaze is cannabis’ bubblish-moment” — Intel stock reaches 2000 levels. The man who coined “disruption.” Eaze pot delivery has problems.
The “Seamless of Weed” is Eaze, but it’s having problems growing. Intel’s stock hit its highest point since the first internet boom, so we’re looking at chips on chips on chips.  And Clay Christensen passed away, but his word “disruption” is living on aggressively. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 27, 2020
“Tinder supports safe sexting” — Google’s camouflaged ads. The Athletic hits $500M. Tinder’s new security launch.
Tinder is adding new security features for your first date — it’s consistent with a trend that’s defining tech in 2020. Google made a minor tweak to with major implications. And our “Half-icorn of the Day” is The Athletic, the digital sports news company that just snagged a $500M valuation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 24, 2020
“Cell-Based Meats disrupting Plant-Based Meats” — Memphis Meats raises $161M. Delta shares $1.6B of profits. GM launches a true robocar.
Delta unveiled the biggest corporate bonus plan ever, so we’re looking at its Return On Investment strategy (Happy flight attendants = Happy fliers). GM unveiled a robocar that reaches Level 5 on the all-mighty (and unofficial) self-driving car measuring stick for self-driving-ness. And startup Memphis Meats snags the biggest ever fundraise for a cell-based meat company — growing chicken thighs in the lab. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 23, 2020
“Amazon is turning your palmprint into a credit card” — Amazon’s new payment method. Uber’s “name your own price.” PetMed Express’ aging dogs.
Amazon is pursuing a new feature to sell to retail stores to take on Apple Pay — We’re talking “pay by hand” (and we’re calling it “Amazon Hand”). Uber’s whipping up a “name your own price” idea for drivers so it can prove to regulators it’s just an app, not a ride company. And PetMed Express shares fell 6% even though it’s sitting on top of 2 trends. Also, we’re flying over to London for the Robinhood launch across the pond — you can sign up to attend our live pod recording on Jan 28th or Jan 29th at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 22, 2020
“‘Mealkitting’ never became a verb” — HelloFresh vs Blue Apron. Signet Jewelers’ 40% surge — Microsoft pulls a Sierra Club
We’ve got a new #1 in the US meal kit market — HelloFresh is beating Blue Apron (even though mealkitting may be in trouble). Zales/Kay/Jared’s owner Signet Jewelers watched its stock pop 40% last week, but its “Path to Brilliance” plan may not be working. And Microsoft is acting more like a non-profit, announcing it’s not just going carbon neutral… it’s going carbon negative (mic drop). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 21, 2020
“Peacock is the 761st streaming service” — Gap won’t spinoff Old Navy. NBC reveals Peacock. China weaponizes the wallet
Shares of the Gap pop 5% on word it’s doing the opposite of what it planned to do — it’s no longer spinning off Old Navy, its best-performing brand. NBC reveals the details of Peacock, but it’s acting like the flaky friend of the Streaming Wars. And China holds German car companies hostage (the USA is no longer the only global economic police).  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 17, 2020
“Baby Yoda is Build-a-Bear’s Rudy moment” — Build-A-Bear jumps 14%. Califia Farms’ fund raise. Phase 1 trade deal
We finally got to see what was actually in the Phase 1 trade deal that was just signed. We noticed Build-A-Bear shares popped 14% because it’s working on what Hasbro can’t: A Baby Yoda doll. And Califia Farms is our (almost) “Unicorn of the Day,” snagging $225M in fresh funding to make plant-based milks bigger than plant-based meats. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 16, 2020
“Half of America has a Chase account” — JP Morgan’s record profit. Visa acquires Plaid. BlackRock fights climate
It’s big bank earnings season, so we went financial on this one. JPMorgan Chase apparently covers half of America, which led to its record profit (more than the value of 2 Lyfts). Visa dropped $5.3B to acquire Plaid, the fintech app that sits on a treasure trove of financial info, like your Venmo account. And BlackRock’s CEO whips up a new mandate: $7T to fight climate change through good, clean, financial pressure. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 15, 2020
“Casper is the Peloton of Slumber, not the Nike of Sleep” — Casper’s IPO. 23andMe’s transition. Primo Water’s acquisition.
We slept on the Casper IPO documents released over the weekend, then realized they spent $80M just dealing with mattress returns last year. 23andMe hits a new corporate milestone — treating diseases with your saliva. And Primo Water boasts that it’s a pure-play water company, but it just got swallowed up. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 14, 2020
“Sweetgreen is the most innovative company in food” — Hershey. Quibi. Sweetgreen
Quibi raises (another) $400M to create a new “era” (their words) beyond video streaming. Sweetgreen gets a profile in the NYT, and we think it may be the most innovative company in food right now. And “the OPEC of chocolate” may raise prices on the critical ingredient for Hershey and Mondelez sweets. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 13, 2020
“Verizon's ‘pros before cos’ problem” — Wine tariffs, Softbank layoffs, and Verizon
Verizon whips up a new pricing model for its cable TV, but it’s basically creating subscripturation in our lives. Softbank startups like Zume Pizza and Getaround are starting the year by firing employees (we’re in a new decade of unicorns). And 100% wine tariff threats may mess with your Friday evening pinot plans. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 10, 2020
“These delivery apps are like mafia families” — Grubhub, Spotify, and Tough Mudder
We’re testing out a new title format, Snackers. Grubhub shares jumped 13% on news it’s trying to sell itself. Spotify’s launching a dynamic new advertising format that reminds us of Facebook. And the “you might die from this” fitness event startup Tough Mudder is reportedly being pushed to file for bankruptcy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 09, 2020
Tesla, the #1 most valuable US car company (ever) — Goldman transparentizes — Impossible creates plant-based pork (and drops McD’s)
Impossible Foods is adding plant-based sausage — but rival Beyond Meat’s stock jumped 10%. Goldman Sachs’ stock has barely budged in the last 3 years, so it’s redecorating itself to focus on 1 word: Transparency. And Tesla shares just hit an all-time high as its Gigafactory opens in China, so we’re looking at whether that makes sense. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 08, 2020
SmileDirectClub goes to Walmart — Taco Bell’s owner devours hamburger chain — The taser creator could split in 2
SmileDirectClub abandoned its direct-to-consumer ways to launch in Walmart stores, but it’s missing one big thing: Its core product. Taser-inventor Axon acquired a rival last year, but now it’s been accused of running a taser monopoly. And Yum Brands happens to own Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC, but now it’s acquiring a burger chain — so why burgers, why now? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 07, 2020
Snapchat buys the “Cameos” company — One Medical’s IPO moves — Apple’s 2020 HomeKit mantra
Aaaand we’re back. While you were unwrapping gifts, Snapchat treated itself to an augmented reality startup that makes the hilarious filters for Snapchat. OneMedical just filed paperwork to IPO already even though the industry it’s in hates new brands. And Apple’s got a new mantra for 2020: Make HomeKit happen. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 06, 2020
Last pod of 2019: Our 3 bold wishes for 2020
In our last pod of 2019 (we’re taking a 2-week break until Monday, January 6th), we’re going digestibly bold: Our 3 bold predictions for 2020. Will Apple buy Tesla? Can Amazon eliminate boxes? And does Chipotle really need tables, or can it just do delivery and pickup? We’ll see you Snackers again in 2020. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 20, 2019
Ikea’s tech pivot — FedEx’s ‘horrific’ profits — Flavors & Fragrances plant-based merger
Ikea’s always been focused on furniture, now it aims to democratize smart furniture (but it needs help). FedEx plummeted 10% because it’s losing its profit puppy. And International Flavors & Fragrances makes the scents and tastes you’re touching and tasting daily, but shares fell 9% because its latest merger is all about 1 single bet. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 19, 2019
Oprah’s 9-city Weight Watchers tour — Boeing’s worst year ever — Alexa’s profit pivot
Weight Watchers tried to turn itself around the last couple years by adding Oprah to the board, but now she’s headlining a 9-city WW wellness tour. Now that Boeing has officially suspended production of its controversial 737 Max planes, we break down its worst year, by the numbers. Getting Alexa everywhere was Part 1 of Amazon’s voice activation plans — Part 2 is making money off your Alexa use. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 18, 2019
H&M’s “Moneyball” strategy — Intel’s $2B AI acquisition — Sprout Social’s social-ish IPO
H&M has spent 2 years trying to burn fewer clothes (literally), and an 11% sales rebound shows it’s finally working. Intel splurged $2B on a chip company because the last time it tried to build its own, it failed. And Sprout Social IPO’d to help your company’s social media manager relax. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 17, 2019
The Spirit Airline-ification of cars — Pandora’s talking ads — and the Phase I trade deal
V-commerce — aka “voice commerce” has new momentum after online radio Pandora tests ads that let you talk back. Car prices are starting to mimic airplane ones, forcing you to pay extra if you want anything. And stocks hit record highs last week on word the US and China actually/finally reached an agreement over phase 1 of the trade deal. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 16, 2019
Lyft launches car rental — Disney didn’t tell Hasbro about Baby Yoda — Delta is really a credit card
If you noticed that Avis shares plunged, that’s because Lyft just whipped up a car rental service. The hero of Disney+ has been Baby Yoda, but toy-maker Hasbro didn’t get the memo and missed out on millions of potential holiday toy sales. Delta’s Investor Day lets us get to know the airline better — and it’s basically a credit car company. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 13, 2019
Lulu tries to become Nike — How Saudi Aramco makes $90B in profits/year — Away’s drama arrives
Oil legend Saudi Aramco is the most valuable company in the world and it just IPO’d, but how does it make money? Luggage brandicorn Away went through a week worse than your worst travel trip, so we’re looking at what actually went wrong. And Lululemon reported earnings, but we’re curious about whether it can become the next Nike. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 12, 2019
Vail Resorts’ adds 17 slopes — Yumi’s epic investors — NAFTA is reborn as USMCA
Just in time for your first turns, Vail Resorts’ earnings gave insights on where you should ski — and highlighted the growing showdown on ski passes. Yumi raised $8M for fancy subscription baby food, but we’re focused on who gave them that money. And the NAFTA trade treaty is being replaced by the USMCA now that Congress, the Senate, and the President are all on board. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 11, 2019
Airbnb’s investment in the WeWork for housing — Amazon’s JEDI business ethics — The Volker Rule
Yesterday we broke down why Airbnb shouldn’t acquire a competitor — now they just took the first step in acquiring another called Zeus. Amazon lost the $10B JEDI contract with the government, but its fight against the decision reveals what business ethics are all about. And former Fed Chair Paul Volker passed away, so we’re sharing his 2 biggest financial lessons. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 10, 2019
Waymo’s robotaxis hit the app store — Otis Elevator spinoff — HipCamp could be Airbnb’s next acquisition
Alphabet’s self-driving car company, Waymo, just took a big step towards real robotaxis — an app for the general public. Otis Elevators made skyscrapers possible, and now it’s getting spun-off into its own company. And a fresh profile on HipCamp (the Airbnb for camp sites) has us wondering if it’s simply an Airbnb acquisition target. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 09, 2019
Rent The Runway hooks up with W Hotels — GM & LG joint venture a battery — Tupperware’s plastic strategy
Rent the Runway partnered up with W Hotels so you don’t have to pack clothes for vacation. GM and LG are launching a joint venture focused on car batteries, which are the critical (and absurdly expensive) part to any electric car. And Tupperware is trying to go upscale with its plastic by claiming its reusable plastic is more sustainable… even though it’s plastic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 06, 2019
Canada Goose’s freezing store — Nintendo’s best week ever — Duolingo hits $1.5B valuation
Absurdly expensive coat designer Canada Goose just opened up a store that literally snows inside — “experiential retail” is now “sensational retail.” Nintendo’s Switch console just enjoyed its best week of sales in the US, even though it’s been around for almost 3 years already. And Duolingo became Pittsburgh’s 1st unicorn, hitting a $1.5B valuation as it teaches you French. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 05, 2019
Google co-founders retire — Zume robot pizza aims for $4B valuation — Roku’s ratings drama
Google’s legendary co-founders are stepping down effective immediately, but it’s probably because Google’s had its most controversial year in ever. Our “Unicorn of the Day” is Zume whose robot pizza is already worth $2B, and it sells the most intense food trucks you’ve ever experienced. And Roku stock plummeted and then surged after two analysts gave opposite interpretations of its streaming potential. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 04, 2019
Shopify is “The Force” — Jack Dorsey is MIA in Africa — McDonald’s enters the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Wars
Cyber Monday set a record as the biggest online shopping day in US history — but the real winner this year is Shopify. Jack Dorsey is busy being the CEO of both Twitter and Square, but now he wants to live in Africa for 6 months. And McDonald’s is looking to enter the Chicken Sandwich Wars, but its biggest challenge comes from the inside: Franchisees. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 03, 2019
Rename Black Friday — SoulCycle vs. Peloton — Dollar Tree’s 19% stock plummet
Black Friday in-store shopping actually fell from last year — but purchases made on smartphones and with in-store pickup dominated, so we’re renaming it: “Mobile Cyber Pickup Week.” SoulCycle just lost its CEO while Peloton stock had its best week ever, so we’re getting on both bikes. And Dollar Tree’s stock dropped 19% last week, so we’re looking at how tariffs are about to change everything. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 02, 2019
*Live* at Spotify - Part II: Why Spotify is doing podcasts — Our interview with Max Cutler, Founder & MD of podcasts at Spotify
The 2nd half of our Snacks recording live from Spotify. We sit down with Max Cutler, the Founder & MD of Parcast Studios at Spotify — his startup was acquired by Spotify earlier this year. We’re asking about how he first pitched his company, whether podcasts will follow the Netflix strategy, and what his favorite pod is. Ever. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 27, 2019
EBay sells off StubHub for $4B — Uber gets cancelled from London — Charles Schwab’s Lannister-style acquisition of TD Ameritrade
Ebay snagged StubHub for itself in 2007 for $300M, but it just sold the ticket company for a cool $4B. Uber has officially been rejected from London because policy risk is a real thing. And Charles Schwab treated itself to an early gift by buying up rival TD Ameritrade for $26B — and the strategy was straight out of Game of Thrones. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 26, 2019
Amazon knocks off Allbirds — Target’s shipping nirvana — PayPal buys $4B of Honey
Allbirds’ CEO noticed that Amazon’s been knocking off its go-to shoes — Amazon calls them “equivalents,” we call them “knock-offs”. Target is enjoying shipping nirvana and shares are up 91% this year because it’s pulled off same-day shipping magic. And PayPal splurged $4B for deal-snagging pioneer Honey, but Wall Street ironically thinks it overpaid. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 25, 2019
*Live* at Spotify - Part I: How we build this (every day)
Spotify invited us to their NYC offices to record a live podcast — it’s a podcast about podcasts for our podcast listening Snackers. We introduce to the Snackers how we got into podcasting, how we built this podcast (every day), and the 5 ingredients for a podcast that people will actually listen to.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 22, 2019
Victoria’s Secret needs a new CEO, Chobani launches Oat (milk), and TJ Maxx vs. Urban Outfitters
Victoria’s Secret still has its 83 year old CEO despite (another) rough quarter — So we whipped up a gameplan for them to get less out of touch with millennials. Greek yogurt legend Chobani just introduced its first non-dairy option: Oat milk. We’re wondering if plant-based milk is a trend or a fad. And TJ Maxx and Urban Outfitters both reported earnings, but discount prices is helping one and hurting the other. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 21, 2019
Warby Parker launches its 2nd product, Microsoft vs. Slack (Microsoft is winning), and Home Depot’s DIY website problems
Warby Parker is the OG disrupter, cutting out the middle man of retail — now it’s launching its 2nd everproduct line: “Scout” contacts. Microsoft was threatened by Slack, so it launched a rival/knockoff messaging service called Teams — we just learned it’s got 20M users. And Home Depot usually just rides a strong housing market to strong profits, but it botched one part of the business that relies on Home Depot alone. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 20, 2019
Kylie Jenner’s makeup exit, Ford’s Mustang e-SUV, and FedEx’s tax-cut-apalooza
Coty cosmetics realized it was probably easier to just acquire 51% of Kylie Jenner’s beauty brand than compete (so it did). Ford unveiled its Mustang-looking electric SUV that’s not just a compliance car. And The New York Times broke down what FedEx did with its tax cut money… which highlights what companies actually do with their tax cut money. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 19, 2019
Warren Buffett bets on Restoration Hardware, Pinterest is too nice, and Peloton follows Tesla’s playbook
Fancy home goods chain Restoration Hardware jumped 8% after an investment by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway… and it’s totally not Warren’s style investment. Pinterest is such a nice social media company that it’s not throwing enough advertising at users. And Peloton will reportedly launch 2 new products in 2020 as it uses Tesla’s playbook. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 18, 2019
Canada’s shocking cannabis oversupply, Tesla’s 1st-mover e-advantage, and 1Password’s one password rules them all
Canopy Growth is the most valuable cannabis company, but the price of cannabis it sold last quarter dropped by 27% because Canada’s got an oversupply problem. Daimler and Ford just announced big investments in electric cars, while Tesla’s won awards. And our “Maybe-Unicorn of the Day” 1Password knows you don’t want to remember 243 usernames and passwords — it’s service makes you remember just 1.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 15, 2019
Google’s checking account, Nike’s breakup with Amazon, and Convoy is our “Unicorn of the Day”
Google plans to launch a checking account, another sign that Big Tech wants to understand your daily spending. Nike decided it no longer wants to sell on Amazon, probably thanks to its new CEO (who is an eBay guy). And the Uber for freight, Convoy, just raised $400M to take on… Uber Freight. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 14, 2019
Instagram knocks off TikTok, Alibaba’s $38B day, and Almond milk = Dean Foods’ downfall
TikTok set a record for app downloads, so Facebook just decided to knock it off with a new Instagram feature. Alibaba’s Singles Day set a sales record of $38B in 24 hours — so we’re looking at why the stock fell. And big milk giant Dean Foods just filed for bankruptcy, but you can’t (totally) blame Millennials for it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 13, 2019
Adidas closing US “Speedfactory,” Bumble & Walgreens’ private equity love, and Apple’s potentially iPhone-less AR future
Adidas tried to update its manufacturing with a fancy new “speedfactory,” but now it’s relocating them out of the US and into Vietnam and China. Both Bumble and Walgreens have something in common: They’re suddenly into private equity. And Apple is planning for an iPhone-less future with iGlasses and iHelmets (we made up those names) after its 5-year plan was leaked. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 12, 2019
Zillow is flipping houses, CEOs are getting fired, and Party City stock dropped 67% in 1 day
Party City’s stock dropped 67% after a brutal Halloween and helium crisis, so we’re looking at what issues it can actually control. Zillow has pivoted from just exposing real estate prices to also buying homes — that’s a big and risky bet. And with Gap’s CEO getting fired last week, 2019 has become a record year for CEOs losing/leaving their jobs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 11, 2019
Airbnb’s 7M-home trust pledge, Coke’s new (caffeinated) sparkling water, Toyota’s “muda” hatred
Airbnb’s suffering a sudden trust crisis so it’s responding proactively(ish) with a bold move: Verifying all 7 million of its listings by next year. Coca-Cola’s trying to succeed in the flavored sparkling water market (again) with an aggressive anti-LaCroix move — caffeinated sparkling water for your mornings. And Toyota is the profitable surprise among Japanese car companies because it hates “muda.” A lot. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 08, 2019
Uber Eats’ “Browser Billboard” strategy, Kroger’s “Operation Restock,” and Xerox may acquire HP
An Uber Eats job posting revealed that it’s further monetizing the food delivery app by sticking ads into the search results for “pizza”. Grocery chain Kroger hasn’t recovered from Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, so its Operation Restock recovery plan may involve a clever pricing strategy with Microsoft. And Xerox may acquire HP, which is three times bigger than it. We’re looking at how that’s possible. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 07, 2019
Peloton gets no love for its Personal Record, Wag wants to sell itself, and Match expands international (hard) with respect
Match Group shares dropped because it’s not as ambitious about the upcoming holidays as investors wanted — so we looked at Hinge and its adorable new mascot. Peloton’s numbers outperformed what analysts expected, but the stock still dropped because Wall Street can be irrational. And Wag is our “Almost Unicorn of the Day” whose jumbo fundraise from a key WeWork investor hasn’t helped. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 06, 2019
Uber lost $543,478 per hour last quarter, Walmart launches alcohol pickup, and Under Armour plummets 18% on sneakers
Uber lost a shocking $1.2B last quarter, but now it’s hoping/planning to hit profitability in 2021 (same as Lyft). Under Armour is suffering from a sudden accounting investigation, but the real issue is with its core business, and its sneakers. And Walmart launched alcohol pickup (and some delivery) across 2,000 stores because it can’t beat Amazon on price. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 05, 2019
Google gets a Fitbit, AIG’s anti-catastrophe quarter, and Quip flips the razor/razorblade model
Remember when we mentioned Google could acquire Fitbit last Friday? It did. So we’re looking to understand why Google’s paying almost double the normal stock price. Insurance giant AIG doesn’t like catastrophes, and last quarter had fewer than expected. And electric toothbrush startup Quip just launched a floss that turns the razor/razorblade pricing model on its head. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 04, 2019
Dunkin’s grand slam game plan, Apple’s wearables, and WWE’s 16% stock drop
Dunkin’ shares popped 6% after it spent the last 3 months amping up its 4-part game plan for fast food innovation. Apple’s earnings revealed that it’s becoming a wearables company, powered by AirPods and Apple Watches. And World Wrestling Entertainment stock plummeted 16% as its Middle East TV dreams get crushed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 01, 2019
Twitter bans political ads, Mirror raises $34M, and Fiat Chrysler & Peugeut are mega-merging
Jack Dorsey just took a jab at Mark Zuckerberg by banning political ads from Twitter, via tweet. Peloton rival Mirror snagged $34M in fresh funding from Lululemon, Karlie Kloss, and Steve Cohen’s hedge fund, so we’re looking at who could buy them. And Fiat Chrysler and Peugeut are planning to merge to create Earth’s 4th biggest car company, because merged car companies live longer. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 31, 2019
Free Prime grocery delivery, GrubHub’s stock falls 43%, and Lockheed Martin’s $34B fighter jet order
We just realized today’s Snacks has a delivery theme. GrubHub stock lost nearly half its value because the CEO thinks you’ve been “promiscuous” with your late-night food delivery. Amazon goes with the nuclear option by launching free grocery delivery for all prime members. And Lockheed Martin just got an expensive order for F-35 fighter jets from the Defense Department. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 30, 2019
Virgin Galactic’s space IPO, Beyond Meat’s 1st ever profit, and Tiffany’s $14.5B acqui-proposal
Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic just became the first ever space tourism IPO, but investors don’t have anything to compare this to. Beyond Meat enjoyed its 1st ever profit, but the stock still dropped 10%. And Tiffany’s received a $14.5B acquisition proposal by French luxury leader LVMH because they’re a complementary couple. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 29, 2019
Budweiser’s US Bud-pocalypse, Airbus is 2019 airplane champ, and Waste Management stock cleans up
Shares of Bud-owner AB InBev plummeted 11% on word it’s losing beer market share (fast), so it’s betting big on (wait for it…) sparkling seltzer. Airbus is thriving off of Boeing’s 737 Max crisis. And Waste Management’s recycling passion isn’t charitable — it’s profitable.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 28, 2019
Amazon’s “Era of Less Profitability,” Twitter’s midlife ad crisis, and Barclays’ ATM drama
Shares of Amazon dropped 7% on word 1-day shipping is really, really costly. Twitter plummeted 21% on its midlife ad crisis. And Barclays pulled the switcheroo on its ATM-in-post-offices plan, ultimately caving to pressure. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 25, 2019
Tesla’s 3 big surprises, Zuck’s crypto day with Congress, and Six Flags... is actually 6 different flags
Tesla popped after an earnings report with 3 big surprises (including a profit). Six Flags makes almost half its money from July through September, but the stock fell 12% because of a flat summer performance. And Zuck testified to Congress about Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency plans — and he promised to get their blessing first. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 24, 2019
WeWork’s bailout, McDonald’s got more money from fewer diners, and Nike & Under Armour’s CEOs are out
Without its IPO, WeWork was about to run out of cash in weeks — now it’s signed a bailout deal that drops its valuation from $47B to about $8B. McDonald’s had fewer diners last quarter, but it squeezed more sales out of all of them. And both Nike and Under Armour’s CEOs announced they’re leaving yesterday and their replacements reveal the companies’ growth plans. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 23, 2019
Spotify’s earnings preview, Ford’s Explorer problems, and Destination Maternity’s bankruptcy
Spotify’s earnings are next week, so we’re previewing how they’re making money (and the unique global strategy). Ford’s kinda dependent on its SUVs and trucks, but the new Explorer didn’t work out as planned. And Destination Maternity filed for bankruptcy because our generation has, you know, ruined parenthood. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 22, 2019
Quibi’s T-Mobile partnership, Powerbar’s IPO, and the Shampoo Wars
The owner of PowerBar jumped after its IPO, so we’re looking into its “convenient nutrition” strategy that it boasts as “asset light.” Unilever took a punch in the Shampoo Wars, so we’re looking at its latest moves on the shower battlefield. And streaming video disruptor Quibi hasn’t launched yet, but it just snagged a major partnership with T-Mobile to take over your phone screen. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 21, 2019
Ford-Amazon-VW fix electric “range anxiety,” Venmo launches credit card, and Airbnb’s unprofitability
Airbnb’s financial info was leaked, revealing that it’s splurging big on marketing. Ford just teamed up with Amazon and Volkswagen on its “Team Edison” for a nationwide electric car charging network. And Venmo launches a credit card because it’s owner PayPal really wants it to make money. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 18, 2019
Netflix’s 130 seasons of non-english shows, Facebook’s Libra crypto drama, and GM’s 1-month strike is ending
Even though everyone’s launching a streaming service, Netflix surged after its latest earnings report. Facebook’s global cryptocurrency project, Libra, keeps losing its corporate backers, so we’re looking at why. And General Motors may have finally ended its biggest strike since 1970, but the numbers show what investors really think about it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 17, 2019
Google kills its VR headset, Schwab’s secret profit puppy, and Emerson Electric’s burn book
At Google’s product day in New York, the focus should’ve been on what it took away (a VR headset) not what it unveiled (more Pixel products). Charles Schwab enjoyed record 3rd quarter profits, and that’s driven by customers who aren’t doing anything with their money. And Emerson Electric was founded by a Civil War vet, but now it’s getting trolled by a hedge fund for owning 8 private jets. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 16, 2019
The $399 iPhone, SmileDirectClub’s California problem, and Goldman’s WeWork worry
SmileDirectClub has become the worst performing IPO of 2019, but fell another 13% Monday after a new California law was signed by California’s governor. The 3rd quarter earnings season kicks off this week with big banks, but we’re looking at Goldman’s venture investments like WeWork and Uber. And an analyst’s deep dive into Apple’s Asian supply chain reveals it could be coming out with a cheaper model because, you know, services. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 15, 2019
Ghost kitchens are having a moment, the new mini Trade Deal, and Papa is the “grandkids on demand” app
Rachael Ray and GrubHub just teamed up. Uber Eats launched one last week. We’re looking at the “trend of the week” — Virtual Kitchens. Stocks popped Friday because of the latest (kinda) trade deal, so we’re looking at what it includes. And Papa raised $10M and snagged major partners as it becomes the “grandkids on demand” app. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 14, 2019
Grammarly hits $1B, Tootsie Roll is 110% in on candy, and Waze becomes Google’s secret weapon
Your other map go-to, Waze, is owned by Google’s parent, Alphabet, and it’s the company’s potential future profit puppy. Tootsie Roll is 100% focused on candy, less focused on its latest earnings report. And our Unicorn of the Day is Grammarly, the AI-powered company (or is it a feature?) that just hit a $1B valuation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 11, 2019
American Airlines’ rough 5 years, Bed Bath & Beyond’s innovative new CEO, and Lithium Ion Batteries’ big week
Bed Bath & Beyond stock is down over 80% in the last 5 years, but it just snagged a new CEO who revolutionized shopping at Target. Compared to Delta, it’s been hard out there for American Airlines, so we’re looking at what uniquely caused its problems. And our Invention of the Day is lithium ion batteries because the creation that enabled the tech device you’re reading this on just won a Nobel prize. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 10, 2019
China vs. the NBA, Domino’s focuses on “carryout” pizza, and One Medical preps to IPO
Domino’s already fights in the Pizza Wars and Delivery Wars — now it’s focused on takeout (they prefer “carryout”) to win. A Houston Rockets’ tweet has China angry at the NBA, and now companies are getting involved. And One Medical is our Unicorn of the Day: the $1.5B tech-ish doctor chain now wants to IPO Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 09, 2019
Unilever hates virgin-plastic, Harley’s e-bike isn’t connecting, and Walmart tries to return its ecommerce acquisitions
The owner of Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever is making an epic sustainability pledge: cut 400K tons of virgin plastic per year. Harley designed an electric bike to desperately snag millennial customers, but it turns out they’re not interested. And after diving deep into ecommerce, Walmart is undoing the parts that are too unprofitable. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 08, 2019
Zola launches “Honeymoons,” Target adds Disney stores-within-stores, and HP drops 10% because printers are like fax machines
Target is pulling a Best Buy — it’s adding Disney stores within its own stores (and it kind of looks like the future of malls). HP dropped 10% because printers are the new fax machines, but a shrinking business could become a growing one. And wedding registry icon Zola is engaged to become a unicorn — the $650M startup launches an end-to-end Honeymoon booking service. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 07, 2019
Corona’s hard seltzer, Uber’s new Work app, and Square processes CBD payments
Liquor legend Constellation brands fell 6% even though it’s launching 4 flavors of a new spiked seltzer to save its beer sales. Uber unveiled a new app that’s purely focused on the gig economy — connecting workers with needs, not just drivers and delivery. And payment processor Square jumped into supporting CBD sellers because cannabis has a banking bottleneck. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 04, 2019
Microsoft’s new “Phonebook”, Chipotle’s anti-breakfast carne asada strategy, and the World Trade Organization’s major decision
Don’t call it a phone — Microsoft just cooked up a 2-part foldable phone that creates a whole new product category (its mojo is back). The World Trade Organization (WTO) just decided on a 15-year trade dispute between Boeing and Airbus that reveals how trade conflicts should go down. And Chipotle’s new-ish CEO makes a bold move during the breakfast wars — focus on dinner and everything the previous CEO wouldn’t do. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 03, 2019
Charles Schwab cuts commissions to $0, GoPro’s new moat problem, and Masco recession-proofs itself
GoPro unveiled a couple pre-holiday cameras, but the move reveals how much it’s lost its moat. Charles Schwab announced it’s cutting stock trading commissions from $4.95/trade to zero, so we’re jumping into the history of fees. And Masco is our Midwestern institution of the day for focusing on paint over cabinets as it pivots strategy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 02, 2019
Waymo’s valuation plummets, RV-giant Thor Industries jumps 16% on global camping, and Budweiser’s Asia IPO
Bud had a hefty bar tab, so it just spun-off its Asia beer business — and the IPO proved unsexy business models may be sexy again. Google’s self-driving car division just had its valuation slashed because it’s taking. Way. Too. Long. To. Arrive. And the world’s biggest RV-maker, Thor Industries, jumped 16% because camping is going global. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 01, 2019
AT&T may cut NFL Sunday Ticket, Endeavor cancels its IPO, and Rent The Runway’s worst week ever
Talent agency Endeavor was supposed to IPO last Friday, but it called off everything Thursday night. Rent The Runway is not taking new customers to its clothing rental until Oct 15th because of a mistake that reveals what kind of a company it really is: Logistics. And NFL Sunday Ticket is the loyalty leader that got people using DirecTV — but now AT&Tis considering ending the expensive deal. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 30, 2019
Interview with Peloton’s Co-Founder
Straight from the fitness tech pioneer’s IPO, we sit down with Peloton co-founder and COO Tom Cortese to talk about how they pitched investors, what drives customer loyalty, and if the stock ticker symbol should’ve been “SWET” or “SPIN” instead of "PTON". Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 27, 2019
Facebook Oculus creates a virtual world, Amazon launches tons of new products, and eBay’s CEO is out
Facebook’s virtual reality arm, Oculus, just cooked up “Horizons” — a virtual world at a whole new level. Amazon released a huge number of Alexa-packed products, including a finger ring, copy-cat AirPods, and a high-end speaker. And fresh after WeWork and Juul just lost both their CEOs this week, eBay’s leader is stepping down. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 26, 2019
WeWork’s CEO is out, Nike goes for dude-leisure-wear, Nio (the Tesla of China) cancels its earnings call
After a crazy week, WeWork’s co-founder and CEO stepped down. Nike’s earnings reveal its next opportunity is really with guys wearing athleisure. And Nio, the Tesla of China, plummeted 22% after another rough quarter that forced it to shockingly cancel its earnings call. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 25, 2019
Bloomingdale’s launches rental clothes, Fitbit is on the market for sale, and Thomas Cook just shut down mid-flight
Literally while some people were in the air, British travel agency Thomas Cook shut down, so we look at the millions affected by a big corporate bankruptcy. Fitbit’s fought hard  to survive since Apple unveiled the Watch, but it’s now offering to sell itself. And Bloomingdale’s launched “My List,” a 10-item per month clothing rental for $149/month as “clothing as a service.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 24, 2019
Tinder’s new “Swipe Night” TV show, J. Crew’s Madewell IPO, and e-cigarettes are getting cancelled
J. Crew’s legendary denim brand is outperforming J. Crew — so it filed to IPO itself. Tinder-owner Match Group is getting an interactive TV show (welcome to “Swipe Night”) in a unique convergence of tech and media. And Juul’s e-cigarette issues keep piling up, which is a bigger pain for its latest investor: regular cigarette-maker Altria. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 23, 2019
Amazon’s epic carbon neutrality pledge, Alphabet’s drone deliver goes live ASAP, and Stripe hits $35B
Bezos kicked things up a notch by announcing a carbon neutrality pledge for Amazon that shockingly even beats the Paris Climate Accords. Alphabet’s drone division, Wing, just partnered up with Walgreens, FedEx, and a local gift store to make drone delivery happen next month in Virginia. And Stripe just passed Airbnb with a $35B valuation that earns it our “Unicorn of the Day.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 20, 2019
Facebook launches a TV device, Corning Glass owns your iPhone screen, and FedEx’s 13% stock drop
Facebook just announced a $149 Portal TV device to let you video chat while binge TV-watching. Corning Glass is located in a small town in upstate New York, making the glass on your iPhone — it just snagged a $250M investment from Apple. And FedEx fell 13% on its worries about the global economy, which makes it a “leading indicator.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 19, 2019
LinkedIn verifies skills, GM’s $100M/day strike, and Shopify’s CBD moves
LinkedIn just revealed a new “skills” feature that we consider its most strategic move since Microsoft acquired it. General Motors is experiencing its biggest strike in a decade and that’ll cost it up to $100M a day. And Shopify just became Earth’s #2 biggest ecommerce platform, but we’re looking into its cannabis-supporting moves into CBD. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 18, 2019
Netflix splurges on Seinfeld, Amazon’s secretive “A9” algorithm, and Oil’s surge
Oil prices just surged after an attack in Saudi Arabia, so we break down why it’s not as big a deal as Wall Street made it seem. Netflix is treating itself to $500M of Seinfeld reruns from Sony because sitcoms earn your loyalty. The WSJ reported that Amazon’s secretive A9 search office made a change to its algorithm with huge implications for your online shopping life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 17, 2019
Pepsi/Venmo’s “PepCoin” partnership, Walmart’s Grocery Club, and Voyage’s self-driving cars for old people
Pepsi and Venmo teamed up for a spending partnership they’re calling “PepCoin” — it highlights the behavioral challenges of Fintech. Walmart’s $98/month Grocery Club is taking on Amazon with something Amazon can’t do. And our “Nearly-Unicorn of the Day” is Voyage, whose self-driving cars are turning the elderly into early-adopters. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 16, 2019
SmileDirectClub’s great pre-IPO (but bad IPO), Under Armour goes anti-athleisure, and General Electric is selling itself to survive
SmileDirectClub (uncreative ticker symbol, FYI) falls 28% on its IPO day, but we look at whether it was really a bad IPO when you look at the valuation. Under Armour is going anti-athleisure with its new strategy, but it’s actually copying Lululemon. And General Electric is selling $38B of itself to survive, which highlights its greatest disadvantage: Pensions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 13, 2019
California re-classifies Uber drivers, Wendy’s breakfast wars loss, and Monster Beverage’s Coke problem
Wendy’s is trying to jump into the fast food breakfast wars, but shares fell 10% because it’s too late — again. A Snacker asked us to jump into Monster Beverage, so we found out what it’s up to. And California’s new gig worker law hits right at Lyft and Uber, so they hit right back. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 12, 2019
Apple’s iPhone 11 day, Ford’s “junk” credit rating, and Next Door is the anti-Facebook
Everyone’s looking at the new iPhone 11 unveiled at Apple’s big product unveil (spoiler alert: new colors), but we’re focused on its strategic moves with Apple TV+. Ford’s bonds just hit junk status, so we’re looking at the decade that led to this. And Next Door is our “Unicorn of the Day” for its latest fundraise and focus on accountability. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 11, 2019
Uber Freight’s $200M annual allowance, Starbucks’ 1st pick-up only store, and AT&T’s 23-page love/hate letter
Uber is already deeply unprofitable, but whipped up $200M to invest annually in its fastest-growing business: Uber Freight. Starbucks will launch its 1st pick-up only store in New York this fall, but it’s the early sign of American companies copying Chinese ones. And AT&T was smacked with a 23-page letter by a new major hedge fund investor, and it’s calling for huge change. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 10, 2019
Glossier’s growth hack, DocuSign jumps 22% on its gateway drug, and Beyond Meat falls 4% on fresh competition
Glossier just snagged a new COO from Amazon, highlighting the company’s growth hacking success. DocuSign surged 22% as the e-signature pioneer’s anti-friction strategy pays off. And Beyond Meat drops as plant-based protein competition kicks up four notches. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 09, 2019
Match drops 5% on Facebook Dating, WeWork’s valuation may get halved, and Slack’s “10M” problem
Tinder-owner Match fell 5% on word Facebook’s new dating feature goes live, like, right now — even though Match already knew the competition was coming. Slack released its first earnings report since going public, revealing its next 10M users are harder than the 1st 10M. And WeWork may slice its valuation from $47B to about $25B before it IPOs because critics think its IPO paperwork is a “masterpiece of obfuscation.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 06, 2019
Aerie bralettes save American Eagle, Juul’s flavored e-cigs banned in Michigan, and Google’s $170M fine
While American Eagles sales suffer, its Aerie lingerie brand is thriving — and it’s a perfect example of spinoff brands. Michigan became the first state to ban flavored e-cigarettes, just as Juul came out with “the strictest age verification system ever.” And Google was hit with a $170M fine that highlights the difference in targeted and non-targeted ads. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 05, 2019
Facebook tests ending the “like” counter, Ulta Beauty’s 30% plummet, and Brexit + Argentina problems
A “reverse engineer” took it upon herself to investigate Facebook’s code — and she discovered the company toying with a “hide your likes” feature. Ulta Beauty dropped 30% last week, so we looked into why and found an insight in slide #9. And with deadlines quickly approaching, we break down the econo-political drama in Britain and Argentina. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 04, 2019
Walmart gets its M.D., WeWork’s acquires Spacious, and Dollar Tree & Dollar General’s Matrix-like tariff creativity
WeWork just acquired Spacious before its IPO, and the startup’s business model fascinated us. Walmart is stealthily testing out a new health center it could take nationwide. And Dollar Tree and Dollar General were about to be hit hard by tariffs — then they discovered 4 creative ways not to pay for tariffs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 03, 2019
Amazon gets in with the Yankees, Forever 21’s bankruptcy, and higher minimum wages can save companies money
The Disney merging with Fox saga is officially over now that Disney sold YES Network… partially to Amazon. Forever 21 is a fast-fashion founding father, but it’s reportedly going bankrupt (there’s another key F-word here: Fad). And Citibank and Panera bread both have minimum wage stories that will surprise you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 30, 2019
Peloton’s IPO, Fitbit launches a health subscription, and Amazon Ring partners with police
Peloton’s IPO — we literally printed off the IPO filing documents, got on a Peloton, and discovered that Peloton wants to be a religion. Fitbit’s taking on Apple by launching its own subscription service. And Amazon had already acquired the doorbell company Ring, but now it’s got an interesting partnership with  police departments nationwide. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 29, 2019
Costco’s absurd China debut, Smucker’s peanut butter problems, and the cigarette re-merger
Costco just opened up its first physical store in China and the reaction was huge (the store had to close early). Smucker’s dropped 8% on word its peanut butter is facing price cut problems (and other nut-butters). And Altria and Philip Morris used to own the tobacco industry together, but now they may re-merge because nearly every trend is anti-cigarette. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 28, 2019
Hasbro’s $4B cartoon deal, Fried Chicken’s market-moving moment, and Dish’s 5G future
First Popeye’s and Chick-fil-a went at it over a new fried chicken sandwich, then KFC added a Beyond Meat faux-meat burger. Hasbro is dropping $4B for British cartoon Peppa Pig (and it’s also getting some rap artists). And Dish is about to be the 4th biggest telecom company after the Sprint-T-Mobile merger, so we jumped into it Snacks style. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 27, 2019
White Claw murdered beer, Knewz wants to replace Apple News, and the Trade War’s bloodiest day
Stocks plummeted at the end of last week on the biggest escalation in the US/China trade war yet (it got personal). White Claw by the Mark Anthony group is the spiked seltzer whose sales have quadrupled as it takes on beer. And News Corp announces Knewz, a new app trying to out-play tech in its top skill: aggregation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 26, 2019
Dick’s Sporting Goods’ big gun test, Wheels Up is a country club for private jets, and Germany’s negative interest rate opposite day
Dick’s pulled a classic tool out of its belt: A/B Testing. Our “Unicorn of the Day” is Wheels Up, which claims it’ll be the Airbnb of private jets (and Tom Brady and Serena Williams are members). And Germany’s 30-year bonds hit negative interest rates — so we break down what they are and why they’re so rare. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 23, 2019
WeWork’s IPO is really MeWork, JPM shuts down its cash app, and Waymo opens up its self-driving brain
We dove into WeWork’s IPO paperwork (its S-1) Snacks style. JPMorgan is shutting down a payment app, but it’s a major lesson on how to quit something smartly. And Waymo (owned by Google) is sharing its self-driving car knowledge to make self-driving actually happen. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 22, 2019
Apple’s Goldman Sachs card goes live for all, Target’s ‘Gramamble new food brand, and Tesla’s “Jerry Maguire” moment
Apple’s card with Goldman Sachs was just released for all Americans, so we jump in Snacks style. Target announces its biggest ever food brand, focused on organic food. And Tesla’s solar panel unit announces a rental version — just as it gets sued by Walmart. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 21, 2019
SmileDirectClub’s IPO, Estée Lauder’s airport makeup passion, and 181 CEOs renew their vows.
Makeup legend Estée Lauder jumped 13% after its earnings report, but we were most interested in its “travel retail channel” surprise. SmileDirectClub wants to IPO, so we jumped into its filing documents and found an Instagram story. And the Business Roundtable held a meeting, but ended up renewing its vows of what being a corporation actually means today. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 20, 2019
Facebook’s new news relationship, sperm startups raise millions, and Roku’s 21% jump makes it streaming king
Our last Snacks episode until Tuesday 8/20 (we're off for a week for Jack's wedding). Facebook’s had a rocky relationship with the news industry, but it’s trying a major new partnership to fix what it broke. Roku is the new king of streaming after its Rudy moment. And sperm startup Dadi just raised $5M as money pours into fertility — now healthtech is the next wave of Brandicorns. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 09, 2019
Lyft’s 5-star earnings, Sam Adams is not a beer company, and opioid stocks get a penalty price tag
Lyft jumped after its huge loss wasn’t as bad as expected — but we found two other stories with a bigger takeaway about the tech industry. Boston Beer Company is famous for its Sam Adams label, but a recent report highlights why it’s not a beer stock anymore. And prescription drug distributors are getting sued by states, and we learned a key price tag of the opioid epidemic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 08, 2019
Shake Shack’s 18% surge, Disney’s record year, and IAC — the VC-like public company (indirectly) powering Tinder
FYI, take the Snacks survey so we can get to know our Snackers better (fun fact: you could win a $100 Amazon gift card): — Shake Shack popped 18% not just because of a new strategic move, but because its leadership was open to changing its mind. Disney’s earnings hit record revenues, but spent $3B more money than it made because of acquisitions. And IAC owns a piece of everybody in the human-connecting-human apps industry, including Tinder and Angie’s List. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 07, 2019
Why stocks just plummeted, Tyson’s (real) meat collussion, and Compass is our “Unicorn of the Day”
Worst. Day. Of. The. Year. The trade war just opened up a fresh new front: the currency battles. Meat giant Tyson shares surged, but then it announced it’s being investigated for collusion on your chicken prices. And Compass has almost doubled its valuation in less than a year to $6.4B — its dream is to bring tech to real estate.    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 06, 2019
Pinterest’s 19% surge, delivery app wars hit a tipping point, and oil’s big day
Pinterest is defining itself as the most positive, happy, feel-good social media app — and usage is jumping. Delivery apps had their biggest week yet, so we jumped into it Snacks style. And oil icons Exxon Mobil and Chevron reported earnings, which reveal a “glut” issue in the whole industry. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 05, 2019
The trade war hits Defcon iPhone, Kellogg surges (because, snacks), and Canada Goose falls on un-wokeness
Kellogg enjoyed its best day in two decades even though cereal sales are struggling big. Canada Goose removed a single word from its website, causing the stock to drop Thursday. And stocks fell because of the trade war — you’re going to finally notice the tariffs that hit consumer products.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 02, 2019
Scotts Miracle-Gro’s pot side-hustle, Fitbit’s 14% plummet, and the Fed’s historic decision
Turns out lawn phenom Scotts Miracle-Gro has been enjoying a sales boost by equipping cannabis producers to grow indoors. Fitbit plummeted 14% on a struggling new smartwatch, but its future could be Apple-style services. And stocks plummeted yesterday because of the Fed, so we break down why. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 01, 2019
Apple is no longer an iPhone company, Under Armour’s 14% stock plummet, and beards break P&G’s Gilette
Turns out Apple is no longer an iPhone company after releasing its latest quarterly earnings report. Under Armour hasn’t embraced the athleisure trend enough and its latest 14% stock drop reveals it needs a rebrand. And P&G stock jumped 4% even though it suffered a $5.4B loss — blame that on its razor biz (which is blaming beards). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 31, 2019
Beyond Meat’s sophomore slump, Pfizer’s VIP-only drug cabinet, and The Athletic joins the 500 club
A new drug company hath been born — Pfizer is merging its portfolio of off-patent drugs (like Viagra and Lipitor) with epi-pen-maker Mylan. Beyond Meat’s earnings report had a good side and a dark side. And The Athletic’s subscription-only sports news biz model is winning the media industry with a new milestone. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 30, 2019
LIVE interview from Livongo’s IPO, Apple’s “referee” problem, and the $26B T-Mobile/Sprint deal’s big step
We were live from the floor of Nasdaq’s opening bell ceremony at Livongo IPO’s — so we sat down to interview the president of the digital health service company. We also covered a WSJ report that Apple may be giving unfair preference to its apps in the App Store (so we run our first “snax-periment”). And the T-Mobile/Sprint deal to create a new telecom giant got a major approval from the DOJ worth diving into. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 29, 2019
Amazon’s record profit streak ends, Hershey’s “peanut butter” strategy, and the secret car meeting in California
Snackers, we love you. And we would love to learn more about you — fill out this 2-minute survey to share more about yourself and thoughts on the pod (plus, you could win a $100 Amazon gift card): In today's episode, for the past 4 quarters, Amazon set record profits. But not this time — we noticed it has 42 highlights in its report, so we picked highlights of those highlights. Hershey stock rose 2%, but its new strategy is simply repackaging Reese’s. And major car companies got together to chat emissions standards with California in a secret meeting that could affect the entire industry. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 26, 2019
Tesla plummets 10%, Dunkin’ democratizes Beyond Meat, and UPS jumps 9% on “do-everything” strategy
With another huge day of earnings, Tesla fell 10% because one of its top cars is cannibalizing sales of another. Dunkin’ is launching a plant-based sausage sandwich with Beyond Meat, highlighting how Dunkin’s become the great trend democratizer. And UPS popped 9% as it tries a new strategy for growth: A try every strategy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 25, 2019
Starbucks selling its mobile app, Hasbro jumps 10% (thanks to The Avengers), and China’s new stock market
Forget coffee. Starbucks made a strategic tech investment so it can start licensing out its successful mobile app technology and loyalty program. Hasbro shares popped 10% courtesy of its critical Disney partnership. And China’s new tech-focused stock market debuted with one purpose: Make sure Chinese tech companies IPO in China. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 24, 2019
Uber’s Prime-ish membership, Apple’s chip acquisition, and GoPuff is our “Unicorn of the Day”
Uber is launching a pilot in SF and Chicago for a membership program that combines all its services for one price. Apple is reportedly buying Intel’s smartphone chip-making business, and that dropped Qualcomm’s stock. And GoPuff is our “Unicorn of the Day” because it’s about to get a major investment from SoftBank as it brings convenience stores to college students nationwide. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 23, 2019
Beyond Meat’s partnership-palooza, Boeing’s $8.5B “gate”, and Tinder tries to cut out Google’s app tax
Beyond Meat is bouncing back after 2 big partnership deals — online and offline. You’re constantly hearing about Boeing’s issues, so we’re breaking down how its $8B price tag stacks up to other corporate scandals. And Tinder’s new move to sneak past the Google Play store highlights how app stores have become tollbooths. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 22, 2019
Microsoft’s triple-threat quarter, Skechers’ 12% surge, and iHeartMedia’s back on Wall Street
Microsoft remains the world’s biggest publicly-traded company, so we jumped into the big question no one understands these days: How it makes money. Skechers stock popped because it’s basically become an international company, but its core focus is (ironically) avoiding trends. And iHeartRadio just started trading again on Nasdaq after emerging from a hefty bankruptcy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 19, 2019
Netflix's 1st decline, Amazon’s Prime Day records, and Unicorn of the Day: Turo
The 2-day Amazon Prime Day just ended, so we jump into the “flywheel effect” that powers it. Netflix shares plummeted 12% and it’s blaming its lack of story-telling the last 3 months. And Turo is our unicorn of the day after an investment by Tinder-owner IAC boosted the car-sharing platform beyond a $1B valuation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 18, 2019
Apple battles Spotify for podcasts, Domino’s “Volemort-y” 9% drop, and Goldman’s pivot to main street
A report revealed that Apple wants to jump deeper into podcasts by signing exclusive deals with podcast creators sent Spotify shares down. Domino’s fell 9% after its earnings revealed it may be facing pressure from ”3rd party delivery aggregators.” And Big Bank Week continued with earnings from JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs — and we noticed how expensive Goldman’s pivot from Wall Street to Main Street is getting. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 17, 2019
Chobani’s Greek yogurt strategy, Marriott’s “resort fee” call-out, and Blackstone’s digital “ad-quisition”
Chobani whipped up a new line of nut butter Greek yogurts — The Greek yogurt industry is struggling, but Chobani is using Coca-Cola’s spinoff strategy. Marriott has been charging “resort fees” for years, but now the DC Attorney General has a problem with it. And publicly-traded private equity firm Blackstone just made an acquisition of the mobile ad optimizing startup that’s taking on Google and Facebook’s ad game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 16, 2019
Budweiser cancels biggest IPO of 2019, France passes a US tech tax, and Bird’s profitability drama
Earth’s biggest brew-glomerate, Budweiser-owner AB InBev, was planning the biggest IPO of the year by spinning off its Asia unit — that was suddenly canceled before the weekend. France unveiled a “tech tax,” but it really looks like a tariff on Silicon Valley. And scooter icon Bird is our “dramatic unicorn of the day” for a debate raging on its profitability problems. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 15, 2019
Facebook’s crypto vs. the Fed, Lululemon’s 20K-sq-foot mega-store, and why healthcare stocks jumped big
Fed Chairman Jerry Powell was visiting Congress — So he shared his thoughts on Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency (that may have caused Bitcoin to drop). Lululemon whipped up a 20,000-square-foot mega-store/club/studio, a sweatlife store format it wants to take nationwide. And healthcare stocks jumped this week on multiple headlines, so we jump into the factors that drive the unique industry. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 12, 2019
Zoom’s major crisis, prison stocks lose their banks, and Snapchat’s 2nd class of startups
Conference call icon Zoom made your webcam vulnerable to snooping, and the flaw got discovered in a dramatic way. SunTrust bank decided to stop funding private prison companies, so we decided to look into private prison company stocks. And Snapchat’s venture capital arm, Yellow, announced its 2nd class of early-stage startups, which we explored  to notice the trends of tomorrow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 11, 2019
HBO Max (coming this spring), Pepsi’s Bubly obsession, and Virgin Galactic is going public
Pepsi’s earnings report seemed normal, until we noticed its CEO’s passion for the future of its sparkling water strategy. AT&T announced HBO Max with a unique angle attacking Netflix’s awkward Achilles heel. And Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic wants to become the first publicly listed human-spaceflight company. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 10, 2019
Snapchat’s 2 biceps of tech, WeWork’s pre-IPO debt-a-palooza, and the big minimum wage report
So far in 2019, Snap’s stock is up 160% — we’re looking at the 2 biceps of tech powering that silent comeback. WeWork wants to IPO, but first, it’s taking on some debt. A lot of it. And it’s the same strategy as a college athlete going pro. And the Congressional Budget Office’s minimum wage report reveals some key insights on the nation’s paycheck policy if everyone made $15/hour. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 09, 2019
Cannabis co-CEO fired by beer board, Walmart’s drama, and Lee Iacocca changed cars forever
Canopy Growth is the world’s largest cannabis company and it suddenly fired its co-CEO — but it looks like Corona owner Constellation Brands was all over this one. A Recode report revealed major drama within Walmart as its ecommerce arm led by Marc Lore clashes with classic brick-and-mortar Walmartians. And our “Icon of the Week” Lee Iacocca changed the auto industry forever, so we’re looking at his legacy as he passed away. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 08, 2019
Tesla goes from “dark orange” to “light yellow,” Calm is our “Unicorn of the Day,” and the 10th birthday of the longest US econ expansion.
Tesla didn’t report earnings – it reported its car deliveries, and the record numbers boosted the stock 7%. Meditation app Calm just raised more money as a $1B+ valued company, so we dive into the sleep pivot that powered its growth. And happy 10th birthday to the longest economic expansion since WWII. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 03, 2019
Stubhub’s VIP everything for concert tickets, Nike’s women’s sports binge, and Deutsche Bank’s downward spiral
Stubhub is treating customers who spend $10k to VIP tailgates, VIP perks, and VIP customer service. The women’s national team soccer jersey is Nike’s top-selling soccer jersey ever, showing the potential to boost womens’ sales. And Deutsche Bank’s reportedly mulling laying off 20k workers as it still hasn’t recovered from the financial crisis.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 02, 2019
Budweiser acquires Babe / White Girl Rosé, The RealReal surges 45% on its IPO, and Velodyne is the startup making self-driving possible
With beer sales falling, Budweiser’s parent company AB InBev acquires the maker of Babe canned rosé and White Girl Rosé as its summer makeover. The RealReal is leading the re-commerce industry by pulling an Airbnb on thrift stores — and it just surged 45% on its IPO. And Velodyne is our “Pre-IPO of the Day,” using an anti-Tesla technology to make self-driving happen for a bunch of key carmakers (and tech giants). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 01, 2019
Bitcoin’s best friend, Amazon is a shipping company, and Superhuman pioneers “luxury email”
While Bitcoin is rising, we looked at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which is the “shovel” to Bitcoin’s “mining.” A crazy stat about Amazon reveals how it’s become a shipping company. And Superhuman just raised $33M for its mission to make email a luxury thing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 28, 2019
Shopify’s customer service game-changer, WeWork acquires Waltz, and General Mills falls on snacks vs. pet food
We noticed WeWork is on an acquisition tear, and it just strategically added Waltz to its list. General Mills shares fell 4% because its snack biz is underperforming, while its fancy pet foods are winning. And Shopify powers your go-to boutique ecommerce options, and its new Apple iMessage feature is a new level for customer service. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 27, 2019
Google’s “city-within-a-city-of-the-future” milestone, Starbucks and Dunkin’ hit record highs, and BMW’s big electric car/motorcycle moves
Coffee stocks Starbucks and Dunkin’ are up to record highs this year because they’re both pursuing 4 specific strategies. BMW unveiled its new lineup of Tesla-battling electric cars and even an electric bike. And Google sister company Sidewalk Labs revealed details of its $1B future city plan to takeover a Toronto waterfront. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 26, 2019
“Viagra for Women” gets FDA approval, McDonald’s fresh beef investment pays off, and Caesers gets acquired to create the biggest US casino operator
McDonald’s Quarter Pounder was launched with fresh beef a year ago — and that just propelled McD’s to its first gain in burger market share in 5 years. Caesars merged with Eldorado to create the biggest casino in the US, but activist investor Carl Icahn is the real story. And what’s being called the “Viagra for women” just snagged FDA approval, so we look into why the pharmaceutical company’s stock fell. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 25, 2019
Amazon’s freaky drone patent, Earth’s biggest cannabis company (Canopy) falls 8%, and Walmart’s $288M “Sorcerer” bribe
Canada’s Canopy Growth is the biggest cannabis producer in the world, but its latest numbers reveal it may have a pot demand problem. Walmart paid up a $288M bribery fine, but the management team has a reason to not be upset. And Amazon whipped up a new surveillance drone that fits smoothly into a trend we’re noticing from the ecommerce icon. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 24, 2019
Slack is now public, Netflix’s strategic reveal, and Apple’s trade war letter
Slack shares jumped 49% on their first day of trading, so we jumped into the company that thinks it’ll replace work email within 7 years. Netflix’s Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston movie set a personal record, but it’s the number Netflix shared that entertained us. And Apple’s letter to a US trade rep about moving its factories is a key development in the trade war. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 21, 2019
Grocery Outlet IPOs today, YouTube’s huge change, and Adobe reveals why Silicon Valley loves software
Grocery Outlet’s “WOW!” IPO (listen to the pod — you’ll see what we mean) is the convergence of two major retail trends. YouTube may be launching a separate version for kids and even disable its profit-powering auto-play. And we noticed Adobe’s stock hit a record high and it highlights why Silicon Valley loves software. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 20, 2019
Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Lululemon’s new #sweatlife selfcare shampoo, and Best Buy’s new FitnessTech strategy
Facebook unveiled details of its new cryptocurrency, Libra (aka “ZuckBucks”), so we jump into the key details you need to know. Lululemon’s going hard into its #sweatlife lifestyle push by launching its new shampoo, deodorant, and more, while athleisure keeps winning retail. And Best Buy introduced a new FitnessTech strategy as it aims to become the Apple Store for Baby Boomers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 19, 2019
Blue Apron’s reverse split, Domino’s self-driving minivan delivery, and Buzzfeed/VW union drama
Tech-focused Domino’s is unleashing a self-driving delivery minivan later this year. Meal kit pioneer Blue Apron’s shares jumped from 55-cents to over $8 because of a reverse stock split (we’ll break it down). And while Buzzfeed employees are pushing to unionize, VW’s shockingly just voted against the idea. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 18, 2019
Airbnb launches (crazy) “Adventures,”’s 60% IPO surge, and Verizon’s new “never forget” dongle strategy
835’s IPO is based on the concept of “pet humanization,” but it’s showing how to beat Amazon. Airbnb’s insane new “Adventures” feature lets you book wild trips you probably didn’t realize were possible (because it’s facing competition in every direction). And Verizon launches a piece of hardware to help you not lose anything, but it’s all part of a “switching costs” strategy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 17, 2019
Quibi’s the #1 disruptor in video, Fiverr surges 90% on IPO day, and HSBC’s Saudi Arabia risk/reward
Startup Quibi is launching as a fully mobile streaming app with $1B in funding, and we just got more details on what it’s working on (hint: the return of “Punk’d”). Gig economy website Fiverr surged 90% on its IPO, and it literally trademarked the term “gig.” And a WSJ article reveals how HSBC has become the international bank of choice for Saudi Arabia with big risk, and big reward. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 14, 2019
Fortnite acquires Houseparty, Restoration Hardware’s rebel upscale strategy, and our “Unsexy Industry of the Day” is Crowdstrike’s IPO
Restoration Hardware (aka RH) surged 20% after its earnings for its new magazine strategy (the opposite of everyone else). Gaming legend Fortnite acquires Houseparty in a move that may redefine the future of social media. And Crowdstrike surged 71% on its IPO day, so we made cybersecurity sexy as our “Unsexy Industry of the Day.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 13, 2019
Mary Meeker’s epic “Internet Trends Report”, Grubhub jumps after Amazon Restaurants ends, and Brex hits $2.6B as our “Unicorn of the Day”
Mary Meeker dropped her annual 333-slide Internet Trends Report, so we pulled out 3 keys for you. Grubhub shares jumped 8% on word Amazon is ending its restaurant delivery service. And our “Unicorn of the Day” is Brex as it hits a $2.6B valuation giving credit cards to startups. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 12, 2019
“Work From Home” is our Trend of the Day, and Mega Merger Monday happened -- Salesforce, Tableau, Raytheon, United Tech
Suddenly, it happened. Mega Merger Monday. Salesforce acquired Tableau to create the corporate starter kit of software, while Raytheon merged with United Technology to become the #2 player in the defense and weapons industry. And Zoom’s latest earnings report has us jumping into our “Trend of the Day”: Work from Home. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 11, 2019
Revolve’s Instagram/fashion IPO, JetBlack concierge takes on Amazon Prime, and Germany’s Aldi fires up the US grocery wars
The pioneer of social media influencer marketing, Revolve shares surged to become the 2nd best public offering stock performance of 2019 so far. JetBlack is the text-based online concierge club that just revealed key numbers as it takes on Amazon Prime (it’s a Walmart company). And Germany’s chain Aldi opens up shop outside of Walmart’s headquarters as it adds a new front to the epic US grocery wars. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 10, 2019
Beyond Meat surges after 1st earnings, Cronos cannabis’ 10% surge, and Barnes & Noble is about to be bought
In its first earnings report since its IPO, Beyond Meat surged as it defends its first-mover advantage. Canadian cannabis icon Cronos is pivoting its CBD efforts to the US. And Barnes & Noble jumped on word it’s about to be acquired. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 07, 2019
Jack Daniel’s $125M tariff bill, Bird’s new scooter targets “THICs,” and GameStop’s 36% plummet
Liquor legend Brown Forman just revealed that fresh tariffs from the EU on American whiskey is costing the Jack Daniels owner $125M per year. Scooter pioneer Bird has a new bike option that’s blatantly targeting “THICs” -- Town-living High Income Car-less people. And GameStop falls 36% because it’s trying out the Barnes & Noble playbook. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 06, 2019
Spotify’s new app, Mirror is our “Pre-Unicorn of the Day,” and why markets jumped so much Tuesday
Wall Street just had its best day since January, so we explain why (it’s all about The Fed’s focus on something sexy). Spotify whipped up a new app to fix a problem and also take down radio. And fitness-tech mirror Mirror is about to hit a $300M valuation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 05, 2019
Regulators hit the Mt. Rushmore of tech, Apple’s WWDC, and the biggest private real estate transaction ever (=$18.7B)
Shares of Google and Facebook both fell over 6% on word US regulators have coordinated to take them on. Meanwhile, Apple’s big Worldwide Developers Conference unveiled fresh new iThings. And then private equity firm Blackstone led the biggest private real estate transaction ever -- and became Amazon’s landlord. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 04, 2019
JPMorgan’s “anti-dad” case sets a record, fresh Mexico tariffs will hurt your Chipotle, and non-hotel companies jump into hotels
In a record settlement of $5M for a parental leave case, JPMorgan’s giving new moms and dads a more equal policy (although the US is still way behind). The fresh US tariffs on Mexico announced Thursday will hit cars, avocados, and Coronas. And a bunch of brands you know aren’t in the hotel business, but they’re opening hotels -- So we look at West Elm, Shinola, and LVMH. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 03, 2019
Uber’s 1st public earnings report, Firefly is the future of outdoor ads, and Dollar General & Dollar Tree’s epic days
In its 1st earnings report as a public company since this month’s IPO, Uber’s earnings report revealed it’s got a problem with 1 word: Growth. Firefly raises $30M and expands to NYC to forever change your cab ads. And Dollar General and Dollar Store stocks are close to all-time highs — And that says a lot about the US. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 31, 2019
Abercrombie’s worst day in 20 years, iRobot’s new launch, and SoFi’s stadium move
iRobot just unveiled two high-tech robot floor cleaners, but its expansion to non-cleaning things is TBD. Abercrombie & Fitch just axed 3 high-profile flagship stores -- But its stock’s worst day in 2 decades gave us a key insight on retail. And SoFi is raising $500M to expand beyond student loans (and maybe even name a stadium after itself). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 30, 2019
Zynga is our “Accidental Billionaire of the Day,” Huawei’s 4 spy stories, and tobacco’s terrible day (because of regular unleaded)
Farmville-creator Zynga just sold its San Francisco headquarters building for $600M — And it may be better at real estate than video games. We’re jumping into the spy-worthy “corporate theft” stories of how China’s Huawei stole secret intellectual property from US tech. And cigarette companies suffered their worst day in 5 months, but not because of ecigs and Millennials. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 29, 2019
Facebook’s “GlobalCoin” launching 2020, Kontoor is the new jeans IPO, and SpaceX’s 60-satellite week
Zuck’s launching a Bitcoin-ish cryptocurrency called GlobalCoin in 2020 so that paying for anything is as easy as messaging. Kontoor is the newly IPO’d company created after Vans-owner VF Brands spun-off its denim icons Wrangler and Lee’s — And it fell on Day #1 of trading. And Snackers asked us to cover Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s big week, so we did. And we loved it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 28, 2019
Facebook’s 2.2B fake accounts, Disney’s theme park record, and the “IPO of the Day” is a talent agency
You’ve heard about Disney+ streaming and Marvel Movies for months — But there’s a big story around its theme parks and its new Star Wars land. Facebook’s 3rd transparency report revealed it’s destroyed 2.2B fake accounts in the last three months. And our “IPO of the Day” is Endeavor, the 121-year-old talent agency behind most of the stars you’re watching. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 24, 2019
“Uber Eats Pass” gets leaked, Target is retail-pocalypse-proof, and the Boeing update you wanted
A “reverse-engineering specialist” discovered within code in the Uber Eats app plans to release a $9.99/month unlimited food delivery service. Yesterday we told you how the retail-pocalypse is crushing JCPenny — Today we jump into how Target is thriving through it. And Snacks Daily listeners asked us for an update on Boeing... so we’re giving  it to them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 23, 2019
Urban Outfitters launches subscription clothing rental. Tesla hits a 3-year low. And JCPenney’s “graceful shrinking”
Tesla stock hit a 3-year low this week after one analysts’ aggressive dystopian imagery. Urban Outfitters is trying on its best Rent the Runway impression, whipping out a new clothing rental business to be called Nuuly. And JCPenney’s falls 7% for its uninspiring-ness. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 22, 2019
Sprint/T-Mobile dating drama, chip shares plummet, and Mary Meeker invests in our “Unicorn of the Day”
Telecom icons T-Mobile and Sprint were supposed to enjoy a $26B merger relationship, but now it may be off — And that halted trading in Sprint stock. Chip-makers like Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices have fallen 20% the last few months because of one big indirect threat. And Canva is our “Unicorn of the Day” because it was touched by VC legend Mary Meeker. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 21, 2019
Away suitcases becomes a “Brand-icorn,” Amazon’s airport and food delivery moves, and John Deere = Trade War
Amazon made 2 major moves into delivery and shipping by investing in Deliveroo and breaking ground on its own 100-plane airport. Luggage startup Away hit a $1.4B valuation to become our “Brand-icorn of the Day.” And John Deere drops 8% because it’s become a near-perfect illustration of the trade war drama (and Mother Nature). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 20, 2019
Pinterest’s 1st earnings report, TikTok’s is top downloaded app (again), and a brand new stock exchange is coming to markets
There’s a theme to Pinterest’s first ever earnings report: Slowing. TikTok is the Chinese app that just hit 5 straight quarters as the most-downloaded in the app store. And Long Term Stock Exchange is actually a brand new stock exchange with a very particular mission. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 17, 2019
LaCroix sparkling water drops, Amex acquires Resy, and Americans stop having as many babies
To get into your weekend calendar, Amex acquired restaurant reservation app Resy to make perks way more Millenniall-y. LaCroix is owned by National Beverage Corp, whose shares fell 7% this week as analysts say it can’t handle new competition. And a major study shows Americans are having a record low number of babies, so we jump into the businesses that affects. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 16, 2019
Match launches date coaching, Ralph Lauren’s Gen-Z moves, and Walmart’s 1-day free shipping reveal
Ralph Lauren shares dropped even though its latest marketing moves are winning Gen Z. Dating app icon Match announced a new coaching hotline to get you to date #2. And the “Free Shipping Wars” of Walmart vs. Amazon were just kicked up a couple notches. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 15, 2019
Peloton takes down Flywheel, Supreme Court says you can sue Apple, and the “Unsexy Companies of the Day”
Spin studio chain Flywheel has been taken over by one of its investors because it’s losing the fitness wars to tech-focused Peloton bikes. Apple fell on word from the Supreme Court it can be sued over for its App Store monopoly. And as trade war drama dropped markets big, our “Unsexy Companies of the Day” earned some air. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 14, 2019
LIVE from NYSE for Uber’s IPO, Rihanna’s LVMH luxury launch, and how the newest tariffs affect you (they will)
We hit the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to cover Uber’s IPO for you — Here’s  what we saw. For the first time in over 30 years, luxury design powerhouse LVMH is launching its 1st house from scratch: Rihanna’s Fenty. And the next rounds of tariffs will actually start affecting products in your daily life, so we looked at what’s vulnerable. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 13, 2019
Uber’s IPO day, Harry’s Razors acquired for $1.4B, and Party City surges 10% on helium
The key details you need to know on Uber’s IPO day. Harry’s disrupted the shaving subscription market, and now it’s been acquired by the company it was disrupting. And Party City stock jumped 10% after it finds a solution to the helium problem messing with its balloon sales (seriously). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 10, 2019
Roku’s 8% jump, Rent The Runway’s new mega (co-working) store, and TripAdvisor’s “experiences” bet
Roku is Netflix’s little cousin and the CFO is just happy the dongle is winning along with Disney. Rent The Runway is opening its biggest store ever in San Francisco, featuring a coworking space and a new target customer. And TripAdvisor’s growth is slowing, but one division is expanding fast: Experiences. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 09, 2019
Google’s $399 smartphone, Crocs’ comeback, and GM’s robotaxi Cruise snags $1B
Google’s I/O event day enjoyed protests, AI tech to screen fake calls, and a $399 Pixel phone. General Motors acquired self-driving car startup Cruise when it was worth $1B — Now it’s worth $19B, and wants robotaxis on streets this year. And Crocs shares have nearly doubled in the past year, so we look at why. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 08, 2019
Big Trade War update, Apple’s bought 20+ companies in 6 months, and the largest VC investment in Latin America ever
The Trade War was supposed to end this week with a peace deal. That’s not looking likely, and we’ll tell you why. Apple’s CEO casually dropped that the company’s bought over 20 startups over the last six months. And super delivery app Rappi just raised $1B from Softbank, making it the biggest Latin American venture investment ever. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 07, 2019
Warren Buffett’s epic annual event, Planet Fitness’ innovative real estate strategy, and almond milk vs. Dean Foods dairy