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By Astrid - healYOUnaturally

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Category: Alternative Health

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​The healYOUnaturally Wellness Podcast is a series covering topics ranging from the integrative approach to healing, holistic health, functional nutrition, real food, and healthiFIED recipes-- (think of delicious and nutritious minus the guilt or fake ingredients) all wholesome! 

I will be addressing stress, sleep disorders, mental health, fitness, hormonal imbalances, detoxing with herbs (from mold, stealth infections, etc..), and the right supplements/foods. All about natural living and healthy lifestyle, holistic parenting, DIY, empowering each other, motherhood, and other health hacks and tips to guide you and provide solutions to improve yours and your family's health! Brought to you by Astrid from healyounaturally.com

Episode Date
Re-Release: Dangers of Stealth Infections, Mycotoxins, Mold Toxicity & Their Link To Chronic Disease
Aug 18, 2022
37 Root Causes of Mental Health: The Latest Research. Plus, How to HEAL Holistically with Scientist Brendan Vermeire!
Aug 15, 2022
36: Re-Release: Understanding Hormones, Allergies, Histamine-Estrogen, Hormone Test Timing, & The Thyroid-Fertility Connection
Jul 20, 2022
35 Re-Release: Healing Mental Health Holistically (The New Science) with Dr. Nicole Lepera
Mar 11, 2022
34 Need a Root Canal? Listen to THIS First! Snoring, Disorder Breathing Link to Heart Attacks
Jul 07, 2021
33: Insulin Resistance: The New Silent Killer + What to Do If Diabetes Runs in Your Family- from a Scientists' Research
May 21, 2021
32: Why You Aren’t Healing No Matter What You Try, Removing the Hidden Reasons for Chronic Pain, Depression, Trauma, and Other Conditions
Apr 14, 2021
31: How to Keep Your Liver Healthy, NAFLD, Debunking The Soy Myths + How To Increase Testosterone Naturally
Mar 04, 2021
30: Youth Wellness Expert Shares Her Secrets on Hacking Your Body System to Gain Health, and Why Our Genes Load the Gun, LifeStyle Pull The Trigger
Feb 20, 2021
29:Why Women are More Prone To SIBO, The Symptoms +the Latest Science on how to Reverse it
Feb 09, 2021
28: Are Your Adrenals Shot? Recognizing Burn Out, Self Care in Managing Stress + Treating HPV Naturally!
Jan 28, 2021
27: Vitamin D Absorption, Mitochondria, Photobiomodulation, Plus the Liver & Gallbladder's Role In Systemic Health
Dec 18, 2020
26: Debunking the Latest Fitness Myths, How Behavior Affects Progress + Hormones and Metabolism
Dec 10, 2020
25: How a Pediatric Dentist Treats Her Patients Holistically + Her Top Hacks for Optimal Dental Health
Nov 21, 2020
24- Pediatric Psychologist: The long-term impact of the Pandemic on children + Coping with Emotional Challenges
Nov 05, 2020
23: How To Spot a Narcissist + How They are Perfecting Their Craft Through Online Dating Apps
Oct 12, 2020
22: Cranial Physician Shares her Knowledge on Leaky Brain, Genetic Nutrition & Nervous System Dysregulation
Aug 24, 2020
21: How To Heal From a Toxic Relationship + Learn how NOT to Get Into One
Aug 02, 2020
20: Understanding Hormones, Allergies, Histamine-Estrogen, Hormone Test Timing, & The Thyroid-Fertility Connection
Jun 26, 2020
19: Terrain Theory, Getting Rid of Allergies Naturally and psychoneuroimmunology. (The science behind them)
Jun 10, 2020
18:How to Create Intimate Relationships with Self clarity, Vulnerability, & Tips for a Fulfilling Relationship.
Mar 22, 2020
17: Dangers of Stealth Infections, Mycotoxins, Mold Toxicity & Their Link To Chronic Disease
Feb 16, 2020
15: How to Enhance Brain Health, Stop Migraines, & Stroke Prevention
Jul 21, 2019
14: Gut Bacteria Imbalances, and Chronic Gut Infections Linked To Illnesses?
Jun 18, 2019
13: Holistically Healing Your Hormones and The Latest In Brain Health
May 15, 2019
12: Metabolism & Menses, Hormones, The Science Behind Sustainable Fat & Weight Loss
May 09, 2019
11:Narcolepsy: Treatments, Habits and How to manage it Naturally.
May 04, 2019
10:Biomechanics, Pain Science Preventing & Healing From Injuries, Motor control, Mobility.
Apr 11, 2019
9: Breast Cancer:Environmental Toxins, Poor Nutrition, Amalgams.
Feb 14, 2019
8: Healing Mental Health Holistically (The New Science)
Jan 17, 2019
4: Emotional Eating: Are you an Emotional Eater?
Aug 16, 2018
Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Wholesome Foods, And why "diet's Don't Work for Everyone!
Aug 13, 2018
Lymphatic System Health and The Real Cause of Food Intolerances
Aug 24, 2016
Empowering Approach To Preventing, Living With Diabetes or and Alzheimer's Disease
Jun 29, 2016
2: Adult ADD/ADHD + Link to Executive Functioning Disorder
Apr 08, 2016
1: Breath Work, Stronger Core, Reduce Pain
Mar 28, 2016