Behind the Bliss Podcast

By Mary Scott Mercer and Rachel Awtrey

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Category: Religion & Spirituality

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The heartbeat to Behind the Bliss is to create a space for women to share stories and their reality of what life is really like behind the bliss so that listeners leave feeling met in their mess and balanced in the bliss. We seek to show women there is more to life than what we see on each other’s highlight reels and there is power in vulnerably sharing the hard parts with the pretty parts of our lives in hopes that they would share their stories on their own platforms, too.

Episode Date
Meeting God at Rock Bottom with Holly Christine Hayes | Episode 18
In this episode, Rachel and Mary Scott sit down with a friend with a powerful story. Holly Christine Hayes shares her story and journey through sex trafficking, addiction and meeting God in a public bathroom and a stolen Bible. Her story is a radical one of redemption and goes to prove, you can never be too far away for God to rescue you. Holly is an award-winning author, world-renowned recovery ministry expert, and founder + CEO of Sanctuary Project, a community of advocates bringing hope and healing to survivors of trafficking, violence, and addiction. Show notes: Behind the Bliss Instagram: The Sanctuary Project: Holly's Instagram:
Sep 19, 2018
Using Scripture As Our Weapon with Courtney Wilson | Episode 17
In this episode, Mary Scott talks with Courtney Wilson. Courtney Wilson is a millennial writer with a passion for leading leaders, developing dreams in this generation and helping others live out their God-given purpose. She does marketing and advertising full time along with her side passion projects. We talk about her book, It Is Written which is all about taking the Word of God to defeat the lies of the enemy. Cannot wait for you to listen! Show notes: Behind The Bliss Instagram:
Sep 12, 2018
Let's Talk About Money with David Curran | Episode 16
This week, Rachel sits down with David Curran, a financial wellness coach in Birmingham, AL. They talk all things "money" from spending to saving, budgets to communication and accountability. It's all here. David gets to the root of Kingdom-minded finances and what makes them different from the world's standards. If you want to set, work towards, and reach financial goals or just get a peek at financial freedom, this episode is for you. Show notes:
Sep 05, 2018
Finding "Balance" in Life and Dreams with Lauren Hooker | Episode 15
In this episode, Mary Scott sits down her with friend Lauren Hooker. Lauren is a pastors wife, a new mom and creator and founder of Elle & Company. Elle & Company exists to help you create a stunning first impression online. Lauren loves helping other people bring their dreams of owning a business and pursuing their passions on their own terms. We talk about how finding balance in life is really not a thing, and how to prioritize what is most important. We also dive into all the fun updates Lauren is doing to her fixer upper house, and what it means to create a life giving home. Thanks for listening! Show notes:
Aug 29, 2018
Healing Past Wounds and Finding Wholeness with Laurie Ann Kendrick | Episode 14
In this moving episode, Rachel talks with this week's guest, Laurie Ann Kendrick about the way the Holy Spirit presents itself in our lives and how we can find wholeness, comfort and joy from knowing the Holy Spirit. Laurie Ann speaks to the heart of those that may have been wounded by parents, friends, and others and leads listeners through a process to find inner healing and freedom moving forward. You won't want to miss this! Show notes:
Aug 22, 2018
"Developing a Lifestyle of Discipleship" with Terri Flannagan | Episode 13
In today’s episode, Mary Scott sits down with Terri Flannagan! Terri is a wife and mom, and while she’s had many side hustles in ministry and business consulting, her dreams and passions collided in 2018 as the Co-founder of Ember CLT, a quarterly worship gathering for women in Charlotte, NC. Terri is a people gatherer at heart, providing space for people in all her pockets to come together.  She feels a deep call on her and her families life to gather people and show them gospel centered love.
Aug 15, 2018
"Ask Us Anything" Part One with Mary Scott & Rachel | Episode 12
In this episode, Mary Scott and Rachel answer some frequently asked questions from listeners! Here are some of the topics: I’m looking for a devotional book or app to help me get back into a routine of spending time with Jesus // What’s the best way to stay on top of devotionals and journaling while in college? What did the process look like for Rachel and Thomas, Mary Scott and Daniel look like? Advice for thinking about marriage. What advice would you give a single woman who longs for a godly husband and marriage? What advice do you have for a girl that has gotten off track with her relationship with God? How did you and Rachel meet? Why did you choose to start a podcast? What is the hardest part of podcasting? What are your favorite things to do in Birmingham and Savannah? Advice for how to have a Sabbath, especially in a busy season? How do you continue to press towards the Lord when His promises seem slow and you’re just trying to get by? Show Notes: BTB Instagram: Mary Scott Instagram: Rachel Instagram:
Aug 02, 2018
Rejecting Rejection and Accepting Love with Gianna Mancini | Episode 11
In this episode, Rachel chats with her friend Gianna about the difference between feeling loved and being loved. Gianna mentions the season in her life where rejection was “knocking and banging at her door” and how she overcame the feelings of rejection by finding acceptance first by the Father, knowing how she feels loved by others and then bravely communicating this to the people she loves. Show Notes:
Jul 25, 2018
Living Out Your True Identity with Whitney McIntosh | Episode 10
Mary Scott and this week's guest, Whitney McIntosh, journey through what it looks like to find your identity in Christ before anything else. They ask the tough questions and make you ponder on what you hold close to your heart and who you call yourself. Whitney shares her story of when she thought "God benched her" from life and takes us through her season of finding true identity in Him. Show notes:
Jul 18, 2018
Overcoming Your Hindrances, Past + Struggles with Rachel Awtrey | Episode 09
This week, Rachel shares her heart on overcoming our problems and finding victory in the midst of our hindrances using a neat twist on perspective in the story of David and Goliath. Her convicting message on making our problems bigger than they deserve leaves you with an adrenaline rush of encouragement, a "let's do this thing" attitude and a triumphant heart. We pray this episode leaves you more bold and brave to throw aside your hinderances and run your race well. Show notes:
Jul 11, 2018
Finding Purpose with Passion in a Competitive World with Sophie Lindler | Episode 08
Rachel chats with wedding photographer, Sophie Lindler, about what it takes to chase dreams and find your purpose behind your God-given passions. Sophie shares what it’s like behind her bliss as a photographer and the road it took to get to where she is now. Rachel asks about how she overcomes comparison, competition and all of the other unglamorous parts that come with Kingdom-minded-business. Her marriage and love story, recent travels to Europe to shoot a wedding, and her current favorites leave you giggling, and propelled to chase that dream you’ve always wanted. Enjoy! Show notes:
Jul 05, 2018
“Working your Wait” In the Middle of Seasons with Paige Straarup | Episode 07
In this episode, Mary Scott interviews her friend Paige Straarup. Paige shares what it has been like living in South Africa after she and Brad's world was flipped upside down after their honeymoon. We talk about what it means to "work your wait" in seasons that are hard and don't make sense. She puts up with Mary Scott as she asks silly questions about what life is like in Africa, and you will leave this episode so deeply encouraged. Thanks for listening! Show notes:
Jun 20, 2018
5 Ways to Find "Beautiful" in the Midst of a Broken World | Episode 06
Mary Scott and Rachel are back together for a solo episode this week! After a week of what felt like nonstop negative news, we decided to take a moment and dedicate an entire show to provide practical ways to find beauty in our everyday moments. We pray that this episode is encouraging and challenging to you, and we can’t wait to hear how you are finding beautiful today! Show notes:
Jun 14, 2018
Nurturing Your Friendships Through Thick and Thin with Shae Tate | Episode 05
On this episode, Mary Scott sits down with Shae to share a little bit behind her bliss of working in ministry, why it's worth it to pursue the Lord in hard seasons, how to be a friend and let people be a friend to you through all circumstances, and how to also cultivate a "high touch environment" in your little window of the world. Show notes:
Jun 06, 2018
Loving Hard in Marriage + Dreaming Big with Katie Walters | Episode 04
Dreaming big + overcoming challenge is this woman’s story. Katie Walters shares the ins and outs and so much wisdom on marriage, mothering 6 while managing a non-profit and cultivating dreams. Doing life according to your calling doesn’t mean “compromise” and Katie knows this best. Show notes:
May 30, 2018
Walking Healthily through Grief and Pain with Rachel Awtrey | Episode 03
Love stories, adventure, and so much more in today’s episode as Mary Scott interviews Rachel. They cover topics from working on a ranch to being a brand creator to dealing with death at an early age. Rachel’s love for creativity and Jesus shines through this episode. You don't want to miss this! Shownotes:
May 21, 2018
Loving Yourself Through Seasons of Transition with Mary Scott Mercer | Episode 02
In this episode, Rachel interviews Mary Scott and they talk about everything from health and wellness to navigating seasons of pain and loss. Mary Scott shares about how she met her husband, what it has been like to transition into life as an Army wife, and some of her favorite resources for health and wellness.
May 17, 2018
The Intro | Episode 01
Join Mary Scott and Rachel as they share the heartbeat behind creating the podcast and a little bit of how the show will run. They have dreamed about this podcast for over a year and the story of how they got here is all in this episode! We are so excited to have you here!
May 17, 2018