Beyond Medicine

By Dr. Rami Wehbi, DO

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Category: Medicine

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With the abundance of medical expertise and knowledge we have available, I thought I would put to use my own holistic medical perspective and help relay solid information on Medicine, Health, Wellness and more from the worlds Dr.'s, experts and thought leaders. Join me as I try to bring you value each and every week!

Episode Date
010-Restoring your Body's Mobility and Becoming Pain Free with Dr. Jen

Restoring Mobility

Dr. Jen Esquer, DPT, PT talks with us about how she is helping her patients become pain free and how she helps patients connect with their bodies using her Mobility Method.

Key Facts

  1. How Dr. Jen became interested in PT and why she chose to become a DPT.
  2. How she is helping her patients in the non-traditional way.
  3. The most common complaints she hears from patients and how she is able to help them.
  4. Looking at the body as a whole and understanding the body.
  5. Becoming aware of what is happening in your body.
  6. Examples of patients she has seen and how she was able to help them with chronic pain.
  7.  A patients profound experience and the power of touch.
  8. What is the Mobility Method and how does she use it to help her patients.
  9. How The Mobility Method will help you recognize where your body needs work.
  10. Using the Mobility Method to become pain free and utilizing full Range of Motion. 
  11. The 26 movement screening process and recognize where normal range of motion should be.
  12. Being grateful for your mobility and learning to stay grateful.
  13. Connect with Dr. Jen and learn more about The Mobility Method here! 
Aug 13, 2018
009-Recognizing and Dealing with Burnout with Dr. Vania Manipod

Recognizing and Dealing with Burnout

Dr. Vania Manipod, DO a Psychiatrist and social advocate for mental health talks with us on the topic of burnout! We cover a lot in this episode from dealing with childhood trauma, to impulsivity and more. 



Childhood trauma.

Suicide and impulsiveness.

Dealing with suicidal thoughts. The common misconceptions surrounding suicide. 

Why do people try to kill themselves?

What is therapy and how does it make you feel better?

Who should go to therapy?


How to recognize burnout

My personal experience with burnout.

How to deal with burnout and how to prevent it.

What I do to prevent burnout.

Reaching out for help and what you need to know if you are struggling.

Connect with Dr. Manipod at


Aug 06, 2018
008-Career and Life Balance for Women - Dr. Pamela Mehta
Dr. Pamela Mehta

Career and Life Balancefor Women. 

Dr. Pamela Mehta, MD. A Orthopedic Surgeon and advocate for women in all fields shares with us how women from all backgrounds can have the career and the life they dream of regardless of how hard that path may be. 

Key Facts

  • What it is like being a women in a male dominated field and how she has navigated her way through it. 
  • Advice for women who want to have a family and also want to pursue a career that may be demanding.
  • Work-Life Balance.
  • Taking back your freedom and becoming a Entrepreneur.
  • Taking the risk.
  • Advice to women who want to start a family.
  • Starting your own practice and what it is like starting out.
  • Regenerative Medicine and how she is helping her patients. 
  • Learn more at
Jul 30, 2018
007-CrossFit Health with Dr. Matt Cowling.
IMG_3330 copy.jpg

CrossFit Health

Dr. Matt Cowling, DO is a Physical Medicine and Rehab resident physician and a certified CrossFit Physician. As a avid CrossFit goer, Dr. Cowling tells us how it changed his life and how it can change yours too.

Key Facts

What is CrossFit?

How Dr. Cowling got started with CrossFit.

The power of community in achieving your goals.

How CrossFIt can help improve your health parameters.

High Intensity Interval Training and the research.

How HIIT can help with health parameters and depression.

Keeping your ego in check, doing the right movements, staying healthy.

Scaling - breaking down complicated movements.

Dispelling some of the health risks of CrossFit.

Building your support system.

How to prevent injury.



Jul 23, 2018
006-Your Neighborhood Allergist- Allergies, Food Sensitivities, Gluten, Dairy and More!

Allergies, Food Sensitivities, Gluten, Dairy and More!

Dr. Payel Gupta, MD. Board Certified in Allergies and Immunology talks to us about the most commonly asked questions regarding allergies, food sensitivities and much more. As a doctor who suffers from allergies herself, Dr. Gupta has a unique compassion for her patients as well as a holistic point of view.

Key Facts

  1. What are allergies.
  2. Why are allergies on the rise?
  3. Ways to improve allergies.
  4. Figuring out what you are allergic to.
  5. Nasal Saline Wash.
  6. Bee Pollen - The hype and the facts.
  7. The Allergic Triad.
  8. Should you be tested for food sensitivities?
  9. Mind - body connection and the link to anxiety and food allergies.
  10. Off topic discussion on Mind-Body connection.
  11. The connections between hives and stress.
  12. Gluten- myths vs truths.
  13. Food Diaries.
  14. Lactose intolerance - Hormone induced acne.
  15. Is there a cure for allergies? 
  16. Allergy Shots? What are they?
  17. Hygiene Hypothesis.
Jul 16, 2018
005-Saving America From Opioids

Saving America From Opioids

Dr. Scott Sigman, MD - A Fellowship trained Opioid Sparing Sports Orthopedic Surgeon and global proponent for the minimization of opioids in post-operative pain, talks with us on America's struggles with opioids and how we got to this point. 

Key Points

  1. History of the Opioid Epidemic.
  2. The addictiveness of Opioids.
  3. Who is at the most risk to get addicted to Opioids?
  4. Athletes and their risk of Opioid addiction.
  5. How did the Opioid Epidemic start?
  6. America's use of Opioids compared to other countries.
  7. The benefits of using Opioid Sparing Surgery.
  8. How Opioid Sparing Surgery works and how well will it control my pain?
  9. Are there any side effects to using Opioid Sparing Surgery.
  10. How does EXPAREL work, and how can patients request it.
  11. What should people be asking their doctor if they are afraid of using Opioid drugs?
  12. Dr. Sigman's efforts to spread his message across America and save America from Opiods. 
Jun 20, 2018
004 -Career Wellness, Entrepreneurship and Social Influence. - Dr. Aaliya Yaqub

Career Wellness, Entrepreneurship and Social Influence.

In this episode Dr. Aaliya Yaqub, MD talks to us about being a Entrepreneur in the Health/Tech industry, how she finds balance as a Physician, Entrepreneur and mother. Dr. Aaliya offers great advice on finding your passions and ultimatly living the life you want to live. 

May 31, 2018
003 -A Neurosurgeons Journey Through the Afterlife. - Dr. Eben Alexander

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeons Journey Through the Afterlife


In this episode Dr. Eben Alexander walks us through his Near Death Experience and how he was forced to question everything he ever knew about the brain and consciousness. One of our most thought provoking episode's guaranteed to leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about conciousness. 

May 31, 2018
002-How's Your Sleep? - Dr. Raj Dasgupta

How's Your Sleep?

In this episode Dr. Raj Dasgupta- expert in sleep medicine and frequent host on the TV show "The Doctors" takes us through the fundamentals of sleep, the reasons for poor sleep, how to sleep better so you wake up feeling more refreshed and more. 

May 31, 2018
001-Direct Primary Care. - Dr. Jeff Toll, MD

Direct Primary Care

In this episode Dr. Jeff Toll, MD talks to us about what Direct Primary Care is and why it is such a fantastic model for practicing medicine. We talk about what it takes to start a practice like this, how it benefits patients, cost effectiveness, quality of care, and the struggles and hurdles of building this type of practice. You can connect with Dr. Jeff Toll on his website at or on instagram @JeffTollMD . 

May 31, 2018