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60/20: The Election of 1960 and its Echoes Today This special eight-part audio documentary, from the team who brings you the JFK35 podcast, will tell the story of the Kennedy campaign and how it has influenced American campaigns since. The series features historians, political operatives, journalists, and more as it covers the campaign from the primaries through Election Night, highlighting key moments and lesser-known stories in the race leading up to the final vote. JFK35 The Podcast: John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, inspired a generation that transformed America. But not everyone knows the stories behind the man - his experiences as a young servicemember in World War II, how he wrote some of his most memorable speeches, what sparked him to set the country on a path to the moon. Join Matt Porter and Jamie Richardson of the JFK Library Foundation as they dig into the archives at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston and interview their colleagues to get a behind-the-scenes look at JFK’s life and legacy.

Episode Date
60/20: The End of the Road

The long road to the White House in the 1960 campaign between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon comes to a dramatic end. In this final episode, we’ll look at the last days and hours before the election, the uncertainty of possible recounts afterward, and look ahead to how both candidates approached the future. We’ll also look at how lessons learned in 1960 still resonate today.

Oct 29, 2020
60/20: From Satellite Spies to Russian Trolls

On October 4, 1957, the successful launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik sparked fear of Soviet Union dominance in technology and space. In this episode, we’ll look at how John F. Kennedy used American fears of the Soviet Union and creeping Communism to his political advantage in the 1960 campaign. We’ll also look at how 60 years later, threats from Russia -- this time in cyber space -- linger over our elections today.

Oct 22, 2020
60/20: The First Debate
As the Election of 1960 entered its final stage with the first presidential debate, who would benefit most-- Richard Nixon or John F. Kennedy? In this episode, we’ll tell you how that first debate changed the 1960 campaign and the many that followed.
Oct 15, 2020
60/20: The Campaign Comes to the Living Room

In this episode, we take you on a journey that follows the 1960 campaign into millions of living rooms through television, and then explore how the Kennedy team used the new medium to connect with voters. We'll also look at Nixon's television strategy and how the 1960 campaign’s use of television would influence future presidential campaigns' use of the medium in the decades ahead.

Oct 01, 2020
60/20: A Tale of Two Campaigns

What would it take to win the White House in 1960?  For the Kennedy campaign, it started with building a trusted team, and a readiness to try new campaign strategies and tactics. In this episode, we’ll look at how Kennedy and Nixon’s campaign decisions helped make or break the election, and how some of those innovative strategies would influence modern campaigns through today.

Sep 17, 2020
60/20: Unfinished Business

While John F. Kennedy was formally launching his run for president at the start of 1960, another movement was gathering steam. This week, we’ll find out how the emerging modern Civil Rights Movement affected Kennedy’s and Nixon’s campaign strategies, and see how Kennedy worked to win over Black voters who were skeptical of his commitment to civil rights. And we'll also discuss how racist Jim Crow laws in the South prevented Black citizens from voting, with a look to where we are today.

Sep 03, 2020
60/20: Into the New Frontier

Despite clear victories over some of his opponents during the primary season, John F. Kennedy’s path to the presidency still wasn’t certain as he arrived in Los Angeles for the Democratic National Convention. In this episode, we’ll hear about the young senator’s rise to the top, the challenges he faced in uniting a fractured party, and how he would turn one of his biggest opponents into one of his greatest assets.

Aug 20, 2020
60/20: Primary Fight

In our first episode, we’ll look at the primary race that created the opportunity for John F. Kennedy's insurgent campaign to take the Democratic presidential nomination, and how it would blaze new trails for campaigns to come.

Aug 13, 2020
60/20: The Election of 1960 and Its Echoes Today

This special eight-part audio documentary, from the team who brings you the JFK35 podcast, will tell the story of the Kennedy campaign and how it has influenced American campaigns since. The series features historians, political operatives, journalists, and more as it covers the campaign from the primaries through Election Night, highlighting key moments and lesser-known stories in the race leading up to the final vote.

Aug 06, 2020
Eleanor Roosevelt and JFK

When President Kennedy became his party’s nominee in 1960, Eleanor Roosevelt would eventually endorse him from her role as the leading member of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. However, he wasn’t her first or even second choice. We talk with historian Barbara Perry, who’s working on a book about the political pair, and how Kennedy was able to get the New Dealer’s seal of approval.

Jun 25, 2020
Ernest Hemingway and the 1918 Flu Pandemic

While JFK was only a year old at the time of the 1918 Flu Pandemic, Ernest Hemingway, whose papers are housed at the JFK Library, was old enough to witness and record his thoughts throughout the pandemic. Hear from Hemingway scholar Susan Beegel to learn how the flu affected his family and loved ones while he was a young man overseas in World War I.

Jun 11, 2020
JFK First to Go Live with the Press

Live televised press conferences are a mainstay in politics today, but it was President John F. Kennedy who held the first one from the White House in 1961. On this episode, we’ll take a look at how and why President Kennedy continues to be a role model for presidential press conferences almost sixty years later.

May 14, 2020
JFK, Sargent Shriver, and the Peace Corps

After President Kennedy announced his plan for a Peace Corps,  he had one man in mind to run it, his brother-in-law Sargent Shriver. Our guests include Dr. Jamie Price, executive director of the Sargent Shriver Peace Institute, and also Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy III, President Kennedy’s great-nephew and an alumni of the Peace Corps.

Apr 29, 2020
Continuing Our Missions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

JFK Library and JFK Library Foundation Directors Alan Price and Rachel Flor discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the Library's and Foundation’s ongoing work, including sharing more of the Library and its resources to those at home.

Apr 10, 2020
JFK New Frontier Award Honorees Christina Fialho and Christina Mansfield

In this bonus episode JFK35, we interview 2020 New Frontier Award honorees Christina Fialho and Christina Mansfield, who co-founded the non-profit Freedom For Immigrants. The organization has influenced new laws in California to protect immigrant rights and stop the expansion of controversial private detention facilities for immigrants. 

Mar 06, 2020
JFK New Frontier Award Honoree Lt. Gov Cyrus Habib

In this bonus episode JFK35, we interview 2020 New Frontier Award honoree Washington Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib. Habib received the award for his work on important issues for his constituents including sponsoring bills that would guarantee paid sick leave for almost all workers and the Washington Voting Rights Act, which would prevent racially polarized voting systems.

Feb 28, 2020
Holiday Picks from the Archives

For many, the holidays are a time to be with family and friends, decorate trees, and send out cards to loved ones. Things weren’t much different in the early 1960s - though in the midst of the Cold War, there were concerns about Santa Claus’s safety during nuclear testing. We sat down with archivists Stacey Chandler, Maryrose Grossman, and Laura Kintz who talked about President Kennedy’s reassuring message to a child that the North Pole would be safe, as well as other holidays moments and traditions inside the Kennedy White House.

Dec 20, 2019
Everyday Environmental Challenges

The environment and climate change have become household issues in the 2020 Presidential Election, but in 1960, the issue did not have the same sense of urgency. Still, President John F. Kennedy had a strong affection for the environment and its protection. In this episode, we look at some of President Kennedy's environmental legacy and speak to his granddaughter, Tatiana Schlossberg, about her new book on how our everyday decisions can have a major impact on the environment.

Dec 05, 2019
JFK The Nerd

If you picture President Kennedy, you might imagine him sailing confidently on the sea, or charming visiting heads of state, or tackling questions from the press. But below that cool exterior, JFK was actually kind of a nerd. We speak with JFK Library archivist Stacey Chandler to get a closer look at the man behind the cool sunglasses and clever remarks.

Nov 15, 2019
Meet the JFK Library's New Curator

Meet the JFK Library’s new curator Janice Hodson, as she discusses her background, how she found herself at the JFK Library, and a sneak peak at a new exhibit next spring. As a special treat (no tricks!), we will also revisit a Halloween story from the Kennedy White House.

Nov 01, 2019
The JFK Library turns 40

40 years after the opening of the JFK Library, we speak with its first two directors, Dan Fenn and Chuck Daly, as they recall the events that led up to the Library’s dedication and their work establishing its mission. We will also speak with current Library Director Alan Price about his vision for the future of the Library.

Oct 17, 2019
Celebrating JFK's Legacy

President Kennedy’s legacy from public service to science and technology to the arts continues to resonate today almost 60 years later. In this episode, learn about the Library’s revamped legacy gallery and hear from the Library’s museum specialists who helped design it.

Oct 03, 2019
Apollo 11 at 50: New Frontiers in Science

Space scientists Maria Zuber, MIT Vice President for Research, Laurie Leshin, President of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Sara Seager, MIT Professor of Planetary Science and Physics, join us to discuss their experiments in space and vision for the next generation.

Aug 15, 2019
Apollo 11 at 50: International astronauts and today's space program

Astronauts Dr. Tracy Caldwell Dyson (US) and Koichi Wakata (Japan) discuss what it's like to live in space and the future of space exploration.

Aug 01, 2019
Apollo 11 at 50: Michael Collins

In the first episode of our Summer Space Special, we talk to Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins about his history-making trip to the Moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, along with his thoughts on the future of NASA's space program.

Jul 20, 2019
Nancy Pelosi: A Profile in Courage

Senator Chris Dodd explains why Speaker Nancy Pelosi received the 2019 JFK Profile in Courage Award including her work passing healthcare reform and expanding access to healthcare for all Americans.

Jun 27, 2019
Inside the Edward M. Kennedy Collection

For the first time, a portion of the JFK Library's Edward M. Kennedy Collection featuring documents, recordings, and photos from his four decades in the Senate have been opened to the public. We speak with Chief Archivist Karen Abramson, Senator Alan Simpson, and longtime Kennedy aid Barbara Souliotis.

May 02, 2019
JFK and the Space Race

When President Kennedy took office in 1961, the United States appeared to be struggling to keep up with the Soviet Union on space exploration. President Kennedy made space a priority and promised to land a man on the Moon by the end of the decade. In this episode, we’ll talk with historian Doug Brinkley on how President Kennedy helped turn things around and set up the country for a successful lunar landing almost 50 years ago.

Apr 18, 2019
Meet the JFK Library's New Director

Alan Price, who joined the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum as its 6th director in 2018, tells us why he took the job and what he hopes to do as the Library’s latest steward. Plus, learn more about what the roles of Presidential Libraries are and why they’re important.

Mar 28, 2019
Jack and Lem

Kirk Lemoyne "Lem" Billings is the man who’s often referred to as JFK’s best friend. We speak with Library reference archivist Stacey Chandler and audiovisual archivist Maryrose Grossman to understand how the two found each other became such close friends.

Mar 14, 2019
Call of the New Frontier

The JFK Library Foundation and Institute of Politics at Harvard University continue to honor those who heed JFK's call for a New Frontier with the New Frontier Awards. This week, we talk with this year’s honorees including some of the organizers of the March for Our Lives movement and the youngest-elected Mayor of Stockton California.

Feb 28, 2019
West Wingers: Then and Now

The West Wing has been portrayed in popular culture from TV shows including “The West Wing” and “House of Cards” or on the big screen in films like “The American President.” But what is working in the White House really like? Listen to this week’s episode where we will learn more about the early days of President Kennedy’s West Wing from a staffer who was there. We will also interview former Obama Administration staffers who say they felt echoes of Kennedy in their West Wing more than half a century later.

Feb 14, 2019
JFK and A Nation of Immigrants

Learn more about JFK's positions on immigration and hear from some notable US immigrants including former SNL cast member Horatio Sanz, actor Bambadjan Bamba, and Khizr and Ghazala Khan.

Dec 13, 2018
Youth and Diversity in the Arts at the Kennedy White House

When you imagine the Kennedy White House, you might picture state dinners and other social events where artists, poets, and musicians mingle with scientists, politicians, and diplomats. But it wasn’t only the famous - or even only adults - who got to enjoy the arts at the White House.

Nov 29, 2018
The Two Men Who Saved JFK

In a remarkable story of heroism, two men who lived on the other side of the world in almost completely different circumstances from John F. Kennedy, changed the course of history by saving the future president and his crew during his time as a Navy commander during World War II.

Nov 08, 2018
Innovations and Challenges from Space Exploration: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

When President Kennedy set a goal to land on the Moon by the end of the 1960s, he set in motion a surge in innovation that changed the world forever. Join us as we celebrate six decades of NASA with an interview from NASA’s chief historian Dr. Bill Parry and filmmaker Rory Kennedy, who released a new documentary about NASA’s past, present, and future.

Oct 25, 2018
How Hemingway's Papers Came to the JFK Library

You may not think the archives of John F. Kennedy and Ernest Hemingway would live in the same building, but they are! In this episode, we tell you the story that brought the two men's collections together and introduce you to our new permanent exhibit on Ernest Hemingway.

Oct 11, 2018
The Crash of PT-109: 75 Years Later

It has been 75 years since the crash and rescue of JFK's patrol boat, the PT-109. JFK Library Curator Stacey Bredhoff takes you inside the dramatic seven days at sea and also go behind the scenes of one of the Library's education programs that tells the story to visitors.

Sep 27, 2018
Introducing the JFK35 Podcast

Welcome the new JFK35 Podcast, a program by the JFK Library Foundation. In this podcast, we will bring you lesser known stories of President Kennedy's life and administration with the help of the staff and materials found inside the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston.

Sep 20, 2018