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By I Like to Make Stuff

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Bob and Josh work A LOT at I Like To Make Stuff. The No Instructions podcast is a dedicated time for them to play with toys, build Lego sets and chat about life, kids and nerd culture. And of course, the show can often go in really random directions, because there are literally, No Instructions. So, put away your work, grab your favorite model kit, and have some designated play time.

Episode Date
051: Giving Your 9-Year-Old Relationship Advice
The guys had to have the talk about girls with their oldest boys. Bob's son got asked out by a girl at school and Josh's son has a crush that he wants to impress. Come see how they navigate these delicate matters.
Sep 10, 2019
050: Harry Potter & The Bird Horse
Josh started Crossfit recently and the guys are discussing physical fitness and how to take that step into improving your physical health.
Sep 05, 2019
049: Our Favorite Moments in Cinema
The guys are discussing their favorite and most influential moments in movies. Bob's son also got a new band instrument that interrupts the show. 
Aug 26, 2019
048: Kids Plying Sports
Bob's kids are signed up for extracurricular activities every day of the week. The guys discuss the advantages/disadvantages of their kids playing sports. 
Aug 21, 2019
047: What the Purpose of a Necktie Anyway?
All four guys are on the show today; Bob, Josh, Anthony, & Forby. They do a round-robin of Pros/Cons and ask each other some deep questions. 
Aug 14, 2019
046: Mario Maker 2!
They guys are getting into the new Switch game Mario Maker 2 with their kids and discover that it is super awesome!
Aug 13, 2019
045: Trapper Keepers!
The guys are discussing Bob's upcoming vacation to see if their conversation on "relaxing" has adequately prepared him for the beach. 
Jul 23, 2019
044: Bring Back the Dinner Bell
The guys are discussing how they interact with their oldest kids; trying to foster their interests, encourage creativity, and the subconscious demands they place on them.
Jul 15, 2019
043: Chewbacca Has a Son Named Lumpy
The guys are talking about their involvement in Project Egress, the collaborative project to recreate the Apollo 11 Command Module Hatch spearheaded by and Adam Savage. Also Bob talks about being patient with people who don't keep your same pace in everyday situations. 
Jul 02, 2019
042: We Were Smart Being Stupid
The guys are talking about their childhood hijinks and how they would respond to their kids doing dumb shenanigans.
Jun 23, 2019
041: Butterscotchicles?
The guys are talking about teaching their kids new skills and Josh talks about teaching flight students how to not die in the water. They also answer some Pros & Cons from Instagram.
Jun 17, 2019
040: Josh Went Camping
After Josh's family camping trip, the guys discuss how to best listen and respond to their kids. They talk about the struggles when dealing with discipline and matters of their kids' hearts. 
Jun 11, 2019
039: Summertime is Here!
The guys are talking about their summer plans, and how they can focus on having fun with their families and making the most out of the season. 
Jun 04, 2019
038: Back from Maker Faire
The guys are discussing their recent trip to San Fransisco to Bay Area Maker Faire 2019. They talk about their panel discussions and the future of Maker Faire in the area. 
May 28, 2019
037: If You Poop on the Floor in Public it Doesn’t Matter if You’re Polite
The guys discuss their upcoming Maker trips. Bob is going to Italy and England to visit Giaco Whatever and to attend Maker's Central in Birmingham. The guys are also excited about heading to the Bay Area in California for Maker Faire 2018!
May 21, 2019
036: Spoiler Territory (Avengers: Endgame)
The guys are have seen Avengers: End Game and it's time to dive deep into the MCU.  Warning SPOILERS ahead!
May 07, 2019
035: No Spoilers (We Promise)
The guys are discussing watching Avengers: Endgame. As they are recording, they are mere hours away from seeing the film so they can't spoil anything...yet.
Apr 30, 2019
034: Achieving Super-Mega-Happiness
Bob is back from Star Wars Celebration in Chicago and he tells us all about the awesome experience. The guys also discuss what should be left in a museum from our generation. 
Apr 23, 2019
033: Dealing with Sadness
The guys are discussing how to be sad. That may sound strange, but men, Josh admittedly, doesn't know how to process being upset. They hope that this candid discussion is helpful to you in your time of need.
Apr 16, 2019
032: Channum Taters
The guys discuss 3d printing conventions, being at home by themselves and the new Avengers: End Game movie!
Apr 09, 2019
031: Laser Blazer
The guys are talking about their first cars and whether or not Josh should buy a motorcycle. 
Apr 02, 2019
030: The Whole Team’s Here!
The whole ILTMS crew; Bob, Josh, Forby, & Anthony are here this week talking about their team dynamic and how each person's strength comes together to run I Like to Make Stuff. Also, go watch's terrible. 
Mar 26, 2019
029: Aunt Becky Got Busted
Josh & Bob discuss the recent scandal surrounding college admissions cheating and do a round of music-themed Pros and Cons. 
Mar 19, 2019
028: Josh’s Bob v. Bob’s Josh
Bob is back from WorkBenchCon 2019 in Atlanta and Josh went on a voyage to IKEA. Listen in as the two Makers discuss their feelings about the Swedish furniture megastore! 
Mar 08, 2019
027: I ♥︎ Wanda
Bob has always wanted a tattoo and Josh has a few, so the guys are discussing getting/having/living with body art.
Mar 05, 2019
026: Watching a Movie with J-Lo
As Bob prepares to go to WorkbenchCon, the guys reminisce about their random celebrity encounters; like watching movies with J-Lo, getting groped by Gary Sinise, or being handcuffed in the Oval Office.
Feb 25, 2019
025: Fork Knife?
The guys discuss Valentine's Day, their stance on greeting cards, and more obscure movies that Josh hasn't seen. Also, Josh's son shows him how to set parental controls on the Switch in hopes of playing Fortnite.
Feb 19, 2019
024: “Industry Professionals”
The guys are back from their massive project and are talking about abusive but helpful YouTube comments. They are also talking about Fortnite and how to approach it as a parent of young kids.
Feb 12, 2019
023: It’s Like Juggling For My Brain
The guys are talking about their Christmas and New Years. It's been a minute since they've recorded and we're getting all caught up.
Jan 15, 2019
022: Our Movie Will Win Every Oscar
The guys made up a movie on the spot during a conversation about Ice Pirates, an obscure 80s movie. They do a bunch of Pro & Cons, and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Dec 24, 2018
021: I Did a Bad Thing
Bob is heavily conflicted about a recent impulse buy and Josh surprised his son with a new dragon!
Dec 19, 2018
020: A Peek Behind the Curtain
Bob & Josh talk about some behind the scenes antics and the mechanics of running I Like to Make Stuff. Bob is still trying to convince Josh that Solo is a good movie, and Josh doesn't like bar soap. 
Dec 11, 2018
019: Team Assemble!
The entire ILTMS Team is here! Bob, Josh, and yes, Forby are on the show this week. They are back from ThinkerCon and the Thanksgiving holiday and are talking about Christmas! Their favorite movies, weird holiday traditions, and the nefarious ways they found Christmas presents.
Dec 04, 2018
018: I Think Pirates Are Dumb
Are there things that you like or dislike that are contrary to popular opinion? There are no wrong answers when it comes to preference, especially when it comes to things like buying minivans, listening to classic music, or Anime. 
Nov 13, 2018
017: How to Live By Yourself
Bob & Josh are discussing friendships and how they maintain those relationships through adulthood. They also recap their recent half marathon and their upcoming race in December. 
Nov 05, 2018
016: The Hang-Backers
The guys are comparing their first jobs, streaming services, and answering a big list of YOUR Pro v. Con topics! Also, the guys are running their half marathon this weekend and Josh discusses the butterflies he has leading up to the race. 
Oct 30, 2018
015: Autographed Picture of Jonathon Taylor Thomas
Bob, Josh, and Wes from Geeksmithing, went to go see First Man, the Neil Armstrong biopic. They discussed rocket clubs and all the other extra-circular activities they were involved in as kids. Find out why Josh went on a cursing rant on public access TV during an academic team match.
Oct 23, 2018
014: The Worst Movie I’ve Ever Seen
With Hurricane Michael barring down on Josh's hometown, the guys discuss their experiences with hurricanes and random tornadoes while living in the south. Find out why Bob spent his prom night under a table in a bowling alley. 
Oct 16, 2018
013: Dancing at Weddings
The guys are talking modern treasure hunting, the new Mandalorian show, Die Hard, and some Fun Pros/Cons about Dancing.
Oct 06, 2018
012: Thanos was Waiting for Janet to go on Vacation
With all of the latest comic book trailers like Bumblebee, Captain Marvel, & Venom, the guys discuss the future of the DC & Marvel Universes. They also dive deep into the newest album by the band Thrice and how awesome it is.
Oct 02, 2018
011: Where Is The Bathroom?
The guys are discussing their upcoming trip to World Maker Faire in New York! Josh discusses travel while living in Europe and how he may or may not have peed in the corner of a hotel room.
Sep 20, 2018
010: I Call Dibs on R2D2
The guys discuss their latest trip to California and get deep into their thoughts on family heirlooms and leaving lasting memories for their families.
Sep 18, 2018
009: The Cheese is in My Throat!
What are they talking about? The guys had very different experience at college, Bob went to art school and Josh went to engineering school. They discuss how they got there...
Sep 04, 2018
008: Detention
What are they talking about? It’s back to school time and all of Bob’s kids are now enrolled in school and Josh’s family has began their homeschool year. Find out...
Aug 28, 2018
007: Stabby Death Sticks
Bob doesn't remember Top Gun so Josh fills him in with some personal stories about how he has the need for speed.
Aug 21, 2018
006: Urkel Needs to Come Back
Then they discuss nostalgia and how it affects our present and how people try to use it to shape their futures.
Aug 14, 2018
005: You’re Gumpin’ It Up Right Now
The guys are talking about getting healthier and how Bob signed Josh up for a half-marathon.
Aug 07, 2018
004: That Time Josh Died
The guys discuss the agony of being patient, Star Wars comic books, pogs, breaking models, and going to space. 
Aug 01, 2018
003: I Suck at Relaxing
The guys discuss why they are bad at vacationing.
Jul 04, 2018
002: Are They Knolling?
The guys explain how Lego shaped their childhood, the Star Wars prequels, and European vacations.
Jul 03, 2018
001: I Like to be Hooved
The guys talk about the new podcast and how Josh hasn't seen good movies.
Jul 02, 2018