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They're back and better than ever baby! Johny, Mike, Jenk? and a revolving crew of misfits and miscreants for your listening pleasure. Hang on tight Sunshine! Logo by Gareth Nelson

Episode Date
Crazy News Worldwide 3-"High Speeders, Poop Speeders and Elder Dating"

Our own Johny ??? and returning superstar Mucho Macho rip it up on subjects hot and spicy! Stay for the funny Sunshine!


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Oct 07, 2020
Crazy News Worldwide 2-"Sex & Vapes & Boneless Wings, These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things"

Back with an action-packed 2nd episode, Johny, Mike and Scott Greer Cover the world, kind of ya know. Great stories and fun. Dig It Sunshine!


Sep 10, 2020
Crazy News Worldwide 1-"24 y/o Burger and Florida Man in Louisiana"

The boys are back baby! Johny (Just Johny, like Cher, but Johny) Mike and Mucho Macho chop it up on crazy, weird news from the world. It's fun, it's fresh, it's 'Crazy News Worldwide'.


Sep 06, 2020
"UFO's Are Real!!! Bigfoot Exists!!! Atlantis Found!!! (and the Last Ride of the WNC Souper Party)"

"If this is our end, what an end we should make it"-(random movie quote) Mike (confusion be thy name) Smith, the great Mucho Macho, Scott from It's Pathetic w/ Scott & Ryyebread, and Sky Genie joined along for the final? fun. Papa Dave said adios' and that's that savages. It's a final sundown Sunshine!

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May 29, 2020
"The Last Ride of Johny Florida and Papa Dave"

In what became the goodbye episode for our hero Johny Florida, your WNCSP, unless miracles, signs and wonders happen, might just be going forth into the deep, deep cult underground of podcast history. This one helped send 'ol Papa Dave to the ER. No shit. A lot of rasslin' talk. The doc's on Undertaker and Owen hart were discussed, in detail. and Bret is a mark for himself. Sunshine, this is your (possibly, nearly final) WNCSP at it loquacious best. Tune in next week for more information.

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Adios' amigo's???

May 23, 2020
"Don't Be Afraid, We're The WNC Souper Party, We're Here To Help"

In this spectacular episode of your WNCSP, Mike (confusion be thy name) Smith, Scott Greer and The mighty presence of Phil the Promoter filled and thrilled the people with joy in rapt anticipation until Papa Dave showed up and the show went...on. It was a fun-filled night Sunshine!

@TheDaveSincere or @TheWNCNetwork

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May 15, 2020
"Mannequins, Maniacs and Luke is God w/ Sky Genie and Phil the Promoter

In our most deity-reffic episode of your WNCSP, we learn Luke Birch of TCP fame is the Lord. Along for this wild ride is Mike, myself, Phil and Sky Genie.  Jump in and get neck-deep Sunshine!


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May 08, 2020
A Tale of Two Souper Parties

In a positively Dickensian episode of your WNCSP, we give you practically 2, count em', 2 shows in one packed WNCSP. Jenkins and returning hero Johny Florida discuss the recent firings at WWE and comment on an upcoming PPV. Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch, around hour 2 Papa Dave and Mike "Confusion Be Thy name" Smith join in for some typical SP hi-jinks! And Johny reads form his sex diary. Why you may ask did you save that for the end? Sunshine, listen and learn why.


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Apr 24, 2020
If Wrestling Were Sunshine, We'd All Have A Sunburn!

In an episode of your WNCSP literally DRIPPING w/ wrestling analysis, your host for the night, Mike (CBTN) Smith and returning cool dude Mucho Macho rip it up on the recent WWE releases and the recent WM. Papa Dave came in midway through and added nothing. That is until Mucho brought up Papa's fav wrestling show, MLW. We tore it up and left it for dead Sunshine. No shit.

@TheDaveSincere @The WNCNetwork Facebook/wncsouperparty

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Apr 17, 2020
The WNCSP After School Special w/ the Return of Ol' Man Jenkins. (And Papa Dave Yells at Mike (CBTN) Smith)

In an episode of your WNCSP that can only be percieved as 700Club level inspirational, the "Originalest" WNC alum, Jenkins returns to educate, inspire and laugh with us. Papa Dave, Mike (confusion be Thy Name) Smith, and Luke Birch are along for the festivities. And in what may be the WNCSP's most provocative moments ever, Papa Dave yells at Mike. And it was tremendous! So saddle-up Sunshine and let's ride!

@thedavesincere (WNCSP Official Twitter)

@thewncnetwork (Mike)


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Apr 03, 2020
The Johny the Cracker Show w/ Fellow Captives Papa Dave and Mike (Confusion Be Thy Name) Smith

In this most Hee-Haw-esque episode of your WNCSP. we learn Johny Florida is a tool. But he's our tool so back-off! And topics, we don't need no stinkin' topics...we got Johny! Papa Dave and Mike were there as Johny's beard. it's goofy podcasting at it's finest Sunshine!



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Mar 27, 2020
When The WNCSP Does Wrestling, We Do it Right! w/ Special Superguest The Mucho Macho

Land-a-goshin' people di we have a party on this edition of your WNCSP. The usual suspects were here, Papa Dave, Mike (confusion be thy name) Smith, and, as we were #JohnyFree, luke doing our tech. We began with our usual shenanigans, and then as if the pod-gods smiled on us, old friends Scott Greer of It's Pathetic w/ Scott & Ryyebread jump in along with resident wrestling raconteur, Mucho Macho! #AEW #WWE and other stuff were discussed. Our Mucho is an amazing,insightful commentator. 

You'll love the flow Sunshine!


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Mar 20, 2020
Johny, the Corona Slayer (Ya Know, Like Buffy, Only Coronas)

What A Night!!! In a most unhinged episode of your WNCSP, Papa Dave gets emotional, in a funny, yell-y kinda way. Our Johny Florida gets statistical, while Mike (Confusion Be Thy Name) Smith. was almost the normal one. This is podcast roller-coastering at it bestest Sunshine


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Mar 13, 2020
The WNCSP Presents..."The 'Murica Episode"

As though we belong slap-dab in the middle of it, your returning hero Johny Florida, Papa Dave and Mike talk America. Specifically the upcoming primaries and general election. Papa Dave luvs Bernie 4 Prez, Johny? Well we all know that story. And Mike was Mike. A bit of rasslin talk, Papa's tech was wonky and oh so much more (or less) on your WNCSP. A chicken in every pot Sunshine!


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Feb 28, 2020
Papa Dave Does a Funny Voice...Twice! And Other Tomfoolery w/ Mish and the Wookie

As I sat to write this intro, I meditated on last night's exciting episode of your WNCSP and, well, we had almost 3 hours of fun and laughs. No topics, laughs, and Papa Dave is his curmudgeonly self (whoopee). As always, Michael _____ and TCP's own Luke Birch are in the scrum. Podcast personalities Anthony "Missionary: Thomas and the Wookie join in for a real Hoot-n-nanny of a show. Don't say no Sunshine


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Feb 21, 2020
How to Talk to the Ladies, Johny Florida Style! w/ bonus Reality Check Included!


In this episode of your WNCSP, Our returning hero Johny Florida shares himself with us all. Covering a plethera of subjects such as confidence, relationships, and how to talk to the object of your desires. Mike and Papa Dave listen with amazement. It's Johny at his jocular best. PLUS...a special bonus episode of Reality Check. Check your box for details Sunshine!


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Feb 14, 2020
The WNCSP Presents-"Mannequin 3-Papa Dave's Dark impulses" w/ The Sky Genie & Luke Birch or Mea Culpa My A$$!!!

In an episode for the history books, Papa Dave, Mike _____, and special guest The Sky Genie w/ friend Luke Birch bring da funny. We had the oddest discussion about mannequins? i don't know why. Throw in a bit 'o NWA and MLW talk and it's mannequins for everybody Sunshine!!!



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Feb 07, 2020
Ok, Mea Culpa. Maybe We Are Goofy!?!

My humble words are inadequate to describe this episode of your WNCSP. Hopefully you gentle listener will be able to decipher the miasma that is this episode. I know there was WNC title talk, and it all gets fuzzy after that (and I was sober) so listen and learn Sunshine!

@WNCSouperParty and

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Feb 01, 2020
The NWA Power(rr) Review-Ep. 15-"Generation Clash" and NWA Hard Times PPV Predictions

Fellow NWA Power(rr) fans, this is the review/recap you've been waiting for. Listen as returning hero Johny Florida, Mike and Papa Dave cover ep. 15. Hear Papa Dave amazing take on the go-home episode before the Hard Times PPV. Man it's better than ice cream. partake and enjoy!

BONUS***BONUS***BONUS...A special PPV predictions show right after the review.


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Jan 25, 2020
The Passion of the @SilverSerpant w/ special guests Sensible Sam & Luke Birch of TCP

In this most passionate episode of your WNCSP, we're #JohnyFree and swingin' in the breeze. Guests Sam and Luke wowed the live crowd and they'll wow you too! Papa Dave and Mike did their best to just get the hell outta the way. A thing of podcasting beauty Sunshine!

Listen to The Transcontinental Project @TContinentalPro live every Tuesday at 9pm cst (US) and stream or download thru the WNC Network @Anchor.FM



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Jan 24, 2020
The NWA Power(rr) Review-Episode 14-"Strictly Business Take Over" (A WNC/WNCSP Presentation)

Come on in and join us for episode 14 of NWA Power(rr) as knight in shiny  armor Johny Florida and Papa Dave Sincere give it the 'ol once over. A thrill ride for all Boo!


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Jan 17, 2020
The WNC Souper Party-THIS WEEK ONLY...25% OFF the List Price...What a Deal!!!

If all of your podcast wishes could come true in one episode, this would be the one. Papa Dave, the "curiously specific" Johny Florida and Mike (still just Mike) bring on da fun. this one is hotter than a $2 pistol Sunshine!


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Jan 17, 2020
The NWA Power(rr) Review for Ep. 13-"Who's the 3rd Man, Brother?" (A WNC Network/WNCSP Presentation)

Our own "Curiously Specific" Johny Florida and Papa Dave cover this latest episode of Power(rr). Come on in and join the fun!

@TheWNCNetwork and @WNCSouperParty

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Jan 09, 2020
The WNCSP Slappy New Year Episode!

It's a new year over here at the ole WNCSP and Johny, Mike ?, and Papa Dave ring this bitch in w/ their usual aplomb and audio sophistication. Join in on nearly 2 hours of fun...and the ongoing Johny/Mike feud. We're booking the cage match for the next PPV. It's the mostest fun you'll have in 2020 w/ your pants on Sunshine!


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Jan 08, 2020
The NWA Power(rr) Review-Episode 12 "Something Left to Prove"

Thus once again, the WNCSP and WNC Network present this weeks review of NWA Power(rr) ep 12. Much to discuss. Featuring Papa Dave and Johny "Curiously Specific" Florida doing the job this week. partake and enjoy! and /wncnetwork

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Jan 04, 2020
THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!! (Cuz THIS EPISODE of Your WNCSP Would Never Work on a Thursday)

In quite possibly the strangest episode of your WNCSP (special Friday edition) we find friend of the podcast community, Papa Dave has been inoculated w/ a phonograph needle this week and holy shit, can he ramble.Podcasting hero Johny Florida is in on the fun as well. WOW!!! This is some deep and wide shit brothers and sisters.

Come on this journey and see. It'll be a eye-opener Sunshine! and/wncnetwork



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Dec 29, 2019
The NWA Power(rr) Review-Episodes 10 & 11 (A Double Sized, Double-Stuffed Holiday Treat from the WNCSP/WNCN)

Merry Christmas to our friends and fans. We offer this x2 episode for your holiday listening pleasure. Johny "Curiously Specific" Florida and Papa Dave x2 cover ep's 10 and 11 of NWA Power(rr) (#10 "The Villian Effect" and #11 "Not Another Christmas Movie"). Partake and Enjoy! and /wncnetwork

@TheWNCNetwork and @WNCSouperParty

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Dec 24, 2019
The NWA Power(rr) Review Presents-"The State of the NWA Address by Johny Florida" (A WNCN/WNCSP Presentation)

In this powerful first of 3 episodes of your NWAPR, our Johny Florida shares his excitement at being at the NWA tapings. He also gives his State of the NWA address. A lil' bit his fan experience and some impressions of the NWA so far. Wonderful and curiously specific. You'll love it!

P.S. Papa Dave's there too!


@thewncnetwork and /wncsouperparty

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Dec 24, 2019
Papa Dave's Thursday Life w/ Mike Nutpain & Special Guest Scott Greer

In this most free-flowing episode of your WNCSP, we are joined by rock star, raconteur and host of It's Pathetic w/ Scott & Ryyebread, Scott Greer. He joins in with Papa Dave and newly minted Mike Nutpain (yes, I'm gonna beat this one to death) for our most eclectic show in quite a while.

Give this one a chance Sunshine, it's a winner-winner-chicken-dinner!


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Dec 13, 2019
A WNCSP/WNCN Podcast-"The NWA Into the Fire PPV Preview" w/ Johny Florida & Papa Dave

Get yourself ready for the historic Into the Fire PPV this Saturday. Johny and Papa cover the 6 match card, offer a few predictions and have a helluva good time doing it. Get ready for the PPV with us.

@WNCSouperParty and @TheWNCNetwork and /wncnetwork

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Dec 11, 2019
Welcome to the 1st Annual WNCSP Wine & Cheese Soiree' w/ Your Host, Johny Florida

In the history of your WNCSP, never have we had such a classy episode as this one right here! Join us for the NEW 1st annual WNCSP Wine & Cheese Soiree'. Your Semi-Sommelier', Johny, offers for your taste imagination and your just regular imagination a treat of wine and cheeses. Papa Dave and John talk a bit of SciFi TV and Netflix/Amazon shows we like. And well, it was a show. We did it. Not a grand-slam, but a solid triple. Listen to it Sunshine!


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Dec 07, 2019
The NWA Power(rr) Review-Episode 9 "One More Time" (A WNCSP/WNCN Presentation)

Welcome to your NWA Power Review w/ Johny Florida and Papa Dave Sincere for ep. 9, One More Time. We're all over this one. You'll love it!

Remember to tune in to our NWA PPV preview for their 1st PPV offering, "Into the Fire"

@WNCSouperParty and @TheWNCNetwork & /wncnetwork

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Dec 06, 2019
The NWA Power(rr) Review, Episode 8-"Step Into The Fire" (Presented by the WNCN/WNCSP)

Better late than never, once more into the breach dear friends, it's the NWA Power Review, week 8, w/ Papa Dave and Johny Florida. We watched, we reviewed, it stunk-on-ice. Papa Dave got a bit flusterated, and as always, Johny was the cooler head. This one is 24k FUN. Enjoy! and /wncnetwork

@WNCSouperParty and @TheWNCNetwork

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Nov 29, 2019
The WNCSP Presents-"The WNC's NWA Power(rr) Review-Episode 7, 'The Phoenix Rises' "

Welcome back NWA fans and friends. Today Johny and Papa Dave cover ep 7 of the hottest, most talked-about show in the pro wrestling world. partake and enjoy!


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Nov 23, 2019
Johny Florida, Hick-Hop Afficinado. Yes Friends, You Heard That Right!

Come join us for another metaphysical adventure on your WNCSP. On tonight's program, we discover our own Johny Florida has quite possibly the worst taste in music in the history of ever. Mike was a good boy and Papa Dave DOES NOT hate chubby pu$$ie nor indulge in heroine, contrary to the upcoming, popular t-shirt from the WNC Party Store on (I Love Shameless Promotion). So join and relive those thrilling days of, we.., just yesterday and dig into the Party Sunshine! and/wncnetwork

@WNCSouperParty and #TheWNCNetwork

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Nov 22, 2019
The WNCSP Presents the WNC's NWA Power(rr) Review, Ep. 6-"More Questions Than Answers"

Reunited and it feels sooooo good! Sports fans, we're back with another NWA Power(rr) Review. This week Johny and Papa Dave are all over this week's episode, #6, titled "More Questions Than Answers". Enjoy!


Social media: @WNCSouperParty, @TheWNCNetwork, and/wncnetwork

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Nov 13, 2019
The WNCSP Presents-The WNC Review of NWA Power(rr) TV, episode 5 "Colt Cabana vs. James Storm"

Back again with another exciting recap of pro wrestling TV's hottest new program, NWA Power(rr). Our own Papa Dave Sincere and returning champ Johny Florida cover this 5th episode of the show. Jump on in Sunshine!

@TheWNCNetwork and/or @WNCSouperParty-Twitter and/or /wncsouperparty

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Nov 10, 2019
This is the WNCSP...We're Not Goofy, We're Avant Garde'

In an episode messier than the floor of a taxi-cab, we kick-off w/ Johny and friend of the SP Anthony "Missionary" Thomas, talk a bit'o'NWA, Mish leaves, Papa Dave and Mike show up. What happens in the next few hours is hazy and obscured by our blinding artistry. The NWA Power(rr) review will be published seperately and may be at the end of this very show. I'm not sure anymore...fuk it! This is a wacky ride Sunshine! and @WNCSouperParty

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Nov 08, 2019
From the WNCSP Classics Dept.-"Johny Get Your Shovel or Southern Wisdom From Johny Florida!"

The classic is 1 year old this wee. So let's re-visit those thrilling days of yesteryear as your WNCSP Classics dept. presents...

Johny Get Your Shovel or Southern Wisdom from Johny Florida!

On  our most educational episode featuring special friend Anthony "The  Promise" Thomas of @WrestlingSoup, Johny teaches us the proper "english"  way to say garage (he's wrong). We also learn from Johny of the  Illuminati-like manipulations of southerners to be different (wrong  again). And somehow, Corvin pulled off being the only normal one. And  BTW, Vince is still the Devil, and Stephanie is his only begotten  Lillith.   Facebook: The WNC Wrestling Network   Twitter: @TheWNCShow @johnyflorida @SoupHeatCorvin @theDaveSincere  @WrestlingSoup  Support us on Patreon:  We Love ya People...Keep Coming Back ;]]

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Nov 04, 2019
The WNCSP Presents-"the NWA Power(rr) Recap Podcast-Ep. 4-Dealer Calls Again'"

Join your friend and mine Johny Florida and Papa Dave Sincere for ep. 4 of the NWA Power Tv review...Dealer Calls Again. Tune in for the freshest and most exciting program in pro wrestling today as recapped by your friends at the WNCN/WNCSP

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Oct 30, 2019
The WNCSP Presents..."The WNCN/NWA Power(rr) Review Podcast-Episode 3, 'Twilight of Tim Storm' "

In our most verbal-tastic episode of the NWA Power show, Johny and Papa Dave break down episode 3 of the most original TV wrestling show of the 21st century. Join us for the Fun!


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Oct 26, 2019
The WNCSP Presents..."The WNC/NWA Power(rr) Review Show" w/ Johny Florida & Dave Sincere

So Johny had this idea. Let's do a recap and review show about the most exciting new pro wrestling show out there now. And this is the result. Countless hours of research and contemplation to bring you a thorough and complete recap of the NWA Power show.

This episode covers NWA Power #2 "Clickbait"

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Oct 20, 2019
On Tonight's WNCSP-47% More Words...Guaranteed!

Your newest episode of the WNCSP is so chocked-full-o-goodness, it tastes like a banana split podcast w/ extra nuts and whopped cream! Our own Johny Florida, Mike Andolini and Papa Dave give a 2 hour clinic on the fine art of not-so-subtle dumbassery. Topics? We don't need no stinkin' topics (we did have a few though). And we were joined by the erstwhile Scott Greer of It's Pathetic w/ Scott & Ryyebread for a big finish. All-in-all Sunshine, it's Souper!

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Oct 19, 2019
Aw Hell, I Can't Think of a Title For This One, You Guys Name It!

In this most eclectic episode of your WNCSP, myself (Papa Dave) and a freshly medicated Mike Andolini get into a number of fun and interesting topics. From Dave recomending a newly discovered scifi series (The Expanse) on Amazon prime to the new NWA studio wrestling show. We're joined by Derk and Scott Greer from It's Pathetic w/ Scott & Ryyebread for a solid finish. You must listen Sunshine. You must listen Sunshine. You must listen Sunshine. Just listen. Thanks for your support.



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@WNCSouperParty @theWNCNetwork

Oct 11, 2019
Papa Dave's MLW Fusion Report for Episode 78

Oh happy day! It's MLW report time again. For the episode, #78, airing 10/5/19. Papa Dvae gives his unique perspective on his favorite pro wrestling TV program. Enjoy Sunshine! and @TheWNCNetwork

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Oct 09, 2019
Bucketheads, S#!tstorms, and Freaks...Just Another Thursday Nite on the WNCSP Sunshine!

Sometimes an episode of your WNCSP comes along to tickle the fancy, touch the spirit and blow our minds. Me thinks this one will get-'er=dun just fine. Reality Check's own Johny Florida joins the proceedings along with Mike and Papa Dave. 

That's when the thermonuclear fun commences. Johny shares news items of the stoopid variety and Papa Dave's mind is blown repeatedly. Mike comes off as the normal one...which in of itself is a brain-scrambler. Children, this episode ain't just a must. It's a triple-dipped must Sunshines!

For the Live WNCSP-Thursday Nights after @WrestlingSoup on Mixlr and Discord. Check for links.

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Oct 05, 2019
A WNCSP Classic Blast Presents-"Nobody Get's L@id"

We present a classic episode of your WNCSP from fall 2017. In this most share-worthy show, Jenkins, Papa Dave, Mike and our Johny Florida trip the light fantastic and through it all...Nobody Gets Laid. The 1st of a multi-part theme we know you'll enjoy. So listen and learn Sunshine

On Social and @WNCSouperParty

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Sep 27, 2019
#PapaDaveSincere2020 (Gotcha Thinkin' Now Huh Sunshine?)

If this most amazing episode of your WNCSP don't publish, I'm posting a Mike Rant's episode. that'll show Anchor.FM

So in this one kids, myself, our returning hero Johny and longtime friend and podcaster (It's Pathetic w/ Scott & Ryyebread) Scott Greer get into a plethora of cool stuff; Area 51, Bobby's new show, and the most dynamic presidential run in the history of goofy podcasting. You'll be amazed Sunshine!

@WNCSouperParty @WNCNetwork and

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Sep 22, 2019
Panic At The Disco(rd) and More of Our Continuing Saga "Life w/ Mikey 2". A Lot Like LWM 1, Just Double the Pain.

In what may be the Inspirational episode of the 21st century, Our returnibg heros Johny Florida and Mike chop it up only as they can. We're on Discord tonight and that was a barrel of funky monkey's. Hopefully Mike got it all off of his narrow shoulders and feels lighter. Johny's Johny and on this one, we all get laid. Gear up for fun Twizzle-Britches!

Check us out Live every Thur. Night on right after @WrestlingSoup

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@WNCSouperParty @TheWNCNetwork or/wncnetwork

Sep 06, 2019
If I Put What We REALLY Talked About on the WNCSP Tonight, They'd Put Us In Interwebs Jail, And Throw Away The Key!

In this most humdingeristic episode of your WNCSP, the crew of the good ship D@uch& Canoe navigate the fragile water's of Mike's never-ending foot-in-mouth disease. Papa Dave's new obsession w/ technology and Mucho Macho's awesomeness. Ol' Man Jenkins sailed w/ us as well for a WNCSP that was Vag-Tastic Sunshine!!!

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Aug 30, 2019
We Are The WNCSP, Your Miracle Rodeo Cosmanauts w/ special guest Cheezman from @TheHighMarks

In the silliest episode of your WNCSP, our man Ol' Man Jenkins makes his triumphant, long hoped for return to the WNCSP. And chaos ensued. Fear not though, it's the good kind of chaos. Papa Dave, Johny, Jenkins and Mike (dic) along w/ guest and friend Cheezman from the Wrestlings High Marks podcast pulled off the equivilent of a podcast Christmas miracle and do over 2 hours of Seinfeldian nothing-ness. Claim your miracle. I gar-on-tee you'll love it Sunshine!!!

Check out the Live Show on every Thursday after @WrestlingSoup

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Aug 23, 2019
A WNCSP Extra Special Friday Edition-"Real Southern Wisdom From Ol' Man Jenkins

Check out this special presentation of the WNCSP. Our favorite dude, Ol' Man Jenkins returns to the WNCSP with some real southern flavor. And Mike was there too. A really cool edition for dat ass Sunshine!

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Aug 17, 2019
The 'We're Feelin' Fresh, Back From Vacation' Episode-w/ Mucho Macho and Lube Birch

In this most grapp-tastic episode of your WNCSP, long time friend and WNC alum Mucho Macho joins in. Luke Birch runs the tech and Papa Dave and Mike round out the party. We talked a lotta wrestling on this episode. Dave and Mucho do a extra-special MLW report. Mike and MM cover the G-1 NJPW tourney. Analysis is given, stars, new and old are discussed. And predictions are made. 

Oh and we also examined social-media goofs and their ultra-goofiness. That was a rock to the head. All-in all Sunshine, you must listen.

@WNCSouperParty @TheWNCNetwork 

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Aug 09, 2019
A WNCSP Classic Blast-"The Do You Feel The Love Episode"

In this classiest of classic blast episodes of your WNCSP, we let the love flow all over each other. We were young and eager. Filled. With hope. And promise. 

An episode you'll tell your friends about Sunshine. 


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Aug 02, 2019
The Missionary JuxtaPosition W/ special guest Anthony "Missionary" Thomas"

In a most conversational episode of your WNCSP, we are joined by legendary podcast superstar Mish (Wrestling Soup, The Frank and Gus Show) for a veritable blitzkrieg of great conversation. Many, many topics of interest were run up the flagpole, saluted, and thoroughly examined. For example, Papa Dave and Mish conversate about the triumphs and tragedies  of their HS ball playing days (sorry about the ball reference Mish. ouch.) Our own Johny Florida, in his final regular appearence (at least for a while) takes us to school on WWE movie production. Mike, Mish and myself listen w/ interest. Nay astonishment. 

So listen up Sunshine. This WNCSP is a home-run. A touchdown (oh sorry, ball references again). It's a winner-winner chicken dinner!


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Jul 26, 2019
Meet Mike Miserable. Jalepeno Bukkake-ist, Ego-Centrist, Good Rasslin' Killin' International Man of Misery!

In this most torturous episode of your WNCSP, Papa Dave and Johny Florida put in the work and get a big "A" for effort on this Horse-Apple. Dvae tries to offer Johny an "alternative" to his lady-problems. Papa Dave and Mike give tonight's MLW Report (as Mike was in attendence for this here show) and it was a hoot-n-nanny. Then, from the very bowels of hell itself, Mike Miserable emerges form the wasteland of bad podcast gimmicks to even further kill his dead 'n' bloated gimmick. It ain't the freshest one we've ever done, but it'll taste good goin' down Sunshine!

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Jul 19, 2019
We had A Dude Named Weener and Sensible Sam on the WNCSP! We Win. Again!

In our most innuendo-filled episode of your WNCSP, Papa Dave and returning champ Johny Florida get downright wiggly with it! (I don't know wtf that means either, it just sounded cool in my head) Papa talks music, stupid laws, gives his MLW Fusion report and teaches Johny valuable life lessons. GIDC alum Weener and Yuk Nassty join in with Sensible Sam  the Souper Party Sexy Time! This one practically drips with fun so what you are waiting for Sunshine!!! Listen Up!!!


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Jul 12, 2019
May The 4TH Be With Us All Sunshine!!!!

On this most patriotic episode of our WNCSP, Johny, Papa Dave and Mike bring the fireworks, ID4 style. Johny gives some Independence Day factoids Papa Dave gives the weekly MLW Fusion report. Then Johny Florida obcesses about being a world champion eater, like Jimmy Twizzlebritches. Papa Dave gives johny encouragement, old-style! And Mike once again managed to come off as the normal one. Weird huh? This one is funny Sunshine. Real funny. No s#!t.

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Jul 05, 2019
The Golden Buttery Pipes of Johny Florida

In the chattiest episode of your WNCSP in, like forever ya know, our own Johny Florida opens the show with "The Pina Colada Song" (apologies for that) and his Indy vs. Pro wrestling presentation. Papa Dave (book at the ready) gives a spirited MLW Fusion report. New friend Mandy (of Discord fame) joins the show to admire Johny's smooth vocal calisthenics and compliment Mike's being Mike (listen to the show, you'll get it). Old friend Yuk Nassty does a run-in. Sunshine, this is why we do what we do. Thanks for supporting the WNCSP!

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Jun 28, 2019
This One is From The Ladies w/ Sensible Sam and Dani TPCB

In our most estrogen filled episode of your WNCSP to date, Sam and Dani fill the SP with their special lady love. We also had long time friends of the SP Phil and Yuk Nassty join in on the festivities. As always our own Johny Florida and Papa Dave were there for all the wack-a-doodle fun. Dave did manage to fit his MLW Fusion report (thanks Dani) and had plenty of time for his book. A free-flowing episode Sunshine. Listen Up!!

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Jun 22, 2019
Papa Dave's Table Loves You Too! & May The Moist Be With You.

In this most MOISTEST episode of your WNCSP, Papa Dave, Mike and tech-savior Luke Birch join in on the unbridled tomfoolery (i think Johny Florida was there and said something important as well) of the show. Dave gives his weekly MLW Fusion report, shares the love of a new table with everyone, and teaches rodeo technique for dumbasses. Mike obsesses over tw!#ks, Luke agrees and Jenkins and CJ do a run-in for the big finish. this one was fun to do. Laughs-a-plenty Sunshine, laughs-a-plenty! And oh so Moist!!!

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Jun 14, 2019
The Greatest WNCSP Ever!?! (Ok, Maybe Not Ever, But We had Sensible Sam for a 2nd Big Week, So We Win)

In our most female-infused episode of your WNCSP, returning guest-host Sensible Sam (co-host of WNC Network podcast "The Transcontinental Project" w/ Luke Birch) joins Johny, Mike and Papa Dave for a  helluva great WNCSP. We talk D-Day vets, rememberances, old phones and Mike teaches Sam some inside rasslin' stuff. You gotta hear this. Dave gives his weekly @MLW report and so much more. A winner, winner chicken dinner Sunshine!

We're On Social and @theWNCNetwork @TheDaveSincere @SoupHeat

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Jun 07, 2019
Romancing The Johny w/ Sensible Sam and Anthony "Missionary" Thomas

In our most romance-filled episode of your WNCSP, we find Johny Florida and Mish sparkin' over fine European spirits. And Johny talked. We welcome a first-timer to the SP, our friend Sensible Sam, co-host of "The Transcontinental Project" to the show. SHE RULES. And Johny talked some more. On-air personality and Mish fav Mike (the artist formerly known as Corvin) and Papa Dave were there. He did a thrill-packed 20-25 minute #MLWFusion report and went back to his book. Good book. Jenkins and Phil do a last minute run-in to hear Johny got deep and talked some more. And the flirting...holy shit the flirting. A winner, winner chicken dinner Sunshine!

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May 31, 2019
The WNCSP Professionals

In this most super-fantastic (hyperbole) episode of your WNCSP, we discover Papa Dave has the "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie-Woogie Flu". Johny and Mike have a really good discussion about  the late Owen Hart. Dave and the crew do the #MLWFusion report, And shennagins, tomfoolery, and mirth...a helluva lotta mirth. Give us your ears Sunshine!

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May 24, 2019
Life With Mikey


We also had Johny, Dave and Jenkins in on all the "fun". We examined Mike's name change, Papa Dave did his #MLWFusion report and gave tips on anal cleanliness. And Mike lost his mind, which was fun in a "roller coaster ride to Hell" kind of a way. I guarantee ya this Sunshine, you'll be amazed.

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May 17, 2019
Charlize and the Rodeo Cosmonaut or Why i Love Wrestling Again #MLW

In this outreaching episode of your WNCSP, Johny Florida is back in the co-host spot and killin' it for the people. Papa Dave reaches out to an obviously needy C. Theron and offers her a Texas-Style helpin' o love! Dave and Johny smother and cover Papa's fav wrestling show #MLWFusion and other items of interest. Johny gives North/South relations a boost with his "Cannabis Update" segment. A more well-rounded podcast you'll be hard-pressed to find Sunshine!

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May 10, 2019
This Episode is #JohnyRiffic Baby!

In our most Johnyriffic episode in quite a while, our own J. Florida returns to thrill, excite and tickle us all. We give some great friends, @StevenMillan and @WrestlingsHighMarks a well deserved shout-out. Papa Dvae gushes, profusely, over the best wrestling show on TV, #MLWFusion. Oh and Johny talks #WWE ratings. Johny loves ratings. A lot. Corvin does a run-in to polite fanfare. A-you-better-listen episode Sunshine!

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May 03, 2019
Life Lessons From Your WNC Souper Party...Lesson #1-No Dates on a Show Night and #TGFMLW ;]]

In this most discombobulated episode of your WNCSP, Corvin and Myself run our hulls for the first 1/3 of the show. @PhilThePromoter  races to our rescue with news on the new Avengers: End Game release. We talk video arcades, the new Mortal Kombat 11, DC Universe, a run-in from Johny Florida and Papa gives a spirited MLW report to the class. Truly a one-of-a-kind show there Sunshine. #DCUniverse #MCU #MLW #gaming #MortalKombat #ROH #WWE#NJPW #Wrestling #Eclectic #weird

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Apr 26, 2019
"They Call Him Mucho Macho" and that's How Ya Do a Podcast About Wrestling Sunshine! #ThankYouMLW

In a most uplifting episode of your WNCSP, Papa Dave goes it alone with special guest-host and deep-cut WNC alum Mucho Macho (yeah that's his name). Dave and "The MM Experience" go deep on MLW, the indies, the classics, rising stars, who-to-watch, GCW and so "mucho more". It's simple Sunshine, this ain't just the WNCSP you always wanted, it's the one you NEEDED!!! Something like that ;]][ #prowrestling #MLW #GCW #IndyWrestling #ROH #NJPW #comedy #eclectic #old

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Apr 19, 2019
A Year in the Life of #JohnysTumesence and the Jenkins and Dev WM 35 Wrap-Up-Over-And-Out and #MLWiz

In a most ebullient episode of your WNCSP, Papa Dave ponders a perplexing question. "If a tree falls in reverse, will Johny Florida have a good year?" We predict yes. Dave also gives MLW's #BattleRiot2, in fact 2 thumbs way up. A fantastic 2 hours (I'm going for a theme here). And our own @OlManJenkins and special surprise drop-in and long time pal Dev talk post #Wrestlemania #WWE #Raw #SmackdownLive #NXT in a most positive experience. Fun for everybody. Were #Corvinless and #Johnyfree to so we got that going, which was okay. I think Dave railed about some old-timer, #JoeyRyanIsABum s#!t. He was given tea and other green, leafy herbs and promptly calmed down. All-in-all, listen worthy Sunshine!

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Apr 12, 2019
Papa Dave is Growing. As a Person Ya Know. W/ Corvin, Phil and Luke #TSouperP Birch. And #MLWow

In this hot-off-the-presses early edition of your WNCSP, the WM35 weekend special. We further explore the big WM card, a little NXT, And of course MLW (best pro wrestling on TV) is discussed. Along the way, Papa Dave opens his heart to all persuasions and inclinations. A real heart-warmer people so you must listen and learn to love...again. Winner, winner chicken dinner Sunshine.

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Apr 05, 2019
It's the Souper Special WrestleMania XXXV Prediction Show and #MLWYaHadMeAtDeathMatch

In this most Kreskin-like episode of your WNCSP, WM35 is stacked, smothered and covered (anybody want hashbrowns) by your crack-team of #WWE experts and analysts. No sh!t. Jenkins, Corvin and our beautiful mixlr chat people talk gaming, retro and new stuff. We also, well,mostly Papa Dave chats up the most funnest wrestling show on broadcast and social media, #MLWFusion. We were #JuicyJohnyFree so we have that going for us, which was nice. Don't miss out on all the audio shenannigans Sunshine!

#MLW #MLWFusion #wrestling #WWE #ROH (Damn i'm a pandering mofo) #Impact #NJPW #popculture #eclectic 

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Mar 29, 2019
Let's Call This One #JohnysBack...Hell It's Better Than #JohnysFront. Trust Me ;]] and #MLWRulesMyHeart

In this most loquacious episode of your WNCSP, it's the 1st day of spring and we're buddin' baby! In a most surprising turn, our own Johny Florida comes home and makes "Verbal Kint" look like a Benedictine monk. Papa Dave and Michael Corvin listen.  A lot. 

Papa Dave continues watching his new favorite wrestling show, #MLWFusion, and put this great show over. 

Johny continues his "Cannabis in America" lectures and Corvin comes off looking like the normal one...again!

A special feature about friend of the SP, @ErikTurner5 and his mom Petra. Good thoughts and prayers for you and your family brother.

If you've been missing that full-frontal WNCSP experience, this is the episode for you Sunshine!!!

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#comedy #wrestling #eclectic #MLW #MLWFusion #cannabis #JimCornette 

Mar 22, 2019
MLW is Papa Dave's Only, New Favorite Wrestling Show and "He Ain't Hairy, He's My Brother"

In this demure episode of your WNCSP, Mike, Jenkins and Dave do a hot 90 minutes on MLW, Lovin' the Downloaders, and Dave chases imaginary internets kids off of his imaginary internets lawn. Now that's comedy Sunshine. And Scott Greer of the It's Pathetic podcast drops in for a few. DISCLAIMER: As we can now semi-fully speculate, the Illuminati Reptilian Overlords sabotaged Jenkins interwebs connection and cut us down to a lean hour and a half. Do not be alarmed, your host were not harmed in the making of this episode.

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Mar 15, 2019
Sleepy, Dopey and Angry Ain't No Way to Do a Podcast or The Birthday Show

In this celebratory edition of your Souper Party, we celebrate the navel anniversary of our own #OlManjenkins and @SoupheatCorvin (Michael and Jenkins) with song and words and fun and...well we were almost there. Papa Dave tried negative affirmations. That was a stinky tuna. Mike was (and probobly still is) pissed-off about existence. And Jenkins was the normal one (HAPPY B'DAY JENK). We talked Ace Ventura: Pet Dick and some 'rasslin too. They ain't all masterpiece theatre Sunshine! You've been warned ;]][

Mar 08, 2019
Our First WNCSP "Classics" Episode...Listen and Enjoy!

As our most recent episode of your WNCSP was ruined by deep state Illuminati operatives bent on world domination, I'm posting this classic, pre Anchor.FM edition of the party. In it Johny, Michael and papa Dave chop it up on a great many topics...even wrestling. No shit. Reach around w/ us into the heralded days of yesteryear for this cool WNCSP. You'll dig it Sunshine ;]]

@theWNCNetwork   @theDaveSincere   @OlManJenkins88


Mar 01, 2019
The WNCSP A$$ Spectacular w/ Papa Dave, Jenkins, Corvin and "Ceiling Fan"

In our most "bass-ackward" edition of your WNCSP, Papa Dave and the fellas wrestle with the question of the day..."Have you accepted "Ceiling Fan" into your heart? Oh and we ponder Dave's burning question-of-the-day..."Are those canned hams in your ass, or are you just glad to see me?" @PhilthePromoter joins in for this "Asstacular" WNCSP. Sunshine, listen and/or download this one or you will feel the wrath of the almighty "Ceiling Fan"

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Feb 22, 2019
Making With The Love, Souper Party Style, W/ Corvin and Jenkins

In this most amorous episode of your WNCSP, love is definitely in the air. Corvin and Old Man Jenkins take the helm and steer the SP into happy places. Phil the Promoter and Nasty Leroy are on-board for the hi-jinx and tomfoolery. Debutante' Dave is gettin' his Valentine's Day groove on and we're still #JuicyJohnyFree. A wide ranging, topical episode ensues. Come and feel the Love Sunshine!

Feb 15, 2019
"Dr. Huxtable Will See You Now" and the Adventures of Debutante' Dave , The Handsome Fat Man

On this liveliest edition of your WNCSP, we were #JuicyJohnyFree, so we had that, which was nice. AND we welcomed a new (to the SP) friend, Jill Himitsu, to the dumbassery of the SP. Our friend and podcast superstar Anthony "Missionary" Thomas did a run-in to spice up the Q & A w/ Ms. Himitsu. We considered "Crazy" Bill Cosby rapid decent into madness as Corvin conversed w/ his ceiling fan, and Jenkins was the normal how did that happen? And Papa Dave was effervesent. A winner/winner chicken dinner Sunshine!

Feb 08, 2019
# 31 w/ Anthony "Missionary" Thomas


Feb 02, 2019
The Extra-Special Royal "Grumble" Edition of the WNCSP w/ Anthony "Missionary" Thomas

In this super-special-extra-edition of your Souper Party after the extra-super-special-super-show, Wrestling Soup, after the PPV (wow)...We get together to grumble about, well everything Royal (i'm kidding) w/ Anthony "Missionary" Thomas of @WrestlingSoup. Our own Johny Florida adds special flavor, Michael Corvin adds special wisdom, and Papa Dave is still in that bad mood from Thursday's SP. All-In(see what i did there)-all an exciting, action packed episode! Thrills 'n' Chills Sunshine!

Jan 28, 2019
We Would Like You Better if We Slept Together...Souper Party Style!

In this most intimate episode of the Souper Party, Anthony "Missionary" Thomas of @ WrestlingSoup drops-by, Johny drops his crystal dildo, Corvin drops off, Jenkins drops the mic, and Papa Dave drops the eternal wisdom of age (he's old). This is the one that'll make us famous Sunshine!




The WNC Wrestling Network


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Jan 25, 2019
Bobby Anthem Just Wanted to Talk About Donkey Kong!?!

In this very playful episode of the Souper Party, some of the current gaming gurus hold a roundtable (it's really just Johny, Mike, Podcast Superstar Anthony "Missionary" Thomas, and one of the Inhumanz, Bobby Anthem) to discuss all things gaming...past, present and future. Heady stuff sunshine! And poor Bobby, we never did get to Donkey Kong. More like Konkey Dong. Oh and Papa Dave was there. Being really judgemental. Just listen Slappy, you'll get it!

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The WNC Wrestling Network

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Jan 04, 2019
Listen to Johny Florida and Dave, uh, Sac, um of Mars Bars, No, ah, Dave's Sack-O-Pimentos! Got It!

On this Mysteriously Sincereless episode of your WNC Souper Party, Johny, Dave (see above) and the gang chop it up on 2019 predictions and other cool stuff. A sure-fire winner. Listen up Sunshine!

Jan 01, 2019
The Papa Dave Fixes the World Holidaze Special

On this festive edition of your Souper Party, Dave dispenses wisdom, Jenkins runs the show, Corvin speaks, and Johny exposes himself...again. Friend @YukNassty_ and friends drop in and warm, wonderful Christmas feelings are passed around. Experience the holidaze...Souper Party Style Sunshine ;[]

Dec 21, 2018
Enter the Ravishing One/The 36 Chambers of Ravishing Dick Rude
On this Titanic episode of your WNC Souper Party, we welcome Wrestling Soup and WSPTSMSB legend Ravishing Dick Rude to the show for one of the best WNCSP's in the history of ThunderDome. Myself, Johny, Michael Corvin, Jenkins and RDR covered it all...all for you sunshine. Give yourself an early Christmas gift and check this one out ;]]
Dec 14, 2018
The Michael Corvin-less Souper Party
In this light, breezy, and particularly unstoned episode of the WNC Souper Party, Papa Dave brought his exciting new surgical enhancements to the show. Johny brought his shovel. Dig It! There was dumbassery, slapdashery and a cornucopia of topics discussed. Old Man Jenkins came on for the 2nd half of the show and, well, thank god for that. So give this one a listen sunshine because I can see you...better than ever!
Nov 30, 2018
Johny Get Your Shovel or The Cosmic D!@k is Exposed
In this particularly, herbally inebriated episode of your WNC Souper Party, Papa Dave is higher that Giraffe Pu&&y and finds his Cosmic D!@k as a result. Johny brings is own shovel and Mike and Jenkins come off as the normal ones. The weirdest episode ever??? You be the judge sunshine, I'm not doing your thinking for ya!
Nov 23, 2018
Part 1-The Mystical Tech-Killing Powers of Johny Florida-Illuminati Approved!!!
In pt. 1 of this technical disaster we know as the WNC Souper Party, Jenkins tech dreams go up in flames and Johny saves the day right before he stomps a mudhole in the tech's ass, and Papa Dave is simply wonderful. Michael Corvin is MIA at the MLW show...wearing another show's shirt. A You-Must-Listen classic-to-be ;]]
Nov 10, 2018
The Verbal Meanderings of Dave "The Joker" Sincere and Corvin's Gastric Adventures.
In a strangely loose episode of your WNC Souper Party, Dave get's funky, Jenkins gets verbal and Mike STILL comes off as the normal one. It's funny, weird and "higher than Giraffe Pu&$y" so download this one ASAP sunshine ;]]
Nov 02, 2018
"It's Gotta Be Right, I Saw It On The History Channel" or Southern Wisdom From Johny Florida!
On our most educational episode featuring special friend Anthony "The Promise" Thomas of @WrestlingSoup, Johny teaches us the proper "english" way to say garage (he's wrong). We also learn from Johny of the Illuminati-like manipulations of southerners to be different (wrong again). And somehow, Corvin pulled off being the only normal one. And BTW, Vince is still the Devil, and Stephanie is his only begotten Lillith. Facebook: The WNC Wrestling Network Twitter: @TheWNCShow @johnyflorida @SoupHeatCorvin @theDaveSincere @WrestlingSoup Support us on Patreon: We Love ya People...Keep Coming Back ;]]
Oct 26, 2018
So Now Mixlr Is Our Enemy and We Will See them Driven Into The Dust...Don't F&@k With The Party!
In this surprisingly abrupt episode of the 10/18 Souper Party, Our own Johny Florida took the helm-ski and steered us thru a near tragedy w/ the despicable Mixlr. Johny prepared us with lots, and lots, and lots of talk. Mike and Papa Dave listened. And somewhere an angel got it's wings.
Oct 19, 2018
Pt. 1-Welcome Back Late Nelson Mandela...Effect. And a Nice 80's Song.
On this brief pt. 1, I channel the late Nelson Mandela...Effect to read an all-important statement of absolute support regarding our friends and benefactors at Wrestling Soup w/ Mish and Joe. And an episode-appropriate song ;]]
Oct 12, 2018
Pt. 2-"Old Man Jenkins Returns, Mike and I Watch, and Johny Talks. And Talks. And Talks.
On this magnificent pt. 2 of your Souper Party, WNC original Jenkins returns, magnificently. We discover Johny Florida has 2 degrees and they've given him greater lung capacity, thus making him "King of the Run-On Sentence".And as per usual, Mike and Papa Dave steal the show...again!
Oct 12, 2018
The Episode That Made Papa Dave Sick?
On this unusually verbose edition of your WNC Souper Party, Corvin seeks therapy, Johny loves lists, and Papa Dave needs a doctor. And 3 cheers for Yuk Nassty from Get In Da Corner and Scott Greer from the It's Pathetic podcast for a HUGE assist when I took ill w/ the ebotchola (it's a real thing, just look it up???) and had to leave. A definite ought-to listen episode. Well, maybe a should listen? Or at least a "please for the love of God and all that is holy we beg you to" listen. You be the judge. Find us on these fine social media platforms: Twitter: @SoupheatCorvin @JohnyFlorida @theDaveSincere Facebook: The WNC Wrestling Network
Oct 05, 2018
There's a Thin Line Betwixt...Ah Hell I Can't Think of a Title for This S#!t-You Name It!
In this abbreviated episode of your Souper Party, Johny Florida and Papa Dave talked about a bunch of stuff. Then we discussed more stuff. Yes folks, we were stuffin' the hell outta each other. APOLOGIES FOR THE ONGOING TECH ISSUES...HELP US. twitter-@thwwncshow @the DaveSincere @JohnyFlorida Facebook-WNC Wrestling Network
Sep 28, 2018
So my Ex had to buy a Yugo...And other bonehead moves by Papa Dave ;]]
In this most revealing episode of your SP, we learn Dave wasn't always the prince among humanity he sells himself as? And assorted Dumbassery. So listen and download this late, yet vital piece of podcast uniqueness ;]]
Sep 17, 2018
Pt. 1-RIP Burt and Dancin' on da Party
In this brief yet powerful pt. 1 of tonight's 9/6/18 Souper Party, We pay tribute to Burt Reynolds. And we dance. Listen and see ;]]
Sep 07, 2018
Pt 2-Confessions of an Old(ish) Wrestling Fan and a Helluva Lotta Rasslin talk
In this exciting pt. 2 of the 9/6/18 Souper Party, Papa Dave inspires the people and a lot of wrestling talk. Jesus people, give it a chance. I mean we ae WRESTLINGS National Committee. We are conversant on any number of topics. Give a listen Sunshine ;]]
Sep 07, 2018
Skype is My Enemy and I Will See It Driven Before Me Into Dust or A 6-Pk and 2 Zannies My Ass
On this most recent ep of your Souper party, Johny, Mike, Myself and our favorite Scott Greer of the It's Pathetic Podcast w/ he and Ryyebread make audio love to each other while actually talking about nothing much except my advanced years. @WrestlingSoup 's Mish and Yuk of @GetInDaCorner_ came in for the Star Power Finish. Dwell and listen.
Aug 31, 2018
The Aftermath of Wrath or Papa Daves Brain Broke
On this most unusual edition of the Party, the first 30 minutes of the Party are gone forever due to Dave's mental midgetry. Anthony "Missionary" Thomas of @WrestlingSoup saves the day and the show and he and Corvin do a great ep. Sorry folks ;[[
Aug 26, 2018
Joe Numbas and Mish were Mean to Us..."Boo-Flippin'-Hoo"
On this unforgettable ep of the Souper Party, Johny and Papa Dave are schooled in podcasting by the experts, Joe Numbas and Anthony "Missionary" Thomas of @WrestlingSoup and the "Frank And Gus Show" fame. Or are they? Listen and find out. And this is some funny s#{t. Follow us at: twitter-@theWNCshow FaceBook- The WNC Wrestling Network
Aug 24, 2018
The WNC Souper Party-"I Call it Jesus Saves. Does that make me a bad person.
From a few weeks back we broke it off with this one. Listen and learn.
Aug 11, 2018