Crypto Daily 3@3

By Nathaniel Whittemore

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Category: Technology

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A daily stream on the three topics most shaping the crypto conversation. If you want to know exactly what the crypto community is talking about today, this is your podcast. Watch the stream live on Twitter @nlw, Twitch, or Youtube

Episode Date
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.16 | Libra Hearing Day 1 Recap - Senate Banking Committee

Libra's David Marcus testified before a relatively hostile Senate Banking Committee today. In today's 3@3, we go over: 1) Facebook's trust problem; 2) the most important topics and themes of the questioning; 3) what it all means for Bitcoin. 

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Jul 16, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.15 | Long Reads Sunday #55 Top 5

Every Sunday, I put together a list of the top tweets, threads and essays shaping the crypto conversation. On Monday, I countdown my five favorites with BlockTV. Monday's Crypto Daily 3@3 is the audio recording version. 

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Jul 15, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.12 | Special Edition: Trump Gives Bitcoin A Mainstream Moment
A very Trump-y special edition! On this episode, we look at 1) what happened with Trump’s Bitcoin/Libra tweet; 2) the crypto community’s response; 3) the surprisingly with it mainstream media response; and 4) what it means going forward and why we need to build our own public story so that a technology with massive potential to enshrine freedom and individual sovereignty doesn’t become defamed and criminalized. 
Note for listeners; the second half or so of this clip is discussion from Twitch live chat. This usually doesn’t happen but with such big news there was quite a bit of excitement to discuss. Let me know if you like this or if I should cut it off for the future. 
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Jul 12, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.11 | Comply or Die Token Sales | Turkey and CBDCs | Crypto Startup Studio

On this episode, we discuss: 1) Reg A+ compliant token sales from Blockstack and YouNow and why it's becoming comply or die; 2) Turkey planning a central bank digital currency and how the crypto market is trifurcating; 3) IDEO's new crypto startup lab. 

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Jul 11, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.10 | Alt Season Dreams & Nightmares | New Crypto Funding | Mr. Libra Goes To Washington

We discuss: 1) the chatter around a potential alt season and what makes things different this time around; 2) new financing that shows where crypto investors heads are at (hint: infrastructure not apps); 3) the latest salvos between Libra and regulators. 

Jul 10, 2019
Crypto Daily 3@3 - 7.9.19 | Deutsche Bank layoffs; Does Libra drown the BTC narrative? + more
  1. Deutsche Bank announces 18k layoffs & a photo instafamous memes a tailor with a Bitcoin bag as a fired banker
  2. Strong counter argument against the idea that Libra is somehow good for Bitcoin
  3. A new platform for fractionalized art and culture ownership launches 

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Jul 10, 2019