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By Joe and Chris

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 Mar 12, 2019
Love this podcast and the hosts. Keep up the good work!


A podcast about movies the awards forgot

Episode Date
101 – Flawless
Philip Seymour Hoffman had a breakout 1999, winning critics prizes for performances in two films that just missed the Best Picture cut but landed his flashier costars with Supporting Actor nominations: Magnolia and The Talented Mr. Ripley. But this week, we’re discussing another less-praised film of his that year that nevertheless landed him a Lead Actor nomination at … Continue reading "101 – Flawless"
Jul 06, 2020
100 – mother!
We have finally arrived at a major milestone – our 100th episode!! To commemorate the occasion, we’re looking back at the notoriously divisive 2017 discourse factory, Darren Aronofsky’s mother!. An environmental allegory of biblical proportions, mother! arrived after a cryptic marketing campaign with few plot details beyond the promise of a horror spectacle and megastar Jennifer Lawrence at … Continue reading "100 – mother!"
Jun 29, 2020
099 – Proof
We’re looking to the stage for this week’s episode! After being awarded the Pultizer Prize for Drama, a Tony success, and two years on Broadway, Oscar obsessives looked to the big screen adaptation of Proof to continue its slew of trophies. With Gwyneth Paltrow reprising her role from the London stage (along with that production’s director and Shakespeare … Continue reading "099 – Proof"
Jun 22, 2020
098 – Lee Daniels’ The Butler (with Jourdain Searles)
One year after giving us Nicole Kidman peeing on Zach Efron in The Paperboy, Lee Daniels delivered a late summer hit and Oscar hopeful with The Butler. Starring then-recent Best Actor winner Forrest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines, a White House butler to eight presidents, the film follows the arc of civil rights in America through the lens … Continue reading "098 – Lee Daniels’ The Butler (with Jourdain Searles)"
Jun 15, 2020
097 – The Others
We are taking the rare This Had Oscar Buzz stroll through the horror genre this week and also discussing the rare case of a performer possibly splitting their own vote. The Academy rules state that one performer cannot be nominated for two performances in the same category, and one case against that rule was Nicole … Continue reading "097 – The Others"
Jun 08, 2020
096 – Nurse Betty (with Rob Scheer)
Renée Zellweger’s three year run with Oscar in the early 2000s makes for oft-discussed trajectory, perhaps so much so that we don’t always remember her near nomination the year before it all began. This week, film publicist Rob Scheer joins us to look back at her Golden Globe winning performance in Nurse Betty, a dark comedy … Continue reading "096 – Nurse Betty (with Rob Scheer)"
Jun 01, 2020
095 – St. Vincent (Naomi Watts – Part Four)
Nao-May comes to a close this week with St. Vincent, the 2014 film that starred Bill Murray as an old codger who learns to love while caring for a not-quite-precocious preteen. The dramedy targeted that elusive follow-up nomination for Murray after losing out for Lost in Translation a decade prior, not to mention holding promise … Continue reading "095 – St. Vincent (Naomi Watts – Part Four)"
May 25, 2020
094 – Diana (with Richard Lawson) (Naomi Watts – Part Three)
As our Naomi Watts miniseries continues into its third week, we come to the biggest misfire therein: 2013’s reviled biopic Diana. With Watts taking on titular role, the film follows Princess Diana in her final days and her thwarted romantic relationship with surgeon Hasnat Khan (played bby Naveen Andrews). But in an attempt to avoid … Continue reading "094 – Diana (with Richard Lawson) (Naomi Watts – Part Three)"
May 18, 2020
093 – The Painted Veil (Naomi Watts – Part Two)
Our second episode on the Oscar trajectory of Naomi Watts brings us to 2006’s The Painted Veil, a W. Somerset Maugham adaptation set during a cholera outbreak in 1920s China. Watts starred opposite Edward Norton as a combative English couple whose love rekindles after an affair, with the actress’s then-boyfriend Liev Schreiber as the other man. … Continue reading "093 – The Painted Veil (Naomi Watts – Part Two)"
May 11, 2020
092 – Le Divorce (with Bobby Finger) (Naomi Watts – Part One)
We kick off our Nao-May miniseries this week with contemporary Merchant Ivory misfire Le Divorce. After missing out on a nomination for Mulholland Drive, Naomi Watts’ first foray with prestige filmmaking was this literary adaptation about two American sisters in Paris caught in the cultural crossfires of French perspectives on love and legality. Opposite the … Continue reading "092 – Le Divorce (with Bobby Finger) (Naomi Watts – Part One)"
May 04, 2020
BONUS – We Like Her With The Bonnet
This May, we are kicking off our second ever miniseries by taking a month-long dive into the filmography and Oscar history of Naomi Watts. Coming this month: we’re talking Le Divorce, The Painted Veil, Diana, and St. Vincent. And to kick things off, we are bringing you a special mini episode to set the stage … Continue reading "BONUS – We Like Her With The Bonnet"
May 03, 2020
091 – Zodiac
2007 was a stacked year for the major names in cinema offering bleak masterpieces and one that got left in the dust was David Fincher’s Zodiac. The film meticulously details the notorious serial killer’s exploits and aftermath with a large ensemble and the obsessive attention to detail that has become synonymous with the auteur. Arriving … Continue reading "091 – Zodiac"
Apr 28, 2020
090 – Magic Mike
Based loosely on star Channing Tatum’s experience as an exotic dancer, 2012’s Magic Mike lured director Steven Soderbergh out of his ongoing “retirement” and became a summer smash. Women loved it, men loved, the critics loved it – except the Academy did not. Though released during the full swing of the McConnaissance, it would take … Continue reading "090 – Magic Mike"
Apr 20, 2020
089 – The Rainmaker
Francis Ford Coppola is a legendary director among Oscar lore thanks to the Corleone family, and this week’s episode pairs him with a name that resulted in much ‘90s cinematic prestige: John Grisham. After a string of hit adaptations that danced with major Oscar consideration, Coppola took his shot at Grisham’s The Rainmaker. But despite … Continue reading "089 – The Rainmaker"
Apr 13, 2020
088 – Alfie (with Griffin Newman)
We’re taking it back to Jude Law’s infamously busy 2004 this week and we’ve got a special guest to help dissect it. Actor and cohost of the Blank Check with Griffin and David podcast Griffin Newman joins us to discuss Alfie, the modernized remake of the 1966 Best Picture nominee with Law filling Michael Caine’s … Continue reading "088 – Alfie (with Griffin Newman)"
Apr 06, 2020
087 – The Bucket List
This week, we’re crossing a big one off our list. Arriving at the tail end of a very serious-minded 2007, Rob Reiner gave us The Bucket List, a globetrotting buddy comedy about two eldery men with cancer starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Thanks to its two major stars and an early Best Of mention … Continue reading "087 – The Bucket List"
Mar 30, 2020
086 – The Bonfire of the Vanities
We’ve got our oldest movie yet this week and it’s a doozy! In 1990, auteur Brian DePalma gave us a prestige adaptation of the most lauded novel of the 80s and faceplanted to notorious depths. This week, we’re talking about a bomb of era-defining proportions – brace yourself for The Bonfire of the Vanities! Headlined by … Continue reading "086 – The Bonfire of the Vanities"
Mar 23, 2020
085 – Exodus: Gods and Kings
We as Oscar watchers can’t quit predicting Ridley Scott just like Ridley Scott can’t stop making historical epics that end up underwhelming. In 2014, he gave us one of them – a retelling of Moses story (minus all that religion) called Exodus: Gods and Kings. With Christian Bale at the forefront, the film stirred controversy … Continue reading "085 – Exodus: Gods and Kings"
Mar 17, 2020
084 – Burlesque (with Oliver Sava)
Come Oscar nomination morning, sometimes you show a little more, sometimes you show a little less. You know we stan Diane Warren, and this week, we’re talking about Burlesque. Yes, back in 2010, even this new camp classic earned it’s flashes of Oscar hope, as most post-Chicago musicals did. While it was the big screen … Continue reading "084 – Burlesque (with Oliver Sava)"
Mar 10, 2020
083 – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
For this week’s episode, we have another quintessential prestige picture that flubbed with Oscar: it’s-a Captain Corelli’s Mandolin! Coming off of a Best Picture win with Shakespeare in Love, director John Madden returned with a WWII romance set on a gorgeous Greek island between recent Oscar winner Nicolas Cage and next-big-thing Penélope Cruz. But this … Continue reading "083 – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin"
Mar 03, 2020
082 – Stranger Than Fiction (with Kevin Jacobsen)
This week we’re returning to a subject that never fails to summon Oscar buzz: comedic actors going dramatic. For this round, we welcome And The Runner Up Is host and writer for Gold Derby Kevin Jacobsen to discuss 2006′s Stranger Than Fiction. The high-concept seriocomedy starred Will Ferrell in his first major attempt at a … Continue reading "082 – Stranger Than Fiction (with Kevin Jacobsen)"
Feb 25, 2020
081 – Finding Forrester
After the disasterous reception to his shot-for-shot remake of Psycho, Gus Van Sant returned to territory closer to his previous Oscar success with 2000′s Finding Forrester. Another tale of a prodigy in academia, the film follows newcomer Rob Brown as a young writer who stumbles into the guidance of a famed recluse writer William Forrester, … Continue reading "081 – Finding Forrester"
Feb 17, 2020
080 – Enough Said (with Mathew Rodriguez)
One one our favorite female filmmakers to hover just outside of Oscar’s graces is Nicole Holofcener, and this week The Body’s Mathew Rodriguez joins us to talk about one of her more recent films: 2013′s Enough Said. The romantic comedy stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a single mother preparing to send her daughter off to college … Continue reading "080 – Enough Said (with Mathew Rodriguez)"
Feb 11, 2020
079 – A Love Song for Bobby Long
The Golden Globes have a standing reputation for oddball nominations and this week we are discussing one of the peak examples: 2004′s A Love Song for Bobby Long. The film follows Scarlett Johansson as [ahem] Purslane Hominy Will, a young woman who inherits a home from her estranged mother only to find it occupied by … Continue reading "079 – A Love Song for Bobby Long"
Feb 03, 2020
078 – One Hour Photo (with Matt Jacobs)
After Robin Williams finally won his Academy Award for Good Will Hunting, unfortunately the next few years were a series of less-than-well-received projects after another. But after a quick break, Williams transitioned from more sentimental films into a run of dark and creepy material – including this week’s film, the stalking psychodrama One Hour Photo. … Continue reading "078 – One Hour Photo (with Matt Jacobs)"
Jan 28, 2020
Class of 2019
With last week’s announcement of this year’s Academy Award nominees, we can now discuss the episode a year in the making (or, in the case of The Current War, several years): the This Had Oscar Buzz Class of 2019. In keeping with last year’s tradition, we’ve broken the films up into several categories: The Cake … Continue reading "Class of 2019"
Jan 21, 2020
077 – Seven Years in Tibet
As Brad Pitt cements his status as a frontrunner in this year’s Oscar race for his performance in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, we decided to take another look back at his reign as prestige hottie in the 90s. After nearly missing a win on his first nomination for 12 Monkeys, Brad Pitt’s red … Continue reading "077 – Seven Years in Tibet"
Jan 14, 2020
076 – In Her Shoes
Though it was not the victor of our Listeners’ Choice, the very vocal fans of In Her Shoes told us we shouldn’t make you wait for this one any longer. Starring Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette, this one has slowly gained its admirers after  disappointing box office and failing to turn Shirley MacLaine’s 2005 comeback … Continue reading "076 – In Her Shoes"
Jan 06, 2020
075 – Cloud Atlas
We’re bringing 2019 to a close with another Listeners’ Choice, and our listeners have chosen perhaps what will be our most daunting title yet: 2012′s interconnected science fiction opus from Lana & Lilly Wachowski and Tom Tykwer, Cloud Atlas! This tale of several stories spanning generations, genres, and continents launched its Oscar hopes with a … Continue reading "075 – Cloud Atlas"
Dec 31, 2019
A Holiday Mailbag!
As an exciting holiday treat to show our love to our lovely listeners, Joe and Chris have wrapped up a special mailbag episode to answer all of your burning questions! This week, we’ll be unpacking everything from This Had Oscar Buzz lore to the current Oscar season to Oscar history. We’ll be looking back at … Continue reading "A Holiday Mailbag!"
Dec 23, 2019
074 – Welcome to Marwen
We’re cracking open the lid on the coffin of the This Had Oscar Buzz Class of 2018 for the first time this week! And as promised, the first title that we’re diving into is Robert Zemeckis’s uncanny valley disasterpeace Welcome to Marwen. Based on the documentary Marwencol and the life of artist Mark Hogancamp, the … Continue reading "074 – Welcome to Marwen"
Dec 17, 2019
073 – Hairspray (with Cameron Scheetz)
We’ve got a film notorious in the history of the IMDb Game this week: 2007′s Hairspray! After pointing out the film’s omnipresence in our trademark game during our first Mailbag episode, the nicest kid in town The AV Club’s Cameron Scheetz joins us this episode to talk about the film’s delights, from its stellar cast … Continue reading "073 – Hairspray (with Cameron Scheetz)"
Dec 10, 2019
072 – I Heart Huckabees
Fox Searchlight celebrates their 25th anniversary this year, and this week we’re looking back at their ascension to the Oscar titan that they are today. While 2004 saw Sideways become instrumental in their rise, they also shepherded a different offbeat comedy ultimately too quirky for Oscar’s tastes: David O. Russell’s farce I Heart Huckabees. The … Continue reading "072 – I Heart Huckabees"
Dec 03, 2019
071 – Pan (with Katey Rich)
This week, we welcome back our first ever returning guest: deputy editor Katey Rich! And what better topic to discuss (as mutual defenders of the work of director Joe Wright) than 2015′s Pan? The film was yet another retelling of the Peter Pan story, this time arriving amidst expectations for Wright to deliver another … Continue reading "071 – Pan (with Katey Rich)"
Nov 26, 2019
070 – Prêt-à-Porter (Ready to Wear)
Robert Altman had a major comeback in the early 90s, scoring back-to-back lone Director nominations for The Player and Short Cuts. His follow-up, 1994′s Prêt-à-Porter (that’s Ready to Wear for American audiences and fellow philistines), aimed to skewer Paris Fashion Week to comedic effect, but instead ended Altman’s Oscar hot streak that wouldn’t be reignited … Continue reading "070 – Prêt-à-Porter (Ready to Wear)"
Nov 19, 2019
069 – Ladies in Lavender (with Danita Steinberg)
A perfect example of an early, long-list Oscar prediction movie, 2005′s Ladies in Lavender arrived after multiple festivals to a successful arthouse run thanks to the presence of its Dame headliners Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. But despite coming in the era primed to reward this kind of women’s picture and both actresses in particular, … Continue reading "069 – Ladies in Lavender (with Danita Steinberg)"
Nov 12, 2019
068 – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
In the fall festival season, a primo premiere status can assert a film as having major Oscar ambitions. This week’s title, 2013′s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, is a such a case – after debuting an eye-catching trailer, the film debuted as the centerpiece selection of that year’s New York Film Festival. But this … Continue reading "068 – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
Nov 05, 2019
067 – Cadillac Records (with Jourdain Searles)
This week, Bitch Media writer and Bad Romance podcast host Jourdain Searles joins us to talk about 2008′s musical multi-biopic Cadillac Records. Most famous for Beyoncé’s performance as Etta James, the film arrived when audiences and Oscar were getting fatigued with the genre. But detailing the groundbreaking Chess Records, the film spreads its attentions over … Continue reading "067 – Cadillac Records (with Jourdain Searles)"
Oct 29, 2019
066 – Bounce
This episode, we have another psychotic romance for you with 2000′s Bounce. One of Miramax’s 2000 awards-hopeful misfires (which ultimately led to the rise of Chocolat), the film stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck as two would-be lovers brought together by a plane crash – only she doesn’t know that he’s the one that gave … Continue reading "066 – Bounce"
Oct 22, 2019
065 – Bringing Out The Dead
With the incoming arrival of a new Martin Scorsese film with The Irishman, naturally we had to talk about the master, right? But rare is the film that results in no Oscar nominations for Scorsese – except for this week’s film which came at the end of the director’s downward trend with the Academy. Even … Continue reading "065 – Bringing Out The Dead"
Oct 15, 2019
064 – The Evening Star
Is there a faster fast track to Oscar buzz than being a sequel to a Best Picture winner? While there may not be much of a sample pool beyond The Godfather series, 1996 gave us The Evening Star, a follow-up to Terms of Endearment and Shirley MacLaine’s Aurora Greenway. This time without writer/director James L. … Continue reading "064 – The Evening Star"
Oct 07, 2019
063 – Morning Glory
What was it that placed a light comedy like Morning Glory on early Oscar predictions in 2010? Was it the potential for a morning news riff on Broadcast News brilliance? The ascendancy of Rachel McAdams that we knew would eventually pay off with an acting nomination? Or the late career turn as journalist curmudgeon from … Continue reading "063 – Morning Glory"
Sep 30, 2019
062 – Miss Potter
Certainly one of the biggest Oscar narratives this season will be Renée Zellweger’s return to the big screen, starring as the timeless Judy Garland in Judy. So to mark the occasion (with Chris highly anticipatory and Joe more hesitant in how far Judy can go), we’re discussing one of the actress’ few attempts at Oscar … Continue reading "062 – Miss Potter"
Sep 23, 2019
061 – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
A title that became a punchline all its own, this week we are discussing 2012′s Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. A light romantic drama about project management and Western relationships with the Middle East, Lasse Hallström’s film accidentally stumbled into the Oscar race when the Golden Globes decided the film was a comedy and gave … Continue reading "061 – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen"
Sep 17, 2019
And From Canada MAILBAG!
You asked for it and it’s finally here! While Joe and Chris are away at TIFF, we are bringing you our first ever MAILBAG EPISODE! We have been taking your questions in the recent weeks and are so excited to bring you this jumbo sized episode devoted just to the Oscar obsessive minutiae that you … Continue reading "And From Canada MAILBAG!"
Sep 10, 2019
060 – Miss Sloane (with Kevin O’Keeffe)
Jessica Chastain emerged nearly a decade ago with a bevy of roles in major Oscar films like The Tree of Life and The Help and immediately cemented her place as a performer destined for Oscar. After a second nomination for Zero Dark Thirty, her roles after have all garnered some Oscar talk including John Madden’s … Continue reading "060 – Miss Sloane (with Kevin O’Keeffe)"
Sep 02, 2019
059 – Vanity Fair
This week, we’re looking back at a film that arrived too early in 2004′s Oscar season and received too mild of a response to eventually make Oscar’s lineup. From the classic William Makepeace Thackeray classic novel, Mira Nair’s Vanity Fair arrived corseted into Labor Day weekend and quickly disappeared from theatres and the conversation at … Continue reading "059 – Vanity Fair"
Aug 27, 2019
058 – Men, Women & Children
A film that uses Pale Blue Dot as a quasi-pickup line and features a couple aligning their sex life with 9/11, Men, Women & Children is likely one of the most maligned films we’ve ever discussed. Directed by Jason Reitman and adapted from the novel by Chad Kultgen, the film stars a large ensemble of … Continue reading "058 – Men, Women & Children"
Aug 20, 2019
057 – Truth
Not only are we Oscar historians here on This Had Oscar Buzz, we are also the Illuminati of Vanderbilts. This week, we look at the directorial debut of Zodiac screenwriter James Vanderbilt Truth. Detailing 60 Minutes’ expose on President George W. Bush’s military service that ended in Dan Rather’s demise, the film starred Cate Blanchett … Continue reading "057 – Truth"
Aug 13, 2019
056 – All The Pretty Horses
This week, we have a deceptively titled film that was also sold deceptively to audiences in 2000. Billy Bob Thornton’s Cormac McCarthy adaptation All The Pretty Horses was supposed to be an old-fashioned romantic epic filled with sweeping landscapes and big emotions – but what audiences got on Christmas morning was a bleak western about … Continue reading "056 – All The Pretty Horses"
Aug 06, 2019
055 – The Majestic
This episode we arrive at two inevitable discussion points for Joe and Chris. First, a fifteen minute discussion of the Cats trailer. Second, a look at an essential This Had Oscar Buzz title: Frank Darabont’s 2001 melodrama The Majestic. The film arrived in theatres during the Christmas holiday with most of its awards hype trailing … Continue reading "055 – The Majestic"
Jul 30, 2019
054 – J. Edgar
We’re taking a trip back this week to some of the darkest days in the “Get Leo an Oscar” saga: Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar. The film starred Leonardo DiCaprio and detailed the many political exploits of J. Edgar Hoover and his efforts to stomp out communism. The actor would get close to a nomination (after … Continue reading "054 – J. Edgar"
Jul 23, 2019
053 – Random Hearts
Get ready for another Movie That Does Not Exist – except evidence of this week’s film is provided in one of the most iconic EW Fall Movie Preview covers! Yes, in 1999 Random Hearts promised us sexy Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas in a pool and instead it gave us… a creepy dry hump … Continue reading "053 – Random Hearts"
Jul 16, 2019
052 – Frankie and Johnny
We’re going all the way back to 1991 for this week’s episode on Gary Marshall’s take on the Terrence McNally two-hander Frankie and Johnny. Here is a film that was a convergence of several Oscar narratives: Al Pacino’s lengthy overdue status, Michelle Pfeiffer’s prestige ascent, and Marshall’s follow-up to the success of Pretty Woman. The … Continue reading "052 – Frankie and Johnny"
Jul 09, 2019
051 – I Saw the Light (with Erica Mann)
Can you believe it’s taken us this long to discuss that genre Oscar so adores, the musical biopic? This week, Erica Mann joins us for one of the most reviled paint-by-numbers biopics and a little bit of yeehaw with 2016′s I Saw The Light. The film stars Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams and Elizabeth Olsen … Continue reading "051 – I Saw the Light (with Erica Mann)"
Jul 02, 2019
050 – Bobby
Can you believe we have made it to our 50TH EPISODE?! And for the occasion, we’ve allowed you the listeners to pick the film we are discussing – and you’ve chosen Bobby, Emilio Estevez’s 2006 film about the day Robert Kennedy was assassinated at the Ambassdor Hotel during the 1968 Democratic presidential primary! The film … Continue reading "050 – Bobby"
Jun 25, 2019
049 – Stonewall
This Pride season honors the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots – and here on This Had Oscar Buzz, we are taking a look at the film that only did so in lip service. From director Roland Emmerich, Stonewall is a cautionary case against the kind of year-ahead Oscar predictions that are made without much … Continue reading "049 – Stonewall"
Jun 17, 2019
048 – Rendition
With the return of Big Little Lies to our television screens, we’re taking a look at a film starring one of the Monterey Five’s key players and her newly arrived nemesis. No, that outdoor coffee shop wasn’t the first time someone demanded answers between Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep – they first squared off in … Continue reading "048 – Rendition"
Jun 11, 2019
BONUS – A Kiss At The End of 2003’s Rainbow
To wrap up our 2003 miniseries, Joe and Chris take a final look at the Oscar year that was 2003 in this special episode! We take a guess at what the remaining five films would be in a year of ten Best Picture nominees, share our personal ballots, and hint at what future This Had … Continue reading "BONUS – A Kiss At The End of 2003’s Rainbow"
Jun 04, 2019
047 – In The Cut (2003 – Part Four)
For our fourth of four films in our 2003 miniseries, we placed the responsibility squarely on you: the listener. (Please try to disregard  that Joe repeatedly refers to “readers” in this episode; to him, podcasts are books you read with your ears.) Out of a poll that included The Company, Shattered Glass, and The Station Agent, you chose director … Continue reading "047 – In The Cut (2003 – Part Four)"
May 27, 2019
046 – The Human Stain (2003 – Part Three)
This week we bring you the Stefon of the 2003 Oscar race: Anthony Hopkins inadvertently saying racial slurs, Nicole Kidman with curly hair, a cringeworthy adaptation of Philip Roth, holdover from the Monica Lewinsky scandal, cast members from The Real World London. It was only inevitable that we would eventually discuss The Human Stain, but … Continue reading "046 – The Human Stain (2003 – Part Three)"
May 21, 2019
045 – Sylvia (2003 – Part Two)
We continue our month-long look at the 2003 Oscar year with what could be the poster child for bland biopics: Sylvia. Starring Gwyneth Paltrow as poet Sylvia Plath, the film paint-by-numbered its way to box office and critical failure that inappropriately obsessed over the artist’s untimely death rather than the impact of her work. A … Continue reading "045 – Sylvia (2003 – Part Two)"
May 14, 2019
044 – The Missing (2003 – Part One)
With this episode, we officially begin our month-long miniseries on the 2003 Oscar year! We are beginning with a high profile failure from a major director: Ron Howard’s The Missing starring Cate Blanchett and Tommy Lee Jones. After winning the Oscar in 2001 for A Beautiful Mind, Ron Howard aimed to cash in on that … Continue reading "044 – The Missing (2003 – Part One)"
May 07, 2019
BONUS – A 2003 Rendezvous
To kick off our 2003 miniseries, we are bringing you this special bonus episode! Here we will lay the groundwork for what the expectations were for the Oscar season before we discuss our four chosen films – The Missing, Sylvia, The Human Stain, and our first Listeners’ Choice In The Cut! Joe and Chris also … Continue reading "BONUS – A 2003 Rendezvous"
May 05, 2019
043 – The Girl on the Train
The Girl on the Train will likely be remembered for following in the mold that Gone Girl had previously set for it, thanks to both books literary phenomenon status. However when it came time for a movie adaptation, The Girl on the Train chased that would-be spiritual predecessor’s formula without achieving its critical success. But … Continue reading "043 – The Girl on the Train"
Apr 30, 2019
042 – Evening (with Richard Lawson)
This Had Oscar Buzz has always been a long day’s journey into Evening! In 2007, the film strangely opened in the summer and quickly became the poster child for the “Oscar bait” moniker. Starring a massive female ensemble including [inhales sharply] Claire Danes, Toni Collette, Vanessa Redgrave, Natasha Richardson, Glenn Close, Mamie Gummer, Eileen Atkins … Continue reading "042 – Evening (with Richard Lawson)"
Apr 23, 2019
041 – The Ice Storm
Hello Charles! This week, we talk about a real headscratcher: how did Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm get no Oscar nominations? Debuting at the Cannes Film Festival and Lee’s follow-up to his first Oscar success Sense and Sensibility, The Ice Storm is perhaps even more critically beloved than when it debuted in 1997. But this … Continue reading "041 – The Ice Storm"
Apr 15, 2019
040 – Love and Other Drugs (with Nate Jones)
Can you believe that in 2010 we got Oscar buzz for a film about the rise of Viagara in the 90s that was also a sexy romance and was also about Parkinson’s AND was directed by your dad’s favorite director of macho war epics? It came true – we’re finally talking about Love and Other … Continue reading "040 – Love and Other Drugs (with Nate Jones)"
Apr 09, 2019
039 – Suburbicon
2017 was a rough year for Paramount and their awards slate, but none of their films bombed as hard as George Clooney’s Suburbicon. Retooled by Clooney and his writing partner Grant Heslov from a Coen Brothers’ script that sat unproduced for 30 years, the Coens’ brand of misanthropic crime saga is infused with a very … Continue reading "039 – Suburbicon"
Apr 02, 2019
038 – Shopgirl (with Pamela Ribon)
2005′s Shopgirl looked like a safe Oscar bet on paper – a whimsical, lighthearted romance with Claire Danes taking her ascendancy into lead roles and Steve Martin capitalizing on an Oscar shutout narrative that began in the 80s with All of Me. But its Oscar chances died once the film arrived in the May-December shadow … Continue reading "038 – Shopgirl (with Pamela Ribon)"
Mar 26, 2019
037 – The Gift
Before Sam Raimi went into the Spider-Verse, he tipped a toe into prestige waters with A Simple Plan before misfiring with The Gift. The 2000 film starred Cate Blanchett as southern clairvoyant helping solving the murder of a local woman (played by an off-type Katie Holmes) and also her damaged friends Hilary Swank and Giovanni … Continue reading "037 – The Gift"
Mar 19, 2019
036 – Where the Wild Things Are
Director Spike Jonze is somewhat of an Oscar anomaly, successfully turning oddities like Being John Malkovitch, Adaptation, and Her into auteur films embraced by the Academy. This week’s episode focuses on perhaps his riskiest and most personal film: 2009′s adaptation of children’s classic Where the WIld Things Are. The film was expensive and divisive, loved … Continue reading "036 – Where the Wild Things Are"
Mar 12, 2019
035 – Meet Joe Black (with Bobby Finger)
Can anyone today compare to how red hot of an actor Brad Pitt was in the 90s? After following his Oscar nomination for Twelve Monkeys with dual failed Oscar bait (The Devil’s Own and Seven Years in Tibet, for those keeping score at home), Pitt’s next headlining gig was a prestige fiasco: 1998′s Meet Joe … Continue reading "035 – Meet Joe Black (with Bobby Finger)"
Mar 05, 2019
034 – Riding in Cars With Boys (with Bowen Yang)
Penny Marshall’s passing last year reminded us of how unfortunately she never got her due as a respected director. Never was that more clear than the critical drubbing that was met with 2001′s Riding in Cars With Boys. On paper this one looked to capitalize on Drew Barrymore’s post Charlie’s Angels success and Penny’s previous … Continue reading "034 – Riding in Cars With Boys (with Bowen Yang)"
Feb 25, 2019
033 – Rent
Once intended to be adapted for the screen by Spike Lee, the Pulitzer-winning musical Rent made its leap to the big screen in 2005 amid impossible expectations. Having helped usher in the modern era of Broadway blockbusters, this one had to live up to the dreams of its massive fanbase but also the shadow cast … Continue reading "033 – Rent"
Feb 19, 2019
032 – Ricki and the Flash
After a string of August (yes, early buzzed) hits, Meryl Streep collaborated with two Oscar-winning names that sent Oscar obsessives to get lost in their rock and roll: director Jonathan Demme and screenwriter Diablo Cody. 2015′s Ricki and the Flash didn’t set the box office on fire and a very competitive Best Actress year possibly … Continue reading "032 – Ricki and the Flash"
Feb 12, 2019
031 – How to Make an American Quilt
Coming off of two successive Oscar nominations, Winona Ryder led an immaculate female ensemble for Jocelyn Moorhouse’s How to Make an American Quilt. But instead of furthering Ryder’s mounting Oscar narrative, the film wound up as a surprise SAG Ensemble nominee – and, as Joe and Chris argue, a welcome one. This week, we take … Continue reading "031 – How to Make an American Quilt"
Feb 04, 2019
Class Of 2018
An episode an entire year in the making – we’re welcoming This Had Oscar Buzz’s Class of 2018 into the fold! As requested, we’re running down all of this past year’s films that had lofty Academy Award aspirations and were left with nothing come last week’s nomination morning. And not to confuse these new inductees … Continue reading "Class Of 2018"
Jan 29, 2019
030 – Brothers
Our episode this week is on a film that once dominated the earliest Oscar predictions for 2009: Jim Sheridan’s American remake of Brothers. Led by Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Natalie Portman, the film repurposed Susanne Bier’s film as another in a line of film’s to take on the war in Afghanistan – and like … Continue reading "030 – Brothers"
Jan 22, 2019
029 – To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday (with Gavin Mevius)
This week, we dive into our pfirst Pfeiffer and it’s also pforgotten Pfeiffer. To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday arrived in 1996, coasting on a triple threat of Oscar buzz: a popular stage play, adapted by the Picket Fences team of David E. Kelley and Michael Pressman, and starring the beloved Michelle Pfeiffer as its … Continue reading "029 – To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday (with Gavin Mevius)"
Jan 15, 2019
028 – The Paperboy
An episode that asks that oft-repeated eternal question: will the Academy ever be ready for a movie where Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron? In 2012, Lee Daniels followed up his Precious Oscar success with a film that scandalized Cannes and answered that question with a resounding “no”. McConaissance be damned! The Paperboy may be … Continue reading "028 – The Paperboy"
Jan 08, 2019
027 – The Family Stone (with Tara Ariano)
This week, we invited over Extra Hot Great co-host Tara Ariano to discuss our problematic Christmas fav, 2005′s The Family Stone. It may be one of several love-it-or-hate it holiday movies, but spoiler alert the three of us are super fans. Oscar and critics however, were a different story. Once thought a potential play for … Continue reading "027 – The Family Stone (with Tara Ariano)"
Dec 25, 2018
026 – Crazy, Stupid, Love.
In many ways, 2011 was the year of Ryan Gosling. This was the peak “Hey Girl” era, and this year alone gave us the critical darling hotness of Drive and what we thought would suit the more traditional Academy tastes with The Ides of March. He was so omnipresent that a weak Best Actor field … Continue reading "026 – Crazy, Stupid, Love."
Dec 18, 2018
025 – Alexander (with David Sims)
Grab some snakes and prep that Dionysus monologue, because this week we are taking it back to 2004′s Alexander. Starring Colin Farrell filling the historic shoes of Alexander the Great, this film was a passion project for Oliver Stone that defeated a rival biopic from Baz Luhrman and Leonardo DiCaprio – but lost the war … Continue reading "025 – Alexander (with David Sims)"
Dec 11, 2018
024 – Anywhere But Here
This week’s episode is a tale of two actresses at the opposite ends of their respective Oscar stories: 1999′s Anywhere But Here, with Natalie Portman’s kicking off her Oscar trajectory and Susan Surandon struggling to get the nomination that has eluded her since her win for Dead Man Walking. This is a mother-daughter film stooped … Continue reading "024 – Anywhere But Here"
Dec 04, 2018
023 – The Tourist (with Katey Rich)
Remember that time a movie where Johnny Depp explains vaping to Angelina Jolie made everyone super mad at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association? That’s right, we’re talking this week about The Tourist, a film so notorious in Oscar buzz history that we’ve invited a special guest to unpack it: deputy editor for Katey Rich! … Continue reading "023 – The Tourist (with Katey Rich)"
Nov 27, 2018
022 – Cake
2014 was a year of mirrored Best Actress hopefuls launched at the Toronto International Film Festival: out of nowhere, Julianne Moore capitalized on a “weak” field and finally won for Still Alice. And then, ultimately snubbed on nomination morning after being recognized by the other big prizes, there was Jennifer Aniston in Cake. Notorious among … Continue reading "022 – Cake"
Nov 19, 2018
021 – Tadpole
The Sundance Film Festival is an elusive mistress that giveth Oscar buzz only to taketh away when at lower altitudes. Case in point is this week’s would-be Oscar title: 2002′s Tadpole. The film was a sensation of the festival, winning a Best Director prize for Gary Winick and stirring buzz for newcomer Aaron Stanford and … Continue reading "021 – Tadpole"
Nov 13, 2018
020 – Secretariat
After landing a Best Actress nomination in a great Best Actress year for Unfaithful, we once thought Diane Lane could come back to the Oscar race by going to a horse race. This week, we’re talking about Secretariat, a live-action Disney biopic that got buried in the wake of The Social Network. Get ready for … Continue reading "020 – Secretariat"
Nov 06, 2018
019 – Hannibal
Happy Halloween, listeners! This week, we’re getting creepy with Ridley Scott’s follow-up to Best Picture winner Gladiator, the gross-out macabre sequel Hannibal. The legacy of The Silence of the Lambs made this one of the most heavily covered productions of the early 2000s and convinced that it might be similarly bound for Oscar glory. Maybe … Continue reading "019 – Hannibal"
Oct 30, 2018
018 – Sommersby
It’s time for some failed harlequin romance Oscar buzz and that means we are talking 1993′s Sommersby. A post-Civil War era love story of overtaken identity and languorous beard shaving, the presence of a post-Silence of the Lambs Jodie Foster had us thinking this weepy could be Oscar-bound. But as the dueling elements of Richard … Continue reading "018 – Sommersby"
Oct 23, 2018
017 – Seven Pounds
Cuddle up to your jellyfish, because this week’s we’re talking about Seven Pounds. Just two years after being nominated for The Pursuit of Happyness, we thought that Will Smith’s reteaming with director Gabriele Muccino could maybe bring the Oscar that has eluded him since first being nominated for Ali. But that was before we realized … Continue reading "017 – Seven Pounds"
Oct 16, 2018
016 – The Fifth Estate
If the past few weeks of movies we like had you weary, fear not for this episode we have a real stinker for you: 2013′s The Fifth Estate. This was the year that Benedict Cumberbatch was everywhere and nowhere, alone yet not alone. After the rise of Sherlock, this year saw him in four major … Continue reading "016 – The Fifth Estate"
Oct 09, 2018
015 – Get Shorty
For a short time in the 90s, Elmore Leonard was an Oscar thing and post-Pulp Fiction John Travolta being due was also an Oscar thing. Both of those may sound confounding in today’s era of Gotti and an unwatched series on Epix, but this week’s film brings both of those statements together to prove them … Continue reading "015 – Get Shorty"
Oct 02, 2018
014 – The Door in the Floor
This week’s episode is the sound of something trying to not make a sound. It’s our first failed Oscar buzz movie that we genuinely love and it’s 2004’s The Door in the Floor. Adapted from the first segment of John Irving’s A Widow for One Year, this film stars Jeff Bridges as a grieving novelist, … Continue reading "014 – The Door in the Floor"
Sep 25, 2018
TIFF ’18 BONUS – We’re Far From the Scotia Now
We’re taking a break from our usual dives into thwarted Oscar buzz this week and taking a look at all the films we saw at the Toronto International Film Festival! Not only are Joe and Chris in the same room for once, but we also have our very first guests: The Film Experience’s Nathaniel Rogers … Continue reading "TIFF ’18 BONUS – We’re Far From the Scotia Now"
Sep 18, 2018
013 – It’s Complicated
Close your eyes. Picture the movie about kitchens you’ve always wanted. Now open them. Is Alec Baldwin blowing pot smoke into your face? That’s kind of what it’s like to experience the 2009 romantic comedy It’s Complicated, from celebrated (and beleaguered) director Nancy Meyers. Since Oscar buzz follows Meryl Streep around like a heartsick ex-husband … Continue reading "013 – It’s Complicated"
Sep 11, 2018
012 – An Unfinished Life
This week’s episode takes you back to September 2005, when the exit of the Weinsteins from Miramax resulted in a fire sale of delayed releases finally arriving in theatres to the most modest of fanfares. Least trumpeted of all was An Unfinished Life, starring Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez, and Morgan Freeman. Here we have a … Continue reading "012 – An Unfinished Life"
Sep 04, 2018
011 – Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
In 1997 we celebrated a giant sinking ship with James Cameron’s Titanic, but we are here this week to talk a different cinematic capsizing that year: Clint Eastwood’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Adapted from the wildly successful work of nonfiction by John Berendt, this film opened to massive expectations its unimpressive … Continue reading "011 – Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"
Aug 28, 2018
010 – Hyde Park on Hudson
Lend us a hand and listen along as we discuss this week’s case of failed Oscar buzz: 2012’s Hyde Park on Hudson. Opening with the burden of Bill Murray’s mounting Oscar hopes but in the shadow of The King’s Speech success handling a shared historical figure, Hyde Park on Hudson couldn’t charm its way into … Continue reading "010 – Hyde Park on Hudson"
Aug 21, 2018
009 – Serena
Grab your snake-catchin’ eagle and buckle up for this week’s Oscar misstep: Susanne Bier’s literary adaptation Serena. Set during the Great Depression, this lumber baron romantic thriller starred Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper and became a question mark lingering over multiple Oscar seasons. After a beleaguered post-production process and its struggles to find a distributor, … Continue reading "009 – Serena"
Aug 14, 2018
008 – Double Jeopardy
Before this year’s Oscar season kicks off, we have a cautionary tale for your early predictions: 1999′s revenge thriller smash hit Double Jeopardy! That’s right, you may have forgotten, but leading actress Ashley Judd started pulling Oscar buzz when Double Jeopardy opened and started raking in the cash. But this blockbuster (which opened opposite eventual … Continue reading "008 – Double Jeopardy"
Aug 07, 2018
007 – Lions For Lambs
In 2007, the movies went hard on the War in Iraq. But what happened when that righteous roar, bolstered by some of the biggest names in Oscar and cinema history, gave the weakest bleat in the barnyard? This week we are looking at Lions for Lambs, one of several politically motivated films of its year … Continue reading "007 – Lions For Lambs"
Jul 31, 2018
BONUS – If Queen Street Could Talk
We’re going to TIFF! If you haven’t seen, the first titles for this year’s Toronto International Film Festival lineup have been revealed. Joe and Chris couldn’t wait to talk about it, so we are treating you to a special bonus episode to discuss what’s to come from what many people consider the official start of … Continue reading "BONUS – If Queen Street Could Talk"
Jul 26, 2018
006 – 1492: Conquest of Paradise
Brace yourselves for some slow motion colonialism set to the dramatics of Vangelis – this week, we are discussing 1992′s Christopher Columbus epic 1492: Conquest of Paradise. With star Gerard Depardieu having a moment in American cinema and director Ridley Scott fresh off of his first nomination for Thelma and Louise, what could possibly go … Continue reading "006 – 1492: Conquest of Paradise"
Jul 24, 2018
005 – Courage Under Fire
This week, we are taking you back to 1996 for Edward Zwick’s Rashomon-esque half-examination of the Gulf War and sexism in the military, Courage Under Fire. While most of the praise on release was granted to star Denzel Washington and supporting player Lou Diamond Phillips, we take a look at the case for Meg Ryan … Continue reading "005 – Courage Under Fire"
Jul 17, 2018
004 – Ask the Dust
What’s that? You’re not familiar with the 2006 romantic drama Ask the Dust? Where a handsome young writer played by Colin Farrell moves to California, negs the hell out of waitress Salma Hayek, and begins a torrid love affair amid the dusty environs of the Great Depression? That’s probably because the early Oscar buzz on this … Continue reading "004 – Ask the Dust"
Jul 10, 2018
003 – Pay It Forward
This week we’re calling all angels as we discuss 2000’s major critical disaster and thwarted Oscar grab, Pay It Forward. That’s right, the one where a post-Sixth Sense Haley Joel Osment teaches the world to pass on one favor to three strangers. A film notorious in This Had Oscar Buzz lore, Pay It Forward‘s awards … Continue reading "003 – Pay It Forward"
Jul 03, 2018
002 – Tulip Fever
This week’s piece of failed awards bait is the 2017 costume drama/romantic “thriller” Tulip Fever, and by “2017,” we mean “filmed in 2014 and originally intended to be released at various times over the course of the next three years, only to finally limp into theaters after several waves of frantic test screenings, horrid buzz … Continue reading "002 – Tulip Fever"
Jun 25, 2018
001 – Mona Lisa Smile
Our first episode of This Had Oscar Buzz is about 2003’s Mona Lisa Smile, director Mike Newell’s Wellesley College period melodrama, starring Julia Roberts and all of the It Girls of the early Aughts. Come for the art history lesson, stay for the dashed awards hopes.
Jun 19, 2018
It Didn’t Come True
Joe Reid and Chris Feil discuss the origins of This Had Oscar Buzz, their first experiences with Oscar failures, and give a sneak peek at episodes to come…
Jun 04, 2018