Route 29 Stalker

By Watts Creative Studios

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 Feb 23, 2019

 Feb 16, 2019


Between the years of 1996-2014, an unusually high number of women have fallen victim to disappearances and murders along the Route 29 corridor in Virginia calling the suspect the... Route 29 Stalker.

Episode Date
Quick Update...

A quick update regarding Season 2 of Route 29 Stalker. 

May 07, 2019
So Far...

We still have so many questions...we try to answer some of those and with those answers we might be headed in a whole new direction. 

Jan 17, 2019
What Remains

A local community member takes us to the place where Alicia's body was found.  During the ride we find out new information that raises even more questions.  

Jan 03, 2019

A suspect emerges in Julianne and Lollies case, as well as being the prime candidate to be the Route 29 Stalker...but not everything is as it seems.

Dec 21, 2018
In The Woods

We talk to Kim Dinan author of A Murder In The Woods: The Mystery Behind Shenandoah National Park's Last Homicide...(Blueridge Outdoors Magazine) about information she has gathered regarding the Route 29 Stalker cases. 

Dec 05, 2018

As we move the timeline forward in Culpeper of 1996, we find that there were many more murders that are still unsolved from the area.  Only a month after Alicia's body was found, 2 more were discovered nearby...

Nov 28, 2018
Road Block

All descriptions point to a man driving a dark small pickup.  This truck had 30day tags and was a recurring piece of the puzzle.  

Oct 23, 2018
My Sister's Keeper

Two sisters describe in vivid detail their encounters with the Route 29 Stalker along with new information never heard before. 

Oct 10, 2018
Everything is Relevant

Before we interview anymore people or visit anymore locations, I talk with a former CSI to be better educated on the investigation process and the expectations after.  

Oct 01, 2018

A phone call to the past Commonwealth Attorney Megan Fredrick leads to some answers and more unanswered questions.  

Sep 24, 2018
On Edge

Local Culpeper residents are willing to help and talk, more names, cases and information are revealed.  

Sep 18, 2018
Larry Breeden

We layout the timeline for the transformation from Larry Breeden to the Route 29 Stalker. A survivors account and a new contact emerges along with new information surfacing.  

Sep 18, 2018
March 2nd, 1996

Alicia Showalter Reynolds was last seen on March 2nd, 1996 at approximately 7:30 am in Baltimore, Maryland when she said goodbye to her husband Mark. She had made plans with her mother to spend the day shopping in Charlottesville, Virginia. When she did not arrive as promised her mother grew increasingly concerned, and as the hours passed, they knew something was amiss.

Sep 10, 2018
Season 1 Trailer

Route 29 Stalker ...coming soon..

Sep 01, 2018