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By Jordan Lee Dooley

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In this podcast, National Bestselling Author, Jordan Lee Dooley, dishes out truths, tips, and actionable takeaways to help you reach your potential without the pressure to prove. Every episode is like sitting down with a good friend who’s coaching you through life. All are welcome — come hang out!

Episode Date
How to Pursue Your Dreams in the Middle of Motherhood (with Megan Duke)
Calling all mamas, soon-to-be mamas, and hopeful, someday mamas! This one’s for you!   If you have a little (or big) dream that’s either buried deep inside your heart or something you’re already trying to pursue, but feeling a little unsure of how to make it all work, it's common to feel overwhelmed, and even to put it off.   Or if you know that someday you want to be a mom but have a big career dreams and worry about how you’re going to be able to manage it all, you’re not the only one, sister.    And sometimes simply hearing from someone who's taken the first step and learning to navigate the journey can be enough to light a fire under us.   In this episode, Jordan sits down with friend, music artist, and mom of 3, Megan Duke.   Megan knows what it’s like to wear a lot of hats. Not only is she an amazing wife and mother of 3 littles but she’s also fearlessly and relentlessly pursuing her dream of being a music artist.   This episode really digs into how a woman CAN steward her gifts and passions in the middle of motherhood. The compromises and sacrifices that are made The day to day challenges that come with juggling it all really look like (and how to handle them well) How to create boundaries to guard the health of both your family life and careeR What it looks like to teach your kids to dream, too How building a great marriage fits into this whole equation 3 practical steps for any woman who wants to get started on her dreams in a busy season, too    So, whether you’re looking ahead feeling a little afraid of motherhood because you’re a big dreamer with massive career ambitions, or are already a mom and feeling that tug on your heart to go for your dreams but can’t quite figure out how to do that… you’ll want to soak in all the wisdom Megan offers in this episode. It’s honest, deep, and practical all at once.     Follow Megan on IG here: Check out Megan’s new album, Heart on Fire, here:
Apr 01, 2020
Asking for Help as a Perfectionist
A listener named Elizabeth recently sent in a message and asked, “Can you offer some advice on how to delegate and ask for help when you’re a perfectionist?”   If you relate to this struggle at all, whether you're having a hard time handing off tasks to someone you manage at work or the thought of hiring an assistant (and NOT micro-managing them) stresses you out, tune in to practical ways to:   Set Up Step By Step Systems Start Small Communicate Expectations AND Dissatisfaction Clearly and Kindly Respond When They Inevitably Drop the Ball Take the free quiz to find out your purpose >>
Mar 25, 2020
Persevering Through Uncertainty - Coronavirus and Small Business
It's officially SHE's 100th episode! And there’s a lot of fear surrounding the economy and what it means for household income and small businesses…    But while the rest of the world is running around like their hair is on fire, selling out the toilet paper and Costco shelves, wondering how their bills or team is going to get paid, unsure of whether or not to launch what they had planned, and freeeeaking out on what to do next…   We’re gonna take a deep breath and handle this craziness like the cool, calm, and collected women we know how to be.   Look, this is a really weird time. So, in this episode Jordan   1. Shares the research she's done on important economic predictions to be aware of as you make decisions   2. Tackles your biggest questions regarding navigating this current situation as a small business ("is it insensitive to keep marketing?" etc.)   3. Provides the kick in the pants we all need to face this adversity with class, dignity, strength, and courage.   Find more at or follow on Instagram: @jordanleedooley Referenced resources: Great Legal Resources for Service Providers: @thelegalpaigeUSA Today Article: Investopedia: Article:
Mar 18, 2020
How to Overcome FOMO & Redefine Productivity- with Tonya Dalton
We’ve all asked the question: What am I here for? Why am I here?  When life is busy, chaotic, or full, we might look at how we spend our time - our days, our weeks, and our months - and wonder if it is even aligned with the calling on our life. So, in this episode, Jordan brought on Productivity Expert and Author of The Joy of Missing Out, Tonya Dalton, to give us the tools we need to clarify our purpose, or our “North Star,” as she calls it, so that we can prioritize building our days and weeks around what matters most. Jordan and Tonya cover: Why it's not about doing more but about doing what’s most important. How to identify your North Star - your mission, vision, passions and core values - and create a life centered around it The tools we need to differentiate between saying, “yes!” out of obligation/guilt and saying “yes!” out of desire/want so that we can give better yeses Tune into this episode to learn the productivity tools you need to clarify how to live your days so that you are focusing on what matters most, while still being able to get everything else done that needs to get done. Follow Tonya here: Want to find your purpose? Take the quiz! >>
Mar 11, 2020
How to Start Before You're Ready- with Jess Ekstrom
EVERY EXPERT WAS ONCE A BEGINNER.  Let that sink in. No, really, let it sink in until you believe it.  It is so essential to understand this one thing: NO ONE started out knowing what they were doing. No one who's built something successful began with a clue of what it would turn into. And no successful person has avoided embarrassing themselves or failure.  But the one key to success they all have in common? They STARTED. They started small. They rolled up their sleeves and got scrappy.  They were willing to get uncomfortable and put themselves out there.  THIS willingness (not skill or fancy connections) is the one differentiating factor between those who reach their dreams and those who don't. Tune into this episode to learn keys to starting before you're ready from the one and only Jess Ekstrom, founder of Headbands of Hope, and author of Chasing the Bright Side.  Headbands of Hope is a brand Jess started in college that has grown into a multi-million dollar company in just 7 years. In this conversation, Jess shared her biggest small business mistakes (like wiring $10,000 to a company she never heard back from) and scrappy steps she took to make her dream happen before she had the finances (like convincing Jimmy Johns to sponsor a product photo shoot), and so many more moments that will put you at ease, make you laugh, and give you the courage to stop worrying and just start where you are!  Ready to stop putting your dreams off for a tomorrow that isn't guaranteed?  Hit the play button.   Follow Jess here:
Mar 04, 2020
The Secret Art of Pivoting As You Pursue Your Purpose
Have you ever looked up to someone who has built their dream career and assumed it was a straight shot from Point A to Point B? Ever wondered what the journey to creating and cultivating your dream career really looks like from the inside? More often than not, it's a very non-linear journey as one learns what works, what doesn't, what they like, and what they don't like so much. In this episode, Jordan shares a candid conversation (originally aired on the Heart and Hustle Podcast) with some of her business besties, Evie Rupp and Lindsey Roman, to discuss the very real journey that a gal can take as she pursues her purpose in life. Tune in to learn: 1) How to Know When It's Time to Pivot in Your Career 2) The Art of Pivoting Well When It's Time 3) How to Get Past Limiting Beliefs And Other People's Expectations for You 4) Healthier Ways to Think About Making Money as You Build Your Dreams And more!   Follow Lindsey and Evie here: @mrslindseyroman @evierupp
Feb 26, 2020
Mondays with Matt and J: Women's Empowerment and Self Defense (with Antonia Okafor)
In this episode, Matt and Jordan learn from sexual assault survivor turned self defense advocate and firearms instructor, Antonia Okafor, about women’s empowerment and our right to self defense. Tune into learn about real life situations, statistics, gun laws, and how we can be proactive about our safety in our everyday life.
Feb 24, 2020
What to Do When You Doubt You Have What It Takes
Do you have a big dream but seriously doubt you're cut out for it? You're not alone. But instead of encouraging you with a bunch of cliche motivational quotes, J is handing you a roadmap with specific, practical steps you can take when you feel the fear but need to find a way to do it anyway.
Feb 19, 2020
How Our Diet Can Affect Our Mental Health - with Brittney Moses
Have you ever thought about how much what you eat can affect your brain health? In this episode, Jordan chats with a psychology student, Brittney Moses, who has spent some time researching this topic. Listen in as she unpacks the 5 reasons what you eat can affect your mental health, the list of 12 essential nutrients for your brain, and adjustments you can make to how you're fueling your body (which includes your mind).
Feb 12, 2020
Monday's with Matt & J - How We Process Grief Differently
In this episode, Matt and Jordan share what they've learned about how men and women grieve differently as they've suffered through the miscarriage of their first child. If you're in a relationship and have experienced loss or grief, and noticed that you and your S/O approach the pain differently, you'll want to listen to this.
Feb 10, 2020
Navigating Miscarriage - Our Pregnancy Loss Story
A heavier episode than usual, Jordan opens up about her journey with pregnancy and loss in hopes of shedding light on what miscarriage is like, how we as women can better support one another through grief like this, and ways to break the stigma and change the way society views this topic.
Feb 05, 2020
Mondays with Matt & J - A Pro Relationship Tip for Solving Disagreements
Matt and J serve up some laughs and fun facts to get your Monday off to the right foot! Tune in to learn a few easy healthy alternatives to your favorite junk food, a pro-relationship tip for the next time you find yourself in an argument with your S/O, and a few unexpected run-ins the Dooley's had with nature... Follow them on IG here:
Feb 03, 2020
4 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Believer and a Business Owner
Jordan has experienced the tension that can come when different roles in her life as a woman collide. Specifically, her roles as a creative business owner, bestselling author, Christian woman, wife, and hopeful mama. So often, society makes it seem that these roles conflict with one another. And Jordan is all too familiar with the struggle. In this episode, she doesn't hold anything back and openly shares four key lessons she's learned in balancing these roles.
Jan 29, 2020
Monday with Matt & J: Addressing Outrage Culture
The Dooley's are coming atcha for another episode of Monday's with Matt and J. Tune into this episode as they challenge "outrage culture" and provide you with some ideas on how to face it when you inevitably encounter it online (or IRL).
Jan 27, 2020
How to Hold On To Your Values in Your Workplace - with Jen Ledger
How can a woman navigate and succeed in a male dominated industry? What about holding onto our values and convictions as we chase our dreams and when the pressure closes in? Tune in as Jordan and Jen Ledger, drummer for the band, Skillet, discuss and provide answers to burning questions like these.  Follow Jen here:
Jan 22, 2020
Mondays with Matt & J - Create Systems and Apologize First
Listen in as Matt and Jordan serve up an episode jam-packed with takeaways to apply to your work and relationship, including practical ways to overcome conflicts and differences, create systems, and more.
Jan 20, 2020
How to Get Re-Inspired When You're In a Funk
What do you do when you have ZERO inspiration and like you're just stuck in a funk? Ugh. So frustrating. In this episode, Jordan covers her 7 go-to steps that have helped her get re-inspired when she's in a funk or creative rut. Tune in to learn and apply these to your life and work, too!
Jan 15, 2020
Mondays with M & J - Demo Day at the Dooley’s
Today we’re talking about our bathroom renovation project that we’re just now getting to after 10 months. We also discuss the TikTok phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation and more!
Jan 13, 2020
5 Ways to Keep Your Personal & Professional Life Organized
If you ever feel like a hot mess express, and organization is a lifestyle you're aiming for but struggling to reach, this episode is for you. Even if you're already fairly organized but want to up-level your focus as you prepare for the year ahead, tune in to learn five simple and effective ways to do just that.
Jan 08, 2020
Mondays with Matt & J - Setting 2020 Non-Negotiables
This marks the first episode of Mondays with Matt & J on the She Podcast!  We talked about setting non-negotiables for our family to create healthy boundaries and practices to help us flourish this year.
Jan 06, 2020
4 Steps to Combat Stress and Anxiety - with Rebekah Lyons
Do you struggle with anxiety, stress, or panic attacks? We see you, girl.   We get messages from listeners and readers ALL THE TIME requesting content that covers this topic so Jordan called in the expert, Rebekah Lyons.   Rebekah is an author and speaker that focuses the majority of her work on helping people overcome a struggle she became familiar after experiencing her first panic attack.   Tune into this episode to learn the tools you need to combat anxiety, and how to implement the four rhythms - rest, restore, connect, and create - into your daily life.   Follow Rebekah here:
Dec 18, 2019
Positive Ways to Deal with Negative or Unwanted Opinions
So, what should you do when Great Aunt Carol randomly asks why you haven’t had kids yet? Or when long lost cousin Tony makes a remark about the fact that you’re still living with your parents at age 24?  How do you deal with questions that seemingly impose unwanted opinions on you? How do you respond confidently, respectfully, and firmly? Tune into this episode to learn gives three tips to help when you‘re inevitably faced with an awkward situation like this so you can respond effectively rather than react emotionally.
Dec 11, 2019
How to Build Your Dream One Step at a Time - with Liv Mercer
The holidays are here and this is the season so many of us busy, hardworking women can begin to feel the tension of stress and burn out as we work to close out the year and prepare for all the festivities. So, J brought in Liv Mercer, a mental health counselor, and this episode is packed full of tangible steps we can take when we're overwhelmed. Jordan and Liv also discussed the tension of wanting to chase a big dream in a season that makes it somewhat difficult to really go for it — and Liv offers some great steps for moving closer to the direction you’re dreaming of going even if you’re unable to dive in all at once. Tune in to learn the steps you need to take to get to a healthier place when you’re stressed, questions you need to ask before pursuing something new, ways to move the needle in the right direction, and how you can move 1% closer to your dream even if your schedule is already full.   Follow Liv here:
Dec 04, 2019
Creative Ways To Cultivate What Matters - with Lara Casey
As we head into the holidays and look ahead to the New Year, we’re hearing a lot about goals and resolutions, aren’t we? It can all be a little overwhelming. So, in this episode, we’re diving into creative ways to not only set goals but ACTUALLY ACHIEVE them with discipline and a healthy dose of grace — because we’re only human, right? Jordan brought Lara Casey, author and the creator of Powersheets™️, to give you the best tips and tools to setting meaningful goals so that you can cultivate what matters. Tune into learn from two master goal-getters, and find out just how little by little can add up to big wins for you in 2020.
Nov 27, 2019
How to Love Your Single (or Dating) Life - with Stephanie May Wilson
With the holidays just around the corner, we know that the site of mistletoe or sound of a Christmas love song can be enough to make a single girl cringe. We get it. The cute, snuggly photos friends share with their boyfriends/husbands and engagement announcements all over Instagram are nice but when you feel like the one who's still not having the best time in the dating scene, it can be HARD to really be happy with where we're at. So, Jordan called in the expert. Literally. Stephanie May Wilson's mission is to help women thrive in their single and dating lives and in this episode, she unpacks a beautiful middle ground between two equally destructive perspectives we tend to swing between when it comes to singleness and marriage, how to invest in your single life, and even how to intentionally prepare to become the right person more than just looking for the right person. If you're needing a little insight on how to thrive in your single or dating life this holiday season, look no further than this episode right here.  Thank you to our sponsors, Mejuri, ZipRecruiter, and Boll & Branch.  Take advantage of our special offers here:  Mejuri: For free shipping on orders of $100 or more, go to ZipRecruiter: Try it for free by going to Boll & Branch: For $50 off your first order, go to and use the code "SHE" Grab Steph's Prayer Journal Here: Every Single Moment Follow Steph on social here: @smaywilson
Nov 20, 2019
Tangible Ways to Dream and Work Together - with Matt Dooley
Toward the end of 2018, this podcast, Jordan's shop, and her publishing career began to grow exponentially and with the additional travel and increased demand on her time, she and Matt began to explore what it would look like to team up and run this thing together. At the beginning of 2019, Matt officially left his medical device sales job and they've been working together ever since. In this episode, the Dooley's answer your most pressing questions about dreaming and working together, including what a Dooley Dream Date actually looks like, the never before told details of what went into the decision to work together when it came to finances and insurance, the roles they play in the company, and more. And hey, even if you're not in business with your significant other, this episode is packed FULL of tangible tips and advice on how to work better together as a team in all areas of life.  Thank you to our sponsors, Mejuri, Grove Collaborative, and Lola. Take advantage of our special offers here:  Mejuri For free shipping on orders of $100 or more, go to Grove Collaborative: To get the Grove Sustainable Swap set FREE with your purchase plus you’ll get free shipping AND a free 60-day VIP trial, go to  Lola: For 40% off your first month's subscription, go to and enter code "SHE" Follow us on social here @jordanleedooley @mattjdooley Grab Jordan's book, Own Your Everyday, here:
Nov 13, 2019
The First Steps to Take When You Feel Held Back by Your Circumstances - with Emily Norton
Ever feel like your circumstances are holding you back? Whether it’s a physical ailment or financial struggle, mental health battle, or something else? Has that ever led to crippling comparison as you observe others who seem to have it easier? We see you, friend. In this episode, Jordan brings on Emily Norton viral video sensation and co-author of The Seven Longest Yards, to discuss what it really looks like to take those steps forward when the odds seem to be stacked against you. Emily and her husband, Chris (who was paralyzed by a football injury and told he only had a 3% chance of moving beneath the neck) became a beacon of hope for millions when the video of their WALK down the isle together on their wedding day went viral and was shared by People Magazine. Instead of spoiling all the details here, tune in to the episode to hear all the behind the scenes details that led up those steps during that legendary walk, and to learn what it really takes to persevere and defy the odds in such a big way.    Take our survey here (plz):   Thank you to our sponsor, ZipRecruiter! Try it free by going to      Follow Emily’s journey here:
Nov 06, 2019
How to Live a Minimal-ish Lifestyle with Desirae Endres
Raise your hand if… you know you’re spreading yourself too thin just to live up to other’s expectations? How about if you go home after work only to feel more overwhelmed because your house is cluttered but you don’t know what to do about it? Yeah, we’ve all been there, sister. If you’re ready to get clarity and a guide on how to simplify your life, then listen in as Jordan chat’s with her friend Desirae, host of the Minimalish podcast, and learn not only how to live a more intentional life with a grace-based approach to minimalism but also what to do with all of those spatulas stuffed in the same kitchen drawer just waiting for their turn to be used!    Connect with Desirae here:   Grab Jordan’s Book, Own Your Everyday, here:   Thank you to our Sponsor, Boll and Branch. Take advantage of our exclusive offer here: and use the code "SHE"
Oct 30, 2019
How to Hustle in a Healthy Way
Ever felt like you've been chasing your dreams forever? Like no matter how hard you work you make hardly any progress? Or like the journey has been more non-linear than clear? In this episode, Jordan brings on Jodi Rademaker of Love and the Outcome, and the two share stories on finding balance in a busy, on-the-go-lifestyle. Additionally, they offer steps on how to be unashamed of your ambition but also faithful in the mundane, unglamorous moments of life. Tune in to learn why the long road isn't necessarily the wrong road, what "healthy hustle" means, and why some investments that don't appear to have a financial payoff are the ones worth making.    Follow Jodi here:
Oct 23, 2019
Turning Pain Into Passion For A Bigger Purpose
Have you gone through something devastating? Are you walking through grief? Searching for your purpose and passion in the midst of pain? In today’s episode, Jordan brings on author, baker, TV personality, and friend, Emily Hutchinson, to share her powerful story of heartbreak and healing after the loss of a child. In addition to an all around encouraging conversation, Emily dishes out some great baking tips for what she calls, “healing in the kitchen.” Not to be punny, but you’re in for a treat. ;)    Follow Emily here:
Oct 16, 2019
Thriving in New Seasons of Life and Navigating Struggles with Mental Health
Worried that a new season of life — like marriage or kids — will hurt your career? Facing battles with mental health and feeling alone in a hard transition? We gotchu covered, girl. In honor of mental health week, Jordan brings on blogger and shop owner, Hannah Morrison, and the two cover navigating transition in life and business, to people pleasing, to overcoming mental health challenges. If you’ve ever felt the pressure to live up to an image of perfection, struggled with others’ opinions, or battled mental illness... pull up a chair and tune in for wisdom and encouragement. Follow Hannah on IG here: @thecakebyhannah
Oct 09, 2019
What to Do When You Can't Figure Out What You Want to Do
Are you always coming up with ideas and not sure which one to actually implement? Do you tend to dabble in a million things only to end up feeling more directionless than before? Have you been dreaming of something more but not entirely sure what that *something more* actually is? Tryyyying to figure out what you want to do next with your life or in your business? Yes? Then this is for you, girl! In today’s episode, Jordan breaks down her own non-linear, multi-passionate journey AND brings on two women to share their stories — how each one found direction on their God-given dream  and what they’re doing to make it happen.    PS. THE OWN IT ACADEMY COACHING PROGRAM IS OPEN THIS WEEK ONLY! This is for the fearlessly multi-passionate, ambitious, purpose-driven and creative woman searching for clarity and direction (like you!). You’ll walk away knowing EXACTLY what you’re made to do—with a step by step strategy you can implement immediately.    Sign up here:
Oct 02, 2019
How to Know If It's Time to Change Your Career or Pivot Your Business
This is for the woman who feels like she chose the wrong career path, or for the woman who's considering making a change in her business. If you know you want to do something different - whether that's changing industries completely or taking your brand in a new direction - it can tough to know WHEN it's time to make that leap. In this episode, Jordan shares her best advice to knowing when is the time to make that leap! It's all presented in a simple checklist format to make it easy for you to run through the list and make the right move with confidence. Tune in to see if you're at the place where it's time to make a change - or if it may be wise to stick with what you're doing a little longer.   And as a Bonus Pro Tip: Consider your passions but don't just pursue your passions. Pursue opportunity!   Get the free training or enroll in the coaching program here:
Sep 30, 2019
How to Pick Between Two Passions or Opportunities
Are you multi-passionate? Having a hard time choosing between 2+ options or passions? In this episode, Jordan gives a 5 step framework to help you confidently make a the choice that’s best for you!    For even more, sign up for the free training here:
Sep 25, 2019
When Your Calling Doesn’t Align With Your Credentials
What’s a girl supposed to do when the next thing she’s feeling called to step into doesn’t clearly align with her degree, certifications, or experience? In this episode, Jordan tackles this question and provides you with her best tips on what to do if this happens to you!  Take the quiz to find your next best move here:
Sep 18, 2019
What to Do When You Feel Stuck In a Job You Don't Love
In this episode, Jordan shares her best advice on persevering and having patience as you work to gain experience and grow in your career — before you’re at where you actually want to be. Specifically, she’s diving into the “millennial mindset” that you don’t have to work your way up, why we don’t have to follow the status quo, and how we can show up even when we feel like we’re starting at 0. Get the book here: Take the quiz to find your next best move here:
Sep 11, 2019
Creative Business and Everyday Faithfulness
Struggling to find balance between work, family, and faith? Looking for some wisdom on blending godliness and business? This is the for you! In this episode, Jordan chats with Ruth Chou Simons, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and artist. Ruth serves up heaps of wisdom for owning your season, marketing your expertise without shame, and stewarding both dream chasing and family building with everyday faithfulness.  Grab your copy of Own Your Everyday here: Not sure what you want to do? Looking for your path? Find your next best step with my free quiz here: Follow Ruth & get her book HERE!
Sep 04, 2019
Yes, You CAN Adult Today
You’re gonna want to put your big girl panties on for this one, girlfriend. Bianca Olthoff, author is Play With Fire and How to Have Your Life Not Suck, is challenging ya in all the best ways today. If you’ve ever had a hard time knowing the line between vanity and maintenance when it comes to appearance, are a little tired of the participation trophy culture we live in, or have a conflict you know you need a little courage to confront, this is the episode you can’t afford to miss.
Aug 28, 2019
Take Ownership of Your Time, Habits, and Goals
Everybody’s talking about crushing goals and doing big things but HOW is a girl actually able to do that when she’s already busy, struggling with imposter syndrome, or completely unsure of where to start?    In this episode, Jordan brings on Author, Entrepreneur, and Business coach, Stacy Tuschl, to help you crack the code.    Tune into learn actionable steps to nixing bad habits, as well as implementable strategies to be more productive and achieve your goals.    Grab your copy of Own Your Everyday here:    Learn more from Stacy here:
Aug 21, 2019
How to Keep Your Faith Strong and Build Community in College or Grad School
Calling all college and graduate students! Going back to school? Ever find it tough to keep your faith strong while on campus or in the middle of a busy semester? Feel like an outsider, or like finding like-minded community is harder than rocket science? We hear ya, girl! It's tough!    So, in this episode, Jordan brings on some of the community building EXPERTS for students, Mac and Kenzie of Delight Ministries, to help ya out! Delight is an organization with chapters on dozens of campuses across America, designed to do give women relatable, welcoming, and like-minded Christian community in a place where that is usually lacking.    Tune in to learn their best tips for strengthening your faith, as well as for finding and building great community, even when you're up to your ears in homework this year.   Get your copy of Own Your Everyday Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Aug 14, 2019
10 Tips to Making Big Decisions with Confidence
Does making decisions overwhelm you? Do you tend to overthink or second guess the decisions you're trying to make?  You are NOT alone, sister. In this episode, Jordan unpacks her top 10 tips for making big decisions more confidently so you can stop overthinking and start owning the steps you were made to take. Tune in for a big announcement and to learn lessons like: 1. How to create a priority list 2. Why you don't have to worry about figuring out God's plan for your life 3. How to apply the 10-10-10 analysis to every decision you make ...and many more! To shop the SoulScripts Summer Warehouse Sale, visit To grab the book, visit
Aug 07, 2019
3 Keys to Networking and Making Friends
Maybe you just moved to a new city for a job opportunity you’ve been waiting years for... but find that struggling in the whole *making friends* department. Creating like-minded community with a busy schedule, as a grown up, and in a new place or new season is HARD. Or maybe you’re a small business owner or work from home and tend to feel a little isolated, like you’re on an island and your friends don’t quite understand “what you do.” Networking with others in your industry and connecting with people who GET YOU can be equally as hard.    So, in this episode, Jordan unpacks several lessons she’s learned when it comes effectively cultivating friendships and a few key steps you can implement right away to start building new relationships effortlessly (instead of awkwardly).    Grab a copy of Own Your Everydayhere!   Thank you to our sponsors:    Grove CollaborativeModsy: Use code "SHE" for 20% off
Jul 31, 2019
How to Find Your Passion
Trying to figure out what you’re passionate about? Or better yet, which of those passions you could turn into a career verses which are meant to be hobbies? Have you ever wished you had a mentor to help you navigate life and purpose only to realize finding a ‘mentor’ isn’t exactly as easy as going to the grocery store and picking your favorite off the shelf?  Yeah, we hear you, girl.  Listen in to this episode as Jordan brings on writer and entrepreneur, Darrah Brustein, as they offer an idea to ‘reverse engineer’ your passions, and how to experience mentorship as you steward those passions in ways you never thought possible.  Get the 9 Questions to Ask to Find Your Path Here: Get your copy of Own Your Everyday here: Thank you to our sponsor, LOLA! Give it a try at with the discount code SHE.
Jul 24, 2019
How to Prioritize Discipline and Excellence in a Fast Paced World
You may have heard the common phrase that says, "Done is better than perfect."  In many ways, it holds a lot of truth. When there's something on our hearts or minds to start or do, it is generally better to take action rather than waiting around until everything is perfect to get started. If we try to wait until everything is "perfect," we risk never actually taking action. So, while the intent behind this phrase is good, and is generally true, in today's episode, Jordan challenges us to think about this a little bit more critically when it comes to our craft and our work. Listen in as she shares how a not-so-great experience with the dentist challenged her to consider why applying the "done is better than perfect" mantra to all aspects of our work may not be wise, and a few key lessons we can all learn about the importance of diligence and excellence in our work, rather than rushed or careless action with the focus on simply getting things done.  Get your copy of Own Your Everyday Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Jul 17, 2019
Taking Risks and Finding Your Lane as a Multi-passionate Entrepreneur
You asked, we listened! For months, we’ve had requests for some solid marketing advice and leadership training, and in today’s episode, you’re getting just that! If you have the entrepreneurial bug, work in marketing or social media, find yourself in a leadership position in online ministry or business, or are in the process of building a brand… tune in as Jordan brings on marketing ninja and top podcast host, Angie Lee, as she shares her story of losing everything and then went on to build two massively successful businesses, and teaches us just what it takes to market your message and expertise effectively. In this episode, you’ll learn how marketing is more heart and relationship than head and numbers, a different perspective on the status quo believe that you need more schooling to build your brand, and why taking risks and even failing is what will shape you into a leader.  Get Your Copy of Own Your Everyday here Check Out Angie and her Pays to Be Brave Event Here
Jul 10, 2019
Overcoming Perfectionism As You Pursue Your Dreams
Have you ever found yourself procrastinating or putting off the steps you need to take to hit publish, press go, or step into a new opportunity because you’re afraid to fail or mess it up? This, friend, is a sneaky but powerful thing called perfectionism at work! In this episode, Jordan brings on Mallory Ervin — a YouTube personality, former Miss Kentucky, Miss America 4th runner up, and 3 time Amazing Race contestant — to help you tackle perfectionism once and for all! Tune in if you’re ready to stop holding back and start taking action on those dreams inside your heart! Sign up for the Own Your Everyday Book Club here! Check out Mallory's IG here! Get your copy of Own Your Everyday Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Jul 03, 2019
7 Ways to Prioritize Your Relationship Over Your Work
Ever feel like your career or business takes over your life? Even if you love what you’re doing, Jordan knows it can be so hard to clock out mentally, or “shut it off” and really be present for the most important things in your life — like your relationships! In this episode, she dives into her own experience with workaholism and marriage, and powerful lessons she’s learned along the way. Tune in to hear 7 key tips that have helped Jordan keep her relationship a priority even in a busy season of business building — and how you can apply them to your own life as well. Sign up for the Own Your Everyday Book Club here! Get your copy of Own Your Everyday Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Jun 26, 2019
How to Stay Physically, Spiritually, and Professionally Fit
Tune into this special episode as Jordan brings on a gal that she personally coached, Tanner, to help her find breakthrough in her health coaching business. Tanner brings wisdom into the #1 emotional struggle she sees amongst the women in her groups, how she personally continued to grow her health coaching career, and also what to do when you hit complete burn out. Whether you’re the gal who is a business dreamer, the woman desiring community, or the sister who hit a wall in her finances or fitness – this episode is for you.  For more information about Tanner, click here! Sign up for the Own Your Everyday Book Club here! Get your copy of Own Your Everyday Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Jun 19, 2019
How to Start a Book Club or Small Group that Builds Community
Sometimes building friendships with other women can be much harder than we'd like to admit. People are busy... you're busy... and the different seasons we often find ourselves in can make it difficult to really connect and find common ground. Having entered into new seasons of her own, while also having friends in a variety of different seasons in the last handful of years, Jordan knows how this feels. Finding the not only the time to connect with friends but also just finding community (let alone likeminded friendships) in a new city makes it a challenge. So, in this episode, Jordan shares WHY starting a book club in your local area could be game changing, as well as some of the tips that have helped her when starting and leading groups of women in the past. Whether you're just getting started or a ways into leading a group that's beginning to become a little dull, give this episode a listen for some super simple, highly effective tips to make your book club or small group something women LOVE! Sign up for the Own Your Everyday Book Club here! Get your copy of Own Your Everyday Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Jun 12, 2019
Get Unstuck, Overcome Expectations, and Set Goals without the Pressure to Prove
Ever feel that all those pressures in your life have stolen your confidence? The pressure to be more - achieve more - has only left you wondering where your tenacity has gone?! When we create the truth that our confidence can only be attained once we hit a goal or mile marker, it can feel like we’re forever chasing internal stability. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this episode, Jordan brings on Marie Wold, certified personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur, to set the record - and our minds - straight on how to build consistency in our confidence. Marie bravely shares her journey with pressures in the fitness industry, how she was able to take her power back, and the importance of setting an intention on how you want to feel vs setting a goal of what you want to accomplish. And the best part? She’s here to bring you along with her. Tune in for tangible tips on to how to apply these principles in your life and what to do after you identify you feel stuck. Check out Marie Wold’s IG here! Get $20 off your Storyworth subscription here! Get your copy of Own Your Everyday Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Jun 10, 2019
A Chapter From Own Your Everyday - Disciplines to Help You Overcome Distraction
Do you ever feel afraid to make the wrong decision? Easily distracted? Overcommitted? Overwhelmed by the endless list of options — the things you could do? But not entirely sure if those are things you SHOULD do? Yeah? Sister, the overwhelm stops here! Tune into this episode to hear a section of the Own Your Everyday audio book to get the tools, steps, and disciplines it takes to get focused and start making positive, lasting change!  Get the book here: Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Jun 05, 2019
Practical Ways To Support Your Passions
Should you choose the path to a practical career or one that supports your passions? It’s a question asked a lot since, thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to carve out and create your own career. But at the end of the day, you may be still asking yourself, is the smart route to be more practical than passionate? Listen in as Jordan is here to set the record straight and tell ya, you may not need to ask yourself this question at all. Listen in as Jordan debunks the myth of having to choose between practicality and purpose, tangible tips on how to support your passion, and the questions to ask when deciding between stability and creativity. Sis, you’re not in this alone, even though it may certainly feel like if you don’t have the support of those around you. Identify what you love, focus on your decided upon priorities for that season, and your excitement will transcend to whatever work you put out into the world. You’ve got this – especially after applying these tips on how to support your passion. Get the book here: Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Jun 03, 2019
A Full Recap of the Own Your Everyday Book Tour with Matt Dooley
Wonder what it's really like to launch a book? Travel to 9 cities in 10 days? In this episode, Jordan and Matt are sharing their favorite moments and funniest stories from the Own Your Everyday book tour. Tune in to learn what really goes into a book tour, Matt's top food recommendations in each city, and all that comes with hopping time zones day after day. Get the book here: Get your book tour tickets here: Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
May 29, 2019
A Chapter From "Own Your Everyday" - Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
Sometimes when you start small, or begin something new, you can feel a bit like an imposter or a fraud. Like, why should someone trust or like something that YOU have created? That feeling can seem so strong and real, it’ll leave you thinking you’re stuck in your circumstances or have made all the wrong decisions. Can you relate? Truth is: we’ve all felt this way- and it’s just as untrue and false for all of us. In this episode, listen in as Jordan walks through Chapter 4 of Own Your Everyday and drops some some truth bombs on how to eradicate these lies and step into your purpose. You’ll learn how to identify the reasons you’re holding yourself back (ahem - expectations), the tangible steps to take to break through the mindset limitations, and how to kick your fear of embarrassment. Sister, it’s time to start envisioning your life as a path to walk on - not a as box to sit in - because your purpose is way too important to settle for anything less.  Get the book here: Book tour info: Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
May 22, 2019
What To Do When You're Lacking Direction
Feel like everyone around you is moving forward, and you’re over here stuck walking in circles? You’re trying to keep it together, but just can't kick the feeling of being lost and directionless? Sister, you are certainly not alone. It’s difficult to make a step in the right direction when you don’t even know what that direction is. That is, until you grab some clarity and confidence. Listen in as Jordan walks through four steps of overcoming the feeling of shooting in the dark and stepping into moving forward with intention. You’ll learn small steps you can begin today to get out of the funk, the question to ask that is probably holding you back the most, and the importance of identifying what truly lights you up. It’s time to start small. Blast through the excuses. And walk in clarity to your next chapter. You got this. Get the book here: Last chance for preorder bonuses! Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
May 20, 2019
A Chapter From "Own Your Everyday" - Overcoming Insecurities
Ever feel that you are merely attempting to look confident, rather than actually being confident? It can be easy to lose yourself in the process of the image you are trying to portray- rather than actually being the person you want to be. It’s time to kick the insecurities by facing them head on – and this is the episode to help you do just that. Listen in to grab a sneak peek of Chapter 3 from Jordan’s book, Own Your Everyday, to lessen the distractions from the life you were made for. You’ll be laughing from relatable stories while also transforming from the mindset shifts you’re about to experience. It’s time to break ground to break the barriers and step into a lifestyle of owning the responsibility of your insecurity, making a plan on how to respond, and digging into the dirt rather than covering it up. Because sister, you were made for more than just covering up insecurities. It’s time to step into the women you were made to be. Order the book: Get the audio book: Book tour info: Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
May 15, 2019
How to Leave a Legacy by Owning Your Everyday - A Powerful Story
*Sensitive content* Friend, have big dreams and pursue your passions, but please don’t miss the everyday moments, right here and right now. Tune into this powerful episode as Jordan interviews Patti Benton, a woman who truly knows how to cherish the everyday memories. In this episode, you’ll hear how Patti continues her daughter’s legacy after losing her in a car accident last year. Carlee was a gal who loved others well and impacted lives by volunteering with a local prison ministry. She embodied what it meant to step into your purpose before you have it all figured out. A lesson we can all learn and grow from. Sister, go after your wildest dreams, and also be present to not miss the lives you can impact in the here and now. Grab some tissues and be touched by the legacy that Carlee created that continues to impact the lives of others. Pre-order the book: Grab your preorder bonuses! Book tour info: Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
May 13, 2019
Slow Down, Take the Pressure Off, and Embrace Your Faith
Do you fear being misunderstood by others? That if you are vulnerable, you’ll lose your strength and ultimately become more lonely? In a #liveauthentic world, it’s tough to decipher what living vulnerably looks like and how to execute that in a healthy way. But sometimes, it’s the questions that you ask, rather than the answers you’re given, that open the door to your peace and steadfastness. In this episode, listen in as Jordan invites on music artist, Amanda Lindsey Cook, as they dive into how rhythms of rest can feel like a crash landing, why social media isn’t necessarily the problem (spoiler: it’s our unconscious behaviors that are), and how to come to a place where your faith isn’t fantasy. Sister, if you’re walking through a season of grief or frustration and you’re ready to put yourself at the mercy of love, peace, patience, and kindness – this episode is for you. Lose the fear of being misunderstood because you’re welcome here. Pre-order the book: Grab your preorder bonuses! Book tour info: Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
May 08, 2019
How to Establish Boundaries to Create a Work-Life Balance
Feel like you’re always ‘on call’ for work? Just in case something pops up that needs to be taken care of after hours? Or find it difficult to know when to stop your work day when the to do list is still, well, the to do list? Sister, in a world where we can always be connected to work, it’s difficult to unplug and connect with those around you. That is, until boundaries are set. Listen in to this episode as Jordan walks through how to find work life balance by effectively prioritizing your time, realizing the importance behind distinguished work areas, and why you shouldn’t begin your day by answering emails. Whether you work from coffee shops, create in a studio, or raise your kids at home, this episode is sure to help set the boundaries you need to live the present life you desire. Pre-order the book: Grab your preorder bonuses! Book tour info: Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
May 06, 2019
Financial Tips for the Girl Who Is Stressed About Money
How’s your relationship with your finances? Let’s be straight – money is a tough topic for most. And with good reason. If we aren’t careful, the fear of money (or lack thereof) can squeeze its way into the back of our mind and just sit as a nagging reminder. Enter: anxiety mode. But no longer, sister. Listen into this episode as Jordan dives into finance freedom by shifting your mindset from money is ‘bad’ and something to be feared - to stepping into viewing money as a tool to create your (and your family’s) foundation. In this episode, you’ll learn questions to ask before making a purchase, where to include purchase swaps, and the creative way Jordan made a little extra money in college. Insider secret? You can do it, too. With a little creativity and a lot of heart, you can find unique ways to bring in a side bit of cashola. If you’re feeling unsettled about your financial situation or simply desire to adopt a healthier financial mindset, this episode is for you.  Pre-order the book: Grab your preorder bonuses! Book tour info: Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
May 01, 2019
How to Stay Determined on Your Dreams When You Don't Feel Good Enough
How would you respond if someone simply straight up told you, ‘You’re not good enough’? Is your initial reaction to hide with embarrassment? Or cry from hurt? Both would be completely valid from these hurtful words – as long as those words didn’t cause you to give up on yourself. If you’ve ever received destructive and damaging feedback on the journey to your dreams, and could use a bit of fierce determination and fiery passion, you’re in for a treat with this episode. Listen in as Jordan brings on Broadway singer, solo artist, and Taylor Swift back up vocalist, Kamilah Marshall, as she shares her story of hope deferred, overcoming limiting beliefs, and how she responded when she was told ‘you’re just not good enough.’ Kamilah has one amazing story of remaining on the path where her internal drive outweighs the fear of trying something new. If you’re ready to cultivate internal confidence before you receive outside affirmation, this episode is for you. Learn more about Kamilah here: and IG @gypsymoonshine Pre-order the book: Grab your preorder bonuses! Book tour info: Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Apr 29, 2019
6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Prioritizing Your Time and Commitments
Ever find yourself determining if certain commitments are serving you or draining you? It’s hard to decipher the difference when you are in a state of overwhelm from all the projects you have stirring. And understandably so! If you don’t take the time to slow down and check in on yourself, it’s tricky to make decisions that most steward our giftings, our relationships, and our emotional well-being. Listen in as Jordan walks through 6 questions to ask yourself before saying yes to a commitment, when deciding the right time to step away from priorities for a season, and the importance of critically looking at where you are most equipped to invest your heart that is impactful. Let this be your reminder today: You have permission to let go of things in your business and in your life. Check in on yourself, give yourself some grace, and pour into the areas where God is calling you to zero in. Pre-order the book: Grab your preorder bonuses! Book tour info: Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Apr 24, 2019
How to Work From Anywhere and Make Money Online
Ever see the remotely working, world traveling gals on Instagram and wonder to yourself – how the heck do they do that?! Well, sister – you’re not the only one. In this episode, Jordan brings on Cassie and Shay of the Bucketlist Bombshells to chat about how they booked a one-way ticket to Mexico, met at a coffee shop, and started an online business with no client list, no experience, and not a ton of direction initially. If you can relate to the feeling of starting small and could borrow a little inspiration, you’re in for a treat because these ladies are dishing their best advice and experience on how YOU can begin your online business. In this episode, you’ll learn what you need to simply begin (spoiler alert: you’re already qualified), how to use your failures to propel yourself forward, and insider tips on working effectively as a team. Sister, even if you’re not looking to start your own business from home, you’ll want to tune in for tangible advice on why you shouldn’t wait to start something until you feel ready and how to respectfully disagree with others at work or life in general. Cassie and Shay are breaking the mold of what the ‘real world’ looks like and paving the way for the next generation of location, independent women. Won’t you join them? Pre-order the book: Grab your preorder bonuses! Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Apr 22, 2019
Tips for Loving Those Difficult People in Your Life
Do you have any sandpaper kind of people in your life? You know, the ones that tend to always be negative and never seem to have a positive thing to say? If so, you’re not alone, sister. So while you may not be BFFs with all your coworkers, or totally fall in love with all of your sister in law’s tendencies, there are solutions to navigating those difficult people in your life. In this episode, Jordan dives into mindset shifts and tangible actions for these exact relationships and how to make certain the negative cycle doesn’t continue with you. You’ll learn why you should swap out the word ‘deal’ with the word ‘love,’ the importance of balancing the bonds in your life, and why distancing yourself is sometimes the most loving thing you can do. And, bonus, she’s also here to remind you that sometimes WE can be the difficult one in other’s people lives – and how that really doesn’t feel good to identify. Gal, we are cheering you on in these difficult, yet refining relationships because the negativity cycle stops with you – right here, right now. You’ve so got this. Pre-order the book: Grab your preorder bonuses! Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Apr 17, 2019
How to Be Authentic on Social Media
Ever struggle with what exactly to say on social media captions? You want to be ‘real’ and ‘authentic’ – but what does that actually MEAN? How much is too much? And how can you tell if you are making a true connection with your followers? With the positive impact you can make on the lives of others – not to mention on your business - through the Instagram platform, these are great questions to be asking. Listen in as Jordan reveals her best tried and true practices on how to maximize the value of your Instagram captions and social media content. In this episode, you’ll learn why you should *not* brand yourself as ‘real,’ how to identify your three relatable things to create connection without revealing too much, and how to be strategic with your behind the scenes content. Sister, gone are the days of questioning yourself on what to write and post, and get ready to cultivate the community you’ve been hoping for. Pre-order my book: Grab your preorder bonuses! Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook
Apr 15, 2019
How to Boost Your Confidence and Kick Comparison
Has insecurity kept you small, stuck, and stagnant? Does comparison of other’s success steal your confidence? Lots of things are competing for our attention. Which means lots of things are also competing for our confidence. If you’re tired of the cycle and ready for some confidence consistency, this episode is for you, sister. Listen in as Jordan brings on friend, influencer, and Sassy Club Founder, Dani Austin, to chat about what really steals our confidence and what you can do about it right this minute – because you have more power than you think, sis. It’s time to put an end to comparison, competing priorities, and jealousy killing our confidence – and begin to sassily step into impacting the lives of others. Pre-order the book: Grab your preorder bonuses! Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook Learn more about Dani Austin and The Sassy Club here:
Apr 10, 2019
5 Actionable Steps to Immediately Improve Your Instagram
Does your Instagram bio make a good first impression? With only 150 characters to describe yourself, you have to be wise with this prime time real estate to keep the attention of followers. Whether you’re a business owner or a woman with a message, listen in as Jordan shares five tips on how and why to create a relationship-oriented Instagram profile, what to include and leave out of your Instagram bio, and why Instagram isn’t simply to inspire and sell. Sister, if you have to create content or use social media for your brand or work in ANY way, you won't want to miss this one. Tune in to stop learning Instagram by trial and error and walk away with tangible tips on how Instagram with intention. Say hi on instagram: @jordanleedooley Grab the book! Join the OYE launch team
Apr 08, 2019
How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship and Prepare for Marriage
Long distance dating is hard. Especially if you are a quality time person. How can you transition to engagement if you’re not even in the same city? What should you know before saying I Do? In this special episode Jordan walks through these questions and more with her good friend, author, podcaster, and non-scripted television series star, Audrey Roloff. Listen in as the women discuss how to be single, yet searching, tips to navigate the tricky waters of long distance dating, and why there are still ‘good men’ out there. If you’re single, ready for engagement, or prepping for the wedding day, this episode is here to help refine your head and heart to prepare for your next life season. Preorder your copy of Jordan's Own Your Everyday book here: Then, grab your OYE bonuses here: Check out Audrey's new book, A Love Letter Life at!
Apr 03, 2019
Finding Balance as a Multi-Passionate, Ambitious Woman
Do you ever wonder where the line is between contentment and complacency? You’re a go-getter, but don’t want to miss what your current life season has to offer? Where’s the balance? And to that we say – great question. In this episode, Jordan dives in with her husband on what it looks like to be an Enneagram 3 (not familiar with the Enneagram? Your world is about to be rocked with this personality assessment), identifying the need to release control and rely on others, and the necessity to rest in a culture that tells you to hustle. If you (or a friend!) struggles with self doubt, image maintenance, and not resting enough to actually celebrate your wins, then this episode is for you, sister. Preorder Own Your Everyday here: Grab Your Preorder Bonuses here:
Mar 27, 2019
How to Stop Fear from Stopping You with Jessica Honegger
Does the fear of ‘no’ keep you from creating something new? Are you afraid you may waste time pursuing the wrong things if you really go for it? It can be scary to step into a new opportunity, especially when you feel your path isn’t very ‘linear.’ Wouldn’t it be easier if everything made sense from the beginning?! In this episode, Jordan brings on award-winning social entrepreneur, CEO of the fashion impact brand, Noonday Collection, and author of Imperfect Courage, Jessica Honegger, to remind us all of what it means to make steps forward even when the fear is still present – and even when we don’t have a clear picture of what’s next. You’ll learn the importance of deciding right now that your 'why' is worth the risk, why you need to define what your end goal of success looks like for you, and the Sisterhood Effect mindset you need to adapt ASAP. Sister, if you’ve ever found yourself frozen by fear or paralyzed by the unknown, pull up a seat and borrow some courage from Jessica and Jordan to step into that open door built just for you. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: Jordan's Book: Jessica Honegger Link:
Mar 20, 2019
What No One Tells You About Your Newlywed Years with Amanda Carpenter
Do you ever feel you must be the worst wife on the face of the planet? Did your first year of marriage leave you thinking you're the only marriage that struggles with certain arguments? There are so many lies we begin to believe about ourselves and our relationships – especially when we feel we are the only ones going through it. Well, sister, no longer. Get ready to dive into a raw and real conversation on the joys and struggles of the newlywed years as Jordan brings on speaker, author, and friend – Amanda Carpenter. This episode highlights the parts of marriage that most would like to keep hidden, so that you leave no longer feel isolated in your struggle. You’ll be equipped on how to keep your anger managed during arguments, learn why marriage didn’t solve your problems (actually, it probably magnified them) and maybe even feel that you understand your man a bit more. Sister, marriage is so worth it. And this episode is here to remind you of that – with a bit of humor and relatable stories along the way. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: Jordan's Book: Amanda Carpenter Links: @mandacarpenter
Mar 13, 2019
How to Identify, Avoid, and Shut Down Gossip
Ever find yourself trying to get out of a gossipy conversation? Or maybe you struggle with trying to figure out if you're problem solving – or actually being unwise with the power of your words? While we’ve all been around it, tried to avoid it, and yes – sometimes even been the source it, the sneaky little thing called gossip can manage its way into our conversations leaving feelings hurt, friendships harmed, and trust broken. But that all ends right here, right now. In this Ask J episode, Jordan answers the question from her follower, sweet Sophie: ‘How do I avoid gossip?’ While gossip is certainly a slippery slope, tune in to learn tangible tools on identifying the signs you’re taking a turn down gossip lane, what to do exactly to shut down that discussion, and even how to handle it when you may just be the source of the gossip. Sister, it’s time to nix the negative gossip talk and bring light to every conversation. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Link: Own Your Everyday Book: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Mar 06, 2019
Tips to Work Out Effectively and Dream Patiently with Celebrity Trainer, Erin Oprea
Ever wonder how Carrie Underwood achieved her strong legs? Or how those country music stars stay fit on the road? Well, look no further. In this episode, Jordan pulls in the expert trainer behind it all: fitness trainer, author, and former U.S. Marine, Erin Oprea. Listen in as Erin dishes out her best tips and tricks on how to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle when you have little time, little space, and now – little excuses. You’ll hear how Erin made history during her time in the Marine Corps (it’s incredible), strategic steps she put in place to transition into an entirely new career, and the efficient, yet effective, work outs she provides to her clients. You’ll even learn a thing or two about beet juice (it’s better than it sounds). With Erin’s no excuses attitude and expert knowledge, you’ll be prepared and motivated for your next workout after this episode. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: Preorder 'Own Your Everyday' Here: Erin Oprea Link: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Feb 27, 2019
What To Do When Your Friend Makes Unhealthy Choices
Has your friend ever dated a not so great guy? You know, the kind of relationship that might dip into the toxic category? Or perhaps she is making other toxic life decisions that aren’t in line with her health or dreams? We’ve all been there at some point – but what is a girl to do about it? Do you step in? Do you step back and watch? Is there a happy medium? All great questions, sister. Listen in as Jordan dives into her experience and advice on this exact topic of finding the balance between supporting and intervening. You’ll learn what questions to ask yourself before a bold conversation, suggestions on how to approach the situation, and even how to evaluate your own, healthy decisions. You’ll walk away hopeful and reminded that it’s not your job to be the hero, but it is your job to love others. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Feb 20, 2019
When, How and Why to Start Saving Your Hard Earned Dollars with Rachel Cruze
After you graduate college, you’re handed a diploma to show off all your hard work. But if you’re like most, you’re also handed a hefty bill leaving you in debt. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of budgeting your finances, saving your hard earned dollars, or knocking out that pesky debt – this episode is for you, sister. Listen in as Jordan brings on #1 New York Times best-selling author, host of the Rachel Cruze show+podcast, and overall money expert, Rachel Cruze. You’ll learn practical ways to start saving your cashola right this minute, when exactly is the right time to begin saving for retirement (it’s way more interesting than it sounds), and how to balance all of this with Rachel’s favorite hobby: shopping. We get it – simply talking about money can cause the stress levels to increase a bit. But by putting into place some of the practices discussed in this episode, you’re sure to begin a life of freedom and power over your money and life decisions. You got this, girl - your healthy money relationship is cheering you on! @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: Rachel Cruze: Dave Ramsey: Fashion On A Budget: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Feb 18, 2019
Managing Expectations in Your Relationship or Marriage
Have you ever been disappointed from unmet expectations in a relationship? Or hurt by a miscommunication with your spouse? It certainly happens to the best of us. And it certainly happens on the once a year Day of Love - Valentine's Day! Whether you are in a serious relationship, recently engaged, or newly married - this holiday can come with some weight from heavy expectations. Listen in to this special episode to glean both a male and female’s perspective on how to kick the pressure and step into a fun and memory-making Valentine’s Day, and every other day of the year really. You’ll hear from both Jordan and her husband on their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, why it didn’t exactly go according to ‘plan’, and the lessons they learned the hard way that day that they carry with them into everyday situations. Whether you are a modern day cupid or more bitter toward this Valentine’s Day, listen in for humorous stories and tangible tips on how to manage the hype that can harm your joy. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit @lastingmediagroup
Feb 14, 2019
How To Know If He’s the One and If You’re Ready To Get Engaged
How do you know if you’re ‘ready’ for engagement? A lot of people say ‘when you know, you know’ – but is there a checklist to cross off first? A life-changing moment before saying the big ‘yes’? And once you are engaged – how in the world can you serve that season well and not just hope for it hurry up and get to that wedding day? Sister – trust that you are not the only one with these questions. Listen in as Jordan continues her relationship series with answering these 'engagement period' thoughts with extreme empathy and personal experience. You’ll gain insight on her dating to engagement relationship with her husband, why it’s perfectly normal to ‘mourn’ the transitioning out of your single life, and the one question she answered for herself before becoming a fiancé. If you’ve ever felt left asking yourself if you’re ‘ready’ for engagement or how to soak up all the goodness of that season – this episode is for you. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Feb 13, 2019
The Single Girl's Guide to Making This Valentine's Day Fun with Brighton Keller
Single on Valentine’s Day? Or maybe in a long distance relationship and can't be with your man on Feb 14th? No problem, girlfriend. In this episode, Jordan brings on fashion blogger, influencer, and girl boss, Brighton Keller, as they discuss fun and creative ways to celebrate this both loved and dreaded holiday – no matter what your Facebook relationship status currently says. Call up your closest girlfriends and bring back the old school ways us ladies used to have fun. Remember sleepovers and baking parties? Yep – if there ever was a time to make those memories again, it's February 14th. Lose the loneliness this V-Day and get ready for some laughs and nostalgia in this episode. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Link: @BrightonKeller | The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Feb 11, 2019
Breakups 101: Tips to Help a Broken Heart
Ever found yourself sitting on the floor, listening to an emotional Taylor Swift song, and asking yourself, ‘What do I do with all this hurt?’ If so, it sounds like you have experienced some heartbreak in your life, sister. And while T. Swift is a great remedy for initial stages of the hurt – you’ll soon find yourself asking what to do next. And when that chapter comes around, because it always does, this episode has just what you need to navigate the healing of your heart after it’s been broken. In this episode, you’ll learn how to re-calibrate after rejection, crack your comfort zone to pursue your calling, and find purpose from that aching pain. Whether it’s a romantic relationship coming undone or a close friendship growing apart, you’re not alone, friend. So just one more time, cue up Picture to Burn and then give this episode a listen to truly begin your path of healing. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: Soul Scripts Store: Bootcamp Link: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Feb 06, 2019
Experience Food Freedom and Eat to Fuel Your Body with Sarah Grace, RD
We can all agree that our health is so important to take care of – but when our ‘focus to improve our health’ begins to monopolize our thoughts and create obsessive food behaviors, it’s time to re-set our perspective, sister. In this episode, Jordan brings on Registered Dietician, author of Chasing Freedom, and Founder of Fresh Fit N Healthy, Sarah Grace, as they discuss how to fuel your body well with food AND thought, understanding your deep ‘why’ behind getting fit, and the science behind food pairings and hormones that make you feel full after eating. There can be a lot of pressure when we set high expectations for ourselves, but there IS freedom to be had even before you reach that fitness goal. It’s time to break up with those unhealthy thoughts cycling through your mind and begin your healthy and balanced relationship with food- and yourself. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: Interviewee link: | @freshfitnhealthy The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Feb 04, 2019
7 Tips to Stay Motivated and Follow Through When You Don't Feel Like It
Do you ever feel that you just lack the ‘motivation’ to hit your goal that remains unaccomplished? Or that your actions don’t always align with the priorities in your life to help move you forward? Sister, it can be tough to stay on track and follow through on those not-so-easy to achieve milestones. But have no fear, because in this “Ask J Series” kick-off episode, Jordan is breaking down the behaviors, habits, and mindset shifts needed to cross the finish line and remain committed to your goals- even when you don’t exactly feel like it. You’ll learn why feelings of motivation aren’t the key to success, why routines are way more important than you may think, and how to track your progress in a new way. Sister, if you keep asking yourself why you don’t have the motivation, give yourself a little grace and listen in to learn how to align your actions with those goals that are about to become a reality. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: Bootcamp Enrollment: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Jan 30, 2019
Going Behind the Scenes on Work Life, Hidden Talents, and How I Handle Failure and Big Decisions
Jordan is pretty much a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of gal, but have you ever wondered what it’s *really* like behind the scenes? In this bonus, one of a kind episode, Jordan brings on her manager to dish all the behind the scenes details of work life, hidden talents you probably wouldn’t expect, and the unique way Jordan deals with failure. This episode is sure to bring some laughs while offering a bit of introspection as you identify some of your own strengths from this conversation. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: Advertiser: Run The Race Movie - The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Jan 28, 2019
How to Make A Living Doing What You Love with Christy Wright
Have you ever wondered if you could turn a passion project into something that actually turned a profit? Whether you have a heart for making a physical product or dream of creating digital content – this episode is your new, go-to guide on how to start a business. Listen in as Jordan brings on best-selling author, Business Boutique host, and all-around sharp, business guru, Christy Wright as they discuss everything from meeting a need in the marketplace to why your knowledge may be more valuable than you think. This eye-opening conversation will bring to light the biggest missteps Christy sees in new business owners, what it means to create passive income, and the top money management tip for the everyday gal – whether you plan to start a business or not. If your passion keeps nudging and asking ‘Why not now?’ – this episode is for you, girlfriend. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Deatails: Christy's Website: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Jan 23, 2019
An Open Conversation on Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout with Kat Harris
Fear and anxiety stink. While there are other ways to phrase that more eloquently- that pretty much sums it up. If this uninvited guest (ahem fear, worry, overwhelm) has been a part of your narrative, Jordan is here to share that you are not the only one. In this special episode, Jordan brings on friend, speaker, digital content creator, female empowerment advocate, and Co-Founder of The Refined Woman, Kat Harris, as they share their own stories and experiences with overworking themselves and complete burnout. Listen in to learn how the women tackle their fear narratives, tangible tips to keep your feet on the ground when anxiety hits, and boundaries to set in order to lead the joyful life you were created for. In the wise words of Kat, sometimes we don’t know the lies we are believing until we look at the results of our actions. Sister, kick the lies and start believing the truth that you are strong, enough, and a delight. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Back to Basics Bootcamp: Silent Stressor Challenge: Moving From Fear to Freedom: Dr. Therese: Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Jan 16, 2019
Lessons We Learned From Buying Our First Home
Home inspectors, lenders, & real estate agents– oh my! First time home buying can be a pretty intimidating thought from mortgages and budgeting to packing and furnishing - not to mention the paper work. But if you’re finding yourself about to be in the hunt for a home (or simply moving for that matter!), Jordan and Matt have your back with a few tips and tricks for a more seamless transition. In this episode, Jordan brings on her husband as they discuss their first home buying experience. Listen in for a light-hearted, humorous, and practical view on budgeting and emotionally preparing to purchase for your first home. And, who knows, you may just learn a few life lessons along the way. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more, visit
Jan 09, 2019
How to Push Past Fear & Get Out of Your Comfort Zone This Year with Alli Worthington
What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a great question to ask as a child, and it’s an even better question to continually ask as an adult. In this episode, listen in as Jordan invites on author, speaker, podcaster, and business coach, Alli Worthington, as they discuss creating a career ‘outside the box.’ Tune in to learn why you are so much more than the label of your job title, the importance of identifying your ‘triggers’ that are holding you back and how to develop powerful tools to get out of your own way. Sister, if you feel ‘stuck’ in the labels of your life, this episode is sure to bring the breakthrough you need to take next steps. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Jan 02, 2019
My Journey with Cystic Acne
Nothing deepens the level of a friendship quite like vulnerably discussing our deepest insecurities. Listen in as Jordan transparently shares her struggle with cystic acne, a few tips that have helped keep it manageable, and how her external look affected her internal insecurities. Sister, you are not alone in your battle with whatever insecurity you might be battling. If you’re ready to slice through any ‘mask’ you may be wearing (figuratively and literally), this episode is for you. Join the discussion to find your personal inner confidence, even before you find your external solution. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. Visit to learn more.
Dec 19, 2018
How to Declutter Your Home and Heart with Allie Casazza
Does life ever feel complicated, chaotic, and just down right confusing sometimes? There are so many moving parts that you desire to manage well from a household, to work, to relationships, and more. But when life becomes cluttered and you feel that you are falling short in these areas, your heart and spirit can become heavy because you are constantly ‘managing’ rather than actually living. Thankfully, Jordan’s friend, Allie Casazza, has some techniques to simplify your full, yet cluttered life. Listen in as Jordan welcomes The Purpose Show host and creator of Your Uncluttered Home, Allie, while they discuss the power of minimalism, the clarity that awaits from simplifying your life, and what the root cause is behind this feeling of ‘constant maintenance.’ Girlfriend, if you’ve felt there’s not hope at the end of this cluttered tunnel, this episode has got you covered. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of shows To learn more visit
Dec 12, 2018
The Embarrassing Moment I Didn't Know I Needed
Have you ever turned down an opportunity in effort to avoid any risk of embarrassment? It’s a natural reaction to want to protect your ego – but what opportunities are you missing out on in the process of protecting your pride? Listen in as Jordan breaks down lessons learned from her most (now hilarious) embarrassing speaking moment, why it was necessary, and how it became a life changing experience. If you’re ready to shift your perspective from ‘What path would provide the least embarrassment’ to ‘Where can I most step into my impactful purpose?’ – this episode is for you. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Dec 05, 2018
Nixing Negative Self Talk and Turning a Bad Breakup Into a Breakthrough with Marshawn Evans
‘This isn’t how it’s supposed to go down.’ Ever said this to yourself? After a tumultuous time, we’ve all found ourselves thinking this at some point or another. And if any know this to be true, it’s author, serial entrepreneur, and TV personality, Marshawn Evans. In this episode, listen in as Marshawn shares with Jordan her transformation story of major heart break to tremendous break through. Tune in to learn how to trust again after a hurtful betrayal, why sometimes your purpose is hiding behind your pain, and how the longer you doubt your significance, the more you settle. Gal, it’s time to upgrade your mindset, lean into faith, and rethink your self talk so you can ditch the doubt and grab your destiny. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media family of podcasts. Visit for more information.
Nov 28, 2018
Navigating the Awkward Post Grad Years and the Tension of Transition
We’ve all been there. Those weird ‘in between’ life seasons where everything feels transitional and nothing seems solidified. Whether you just graduated, recently moved, or are newly married (maybe all the above!) - it can feel difficult to find your footing when nothing feels familiar. Girlfriend, been there, done that. In this episode, Jordan walks through her own transitional, post-grad years while dishing out practical wisdom on making new friends, keeping the old ones, and why it’s totally normal if you don’t love your first job. If you feel your life is on hold until these years are over - Jordan is here to tell ya that’s simply not true with tangible tips on how to squeeze the gold out of this season. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit
Nov 26, 2018
Un-Figured Out Dreams? How a Small Idea Can Turn into Big Impact that Gives Back
Do you long to make an impact or have a ton of ideas on ways to give back - but you aren’t sure if those ideas belong in the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ idea category? Or maybe your experienced skillset doesn’t overlap with your passion – what do you do now? Do you have to choose? Girlfriend, you’re not the only one with these cycling questions! Listen in as Jordan brings on powerhouse CEO/Founder of the Dressember Foundation, Blythe Hill, as they discuss how her small idea transformed into a dignity restoring non profit. In this conversation, you’ll learn how Blythe has raised over $5M for anti-human trafficking work, where her idea was surprisingly birthed in the first place, and why it’s vital that you believe in yourself – even before your dreams make sense. Gal, if you have a knack for business and heart for mission inspired impact, this episode is for you. Listen in to be encouraged to take action on that crazy idea, give back to those in need, and step into gratefulness this Thanksgiving week. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Link: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media family of podcasts. To learn more visit
Nov 21, 2018
How to Maximize Your Time by Automating Your Life
Are you juggling a lot of different responsibilities? From work, to family, to ‘me’ time? And with the holidays approaching – you’ll have even more on your plate? In a world of competing priorities, life can feel chaotic as tasks escalate quickly. If you wish you had more time in your day- this episode is for you. Listen in as Jordan brings on author, blogger, and award-winning marketing professional, Jessica Turner, as they discuss how to maximize your time through identifying efficiencies. In this eye-opening conversation, Jessica walks through how to gain time by automating life tasks, finding the value of quality time with loved ones, and defining what ‘self-care’ really means. If you always feel pressed for time, you’re in for a treat. Lose the chaos, gain the mental clarity. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. Learn more at
Nov 19, 2018
Relationship Frustrations? Disciplines to Deal With Different Strengths & Weaknesses
Have you ever been challenged in a relationship because of your different strengths? Maybe you’re supremely organized and your significant other is.. well.. not so much. Maybe he’s always on time and you tend to run a few minutes behind? If you’ve ever wondered if you’re the only ones who seem frustrated by these differences, Jordan is here to tell you that’s simply not true, sister. On this special episode, Jordan brings on her husband, Matt, as they discuss tangible tips on how to play to your strengths, overcome weaknesses, and turn those frustrations into fruitful solutions. And you may find yourself just walking away with some tidbits on how to navigate those work, friend, and family relationships, too. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. Learn more at
Nov 14, 2018
Overwhelmed or Overcommitted? How to Prioritize with the Power of 3
Do you take on too many things, too quickly? Do you feel overcommitted from juggling all your priorities and drop the things that mean the most to you? No longer, girlfriend. It’s time to kick the overwhelm and prioritize like a boss. Listen in to learn the streamlining power of segmenting and breaking down how you manage the most important things in your life so you can step into the peace of stewarding your commitments well. Stop compromising and start prioritizing. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. Learn more at
Nov 07, 2018
Virtuous Woman and Boss Lady - Are They Mutually Exclusive?
Have you ever questioned if you’re stewarding your talents well? Do you wonder if you can utilize your strategic, business savviness to be the ‘Boss Lady’ you see thrown around on social media - while also upholding the values of the Virtuous Woman in Proverbs 31? Are these women sisters- or mutually exclusive? Do you have to choose? Listen in as Jordan answers these questions, sets straight the lies and connotations surrounding these terms, and invites you to into creative ways to begin walking in your gifting. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details:
Oct 31, 2018
My Mom’s Tips for Fun, Stress Free Hosting & Hospitality
Do you tend to get a bit overwhelmed when you’re hosting for the holidays? Perhaps worried that grandma on dad’s side won’t like your turkey at Thanksgiving? Or that your decorations aren’t up to Distant Cousin Debbie’s standards? Got you covered, sister. Listen in as Jordan pulls in the expert on how to be the Hostess with the Mostess: Her Mom. In this episode, learn practical tips on how to ditch the stress and stiffness when hosting, what foods to prepare first, how to hold intentional conversation (even with Distant Cousin Debbie), and what to ‘cook up’ when all else fails. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: Advertiser: Hello Fresh
Oct 24, 2018
What To Do When You Worry About Being a Bother
You find yourself in need of a favor from a friend. What’s the first thought that pops into your head? Do you tell yourself that person is too busy? Or that you’ll simply be a burden for reaching out? That false narrative stops here. In this episode, learn where fear of asking for help is rooted, practical steps to overcome this anxiety, and why you may just be standing in the way of a blessing. Say goodbye to proving you have it all together and take a step toward doing life together. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details:
Oct 22, 2018
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Have you ever told yourself, ‘I’m inadequate and out of my league’? Or do you turn down opportunities because you think you’re not ‘qualified’? Welcome to what is known as ‘Imposter Syndrome.’ In this episode, Jordan walks through seven tips on how to overcome this limiting narrative and why these untruthful thoughts appear in the first place. Get ready to kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb and begin to knock on the doors to your destiny. @Jordanleedooley @Shepodcast More Episode Info:
Oct 17, 2018
Practical Ways to Stay Active With a Crazy Schedule
Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough time? Is your work out schedule the first thing to get the boot during a chaotic season? In this episode, learn six, tangible tricks to strategically steward your body with a busy schedule. You’ll find some humor in these creative - yet effective tips to weave physical activity in your everyday activities! And, yes - you can even take these tips with you when traveling, sister! @Jordanleedooley @Shepodcast Episode More Info:
Oct 17, 2018