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 Apr 9, 2020


Deemed too hard for the radio, Tommy G has finally returned to the podcast airwaves talkin' sports, life, and the weakness of an entire generation

Episode Date
#31: COMMENCE PEDOGATE! Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested! Corona Draft Revisited, Trump Debate & Much More!
THE STORM IS UPON US! Tommy, The Bod, Bobby & Janet break down HUGE NEWS in the #PedoGate saga!  Epstein’s partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell found and arrested! What does this mean? what is next? What does this mean for the elite? Corona draft revisited! tons of laughs, tons of fights and MUCH MUCH MORE! Follow @nomercypod on Instagram and Twitter and leave a review if you enjoy the show.
Jul 02, 2020
#30: GUEST: AUBREY HUFF! 2 Alphas get Drunk and Attempt to Save the World!
Tommy and Aubrey Huff tackle every issue the rest of the world is afraid to speak on! Race-baiting, Censorship, Soy Boys, Kaepernick, Brees, Religion, Politics; Aubrey’s Trevor Bauer War, Bubba Wallace Noose Scandal, Spiritual Awakenings AND MORE! This one is very uncensored and an absolute BANGER! subscribe to both this podcast & Aubrey’s new pod: Off the Cuff with Aubrey Huff, subscribe to the podcasts and follow the guys on:Twitter: @TommyG, @Aubrey_Huff, @nomercypodInstagram, @TommyGPatriot, @HuffDaddy76 @nomercypod
Jun 25, 2020
#29: GUEST: NICK HINTON! Nesara Preview! Cancel Culture, Ice Cube, Moon is Fake, Earth & Space Debate, Timeline Jumping

On this episode the boys start off with a conversation about Kurt getting attacked on the street and then head into discussions about cancel culture, the left’s attempt to take control of the country, and THE FIRST GLIMPSE INTO NESARA/GESARA!  They then bring on Nick Hinton to discuss the power of the mind, our ability to control our universe, the space debate, whether the earth and moon are fake and of course....aliens.  Pick a topic, it was covered!  Subscribe, Download, Review and follow @nomercypod on IG and Twitter.

Jun 20, 2020
#28: THE MATRIX IS BREAKING! QAnon, Trump & Anonymous Debates, Defunding the Police, Ideological Subversion, Danny & Mom Call In & More!

On this episode the Tommy, Bob & Kurt break the matrix.  This episode has everything! The episode begins with a good 20 minutes of laughs, impressions and chaos after a long week of blood on the streets, and is topped off by a call in from Uncle Danny and Mama G!  The show then pivots to intense debates over Q's odd transition, Trump's disappearance  & the debate over whether Anonymous is a psyop.  Tommy finds out he is legally dead as the internet attacks on him continue and the gang discusses the impending alien invasion!  Throw in Kurt and Bobby's meme war, mind control tactics of the elite, George Floyd oddities, Transurfing, JFK Jr and more!  Let us know what you think by writing a review on iTunes and follow the gang on Twitter: @NoMercyPod, @Tommyg, @Bobslessons, @TheBodNoMercy. Enjoy the show!

Jun 11, 2020
#27: MINNESOTA IS BURNING! Soros Race Wars, George Floyd, Trump Social Media War, Biden Race Comments & More
On this episode Tommy, Bobby, Kurt and Janet go all in on the horrific death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minnesota Police Officer. The gang discusses the odd timing of the event and debate whether the riots and fires thereafter are a real revolt or a George Soros False Flag. They discuss Trump's executive order on the laws of Social Media, Biden's racist comments and much much more! Subscribe, Download and Write a Review!
May 29, 2020
#26: #OBAMAGATE! Your Vote Doesn't Matter, Trump's Twitter, General Flynn Story, Teaching Libs & More!
On this Episode Tommy, Bob and The Bod bring back OG Ben Jammin for a politically fueled episode. This episode breaks down everything that is going on with #ObamaGate and General Flynn, and if you have any friends who you need to wake up, the beginning is an intro into where this all started that should help them better understand what's going on. We covered every political base imaginable on this one and even tied in a good 20 minutes on how to build ur following and brand, so your voice can be heard. I explained why YOUR VOTE DOESN'T MATTER and we had some laughs along the way as usual! Subscribe, download and write a review if you enjoy the pod. Follow @nomercypod on Instagram and Twitter, and stay tuned for the big No Mercy site we are launching some time in the next month or so!
May 12, 2020
#25: ALIEN DEBATE, FREEDOM PROTESTS & MURDER MONKEYS! CDC, Plandemic, The Next Phase, Government Psyops, and More!

On this episode Tommy & Bob get dragged down an alien rabbit hole by The Bod (which surprisingly leads to some great conversation), then the gang attacks the freedom protests, what Trumps plan is, whether attacking Biden is the right move, MURDER MONKEYS & much more! Enjoy the chaos and make sure to like, subscribe and write a review on your podcast platforms! Follow the boys at the below handles:

Twitter @TommyG, instagram @TommyGPatriot
Kurt: Twitter @TheBodNoMercy
Bob: Twitter @BobsLessons
Podcast: Twitter and Instagram: @NoMercyPod

May 05, 2020
#24: GUEST: CURT SCHILLING! Trump, Censorship, Hall of Fame Snub, Yankee Fans, MLB Cheating, Coronavirus & More
On this episode of No Mercy Tommy brings on one of the best pitchers of all time and social media lightning rod, Curt Schilling! Tommy and Curt cover everything from his baseball career, battling Yankee fans, being snubbed from the Hall of Fame, Trump, Hillary, Coronavirus, Censorship and everything in between! Curt is the same guy he was on the field, in retirement, no BS, hard hitting, fastball down the middle type guy and this episode should knock your Sox off. Subscribe, download & write a review to support the pod and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @nomercypod, along with following Curt @Gehrig38.
Apr 23, 2020
#23: SATAN COMES FOR TOMMY'S HEAD! Lady Gaga, 5G, Trump's Trolling, The W.H.O. & More!
On this episode @TommyG, @BobsLessons and @DeplorableJanet  fly all over the radar with a somewhat buzzed, very uncensored breakdown of all things going on around the world! Tommy finds God, Bob breaks out his new hit song & Janet drinks beer! The gang covers everything from the Church of Satan to 5G technology and everything in between! Also, a big announcement about the future of the @nomercypod!  Subscribe and write a review is you enjoy the show! #WWG1WGA
Apr 21, 2020
#22: GUEST: SAM TRIPOLI! QAnon, Trump, Hollywood, Cabal, Lizard People, Bill Gates & More!
The man, the myth, the legend, Sam Tripoli joins Tommy G and The Bod for the 2nd half of a pod swap! You can here Tommy on Sam's Tinfoil Hat Podcast, and now Sam is joining the boys to set the airwaves on fire.  Name a topic and they covered it in this hour and a half BANGER! Q, Trump, The Cabal, Lizard People, you name it, they covered it.  Follow Sam Tripoli on Twitter @SamTripoli and make sure to download and subscribe to the Tin Foil Hat Podcast where all podcasts are found. Also check out for his 2 most recent comedy specials from the Viper Room!  Sit back and enjoy the ride and get ready for 90 minutes of fire.
Apr 12, 2020
#21: IS JFK JR ALIVE? Who is Q, SNOPES EXPOSED, Mel Gibson, Corona Draft Update & Predictions About the Storm!

On this episode the squad goes in depth on the theories surrounding the potential Storm! They dive into whether JFK JR is not only alive, but potentially if he is actually Q. They dive into the 10 days or darkness, is it real? Touch on Mel Gibsons comments and his exit from Hollywood, Prince's comments and death and update all the celebrity insanity! On this episode they completely dismantle the TRUTH behind those scumbags at Snopes and also give updates on the Corona Draft and attempt to predict the future. Subscribe, Download, Review and follow @nomercypod on Instagram and Twitter!

Mar 29, 2020
#20: GUEST: LARRY JOHNSON! Hollywood is burning! Satanism! Symbolism! And the Impending Storm!

On this episode Tommy and Bobby join special guest @2LarryJohnson7 for a COMPLETE FIRE EPISODE from the 3 men who predicted EVERYTHING that is happening right now in America! The new world is about to begin, and come find out how and why! Subscribe, Download and Review and follow @NoMercyPod on Instagram and Twitter.

Mar 25, 2020
#19: OPRAH, ELLEN, MADONNA PEDOPHILES? 2nd half of the Celeb Corona Draft, Frazzledrip & MUCH MORE!
This was an emergency episode since almost everything we predicted is coming true, we needed to fire out an impromptu No Mercy Podcast to catch you guys up on everything you may have missed. Adrenochrome, All the Celebs, Frazzledrip, Celeb Draft and tons more in this episode from the boys! Follow @NoMercyPod on Instagram and Twitter for some behind the scenes extras, SUBSCRIBE and write a review on your Podcast providers platform!
Mar 21, 2020
#18: GUEST: NICK HINTON! Dimension Jumping, Time Travel, World Ended in 2012 & Saturn!

In this episode the boys dive deep into the Matrix! Tommy & Bob bring on special guest Nick Hinton ( @NickHintonn on Twitter), author of the Saturn Time Cube Simulation and brand development leader of, to break ur whole perception of reality! Dimension Jumping, Time Travel, World Ending in 2012, Mandela Effect, The Multiverse, Saturn Time Cube and MUCH MORE! This is just part 1 of a 2 part series! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @nomercypod and leave us a review on iTunes if you enjoyed the show!

Mar 18, 2020
#17: CELEBRITY CORONA VIRUS DRAFT! Adrenochrome & The Global Take-down of the World
Ladies and Gentlemen..... get ready to venture down the dark rabbit hole that is episode 17. The boys bring Janet back to try and uncover the global agenda that is the Corona Virus and all the evils it will unearth. Is this a white hat operation? Black hat operation? Population control? NWO attempt to crash the world economies? Or all of the above! The gang also does the much awaited CELEBRITY CORONA DRAFT. This one is a banger, enjoy and write a review if you enjoyed the episode.
Mar 16, 2020
#16: TOM HANKS IS A PEDO! Coronavirus, LeBron & Kuzma, Post Malone
On this episode of No Mercy the gang is joined by @DeplorableJanet who serves as the resident Coronavirus and vaccination expert. The guys explain why this whole thing is a bio weapon used to tank the markets and scare the public into pushing out Donald Trump and Janet dives deep into how concerned you should be about contracting it. Tommy drops his conspiracy on why LeBron is banging Kyle Kuzma and also forecasts the death of Post Malone. They dig into the Tom Hanks pedophilia conspiracy and much more. Enjoy the ride and make sure to download, subscribe and write a review to support the pod!
Mar 09, 2020
#15: ANTARCTICA! Snoop Dogg & Wade, CEO Conspiracy, DNC Drama
The much awaited Antarctica conspiracy episode (part 1) is live! The guys touch on everything from underground bases to Nazi camps & Alien territory. They also discuss Snoop and D Wade sacrificing their children to the Boule, Potential sex trafficking drama surrounding the CEO's of major companies and the rigged Democratic Convention. Subscribe, Download and write a review!
Mar 02, 2020
#14: KOBE BRYANT DEATH CONSPIRACY! Celebrity Death Pool & Uncle Danny/Madlab Call Ins!
The much anticipated and controversial Kobe Bryant conspiracy podcast is in the books! The boys examine Kobe's ties to the Boule and Illuminati, the odd events surrounding the timing and crash of the helicopter and debate whether this was a hit or an accident. The boys also do a Celebrity Death Pool, examining which celebs are likely to be taken out next, including some hysterical banter about tendencies when going to the bathroom, a call in from Madlab about the UFC conspiracy theories and a call in from Uncle Danny! Subscribe, Download and Review to support the pod! #RipKobe
Feb 10, 2020
EP 82: CONSPIRACY EPISODE 14: Kobe Bryant Death Conspiracy, Celebrity Death Pool & Uncle Danny/Madlab Call Ins!
The much anticipated and controversial Kobe Bryant conspiracy podcast is in the books! The boys examine Kobe's ties to the Boule and Illuminati, the odd events surrounding the timing and crash of the helicopter and debate whether this was a hit or an accident. The boys also do a Celebrity Death Pool, examining which celebs are likely to be taken out next, including some hysterical banter about tendencies when going to the bathroom, a call in from Madlab about the UFC conspiracy theories and a call in from Uncle Danny! Subscribe, Download and Review to support the pod! #RipKobe
Feb 10, 2020
#13: ILLUMINATI / FREE MASONS! Beyonce/Jay Z Satanism, Danny & Madlab Call in!
This episode has it all folks! The history of Free Masons and the Illuminati and their control over society, symbolism and hidden messages in society, Jay Z and Beyonce's hidden satanic tendencies, black cube discussion, the host of the year conspiracy, a show takeover from Uncle Danny and much much more! subscribe, download and leave us a review!
Jan 17, 2020
#12: MICHAEL JORDAN AND THE MAFIA! NBA Rigging Games and Drafts, and the Return of Madlab!
On this episode Madlab returns to doing Tommy and the Bod in the first of many sports conspiracy episodes. The boys explain why Michael Jordan DID NOT retire on his own accord, why the mafia killed his father and all the events surrounding his life. They also discussed The rigging of the NBA draft, fixing of sporting events and Ali/Liston phantom punch conspiracy. On top of all this they snuck in a bunch of “Things Madlab can Accomplish” and boy were they hysterical.
Dec 27, 2019
#11: EPSTEIN IS STILL ALIVE! Joe Biden the Pedophile, Censorship to Control the Masses and NEW Conspiracy Game!
On this episode of No Mercy Tommy, Bod, Bob and Ben break down the newest updates about Epstein's plastic surgeon and banker both being murdered and break down exactly WHY Epstein IS STILL ALIVE and how it can happen. Censorship was a big topic on the pod with the recent de-platforming of right wing influencers along with Creepy Joe Biden and his crazy ways, but the most fun part of the pod was the new Conspiracy game, where Bod introduces and every day item and Tommy and Bobby need to convince Ben that there is a conspiracy behind it. Enjoy the ride boys and girls.
Dec 05, 2019
#10: ALIENS! Project Looking Glass, Time Travel & More
The boys get extraterrestrial in this episode and fly all over the multiverse with the much awaited Aliens episode.  This is the first of many Alien related shows, so get your tin hats on and get ready for a journey into space!
Nov 18, 2019
#9 - IS QAnon REAL? New Epstein developments, Popeye's Chicken and more.

Tommy is BACK (thank god) with The Bod, Bob and Ben to discuss the breaking news on the Epstein case involving Project Veritas.  The boys also debate the legitimacy and origins of Q Anon, they discuss Tommy's mysterious disappearance for episode 76, Tommy's belief that Popeye's chicken is laced with drugs, Alex Jones and much more insanity!

Nov 07, 2019
#8: Bob & Bod (TommyG M.I.A.) - with MadLab UFC Preview & Uncle Danny call in
That puss Tommy G flakes out due to sickness and Ben claim his too busy at his "job", BUT ya boys Bob & The Bod got your backs with some podcast gold... Getty Fire talk, The Finders, Epstein Murder, UFC 244, The Return of Uncle Danny & More!
Nov 01, 2019
#7: GUEST: JOHN MCAFEE! Government, Drugs and Life.
Tommy brought out the big guns for this episode with the most interesting man in the world, John McAfee! Tommy and John went back and forth on everything from John's days as the cyber security god, to crypto currencies, to running from the law, to fucking whales in the blowhole, to his 2020 presidential run, to eating his dick on national TV and everything in between! You will not wanna miss this one! Buckle up boys and girls and get ready for a trip into the mind of the great John McAfee!
Oct 17, 2019
#6: VEGAS SHOOTING! Saul Alinsky, NBA/China, Censorship & More

Tommy, Bob, Ben and the Bod are back for a 2 hour mind melt about a range of topics that string together with zero logical correlation or order!  The main topic of the podcast was the much awaited "Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy" which you guys have been begging for, but then the boys dovetailed onto everything from censorship, to the NBA/China debate, to Trans Athletes, to Saul Alinsky's Luciferian Crowd Control Techniques and Much Much More!  Download, Subscribe, Review and support the pod!

Oct 11, 2019
#5: GUEST: LARRY JOHNSON! Satanism, Symbolism and Feminization of Athletes.

@TommyG is Joined by KC Chiefs Single Season Rushing Leader, and 2 time Pro-Bowler @2LarryJohnson7, to talk about the Modern Day NFL, his recent Tweets and Media Scrutiny, Satanism, the Elite Pedophilia Circles, OBJ, Cam, Jay-Z, the LGBT Community, Climate Change, the Catholic Church and much more! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Oct 03, 2019
#4: CLIMATE CHANGE! Trump Impeachments, Singularity, George Soros, The Election, Tetris & More
On this episode of the No Mercy Conspiracy Collection, Tommy, Bob, Ben and The Bod address the whole spectrum of political and social manipulation from the climate change hoax to the manipulation of the American people through children. They also discussed the impending Trump impeachment scandal, Joe Biden and political warfare as a whole. The tail end of the show is about singularity and how robots will eventually take over the Earth.  Get your tin hats out people and prepare to go on a ride of government manipulation and apocalyptic thinking!
Sep 27, 2019
EP 71: NFL Week 4 with Tommy & Jeff
Tommy G and Jeff Mans talk about everything from Hitler to Mahomes on this one!  The boys continued to bring the pain and analysis as they dove into: Whether Mahomes is the best QB of all time, Week 4 DFS look ahead, Seasonal buy lows and waiver adds, NFL coaching rants, Early season hits and misses and TONS more!  The guys combine the rare blend of analysis, fighting and humor to take u into week 4 guns blazin!
Sep 25, 2019
EP70: NFL Week 3 with Tommy & Jeff
Tommy G and Jeff Mans talk about millennials ruining sports, Week 3 look ahead for DFS and seasonal, which players you should be picking up on waivers, week 2 review, buy low/ sell high candidates, multiple rants on stuff that has nothing to do with sports & much much more!
Sep 17, 2019
#3: 9-11 CONSPIRACY! Antonio Brown, OBJ, White Claw & Vape Pens

This is the much anticipated 9-11 conspiracy edition with Tommy, Ben, Bob and The Bod where they spent an hour and a half breaking down every reason why 9-11 was a complete inside job.  Also covered in the podcast was the Antonio Brown rape accusation conspiracy, the Odell Beckham sexuality and watch conspiracy and Tommy's favorite, White Claw and Vape pen conspiracy updates. We will never forget the lives lost during 9-11-2001 and to honor them we dig into the truth behind their passing to find out who the real killers were.......

Sep 12, 2019
#2: MICHELLE OBAMA HAS A DICK! Mandela Effect, Climate Change, Epstein, & More

Tommy, Bobby, The Bod and Ben spend over 2 hours diving down a million rabbit holes with the main topic being the Obamas and Michelle being a man. They also covered recent updates on the Epstein case, Climate change, Time Travel, The Mandela Effect, The Rain Forest Fires and much much more! Strap on your tin hats and get ready for a ride full of laughs and chaos!

Aug 23, 2019
EP67: Preseason Wk 2 recap & Draft Strategy with Jeff Mans
In this episode Tommy & Jeff break down everything you need to know about the first 2 weeks of the NFL preseason, run through the first 2 rounds of Fantasy Drafts, break down the Jimmy G, Kyler Murray, Todd Gurley, Lev Bell, Josh Gordon, Antonio Brown decisions and a lot more! Also, the guys had some fun with some f*ck, marry, kills and went over a bunch of rules that need to be changed in the NFL!
Aug 20, 2019
@TommyG @bobslessons and @xBenJamminx debut the first ever No Mercy conspiracy episode, covering every topic from the Moon Landing, to Epstein, to 9/11, to Satanism and everything in between!  Get your tin hats ready boys and girl cause this rabbit hole goes DEEP and it get DARK!
Aug 16, 2019
EP65: Kyler Murray, NFL Props, Plastic Straws

Tommy and Jeff breakdown EVERY REASON why Kyler Murray is going to suck on the first episode of Season 2 of No Mercy!  They also go into why they hate vegans and plastic straws, NFL win totals, Props, Superbowl odds and much much more!!! Let the chaos begin.....again!

Jul 30, 2019
EP64: NBA Free Agency & Madlibs

Tommy and The Bod attack Madlab over his pathetic Knicks, Tommy gets attacked for his wavering Nets fandom, the guys play the fan favorite game of Madlibs and more!

Jul 01, 2019
EP63: Special Guest Burt Watson

Tommy G brings on the legend Burt Watson to talk about everything from making friends with Joe Frazier and his boxing years and becoming his manager, to his 15 years in the UFC as an event coordinator and experiences with the biggest fighters in MMA, to his newest and hottest venture MMA LIVE (39 minute mark) and talks of the event taking place on June 15th at the Hardrock in Ft Lauderdale!

May 29, 2019
EP62: Game of Thrones Finale, with special guests Pat Mayo & Tim Anderson

Tommy, Pat and Cust break down every angle of the game of thrones final episode, season & some theories on what happens to the show going forward in terms of spin offs and it’s place in history. The guys also continued a twitter debate from this weekend over what the best movies of the millennium are on the back end of the podcast.

May 20, 2019
EP61: NBA Draft, Genetic Engineering, Instagram Girls, Public Hangings, Abortion and more

Tommy, Lab, The Bod and The Algoholic are back providing their normal complete chaos on every range of topics from abortion to the NBA draft and everything in between! 2 hours of laughs, fights, controversial topics and debates which will have you begging for more. #Abortion #Alabama #Kyrie #Durant #Knicks #Zion #GameofThrones #GeneticEngineering #Instagram #Relationships & more

May 17, 2019
EP60: Game of Thrones with special guest Rob Pizzola

Possibly the only man who is more into Game of Thrones than Tommy G, Rob Pizzola, joins Tommy to discuss every single angle and prediction for the final season of GOT. They recapped episode 5, gave predictions for episode 6 & addressed every tweet, complaint and praise the show has gotten on the internet over the last 5 weeks. If you are a GOT fan, this will be the most entertaining, raw, fully encompassing podcast on the web you could possibly find!

May 13, 2019
EP59: Tommy G & Draftcheat

Tommy and Pete went all over the board with this one, starting with a full Game of thrones breakdown from 4:26 to 44:42 marks (fast forward if you hate GOT). Then the boys went heavy into some sports and social topics including; MLB rule changes, NBA playoffs, the long awaited automated strike zone debate, are massage parlors cheating, are strip clubs a stupid, DFS tout royal rumble and much much more!

May 08, 2019
EP58: Game of Thrones with Pat Mayo

*Spoiler Alert* Tommy and Pat nerd out and go full Game of Thrones mode on this episode, recapping episode 3, predicting the future, arguing over how the show has been so far and much much more. You will not find two more entertaining & knowledgeable GOT fans in america than these two, so if you like GOT, this is a MUST LISTEN!

Apr 29, 2019
EP57: PGA Masters Tournament and Game of Thrones preview with Pat Mayo and more

Special Guests @ThePME & @FriedEggPaulie join Tommy to discuss every angle of the Masters Tournament from a betting and DFS perspective. Tommy and Pat also added a 20 minute Game of Thrones preview and prediction section at the end for all you Thronies out there. Get ready to crush the books this week with tons of GOT and Golf props!

Apr 09, 2019
EP56: NCAA Sweet 16 Edition with Sportscheetah

Tommy, Rob and Preston cover everything you need to know about the second weekend of NCAA action. They DESTROYED the books last week, and plan to do it again this week.

Mar 27, 2019
EP55: NCAA TOURNEY EDITION with SportsCheetah

Special guest Preston Johnson joins Tommy and Rob to break down EVERY ANGLE of the NCAA Tournament from a gambling, prop and bracket challenge perspective! If you are watching NCAA this weekend…YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS!

Mar 20, 2019
EP54 Tommy & Jeff Mans

Tommy & Jeff talk about every transaction made during the NFL Free Agency period, talk about some props and win totals, break down keys to identifying march madness sleepers, play a game called “Would You Rather” and identify the new no mercy theme song that will be stuck in ur head for days to come.

Mar 16, 2019
EP53: NCAA Conference Tourney with SportsCheetah

Tommy & Rob bring on #elitemafia alum and now ESPN expert Preston Johnson to break down every angle of the NCAA Conference tournaments from a betting perspective. They even gave some inside info on longshot betting props on who the next Bachelorette will be while Rob’s new puppy chewed through his whole house.

Mar 12, 2019
EP52: Tommy, Rob, Madlab & The Bod

Why the NFL Combine is ridiculous, Flat earth, The Bachelor, Game of Thrones, Boogie and the Lakers, “Would you rather” game, Rob’s tweets and much, much more.

Mar 06, 2019
EP51: Tommy & Jeff

Zion Williamson, Tommy’s Twitter Jail experience, Jeff’s vacation, Fraud and fake news on Twitter, Masturbation hierarchy, Manny Machado, AB/Lev Bell, tons of Rob bashing and much more!

Feb 22, 2019
EP50: Tommy, Rob, Lab and the Bod Valentine's Day Special

Valentine’s Day Special! The boys covered everything from what do do on V-Day, why its a sham holiday, Madlab created a new challenge to test your relationship, they spoke about how long sex should be, Tommy declared a new season starting on Feb 20th, they vented about Instagram on V-Day and much, much, more. Then they went into social and conspiracy topics from Abortion to the Moon Landing and wrapped up with some AB84 & Kareem Hunt talk before ending with the much maligned bachelor conversation. This episode should have you in tears laughing while also wondering what drugs these guys are on! Enjoy!

Feb 13, 2019
EP49: Tommy & Jeff, Super Bowl recap, Covington Catholic & Liam Neeson

In this episode Tommy And Jeff covered: Super Bowl bets, pats dynasty, McVay being overrated, Todd Gurley’s usage, Phil Simms, Edelman MVP and hall of fame, Jeff’s time in Atlanta, where Leveon Bell is going and more about football! Then we did a good 45 minutes on Covington Catholic kids, Liam Neeson comments, social justice warriors, protesters and tons more. On top of sneaking in a secret word for a prize that will become a weekly occurrence!

Feb 05, 2019
EP48: Tommy and Rob, Superbowl bets, Reptilian shape shifting & The Obama's

This podcast has everything: EVERY Super Bowl bet you can imagine, Personal Stories, Tommy eats an apple (he’s allergic), The Vatican Conspiracy, Reptiles control the world, The Obama Conspiracy & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Jan 31, 2019
EP47: Tommy & Jeff. NFL Bets, DFS, News, Trump & more

In Episode 47 Jeff and Tommy broke down the whole NFL from a betting and DFS perspective on top of covering: Adam Gase, AB84/Emmanuel Sanders, #RefereeGate, Fanny Packs, Parenting, Trump, The Wall, Gov’t shutdown, Time travel and more!!!!

Jan 18, 2019
EP46: Tommy, Lab, Bod and Rob Special EP

Racism, Parenting, Virtue Signaling, Conspiracy Theories, Cloning, Sexism... you name a social topic… we covered it on this episode! Oh yeah, we also went into predictions, props and bets for this weekend’s games in the NFL. This was the first FULL Social/Conspiracy episode that you guys have been begging for.

Jan 16, 2019
EP45: Tommy, Jeff and The Algoholic - NFL Divisional Round

Tommy, Jeff and Rob breakdown this weekends games from a gambling and DFS perspective, covering everything from how to hedge long-shot props, which games they all like the most to bet on, score predictions for every game and tons of DFS position by position content.

Jan 09, 2019
EP44: Special Guest Sportscheetah

Tommy Rob and Preston break down everything you need to know about this weekends NFL wildcard games, go over SuperBowl futures, Teaser and hedging strategies and break down the New Years day College football games at the end of the pod.

Dec 31, 2018
EP43: Tommy G, MadLab & The Bod

Steroid talk, Jon Jones, Netflix, Who's Got a Better Instagram Account, Aliens, and More!

Dec 28, 2018
EP42: Tommy & The Algoholic, NFL Bets & Living in Simulation

NFL Week 16 Bets for Every Game, Josh Gordon, MVP Odds, Super Bowl Odds, Living in Simulation, Is God Real, Christmas Pet Peeves, PETA Hatred and MORE!

Dec 20, 2018
EP41: Tommy & Jeff Mans talk NFL DFS & Seasonal Fantasy, Nike, Trans Ms Universe, & More

In their new format of 1/2 sports and 1/2 weird news, Tommy & Jeff covered: Cam, Rodgers, OBJ, Foles, Gurley, Conner, Week 16 plays, Seasonal tips, Transgender Ms Universe, Nike racism, Snowflakes, Pirate weddings, Fk/Marry/Kills, F THAT segment and MUCH, MUCH more.

Dec 20, 2018
EP40: Tommy and Jeff talk NFL DFS & Seasonal, Politics, Racism, Snowflakes

Tommy & Jeff went off the rails on this episode. They started talking about Week 15 DFS, Seasonal and Gambling with some fun segments mixed in and then in the last 1/3 of the podcast went FULL NO MERCY on social issues saying and talking about the things everyone else is afraid to say! Strap on your seat-belts…… sh*ts about to get weird.

Dec 13, 2018
EP39: Tommy & The Algoholic

Booger McF*cktard, Week 15 bets, MKF plays, Mike Tomlin, Snowflake F*cks, Fart Jars, Thursday Night Football, Twitter Questions, Balloon Knife Guy AND MORE!

Dec 11, 2018
EP38: Tommy, MadLab & The Bod

Rams, Chiefs, Cowboys, Saints, Max Holloway, Kyler Wilson Tweets, Steph Curry Moon Landing Theory, Things Madlab Can Achieve, this Weekend and MORE!

Dec 10, 2018
EP37: Tommy & Jeff Mans

NFL News, Week 14 DFS, Bets and Gambling, Cardi B, Santa Clause, Snowflakes, PETA, Fk/Marry/Kills, Emmanuel Sanders, James Conner, Cam’s Shoulder, Kareem Hunt and more!

Dec 06, 2018
EP36: Tommy & The Algoholic

Week 14 NFL Thursday & Sunday Bets, Gambling Tips, Mike McCarthy, Booger and Witten, Rob’s Tweets, Best Prank Gift Sites, MKF Props for Thursday and more!!

Dec 04, 2018
EP35: Tommy, Lab & The Bod

Kareem Hunt, NFL MVP Race, Tyron Fury/Deontay Wilder, Todd Gurley stopping at the 1 and the NEW segment: Things Madlab can accomplish!

Dec 03, 2018
EP34: Special Guest Pat Mayo

Football, Millennials, Life Hacks, FMK's, Rants on Society, Success Tips... You name it, we covered it!!!

Nov 30, 2018
EP33: Tommy & Jeff

Tommy G & Jeff Mans go over the week 13 NFL slate, look back at week 12, talk DFS, seasonal fantasy football and answer your twitter questions all in between what amounted to about 40 minutes of talk about the male reproductive organ and where to stick it. Yeah... that happened.

Nov 29, 2018
EP32: Tommy G & The Algoholic

From gambling on this weeks games, to NFL rule changes, to masturbation techniques, Tommy and Rob cover it all on this episode of No Mercy.

Nov 27, 2018
EP31: Tommy & Jeff Thanksgiving DFS

Tommy and Jeff breakdown all the injuries, value plays and must plays for this Thanksgiving day DFS slate along with looking back at week 11.

Nov 22, 2018
EP30: Tommy & Rob Turkey Day Gambling

In this episode Tommy and Rob break down the KC/LAR game last night AND cover EVERYTHING you need to know to be a true degenerate on Thanksgiving: Bets for every game, Props for every game, Rams/Chiefs analysis, New NFL rule changes, Robs Twitter and MUCH MUCH MORE.

Nov 20, 2018
EP29: Tommy and Jeff Mans

In this episode Tommy and Jeff discuss: Lev Bell’s decision, Week 10 NFL review, Week 11 NFL look ahead, the KC/LAR showdown, embarrassing injury stories, a bunch of F/Marry/Kills and then end it with the usual F THAT!

Nov 15, 2018
EP28: Tommy & The Algoholic

Tommy and Rob touch on a little bit of everything from FMK to Friendsgiving and everything in-between... Let's get weird!

Nov 14, 2018
EP27: Special Guest Cynthia Frelund

Tommy is joined by good friend and Predictive Analytics Expert for the NFL Network, Cynthia Frelund to discuss everything you will ever need to know about football from an a data perspective. They go into how Cynthia created her model, which teams have the highest probabilities to make the playoffs, whether interceptions are random or not and much much more. You can follow Cynthia on Twitter @Cfrelund and Tommy @TommyG

Nov 09, 2018
EP26: Tommy. Madlab & The Bod

The boys are back with another gut busting episode of No Mercy. On this episode the guys talk about which dead people they wanna drink with, which celebs they wanna have sex with and hang out with, Things Madlab hates, Madlibs, UFC 230, preview the Mike Perry fight and plenty more chaos that will have you rolling.

Nov 08, 2018
EP25: Tommy & Rob

Tommy and Rob breakdown week 10 from a gambling perspective, look back at Rob’s phenomenal (and Tommy’s horrible) week 9 performance while spending time discussing Rob’s new identity crisis with his new @TheAlgoholic twitter handle. They also cover some political topics that are sure to ruffle some feathers and some things that exist in Rob’s world that are guaranteed to make you shake your head.

Nov 07, 2018
EP24: Tommy G & Jeff Mans

In this Election Day special, Tommy and Jeff look back at week 9, look ahead at week 10, add a new “F THAT” segment and go on an epic journey through political themed f, marry, kills and rants! You don’t wanna miss this episode and it’s out early so you have all week to get thru this extended chaos!

Nov 07, 2018
EP23: Evan Silva Guest Spot

Tommy brings on Sr. Fantasy Football analyst, Evan Silva, to discuss everything from DFS and the big NFL trades to Seasonal fantasy. This episode is chock full of info and a must listen for anyone who loves football!

Nov 02, 2018
EP22. UFC 230

Tommy, Madlab and the Bod discuss the upcoming UFC 230 Event, play things Madlab hates, give away their life hack of the week and more!

Nov 01, 2018
EP21: NFL Week 9 DFS, Trade Deadline

Tommy and Jeff spend an hour breaking down everything you need to know about what happened in week 8, Plays for week 9 and analyzing the trade deadline deals with 30 minutes of pure unadulterated uncensored chaos mixed in!

Nov 01, 2018
EP20: Gambling Week 9

Rob and Tommy drop some NFL futures bet locks this week that you can’t miss! They also breakdown week 9 of the NFL, talk some strategy, laugh about Rob's twitter and give a rundown of how the plays have gone thru the mid way point of the season!

Oct 30, 2018
EP19: DFS Week 8 Preview

Jeff and Tommy breakdown week 8 from a DFS perspective while also looking back a bit at what went right and wrong from week 7.

Oct 27, 2018
EP18: Just The Tip, Ben Askren UFC, Things Madlab Hates “Halloween” Edition

In this episode, Tommy, Madlab and The Bod breakdown the long awaited entrance of Ben Askren to the UFC, go into a special Halloween edition of Things Madlab Hates, and each give an important tip on how to be a better human in a new segment called “just the tip”.

Oct 26, 2018
EP17: Week 8 Gambling

Tommy and Rob break down the week 8 NFL gambling slate, talk about World Series bets and attack a whole generation of people who believe getting married is an accomplishment.

Oct 26, 2018
EP16: Week 7 Gambling

Tommy and Rob breakdown the week 7 NFL gambling slate while also going heavy into the Thursday night football bets, Thursday night baseball bets and some props. They also discuss Rob’s Twitter account, his 5 potential burner accounts and bathroom etiquette.

Oct 18, 2018
EP15: Week 7 DFS and Seasonal

Tommy and Jeff break down all the hot button players heading into week 7, look back at week 6, Breakdown the Thursday Night game and mix in their usual controversial rants and chaos.

Oct 18, 2018
EP14: Saquon, Eli, OBJ, UFC 229 and Things Madlab Hates

Tommy, Madlab & The Bod discuss the utter disgrace that the NY Giants are, breakdown all the events following UFC 229, delve deeper into the mind of Madlab and attack racism and political correctness!

Oct 12, 2018
EP13: Kaepernick, DFS Drama, Wk 6 NFL Preview and More

TommyG and Jeff Mans go nuclear on the Colin Kaepernick/Nike situation and DFS tournament structures, while also breaking down the prior and upcoming NFL week from a DFS perspective!

Oct 11, 2018
EP12: McGregor vs Khabib

Description: In the 1st half of the pod Tommy, Madlab and The Bod break down the biggest fight in UFC history from every possible angle along with providing all the betting angles for this fight. In the 2nd half they provide you with a hysterical extended edition of “Things Madlab Hates” which will have you rolling.

Oct 05, 2018
EP11: Tommy is joined by MLB Model for their Week 5 gambling pod

Tommy comes in hung over after the Yankees victory to break down the week 5 NFL matchups with Rob (MLB Model) from a betting perspective, talk some gambling strategy and analyze their completely dysfunctional lives!

Oct 04, 2018
EP10: Tommy & Jeff Breakdown week 5 DFS

In this episode Tommy and Jeff go over all the key players returning from suspension and how it will affect their teams, break down all the high total games, talk about the THursday night football game and then clown around the rest of the show including a NEW live from ESPN headquarters skit.

Oct 04, 2018
EP9: Jeff Mans & Tommy G first 1/4 of NFL season takeaways

Tommy and Jeff breakdown the first quarter of the season from a seasonal and DFS persepctive, talk Le’Veon Bell, Mahomes, Statistical outliers and which players it is time to give up on!

Oct 03, 2018
EP8: @MlbModel, Week 4 gambling and Current NFL trends

Tommy and Rob discuss the the first 3 weeks of NFL trends, break down the top teams and whether we should be worried about any of them, and then then give out plays for this weeks action!

Sep 28, 2018
EP7: Jeff Mans, DFS week 3, Season-long, Millennial hate

Tommy and Jeff are back with the most chaotic episode yet! TONS of NFL Daily Fantasy and Season Long talk along with more comedy skits than you can handle. This 1hr and 40 mins flies by as Tommy and Jeff guide you to the promise land of fantasy goodness, while also dragging you down the darkest passages of their sick and twisted minds!

Sep 27, 2018
EP6: Tommy, Madlab and The Bod discuss life and the NFL weekend

Tommy, Madlab and The Bod will have you cracking up for 80 minutes talking about Tommy's alien fingers, The Bod’s Investment advice and things Madlab hates while mixing in a bunch of NFL talk!

Sep 25, 2018
EP5: MLB Model, Gambling, DraftCheat vs Seige

Tommy G is joined by MLB Model to talk about some gambling picks for week 3, breakdown the Jets Cleveland game and Tommy’s Twitter explosion from last night and also holds the first press conference of the Draftcheat/Seige boxing match taking place in March 2019!

Sep 22, 2018
EP4: Jeff Mans, Week 3 DFS, Hot NFL Topics

TommyG and Jeff Mans breakdown week 2 and look ahead to week 3 NFL from a Daily Fantasy perspective, Talk Josh Gordon, Antonio Brown, Vontae Davis along with doing another F, Marry, Kill with NFL coaches, talk about their crazy college days and describe love in 7 words, all in the most inappropriate ways possible.

Sep 19, 2018
EP3: Madlab & The Bod, Canello vs GGG, NFL

TommyG is joined by Madlab and The Bod to discuss topical stories from the NFL weekend, GGG/Canello and Madlab’s INSANE grooming techniques

Sep 18, 2018
EP2: MLBModel, Gambling Tips

Tommy G and MLBMODEL talk all things sports betting and give out some top NFL plays of the week including a consensus play on the Thursday Night Football game!

Sep 13, 2018
EP1: Jeff mans, NFL Week 1 Recap

Tommy G and Jeff Mans recap week 1 of the NFL, answer DFS twitter questions, speak about all the things they have stuck in their rectum and destroy a whole generation of millenials, all in under 2 hours!

Sep 12, 2018