Hey Riddle Riddle

By HeadGum

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 Nov 3, 2018
Love these improvisers, but did not expect this topic to work as a podcast. It is both hilarious and interesting (if you are into riddies and puzzies). It is hard to multitask while listening though as I am obsessed with figuring it out.

 Oct 8, 2018

 Aug 16, 2018
this podcast is a problem, because I want to listen as soon as it downloads, but I'm at work, so then I have to try to stifle my laughter and it ends up coming out in weird squeaks and my coworkers probably think I'm weird. it's so good!

Chris H.
 Aug 8, 2018
Be careful if you listen to this podcast while you're driving. It will have you laughing so hard you might drive right off the road. Also, they eventually solve the riddles.


Riddles! Puzzles! WhoDunnits! Adal Rifai, Erin Keif and JPC try and solve a few of these every episode while discussing and dissecting along the way. You can play along while listening but can you solve the questions before we do?? (you absolutely will)

Episode Date
#20: School Runnings

In this tasty ep we learn all about each others High School persona, get a sneak peek at a father/son buddy cop flick, deal with the harsh realities of Benjamin Button disease and tell the story about Jesus and his bud that the bible doesn't want you to hear! You're also going to want to lay out your beach towel cause we have a brand new Sandbox with Sandor Weisz! Go Harbormen! Go Boilermakers! Go Fighting Irish! It's Hey Riddle Riddle!

Dec 05, 2018
#19: A Puzzle a Day Keeps the Riddle Away

On this week's episode The Clue Crew returns to some Only Connect style riddles so here's an only connect for you, dear listeners. An interrogation that goes terribly awry, the weight of a vulture's soul, a proper send off to a new ship, and some millennial slang. What do they all have in common? Why, they are all in this episode, that's what!

Nov 28, 2018
#18: Hey Gobble Gobble!

It’s our Thanksgiving episode and we are thankful for YOU! We talk about family traditions, discover a baby real estate agent, and tell you where to eat in whatever airport you’re in. We also discuss where the beloved children’s character Wishbone may have ended up (Hell). Pass the mashed potatoes God damn it!

Nov 21, 2018
#17: The Episode That Sounds a Riddle Bit Different

It's a very special episode for the Clue Crew because we're recording in a different studio. Can YOU tell the difference in our audio? Probably! We have time travel, mass death, and more singing than anyone could ever want. And if that sounds like a good time, why not join the Clue Crew yourself? Visit our merch store here: https://www.teepublic.com/user/heyriddleriddle

Nov 14, 2018
#16: Riddle Nation

Erin takes on the role of Old Man Puzzles and tries something new. Get excited because Adal gets an early DEAD STOP! The Clue Crew discuss the most annoying EDM songs, two ballet dancers fight, and it becomes clear how little they know about wine. Get ready to throw your phone in a lake!

Nov 07, 2018
#15: Bleh Riddle Riddle! a.k.a. RiddleWeen!

It's our special Halloween episode chock full of riddles so bad you'll want to scream! Adal is Count Puzzula and discovers that's most spooky riddles are just bullshit jokes! We find out how all 3 hosts will die, resurrect Jackie O references, go a little bit DISNEY CRAZY and find out that looks matter! ALSO JPC and Erin have to put their Horror Movie knowledge to the test and Kevin oh Kevin do they fail. It's Bleh Riddle Riddle! 

Oct 31, 2018
#14: A Riddle a Day Saves Nine

In this episode JPC is Old Man Puzzles and he WROTE some warm up riddles! The Clue Crew tries to remember some sayings, Adal plays God, flickering lights cause problems, and a full stop gets a full stop. Also - Sandor Weisz (The Mystery League: @pzlr) comes back for our beloved Sandbox segment! #sortofsayings

Oct 24, 2018
#13: Throw another Riddie on the Barbie

This week's episode is absolutely riddled with puzzies! The gang takes a trip down memory lane to explore some hurtful childhood nicknames, gets frustrated breaking down words, and solves a couple of gruesome murders with only their wits, some cigs, and a smattering of clues! Also, the return of "Riddles From My Garbage Brother-In-Law" and have Adal or JPC ever eaten fruit? Find out now!

Oct 17, 2018
#12: Three Men and A Riddle Lady with Justin McElroy

The Baron of Brainteasers, Justin McElroy (The Adventure Zone, MBMBAM), drops in to guest host a Mail Bag episode with listener submitted Riddies and Puzzies! We figure out one specific word in all of English language, teach a very special dog new tricks, list off all the best wars AND solve a classic mesa death! You don't want to miss this hot hot ep! 

You can order 'The Sawbones Book' at https://www.weldonowen.com/sawbonesbook/ and check out new Hey Riddle Riddle merch at https://www.teepublic.com/user/heyriddleriddle

Also special thanks to Steve Ahlman for audio assistance!

Oct 10, 2018
#11: Night of the Living DEAD STOP

The Clue Crew tries to decide on a mascot for the podcast, Erin get's her earliest DEAD STOP yet, we take a psychopath test AND special guest Sandor Weisz stops by to debut a new segment for us! Oh and we finally go over the hour mark in this episode! Happy Spooktober! #KeifinItReal

Oct 03, 2018
#10: Judge, Jury, and Riddlecutioner

On this week's episode, Adal, Erin and JPC get summoned to Riddle Court, find out what happens when elves run afoul of the law, and meet some scientists in the middle of the ocean. All that plus a return to the magical world of SwanLumps. Riddle me interested!

Sep 26, 2018
#9: Quiz Bop

This time - it’s personal! We get some sweet riddies and puzzies from Erin’s loved ones. There’s a man without a passport, a cassette recorder at a crime scene, and lady who flipping loves plants! Stick around to hear us discuss half-horses, Kidz Bop, and the trauma of Nintendo Cafe!

Sep 19, 2018
#8: My Riddle Pony with Arnie Niekamp

A very special episode brings in guest host Arnie Niekamp (Hello From the Magic Tavern)! In this tasty ep Arnie fails at math, a prisoners life hangs in the balance, we learn about the sex lives of penguins, Erin demands we remember the movie Fever Pitch and much much more! 

Sep 12, 2018
#7: Riddle Miss Sunshine

The super young and hip hosts are back at it this week and they're younger and hipper than ever! SO YOUNG! In this episode a woman writes in an unusual place, an irregular man dies because of his timepiece and an airplane is used for nefarious purposes. PLUS a very special celebrity actor that's NOT Alan Arkin pops in and overstays his welcome.

Sep 05, 2018
#6: Sheep Impact!

We start with some hot hot 'What Am I' riddles and work our way up to a confusing conversation between a dad and his human daughter and an obsessive shepherd who plays favorites! We also introduce quizzies to the equation and Erin is pretty confused! #WiddleWednesday

Aug 29, 2018
#5: Greased Lightnin' Round

It’s our best episode yet! Erin takes on the mantle of Old Man Puzzles and thinks the Lightning Round should be 6 riddles long! There’s also a mess of glass and water that brings a doctor running, a ceiling splattered in blood that concerns only one person and all the Kevins and Susies you can shake a raccoon at!

Aug 22, 2018
#4: Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Mrs. Doubtfire

Is this episode all our riddles deal with how not to get away with MURDER! Alibi’s, punishment rooms, insensitive cops catch an idiot, a hot hot connection at a funeral, death by iced tea, a married couple somehow enjoys a dinner and the creator of the hit game Secret Hitler, Tommy Maranges, drops in!

Aug 15, 2018
#3: Everyone's Dead!

More puzzies, riddies, and terrible lateral thinking problems! A rare talent lies dead next to an unassuming object, a woman jumps off a cliff but is she ok? and a husband dies leaving a woman to reinvent herself! Also a gauche wedding gift causes someone to die of embarrassment!

Aug 08, 2018
#2: My Puzzle Lies Over the Ocean

We have another episode for you Kevins and Susies! Riddles include a drunken man from the bad part of town, unlocking the mysteries of salt, a little boy and his wanted toy, and a trip around the globe to check in on the Italian judicial system. All that and a captain lost at sea! Arrrrrrgh yee ready for some riddles?

Aug 01, 2018
#1: Stuck in the Riddle with You

It’s our debut episode! Riddles include a dad trying his best to be hip, a shady ass phone call, a child that’s happy as hell to be kicked out of the house and a mysterious mass death! It’s a podcast you can play along with so FLEX DAT BRAIN!

Jul 25, 2018

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Jul 15, 2018