By Carly Taber

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CASA DE KARMA ( is home to Australia's holistic health collective. Experts, a resource hub & tribe inspiring you to live naturally and in wellness. In this Podcast our Founder Carly Taber, hosts conversations with leading experts in wellness covering topics such as spirituality, nutrition, yoga & fitness, natural beauty, ethical fashion, alternative therapies, self-care and sustainable living. Finish each episode feeling highly inspired, educated and empowered to live in epic wellness.

Episode Date
Intuition & Spiritual Grounding with Shanny Kiss
In this episode you will learn: - Exactly what your intuition is and what it means to be intuitive - Intuition vs intellect - What turns off your intuition - How to strengthen and use your intuition for your best life & business - How to awaken and take 'inspired action'. - What spiritual grounding means, looks and feels like - How Shanny grounds her days with spirit, mindfulness & intention - How to know if you’re in alignment with your intentions - What to do when you get triggered or become unstuck from your spiritual grounding and intention - How you can work with Shanny for life alignment by doing the spiritual work. - Plus more For show notes and links to resources discussed in this episode visit:
Nov 19, 2018
Eating With Intention with Cassandra Bodzak
If you're stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle or simply find yourself mindlessly chomping away, this episode is for you. In this episode you will learn: - What intuitive eating is. - What breaks our intuitive eating behaviours. - Cassandra's own journey to and with intuitive eating. - How to start eating with intention. - The ways your body will speak to you (and that you can speak to it!). - How to create rituals with food, meditation and self-care. - Cassandra's top tip to regain control of negative talk when you feel you can't eat with intention. - How to un-do chronic dieting habits or a destructive relationship with food. For show notes and links to the resources mentioned in this episode, visit:
Nov 13, 2018
Yoni Eggs, Sensuality & Pleasure with Rosie Rees
Rosie Rees reveals everything you need to know about yoni eggs, as she empowers women to take control of their sexual pelvic health! A must-listen for every woman who would like to further awaken their body and experience more pleasure. In this episode you will learn: - What a yoni egg is - The benefits of using a yoni egg - The pivotal moment that lead Rosie to empower women in their sexuality - Types of yoni eggs - Whether to cleanse & charge your crystal yoni eggs - How to use a yoni egg including suggestions for your own yoni egg practice - How to insert (and remove) your yoni egg - Yoni eggs and orgasm - How long to leave it in for - Whether you can sleep with a yoni egg - Where yoni eggs can be dangerous in any way - How to pick your first yoni egg - Where to buy your own yoni egg or pleasure wand - Rosie's top tip for reawakening your libido and sensual self For full show notes and links to the resources discussed, visit:
Nov 05, 2018
How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe with Jayde Scukovic
Creating the ultimate capsule wardrobe that is ethical, sustainable, chic and utterly fabulous. In this episode you will learn: What a capsule wardrobe is The benefits of a capsule wardrobe The minimalist way to downsize your wardrobe How to build a capsule wardrobe, including: - How many items and colours for each season - How to organise and set up your wardrobe - How to invest well in your fashion choices - Where to source ethical and eco-friendly fashion - Where to download your free wardrobe capsule planner & checklist For full show notes and links to resources discussed in this episode visit:
Oct 30, 2018
Being A Priestess with Julie Parker
If you are curious about going deeper in your spiritual journey as a woman, leader and a citizen of the world, I highly recommend Julie as a source of inspiration. This episode is the perfect introduction to ‘being a Priestess’, the ‘divine feminine’ and the magic that Julie offers. As the host, I still had my own takeaways and aha moments and I know you will to! In this episode you will learn: - What a modern-day Priestess is - How Julie defines the divine and divine feminine within each of us - The importance of doing the inner work - What inspired Julie’s into the path and work of a priestess - Julie’s number 1 rituals for living from a connected space and balancing energies. - What does a priestess do? - Signs you are a priestess - How to become a priestess – education & training - Julie’s purpose and desire for her commitment to being a Priestess. For resources and links mentioned in this episode visit:
Oct 22, 2018
Feng Shui For More Abundance, Happiness & Love with Patricia Lohan
Feng Shui Master Patricia Lohan, explains exactly how to cultivate more abundance, happiness and love with Feng Shui. In this episode you will learn: - What Feng Shui means, it origins and history - Exactly why it' is so important to your wellbeing, abundance and success - How Patricia discover this ancient Chinese art of placement - How to know if the Feng Shui in your home is good or not - How to change your home's Feng Shui to improve your: ->Love & relationships -> Health and wellbeing (+ even fertility!) -> Business & abundance (including your home office) - How to integrate Feng Shui in your life when you're renting or on the move - How pets impact Feng Shui - Patricia's top (easy) tips for creating a calm family environment using Feng Shui For the show notes and links to resources mentioned, visit:
Oct 15, 2018
How To Start A Plant-Based Diet with Sami Bloom
As a plant-based nutritionist, Sami is the perfect person to guide you on how to start a plant-based diet. In this episode she drops all the gold nuggets you need to make the transition and thrive. Wondering how to create a plant-based diet that works for you? This episode is like the ultimate beginner's guide... In this episode you will learn: - What a plant-based diet is (+ how it compares to being vegan) - The benefits of a plant-based diet - How to get enough protein, calcium and iron on a plant-based diet - Who a plant-based diet is good for (and not good for) - Sami's personal journey transitioning to a thriving plant-based diet - How to you start a plant-based diet - Tips for transitioning - The food list Sami recommends (including whether eggs, coffee & peanut butter are ok or not) - What Sami eats in a day & how she does her plant-based meal planning? - How to deal with criticism & judgement around your choice to eat plant-based - Best resources for learning the benefits of a plant-based diet. For the full list of links to the resources discussed in this episode, view the show notes at:
Oct 06, 2018
Understanding & Practicing Shamanism with Mona Moon
In this episode, our go-to Shaman, Mona Moon explores how to understand and practice Shamanism – the ancient healing practices and way of life. In her beautiful, eloquent way, Mona shares various teachings, guidance and exercises that will help you both better understand Shamanism and integrate it into your daily life. Hence this is a must-listen for anyone interested in living a more connected & conscious life. In this podcast you will learn: - The daily rituals & intention setting practices of a Shaman - What Shamanism is & the core beliefs of Shamanism - How & why Mona became a Shamanic Healing Practitioner - The relationship between Shamanism and Spirit - How Mona explains Shamanism to skeptics - How cacao & ceremony can help us to regain our wholeness - The importance of connectedness in healing and Mona’s advice for cultivating that with yourself and others. - How Shamans work and the tools they use and what you can expect working with one. - Who Shamanic healing, coaching & ceremony is good for - The role of ancestral patterns in healing & how to release that energy - Finding support and guidance from animal guides - The integral role of reciprocity in all relationships with nature, animals and others. For further show notes and links visit:
Aug 06, 2018
How To Get Happy Now with Carla Simpson
In this episide Author, Motivational Speaker & Coach, Carla Simpson shares how to take your happiness to the next level. Even if you already consider yourself a generally happy person, by listening, you're sure to gain a few hot tips and an epic dose of inspiration that'll boost your day. In this podcast you will learn: - Carla's story and journey from "normal" to true "happiness" - How Carla defines "happiness" - How you can self-assess your own level of happiness - Why Carla has daily morning, lunch & evening routines (and what they are) - How to discover your true why - The essential ingredients for happiness in the workplace - Awesome actionable tips to help you get happy right now - And a whole lot more to uplift, motivate and inspire your next level of happiness. Let us know what you loved and learnt, and ask any questions you have via the comment section below – we can not wait to hear from you. For the links & references mentioned in this podcast, visit:
May 03, 2018
Gut Health Explained with Alison Mitchell
In this podcast with Naturopath Alison Mitchell, we unpack the importance of gut health and what you can do to create and maintain healthy gut flora. In this podcast you will learn: - Why gut health is so important - The connection between gut health and acne/skin - Why & how gut health and anxiety (and depression) can be linked - Common symptoms of poor gut health - The difference between IBS and leaky gut (intestinal permeability) syndrome - What your tongue and nails can tell you about your gut health - How you can eat and breakdown food, but not absorb it so well (and what to do about it) - What a healthy gut diet plan looks like (which might be different to what you think! - What to do when you feel certain foods upset your gut - The difference between prebiotics and probiotics and why you need both and where to find them - Whether it's necessary to buy probiotics - What to look for in a probiotic if you're going to buy them - Gut health supplements demystified - How to restore healthy gut flora if it's out of whack - Why and how colonic irrigation can destroy your gut forever - Naturopath's top tips for good gut health Thank you so much for listening. What did you think? Let us know what you loved and learnt, and ask any questions you have via the comment section below – we can not wait to hear from you. P.S. Who do you know that's keen to learn more about guy health and how to improve gut health naturally? Share this podcast with them now. They’ll thank you for it later :).
Jun 01, 2017
How To Meditate (Successfully) with Sharee James
This podcast with meditation teacher Sharee James is an absolute must-listen if you're not really sure how to meditate, or you're struggling with getting started and finding a technique that's right for you. After the ongoing popularity of Sharee's article 'A Beginner's Guide To Meditation' (, it became evident that we needed to dive further into the art of meditation. So, we hope you find this extra layer of information and inspiration helpful! In this podcast you will learn: - What meditation is (+ what it's not about) - The incredibly touching story and woman who inspired Sharee to begin meditating - Benefits of meditation - How & why meditation is good for stress, depression and anxiety - Tips for beginners including when, where and how to meditate - How long to meditate for as a beginner - How to deal with thoughts and distractions when meditating - Meditation techniques, tips and mantras for: > Sleep > Anxiety > Calming the mind > Happiness > Healing pain > Bringing you into the now - How to turn any moment into a moment of attention and peace - Best tips for successfully starting (and sticking to) a meditation practice - Meditation music and apps to help you start and maintain a meditation practice Thank you so much for listening. What did you think? Let us know what you loved and learnt, and ask any questions you have via the comment section below – we can not wait to hear from you! PLUS - If you're keen to learn more or get some support with starting a regular practice, join to Sharee's (free) 3-part meditation course which you can find here: P.S. Who do you know who want's to learn meditate but struggles with it? Share this free podcast with them now. They'll thank you for it later when their mind is calm :).
Mar 15, 2017
Women's Health & Wellbeing with Doctor Carla Brion
Brimming with juicy goodness for womanhood - this 'must-listen' podcast is for women who are conscious of caring for and understanding their body beyond what you already know. In this podcast, you will learn: HUMMING HORMONES - The relationship between your hormones and anxiety &/or insomnia - The causes/origins of Endometriosis & PCOS - The effect of stress, diet and toxins on our body - Carla’s top 3 tips to reduce stress - How to begin removing toxins from your home, from what’s going on & in your body, and the toxins in your environment - The diet Carla recommends to keep you hormones happy - Carla’s top tips to prevent and ease menstrual cramps THE PILL - How the pill and antibiotics can impact your health - Why Carla thinks the pill is one of the most over-prescribed drugs and a band-aid approach to wellbeing concerns - What a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to healing women's health problems may consist of (as an alternative to taking the pill) - Alternative contraceptive methods (other than the pill) available to you FERTILITY - When your fertile window is - How to tell when you’re ovulating - When your most fertile years are, according to TCM - What you can do to increase the quality of your eggs (and Men’s sperm!) MENSTRUAL CUPS - The benefits of Lunette menstrual cups - How a menstrual cup works - Carla’s tips on how to best use it - Why menstrual cups can be better than tampons from a TCM perspective As always, please discuss your practices with your preferred health care professionals to ensure your health care plan is complete, wholesome and suitable for you. For the helpful resources mentioned, related links you might like and to stay connected, head to:
Oct 31, 2016
The 7 Chakras For Beginners with Patty Kikos
In this podcast with chakra balancing expert Patty Kikos reveals everything you need to know about the seven charkas. In this podcast, you will learn: - What your chakras are - How your chakras work and why they're are connected to your emotions - Where your chakras are located in your body - Chakras colours and their meanings - Signs your chakras are out of alignment - How to balance your chakras and tap into them as part of an emotional healing or opening process After you've finished listening, head to the website for any links mentioned in the podcast, and ask any questions or share any comments via the comment section on the website ( )- we can not wait to hear from you! As always, please discuss your practices with your preferred health care professionals to ensure your health care plan is complete, wholesome and suitable for you. Please see our Conditions of Use & Disclaimer here:…and-disclaimer/
Jul 26, 2016
Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oils with Carolyn King
Why use essential oils? How do essential oils work? And what are you actually meant to do with essential oils? In this podcast our resident Kinesiologist Carolyn King, answers these all of these questions and more. In this podcast, you will learn: * What kinesiology is and how it works * How & why essential oils are used in a kinesiology session * The link between essential oils and our emotions * Where essential oils come from * Which oils to use for which common health problems and how, including: * Sleep and insomnia * Stress * Anxiety and depression * Love and healing the heart * Migraines and headaches * Common colds and immunity boosting * What to consider if using oils with your children or pets * The differences between high and low quality essential oils and what to look out for * Where to buy quality essential oils, both online and in-store * How to use oils to clean your home, including recipes and blends After you've finished listening, tell us what you loved and learnt, and ask any questions you have via the comment section on the website ( we can not wait to hear from you! WIN AN ESSENTIAL OILS NECKLACE BY CLARIFIED DESIGNS. To celebrate the launch of the CASA DE KARMA Podcast Series, we've partnered with Clarified Designs to bring you a beautiful giveaway that you do not want to miss. Enter here for your chance to win: As always, please discuss your practices with your preferred health care professionals to ensure your health care plan is complete, wholesome and suitable for you. Please see our Conditions of Use & Disclaimer here:
Apr 02, 2016