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 Jun 24, 2019
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 Mar 28, 2019

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 Aug 16, 2018

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 Jul 27, 2018


A quick 20ish minute daily news suppository for people who think cable anchors don't scream at each other enough. Designed to give you just enough information to make you sound knowledgeable at the water cooler, but not knowledgeable enough to put you on a government no-fly list.


Episode Date
Hard Factor 7/22: Mueller is Back for Another Round, Gators are Everywhere Across the USA, and People are Fighting Over Bologna

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is going to testify to the House later this week, and that has fellow Mr. Rogers look-alike Jerry Nadler extremely excited... meanwhile Trump is crashing MAGA themed weddings and complimenting the groom on his physical stature. An eclectic news buffet, featuring stories about Bernie's well paid campaign staff, a Louisiana cop falling for fake news, El Chapo, gators being found all over the USA, Disney-themed dog crime in England, and multiple food-related assaults.

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Jul 22, 2019
Hard Factor 7/19: FLORIDA MAN FRIDAY, OH YEAH!!!!!

A slew of all Florida stories for your ears, plus some other important headlines in the News Buffet!!

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Jul 19, 2019
Hard Factor 7/18: Ft. D.C. Insider & Hilarious Lady "Senator" Shoshana Weissmann

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor....

He may be a tad late to the women's equal rights movement and tell VERY DARK sexist jokes, but Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has officially announced that his country will no longer stand for sexual harassment.  We cover his countries progressive/about time moves, D.C. Insider & Hilarious Lady "Senator" Shoshana Weissmann Takes Our Call About Various Important Topics, Including Weed Legalization, & A News Buffet (El Chapo, Impeachment, Puerto Rico, Duterte, Russia's Faceapp)

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Jul 18, 2019
Hard Factor 7/17: The Squad Is MAD, Dog Fails At Being Dog

Huge day in the HOUSE yesterday: House Resolution 489 Passed with a vote of 240-187, officially condemning Trump's tweets as racist. Georgia Republican Doug Collins is coming for Cocaine Mitch to take his superlative for “looks-most-like-a-turtle-in-politics.” And;; Nancy Pelosi Pelosi lost her speaking rights on the floor for the day because she called Trump a racist… keep in mind this was during a session to vote on a resolution that unequivocally called Trump a racist. C-SPAN RATINGS WERE THROUGH THE ROOF!


-Joe Biden challenged Trump to A PUSH UP CONTEST

-ROGER STONE is free but can't post on socials… dagger for a man born who was 13 years old before African American's could vote.

-Kellyanne Conway could be the worst spokesperson ever.

-A dog totally fails at it's job as owner is attacked while “going to the bathroom” on a hike.

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Jul 17, 2019
Hard Factor 7/16: Congresswomen Held Anti Trump Press Conference and Alabama Meth Gators

- Trump pissed off the congresswomen you see in the photo above.  Might have had something to do with the twitter rant saying they should go back home and clean up their own countries backyards before trying to comment on American politics.

- Classic Donald.

- Trump also signed an executive order for that requires federal agencies to purchase products using a higher percentage of American components.

Also in the 'NEWS BUFFET'

- Alabama might have meth gators on their hands soon

- A chess grand master cheated at chess tournaments by using his smart phone on fake crapper breaks

- Jeffrey Epstein has at least 60 million in cash floating around

- Australian pre teens stole the family car and went on a 10 hour joy ride

- The return of @HardFactorWes


Jul 16, 2019
Hard Factor 7/15: Presidential Twitter War, Yellow Vests Losing Eyeballs in France, and Storm Area 51

President Trump got aggressive on Twitter over the weekend with challenges to Democratic congress women to move back to their families' countries of origin and fix the political problems there before telling us how to do it in America. French Yellow Vest protestors are literally losing their eyeballs from the altercations with police. Wimbledon was a hell of a time, New York city barely survived a power outage, and Area 51 is getting stormed.

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Jul 15, 2019
Hard Factor 7/12: Uranium, a Rattle Snake, and Kentucky Whiskey, the road trip essentials

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor: A full on NEWS BUFFET…


Jul 12, 2019
Hard Factor 7/11: White House Social Media Summit, The Acosta and Epstein Show, and a New Buffet of Other Headlines

The White House is hosting a star-studded social media summit featuring a cast of attendees that gives a clue to the re-election strategy in 2020. Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta is facing demands to resign for cutting a sweetheart deal with alleged raping sociopath Jeffery Epstein. Finally, a news buffet of other headlines including a border update, hurricane season, and Megan Rapinoe's speech at the ticker tape parade.






Jul 11, 2019
Hard Factor 7/10: 'Cocaine Mitch' McConnell Has a Challenger in Kentucky & Her Name Is Bloodbath McGrath

Mitch McConnell has a new challenger in his home state in the form of Marine Combat Aviator Amy “Blood Bath” McGrath. McGrath lost a close House race in 2018, and now she's stated her aims to take down the Big Kentucky Kahuna, Cocaine Mitch, in 2020.

Amy McGrath seems like a go getter, but she has about as much of a chance as a fish in the bourbon filled Kentucky river of surviving a political race with the master of Kentucky politics Mitch McConnell. Sounds things are getting yucky in Kentucky.

We're starting a new segment called Hard Memories where we honor True Americans that are no longer with us. I think the name is self explanatory, these memories are hard.

Texas Billionaire Philanthropist and America's favorite third candidate Ross Perot died yesterday at the age of 89 after a five month battle with Leukemia. Perot is perhaps best remembered for commanding an impressive 19% of the vote as an independent candidate in the 1992 presidential election. The most by far since Teddy Roosevelt's Bull Moose Party.

Perot was one of America's first Billionaires and gave no fucks about anything, anything that is, except America. He bought his own TV air time to campaign with infomercials. He was a veteran, and had a continuing commitment to supporting U.S. veterans, especially during the Vietnam War. His greatest nemesis was the deficit. He believed in higher taxes on the wealthy, while cutting government spending to chill out the national debt. He supported gay rights, planned parenthood, the assault rifle ban, and increased AIDS research. He was a great American, he will be missed. 

Jul 10, 2019
Hard Factor 7/9: Jeffrey Epstein is Allegedly a Child Trafficking Rapist Scumbag Piece of Shit

On today's episode...

Jeffrey Epstein is Leading the Race for Earth's Worse Person

effrey Epstein, the billionaire child sex trafficker rapist, was all over the news yesterday. Epstein was smart enough to make billions of dollars, but not smart enough to not keep labeled CD-ROM's of underage girls he and his buddies fucked as well as nude photos of said victims in a safe in his 50 million dollar upper-east side mansion. Allegedly? Uhh Oh. You'd think a guy with his resources might have some sort of contingency plan.

Epstein had a number of high profile friends (alleged child molesters) on both sides of the aisle. According to Christine Pelosi, a Democratic National Committee official and daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said " "It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may - whether on Republicans or Democrats.” I wonder who she is talking about…






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Jul 09, 2019
Hard Factor 7/8: Judges in the Soft Corner for Cracking Down on Bikini Baristas, Earthquakes, Epstein, Iran, and Much More

You'd probably like buying coffee from her more than your local chain store barista, but Federal judges are backing rulings that want to take that right away from you, and the baristas. Earthquakes rock the pacific rim, Jeffrey Epstein is a pedo, Iran wants to enrich more uranium, Floridian wild dogs, Mackenzie Bezos, and a naked home invasion on the 4th of July.

Jul 08, 2019
Hard Factor 7.5.19: Whats Up With Hunter Biden?, Desert Island of Famous Americans & Best Inventions, Interview With Phil Grucci of Fireworks by Grucci

On today's show we cover what the fuck is going on with Hunter Biden, we also play a game of "Desert Island" where we select which American person and American invention we would bring to a desert island, and finally we talk to Phil Grucci, whose fireworks company supplied President Trump's 4th of July party.

Jul 05, 2019
Hard Facto 7/3: Trump's 4th of July Extravaganza, Denver Feeding it's Geese to the Poor, Serial Toilet Clogger Sentenced

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor:

If there is anything that Donald Trump likes more than hanging out with his boyz, its planning parties to impress his boyz, and this 4th of July in Washington DC is going to be one hell of a party, and if you get off on extreme patriotism, or nationalism as some are calling it, and the flexing of America's military might, then this is the party for you.  

So what can you expect to see, well first Trump has promised the best damn firework show the world has ever seen, and several firework manufacturers have already donated fireworks to make it just that, we will see.  If the grand finale is anything less than 2 minutes long I would consider it a total failure, the whole damn thing should be a grand finale, none of this one at a time with pauses bullshit. 

Also, it's gonna have tanks. So you're welcome America.

Denver has a serious immigration problem. They are being invaded by Canadian geese. “We get so many complaints about people coming out here with a blanket to sit on the grass, and they cannot sit on the grass because there's so much geese poop in the parks,” Said Scott Gilmore, deputy executive director of Denver Parks and Recreation. Also, Denver has a lot of needy families with upscale taste. Feeding the geese to Denver's poor is the only logical solution. 


-The FBI is investigating the “glitter bombing” of the organizers of the Straight Pride Parade

-A Kenyan man fell out of the sky and into the backyard of an English sunbather

-The Trump administration officially dropped the citizenship question  from the 2020 census after a supreme court ruling


Jul 03, 2019
Hard Factor 7/2: Whaling is Back, Uber Eats with Guns, Florida Man Eats Meth Burger

On today's episode of Hard Factor...

Good news fans of eating whale and angry old man from Moby Dick (Captain Ahab?) and that's because Japan has left the international committee of haters and is just going to start whaling again.

Got a bunch of good shit in the Lightning Round as well:

- Mike Pompeo used diplomatic security like they were "uber eats with guns"

- Wes doesn't know which fast food chain is home of the flame broiled Whopper

- Buy our Big Lebowski 2020 shirt

Ending song: Baby Beluga by Raffi

Jul 02, 2019
Hard Factor 7/1: Trump's Asian Adventure, & Election Odds Update

President Trump became the first American President to step foot in North Korea over the weekend. He also attended the G-20 summit where he met with all the boys (Xi, Putin, MBS, etc.), hilarity ensued. The Democratic presidential nominee odds got a shake-up, a terrible plane crash in Texas, the CDC issued warnings not to make people sick with your butt in the pool, and much more.


Jul 01, 2019
Hard Factor 6/28: Democratic Debate Recap - Night 2

Kate joins us to discuss the second night of democratic debates in a word association format. Also, SCOTUS making moves and Trump meeting with Xi.

Brought to you by Policy Genius

Jun 28, 2019
Hard Factor 6/27: PFT Joins Us For A Democratic Debate Recap, Mueller To Testify Before Congress, How Do The Japanese Live So Long & Other Topics In The Lightning Round

Join us as @PFTCommenter joins @HardFactorNews for a recap of the first night of Democratic debates.  We will let you know who we think got bitched, some looks roasting, who has no chance, some prop bet talk & what comes up when you search each candidate on twitter.  Be sure to tune in for a FRIDAY show where we will recap the second night of debates

Lightning Round:

-Japanese People Know How to Get Old

-Mueller To Testify

-Space X/Mining Asteroids For Gold


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Jun 27, 2019
Hard Factor 6/26: The Border Is Hell On Earth, Democratic Presidential Debates Preview, San Fran Bans Vaping

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor:


So, our country is objectively great. I can say that with confidence because there are literally tens of thousands of people who would rather be in the U.S. than their own countries; so badly that they are queued up outside of our souther borders like a family in middle America outside an Olive Garden, at 7:00pm on a Saturday night, with no buzzer; and they don't seem to care, they just want in. Whether we have room for them or not is inconsequential to the fact that the folks who made it into the proverbial lobby of said Olive Garden are often times children and should at least be allowed to wait for their table in humane conditions.

The hostess of this Olive Garden (abandoned Walmart) is a company called Wayfair. You may know them if you've ever heard your girlfriend say “you know what would be great in that corner? A mid-century modern blah blah blah.” Turns out that Wayfair makes the beds for most of the detention centers on our souther border. The employees at Wayfair recently asked their CEO to donate all of the profits from such beds to the cause. When the CEO said something to the effect of “no”, the employees thought it better to stage a walk out than continue to make comfortable bedding for tired and Hungry central American children.

Tonight is the first of many debates that will help determine the democratic candidate for president. The action kicks off at 9pm EST from Miami, the only city in the U.S. where 6 out of 10 residents aren't aware that their city is part of the country. .There are 20 total candidates who will be broken into groups of 10 each night. Tonight is truly the warm up round with Thursday being the real star studded event. We will be live tweeting throughout and drinking heavily.  Also we put some action on the debates through https://www.sportsbetting.ag/sportsbook/futures-and-props/politics-props. I've got $300 money line on Trump tweeting about Pocahontas. 


-San Francisco ban's e-cigs much to tech bros dismay-Representative Duncan Hunter is not only a war criminal but he has also been embezzling campaign funds for family vacations

Today's show is brought to you by Policy Genius

Jun 26, 2019
Hard Factor 6/25: E. Jean Carroll is Not Trump's Type and Prescription Drugs are Causing Dementia
President Trump is accused by another woman (E. Jean Carroll) of sexual assault, this time in a department store. A new study reveals that many common prescription drugs may be linked to as much as 50% higher likelihood of getting dementia. Other headlines including Iran, Oregon has too much weed, the Redskins name is here to stay, giant squid on camera, and more. Brought to you by Policy Genius
Jun 25, 2019
Hard Factor 6/24: Iran is Cruising for A Bruising, Landlord Tries to Murder with Shotgun then Machete
On today's episode of Hard Factor... The US and Iran are beefing hard. Seems like the US is getting attacked a lot: re: oil tankers, unmanned drones, cyber attacks. EA Sports needs to remove Iran from FIFA 2020, yesterday, or give them an overall team score of a 5 and have them celebrate goals scored by or on them by having them do a pro longed team gay sex dog-pile. It's an easy way to win this war with non-violence. Got a stacked Lighting Round as well so subscribe. Brought to you by Policy Genius
Jun 24, 2019
Hard Factor 6/21: Friday Shows are Back, Florida Man, Democratic Candidate Roast

On today's episode of Hard Factor ...

Friday shows are back! Florida Man and Democratic candidate roast!

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Jun 21, 2019
Hard Factor 6/20: Minimum Wage Still Sucks, CBD Might Actually Kill You, Boeing Keeps Getting Slammed & Other Great Topics In The Lightning Round

A new study has found that CBD may actually be killing you, especially your liver.  It sure is killing mice at an alarming rate, so you may want to skip the old CBD tincture & vodka combo until we find out more.


- Joe Biden says some stupid shit

- Minimum Wage still sucks

- Aliens do exist

-More bad news for Boeing

- India's water crisis

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Jun 20, 2019
Hard Factor 6/19: China Is Harvesting Organs From Prisoners for Cash, Troops Are Headed to Iran, Alaska Murders, Weinstein's Lawyer Quits

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor:

Just in case you needed another reason to not be in a Chinese prison, you can ad fear of having your organs harvested to that list. What the hell China? An international tribunal in London has concluded that China is literally killing prisoners and harvesting their organs to satisfy a booming organ trade that is reportedly worth over 1 billion dollars a year. So there's that. 

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan announced Monday night that the US is sending 1000 troops to the middle east to help deal with the Iran situation. You know the one with the ironclad, slam dunk oil tanker incidents with Iran attacking our allies' ships, and then also the fact that they openly want nukes. So ya know, 1000 troops. Which really isn't that many. We already have 1500 over there so we'll have 2500 troops posted up in case something pops off. The big question is whats wrong with Iran that they still don't have the bomb?


An Alaskan girl killed her best friend after some guy on the internet named "Tyler" told her he would pay her 9 million dollars for proof of a murd

In a very British ruling the guy that threw a milkshake at Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage has been ordered to pay for his dry cleaning

Harvey Weinstein's attorney quit for some reason?

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Jun 19, 2019
Hard Factor 6/18: Dominican Republic of Death and Boeing's "Really Sorry"

On Todays's Episode of Hard Factor...

But with those views and the affordable prices, who gives a shit.

Oh yeah and by far the best Lighting Round of the day. Listen and subscribe now!

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Jun 18, 2019
HARD FACTOR 6/17: Hong Kong Still Protesting Hard, Bad Job by the Phoenix PD, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Protests in Hong Kong rage on with the citizens fighting against extradition rights to China. The Phoenix, AZ police have some explaining to do after they went crazy on a family over a Dollar Tree indecent. Oil tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman, penis problems in Brazil, the “Mandrake Wizard” in India, and much more.

Brought to you by: dollarshaveclub.com/hard

Jun 17, 2019
Hard Factor 6/13: Trump Would Listen If Foreigners Offered Dirt On Opponents, Don't Fuck With Hard Factor, The Worlds First Potheads Discovered

President Trump said Wednesday that he would not necessarily call the FBI if offered opposition research from foreign governments. "I've seen a lot of things over my life, I don't think in my whole life I've ever called the FBI," Trump told George Stephanopoulos in an interview. "I think you might want to listen. There's nothing wrong with listening. If somebody called from a country, Norway, 'we have information on your opponent.' Oh, I think I would want to hear it." It was a troll of mega proportions.

Also, the worlds oldest weed was discovered.

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Jun 13, 2019
Hard Factor 6/12/19: Kim Jung Un Killed His Bro Because He Was A CIA Informant, and Because He's Insane

On today's episode of Hard Factor...

Kim Jung Un is a psychopath.  Not much else to say there. Listen to the podcast for the full story.  It's too early to use your eyes; click the link to the show and let your ears do the work.

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Jun 12, 2019
Hard Factor 6/11/19: Mexican Tariff Update & Long Lightning Round

Trump and Mexico are in a classic Mexican Standoff situation, and Trump is using some classic last minute sales tactics to get Mexico to buy our produce.  Tune In for that and a long Lightning Round of other topics.

Thanks for listening!!

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Jun 11, 2019
HARD FACTOR 6/10: Massive Protest in Hong Kong and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Hong Kongers showed up by the hundreds of thousands, or even millions depending on who you ask, to protest new extradition laws being forced on them by China. A lightning round of other headlines, including more American deaths in the Dominican Republic, the Mexican tariff resolution, Kim Jong Un killing people with pirañas, and a California man who just thinks swastikas look “really cool.”


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Jun 10, 2019
Hard Factor 6/6/19: 200th EPISODE!!! Trumpdate, Dominican Republic Resorts Are Dangerous?, Lightning Round

On our 200th episode we give you an update on all things President Donald Trump, American tourists dying/getting murdered at resorts in The Dominican Republic, and a LONG lightening round.  Please continue to spread the word and we hope to bring you much more content in the future.  Cheers!!

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Jun 06, 2019
Hard Factor 6/5: Scumbag Husband Left His Wife After Burning Her With Gasoline, Fishermen Catch 50 Kilos of Cocaine, Alabama Introduces Chemical Castration For Pedos

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor:


SOFT CORNER: A scumbag leaves his wife after she suffered burns on over 90% of her body because he tried to reignite a campfire with gasoline.

While traveling from UK to Dubai Victoria Buchanan realized she had a little left over stuff from the night before, and like a cocaine captain she thought it better to go down with her ship than part with the party favors. Victoria wanted to keep the party going when she got to fundamentalist country of Dubai where she knew cocaine might be difficult to find, so she swallowed the zip lock bag of drugs (presumably to fish it out later). Unfortunately they don't make coke baggies like they used to and Victoria died. She was the ultimate party girl.

Alabama Introduces Chemical Castration For Child Molesters, Bravo Alabama. Bravo.

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Jun 05, 2019
Hard Factor 6/4: Naked Man on Meth Hammers Through Neighbor's Walls

On today's episode...

Tariffs and Walls is going to replace Chutes and Ladders as the hottest new children's game ™Hard Factor

Ever have one of those nights where you wake up because your neighbor breaks into your house, gets naked grabs your hammer and starts trying to break through your bedroom wall 'The Shining' style? At least one family has.

This and a Lightning Round full of shit you need to hear.  Listen, subscribe, share.

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Jun 04, 2019
HARD FACTOR 6/3: An Out of Control Principal Loves Strippers, and Illinois Legalizes Marijuana + Gambling on Sports

This guy who looks like a hamster is actually just a dude who loves to get hammered and go to the strip club when he's out of town on business. He also happens to be a Catholic school principal who takes kids on field trips.

President Trump and Meghan Markle are beefing, Illinois legalized recreational marijuana and sports gambling in the same week, mystery murders in the Dominican Republic, Rodrigo Duterte cured his own gayness (allegedly), NASA is ordering deliveries to the moon, and the tragic mass shooting in Virginia Beach.


Jun 03, 2019
Hard Factor 5/30/19: Mueller Speaks & Says NO COLLUSION, but...& The Lightening Round

Robert Mueller finally spoke to the press, kind of, about his report.  He essentially said NO COLLUSION and if you want to know more read the damn report, I'm gong to Tahiti.

 Lighting Round of Other Topics, including Florida WOMAN, Weed, Uber, Alex Trebek

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May 30, 2019
HARD FACTOR 5/29: SCOTUS OKs Abortion Law, Woman in Hawaii Lost in the Woods, and a Florida Special

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of upholding existing abortion policy in Indiana to the outrage of Clarence Thomas. A woman in Hawaii got lost in the woods for 17 days without phone or water because she was following a voice in her head. Several stories from the Sunshine state, the highest paid hooker in the USA, UFOs and much much more.

Brought to you by: dollarshaveclub.com/hard


May 29, 2019
Hard Factor 5/28: Sex Cult Leader With ED Is A Tough Look

On today's episode of Hard Factor...

This fucking creep Keith Raniere who looks like Stephen King's slightly more handsome younger brother was a sex cult leader that allegedly suffered from severe ED.  What a loser.

After that we go through a lightning round of other topics, check it out.

Brought to you by: dollarshaveclub.com/hard

May 28, 2019
Hard Factor 5/23: Michael Avenatti "Screws" Stormy Daniels, Loooong Lightening Round Of Other Topics

Michael Avenatti is once again in the news for being the worlds biggest slime-ball.  Allegedly stealing $300,000 from  Stormy Daniels.

And a whole bunch of hilarious topics in our long lightening round.


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May 23, 2019
Hard Factor 5/22: Arthur's Teacher Is So Gay, And What A Lightning Round

On Today's episode of Hard Factor....

The decision makers in the state of Alabama are acting like a bunch of Arthurs.

Oh and there's a fantastic Lightning Round, don't believe us, just listen to the pod.

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May 22, 2019
Hard Factor 5/21: Brexit Is Still A Shit Show, Woman Impersonates Sheriff to Jailbreak Boyfriend

The man pictured above is Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party. An anti-Brexit "remainer" hit him with a salted caramel and banana milkshake from Five Guys Burgers & Fries. The big news here is that the United Kingdom has Five Guys. 

Does this look like the face of a woman that would jailbreak her boyfriend by calling the jail and pretending to be the sheriff? If you said yes, gold star. This is Maxine Feldstein, her boyfriend Nick Lowe was in Douglas County Jail in Arkansas for charges of identify theft back in Ventura Country, California. Lowe was awaiting transfer to Cali when Feldstein called up pretending to be from the Ventura Sheriffs department to let them know that he could be let because of overcrowding in Ventura County. Douglas County bought it hook line and sinker. Go figure. Now Feldstein is facing 15 years in the slammer.  Their fatal flaw? They didn't leave Arkansas. Bummer. 


- Trump slams Biden for moving out of Pennsylvania

- The French are lazy and shut down the Eiffel Tower because some guy climbed it

- A Disney World employee stole an animatronic puppet from Disney, obviously for sex.

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May 21, 2019
HARD FACTOR 5/20: Trumpdate on Abortion Bans and Iran, Tornadoes Ripping up the Country, and Much More

President Trump finally weighed in on the abortion bans being passed in the South, and he thinks the GOP needs to get on the same page. He also fired off another reminder to Iran Never to threaten the US ever again.

Tornadoes are ripping through communities across the US this spring, with more to come. Big weather is going crazy with the coverage.

Biden wants to campaign on unity, Arnold chewed a dropkick, some states are having trouble passing weed bills, Google punished Huawei, and Deontay Wilder almost killed someone in the ring.

Brought to you by: wethepeopleholsters.com/factor


May 20, 2019
Hard Factor 5/16: Alabama Fucks - But Don't Abort, British Maury Povich Is Killing People

Alabama's Governor Kay Ivey is not a fan of abortion. She is 74 and she wants people to know the pregnancy options are binary, carrying pa baby to term, or not be pregnant at all. This is the worst abortion law since... last week. 

Jeremy Kyle is a complete asshole. His talk show was cancelled after a long run of ruining people lives, one person who was recently on the show and committed suicide seems to have been the tipping point. According to a lot of guests and people that previously worked on the Kyle show, the show was very unethical.. which led to, you know, suicides. 

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May 16, 2019
Hard Factor 5/15: Democratic Candidate Rundown, Florida Man Who Hoops In The Nude, Lightening Round

Guess what?  Joe Biden has a commanding lead in the Democratic Presidential Candidate race, and probably because he wears the coolest sunglasses of anyone.  We will take you through who the other front runners are and explain why Beto and Elizabeth Warren have no chance.

A Florida Man (just look at those eyes) was arrested for practicing his basketball skills in public.  No big deal, except that he was NAKED.  Nobody wants to take a charge against this guy......

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May 15, 2019
Hard Factor 5/14: Monsanto's Getting Their Dicks Sued Off, Crossbow Murders In Germany, And Menstrual Sheds

Those assholes at Monsanto are paying out lawsuits again, because Round Up which they own likely causes cancer. Not good for a few of the Hard Factor boys who were huge Round Up guys in the 2000s. That and the cigarette abuse, and the genetic history.

In the US we've had a string of machete attacks, but in Germany they have had attacks with a non conventional weapon as well. That being the crossbow. Five people ended up dead this past week in Germany via crossbow bolts and I guess that's because the clear fan of GOT was too lazy to figure out how to make wildfire.

If you want to find out what's goin on with this story all you have to do is listen to the show.

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May 14, 2019
HARD FACTOR 5/13: Alyssa Milano's Sex Strike, Machete Murderer in Appalachia, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Alyssa Milano is calling for a nationwide sex strike from women in response to Georgia passing the “Heartbeat Bill” that essentially bans abortion.

A madman has been terrorizing hikers on the the Appalachian Trail for months, being arrested before and released, but his reign of insanity ended in a deadly attack.

President Trump is dealing with continued concerns that the trade war with China may end badly, and that much of the country wants him impeached, so lots of new stuff there… Elon is making more 420 jokes on Twitter, a dog makes a deal with a bear to exchange bones for trash in Canada, Amy Schumer makes questionable choices, new “Loquesha” think piece, and BIGTIME TOMMIE.President Trump is dealing with continued concerns that the trade war with China may end badly, and that much of the country wants him impeached, so lots of new stuff there… Elon is making more 420 jokes on Twitter, a dog makes a deal with a bear to exchange bones for trash in Canada, Amy Schumer makes questionable choices, new “Loquesha” think piece, and BIGTIME TOMMIE.

May 13, 2019
Hard Factor 5/9: Bill Barr Held In Contempt of Congress, More Big Dicked Heroes Coming From School Shootings, Alcohol Consumption On The Rise Worldwide, Lightening Round

The House Judiciary Committee voted on Wednesday to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in “contempt of congress” because of his choices to first skip his second day of scheduled hearings, where the D's celebrated by eating fried chicken, and then claiming executive privilege as the basis to not turn over the full un-redacted Mueller Report to the committee.

Alcohol consumption is on the rise, and if you spent any time in the Hard Factor studio you would see that this is VERY true.  Surprisingly Europe is slightly down, and so is New Zealand.  Asia as a continent is way up and India is leading the charge, up 38%!!

We have another hero on our hands.  Kendrick Castillo, who charged the micro-penised shooter at STEM School in CO, gave his life trying to save his fellow classmates.  This is the second time in recent shootings that a student has given their life by rushing the piece of shit who was dead set on killing innocent people.  These guys are heroes, thank you for your service!!!

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May 09, 2019
Hard Factor 5/8: Georgia Will Kill You if You Get an Abortion, Lyft Now Has Self Driving Cars, Great-Grandma Arrested for CBD Oil

Bet you're thinking twice about that abortion now, huh? Yesterday Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a “fetal heartbeat” bill into law yesterday. The bill seeks to outlaw abortion after about six weeks, aka potentially in some cases one week after a teenager would tell her friends, “I missed my period.” This bill takes effect on Jan. 1, 2020, at which point you can be sentenced to death if you decide you're no longer interested in your pregnancy. Go Dawgs. 

Waymo, the self driving car company started by Google finally launched their first batch of death self driving vans in Phoenix. The company is starting small, starting with just 10 vans. Also yesterday Lyft announced that is lost 1.1 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2019, a trend that will surely continue as they are hit with countless lawsuits from passengers who drowned in lakes.

Hester Jordan Burkhalter, 69 from North Carolina was arrested at Disney World for possession of a CBD tincture. The great-grandmother who uses the cannabis product for horrible arthritis in her legs, arms and shoulder was jailed for 12 hours in and Orange County, FL jail before charges were dropped. This would break Chill Jonathan's heart.

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May 08, 2019
Hard Factor 5/7: The USA Is Whipping Its Big Warship Dick Out, Legal Shrooms, And Metal Chicken

On today's episode...

The United States is moving ships and sucking tits. If you don't want to end up like a certain dragon then shape it up countries like Iran.

Denver is about to change the mother fucking game and legalize shrooms. Pretty sure Phish is going to be playing some extra shows there in 2020.

 Chinese Pork and Tysons Chicken Having some Issues.... Eat steak and subscribe to Hard Factor.

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May 07, 2019
HARD FACTOR 5/6: AOC's Bearded Beau, TSA Passes on Grass, and a Kentucky Derby Recap

AOC's boyfriend got a ton of shit for being overweight and hairy. A French chick even called him a “bin raccoon.” The Hard Factor boys are rattled.

TSA claims that they are not interested in your marijuana products in your bags when you travel, but that if they come across them while looking for other hazardous material that they can't turn a blind eye.

Maximum Security gets jobbed, Country House and Hard Factor Pat get a gift, AND an old Derby Winner is selling jars of it's shit for $200 a pop.

A horrific plane accident in Moscow, Boeing being boeing, and panty bandits in PA.


May 06, 2019
Hard Factor 5/3: All Florida Man Episode

Special All Florida Man Episode.

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May 03, 2019
Hard Factor 5/2: Bill Barr Gets Grilled And Doesn't Care, Frats Get In Trouble For "Rape Attic", The Impossible Burger Is Made of What?

Bill Barr was grilled by the Senate Judiciary Committee and he did not give a shit.  Just look at that picture.  In fact, he cared so little about being questioned, that he said "I'm not coming back" in regards to appearing again today.  Enjoy the scotch and day off, Bill.

A couple frats at Swathmore College in PA are in some hot water and are getting disbanded after their google docs was hacked and the term "Rape Attic" was discovered within the documents.

The Impossible Burger, which is a meatless alternative to the traditional beef burger is apparently so good that they are running out of them.  What makes them so good?  Hard Factor Pat may have your answer..

Lightening Round:

-Scientology cruise quarantined for Measles

-UNC Student is a hero

-Moby touched Trump with his dick

-Someone in TX hates bees

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May 02, 2019
Hard Factor 5/1: Venezuela Coup, Trump Is Charging Admission to America, and Vampire Facials

 Venezuela finally started that coup they're always taking about. They still have a bonus president, but Operation Freedom is in it's final phase.

Trump is tried of immigrants getting into America without paying admission and is hell bent on closing the loopholes in the Asylum process at the US border. Trump announced that he wants to charge fees to those who choose to seek asylum in the US, and will limit the court's time to 180 days to adjudicate all asylum claims (something that can take years now with over 850K backlogged cases), also you wouldn't be eligible to work in the US while you wait for your case to be adjudicated.

It's not exactly like it sounds. But way too many people have gotten HIV from a particular spa in New Mexico.  Pro tip, bring your own needles when getting injections from people that don't have medical degrees.




May 01, 2019
Hard Factor 4/30: Hot Rod Resigns, Russia Is Militarizing Whales and Invisible Aliens are Banging Us

'Hot" Rod Rosenstein is out as the Deputy Attorney General.  He has resigned effective May 11th and his bosses boss President Donald Trump is probably thrilled since he has asked for treason charges to be considered for the "Hot Rod."  Way to avoid the awkward performance review Rod.

Russia is very likely training whales, dolphins and seals to join their navy.  Floating whale mines is pretty fucking genius if you ask us.  Not writing anything else about this one, but you should listen to the full story on the podcast.

According to a Korean doctor that is a professor at Oxford for the time being, there are a bunch of invisible aliens that are having sex with us to procreate. Maybe this is why we wake up with morning wood!

To get the full scoop on these stories and much much more subscribe and listen to the podcast.

Apr 30, 2019
HARD FACTOR 4/29: Measles are BACK, Amazon Prime is Going to 1-Day Shipping, and Spain is Considering the Night King Approach

The measles are making a comeback with over 700 cases in the US this year, and President Trump is telling everyone to go get the shot. Are you going to do your duty?

Shopping addicts and hoarders rejoice, Amazon will now get you your prime orders for essential oils starter kits and whatever other weird shit you might be into 1 day sooner, starting as early as June.

The new “Vox Party” in Spain has a crazy plan for how to bring the country back to greatness, a jack-off in California shot up a Synagogue, the Avengers smashes box office records (and some of our patience), and the Giants put on a show at the NFL draft.


Apr 29, 2019
Hard Factor 4/25: Bill Cosby Wants Out of Jail (No Shit), More Boy Scout Troop Leaders Than Previously Thought Are Molesting Kids, Lightening Round

So not that we didn't know this already, but apparently FAR more Boy Scout leaders are molesting kids, and they don't even sell delicious cookies.

Bill Cosby is not happy with the judge that oversaw his case, and now he wants out of jail on bail while he awaits an appeal.  He claims he is not a threat, but until he's dead, he is likely still a threat.

And much much more in the lightening round, and in case you don't what the hitchhiker Kai looks like, his pic is below.  Search him on youtube.

Apr 25, 2019
Hard Factor 4/24: The Philippines Threatens War Against Canada, Masters Tickets Scam Uncovered, The Census is Back!

The US Supreme Court held oral arguments on Tuesday about whether or not to allow the Trump administration to ask questions about citizenship status on the 2020 US Census… and you wouldn't believe it but, it looks pretty likely that they're going to allow it.  Which at the end of the day really means nothing because only nerds fill out the census and everyone knows if you have the balls to swim across the Rio Grande River while Border Patrol is chasing you, you aren't a nerd and were never going to fill out the census anyway.

A golf loving family of four (a foursome) ironically named The Freedman's are facing some serious charges this week after their Masters Golf Tournament scam was uncovered by the Feds.  These evil geniuses have been exploiting the Masters Ticket Lottery for years. Here's the scheme: they would buy bulk snail mailing lists and submit a hundreds of submissions to the ticket lottery associated with dummy email addresses, and if one of their counterfeit entries was lucky enough to hit, they would forge drivers licenses and other documents and reroute the tickets to their address.  MAYBE they were making $10k a year. They're facing 20 years max... Totally worth it.

Between 2013 and 2014 Canada shipped 103 shipping containers filled with what they said were "materials for recycling."  For the past six years said containers have been rotting at a port in Manila. It was recently discovered that Canada lied about the contents of the containers, which did not have materials for recycling in them, but rather household garbage. You can guess how the murderous "president" of The Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte took this news -- he wants the trash gone, or WAR with Canada. Excited to see how this plays out.  








Apr 24, 2019
Hard Factor 4/23: Social Security Is Fucked And Hand Jobs In Florida

So stop me if you've heard this before, Social Security is going to run out right before you're old enough to collect. Word on the street is that people are going to be collecting a lot less than 100% of their social security check starting in 2035, but that can change. Baby boomers are good though so don't worry about them.

Elon Musk had his space ship blow up, one of his cars spontaneously combust, and his smelly girlfriend Grimes said she feels like she's in "villain mode" and turned into Thanos because of hanging out with him. What the fuck have you done lately.

Okay enough of the Florida hand job shop in the news already.  Apparently now there is a video of Bob Kraft getting his front drained that is now on sale to the highest bidder.  We propose that Kraft just lean into this whole thing, buy the video himself and play it over the giant screen at Gillette before the first home game right before they drop the banner.  Blurring of any objects onscreen could be a game time decision.



Apr 23, 2019
HARD FACTOR 4/22: Easter Massacre in Sri Lanka, Wild Easter "Celebrations" in the US, Militia Man Arrested, and a Cannabis Cup Recap

Three churches and four hotels were bombed in Sri Lanka on Easter in an apparently religiously motivated attack. There have been counter attacks, and it's a bad situation.

A Seton Hall professor wanted to “celebrate” Easter by lighting several Catholic churches on fire… good news for everyone that this man is an absolute moron and didn't get away with his plan. Also, a pastor in Ohio encouraged his 12 year-old Sunday school kids to spit on him and cut him with steak knives to simulate the torture that Jesus Christ endured; and aggressive lesson plan to say the least.

69 year-old Larry Mitchell Hopkins has been arrested for leading a militia group on the border, apprehending border crossers they felt were unable to be handled by the Federal authorities. The real star of this story is the mug shot.

Cannabis Cup Recap, Michael Avenatti allegedly stole over a million from Hassan Whiteside and his ex-girlfriend, and Ukraine has elected a comedian as their new president.



Apr 22, 2019
Hard Factor 4/18: Apple Settles Lawsuit With Qualcomm, A Mom In CA Banged Her Daughter's Boyfriends, Shady Opioid Doctors Busted, Lightening Round

Coral Lytle, of Tulare CA is being accused of banging her daughters two separate freshman boyfriends and bribing them off with booze and smokes.  Sounds like a great deal for a 15 year old boy, because she is kinda hot.....The whole thing fell through when one of the freshman got a conscience and alerted police because he felt guilty shaking her husband's hand.....what an idiot that kid is.

Apple and Qualcomm have finally settled their lawsuit.  What does it mean??  Well this is great news for Iphone users because it means Apple will be able to bring you 5G service quicker, so quicker stream times for porn clips and whatever else you like to look at on your phone.

Federal prosecutors charged 60 physicians and pharmacists Wednesday with illegally handing out bullshit scripts for opioids in what they are calling is the biggest dirty doctor opioid bust ever in the U.S.  It's probably laughable in China.  Doctors were handing out prescriptions to friends, trading them for sex, and even pulling teeth to cover up the prescriptions.

Lightening Round:

- Double Suicide, including the girl who was terrorizing Colorado schools with threats of another Columbine Massacre, she's dead.  Former Peruvian President, Alan Garcia, killed himself while police were in his house to arrest him for charges of money laundering and accepting bribes.

- Scientists now believe that you know you are dead for several minutes when your heart stops and are actually conscience of what is happening around you....bummer.

- The dog that was found swimming 135 miles off Thailand is back on land, safe and sound, maybe..

Apr 18, 2019
Hard Factor 4/17: Trump Busted Out His Veto Gong, Ancient Diseases Unearthed by Global Warming, John From The Robert Kraft Handjob Parlor Choses An Interesting Defense

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor:

Roll back out the veto gong. Our guy Donnie got a taste a few weeks ago. He got his first veto in over the National Emergency “invasion” in air quotes at the border and now he's going to be smashing that veto gong a lot. Number 2 came on Tuesday when President Donald Trump vetoed a congressional resolution that sought to end U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

There has been a four-year-long civil war where one side is backed by Saudi Arabia and the other side is backed by Iran those being the Houthi rebels. 

A few quick facts about Yemen are it is located at the southern end of the Arabian peninsula in western Asia and is only separated from Africa by the Gulf of Aden.  Really sexy gulf front property with a vast array of coral, fish and even whales I would love to go snorkeling there.

An article published by the Sun, an Australian news outlet, on Monday is scaring the shit out of news readers everywhere because it talks about all the things that can happen when permafrost is melted by global warming/climate change/being hot outside, whatever the fuck you want to call it.

The basic gist is that prehistoric bacteria and diseases can lie dormant in permafrost that's been frozen deep beneath the earth's surface for thousands of years, or more.

Some more news out of the handjob capitol of the United States, Jupiter Florida. Where a man being identified as “John Doe” is suing the Jupiter Police Department for violating his constitutional rights to privacy because he was at the Orchids of Asia on the same day the police were operating their bullshit sting against Patriots owner and all around great guy, Bob Kraft.  

So he is suing the Palm Beach County State Attorneys Office, the detective who got the warrant to spy with cameras, and the Jupiter police department for damages.

Something tells me the judge is going to throw it out and tell him sorry about his divorce. 

Apr 17, 2019
Hard Factor 4/16: Notre Dame Was On Fire, Tiger's Getting a Presidential Medal and Bernie's a Millionaire

Well that was wild, the whole fucking cathedral almost burnt to the ground and the whole world was watching it and acting like it was a royal wedding except one where someone got stood up at the alter. This is not the first time Notre Dame was nearly or just straight up destroyed, it happened in World War I as well. No one died, they will rebuild and the baguettes and wine will still be phenomenal in the meantime.

Tiger won the Masters, holy shit let's give him a Medal of Honor, the Nobel Peace Prize, the Pulitzer, a Grammy, a Kennedy Center Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom along with his fifth green jacket. President Trump says he is actually going to give Woods the Medal of Freedom, good for Tiger and great for local madams because Tiger is back and he be fucking.

Yesterday was Tax Day and fuuuck Tax Day. Bernie Sanders seemed to be loving it though as he released the last ten years of his tax history and revealed that he became a millionaire when he ran for President in 2016 by selling a shit load of copies of his book as well as whatever else money you make running for President.


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Apr 16, 2019
HARD FACTOR 4/15: Julian Assange Detained, Party at the Eau Claire Walmart, and a Man Sues His Parents Over Destroyed Porn Stash

The guy Beto O'Rourke wishes he was, Julian Assange, has been detained and is now facing charges from the United States… but everyone doesn't agree on if he's guilty or not.

A family of complete savages wrecked shop on the Eau Claire, Wisconsin Walmart, and hilarity ensued. Even the dog got in on the action.

A man in Michigan, recently divorced, is suing his parent for over $80K for destroying his porn stash, claimed to be valued at $29K. The additional $50K is for the emotional stress he's had to endure without his pile of porn…

Nancy Pelosi wants President Trump to lay off Ilhan Omar, a 75 year-old Florida man was killed by his pet cassowary (basically a raptor, see pic), and Tiger Woods is BACK.

Apr 15, 2019
Hard Factor 4/11: PFT Commenter Joins The Show And Covers The "First Ever" Picture Of A Black Hole, A Festival In Japan That Celebrates A Steel Penis, Tiny Species of Human Discovered On Philippine Island

Hard Factor VP of Football Operations & Host of Pardon My Take PFT Commenter joins the show today to talk...

 A festival that takes place on the first Sunday of every April in Kawasaki, Japan is quite the event!!  The centuries old festival, which is based on a legend involving a jealous demon hidden inside the vagina of a Goddess who bites dicks off, is basically the worlds biggest bachelorette party.

NASA unleashed the "first ever" picture of a black hole that is 55 million light years away and 6.5 billion times bigger than our little bitch Sun.  PFT discusses his theory on how NASA may be trolling Trump with this new incredible photo, and we discuss why it actually is not that cool to look at.

A new species of tiny humans has been discovered.  Standing an estimated max height of 3 feet 6 inches, the Homo luzonensis, as they are being called, suffered from a form of dwarfism, and PFT believes the guy who first discovered the tiny foot print and then dug for 9 more years, may have a little bit of a foot fetish.

Lightening Round:

- US Attorney General Bill Barr says Trump was definitely spied on during his campaign, yea no shit.

- Bernie Sanders unveils his new 1 trillion dollar Medicare plan for all citizens.

- A woman in Tennessee was arrested for stealing an electric scooter from Wal-Mart and driving it to Waffle House for "coffee"

- You can now change your gamer handle on Playstation, first one is on the house, after that its $10 a pop.




Apr 11, 2019
Hard Factor 4/10: HUGE Medicare Scheme "Operation Brace Yourself", Key West Millionaire Busted by K-Mart, Lightening Round

Federal agents busted one of the largest medicare schemes in history on Tuesday.  The scheme, which targeted elderly and disabled persons on medicare, involved shady doctors, who were getting bribes from medical equipment companies to write fake prescriptions for knee, back and neck braces that patients didn't actually need.  Telemedicine companies would call up people known to be on medicare, tell them they could get them braces they didn't really need, then would bill medicare after the braces were delivered.  This will cause YOUR healthcare premiums to go UP, and you should be outraged!!

Andrew Lippi, who just bought an 8 Million Dollar private island off the coast of Key West, is being charged with grand theft in Florida, after returning products to K-Mart (yes a few still exist) that contained nothing more than bullshit.  The man, who was attempting to fill his new home with necessities like a new Keurig machine, was returning the boxes of these items for refunds, but the kicker is the boxes didn't have those products in them.  Florida should really up their qualifications for "grand theft"

Lightening Round:

- Everyone forget all the opportunities Johnny Football carelessly blew over the last six years. Johnny's dead, he died... and like a Phoenix rising from the ashes - meet John Football. All is forgiven. -Aunt Becky is probably going to jail for bribing her ridiculously hot daughters into USC. -A 34-year old professional gambler set the new record for the largest single-day-cash-win on the game show Jeopardy, taking home over $110,000. Unfortunately for him even $110k isn't enough to make a know-it-all degenerate gambler lovable.
Apr 10, 2019
HARD FACTOR 4/9: (H)UGE Trumpdate, Uncle Chaps Joins to Talk Mussolini

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor:

We're joined by special guest host @UncleChaps.

 Trump had such a big day. So much stuff.

Trump fired the director of the Secret Service. He named the Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corpsas terrorists. The Senators he tapped for the “healthcare policy group” just aren't that into him. And a California judge blocked Trump's policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico as they wait for their cases to be heard by an immigration court, and it's only Monday. I would bet the over on an early departure to Mar-a-Lago for Donald this week.

If you're saying to yourself “yea, there is something vaguely familiar and also evil about this guy's face” then you may have paid attention in history class.  Meet Julius Caesar Mussolini.  He is the great grandson of the bad boy of the Axis Of Evil, Benito Mussolini.  Beyond his name being Julius Caesar (which is equivalent of an Austrian being named Archduke Franz Ferdinand) he is running on behalf the the Brothers of Italy Party; so this should work out well for all parties involved.

Apr 09, 2019
HARD FACTOR 4/8: DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen Resigns, Happy News from Africa, and a Pennsylvania Man's Meth-Fueled Maxi-Pad Raid

Special co-host Kate joins the boys to discuss the news on this episode.

DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen Resigns

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kristjen Nielsen resigned effective immediately on Sunday amid criticisms from all sides on how the situation at the US southern border has been handled so far.

Double Feature from Africa: The American Hostage in Uganda was Found, and A Poacher was Killed by Elephants and Lions

The American hostage being held ransom for $500,000 inside a Ugandan national park on safari, Kimberly Sue Endicott, was found. Over in South Africa, a suspected poacher was killed when he was mauled by elephants and later devoured by lions inside Kruger National Park, must have been pretty satisfying for the lions.

PA Man Raids Maxi-Pads and Cereal on Meth Binge

A man in Altoona, PA woke up to a stranger passed out on his kitchen floor, surrounded by cut up maxi-pads and empty cereal boxes. Turns out the guy was on a meth binge and just really wanted cereal and maxi-pads.

Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Devin Nunes is moving forward on criminal investigation referrals to AG Bill Barr about alleged illegal activity carried out by the Mueller investigation team made up of the FBI and DOJ.

A Florida man was arrested for burglary after he was released from jail and immediately began stealing stuff out of the cars parked inside the jail parking lot.

Will skipped a Liz Warren speech for a weed convention, and Kate grades Austin, TX.

Apr 08, 2019
Hard Factor 4/4: Steve Wynn Is In Trouble, Is Uganda Safe?, Bees Are The Worst/Best, Lightening Round, WEIGHT LOSS FINALE!!

Ever had a manicure that got you just a little too excited that you do something illegal?  Well that's what happened to Steve Wynn, who is being accused of raping and impregnating a woman who gave him a very special manicure inside his hotel, and he thinks its all a conspiracy against him....Ok Steve....

A man and his dog were attacked by hundreds of bees in their home after the bees penetrated the abode through a hole in the wall, and while the man escaped with only hundreds of bee stings, his dog, who likely tried to bite every single bee, had a different outcome.

An American woman and her safari drivers, who maybe or maybe not were in on the job, were abducted at gunpoint while on safari and the kidnappers demanded $500,000 in ransom for HER safe return.  So Uganda deployed its most "elite" police force to find them.  Good luck lady!


- President Trump Hates Wind Energy

-Olivia Jade Is Still Hot, Who Cares What Happens to Her Mom

-TSA About To Make Our Lives A LOT Easier


Apr 04, 2019
Hard Factor 4/3: Trump Had an Electric Day, Tiger Salesman Joe Exotic Is In Trouble, South Carolina Mega Church Threatens to "Cut" Anyone Who Crosses Them

Trump said on Tuesday: "If we don't make a deal with Congress, the border's going to be closed. 100 percent." Not only does Trump want action now from Congress, he cut foreign aid for Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, basically saying why would we aid them if they send caravans at us?? Your move congress.

Also...the Republican Party is now the Party of Healthcare. Whatever that means. 

In other Trump news, he keeps saying that his father was born in Germany when convenient.

Joe Exotic is a former Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate, zookeeper, and tiger salesperson. He was convicted on Tuesday as part of an attempted murder-for-hire plot.  His target? Carole Baskin, the founder of the Big Cat Rescue animal center who repeatedly criticized Exotic Joe's treatment of the animals, which is not something Joe could let fly.

A Greenville, SC newspaper has been getting a little too up-in-the-business of the non-denominational Relentless Mega Church; and it's pastors DO NOT LIKE THAT.  They are so offended that the newspaper has been doing things like, questioning their obvious embezzlement, that they have been saying things like “I cut people. I got a knife right in that pocketbook,” during their sermons... 

FYI the woman pictured above drives a $200k Lambo. Which, you know, is totally normal for a preacher.


Apr 03, 2019
Hard Factor 4/2: Baltimore Mayor Goes PG the Wire, Wes Has Your Brexit Update and Method Acting Kid Makes Heath Ledger Look Like a Pussy

The Mayor of Baltimore is corrupt. Any questions?

There's Michelangelo, Mozart, Maya Angelou, the Beatles and Wes. If you haven't heard Hard Factor Wes describe Brexit then you haven't experienced art. Go grab a nice bottle of Argentinian Malbec, light some candles, take a bubble bath and listen to Wes break down Brexit in a way that makes you feel like you're an MP.

Have you ever starred in a play? Well then don't judge Jake Wascher who was just trying to act his dick off. Turns out our boy Jake is a bit o' a method actor and turns out his method is extreme violence. Jake stabbed two of his co-actors multiple times while all the other pussy actors stood around in shock and then took off like Dr. Richard Kimball from the Fugitive. The Fugitive is one of the best movies of all time and we'll leave you at that.


Apr 02, 2019
HARD FACTOR 4/1: Joe Biden's Patented Whisper-Kiss, Chick-fil-A "Persecuted," and a Saga from Australia about a Flatulent Boss

A former Nevada assembly-member has come out alleging that Joe Biden is overly-handsy, and now people are compiling the extensive evidence…

Recent decisions at airports to ban Chick-fil-A from the premises have many crying bigotry. We're pretty sure that these airport owners are bigoted towards customers not being able to eat on Sundays.

A man in Australia sued for over $1 Million for being repetitively farted on and harassed by his former boss. A real stinky situation for this fella to say the least, listen for the full details.

… Lightning Round of Other Headlines:

Nipsey Hussle shot and killedBorder closures coming??AOC hard to get ahold ofNo Limits Construction's Bookkeeper WoesElon Musk Harambe Tribute, and more
Apr 01, 2019
Hard Factor 3/29: Bonus Episode!!! We Talk Prior Personal Arrests...
Mar 29, 2019
Hard Factor 3/28: Wes Still Doesn't Understand Brexit, Special Olympics: Cancelled, NYC Socialite Scammer Is The Worst, Plus a Weight Loss Update

Theresa May said she will step down as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom if her Brexit proposal passes. Essentially everyone hates Theresa May, and she's all "you want me to quit? I'll quit" JUST like Robert The Bruce in Braveheart, but you gotta fight for her one last time (in reality Robert Bruce became the King of Scots, at least according to Mel Gibson's history book).

Donald Trump and Billionaire Department of Education head Betsy DeVos had to cut some money from the budget so they decided the Special Olympics was a good place to start. They cut $18 million from those poor kid's budget. They didn't stop there, they also slashed funding for books for the blind (which honestly makes sense).  But don't worry, DeVos donated a portion of her government salary to the Special Olympics last year, or as she calls is her "per diem."  A couple fun facts about DeVos...

Anna Sorokin is a "NYC Socialite" who was in court yesterday for grand larceny and theft of services charges because she swindled various people and businesses out of $275,000 in a 10-month romp which started with free world travel and ended with her in Rikers Island. She was parading around New York claiming to be a German heiress, when in reality her father was a truck driver who also ran a heating-and-cooling business. Also, she fell asleep in the court room today because the proceedings "were just too bland" (fake socialite accent). 

 Lightning Round:

- AOC has a serious rant

- Facebook BANS White Nationalism

- Boeing is working on it

Mar 28, 2019
Hard Factor 3/27: Update From Capitol Hill (Obama Care, Veto, Green New Deal, Mueller Report), Arby's Worker Murders Customer

An Arby's manager from Tulsa Oklahoma is being charged with 1st degree murder after chasing down a customer who spit in her face during an altercation at her restaurant.  The 25 year old woman allegedly chased down the man in her car and shot him in the torso with her unlicensed .45 caliber handgun.  She then returned to work as if nothing happened...what a hard worker!!!

Little update from Capitol Hill where Obamacare is once again at the forefront of the Democratic Parties hopes to beat Donald Trump in 2020, AOC's Green New Deal suffers a crushing defeat, The Mueller Report will soon be available for public consumption, and somebody please send Trump a Veto Gong, cause he really wants to smash it.

Lightning Round:

- Charges Against Jussie Smollett dropped and we don't know why

- Conor McGregor being charged with rape in Ireland

- Woman kicks Marine out of her wedding for looking better than her

- Boeing 737 Max 8 in more trouble

Mar 27, 2019
Hard Factor 3/26: Ave-Naw-T-Boy , Bad Week For Weed, Kid at Work Doses Everyone with LSD

Michael Avenatti is a world class scumbag. The guy doesn't pay child support, rips off every business partner he ever had, makes an announcement saying he's no longer defending porn stars, and now it turns out embezzled money from his client, falsified tax returns and extorted NIKE (Allegedly). This greasy bald bastard is facing up to 97 years in prison and our thoughts are just hook is ass off the face of the earth with a giant cane and launch him into outer space.

Not a great week for weed. That's not a sentence that makes a lot of sense, but New Jersey cancelled the vote to legalize recreational marijuana and expunge the records of people with prior marijuana related offenses and apparently a lot of idiots in Colorado are greening out on edibles and ending up in the ER. Let's get it together here people, stop eating too many edibles and fucking this up for the rest of us if you can't handle your shit.

Do any of you have a 19 year old in your office that looks like he's probably dosing the water cooler with LSD. Well you might and if you worked at Enterprise car rental in Arnold Missouri, you did. Turns out the teenager was actually trying to help, admitting to dosing his co-workers water and coffee but saying he was only doing it to improve the negative energy in the office. Something tells me this kid is going to be dosing a few more offices before he just figures out every office has a negative energy and quits corporate life to become his own boss, selling tie dye shirts.

Here's the best of the rest:- Cuck of the year flies his plane into building he thought wife was in but she and everyone else had evacuated so he just killed himself and on one else- The family that owns Krispy Kreme and Panera Bread had a closet full of Nazi German ancestors that did some real bad shit in Germany during WWII so they are going to donate a bunch of money to charity- A man was arrested at an Indonesian airport for drugging and smuggling an orangutan in his luggage


Mar 26, 2019
Hard Factor 3/25: Mueller Report Details, Wild Norwegian Cruise, and Spice Girl on Girl Drama

The Mueller Report is finally done. While the entire report hasn't been provided yet, a summary from the Attorney General indicates there will be no formal charges for collusion or obstruction coming for the President. The report also contains other details about how Russia did indeed seek to influence the 2016 election.

A cruise ship in Norwegian waters (first of all, why are people doing March cruises in Norway) lost control of itself in giant ocean swells and barely made it back to shore over the weekend.

Mel B (Scary Spice) told everyone about how she went down on Gerri Hallwell (Ginger Spice) back in the day, and now there may be trouble with the upcoming Spice Girl reunion tour. Turns out Ginger Spice's conservative husband may not like her hanging around her old squeeze.

The PowerBall is going to be at least $750 Million for the Wednesday drawing. There's a multi-state recall on avocados. Reload with your bookie, the Sweet 16 is coming, and don't forget to support New Zealand shooting victims by getting your Unbreakable shirt.


Mar 25, 2019
Hard Factor 3/21: Huge Philly Coke Bust, Adderall & Hot Tea Are Bad, & We Put A Sick YouTuber In The Soft Corner

Authorities seized 1,000 lbs of cocaine at a port in Philadelphia and coke heads in Philly are probably not happy about it.  The combined street value of the bust was 18 million dollars, but was not nearly the biggest bust in our great countries history.  In 1989 a warehouse in CA was busted with 21 tons of cocaine inside, at the time it had a street value of 6 billion.

A woman who adopted 7 children and started a VERY popular YouTube in which she made them perform in sketches, has been arrested because she was not only collecting checks from YouTube, but also torturing her kids.  Her YouTube channel titled "Fantastic Adventures", which had over 250 million views and over 800,000 followers has since been taken down and her and her sons are going to jail and are permanently in the Soft Corner.

Apparently Adderall can cause psychosis... Who knew that stuffing yourself with Government Methamphetamine could cause your brain to turn on itself??  Also, VERY hot tea can increase your risk of esophageal cancer, probably because when you drink 140 degree tea you are constantly burning your esophagus, leaving it susceptible to cancer...maybe.

Lightening Round:

- Crazy bus driver in Italy sets a bus full of middle schoolers ablaze.

- President Trump needs to chill with insulting John McCain

- Weight loss update


Mar 21, 2019
Hard Factor 3/20: Interview w/ 19y/o Porn Beater Gracelyn Sorrell, Robert Kraft's Busted Busting, and Other Headlines

Florida prosecutors are offering Bob Kraft an essential draw, by giving him the option to get off on all blowjob charges, with some minor penalties, if he simply admits that if he were to go to trial that he could possibly be found guilty.  If Kraft were to take the deal he would be subjected to community service, some bullshit education classes on prostitution, and would have to pay court fees..  In addition, if he did take the deal he could also face some NFL penalties under their personal conduct policies/Roger Goodell is a very jealous man policy.  We will keep you updated and we stand behind Robert Kraft.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Gracelyn Sorrell claims she figured out how to stop masturbating.. WHAT?!?!?!  Did she also cure cancer!?!?!  We aren't sure how and we aren't sure if we believe her, but she was a great interview none the less and is a must listen!!  In all honesty, she was a great sport and we hope all our listeners who are struggling with porn addiction, guessing about 100%, listen to the interview to find inspiration...



Mar 20, 2019
Hard Factor 3/19: Congressman Nunes Sues Twitter For A Quarter Billion, Franky Boy Waxed By A Q Follower, Space Herpes

California Congressman Devin Nunes has been getting owned so badly on Twitter by a guy pretending to be his Mom and by someone pretending to be his cow, and he's now suing the social media platform for $250 million for being bullies and for being hypocrites. Hey Nunes, how about you come on the show otherwise we are going to start busting your balls on Twitter something we both know you don't want.

Wait are we having a fucking mob war or not? Frank "Franky Boy" Cali the boss of the infamous Gambino crime family was wacked off by a 24 year old Q follower? Come on, no way. One of the other four families or someone in his own family hired this easily brain washed punk in the perfect cover. Maybe they told him Franky Boy was hiding Muslims in the attic.

Apparently Space is the last place you want to go if you have herpes, and you will never guess why? Any guesses? Its because just like on earth, the virus is activated by stress, and we imagine being locked inside a capsule for months at a time, unsure of whether or not you will ever get to eat another meal with your family or if you will just get incinerated upon re-entry plays a little bit of a factor on your stress levels as you peer out the window at our very round blue planet. Also it's kind of hard to hide from your fellow astronauts for a few days in a row. "Why does Jeff have his helmet on inside the spaceship?"

And so much more in the Lightning Round. All you have to do is click the link above or any of the links below to find out.


Mar 19, 2019
Hard Factor 3/18: Egging in New Zealand, Sex Parties in Italy, and a Real Life Horror Story in New York

EggBoi, of New Zealand, smashed an egg over NZ Senator Fraser Anning's head, and the internet went wild! Fraser claims that the link between muslim immigration and violence are undeniable… in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings. No matter how you fee about that, head over to the store to buy your UNBREAKABLE charity tee to support the victims of the shooting that claimed 50 lives.

Former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio “The Knight” Berlusconi, is in hot water over paying a witness to falsify their testimony regarding his famous sex parties, and the fate of the women who attended them. Italian news does not disappoint.

In the most terrifying story of the day, a woman in Long Island is suing a cemetery for $5 Million for leaving vacant space in the ground near her parents grave site that caused a sinkhole effect, plunging her into their burial plots, clinging to the gravestone to avoid falling in.

Finally, a lightning round of other stories about Beto O'Rourke's bad weekend, Boeing black boxes, and a casino robbery gone wrong.


Mar 18, 2019
Hard Factor 3/14: Aunt Becky's Daughter Is A Smoke, Mark Zuckerberg Still Sucks, A Priest On The Molester List Is Found Shot To Death, And Trump Smacks Down Boeing

The scandal that is shocking some, and not surprising to most who know how rich people operate, has many stars being named for paying off college coaches, as well as manipulating ACT and SAT scores to get their privledged kids into the college of their liking.  We take a look at just how this scheme was operated, who was involved and most importantly, what is the link to Olivia Jade's Instagram profile....


Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are under yet another investigation involving two large cell phone companies, and once again selling our private data, FUCK  YOU FACEBOOK!!  It looks like Zuckerberg will again be in a lot of official looking rooms, staring at water like he has no idea what it is.  Also Facebook and Instagram were shut down yesterday, maybe still shut down, and everyone now knows just how addicted they are to those two social media sites.

John Capparelli, a priest who was previously named on a list with other child molesting Priests, was found dead in his Nevada home, and police think it may have been a crime of Karma/Homicide.  This guy had a long post being a creepy pedophile, including becoming a high school wresting coach where he forced his team to wear speedos during practice while showing them just how to perform certain moves, most of which ended with his crotch in their faces.  He also ran a website dedicated to erotic sweaty male wrestling.  What a peach, may you not rest in peace you piece of shit.

Lightning Round:

A Bomb Cyclone/Hurricane Blizzard is destroying Colorado and leaving hundreds of motorists stranded

President Trump finally grounds Boeings 737 Max plane, saving all of our lives

Another government shutdown seems imminent

Weight Loss Update


Mar 14, 2019
Hard Factor 3/13: Congressman Rodney Davis Joins To Talk Nickelback, Plus A Lightening Round

On today's Hard Factor we talk to our first Congressman, and maybe our first Nickelback fan, Representative Rodney Davis from Illinois.  We discuss his new found fame after his hilarious interaction about his favorite band on the House floor, his love of Budweiser Beer, his stance on legalizing marijuana, and if he has ever made love to a Nickelback song.  Overall a great guy and we cannot wait to be invited to The White House when he becomes President.

Also in The Lightening Round:

Brexit fails again, and Wes doesn't know what Brexit is.

Rich people and celebrities were paying for their kids to get into elite colleges.

Cardinal Pell of Australia is finally getting his comeuppance for a lifetime of touching choir boys.

Michael Avenatti wants everyone on Twitter know that he no longer represents Stormy Daniels.

Mar 13, 2019
Hard Factor 3/12: Tucker Carlson Got A Little Loose Lipped On Bubba the Love Sponge, Venezuela is Powerless And The Iditarod Is the Craziest Race

Look we've all said some things we regret or maybe don't even regret but wish not everyone heard right? We just probably haven't all done it on a shock jock radio host who arranged for his wife to fuck the Hulkster on camera's radio show for five straight years. Tucker comes off as a real asshole but the real story here is that the Hulk has a hammer and everyone that he leg dropped probably has CTE.

Who has two Presidents and no electricity, that would be the country with the world's largest oil reserves, Venezuela. Venezuela is having a worse year than R. Kelly. Four days without power, that is one sweaty fucking place ... actually the weather is perfect right now in Venezuela.

Nicolas Petit keeps getting close to winning the Iditarod but blowing it. First he couldn't navigate a blizzard in 2017 when he was about to win the race and likely ended up eating all of his dogs just to survive. Now two years and ten new dogs later and he finds himself with a commanding lead 83% through the race. All he has to do is not yell at his alpha dog in front of all the other dogs. Oops. Petit embarrassed lead dog Joey and Joey and all the other dogs said fuck you Nicolas and parked their asses refusing to race. Maybe next year.

And so much more in the 'Lighting Round.'


Mar 12, 2019
Hard Factor 3/11: Plane Travel in the Soft Corner, Mark Zuckerberg is PARANOID, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Plane travel takes a trip to the Soft Corner, as an Ethiopian Air flight crashed over the weekend despite being one of Boeing's latest models, and another Boeing Turkish Air flight experienced turbulence so bad that it broke bones and sent several to the hospital.

New reports point out that Mark Zuckerberg spends almost $20 Million a year on personal security for him and his family. As you might imagine, many of his security protocols are outrageously nerdy and over-protective, listen to learn more.

A Lightning Round of other headlines, including more high profile connections to "Orchids of Asia" rub and tug spot, this time it's President Trump. A doctor tells a family that a member is going to die via robot visit (pictured). Jaguar selfie mistake, and California arsonist blames "ghosts" for cause of fire.



Mar 11, 2019
Hard Factor 3/8: All Soft Corner - Utah Teacher Who Hates Catholics, R. Kelly, Russia, and Canadian Scammers

On Today's BONUS Episode of Hard Soft Factor…


Utah 4th grade teacher who made a kid wash off his ash Wednesday forehead – you're in the soft corner.

R. Kelly – obviously you're in the soft corner. Also probably hell (soon).

Elon Musk haters & the former Soviet Union – get in the corner.

Canadian scammers who ripped off a bunch of geriatrics – soft corner.

Mar 08, 2019
Hard Factor 3/7: SCANDAL in Canada, A Cure For HIV?, and a Vengeful German Gardener + Weight-Loss Update

The Canadian government is in “shambles” because Canucks are so darn moral. Apparently Canada's favorite son (and possibly the son of one or more members of The Rolling Stones) has been pressuring cabinet ministers to give a break to massive engineering company SNC-Lavalin – who has apparently been doing some shady things in Libya. SNC-Lavalin happens to be one of the biggest employers for the people of America's hat via government contracts. There in lies the rub. Truth be told – if you're not bribing and doing business with an iron fist in Libya, you're doing it wrong. For the second time in history a person has been fully cured of HIV.  Which seems like amazing news – but  don't throw away your Trojans quite yet. It's possible to get the cure you might also need to get cancer…? That can't be right. Either way this is middling news. 

If you live in West Germany, you know that you DO NOT FUCK WITH 59 year-old German gardener Bernhard Graumann. He is a man who knows how to hold a grudge. The vengeful seedsman was found dead in his home on Friday leaving countless untrimmed hedges, oh and also a bunch of booby trapped bombs at the homes of anyone that ever crossed him – including his long time doctor and some other poor lady that probably criticized his mowing job.

Also a Lighting Round of other headlines + a weight-loss update (Spoiler: we're slightly less fat)

Mar 07, 2019
Hard Factor 3/6: FDA Commissioner Resigns, A Sioux Falls High School Puts On A Controversial Play, And An Old Man Shoots A Disrespectful Amazon Delivery Driver

A 65 year old man shot an Amazon delivery driver after the delivery driver parked in a handicapped spot and then tried to beat the old man's ass for confronting him about it.  The old man then fled to a nearby Famous Foot Wear where he was apprehended by police, perhaps looking for a faster pair of shoes to escape with.

A Sioux Falls, South Dakota High School is in some hot water after putting on the play “The Foreigner”  A play which featured many of the cast dressed in KKK garb, but does the play's positive message outweigh the racist costumes it requires?   You be the judge.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is resigning from his post citing he needs to spend more time with his family.  Sounds a little fishy, Scott.  In some good news though, a nasal spray form of Ketamine will soon be available to fight depression and put you in a government induced K Hole.  AWESOME!!

And so much more in the ‘Lightning Round.'  If you have gotten this far in the blog you owe it to yourself to click the link to the podcast at the top and find out.


Mar 06, 2019
Hard Factor 3/5: Trump Investigation 2.0, Michael Jackson Couldn't Possibly Have Been Looking At The Man In The Mirror, And Rich Girl Throws Phone

Sorry for the obnoxious title. Hard Factor has yet to attend blogger school. Let's get into today's news.

It seems like the Mueller investigation is ending, although who really knows with that thing. So what's next, we just return to normal, roll up the sleeves and get to work?  Apparently not.  The House of Representatives is about to launch a very long and tedious brand new investigation against President Trump...sound familiar? Hard Factor is just hoping we learn about some obscure porn star we can look up and/or a pee tape comes out of this one.

Uhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhh. Don't watch 'Leaving Neverland.'

Spoiler alert: Michael Jackson fucks the daylights out of very young kids, a lot, allegedly. Nothing new here right? Well this documentary has the details from first hand victims and YIKES!

A 30 year old unemployed rich girl from Potomac Maryland, decided to throw her Mom's giant landline phone directly at her head after her Mom didn't drive her to yoga. She couldn't drive herself because along with not having a job she didn't have a driver's license. She probably thought that was how you use the phone, you throw it at the person you want to talk to. Anyways this chick sucks and the story is fucking wild, so listen to the podcast to get the full details.

And so much more in the 'Lightning Round.'  If you have gotten this far in the blog you owe it to yourself to click the link to the podcast at the top and find out.

Mar 05, 2019
Hard Factor 3/4: SpaceX Masters Docking, Martian Lakes, the Jogger Who Claimed to Kill a "Mountain Lion," and Much More

Elon Musk's SpaceX team becomes the first commercial spacecraft to dock at the International Space Station, while new imagery from Mars confirms an ancient network of above and below-ground lakes that point to potential life in the planet's past. Listen to learn how Elon is inching closer toward the eventual goal of sacrificing humans to his Martian gods.

The Colorado jogger who claimed he had killed a mountain lion that was "at least fifty pounds" actually just stomped out a baby kitten mountain lion, is a pathetic liar, and is headed straight for the Soft Corner.

A man in Oregon got stuck in the snow with his dog in his 4Runner, and resorted to eating Taco Bell Fire Sauce packets to help him and the dog survive.

Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including the Senate likely voting to block the border emergency, deadly tornadoes in Alabama and Georgia, US/China trade deal inching closer, and another week of iTunes reviews for a chance at a Friday episode.



Mar 04, 2019
Hard Factor 3/1/19: FRIDAY EPISODE AKA "SOFT FACTOR...?"

On todays episode we give you some of the softest shit we heard all week, including a lady who called the cops on a guy because his dog humped her dog.  An Arizona town that threatened to throw a 12 year old girl/journalist in jail for two years because she filmed the town's Sheriff and posted it on the internet, and tons of other soft shit.  Thank you to everyone who wrote reviews and made our FRIDAY show possible, we love you guys!!

Mar 01, 2019
Hard Factor 2/28/19: Michael Cohen Testifies, Marty Mush Guest Stars For Peta Bashing, Friday Show Is ON!!

On Todays Hard Factor....

Michael Cohen testified in front of the House Oversight and Reform Committee today, and all we really learned is that Cohen is a jealous ex-girlfriend that got his day to talk shit about his ex.  This known liar is going to jail and wanted to dick punch Trump before he goes, and that he did.

Marty Mush joins us to talk about his good luck gambling bird, Rudy.  We also talk about his run in with PETA and the threats he received over clipping his beloved birds wings, because as Marty puts it "I cant't have a bird flying around my house if I want to bring a chick home."

Also in the lightening round..

India and Pakistan are beefing big timeWeed will soon be legal, hopefully in your stateVA is still very racistA South Carolina drug dealer named "Fat" loves girl scout cookies.


Feb 28, 2019
HARD FACTOR 2/27: Michael Cohen Disbarred, A Pennsylvania Murder, Retirement Community Has a Very Sexy Problem

Donald Trump's former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen was officially disbarred yesterday by the New York State Supreme court. If you're confused WHICH later-middle-aged-white-dude-w/-a-legal-degree-who-served-our-president-Michael-Cohen-is... don't feel bad, we're not quite sure either.

A tag team mother daughter murderous duo in Bucks Country, Pennsylvania killed five family members in one of the most gruesome murders to ever hit the Keystone State. When authorities arrived, the killers took a page right out of Livia Soprano's book and acted bewildered and unsure of what was going on. When questioned, the killers claimed their heinous acts were motivated by a sense of duty to their now-deceased family members who mutually agreed on a suicide pact.

The Villages is a retirement community the size of a small city; just 62 miles from Orlando, it is known as “Disney World for Old People."  This geriatric theme park is home to 100k+ residents of varying twilight-ages, with it's youngest member bringing up the rear of the Baby-Boom generation at 55 years young. This pristine Florida gem features thirty-three sprawling 9-hole golf courses and is a virtual oasis for both golfers lovers and golf-kart enthusiasts. Over one hundred miles of cart path "streets" support the estimated 55,000 golf karts that reside within The Villages city limits - this is  by far the most golf carts in any single city in the US. It sounds like paradise right? And It is...

That is... except for ONE, very sexy, problem.  A problem that's been recently plaguing residents after dark... some of The Villagers have gotten so caught up in the fun and fancy free life style afforded by retirement at The Villages that they've been engaging in hangy public sexual intercourse in open air golf-karts.

Feb 27, 2019
HARD FACTOR 2/26: Trumpdate, Elon's World, and a Fake Weed Syndrome

When you're Donald Trump, life is not boring, but some weeks are crazy even for him, and on those weeks, we like to give a 'Trumpdate.' This week, there is a new sexual assault accuser, Trump is beefing with large Knicks fan and tiny individual/Oscar winner Spike Lee.  Oh yeah, also the North Korea Summit Part Duex is happening this week.

Guess what, another Tesla caught on fire. After a man drove his Tesla into a palm tree in South Florida, probably as an ultimate tribute to former WWF heavyweight champion The Macho Man Randy Savage, the car would not stop burning. It caught fire a half dozen times and the man was trapped in the car because the doors open upwards. Also the group of nerds at the SEC is on Elon's ass again for his tweets.

Doctors/quacks are claiming there is a new weed syndrome for chronic marijuana smokers, which are those of us that smoke 20 times or more a month. The syndrome is called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome or CHS and can lead to "scromiting" which is intense vomiting while screaming. Good news though, you can reverse the affects of CHS with a six hour long continuous hot shower.



Feb 26, 2019
Hard Factor 2/25: PETA in the Soft Corner, R Kelly Can't Make Bail, and LA News Anchor Goes Out in a Blaze of Glory

PETA lands directly in the soft corner after trying to take a shit on Steve Irwin's grave on his birthday. This comes right on the heels of them trying to take on Marty Mush over the treatment of his bird, Rudy.R Kelly wasn't able to make his $100K payment on his $1 Million bond. Apparently loads of overdue child support payments, and other terrible financial decisions, have left him far less wealthy than he should be.KTLA news anchor Chris Burrous has passed away after one of the most epic sex romps ever reported in detail in the national news. Listen to the pod to hear the wild details.President Trump is suspending tariff rate hikes for China in hopes of coming to a long-term deal on the next trip to Mar-o-Lago. The world's largest bee has been rediscovered, the Oscars were on Sunday night (listen to Light, Camera, Barstool to get the details on that), the NHL Stadium Series, and another chance at a Friday episode (HINT: leave more 5-star reviews on iTunes).


Feb 25, 2019
HARD FACTOR 2/22: The Softest People of the Week ...

On Today's Hard Factor... All the Soft Pieces of Shit From the Week 

We are throwing anti-vaxxers right in the soft corner.  Anti-vaxxers make vegans look like the Fonz.  Shocker, there are a shitload of anti-vaxxers in Portland, Oregon.  Hey all you shitty anti-vax parents, give your kids vaccinations. Our ancestors have been working their dicks off to create these fucking vaccinations and it's a miracle they even exist, so stop spitting in science's face you losers.

The man pictured above is an all time psychopath.  A father of six asked this micro-penised lunatic to stop blowing cigarette smoke into the faces of his six kids who were all under the age of 10.  A normal reaction would be to be slightly embarrassed and upset, not to get in your car and run over the entire family.  This guy is not normal.  He ran over the family and then threw the car in reverse and backed over them.  Not everyone in the family died, but the mother did.  There is going to be a lot of hard ones for this soft heartless prick in prison. Let's all find out where he's going  and mail him a letter with no writing, just pubes.

If you think that statue looks like Robert E. Lee, you're as dumb as a group of anti-vax vegans from Dunn, North Carolina that tried to set fire to it, to get back at the dead leader of the confederate army.  It's actually a statue of General William Lee a World War II hero and pioneer of airborne warfare.  The statue just happened to be located outside of General William C Lee Airborne Museum.  I guess these soft brained morons missed the velcro shoes and zippers on General William Lee's flight jacket.

Below is a list of other soft people. Who'd we miss? Throw it in the comments and subscribe to Hard Factor.

- Jussie Smollett

- Alabama ISIS lady

- Coast Guard mass murderer wannabe

- The Catholic Church



Feb 22, 2019
HARD FACTOR 2/21: Jussie Smollett Is In Trouble, ISIS Lady Wants To Come Home, Coast Guard Guy Almost Killed You

On Today's Hard Factor...


Jussie Smollett is officially in deep shit for filing a false police report claiming he was the victim of a hate crime, so either he is completely insane, or really really wants more fame, you be the judge.

A woman who previously pledged her allegiance with the United States' biggest enemy, ISIS, says she wants to come back home to America. Sure, she could have changed and no longer a soldier of ISIS, or she could be lying and wants to come home to do some ISIS shit. Probably a good idea to not let her back in.

And a Coast Guard Officer had some big plans, to kill every person on the planet. Thank God they caught this crazy son of a bitch, because from the looks of his arsenal above, he was going to make a decent dent.


Feb 21, 2019
Hard Factor 2/20: Bernie Is a Runnin' Again, Ever Wonder Why There Are So Many Catholic Orphanages ?, Hottest Trend In High Fashion: Black Face

On Today's Hard Factor...

I hope America is ready to feel the Bern, because everyones favorite grumpy politician has declared he will be in-fact running for president, again... that's right the 77 year old Senator from Vermont is back for seconds. If he wins the democratic nomination he will have to go head-to-head against DjTrump - which I imagine would play out a lot like a third Grumpy Old Men movie; a movie no one asked for, a movie no one wants.

On Monday, the New York Times published an article about the “next big scandal” in the Catholic Church… and guess what, it's all about the priests fucking the churchgoers again, but this time it's about the secret children that they father when they do it - because while they believe in the holy trinity, unfortunately their faith does not extend to condoms.

High Fashion racism seems to be in this SPRING, and why not, black face knit sweaters and sweatshirts with nooses-for-strings make a statement wherever you go, and that statement is that I have more money than brains and I will sue you if you touch me.

Gucci's CEO Marco Bizarri made a trip to Harlem to apologize to the African-American community for the brand's insensitive but sheik black face pull-over which retailed for the modest price of $890. (pictured above)

The ever trendy Burberry couldn't let Gucci have all the fun - this year during London Fashion Week the brand unveiled their line of KKK Noose Hoodies. Creative Director Riccardo Tisci claimed the hoodies were "nautical themed". Like that makes it better? Seafaring racists are some of the worst racists.

Oh yeah and a ton of other shit. Listen, subscribe, review.


Feb 20, 2019
HARD FACTOR 2/19: Venezuela Loves Socialism, FEMA Loves KARMA and Enormous Headed Lacrosse Player

Venezuela still has two presidents one has the support of the military and the other the support of the United States of America. Guess what side Hard Factor internet pundit Digger who lives by the motto "nothing much to say, let's ride" is on? 

Pamela Taylor the woman who once got fired from her government official job for calling Michelle Obama an "ape in heels," is back in the news for defrauding FEMA. It seems like Pamela Taylor took advantage of FEMA's "we can't vet everyone" during emergencies policy and collected some funds by claiming her West Virginia house flooded when it really didn't. Oh Pamela you rascal you. 

There is a college lacrosse player who is riding the sidelines because the NCAA can't provide a helmet big enough to fit his gargantuan dome piece. Alex Chu was able to get around this problem in high school, when he had a company cut apart and weld two of their extra large helmets together, forming one mega helmet, but the NCAA has a no limousine style helmet clause which is preventing Alex from getting on the field.

Oh yeah and a ton of other shit. Listen, subscribe, review.




Feb 19, 2019
Hard Factor 2/18: State of Emergency, YNW Melly, Another Human/Dog Sex Ring, and Much More

President Trump has declared a state of emergency to enable him to pay for the border wall. Rapper YNW Melly is an alleged murderer. Another human/dog sex ring has been discovered in Houston. Finally, a lightning round of other headlines, including 11 year-old arrested for not saying the pledge, Anthony Weiner released from prison, a JetBlue passenger goes on an epic drunk rant, and Jussie Smollett may have staged the attack??


Feb 18, 2019
Hard Factor 2/14: NASA's Big Week, Paul Manafort Loses His Plea Deal, and Crazy Shit Happening Inside Texas Cages

NASA launches its new SPHEREx program during the same week they officially lost the Mars Opportunity Rover. Paul Manafort got his plea deal voided by the same judge who may slap a gag order on Roger Stone in the coming days. Cages in Texas: parents are trapping their kids in em, and stoners are walking in on tigers in em. Finally, a lightning round of other headlines, including cow killing blizzards, El Chapo paying for the wall, Bill Cosby comparing himself to Mandela, and a Hard Factor Hard Body Weight Loss Competition Update.


Feb 14, 2019
Hard Factor 2/13: El Chapo is Guilty, The Bezos Dick Pic Saga, and a Florida Man Commits Burrito Assault

Surprise, surprise…. El Chapo has been found guilty of absolutely everything, and it's a lengthy list, now we all get to wait for the prison break. The saga of who leaked Jeff Bezos' dick pics rages on; was it the girlfriend's brother, a friend, Saudi Arabia?? A Florida man (pictured) got caught assaulting his girlfriend in the face and chest area with a burrito; and a lightning round of other headlines, including time running out on a border wall funding deal, the senate forcing a vote on the Green New Deal, and a Houston man slaying several in self defense.


Feb 13, 2019
Hard Factor 2/12: Not Washing Your Hands to Own the Libs, Polar Bears Take Over Russian Islands, and Killer Booze in India

Pete Hegseth of Fox and Friends told everyone he hasn't washed his hands in 10 years, and then walked that back, basically explaining that it was a joke to try and own the Purell-inclined libs… nice one, Pete! Polar bears have taken over the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in Russia, eating all the trash and trying to break into everyone's house to find food. A batch of deadly homemade booze in India has killed at least 105 people and counting; and a lightning round of other headlines, including Tesla roadster may crash back down to earth one day, Barney's getting in on weed paraphernalia, dueling rallies in El Paso, and new McDonald's donut sticks.


Feb 12, 2019
Hard Factor 2/11: Dick Pics, Zombie Deer Disease and A Whole Lot More

Surprise surprise, guys love to send dick pics and some "expert" broke down a bunch bullet points explaining why. Really they could just research Anthony Weiner's brain. Also on the show we discuss a disease in large woods based animals called "Zombie Deer Disease," another presidential candidate announcement, a woman was eaten alive by pigs and a Georgia lawyer who killed his mother is on the run. Listen to our first show back post live New York power hour.

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Feb 11, 2019
Hard Factor 2/7: Virginia Governorship is a Dumpster Fire, Maduro Blocks Aid to Venezuela, and LIVE POWER HOUR HYPE

The Attorney General of Virginia, Mark Herring, second in line to take over the Virginia governorship, took it upon himself to tell the world that he attended a party in 1980 in blackface, adding to the dumpster fire that is Virginia politics in 2019. President of Maduro in Venezuela has used a military blockade on a bridge to bock foreign aid coming from the US to feed the supporters of his challenger, Gauido. Finally a Lightning Round of other topics, including the suicide text girl, suitcase murder in Connecticut, Meghan Markle's “best friends,” NASA's climate report, a Hard Factor Hard Body Weight Loss Competition update, and details on the LIVE POWER HOUR on Periscope TONIGHT 9 PM ET.


Feb 07, 2019
Hard Factor 2/6: State of the Union Address, the Catholic Church has a Nun Abuse Problem, and a Sewage Spill in Miami

A summary of the State of the Union address, complete with all the hilarious gags and entertaining plot twists… just kidding the speech was long and boring, so we condensed the highlights for you. The Catholic Church says it may have more than just an altar boy problem… turns out those same frisky priests have been sexually abusing nuns for years. A giant sewage spill on Miami beach shut down public waters for a few days, and a lightning round of other headlines, including hand-killed cougar, killed by vape, Stormy denied in court, more young NFL coaches, and LIVE POWER HOUR WITH PFT COMMENTER 9 PM EASTERN THIS THURSDAY NIGHT 2/7!!!


Feb 06, 2019
Hard Factor 2/5: More Virginia Governor Shenanigans, A Florida Teacher's Teenage Bride Project, and Liam Neeson's Cosh

The Governor of Virginia isn't willing to resign over his blackface scandal, and new questionable sexual assault allegations against the possible replacement, Justin Fairfax, have come to light. A teacher in Florida went crazy courting a 16 year-old girl from his classes, going as far to suggest murdering his wife so they could be together. Liam Neeson gave an intense interview answer about a time in his life when he was filled with a blind rage toward black people; and a lightning round of other headlines, including the Super Bowl, 21 Savage, the Pope's middle-eastern tour, and the State of the Union.


Feb 05, 2019
Hard Factor 2/4: Virginia's Governor in Blackface, Tekashi 6ix9ine Turns Snitch, and Canada Appropriating Groundhog Culture

Virginia's governor, Ralph Northam, is being asked to resign by almost everyone in America for his affinity for blackface jokes. Tekashi 6ix9ine pleads guilty to all of his charges and agrees to becoming an informant to authorities as part of his plea. Canada has been appropriating Pennsylvania groundhog culture for years, and they're taking a trip to the Soft Corner for that. Finally, a lightning round of other headlines, including Trump's Super Bowl Sunday interview, El Chapo is a creep, TSA suicide in Orlando, and Pete Davidson/Kate Beckinsale.


Feb 04, 2019
Hard Factor 1/31: Mueller Files Hacked, Rubber Nuggets by Tyson, and Vampire Cats

Mueller investigation files that were shared as part of court proceedings ended up in the hands of Russian hackers, who then shared them online, and everybody knows now and is upset about it. Tyson Chicken is in hot water for including bits of rubber in one of their premier lines of chicken nuggets. New evidence suggests that parasites from cat piss can make you much more likely to develop schizophrenia.

Lightning Round of Other Headlines: Ariana Grande's tattoo fuck-up, Hillary hangs it up (maybe), California busts a human trafficking operation, and a damage report from the polar vortex.

Weight Loss Contest Update: Will loses this week, Mark wins the week and is still in the overall lead, and Pat is still trailing overall.

Jan 31, 2019
Hard Factor 1/30: Russia Proposes Decriminalizing "Unavoidable" Bribery, Detroit Police Commander Arrested for DUI by His Own Precinct, and Security Guard Wrongfully Terminated over a Beautiful Tackle

The Russian Ministry of justice has proposed new legislation to make bribery allowable in “exceptional circumstances.” A police commander in Detroit got arrested by his own men for DUI after slamming into another vehicle. A security guard in California got fired by Best Buy for apprehending a felon with a beautiful form tackle; and a lightning round of other headlines, including the FaceTime bug, PFT and El Pres' big night, PG&E files bankruptcy, and accidental ex-lax in Florida.


Jan 30, 2019
Hard Factor 1/29: Presidential Candidates for 2020, NATO, Venezuela, Huawei, and the Polar Vortex

Former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, considers running for president as an Independent, and we cover the entire list of officially announced and rumored Democratic candidates. An international update, including praise for President Trump from NATO, Venezuela's active coup, and USA moving forward with charges on Huawei's CFO. The polar vortex is about to turn the mid-west into a walk-in freezer; and a lightning round of other headlines, including Fyre Festival influencers in hot water, Bible Literacy classes in public school, and Zuckerberg wants all of your dick pics in one place.


Jan 29, 2019
Hard Factor 1/28: Roger Stone Arrest, Louisiana Killing Spree, and Cops Playing "Russian Roulette"

Roger Stone gets charges brought against him from the Mueller investigation, and fires back that Mueller only has a “nothing burger.” A dipshit from Louisiana killed his girlfriend, her dad and brother, and his own parents, before getting caught trying to hide out at his grandma's house. One cop is dead after another allegedly shot her after a game of “Russian Roulette”… but you don't shoot the other person in that game; and a Lightning Round of other headlines, including Kamala Harris running for president, Mick Mulvaney flexing on congress, a tragedy at a Brazilian iron mine, and a duo of underwear ruining moments in Las Vegas.


Jan 28, 2019
Hard Factor 1/24: Feat. PFT Commenter, Moronic Terrorists in NY, and Trumpdate: Venezuela Edition

VP of Hard Factor Football Operations, PFTCommenter, joins the show to discuss a group of poorly trained Boy Scouts turned terrorists in upstate New York. TRUMPDATE: the latest information on the State of the Union Address, Michael Cohen, Venezuela, rising disapproval numbers, and Lara Trump. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including a deadly bank robbery in Florida, nurses charged at Hacienda Health Care, AOC vs. Huckabee Sanders, the McDonald's wall controversy, and Jayme Closs gets a $25K reward for saving herself.


Jan 24, 2019
Hard Factor 1/23: Oscar Nominees, Government Shutdown Update, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

The Oscar nominations are out, and some of us are really excited for them, while others just make jokes at their expense. The government shutdown has now lasted 33 days and we cover why it's such a horrible fuck-up and what's going on to fix it. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including a touch up on the MAGA hat kid/Native American guy Lincoln Memorial situation, Jack Nicholson makes a public appearance, the supreme court upheld the military transgender ban, and Waymo is taking their automated car manufacturing act to Michigan.


Jan 23, 2019
Hard Factor 1/22: Rudy's Big Week, Gene Edited Babies in China, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Rudy Giuliani, Attorney at Law Extraordinaire, is on a roll of making headlines with erratic statements. Recurring segment “What the Hell, China?!?” discusses a scientist who's been fired, and potentially facing legal trouble, for conducting gene editing experiments on human embryos. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including presidential photoshop work, Notre Dame attempting to finally make things right by covering up some paintings, Uber in the hot seat, and TSA calling out of work.


Jan 22, 2019
Hard Factor 1/21: MAGA Hat Kid Discussion, Smiley Face Killers, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

An all boys high school field trip to march against abortion ended with an awkward stare down between a kid in a MAGA hat and a Native American demonstrator, and the internet went wild. A new docu-series is covering the Smiley Face Killers, an alleged group of serial killers targeting college aged males over multiple years and locations. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including government shutdown watch, BuzzFeed-gate, travelers deported from New Zealand, and MLK Day.


Jan 21, 2019
Hard Factor 1/17: Irish Man Injects Semen Into His Arm for 18 Months, a #HardFactorHardBody Weight Loss Competition Update, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

A man in Ireland attempted to cure his back pain by injecting his own semen into his right arm for over a year… you'd never guess but it didn't work. Week 7 of the #HardFactorHardBody is in the books and the guys have lost a total of 128 pounds so far with 8 or 9 weeks left to go. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including Paris Jackson, Jonah Hill, ISIS attack in Syria, State of the Union, Lauren Sanchez, Russian/Japanese islands, a new show about Space Force from the creators of “The Office,” and much much more.


Jan 17, 2019
Hard Factor 1/16: Brexit Update, Big Man in the Soft Corner for KO'ing a LittleGirl, and a Kentucky Mom gets a DUI to Prove a Point

The United Kingdom still can't quite figure out this whole Brexit thing, and Theresa May's ass is in the jackpot. A North Carolina man makes his way into the Soft Corner for being 6'5″ 250 lbs. and knocking out an 11 year-old girl with a vicious left hook instead of using his God-given skills in the ring. A woman in Kentucky got hammered and drove her son over 100 mph in the car to prove some kind of point; and a lightning round of other headlines, including Attorney General nominee William Barr, government shutdown update (yep… still closed), Meghan Markle rumors, Catholics ban touching, and LaMelo Ball.


Jan 16, 2019
Hard Factor 1/15: Pacific Gas and Electric Declares Bankruptcy, Polish Mayor Murdered in Public, and What the Hell China?!? w/ Donnie Does World

Pacific Gas and Electric company is declaring bankruptcy after poor performance that has led to several wildfires, including the largest one in state history. A beloved mayor of 20 years from a town in Poland was stabbed to death on stage at a public event. Donnie Does World joins the show to discuss a Canadian being given the death penalty in China for smuggling meth, and a government project aimed at growing a flower on the moon. Finally, a lightning round of other headlines including Trump on Bezos, weed in Rhode Island, AOC mocks republicans' love of houses, Rep. Steve King, and a guy with horns on his head who was arrested for luring women to his home (pictured).


Jan 15, 2019
Hard Factor 1/14: Jayme Closs Abductor in the Soft Corner, Meghan Markle Upsetting Britain, and Southern Women Making Headlines

Jayme Closs escaped her abductor after 87 days, and that allows Hard Factor to go ahead and toss him in the Soft Corner now for being a grown man who kidnaps little girls after killing their parents. Meghan Markle lost another staff member, this time it was her security guard, and other issues that have Great Britain spitting out their collective tea and crumpets. A woman in Texas gets caught drinking wine out of a Pringles can, but not to be outdone, another woman in Florida smears human feces all over park benches to preemptively ruin a child's birthday party, and a Lightning Round of other headlines.


Jan 14, 2019
Hard Factor 1/10: Stolen $10 Million Lottery Ticket, ANOTHER Dog Shoots its Owner, and a Showdown in the Ladies' Room

A moron in California thought he had won $10K on a scratch-off, turns out is was actually $10 million, but he told his roommates about it and got it stolen, now he may be getting it back… listen to find out. Another dog has shot and severely injured its owner, this time it was a former LSU football player on a duck hunting trip. Two women in North Carolina are charged with kidnapping and sexual battery after confronting a transgender person in the ladies bathroom; and a Lightning Round of other headlines, including Jeff Bezos getting a divorce, billionaire Norwegian wife held ransom for $10 million, President Trump walking out of his meeting and cutting FEMA funding to California, and Johnny Bobbitt has been found.


Jan 10, 2019
Hard Factor 1/9: R. Kelly Under Investigation, Nightmare Hospital, and a Political Activist with a Deadly Apartment

R. Kelly is under criminal investigation in Georgia for his sexual appetite that was outlined in the TV series Surviving R. Kelly. Bill Timmons (pictured), the CEO of a health facility in Phoenix has resigned after it's come to light that his staff, and possibly others, had been having sex with their vegetative patients for years. Political activist/donor Ed Buck has allegedly been home for two mysterious deaths in his apartment; and a Lightning Round of other headlines, including the “special announcement” from President Trump about the border wall on Tuesday night, a Mueller investigation update, GoFundMe scammer misses his court date, and a crazy woman in Arizona pleads not guilty to stalking a guy she sent over 159,000 unanswered texts to.


Jan 09, 2019
Hard Factor 1/8: Cyntoia Brown Granted Clemency, Idaho Teacher Gets Off Animal Cruelty Charges, and Elon's World: Exploding Spaceship Edition

Cyntoia Brown has been granted clemency after serving almost half her life for a murder committed while she was a child prostitute. A middle school teacher in Idaho has been declared not guilty of animal cruelty after he fed a sick puppy to a snapping turtle in his classroom last year. We head over to Elon's World where SpaceX and NASA are preparing for the first test launch of the Falcon 9 Rocket and Dragon Spaceship; and a Lightning Round of other headlines, including a shooting in Playa del Carmen, President Trump's national address, Pete Davidson getting it in, Kevin Spacey pleas not guilty, racist showdown at the Dollar General, and Julian Assange is salty.


Jan 08, 2019
Hard Factor 1/7: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Polish Escape Room Death Trap, and Outback Steakhouse Rage

An overview of the 60 Minutes interview where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outlined her agenda and views on the existing state of DC. A man in Poland is on trial for his faulty design of an escape room that led to several horrific deaths. A woman in Florida assaulted her elderly parents for not taking her to Outback Steakhouse; and a Lightning Round of other headlines, including the government shutdown, baby changing tables, the Golden Globes, and more.


Jan 07, 2019
Hard Factor 1/3: Mitt Romney, The World's Oldest Liar, PETA Hates Fun, and a Weight Loss Competition Update

Mitt Romney releases an Op-Ed blasting Trump's presidential skills, and Trump fires back asking Mitt to stop being a sore loser. Turns out the world's oldest woman from France was actually a daughter who took over her mother's identity to avoid inheritance tax. PETA wants to shut down animal mascots after the Bevo/Uga dust-up; and a Lightning Round of other headlines, including “coercive control” in Ireland, government shutdown watch, and RIP to three legends.


Jan 03, 2019
Hard Factor 1/2: American Arrested in Russia on Spy Charges, Arizona Town Revolts Against Driverless Cars, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Ex-Marine Paul Whelan has been arrested in Russia as an alleged spy for the United Sates. The town of Chandler, Arizona is revolting against driverless cars that are being tested there by Google. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines that covers kids causing trouble in zoos, Elizabeth Warren's presidential run, jerk-off terrorists, a miracle baby in Russia, and the US government shutdown.


Jan 02, 2019
Hard Factor 12/31: New Year's Eve Partier Draft, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

In honor of New Year's Eve, we draft a group of people we'd most like to party with for the celebration; and a Lightning Round of other headlines including, the treatment of migrant children, a pay freeze for federal employees, John Kelly's exit interview, a fat newborn in Texas, a man who married a hologram, college bowl game update, NFL playoff race update, and offended witches.


Dec 31, 2018
Hard Factor 12/27: Holiday Trumpdate, Hard Factor Hard Body Weight Loss Competition Update, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

A special holiday Trumpdate, including educating seven year-olds about the improbability of Santa Clause, the government shutdown, and bone spurs. We go over week 4 weight loss competition results, with a little shakeup in the rankings; and a lightning round of other headlines, including a real life bad Santa, Kevin Spacey creeping out on YouTube, more tsunamis in Indonesia, Thailand legalizes medical marijuana, a BIG winner at the casino, and a GoFundMe scam update.


Dec 27, 2018
Hard Factor 12/20: US Pulls Troops out of Syria, Facebook Sued by Washington, DC, and a Weight Loss Competition Update

President Trump announced on Wednesday that the US has defeated ISIS in Syria and is therefore going to begin withdrawing troops from the country. The Washington, DC Attorney General's Office slapped a big law suit on Facebook that could result in up to $1.7 Billion in penalties. We go through an update on the Hard Factor, Hard Body Weight Loss Competition, with the loser eating a honey bun and chugging a beer on air for punishment. Finally, a lightning round of other headlines, including border wall GoFundMe, stolen tiny house, El Chapo trial update, and a new congressional report on pot.



Dec 20, 2018
Hard Factor 12/19: Michael Flynn Has a Jail Scare, The Trump Foundation is Dissolved, and a Dragon Nativity Scene in Louisiana

Michael Flynn had his sentencing hearing postponed, but not before having a ton of shit talked to him by the judge about his questionable decisions to act as a foreign agent. The Trump Foundation, the family charity, is being forcibly dissolved for all kinds of money handling violations. A woman in Louisiana is infuriating some of her more religious neighbors with an amazing inflatable dragon nativity scene in her front lawn; and a lightning round of other headlines, including a government shutdown avoided, RIP Penny Marshall, the new ban on bump stocks, Tucker Carlson in the doghouse, and much more.



Dec 19, 2018
Hard Factor 12/18: New Study Finds Men Love Sex, Inmate Sues Prison to Smoke Pot, and a Judge Sentences Poachers to Watch Bambi

A “groundbreaking” new study from England claims it has evidence that frequent sex is more important to men than women in terms of how how happy it makes them. A ballsy prison inmate in South Carolina is suing the Department of Corrections for not providing him with marijuana. A family in Missouri is ordered to watch Bambi, repetitively, to atone for their deer murdering ways; and a Lightning Round of other headlines, including Les Moonves, New York nunchuck ban lifted, a Senate report on election meddling, and Ocasio-Cortez in the mini soft corner.



Dec 18, 2018
Hard Factor 12/17: Louisiana School Scams the Ivy League, Russia Wants to Control Rap Music, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

A husband and wife duo in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana opened a college prep school in 2005 and has been successfully duping Ivy League schools into accepting their students the entire time with falsified documentation. Vladimir Putin has been giving his thoughts on why the Russian government should be in control of rap music; and a Lightning Round of other headlines, including Rudy Giuliani stirring shit up on TV, Pete Davidson suicide scare, Cardi B and Offset, and multiple arrests at the Reno Santa Crawl.



Dec 17, 2018
Hard Factor 12/13: Michael Cohen Headed to the Slammer, Hemp Legalization, and a Hard Body Weight Loss Competition Update

Michael Cohen is headed to minimum security prison for three years, and here's the real shocker… he blames it all on Trump. The USA has finally moved industrial hemp (a crop that can't get you high) off the list of Schedule I narcotics so it can finally be farmed again all across the country. We bring in Hard Factor's resident nutritionist Stefani from Root of Wellness to judge us on our weight loss performance so far; and a lightning round of other headlines, including Post Malone's new Crocs, Voyager 2 making it out of the solar system, and Nancy Pelosi humping the democratic party into submission.



Dec 13, 2018
Hard Factor 12/12 - EPISODE #100: Trumpdate on the Border Wall, Elon's World, and the Texas Court System in the Soft Corner

President Trump invited Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer into the Oval Office for a polite yelling match over the “great wall” to divide Mexico and the US. Elon Musk is doing odd interviews, spouting off on Twitter, and announcing new products. The county of McLennan, Texas, Baylor University, and Jacob Walter Anderson, an alleged rapist, are in the Soft Corner for trampling on the rights of the alleged victim… again Baylor University. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including Google CEO mocked while testifying to congress, Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti extending their woeful losing streak, and an elderly British couple caught with 22 pounds of cocaine on a cruise ship.



Dec 12, 2018
Hard Factor 12/11: Maria Butina to Plead Guilty, South Korean Cabbie Lights Himself on Fire, and China Using Cockroaches for Food Waste

Russian spy, supposed gun activist, and cock tease to old NRA members, Maria Butina is set to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy. A taxi driver in South Korea died by setting himself on fire in protest of a new ride-sharing app scheduled to launch soon. The segment “What the Hell, China??” returns to cover cockroaches being used to consume excess food waste; and other headlines, including a Brexit vote delay, Meghan Markle losing more royal staff members, French President Emmanuel Macron capitulating to protestors, layaway santas, and an ecstasy burger served to little kids in Texas.



Dec 11, 2018
Hard Factor 12/10: Chief of Staffs are Dropping Like Flies, Pageant Winning Teacher Shows Her "Talents" to Student and Kevin Hart is not a Big Fan of the Gays

On today's episode the Hard Factor boys discuss topics like: Both the President and the Vice President's Chiefs of Staff have left or are leaving. A 28 year old woman who was a Miss America contestant as Miss Kentucky is now a dirty sex scandal teacher at a West Virginia middle school. Kevin Hart won't be this years Oscar host but he also wont be apologizing for blasting the gays back in the day. Also a bunch of other headlines that you'll have to hear to believe.


Dec 10, 2018
Hard Factor 12/6: Bear Mace Explosion at Amazon, Japan Giving Away Houses, and the Triumphant Return of the XFL

A robot at an Amazon factory punctured a can of bear mace and sent over 20 workers to the hospital. Japan's population is projected to shrink in the coming years, so they're giving away free houses to families who are willing to settle down in the country. The XFL is making a comeback in eight cities, we give an update on the Hard Body Weight Loss Competition; and other headlines, including George HW Bush's funeral, Wisconsin Republicans pulling a fast one, France cancels the gas tax, and Rudy Giuliani doesn't know how to work a phone.



Dec 06, 2018
Hard Factor 12/5: Roger Stone and Robert Mueller are Headed for a Steel Cage, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mixes Up Her Facts Again, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Roger Stone is adamant that he will be pleading the 5th if called for questioning in the Mueller investigation, while Michael Flynn gets a pass from any jail time for his cooperation. Kate joins the show to discuss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claiming that $21 Trillion in accounting errors over 20+ years could have paid for two thirds of universal Medicare. A lightning round of other headlines, including mob arrests in Sicily, Burger King's thirsty ad campaign, Eddie Murphy having his 9th kid, Seattle gets an NHL team, Avenatti isn't running for president, and the stock market takes a dip.



Dec 05, 2018
Hard Factor 12/4: The Dangerous and Arousing World of Deep Fakes, A Racist Christmas Tree in Minnesota, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Take a trip down the frightening, and potentially arousing, rabbit hole that is Deep Fakes: computer generated videos made to look and sound like recognizable figures. Some cops in Minnesota are in hot water after deciding to decorate their precinct Christmas tree with racist decorations, including malt liquor cans, chip wrappers, Popeyes stuff and Newport cigs. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including serving Pine-Sol to kids, a crazy man's plans to flip Trump's limo with a forklift, trade war with China, big day for SpaceX, and pot brownies in school.



Dec 04, 2018
Hard Factor 12/3: Updates from an Action Packed G20 Summit, In Memoriam: George HW Bush, and The Huffington Post in the Soft Corner (again)

President Trump's wild ride at the G20, including a signed trade deal (USMCA), powerful handshakes, climate change denial, and a temporary halt to the US-China trade war. Former US President George HW Bush has passed away, and we take a look at some of his greatest achievements. The Huffington Post lands in the Soft Corner thanks to calling Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer problematic; and other headlines, including the What's App messages that got Khashoggi caught, mute swan murders in England, and much more.



Dec 03, 2018
Hard Factor 11/29: Document Declassification Threats, Hard Body Weight Loss Competition, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

President Trump is ready to play hardball with the new Democratic House in the form of selective document declassification. The Hard Factor guys start a weight loss competition against each other, and get a little guidance from a registered dietician. Finally, a lightning round of other headlines, including the Senate disagreeing with the White House, Pelosi nominated for Speaker of the House, Elon Musk's tunnel under the 405 in LA gets cancelled, inmates at a South Carolina prison catfished the military for money, and Stormy Daniels says that Michael Avenatti has acted against her will on multiple occasions.



Nov 29, 2018
Hard Factor 11/28: Khashoggi Update, General Motors vs. President Trump, and Cotton Candy Mistaken for Meth

There is tons of unrest surrounding the Saudi situation, as John Bolton refuses to listen to the audio tapes of the murder and CIA Director Gina Haspel will not be joining the briefing to the US Senate. General Motors is squaring off with President Trump over thousands of planned layoffs. A woman in Georgia got busted for having cotton candy in her car that the cops thought was meth; and other headlines, including a feel good story about a lost wallet, an autistic basketball player, and an alarming active shooter drill in a military hospital.



Nov 28, 2018
Hard Factor 11/27: Paul Manafort Back in Hot Water, Mississippi Runoff Election, and the NASA InSight Landing on Mars

Paul Manafort is back in trouble for not being able to change his stripes after cutting a deal with the Mueller investigation. The final midterm election of 2018 will be decided tonight for a US Senate seat in Mississippi, and it's got an interesting backstory. The NASA InSight landed on Mars and a lot of nerdy babies probably got conceived; and other headlines, including President Trump dismissing the White House report on climate change, autism rates on the rise, Apple vs. Apple users in the Supreme Court, and an update on the idiot who died trying to convert an entire island of bow and arrow shooting natives to Christianity by himself.



Nov 27, 2018
Hard Factor 11/26: Tijuana Border Problems, Russia Takes Ukrainian Ships, and Widespread Protests in France

Tension mounts in Tijuana, Mexico, as thousands of migrants are building up and seeking entry into the US. Russia has taken possession of three Ukrainian warships near Crimea. Giant “Yellow Jacket” protests over the price of gas are taking place all over France, and they've gotten violent in Paris; and other headlines, including $7.5M discovered in a storage unit, Elon Musk giving a 70% chance he lives on Mars in his lifetime, NASA promoting asteroid fear, Egypt opens another sarcophagus, Cyber Monday, and Kok Alat fires back about buying his bride on Facebook.



Nov 26, 2018
Hard Factor 11/21: Facebook Problems, Tekashi 6ix9ine Arrested, and the Presidential Turkey Pardon

Facebook is having problems because of all the stupid shit they've done in the last year. Tekashi 6ix9ine got arrested on all kinds of charges, and they put him in the general population in jail like a schmo. President Trump performed the annual Presidential Turkey Pardon, cracking some political jokes along the way; and other headlines, including asylum seekers, Ivanka's emails, DON'T EAT ROMAINE LETTUCE, and NASA investigating Elon Musk.



Nov 21, 2018
Hard Factor 11/20: More Mass Shootings, Nancy Pelosi's Quest for Speaker, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Mass shootings in Chicago and Denver bring the total count to 309 mass shootings in America this year. Nancy Pelosi is hell-bent to take back Speaker of the House, but she's getting some push back from her own party. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including a Kansas bureaucrat claiming to be a part of the “master race”, Ivanka using her personal email account to conduct government business, a man scared of catching cancer from someone on a plane, a migrant caravan update, the “turkey challenge”, and Chris Watts getting life in prison.



Nov 20, 2018
Hard Factor 11/19: Midterm Election Updates, Meghan Markle Shakes Up the British Empire, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

The governor and senate races are finally over in Florida and Georgia, with republicans winning all three contested races. Meghan Markle is angering “palace staff” and other workers who support the British royal family with her American work ethic. Finally, a lightning round of other headlines, including gruesome injuries for Alex Smith and Sophia Floersch, Tommy “Vape God” Smokes' incredible weekend, California wildfire updates, and a falsified assault in Texas.



Nov 19, 2018
Hard Factor 11/15: Michael Avenatti Arrested, Russia Goes After SpaceX, and China Makes a Fake Sun

Michael Avenatti got arrested for domestic violence after allegedly kicking a screaming woman out of his apartment. Russia says that they will be first nation to make it to Mars in their nuclear rockets, and that Elon Musk uses shitty technology in his SpaceX rockets. What the Hell China: scientists have made an “artificial sun” potentially capable of nuclear fusion, and electronics factories sound like the seventh circle of hell. Other headlines, including Jim Acosta vs. Trump, CIA considering the use of truth serum, buying virgin wives on Facebook, and family on family homicide.



Nov 15, 2018
Hard Factor 11/14: Melania Gets Tough, Amazon's New HQ(s), Elon Musk in the Sewer, and Herpes Monkeys in Florida

First Lady Melania Trump takes out West Wing employee Mira Ricardel for fucking with her travel arrangements. Billionaire Boys Club: Jeff Bezos and Amazon announce their new headquarters in Long Island City, NY and Crystal City, VA, and Elon Musk touts the sewer building abilities of his Boring Co. Thousands of herpes infested recess monkeys are terrorizing a park in central Florida; and other headlines, including California wildfires, smart toilets, and an illegal immigration bust.



Nov 14, 2018
Hard Factor 11/13: Secret Missile Bases in North Korea, Hillary 2020 Maybe, and a Nazi Themed School Photo

In a shocking turn of events, new evidence is showing several active missile bases in North Korea despite promises to end nuclear weapon production. Hillary Clinton is putting out feelers for another potential presidential run in 2020. A bunch of high school boys in Wisconsin are in hot water for making a nazi themed prom picture; and other headlines, including midterm election updates, RIP Stan Lee, and UFOs spotted in Ireland.



Nov 13, 2018
Hard Factor 11/12: California Bar Shooting and Wildfires, El Chapo Trial, and Uganda in the Soft Corner

California had a terrible weekend with enormous wildfires raging in the north and south of the state, and a deadly shooting in a bar late last week. El Chapo's trial is set to begin in New York, and he has “promised” not to kill any of the jurors. Uganda is cracking down on their zero tolerance policies for pornography, and that lands them smack dab in the middle of the SOFT CORNER; and other headlines, including Florida election recount, CNN vs. the White House over Jim Acosta, Babe Ruth and Elvis Presley get the Medal of Freedom, and Pete Davidson makes up with Dan Crenshaw.



Nov 12, 2018
Hard Factor 11/8: feat. The Wonton Don Talking China, Jeff Sessions Out as AG, and a Human/Dog Sex Ring in Thailand

Jeff Sessions is pushed out from his job as US Attorney General and weed stocks soar. A man in Thailand was busted for running a human on dog sex/pornography ring via Facebook. Hard Factor International Correspondent Wonton Don joins to discuss China making fake moons, President for life, banning dogs from going outside, and all kinds of crazy stuff; and other headlines including midterm election follow-ups, and Floyd Mayweather backing out of his kickboxing match.



Nov 08, 2018
Hard Factor 11/7: Midterm Election Recap and Bill Gates' Plan to Fix the Sewer

The Democrats take over the House of Representatives, while the Republicans retain control of the Senate, and we recap some of the notable moments from election night. We also cover Bill Gates' plan to implement waterless toilets worldwide, and fix the waste problem that plagues most of the undeveloped world.



Nov 07, 2018
Hard Factor 11/6: Election Day Rundown, Under Armour Strip Club Policy, and Generation Rx

We run through the basic landscape for this year's midterm election, and a list of our favorite candidates – PS make sure to vote today. Under Armour makes some changes to their corporate policy regarding using company cards in the strip club. Kids in Generation Rx (trademark Hard Factor) are literally killing their guardians; and other headlines, including teachers in trouble for halloween, Amazon deciding to ruin two cities, and our ELECTION NIGHT POWER HOUR ON PERISCOPE 10-11 PM TONIGHT.



Nov 06, 2018
Hard Factor 11/5: Election Hacking Attempt in Georgia, Tanzania Cracking Down on Homosexuality, and Elon's World: LA Tunnels

Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Kemp launches a “hacking” investigation into the Democratic Party of Georgia just a few days before the election. Tanzania is cracking down on homosexuality, and the US embassy is warning Americans in the country to be careful. ELON'S WORLD: Musk releases a video of his new underground people moving tunnel in LA; and other headlines, including controversial campaign ads, Pete Davidson, and a yoga studio shooting.



Nov 05, 2018
Hard Factor 11/1: FT. Adam Carolla Interview and a Supreme Court Marriage Proposal

Turns out that two former Supreme Court justices were involved in an embarrassingly pathetic marriage proposal. We got an interview with Adam Carolla at Politicon, and touched on subjects ranging from Macho Man's death to The Rock running for president. Other headlines, including more troops to the border, a Jewish doctor patching up the synagogue shooter, Oprah hitting the campaign trail, and updated voting odds.



Nov 01, 2018
Hard Factor 10/31: Trump Contemplates the Constitution, Whitey Bulger Gets Axed and Some Guy Tries to go Full Hannibal Lector

On today's podcast. Donald Trump is not a big fan of people getting automatic US citizenship just because they are born here and he's thinking about doing something about it. Whitey Bulger led a gang, killed a bunch of people also snitched for the FBI before being #1 on their most wanted list for almost 20 years. Jack Nicholson played a character which was loosely based off him which was good, but Johnny Depp actually played him which was bad. All that and he's dead now because he was murdered in prison and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. There is a guy in Texas who wanted to play a version of fuck marry kill with a child that will certainly be the most disturbing thing you hear this Halloween and the outro is balls out nuts as well. Enjoy.



Oct 31, 2018
Hard Factor 10/30: Troops Headed to the Border, Walmart 2.0, and Venice is Flooding

5,200 US troops have been deployed to help defend the US-Mexican border in anticipation of the arrival of the Honduran caravan. Walmart is making a feeble attempt to compete with Amazon by creating cashier-less Sam's Club Now. Venice, Italy is experiencing terrible flooding; and other headlines, including an Indonesian plane crash, off-beat political commentary from Kellyanne Conway and Hillary Clinton, Jeff Sessions protested, G20 summit, and the latest racially charged rant caught on video.



Oct 30, 2018
Hard Factor 10/29: Pipe Bomber and Synagogue Shooter in the Soft Corner, and Brazil's New President

The guy who tried to send pipe bombs to half the democratic party turned out to be a pathetic roided-out wannabe stripper, so we put him in the Soft Corner. BONUS SOFT CORNER: the guy who shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh is a real piece of shit, as you might imagine. Brazil has elected a new right-wing president, and the celebration parties look amazing; and other headlines, including a soccer stadium helicopter crash, WWE Crown Jewel, and marijuana's role in the upcoming elections.



Oct 29, 2018
Hard Factor 10/25: Bombs in the Mail, Pre-Teen Satanists, and Yellowstone Paranoia

Pipe bombs got sent in the mail to several high ranking members of the Democratic party. Two young girls in Florida got caught plotting a satanic murder scheme against their classmates. People are concerned that Yellowstone national park is about to explode; and other headlines, including federal “sex” definition, mega millions winner, accidental arson, betting odds on the midterms, and a sad kid's birthday party.



Oct 25, 2018
Hard Factor 10/24: Honduran Caravan Update, Airplane Groper, and an Interview with Deborah Reno (Panty Selling Politician)

The Honduran caravan marches on toward Mexico City, where they will likely split up in different directions toward the US border. A Florida man groped a woman's breast on a Southwest flight from Houston to Albuquerque. Exclusive interview with Deborah Reno, AKA Misty Crockett, the used panty sales woman running for city council in Wyoming; and other headlines, including Erdrogan on Khashoggi, a weird virus in New Jersey, and a horrific Roman escalator accident.



Oct 24, 2018
Hard Factor 10/23: Avenatti Tax Troubles, Exploding Police Body Cams in NYC, and MAGA Rally Coverage from Houston

Turns out Michael Avenatti has a pretty shady history of tax evasion. Defective police body cameras in NYC are overheating and exploding. Finally, Wes and Pat recap their big day at the MAGA rally in Houston where they ended up randomly watching the speeches next to Alex Jones.



Oct 23, 2018
Hard Factor 10/22: Saudi Update, World Record Lottery Drawing, and Teacher Falls in Love with 11 Year-old

Saudi Arabia changed their story on Khashoggi again, and we examine the fallout. The world's largest lottery pot is up for another drawing on Tuesday. An insane 41 year-old teacher in NYC falls in love with an 11 year-old boy; and other headlines, including a pretty good NBA fist fight, Mitch McConnell harassed at a restaurant, and a wild party at Clemson.

Oct 22, 2018
Hard Factor 10/18: Honduran Caravan, Campaign Smear Ad Gone Wrong, and Khabib/Mayweather

A caravan of over 4,000 Hondurans is marching to move to the USA. North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp used false information about sexual assault victims to try and smear her opponent, Kevin Kramer. Khabib calls out Mayweather; and other headlines, including Don McGahn, Dr. Grant Robicheaux, Mueller updates, and military upgrades in Kaliningrad.



Oct 18, 2018
Hard Factor 10/17: Stormy vs. Trump Tweet Battle, RIP Dennis Hof, and Canadian Weed On Sale NOW!

Episode #69. Nice.

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump trade beastiality insults on Twitter. Legendary brothel entrepreneur and recent republican politician, Dennis Hof, passed away at the age of 72. You can buy legal weed in Canada starting TODAY; and other headlines including, Khashoggi updates, Mega Millions, and naked shark tank diving.

Oct 17, 2018
Hard Factor 10/16: Elizabeth Warren's Genealogy, Being Bezos: Blue Origin, and Used Panty Saleswoman Runs for City Council

Elizabeth Warren releases DNA tests that prove she maybe had a Native American ancestor 6-10 generations back. Jeff Bezos talks about his plans for his company “Blue Origin” to help 1 trillion humans populate the entire solar system (watch how here). A cam girl/used panty saleswoman in Wyoming is running for City Council; and other headlines including, Trump's beef with Mattis, RIP Paul Allen, Khashoggi update, Stormy Daniels dismissed, and Sears bankruptcy.



Oct 16, 2018
Hard Factor 10/15: Saudi Arabian Tension, Kanye's Big Weekend, and a Detroit Funeral Home Disaster

The death of a journalist in Turkey has sparked tension between the US and Saudi Arabia. Kanye West had lunch with President Trump, got mocked by SNL, flew to Uganda, and released a PSA about social media/mass mind control, all in one weekend. A Detroit mortician got busted for hiding old bodies in the ceiling, and other headlines including googly eyes on a statue in Georgia, Pete Davidson/Ariana Grande break-up, and a failed Himalayan exploration.



Oct 15, 2018
Hard Factor 10/11: Ted Cruz/Beto O'Rourke Update, Avenatti/Trump Jr. MMA Match, and an Emotional Support Squirrel

Ted Cruz pulls out of his debate with Beto O'Rourke, giving Beto an hour to himself on TV. Michael Avenatti challenges Donald Trump Jr. to an MMA fight for charity (and attention). A woman tried to board a Frontier Airlines flight with an emotional support squirrel; and other headlines, including Hurricane Michael, Vern Troyer, Joe Guidice, National Coming Out Day, and a paranoid white lady in Georgia.



Oct 11, 2018
Hard Factor 10/10: Nikki Haley Resigns, Serial Killer Couple in Mexico, and Trash Can Bandits in Kentucky

Nikki Haley resigned as the Ambassador to the UN. A couple outside Mexico City was arrested with body parts in their stroller, more at home, and turns out they killed as many as 20 women. Two inmates in Louisville, KY escaped jail in trash cans, but got caught a couple days later; and other headlines, including Anthony Weiner getting out early, potential Mar-a-Lago summit, hurricanes, and ethanol fuel.



Oct 10, 2018
Hard Factor 10/9: China Updates, Taylor Swift Takes a Stand, and Sex Island

A new segment, “What the hell, China??” goes over the mysterious bribery charges to former Interpol chief Meng Hongwei, the North Korean denuclearization process, and stock market woes. Taylor Swift finally let the world know where she stands on politics (thank God, we NEEDED to know). Thirty lucky men will be able to pay $6,000 to go on an all inclusive trip to Sex Island in December, and other headlines including, natty light anniversary, all girl Boy Scout troops, Clinton dinner, Hurricane Michael, and SpaceX rocket landing.



Oct 09, 2018
Hard Factor 10/8: Kavanaugh Confirmed and Robbie Fox Joins to Talk UFC 229

Brett Kavanaugh got confirmed to the Supreme Court over the weekend, and the protests continued to roll on. Robbie Fox joins to discuss the crazy fights, in and out of the cage, at UFC 229; and other headlines about Stormy Daniels, NBC, Banksy and more.



Oct 08, 2018
Hard Factor 10/4: PFTCommenter joins, Kavanaugh Updates, Pot Brownies for Votes, and Being Bezos

Executive Vice President of Football Operations for Hard Factor, PFTCommenter, joins the show. We go over the new updates in the Kavanaugh saga, including the FBI background investigation, Mark Judge's book making money, Yale classmates, Michael Avenatti, and more. A high school cheerleader got caught exchanging pot brownies for homecoming queen votes (Hard Factor would have voted for her). We take a look at the new Amazon employee payment changes, and a new lunar lander in the segment Being Bezos; and cover other headlines including, an opioid bill, ricin guy in a mini soft corner, Fan Bingbing, and Theresa May.



Oct 04, 2018
Hard Factor 10/3: Trumpdate (Tump Update), Gender Reveal Forrest Fire, and the Cruise from Hell

TRUMPDATE: President Trump has a YUGE day talking Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford, getting investigated for tax fraud, and lining up national group text for himself. A border patrol agent in Arizona made the biggest mistake of his life at the gender reveal party of his unborn child by accidentally starting a giant wildfire. An Australian Royal Caribbean cruise ship got commandeered by an Indian tobacco company and ended up having to refund a ton of passengers for dealing with the ruckus; and other headlines including, the 2019 Putin calendar, the first woman in 55 years won the Nobel Prize for Physics, US/China flexing in the sea, lost Missouri sex offenders, and ricin envelopes.



Oct 03, 2018
Hard Factor 10/2: USMCA Trade Deal, Soccer Mom in the Soft Corner, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

The US, Mexico and Canada came to a new trade agreement called the US, Mexico and Canada Agreement (USMCA). We tossed a soccer mom in the Soft Corner for suing her son's high school after he didn't make the varsity soccer team as a junior. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including Beto O'Rourke's bad day, Kavanaugh updates, a Reno woman drunkenly drove her car into her own house, the skull-shaped “Death Comet” is passing earth, PA police used a helicopter to shut down a tailgate, and the wildest meth user on earth goes full zombie during her arrest.



Oct 02, 2018
Hard Factor 10/1: Kavanaugh Loves Beers, Earthquakes in Indonesia, and Elon's World

Full updates on the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation, including the Senate committee ruling and the pending FBI background investigation. Another giant earthquake hit Indonesia and has already killed more than 800 people. Elon Musk and Tesla settled a lawsuit with the SEC that requires them to pay a large fine and remove Musk as Chairman of the Board; and other headlines, including net neutrality, Sarah Pailn's son “Track,” and Kanye West.



Oct 01, 2018
Hard Factor 9/27: New Kavanaugh Accuser, Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rates, and Americans are Back on Meth

Michael Avenatti brings forward a new Kavanaugh sexual assault accuser, Julie Swetnick, and President Trump holds a loopy press conference to address the Kavanaugh hearings. The Federal Reserve hikes interest rates from 2% to 2.25%. Americans are doing A LOT more meth this year than last year. Other headlines including, homeless murders in LA, Ford Motors not loving the new tariffs, the owner of the LA Times thinks social media is the “cancer of our time,” Pete Davidson doesn't like Chevy Chase, and Lil Xan hospitalized himself with Hot Cheetos.



Sep 27, 2018
Hard Factor 9/26: Bill Cosby in Cuffs, Ted Cruz Having a Hard Week, and UT Students Kill Bees with Weed Killer

Bill Cosby got sentenced to 3-10 years in a Pennsylvania federal penitentiary. Ted Cruz and his wife got shouted out of a restaurant by protestors, and bugged by the media all week. University of Texas students conducted in-depth experiments to prove that weed killer hurts bees, and other headlines including: Kavanaugh updates, Jon Jones is a USADA snitch, and an unintentional joke at the United Nations.



Sep 26, 2018
Hard Factor 9/25: Kid Survives 7 Weeks at Sea, Italians Stick Up for Asia Argento, and a New Mars Colony in Elon's World

An Indonesian boy named Aldi survived adrift at sea on a wooden raft for 49 days. An Italian talk show stepped in to defend Asia Argento from her statutory rape accuser, Jimmy Bennett. Elon's World: SpaceX said that it plans to start a colony on Mars by 2028, and other headlines.



Sep 25, 2018
Hard Factor 9/24: Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings, Mattress Murder in TX, and Colombian Coke Bananas

Christine Blasey Ford will testify at the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings, and terrifying details about Kavanaugh continue to emerge like him being the treasurer of the “Keg City” club in high school. A wild argument over a mattress in a dumpster ended up in a fatal shooting in Texas. $18 Million dollars of cocaine was discovered inside Colombian bananas, again, and other headlines.



Sep 24, 2018
Hard Factor 9/20: Celebrity Rape Doctor, Cody Wilson Pays for Sex, Alien Cover-Up

Grant William Robicheaux, an orthopedic surgeon, and his girlfriend, Cerissa Laura Riley, may have drugged and raped as many as 1,000 women together. Cody Wilson, inventor of the Liberator 3D printed gun, got caught paying a 16 year-old girl for sex after meeting her on SugarDaddyMeet.com. A solar observatory in New Mexico was shut down by the FBI for almost two weeks, and they called in Blackhawk Helicopters, for a reported child porn obsessed janitor.



Sep 20, 2018
Hard Factor 9/19: President Trump's Hog, Great White Feeding Frenzy, and Merriam-Webster in the Soft Corner

Stormy Daniels released a description of President Trump's hog and set the internet on fire with Mario-Cart memes. Great White Sharks are gathering in a massive feeding frenzy in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, scaring the shit out of anyone who thinks about being in the area. Merriam-Webster takes a trip to the Soft Corner for adding a bunch of ridiculous words to the dictionary, and other top headlines.



Sep 19, 2018
Hard Factor 9/18: China Abducts Tax-Evaders, Coca-Cola Infused with Weed, and Elon's World

The Chinese government is secretly arresting it's most rich and famous citizens to punish them for tax evasion. Coca-Cola is thinking about striking a deal with a cannabis company to make infused beverages, which is amazing. Elon Musk is getting sued for calling someone a “pedo guy” and has his very first volunteer to fly on his SpaceX spaceship, and other headlines.



Sep 18, 2018
Hard Factor 9/17: Border Patrol Serial Killer, Brett Kavanaugh Hates Bathing Suits, and a Public Shooting by a Mariachi Band

A border patrol agent in Laredo, TX was arrested for killing several hookers over the last few weeks. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexually assaulting a girl when he was in high school, in the 80s, by trying to remove her bathing suit at a house party. A rogue Mariachi band opened fire on a public square in Mexico City, and other headlines from the weekend.



Sep 17, 2018
Hard Factor 9/13: NYC Police Prostitution Ring, the New iPhones, and Baby Boomers Getting High

Several NYPD officers were arrested for running an alleged prostitution and gambling ring (sounds fun), the new iPhones are announced and nerds all over world are feeling the friction in their pants, baby boomers are embracing weed more than ever before, and other headlines to keep you up-to-date.



Sep 13, 2018
Hard Factor 9/12: Russian and Chinese War Games, Oregon Man Exonerated by a Labrador, and Crack Pipe Vending Machines in Long Island

War games begin between China and host nation Russia. An Oregon man was exonerated from a 50-year sentence with the help of a labrador retriever. Crack pipe vending machines popped up in Long Island, and other headlines.



Sep 12, 2018
Hard Factor 9/11: Hurricane Florence, Stabbing in Paris, and Mayor vs. Nike in the Soft Corner

Hurricane Florence has its sights set on the Carolinas and Virginia. A wild stabbing in Paris leaves seven injured, and features some mob justice. A Louisiana Mayor takes a trip to the Soft Corner for banning Nike in his rec rooms, and other headlines.



Sep 11, 2018
Hard Factor 9/10: Serena Williams, Mistress Abuse and Dynamite Candles

Serena Williams has a hard day at the US Open. A GOP fundraiser allegedly abused his mistress. A woman who mistook a stick of dynamite for a candle blew her finger clean off, and other headlines from over the weekend.



Sep 10, 2018
Hard Factor 9/6: New York Times Op-ed on Trump, Virginia Man Protects Lawn with Electric Fence, and Fraternities are Banning Hard Alcohol

The New York Times has released an Op-ed piece from a “Senior Official” at the White House that gives “insane” details about the inner workings of the White House. A man in Virginia erected an electric fence around the perimeter of his residence for keep school kids off his lawn. Fraternities all over North America are banning hard liquor, and other headlines including natural disasters, sick people on a plane, and Kavanaugh confirmation hearings day 2.



Sep 06, 2018
Hard Factor 9/5: New Trump Book, Nike/Kap, Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing, and an FBI Ruby Slippers Bust

Bob Woodward is releasing a new book about the Trump administration on 9/11/18. Nike and Colin Kaepernick have set the internet ablaze with their new ad campaign. The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearing had a wild first day with 70 protestor arrests, and all kinds of other controversy. The FBI makes a bust on people who stole Ruby Slippers in Minnesota, and other headlines about Elon Musk and the New Jersey GoFundMe couple/homeless veteran.



Sep 05, 2018
Hard Factor 9/4: High Speed Chase with a Baby on Board, More McCain/Trump Beef, and a Shocking Arby's Sign

Footage was released of a mother in Texas going on a high speed police chase with her baby in the car. President Trump and Meghan McCain have engaged in a shade rivalry. An Arby's drive-thru sign got turned into racist joke, and other top headlines from over the weekend.



Sep 04, 2018
Hard Factor 8/30: Florida Governor's Race, New Anti-Weed Committee, and Homeless GoFundMe

A wild opening to the Governor's race in Florida, a new committee commissioned by the White House to discover all the negative effects of marijuana, a homeless man in Philadelphia sues his GoFundMe benefactors, and a Lightning Round of other headlines.



Aug 30, 2018
Hard Factor 8/29: Sex Doll Brothels, Puerto Rico Update, and Elon's World

STD rates are higher than ever in the US, but Canada is coming to save the day with sex doll brothels. The death toll in Puerto Rico was about 46 times higher than originally reported. ELON'S WORLD: Elon Musk doubles down on his “pedo guy” claim. Other big headlines including 3D printed guns, fashion “implants,” and NAFTA.


Aug 29, 2018
Hard Factor 8/28: Mueller Related Cold Case, Inflammatory School Assignment, Misogynistic Shooter, and a Very Horny French Dolphin

Today's Hard Factor covers a cold case being worked by a sad old man that could somehow affect the Mueller investigation, a teacher in Ohio issuing an oddly incendiary school assignment to his sixth grade class, a Houston area man getting arrested for a road rage shooting at “incompetent women,” and Zafar the horny dolphin in France that shut down a beach with his aggressive flirting.


Aug 28, 2018
Hard Factor 8/27: Jacksonville Shooting, RIP John McCain, Vatican Update, and NAFTA

Topics on todays show include a mass shooting in Jacksonville at a Madden tournament, the best eulogy for John McCain you will hear this week, more news from the Vatican about Catholic Church abuses, and updates on NAFTA renegotiation progress.


Aug 27, 2018
Hard Factor 8/23: Verizon in the Soft Corner, Cancun Murders, Fire Challenge, and Ancient Sex

Verizon gets tossed in the Soft Corner for being a bunch of profit obsessed assholes, to the point of hampering California wildfire relief efforts. We also cover other headlines, including a rash of terrifying murders in Cancun, ancient human subspecies interbreeding with one another and having children, and people are now literally lighting themselves on fire for the “Fire Challenge.”


Aug 23, 2018
Hard Factor 8/22: ft. Sean Spicer in the Hard Seat, Mueller Investigation Update, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Big news related to the Mueller investigation; Michael Cohen reaches a plea deal and Paul Manafort catches 8 convictions. We interview Sean Spicer in the Hard Seat, where he tells us he might be interested in doing sketch comedy with Melissa McCarthy if she's willing. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including Mollie Tibbets, the Colorado family murder trial, two little badasses in Arkansas, and PETA saving the world from the terrors of Animal Crackers' artwork.


Aug 22, 2018
Hard Factor 8/21: Asia Argento Exposed, State Watch: South Carolina, Man on Man Peeing, and Midterm Madness in FloridaHard Factor 8/21: Asia Argento Exposed, State Watch: South Carolina, Man on Man Peeing, and Midterm Madness in Florida

Harvey Weinstein victim and former girlfriend of the late Anthony Bourdain, Asia Argento, may actually be a sexual predator herself. State Watch: South Carolina, with several hilarious headlines from the Palmetto State. Drunk American man peed on a Japanese man on a flight from Chicago to Japan. Midterm Madness: Florida congressional candidate Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera claims she was abducted by aliens as a child and has had follow-up telepathic contact with the aliens.


Aug 21, 2018
Hard Factor 8/20: Colorado Man Kills Family, the Truth is Not the Truth, the Pope has Magical Lips, and Kevin Spacey in The Soft Corner

On today's Hard Factor Uncle Chaps joins us as we bring down your day with a story about a Colorado man who murdered his pregnant wife and two little girls, and another story about Rudy Giuliani debating over the truth not actually being the truth, but no worries, the Pope apparently has magical lips that can cure cancer, and finally we toss Kevin Spacey in the soft corner because his new movie is absolutely tanking at the box office.


Aug 20, 2018
Hard Factor 8/16: Jake "The Snake" Roberts in the Hard Seat, Synthetic Pot, and a Lightning Round

The inventor of the DDT Jake “the Snake” Roberts joins us for an Interview in the Hard Seat, almost 50 overdoses on synthetic marijuana in Connecticut, and a lightning round of other headlines to close out the week.

Aug 16, 2018
Hard Factor 8/15: Dirty Priest Investigation in PA, Crazy Compound in New Mexico, and Public Urination in Paris

Pennsylvania grand jury investigation finds proof of over 300 child molestors in the PA Catholic Church, new updates surrounding the religious cult family compound that was raided in New Mexico, and France turns Paris streets into giant toilets with new piss boxes called “uritrottoirs” all over the sidewalks.



Aug 15, 2018
Hard Factor 8/14: Troops Get a Raise, Bristol Palin's Divorce, Midterm Madness, and the Soft Corner

President Trump signs the McCain National Defense Authorization Act into law but fails to give props to Senator McCain in the announcement, Bristol Palin has to give up at least one house in her divorce settlement, MIDTERM MADNESS: Florida candidate lies about graduating from college and republican Virginia congressman's son makes a public donation to the democratic party, THE SOFT CORNER: Utah man tries to kill his family with a stolen plane but ends up just killing himself.


Aug 14, 2018
Hard Factor 8/13: Virginia is for Pedos, Barrel Rolls, Unite the Right 2, and Albanian Turkey Disputes

A Virginia judge continues to defy the advice of his peers and commutes another rape sentence, an Alaskan Airlines plane was hijacked by a grounds crewman and taken for an epic joyride before a fiery crash, Unite the Right 2 takes place in DC with potentially DOZENS of attendees, and an Albanian man is arrested for killing 8 of his family members over being accused of stealing a turkey.


Aug 13, 2018
Hard Factor 8/9: Russian Spies, Indonesian Witch-Doctors, DUI Speeches, and Alien Radar

USA tosses some sanctions on Russia for using chemical weapons in the spy game, a girl who describes herself as a "white thoroughbred" has been arrested for DUI in South Carolina, a woman was held captive as a sex slave by an Indonesian witch-doctor for 15 years, and aliens are coming but scientists don't have the balls to tell you.


Aug 09, 2018
Hard Factor 8/8: California Wildfires, Insanity Defense in Florida, Johnny Depp Conspiracy, and Gout: the Disease of Kings

California is experiencing record setting wildfires and we catch up on the details, the Parkland, Fla. shooter says that the voices in his head made him shoot up the school, Johnny Depp's new movie release gets indefinitely delayed because Hollywood all of a sudden has a conscious, and HEALTHSCARE - Gout: The Disease of Kings.


Aug 08, 2018
Hard Factor 8/7: InfoWars Gets Banned, NASCAR CEO Gets a DUI, Anonymous/QAnon, and a Lightning Round of Headlines

Facebook, YouTube and Spotify shut down InfoWars/Alex Jones accounts, while Twitter accidentally shuts down the accounts of old ladies they think are Russian bots.

The CEO of NASCAR gets a DUI with some pain pills in his pocket while on vacation. He immediately attempted to ask the police, “Do you know who I am??”

Internet hacking group Anonymous releases a video vowing to expose the  leader of the QAnon movement.

Headline Lightning Round: including Chicago shootings and molestations, the missing Iowa student, vigilante justice in Florida, a heroic cop in New York, and “Unite the Right 2″ and the Paul Manafort trial in DC.

Aug 07, 2018
Hard Factor 8/6: Explosive Drones, Steven Seagal is a Russian Diplomat, Waterpark Terrorized, and Amish Uber

Venezuelan President Maduro escapes an assassination attempt by hiding behind blankets and umbrellas from explosive drones, Steven Seagal is named a Special Envoy to the US by the Russian Foreign Ministry, a special needs man in Minnesota tossed an 8-year old boy from a 30-foot pool slide deck, and "Amish Uber" starts up in Michigan which is really just a horse carriage ride from an Amish guy.


Aug 06, 2018
Hard Factor 8/2: Attempted QAnon Explanation, Bicycle on Bicycle Murder in Houston, the $9 Million Cuck, and the SOFT CORNER

QAnon shows up big at a Tampa MAGA rally and now the country grapples with how to understand 4chan, a man in Houston is at large after allegedly revenge killing the former cardiologist of George H.W. Bush, a North Carolina man wins a $9 million dollar settlement after finding out he had been cheated on with a man named Francisco for over a year, and parents who are buying Fortnite lessons for their kids are getting tossed in the soft corner.


Aug 02, 2018
Hard Factor 8/1: PFT Commenter Joins to Talk 3D Printed Guns, Paul Manafort's Ostrich Suit, and a Miraculous Plane Crash Survival

VP of Hard Factor Football Operations PFT Commenter joins the show for a lively discussion about “the Liberator” (both the 3D printed gun and the sexual enhancement device), the start of the Paul Manafort bank/tax fraud trial, and a plane crash in Mexico where all 100+ passengers (probably) survived.


Aug 01, 2018
Hard Factor 7/31: Politicizing Bigfoot Erotica, North Korea, and Trump Anxiety Syndrome

In a super unsurprising move North Korea is making nuclear capable missiles again, Americans are literally giving themselves anxiety disorders from freaking out over Trump tweets, and probably the best story of the year so far: a Virginia election is coming down to a choice between an anti-semite and a Sasquatch porn enthusiast.


Jul 31, 2018
Hard Factor 7/30: Grand Mufti, Kids Pouring Boiling Water on Each Other, Polar Bear Cruise, and a PC Party

Several hundred people are scheduled to be sentenced to death by the Gand Mufti in Egypt for a bloody protest, kids are dumping boiling hot water on each other for the “Hot Water Challenge”, a polar bear is killed to defend a cruise ship of rich Europeans, and we have a little PC (Politically Correct) Party to help Austin, TX find their new name.

Jul 30, 2018
Hard Factor 7/26: There's a Lake on Mars, Larry Nassar gets an Ass-beating, Adultery Scams, and the Soft Corner

Larry Nassar gets assaulted immediately upon release into the general population in prison, the FBI uncovers an adultery mass mailing scam in Jacksonville, Italian scientists have discovered a lake on Mars, and the guy who destroyed Donald Trump's Hollywood Star (but passed on Kevin Spacey's star) gets tossed in the Soft Corner.


Jul 26, 2018
Hard Factor 7/25: Farmers Getting Paid in the US and Tear Gassed in France, Teen Mom Handgun Incident, and the Mayweather/50 Cent Beef

The US Department of Agriculture announces $12 Billion in relief for farmers who have been negatively impacted by tariffs, farmers in France hold a protest at the Tour de France and end up getting everyone tear gassed, a star of the MTV show “Teen Mom 2″ gets into an altercation involving a handgun with her son in the car over a road rage incident, and 50 Cent brings out the bodybag for Floyd Mayweather with his latest addition to their online beef.



Jul 25, 2018
Hard Factor 7/24: Trump's Twitter Game is BACK, Sacha Baron Cohen Strikes Again, and Breastfeeders are Protesting in Minnesota

President Trump shoots an all caps tweet to Iran's President warning them to be cautious (and Iran tweets back), a wiretap on American hero/possible traitor Carter Page, Ph.D. sparks a debate about the Mueller probe, GA State Rep Jason Spencer is fooled by Sacha Baron Cohen into humiliating himself on national television, and angry mothers in Minnesota are protesting their right to openly breastfeed in public.



Jul 24, 2018
Hard Factor 7/23: Trader Joe's Standoff, Tekashi 6ix9ine Gets Robbed, and James Gunn Pedo Jokes

A wild police chase in California ends in a deadly stand-off at a Trader Joe's, unbearably annoying rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine got robbed for his jewelry, and a we have a roundtable discussion grading the pedophilia-related tweets that got James Gunn fired from Disney.



Jul 23, 2018
Hard Factor 7/19: Google Sued by EU, Record Breaking DUIs, and a Very Bad First Date

Kurt Warner's wife (or a very strong look alike who works for the EU) announced that the European Union is suing Google for $5 Billion, a man in Idaho gets 30 years for his 6th DUI, and a man in Tennessee steals his date's car to go on a date with another woman that same night.



Jul 19, 2018
Hard Factor 7/18: Would/Wouldn't-Gate, New Australian Snakes, Mandalay Bay Sues Shooting Victims, and Pick-up BBall Guy in the Soft Corner

Trump clarifies that he meant he wouldn't see why Russia wouldn't have meddled in the 2016 election, a new species of poisonous snake was discovered in the giant Fear Factor episode that is Australia, the Mandalay Bay is pre-suing the victims of the Las Vegas shooting massacre, and the guy who called the cops for a hard foul in a pick-up basketball game takes a trip to the soft corner.


Jul 18, 2018
Hard Factor 7/17: Helsinki Reactions, Papa John's PR Tour, Crocodile Massacre, and Elon's World

America erupts with emotional reactions after President Trump got big-timed by Putin in Helsinki, Papa John get's “officially” kicked out of the Papa John's offices, a village in Indonesia goes on a revenge killing spree at a crocodile sanctuary, and we take another trip to Elon's world where he's making calculated attacks on a hero from the Thailand cave rescue.



Jul 17, 2018
Hard Factor 7/16: Meetings in Helsinki, Protests at the World Cup Final, Pot Farmer Killed by Bulldozer, and a Jaguar on the Loose

Trump continues his European tour all the way to his meeting with Putin in Helsinki, France wins the World Cup Final that was spiced up by a protest from the band Pussy Riot, Pennsylvania state police accidentally killed a small time pot farmer with a bulldozer, and a bloodthirsty jaguar goes on an animal killing spree at the Audubon Zoo.


Jul 16, 2018
Hard Factor 7/12: NATO Summit, Police Lip Sync Battles, Elon's World, and an Own Goal

A giant argument about how to split the defense spending bill erupts at the NATO Summit, police across the USA are breaking out their choreography skills for #LipSyncBattle, Elon Musk is getting embarrassed left and right, and Wes scored an own goal on himself leaving the Orioles game early before a walk-off win over the Yankees.


Jul 12, 2018
Hard Factor 7/11: Trump's Big Dick Day, Spider Infestations, #Resist, and the Thai Kids are Safe

Cave Watch is finally over and the Thai kids are safely out of the cave, President Trump goes apeshit on his to-do list (tariffs, pardons, NATO, etc.), a woman in Tennessee lives in the 7th circle of hell with spiders all around her, and we rate some of the best #Resist tweets we can find.


Jul 11, 2018
Hard Factor 7/10: Cave Watch, SCOTUS Nomination, Reenactment Wakes, and UK in the Soft Corner

Taking another look at cave situation in Thailand and hoping for good news, Brett Kavanaugh is nominated as the next Supreme Court Justice, a wild wake in New Orleans is done Weekend at Bernie's style, and the entire UK (whichever countries are in there anyway) is tossed in the soft corner!


Jul 10, 2018
Hard Factor 7/9: Cave Watch, Trump Baby Balloon, Scott Pruitt and Flying Spiders

CAVE WATCH – Day 7: four boys are out but the rest may not be so easy, there's a Trump baby balloon of questionable size that will be floating in London and other cities as a protest, Scott Pruitt is an all time political heel, and spiders can fly using electricity.


Jul 08, 2018
Hard Factor 7/5: CAVE WATCH - Day 3, Killer Grandma, Jim Paterno, and #AmericaIsForLegends

CAVE WATCH - DAY 3, the soccer team is still in the cave, 92 year-olds are fighting back against the nursing home by forcing their way into prison, Congressman Jim Jordan is accused of being the next JoePa, and #AmericaIsForLegends - Caresse Crosby invented the brassiere.

Jul 05, 2018
Hard Factor 7/3: America Invented Yoga Pants, and the Rest of the World's Got Problems

The kids soccer team in Thailand has been located alive deep inside some flooded caverns, Mexico has a new President with an acronym name and a fresh agenda, the world's best criminal busted out of prison in a helicopter and then torched it like a boss, and we celebrate #AmericaIsForLegends with Joe Shivers – the inventor of SPANDEX.


Jul 03, 2018
Hard Factor 7/2: Welcome to America Week - Fake Tits and Freshly Mowed Lawns

Canadians are chugging Molson and maple syrup while setting new tariffs on the US on Canada Day, kids in Cleveland are making the most out of having the cops called on them for mowing the wrong lawn, a giant grow operation in GA was accidentally discovered by the cops, and we kick-off America week with our #AmericaIsForLegends campaign and the guys who created silicon breast implants.



Jul 02, 2018
Hard Factor 6/28: The Great Republican Heater, and some Foreign Stuff

A Supreme Court retirement announcement adds fuel to the fire of an all-time heater for Republicans, a guy in Germany probably killed over 20 of his co-workers with their own lunches, two Mormons in Canada who have over 160 kids combined got in trouble with the law, and we take a peek at some of the best #MAGA moments of the week.

Jun 28, 2018
Hard Factor 06/27: The Supreme Court Shuts Down Travel While Spirit Airlines Shuts Down Pleasantry and Maradona Shuts Down Potential Death Pool Winners Yet Again

A score of 5 to 4 makes for a killer soccer game, not so much for hopeful Somolians and the citizens of the six other travel-banned countries.  Everyone flying Spirit Airlines wishes they weren't, one woman finally had the guts to say what all of us sad bastards flying economy are thinking, also the World Cup is still happening and perennial fútbol bad boy Maradona has a cocaine death-wish.

Jun 27, 2018
Hard Factor 06/26: Keep Your Tariffs Off My America, a Racist and her Rabbi, and Heather Locklear Needs Our Help

On today's episode of Hard Factor we discuss the tariffs imposed on the glue that holds America together (motorcycles and bourbon), Roseanne Barr goes on her Rabbi's podcast to make absolutely no sense about why she made the racist tweet that ended her show, Heather Locklear has selflessly given us her hotness for years and she needs us now more than ever - do it for Heather, and more news from the legal weed front.

Jun 26, 2018
Hard Factor 6/25: Tired People are Invading the States, Saudi Arabia Allows Women To Drive, and can the Cops stop Water?

On today's episode of Hard Factor we discuss how even tired invaders can be considered dangerous, Saudi women can get behind the wheel for the first time in history, a woman who sells drugs to dogs called the cops on a child who was selling water to thirsty humans, and lastly, a person whose job it is to stand up for herself finds her way directly into the "Soft Corner" for not standing up for herself.

Jun 25, 2018
Hard Factor 6/21: PFT Commenter Joins Us, and Donald Trump Is Separating Congresspeople's Families From Their Picnics

In today's episode we examine the new executive order ending the separation of illegally immigrating children from their parents, Trump's decision to cancel the White House Congressional Picnic, a restaurant in China that sold monthly buffet subscriptions, and an Amazon update.

Jun 21, 2018
Hard Factor 6/20: Diaper Don Says, "Smoke a Spliff, Piss Your Pants, and Film a Porno"

There's a new book coming out about how hard Don Jr. partied in college, Canada votes to legalize weed, two firefighters in Akron get caught filming a porno, and Jeff Bezos is officially the richest man in the world.

Jun 20, 2018
Hard Factor 6/19: How To Gerrymander Outer Space

On today's Hard Factor we discuss Donald Trump's conscription of definitely the coolest sounding military branch: The Space Force. The World Health Organization officially recognizes being a nerd as a mental condition, and the Supreme Court swills their brandy vaguely in the direction of two Gerrymandering complaints. Plus the debut of Elonsworld


Jun 19, 2018
Hard Factor 6/18: How To Kill A Bobcat With Your Bare Hands And A Budding Immigration Controversy

Here's the debut episode of Hard Factor- your daily 15 minute news show examining current events through the eyes of the Hard Factor team and our pundits- random internet commenters. On today's show we have an immigration update, Mexico caused an earthquake, a bobcat attack that should have been prevented with our tax dollars, and Jimmy Kimmel goes into the soft corner

Jun 18, 2018
Welcome to Hard Factor

Episode One coming soon.

Jun 07, 2018