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By Nathaniel Whittemore

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A daily stream on the three topics most shaping the crypto conversation. If you want to know exactly what the crypto community is talking about today, this is your podcast. Watch the stream live on Twitter @nlw, Twitch, or Youtube

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Narrative Watch: Regulators Get Rowdy (aka Why You Might Owe Money On BSV)

Last week was apparently "government says get rekt" week in crypto. The SEC kicked things off by disapproving a bitcoin ETF proposal from Bitwise and closed things out by taking emergency action against Telegram's $1.7B ICO. In between, the IRS dropped its first crypto guidance in 5 years, indicating that forked tokens could create a tax liability, whether you want them or not. What's more, two Senators sent threatening letters to the CEOs of Visa, Stripe, and Mastercard who, along with eBay, dropped out of the Libra Association by the end of the week. The one bright spot was the CFTC saying that ETH is a commodity. 


Oct 14, 2019
BREAKING: Is The Libra Dream Dead? Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, eBay leave Libra

The title says it all. Visa, Mastercard, eBay, and Stripe have joined PayPal in leaving the Libra Association. Is this the death knell for the project? Will the rest of the organizations follow suit and leave? Or does this provide a chance to Libra to shift the narrative and arise like a phoenix? Let's dig in. 


Oct 11, 2019
Will there ever be a BTC ETF? / CFTC says ETH a commodity / Binance accepts Alipay/WeChat pay...sorta

The SEC has denied the most recent bitcoin ETF proposal - this time from Bitwise. Some speculate that there simply will not be an ETF on Chairman Clayton's watch. The CFTC chair meanwhile has said that the CFTC considers ETH a commodity and expects futures and other derivatives products. Finally, Binance's acceptance of Alipay/WeChat pay as a fiat onramp has prompted those companies to reiterate their anti-crypto stance. 


Oct 10, 2019
IRS Forks Up New Tax Guidance / DevCon Debates / Senate Pressures Libra

The IRS dropped quite the surprise today: their first new tax guidance since 2014. Unfortunately, it seems to indicate that chains forking and airdropping users coins (whether they want them or not) creates a taxable event. Meanwhile, DevCon5 is cruising along in Osaka, complete with Ethereum scaling debates, the imminent launch of Multi-Collateral DAI, and the announcement of a new, open version of Libra (although it's not exactly clear why people are excited about this). Lastly, the real Libra faced some headwinds as US Senators put pressure on Visa, Mastercard and Stripe to follow suit with PayPal and leave the Libra Association. 


Oct 09, 2019
Narrative Watch | The NBA, Hearthstone & Hong Kong - Why Censorship Resistance Matters

First it was the NBA aggressively distancing itself from comments from Rockets GM Daryl Morey in support of Hong Kong protesters. Then it was Blizzard banning a player from competitive Hearthstone play for making a pro Hong Kong statement live on air. On this Narrative Watch, we dig into the uncomfortable tension between China's role in the globe business world and it's tight control over dissent and critique - and more specifically, why it is a reminder of the need for permissionless, decentralized, censorship resistant alternatives in money and technology. 


Oct 09, 2019
Libra's shaky membership FUD / Crypto In A Congressional Race / Why BTC volume is growing in Hong Kong

Libra is back in the spotlight after the WSJ published reports that Visa, Mastercard and others are getting cold feet after the chilly reception from regulators around the world. David Marcus took to Twitter to defend the project, while simultaneously creating a narrative line to pickup should those companies abandon the Libra Association. A challenger to Nancy Pelosi is discussing how cryptos can be used to break the power monopolies of big tech, while a new advocacy organization is taking on what they call the CA bitlicense. Finally, volume on LocalBitcoins in Hong Kong is up more than any time since the 2017 boom amidst heightened protests. The question is: who's buying? 


Oct 02, 2019
SEC vs. EOS: Securities! Settlement! Scandal!

The SEC's $24m settlement with EOS has been all anyone has been able to talk about for the last day or so. In this episode, we look at the four camps of reactions: the "they got off easy"; "you're all commies"; "it's about the consistency"; and the pragmatists. We also discuss the "Crypto Rating Council" and the general state of the SEC's securities law determinations. Insider baseball with big implications for the evolution of the industry. 


Oct 01, 2019
Narrative Watch: Time Preference Transformation - How CT Reacted (Or Didn't) To Last Week's Price Crash

Last week saw a 20% drop in the price of Bitcoin - much of coming in a short, 30 minute span. What it didn't see was the usual hand wringing and frantic explanations. In fact, most of last week's conversation was about totally different topics: Libra, central bank digital currencies, troubling developments for surveillance and crypto regulation in the UK. On this Narrative Watch, I explore whether this is simply a matter of the strength of fundamentals, or whether a fundamentally different time preference has taken hold. 


Sep 30, 2019
Is bitcoin rogue state money? / The impact of Libra on central banks / Fed repo market injections continue

News broke of Venezuela exploring whether they could use bitcoin and ether as reserve assets, prompting questions about what the potential impact of widescale adoption of bitcoin as a tool to evade sanctions might be. Libra continues to spur central banks to action. This week, the project saw some support from the UN while the ECB called it a 'wake up call' for governments. Finally, we look at the second week of Fed injections into the overnight repo markets and what it means for bitcoin. 


Sep 27, 2019
What's behind the BTC price crash? / Does WeWork matter for crypto? / Incognito mode for payments

Bitcoin (and the rest of the markets) absolutely cratered yesterday, with BTC dropping from nearly $10k to under $8k before resetting a bit. Is it Bakkt backlash? Bitmex margin calls? Or a fat load of who the hell knows? Speaking of crashes, Adam Neumann is out as CEO of WeWork, the fall guy in what appears to be the beginning of a larger market reset on technology company valuations. Does that reset have implications for the crypto markets? Finally, a number of new financings including for Fold, a cashback-in-bitcoin app that keeps your data private. 


Sep 25, 2019
Bakkt launch flop or fly? / Kik kicks the bucket, Kin lives on / SEC testifies before Congress

Much hyped Bakkt has launched, but the volume is...less than massive. What should we think about it? Is it a sign of failure; a sign that there simply isn't demand from institutions; or was this always the likely launch pattern? Meanwhile, in the "whoa" files, messenger app Kik has shuttered to focus all remaining efforts on KIN. Hail mary (or was the ICO the hail mary in the first place)? Finally, the SEC testified in front of Congress about crypto amongst other topics. Hope you're not hungry, because this was a nothingburger. 


Sep 24, 2019
Narrative Watch - Meme Warfare: 'Bitcoin fixes this' vs. 'ETH is money'

Crypto markets are driven by memes. In point of fact, all markets are driven by memes and narratives, but emergent markets like crypto ratchet it up. In this Narrative Watch, we go meta to look at the state of meme warfare, going deep on two memes of the moment. Discover why 'ETH is money' is an Ethereum community response to a recent bitcoin meme talk and how 'Bitcoin fixes this' is becoming shorthand for the idea of bitcoin as a generational hedge. 


Sep 23, 2019
Regulatory clap back / Why co's should fund open source / N. Korea crypto

Major regulatory and law enforcement clap back as SEC targets ICOBox (who would have believed that a company named ICOBox wasn't completely above board?) and an early Ethereum advisor is arrested for extortion. Get your breath back after that one, then let's talk about, first, why for profit companies that owe their existing to open source protocols should support the development of those protocols, and second, another look at why cryptocurrency is an inherently political force, featuring North Korea creating a bitcoin-like currency for itself. 


Sep 19, 2019
Fed cuts & repo / Binance.US's BNB surprise / Bitcoin ETF withdrawn

The FED has pumped the equivalent of half of Bitcoin's market cap into the markets over the last couple days in what some are likening to a TAF 2.0. We discuss why this, plus today's anticipated rate cuts, matter for Bitcoin. Binance US launched today with surprise support for BNB. Finally, one of the leading Bitcoin ETF contenders withdrew its proposal yesterday. 


Sep 18, 2019
Hashgraph & alt season dreams / Privacy coin delistings / Tokenized real estate & NBA contracts

Hashgraph is live and alts are in the green. Is it alt season or just wishful thinking? Over in the world of security tokens, NBA players are tokenizing their contracts and startups that wanted to lead the STO revolution are pivoting to help existing asset holders tokenize their existing assets. Finally, as privacy coins get delisted from exchanges, we ask what it means for the larger battle between privacy and surveillance. 


Sep 17, 2019
Narrative Watch: Bitcoin is Political

As this was being recorded, Facebook was being grilled by 26 central banks about their plans for Libra. Last week, France and Germany said they'd block the project and were exploring their own digital currencies. Libra head David Marcus felt enough heat to take to Twitter to defend why the project wasn't a threat to monetary sovereignty. In this Narrative Watch, we look at how the emergence of Libra and the response among the nations of the world have made it clear that, despite Marcus' protestations, cryptocurrencies are a political force. What does it mean for bitcoin? Listen to hear the discussion. 


Sep 16, 2019
CLASH! The State vs. Crypto | BTC futures & DeFi Robo Advisors | Invest:Asia trend recap

The clash of global state power and crypto seems more inevitable than ever. Germany joins France in declaring that they will block Libra (all the while being interested to explore their own digital currency). We look at not only the news, but what people like Ben Hunt and Nic Carter think it all means. We also focus on some of the new tools - BTC futures and a DeFi robo advisor - helping us not only opt out, but build alliances with the traditional financial world. Finally, we look at the trends coming out of CoinDesk's Invest:Asia event. Has the center of crypto gravity moved to Asia? Some new evidence suggests yes. 


Sep 13, 2019
QE is good for Bitcoin / Binance US opens next week / France to block Libra / BTC on Premier League Jerseys

More qualitative easing out of Europe means more "look at them they're doing it we should be doing it!" from Trump means more "Bitcoin solves this" memes. Binance is geoblocking users but next week opens up Binance.US - a regulated exchange with 6 assets to start. In an interesting one-two punch, France has announced their intention to block Libra from operating while also making crypto-to-crypto trading tax exempt. Finally, we look at investment from a major record label in a digital asset platform alternative to Ethereum and one company is putting the bitcoin logo on Premier League Jerseys. 


Sep 12, 2019
Coinbase exploring IEOs / Trump Tweets For Negative Rates / Bitcoin #s Beyond The Price

At Invest: Asia in Singapore today, Coindesk's heat of institutional sales in Asia hinted that the company is exploring IEOs, but wouldn't comment further. As he is wont to do, Trump got everyone talking by ratcheting up his pressure on the Fed to go into negative rate territory. Bitcoiners were happy to explain why this matters. And speaking of Bitcoin, some data from Coinmetrics beyond the price that shows just how the network is thriving. 


Sep 11, 2019
Bitcoin bank-ification / Do airdrops work? / Apple, Amazon & crypto

A new product from Gemini which allows custody customers to trade without moving their coins out of cold storage has sparked discussions about bankification that go all the way back to the beginnings of bitcoin. Meanwhile, Stellar announces a ~$120m airdrop to Keybase users prompting the question: do airdrops work? Have they ever worked? And if so, for what? Finally, on the occasion of Apple's most recent product event, what do we know about their crypto strategy? 


Sep 10, 2019
Narrative Watch: Impatience, Greed or Fear? What's driving the crypto Fall blues?

Despite Bakkt opening warehousing, BTC holding strong around $10k, and many new announcements, it's hard not to view the mood around crypto Twitter as lethargic. Is it simple impatience and the wrong time preference? Is it reflective of a recognition that alt season - at least for the 2017 ICO vintage of coins - doesn't seem anywhere on the horizon? Is it actually a more creeping nervousness around the global economy? That's what we explore on this week's Narrative Watch. 


Sep 09, 2019
Libra vs. China: The Global Digital Money Wars Heat Up

One of the most important global economic battles of our time is the battle to create new standards for global digital money. While bitcoin has been quietly building its case for the last decade, the story of the last few months has been all about the new contenders in private coins led by Libra and state-backed CBDCs, most notably China. On this edition, we look at the latest - new reports on Facebook lobbying hires, ECB antagonism, and a serious sense of urgency on the part of the People's Bank of China. 


Sep 06, 2019
The Great BTC-Alt Divergence / Epic Rap Battles Of Adoption / Derivative Games

BTC dominance is over 70%, and the gap between its performance and everything else may be accounting for the strange dissonance between 3x BTC price growth in 2019 and the serious gloomy pallor on display on crypto Twitter. We look at that divergence in the context of Fred Wilson's state of crypto post yesterday, as well as the continued growth of bitcoin-focused derivative products and comments from Twitter/Square CEO Jack Dorsey and the Apple Pay head on BTC and crypto. And don't miss the epic rap battle of history between Hamilton and Satoshi. 


Sep 05, 2019
Special Edition: Summer Recap & Fall Predictions from 15 of Crypto's Top VCs, Entrepreneurs & minds

To celebrate the official end of summer and beginning of fall, I asked 15 top crypto VCs, entrepreneurs and content creators including Jill Carlson, Ari Paul, Kyle Samani, Marty Bent and more 4 questions:

  • What did we learn this Summer?
  • What are your predictions for the Fall? 
  • What is one thing we're not talking about? 
  • What is the price of BTC at the end of the year? (Up/Down/Sideways)

These are their responses, and together they tell the story of an interesting moment in crypto. 


Sep 04, 2019
Narrative Watch: The Game of Coins & The Battle Over The Global Reserve Currency

In the game of coins, you [replace the USD as the world's reserve currency or at least shore up your sovereign currency's position in the new global mix] or you die. 

Over the last few months, we've seen China accelerate work on its digital currency; Binance launch Venus, a regional alternative to Libra; Tether (reportedly) working on a China yuan pegged stablecoin; and now, one of the world's best known central bankers has proposed a "synthetic hegemonic currency" to replace the USD as the world's global reserve currency. What does it all mean? 


Aug 26, 2019
Stablecoin battles / Trade Wars & Safe Havens / Berlin Blockchain Recap

Libra Association on the verge of losing members? That's the report from FT as members get spooked by EU antitrust proceedings. Over in the trade war, Trump ratchets up the rhetoric against China, and we explore both how it might drive Chinese innovation and what it means for the BTC safe haven narrative. Finally, we do a quick recap of Berlin Blockchain Week so far, including the anti-surveillance forces and furries alike. 


Aug 23, 2019
Terrorism, Sanctions & Global Opioid Rings: The Return of the Crypto Crime FUD Narrative

What do Palestinian bitcoin brokers, bitcoin rewards via hangover deliveries and a Russian spy scandal have to do with one another? It's all on today's 3@3. First, we look at the return of the crypto crime FUD narrative, with the specter of terrorism and US OFAC action against Chinese opioid kingpins. Then, we look at whether reports of legitimate use by Palestinians, legitimate use by US consumers, or chain analysis tools for law enforcement can counteract that narrative. Finally, we look at Patrick Byrne's resignation from Overstock and its blockchain initiatives after his embroilment in a Russian spy scandal. 


Aug 22, 2019
EU antitrust action on Libra / SEC dings ICO rating sites / CEOs vs. China on Hong Kong

Well that didn't take long. The European Union has already started looking into antitrust action on Facebook around Libra. In other regulatory news, US Sec of State Mike Pompeo says crypto should be regulated like SWIFT, India central bank fights for crypto ban, and the SEC announced a settlement with an ICO rating site that was paid by projects. It's all about the incentives, ultimately. Finally, we close with a look the way the Hong Kong protests are creating tension between independent private businesses and the Chinese government. Featuring commentary from longtime bitcoiner and HK resident Leo Weese. 


Aug 21, 2019
Dovey Wan on Binance's Venus / Snowden on surveillance at Web3 / INX $130m IPO / Bitcoin Miniscript

Binance is pursuing a strategy that is a bottoms-up "belt and road" alternative to Facebook's top down global cryptocurrency Libra. VC Dovey Wan explores that strategy, and why their Chinese announcement was more aggressive than their English. We also look at the anti-surveillance sentiment at Web3 Summit (best expressed by keynote Edward Snowden); the $130m regulated token IPO from new exchange INX; and the new Bitcoin scripting language Miniscript. 


Aug 20, 2019
Narrative Watch: Binance, Venus and the coming battle of CBDCs & non-sovereign fiat

Binance blew open the doors on the global battle for stablecoin supremacy today when they announced Venus - a project that seems to combine some aspects of permissioned corporate chains with central bank digital currencies (aka convenient surveillance money). What does it mean for consumers? What does it mean for governments? What does it mean for Libra? Would you chose CZ or Zuck to make your digital currency? Dig in with this #NarrativeWatch. 


Aug 19, 2019
The 11 Archetypes Of People You Need To Follow On Bitcoin/Crypto Twitter

Bitcoin and Crypto Twitter are wild, weird places. On this special "sorry I'm traveling, can't give you the news" edition of 3@3, I provide a guide to 11 key types of people that you should be following for your well-rounded Twitter experience. 

  1. The evangelist 
  2. The skeptic
  3. The maximalist 
  4. The builder 
  5. The buyer 
  6. The creator 
  7. The curator 
  8. The outsider
  9. The philosopher 
  10. The researcher
  11. The independent     


Aug 16, 2019
Ponzi scam selling, Hong Kong protest bank runs & buying creators with internet money

Why number go down? That's all anyone was asking as BTC plunged below $10k, a line that, according to Hodlonaut, we'd never cross again. Was it Ponzi scam selling in China or something less sinister? Either way, there was a bit of snark about a safe haven narrative so quickly extinguished. Additionally, we discuss a new move from Ripple to pay creators to come to their content ecosystem and the state of indie media, as well as look at calls from Hong Kong protest leadership for an imminent bank run. 


Aug 15, 2019
The SEC's ICO cleanup / China's convenient surveillance money / Recruiting new blood

What is dead may yet still die. At least, that seems to be the case as the SEC goes one by one through its list of unregistered securities offerings and outright scams. This week it was one unregistered SAFT settlement and one emergency lawsuit involving frozen assets and lifetime bans, oh my my. We also look at China's forthcoming convenient surveillance money..err..central bank digital currency. Finally, a Lambda School-Blockstack partnership brings up the question of recruiting new blood to crypto. 


Aug 14, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 8.13 | Argentina economic turbulence (feat. MakerDAO's Mariano Conti) + ETF delays & crypto dev report

After surprise election results, the Argentine economy tumbled. The stock market fell 48%, and the peso fell some 25-30% against USD. What is the role of crypto in this type of economic black swan event, if any? I asked MakerDAO's Mariano Conti, an Argentinian based in Buenos Aires, for his thoughts. We also look at the latest Bitcoin ETF delay and some phenomenal research on crypto developer trends from Electric Capital. 


Aug 13, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 8.12 | Impending currency crisis? Plus, Binance US listing criteria and prospects [LRS Top 5]

Bonds. Dollars. Bitcoin. Gold. That's what some are saying pay attention to at the beginning of a global currency crisis? On this week's LRS Top 5, we also look at: news from Binance US about its listing criteria and prospective token listings; KIK's aggressive response to the SEC lawsuit; Trump Administration proposals to police social media for censorship, and more. Produced in partnership with BlockTV. 


Aug 12, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 8.9 | Travis Kling on how BTC moves from risk asset to safe haven / Binance US listing framework / Crypto reality TV?

Travis Kling joins for today's 3@3 to explore how bitcoin might move from a risk asset to a safe haven. This isn't just about narrative, it's about how bets from one group trigger another group, which confirms models, and so on, creating a self fulfilling prophecy. You don't want to miss this. Also today, we look at Binance US's new asset listing framework and 30 prospects. And we ask that all important question: does crypto need a reality TV show? 


Aug 09, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 8.8 | Gaming, Mass Adoption and FUD Fighting

You've heard of the PayPal Mafia, but what about the Magic the Gathering Mafia? Both SkyWeaver and Gods Unchained have serious ex-Wizards of the Coast talent in their ranks. Does this mean blockchain gaming can succeed? Also in the realm of mass adoption, Robinhood was just approved to bring its stock and crypto-buying experience to the UK. Finally, Messari takes a critical look at the FUD from earlier this week that North Korea had hacked $2B from exchanges and financial institutions. 


Aug 08, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 8.7 | Katherine Wu on KIK vs. SEC / Binance KYC Hack / Year of the DAO?

Katherine Wu joins us as a guest to discuss her full annotation of the 117 page clap back from KIK against the SEC. What's bluster? What's business as usual for lawsuits like this? What are the actual implications for the rest of the industry? We also discuss the Binance KYC hack - what's real, what's FUD, and what we still don't know. Finally, we look at Ryan Zurrer (ex-Polychain, Web3) and his new DAO. Combined with Moloch, Metacartel and Aragon, is 2019 the year of the DAO? 


Aug 07, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 8.6 | China, Stonks and Safe Havens

First Trump threatened tariffs. Then China devalued the Yuan. Then Trump declared China to be currency manipulators. Then stonks went down while orange coin went up. Then everyone asked: "is Bitcoin the new safe haven asset?" For the last two days, this has been the conversation. It is a culmination of months of convergence between the Bitcoin hedge narrative and the global macro paradigm shift narrative. This special edition of 3@3 goes deep on what happened and why it matters. 


Aug 06, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 8.5 | Protests & privacy / Global macro Bitcoin / Crypto's Inevitability

A key theme from last week's Senate Banking Committee hearing was the sense that, like it or not, cryptocurrency was an inevitable force. On this top 5 summary of Long Reads Sunday, we look at that plus how the global macro narrative is converging with Bitcoin, why the internet hasn't evolved in a way that is free and open (and how that could change) and why digital privacy is the political issue of our time. 


Aug 05, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 8.2 | Q2 Crypto Data Extravaganza!
The Q2 crypto data reports are in, so on this special edition we’re breaking down the most interesting trends. We cover: asset performance; network activity in Bitcoin and Ethereum; the “non-correlated” narrative in Bitcoin and BTC’s relative narrative strength; the state of dapps and DeFi; IEO and exchange token performance; the impact of regulatory action; the decline of VC activity; the rise of competitive smart contract platforms; and finally end on a new emerging narrative: halving skepticism! Thanks to CoinMetrics, Circle Research and Delphi Digital for all their great work. 
Aug 02, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 8.1 | UASF at 2 & power in crypto networks / Zcash dev fund / Crypto in the wild

It was the two year anniversary of UASF (and the BCH chain split from BTC), which marked a significant moment in the history of Bitcoin. In short, the culmination of the block size war demonstrated the relative power of the distributed network of individuals running nodes over huge mining and exchange interests. In this 3@3, we look at that, as well as a new struggle around dev funding in Zcash as well as some recent examples of crypto in the wild. 

Note: the video clip is from Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser's To The Moon, and features Vortex. 

Watch the video:

Aug 01, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.31 | What Fed rate cuts mean for BTC / IEO performance / Funding/M&A Roundup

The Fed cut interest rates today for the first time in Bitcoin's life. This move is interesting directly because lower rates lead to more money in the markets. It's interesting symbolically as it represents a major narrative evolution where financial markets are actively discussing Bitcoin and not the other way around. We also look at IEO performance a few months into the phenomenon and do a quick roundup of funding and M&A action - it's all infrastructure and base layer protocols. 

Watch the original at

Aug 01, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.30 | Recap of Senate Banking Committee Hearing On Crypto Regulation

In their second hearing in 2 weeks, the Senate Banking Committee invited 3 panelists to discuss the current state of and recommendations for crypto and digital asset regulation. In this recap, I look at three key points: 1) the shadow of Libra and Big Tech; 2) calling BS on "bank the unbanked"; 3) the sense of inevitability. 

Watch the video version:

Jul 30, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.29 | Lightning Network vs. surveillance / US Congress response to de-Americanization / Paradigm shifts

Weekly countdown of the 5 most important essays and threads from the week before on Long Reads Sunday. This week featuring Lightning Network vs the encroaching surveillance state; a US Congressman's response to Circle leaving the US; a hot take on the Trump Administration's interest in backdoor encryption and more. 

Video produced by BlockTV

Watch the full episode:

Jul 29, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.24 | Encryption Backdoors // Americans Trust BTC More Than Libra // Regulatory Roundup

The US Attorney General has reignited a debate about encryption backdoors for law enforcement. Libra has a long way to go, with a recent poll finding it significantly less trustworthy to Americans than Bitcoin. And finally, a regulatory roundup including a new New York State crypto taskforce and upcoming hearings in the Senate. 

Watch the video version:

Jul 24, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.23 | Trontroversy! // Ethereum dev tax? // #IndiaWantsCrypto

Justin Sun canceled his lunch with Warren Buffett this week, claiming kidney stones. Reports today, however, suggested that he was compelled not to leave China by border authorities due to investigations. But then he showed up in SF? So basically, wth. Also an interesting conversation about developer funding and block rewards comes to Ethereum, while members of the Indian crypto community react to aggressive new political recommendations. 

Watch original:

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Jul 23, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.22 | The "Libra Goes To Washington" Recap [LRS56 Top 5]

From 5 to 1, counting down the most important threads, essays and content from last week. Featuring the key setup questions for the Libra hearings; a case study of Cuba on whether a project like Libra could make a difference to the "unbanked"; the uncoupling of Libra and Bitcoin; the respond of China; and a Congressman calls Bitcoin an "unstoppable force." 

Produced in partnership with BlockTV

Watch the video version:

Jul 23, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.19 | BitMEX vs. CFTC / Bitcoin legal in China? / Ycash and Friendly Forks

The CFTC's investigation of BitMEX is the latest in string of screws tightening on global exchanges touching US customers. In an interesting twist, a lawsuit leads to a Chinese court determining that Bitcoin is a protected legal property. Ycash has friendly forked from Zcash, but is a friendly fork even possible? 

Watch the video version:

Jul 19, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.18 | Libra Aftermath - G7, China, and Dalio's dystopia

Libra was a hotbutton issue at the G7 meetings - maybe the one thing they agreed on. Meanwhile, the project made news in China as Facebook's David Marcus revealed explicitly that it saw Alipay and Wechat as competitors. Meanwhile, the crypto community spilled ink discussing hedge fund titan Ray Dalio's latest missive on the coming financial paradigm shift. 

Watch the live version at:

Jul 18, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.17 | Libra Hearings Day 2 Recap - House Financial Services Committee

On Day 2 of Libra hearings, Facebook's David Marcus testified in front of the House Financial Services Committee. And boy oh boy, it could not have been more different than yesterday. Today was massively more substantive, thoughtful, and holy crap was there a lot of comparison between Bitcoin and Libra...with Bitcoin coming out on top again and again. This day will go down as one of the most significant in Bitcoin's history. 

Watch the video version at

Jul 18, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.16 | Libra Hearing Day 1 Recap - Senate Banking Committee

Libra's David Marcus testified before a relatively hostile Senate Banking Committee today. In today's 3@3, we go over: 1) Facebook's trust problem; 2) the most important topics and themes of the questioning; 3) what it all means for Bitcoin. 

Watch the livestreamed version on:

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Jul 16, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.15 | Long Reads Sunday #55 Top 5

Every Sunday, I put together a list of the top tweets, threads and essays shaping the crypto conversation. On Monday, I countdown my five favorites with BlockTV. Monday's Crypto Daily 3@3 is the audio recording version. 

For those who want to watch, check out the replay at:
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Jul 15, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.12 | Special Edition: Trump Gives Bitcoin A Mainstream Moment
A very Trump-y special edition! On this episode, we look at 1) what happened with Trump’s Bitcoin/Libra tweet; 2) the crypto community’s response; 3) the surprisingly with it mainstream media response; and 4) what it means going forward and why we need to build our own public story so that a technology with massive potential to enshrine freedom and individual sovereignty doesn’t become defamed and criminalized. 
Note for listeners; the second half or so of this clip is discussion from Twitch live chat. This usually doesn’t happen but with such big news there was quite a bit of excitement to discuss. Let me know if you like this or if I should cut it off for the future. 
For those who want to watch, check out the replay at:
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Jul 12, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.11 | Comply or Die Token Sales | Turkey and CBDCs | Crypto Startup Studio

On this episode, we discuss: 1) Reg A+ compliant token sales from Blockstack and YouNow and why it's becoming comply or die; 2) Turkey planning a central bank digital currency and how the crypto market is trifurcating; 3) IDEO's new crypto startup lab. 

Follow on Twitter: @nlw

Watch the video version on YouTube:

Jul 11, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.10 | Alt Season Dreams & Nightmares | New Crypto Funding | Mr. Libra Goes To Washington

We discuss: 1) the chatter around a potential alt season and what makes things different this time around; 2) new financing that shows where crypto investors heads are at (hint: infrastructure not apps); 3) the latest salvos between Libra and regulators. 

Jul 10, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.9.19 | Deutsche Bank layoffs; Does Libra drown the BTC narrative? + more
  1. Deutsche Bank announces 18k layoffs & a photo instafamous memes a tailor with a Bitcoin bag as a fired banker
  2. Strong counter argument against the idea that Libra is somehow good for Bitcoin
  3. A new platform for fractionalized art and culture ownership launches 

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Jul 10, 2019