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By Daniel Negreanu

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Billy Joe Jim Bob.
 Nov 6, 2018
From rounders podcast back in the day, to two plus two podcast for many years, they're back without skipping a beat! I kinda like this new Daniel guy they brought on board as well.

 Oct 13, 2018
Best poker podcast ever. I've been listening their podcast back in the good old times. I'm so glad they didnt quit podcasting but only transitioned into other venue


A Podcast from Daniel Negreanu, Adam Schwartz, Terrence Chan and Ross Henry. Bringing you DAT exclusive news, views, strategy and interviews from the poker world!

Episode Date
Phil Galfond, Dnegs WSOP Europe Package & Angleshooters - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #46
Daniel begins talking about his honeymoon, getting recognized in Greece and meeting other Vegas locals. An attempted angle caught on TV during EPT Barcelona is discussed, as well as some strange behaviour from our favourite subjects Phil Hellmuth and Mike Matusow. Daniel also explains his WSOP Europe staking package as well as his beef on twitter with people accusing him of making the tournament schedule of the European series benefit himself. 
(46:27) Phil Galfond joins us to talk candidly about Run It Once Poker and how the site has been doing, the decision to undertake this venture and his vision for the future.
Leave us a voicemail at 1.775.434.2932
Sep 10, 2019
Ivey’s Winnings Held, Stars Limits Multi Tabling & More Mailbag - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #45

This week on DAT Poker Pod: The show gets fired up right off the bat with Daniel, Adam and Terrence discussing more of Daniel’s twitter shenanigans from this week. The polls kept on coming from Dnegs since our last show, plus some menu pricing debates. In the news the guys talk about the Borgata filing a lawsuit to garnish Phil Ivey’s WSOP winnings from the $50k Players Championship, the precedent it sets and what Ivey’s future could hold. The other interesting story is Pokerstars limiting the amount of tables a player can multi table at 4. We have some tweets and more mailbag to get to as well. Topics include what hollywood directors the DAT cast would be, would Daniel fight another poker player and keeping poker strategies from your friends! Leave us a voicemail at 1.775.434.2932

Aug 27, 2019
Mailbag Extravaganza! Hot Debates & Daniel’s “Offensive” Poll - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #44
We empty out the mailbag on this week’s episode. First off, the guys talk about Daniel’s twitter poll where people choose the better poker commentator. Mail topics (featuring new mail drops!) include but are certainly not limited to: Advice on going pro playing small stakes, Rocky or Karate Kid and other TV show related questions, where are they now and a few poker strategy questions! 
Leave us a voicemail for a future show at 1.775.434.2932
Aug 15, 2019
Triton Takeaways, Marchington Main Event Lawsuit & More! - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #43
This week on DAT Poker Podcast: Adam begins by asking Daniel and Terrence about what youtube binges they’ve been on recently and Daniel talks some short deck strategy. 
The Triton Super High Roller series is over and the 1M Main Event was won by a fairly unknown “business man” Aaron Zang over Bryn Kenney. The guys talk about the final table and the chop heads up, as well as other news surrounding the events. 7th place finisher in the WSOP Main Event Nick Marchington made news this week when his former backers sued him for supposedly unpaid winnings. Daniel was very vocal about this when it happened and he discusses what his feelings on the story are now. We also have some new tweets and voicemails, including a Scotty Ngyuen story! Leave us a voicemail at 1.775.434.2932
Aug 10, 2019
Triton Million, Pokerstars “All In Cash Out” & Voicemails! - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #42
This Week On DAT Poker Podcast: The largest buy-in tournament ever has wrapped up the first day of action and we’re here to give you the details! 
The guys begin with some memorials of some people the poker community lost this week before getting into the news. The Triton 1 Million Pound buy-in is happening in London and we update you with the important events and hands. Daniel also has an idea to get fans watching poker much more involved! Pokerstars is testing a new feature called “All In cash out” giving all in players the option to get the $ amount of their equity back and we weigh the pros and cons. A voicemail line was set up just prior to the show and we answer your voicemails too! If you’d like to leave one the number is (USA) 1.775.434.2932, remember your name and location. If you've sent an email that still hasn’t been read, leave us a voicemail about it! 
Aug 02, 2019
Triton €1M London Preview & VPN Ethics  - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #41
This week on DAT Poker Podcast: There is some great poker content to be discussed even though the world series is over! The guys are back and recovering from WSOP hangover. Daniel talks about his plans for WSOP Europe and getting healthy again. 
The Triton Super High Roller London series is starting at the end of the month with a million euro main event! There are a ton of interesting tournament rules to discuss heading into this event, as well as the cast of high rollers. Other topics discussed are the BB Ante “controversy”, Daniel’s take on VPNing and Mike Matusow’s play on PokerGo. We’ve also got some tweets and a few selections from the Mailbag! 
Jul 26, 2019
WSOP Week 7 : Main Event Final Table Recap With DNegs! 2019 WSOP Comes To A Close - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #40
On This Episode of DAT Poker Pod: Daniel is back to continue our coverage of the Main Event Final Table & more! 
To begin we are without Adam this time so Terrence and Daniel begin talking about Daniel’s run in the $100k high roller finishing 2nd. They also discuss the Player Of The Year race and chasing the points in the Czech Republic. 
In Main Event Final Table News: Our last podcast was just after the final table started so Terrence and Daniel run through the list of finishers and notable hands and story lines. There are also some great strategic gems of knowledge along the way. We’ve got more talk of the Heads-Up battle, the raucous railbirds and the broadcast, plus some always entertaining Hellmuth talk. Was he ahead of the curve with his short stack strategy all this time? 
Jul 18, 2019
WSOP Week 6: Main Event Final Table, Sammartino & Effel Controversy, Reviewing The ESPN Broadcast - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #39
This Week on DAT Poker Pod: The Main Event final table is upon us! Lots to talk about surrounding the final days of the WSOP. Daniel is still grinding so Adam and Terrence begin talking about a new 6max AI bot and then what parts of the WSOP on ESPN broadcast are struggling. 
In the news: (42:45) Adam reviews the non main event tournaments including Daniel coming up just short in the $100k high roller. In Main Event talk (54:15) the top stories are Sam Greenwood’s wild exit and the Dario Sammartino and Jack Effel controversy with 11 players left. 
We’ve also got a ton of great WSOP tweets (1:18:41) and finally open a bunch of your mail! (1:28:18) Mail topics include: Are pros trying to find an edge in your local small tournaments and where are some Full Tilt pros now? 
Jul 15, 2019
WSOP Week 5: Guest Kevin Roster, Main Event, Earthquake & Bad Behaviour!  - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #38
This Week On DAT Poker Pod: Daniel returns for a packed episode! 
The guys begin with Dnegs on tilt and talking about Daniel’s summer, vlogs and getting censored by youtube. 
In WSOP News: The end of the WSOP is nearing but the action has not slowed down. We run through the notable bracelet winners and stories from the Main Event. 2 guys were ejected from the biggest tournament of the year for bad behaviour. An earthquake happened, and our hosts are out already. 
Kevin Roster joins us (44:56) from Vegas after completing his wish to play the Main. You may be familiar with Kevin’s story, he was diagnosed with terminal Sarcoma and given months to live. His dying wish was to play the WSOP and spread awareness about the disease and the right to die with dignity. 
We’ve also got some more Main Event talk after Kevin including the total entrants, more of Hellmuth’s antics and some funny tweets! 
Jul 08, 2019
WSOP Week 4: Guest Host Joe Stapleton! - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #37
This Week On DAT Poker Podcast: We are joined by the funniest guy in poker Joe Stapleton as a guest co-host! To begin the guys chat about what Joe has been up to lately, he’s got stories of working with Norm Macdonald as well as at the Comedy Store. Adam and Joe also reminisce about Gavin Smith. 
In WSOP News: The guys run through the notable bracelet winners of the last week or so, talk about probably the WORST bad beat in televised poker history as well as some Hall of Fame talk and who Joe is nominating. We also run through the best tweets of the week and Joe tells us about the poker players he has taken to try stand-up, and Phil Ivey's smelly dumps! 
Jun 30, 2019
WSOP Week 3: $10k HORSE Champ Greg “FBT" Mueller & Hellmuth Flips Out Again - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #36

This Week On DAT Poker Podcast: With Terrence down in Las Vegas, him and Adam begin chatting about travelling with toddlers and speeding tickets. The guys also discuss the latest Phil Hellmuth outburst.

In WSOP News: This week's bracelet winners are recapped along with the more interesting story lines from the series, such as 2 hall of famers heads up for a bracelet, and the longest time between bracelets record being broken. (29:51) Greg “FBT Mueller joins us fresh off of his $10k HORSE bracelet to discuss his love/hate relationship with tournament poker and finding a love for the game again. We also discuss some of the best tweets of the week including angle-shooting call outs and a few strategy emails out of the mailbag!

Connect with us on Reddit or Twitter - https://www.reddit.com/r/DatPokerPod/

Jun 21, 2019
WSOP Week 2: A Poker Players Last Wish To Play The Series, TV Table/Scheduling Issues -DAT Poker Podcast Episode #35
This Week On DAT Poker Podcast: The guys are back to keep you up to date with all of the happenings of the World Series. To begin we chat about Ivey’s return to playing a full schedule and the video that emerged of a guy doing something VERY gross at the poker table. 
In the WSOP News: Adam and Terrence recap each of the bracelets awarded and storylines from each event. (39:29) A touching story has also emerged of a  poker player with terminal cancer's dying wish to play the series and what the community is doing to help. A new $50k was added late to the schedule, and $25k Fantasy owners and other fantasy leagues see this as a problem. We explain why you can decide what you think is fair. We’ve also got some more great tweets and some of your mail! 
Jun 12, 2019
WSOP Week 1: Big 50 Chaos & Angle Shooting - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #34
This Week On DAT Poker: The WSOP is upon us and you know that means content galore! One member of the crew is playing a full schedule so we carry on without Daniel for this one. Beginning with YouTube deleting hundreds of poker videos from Jaime Staples and Parker Talbot that "promote online gaming companies”. 
In WSOP News: Adam and Terrence run through the first  bracelet events of the year and the main story that stands out is the Big 50. With over 25k entries, tables in storage rooms, running out of chips and 4+ hour lines there were some issues with the event. Another major story is Sam Soverel and his play at the $50k high roller final table. (LINK TO CLIP) He folded out of turn in a crucial hand with 4 players left and cries of angle shooter have come out against him. The guys also review the best and funniest tweets of the first week of the series! 
Discuss this episode with us: https://www.reddit.com/r/DatPokerPod/
Jun 04, 2019
Daniel’s Split From Stars, WSOP Package, 25K Fantasy Draft & Preview! - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #33
This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: Daniel begins with opening up about the details of his time at Pokerstars coming to an end. From the rake changes to the Supernova Elite debacle he answers some questions more honestly than he could while with the company. We also break down the WSOP 25k Fantasy Draft and who the guys think was the best value, who cost the most and Daniel’s team.
Other news includes Daniel’s public WSOP package and the unimaginable amount of traffic it got. With hundreds of thousands of dollars in packages selling out in minutes, the website crashing and overselling it was a wild success, but also ran into some huge problems. The guys also talk about Ivey’s Masterclass and some great pre-WSOP tweets, including an Ivey story! 
May 29, 2019
WSOP 50th Anniversary Honors & #AlovestheD! - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #32
The biggest news of the poker world this week was Daniel’s big day! The groom himself tells us about his A-List poker wedding. There’s also a little game of thrones shade before getting into the poker talk. 
(22:40) In the poker chat the guys open up with some SCOOP talk and then get deep into the WSOP 50th Honours that were released this week. Categories and picks for “Most Memorable WSOP TV Hand”, “Most Likely To Succeed Under 35” and “Most Impressive Main Event Win” are discussed with stories about the players nominated. There’s also some more of your wonderful mail including some tournament questions about paying your backers and how would a $2/5 player survive in the Main Event?
May 21, 2019
Top 100 Players Are Actually Losing? Plus Jungleman’s Music Video - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #31
This week on DAT Poker Podcast: On the top 100 all time money winners list, how far down do you have to go to find a losing tournament player? 
To begin Adam is running a little late so the rest of us chat about the Raptors win and Daniel’s wedding this week. We also break down the wild X-rated music video with Daniel “Jungleman” Cates that appeared on twitter this week, as well as Ronnie Bardah appearing on the next season of survivor. 
In the news: (35:16) The latest Triton Super High Roller series is wrapped up and Bryn Kenney is crushing. This leads to a question Adam poses, how far down the top 100 money winners list do you have to go to find a losing tournament player? Daniel has some surprising answers! The deal between FOX and Pokerstars is also discussed. Some funny pre WSOP tweets are reviewed as well as some thank-you’s to all the people who sent in “where I am listening from” pics!
May 13, 2019
Insane Kentucky Derby Story & The Poker Twitter Problem - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #30
Is it possible to have your biggest win and worst beat ever on the same bet? That’s what happened to a friend of the show when he bet on the Kentucky Derby. 
To begin the guys chat about ice baths, spas and Daniel’s wedding before getting to the story. (9:57) We are joined by  friend and listener to the show Steve aka RenoDoc. Steve made some wagers on the big race last weekend, and you may have heard about the disqualification. Well this affected Steve’s tickets and he found himself a winner of A LOT of money. The problem is will he get paid the full amount? 
We also follow up on the “Catrific” scandal from a few shows ago. She made some comments about the poker community and Daniel, Adam and Terrence have some opinions on them. This also leads to a more meta discussion about Twitter and it’s role in the poker world.
In the news: (41:52) Patrik Antonius speaks about about the state of live poker in an interview and main event winner Ryan Riess makes a really crazy call at EPT Monte Carlo. Daniel and Terrence break down the hand. 
There are also some great tweets and mail! (57:53) Topics such as what to listen to at the table, taking booze home from a party and what extra costs tilt you the most are hot topics. 
May 06, 2019
Antonio vs Kevin Hart, Daniel’s Feud, Mail & More! - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #29
This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: Did you even hear about the Antonio Esfandiari vs Kevin Hart boxing match? We’ve got the details. The episode begins with Daniel airing out his beef with Shaun Deeb which took place online during the week and got personal. This leads to a continuation of the markup/free market debate and 50 Cent & Randall Emmett gossip. (29:20) The guys also have to slip in some hockey talk before getting to the news. 
(41:10) There was a boxing match between Kevin Hart and Antonio last week that most people never heard was happening! Antonio got insane odds at 35-1 to beat Kevin. The guys break it down and Daniel has some insider knowledge because he helped Antonio connect with his coach. The other major news story is PartyPoker making sweeping changes to their TOS including banning HUDs.
(59:00) The guys review some funny tweets and answer a few mailbag questions as well. Mailbag topics include selling action for a tournament you satellite into, short stack strategy and GOT predictions. (no spoilers!)
Apr 30, 2019
Mark-Up Debate, Bot Refunds & A Guy Bets It All On Tiger - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #28
This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: The gang is back together and begin talking about dad life and the NHL Playoffs before getting into the poker topics. (13:35) There was a WSOP Bracelet posted on Ebay for a whopping $50k! Poker twitter went crazy after well known vlogger Johnnie Vibes posted a WSOP Package, plus the story of a guy who bet more than he could afford on Tiger winning the masters which leads to betting stories from the guys. 
(43:10) In the news: Party Poker issues $750k in refunds after a botting ring was uncovered. Pokerstars bans seating scripts and Pennsylvania Online Poker is set to launch. (1:06:00) We also discuss your submitted topics including the poker twitter health debate & ethics of not revealing a chop pot to someone you don’t like. 
Apr 20, 2019
GPI Awards, Mailbag & NHL Playoff Preview - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #27
This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: The Mailbag has been bursting at the seams and we finally get to answer what you’ve been sending us! To begin it’s just Adam and Daniel with Terrence out for this one, they recap all of the highlights of the GPI awards.
In the Mailbag: Topics including gambling addiction in poker, a song inspired by Daniel and whether HUDs hurt recreational players. To wrap things up Daniel and Adam break down the first round of the NHL Playoffs from a betting perspective and make a pick for each matchup. 
Apr 09, 2019
Catrific Tournament Drama & DNegs True Tournament Earnings Last Year  - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #26
This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: If you payed the buy-in for a smaller tournament but got seated in a much bigger one, what would you do? Daniel Adam and Terrence explore the story that took the poker world by storm this week, for better or for worse… Youtuber/Poker Player Cat “catrific” Valdes registered for a $400 WSOP circuit event but got seated in the $1700 Main Event. She played for a while, even busted someone out and ran up a stack before everything fell apart. 
We also get a year in review of D-Negs’ tournament ledger from last year. It’s tax time and he talks candidly about how much money he spent in buyins vs. his real tournament winnings. The guys then review your twitter topics plus other great tweets from the week! 
Send us emails for the next episode: datpokerpod@gmail.com
Or post in our subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DatPokerPod/
Apr 04, 2019
Robbed At Gunpoint, WSOP Plans & Staking Stories - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #25
This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: The guys begin with talk about Denise Pratt and her viral video about Daniel’s Master Class. This leads to Femme Fatale week on PokerGo and what’s up with people (dudes) who object to all-female poker games. The guys discuss their plans for the WSOP, Daniel’s ROI and horror stories of staking deals. 
In The News: Poker pro Darren Elias’ home was robbed at gunpoint by another player who knew him from the casino. The guys reveal their own experiences in sketchy situations, as well as some friends’ close calls and what they would have done. 
DAT Poker Pod features your tweets! The guys pull up some great/silly tweets from the likes of Joe Ingram, Mike Matusow and Erik Seidel before opening the mail bag!
Mar 29, 2019
Alan Boston's March Madness Preview/Lock Of The Year - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #24
This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: After a ton of requests… It’s the first iteration of the DAT Poker Podcast Alan Boston March Madness preview show! On Adam and Terrence’s former show, Alan came on once a year and gave out a bet for a game that has NEVER LOST, for 10 or 11 straight years. Alan is a professional college basketball handicapper and poker player, formerly a Full Tilt pro. He’s a wild interview too and not for the faint of heart. Love him or hate him, he has provided winners for our listeners for a decade. 
To begin: We are without Daniel Negreanu for the first time because he is playing the high stakes PokerGo cash game. Adam and Terrence break down one interesting hand that has been circulating on social media from the game and we very much look forwards to getting some hand reviews from Daniel himself when he returns next week! The guys also talk about some more of the GPI Poker Award nominations and some controversy from last episode before we get to the interview. 
(24:30) Alan joins us from his home near Foxwoods and we begin talking about how his year has been and the poker he has been playing. He tells us about his beginnings as a gambler, moving to Vegas and favourite moments from past NCAA tournaments. He also talks about his gripes with the selection process for March Madness and who he thinks got shafted, as well as his general opinion of todays game. We also get some stories from poker’s glory days, playing on an episode of Poker After Dark. (1:33:15) Alan eventually gets talking about different first round games and matchups that he likes. The show is capped off with the information everyone wants, Alan’s lock of the year!  
Mar 20, 2019
Twitter Questions, Crazy Stories & Poker Award Nominations  - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #23
This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: The guys begin with talking wedding-tilt and buying children, plus a tie breaker for the wrestling quiz from last week. 
In The News: (13:25) The WPT hosted 3 final tables at the Luxor E-Sports arena, Daniel explains why TV Poker isn’t as profitable as it appears. The guys also make their picks for the GPI Poker Awards based on the nominations that have been announced! 
(58:20) Then Adam gets some reactions from his tweet asking for questions for the episode. Everything from “What does your guys’ average day look like?” to “Has a game you’ve been in ever been robbed?” and “What was the biggest loss Daniel ever saw in Bobby’s Room?” get answered! We also get a trip report of Daniel playing heavily intoxicated 3 handed high stakes poker this weekend. 
Mar 14, 2019
Questionable Investments, Private Games & Ivey Stories - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #22
This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: We asked and you answered! A show full of your questions for the gang. The guys begin talking about the crazy video of the fight that broke out at Talking Stick casino in Arizona which prompts stories of the craziest fights Daniel, Adam and Terrence have seen while playing live poker. Also discussed are the “private” games going on in casinos in Vegas and  how they are hurting the local pros. Last week Daniel mentioned he had some stories of the weirdest things he’d been asked to invest in and we get some stories from Daniel and Terrence of questionable investments. Adam also has a quiz about pro wrestlers from the WWF era. 
In the news: There isn’t much news this week so the guys took to twitter to answer your questions. The questions included plenty of “where are they now”, catching up with your favourite pros from back in the day, plus stories of some legendary prop and golf bets and some unheard Phil Ivey stories. 
Mar 06, 2019
Making TV Poker Great Again, New Online WSOP Bracelets & More - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #21
This Week On DAT Poker: Daniel, Adam and Terrence begin with talking about taking a break from social media, what makes poker fun on TV and a silly twitter game. 
In The News: The WSOP announced 9 new bracelet events to be played online this series, the guys discuss their opinions on this. A group of MTT pros organize a boycott of a Pokerstars event, a new satellite format from Matt Savage and Phil Ivey parts ways with the Aria. 
Contribute to our SubReddit! https://www.reddit.com/r/DatPokerPod/
Feb 25, 2019
RIO Poker Launches & Hustling Your Friends - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #20
Daniel, Adam and Terrence begin with Daniel's upsetting run of hockey bets which leads into a discussion of the "going vegan" prop bets that have been talked about recently. All of this betting discussion leads to a story of Doyle Brunson getting hustled on a Super Bowl bet in Bobby’s Room. The guys spend a while deciding if and when it’s ok to hustle your friends. 
(28:00) In the news: The much anticipated Run It Once Poker site has officially launched and the guys break down their first reactions to the software and business model. Terrence and Daniel debate the benefit of the “splash pots” promotion that they offer too. Other stories discussed are party poker’s new rake back system, Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples leaving Pokerstars and Aussie Millions results. Before wrapping things up the guys review some of the funniest poker tweets of the past week! 
Feb 11, 2019
Mailbag, Eli Elezra Controversy & Daniel Grants A Wish - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #19
Daniel Adam and Terrence begin with the story of Daniel granting a wish to a young poker fan with a terminal illness. They also talk about the Eli Elezra controversy surrounding owed debts, and some shot clock haters. We then open up some of the mail that has been piling up. Topics include: Spread limit cash game strategy, how to game plan for your non-professional regulars and a hilarious quiz on the UK! 
Feb 01, 2019
Don’t Tap The Fish Tank! Plus WSOP 2019 Rule Changes - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #18
The guys begin with Daniel clarifying his controversial tweet, where he made a list of 5 negative poker traits (Link To Blog Discussed). This evolves into discussion of lending/borrowing and who is the victim when you get stiffed. 
In The News: (49:00) The guys are glad to announce some of the changes to WSOP events this year. They review the updates to ante and chip structures, and the WSOP’s motivation for them. We didn't have time today because the discussion was intense, but will be back to answer all of your mail soon! 
Let us know your thoughts on Reddit: 
Jan 27, 2019
PCA Recap & Remembering Gavin Smith - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #17
On an extra packed show after a PCA hiatus, the guys begin the show with heavy hearts, remembering their friend and one of poker’s great characters Gavin Smith. Adam, Daniel and Terrence share some stories they remember of Gavin and explain how he impacted the poker world. There is  also a gofundme to help provide for Gavin’s boys for whom he had sole custody. You can help here: https://ca.gofundme.com/rip-ol039-gavin-smith
In the news: The PCA was a huge success and Daniel and Terrence were both there grinding. We get a trip report and some hand review from the main draw to the Bahamas this year, the $25k! Other large events are discussed, including Chino Rheem taking down the main event. This leads to a discussion of his past behaviour and where the guys stand on it. Before wrapping up the show some great PCA tweets are reviewed too! 
Jan 19, 2019
Degen Stories, WSOP 2019 Schedule, Pokerstars & UFC  Partnership - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #16
This week on DAT Poker Podcast: The guys recap their Christmas’ as well as talk about the heartwarming story of a man receiving a dream trip to the WSOP and more! Daniel also talks his NHL Bets and has a rant about a troll. 
In the news: The 2019 WSOP Schedule was announced, including a $500 rake free tournament to kick off this year! The guys also dive in to some old WSOP stories which spurs some degenerate stories. The other notable events are discussed as well as Pokerstars partnering with the UFC. 
The guys then discuss some interesting tweets from the always self aware Phil Hellmuth and finally open some of your mail! Mail includes questions about what states might legalize online poker soon, and becoming a long term winner in a game with a lot of regulars. 
Stay tuned for a classic degenerate story at the end of the show! 
Dec 29, 2018
SHRB + Daniel’s Great Fold Explained, Christmas & Love  - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #15
On this episode of DAT Poker Podcast: 
The show begins with Adam and Terrence settling their side action on the bathroom bet which ended in a buy out. Daniel mitigates and they come to a decision. Adam proposes his dream prop bet, and the prop bet master Huck Seed is discussed. We also get Daniel’s trip report from the last week including his fancy trip to LA and a trip to a weed store.
In The News: The guys review the Super High Roller Bowl and get right into breaking down Daniel’s key hands in depth, including 'The Fold'! The record breaking $10k WPT at Bellagio is also discussed, plus EPT Prague and the PCA. 
To wrap things up the guys discuss some good poker tweets of the week and finish with an important poker discussion about the concept of love!
Dec 20, 2018
Bathroom Bet, Party Poker $20M Guarantee, Terrence Fight Recap - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #14
On this episode of DAT Poker Podcast: A lot to catch you up on! Terrence’s fight was this weekend and he suffered an unfortunate defeat, he tells us his side of the story. Also, Ross has a tinder tale and Daniel is fighting with hockey journalists and PETA! 
In the news: The $100k bathroom bet is still underway, the guys talk about what they know so far plus Adam and Terrence make a wager of their own. The Super High Roller Bowl changes dates, Daniel explains how this effects the tournament and who we can expect to see playing. Party Poker’s online $20M guarantee went off this week and they managed to hit the number of entrants! And Run It Once Poker announces a rake back structure for twitch streamers. 
The guys also review some funny poker tweets and answer some questions you had on twitter, including rehashing some more stories from back in the day like the time Daniel was the ambassador for the Wynn. He played a bunch of name pros heads up at high stakes, but left because the big game at Bellagio was too profitable. 
Dec 06, 2018
Dan Smith  & Where Are They Now? Biggest Winners Of 2013 - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #13
On this episode of DAT Poker Podcast: Adam gets Daniel to review the stars we all knew 5 years ago. Plus Dan Smith joins us to talk about his charity drive www.DoubleUpDrive.com and how it came to be. 
To begin the guys talk about Terrence’s title fight which is 2 days away and how his training went. The fight talk naturally leads into Rocky/Creed 2 discussion. Daniel also talks about his new NHL betting twitter. 
In The News: PokerNews is facing a $7m lawsuit over copyright infringement and Poker Night In America faces backlash over the treatment of a recreational player on the show. Also, Cardplayer ran a story on how the all time tournament money winner list has changed since 2013. This inspires Adam and Daniel to talk about what some of those stars of 5 years ago are doing now. Players like Antonio Esfandiari, John Juanda, Scotty Nguyen and TJ Cloutier are discussed and Daniel has some great stories!  
Nov 29, 2018
Vayo Gets Burned By Pokerstars, Daniel vs Bonomo Settled - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #12
On this episode of DAT Poker Podcast: We begin the show with a new voice! Adam is away today and Terrence guest hosts this episode with Daniel. DNegs begins the show with a few interesting stories of how he and Justin Bonomo smoothed things over, and how a security guard at T-Mobile Arena did NOT want to play nice.
In The News: Our top story this week is the lawsuit between Gordon Vayo and Pokerstars. Vayo has dropped the suit after some bombshells came out that it was discovered he forged legal documents and now he may be counter-sued. Terrence and Daniel have the full story, other stories include Matt Savage’s take on why tournaments outside the US are run better and Boston Rob offers to go “Survivor Bahamas" for a platinum pass! 
Nov 20, 2018
Hot Takes, Hot Stories & Hypotheticals - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #11
On this episode of DAT Poker Podcast: A ton of different topics are discussed, beginning with some takeaways from the midterms yesterday. Then Terrence has a “life nit” question for Daniel and Adam, and Drake was turned down from our local casino? 
In the news: Chinese poker takes a hit with the government taking aim at gaming apps used as gambling portals. Pokerstars unveils a new gaming format, reports their earnings and more. We then review the best tweets of the week and answer some of your questions which leads to some great stories! Daniel also answers the question: “How would you turn $10k into a million if you had to start today?” 
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Nov 08, 2018
WSOP Europe Recap, Halloween Ranting, Mailbag & Strategy - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #10
It’s Halloween and Daniel, Adam and Terrence talk about their favourite costumes and Halloween hysteria before getting onto the poker talk. Daniel recaps godfather week and explains some of the high stakes props. Run It Up Reno and Chainsaw are also discussed. 
In the news: WSOP Europe wrapped up and friend of the show Shaun Deeb took down player of the year! Terrence and Daniel take some shots at a certain European player as well. Other stories include PartyPoker winning an E Gaming award, Human Lie Detector Test and more. We also bust open the mailbag to answer your questions about what chip set to get, strategy recommendations and review a couple of your hands!
Nov 01, 2018
PokerGo Godfather Week Preview, Lottery Fever and Story Time! - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #9
This week on DAT Poker Podcast - The guys kick things off talking about legal weed in Canada and Lottery Fever in the states... 
In a bit of an off-format show, Daniel, Adam and Terrence begin poker talk with a discussion of the "Great Dane” Gus Hansen. Gus has reemerged on the poker scene since the summer and will be playing in Godfather week on PokerGo. Daniel offers his thoughts on Gus and handicaps the lineup for the show. Other topics discussed are Partypoker upgrading their player fund protection and WSOP Europe. The guys also responded to your twitter questions, and one of you dug up an interview with Daniel from 1999 which leads into some great stories from the “old” days of the poker circuit. 
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Oct 24, 2018
Poker After Dark, Online Funds Security & Ghosting In Tournaments - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #8
This week on DAT - The guys kick things off talking about the Poker After Dark and Friday Night Poker that Daniel just played on. The guys also discuss the Brain Chess stream with Jen Shahade, Liv Boeree and Daniel, Men “The Master” Nguyen cheating stories and poker hall of fame.
In The News: Following the discussion of how player funds are handled at Partypoker on the last episode, Nick Jonas of Poker Fuse wrote a piece about which online poker sites offer the best protection of your money. Also, a 30 for 30 Podcast episode about the poker boom is a few days away! Other stories include Bobby Baldwin stepping down as MGM CEO, Maria Ho wins WPT South Africa and “Ghosting” online. 
The guys then bust open the Mailbag for the first time in a while to answer some of your wonderful mail and we cap off the episode with some in depth strategy discussion of some hands Daniel played.
Oct 16, 2018
Game Theory In Sports, Ivey’s Case, Party Poker Player Funds - DAT Poker Episode #7
On this episode of DAT Poker Podcast: Daniel, Adam and Terrence kick things off talking about the Khabib/McGregor chaos and whether or not this type of drama is good or bad for sport. We also get an update on Terrence’s fight prep and talk about the EV of a big 50/50 draw. This eventually leads into some rants about poor coaching decisions in major sports. 
In the news: Our top stories include Partypoker coming up against some of scrutiny about staking players in order to hit tournament guarantees and not separating player funds from operational funds. Also, Ivey’s case continues to get worse for him as the Borgata seeks $30M in damages from him. 
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Oct 09, 2018
Jaime Staples On Weight Bets & Streaming, Triton $1M Cash Game & Mail! Dat Poker Podcast Episode #6
This week on DAT Poker: The guys kick things off chatting about hockey pools and online dating before being joined by our guest. Jaime Staples joins us from London via Lethbridge to talk about his life over the last few years. Adam and Jaime both had weight bet challenges with Bill Perkins and talk about those. Jaime also talks about working on his poker game and improving the stream. 
In the news: Some crazy high stakes action took place on stream at the latest Triton SHR stop. The guys break down a couple of hands and Daniel has a Tom Dwan story. Other stories include the WRGPT! Not sure what that is? You’ll have to listen to find out. We also open up the mailbag to answer PLO strat and Sammy Farha questions! 
Sep 27, 2018
Staking Deal Ethics Controversy, Kassouf Gets Caught, Poker Masters & WCOOP Wrap Up - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #5
This week on DAT Poker: The guys begin the show with some gossip about Will Kassouf getting caught pocketing chips at the roulette table, a deal making decision and some BB ante discussion. 
In the news: Cate Hall went public with an issue she had with her backer Chad Power. They had a disagreement about what was expected after Cate decided to quit poker while in make-up. The guys discuss what happened, their own staking experiences and what they believe the correct course of action should be. Also Poker Masters has finished with Ali Imsirovic taking home the jacket, and WCOOP is coming to an end with some notable names taking down some events. The guys then review some Sweet Tweets and have some funny anecdotes before wrapping up the show! 
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Sep 19, 2018
Poker Masters, WCOOP & Short Deck Hold'em Gaining Popularity - DAT Poker Podcast Episode 4
This week on DAT Poker: Daniel reviews the last few high rollers he played at Poker Masters and the guys talk about why stripped deck seems to be the most popular game these days. 
To begin: Daniel has a trip report from his date and Adam talks about his new favourite podcast and the 20th anniversary of Rounders.
In the news: Poker Masters has been running through the week and several events have wrapped up, we’ve got the winners and some hands with Daniel. The guys talk about short deck hold'em and why it’s gaining so much popularity at poker masters and beyond, with rumours it may be rolled out on PokerStars. Also a new player is on a heater and setting records at WCOOP. Daniel also has a PCA $25K Platinum Pass to give away! Other stories include: Dan Smith gets vulnerable with the community in a blog talking about his depression and talk of the WSOP moving to the Las Vegas Strip. We’ve also got some sweet tweets to review before we wrap up the show! 
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Sep 13, 2018
JRB On Losing To Hellmuth, Terribly Played Hands and Arguments Against GTO - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #3
This Week on DAT: The guys are joined off the top by Jean Robert Ballande to talk about a hand on Poker After Dark in whIch JRB dusted off a big stack to Hellmuth. Daniel’s return from Barcelona is also discussed which includes an ethical situation, and looking forwards to Poker Masters.
Top Stories: Charlie Carrel made a youtube video called “F*** GTO” where he argues against the way poker is trending and in favour of exploitative play and Daniel and Terrence discuss his thinking. Also discussed: Daniel’s full Masterclass series will be available this week and Jackie Glazer is voted off Australian Survivor. Some of the best tweets of the week are reviewed and the guys answer the first batch of mail to the podcast! 
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Sep 06, 2018
EPT Barcelona, €100k High Roller, High Stakes Stories & Ivey vs Borgata - DAT Poker Podcast Episode 2
On this episode of DAT Poker: Daniel’s trip report from EPT Barcelona and some Super High Roller stories!
To begin Daniel starts us out with some hands from the €100k high roller where he went deep but came up just short. Daniel, Terrence and Adam break down the hand that did him in and the prevalence of big blind antes. 
Top Stories: The €100k was won by Mikita Badziakouski of Belarus, the guys discuss Mikita as he is the latest player to go on a hot streak, quickly rising to 22nd on the all time money list. Also discussed is Richard Yong and the asian high roller crew returning to EPT events. Other stories include Spanish tax authorities going after Germans and other pros cashing in events, Pokerstars launching play money in Australia and USA, Lyle Berman's bitcoin bet with Brian Rast and Phil Ivey’s continued legal battle with Borgata.
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Aug 28, 2018
DAT Poker Episode 1: Are Super High Rollers Soft? With Daniel Negreanu, Adam Schwartz and Terrence Chan

On the inaugural episode of DAT Poker: Daniel Negreanu, Adam Schwartz and Terrence Chan introduce the new show and give you some insight into their own history and the future of the podcast! 

Top Stories: High roller regular Patrick Leonard said that high rollers are some of the softer tournaments available today, if you can afford to play them. The guys discuss what he means and whether they agree. Other stories include Greg Merson's beef with a waiter, WCOOP and online poker coming to PA. 

We then review the best/funniest poker tweets of late and break down a hand played on Live at the Bike featuring poker blogger Johnnie Vibes. Johnnie joins us on the line to break down his strategy. 

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Aug 21, 2018