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 Oct 12, 2020

Jessica Reynolds
 Nov 26, 2019
I Love the Chrisley's! Especially Nanny Faye can't wait to see if there is going to be a new season!

Kendra Henry
 Jun 6, 2019
Love the Chrisley's and love the podcast!

 Jan 13, 2019


Todd and Julie Chrisley from the hit USA reality show, Chrisley Knows Best, ask all and tell all. Join us every Wednesday as the beloved duo listen to your voicemails and offer advice, suggestions, and opinions on all things faith, family, food, and well, just about everything else. (Wait, is there more?)

Episode Date
218. A Tribute to One of The Greatest Aunts Ever
Jan 19, 2023
217. Judas Kiss, Rebuking Satan, and Time is a Great Healer
Jan 12, 2023
216. Season of Hardships, Leaning into Faith, and Forgiving Yourself
Jan 05, 2023
215. Pressing Forward, Prayers in Need, and Losing Faith in the Media
Dec 29, 2022
214. The Press, Tipping Points, and Loyalty to the Truth
Dec 22, 2022
213. Faith Over Fear, Tabloid Rumors, and God's Time not Todd's Time
Dec 15, 2022
212. Q&A with Grayson Chrisley
Dec 08, 2022
211. Unconditional Love, Children of God and Gratitude
Dec 01, 2022
210. Walking Through The Fire, Digging Down Deep and Not Giving Up
Nov 24, 2022
209. Oversharing, Book of Job, and It's Going to be OK
Nov 17, 2022
208. Feet Held to the Fire, Accountability and The Election
Nov 10, 2022
207. Inviting God into your Marriage with Levi and Jennie Lusko
Nov 02, 2022
206. Talking Faith, Family and Country Music with Jamie O'Neal
Oct 26, 2022
205. Mistakes, Stepping Out in Faith, and Prayer Birthed Under Pressure
Oct 20, 2022
204. A Chrisley Family Reunion
Oct 13, 2022
203. Getting Caught in the Thoughts, Fear of the Unknown and I Choose to Keep Going
Oct 05, 2022
202. Praying Boldly, False Intimacy and Signing Up For the BBQ
Sep 29, 2022
201. A Life of Intention, Getting to the Shore, and God's Patience Running Out
Sep 21, 2022
200. Convicting Power, Genuine Intent, and a Proud Parent Moment
Sep 15, 2022
199. Being Broken, Obligations to God, and F.E.A.R
Sep 08, 2022
198. Holding on to Hurt, Spiritually Attacked, and God's Plan
Sep 01, 2022
197. A Will to Defy, God is Your Peace, and We are All Works in Progress
Aug 24, 2022
196. Sitting in the Valley, Workplace Envy, and Blessed by Your Enemies
Aug 18, 2022
195. Not fully surrendered, Quick Fixes and Hang In There Power
Aug 10, 2022
194. The American Dream, Believing Without a Sign and Bartering Your Integrity
Aug 03, 2022
193. Revenge is a Drug, Land of Dreams, and Comebacks Begin with Jesus
Jul 29, 2022
192. Hurt People Hurt People, Glory to God, and Time Will Tell Your Story
Jul 22, 2022
191. Inner Peace, Not Responding to Naysayers and Redeeming Love
Jul 13, 2022
190. Tough Conversations, Success Despite the Mess, Every Church is Not for Everybody
Jul 07, 2022
189. Morning Prayer, God's Promise, and It's Not Going to Rain Forever
Jun 29, 2022
188. The Gift of Prayer, Glorifying God, and The Strenghth I Come From
Jun 22, 2022
187. Setting the Tone, Sitting in the Storm and Steadfast in Faith
Jun 17, 2022
Throwback Episode: Relationship Security, Grief Advice, and Todd's Favorite Child
Jun 11, 2022
Throwback Episode: Deal Breakers, Disregarding Repercussions, God's Place in a Marriage
Jun 04, 2022
186. Praying to Become Whole, Messy Relationships, and The Housing Market
May 20, 2022
185. Life Forcing You to Become Strong, Growing Up Fast and Water Sports
May 11, 2022
180. Future Ambitions, Being Emotionally Abundant and Another Trip Around the Sun
Apr 06, 2022
179. The Oscars, Chasing the Lord, and Weight Loss Secrets
Mar 31, 2022
178. Ten Years Later, The Power of Prayer and God Can Make Us Whole Again
Mar 23, 2022
176. Don't Try to Harm Me with a Lie or I Will Kill You with The Truth
Mar 16, 2022
175. Borders, Corruption, and It's Not Hard to be Kind
Mar 10, 2022
174. Ukraine, State of the Union, and Romans 8:28
Mar 03, 2022
173. It's Ok to Not be OK, Investing in Yourself, and Family Boundaries
Feb 24, 2022
172. Country Club Rehabs, Wavering Faith, and Putting the Brakes on It
Feb 17, 2022
171. Dancing Around Pain, Low Energy Thoughts and Not Letting Your Blessings Become Your Burdens
Feb 10, 2022
170. The Battle Within, Julie's Book Club, and Putting Labels on People
Feb 03, 2022
169. The Blame Game, Less is More, and It's All About Accountability
Jan 27, 2022
168. Don't BS Me, Valuing the Past, and Lies Travel Faster Than the Truth
Jan 20, 2022
167. Drawn to Kindness, The Right To Voice an Opinion, and My Safest Place
Jan 13, 2022
166. Let Go of the Shame, Sins of the Father, and This is Progress?
Jan 06, 2022
Throwback Episode: Pool of Ungratefulness, Stranger Danger, and This Damn Snap Chat Again
Dec 30, 2021
Throwback Episode: It Takes Two to Fight, Let the Spade be the Spade, and You Control Your Future
Dec 25, 2021
165. Feeling People's Pain, Growing Into a Man, and RBF
Dec 16, 2021
164. Donating to Your Community, The Family Sticks Together, and Light at the End of the Tunnel
Dec 09, 2021
163. Tough Love, My Little Pony, and NashVegas
Dec 02, 2021
Throwback Episode: Peeling Back the Layers, Codependent Parents, and Rude Fans
Nov 25, 2021
162. Sorry for Cutting You Off, Finding Community, and Letting a Heater Run All the Way Through
Nov 18, 2021
161. Trying to Stay in the Word, Walking with Christ, and CMA Awards Predictions
Nov 11, 2021
160. Nobody is Your Everything, Setting Realistic Expectations, and Looking at the Signs God is Giving You
Nov 03, 2021
159. Breast Cancer Awareness, Living in Faith Not Fear, and Loving People Well
Oct 27, 2021
157. Slush Funds, Holding People Accountable, and Steering Yourself Back to God
Oct 13, 2021
156. Forgiving but Not Forgetting, Investing in Family and Hands Off My Stuff!
Oct 06, 2021
153. Net Worth, The Met Gala, and Kissing a Lot of Frogs to Find the Prince
Sep 15, 2021
152. Putting your Trust & Faith in God's Hands w/ special guest Nanny Faye
Sep 08, 2021
151. The Corruption Continues, Opening One's Door in Faith and RHOBH
Sep 01, 2021
150. God’s in Control, Dream Team Attorneys’ and Miracle Babies
Aug 25, 2021
146. Tough Love, Numbing the Pain, and Getting Sick of Covid
Jul 28, 2021
144. Controlling Your Decisions, Lending Money to Family, and Grace on Both Sides
Jul 14, 2021
143. Family Vacation, Filters, and The Consequences of Partying
Jul 07, 2021
142. Lawsuit Updates, Age Gap Couples, and Grace Being the Key Word
Jun 30, 2021
141. Being Grateful, The Kardashians, and Not Knowing Your Own Strength,
Jun 23, 2021
140. Deal Breakers, Disregarding Repercussions, God's Place in a Marriage
Jun 16, 2021
139. Reporting the Truth, Hypocrisy and Minding Your Business
Jun 09, 2021
137. Relocation, Finding Peace Within Yourself, and Finding a Good Rug
Jun 03, 2021
136. Fragile Relationships, Processing Your Feelings, and Letting Go of the Anger
May 26, 2021
135. Feeding Your Relationship, Knowing Your Role and the Future Chipper Jones
May 12, 2021
134. Shining in Your Own Light and Giving Credit Where Credit is Due
May 05, 2021
133. The Fight Continues
Apr 28, 2021
132. Todd Exposes The Georgia Department of Revenue
Apr 22, 2021
131. Walking in Faith, Not Sweating the Small Stuff, and The Peaks and Valley's of Life
Apr 14, 2021
130. Be Intentional, Putting Family First, and Gaining Confidence
Apr 07, 2021
129. The Dark Web, Respecting Boundaries, and Dealing with Life as it Comes
Mar 31, 2021
128. Private Investigators, Stalking and Child Support
Mar 24, 2021
127. Todd's Return + Schools Becoming Woke and Parents Who Hate Each Other
Mar 17, 2021
126. Relationship Security, Grief Advice, and Todd's Favorite Child
Mar 11, 2021
125. Dealing with Resentment, Nashville and Being Your True Self
Mar 04, 2021
124. Shower Update, Governor Cuomo, and the Importance of Faith
Feb 25, 2021
123. Snowed in, Sinister Siblings and Shower Secrets
Feb 18, 2021
122: Teaching Responsibility, Learning to Say No, and Shower Frustrations
Feb 11, 2021
121: Society Needs Change Makers, Cancel Culture and Morgan Wallen
Feb 04, 2021
120: Sharing a United Front, Nanny Faye Getting the Shot and Glenn Close
Jan 28, 2021
119: Getting woken up early, the Inauguration and Twitter
Jan 21, 2021
118: Twitter Removal, Forgotten Birthday and What's Going on in California?
Jan 14, 2021
117: State of the Country, Politician Double Standards, and Parents that Trigger Anxiety
Jan 07, 2021
116: Favorite Holiday Foods, Postpartum Advice, and Living Your Personal Truth
Dec 23, 2020
115: Let's Be Shocked, Silence is the Loudest Voice, and Working Towards the Common Goal
Dec 16, 2020
114: The Strength of a Woman, Love Snitched on Me, and Todd's On Time Today
Dec 09, 2020
113: The Thickness of a Woman, Snared in the Net, and The Only Bible is You
Dec 02, 2020
112: No Kumbaya Moment, Can't Get Along with Yourself, and Peace for Your Person
Nov 25, 2020
111: Different Struggles, Lean into the Light, and History Lessons
Nov 18, 2020
110: Make that Break, Love from Afar, and Salute to Vets
Nov 11, 2020
109: A Vehicle to Higher Ground, A Place to Come Back To, and God Stands for Faith
Nov 04, 2020
108: Twenty and Twenty with Jamie O'Neal
Oct 28, 2020
107: Golden Ticket, We All Have an Expiration, and the Chosen Child
Oct 21, 2020
106: Her World is Intact, That Snare is Full, and a Sinking Ship
Oct 14, 2020
105: Healing Begins When Bleeding Stops, Top of the Mountain, and Seeds of Faith
Oct 07, 2020
104: God's Time not Todd's Time, Sowing with the Wrong Seeds, and This is not Your Battle
Sep 30, 2020
103: Grace Never Seems Fair, The Wheat Field, and Forgive But Don't Forget
Sep 23, 2020
102: Date Yourself, Love from a Distance, and What People Are Willing to Give
Sep 16, 2020
101: Set Your Expectations, Everything Will Make Sense in the End, and Better Two Years Than Ten
Sep 09, 2020
100: It's Not Being Nosy, Don't Live Your Life Worried, and Men Become Their Fathers
Sep 02, 2020
99: Bedroom not Boardroom, What You Said to Defend Me, and You Can Do It
Aug 26, 2020
98: Gold Kicks, We're Boring People, and Good Comes Back
Aug 19, 2020
97: Welcome to My Life, Surprise in the DMs, and You and Your Tall Glass
Aug 12, 2020
96: Stupid from Outside, What Would You Do, and Peacekeeping Isn't Your Job
Aug 05, 2020
95: Esther Williams, Tax Payers are Smarter, and Christians Make Mistakes
Jul 29, 2020
94: The Oven Slayer, A Selfish God, and Accept the Crappy Cards
Jul 22, 2020
93: Defined Roles, Our Crazy Oliver, and Grey Grey
Jul 15, 2020
92: Do the Right Thing, The Truth Comes Out, and God is Good
Jul 08, 2020
91: Read the Paper, You Don't Have to Advertise it, and Step Out of the Eye
Jul 01, 2020
89: A Bought Lesson, All of the Baggage, and Living Your Life For You
Jun 17, 2020
88: Silent Racism, I Love How God Made Me, and It's Not Enough
Jun 10, 2020
87: We're Here for the People
Jun 03, 2020
86: Promoting Family Involvement, Pits Smell Like Louboutin, and Catch You on the Flip Flop
May 27, 2020
85: Not Valid Expectations, Dictionary Definition of Ho, and Heartache Down the Road,
May 20, 2020
84: Tight Foreheads, Global Warming Exists, and Stop with Being a Hypocrite
May 13, 2020
83: The Net the Enemies Cast, Faye's Got Friends Everywhere, and Parenting Children with Less Fear
May 06, 2020
82: Less Judgement More Compassion, What You Put Out is What You Get Back, and You're Cheating Yourself
Apr 29, 2020
81: Haters are Motivators, A Sleazeball Never Knows How Good They Have It, and Home Ownership is a MUST
Apr 22, 2020
80: Emails Don't Lie, Shady Friends, and Be Like Christ
Apr 15, 2020
79: Fighting the 'Rona, Separate Bathrooms, and Doing Our Child an Injustice
Apr 08, 2020
78: I Love Costco, Bible 101, and Don't Go Back to What Broke You
Mar 25, 2020
77: Pick that Phone Up Out of Respect, Accountability Belongs to God, and This is Where You Are on Your Walk
Mar 11, 2020
76: You Will Be Humbled, Undermines my Authority, How Much House You Can Afford
Mar 05, 2020
75: Take Care of What's at Home, Stream in the Desert, and Kids Having Kids
Feb 26, 2020
74: He Built the House, You're Just Mad Because of the Receding Hairline, and The Glue that Holds Us Together,
Feb 19, 2020
73: Not Tearing Her Down, The Dinner Question, and Vladdy
Feb 12, 2020
72: Living Life on Life's Terms, #Unlabel, and More than Four More Years
Feb 05, 2020
Introducing FAM: For All Moms
Jan 30, 2020
71: Pool of Ungratefulness, Stranger Danger, and This Damn Snap Chat Again
Jan 29, 2020
70: 24 Hour Notice, Country Music Gossip, and Love and Lifting, with Jay DeMarcus
Jan 22, 2020
69: Cat Scratch Fever, Your Word for 2020, and Teen Moms
Jan 15, 2020
68: Revenge is the Lord's, What is Blasphemy, and Getting Your S*** Together
Jan 08, 2020
67: We Survived 2020, Shame is Like a Cancer, and Julie's on a Roll
Dec 18, 2019
66: It Takes Two to Fight, Let the Spade be the Spade, and You Control Your Future
Dec 11, 2019
65: A Thanksgiving with No Drama, Babysit Yourself, and Adult Decisions with Adult Consequences
Dec 04, 2019
64: The Power to Make you Curse, Don't Ask WHY, and Do Your Giving While You're Living
Nov 27, 2019
63: Forgive But Don't Forget, Beef Squashing, and Walk Like a Christian
Nov 20, 2019
62: No Cooling off Period, A Successful Deadbeat Parent, and Fear Can Cause Growth
Nov 13, 2019
61: United Front, Ch-Ch-Changes, Give Chase till 30
Nov 06, 2019
60: Per Public Record, Pigs At the Top of the Stream, and Power of a Haircut
Oct 30, 2019
59: The Affadavits, Anger is Hurt Turned Inside Out, and The Anticipation of a Better Day
Oct 23, 2019
58: You Are Forgiven, Get Your Totem Pole Right, and Dry Addict
Oct 16, 2019
57: Let your Test be your Testimony, Counseling, & You're More than Your Hair
Oct 09, 2019
56: Struggle in the Wait, the Land of Denial, And a Promise Ring
Oct 02, 2019
55: Boundaries, Doing Your Best At the Time, and Girls are Easier
Sep 25, 2019
54: Always 15 B-s in the Bunch, South Paw, and You Are Not Take-Out
Sep 18, 2019
53: Never Forget, Walk in Faith, and the Human Party
Sep 11, 2019
52: Tabloids vs. The Truth
Sep 05, 2019
51: Go To It and Go Through It, Military Wives, and Families Are Complicated
Aug 28, 2019
50: Caterpillar People, Keyboard Cowboys, and The Third Person
Aug 21, 2019
49: A Place of Concern, Touchy Subject, and Perfection Takes Time,
Aug 14, 2019
48: Drop Your Hands and Let God Take the Wheel, Free Rent in Your Head, and Double-Tongued
Aug 07, 2019
47: Healthy Boundaries, I'm An Adult But I Still Need You, and a Lamborghini in Every Garage
Jul 31, 2019
46: Magic Life-Changing Advice, Expectations, and Where the Devil Likes to Live
Jul 24, 2019
45: He's Gotta Go, Comparison is the Thief of Joy, and A Small Town with No Opportunities
Jul 18, 2019
44: How to Deal with Naysayers, Slippery Slope, and The Chrisleys' New Ventures
Jul 10, 2019
43: There is Nothing Concealed, Get Your Two Checks, and Stepping Outside of Your Raising
Jun 26, 2019
42: Suffering is Optional, Not Having Children, and Fear of Flying
Jun 19, 2019
41: Stay-at-Home Dad, You're Never Too Old, and Marriage is a Hard Job
Jun 12, 2019
40: Respect Your Rights, Code of Honor, and UnGodly Jokes
Jun 05, 2019
39: The Clothes Don't Make the Man, Religion is Tough, and Just Say No.
May 29, 2019
38: Be a Man and Get a Mortgage, Daddy Issues, and Real Estate 101
May 22, 2019
37: Dishes and Lighbulbs, Turning the Tabloids, and Sister Sister
May 16, 2019
36: A PhD in Sarcasm, Busy Moms, and Passive Agression
May 08, 2019
35: Two Hats for Every Head, Keep Your Business of the Gram, and Teens in Love
May 01, 2019
34: Todd is Angry, Children's Sins Belong to Them, and Kardashians
Apr 24, 2019
33: Education is Experience, Get a Life, and Different Opinions
Apr 17, 2019
32: A Marriage Worth More than the Kitchen Sink, Find the Blessing in Everything, and Emily from Texas
Apr 10, 2019
31: Cancer Doesn't Discriminate with Brandon Janous
Apr 03, 2019
30: Being Happy Alone, Scripture Says, and Honor from a Distance
Mar 27, 2019
29: Mornings on the Right Foot, Seeking Grace, and New Wives in High School
Mar 21, 2019
28: New Spouses, New Addictions, and Global Warming
Mar 13, 2019
27: Incarcerated Baby Daddies, Chrisleys Love New York, and Insurance Premiums
Mar 06, 2019
26: Road Trips, Let it Go, and the Booty is Out There
Feb 27, 2019
25: Remember Your Joy, How to Relax, and Educate Yourself
Feb 20, 2019
24: Nosy Nelly, Dating Age Gaps, Weddings, and Funerals
Feb 13, 2019
23: Helicopter Parents, Leap of Faith, and Your Confessions
Feb 06, 2019
22: Ungrateful Brides, Finding Common Ground, and Putting Marriage First
Jan 23, 2019
21: Little Spoon, Public Eye, and Mutual Respect
Jan 16, 2019
20: Boys with Dogs, Aging Parents, and Flirting
Jan 09, 2019
19: Todd Chrisley Does Laundry, Tweens, and Eat that Liver Before It Eats You
Jan 03, 2019
18: A Chrisley Christmas: Believe in Something!
Dec 26, 2018
17: Millennials Shacking Up, Grandchildren as Children, and Who's the Favorite
Dec 19, 2018
16: Own Your Shame, Veterans Care, and DeMarcus Drop-In
Dec 12, 2018
15: Leading by Example, the Other Side of Addiction, and Phone Tag
Dec 05, 2018
14: Peeling Back the Layers, Codependent Parents, and Rude Fans
Nov 28, 2018
13: Millennial Woes, Bad Children, and Bad Parents
Nov 21, 2018
12: Medical Survaillence, College Quest, and Flippant Society
Nov 14, 2018
11: Alcohol, Newlyweds, and Ugly Stepmothers
Nov 07, 2018
10: House Help, Cell Phones, and Interfaith Marriages
Oct 31, 2018
Adult Babysitting
Oct 24, 2018
Dealing with Heartache, Searching for a Purpose, and In-law Issues
Oct 17, 2018
Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts Joins the Chrisleys to Answer This Week's Voicemails!
Oct 10, 2018
Savannah is Back! We're Talking About Communication, a Meddling Mother, Boundary Issues & Explaining Sex and Puberty to Children
Oct 03, 2018
The Power Of Prayer, Parenting Tips For Soon To Be Parents, Fighting Siblings, and Faith Being Tested
Sep 26, 2018
Betrayal, Waiting for a Proposal and the Forgotten Instagram Account
Sep 19, 2018
No Gear Sticks, Pageantry, and Keeping the Bedroom Poppin'
Sep 12, 2018
Part 2, Confessions and Truth: Step Children, Ex-Wives, and Lies
Sep 05, 2018
Episode One, Just The Beginning
Aug 29, 2018
Trailer Episode
Aug 17, 2018