Our Ludicrous Future

By Joe Scott, Tim Dodd and Ben Sullins

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Category: Tech News

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 Sep 22, 2019
Tim Dodd fan, started listening to the podcast since the beginning and I've always loved the energy of the trio. Eager to listen to each episode and this almost always awkward, out of sync outro (except ep.51) 😆. Great job guys!

 Aug 6, 2019

 May 11, 2019
love it!

John X
 Nov 21, 2018
Love these 3 guys before this podcast. With their powers combined, you get Captain Musk!


Our Ludicrous Future is a collaboration between Joe Scott, Tim Dodd, and Ben Sullins. We have an obsession with how wild our future is going to be given the pace of technological innovation. Each week we get together to talk about the latest from SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company, Neuralink, and more.

Episode Date
APLs New Invincible Lithium Battery, Tesla's New Chinese Car, Boeing Starliner Gets Refurbished - Ep 67
Jan 17, 2020
SpaceX Bopper Test, Sony's Shocking EV, and NASA found another Earth - Ep 66
Jan 10, 2020
SpaceX Starship Inside Details, Tesla's Christmas Surprise, and OLF 2020 Plans - Ep 65
Jan 03, 2020
NASA SLS goes Boom, Boeing Starliner set to Launch, and Tesla stock Explodes - Ep 64
Dec 20, 2019
Cybertruck rematch F150, Blue Origin New Shepard, Hydrogen Power - Ep 63

Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about the Tesla x F150 rematch, New Shepard's Launch and Landing, and new possibilities for hydrogen power from Australia.


Fully Charged Tix - https://fullycharged.show/events/fully-charged-live-north-america/

Cybertruck vs F150 - https://twitter.com/CybertruckN/status/1204844658297319425

Tesla Connectivity - https://www.tesla.com/support/connectivity

Cybertruck Nuts - https://cybertrucknuts.net/

1mm Solid State Battery - https://www.eenewseurope.com/news/1mm-thick-solid-state-batteries-beat-all-performance-benchmarks

Cheaper Hydrogen Power - https://phys.org/news/2019-12-scientists-cheaper-hydrogen-energy.html

Blue Origin New Shepard Launches and Lands - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uwZf8Zcluw

Dec 13, 2019
Tesla Cybertruck's True Cost, Old Roadsters New Service, and SpaceX Anniversary - Ep 62
Dec 06, 2019
Tesla Cybertruck Unveil, SpaceX Starship Explosion, and More - Ep 61

Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Tesla's Cybertruck unveil event, a Starship test accident, and more.


Tesla Cybertruck - http://www.tesla.com/cybertruck

Starship Explosion -https://twitter.com/LabPadre/status/1197267227797573633

Why Don't They Just Design Tweak: https://twitter.com/pete_twdy/status/1197930199184289793

Why Don't They Just Inflatable Tent: https://twitter.com/astrav/status/1197830758120984576

Nov 23, 2019
Tesla Gigafactory 4 Berlin, SpaceX Crew Dragon Key Test, Blue Origin's New Rocket Factory - Ep 60
Nov 15, 2019
Tesla Truck Announced, NASA Starliner Abort Test, Ocean Cleanup Interceptor - Ep 59
Nov 08, 2019
Model Y Spotted, Boeing's Orbit Record, Internet of Brains - Ep 58
Nov 01, 2019