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By David Newman

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The Speaking Show with David Newman is focused on a core audience of speakers, consultants, and experts who want instant-action strategies, advice, and insights to grow your motivational speaking and public speaking business. David is the founder of the Speaker Profit Formula mentoring program and has helped over 550 entrepreneurs and executives market smarter and speak more profitably.

Episode Date
091: Empire Builder Lessons

Best-Selling Author. Consultant. Coach. Speaker. Innovator. By combining his own experience with the development of groundbreaking tools, Rod N. Santomassimo has become the pre-eminent educator in commercial real estate -- his clients’ and readers’ results are a testament to his pioneering and effective coaching system and broad knowledge of how to succeed in an ever-changing industry.


Rod takes us back to how he built the empire he has today through his investments in coaching, including David’s High Fee Mastery classes, membership integrations, and structuring his business to save on taxes!

May 23, 2019
090: High Ticket Selling

A master of Sales and Closing, Expert Keynote Speaker, and creator of the One-Call Closer™ Methodology, Kayvon is a titan of the industry. From being Canada’s #1 pharmaceutical sales representative to creating a multimillion-dollar coaching program, Kayvon has a vast range of skills centered within the art of sales. His ambition, drive, and confidence has led to his domination in the industry and his world-renowned abilities.


This episode moves fast so get your notes ready! Kayvon Kay and David jump right into effective selling techniques, the strategy calls, and breaks down his ‘One-Call Closer’ methodology!

May 21, 2019
089: Simple Success Plans

Laura Posey is an internationally-recognized speaker, author and consultant.

She is known as The One-Page, One-Hour Breakthrough Specialist for her unique ability to simply and easily laser focus her clients to get dramatic results.

Her Simple Strategic Plan is used by over 2500 companies from startups to Fortune 100.

She is the author of "How to Plan Your Entire Year On One Sheet Of Paper", and co-author with Jack Canfield of "Mastering The Art Of Success".

Laura is a graduate of SUNY at Buffalo and holds an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is fluent in German and is currently working on her Spanish.

When not on stage or with a client, you can find her traveling the world, playing golf, practicing the fiddle or snuggling with her rescue mutt, George, at home in Richmond, VA.


Laura Posey, Chief Instigator of Simple Success Plans, does a breakdown of the simplicity and versatility of the planning process with David and where many have it all wrong!

May 16, 2019
088: Consulting Success

Michael Zipursky is the CEO of Consulting Success® and Coach to Consultants. He has advised organizations like Financial Times, Dow Jones, RBC, Omron, Sumitomo and helped Panasonic launch new products into global markets, but more importantly, he’s helped over 300 consultants from around the world in over 50 industries add six and seven figures to their annual revenues. Over 34,000 consultants read his weekly consulting newsletter. Michael is also the author of the Amazon Best Sellers "The Elite Consulting Mind" and Consulting Success®, the book.


Michael and David talk about what it takes to run a successful consulting business and go into detail on how he handles some of the aspects involving that. From seeking clients to delegating and scaling, avoiding perfectionism and more!

May 14, 2019
087: The Art of SEO

SEO guru, Stephan Spencer gives a crash course on better SEO practices and where it should be applied! Stephan also shares with us how he structured his business and service offerings to tailor towards clients of different sizes, budgets, and needs!

May 09, 2019
086: The Sale Whisperer

Wes Schaeffer, US Air Force veteran turned sales consultant and leader, discusses his transition into corporate sales and becoming The Sales Whisperer. Wes and David debunk the idea of feeling shame when returning to corporate work and go into detail on how Wes developed his scalable offerings and maintaining relevance with clients!

May 07, 2019
085: Gratitude at Work

Steve Foran talks about the power of gratitude and how it can greatly affect your business, workplace culture, client relations, and personal life in a positive way! Steve tells us how he applies genuine gratitude towards his referral and follow up strategies as well as prospecting and through the courses and workshops he provides!

May 02, 2019
084: Pricing Secrets

Mark is a pricing expert.  Here's some proof:

Ph.D. in pricing from UC Berkeley

Wrote a book on pricing in 2011

Blogs on pricing ongoing since 2008

Taught pricing since 1997 for Universities and companies

Worked as a pricing executive

Coached hundreds of companies on pricing


Mark sits with David to discuss the topic of pricing yourself out as a speaker! They cover many different practices and situations involved in pricing, including profit vs non-profit clients, the state of the economy, considering logistics, and much more!

Apr 30, 2019
083: The Stand-Up Trainer

Theresa Hummel-Krallinger, known for her humorous and interactive presentations, is a seasoned trainer, speaker, coach, culture maven, and professional stand-up comedian. Past-President of Greater Philadelphia ATD and Blue Bell Toastmasters, she currently serves on the non-credit faculty at Temple University, teaching courses in business communications and leadership. She also moderates “Meet the Author” at the Pyramid Club, a monthly program for business book discussions.


Theresa shares with us her experience in building her business, becoming a stand-up comedian, working on a TV show, and coming back into the corporate world after spending some time as an entrepreneur!

Apr 25, 2019
082: Humor That Works

Andrew Tarvin is the world’s first Humor Engineer teaching people how to get better results while having more fun. He has worked with 35,000+ people at 250+ organizations, including Microsoft, the FBI, and the International Association of Canine Professionals.

He is a best-selling author, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and FastCompany, and his TEDx talk has been viewed over 4 million times. He has delivered programs in 50 states, 20 countries, and 1 Planet (Earth). He loves the color orange and is obsessed with chocolate.


Drew talks to David about how he utilizes humor towards his business, what roadblocks he came across, and how it has expanded his clientele as opposed to restricting him in one box!

Apr 23, 2019
081: Stop Hustling Gigs

A money business insider, Joel’s a long-time venture capitalist and hedge fund manager (gobbledygook for a professional investor) who lives in a Shark Tank world like on TV. Since selling his publishing company to a Fortune 500, Joel keynotes conferences worldwide, helping to enhance stakeholder value by delivering business strategies and the inside track on money, success, and significance to business executives and their teams.


Joel sits with us on The Speaking Show to steer us away from the gig-to-gig mentality, making it easy for customers to return to you, and how important it is to know how to sell yourself to the right customers!

Apr 18, 2019
080: Living in a Voice First World

080: Living in a Voice First World with Doug Devitre


Doug Devitre, CSP gives us a head start on the rising ‘voice first movement’ and how you can potentially beat the rush to utilizing Amazon’s Alexa for your speaking business before it gets too crowded! From publishing apps to creating specific skills! Doug also tells us why we should be focusing on technology like Alexa in the first place and how it can be monetized!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The ‘Voice First Movement’
  • Using Alexa Blueprints
  • Publishing your app on Alexa
  • Monetizing Alexa
  • Is Alexa at risk of saturated and outdated content?
  • Using Alexa on stage as a speaker
  • Why you should focus on Alexa for your speaking business
  • Industries that would benefit from Alexa the most
  • Pivoting your business towards the ‘voice first’ world
  • Voice-to-voice book?



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Apr 16, 2019
079: Innovation Nation

Julie Holmes is an inventor, founder, entrepreneur and corporate survivor. Her favorite question is “What if?” What if you could transform your frustration into time savings and money making? It might sound crazy but that’s exactly what she’s been doing with organizations over the last 25 years.

In addition to being an award-winning international speaker, Julie has designed and launched solutions from million dollar software applications to tiny Bluetooth microphones (as a speaker, maybe you’ve heard of Hey Mic!?). But her creative expertise isn’t limited to products. She's helped organizations like Expedia, Oracle and FedEx leverage innovation and design thinking to improve their leadership, sales, and customer service.

While Julie’s content is inspiring and practical, audiences equally love that she’s a firecracker on stage. Bursting with energy and enthusiasm, she takes audiences on a journey of laughter and learning. With stories and real-world examples, Julie shows them how to find their inner inventor, embrace their entrepreneur and spot the big opportunities in even the smallest innovations.


Julie Holmes, professional keynote speaker, innovation expert, and self-proclaimed ultimate nerd joins us on The Speaking Show to talk about how she found her way into the niche of innovation, how she organizes her programs, and how she divides her business between speaking, software development, and product manufacturing all under her own umbrella!

Apr 11, 2019
078: Influence Through Voice
Cynthia is a Voice Coach, Speaker and Author. She has helped business professionals and professional speakers from 46 countries across 5 conti- nents with their voice to speak with impact and conviction, engages and in- spires people to embrace change and take action.
Cynthia has been a professional speaker and coach for the past 17 years and her engagement spans 4 continents in countries as U.S., Finland, The Netherlands, Argentina, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, India, Brunei, Vietnam and The Philippines.

Cynthia and David discuss some of the techniques and best practices towards developing a more confident and authoritative voice! Some of the techniques include properly projecting your voice, proper breathing, and resonance.

Apr 09, 2019
077: Audiobook Domination!

For more than 32 years, David Wolf has been the creative director, music composer and/or producer of content for radio, TV, film, podcasts, audiobooks, and multimedia.  He’s been hosting the Smallbiz America Podcast since 2005, now syndicated coast to coast on BizTalk Radio Network and on Smallbiz America Radio.


David Wolf gives us an overview of the audiobook production process on the front-end and back-end. He also talks about the continuing growth of the audio market and how it could help your business as a speaker and author.

Apr 04, 2019
076: Leadsology for Speakers

Tom is a Marketing Mentor who started his first business at age 24 and has gone on to start and sell four others, taking two of them international. In that time he’s managed teams of over 100 people and annual revenue of more than 20 million.


Tom Poland joins us on The Speaking Show to talk about his ‘Leadsology’ program and how it can benefit your marketing as a speaker. Tom also talks about the differences between selling and marketing, best practices in prospect relations, and who you should really be targeting for your leads!

Apr 02, 2019
075: Remarkable and Referable

Andrew Davis is a bestselling author and keynote speaker. Before building and selling a thriving digital marketing agency, Andrew produced for NBC and worked for The Muppets. He's appeared in the New York Times and on the Today Show. He's crafted documentary films and award-winning content for tiny start-ups and Fortune 500 brands. Today, Andrew Davis teaches business leaders how to grow their businesses, transform their cities, and leave their legacy.


Andrew Davis shares with David and us on how he develops remarkable and referable presentations and how to best correlate them with other forms of media. Andrew also talks about why he decided to give up the C-level executive life and his process of breaking into new markets!

Mar 28, 2019
074: Association Insider Secrets

For over a decade, Shell has worked to advance professionalism and excellence in real estate staging. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Staging Association®, (RESA®). RESA is a 501 (c) (6) tax-exempt non-profit trade association for professional real estate stagers. This network of professional real estate stagers includes over 2,000 members, 50 chapters, and 300 leaders. Shell was voted as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate Staging.


In this episode, Shell Brodnax sits with David and gives us insights from the point of view of an association and what they look for in speakers for their events. Shell also talks to us about staying relevant in your niche, coming up with new programs, an what makes a successful association!

Mar 26, 2019
073: Knockout Presentations

Diane DiResta, Certified Speaking Professional, is founder and president of DiResta Communications, Inc. Known as the Speaking Strategist, Diane brings over 20 years as a communications expert and speech pathologist using her unique 4M approach. Her company works with Fortune 500 companies, media trains sports and entertainment celebrities from the NBA, WNBA, USGA and coaches C-level executives how to exude an executive presence and shine on the platform. He’s been featured on CNN and quoted in the NY Times. WSJ, Investor’s Business Daily, the London Guardian, Fast Company and more.

She’s a past president of NSA NY chapter and recipient of the Golden Mic award.


As a professional speaker, Diane has spoken in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and South America. Prior to establishing her company, she was an AVP at Drexel Burnham, a training specialist for Salomon Brothers and a Speech Pathologist for the NYC schools. She holds a master’s degree in Speech Pathology from Columbia University, is a graduate of CoachU, and the author of the popular book, Knockout Presentations. Now in its 3rd edition.


Diane, the presentation guru, talks with David about some of the best practices of delivering knockout presentations! Including effective use of PowerPoints, note cards, developing an overall solid structure for your presentation, and steering away from disaster in a Q&A session!

Mar 21, 2019
072: Linkedin Advertising Revealed

AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn Ads pro who founded, a LinkedIn Ads-specific ad agency, in 2014. As official LinkedIn partners, they manage among the world’s most sophisticated advertising accounts worldwide. He's a ginger & triathlete. He & his wife live in Utah, with their 4 kids, and his company car is a wicked-fast go-kart.


LinkedIn Ads expert and founder of AJ Wilcox reveals the secrets to successful advertising via LinkedIn! AJ tells us the best ways of determining a target audience for advertising and generating leads through speaking and landing pages

Mar 19, 2019
071: Smarter Email


Joel Schwartzberg has been teaching effective presentation and messaging techniques to corporate, group, and individual clients since 2006, and is the author of Get to the Point! Sharpen Your Message and Make Your Words Matter (October 2017, Berrett-Koehler). His clients include American Express, Blue Apron, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Comedy Central, the American Jewish Committee, the Brennan Center for Justice, and the Georgetown University Executive Global Strategic Communications Program.

Joel returns to The Speaking Show to discuss with David the best practices of sending effective emails and conveying the right message over a medium of communication where much of our human interaction is gone!

Mar 14, 2019
70: The Heart of Motivation

070: The Heart of Motivation with Scott Chesney


Scott is a world-renowned motivational speaker to over 1.5 million people in 40 countries.  Some of his clients include The United Nations, The Pentagon, FBI, Fortune 500 corporations, associations, sports teams, colleges and universities, and K-12 schools.  He is also a popular Life Coach.  Scott and his wife and two children reside in New Jersey.


Scott tells us how he created a business by telling his life story and motivating people around the world to overcome their adversaries, and how he stumbled upon becoming a life coach. Scott also discusses how he manages to find his self-worth when determining financial compensation without disconnecting from the higher purpose of his business.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • How Scott became a professional speaker
  • Determining a worthy fee
  • Target what you want, take what comes
  • Scott’s current target market
  • Getting into coaching



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Mar 12, 2019
069: High Profit Prospecting

Mark Hunter talks anything and everything that has to do with prospecting with David! Mark shares with us why phone calls are his primary tool for prospecting and walks us through a typical call with a prospect. He also tells us why he feels it’s never been easier to secure a gig and how to avoid being a ‘dollar speaker’

Mar 07, 2019
068: Funny Speaker: Serious Business

Christine Cashen delivers a fast-paced, hilarious program with useful content that makes her a sought-after speaker worldwide. For more than 20 years, she has jazzed an amazing variety of audiences throughout the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. Christine is an authority on sparking innovative ideas, handling conflict, reducing stress and energizing employees.


Before hitting the speaking scene, Christine was a university admissions officer, corporate trainer, and broadcaster. Christine holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication and a Masters Degree in Adult Education. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).


Christine talks about how she went from running day-long training and consulting sessions to one-hour keynotes on the big stage! How does she compact all of that expertise into such a short amount of time? How does she choose her topics for these keynotes? You’ll find all of that and also a new top secret segment she’s been working on!

Mar 05, 2019
067: Becoming an Influential Author


Gregory is the author of two Amazon bestsellers: Brand Identity Breakthrough and Travel as Transformation. His podcast, Uncomfortable Conversations with Gregory, taps into the core of people’s conceptions of self. He helps entrepreneurs prepare complex value messages across many mediums, and offers unconventional lifestyle coaching and brand identity consultancy for impassioned individuals. In his free time, Gregory kidnaps felines from streets around the world and bathes them in his sink before passing them along to strangers.


Lots of tasteful tidbits are featured in this episode for those who are aspiring authors or who are looking to self-publish. Gregory breaks down the better practices and offers tips on the processes of writing, publishing, and selling a book!

Feb 28, 2019
066: Facilitated Leadership

066: Facilitated Leadership with Eddie Turner


Eddie is a C-Suite Network Advisor, a professional speaker and a national media commentator who holds international certifications as a trainer, facilitator, and coach. He is an alumnus of Northwestern University where he studied Leadership and Organization Behavior and of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University where he completed the “Art and Practice of Leadership Development” executive education program. Eddie is a member of the global network of Harvard educated Adaptive Leadership practitioners in the Adaptive Leadership Network.


Eddie and David discuss his path of escaping the IT typecast, developing emerging leaders, the benefits of facilitation, and debunking the myths of imposter syndrome. Eddie also shares how he brought together the content for his book, “140 Simple Messages to Guide Emerging Leaders”.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Eddie’s backstory
  • From developing C-level leaders to emerging leaders
  • The myths of ‘imposter syndrome’
  • The magic of facilitation
  • Increasing impact in less time
  • Putting together the 140 Simple Messages to Guide Emerging Leaders
  • Sorting through the noise on social
  • Marketing directly to corporations or via associations



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Feb 26, 2019
065: Negotiating for Speakers

065: Negotiating for Speakers with Theresa French


In this episode, David and Theresa hand deliver you a cheat sheet to negotiating for your business and steer you away from tactics that can hurt your business and get you stuck in the low-level chase from gig to gig.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Negotiating vs. Bargaining
  • Negotiating does not mean less
  • Negotiating up and negotiating down
  • Make an upsell menu
  • …and what else?
  • Diagnosis, prescription, treatment, and outcome
  • Everything has a value



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Feb 21, 2019
064: Keynote Mastery

064: Keynote Mastery with Eric Chester


Eric Chester is a trusted source in the global dialogue on employee engagement, workplace culture, and the emerging generation. And he isn’t some Johnny-Come-Lately to this important conversation. Since 1986, Eric’s been in the trenches researching, studying, speaking and writing about these topics.


Eric joins David in discussing the do’s and don’ts of keynote presentations. A must listen for those who are aspiring keynote presenters or are just looking for ways to refresh your presentation!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The problem with keynotes
  • What to do when starting a keynote from scratch
  • What is a keynote?
  • Timing your presentation
  • ‘Auditioning’ your content
  • Conducting research on determining content
  • Customizing your content
  • Avoiding fluff in your presentation
  • To use or not use slides?



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Feb 19, 2019
063: Standing Out Online

063: Standing Out Online with Kate Paine


Kate Paine has a knack for finding and extracting a unique personal story out of you, whether you think you have one or not! Kate talks with David about how she finds your personal story, what a personal brand really is, and gives us a few tips on increasing visibility online, especially with LinkedIn!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Kate’s career beginnings
  • Oversights and mistakes people make with their online presence
  • ‘The Interview’: How Kate finds your personal story
  • 3 Building Blocks to boost your online presence
  • Two things you should have on your LinkedIn profile
  • Utilizing LinkedIn features
  • Things to know about your personal brand



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Feb 14, 2019
062: Niche Domination

062: Niche Domination with Alan Berg


Alan Berg, CSP, chats with David on how he found success through dominating the wedding business niche and the its sub niches. Alan tells us why promoting yourself as an expert of specificity can really open more doors than that of a generalist.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • How Alan got into the wedding industry
  • Why he chose to narrow his business down to the wedding industry
  • Leaving behind your previous industry
  • Finding your niche
  • Watch, do, then teach
  • Finding and marketing your sub-niches
  • The impact of international testimonials



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Feb 12, 2019
061: I Wish Someone Had Told Me

061: I Wish Someone Had Told Me with Brad Montgomery


Brad teaches people how to use happiness to boost productivity, creativity, innovation & profits. He turns typical meetings into transformational events using, the power of happiness. Oh, and he’s pretty funny. Brad has transformed audiences in all 50 states and on four continents. His clients include Microsoft, Verizon, the FBI (yes, that FBI) the CIA (yes, that CIA) and the IRS (where he withheld 30% of his best strategies.) Brad specializes in using humor, interactivity, sound, music and visuals to ignite audiences so that they can use happiness as a tool to improve their lives and their jobs.


In this episode, Brad tells David some of the many things he wishes he had done differently with his business. From investing in marketing to accepting help sooner, even down to whether or not he should’ve gotten an office!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Brad’s beginnings
  • His transition from magician to speaker
  • Why he wishes he invested more in marketing
  • Having a protective ego
  • The cringe factor
  • Allowing yourself to accept help
  • The benefits of trading peer reviews
  • To have an office or home office?
  • Peer pressure at NSA
  • Know the game you’re playing



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Feb 06, 2019
060: The Future of Conferences

060: The Future of Conferences with Sarah Michel


Sarah is the ‘Wonder Woman of Networking” at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. She helps clients weave in peer-to-peer interactions throughout the conference experience, designing receptions and facilitating sessions, and helps clients deliver in their networking promise!


Sarah shares what she sees is the cause of casualties in annual conferences, what the speaker’s role is in enhancing a conference experience, and what to expect in millennial attendance.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • How Velvet Chainsaw got its name
  • Sarah’s role in Velvet Chainsaw
  • What ‘Connexity’ is
  • Creating plan serendipity
  • Adding more experiential elements to your event
  • 5 things that kill annual conferences



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Feb 05, 2019
059: Build Your Consulting Business

059: Build Your Consulting Business with David A. Fields


David A. Fields started his career in marketing for GlaxoSmithKline before jumping into consulting at a boutique firm. David then co-founded Ascendant Consulting where he developed his “general contractor” model where he focuses on overall quality and relationship management for each project.


David and David dive into the business of consulting and how to be specific yet broad with your expertise. David also gives insight on any professional speaker or expert trying to get into the consulting business.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Shifting from expert to consultant
  • Two things that are the core of consulting
  • The advantages of having speaking experience when pursuing consulting
  • Three things a consultant can do to create value
  • How David built his consulting business
  • Following the market
  • Generalist vs. Specialist
  • The Solo Practice Accelerator event
  • Transition from corporate to solo
  • Inbound and outbound outreach
  • Where cold outreach can be effective
  • David’s favorite premises to initiating conversations with prospects



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Jan 31, 2019
058: Focus Leads to Success

058: Focus Leads to Success with Theresa French


Theresa and David of Do It! Marketing talk about the effectiveness of focus. They discuss why it is better to be specific in your expertise and how a generalist approach could hurt your business.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Having a foundational strategy
  • The ‘who’ question
  • Focusing on what you solve
  • Why you can’t focus on solving multiple types of problems
  • Getting specific with your expertise
  • Always focus on the problem, then the solution
  • I, me, and my – Why this approach is bad
  • How focus can be expensive
  • The obstacles of specification and focus
  • Myths of successful generalists
  • The benefits of a free call with Do It! Marketing


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Jan 29, 2019
057: Real Deal Book Publishing

057: Real Deal Book Publishing with Annalisa Parent­­


Annalisa Parent is an accomplished writer with her first poem published at the age of 10. Annalisa went on to graduate from Middlebury College’s English Department and Creative Writing program and currently teaches writing across the country.


Annalisa gives us a sneak preview on the process of working with her as an author and her upcoming Business Celebrity Summit event on February 9th! She also shares some tips on successfully publishing a good book.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Getting into publishing
  • How she grew the business
  • Working with Annalisa as an author
  • If you build it, they will come…not really
  • What it takes for an author to get a good book published
  • How much expertise you should share in your book
  • Typical size of a book
  • You do not need a book, you need a GOOD book
  • Putting together a demo reel prematurely
  • Opening the door to people who are right for you
  • Build your tribe before building your tent
  • Being genuinely present
  • The Business Celebrity Summit


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Jan 24, 2019
056: Boring Presentations

056: Boring Presentations with Mary Foley


Mary is the author of three books, a popular national speaker, and former co-host of the Girlfriend We Gotta Talk! radio show. Her latest book, Live Like Your Nail Color, Even If You Have Naked Nails became an instant Amazon bestseller. Mary inspires women with practical advice to create sanity for their lives and confidence for their careers - all while having a bit of fun!


Mary and David talk about the best ways to prevent yourself from giving a boring presentation. Some of these ways include how you acquire your content, utilizing technology, and more.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Speed bumps speakers will run into when switching up their presentation
  • Let the audience create content
  • Technology - A potential threat to speakers and experts
  • Preparing for AI takeover
  • Use fewer points of info and more ways to interact with those points
  • Utilizing technology effectively in improving your presentation
  • A speaker’s job is not to give information, but to give insight


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Jan 22, 2019
055: Connectivity in Business

055: Connectivity in Business with Nick Night


Nick Night is the CEO of Revizzit, a streaming content delivery platform that helps you connect with your target audience and provide them with engaging digital content!


Nick and David discuss the current landscape of client relations with digital media and the best ways you can continue to grow and maintain these relationships.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The loss of courtesy within digital communication
  • No one buys a product, they buy a promise
  • Where we go wrong with handling relationships over digital communication
  • Loyalty rewards and why you should be offering them
  • Don’t just be a better sales person, be a better person
  • Replace customer service with concierge
  • The importance of exclusivity


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Jan 17, 2019
054: Social Media Management

054: Social Media Management with Rachel Pedersen


Rachel Pederson is a social Media Strategist who specializes in creating and implementing intense social media strategies for a strong result. Rachel helps entrepreneurs grow their business with social media and shows them how to become successful social media managers!


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.. Rachel and David go through the best practices of effectively managing your social media presence on all of these platforms and more!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Becoming the “Queen of Social Media”
  • Why you should embrace the competition
  • Tips to building your social media group audience
  • Make it less about you and more about your audience
  • How Rachel’s matchmaking service works
  • The viral wedding ring post
  • Personal and professional social media
  • Tips on utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat
  • When to determine an idea as a failure
  • Why you should reach out to influencers
  • Automating your social media
  • When it is best to pursue podcast
  • The relevance of blogging


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Jan 15, 2019
053: Fireside Chat About the Business of Speaking

053: Fireside Chat About the Business of Speaking with Mark Sanborn


Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE, is president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., an idea studio dedicated to developing leaders in business and in life. Mark is an international bestselling author, keynote leadership speaker and noted expert on team building, customer service and change.


Mark shares his insight of 30+ years in the business from working in multiple markets to producing content and offers some much sought after advice for newcomers in the speaking realm!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Mark on the speaking industry – Past, present, and future
  • Effectively diversifying within the business
  • Maintaining brand consistency throughout a transition
  • How ‘The Five Friends’ were formed
  • Mark’s roles in Speakers’ Roundtable and Mastermind groups
  • The importance and easy of creating video content
  • Finding the right fit in an association or Mastermind group
  • Separating opportunities from distractions
  • When to determine an idea as a failure
  • Advice to newcomers on having a personal message and developing relevance within your market
  • What buyers really want from a speaker


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Jan 10, 2019
052: Books and Courses for Experts

052: Books and Courses for Experts with Pat Iyer


Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC is a professional speaker, editor and author. Pat’s publishing career began in 1980 when she met a woman whose husband’s beating left her paralyzed. To answer the question of “Why did she stay with him” Pat wrote her class paper on battered women. At the encouragement of her graduate school professor, she turned the paper into her first article. Since then, Pat has written or edited over 800 books, case studies, articles, online courses or chapters.


Pat shares her journey of getting into writing, editing, and legal nurse consultation. Including her experience with writing her first article to co-authoring, working as a freelance editor, and creating a business of networking between attorneys and expert witnesses.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • How she published her first article
  • How Pat’s networking business works
  • Thoughts on being a ‘serial entrepreneur’
  • Using a ghost writer
  • Writing like you speak – the right way to go?
  • Editing between a freelancer or in-house at your publishing company
  • Creating an online course from your book or vice versa


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Jan 08, 2019
051: Build Your Community

051: Build Your Community with Yifat Cohen


An Engagement Maven, Yifat Cohen is a visionary. A muse. The architect behind generating a quarter of a million dollar in just 10 days with hangouts. A Growth Hacker specializing in community building, gamifying live engagements and cultivating brand evangelists.

She also loves speaking, strategizing and sharing her 4 min. solutions with anyone possessing a great sense of humor.


Yifat and David talk about the most effective ways to create and retain engagement from your audience through building a community of peers. They also discuss the best platforms to host your communities and how she uses her show “I’m That Geek” to engage with her audience.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Yifat’s beginnings with the launch of Google +
  • How she gained early access to Google Hangouts Air
  • The benefits of creating a community
  • Having a show on Google Hangouts
  • Difference between passive viewing and active participation
  • ‘Rented property’ and why you shouldn’t rely on them to build maintain your community
  • Starting on a public platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc..) and moving to your own real estate (website, blog, etc.…)
  • Why you should prioritize community over content
  • Difference between community and fan club


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Jan 03, 2019
050: Self-Publishing Fireside Chat

050: Self-Publishing Fireside Chat with Alfred Poor


Alfred Poor has made a career out of making complex concepts accessible to people so that they can put them to practical use. He is an experienced speaker and trainer. He offers a range of speaking programs for colleges, corporate clients, and small businesses. He also is freelance writer with thousands of columns and reviews to his credit, as well as more than a dozen books. He is available for writing assignments with online and print publications, as well as for white paper projects for individual clients.


The Speaking Show wraps up 2018 with an informative chat featuring Alfred Poor! Alfred and David discuss the best practices of successfully selling your books, how the landscape of publishing has changed over the years, and breaks down the process of getting a contract with a publisher.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Writing on the first HP LaserJet Printer
  • Publishing in the late 80’s and early 90’s
  • Getting paid NOT to write a book
  • How a book contract with a publisher works
  • Problems with the royalty system
  • Advances don’t sell books
  • Why it can be hard to come by an advance
  • Why there are less perks from publishing companies today
  • Problems with Legacy publishing
  • Self-publishing
  • Using a book coach
  • Why Alfred releases his books in hard cover print only
  • You don’t need a book, you need a book strategy
  • The truth about Amazon Bestsellers


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Dec 27, 2018
049: How to Play the Long Game and Win

049: How to Play the Long Game and Win with Tami Evans


Tami is an energetic and thought-provoking communicator and performer, with extensive background in both corporate and independent environments. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and Bachelor’s degrees in Broadcasting Communications, and Theatre. She has CTI coaching training, and firmly believes laughter is a vital part of learning and living.


Tami takes us through her journey from a soap opera actress to entering the speaking world and what moves she has made to create and maintain relationships among her peers and clients!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Tami’s early career
  • Getting into the speaking business
  • Presenting existing tools in her own unique way
  • Transition from training to keynotes
  • Narrowing down content for keynotes
  • Make room for attendees to be the star of the show
  • Be sellable, be seen, and be solo
  • Think of bureaus as a ‘who’ not a ‘what’
  • Spend the amount you want to make on your video
  • Communicate with you’re A/V team
  • Speaking leads to speaking
  • Be your own bureau


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Dec 20, 2018
048: Client Success Showcase

048: Client Success Showcase with Kathy Parry & John Ramstead


Kathy Parry works with leading professional services firms including: Consulting, Accounting and Banking that want to energize employees in order to BOOST PERFORMANCE, INCREASE RETENTION and IMPROVE STAFF UTILIZATION.


John Ramstead began as a Navy pilot having flown during Desert Storm before becoming a successful startup entrepreneur and joining the management team of a Fortune 100 company. Today, John is the founder of Beyond Influence LLC, a global leadership coaching and consulting firm.


Kathy and John share with David their experiences before, during, and after working with Do It! Marketing and how it has affected their business, income, and overall mindset.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Their first successes since using David’s strategies
  • What was missing prior to working with Do It! Marketing
  • Why they ultimately chose to work with David
  • What they learned from working with David
  • Fee difference between before and after working with Do It! Marketing
  • Advice to those on the fence with using David’s services


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Dec 18, 2018
047: Authentically Social Media

047: Authentically Social Media with Corey Perlman


As the owner of Impact Social Media, Corey Perlman is at the forefront of digital marketing for over 10 years. He started his career with the eCommerce Division of General Motors, before launching his consulting and speaking business in 2009. Since then, he’s worked with such notable brands as Sysco Foods, The American Healthcare Association, Dale Carnegie Training and The PGA Tour.


Aside from goofing off, Corey and David discuss having an authentic social media presence, his new book in the works, and going from running workshops to keynotes and managing an agency.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Potential directions for Corey’s new book
  • Publishing his first two books
  • Strategies to getting butts in seats for workshops
  • Your champion customers = Your salesforce
  • Value of training workshops
  • Transition to keynote speaking
  • Benefits of creating a relevant secondary revenue source
  • Changing the company name
  • Becoming a team manager and valuing your team
  • Utilizing Upwork and Fiveer for your business
  • Personalizing your social media presence


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Dec 13, 2018
046: Client Success Showcase

046: Client Success Showcase with Susan Robertson and Dr. Mike Thomson


Susan Robertson of Sharpen Innovation, started off driving marketing innovation for Gatorade, Hasbro, Sunbeam, and more. Since becoming a speaker and consultant, she has been invited to consult for large corporations like Georgia Pacific, Pepsico, Clorox, PetCo, Chase, Wells Fargo, and more.  In addition to this, she is also an instructor at Harvard University.

For the past 2 1/2 decades, “Dr. Mike,” as he is known around the world, has been described as “The Master of Entertainment, Comedy, Fun, and Learning.” Dr. Mike has presented his unique brand of “Edutainment”, part education and a whole lot of entertainment in many venues across the world. He has spoken to or consulted with virtually every type of business, school, organization, or association worldwide. His talks have now been heard by over 2.5 million (and growing) people worldwide making him a highly sought after speaker. Again, Dr. Mike is pure “Edutainment” with a message, style and energy that is definitely diverse and distinct compared to what is currently available

Susan Robertson and Dr. Mike Thomson share their experiences in working with David and how it has affected themselves as well as their business as speakers, experts, and consultants.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Their first successes since using David’s strategies
  • What was missing prior to working with Do It! Marketing
  • What they learned from working with David
  • Fee difference between before and after working with Do It! Marketing
  • Advice to those on the fence with using David’s services


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Dec 11, 2018
045: Producing Your Own Events

045: Producing Your Own Events with Mark Hunter


For nearly 20 years, Mark Hunter has worked with thousands of salespeople and sales leaders as a consultant, speaker, and coach. Prior to this, Mark has 15+ years of experience in sales, working for three Fortune 200 companies in sales leadership and marketing positions.


Mark Hunter returns to The Speaking Show to talk about his Outbound 2019 conference. What are its benefits? Costs? And of course, the importance of focusing on the outcome!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Putting together a conference: Easy or hard?
  • Handling marketing, logistics, and pricing
  • Mindset: Thinking and acting as the next level
  • Focus on the what and the why, then the how will work itself out
  • Ways to increase attendance
  • Creating a community through audience interaction
  • Thinking long term with events
  • Perks or deals for prospects and bureaus?
  • Focusing and believing in the outcome
  • Why you should keep track of your client’s successes


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Dec 06, 2018
044: Finding Your Own Path

044: Finding Your Own Path with Jan Spence


Jan Spence is an international speaker, trainer, and consultant.  With contagious charisma and a zest for life which make her an excellent motivator and leader, this TEDx speaker has used her vast knowledge in sales, communications, finances, and employee engagement to help numerous clients including Pillsbury, Walmart, and Frito-Lay.


Jan tells David of her journey from being a pro football player to the speaker, author, and entrepreneur she is today! She also talks about how she takes advantage of being in a broad niche.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • From pro football player to entrepreneur
  • Finding her path/niche or ‘picking a lane’
  • Uncovering new opportunities
  • Research tips and resources
  • Leaving the right voicemail
  • The importance of being able to sell yourself


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Dec 04, 2018
043: Smart Calling for Speakers

043: Smart Calling for Speakers with Art Sobczak


Art Sobczak has delivered over 1500 in-person training programs, ranging from multiple day and long-term repeat engagements, to 30-minute keynote presentations. He customizes and delivers onsite programs for companies and associations, and offer online and hybrid online/webinar programs.


David and Art discuss the best practices, mindset, and conditioning of cold calling. Including overcoming the dreadful rejection.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Pro mistakes made on the phone
  • People buy the results, not the ‘thing’
  • The critical first 10 seconds of a call
  • When you want them to listen and when you want them to talk
  • Opening a call
  • Getting through assistants
  • Art’s advanced level of questioning
  • Dealing with rejection


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Nov 29, 2018
042: Dynamic Communication for Speakers

042: Dynamic Communication for Speakers with Jill Schiefelbein


Jill Schiefelbein is an award-winning business owner, author, and recovering academic. She taught business communication at Arizona State University for 11 years, analyzed terrorist documents to help provide counter-terrorism messaging strategies to the military, and was a pioneer in the online education space, creating an office serving 60,000 students and adding $1M in revenue in its first year.


David sits with THE Dynamic Jill and discuss a wide variety of things like effective video marketing, branding yourself on social media, utilizing SEO and…. well you’ll just have to listen to find out the rest!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • What Jill learned from organizing a conference
  • Making a difference with video
  • What secures you as a speaker of choice
  • Is having a book mandatory?
  • Specificity with variety
  • Why you should brand under your name
  • The benefits of SEO and consistency
  • Jill’s content repurposing strategy


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Learning Objectives Tutorial

Nov 27, 2018
041: Get to the Point!

041: Get to the Point!  with Joel Schwartzberg


Award-Winning Author and Strategic Communications Trainer Joel Schwartzberg has been teaching effective communications and public speaking techniques for more than ten years. His unique approach helps both novice and experienced presenters identify, sharpen, and powerfully convey their most important ideas in speeches, panels, interviews, meetings -- any moment in which delivering a strong point is imperative to their job, their reputation, and their success.


Joel and David talk about the fine art of speaking at its core! Breaking down the elements of an effective presentation and getting straight to the point!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Why you need a point in your presentation
  • ‘Badjectives’ and how they hurt communication
  • Adding specific descriptors to your vocabulary
  • Focus on what they need to hear, not what you want to say
  • Volume, pacing, etc…when presenting or speaking
  • Helpful and not helpful ways of practicing
  • Starting and finishing a speech with confidence
  • ‘Last slide syndrome’ and how to avoid it


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Nov 22, 2018
040: Cool Tech and Video for Speakers

Terry Brock, international hall of fame social media speaker, talks about some of his favorite video tools for creating content and interacting with his clientele! Terry and David also discuss cryptocurrency and the idea of servicing and helping others as a form of marketing.



In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Zoom and Facebook Live features and how they can be applied to your speaking business
  • Not everything needs to be a pitch
  • Helping is the new selling
  • Why adding variety to your videos is important
  • Repurposing content
  • The rising presence of cryptocurrency


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Nov 20, 2018
039: "Transitions" Hijack Episode

039: “Transitions” Hijack Episode


For this episode The Speaking is being hijacked by the Transitions show with Vanessa Christman!


David and Vanessa discuss facing transitions in life both personally and professionally and the effects of building a career around your life. Including David’s transition to working with executives who speak from working with professional speakers.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • From teaching professional speakers to professionals who speak
  • ‘Persuasion architecture’ and delivering an organic and subtle pitch
  • From being the business to running a business
  • SEDO – Simplify, Eliminate, Delegate, Outsource
Nov 15, 2018
038: The Hot One® Tells All

038: The Hot One® Tells All with Vanessa Christman


Vanessa Christman is Assistant Dean of the College for Access and Community Development at Bryn Mawr College. A member of the Diversity Leadership Group, she is dedicated to improving campus climate and building community at Bryn Mawr.


David and Vanessa talk about the hiring side of the speaking world. Giving insights on the expectations of a speaker for an event and the relationship of a speaker’s bureau with an event manager.  


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Content is what matters most
  • The importance of relevance and collaboration towards the event
  • A good bureau relationship is an expansion of what a good speaker relationship is
  • How much contact is too much contact with event managers


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Nov 13, 2018
037: From Direct Sales to Big Stages

037: From Direct Sales to Big Stages with Ted Ma


For over a decade, Ted has been working with organizations across the country to develop leaders at all levels, motivate and engage their employees, reduce turnover, and build a collaborative team culture. He has spoken for audiences as small as 10 to as large as 10,000.


Just this year, Ted started his business as a full-time speaker and shares with David the perspective of an up-and-coming solo professional speaker and as a speaker in the direct sales industry.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Speaking as a prospecting strategy
  • Similarities and differences between speaking as part of a company and speaking as an entrepreneur
  • Varying audience engagement techniques
  • Being relatable to a large audience
  • Prospecting as an entrepreneur


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Nov 08, 2018
036: Get Your Speaking Business VA-Ready

036: Getting Your Speaking Business VA-Ready with Shalon Ironroad


So your speaking business is starting to grow! You’ve accomplished many feats and overcame many roadblocks. Now time for the one of the toughest parts…. expanding. Poor delegation can hurt your business. That’s why there’s Shalon Ironroad! Shalon talks with David about her Virtual Assistant Prep School program and offers a few tips on effectively delegating for your business!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Why reviewing your capital is most important in deciding when to delegate
  • The importance of finding your niche
  • If you can write it down, it can be delegated
  • Seeking robots before humans
  • Shalon’s Virtual Assistant Prep School and Matchmaking Service


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Virtual Assistant Matchmaking Service

Nov 06, 2018
035: Speaking Success: Exactly What to Do

035: Speaking Success: Exactly What to Do with Phil M. Jones


Phil M. Jones, the keynote speaker, author, and as of recently, bourbon maker, who told us Exactly Where to Start, Exactly How to Sell, Exactly What to Say, and Exactly…. What to Drink talks with David on when to increase your financial worth, the effectiveness of audio media towards his business, and his pursuits outside of his speaking!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Selling 120,000 copies in a couple of months
  • What’s more effective for booking speaking gigs: a book, or an audiobook?
  • Door opening strategies in the speaking business
  • Finding your people (or niche)
  • When to increase your rate
  • Phil’s new bourbon venture
  • Phil’s new theatre deal with Audible


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Nov 01, 2018
034: Influence Redefined: Speaking Edition

034: Influence Redefined: Speaking Edition with Stacey Hanke


Stacey Hanke, owner and founder of Stacey Hanke Inc., talks with David about consistency in presenting yourself to the customer base no matter what form of media you present yourself with.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The definition of ‘Redefining Influence’
  • CEO skills: Inherited or learned?
  • Mistakes that most Executives make when exerting their influence
  • How you behave as a leader is a reflection of your personal brand
  • The evolution of her 4 programs
  • The benefits of having a solid team


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Stacey Hanke Inc. Website

Oct 30, 2018
033: Empire Building with a Social Twist

033: Empire Building with a Social Twist with Philip Calvert


Philip Calvert talks with David on using LinkedIn to not only generate business, but a community of like-minded professionals, specifically through the use of LinkedIn groups.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The two types of selling on the internet
  • Being selective of your LinkedIn connections or maintain an open network
  • Having a social media group can be more important than having a book


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Philip's LinkedIn Master Class Webinar

Oct 25, 2018
032: Sell Is Not a Four-Letter Word

032: Sell is Not a Four-Letter Word with Casey Carpenter


Casey Carpenter, business coach, speaker, and author, founded The Sales Breakthrough Coach for organizations that want to exponentially improve their sales, communication and leadership skills, and close more deals.


In this episode, Casey and David break down the four-lettered word ‘sales’ and why there can be an unfavorable pre-disposition towards it. They also discuss the necessity of sales for generating revenue and how the mindsets of both the seller and buyer can affect the entire sales process!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Being an introvert in sales
  • Something you can always count on in your sales
  • What are ‘Consequence Questions’?
  • Flexing your ‘ask muscle’


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Oct 23, 2018
031: What's Your Talk Trigger

031: What’s Your Talk Trigger with Jay Baer


Jay Baer returns to The Speaking Show to talk about his new book, ‘Talk Triggers’ and how the idea of getting business through word of mouth is truly effective when you create an experience that will people can’t help but talk about!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Definition of Talk Triggers
  • The best Talk Triggers
  • The T’s and C’s of being a great speaker
  • The 4 R’s


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Oct 18, 2018
030: Your Non Fiction Book Publishing Plan

030: Your Non Fiction Book Publishing Plan with Stephanie Chandler


Learning the ropes on getting your book published can be daunting. That’s why there are people like Stephanie Chandler! David and Stephanie talk about her journey from leaving her job at Silicon Valley to becoming the founder of the Non-Fiction Writers Conference and what he learned about the publishing business through this journey!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Why you should start an association
  • Pros and cons of self-publishing
  • Is it beneficial to translate your book?
  • How a book can be a large source of revenue for speakers
  • Stephanie’s thoughts on co-authoring
  • Writing your manuscript faster
  • Why you should write your book in sequential order
  • Reusing content on future books, blogs, etc.…



Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Oct 16, 2018
029: Digital Marketing: All About Focus

029: Digital Marketing: All About Focus with Patrick Allmond


As a speaker, do you absolutely need a website? Or a presence on social media? Or should you ONLY have a website? Or ONLY be on social media? Is it bad for your business to recommend other speakers? Patrick and David answer these questions and more!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The best platform or platforms to promote your business on
  • Bad moves made with social media
  • Patrick’s thoughts on podcasting and custom apps
  • Don’t be cheap in what you charge or in what you sell



Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Oct 11, 2018
028: Solving the Speaking Puzzle

028: Solving the Speaking Puzzle with Mary Kelly


Mary Kelly is an internationally renowned author and keynote speaker on leadership, productivity, and business growth. In 21 years as a Navy intelligence and logistics officer, Mary trained more than 40,000 military and civilian personnel.


Mary and David discuss the struggles of emerging speakers finding ways to create value, adding distinction to your business, overlapping expertise, and the daunting task of selling themselves. Mary and David also give props to other fellow speakers and colleagues.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Your clients are not tired of hearing from you
  • Some of Mary’s pet peeves in the business
  • There’s no 40 hour work week in entrepreneurship (There’s way more)
  • Using other people’s material (Tastefully with credit)
  • Why books are better than handouts
  • Plan your business to serve your clients


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Oct 09, 2018
027: Master the Art of Connecting

027: Master the Art of Connecting with Lou Diamond


Lou Diamond is THE Master Connector. He has over a quarter century of experience in sales, relationship management, business development and executive coaching. Lou is an energetic, humorous, and inspirational business development strategist and performance coach. He has consulted with and mentored leading performers from companies all over the world.


Lou tells David the pivotal story of pitching to Compaq and winning their bid as a consulting firm through the ability to read a room and the power of empathy. Lou also discusses the importance of listening over talking and the difference between connecting and networking.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • How you can truly connect with your clients
  • The power of empathy
  • Difference between connecting and networking
  • Leave room for curiosity
  • Door opening strategies for those without referral systems


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Oct 04, 2018
026: High Output Selling

026: High Output Selling with Howard Olsen


Howard Olsen is a leading sales speaker, trainer and consultant with over 30 years of sales, management and entrepreneurial experience.  Howard's track record is a testament to his real-world knowledge and extensive expertise in knowing how to apply it.  His career is defined by the relentless pursuit of excellence and strategies that build unshakeable, business winning trust.   He is impassioned about lifting the proficiency and agility in others by using his experience to inspire and encourage them with practical road-maps to increased success.


Howard breaks down the important aspects of sales into two words, trust and relevance, with everything else revolving around it. David also talks with him about the line of questioning used when conducting initial interviews with clients and how you can structure your fees based on that initial line of questioning.



In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Some ‘low-output’ habits
  • Creating trust and relevance
  • Talk about the problem before the price
  • People buy outcomes, not products or services
  • Ways to de-commoditize yourself
  • 2 dirty words in selling


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Oct 02, 2018
025: Monetizing Your Expertise

025: Monetizing Your Expertise with Dorie Clark


Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review. Recognized as a “branding expert” by the Associated Press, Fortune, and Inc. magazine, she is the author of Entrepreneurial You (Harvard Business Review Press), Reinventing You, and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine and one of the Top 10 Business Books of the Year by Forbes.


Dorie talks about how she went from journalism to speaking and what to be prepared for when you’re a C-level executive making the move to becoming a speaker and entrepreneur. She also discusses how she created her Mastermind sessions, earning credibility as a speaker, and her thoughts on the future of the conference and meetings industry.



In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • 3 critical components to becoming a recognized expert
  • Shortcuts to getting a publications attention
  • Growing your brand to earn credibility as a speaker
  • Pitfalls of experienced and inexperienced speakers
  • Be relevant and useful to those who are more experienced


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Additional resources from Dorie

Sep 27, 2018
024: How to Sell Smarter to Associations

024: How to Sell Smarter to Associations with Andy Masters


Andy Masters, MA, CSP is an award-winning author and international speaker who has written 5 books, earned 4 degrees, and presented over 750+ leadership, sales/service, and personal development programs.  Andy helps leaders across many industries ignite a cultural transformation to cultivate & empower employees, boost sales & customer loyalty, and solve the succession planning crisis--all within a fun & high-morale work environment.


Andy and David talk about how sales and service relationships can be the same as dating and maintaining a personal relationship. As well as specific client prospecting by narrowing down the number of targets and choosing an executive with a specific title with an association.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Things not to do in a sales process
  • Give prospects a reason to remain in contact
  • How to make a ‘cold’ email ‘warm’
  • The magic of small numbers when prospecting
  • Humanizing and personalizing your marketing
  • Andy’s favorite executive to target within a company/association



Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Sep 25, 2018
023: Write Your Book in a Flash

023: Write Your Book in a Flash with Dan Janal


Dan Janal and David Newman bring forth an obvious reality many struggle to face: writing a book is much easier than it seems! And they would know, both are successful authors! Tune in to see how a simple change of mindset can smooth out your book writing process.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Start with the easy stuff
  • You may already have the content you need for your book
  • No research required. Just insight!
  • Getting rich from book sales?
  • Your book=The Silent Salesman
  • Your book title is your brand
  • How a creative director can be helpful to the book writing process
  • There’s no need to ghost the ghost writer


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode



Sep 20, 2018
022: Online Course Palooza

022: Online Course Palooza with David Siteman Garland


David Siteman Garland, the enthusiastic and extroverted creator of The Rise to the Top and Create Awesome Online Courses, has more than an earful to say about his own Rise To The Top! So have your pen and notepad ready to go, because there’s a lot to learn if you’re an expert interested in making some real money through online courses…..and then some!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • How David got into creating web courses
  • Diversifying your business within its focus
  • Achieving growth through delegation
  • Dealing with copycats in your business
  • Conquering the fear of marketing yourself
  • Why a quality online course is much better in the long run
  • An online course is more than just that
  • The biggest objection to creating an online course and how to reverse it


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Sep 18, 2018
021: Social Selling Secrets

021:  Social Selling Secrets with Brynne Tillman


Brynne Tillman talks with David on how she helps build sales pipelines for her clients through Social Selling and leveraging LinkedIn. In this episode, you’ll hear tips on prospecting, developing, initiating, and maintain sales relationships with LinkedIn!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • What areas to focus on in LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn does NOT replace making phone calls to prospects
  • A typical sales relationship building process through LinkedIn
  • Prospecting through mutual connections
  • Common mistakes made on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn Groups
  • Utilizing skills and endorsements on your profile
  • The importance of recommendations on LinkedIn


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Sep 13, 2018
020: What's the Real Deal with Speakers Bureaus

020:  What’s the Real Deal with Speaker’s Bureaus with Shawn Ellis


Shawn Ellis is responsible for finding the perfect speakers for meeting planners and is the founder of The Speakers’ Group. Shawn provides a perspective in the speaking business that can be extremely valuable to fellow speakers in multiple industries.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • When to approach a bureau
  • What speaking bureaus really do
  • Getting into a speaker’s bureau
  • The realistic amount of work you could get from a bureau
  • Avoiding an obsolete status
  • A bureau’s real target market
  • Myths of speaking bureaus
  • Shawn’s must have marketing tools
  • Common mistakes speakers make in their marketing



Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Sep 11, 2018
019: Podcast Niche Mastery

019:  Podcast Niche Mastery with Tom Davidson


Tom Davidson, CSP, PCC, SPHR is a forester and leadership expert who has coached hundreds of new managers, emerging leaders, and senior executives in the private and public sector.

Tom and David discuss leveraging media outlets, mainly in the form of podcasts to establish and maintain connections within their niche industries and establishing target audiences. Pay attention as you may learn a thing or two on how to truly utilize and run a podcast at its best!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Podcasting as a source of media and prospecting
  • How Tom started doing theme-based seasons for his podcast
  • Tom’s pre-interview prep
  • Maintaining relationships post-interview
  • Tom’s preferred CRM
  • What is ‘premium editing’
  • Benefits of re-distributing your podcast



Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Sep 06, 2018
018: Get Clients with Speaking

018: Get Clients with Speaking with Alysa Rushton


Holistic nutrition health coach Alysa Rushton talks with David on how a positive mindset and passion can impact your business and inspire your audience to do the great things you speak about! Find out why David calls Alysa the "Purple Unicorn"


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Changing your mindset on marketing can improve your sales
  • What your business is truly about
  • A perfect sales script? Or a perfect sales mindset?
  • Selling your enthusiasm for the product, not just the product
  • Clearing the ‘headtrash’



Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Sep 04, 2018
017: 6 Kick-A$$ Strategies of the Million-Dollar Entrepreneur

017: 6 Kick-A$$ Strategies of the Million-Dollar Entrepreneur with Dawnna St. Louis


From sleeping in her car to founding three multi-million-dollar businesses, AND THEN becoming a successful keynote speaker. Needless to say, Dawnna has the expertise and experience in building business that you do not want to miss! Learn about her story, her kick-a$$ strategies, and a couple of other tid-bits you may not find anywhere else!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • There’s more to it than listening to everyone and having a great website
  • The four pieces of ‘the seed’ of your business
  • Taking steps back if something is not working within your business
  • Dawnna’s exclusive roundtable groups
  • 6 ways to sustain your business foundation


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Aug 30, 2018
016: OMG! Marketing for Experts

OMG! Geoff Ramm, customer service and marketing expert and speaker, talks with David on what the true power of OMG marketing through a couple of amazing true stories that will make you go……OMG! You’ll hear stories and tips on how businesses can truly stand out!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Geoff’s favorite audience
  • The true power of OMG Marketing
  • Geoff’s favorite marketing book
  • What is Celebrity Customer Service?
  • Why you should avoid ‘easy’?
  • The benefits of sending gifts to clients and employees


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Aug 28, 2018
015: Everything Publishing: Books, Courses, Kickstarter

The title says it all! Listen in as David and Tom tackle the myths and bad practices and steer you in the right direction of what you really need when publishing a book, course, or crowdfunding campaign.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The best audience to publish ANYTHING for
  • Being the ‘authority’ of your niche
  • Changing course from niche to niche
  • What you really need for a crowdfunding campaign
  • The difference between a ‘speaker book’ and a good book
  • Managing ‘resistance’ or procrastination when starting a book


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Aug 23, 2018
014: Fireside Chat About the Business of Speaking

Get ready to sit fireside with a speaker who decided to step outside of the box and find out how it paid off for his business (fire not included). Scott McKain tells us how he utilizes the term ‘distinction’ to avoid being boxed in the ‘customer service’ industry, and how it allows him to incorporate leadership as well as providing ultimate customer experience for his clients.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • How Scott leveraged his book into his thought-leadership platform
  • How becoming an author revamped Scott’s speaking career
  • There’s no such thing as a ‘free’ speech
  • Your business is about the content, not the speech
  • From customer service expert to ‘distinction’ expert
  • How your niche is your topic
  • How Scott ‘fell’ into consulting
  • Why you should decrease downtime between content releases
  • Leveraging your personal story in your speeches


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Aug 21, 2018
013: Guest Encounters of the Third Kind

013: Guest Encounters of the Third Kind with Laurie Guest


Laurie Guest, customer service expert and CSP, talks with David about the current landscape of customer service. We also get an inside look at some of her programs based on her successful keynotes and how she incorporates the expertise of fellow speaking colleagues.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • ‘The Red Carpet Secrets’
  • The ‘Guest Encounters’ Program
  • Applying keynotes from other speakers
  • Customers are ‘walking billboards’ for your business
  • When to praise and when to criticize
  • Where customer service is at today


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Aug 16, 2018
012: Networking and Relationship Mastery

John Corcoran has built a business focusing on real human relationships with people that truly matter to his clients’ success! John shares his techniques and tips behind this philosophy of networking, including finding and nurturing these relationships that can bring you income.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Why people struggle with networking
  • Why you should make a list of people you like, trust, and admire
  • John’s experience with networking throughout his varied career
  • The 3 tools recommended to start networking
  • What is ‘Influencer Marketing’
  • How selfish thoughts can be one of the biggest mistakes in sales
  • Why it is best to allow time to let a relationship build


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Aug 14, 2018
011: The Journey from CEO to Speaker

011: The Journey from CEO to Speaker with Steve Rodgers


Business and lifestyle consultant Steve Rodgers talks to us about how he went from being a CEO of a Warren Buffett company to running his own business as a speaker and consultant. Steve leverages the focus on a client’s passion and purpose in life towards their own successes.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Steve’s early years as an entrepreneur
  • Adjusting your lifestyle from CEO to entrepreneur
  • 30 years of business coaching
  • Being the ‘CEO’ of your life


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Aug 09, 2018
010: Book Marketing Domination

Bryan Cohen talks the do’s and don’ts of book marketing for both aspiring and established authors on today’s podcast. This is a must-listen for speakers and experts preparing a book for release!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The ‘cardinal sins’ of book marketing
  • How the book description is more important than the book cover
  • Taking control of your book sales
  • Bryan’s ‘Something Nice to Say’ Podcast and its separation from his branding
  • Brian’s podcast: ‘Sell More Books Show’
  • Why you should write more than one headline and survey peers for the best one


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Aug 07, 2018
009: New Media Strategies for Speakers

009: New Media Strategies for Speakers with Steve Olsher 


David dishes out perspectives on mediums of media, creating visibility, and finding a specified purpose for you speaking business with his guest, Steve Olsher. Steve is a New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, and radio host, best known for helping businesses focus on their one niche and generating massive profits through that focus. Steve also talks about his book: What is Your What?: Discover the One Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do  


In This Episode, You’ll Learn… 


  • Definitions of old and new media 
  • When you’ve really missed the boat on new media trends 
  • The one thing to understand for success in a new medium of media 
  • Why visibility is important to your business 
  • The obstacles of creating visibility 
  • How success is much easier than presumed through new media 
  • How to identify your ‘What’ 


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode 



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Aug 02, 2018
008: Dealstorming for Sales Success

David talks to Tim Sanders, bestselling author, keynote speaker, and technology pioneer. Tim provides a slew of quotes, analogies, and sayings reflecting on his experience as a collaboration and leadership development expert.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • What convinced Tim to write his book 'Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges'
  • The 4 levels of the sale and how they impact the salesperson
  • Why marketing is sales most important partner
  • What is “Dealstorming”
  • Dealstorming to acquire and/or save a client
  • Putting together an all-star Dealstorming team


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Jul 31, 2018
007: Social and Digital Marketing Smarts

007: Social and Digital Marketing Smarts with Neal Schaffer


Social and digital marketing superstar Neal Schaffer fills us in on what to look out for in social and digital media trends.


Neal Schaffer is a recognized leader in helping businesses Maximize Your Social as a global keynote speaker, university educator, social media agency owner, author, and social media strategy consultant. From Fortune 50 enterprises to Grammy Award-Winning musicians, Neal has helped leading brands reach their next level in social media marketing, and he is available to bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to both educate and entertain your audience at your next event, workshop, or training.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Why you should focus on LinkedIn for B2B and speakers
  • Maintaining a presence in the growing pay-to-play landscape
  • Benefits of limiting your content availability
  • Business or personal page? Which one generates the most presence
  • Creating content that ignites discussions and visibility
  • The benefits of being an influencer in your industry
  • Best places to curate content from
  • How Neal became a professional author and speaker



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Jul 26, 2018
006: Webinar Mastery for Speakers

Jon Schumacher, master of the webinar, talks about why webinars are important for speakers to spread their expertise and provide a unique experience for their clients. Jon is the founder of Marketing Mastery Media INC a digital marketing agency focused on building both live and automated webinar funnels for coaches, consultants, and other agencies. He is also the host of the Webinar Mastery Summit, the largest online webinar conference.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The benefits of webinars for your business
  • Tips for webinar newbies
  • Mistakes to avoid when doing webinars
  • The CTA sentence to close a sales call
  • The 3 P’s of webinar traffic
  • Boosting webinar show-up rates
  • What we can do on a webinar to maximize sales


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Jul 20, 2018
005: Using LinkedIn the Right Way

Here is John Nemo, a man who left a decent day job to help businesses generate leads using ONLY LinkedIn! As of today, he has helped hundreds of businesses, coaches, consultants, and trainers optimize LinkedIn for lead and income generation. John tells David how he uses LinkedIn as his all-in-one lead generation tool and why.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Why LinkedIn?
  • How LinkedIn is ‘Google to find clients’
  • Using LinkedIn to demonstrate your expertise and value
  • Applying specificity and relevance on LinkedIn
  • Why ‘content is currency’
  • The #1 sentence every LinkedIn profile should have
  • 3 key components to utilizing LinkedIn to generate leads
  • Does it help to have a paid LinkedIn account?
  • Sharing your personal side on LinkedIn


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Jul 20, 2018
004: Think Big and Act Bigger

Jeffrey Hayzlett, host of the television show C-Suite, sits with David and talks about his latest book, Think Big, Act Bigger and how it’s core lessons were developed through his experience of being a C-level marketing executive, to building his own consulting firm and becoming a business celebrity.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Jeffrey’s journey towards becoming a business celebrity and building his personal brand
  • Maintaining focus while running multiple companies
  • ‘Just do it!’ The importance of acting towards getting stuff done
  • Do things the way YOU want to do them
  • Know what you want: fame or fortune
  • Asking for or providing help
  • Applying change to break from a plateau


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


  • Jeff’s Website (Where you can find contact info, C-Suite Network, and his books)


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Jul 20, 2018
003: Hug Your Haters

Today’s episode features a man with an interesting perspective on dealing with critics and unsatisfied customers! Jay Baer is a Certified Speaking Professional, renowned business strategist, best-selling author, and consultant who focuses his clients towards using technology as an advantage in marketing and customer service.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Customer acquisition vs customer retention
  • How the customer service environment has changed with technology
  • Benefits of answering EVERY customer complaint
  • The money is in the audience
  • Great examples if the “Hug Your Haters” philosophy
  • Jay’s book: “Hug Your Haters”


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Jul 20, 2018
002: Getting a Predictable Flow of Clients

David sits with Dov Gordon, “The Alchemist Entrepreneur”, discussing how he applies a ‘root cause’ approach towards helping entrepreneurs become more effective salespeople.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Why “Alchemist”?
  • The ups and downs of becoming “The Alchemist Entrepreneur”
  • Consuming information vs gaining experience
  • The 3 questions of a prospect you must answer
  • The impact of delivering the right introduction to your clients
  • An inelegant sales conversation
  • The importance of skill mastery


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Jul 20, 2018
001: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price

On today’s episode, I welcome my good buddy, Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter”. Mark Hunter is a sales consultant, coach, author, and Certified Speaking Professional. Mark talks about his book ‘High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising in Price” and discusses his methods and strategies as a “client-centric” sales consultant.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The importance of believing in your own price
  • Focus on the outcome of the sale
  • The best sales presentation is actually a discussion
  • The customer lies
  • How asking good questions can lead to a better price
  • Connecting with university faculties
  • Selling prospecting and marketing prospecting


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Order "High-Profit Prospecting" on Amazon

Jul 20, 2018
000: Welcome: Sneak Preview and Attractions

000: Welcome – Sneak Preview and Coming Attractions


An introduction to The Speaking Show and its fantastic host David Newman! This is the beginning of an exciting journey towards making you a better speaking-driven entrepreneur!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • What “The Speaking Show” is all about
  • Who “The Speaking Show” is for
  • What to expect from this podcast


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Jul 19, 2018