The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder

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 Jul 21, 2019

Scott T.
 Jul 18, 2019

 Oct 15, 2018
I love this show! I listen everyday on Sirius. Dan and Big Jay are hilarious and so is the rest of the Bonfire crew. Crackle crackle!

 Aug 18, 2018
I'm not sure if reviews that aren't from iTunes count, but The Bonfire is the most entertaining radio show / podcast going today. I'll spread the word as much as I can!

A Podcast Republic user
 Aug 8, 2018


Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder, invite listeners and friends to come and hang out by The Bonfire as the blunt and candid duo talk about everything from comedy and entertainment to sports; sharing their stories from the road doing stand-up and giving fans a chance to call in and give their opinions on the topics of the day.

SUBSCRIBE NOW for the best of The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder and listen every Monday thru Thursday at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific on SiriusXM’s Comedy Central Radio (channel 95)!

Episode Date
The Low Road (w/ Mike Finoia)

Jay gets an irate message from a fan who is upset with him for cancelling his shows at Mohegan Sun this weekend. Jay does not take the high road in his response. Jay, Dan and Mike Finoia discuss the disturbing life of Jeffrey Epstein.

Jan 20, 2020
The Kids Are Back (w/ Monroe Martin, Derek Gaines, Joe DeRosa & Corinne Fisher)

Monroe Martin and Derek Gaines join the show & Monroe talks about growing up in the foster care system in Philadelphia. Joe DeRosa guest hosts with Jay & Corinne Fisher joins the show sharing how she got an awkward text before her show the night before. Jay and Dan review the new season of Surviving R. Kelly.

Jan 13, 2020
Happy Holidays Campers!!! (w/ Jessica Kirson & Dave Attell)

Dan & Jay discuss Santa-Con hunting RAMBO style. The Hawk, Jessica Kirson stops by & Dave Attell joins the show as the gang talks about times they wanted to run away.

Dec 23, 2019
Rise & Grind (w/ Shane Gillis & Justin Silver)

Dan & Jay check out the morning schedule for Mark Wahlberg and it just doesn't seem right. Justin Silver & Shane Gillis join the show and Shane recaps his performance at the Bonfire Live Holiday Show the night before. 

Dec 16, 2019
Please Don't Tell Me Who I Am

The crew shares their experiences with summer camps and find out about the time Jacob was the only non Hasidic person all Hasidic Jewish camp. The guys discuss the new documentary "Tell Me Who I Am" and how they would feel in the same situation.

Dec 09, 2019
Lonely Thanksgivings & Alter Egos (w/ Ramon Rivas)

Jay tries to convince Jacob to attend A Very Johnson Thanksgiving or go with Oakerson's for the holiday. After Dan is recognized on the street for being “McFee” from Showtime’s Billions the host discuss alternative names and personalities of the crew.

Dec 02, 2019
Were You Ever Really There? (feat. Joe List, Joe DeRosa, Krystyna Hutchinson & Justin Silver)

Joe List wanted to be taken by Kiefer Sutherland in 2012. DJ Lou is upset he’s not invited to see Tool. We find out Becky doesn’t like music all that much & Jay thinks he can not only beat up any female cop but now The Girl of Steel, Supergirl.

Nov 25, 2019
Uber Pickups and Daytime Evil

DJ Lou picks up his Uber Driver, the gang discusses the discrepancy "Evil Rock" in the daytime, Woke Terminator is born & Dan and Jay share memories of the movie "Blown Away" after Soder's rewatch over the weekend.

Nov 18, 2019
"Word Up! Get Me A Sandwich" (w/ Nore Davis & Mike Feeney)

 Jay and Dan decide to become diehard fans of the WNBA’s New York Liberty! Black Lou and guest Nore Davis discuss their individual styles for getting a mouse out of their house. Jay mistakenly texts his daughter giving up his smoking habits and the younger Oakerson has an inspired response.

Nov 11, 2019
Bet Debt

Jay goes over his basketball bet with Luis J. Gomez on "Legion of Skanks" and the events of the debt being paid off at The Stand in New York City

Nov 04, 2019
The Drunk Stylings Of The 2 Lous

Jay tells Dan it’s time to grow his home décor style, a new Christine drop is born & Black Lou and DJ Lou get black out drunk at Dan’s HBO taping.

Oct 28, 2019
Half A Rack (w/ Shane Gillis)

Jay tells stories of being a young boy going bass fishing with a real man in Florida & ruining Disney World for his dad’s new family. Controversy explodes as Shane Gillis admits to sleeping naked when he and Dan Soder share a hotel room.

Oct 21, 2019
Hardcore (w/ Lil Kim & Shane Gillis)

Shane Gillis rejoins the show and the gang looks into the history of mens social clubs. Jay judges Dan's party hosting skills and Queen Bee Lil Kim joins the show and agrees to judge the guys as they attempt her Hardcore pose.

Oct 14, 2019
"You Tell 'Em Honey" (w/ Matt Braunger)

 Jay’s Mom and Mom-Mom call in to defend their sweet Jewish boy. Matt Braunger talks to Dan & Jay about what tv auditions do to your self-esteem & Dan helps Jay voice audition for the role of Piglet.

Oct 07, 2019
The Phantom of The Bonfire (w/ Chris Distefano)

Jay’s mom and Dan’s nana have no interest in seeing their work on screen. DJ Lou’s motel-hooker-paying-past set to the soprano voice of Big Jay singing The Phantom of the Opera. Chris Distefano tell a few tales of difficult girlfriends in his dating past & the gang discusses nude selfies.

Sep 30, 2019
Live From New York, It's The Bonfire! (w/ Joe Derosa)

Jay, Dan and Joe DeRosa discuss the firing of Shane Gillis from SNL. Jay gets a lesson in "White Girl Privilege" with Christine at the airport and after watching twerk video Dan and Jay try to decide whether or not they should get butt implants.

Sep 23, 2019
Vegas Baby (w/ Dan St. Germain, Kareem Green & Richelle Ryan)

 Jay and Dan are back from Vegas and talk about their dad bods, picking up girls poolside and more in Sin City. Guests Dan St. Germain and Kareem Green talk about awful movie bio pics with the bonfire hosts. Richelle Ryan talks about helping the youth movement in the porn industry.

Sep 16, 2019
The Kids Are Back! (w/ Sal Vulcano)

Jay tells the gang how his first experience at a gun range felt. Dan and Jay discuss watching guys talk to strippers in clubs. Jay, Dan and Sal Vulcano discuss the seedy origin of the slide whistle.

Sep 09, 2019
Old Mistakes (W/ Joe DeRosa & Jezebel Sweet)

Ex-Corey’s Angel Jezebel Sweet tells what it was like living and touring with the Goonies star.  Joe DeRosa’s former life as a Texas State Senate reporter is revealed on cassette tape. Jay recounts the time Dave Attell and David Spade were in the audience for a performance of Ha! The Musical. Dan Soder talks about his former high school crushes that wouldn’t sleep with him.

Aug 26, 2019
Rise & Grind (w/ Joe DeRosa & Justin Silver)

Dan Soder calls in from Scotland and imagines what it would be like to find love in Edinburgh. Jay’s very and Joe talk about temper tantrums.The gang defends low level Instagram motivational speaker’s actress girlfriend. Also featuring the new segment, "Yo, Yous Seen This Yet" movie review of "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" with Kilah and Beezer.

Aug 19, 2019
So It Shall Be Written (w/ Shane Gillis, Brian Six, Kilah Fox, Dante Nero & Justin Silver)

Shane Gillis on his sister’s Eqyptian husband and Coptic Christian wedding. Dante Nero tells the story of how he had to defend himself sexually against another man with knife. Jay describes to Dan the proper way to show your package in underwear.

Aug 12, 2019
Live From “Just for Laughs” Montreal (feat. Brad Williams, Jimmy Carr, Guy Branum, Rich Vos & Pete Correale)

Brad Williams is in studio as Jay tells the gang about working on the new J.Lo movie “Hustlers” (not Blade 4). Jimmy Carr body shames the comedy community, Guy Branum & Rich Vos discuss intimacy differences in make out sessions and Pete Correale stops by and gives DJ Lou an ultimatum. 

Jul 29, 2019
Nothing Is Real (feat. Ron Bennington, Andy Fiori & Shane Gillis)

Dan and Jay discuss crazy ex girlfriends and bad break ups. Andy Fiori & Dan's old drinking/hangover stories. Ron Bennington joins the show and talks about his old co-host Fez coming out on air.

Jul 22, 2019
Birthday Flops & Skankfest (w/ Josh Adam Meyers, Jeremiah Watkins, Joe DeRosa & Tony Hinchcliffe)

Dan discusses his feelings on birthday gifts from Trish, Dan councils Jay & Christine on their relationship and the gang recaps Skankfest NYC.

Jul 15, 2019
Jealous Jacob (feat. Craig Gass & Yannis Pappas)

Jealous Jacob comes out when discussing an old Roomate. Craig Gass comes talks "Kiss" with the guys & Yannis Pappas joins the show and reminisces about Dan and Nate Bargatze’s drinking past.

Jun 28, 2019
Bar Kids

The Bonfire brainstorms plots for future Rambo movies. Dan Soder tells everyone about life as a "Bar Kid" and the guys comment on the documentary “At The Heart of Gold”

Jun 21, 2019
Casinos, Camping & Porn Shoots (feat. Dave Attell & Jeff Ross)

Jeff Ross and Dave Attell talk about performing in Vegas and picking the right people to roast. Cameraman Corey accidentally worked on a porno & Dan recalls a snoring nightmare during Comedy Camp.

Jun 14, 2019
The O'Doyle's Do Rule (feat. Shane Gillis)

DJ Lou’s date gets friendly with a comic at The Comedy Cellar. Big Jay explains why Bon Jovi is much better than Bruce Springsteen & Shane Gillis joins Dan and Jay in discussing who the real bullies are in some very famous movies.

Jun 07, 2019
Campfire Crossover (feat. Robert Kelly, Ari Shaffir, Mike Cannon & Mike Feeney)


May 31, 2019
A New York 6

Jay was at the 76er’s game 6 playoffs and was amazed at what all the rich white guys were yelling at the players. After a power lunch with Comedy Central executives, Jay is bummed that Dan is the belle of the ball at Del Frisco’s from wide eyed fans.  The crew ranks themselves on a scale of 1 to 10.  Jay is dissed by a cab driver who is a big fan of Dave Attell but doesn’t know who he is.

May 24, 2019
A Very Bad Pooh Bear (w/ Mike Finoia, Shannon Lee & Ralph Sutton)

The crew tells stories of "Mutual Masturbation" & the finds out that the man who voices Winnie-the-Pooh, Jim Cummings has not been very moral. Shannon Lee & Ralph Sutton of "The SDR Show" on the Gas Digital Network come by and Shannon updates the gang on her hunt for love in the bowels of prison.

May 17, 2019
We Left Our Hearts In Texas (w/ Shane Gillis, Mike Vecchione & Justin Silver)

Dan & Jay catch up with the crew about their after show adventures in Austin. Justin Silver & Mike Vecchione come by and get into the documentary "One Of Us" about the Hasidic community in New York. Heel Jacob comes out for the Bonfire Dating Game from the live show at the Moontower Comedy Festival.

May 06, 2019
"Let's Start Arming Our Bunnies"

After spotting an angel though the glass, Dan & Jay send Jacob on a mission to find out her identity. The gang watches an Easter Bunny jump in on a fight & DJ Lou is guilted for choosing a date over friendship.

Apr 29, 2019
The Tragedy of the Friend Zone (w/ Rude Jude, Baron Vaughn & Open Mic Eagle)

Rude Jude from "The All Out Show" on Sirius XM's Shade 45 joins The Bonfire. Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle come in and tell us about their new show on Comedy Central, "The New Negroes." Dan & Jay have fun with "Pimp My Ride" and discuss the tragedy of the friend zone.

Apr 22, 2019
I Think We're Alone Now (feat. Nikki Glaser & Director Sean Donnelly)

Big Jay dines in the dark with Ari Shaffir in Toronto. Nikki Glaser joins the show and tells a story about feeling sex. Dan talks about an incident that started out great and ended with a girl throwing up in his apartment. Director Sean Donnelly calls into the show to talk about his film “I Think We’re Alone Now” about guys who stalk 80's pop star, Tiffany.

Apr 15, 2019
"I'm Really Good At Shakespeare"

Jacob has to defend one of his favorite bands Iron Maiden, and tells a story about him and his father. Jay makes fun of Christine for wanting Shakespeare on the new bookshelf. The guys discuss the immense knowledge of basketball the Kardashians must have.

Apr 08, 2019
Concert Etiquette (feat. Jim Breuer & Shane Gillis)

DJ Lou gets drunk and disappears at Gary Clark Jr. concert. Jay, Christine, and Shane Gillis talk about seeing a dead body driving back from Baltimore. Jim Breuer joins the show and shares stories about opening for Metallica on their latest tour.

Apr 01, 2019
Tickle Fighting and Make-Outs (w/ Nate Craig)

Big Jay talks "Tickle Fighting" and the consequences that come with it, Dan and Jay stage a make out in front of Sirius XM and the crowd gets larger than they first thought. Nate Craig joins the show and talks awful comedy condos with the guys and the "Lost At Sea" Tapes comes to a close, with a land recording wrap up. 

Mar 25, 2019
RIP Jan-Michael Vincent (w/ Mike Finoia, Shuli Egar, Joe DeRosa)

Jay and Christine accidentally go to a lice party over the weekend. After a run in in the Sirius XM elevator, the gang finds out the incredible Gary Clark Jr. is a Camper. Jacob gives a heart felt eulogy at the Jan-Michael Vincent Memorial and Joe DeRosa shares a strange sex story on at the live show on the Impractical Joker's Cruise.

Mar 18, 2019
Negative Body Image and Neverland (w/ Joe DeRosa & Shane Gillis)

Joe DeRosa joins Jay in Los Angeles and they discuss leaving on shirts while being intimate. The documentary "Leaving Neverland" is at the top of everyone's mind and back on the cruise Dan, Jay & Christine talk about beach bodies.

Mar 11, 2019
Death Parties (w/ Andy Fiori, Rich Vos & Mike Finoia)

Andy Fiori & Rich Vos join the show & help recap the Oscars. A KTLA news anchor dies in a sex and drugs filled party for two. After watching Cops on TV, Jay is convinced that no female cop could arrest him & while Lost at Sea, Jay, Dan and Mike Finoia discuss the idea of a death party

Mar 04, 2019
WOW Wrestling, Bad Bumbles & Leaving Neverland (w/ Eleanor Kerrigan & Joe DeRosa)

Eleanor Kerrigan joins the show and talks about the Philly Mob and WOW Wrestling. After watching the trailer for “Leaving Neverland” Jay and Dan say who could have gotten to them. Joe DeRosa joins Dan and Jay on board the Impractical Jokers cruise for a discussion of Teen Wolf.

Feb 25, 2019
The Internet Is For Porn (w/ Ari Shaffir, Shane Gillis & Daniel Sloss)

Daniel Sloss schools Jay and Ari Shaffir on buying drugs in Scotland. After learning of the return of Roman and Sierra to YouTube, Jacob reveals he never watched internet porn before The Bonfire. Dan Soder tells the tragic yet hilarious story of his dad, Gary.

Feb 18, 2019
Friendship Trades (w/ Chris DiStefano, Shuli Egar & Mike Finoia)

Chris DiStefano joins the show and the guys discuss which male celibates their moms would give it up for. Shuli Egar & Mike Finoia are in studio and talk about a comic that refuses to play a club that is featuring Louis C.K. a week later. Shannon, producer for Jay’s podcast wants to date a prisoner & DJ Lou tells his on jail story to impress her. 

Feb 04, 2019
Over Zealous (w/ Ali Siddiq, Chris Cotton & Roy Wood Jr.)

Ali Siddiq & Chris Cotton join the show, and it turns out he's wearing a wire. Jay and Christine share a Facetime mishap. Roy Wood Jr. discusses morning radio and being an extra on movie sets.

Jan 28, 2019
Gen Pop (w/ Judd Apatow, Pete Holmes, Shane Gillis, Bobby Kelly & Mike Finoia)

Judd Apatow and Pete Holmes join the show and talk about Bill Cosby adapting to jail. Shane Gillis discusses Trump celebrating the Clemson Team with McDonalds. Bobby Kelly and Mike Finoia discuss Louis C.K. with Big Jay & DJ Lou can’t get backstage at MSG with Sebastian Maniscalco.

Jan 21, 2019
Do You Have Your Passport? (w/ Dave Landau, Mike Vecchione, Justin Silver, Neal Brennan & Tim Dillon)

Dave Landau taught the gang about English pedophile extraordinaire Jimmy Savile’s many abuses. Jay and Christine take an online test to see how abusive their relationship is. Mike Vecchione, Justin Silver & Neal Brennan join the show as we listen to R. Kelly's Ethiopian "Recruitment" video. Tim Dillon discuss the wonderful perks of being good looking and the perils of not being good-looking. 

Jan 14, 2019
Sweet Sweet Jacob (w/ Joe DeRosa & Jimmy Martinez)

Jacob has a bumble date in Florida that ends early & Jimmy Martinez warns women on guys just looking for room and board for the winter.

Jan 07, 2019
The Gift of Hatchet Dan (feat. Dave Attell, Steve-O, Mark Normand & Brian Regan)

Hatchet Dan comes to life after a gift exchange. Steve-O discusses travel & a viral video star. Mark Normand discusses the new "To Catch A Predator" style of show and the suspect. Dave Attell tells us about his trip to a death museum and old gore films he watched as a kid. Brian Regan talks about the state of comedy and how different it was back then coming up as a comedian and times he was heckled.

Dave Attell (@attell)

Brian Regan (@brianregancomic)

Steve-O (@steveo)

Mark Normand (@marknorm)

Dec 24, 2018
Confidence (w/ Georges St. Pierre & Firas Zahabi)

Jay expresses his envy in Dan's confidence. UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre & Tristar Gym's Firas Zahabi join the show & everyone learns about Dead Serious: The Musical.

Dec 17, 2018
DJ Lou Has A Bumble Fumble & Big Jay Has A Battle Rap (w/ Ron Funches & Ralph Sutton)

DJ Lou self sabotage's his bumble game by lashing out at innocent question. Ron Funches joins the show and tells us about running into Crips in the Chicago Library. Ralph Sutton, co-host of "The SDR Show" comes on to discuss his battle rap with Big Jay.

Dec 10, 2018
The Lewdness of Midtown Manhattan (w/ Jenny Heaton & Jim Florentine)

Black Lou breaks down the holiday with his family & after a power lunch with Comedy Central executives Big Jay and Dan invite their lunch server on the show & she tells us about the lewd things offered to her being a midtown waitress. Then, we find out that Jim Florentine used to pull off the look of Big Jay's dreams.

Dec 03, 2018
Black Lou Wins Husband Of The Year

Black Lou wins husband of the year after taking his wife to a 5 ½ hour long Harry Potter play on Broadway. DJ Lou informs Jay and Dan that he won’t go to "Sex Island" because he was invited to a football game by the Houston Texans' J.J. Watt with Pete Correale and Sebastian Maniscalco & everyone is in a good mood after they see Jeff Goldblum playing piano in the SiriusXM lobby.

Nov 19, 2018
"If You're On TV, You Should Not Be On Reddit" (w/ Bill Burr, Michael Price, Andy Fiori, Shane Gillis & Mike Finoia)

Bill Burr & Michael Price come in and talk “F is for Family.” Shane Gillis & Andy Fiori stop by to recap last week’s mushroom fueled Cyress Hill concert with the Bonfire Crew and Jay and Shane debate the manliness of “Footloose.” 

Nov 12, 2018
Sex Island, The Jersey Shore & Opiates (w/ Richie Redding & Paul Virzi)

We find out that "Sex Island" is back in action,  Richie Reading tells us about love on the Jersey Shore & Paul Virzi joined the show for a discussion on Roseanne Barr and how ABC wrote her character off her show. 

Nov 05, 2018
"Nice To Meet You" (feat. Ron Bennington, Louis Katz, Shane Gillis, Mike Finoia, Monroe Martin, Derek Gaines & Ted Alexandro)

Dan Soder tells us about looking like an asshole to Sebastian Maniscalco. Louis Katz joins the show and discusses the polyamourous wedding he attended in New Orleans and "Woke Dangerfield is born. Ron Bennington & Shane Gillis reminisce with Jay about the simplicity of being raised by lunkheads. Monroe Martin, Derek Gaines join in on figuring out a look for Mike Finoia, Poncho Mike. Ted Alexandro stops by and the guys talk about road life.

Oct 29, 2018
Reality B-Roll (w/ Sal Vulcano, Ari Shaffir, Luis J. Gomez & Tim Dillon)

Dan Jay & Sal Vulcano are in disbelief of the new live read. Luis J. Gomez & The Bonfire crew debate “wet” or “dry” rubs & Tim Dillion discusses the formula for Making A Murder II.

Oct 22, 2018
The "Truman Show" Lives of Teenagers Today (w/ Bo Burnham & Ari Shaffir)

Ari Shaffir joins the show and discusses Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clown posse trying to drop kick Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit during a performance & comedian, and now feature film director, Bo Burnham talks about his movie “Eighth Grade” and the “Truman Show” lives that teenagers are living in the world today. 

Oct 15, 2018
Psychedelics & The Psych Ward (w/ Shane Mauss)

The Bonfire welcomed comedian Shane Mauss to the show this week. He talked about his incredible journey taking psychedelic drugs that landed him a psychiatric ward and more stories from the crew.

Oct 08, 2018
Dave Attell In Studio, Ali Siddiq Tells Us Proper Jail Cell Bathroom Etiquette & Ron Bennington & Big Jay Oakerson Talk To Bam Margera In Philly

With Dan Soder out shooting “Billions” Big Jay welcomed Mike Finoia and Shane Gillis to the studio. Turns out, before for he became a first-rate comic, Shane was a terrific bully in high school. Learn some of his signature moves on this week’s best of The Bonfire... “Hell, Yeah!” Then comedian Ali Siddiq stopped by and talked about his years in prison, schooling everyone on how to pee properly in your cell, the high demand for laminated naked pictures, and how much five “soups” can buy you in the joint. Catch the full interview with Ali and hear more about his incredible time in prison on The Bonfire on demand on the Sirius XM app. If that isn’t enough, the legend Dave Attell was a guest this week and talked about performing at Skankfest in Brooklyn, and how Sebastian Maniscalco is performing four show at Madison Square Garden. Then, Jay talks about bringing his bo staff on stage with him at Mohegan Sun and nobody in the audience knew why. Finally, Jay and Ron Bennington interview Bam Margara in Philadelphia.

Oct 01, 2018
Buffalo Bill The Gigolo & Post-Comedy Ideas

It was a great week on The Bonfire. Garren James from the Cowboys 4 Angles male escort service stopped by and Jay and Dan pitched him on letting them join his stable. Dan auditioned with his “Buffalo Bill” escort idea, giving women a true “Silence of the Lambs” experience.  

Big Jay got back from Philadelphia, hosting a show with the great Ron Bennington. Poor promotion led to a small crowd. This only inspired Big Jay and Dan to brainstorm new Post-Comedy specials where they would perform to a crowd of no one.  

Then, the two Bonfire hosts talk about the one time they filmed themselves having sex. Neither had a very good experience. 

Finally, Dan and Jay’s worry about the impending post-apocalyptic world grows and it’s time to pick the crew’s post-apocalyptic world names. And they debate if having sex with a “new zombie” is ethical.

Sep 24, 2018
Gene Simmons Of Kiss Stops In, UFC Fighter Mickey Gall Talks Street Fights & The Guys Plan For The Apocalypse

It was a crazy week on The Bonfire.

UFC fighter Mickey Gall got fighting tips from Dan and Jay, and talked about a bar fight he had in Denver. 

The hosts of The Bonfire realize they were both in-the-store kids growing up. You don't want to miss the young adventures of Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder

After binge watching The Walking Dead, a worried Big Jay feels he and Dan need to pick out zombie fighting weapons immediately. Tune in as they debate which machetes, tomahawks, knives and a bow staffs are best for their post-apocalyptic lifestyles. 

The legendary bass-player for KISS, Gene Simmons, stopped by the Bonfire and hit on Christine, talked Judaism with Jay, as well as making the cover of Playboy magazine.

Sep 17, 2018
"Post-Comedy" Material and Bert Kreischer Takes Up Leather Making

The Bonfire welcomes back The Machine, Bert Kreischer, to the studio. Bert tells the guys that his therapist told him he needs hobbies and his decision to take up leather making and sailing. Then the crew discuss Vulture magazine's article on the new "Post-Comedy" era. Dan tries out his new tragically unfunny post-comedy material on Big Jay. Finally, Jacob gives DJ Lou a lesson on spelling pride.

Sep 10, 2018
Bert Kreischer & Mike Vecchione In Studio, Everlast Stops In & The Guys Write Their Own "Pete Davidson" Song

It was a celebrity packed week on The Bonfire as Bert "The Machine" Kreischer sat in with Dan and Jay, along with comic Mike Vecchione. Dan admits to Bert that Mike's home workouts leave him feeling uncomfortable. The one and only Everlast stops by. Bert Kreischer offers to get naked if Everlast will perform "Jump Around" acoustic. Find out what happens! Finally, Jay and Dan thought they could sing a better song about their friend Pete Davidson than Ariana Grande, so they did. Tune in to hear their punk composition, "Pete Davidson!"

Sep 03, 2018
Mark Normand In Studio & Big Jay & Dan Broadcast Live From The Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie Concert In New York

The Bonfire welcomed the great Mark Normand to the studio this week. He told the crew about his fastest hook up ever ...11 minutes! Then Big Jay recalls being a kid playing in a JCC basketball league in Philly and seeing a very young Kobe Bryant perform super-human feats on the court. Comic Shane Gillis tells the tale of when his Catholic school basketball team played and JCC team and lost. Then, a Bonfire first. Live from Jones Beach at a Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie concert Dan and Jay interview fetish provider Ashley Badd. Finally, everyone loves a self-deprecating comic but Big Jay recalls the early comedy of Justin Silver being quite different.

Aug 24, 2018
Step-Dad Big Dick Energy (w/ Ramon Rivas II)

Listen in as the guys chat with Ramon Rivas II about chicks that deadlift, cookie-dough entrepreneurship and their step-dad’s big dicks (again).

Aug 17, 2018
The Bonfire Live 3 Year Anniversary at Skankfest NYC 2018 in Brooklyn, New York

This week's Best of the Bonfire catches us celebrating a milestone live from Skankfest in Brooklyn. It was a packed crowd as Big Jay and Dan rejoice with Campers over 3 Years of the Bonfire. Then, it's back to business and Jay reveals that he recently had an "accident" in the show and learned that he narrowly avoided a "waffle stomp." 

Aug 10, 2018
Big Jay & The Beastmaster Justin Silver Contemplate Dinosaurs & Rich Vos Complains About Complaining

Big Jay and guest host Justin Silver review the new Jurassic World movie, and how to best get your dinosaur on a plane. Plus, Rich Vos joins the show and discusses the trend of people who go to comedy clubs to complain. Finally, things get testy in the Bonfire studio as Big Jay and Christine and the crew get into a heated debate about pasta bowls.

Jul 27, 2018
DJ Lou Falls For A Cam Girl Online & We Have The Transcript. Plus, Corpse Posing...

It was a monumental week on The Bonfire as Big Jay & Dan find out that DJ Lou got duped by a cam-girl on Bumble. Tune in as they re-enact the chat session transcript between Lou & "Olga." Then the guys discuss the fight between Motley Crue's Tommy Lee and his son Brandon and realize that the world-famous drummer sounds just like their dads. Finally, caskets are so 2017. The new trend in wakes is "corpse posing" which leads the Bonfire crew to discuss how they would like to be posed and remembered when they're gone.

Jul 20, 2018
Ron & Gail Bennington Join Big Jay Oakerson to talk to Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles & Michael Che Stops In

On this week's Best of The Bonfire, Jay and Dan meet a hot Instagram model outside The Village Underground in NYC. Despite her being very "L.A." towards the Bonfire executive producer, Christine just might be in love. Then, you won't want to miss it as die hard Philadelphia Eagle's fans Big Jay Oakerson and Gail and Ron Bennington interview Superbowl winning quarterback Nick Foles. Finally, SNL's Michael Che stops by the Bonfire and reads funny World Star Hip Hop comments.

Jul 13, 2018
The Regulars (w/ Shane Gillis, Bobby Kelly, Luis J. Gomez & Joe List)

This episode starts out with DJ Lou, Dan, Jacob and Guest Host Shane Gillis talking about the time in their young lives that they fell in love with strippers followed by Big Jay talking about the time that Kevin Hart set him straight about a girl. Then the great Bobby Kelly guest hosts with Dan Soder while Big Jay calls in from Las Vegas with a phone that has a built in lie detector. Finally, Luis J Gomez tells Dan, Bobby Kelly, and Joe List about his MMA fight training.

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Jul 09, 2018
Dan's Birthday Recap, Robert Kelly Accepts A Challenge & Dak Prescott In Studio

The week started with Jacob recounting the story of being reprimanded for using a cake caddy at Big Jay’s BBQ. Then Dak Prescott, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys stops by the studio and is interviewed by super-fan Black Lou and non-fans, Dan and Jay. Afterwards, the great Bobby Kelly calls into the Bonfire to challenge Jay another Air Drum Battle. Finally, while watching the Netflix documentary “White Right”, about white supremacists in America, Dan and Jay ponder what if Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen were racists.

Jul 06, 2018
Fran Drescher Stops In & DJ Lou Recaps Amsterdam

On this week's "Best of The Bonfire" - The Bonfire crew gets back from vacation and DJ Lou details his hooker experience in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Fran Drescher stops by the Bonfire and makes one of Big Jay's dreams come true.  Jay and Dan pitch, "Beautiful Person", the Marilyn Manson Musical.  A documentary about the white right sparks another pitch idea, “Slave owner’s son appropriates black culture.” And comedian Dave Temple stops by to discuss the emotional roller coaster of "Boyz In The Hood."

Jun 29, 2018
Con Artist Evangelists (w/ Neal Brennan & Mike Finoia)

Dan and Jay with special guest Neal Brennan and Mike Finoia listen to televangelist Jesse Duplantis’ plea to his congregation to buy him a $50 million dollar jet. Native American actor Saginaw Grant is 81 and dating a forty year old belly dancer. Little Dan Soder was smoking cigarettes and had a baby sitter when he was in the 8th grade.

SUBSCRIBE NOW for the best of The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder and listen every Monday thru Thursday at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific on Comedy Central Radio, SiriusXM, channel 95!

Jun 22, 2018
Massages and Peyronies (w/ Bobby Kelly, Tim Dillon, Ralph Sutton & Shane Gillis)

Big Jay Oakerson lost a bet to Bobby Kelly and now it’s time to pay up; listen-in as Jay has to give Bobby a sensual deep tissue massage in the studio in front of guest Tim Dillon and the Bonfire crew. Then, Ralph Sutton tells about the time he dated a hot “flat-earther,” followed by The Philadelphia Peyronie’s Disease Testimonial Commercial from comedian Shane Gillis.

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Jun 14, 2018
Turns out, Blink 182 Rules

In the midst of a Bro-Rock discussion, the guys recreate a surfer-stepdad’s “emotional” letter to stepson, followed by Lou and Jacob discussing their long dry-spells. Later, Christine admits to loving Blink 182 triggering DJ Lou and Dan Soder to finally come clean and admit that they love them as well to a flabbergasted Big Jay Oakerson. 

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Jun 13, 2018
The Diceman Cometh (w/ Dave Smith, Luis J. Gomez & Andrew Dice Clay)

On this episode we find Big Jay Oakerson sharing stories of running into a gay bar in desperate need of a toilet only to find to the bathroom “occupied,” going on a school trip to the Hershey Factory in Pennsylvania, followed by tales young love with guest hosts Dave Smith and Luis J. Gomez. Later, listen as Andrew Dice Clay calls into The Bonfire to show his respect for Big Jay and then how the guys spot Paris Hilton outside the studio and what they do to try and get her to come onto the show.

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Jun 12, 2018