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Jonathan Mattsson
 Nov 25, 2018
Good podcast! Great if you're looking for some improv comedy


Award-winning actor and comedian Kevin Pollak has gathered five extraordinarily-talented improvisors to capture lightning in a bottle in the way that only great improv can. In each episode, he presents uniquely bizarre scenarios for he and them to hilariously bring to life.

Episode Date
Undercover Animal Rights Activists at Zoo; Meeting of a Person's Multiverse Selves; After Vatican Closes, Catholic Leaders Fight Crime
When two Animal Rights Activists go undercover as employees at a zoo, priority one, of course, is to release all the animals… One person meets all the multi-verse versions of themselves. Oddly, not everyone gets along… It may be closing time at the Vatican, but a few in the Diocese work through the night fighting crime in Rome…<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Apr 23, 2019
Murderer and Graverobber First Date; Vegas Charter Bus Passengers; New Baseball Manager Mixes Things Up
First dates are rarely easy. This one quickly sets new highs of oddness, disruption and distraction… Folks on a charter bus en route to Las Vegas encounter more excitement than they paid for… A team gathers as their new manager lays out a whole new game plan that may or may not resemble the game as they knew it, nor as intended.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Apr 18, 2019
An Odyssey of Epic Proportions Because Stepdad Said the Mafia Was out to Get Us
Mom relocated us several times, and then strangers took over our daily activities… Hell, we were even introduced to our protective doppelgängers… All this and WAY more, because mom’s new fella said the mafia was looking for us. This bizarre adventure consumes the entire episode, and, thankfully, it gets super weird…&nbsp;<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Apr 16, 2019
Snow Storm Strands Hipster Restaurant Reviewers; $18M Underground Vegas Home for Sale; Nail Salon Fights City Hall Over 'Hand Jobs' Name
On their way to review a mountainside restaurant, a group of semi-famous, hipster foodie restaurant reviewers get stuck on the road… We learn too much about the salespeople in a Real Estate office as they compete for a chance to rep a new listing of an underground mansion… What’s in a name, is the question before the Ohio State governing board. An owner of a nail salon called “Hand Jobs” fights for his creative freedom.&nbsp;<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Apr 11, 2019
Studio 54 Documentary Unused Interviews; Epic Medieval Quest; True Crime Podcaster Records an Episode at a Crime Scene
The latest documentary about Studio 54 left out a few interviews of former employees and patrons, but we got ‘em… During medieval times, several set out an epic quest in search of something majestic… While detectives inspect a crime scene, a true crime podcaster attempts to record an episode as he observes them at work…<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Apr 09, 2019
Americans on a Guided Tour of Australia; Friends Look for Bigfoot; PA's Day 1 on a $100 Million Film Set
The term “ugly Americans” reaches new heights when a pair of Australian locals try to keep them all on the path during a guided tour of the outback… A group of friends gather in the woods to search for famed “Bigfoot,” and he has never been more safe. We’re talkin’ real dumb-dumbs… First days are always tough, but for this young production assistant, it simply couldn’t go worse for a on the set of a blockbuster film shoot.&nbsp;<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Apr 04, 2019
The Fleckman’s Try A.I. Workers for Their Home; A Wedding in the Florist Section of Walmart
The home of Connie and Carl Fleckman has been updated with&nbsp; artificial intelligence domestic help in all areas. Surprisingly, things go a little sideways. Naturally, all involved end up in a courtroom and then prison… Walmart’s new wedding section includes holding actual wedding, and all the fixin's. You think you’re having a tough day…?<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Apr 02, 2019
Many Organs in a Human Struggle for Dominance; Alternative Meat Chili Cook-Off; Local TV News Team Covers the Cook-Off
All the major organs inside a body engage in a war of words, which then escalates to a dangerous place… At a small town “state fair,” the locals compete in a chili cook-off, and there’s a new rule this year: All entrants must use of an alternative meat… The field reporter who’s covering the chili cook-off throws it to the local TV news team, and we follow the in-fighting back at the station.<br><br><br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Mar 28, 2019
Stuck on a Hospital Elevator; Time-Traveled Cavemen Spitball Ideas as App Developers; Car Dealership Offers All New DeLorean and a Truckload of Characters
Several people—some patients—get stuck on a hospital elevator when it breaks down, and they do NOT get along… Two cavemen have time-traveled to modern life and now work at an App developing company. Their ideas don’t completely suck… The bizarre cast of characters that work at this car dealership shouldn’t actually work anywhere selling anything.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Mar 21, 2019
Breaking News Delivered by Medieval Town Criers; Residents Committee Meeting at a Retirement Facility; Backstage at a Mid-Level Pro-Wrestling Event
What if CNN-type breaking news was delivered similarly by the town criers of the day in Medieval England. Ancient and modern day news styles fight for center stage… We eavesdrop in on a Residents Committee Meeting at a retirement home called “Leisure World.” Things get out of hand instantly, but it does allow the return of a favorite Alchemy This character, “Martin McCue…” It’s minutes before the event/match between not-yet-famous pro-wresters “The Tickler” and “Snakeman,” we’re privy to negotiations backstage between the wrestlers, a&nbsp; promoter named The Colonel and a wannabe mobster regarding who’s gonna win, and who needs to lose…<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Mar 14, 2019
Fire Dept Tries to Stop a Jumper; Quality vs Quantity in the Office; Competing Lemonade Stands
There’s a jumper, and all efforts to stop him seem to create one more insane problem after another; In this corporate office, new and historically unnecessary levels of employee-created chaos are realized; Neighbors have competing lemonade stands that lead to bizarre conflicts as well as an offer for protection from crooked cops. Featuring Brad Norman!<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Mar 07, 2019
Furry Convention; Good Cop/Bad Cop Interrogates Serial Flasher; Drug Dealer Pushes Carrots with No Ranch Dressing
On the floor of a FurryCon, strangers sniff out more than human contact and interaction, and international intrigue is the least of it. In an interrogation room, two cops try ye olde Good Cop/Bad Cop to get a confession out of a serial flasher, and it quickly gets complicated with too many details. In an attempt to put a dent in the meth business, a dealer switches to carrots with no ranch dressing. Yeah, no, it’s not an easy transition…&nbsp;<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Feb 28, 2019
Health Inspector Surprises a Busy Restaurant; Ghost Intern Learns How to Haunt Teenagers Using a Ouija Board
When a Health Inspector surprises a restaurant, the staff does their damnedest to keep the customers happy while explaining a multitude of infractions. A couple of ghosts show the newbie around; they haunt some teenagers playing with a ouija board. And a plug for the Alchemists performing LIVE on March 2nd at Westside Comedy Theater.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Feb 21, 2019
Unofficially Aiding EMTs; Creating New Pro Wrestler Names and Casting Them; Getting a Sit with the Godfather
From Listener Mail: Things go a little sideways when a man attempts to help and ultimately take control of an accident scene. A production office for a wrestling federation, wherein new names and characters are created and then cast. Getting an official sit down with the local Mafia don are as difficult as you might think… A plug for the members of Alchemy This performing LIVE on March 13th at Westside Comedy Theater.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Feb 14, 2019
The Gods Are Indeed Crazy; The Cruise Ship & The Dinghy; Fake Séance Brought To Justice
When the Gods from all known (and some not-so-much) history get together, all hell breaks loose… Ripped from the day’s headlines, Passengers on Empress of the Sea cruise ship spot a small boat in their path. Attempts are made in earnest to offer assistance, and fail most uniquely… Also ripped from news, A Law Passed In Canada to stop prosecuting those who fake witchcraft or conduct a séance for the sole purpose of financial gain, but here we wondered quite aloud what happened in the courtroom before the law was passed, and those accused had to defend themselves…<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Feb 07, 2019
Cult Members in Purgatory; Public Library Porn Donation; Art Gallery Thieves Get on Shark Tank
We had some wonderful scene suggestions from fans this week: The alchemists are part of a cult, a cult that ends in a mass suicide pact. Once the deed is done, they get stuck in limbo and have to try and work out what unfinished business they have to take care of. In the meantime Satan &amp; God try to persuade each of them to choose heaven or hell as their final resting place...A librarian has to field people's questions or their excuses for late fees...A crack shot team of art thieves break into a large art gallery.&nbsp;<br><br>SPECIAL GUEST: Mark Gagliardi.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Jan 31, 2019
Family Gives a Stranger a Ride; Taping a Culinary TV Show Competition; New, Small Western Town's Saloon, Circa 1862
Two or these three storylines were inspired by listener mail: An odd, yet familiar family of five driving on a cross-country, summer vacation pick up a hitchhiker, Scott, and he makes the trip a tad more memorable... Competitive cooking TV shows are taken to a weird and wonderful low point, thankfully, and then we go hilariously meta in the podcast world... Kevin loves that scene in every wild west movie that takes place in the town saloon. As our alchemists stretch this particular realm to its breaking point, things get goofy as hell, don’t ya know.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Jan 24, 2019
Superheroes With Questionable Powers; Life in the Registrar’s Office; NASA Holds Interviews for the ISS, No Experience Necessary
From Your Listener Mail: If the superhero names Captain Critique, Soup-er Man, Keeper of the Rules, Pits &amp; Palms or Daylights Savings Man don’t ring a bell, you’re not alone… The time to get to know them is now, and you’re welcome. The office of the Registrar fills up quickly with over-worked yet under-informed teachers, coaches without borders or rules, and one funding family who’s faces haunt the halls. NASA decides to open up the opportunity to be an astronauts and work on the International Space Station... Folks from all walks of life line up, and, oh-boy, are they all not qualified.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Jan 17, 2019
A Runaway Train; the Author of 'How to Murder Your Husband' Stands Trial; the New Lottery Winner's New Year’s Eve Party
In the first of three scenes, as a runaway train screams along the tracks, the crew do all they can to figure out how to save the passengers from harm’s way. Yeah, no, they don’t do all that well with the task at hand. Next up in scene two, we enter a courtroom, where a case is being argued to determine if, indeed, the famed author of “How to Murder Your Husband” has, in fact, murdered her husband. Surprisingly, all is not as it appears, and incompetence may just rule the day. Last up, we head to the new year’s eve party of a simple man, who’s family has turned up in record numbers. One needn’t wonder too long whether or not the reason for the historic party turnout coincides with the host having just won the country’s largest national lottery.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Jan 10, 2019
Late Night at Earl’s Diner; A Séance; Angel 2nd Class Gives an Afterlife Tour to New Arrivals
It may be late, but Earl’s Diner is full and the staff is in trouble… It’s a great turn out of characters, both on the floor and in the kitchen. Next up is a late night séance, led by renown psychic, Milton Chesequa. Not all present get the answers from the spirit world that they expected. There is an angel in heaven named Carl Swipeman, who’s yet to earn his wings. He’s a bit of a tour guide in the afterlife to the new arrivals, some of which don’t seem to belong. Or do they…? Additional bi-products of these goings on are “Adopt-A-Body,” and something we’re calling “Look Who’s Talking…”<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Jan 03, 2019
Dating Apps Dates; Y2K comes to the White House and a Hollywood Hills Showbiz Party; Swat Team Rushes PETA for Reality TV
All of the scenes this week were taken from listener's emails. First up is a series of Dating App Dates that simply could not have gone worse. The second scene offers up alternative outcomes to the Y2K scare of 1999 New Years Eve - One at the White House and the other in the Hollywood Hills at the party of a showbiz big shot. Last up is offers a look at the inner workings of a SWAT team in the process of taking control of a house full of folks from PETA, all of which is for the taping of a reality tv pilot.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Dec 27, 2018
Gender-Sensitive Dating Game; A Fortune Teller; In the Weeds at Antonio’s
In our ever-changing, and gender-evolving world, it’s important to take another look at an otherwise classic, albeit clueless TV show like The Dating Game, so, we did. How much better would your life be if a real, honest-to-goodness fortune teller could lay it all out…? There’s the cutest little restaurant in SoHo, NY, and tonight we’re going to experience what makes it great for everyone but the staff, and how lives change because of it.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Dec 20, 2018
Consumer Electronics Convention, A Book Signing, Best Bank Teller Ever, and 'The Chicken Casino' the Book
A couple happily strolls the convention floor in Las Vegas, hoping to discover cutting edge consumer electronics. Instead, they are harassed and hustled by the least prepared salesmen in history. We then head to a book signing of an author who’s best days may be in the rear view mirror… Next is a trip to the bank where things go a little sideways for a sweet, caring bank teller. Hey, but what about a Chicken Casino…? It is what you think, but better.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Dec 13, 2018
Doctors and Dentists, Horror Film Set, A Cult, and A Man Called Tinko
The strange and/or mundane world of Doctors and Dentists is more than explored. Hell, it’s probed! Then it’s the set of an indie horror film shoot, where too much is shared. Next up is a cult recruitment effort on the sidewalk at Venice Beach, which leads to county lock-up, and ultimately a man you’ll not soon forget, named Tinko.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Dec 06, 2018
Halloween at the Meebles, Satan Ruled Out as Cause of Arkansas Flaming Pit, Grocery Store Manager in Timber Box, FL, Christian Bale: Hell and Back
Halloween is coming to the home of the Meeble’s, but they may not be ready. There’s a flaming pit in Arkansas, and after Satan is ruled out, the locals try to make sense of it. The management at the Kroger’s in Timber Box, Florida may not be ready for what’s coming to his store. A quick side trip to Hell allows us to check in on a few locals there, including Christian Bale.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Nov 29, 2018
Easter with the Family, Table Read for ‘The Hell You Say,’ Middle School’s Mamet play, Back Stage at Disney, Batman at Knotts, State Farm Picnic
A family gathers for an Easter dinner, and redefines the meaning of dysfunctional. All have gathered for a table read to kick off the 11th season of a sitcom called “The Hell You Say,” the stars of which started as preteens, and now, well, it’s just not cute anymore. Auditions are held at a middle school, and the drama teacher is looking for a real David Mamet flare. It just isn’t there, so she takes over the play herself. Backstage at Disneyland is where the cast members unwind on their brief breaks, and swap stories. A young fella dressed up as Batman shows up at Knotts Berry Farm, and changes folks perspective of who he really is. He also makes an appearance at a State Farm. Insurance, that is.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Nov 22, 2018
Press Secretary, Kushner Time, Russian Love, Elvis Chapel, Jennifer Lawrence Impersonator, Parole Board, The Therapist's Therapist
Yet another press secretary attempts to answer questions from those present, In another wing Jared Kushner meets with his attorney, Across town, A Russian rep secretly meets with an unofficial white house rep, Two couples have come to The Lil’ Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas to be wed, An agent to impersonators meets with his Elvis, his Elvis Costello and his Jennifer Lawrence, A parole hearing for three very different felons, and then The Therapist’s Therapist.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Nov 15, 2018
A Public Defender, His Honor, In-Flight Madness, Hunters and the Hunted, Heaven and Hell
A new Public Defender interviews her new potential clients; In the courtroom, a Judge attempts to make heads and/or tails out one of those client’s alleged crimes; On board a flight, we spend several surprising minutes with the passengers, a flight attendant and two pilots, as well as the passengers in all classes, which then leads us to a couple of FAA hearings, and then a quick trip to Heaven for the sentencing; An NRA lobbyist meets with several key members of congress, which leads to a gun shop, and ultimately to the forest for a peek at the life of the hunted animals….annnnnnnnd a quick return to Heaven.&nbsp;<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Nov 08, 2018
Replacing Zuckerberg, Motor Lodge and Honeymoon on the Boardwalk
Mark Zuckerberg has decided to step down, but wants to control who replaces him. Several people are stuck at a motor lodge, when a fella arrives for the night, and a Honeymoon couple stroll a boardwalk looking at the various wares.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Nov 01, 2018
The Concierge, A British Gang, A Cop’s Wake and The Reading of the Will
A Concierge at an upscale hotel goes WAY beyond the pale while fielding calls and dealing with guests. A gang has gathered in London, England, to discuss their next heist. Things go sideways real quick at the wake of a fallen officer. Same could be said during the reading of a wealthy man’s will…<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Oct 25, 2018
The Third Thanksgiving, Mission to Mars and Where’s Jesus?
An Indigenous man and a White debate the ritual, then What could go wrong in space, I ask you, followed by Shortly after Christ has risen from the fateful cave, those pesky tourists come a callin’.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Oct 18, 2018
A Crime Scene, Peoria Live TV News, A Kidnapping and The Sequestered Jury
There’s been a murder at Turlah’s Diner, and two detectives try to solve this backwater mystery. Next it’s Live TV News from Peoria covering the murder, featuring Bobby Fly in the Sky,” followed by A Kidnapping at the Diner, and lastly A Jury decides the fate of the accused…<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Oct 18, 2018
Introducing Alchemy This
Award-winning comedian Kevin Pollak has gathered five of his favorite, extraordinarily-talented improvisors. In each episode, he presents uniquely bizarre scenarios for he and them to hilariously bring to life.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Oct 11, 2018