The Bristows Made a Baby

By Our Pregnancy Podcast

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Episode Date
Week 22: Babymoonin’
In this week's episode, Matt & Becca discuss week 22 of Becca's pregnancy. They share details of their Floridian babymoon, whether or not they should get a new car, and what made Becca ball her eyes out on the trip. They also chat stats of Baby Bristow, a hilarious bath fail, and whether they are ready to give up traveling for a while now that baby girl is on her way.
Aug 08, 2018
Week 21: Work That Pelvic Floor
In this week's episode, Matt and Becca discuss week 21 of Becca's pregnancy. From lightening crotch, to uncomfortable cysts, to pelvic floor classes, to gas station Irishmen...they dish everything that went down this week!
Aug 01, 2018
Week 20: Birthday Bash
In this week's episode, Matt & Becca discuss week 20 (halfway there!!) of Becca's pregnancy. They chat baby stats, Matt so aptly describes to us all what the meconium is (hint: he has no idea what he's talking about), some fun pregnancy symptoms, and also that they booked flights for their babymoon this week! Any guesses where they're headed??
Jul 25, 2018
Week 19: Uterus Inception
In this week's episode, Matt and Becca discuss week 19 of Becca's pregnancy. They share baby stats, talk uterus inception, whether or not Matt has felt the baby yet, and all about their gender reveal! (And why it was suspenseful even before it got started). If you haven't already seen the gender reveal video, you will be sure to find out the gender in this episode! Can you guess who was more shocked?   Watch the gender reveal video here!!
Jul 18, 2018
Week 18: It’s Gettin’ Real!
In this week's episode, Matt and Becca discuss week 18 of Becca's pregnancy. They share baby stats (the baby's as a big as a what??), how things are getting more real, the sticker shock of stroller prices, and of course Becca's symptoms this week. They also share how their anatomy scan went, how they felt going in, and also how Becca felt Baby Bristow move!!
Jul 11, 2018
Week 16 & 17: The Rebound
In this week's episode, Matt and Becca discuss both weeks 16 and 17 of Becca's pregnancy. During week 16, Becca traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Young Living Convention. Was she just running on adrenaline, or did she actually feel better? Becca weighs in, and also shares how the trip went overall - including a rookie mistake on her first pregnant flight. In week 17, they discuss Becca's symptoms (or lack there of??), some undeniable body changes, Matt's trip to Vegas, and also some necessary things Becca ordered for both her and Baby Bristow.
Jul 04, 2018
Week 15: The Breakdown
In this week's episode, the Bristows discuss week 15 of Becca's pregnancy. They chat baby stats, Becca's mental breakdown turned fun day out, and also an embarrassing #reallife moment that happened mid-breakdown. They also discuss Becca's symptoms and their first appointment with the new midwives at The Birth Center, where Becca learned what type of candidates her boobs are for breastfeeding.
Jun 27, 2018
Week 14: Juicy Fruits
In today's episode, Matt and Becca discuss week 14 of Becca's pregnancy. Can you guess the size of the baby this week?? Hint: it's a verrrry juicy fruit. They also discuss Becca's symptoms, whether or not she is feeling better yet, as well as their anticipated tour of The Birth Center.
Jun 20, 2018
Week 13: Jury Duty Drama
Now that they are "almost" out of the 1st trimester, Matt and Becca will now be sharing all the details of their pregnancy on a week-by-week basis! So in this week's episode, they chat about week 13 of Becca's pregnancy. They discuss her symptoms (has she really turned a corner??), a hilarious yet very embarrassing jury duty story, as well as some interesting birth tidbits (sphincters, anyone?) Becca learned recently in one of the pregnancy books she is reading.
Jun 13, 2018
Weeks 9-12: Pregnant Saliva
In this week's episode, Matt and Becca discuss weeks nine through twelve of Becca's pregnancy. From Becca's symptoms (alll the good stuff), hearing Baby Bristow's heartbeat for the first time, and a little pregnant saliva, they're really laying it all out there. Matt also shares his feelings on how the idea of becoming a dad is starting to get a lot more real!
Jun 06, 2018
Weeks 4-8: Hellooo Nausea
In this week's episode, Matt and Becca discuss weeks 4-8 of Becca's pregnancy. They talk about all of Becca's symptoms (and how tough they really got), sharing the baby news with their families, a scare, the first ultrasound, as well as some other exciting updates in their life. Make sure to tune in each week as they share what is going on with their pregnancy, their lives, and of course Baby Bristow!
May 30, 2018
We’re Pregnant!
In this episode, Matt and Becca share the very beginning of their journey into parenthood - how they found at they were expecting! Becca talks about her reaction to seeing the positive test, how she surprised Matt with the news, and also shares their history of when they started trying to conceive. Becca also shares some of the pregnancy symptoms she had leading up to her positive test.
May 22, 2018