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This Is The Hot Bowga podcast! Where it's kinda like yoga, but with a bow...and no yoga.

Episode Date
#032 Taking It All In With Captured Creative

Today This Is Hot Bowga sits down and talks with Captured Creative, a digital media production agency who specializes in getting awesome footage of the outdoors. We cover how they started up their own company, a little Midwest smack talk, and how Captured Creative is able to get some of the amazing footage they've been kicking out lately. 

Show Notes:

  • Introductions to Captured Creative, growing up together and now working together 
  • Drilling a duck at six years old
  • Whitetail hunting in Minnesota 
  • Hot Bowga Great Lakes facts and some Midwest smack talk 
  • Getting a media company started 
  • Getting your first big break 
  • Complaining about Midwest “Springs”
  • Confusing sheep poop for elk poop
  • Challenges of first times hunting out west - getting aggressive 
  • Using social media for good
  • Fun parts/challenging parts of being a film crew
  • Taking a film from being raw to looking beautiful 
  • How harsh are your criticisms?
  • Taking in the moment vs getting good film 
  • Getting authentic footage 
  • Setting the tone with the perfect song, it takes a while 
  • Captured Creative tips on the perfect phone pic 
  • Upcoming Captured Creative projects, a Hot Bowga exclusive? 
  • Thanking Captured Creative for coming on and talking with us
Jun 18, 2019
#031 Finding Mountain Man With State Rep Steve Johnson

This episode we take some time to talk to Michigan State Rep Steve Johnson. We touch on Steve's relationship with the legend Uncle Ted Nugent and how they worked together to pass a recent bow hunting law here in Michigan. We also talk about how Jimmy won a brand new Suburu, state land vs federal hunting land, and how Steve had to go all out in order to find the lost mountain man. So don't miss out!
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Show Notes:

  • Introducing Steve Johnson! 
  • Jimmy winning a brand new Suburu
  • Talking military, the outdoors, 
  • How does the outdoors affect politics 
  • Rib eye in the sky 
  • State land vs Federal land debate
  • New Michigan hunting laws, helping bow hunters
  • How hunting laws effect/help/hurt animals 
  • Talking terrible Ted Nugent and how he has helped Steve with Michigan hunting laws 
  • New baiting laws- allowing more baiting and why
  • A quick Game Of Thrones talk
  • Steve tracking the “mountain man” deep in the Canadian woods (a 15 year old kid) 
  • Talking the 2nd amendment 
  • Steve’s Alaskan moose hunt - there’s always a bigger moose 
  • Thanking Steve for joining us and wishing him luck!

Jun 11, 2019
#030 Don't Be A Backcountry Boot With Hill People Gear

Learn how to avoid being a backcountry boot in the latest episode of This Is Hot Bowga. Today we talk with Kevin McDowell and Casey Gorsett from Hill People Gear all about hiking, hunting, and our love of the backcountry. We cover things like ideal camp spots, geocaching, hairy situations, etc. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and make sure to check out our brand-new website:

 Show Notes

  • What’s a boot? 
  • Kevin, our first reoccurring guest
  • Southern Arizona secret spots for filming/photography 
  • Hiking season intro- how does it connect to hunting? 
  • Prepping for a Utah backcountry hunt 
  • Is Geocaching a thing? What are the rules? 
  • Road fuel - dehydrating snacks 
  • Are tents optional? Hammock-ing in the winter 
  • First aid overview and what everyone should bring along on a trip 
  • Addressing emergencies in the wild, what’s your 127 hours moment? 
  • Swapping “hairy situation” stories 
  • Learning the hard way- failure is a great teacher 
  • Water filtration and Jimmy being a boot 
  • Covering the dream backcountry hike
  • Thanking Hill People Gear for coming on and talking with us



Jun 04, 2019
#029 Checking Another Man's Cam With Exodus Outdoor Gear

This week we talk to Chad at Exodus Outdoor Gear and have a great time. Listen in as we discuss camera placement, thievery, and the ethics of checking out another man's trail camera. Don't miss out on this episode or any future episodes, so make sure to subscribe! You can also check us out on Instagram: @HotBowga

Show Notes: 

- Introduction to Chad and how he got into hunting

- Why start a trail camera business?

- Common trail camera issues

- Going direct to consumer

- How do you build a camera? Turns out it's kind of complicated

- Does Jared own a cricket?

- Jimmy's too excited to sleep when there's a trail cam out

- Proper photo storage practices

- Do you name your deer?

- Hunting 'Billy The Kid'

- Running trail cameras is a year-long game

- How many cameras does Chad have running right now? Spoiler: it's in the triple digits

- Camera bandits

- Should you check another man's camera? Probably not

- A couple tips on physical placement of the cam

- Talking Jimmy off a ledge when he wants to prematurely check a trail cam

- Common setup mistakes

- Hot Bowga business tips

- Avoiding theft

- Covering the Exodus warranty

- Thanking Chad for taking the time to come talk to us


May 21, 2019
#028 No Guts, All Glory With Pacific Giants

3rd generation clam digger Ray Rosydar joins Hot Bowga to talk about his production company, Pacific Giants, and his own take on the gutless method. Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all our podcast episodes and make sure to also check us out on Instagram: @HotBowga

Show Notes:

- Introductions to Ray and Pacific Giants

- Clam diggin and some Oregon geography

- Being a 3rd Generation clam digger

- What is a Pacific Giant?

- Ray's unique style of elk hunting out west

- Elk hunting vs Turkey hunting

- How Ray hauls out an elk, always in the worst spot

- The Gutless Plus method

- Meat bag or condom, what's the difference?

- Getting real specific on the cut. love the heart but hate the liver

- CWD in whitetail

- Everyone gets a trophy for turkey season in Michigan

- Pack preferences and learning a hard first pack lesson

- Ray not wasting any part of the elk

- Ray's grandma introducting him into the elk hunting lifestyle, a family history

- Michigan elk

- Hunting just for the meat? Ray's not buying it.

- Getting Ray's son ready for an elk hunt

- Thanking Ray for joining us and where to find Pacific Giants

May 14, 2019
#027 Bow Building With Clay Hayes

Hey everyone! In today's episode, we were lucky enough to talk to a trad bow expert like Clay Hayes and learn some of his tips and tricks for living the trad bow life. Make sure to take a listen but also subscribe to the channel and check us out on Instagram: @HotBowga to see more of our beautiful faces.

Show Notes:

- Jimmy admits to stalking

- Trad Bow confidence

- Clay Hayes Intro

- Growing up with horses, cattle, hunting

- Switching from compound to trad bows

- Southern hunting, bear hunting

- A Hot Bowga foot race

- Best bear defenses

- Clay's 2018 hunting season recap

- Trad bow elk hunting, the struggle

- Practice routines to become a trad bow master

- How Clay choose his current trad bow, a magical moment

- Creating your own trad bow and stump huntin

- Clay's survival skills and stayin alive

- What even is tradition archery?

- Talking pack goats in the west

- Thanking Clay for coming on to talk to us

May 07, 2019
#026 Talkin' Stick & String with The Push

The best advice we've ever received was "don't be an idiot". Before we do anything, we ask ourselves, "would an idiot do this?" If you're new to traditional archery or are looking to level up, don't be an idiot... check out The Push. These guys live the hardcore trad life and were gracious enough to spend some time talking stick bows in this week's podcast. Don't forget to subscribe to This Is Hot Bowga and check us out on Instagram: @HotBowga

Show Notes:

- Introductions: just a couple of trad bow guys
- How The Push was a barn
- Going viral in the hunting community
- Building instructional archery courses
- Attending archery school online
- Surrounding yourself with intelligent hunters
- Compounds vs stick bows 
- Proper release: gloves vs fingers
- Build-a-bow
- Questions from the Hot Bowga community
- Ground hunting vs. tree stand hunting 
- When hunting rabbits gets extreme
- Stumping
- Recurve vs Longbow
- Is the Push trad hunting the West in 2019? Not really
- Broad head preferences
- Thanking The Push for talking to us

Apr 29, 2019
#025 Control Your Stink With Cole Tanner From Ozonics

This week we talk shriveled beach balls and active vs passive scent control with Cole Tanner. We also debate how many Ozonics units are required to cover Jared's stank - prepare to be shocked. If you are looking to cover your scent trail, you won't want to miss this episode! Make sure to subscribe to catch new episode and check out our Instagram page: @HotBowga

Apr 22, 2019
#024 Surviving With Kevin Estela

This episode we dive into survival and bushcraft. Listen in as Kevin Estela talks some history, using snow as TP, and backcountry hubris. Kevin also discusses his new book "101 Skills You Need To Survive In The Woods" and the need to have a healthy paranoia. Don't miss out and don't forget to subscribe and check out our Instagram Account: @HotBowga

Show Notes:
- Kevin's background and teaching some youths

- A history lesson on Mongol civilizations, archery, and the Princess Bride

- Bushcraft and doing more with less

- Living in Philippines jungles and caves

- Crossing a Mexican Dessert with no water or food

- Most useless thing in your back? (a classic)

- How to pick a camp spot

- The benefits of using snow as TP (fresh as a daisy)

- Impressing women/working with people using survival skills

- Being ready for a zombies/healthy paranoia

- Topography readying and back country hubris 

- Thanking Kevin for teaching us how to not die and info on Kevin's book. 

Apr 16, 2019
#023 Legendary Sheep Hunt with Tag from First Lite

Have you ever hunted Dall Sheep in Alaska's Brooks Range? Tag has. Last year, Tag joined and then was promptly kicked out of the Wild Sheep Foundation's >1% Club (he tagged out).

This is one of the most fun hunting stories you'll hear so make sure to check it out and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast!

We're also on IG: @HotBowga. 

Apr 08, 2019
#022 Hot Bowga Meets Donnie Vincent!

The great Donnie Vincent joins Hot Bowga to talk about hanging with Joe Rogan, being friends with wolves, and other intense stories. We cover a ton of stuff, so take a look at the notes below if you're curious and want to follow along. And if you're really curious, make sure to subscribe and check out our Instagram: @HotBowga 


- Being friends with Joe Rogan

- spending 5 1/2 months camping in a small yellow tent

- Talking wolves of the Arctic Circle

- First time telling a special story with Michael Waddle 

- Hunting "Steve" in North Dakota

- Hunting video production and belly scratching squirrels 

- Career suicide in creating the new movie, "The Other Side"

- Hunting through experiences and the power of music

- Living the "dream job" 

- Trad hunting life and dealing with target panic 

- Hunting camo vs the Donnie Vincent flannel 

Apr 02, 2019
#021 Take To The Hills with Kevin & Casey

Hey everybody! This episode, we talk with Casey and Kevin from Hill People Gear about hunting new areas, James' photography skillz, fightin' wild fires, and obviously some pack talk. These guys are great so don't miss it!

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Mar 27, 2019
#020 Trial & Error in the Backcountry with Dennis Stokes

We at HotBowga had the pleasure of talking to Dennis Stokes from Initial Ascent. Dennis was kind enough to discuss this past show season, deterring grizz, and a few stories from hunting in Idaho. This is one you won't want to miss!

You probably also won't want to miss out on our great Instagram content: @hotbowga 

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Mar 18, 2019
#019 Archery In The Outback with Adam White

This week we got to talk with Adam White, the Aussie visionary behind Northern Broadheads. Listen as we discuss hunting in the outback, proper arrow tuning, and wheelie bows.

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Mar 12, 2019
#018 Bow Sight Banter with Burris Optics

This episode, Joe talks 1-1 with Logan from Burris Optics about bow sights, the new range-finding Oracle sight, and lots more.

Check it out and subscribe to hear more of Joe's rich voice, our hilarious banter, and the interesting guests we find along the way.

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Mar 05, 2019
#017 Spectacular Stories with Sid Smith

Looking to get inspired? Look no further than this conversation with Sidney Smith. Sid is an awesome dude, a killer in the back country, plus he's got one amazing story. Check it out!

Feb 26, 2019
#016 High Tech Hunting & Shaquille O'Neal With Mike From HECS

This week we talk to Mike Slinkhard, creator of the one and only HECS suit! Listen in to learn about Faraday cages, shark week, and how good it feels to hunt in the HECS invisibility suit. 

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Feb 19, 2019
#015 Bros & Arrows With Valkyrie Archery

Listen in as Joe and Brent Hann discuss the medieval-looking killing implements produced by Valkyrie Archery!

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Feb 12, 2019
Podiatry and Livin' The Trad Life with Aron Snyder!

In this week's podcast, we sit down with Aron Snyder of Kifaru International. We cover Aron's foot care expertise, the trad life, and even compare elk and turkey hunting (try not to get triggered).

As a special bonus, we've invented a drinking game for our listeners. It's pretty simple, just take a shot every time we say "fantastic" in our ads. You won't regret it... or maybe you will. We're not your dad. 

Check us out on IG! @HotBowga

Feb 05, 2019
Ep #013 Bros & Arrows with Kyle Null

On today's episode of Bros & Arrows, Joe talks going direct to customers and what it's like to be a pioneer of the archery industry with Kyle Null of New Breed Archery and BoWorks. 

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Jan 29, 2019
Ep #012 Pack Llamas & Janet Reno with First Lite

Ever use a llama in the back country? How about one that looks like Janet Reno? Our friends at First Lite have. Listen in to hear about moose hunting, training dogs, and of course, pack llamas. 

Make sure to check it out on instagram! @hotbowga

Jan 22, 2019
Ep #011 Bros & Arrows Episode 2 With The Price Bros

This week we strap on the ol bear goggles with the Price Brothers. Listen in to hear how you can be successful in da bear woods. 

Make sure to also check us out on Instagram: @hotbowga

Jan 14, 2019
Ep #10 Footloose & Fancy Free With Karl Findling

This is Karl Findling, Karl hunts, makes hunting packs, and leads conservation efforts with the Oregon Hunters Association. Listen in and be like Karl. 

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Jan 01, 2019
Ep #009 Take A Gander At Jeff Lander

This week we hung out with Jeff Lander, founder of Primitive Outfitting. Listen in as we talk about life as an outfitter, starting a business, and even a little politics. Plus, shots were fired. Check it out!

Dec 10, 2018
Ep #008 On Point With Garrett Weaver

It's time to get On Point With Garrett Weaver in today's This Is Hot Bowga 8th podcast episode.

We sat down with Garrett in late September to cover current season hunting, Garrett's background, hunting tech, Midwest hunting legend Dan Fitzgerald, our most useless gear, and much more.

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Nov 27, 2018
Ep #007 Bros & Arrows Episode 1

Taking the dreaded road trip to the in laws for Thanksgiving? Kill some some time in the car by listening to the first ever Bros & Arrows episode of This Is Hot Bowga. The guys spend some time discussing the season so far, bear hunting tactics, and talk Midwest Triple Trophies.

Make sure to also check out our Instagram page: @hotbowga

Nov 19, 2018
Ep #006 Stoked On Stokerized Stabilizers

Are you stoked on bow hunting? Shawn Lutz is. As the national brand manager of Stokerized Stabilizers, Shawn knows a thing or two about archery and balancing your bow. Check this episode out and become a better archer! And human being. 

Nov 13, 2018
Ep #005 Staying Styrka Strong

You should be glassing more and walking less. Listen to find out how and why in this week's episode with Brad Gross from Stykra Optics.

Make sure to also check us out on Instagram: @hotbowga

Oct 30, 2018
Ep #004 American Made With Matt McDaid

Matt McDaid is a true American man. He's a Marine Corps Veteran, entrepreneur, and hunter. Today he joins the Bowga boys to swap manly stories, discuss Section 1776, and talk a little bow hunting. 

Oct 15, 2018
Ep #003 Peek Inside With Seek Outside
October 1, 2018
In today's episode, the boys from Hot Bowga sit down with Lee from Seek Outside to answer the age old question: what's in your pack? 
We talk a little bow hunting, go over how awesome tipi camping is, and answer a few questions from our @hotbowga instagram account. 
Oct 02, 2018
Ep #002 Killin' It With Kyle

Kyle Null is a deadly man. As the president and founder of New Breed Archery, he’s responsible for the harvesting of countless game animals... at least indirectly. Listen in to hear his take on archery and the hunting industry

Sep 17, 2018
Ep #001 Manscaping With John Eberhart

John Eberthart is possibly one of the most accomplished living whitetail deer hunters. He’s got more record bucks than we have digits and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get ‘em. Listen in to hear how you can steal all his secrets and shoot big bucks. 

Sep 03, 2018
Ep #000 Prologue With The Boys

It's Hot Bowga prologue episode time! Have you ever met a Bowgi? Neither have we. We’re not hunting experts and we’re definitely not expert archers... but we like talking about that stuff. Listen in as we kick off This Is Hot Bowga

Sep 03, 2018