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 Jan 2, 2019

 Oct 21, 2018
I never thought a podcast could make me so introspective on my commute home on Mondays.

 Oct 11, 2018
Legit steals content from the original pop culture Fantasy draft podcast "All Fantasy Everything". Very shameful.

A Podcast Republic user
 Jul 31, 2018


Comedy podcasts are the best, but it's not easy to find clean comedy podcasts that are actually FUNNY! Welcome to the Spitballers Podcast with the award-winning trio of Andy, Mike, and Jason. These three dads will make you laugh as they discuss ridiculous topics, answer life's most difficult questions, and dish out life advice that you should never, ever take. We all need a little nonsense in our everyday lives. Be a part of one of the best audiences around and enjoy a comedy podcast for the whole family with new episodes every Monday morning! The one comedy podcast you can't leave off your podcast roster.

Episode Date
Statue of Limitations and the Best Soda Pops - Comedy Podcast

Sometimes you don't want to know what is going on in the dark subconscious part of someone's mind... and yet here we are telling you all about ours. We have some weird minds over here. We give some great dating advice (naturally) and come up with firm rules about "spoiler alerts." Finally, we bring it all home with a soda pop draft. So get your bubbly ready, hit that subscribe button, and enjoy this episode of the Spitballers Comedy Podcast! 

Feb 11, 2019
Andy's Childhood Tape and Me Pee Pee Da Bed

Sweet mercy there are some can't miss moments on this episode. Between asking and answering questions, stories of wetting the bed, and the most incredibly timed question ever imagined you will enjoy this episode. A lot of people have been waiting to hear what is on Andy's cassette tape from his childhood and you won't be disappointed. Be sure to subscribe, review, and share the Spitballers Comedy Podcast with your friends!

Feb 04, 2019
Yoda Pooping and Donut Decisions - Funny Podcast

Amazing life advice today on how to respond to someone trying to get into the bathroom stall you are occupying. We also explore the pitfalls of trying to protect yourself if you spoke like Yoda. Last week we had an incredibly popular draft of the most memorable TV show theme songs and there were so many that we are also doing a part two of that draft. It's another funny show that you shouldn't miss. Enjoy this episode of the Spitballers Comedy Podcast! 

Jan 28, 2019
He's So Hot Right Now and TV Show Theme Songs

Thank you Spitwads for ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS! Today's Spitballers Comedy Podcast has several gut-busting moments. We learn some (awful) parenting tricks usually reserved for cats and we answer the age-old question of when to wet your toothbrush. It gets heated... in more ways than one today. We finish it up by drafting the most memorable TV show theme songs of all time. Enjoy the episode and share with your friends! 

Jan 21, 2019
Smelling Problems and Getting out of Chores - Comedy Podcast

It's been a while since we've had a Situation Room experience on the podcast, but the wait is over! Serious, life changing situations like moving your nose to other parts of your body. Important stuff. We also figure out exactly what the worst chores are that you should want to get out of and what songs we probably shouldn't know all the lyrics to. Enjoy today's episode of the Spitballers Comedy Podcast. 

Jan 14, 2019
Food Fight To The Death!

The wheels fall off today as these three idiots truly make some big mental errors for your enjoyment. We even find out some more embarrassing information about some of the musical preferences of Andy, Mike, and Jason. Ultimately, the real show is the FOOD FIGHT TO THE DEATH. They draft food that would be used in a battle. Who's food can kill the other two? You'll love this episode of the Spitballers Comedy Podcast. 

Jan 07, 2019
Game Show Immortality and Scary Monsters - Comedy Podcast

We're back to kick off the new year with some family friendly nonsense. On today's show, we have some "Would You Rather" and "Great Questions" that lead us into some interesting debates like, how long do you go without correcting someone who gets your name wrong? We finish it all off with another Mock Draft, assembling the scariest team of movie monsters. Enjoy! 

Dec 31, 2018
Changing Clothes in Public and the Best Christmas Movies

A season-ending extravaganza episode! Everyone's favorite "Would you rather" questions are back today. Fear not, we're still here to give the most important life advice ever heard anywhere before including how it can be okay to try on clothes without using the dressing room. Big stuff. Of course, we had to mock draft the best Christmas movies of all time to finish the year out and laughs were had throughout. Also, watch out for pie thieves. 

Dec 10, 2018
Selfless Socks and the Best Potato Chips - Comedy Podcast

Saving the earth can come in many forms. Clearly the Spitballers podcast's main mission to to rescue the world, but the ways in which the planet will be saved by these three buffoons might surprise you. At least you'll learn the most selfish ways to help others and find some laughs along the way. We also have a true battle over the best Potato Chips including debate on what really defines a potato chip. See? Serious stuff! 

Dec 03, 2018
Pizza Names and the Best Dads on TV - Comedy Podcast

This one hits a little too close to home for Jason who was, in fact, raised by television fathers. The guys are back again with a great mock draft where they select the best father figures on TV. Some are actually the worst fathers on TV, but certainly beloved characters. We also discover what the most helpful mythological creature would be. There are also some of the funniest "Would You Rather" questions yet!

Nov 26, 2018
Magical Spit and Getting Away With Murder - Comedy Podcast

Some things just blow your mind when you find out what people do. Do you lick your QTips? Do people really do that? Do the Spitballers do that? Gross! On today's episode we help you out with more than just gross questions, we tackle marital life advice and a bunch of would you rather questions. Also, there is a Thanksgiving Meal Side Dishes Mock Draft! One of the three guys hates Thanksgiving (WHAT!?). This is an episode you don't want to miss! 

Nov 19, 2018
Celebrity Best Friends and Vomiting for Money

What would be the worst jobs imaginable for the Spitballers to take on? Today's episode exploits their weaknesses and assigns them new jobs. Never fear, they also get brand new best friends in a celebrity best friend draft. We also find out what that there is a monetary limit to how much they love their children's health. Don't miss this episode and make sure to share it with your friends! 

Nov 12, 2018
Game Shows and Business Ideas - Comedy Podcast

Do you wash dishes before putting them in the dishwasher? Should you? Do you brush your teeth in the morning? In the evening? Both? These and other super duper important questions are dealt with by the three village idiots of the Spitballers Podcast. Today's show finishes with another amazing draft: Game Shows! Who gets Jeopardy? Who will draft a completely unknown game show you've never heard of? Listen to find out! 

Nov 05, 2018
Crying Over Spilled Milk and Curing the Bubonic Plague - Comedy Podcast

What an unbelievable episode! The guys find out things about one another that almost tears them apart. If you've ever wanted to laugh over people fighting about nonsense then this is the episode for you. So many important questions answered like "can you fill an Amazon cart with a million dollars worth of product," "what's the best thing to do when you can float 2 feet off the ground," and "what kind of milk is the best kind of milk?" Finally, the draft is back as the guys pick the best vacation destinations in the world! 

Oct 29, 2018
A Numbers Game and Shark Attacks - Comedy Podcast

Today's show is full of terrifying beasts including sharks, zombies, and dinosaurs. We also find out how good Jason is at guessing numbers and get an insight into just how smart (or not smart) he might be. Lot's of interesting situations, great questions, and bizarre would you rather questions. 

Oct 22, 2018
Do You Sit or Stand to Wipe? - Spitballers Comedy Podcast

One of the most controversial topics ever discussed on any podcast anywhere. Incredibly deep and powerful conversation on today's podcast including things like body odor, Fortnite, and being slapped by your wife. Of course, no episodes feel complete without a Spitballers Draft and today the guys are drafting survival equipment. Who will live and who will die? You decide! Enjoy the latest Spitballers Podcast. 

Oct 15, 2018
Breakfast Cereal Draft and Everything You Need To Know About Canada - Comedy Podcast

So... a shocking guest makes an appearance in one of our houses on today's Spitballers Comedy Podcast. We have some bizarre questions today and one of the guys chooses to live life with "the squirts." You also get to know everything there is to know about Canada in under 60 seconds. Finally, the guys get heated over what the best breakfast cereals are and one of them clearly pulls out the win. Make sure you subscribe and tell your friends about the Spitballers Comedy Podcast!

Oct 08, 2018
Papa Skidmarks and Marital Mishaps - Comedy Podcast

The Spitballers tell some of the funniest mistakes they have ever made with their wives throughout this episode. We learn so many things we didn't want to know about them. Learn something you definitely didn't want to know about one of their fathers as well as a way to very easily torture Mike. We also learn something we probably didn't ever want to know about one of their fathers. Finally, the guys have one of the closest contested drafts of all time: appetizers. You won't want to miss this funny episode! 

Oct 01, 2018
Abraham Lincolnovich and Adult Diapers - Comedy Podcast

Oh, sweet mercy. The poop jokes might just be a little bit too literal on today's Spitballers Comedy Podcast. You're going to need your very own butt-ler to help you get through this episode. There's also a mock draft where Andy, Jason, and Mike fight over the best fast food chain restaurants. Of course, the Spitballers also wax philosophical and dish out some life advice, like what to do when your kid wants to play soccer like a loser. Be sure to subscribe and drop us a 5-star rating if you enjoy! 

Sep 24, 2018
A Scary Situation and a Cartoon Kid Gets DESTROYED! - Comedy Podcast

The situation room is terrifying today! Jason literally screams out load as he cannot control his emotions in a genuine act of hilarity. Some weird stuff in today's show from seeing your clone to being stranded on an island together. But there are some funny GEMS on today's episode including the introduction of Gargantula and the smackdown of the most annoying cartoon in history. Don't miss this episode of the Spitballers!

Sep 17, 2018
Pizza Toppings and Shriveled Sacks - Funny Podcast!

You do not want to miss the Pizza Toppings Mock Draft! There is a special topping description that you are sure to enjoy. Some absolutely great questions on today's episode that deal with hypothetical money and our deepest wishes. There's also perhaps the best "Would You Rather" question of all time. The funny moments are throughout and you're sure to love this Spitballers Comedy Podcast. 

Sep 10, 2018
Candy Bar Debates and the Dangers of Being a Clown - Comedy Podcast

Trust nothing! That's what we learn on today's Spitballers Comedy Podcast. Can you stare at the sun? Or is that just some old wives tale? You also get insight into the vanity of one of the Spitballers when it comes to naming rights. Also, if you are a Clown... you might not want to listen to this episode. It's not kind to Clowns. Of course the episode isn't finished until the Mock Draft: Candy Bars! 

Sep 03, 2018
Hugging Strangers and Farting Around Family - Comedy Podcast

Family friendly potty humor? Is it even possible? Yes, it is! Gather the family around and enjoy hilarious conversation about social etiquette and where the limits lie. The Spitballers also take on ridiculous Would You Rather questions and of course finish up with another amazing mock draft. This week the guys are drafting their favorite 90s cartoons. Have a trip of nostalgia in this funny episode of the Spitballers Comedy Podcast. 

Aug 27, 2018
The Best and Worst Pranks and a Seriously Evil Mock Draft - Comedy Podcast

Today's episode is pretty funny as the guys start out tackling a number of great questions including the horrible question of "Is a hotdog a sandwich?" As usual, the Spitballers are forced to choose what they would rather have in ridiculously funny "Would You Rather" questions. Of course the show concludes with a seriously evil mock draft that might just give you nightmares. 

Be sure to review this funny podcast and follow the show on twitter @SpitBallersPod.

Aug 20, 2018
Time Travel and a Battle Royale - Comedy Podcast

Should you let kids win or teach them valuable life lessons with devastating losses. The answer might surprise you. Also, who would win in a fight between a human and an elephant? It's totally up to you on the latest episode of the Spitballers Comedy Podcast! We even have a tip on how to get in shape and eat all the bad stuff you can handle. 

Make sure you tell your friends and family about the Spitballers and drop us a rating if you enjoy it. Check out other episodes at SpitballersPod.com. 

Aug 13, 2018
Terrible Impressions and the Worst Opinions Ever - Comedy Podcast

The most ridiculous "Would you rather" questions are tackled on today's Spitballers podcast. You won't want to miss Jason trying to impersonate Mike Tyson because it's a comedy goldmine of failure. We also have a mock draft again, this time the guys are drafting Action Movie stars. Of course it wouldn't be a proper Spitballers Podcast without a little bit of fart jokes mixed in. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out the Spitballers Comedy Podcast website at SpitballersPod.com and follow the show on social media @SpitballersPod. 

Aug 06, 2018
To Poop or Not To Poop and a Condiment Contest - Comedy Podcast

Would you rather go without the internet or without necessities like AC and heating? The guys also get heated over their passion for condiments. In a four round condiment draft, one team winds up clearly superior. But most importantly, the Spitballers come to the rescue of a man who has some poopy decisions to make. 

Be sure to subscribe and drop a five star rating for the Spitballers Comedy Podcast if you enjoy it and follow the show @SpitballersPod. 

Jul 30, 2018
Lying Your Way Into a Job and Magical Mischief - Comedy Podcast

On today's Spitballers comedy podcast Mike is horrified at what Jason makes his children do. Find out exactly what the song "Set Them Piggies Free" really means. The guys also discuss the jobs they can lie their way through and get away with it. Finally, due to the popularity of mock drafts, their at it again as the guys are drafting their favorite Disneyland rides! 

Jul 23, 2018
Disgusting Treats and the Best Jobs Ever - Comedy Podcast

Fun times are had describing some of the most awful food combinations that the Spitballers love to eat. Truly gross stuff. On the bright side, the Spitballers bring you some real world advice with how to deal with greeting new people in fantastic new ways. Finally, if you want to know what the Spitballers think is the best job ever (other than theirs, obviously) this is the comedy podcast to listen to!

Jul 16, 2018
Mysterious Money and Superhero Showdowns - Comedy Podcast

The guys tell you what to do if you find a million dollars in the forrest under the creepiest possible circumstances. There's also another mock draft this week! They'll be building their own avengers style team of heroes. Finally, you might just learn something about the difference in men vs women when it comes to Spanx. 

Jul 09, 2018
Roundhouse Farts and Scary Movies - Comedy Podcast

Comedy for the entire family this week as Andy, Mike, and Jason discuss what movies terrified them as children. They also help a woman figure out how to deal with her handsome pokemon loving boyfriend. Finally, they also introduce a brand new segment, "That's a great question." In the end, the only thing everyone will remember is the roundhouse fart heard round the world. 

Jul 02, 2018
A Genie Grants You 3 Wishes... and Chocolate Tarantulas - Comedy Podcast

Comedy for your Mondays! What would you ask for if you had 3 wishes? Andy, Mike, and Jason explore how to make the world a better place via a genie. They also discuss if it is better to have no fingers or no elbows. Finally, the guys have a mock draft of delicious breakfast foods. You decide who has the best overall breakfast at the end of the show. Also, make sure to leave us a review so you can be on the next Review-A-Saurus Rex. 

Jun 25, 2018
Funny Moments With Your Parents and Human Avocados - Comedy Podcast

Welcome to the first comedy podcast from the Spitballers! Today, the guys tackle ridiculously important life advice questions like what to do on an island full of cannibals and whether you should be a beautiful idiot or an ugly smart person. The Spitballers finally reminisce about the absolute worst of family-friendly times... accidentally watching one of THOSE scenes with the whole family in the room. 

Jun 18, 2018