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Gilbert Arenas is one of the most dynamic characters the NBA has ever seen. Agent Zero holds nothing back, puts all cards on the table and of course, has zero chill. Along with co-host Mike Botticello, the No Chill Podcast is a healthy dose of all things Gilbert, his stories, his ideas and his unique perspective, while joined by athletes, actors and comedians.

Episode Date
Episode 103 - Defining an All-Star
On this episode, it’s All-Star time, and in a year that it almost didn’t happen, it’s better late than never. For those named to the teams each season, it’s a career accomplishment that goes on the resume and something we acknowledge for years to follow. For fans, we want to see the best come together and our favorite players show out on the stage. This season it’s going to be a brief All-Star experience, but let’s appreciate that the tradition continued. For Gil, a three-time All-Star himself, it’s a great accomplishment to earn. Players put in so much work and grind, so of course they’re grateful for the recognition. However, in the case of the guys that don’t make it or feel they should be starters rather than reserves, the All-Star roster can serve as a motivator. We should definitely know that these guys keep track of who’s who, and because the competitive spirit is always burning, they measure against each other. So let's dive into all things All-Star in 2021. Presented by:  Athletic Greens THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Assistant:  Ethan Zakarin
Mar 03, 2021
Episode 102 - Return of the Swag Champ with Nick Young
On this episode, back like he never left, the Swag Champ himself, Nick Young. Before he heads over to China to play in the CBA, Gil wanted to get Nick on, and give him a proper send off. Nick’s come a long way through his basketball journey both on and off the court. We dive into those early DC days that shaped his career and, of course recall a few legendary stories from back in the day. In addition to his unmatched fashion sense, Nick’s style of play was ahead of its time too.  For Gil, he recognized it early and figured Nick just needed a little...push. And push he did. But you gotta remember these are two hoopers from the Valley and will be forever linked as friends. So will we see them in arena together again? Time will tell. Until then, stay tuned for a 1-on-1 rivalry (both on and off the court) that has waited over a decade to declare a winner. Presented by:  Athletic Greens, Grammarly and MasterClass THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Assistant:  Ethan Zakarin
Feb 24, 2021
Episode 101 - Managing Expectations with Andre Chevalier
On this episode, we coach the man that runs the show at the most followed program in the country, Andre Chevalier, head coach of Sierra Canyon. His alumni includes Kenyon Martin Jr, Scotty Pippen Jr, BJ Boston, Cassius Stanley and Ziaire Williams. Coach Dre has the demands of a high profile team to handle, but it’s on level one hundred when you throw on the celebrity culture that surrounds the school. Their schedule takes them all over the map and they are the marquee name for every team they face. For Gil, it’s a balancing act of getting your players to produce, managing expectations, keeping the parents and outside influences all in the right place. It all comes down to philosophy and challenging your players. For Coach Dre, he has been delivering championships amidst sky high expectations. We see the success of the program and unmatched media attention for a high school team, but make no mistake about it, these boys get down to basketball and take care of business, while they get everyone’s best shot...every single game! Presented by: Athletic Greens THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott
Feb 10, 2021
Episode 100 - Friends and Rivals with Dwyane Wade
On this episode, we’ve hit a big number so we had to ring in the occasion with the one and only Dwyane Wade. DWade and Gil go way back, but there’s a lot to the friendship and the rivalry that we haven’t heard about....until now. Think back to when a young Dwyane Wade entered the league and how his career tracked from there. He’s a champion, a lock hall of famer, but really one of the players responsible for shifting what the league’s future looked like. For Gil, it is DWade’s talent that needs to be examined and appreciated. His style of play was remarkable and even affected the rules and the way games were played. Beyond that, what DWade did in Miami and the accomplishments of the Heat on the strength of player relationships, chemistry and legacy was game changing. Oh and both had a very special perspective on LeBron’s career, evolution and greatness. Presented by: Athletic Greens and Draft Kings THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott
Feb 03, 2021
Episode 99 - Humble Yourself or the Game Will Humble You with John Lucas III
On this episode, what starts out as a conversation about basketball evolves into a conversation full of life lessons. For John Lucas III, basketball has been life. His pops, John Lucas was a player, and has had a long career as a coach spanning multiple eras of the NBA. John grew up in the game, becoming a pro himself. He’s seen it from the perspective of the star, the back up, the journeyman and the rookie. The game took him all over the world, and is, for the most part, his identity. For Gil, John is the type of player who gets it. He knew who he was as a player, understands the business of the game and knows his big picture. That picture comes from a valuable lesson that any and every player will find out at some point...humility. No matter if you’re a GOAT or bench player, you experience L’s, cuts and failures of some kind at some point. As long as you learn from them, you’ll grow and be better off for the experience. Presented by: Athletic Greens and Draft Kings THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott
Jan 27, 2021
Episode 98 - The Soul of the Game with David Fizdale
On this episode, we’ve a coach on the show! David Fizdale truly embodies the spirit of the game, with a nod to the old school, and a well adjusted connection to the current era of players. Coach Fiz came up in an era of basketball in LA before players moved around, and one where your community was rooted in the game. As Fiz’s basketball life took him out of his neighborhood and far beyond X’s and O’s, he’s established himself as one of the best minds in the game. For Gil, Coach Fiz has always been one of the good ones, who not only the street cred as hooper, but the pedigree with rings as an assistant in Miami, to the head job in Memphis and New York. We can’t wait to see where Fiz goes next, but we know he brings an enlightened world view to a team, filling in with a dedication to the game and the players committed to getting better. The best thing about Fiz is something we should all strive to mirror, his love of the game, and take part in bringing it to another level. Presented by: Manly Bands, Grammarly and Draft Kings THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott
Jan 20, 2021
Episode 97 - Competition At All Times with Coach Arenas
On this episode, we get a look at Agent Zero at work...this time as a coach. It’s one thing as a player to individually push yourself, work on what you need to make yourself better and understand what works for you. Now, Gil’s applying that to players as pupils, giving them the groundwork to become who they want to be as players. For Gil, it all comes down to competition. Your time in the gym has to be for one thing and one thing, to be the ultimate competitor. To push yourself beyond limits and be comfortable in the toughest conditions. And limits? There is no such thing. Time, reps, made’s as much as you want and as far as you want to go. Presented by: Literati THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott
Jan 13, 2021
Episode 96 - Putting on a Show with Terrell Owens
On this episode, we’ve got a Hall of Famer and one of the best receivers ever to throw on a helmet, the one, the only, Terrell Owens. You know him as the all-time great talent and larger than life persona, but there’s so much more to understand in terms of his mindset and approach to the game. Also, it’s about time we stop to recognize just how much of a pioneer he was in his celebrations and the flair he brought to the sport. Oh and he also is a hooper. For Gil, putting high level athletes on the basketball court is a unique challenge. For TO, we find out, he used the basketball court to work on elements of his receiver technique, from footwork to pivots to verticality, he translated it to the gridiron. And for multi-sport athletes, you can use TO’s effectiveness and production as proof that there are definite benefits in finding influences from other sports. That and being a freak athlete helps too... Presented by: Ladder Life THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott
Jan 06, 2021
Episode 95 - The 2020-21 NBA Season Setup
On this episode, we jump right back into another NBA season. It was a short, short offseason, but looking at the glass half full for 2021, we’re getting a full season and the NBA cycle back on track. As much basketball as possible please! For some players, they didn’t get to the Bubble and have had long layoff, while for others it was a quick turnaround. Either way, hoopers staying hooping.] For Gil, as the season gets back, he wants to see who’s going to step up. From the guys in new places, the rookies ready to shine and the special few who are ready to take their game to another level, we'll get caught up quick. As for who wins it’s a hint...he planning on another championship in LA. The NBA is back like it never left and we’re here for it! Presented by: NuCalm THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott
Dec 16, 2020
Episode 94 - Dominating the Media with Dave McMenamin
On this episode, we take a trip back to the early 2000’s. In the early days of the internet and online media, a young Agent Zero became a blog sensation. His writer, current NBA beat reporter, New York Times best selling author and NBA on ESPN personality, Dave McMenamin. Back then, a young journalist on the rise, Dave was connected with Gil in DC to submit some entries to What they got was a whole lot more than expected. It was then that Gil discovered the power of the media, how to get his message out there, connect with fans, relay his perspective of the game and the world around it. Really, that takes us to today. With his playing days behind him, Gil has stayed connected with his fans, definitely knows how to deliver in interviews, in appearances, on shows and of course his podcast. But it had to start somewhere. And as we're seeing with the modern athlete, the use of the media and their own platforms to engage and communicate is a powerful thing. It’s something that is a must to first learn how it works, then apply your own voice and style. Once again, Agent Zero is blazing a trail. Presented by: Manscaped, Literati and NuCalm THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott
Dec 09, 2020
Episode 93 - Embracing the New Generation with Best of the Next Wave
On this episode, we run through the deep amount of young talent and future stars that we sat down with this year. When we set out to get familiar with the next wave of players, we wanted to give them an opportunity to pick the brain and learn from the one and only Agent Zero. Meanwhile, Gil wanted to see for himself what exactly this next crop was made of. Bottom line...the game is in good hands! From guys hitting the league, like Onyeka Okongwu or Cassisus Stanley, to the guys ready to make the leap like Josh Christopher and Kyree Walker, we got in deep with top tier talent. And then there are the top prospects like Peyton Watson, Amari Bailey and Jaden Hardy, they’re proving why they are ready to take run with the top spot. As for the up and comers, we found out from Mackenly Randolph, Juju Watkins and Skyy Clark that they’re getting ready early to change the game. Yup the game is in good shape and then some. Presented by: NuCalm, Feetures and Sunsoil THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott
Dec 03, 2020
Episode 92 - Ready For Takeoff with Cassius Stanley
On this episode, we catch up with one of the most athletically gifted and psychologically prepared prospects ahead of the 2020 NBA Draft, Cassius Stanley. After one season at Duke and a product of southern California, Cassius is primed to make a splash at the pro level. While his 46-inch vertical catches your eye, it’s his poise and professionalism that will make him a difference maker in the league. Add in that year of polish under Coach K’s tutelage, and he’s set to have a huge payoff with his future team. For Gil, Cassius’ background is literally close to home. He’s watched him progress at Sierra Canyon and in runs against pros. As Gil recognized, it was just a matter of time before Cassius put together the nuances of the game with elite level athleticism. And by the looks of it, that time is now. Presented by: Literati, NuCalm and Sunsoil THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott
Nov 18, 2020
Episode 91 - Being Both the Playmaker and the Assassin with Jaden Hardy
On this episode, we head out to Vegas to check out one of the top players in the country. One thing you should know about Vegas (if you didn’t know already) they hoop out there. It’s not just the Summer League or Team USA camps, Jaden Hardy is proof that top talent is out in the desert. His unique makeup puts him in a category that blends the attributes of a playmaker and an assassin. This means he can create for himself, teammates and flat-out takeover when he needs to. He’s also atop the rankings for the class of 2021, and his pedigree is that of success every step of the way. For Gil, what he sees in Jaden is supreme court presence and a cornerstone player. We always are wowed by highlights, but the higher up you go, you want that player that you can build around. And if there’s one thing to know, even if you’re top of the mountain, there’s always someone or something to chase. As Jaden goes, we love to see where that will be in the future. Presented by: Feetures THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott
Nov 11, 2020
Episode 90 - Setting Up The Next Chapter with John Wall
On this episode, we’ve got two Wizards greats together. John Wall, DC’s franchise player has been working overtime and is set to return on another level. John is one of the most electrifying players in the league when healthy, and as he’s getting back to one hundred percent, it’s what he’s adding that is the most impressive. We catch up with him at the Sports Academy in California where he traveled to put in work and square off against the likes of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and other top NBA talent in order to prep for next season. For Gil, he’s always got his eye on his little brother, and he wants to see John continue to grow in perspective and continue to refine his skill. With all of John’s ability, he has even more to accomplish. Above all, he’s a hooper and it’s the heart and character that will guide his actions and impact on the game. By all means, John Wall is back and with all that he’s driven by, we’re rooting for a big time return. Presented by: Orgain THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe
Nov 04, 2020
Episode 89 - The Pro's Vision with Darren Collison
On this episode, we catch up with Darren Collison. Since hanging it up, Darren has moved on to a space where he is directly impacting the next wave of players. In 2019 he started Pro’s Vision, a full service training program based in Orange County, where he passes on his NBA experience, on court knowledge and rolls up his sleeves to get down to training top crop players. For Darren, he values the mentor role above all, as he stays connected to the game while watching his players' development. For Gil, this is the ultimate reward. Passing on the wisdom, while staying competitively connected in the game. As Darren explains the vision behind Pro’s Vision, the concept lines up directly with Gil’s focus on explaining the game so the next generation can be even better than the one that came before. Presented by: Orgain and Sunsoil THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe
Oct 28, 2020
Episode 88 - Shifting The Culture with Peyton Watson
On this episode, we have a player that is in a position to have a next level impact on the game, break molds and shift the culture. Peyton Waston has been developing into a monster...and you will get to know him very soon. The top ranked player in California, he’s headed into his senior year at Long Beach Poly already committed to UCLA for 2021. His 6’9 frame gives him unguardable length that is backed up high level playmaking ability, the versatility you dream about and scary defensive skills. For Gil, beyond Peyton’s accolades, he sees substance. To be a transcendent player you have to be a worker, a thinker and someone who wants the most out of themselves. Peyton is all of that, and while the Team USA, all-state and ranking status is a terrific achievement, he’s working on much more. Presented by: Feetures, Orgain and Mint Mobile THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe
Oct 21, 2020
Episode 87 - Know It From Playing with Earl Watson
On this episode, we've got one we’ve been looking for, knowledge of the game from guys that played it. Earl Watson got into coaching at the pro level after thirteen seasons as a player. By 2015 he was in the head coach seat in Phoenix. The first thing he did was recognize the brilliance in store for Devin Booker and then put him in a position to tap into it. By going through the fires and playing among greatness, Earl’s approach to coaching is with that in mind. For Gil, he recognizes Earl’s philosophy as a players’ coach and the benefit it gives not only stars but your entire roster. Between Earl and Gil they see where it works and where it doesn’t. Also, how to relay that information to the next wave. They see the evolution in talent, and are here to push it forward. Presented by: Orgain and Mint Mobile THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe
Oct 14, 2020
Episode 86 with Pushing the Game Forward with Rayah Marshall
On this episode, we’ve got something for the game changers. Rayah Marshall, a 6’5 sensationally skilled high school senior, brings the kind of length, court vision and play making ability that has her among the top players in the nation. Headed to USC next year, Rayah stands to be a player who is poised to push the women’s game forward...think KD in mismatches, scoring at will against any type of defender. For Gil, he sees her length and creativity mixed with basketball IQ and hunger as the key components to make Rayah an all-time great player. And judging from her progress, it is absolutely in the cards. As her trainer and friend of No Chill, Jmack says, "real is rare" and Rayah is definitely for real. Presented by: Feetures and Mint Mobile THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe
Oct 07, 2020
Episode 85 - An Extension of the Coach with Coach Howie Levine
On this episode, we have the man who got the one and only Gilbert Arenas on track to eventually become a pro. The pride of Grant High School himself, coach Howie Levine. With over 30 years and 500+ wins under his belt, coach Levine’s legacy is as a true teacher of the game. As intense as he was when the game tipped off, coach was equally dedicated to making his players reach their dreams. For Gil, coach Levine recognized just what made him a truly special player. Beyond the physical gifts, which coach was amazed by Gil’s feet...and his fingertips. Coach Levine recognized Gil’s real greatness was his natural ability to break the game down to its angles and how he could solve problems that teams threw at him. The result, an unguardable force and a basketball IQ that is off the charts! Presented by: Mint Mobile and Manscaped THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe
Sep 30, 2020
Episode 84 - Positionless Basketball with Kijani Wright
On this episode, we have a player who is not only a freak athlete and is tremendously skilled, he’s also is incredibly thoughtful and an absolute worker. But make no mistake about it...he’s a flat-out stud. Meet Kijani Wright. After two years in high school, Kijani has stacked up Team USA honors, top rankings for his class, all state, all conference and all coast accolades and has made Windward in LA a must see program. For Gil, Kijani isn’t just a talented big, he’s a talented basketball player. In other words, don’t label him, because his approach to the game is to take on every role, every position and simply dominate. As a competitor, it’s not just mastering one thing, it’s becoming exceptional at both ends of the floor and ultimately becoming that complete player that everyone fears. As Kijani continues to build, he’s blending refined skill with updated intel. And for Agent Zero, that brings a definite smile to his face. Presented by: Mint Mobile THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe
Sep 23, 2020
Episode 83 - Investing in Knowledge with Dash Lovell
On this episode, we’re joined by one of the hardest working guys in the game, Dash Lovell. Born in Trinidad, raised in Brooklyn, Dash headed to California to first gain knowledge and also work with elite level talent. He staked his claim as a ball handling guru and expanded his reach to develop complete players with elite level skill, intelligence and technique. His attention to detail, like seeing angles, tireless preparation and finishing strategy have him among the best minds in his field. Currently a player development coach with the LA Sparks, Dash really is in the middle of maximizing the ability of all players at every level of the game. For Gil, he’s seen Dash’s progression from when he arrived on the west coast and sought out Agent Zero for some insight to where he is today. As Gil will attest, it’s in Dash’s hands now to push the game forward and tap in with the tremendous amount of talent in SoCal. Presented by: Mint Mobile THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe
Sep 16, 2020
Episode 82 - The Value of a Playmaker with Amari Bailey
On this episode, we have one of the most publicized, physically gifted and dynamically skilled players in his class, Amari Bailey. For a kid that started out in Chicago and ended up in California at Sierra Canyon, Amari’s early progression has been unreal. As a sophomore he showed out and showed why he has pro makeup with two years left to go in high school! For Gil, it’s Amari’s ability to adapt and bring high level versatility that sets him apart from the field. His explosiveness and bounce make him highlight material, but look closer and his vision and ability to play make have him on another level. Also, for you Iverson fans, we have the ultimate A.I. salute...No Chill edition. Presented by: Hawthorne and Manscaped THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe
Sep 09, 2020
Episode 81 - Fathers and Sons with Alijah Arenas
On this episode, it’s another first, as we have the first father/son podcast installment. Alijah Arenas is a beast in the making, of course he’s got the DNA but he’s been working on every aspect from foundation to skill building, to strength and straight up competition. All under the watchful eye of his pops. For Alijah, he’s ahead of the curve with all the necessary tools to be a one-of-a-kind player. For Gil, there are no shortcuts and by no means is he sugarcoating it. While Alijah didn’t immediately connect with the game of basketball, he’s arrived and Gil fully committed to making him a force of nature. Yes, Alijah has a very high bar to set for him, but given the path he’s on, he’s up for the challenge. Presented by Lumin and MyBookie THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe
Sep 02, 2020
Episode 80 - The Value of Mentorship with Travis Nichols
On this episode, we salute a part of the No Chill family. Travis Nichols, creator of T.N.T. Training and founder of the Southern California Academy, has a vision, is making the sacrifices and working tirelessly to make them happen. His approach to skill development is built around relationships. Trav digs in on the mentorship approach and works from the inside out to make not just better players, but better people. As Gil sees it, that’s no easy feat. What you have to give up and turn down along the way can turn off a lot of people. For Agent Zero, a guy who is used to the self made approach, he acknowledges the support players have on the way up is the ultimate weapon. For Trav, he’s brought that east coast grind to the west coast’s rich talent tree. And it couldn’t come from a better guy. Presented by: Mybookie and Hawthorne THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe Graphic Design: Michael Farhat
Aug 26, 2020
Episode 79 - Real Is Rare with Jason Mckinney
On this episode, we have a story that you need to hear. It’s the story of tremendous talent, incredible obstacles, tragedy, triumph and human spirit. It’s the story of Jason Mckinney aka “Jmack”, a basketball prodigy who emerged on the scene in LA, rose to fast stardom, but setbacks in the way of injury, guidance, even a shooting, left him with a journey unfulfilled. Still, Jmack persevered and stayed true to the game. He even found a friend with another teenage star, a young Kobe Bryant, that would tie the two for years to come. Gil can be counted among those enthralled by the young phenom. Fast forward some 20+ years later and Gil re-connected with Jmack on the youth circuit. Basketball is their common bond, and Jmack’s “Real Is Rare” approach has enabled him to fulfill his basketball story, showing respect to those that were a part of the path along the way. And his next chapter is just getting started... Presented by: Mybookie, Mint Mobile and Lumin Skin THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe Graphic Design: Michael Farhat
Aug 19, 2020
Episode 78 - Straight From the Mud with Dylan Andrews
On this episode, we get it straight outta the mud! For Dylan Andrews, the sensationally talented guard out of LA, Mud City is a place he’s familiar with and a place we can all associate with. Along with Kijani Wright, Dylan’s counterpart at Windward in LA, they’ve built a basketball powerhouse in a place that’s otherwise overlooked. What you need to know about Dylan is he’s positioning himself as one of the best all-around players off his class and he’s working towards a big time leap onto the basketball radar. Besides sensational athleticism, Gil sees a mainstay for Dylan as a big shot maker. And really that’s just in your DNA. The guys that run towards the pressure and instinctively know how to slow the game down in clutch situations. Presented by: Hawthorne THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe Graphic Design: Michael Farhat
Aug 12, 2020
Episode 77 - Pioneering AAU Basketball with Dana and David Pump
On this episode, we take it back with the two guys who started it all for some of the most legendary hoopers. David and Dana Pump, were pioneers of the AAU scene in LA in the late 80’s/early 90’s. With what began as a scouting service, the Pump brothers recognized a need to establish organized basketball and a pipeline to put west coast players on the national stage. With the Pump-N-Run, they did exactly that. From James Harden and Paul George, to Klay Thompson and of course a prodigy from the valley...Gilbert Arenas. Gil gives big props to the Pumps for what they did for him and a long line of LA players. We get into how they built it, where they knew it would go and the system as it is today. The guys also share a great perspective on Gil’s journey from LA to Arizona and his stardom in DC. They want to see him back in the picture with the Wizards -- and so do a lot of people! Presented by: Theragun & Lumin THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe Graphic Design: Michael Farhat
Aug 05, 2020
Episode 76 - Trial By Fire with Kyree Walker
On this, we have a guy you may have dropped off your radar, but make no mistake about it, he hasn’t gone anywhere. The last time you saw Kyree Walker he was doing damage on Dream Vision, following a standout junior season at Hillcrest Prep, earning him five-star recruit rankings. Instead of playing as a senior, Kyree opted to save it for the next level, and instead of the unpredictable route for a teenager overseas, he’s going underground before popping up on NBA draft boards. Kyree has crossed paths with Frank Matrisciano aka “Hell’s Trainer”, the same guy who put Gil through black ops training following the 2006 playoffs. Frank’s program at Chameleon BX resolves around putting Kyree through extreme mental and physical punishment to make him both an ultra conditioned athlete and an elite level competitor. Think Christian Bale when he went into the mountains to become Batman. It won’t be an easy road, but we’re all in to see how Kyree comes out on the other side.
Jul 29, 2020
Episode 75 - Changing the Game with Juju Watkins
On this episode, one of the most dynamically skilled players of her age group...number one ranked to be specific, Juju Watkins comes through. Juju had a sensational freshman season at Windward High School in LA. In addition to her top ranking, Juju was named LA Times Player of the Year -- as a freshman! She was also invited to the Team USA trials for 2020 and was first team All-CIF in California. Decorated to say the least, and building on her resume, along with her we speak! For Gil, he sees her as a leader for era, and the up-and-coming dominant female hooper to re-establish LA on the basketball map. Beyond that, he thinks she can change the game by pushing the expectations for a women’s player professionally as well as financiallyl. You can say Juju is built for it! Presented by: Theragun & Hawthorne THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Productions EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott Production Coordinator: Calvin Renfroe Graphic Design: Michael Farhat
Jul 22, 2020
Episode 74 - Blending Old School and the Next Wave with Destiny Lunan
On this episode, we have a true one-of-a-kind talent. She even coined her own nickname. Destiny Lunan, aka “Ky-She” as the skill and bop as influenced by her NBA namesake, Kyrie Irving himself. Thanks to the influence of current players, blended with golden era 90’s playground creativity and new school skill work, she is way ahead of schedule. To double down, she also subscribes to Gil’s school of thought, playing levels up to make herself even better. If that’s not enough, Gil found her on Instagram and without knowing her background, she passed his eyeball test with flying colors. Now as she’s realizing where her ability can take her, Gil is encouraging her to push limits and lock in on what she wants to accomplish. For everyone out there, it’s a basketball story you want to hear and take away from for yourself.
Jul 15, 2020
Episode 73 - Raising Expectations with Ben Shtolzberg
On this episode, we have the very motivational story of Ben Schtolzberg. As Gil would naturally take a shine to, Ben is a valley kid that has worked his way up the ranks with very little hype or attention. A starting point guard as a freshman at Notre Dame High School, he went from running an offense on an upperclassmen heavy team, to taking over the squad the next season. Now, heading into his junior year, he’s putting up numbers that get him visits to UNC, Davidson and programs across the country. Still, what makes Ben interesting is his ability to remain humble, while shouldering a great deal of responsibility, all with big time expectations. He wants to be pushed, is never satisfied and is absolutely locked in on getting to the league. Throw in legit talent and Agent Zero is crafting another SoCal scoring guard that can do it all. Gil has been watching him for a few years now, seen the work Ben puts in with his trainer Dash Lovell, and the proof is in the results on the court year-to-year.
Jul 08, 2020
Episode 72 - Let Me Be Great with Josh Christopher
On this episode, we’re joined by one of the most sensationally talented players of his era. Josh Christopher is a top-ranked, dynamically skilled, incoming freshman headed to Arizona State. Only isn’t planning on staying there long. Josh has all of the tools and ability to go to the league early and make an impact. For the kid that goes by "Jaygup", he’s not looking to make it, he’s working to be great. As Gil sees it, wanting to be an all-time great, means you’re already on your way there. At this point building on a solid foundation over the next year will get Josh primed for the jump. Also, as a Cali kid, Josh is made to shine when he gets there. If you haven’t seen Josh, get familiar, and get ready to watch a few more Arizona State games next year.
Jul 01, 2020
Episode 71 - Understanding the Dog Mentality with Jaylen Clark
On this episode, we’re calling all dogs! It’s one thing to talk a good game, but we’re coming at the players that bring it every night! Those gritty, grimy, hungry dudes with no back down and no quit. To do that, we have Etiwanda High School standout and incoming UCLA recruit, Jaylen Clark. Jaylen attacks his opponent on the defensive side of the ball and scores it at a high clip. For Gil, he knows all about the dog mentality. What it takes to truly earn the label and what it means when you see one coming at you in a defensive stance. Make no mistake about it, for Agent Zero, it’s no small task, so if you consider yourself a dog, you better be ready to prove it at all times.
Jun 25, 2020
Episode 70 - Ready To Shake Up the WNBA World with Mackenly Randolph
On this episode, we’re talking about changing the game. To do that we have Mackenly Randolph, incoming freshman to the Sierra Canyon girls basketball team and daughter of the one and only Zach Randolph. It’s one thing to grow up with a pops like Z-Bo, but Mackenly moved to California and played for the late, great Kobe Bryant’s AAU team, the Mambas. So now she’s working with Agent Zero himself and Gil wants Mackenly to start thinking bigger. Why not challenge women’s hoops and go straight to the WNBA from high school? And in case you were wondering she has the game...with plenty of her dad’s game in there. Think about it, Z-Bo’s skill set in women’s hoops. That’s tough!
Jun 17, 2020
Episode 69 - Ready To Stand Out At the Next Level with Top Pick Onyeka Okongwu
On this episode, we have the incredibly decorated and projected high draft pick, Onyeka Okongwu. If you’re not current on Onyeka’s pedigree, we’ll get you familiar before the SoCal product’s NBA landing. The Big O was a crucial part of the highly publicized Chino Hills High School team before a big time freshman season at USC. Gil cooked up a new handle for him, and with his athleticism, motor and versatility, “Double O” has a nice ring to it. For Gil, he wants Onyeka to push his limits and forget about whatever labels are on him right now. To make a splash, Onyeka has to examine how he can make his mark right away and force the game to change as a result. How will it happen? We can’t wait to see...
Jun 10, 2020
Episode 68 - How the AAU World Works with the Compton Magic Lynchpin Etop Udo-Ema
On this episode, we dive into the world of AAU. To do that, we got the man himself, Etop Udo-Ema. For those of you who know who Etop is, you know why he’s labeled as the lynchpin of AAU basketball. For those that are not familiar, get ready for some next level insight from Etop, who built and runs the AAU power house, the Compton Magic. As Gil is getting back into the AAU universe as a coach and parent, he’s realizing just how different things are now compared to the era he came up in. We break down how the system works, how players should utilize the exposure and why brand building matters more than ever. For the next wave, the AAU machine can catapult their careers and no one knows how to make it happen better than the mastermind, Etop Udo-Ema.
May 27, 2020
Episode 67 - Find Your Why with Skyy Clark aka "The Next Hibachi"
On this episode, we’re back with a whole new energy. We’re joined by one of the most dynamically talented future stars in basketball, fresh off his sensational sophomore season, Skyy Clark. Since we last caught up with him, he climbed even higher atop all boards for the class of 2022. Skyy got all-state and all-CIF honors as a sophomore and was named to the Team USA Junior National team.  Agent Zero was watching the whole time. Now, we have Skyy on the couch to talk about his move from California to Tennessee, studying Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker and what should be driving him at this point in his basketball journey.
May 06, 2020
Episode 66 - Working On Your Game Even On Lockdown
On this episode, we check in from the lockdown of 2020 with the idea that when you take something away, you appreciate it that much more. Taking away the game of basketball -- the competition, the comradery, the fun -- it really hurts. Comparing it to what an athlete goes through with a major injury, you can use the time away from the game to view the things from a different perspective. For Agent Zero, he sees it as an opportunity. A chance to get better. By using the down time to focus on what you should work on, you can discover new ways to be more complete. Instead of putting in hours in the gym, study the game. Watch film for strategy and detail, you’ll come out the other side that much better. Also, there’s now time to work on the things that you may otherwise put off when you’re in go mode to just workout, play and repeat. Now that he’s a coach, Gil is seeing the additional value in that as well. You’re down but you’re not out!
Mar 26, 2020
Episode 65 - Kobe Bryant's Messaging That Propelled Agent Zero To Coach
On this episode, we come back after a long lay off with a lot to talk about. Agent Zero makes it official, and talks about his move to get into the coach ranks at the youth level. For Gil, he’s spent plenty of time on the sidelines as a parent of young players, but recent events have pushed him to become more involved. It’s something he’s been contemplating for some time, but he finally settled on his reasons to commit. Meanwhile, the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant has rattled the basketball community and the world. For Gil, he has a special connection to Kobe, and until now, hasn’t fully detailed it. As you’ll hear, they’ve had a lifetime of connection through the game. From Gil’s infatuation with a young Laker star, to the origins of a rivalry and the ultimate compliment only reserved for top tier is a truly special relationship. Gil also defines the Mamba Mentality in his words, along with Kobe’s messaging that drove Agent Zero to use his intellect and personality to coach.
Feb 24, 2020
Episode 64 - How James Harden and All-Time Great Scorers Crack the Code
On this episode, we stop all of the chatter and examine what makes a great scorer so damn good. Meaning, we put what James Harden is doing, and has been doing year-over-year in Houston. He cracks the code and figures out how to become the most unstoppable scorer of his era. Sure there are critics and haters, but what he’s doing is truly remarkable when you examine the layers for though and preparation. He puts the pressure on any and all defenders, and doing what the all-time great scorers do. And for young players following his blueprint, they have the model. We update and get into basketball in depth, and having something for Knicks fans…who need to start looking in the mirror.
Dec 16, 2019
Episode 63 - Be Great and Be the Show with Gazmine Mason
On this episode, we’re joined by one of the most decorated guests ever to come through the show. Gazmine Meadows, who goes by GG and “Got Game” is a 3-time Olympic gold medalist, an All-American and the first African American female bowler at the University of Nebraska. GG, came to the NCP all from Providence, RI, to encounter another bowler with world class dreams. Before he was the Hibachi or Agent Zero, Gilbert Arenas went as Boy Wonder, El Jeffe, the Hurricane and eventually the Legend -- don’t Google these because you’ll find no trace anywhere on the internet so we’ll take our guy at his word. GG educates us on what it takes to be a high level professional bowler, how she transitioned from playing for fun to playing for keeps and how to train to be dominant. Meanwhile, the Legend himself has some ideas for GG to take her game and her swag to the next level on the PWBA tour.
Dec 03, 2019
Episode 62 - Adjusting Your Game with Caron Butler
On this episode, we bring together two Washington Wizards greats, as "Tuff Juice" himself, Caron Butler re-unites with "No Chill" Gil. We break out how individuals from different backgrounds come together to form a team. A roster is put together on paper, but it's how the personalities mesh and the assembly of talent fits together to win game. Beyond that, there’s the role of ownership, the style of coach and, of course, the fan base. At this point, both Gilbert and Caron can speak from experience that there are adjustments to be made, that aren’t always possible when you’re young. We also take a look at young LeBron vs now and a classic Kobe story that will only add to the Mamba legend.
Nov 23, 2019
Episode 61 - The Cool Factor with Tracey Mills from Complexcon
On this episode, we come to you from Complexcon. The yearly event of sneaker heads, hype best and culture connoisseurs, we had an invite to do a show in front of the Long Beach audience at the event. We go in on the theme of coolness and culture as it applies to a basketball team. To get us to that point, we brought on long time hoop guru, coach and fashion head, Tracey Mills. Brother of NBA vet Chris Mills, Tracey came up on the LA hoop scene and goes way back with the young NBA phenom that was Gilbert Arenas. We pick things up in the wake of KD’s comments about opting for the Nets over the Knicks, and that for young players, the Knicks simply aren’t cool. Of course there’s context to every comment, but we examine what makes a team cool, how you build a culture when there isn’t one and what it really all comes down to vision. Also, there’s the thing about ownership, because we all know money matters.
Nov 11, 2019
Episode 60 - How the Lakers and Clippers Can Optimize Their Talent
On this episode, we’re back and just in time as the NBA season gets underway. Fresh off the opening game of two of the best teams in the league, Gil reports back from taking in the Lakers versus Clippers. Aside for Kawhi and LeBron, Agent Zero looks to how the coaches should manage the personnel on these rosters if they want to run the table. As he sees it, while they need to figure out rotations at this point in the season, they better establish their identity before their opponents make them pay. Gil also sets up what the season should bring for emerging stars Donovan Mitchell, Trae Young, Buddy Hield and RJ Barrett. As for this year’s top pick, he sees a way back for Zion from injury issues early his rookie campaign. 
Oct 27, 2019
Episode 59 - Agent Zero's Notebook
On this episode, we’ve told you to break out your notebook from time-to-time on the No Chill Podcast. Now, we’re giving you the cheat sheet. Agent Zero is at his best when he’s breaking down the game. How to beat defenses. How to find a way to score when most would say you can’t. And looking at the court as only he can.  After our first season, we’re putting it all together. Often, Gil wanted to get on the court to get his point across. That’s way better than sitting in a chair and talking game. Right?
Oct 19, 2019
Episode 58 - The Best of Season 1 with Nick Young, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and Friends
On this episode, we round up our favorite moments with some of basketball's best personalities. From Lou Williams' outlook to Kevin Durant's perspective we learned more about what makes these guys tick. Dwight Howard offered up his point of view and how it evolved over the years. And of course Nick Young kept it wild. Enjoy these highlights from season one of the No Chill Podcast, and stay tuned for more...
Oct 12, 2019
Episode 57 - Fair Pay To Play?
On this episode, we dig into the newly signed ‘Fair Pay to Play Act’, allowing college athletes to make money off of their likeness. Of course it’s a step in the right direction and a game changer. However, there’s another side to the coin. Gil flips it over and looks at the entry point for the brands and companies looking to make money off of the players.  Who really benefits? Why it all revolves around the one-and-done players. And why it’s mainly about basketball versus other sports. We’ll see how things shake out as this thing takes shape and what the actual money looks like. There’s a big winner here and Gil points out that is the bigger play.
Oct 06, 2019
Episode 56 - Train to Welcome the Pressure with Skyy Clark
On this episode, once again we’re in the gym. This time focusing on the topic of taking on defensive pressure and welcoming that pressure to make you a better player. To do that, we get into it with one of Gil’s proteges, sophomore phenom, Skyy Clark. With elite college programs already knocking his door and a strong summer, Skyy will no doubt see the opposition throw their best defenses at him. No stranger to traps, double and triple teams, Gil lets Skyy (and the rest of us) in on his secrets to handling the challenge. The bottom line, you have to welcome the challenge and be prepared to handle it. Break out the notebook again, No Chill hoop  school is back in session.
Sep 28, 2019
Episode 55 - The Team USA Hangover and Figuring Out Antonio Brown's Next Move
On this episode, we wake up with a FIBA hangover. Team USA came up way short, be we should not be surprised. For Gil, the squad will need to have superstars show up for a shot at gold in 2020. However, he gives us a heads up, the well is not as deep as we might think. Also, we examine the true value of international play. After that, we swerve into the NFL for a minute to examine the Antonio Brown circus. On this one for Gil, there’s the way AB handled his route to New England. As he sees it, whatever course for a player to get to where they want to be, they should follow through on it. As for the off the field accusations, Gil explains how AB will focus and play through it.
Sep 20, 2019
Episode 54 - When Athletes Need Surgery - Agent Zero Goes Under the Knife
On this episode, we take it to where no players like to go, and no podcasts ever Gilbert has been dealing with a knee issue since 2016 and as of week 4 of the BIG3 season, the injury became more severe. Agent Zero saw the doctor after the season and confirmed he would have to go under the knife. So in turn, he decided that would make for a unique podcast. We pick things up as Gil gets to the hospital and we talk through what happens when a player gets word they need surgery. Then what to expect for the road back. Then Gil goes in and gets the procedure done. And we’ll skip ahead, it the surgery went well.
Sep 14, 2019
Episode 53 - Making Your Statement with NBA Jewelry King Jason Arasheben
On this episode, one of the coolest guys in the NBA circle, that you definitely should know, Jason Arasheben aka Jason of Beverly Hills graces us with his presence. For years Jason has been the guy icing out basically EVERYONE in the NBA. The thing about him is how he got into it, and how he dominates an essential part of the culture. He also is the guy who designed championship rings for the Lakers and the Warriors, which if you don’t know, is one of the most challenging requests in sports. And for Jason it’s not just basketball, it’s all sports, hip hop and fashion at large. He goes way back with Agent Zero too. So we have to get into those statement pieces, the creative process, baller budgets and of course, the Bling Bling era. It’s the suited up edition of the No Chill Podcast.
Sep 08, 2019
Episode 52 - Point of View with Ball Don’t Stop Founder Ekam Nagra
On this episode, owner and operator of the basketball analysis site Ball Don’t Stop, Ekam Nagra, visits from Vancouver. Beyond his loyalty to the Grizzlies, Ekam is passionate about the game and the purity of hoop. To start things off we get into the role of the media in sports, and take Gil on the other side of microphone, to examine those who cover the game. If you’re a follower of Ball Don’t Stop, you know about Ekam’s reverence for Kobe Bryant. For a guy that was a fan first, then an opponent, Gil speaks to the detail of what he witnessed going up close and personal against the Mamba. And of course there are stories. We also get into the technical brilliance of players, including Agent Zero, and their influence on the game as it evolves.
Aug 30, 2019
Episode 51 - Calling All Sneakerheads with Jacques Slade
On this episode, we have the one and only, Jacques Slade. Nothing goes together quite like hoopers and sneakers. It’s part of the culture and know one knows the culture better than the sneaker OG, Jacques. So we pair up a sneakerhead with a hooper that pushed the shoe game envelope in his day.  For Gil, the shoe game goes far past on court performance. He takes us through what it takes to have a popular, best selling signature shoe. As Agent Zero will tell you, there’s the hype and there’s the marketing and originality that matters most. And something we can all relate to, the feeling of copping a grail or shoes that you have a personal love for.
Aug 25, 2019
Episode 50 - BIG3 Edition From Dallas - Why Joe Johnson Is One of the Coldest Scorers Ever
PRESENTED BY KEEPS On this episode, once again we go up close and take you courtside to examine what it takes to be a great scorer. On the road with the BIG3 all season, Gil has staked his claim that Joe Johnson is the perfect player for the league and unquestionably deserves to be the MVP. While we watch Iso Joe go to work, Gil breaks down the finer points of Joe’s game that make him so unguardable. It starts with his size, then there’s the refined skill, but what we find our first hand, is that Joe is playing chess out there. It’s a really fascinating look to take in the game through the eyes of one supremely skilled player watching another supremely skilled player. Be ready to take notes.
Aug 19, 2019
Episode 49 - BIG3 Edition From Miami with Jason Richardson
PRESENTED BY KEEPS On this episode, opponents in college, draft mates in 2001, teammates in Golden State and back at it in the BIG3, Gilbert and Jason Richardson meet up in Miami. Everyone knows J Rich as the 2 dunk champ, but for Gil, he saw the transformation in his game in those early Warrior days. Beyond the ridiculous highlights, Jason became an extremely versatile scorer and skilled shooter. Then there are the dunks. We get into how having Jason’s freak athleticism is the ultimate cheat code and get a look back from Gil who witnessed some of J Rich’s best posters up close and personal. For the two-time dunk contest winner, we talk about what goes into the All-Star weekend event, and how to make it better.
Aug 17, 2019
Episode 48 - BIG3 Edition from Miami - Gilbert Podcasts While Playing the 3-Headed Monsters
PRESENTED BY KEEPS On this episode, we make podcasting history! Gilbert and Mike run the show while the Hibachi is playing his BIG3 game for the Enemies. If you want to know what it’s like to go inside the head of a player during a game, this is your chance. Gil gives you a look at the game as he sees it.  Get as close to the action as you can with Agent Zero...knocking down shots, guarding Mario Chalmers, running through Reggie Evans screens and of course talking trash. It’s as total access as you can get. The podcast game will never be the same!
Aug 12, 2019
Episode 47 - How To Rank the Best Players of the 2010 Decade
On this episode, you might have heard about a certain list picking the top players of the 2010 decade. Well Agent Zero definitely did, and wants to set the record straight. Before we even get into who deserves to be on it and ranked where, we define the criteria.  Gilbert played with and/or knows basically all of the players on the list and puts their place in on it in perspective. Of course guys like LeBron and KD are locks, but what about Dame or Dwight or Boogie? If we’re talking about players over the span of ten years, think back to the start of the decade, not just the last few years.
Aug 11, 2019
Episode 46 - All Eyes On Kawhi, PG and the Other LA Team
On this episode, we circle back on the results of the NBA summer...and for now, the west side is the best side. If there’s anything we can conclude, it’s that the balance of power has swung back to LA. Surprisingly it’s with the Clippers. With both Kawhi and Paul George returning home in So Cal, the Clippers are picking up on a team that did well last season without a superstar. So what happens next? Along with watching how these new groups of talent play together, what will be even more fascinating to see is who gets the ball in crunch time. For Agent Zero, the answer is simple...
Aug 04, 2019
Episode 45 - Rating LeBron, Anthony Davis, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and the Super Duos of the NBA
On this episode, with the dust settled and the chips fallen, we sort out the player movement this NBA summer. One thing we know for sure, it is now a league of duos! Of course it takes five on the floor to win a basketball game, and also bench depth, but at the moment stars are joining stars to then assemble their teams. Beyond the names on the marquee, we take a look at style, fit and chemistry across the league...especially with the Clippers, Lakers and Rockets’ big moves. These moves not only change the identity of the teams the players are stepping onto, but opening things up with new looks and match ups that will shape both conferences.
Jul 30, 2019
Episode 44 - BIG3 Edition From Oklahoma City with DeShawn Stevenson
PRESENTED BY KEEPS On this episode, we're at another BIG3 tour stop, this time in Oklahoma City. Former Wizards teammate, high school phenom and early swag champ, DeShawn Stevenson comes through. Sitting down before Gilbert takes the court with the Enemies, the conversation revolves around confidence, comradery and swagger above all things.  For these two, they took from each other  to supplement their games and influence their personas. Case in point, a tattoo origin story and the quest for bragging rights. In the end, these two have a bond and brotherhood that takes them well beyond early years in DC.
Jul 23, 2019
Episode 43 - Was There Actually a Team Better Than the Dream Team?
On this episode, we take a look at the greatest teams ever assembled. Most discussions on the subject begin and end with the Dream Team. But since that famous squad won gold in ‘92, have there actually been better? So we dig in and look at the best rosters and the best players who competed in the Olympics since Barcelona. The answer…? Well you have yours so you’ll just have to stay tuned. We also look at how rosters are constructed and some back story out of Gil from his experience with Team USA. 
Jul 19, 2019
Episode 42 - Highlight Culture with Ballislife Founder Matt Rodriguez
On this episode, we meet up with the founder of Ballislife, Matt Rodriguez. Since its creation, Ballislife has captured and celebrated the essence of the game at all levels of competition. For Matt, it began with a love of the game, and has evolved to dominated every point of the media landscape. For Gilbert, he also has seen how highlight culture influence players, because they watch plays just like fans. Beyond that Ballislife has expanded thanks to marketing, putting on events and being in the right place at the right time.
Jul 12, 2019
Episode 41- BIG3 Edition - From Birmingham with Amar'e Stoudemire and Jason Richardson
PRESENTED BY KEEPS On this episode, we're on the road again, this time Birmingham, as Gilbert prepares for another BIG3 game. He takes us through the full cycle of game preparation. We're on the court with him as he gets shots up, in the locker room as he gets physically and mentally locked in, and conclude on things after the game versus the Ghost Ballers. While he gets ready for competition, fellow BIG3 stars, Jason Richardson and Amar'e Stoudemire join him on the court as they go through their warm up routines. Things pick up when Ice Cube checks in on the early activity. For Gil, it's all part of the process, as for what kind of dedication and commitment it takes to be ready to compete. It's exclusive access with the unique perspective that only comes from Agent Zero. And yes, the Enemies got the win, as Gil hit the game winner.
Jul 09, 2019
Episode 40 - Agent Zero Takes the BIG3 Stage
On this episode, we check back with Gilbert after his BIG3 debut. Getting that first game behind you is a big step. As we find out, expectations were high, but it comes down to the preparation and the routine. From there it’s building consistency and getting used to the strategy. And with the barrage of free agency, we have to get into who’s up and who’s down after major movement. With the Warriors seeing major changes to the dynasty, the west is absolutely open, and for LeBron’s Lakers, it’s their throne to take. Over in the east, shake ups in Boston and Brooklyn give the Sixers, Bucks and the defending champs some company.
Jul 04, 2019
Episode 39 - BIG3 Edition - From Charlotte with Antwan Jamison and Brendan Haywood
PRESENTED BY KEEPS On this episode, North Carolina basketball legends, Antwan Jamison and Brendan Haywood, re-unite with their Wizards teammate, Gilbert Arenas. Before Agent Zero returns to the hardwood for the BIG3 in Charlotte, he talks about his journey from Arizona to Golden State and DC, where Antwan and Brendan came into his life. Of course, no recollection of Gilbert is complete without some stories of how he gave young players the business, on and off the court. As we find out, the basketball matters most, but keeping a sense of humor is vital to team chemistry.
Jul 01, 2019
Episode 38 - Skill Always Wins with Lou Williams
On this episode, the three-time Sixth Man of the Year, with fifteen seasons under his belt, Lou Williams joins the pod. He and Gilbert go way back to Lou’s rookie year as an nineteen-year old in Philly. Lou recalls that early encounter and how his career has progressed to one of the most unstoppable and dependable scorers in the league. For Lou one thing he’s found, especially in the Clippers organization, is the importance of fit and culture. Between Sweet Lou and Agent Zero, as two guys who purely just love to hoop, they detail how to both establish and distinguish yourself as a player. Lessons learned for young players looking to set themselves apart from the competition.
Jun 27, 2019
Episode 37 - Saluting a Deserving Champion
On this episode, we salute the champs. Of course Kawhi led the Raptors their first Larry OB, but for Agent Zero, the real hero was Kyle Lowry. Gil breaks down what it was that Lowry accomplished that made the win so sweet, and shares what he and Kyle talked about in a conversation immediately after the Finals win. As well deserved and unbelievable as the Toronto win was, losing Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson to injury was truly tragic for the Golden State Warriors. Gil also talked to KD in the wake of his torn achillies, and as tough as it was to watch, Gil thinks this time can really benefit a star of KD’s status. And before we go, we thank Drake for the show and look ahead to what’s next for these two teams.
Jun 25, 2019
Episode 36 - Because Players Are Fans First
On this episode, we look at things from the fan’s perspective. Mainly, because in this year's NBA Finals, the fans have become the side show. Even before a player makes it, they’re a fan first. So sure, they understand what it’s like to spectate, but there are rules to it and lines that cannot be crossed. Agent Zero, however, thinks we’ve all become too sensitive, and speaks to exactly what the price of admission allows a fan to do and say. What happens when they go too far? And watch about fan punishment? In case you’ve been waiting for it, we finally have a voice of reason. At least in his mind anyway.
Jun 11, 2019
Episode 35 - Marketing Superstars the WNBA, Creating Superstars and MJ or Kobe?
On this episode, Gilbert takes some time to explain himself on some comments he made about the WNBA a few years back. Yes, they of course got him in some hot water, but as we discuss, he does not deny the talent and skill level of the players, but for the league to crossover to mass appeal, it comes down to marketing. Continuing on the theme of appeal, Gil examines a player who he fully appreciates now, in Kawhi Leonard, mainly in the superior skill set he possesses. And while we’re at it, we get all the way into the skill versus athleticism argument and the MJ or Kobe question.
Jun 04, 2019
Episode 34 - How the Raptors Win and the Warriors' Key Ingredient
On this episode, we gear up for the NBA Finals. After an eventful season, it comes down to the Raptors and the Warriors. We know the Dubs are a dynasty, so do Kawhi and the Raptors actually have a chance? If In the spirit of the Finals, we look at what exactly is that special ingredient Golden State has, that all other teams do not. And for Canada, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. Beyond the Finals, Gilbert gets into how to measure talent, specifically, what really matters versus the analytics. Also, before we go, he’s got a Kobe story that pretty much sums up the Mamba Mentality.
May 28, 2019
Episode 33 - Making the Right Adjustments with Josh Hart
On this episode, second year Laker guard, Josh Hart joins the podcast. Josh has adapted to life in LA, playing for the Lake Show, and he has a special connection to Agent Zero. As a kid growing up in Maryland, he watched and studied prime Gilbert in DC. Now Josh is all grown up, and with a national championship under his belt, and some seasoning in the NBA. He’s showing just how well adjusted he is. For that kid from Silver Spring, he’s now getting some tutilage from the player he looked up to. For Gilbert, he studied Josh’s game and points to how he should apply a certain type of mindset for season three and beyond.
May 21, 2019
Episode 32 - The Celtics and Rockets at the Crossroads
On this episode, we’ve seen a couple seasons come to an unceremonious end for two marquee teams. So as the respective doors have closed for the Rockets and the Celtics, we grade their overall performance, decide if the season was a disappointment or should have been expected, and what’s next. For Houston, what happens when they run it back with the roster they have? For Boston, what do they do different with or without Kyrie? We also get into Tyron Lue’s decision to turn down the Lakers coaching gig, that ultimately went to Frank Vogel. Of course Gilbert has a take on it. Also, he officially announces his fandom of Kawhi Leonard. While he’s at it, he adds on an explanation of his very publicized comments about Vince Carter re-upping for another season at 42 years old.
May 14, 2019
Episode 31 - Returning to the Essence of Basketball with Lamar Odom
On this episode we come to you from Vegas where we were in town for the BIG3 combine and draft. Enemies teammate and co-captain, Lamar Odom, joins the podcast to talk about what matters the most to him from a basketball standpoint, who was the toughest matchup he ever faced in the NBA and the best game he played in, that we never saw. Gilbert and Lamar also get into what differentiates east coast players and west coast players. Also, Lamar shares how a certain former teammate handled it when Agent Zero dropped 60 on him. This episode after the draft lottery, but before the BIG3 draft, where Gilbert, Lamar and the Enemies selected Royce White number one, Craig Smith and Frank Robinson to round out their squad.
May 07, 2019
Episode 30 - Giant Expectations with Dwight Howard
On this episode, we're joined by 8-time All-Star, 3-time Defensive Player of the Year, Dwight Howard. While Gil and Dwight were teammates in Orlando, their friendship started way before that. Now in DC, Dwight is getting back to 100% and ready to roll next season. In the meantime, we get into the complications of having to grow up fast in the NBA, what you’re not told about money, priorities and how to handle it all. For a guy that was literally expected to be Superman, he details everything that was thrown at him and how it made him who he is now. Also, look out for who Dwight says is the best player ever, it’s actually an answer you might not expect…
Apr 30, 2019
Episode 29 - What the Future Holds For the Lakers
On this episode, we jump into the Lakers soap opera. After you sort through the drama, there’s a basketball team to structure. We have just the guy who can tell us how to get it right in LA. GM and coach Arenas figures things out from the top down. For Gilbert, it starts in the front office, being able to recognize the right players to keep, move and bring in. Then it’s the coach, one who knows who to connect to their players and a guy who can maximize talent. As for those players, of course it starts with LeBron. When you have an all-time great player, you surround him with the right blend of star power, experience, value signings and complimentary pieces. The bottom line, there is help in the horizon, but there is definitely work to be done to get there.
Apr 23, 2019
Episode 28 - Why James Harden Clearly Is the MVP
On this episode we sort out the MVP race. As we witnessed this year, three incredible players had three incredible seasons. Russ averaged a triple double...for the third straight year. Giannis took it up another level, dominating both ends of the floor and leading Milwaukee to the best record in the NBA. And then there’s the dominance of James Harden. He averaged the most points on a season since MJ’s 37 in 1987. He went for 60 twice and 50+ seven times. All three are deserving in their own ways, but there can be only one MVP. For Agent Zero, the choice is the Beard and he tells us why.
Apr 16, 2019
Episode 27 - What The Future Holds For Luka Doncic and Trae Young
On this episode, we get into the rookie of the year race. It’s one of the closest to call in years. Actually, this year’s rookie class has been all around fantastic, but clearly it comes down to Luka Doncic and Trae Young. Luka jumped out of the gates, playing at a high level and showing that his game would absolutely translate from Europe. As for Trae, he answered the doubters with his dynamic playmaking ability, scoring talents and delivering in the clutch for the Hawks, especially on the back half of the season. Thanks to a draft day trade, these two will always be linked together, and after this season both will have their teams hyped to build around their young rising stars. So before the award is handed out, Gil makes his call, and of course has good reasons.
Apr 09, 2019
Episode 26 - The Thing About Pass First Point Guards
On this episode, we explore a theory of Gilbert’s about point guards. We look back at the championship teams since Michael Jordan’s Bulls won their first in 1991...that’s after Magic and after Isiah. As Gil points out, the point guards on these teams were not the top assist guys. Across the board they were expected to bring the ball up the floor, defend their position and hit spot up shots. Sure, there have been star point guards that won rings, from Jason Kidd and Gary Payton to Chauncey Billups and Tony Parker, but at those points in their respective careers they were not expected to create shots for teammates, they were facilitating. But don't worry, GM Arenas has a solution...
Apr 01, 2019
Episode 25 - The Value of Garbage Time
On this episode, we get into the game within the game. When we hear from players, we want to know what makes them tick, what they’re thinking and of course the stories. But what about how they watch the game? We are they seeing? What gets them hyped? And what bugs them? For Agent Zero he of course has one-of-a-kind perspective on the game. When it comes to garbage time, it’s not something we should just disregard until the buzzer sounds. No, for Gil he thinks it’s a time for players to make the most of their opportunity. He sees it as a time to prove yourself, to be aggressive and to hold nothing back. As for the coaches that preach sportsmanship and players who may be padding their stats, he’s got some thoughts on that too.
Mar 21, 2019
Episode 24 - Make Them Remember Your Name with Shareef O'Neal
On this episode of the No Chill Podcast, we catch up with Shareef O’Neal. The last time we saw him, he was about to kick off his freshman year at UCLA. After a dominant high school career, a heart condition and an intense surgery put basketball on hold. Reef catches us up on his surgery, the recovery and how he’s been spending the time in between. The good news, he’s about to get back to basketball. He tells us how he’s using the down time to look at the game differently and enjoy college. He also shares how his dad has guided him through this chapter and what kind of advice not only Shaq given his son, but what other greats of the game have offered Reef.
Mar 12, 2019
Episode 23 - New Swag with Nick Young
On this episode, Swaggy P himself, Nick Young returns, once again with a lot to say. If we know anything about Gilbert and Nick, they go way back, and they’ve been going at each other since day one. Frenemies, brothers, teacher/protege...whatever you want call it these two are destined to be linked together forever.  This time around, Nick lets us know what he’s got his eye on in the league this year, what he’s getting into next and what it takes to have true swag. Also, with Gil’s recent BIG3 news, could we see these two together again on the court? Before that happens, we do know these two are in the gym together, so it’s about time we know what they’re working on.
Mar 06, 2019
Episode 22 - Controlling What You Can Control with Michael Carter Williams
On this episode, get on board to experience the ride that it is to be an NBA player. We’re joined by Michael Carter Williams, whose basketball journey is truly unique one. After being selected 11th overall by the Sixers, Michael had a breakout first season and was named Rookie of the Year. You would think things could only blossom from there. He tells us just how it can change in the blink of an eye. Trusting the process doesn’t work out for every player, and beyond ability, it comes down to fit, timing and opportunity. Rebuilds, salary caps and injuries are all factors that most players don’t have on their radar when they’re going out and competing. Gil also points out that you have to expect those changes at all times, that’s the constant. Also, when you’re in the middle of it, it takes a singular focus.
Feb 28, 2019
Episode 21 - BIG3 News with Ice Cube
For those of you looking to see Agent Zero in action again, we’re one step closer. The one-and-only, Ice Cube, comes through to talk about his attachment to basketball. We hear from a hip hop icon, first hand, why rappers always want to be ballers and vice versa. He also shares his perspective, as a lifetime fan of the sport, on how to put on a show and the big personalities that have made the game great. All this talk gets Gilbert thinking and things get real. Now we know he’s been in the gym, getting in shape and getting his shots up. So when Cube talks BIG3 and the vision of his league, Gil has a few things in mind for an Agent Zero/BIG3 takeover. The game may never be the same.
Feb 15, 2019
Episode 20 - The Trade Deadline Aftermath
On this episode we pick things up in the aftermath of the trade deadline. For the players that moved and those that didn’t, there 9is the fallout of finding yourself on a new team or refocusing after being a subject of rumors. For the media and the fans, we love the gossip...who’s offering up who, who wants out and the back stories from behind closed doors.   Once the dust settles, we get to see how things pan out on the court. As Gilbert tells us, players have to be able to deal with the chatter and work it out themselves. We often hear the phrase “it’s a business.” From the side of owners and the front office, this is the time of year when business can overshadow the competition. With that in mind, we figure out who really won, what it all means for the rest of the season and also the monster free agent group this summer.
Feb 13, 2019
Episode 19 - Trust Your Ability with Olin Simplis
On this episode, skill development specialist, Olin Simplis comes through to give us a look at what has become a must for players to keep their edge. Having a skills coach in your camp is the way they are able to evaluate their games and build on their arsenals. Working with players such as Spencer Dinwiddie, Shai Gilgeous Alexander and Bismack Biyombo, Olin has made a name for himself, connecting with guys who range in their skill sets, but all who share a rare desire and drive.   Just like a boxer has with their trainer in their corner, guys like Olin wear numerous hats from mentor, psychologist, family member and bad cop. The proof of the progress is what we see in the on-court results. For Olin, it all comes down to connection. Once that’s in place, his message can get through and the real work can take place. As Gilbert agrees, it is so important for a player to always remain confident and know how to get to their comfort zone at all times. You’ll find out from both Agent Zero and Olin, exactly how that happens. 
Feb 06, 2019
Episode 18 - Basketball Over Everything with Kevin Durant
On this episode we’re joined by the two-time champion, nine-time All-Star and MVP, Kevin Durant. Kevin and Gil go way back to Agent Zero’s days in DC when KD was a young, up-and-coming hooper -- that’s Seat Pleasant and the DMV. We learn Kevin slows the game down, and when he put it all together to be effective at the highest level. He also takes a minute to acknowledge where he’s at in this window of the prime of his career. More importantly, how he’s playing with true happiness. We also find out what it’s like to get every team’s best shot, and also how to keep your focus when you blow them out. And what we’ve always wanted to know, how they decide in the huddle who gets the last shot. For Kevin and the Warriors there is a different level of sacrafice that comes with the territory, which is maybe what we should appreciate most about their dominance. For Gil and Kevin what they have in common is the priority of basketball over everything. With that in mind, how they approach choices players make not only in their careers, but also their lives. Make no mistake about it, the money and the status is major, but the championship is the ultimate dream.  
Jan 24, 2019
Episode 17 - Welcome The Challenge with Blake Leeper
On this episode we’re joined Blake Leeper. Blake is an eight-time Paralympic track and field medalist who is on a mission to compete in the 2020 Olympic games. We learn Blake’s story of how being born without legs below the knees has never slowed him at anything. Actually it’s only pushed him to refuse to allow any obstacles to stop him.   Along with Gilbert, we explore what makes truly great athletes want to push the limits and keep raising the bar beyond what others before them have set. It’s something that we can all relate to, where at times we’re going to get knocked down and times when we’re going to fail, but it’s having the character to pick ourselves up from failures and use it as fuel to succeed. So get ready to find out what it is within true competitors to take on they’re the challenges they’re dealt and what it is that drives them to the next level.  
Jan 15, 2019
Episode 16 - The Art of Shooting with the Lethal Shooter
On this episode we get back on the court to explore the art of shooting with one of the best teachers in the game, Chris Matthews, aka the Lethal Shooter. Along with Gilbert, a player who made his name on taking and making big shots, it’s a discussion that examines the elements of what makes shooters great. What we know is this, great shooters are made not born. Of course it starts with mechanics, but mechanics that work for you. Once technique is established, shooting is crafted through work ethic and reps...your time in the gym. Furthering the conversation, we find out that the best we see on the court are supremely confident, while also possessing unbreakable concentration. Above all, going inside the mind of a couple of shooting comes down to mindset.
Jan 10, 2019
Episode 15 - Attack the Defense
On this episode, we’re in the gym once again. The plan was to examine the finer points of skill training, but just before we started, Agent Zero was in the mood for some competition. For the first time in a long time, we find Gilbert Arenas going at a live defender, full speed and digging into his bag of tricks. Just in case you were wondering...yes...he still has it! So while we get to see the Hibachi cook once again, skills coach Travis Nichols of TNT Training, along with former Winthrop hooper Gideon Gamble, focus attacking a defender in the midrange, finding driving lanes and working against contact. This is an inside of inside looks as we jump in on a workout and examine how elite level players get to their shots.  
Dec 22, 2018
Episode 14 - It's a Lifestyle with Matt Barnes
On this episode, we dive into the world that exists for athletes outside of the arena. We’re joined by the 14 season veteran, championship winner and a guy who weathered storms on and off the court, Matt Barnes. Gilbert and Matt, are two guys who established themselves as pros, while also figuring out how to walk the line and live the life. For young guys, they share some wisdom as to how to keep things in perspective and how to prioritize your life as a pro. They also look back on their era, how social media and celebrity culture have only magnified the expectations on an athlete. It’s a unique lens these guys offer a look through and a side of the game that really is not shared enough.
Dec 11, 2018
Episode 13 - Real Friends with Nick Young
On this episode, Nick Young joins the podcast. For Gilbert and Nick, they have one of those friendships that is part brotherhood, part rivalry, and flat out hilarious. We run it all the way back to when these to Valley kids were first introduced in DC in 2007.  Before he was Swaggy P, Nick was taking under the wing of Agent Zero. It formed a unique bond that take them through their careers and into some wild times on and off the court. These two are there for each other through thick and thin, have some stories to tell and then some. 
Dec 04, 2018
Episode 12 - Confidence Always on 100
On this episode, we take a look at the ways in which a great scorer can be effective. When it comes to offensive skills it is the combination of work ethic and natural ability. Currently in the NBA, individual skill is at an all-time high. We run through scoring talent and the attributes -- off the dribble, pure stroke, off movement and clutch moments -- and who has some of the best of technique we’ve ever seen on the court. Taking it further, Gil concludes that it all comes down to confidence. From one of the coldest bucket getters ever to do it, Agent Zero takes us inside the brain of an offensive mastermind. Be sure to catch his train of thought when it comes to being in the zone and taking the last shot. For the Hibachi, there’s no such thing as good defense, because there’s always better O.
Nov 27, 2018
Episode 11 - Know The Alpha Dog
On this episode of the No Chill Podcast we get take a look at the importance of chemistry for an NBA team. Whether it’s knowing who’s supposed to get the ball in crunch time, fitting in on a roster or finding the right blend of veteran and young players, it’s all about how their egos work together. From how the Warriors will make it work this season as free agency questions loom, to Melo’s failure to launch in Houston and what Jimmy Butler left behind in Minnesota, there’s been no shortage of drama in the early part of this NBA season.  Agent Zero has some ideas as to why it’s on the star player to take control, but more importantly why there always must be an alpha dog in the locker room to determine who’s running things. In some cases it’s clear cut, but Gil points out how more often than not, isn’t always the superstar that has the most command.
Nov 20, 2018
Episode 10 - College vs The Pro Game
On this episode of the No Chill Podcast, we dive into what it takes to play in the college game as it compares to the pro level. So far this season, Duke looks it has a all-time team. With this dynamic, young Blue Devil team turning heads early, we’re also being introduced to a new Coach K. As for Zion Williamson, he has exceeded early expectations, but Gil has a some questions about his game translating to the NBA. We also take a look at the option of a year in the G League with an $125,000 contract for top prospects, as opposed to a year in college. Is it actually a good deal? Or are you better off on campus? Speaking of staying on campus, we look at the return of LaMelo Ball to a high school squad. For Gil, it is the right move by Melo to stay on track to the NBA. If and when he gets there, what kind of player will he be?
Nov 13, 2018
Episode 9 - What Makes An Effective Coach
On this episode of the No Chill Podcast, we take a look at NBA coaching. For Gil, he’s got a lot on his mind about what makes a good coach and why superstar players generally DON’T become head coaches. But he thinks more should. For players, they want a coach that will listen and more importantly, adapt. We take a look at some of the best systems and why they work. Also, how players benefit from pairing with the right coach for their style of play. After that, Gil introduces us to the Agent Zero Academy. It’s something that he’s been working on for a while, watching the game and the development of players. He explains the platform, how it works and why he felt the need to launch it. He explains his approach and mindset to skill development, the work ethic needed to level up, and how exactly to become an all-everything scorer.
Nov 06, 2018
Episode 8 - Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
There have been some eye popping and some head scratching moments to start the NBA season. With all eyes on the Lakers, Gil’s got a few ideas of how to get it right with the players that they have. After the drama that led to Kawhi Leonard’s exit from San Antonio, he’s showing us why he’s so damn good in Toronto. For Agent Zero, he wasn’t sold on Kawhi before, he just may have changed his mind.From there we run through some of the breakout, slept on and high ceiling players that look good early. Gil explains why things are clicking for guys like Zach LaVine, Kemba Walker and De’Aaron Fox.
Oct 27, 2018
Episode 7 - Ranking the Best Teams in the NBA
On this episode, we get into power ranking the top teams in the East and the loaded West. Gil cuts right to the chase, letting us know who he thinks is coming out of each conference and why. For other teams, there’s plenty to look forward to and for us fans, plenty to watch for. How will Kawhi play in a new system with the Raptors? Will Giannis finally get some support in Milwaukee? Does the LeBron have the Lakers in contender mode already? We also get into the breakout teams and breakout players poised to step up this season. For Gil, it comes down to development and who has it all together to take things to another level. For teams like Detroit or Denver, they could fail to get off the ground, or just might surprise us all. Before we go, Gil gets into his age theory, where he favors a younger player with upside as the better choice as opposed to the ones that peak early. From there we hit on some MVP candidates to keep an eye throughout the year.
Oct 13, 2018
Episode 6 - Getting Season Ready
On this episode of the No Chill Podcast, we get hyped for for the start of the basketball season as Gil takes us inside what players of all levels need to be focused on for training camp. We get into how when players return to their teams from the summer, it creates an ultra competitive environment with roster spots on the line and positions on the depth chart up for grabs. Gil explains why the best want a shot at the best, not only to find out how they measure up against each other, but to also make themselves better. Every team, from the those in a rebuild, to those coming off a tough playoff loss or even defending a championship, there are pressures and narratives that can make or break you...starting in training camp.
Oct 02, 2018
Episode 5 - Train the Trainer
On this episode of the No Chill Podcast, we’re back in the gym, as Gil jumps in on a skills workout. From the mentality you should have stepping on the court, to the mindset it takes to not only build on your skills, but to also translate the technique to game situations -- it’s an inside look at next level preparation. Gil is on the court breaking down the training details as you would want to learn from a player who knows how to be effective at the highest level. He also explains the approach necessary to work from being an average player to an exceptional player. It really is in the desire, the work ethic and learning from your training sessions that will translate to making in-game reactions second nature. For both players and coaches, Gil offers up teaching and learning points to make the skill work “next level” effective. As the session finishes, Gil points to the work you should put in to prepare to go against different looks, different matchups, and ways to out smart the opposition. Then, we talk to Dash about how the role of the skills trainer has been elevated.  For him it’s the creativity that takes place in the lab, but that will only happen when a player is ready and willing to develop their game. As Gil points out, it also takes dedication to committing the extra hours on the court that will translate to taking your game to another level. So...there’s a lot to learn on this one, so get your notebook ready as Agent Zero trains the trainer. 
Sep 19, 2018
Episode 4 - How To Get Buckets On EVERYONE
Hitting court as we go inside Gil’s mind to understand how he sees the floor, reads defense and decides the most effective way to score the basketball. Hibachi breaks down how to get to the best shot against any type of defender, in any game situation. And then Agent Zero explains how he was able to use one play to set up several more on the way to scoring in bunches against some of the best defenders in the NBA. Gil also looks at some of the up and comers like Giannis, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball, and has some ideas for them to add to their games...bringing their offensive production to another level.
Aug 28, 2018
Episode 3 - Hibachi Time!
Gil looks back on his exit from Golden State and his arrival in Washington. He recalls a few other teams that could have been for Agent Zero...and yes, a coin flip to decide his next team. Before he'd figure things out as a Wizard, the Cali kid would have to adjust to the east coast. Once he got comfortable, the takeover was on and a new era was in full swing. He looks back on the team in those first two seasons, the joy he experienced making an all-star team and the story of an all-time great nickname.
Aug 21, 2018
Episode 2 - The Making of Agent Zero - Part Two
After two years in Arizona, it was time for Agent Zero to jump to the NBA. Gil recalls who he thought would draft him, before ultimately landing in Golden State. For the Warriors, he'd struggle just to find practice time, let alone game minutes. Once Gil got a chance, there was no looking back. As for his new life as an NBA player, that would be the ultimate learning experience.
Aug 17, 2018
Episode 2 - The Making of Agent Zero - Part One
Before he was an All-NBA, high scoring superstar, Gilbert Arenas picked up basketball in the San Fernando valley parks.  Success would not come quickly for Agent Zero, but a habit for taking on the biggest challengers propelled his play.  From an overlooked high school phenom to an unlikely star at the University of Arizona, Arenas recalls what drove him and who pushed him along the way, in the first of two parts looking back at his career.
Aug 14, 2018
Episode 1 - The Return of Agent Zero
Gilbert Arenas makes his podcasting debut, along with co-host Mike Botticello. Never at a loss for words, Agent Zero makes sense of the NBA Summer.  He also offers up his side of the story behind the headlines he made via TMZ and the claims against him.  Also, could a return to the court may be in the cards for Gilbert?  This episode is brought you by Life Recovery Water.
Aug 06, 2018