Poda Bing: a Sopranos retrospective

By Alternate Thursdays

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Category: TV & Film

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An episode-by-episode discussion of The Sopranos with occasional notable fans, cast and crew. Co-hosted by Vik Singh of Alternate Thursdays, singer-songwriter and recording artist Niia, and the creators of popular Instagram handle @sopranosgram.

Episode Date
2.09: From Where to Eternity
Vik, Niia and John discuss 'From Where to Eternity', the first of 5 scripts penned by Michael Imperioli. Topics discussed include: Richie's hands (6:56), whether the Ralphie in this episode is *the* Ralphie (10:58), Christopher's health insurance (15:33), the thing between the Irish and Italians (16:15), Purgatory (17:35), Carmela's contradictions (27:27), Tony's immigrant speech (34:30), and Tony's apology to AJ (50:23). Follow @podabing on Instagram for a pictorial companion to the podcast. 
Dec 10, 2018
005: Jamie Lynn Sigler
Jamie Lynn Sigler joins Vik in the studio to talk about her work on The Sopranos. She talks about the early days, how it all came together, expectations, living and working with Multiple sclerosis (MS), her relationship with James Gandolfini, David Chase, Robert Iler, other cast members and being a mother.  Follow @podabing on Instagram for a pictorial and caption companion to the podcast. Thanks for listening! 
Dec 02, 2018
004: A conversation with Saundra Santiago (Jeannie Cusamano)
An in-depth conversation with Saundra Santiago, who played the role of Jeannie Cusamano on the Sopranos. Follow @podabing on Instagram for a pictorial and caption companion to the podcast. Thanks for listening! 
Dec 01, 2018
2:08: Full Leather Jacket
Vik, Niia and John discuss Full Leather Jacket. Topics explored include Gerry Rafferty's music (3:08), Richie and the ramp (22:30), Christopher's proposal (30:04), Taoism 101 (36:17), the attempt on Christopher's life (45:23), and possible Netflix spinoff series (48:10). 
Nov 27, 2018
2.07: D-Girl
Niia's mom drops by the studio to listen in on Vik, Niia and John discuss D-Girl. Topics explored include existentialism (15:47), living next to cemeteries (23:02), adolescent angst (28:07), using camera to present what words can't (33:08), film sets (34:30), the irony of Puss being AJ's sponsor (48:37), Danny Meyer and Shake Shack (51:28), Maslow's hierarchy (51:51), Caravaggio (1:01:10), Netflix spinoffs (1:09:16) and more. Happy Thanksgiving! 
Nov 19, 2018
2.06: The Happy Wanderer
Vik, Niia and John explore Episode 6 of Season 2, 'The Happy Wanderer'. Topics discussed include: singing in the shower (07:09), the Scatinos (08:05), Richie's miraculous line "stutter step" (28:51), Niia's vocal range (42:31), Dr. Melfi taking control (54:08), Meadow publicly defending Tony (1:01:52), and Netflix spinoffs (1:07:06). Follow @podabing on Instagram for a pictorial and caption companion to the podcast. Thanks for listening! 
Nov 13, 2018
003: A conversation with Ajay Naidu
A conversation with Ajay Naidu, who appeared opposite Michael Imperioli in Season 2, Episode 5 of The Sopranos. Once we get the elephant in the room out of the way (an Indian guy from California hosting a Sopranos show?) we discuss his early work in Office Space and numerous Darren Aronofsky projects, his experience on The Sopranos, his friendship with Michael Imperioli, and his collaboration with world-renowned musician, Talvin Singh, on his Mercury Prize winning album, OK. 
Nov 07, 2018
2.05: Big Girls Don't Cry
Vik, Niia and John discuss episode 5 of season 2, Big Girls Don't Cry. Topics discussed include Furio's approach versus Christopher's, Tony building a firewall, Christopher's acting as a way out, Melfi employing therapy to build a yellow brick road back to Tony, plus our thoughts on the most re-watchable scenes, favorite quotes and Netflix series spinoffs that might be successful. Follow @podabing on Instagram for a pictorial and caption companion to the podcast. Thanks for listening! 
Nov 05, 2018
2.04: Commendatori
Vik, Niia and John discuss 'Commendatori', the fourth episode of season 2. 
Oct 30, 2018
2.03: Toodle-F**king-Oo
Vik, Niia and the @sopranosgram duo get real with Richie Aprile and explore the many facets of episode 3 of season 2, Toodle-F**king-Oo. 
Oct 22, 2018
2.02: Do Not Resuscitate
Vik and the crew discuss the second episode of season 2 where Bobby Bacala makes his debut. Also, we're just one episode away from Mr. Richie Aprile's grand entrance. 
Oct 14, 2018
2.01: Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office
Vik is joined by Niia, John, and Justin (yeah!) to discuss the season 2 premier, "Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office". 
Oct 08, 2018
1.13: I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano
Vik, Niia, Justin and John wrap up season 1 of the Sopranos with a discussion of "I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano" complete with screeching halt theories and reaches, needle threading, NBA references, and figuring out ways to incorporate Billy Joel into the conversation whenever possible. 
Oct 02, 2018
1.12: Isabella
The gang is reunited in the studio for a discussion about the penultimate episode of season 1, "Isabella". 
Sep 24, 2018
1.11: Nobody Knows Anything
Vik is joined by the @sopranosgram duo to discuss "Nobody Knows Anything". RIP Vin Makazian. 
Sep 17, 2018
002: A conversation with Bruce Smolanoff
A conversation (and search for answers) with actor Bruce Smolanoff AKA "Email" Kolar about the Sopranos pilot and The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti. 
Sep 09, 2018
1.10: A Hit Is a Hit, Part 2
Vik and the @sopranosgram crew explore and discuss the sometimes misunderstood episode, "A Hit Is a Hit." 
Sep 03, 2018
1:10: A Hit Is a Hit, Part 1 (with Niia)
Niia calls in from Italy to discuss "A Hit Is a Hit", life as a recording artist, and the music industry. 
Aug 31, 2018
001: A conversation with Ane Crabtree
A conversation with costume designer (Sopranos Pilot) and 2018 Emmy nominee, Ane Crabtree. 
Aug 29, 2018
1.09: Boca
Vik, Niia and the @sopranosgram team dive into Boca, the 9th episode of season 1 of The Sopranos. 
Aug 27, 2018
1.08: The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti
Vik and the @sopranosgram crew welcome Niia to the show for the first time. They discuss one of the most special and most nuanced episodes in the series, The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti. 
Aug 18, 2018
1.07: Down Neck
Vik and the @sopranosgram crew go back in time with Tony as they discuss and analyze Down Neck, a subtle but pivotal episode in season 1. 
Aug 12, 2018
1.06: Pax Soprana
Vik and the @sopranosgram crew forge ahead on their journey through The Sopranos with a discussion and analysis of Pax Soprana, the sixth episode of the first season. 
Aug 06, 2018
1.05: College
Justin, John and Vik go back to "College" with Tony and Meadow to discuss one of the most important episodes in television history. 
Jul 29, 2018
1.04: Meadowlands
John, Justin and Vik go back and spend time with "Meadowlands", the fourth episode of The Sopranos. Tony's dreams. Chrissie's paranoia. Dr. Melfi's infinite wisdom. It's all there. 
Jul 22, 2018
1.03: Denial, Anger, Acceptance
John, Justin and Vik revisit and discuss episode 3 of The Sopranos, "Denial, Anger, Acceptance." 
Jul 16, 2018
1.02: 46 Long
John, Justin and Vik examine and discuss episode 2 of The Sopranos, "46 Long." 
Jul 11, 2018
1.01: Pilot
John, Justin and Vik discuss the pilot episode of the Sopranos. 
Jul 08, 2018