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By Debra Fileta, M.A., LPC and Creator of

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Category: Religion & Spirituality

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The hotline style podcast where we talk about love and relationships for every age and stage.

Episode Date
Casual Dating: How casual is too casual?
There’s a lot of casual dating going on these days…and it’s starting to get confusing.  Is it okay to date ...
May 14, 2019
Spiritual Warfare & Relationships: Is it a relationship problem or a spiritual attack?
Spiritual warfare isn’t something we discuss too often in the context of our day- to-day lives, much less in the ...
May 07, 2019
How To Guard Your Heart Without Being Too Guarded
“Guard your heart”.  That’s pretty much sums up the relationship advice you get when you ask someone within the Christian ...
Apr 30, 2019
Just Say NO: How Doing Less Is More w/ Jeff Bethke.
Are you the type of person who has a hard time saying no? Because if so, the inability to say ...
Apr 16, 2019
Faith & Romance: Attracted to a Non Christian
Have you ever found yourself attracted to a non Christian? Someone who is living out a different belief system, or ...
Apr 09, 2019
5 Differences That Add STRESS To Marriage
Personality differences, age differences, cultural differences. We often come to relationships with a set of differences; things that set us ...
Mar 26, 2019
Biblical Dating: Camels, Arranged Marriage, and Starbucks.
What does it look like to pursue biblical dating? You might be surprised to know.  Being a Christian who also ...
Mar 19, 2019
Ready to Wed: When you’re ready to marry but your parents say no.
What happens when you think you’re ready to wed – but your parents want you to wait? That’s the dilemma ...
Mar 12, 2019
Me, You, and Jesus: What A Christ Centered Relationship Really Means.
“I just want to have a Christ centered relationship.” In the Christian dating culture, the term “Christ centered relationship” is ...
Mar 05, 2019
Let’s Talk About SEX Drive In Marriage: Dealing With The Ups and Downs of Drive
Let’s talk about sex drive in marriage. Because there are a lot of false expectations out there about what sex ...
Feb 26, 2019
Single in Your 30s: How To Hold On To Hope
What do you do when you find yourself single in your 30s – your mid 30s, in fact – with ...
Feb 19, 2019
Practical Oneness in Marriage: The Reality of Two Becoming One
Oneness in marriage. What does it look like for two people to practically become one?  When we talk about oneness ...
Feb 12, 2019
10 Girls You Shouldn’t Date: How To Avoid Heart Break
Heart break doesn’t have to be the norm…if you know what to avoid, that is. In this episode of the ...
Feb 05, 2019
10 Guys You Shouldn’t Date: How Can I Avoid Dating The Bad Boys?
Q: Hey Debra! I have a pattern of dating the bad boys. How do I recognize the type of guy ...
Jan 29, 2019
Birth Order & Your Love Life: How Birth Order Impacts Your Relationships
Q: “Hey Debra, I’d love to hear your thoughts about if and how birth order impacts a relationship”.  A: Are you the oldest ...
Jan 22, 2019
Break Up Advice: 10 Ways To Heal After A Break Up
You just got out of a relationship that you thought was going somewhere – and you’re looking for some break ...
Jan 15, 2019
Communication In Marriage: How To Stop The Drift
When you think about communication in marriage, what comes to mind? When I was gathering data for my book, Choosing ...
Jan 08, 2019
5 Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship
How do you build trust in a relationship? Do you give trust right away, or do you hesitate to trust? ...
Jan 01, 2019
Am I Going To Be Single Forever? Trusting God With The Unknowns
Does God want me to be single forever? How do I know whether or not I have the “gift” of ...
Nov 20, 2018
The Only Three Dating Rules You Need: Know Your Reds, Greens, and Yellows.
Dating rules and advice can change with the passing of time. (Hence, I Kissed Dating Goodbye in 1990 vs True Love Dates ...
Nov 13, 2018
Can A Woman Make The First Move? On Women Initiating
Can a woman make the first move in a relationship?  This is a question that’s always on my radar, because ...
Nov 06, 2018
Top 10 Relationship Killers: Small Things That Cause Big Relationship Problems
It’s not usually the big things that cause relationship problems…it’s the small things.  It’s the little things that go unaddressed ...
Oct 30, 2018
Oversharing in Relationships: 10 Things NOT To Talk About Too Soon
Have you ever found yourself oversharing in a relationship? You know what I mean, right? I’m talking about those conversations ...
Oct 23, 2018
Does God Have One Person Out There For Me To Marry? 3 Things You Need To Know About The One
Is there such a thing as “the one”? Do you believe that there’s only one person out there for you to marry? ...
Oct 16, 2018
How Far Is Too Far? Physical Touch Before Marriage
How far is too far when it comes to physical touch before marriage? I’m sure you’re not shocked to hear that ...
Oct 09, 2018
You Don’t Have To Like Being Single: 10 Ways To Survive Singleness
You don’t have to like being single. Yes, even you, Christian person. It’s okay to struggle with being single! It ...
Oct 02, 2018
The Ultimate Date: Date Ideas From First Dates to Married Dates
What are some fun date ideas and practical suggestions for a successful first date? On the other end of the ...
Sep 25, 2018
Sex Drive & The Single Life: Controlling Your Lust Before It Controls You
What do I do with my raging sex drive while I’m single? I get that question a lot. But the ...
Sep 18, 2018
No More Pretending: Depression, Suicide, & The Church w/Jarrid Wilson
It’s easy to pretend we’ve got it all together. Especially in the Church. It’s easy to put our best face forward, ...
Sep 11, 2018
How Important Is Sexual & Physical Attraction: A Candid Conversation with Christian Men
How much does physical attraction matter in a relationship?  What if you know someone is really good for you, but ...
Sep 04, 2018
When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned: Grief, Loss & Remarriage w/ Daniel and Brittany Price Brooker
Have you ever been through a hard time in your life where you thought to yourself, “This is not what ...
Aug 28, 2018
The Art of Conversation: Secrets to Good Communication
Good communication isn’t something you’re born with. It’s not even a gender thing. It’s something you have to learn (CLICK ...
Aug 20, 2018
Junk Food Relationships: Healthy Relationships AREN’T Convenient
There’s a reason junk-food is so popular. It makes you feel good for a little while, it’s quick, and most ...
Aug 13, 2018
Online Dating Tips: Up Your Odds of Finding A Good Match
If you’re single, I know you’re looking for online dating tips. Because, ugh, online dating?  It’s a love-hate relationship for sure…especially ...
Aug 06, 2018
The One Sided Relationship: What It Tells Me About You
Have you ever found yourself in one sided relationship where you are doing ALL the work? Where you are giving, ...
Jul 30, 2018
90% of Couples Who Got a Divorce Had This One Issue
Did you know that conflict can break your relationship, but it can also make it? You can’t avoid conflict, but ...
Jul 26, 2018
Just Not That Into You: 10 Signs To Look For
How do you know if someone is just not that into you? “You should never have to convince someone that ...
Jul 26, 2018
Trust Issues: Is the problem in your relationship or is the problem in you?
We’ve all got demons that we carry into relationships; experiences from our past that can impact the way we do ...
Jul 26, 2018
The Love and Relationships Podcast [Trailer]
Get ready to talk about love and relationships in a way you never have before…because the love and relationships podcast ...
Jul 26, 2018