Didn't I Just Feed You

By Stacie Billis and Meghan Splawn

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Didn’t I Just Feed You?! is a candid weekly podcast about feeding our families -- because, man, kids need to eat a lot. And frequently too! Co-hosts Stacie Billis and Meghan Splawn dig into everything from the high highs and low lows of meal planning to coping with picky eaters, the joys of dining out with kids to real-life wellness for families, all with a mission to make family meal time more fun and less stressful for busy parents. Armed with culinary prowess, practical advice, guest experts ranging from celebrity chefs to everyday parents in the trenches (you know, the real experts), a microphone and, yes, sometimes whiskey, Stacie and Meghan make life as the family cook easier. Or at least funnier.

Episode Date
Essential Recipes That Kids (and All of Us) Should Know How to Cook

In talking to MS, RD, and cookbook author, Katie Morford, about her book Prep: The Essential College Cookbook, we realized that it's more than a quintessential collection of recipes that kids should know how to make before leaving home. It's a fantastic, simple guide for any beginner home cook, regardless of age. We talk about the basic kitchen skills we all need to master and the recipes that help us master them well.

Jun 10, 2019
All the Recipes You Should Be Cooking Right Now

As we begin to wind down season two, we share the recipes we’re cooking and think you should be cooking too. These are our lifesavers, the back-pocket recipes saving us from take-out night after night. We share the recipes with notes on what makes each great and how it can easily be adapted to suit your family, schedule, and budget too. This is our cheat sheet. And now it’s yours too.

Jun 03, 2019
How to Cook Vegetables So That They Taste Good—Even to Kids. Yes, Seriously

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked is how to get kids to eat vegetables. The answer is easy: Make ‘em taste good. Turning that answer into a reality at your dinner table… not so much. In this episode, we invite toddler mama and anti-diet registered dietician Min Kwon to talk about how to make vegetables appealing to kids (and to grown ups too).

May 27, 2019
How to Cook Vegetables So That They Taste Good—Even to Kids. Yes, Seriously

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked is how to get kids to eat vegetables. The answer is easy: Make ‘em taste good. Turning that answer into a reality at your dinner table… not so much. In this episode, we invite toddler mama and anti-diet registered dietician Min Kwon to talk about how to make vegetables appealing to kids (and to grown ups too).

May 27, 2019
What to Freeze for Easy Family Dinners

Freezer meals have long had a negative connotation, but if you embrace it, your freezer will come to hold the most useful stock in your kitchen. Stacie & Meghan go over what to freeze, what not to freeze, and how to freeze it to make weeknight cooking quick and easy.

May 20, 2019
How to Turn Hummus Into Legit Family Dinners

Hummus, hummus, the magical dip, the more you use it, the more you … get to relax about dinner, because, you guys, this stuff really is magic. It’s kid-friendly, high in protein, and good for way more than a snack or lunch. Once you start using hummus as more than a sandwich spread or a dip for veggies and pita chips, a world of 10-20 minute dinner options opens up before you. From how to turn it into a pasta sauce to using it to transform a boring rotisserie chicken into an exciting meal, we share our favorite ideas for turning hummus into a legit family dinner.

May 13, 2019
Why Pasta Is a Family Cook's Best Friend

On some level, we all know it: Pasta is a kitchen hero. But have you grasped the many reasons why that’s so? Or how to put it to best use no matter what the circumstance? Or how to cook it perfectly? In this episode, we share ALL the pasta tips, recipes, and ideas, from ones that will help you have more fun in the kitchen with your kids to others that will get you out of the kitchen faster. Because pasta can do both, and so much more too.

Show notes for this episode and more can be found at didntijustfeedyou.com

May 06, 2019
Mommy Juice Culture and Sleepover Dinner Ideas

Inspired by our IRL time together, we dig into sleepover dinner ideas and ways to make cooking for a gaggle of kids easier. We also touch on “Mommy Juice” culture, because we get it. Wine to relax: who doesn't want that? Well, lots of people, including sober parents. So is the whole “Mommy Juice” trope problematic, or are we taking things too seriously? This time, we have a strong opinion. #SorryNotSorry

Apr 29, 2019
The Invisible Work of Feeding a Family

We almost titled this "53 Minutes of Meghan Complaining," but agree with writer Cleo Wade: Complaints have no magic. Still, we have a lot to say about the weight we feel being the ones responsible for feeding our families & we have a hunch we're not alone. That's why it felt important to have the conversation. Here it is, but with only the complaints that led to compassion & helpful ideas. Because the real magic happens when families (kids included) find their own, personal sense of balance.

Apr 22, 2019
Reducing Waste and Debt with Roe of Brown Kids

We want to be good citizens, but reducing waste in the kitchen can feel like an overwhelming task — unless you take the balanced and mindful approach shared with us by Roe of Brown Kids. Roe talks to us about the connection between reducing our footprint, minimalism, and financial freedom. From how to shop to the Jar Method of storing produce to last longer, we dig deep into practical tips that are good for the Earth and even better for you, your wallet, and your sense of freedom and joy.

Apr 15, 2019
Breaking Up with Brunch

In episode 5, we revealed the truth about eating out with kids. Take all of that, from worrying about impending meltdowns to overtipping staff who rightly hate your children, & do it early in the day so that you can go home buzzed & have to CONTINUE PARENTING FOR HOURS. That's brunch. But if you insist, we have tips for how to survive — or maybe even make it fun. Or at least easy & delicious.


Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com 

Apr 08, 2019
Spice Up Your Family's Food with Chief Spice Mama Kanchan Koya

“What is the best way to teach the world of spices to young ones?” is not only a question we ponder often, but an actual question that came from our listener’s group a few weeks ago. Luckily, we’ve got an in with the Chief Spice Mama. This week we explore the spices in our kitchens with renewed vigor and insight after talking with Kanchan Koya.

Spices — dried and ground or even fresh herbs and aromatics — are actual magic ingredients just sitting in our cabinets ready to make vegetables taste better, to add flavor without extra fat or sugar, and more. Here’s how we’re spicing up our families food with just a handful of ingredients and without a bunch of fussy recipes.

Apr 01, 2019
The After-School Snack Problem Solved. Sorta.

The hellish few hours between school and dinner, marked with relentless begging for snacks, might break us! Figuring out snack time is hard enough — how to keep our pantry stocked with healthy, kid-friendly options that work at home and on-the-go without breaking the bank — but also walking the line between keeping the kids sated, while not ruining dinner is enough to drive you mad. So we go over ALL the tips, ideas, recipes, and products to help you figure snack time out once and for all.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Mar 18, 2019
The Magic of Meatballs

What can be served plain or in soup, with pasta or in a sandwich, covered with sauce or with dip on the side, packed with vegetables or even leftovers… shall we go on? We can. Because meatballs! They’re magic for a family cook. We know that making them can be a production, but we have all the tips to ensure that it doesn't. Follow them, and meatballs will become a weeknight go-to. You'll even have leftovers.

Links and recipes from this episode can be found at the show notes page on Didn't I Just Feed You.com 

Mar 11, 2019
The Art of Intentional Leftovers with David Tamarkin

Intentional Leftovers or “Next overs” might just be the answer to faster weeknight dinners that don’t involve hours of cooking each weekend. You’ve heard each Meghan and Stacie make the case for meal planning and meal prep, but this week’s guest David Tamarkin, Epicurious’ Digital Director and Author of Cook90, brings a new idea to our virtual dinner table: cook once and eat twice at every opportunity with intentional leftovers. This simple concept is game-changer for meal planning and prep —, especially for busy parents.

We talk with David about High-Intensity Interval Cooking, which staples make the best leftovers (and maybe which make the worst), plus he tells us how beans gave him a glimpse at parenthood and how Intentional Leftovers can help you create a cooking cycle that works, even when you don’t feel like cooking.

As always notes for this show can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com 

Mar 04, 2019
Should you Kondo your Kitchen?

Everyone’s talking about Marie Kondo and her KonMari method of organizing, detailed in her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and featured in her runaway Netflix hit, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Meghan’s a fan and Stacie’s not sold, but they both agree that different rules apply in the kitchen. The catch: they don’t agree on what the rules should be.

What happens when nothing in the kitchen sparks joy? Or when a pared-down kitchen leaves little that sparks joy for your kid, who you’d like to see take more ownership in the kitchen? And what about the fact that, as family cooks, our needs are constantly shifting as our children (and their schedules) grow and change?

This week, Stacie and Meghan grapple with the idea that, perhaps, joy is not the best guiding principle for busy family cooks trying to organize and pare down their kitchens.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com


Feb 25, 2019
Maybe the Slow Cooker Isn't So Great?

We know you love your slow cooker, and we use our a ton too. But we’re not sold on it being the answer to every parent’s dinner woes. In fact, we’ve got some major issues with crock pot cooking. But once we're done telling you all the ways you can do better, we also tell you how to maximize it. Because the slow cooker is perfect for some things. And if you're going to wait for 6+ hrs for dinner, it'd better be good.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Feb 18, 2019
Taking Chicken Nuggets Back from the Kids Menu

The breaded chicken piece has become a symbol of “kid’s food” despite almost every cuisine having a version of this simple but sophisticated home cooking. This week, we dive into the idea that what has been co-opted by fast food and freezer companies — in this case, chicken nuggets — can actually be taken back by parents and home cooks. Stacie and Meghan debate the merits of keeping frozen nuggets on hand and walk us through different ways to cook chicken nuggets at home from scratch while minimizing cost and dishes while maximizing flavor. Plus we revisit a season one interview with Melissa D’Arabian to learn how what is billed as “kids food” can also be used as a tool for equilibrium at the family table.

Find our favorite recipes and more in this episodes SHOW NOTES

Feb 11, 2019
Easy Classroom Treats, Because Valentine's Day

Classroom celebrations have nothing on us: We share ALL the ideas for how to make the easiest classroom treats for any holiday celebration. From clever kitchen shortcuts to store-bought hacks, we'll help you score points with the kids (and their classmates!) and still keep your sanity. Or with Valentine's Day coming up, still have time for some kid-free hanky panky — or you know, alone time on the toilet (which is not to be underrated).

Find our favorite recipes, products, and more in this episode show notes.

Feb 04, 2019
How to Make NACHOS a Legit Family Dinner

This week is all about nachos — but not for the reason you might expect. Because would we ever dedicate a whole episode to game day food just because of the World Series? (We kid. We know it’s a super white Maroon 5 concert.) No, we’re talking nachos because they are one of the most underrated family meals around. We’ll tell you why, fill you in on all the gloriously easy ways you can use nachos to make a fast meal packed with good stuff your kids will actually eat & give tips on how to build them perfectly. Because soggy, structurally unsound nachos suck for everyone.

Our favorite recipes and more can be found in the show notes on Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Jan 28, 2019
Which "Healthy" Foods Live Up to the Label.

Ever heard of the “health halo”? This week, we break down the idea that a food is healthy just because a single claim of healthfulness can be made about it. Are those cookies healthy because they’re made with organic sweet potato? Maybe — but maybe not. It depends on a lot more than the sweet potato.

Dietician Katie Morford of Mom’s Kitchen Handbook helps us think through issues like how to quickly read food packages, determine if pricey supplements are worth it, and figure out if hiding veggies and other nutrient-dense foods are valuable as we try to figure out which foods live up to the labels they’re given. Not to determine if they’re “good” or “bad,” but to figure out their rightful place in our families’ diets — and in our grocery budgets too!

Jan 21, 2019
How to Save Money on Groceries with The Budget Mom

Over the last few months, both Stacie and Meghan have taken a long, hard look at their families’ finances and were shocked to discover how much they were spending on groceries. As it turns out, they’re not alone. When Meghan reached out to Kumiko, aka The Budget Mom, she found out that food is the biggest expenditure for most families. In fact, before Kumiko became an accredited financial counselor, she paid off $50,000 in debt in less than a year and one of the biggest budget cuts that saved her was in the food category.

Whether or not you thought you were looking to save money on groceries this year, this episode is for you — because who doesn’t want to save money?! Sure, we go deep with hardcore tips for people who are ready to get serious about their budgets. But we also talk about practical ways that anyone can save money by being more mindful and less wasteful: a worthwhile practice in more ways than one.

Jan 14, 2019
The Busy Parents' Guide to Instant Pot Cooking

Welcome to season 2, dedicated to solving kitchen problems & building practical cooking skills to help feed your family more easily, quickly & affordable. When thinking about how to save time, energy & money in the kitchen, there was no question of how to kick things off:  with the Instant Pot! And if doing a primer on the IP for busy parents, there was no question of who to talk to Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo. Here's everything you need to know about an electric pressure cooker & how to use it most effectively to feed a family.

Jan 07, 2019
Welcome to Season Two of Didn't I Just Feed You

Welcome to season two of Didn’t I Just Feed You.

Didn’t I Just Feed You is a weekly podcast (and community!) where we share expert insights, practical tips, and tools, plus easy straightforward recipes that make regular family meals a reality.

As culinary professionals who know what a struggle it can be to feed hungry kids 3 meals a day, plus snacks, without losing our minds. Each week we bring our own best advice, plus we have thoughtful interviews with real parents who share their experiences feeding families and helping families thrive in the kitchen.

Since launching DIJFY, we’ve had the pleasure of chatting with a range of amazing experts who’ve weighed in with common sense, non-judgemental advice that we hope has helped support parents in the kitchen and keep them feeling more calm and sane about feeding their kids — because we promise: the kids will be alright!

We’re really excited to bring you more great interviews in 2019 — though we’re changing things, just a little bit, to make sure that you walk away from every episode with info in your back pocket that will make cooking easier, cheaper, and more delicious.

We’ll dive deep into one-pot dinners, the best shortcuts you need to know, our favorite pantry staples, vegetable recipes that kids actually want to eat, and even get real about chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. Like: Let’s get in the kitchen and make this stuff already, because the kids will eat it and you know you like it, too, at least when it’s done right. And we’ll tell you how.

And maybe some cocktail recipes too (laughs) because after all, this podcast was born over whiskey drinks.

Our new season starts January 7th, so be sure to subscribe, get caught up on season 1, and follow us at Didn’t I Just Feed on Instagram and Facebook.

Jan 07, 2019
Best of 2018: Our Favorite Moments from Season One

Just like the first semester at a new school, Stacie and Meghan (that's us!) nervously launched Didn't I Just Feed You in Aug 2018 and wrapped season one in Dec 2018, right before winter break. From our first conversation about school lunches to our last on mastering the holidays, we not only survived our freshman season, we learned tons from interviews that still make us giddy. In this "Best Of" show, we both share our top three eps and the take-away from each that changed our cooking, approach to feeding, or kitchen mindset for the better. Or at least made us laugh the hardest.

Dec 31, 2018
Easy Homemade Food Gifts + More Ways to Holiday Like a Boss

There’s no escaping the holiday onslaught now! So this week, we do our part to keep it all from feeling overwhelming by helping you take charge of how you want the next month to look.

We pull out our kitchen expertise to share tons of suggestions for easy homemade food gifts that will save you time and money, and also our fastest, simplest family meals that you can whip up when you’re super exhausted thanks to all of the extra stuff you have to take care of this month. Basically: We share ideas and shortcuts that will help you take care of yourself so that you can holiday like a boss.

Dec 07, 2018
The Best Cookbooks of 2018 for Family Cooks (with Brian Steward of Salt + Spine)

This week, to help us sort through the best cookbooks of the year, we invited Brian Stewart of Salt and Spine, a podcast that explores the art and craft of cookbooks. Tune in for his picks in unconventional categories thought up just for us: the home cooks who have to feed families night after night. After night.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Nov 28, 2018
2018 Gift Guide with Parents Magazine - Fun Food Gifts for Kids

We love shopping, but just like every other busy parent, we get overwhelmed as soon as the holidays hit. So this year, we asked our friends at Parents magazine for holiday gift inspiration.

This week, Parents Senior Editor Karen Cicero shares fun food gift ideas for kids, and even some holiday shopping tips to help save money, keep kids from obsessing over immediate gratification, and even keep us from indulging in gifts that may not satisfy over the long haul.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Nov 21, 2018
Aggressively Helpful Cooking Tips for Holiday Cooking

Food writers, editors, and recipes developers love good food and want to spread food joy. Truly, we do! But we also have jobs that rely on selling magazines and getting enough clicks to sell ads on the sites that hire us. So sometimes we can get a bit, well, aggressively helpful, as Meghan puts it.

In this episode, Stacie and Meghan get honest about the holiday cooking tips, kitchen strategies, and eating mindsets that we find actually helpful to get us through the holidays not just feeling sane, but feeling happy and focused on what matters most: spending time with our families.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Nov 14, 2018
The Real Reasons We Cook With Our Kids

We get it — cooking with our kids is not the joyous, breezy bonding that Instagram promised us, but we’re doing it anyway. Joined by guest and Raddish Kids founder Samantha Barnes, Stacie and Meghan dive into the practical aspects of engaging our kids in the kitchen and exactly why we all need to do a bit more of it.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Nov 07, 2018
Getting Messy in the Kitchen with Kids

We preach the importance of cooking with our kids but how can we get messy in the kitchen without losing our minds? This week we have craft expert Jodi Levine — author of one of our favorite websites Super Make It —on to talk about how we can have pure fun in the kitchen with our kids without worrying that they will ruin dinner or our batches of holiday cookies. Jodi dishes on her favorite super market ingredients for quick, engaging crafts with our kiddos, plus how she deals with the inevitable messes of cooking up crafts with our kids.

A special thank you to this week's sponsor Raddish Kids! This holiday season, give the gift of bringing a family together in the kitchen to experience the fun of taking risks, getting creative, and maybe even making a few mistakes before enjoying a delicious, well-earned meal together. To learn more about how Raddish subscriptions work, what’s included, and pricing options, go to RaddishKids.com

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Nov 01, 2018
How to Make Crave-Worthy Treats with Natural Sugars

In the last of our three-part series on the sweet stuff, we call on baking expert, television host, and cookbook author Shauna Sever to find out if natural and alternative sweeteners are better for our bodies. And most importantly, to learn more about how to use them effectively to keep sweets in our life smartly.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Oct 24, 2018
Who's Messing With Our Kids More: Sugar? Or Parents?

Not sure how to manage sugar in your house? Press play now. Because if there’s one episode from which you’ll walk away with a blueprint to take action, this is the one.

In our second of three episodes exploring sugar, renowned child nutrition expert Jill Castle brings her magic as a long-time expert and mom of four. Every bit of what Jill says is shared mom-to-mom, yet still manages to be a concrete expert tip shared without judgement. Even when Stacie decides she hasn’t been handling dessert well — for years. But it’s cool, because Jill walks her through what to do. And shares plenty of tips so that you’ll walk away with a plan of what to do too.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Oct 18, 2018
The Beast Hiding In Your Pantry

There’s something terrible lurking in our pantries. And you bought it knowingly. Even worse? It’s hiding in other foods you bought, too, some of which you may be aware of, but many of which you aren’t. Creepy, right? Even creepier is that some people consider it poison. Even worse, our kids — our precious BABIES — are addicted to it. It’s SUGAR!

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Oct 10, 2018
The United States of Food Issues?

Interviewing is an art we’re still mastering, so perhaps it’s no surprise that our very first curveball comes courtesy of Food Network star Aarti Sequeira, who you may not know is also a trained journalist.

We interviewed Aarti for our series on picky eating, but she managed to expand the conversation in such a compelling way that we turned it into a stand-alone episode. There was talk of picky eaters, but Aarti tapped into much something larger — so we had to also. Welcome to something different this week.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Oct 03, 2018
When It Comes to Picky Eating — The More You Stress, the Worse It Gets (with Amy Palanjian of Comfort Food Podcast)

In the last episode in our three-part series on picky eaters, we explored the topic from perspectives on two ends of the age spectrum: Amy Palanjian of Yummy Toddler Food spoke to us as about picky young ones while Debbie Koenig chimed in about older picky eaters.

Does it get better? Does how we intervene when they are young improve our picky eaters as they grow up? We may never really know, but talking to each other helps. And maybe that’s what matters most: Helping each other so that we can all relax and let go a little.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com 

Sep 26, 2018
Looking for Picky Eater Help? You Won’t Find It in a Recipe.

In part two of the three-part series on picky eating, Stacie and Meghan chat with TV host and cookbook author Melissa d’Arabian. The mom of four is best known for her budget-friendly family meals, but also spent a great deal of time digging into the root causes of picky eating and trying to shift her daughters’ picky habits for the Food Network video series, The Picky Eaters Project.

With practical tips, a shocking (and totally hilarious) you-can-do-it-tonight takeaway, and non-judgy attitude, Melissa shares what she learned from the experience, including reflections on how successful it was now that her kids are older.

A huge thank you Mom’s Best for sponsoring this week's episode and for offering our readers a seriously awesome giveaway. Visit Didntijustfeedyou.com to learn how to enter. 

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com 

Sep 19, 2018
Is Picky Eating Real?

This week, Stacie and Meghan kick off their three-part series on picky eaters. Stacie shares her point of view as a child development expert who’s researched and worked extensively with picky eaters, though she won’t exactly call herself an expert…

See, it's kind of complicated. Because in the end, only you hold the answers to unlocking your picky eater's potential — or at least not making things worse by battling with them. Listen for how Stacie and Meghan think you can deal with pickiness in your home, and stay sane doing it. 

Sep 12, 2018
Is Picky Eating Real?

This week, Stacie and Meghan kick off their three-part series on picky eaters. Stacie shares her point of view as a child development expert who’s researched and worked extensively with picky eaters, though she won’t exactly call herself an expert…

See, it's kind of complicated. Because in the end, only you hold the answers to unlocking your picky eater's potential — or at least not making things worse by battling with them. Listen for how Stacie and Meghan think you can deal with pickiness in your home, and stay sane doing it. 

Sep 12, 2018
Chop, Chop, Om — Real Life Meal Prep Tips as Self Care

Mention meal prepping and visions of spending our entire Sunday in the kitchen dance in our heads. But is this really what it takes?

We chatted with the queen of meal prep, Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean, to find out. Because we had a feeling there might be a different way. As it turns out, there are several different ways. And if you find the one that's right for you, you might even start to think about meal prepping as a form of self care.

Go figure.

Sep 05, 2018
Meal Planning Isn't Magic (But You Should Do It Anyway)

Admit it: Six o'clock on a weeknight is the worst time to be the family cook. The kids are cranky, everyone is hungry, and who knows what your picky 3-year old is going to actually eat tonight. Staring into the fridge wondering what the hell you're going to pull out is one way to get the job of feeding your family done, but what if there was a better way? In the first part of our two part meal planning mini series, Meghan walks us through the magic of meal planning and Stacie asks the tough practical questions about whether meal planning is right for every family and what we can do instead to take the stress out of Wednesday night dinners, because Wednesday are the worst!

Join us as we dive into meal planning for real, family life.

As always show notes for each episode can be found at didntijustfeedyou.com

Thank you again to our sponsors Elmhurst1925 and OnePotato — head to our show page to find discount codes for each. 

Aug 29, 2018
The Inconvenient Truth about Dining Out With Kids

Here's an idea: Let's take feeding kids public! We’ll bring them to a restaurant full of other adults who aren't compelled to think that our kids are cute. We’ll pay to make the experience happen. And let’s throw waiters who are loathe to deal with our small people in the mix, too, so we can pay them extra for having to serve us. Sounds fun, right?

This, friends, is dining out with children. Let us speak of why we partake of this ritual. Because, yes, we believe it's worth it. (But, yes, it's possible we're just crazy.)

Thank you to our sponsors One Potato and Elmhurst! 

Links to their discount codes, plus all our show notes can be found at didntijustfeedyou.com

Aug 23, 2018
GOOP and the Most Superb Love-Hate We've Ever Known

Welcome to the show notes for our very first mini episode. Every once and a while, when we just can't resist talking about something in the news or happening in the culture, we'll quickly hop on our mics for a quick chat. 

Mini episodes will be topical and a hot 30 minutes (or so). Just enough time to vent, process, and download with each other — and YOU. Because that's what Didn't I Just Feed You?! is all about: parents having conversation, healthy (respectful!) debate, and supporting each other. 

So, listen up and chime in (here, on Instagram, or on Facebook). We KNOW you have something to say about this week's topic: Gwyneth Paltrow and her $250 million Goop empire.

Show notes for this episode can be found at didntijustfeedyou.com

Aug 19, 2018
Three Experts Walk into a Lunchroom... and we end up with one piece of advice.

In the last episode of this three part series on school lunches, Stacie and Meghan explore the lunch box from three wildly different lenses. We ask an elementary school teacher to dish on what really happens in the lunchroom. Laura Fuentes of MOMables talks us through the perspective shift you'll need when your kiddos is diagnosed with a food allergy — and has great advice for what other parents in the classroom can do to support those allergic kids. Finally we talk with chef and artist Jenny Dorsey about her "Privilege" project and what it is like to grow up eating authentic Chinese cuisine in a cafeteria full of corn dogs and frozen pizza. 

You can find more details on this show and more from us at https://didntijustfeedyou.com

Aug 15, 2018
School Lunch with Catherine McCord of Weelicious

It’s easy to think about packing school lunch as just another task to check off your list. You look for tips on how to do it more efficiently. You seek out ways to urge, or maybe even incentivize, your kids to get with the program (and eat their damn lunch). And do this on repeat 180 times during the school year. It’s not much fun, but as long as you get through, it’s good enough.

This week, Stacie and Meghan speak to Catherine McCord of Weelicious who inspires them to think about school lunch as so much more. Not more work, but more freedom for parents and more opportunity for kids. Her tips are more than practical — they actually inspire you to shift your perspective.

Show notes for this episode can be found at Didn't I Just Feed You.com

Aug 08, 2018
180 Days of School Lunch

Every year, back-to-school season has families buzzing with excitement. New sneakers, new outfits, fun school supplies — even as a busy parent, it’s hard not to get wrapped up. That is, until you remember that back-to-school also means packing school lunches. 180 times. For each child.


Finding school lunch inspiration after, oh, the first week, can be a challenge, so we’ve pulled out the big guns. Check out our first episode in a three-part series on surviving a year of packing school lunches. This week, Meghan and Stacie share their foolproof tips and tricks for keeping it healthy, fun, and most of all, easy. Which, yes, includes getting the kids involved too. Here’s how.

The show notes for this episode can be found Didn't I Just Feed You.com


Aug 01, 2018
Introducing Didn't I Just Feed You?!

Didn’t I Just Feed You is a weekly podcast about feeding our families hosted by Stacie Billis and Meghans Splawn. First full length episode coming 8/8/2018!

Jul 29, 2018