The Fit Mess: A Men's Mental Health Podcast

By Jeremy Grater & Zach Tucker

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Category: Self-Improvement

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The show for men who are sick of their own sh*t and ready to make a change for better mental health. Zach Tucker and Jeremy Grater have been on a never-ending quest for knowledge about physical, emotional, and mental health. They've tried everything from questionable diets to questionable therapy techniques, and now they're here to share their misadventures with you. After years of hosting this wild ride of a show, they've managed to snag interviews with some big shots in the health and wellness world. But don't worry, they won't let all that success go to their heads. Instead, they'll use it to bring you small, achievable steps you can take to maybe, just maybe, improve yourself a smidge. So buckle up, because The Fit Mess is going to take you on a rollercoaster of self-improvement, complete with awkward moments, actionable advice, and a healthy dose of sarcasm. Get ready to join Zach and Jeremy as they stumble their way through the world of men's mental health and try to uncover some habits that might actually make a difference. Or at least give you a good laugh along the way. Welcome to The Fit Mess, where we make messy lives just a little bit less messy. Topics covered: Breaking down societal expectations of masculinity Navigating emotions and vulnerability Exploring the stigma surrounding men seeking help for mental health Coping strategies for stress and anxiety Managing work-life balance and burnout Relationships and communication skills Fatherhood and the Challenges of Parenting Body image and Self-esteem Dealing with depression and mood disorders Masculinity and Identity Addiction and substance abuse Overcoming trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder Men's mental health in the Military and First Responder Professions Suicide prevention and awareness Coping with grief and loss Anger management and emotional regulation Nurturing healthy friendships and support networks The Impact of social media on Men's mental health Men's mental health and physical fitness Sleep Disorders and the Importance of restorative sleep Financial stress and mental well-being Coping with unemployment and career transitions Recognizing and managing symptoms of anxiety disorders Exploring the link between men's mental health and physical health Mindfulness and meditation practices for mental wellness Strategies for building resilience and emotional strength Addressing loneliness and social isolation Mental health challenges specific to men of different ages (e.g., young adults, middle-aged, seniors) Cultural and ethnic factors influencing men's mental health Seeking therapy and counseling: benefits and misconceptions Exploring alternative therapies and holistic approaches to mental health Coping with infertility and reproductive health challenges Men's mental health during and after divorce Breaking the cycle of generational trauma Balancing career ambition and personal Well-being The Impact of childhood experiences on Men's mental health Examining the link between masculinity and risk-taking behavior Redefining success and finding fulfillment beyond traditional notions Men's mental health and the justice system Strategies for managing anger and aggression in healthy ways Developing emotional intelligence and self-awareness The Role of Exercise and physical activity in Men's mental health Men's mental health and body dysmorphia Coping with chronic illness and disability Overcoming performance anxiety and imposter syndrome Strategies for managing work-related stress and pressure The Impact of societal pressures on Men's mental health Exploring Men's mental health in different cultural contexts Creating inclusive spaces and support systems for men's mental health

Episode Date
How To Feel Better About Getting Older And Confront The Fear Of The Unknown
Jul 02, 2024
How to Make Time for Emotional Processing When Life Feels Too Busy
Jun 25, 2024
How To Listen To Your Body Instead Of Diet Rules
Jun 18, 2024
How to Face Your Fears with Nick Bracks
Jun 11, 2024
Why Sometimes You Need To Just Say Fuck It
Jun 04, 2024
How To Feel The Effects Of Grounding While You Sleep
May 28, 2024
What You Can Learn From Your Fitness Failures And How To Overcome Them
May 22, 2024
How To Find Your Motivation After Losing Momentum
May 14, 2024
How To Make Friends As An Adult, With Megan Devito
May 07, 2024
How Running Can Help You Overcome Depression, with Dr. J.M. Thompson
Apr 30, 2024
How To Find Purpose And Meaning When You Get A Little Lost, With Charlynne Boddie
Apr 23, 2024
How To Truly Be Grateful For All That You Have Without Facing A Near Death Experience, With Tony Berardo
Apr 16, 2024
How To Start Drinking Alcohol Again After Years Of Sobriety And Abstinence
Apr 09, 2024
How Blue Light Impacts Your Sleep, Health, and Mood, With Dr. Martin Moore-Ede
Apr 02, 2024
How to Find Purpose Through Surrender, with Kute Blackson
Mar 26, 2024
How To Get Back On Track When Your Routine Gets Screwed Up
Mar 19, 2024
Not Feeling Motivated? That's Because Your Purpose Sucks (But We Can Fix That)
Mar 12, 2024
How to Conquer Chronic Illness Without Shitting Your Pants
Mar 05, 2024
How to Stop Feeling Anxious, Overwhelmed, and Burned Out
Feb 27, 2024
How To Overcome Past Conditioning and Believe In Your Potential, with Jared Ganem
Feb 20, 2024
How to Change Your Entire Life by Changing 5% of Your Day
Feb 13, 2024
The Full Body Workout You Can Do At Home In Just 20 Minutes, with Bruce Smith
Feb 06, 2024
Try This Journaling Method To Prove You Are Who You Say You Are
Jan 30, 2024
How To Stop Believing the Lies You Tell Yourself, with Andrea Vallely
Jan 23, 2024
How to Take the First Step Back into Healthy Habits
Jan 16, 2024
How to Stop Worrying About Your Goals So You Can Make Real Progress
Jan 09, 2024
How To Finally Start Achieving Your Health Goals with Joe Villegas
Jan 02, 2024
How to Unlock Your Creative Potential By Stealing Like An Artist, with Austin Kleon
Dec 26, 2023
How To Read More Books And Apply The Lessons You Learn, With Nick Hutchison
Dec 19, 2023
How To Overcome Failure and Find Real Success, with James Fell
Dec 12, 2023
How to Overcome Depression And Find True Happiness, with Dannie De Novo
Dec 05, 2023
Finding Calm in the Holiday Chaos: 5 Stress Relief Hacks for the Most Wonderful Time of Year
Nov 27, 2023
How to Rewire Your Brain to Stop Craving Junk Food Dopamine Hits, with Dr. Glenn Livingston
Nov 21, 2023
How To Relax Your Nervous System and Reduce Anxiety Through Better Sleep with Dr. Peter Martone
Nov 14, 2023
226. How to Find Your Passion at Any Age with Brian Ondrako
Nov 06, 2023
225. How to Transform Your Subconscious Programming with Breathwork and Meditative Practices with Carson Finkle
Oct 30, 2023
224. Open Your Ears: Disney VP Lee Cockerell Shares How to Defeat Anxiety
Oct 23, 2023
223. How To Break An Internet and Phone Addiction
Oct 19, 2023
222. Man Enough to Embrace Our Emotions - Justin Baldoni Discusses Creating New Masculine Ideals
Oct 16, 2023
221. How To Find The Motivation To Lose Weight And Transform Your Health, with David Specht
Oct 12, 2023
220. Feeling Anxious About the Future? This Nostalgia Exercise Could Help You Find Gratitude
Oct 09, 2023
219. How the Mind-Body Connection Can Help Heal Chronic Pain
Oct 05, 2023
218. How to Start Working Out When You Don't Feel Motivated with Shanna Missett Nelson
Oct 02, 2023
217. How to Stop Emotional Eating Even When It Feels Impossible
Sep 28, 2023
216. How to Rewire Your Brain to Defeat Depression, with Kelsey Aida and Lynnsey Robinson
Sep 25, 2023
215. How You Can Build True Mental, Physical and Emotional Toughness for Success and Fulfillment, with Greg Everett
Sep 21, 2023
214. How To Find Emotional Healing through Bodywork, Vulnerability, and Core Energetics, with Kellie Newton
Sep 18, 2023
213. How to Find Light During Your Darkest Moments with Depression
Sep 14, 2023
212. How To Reduce Anxiety By Cutting Back Your Daily Coffee Intake
Sep 11, 2023
211. How To Ignore The Lies Your Scale Is Telling You
Sep 07, 2023
210. How to Quiet Your Inner Critic to Boost Your Mental Health
Sep 04, 2023
209. How to Overcome Social Anxiety Even When You Forgot to Pack Your Underwear
Aug 31, 2023
208. How to Feel Closer to People By Sharing Your True Self, with Jem Fuller
Aug 28, 2023
207. How to Quiet Your Inner Critic Through Tiny Efforts
Aug 24, 2023
206. How to Defeat Your Inner Pig and Finally Lose Weight with Glenn Livingston
Aug 21, 2023
205. How to Get Your Relationship Shit Together with Gary John Bishop
Aug 17, 2023
204. How To Get The Hell Out Of Your Own Way: Lessons from a Military Veteran's Struggles
Aug 14, 2023
203. Managing Grief: Cry That Shit Out!
Aug 10, 2023
202. Focus Bear: The Game-Changer for Distraction Management and Habit Formation with Jeremy Nagel
Aug 07, 2023
201. Why You Are Wrong About The 80/20 Rule And How to Start Using It The Right Way
Aug 03, 2023
200. Neurofeedback Therapy: Rewiring the Brain with Michael P. Cohen
Jul 31, 2023
199. Unbreakable: Healing from Childhood Trauma as an Adult with Michael Unbroken
Jul 27, 2023
198. The Path to Healthier Living: Exploring Effective Strategies for Long-Term Fitness with Greg Lefever
Jul 24, 2023
197. Ice Cold Insights: The Mind-Body Connection of Cryotherapy
Jul 20, 2023
196. Quantum Mind Shift: Enhancing Mental Health through the Power of the Field with Philipp Samor Von Holtzendorff-Fehling
Jul 17, 2023
195. Anxiety Symptom Management: The Top Tools We Use for a More Balanced Life
Jul 13, 2023
194. How to Take Control of Your Time and Create Real Work-Life Balance That Works with Anna Dearmon Kornick
Jul 10, 2023
193. How To Flush Away Negativity: A Guide to Positive Transformation
Jul 06, 2023
192. The Mind-Body Connection: P90X Founder, Tony Horton's Approach to Men's Mental Health Through Physical Fitness
Jul 03, 2023
191. How We Embrace Change and Tackle Stress Head-On: 4 Key Methods
Jun 29, 2023
190. The Magic of Being You: Embracing Imperfections and Finding Happiness
Jun 26, 2023
189. Discovering the Fountain of Youth: How Water Can Keep You Looking and Feeling Younger
Jun 22, 2023
188. Neuroscience Meets Nutrition: Hacking Your Brain's Reward System for Better Habits with Rebecca Washuta
Jun 19, 2023
187. How To Get Shit Done Even When You Don't Feel Like It
Jun 15, 2023
186. Redefining Parenthood: Breaking Free from the 'Shitty Parent' Myth
Jun 12, 2023
185. From Sleepless Nights to Skyrocketing Cholesterol: The Impact of Alcohol, Ice Cream, and Red Meat
Jun 08, 2023
184. Your Brain's Not Broken: How to Navigate Your Emotions and Life with ADHD
Jun 05, 2023
183. The Power of Resilience: How to Thrive in the Face of Challenges and Achieve Your Goals
Jun 01, 2023
182. Work Hard, Don't Suck: Unveiling the Secrets of Success with Paul "Roscoe" White
May 29, 2023
181. From Mindless Munching to Conscious Choices: Taming Our Emotional Eating Beast
May 24, 2023
180. 7 Ways You Can Overcome Self-Doubt: Mastering the Mindset for Personal Transformation
May 22, 2023
179. Embracing the Unloved Child Within: Finding Compassion for Our Past Selves
May 17, 2023
178. What's Next? The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Purpose with Lauren St. George
May 15, 2023
177. Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: The Power of Internal Validation
May 10, 2023
176. The Psychedelic Report: Your Guide to the Latest in Psychedelic Medicine with Dr. Dave Rabin
May 03, 2023
175. How To Recharge Your Mind and Body with the Magic of Alone Time
Apr 26, 2023
174. Building Strong Bodies and Minds: Austin Wheeler's Guide For Healthy Families
Apr 19, 2023
173. Why Complaining Isn't Always a Bad Thing: The Science Behind the Power of Venting
Apr 12, 2023
172. Habit Hacks: How Mitch Hankins from The Debug Life is Using "Hacking" to Optimize his Health and Life
Apr 05, 2023
171. The Empath's Guide to Thriving: Protecting Your Energy and Health in a Busy World with Dr. Judith Orloff
Mar 29, 2023
170. Unlocking the Magic: How to Tap into the Secret Superpower for a Happier Life with Louie Gravance
Mar 23, 2023
169. Crush Your Stress for Good: Discover the Expert Tips from Dr. Samantha Brody on Overcoming Overwhelm from the Inside Out
Mar 14, 2023
168. The Power of Vulnerability: Why It's Time for Men to Drop the Masculine Mask
Mar 07, 2023
167. Unlocking Long-Term Success: The Key Mindset Shifts for Health and Fitness with Leah Coutts
Feb 28, 2023
166. How to Hack Your Brain's Reward System to Overcome Anxiety with Dr. Jud Brewer
Feb 21, 2023
165. How To Tame the Monster: Learn Science-Backed Strategies To Conquer Stress in Your Life
Feb 14, 2023
164. The Struggle is Real: Why You Need to Ask for Help to Get Fit
Feb 07, 2023
163. The Secret to Life Transformation: Taking Small Steps Daily
Feb 02, 2023
162. From Revolution to Evolution: Ryan Holiday's Advice For Navigating the Path to Personal and Professional Transformation
Jan 26, 2023
161. Mindfulness and Self-Compassion: Unlocking the Power of Resilience and Positive Outlook with Ofosu Jones-Quartey
Jan 22, 2023
160. Transform Your Emotional and Mental Health with the Power of Self-Compassion: Learn How to Incorporate it into Your Daily Life
Jan 17, 2023
159. Overcoming Anorexia and Finding Healing through Bodybuilding: An Inspiring Interview with Health Coach Jaime Filer
Jan 12, 2023
158. The Power of Now: How Mindfulness Can Boost Your Productivity, Happiness, and Overall Well-Being
Jan 07, 2023
157. The Power Of Habits: How To Make Sustainable Change In The New Year And The Differences Between Habits And Resolutions
Jan 03, 2023
156. How To Get In A Good Mood And Stay There: A Practical Guide To Overcoming Depression And Finding True Happiness
Dec 27, 2022
155. 5 Simple Ways To Manage Stress and Anxiety During the Holidays
Dec 20, 2022
154. Happiness Expert Gretchen Rubin on Decluttering and Why It Makes You Feel So Much Better
Dec 13, 2022
153. How To Give Yourself And Your Child Permission To Feel With Dr. Marc Brackett
Dec 06, 2022
152. How Vulnerability Makes You A Better Leader With David Dye
Nov 29, 2022
151. How To Get Shit Done Even When You Don't Feel Like It
Nov 22, 2022
150. 6 Ways To Stop Being A People Pleaser So You Can Live The Life You Want Instead Of The Life You Think You Should Live
Nov 15, 2022
149. 4 Things You Can Do Now To Manage Change And The Stress That Comes With It
Nov 08, 2022
148. How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Find Out: What If It Did Work? with Omar Medrano
Nov 01, 2022
147. Why It's Never Too Late to Start Over Again with Brian Ondrako
Oct 25, 2022
146. Original Wisdom: How To Harness the Power of the Authentic You with Donna Bond
Oct 18, 2022
145. How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Through Breathwork And Meditation with Carson Finkle
Oct 11, 2022
144. Don't Fake It Til You Make It - Be It Till You See It With Lesley Logan
Oct 04, 2022
143. How To Fight Back Against Your Fear And Ignore Your Biggest Critics With Dana Sardano
Sep 27, 2022
142. The Future of PTSD And Mental Health Treatment: Why MDMA and Magic Mushrooms Could Be The Cure with Jill Sitnick
Sep 20, 2022
141. How To Process Stress, Improve Daily Happiness, And Be The Best Version Of Yourself Through The Magic Of Meditation With Sara Webb
Sep 13, 2022
140. Why No One Is Ever Broken And How You Can Find The Healing You Crave And Deserve With Jennifer Febel
Sep 06, 2022
139. The Lessons Your Scars Can Teach You With Lola Mormino
Aug 30, 2022
138. How To Achieve Work-Life Balance Before Your Job Kills You with Chris Michael Harris
Aug 23, 2022
137. How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself Even When You Feel Like The Worst Version Of Yourself With Jeff Wickersham
Aug 16, 2022
136. How To Harness The Power Of The Quantum Field And Recalibrate Your Life With Philipp Samor Von Holtzendorff-Fehling
Aug 09, 2022
135. How Growing Plants Can Help You Grow As A Person with Garden Marcus
Aug 02, 2022
134. Breathwork And Cold Therapy: How To Milk The Shit Out Of Life With Dan Voss
Jul 26, 2022
133. How Men Can Take Better Care Of Their Skin And Slow The Aging Process With Chris Gibson
Jul 19, 2022
132. ​​The Lies You're Being Fed About Nutrition And How To Clean Up Your Diet With Louise Mercieca
Jul 12, 2022
131. How To Live Your Most Authentic Life Through The Power Of Surrender With Kute Blackson
Jul 05, 2022
130. How to Start a New Relationship While Living With Anxiety, Depression, OCD, or Other Mental Health Challenges with Allison Raskin
Jun 28, 2022
129. How To Get Your Kids To Listen To You Without The Yelling, Ultimatums, And Bribes With Rebecca Rolland
Jun 21, 2022
128. The Little Things That Can Destroy Your Relationship with Matthew Fray
Jun 14, 2022
127. The Symptoms Of Burnout That Most People Miss And 7 Ways To Stop It With Dr. Sharon Grossman
Jun 07, 2022
126. Before You Quit Your Job Listen To This Advice From Kelley Shields
May 31, 2022
125. How To Tap Into Inner Calm, Develop A Positive Mindset And Heal From The Stress That Is Holding You Back With Sara Raymond
May 24, 2022
124. Beating Burnout: Author Julie Wald On The 4 Things You Should Focus On If You Are Experiencing Burnout
May 17, 2022
123. How To Heal From The Effects Of Childhood Trauma As An Adult with Michael Unbroken
May 10, 2022
122. How To Find Balance In Your Life To Achieve Better Health And More Happiness With Meghan Pherrill
May 03, 2022
121. American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff Shares How You Can Face Your Fears And Become Your Own Superhero
Apr 26, 2022
120. Austin Kleon Shares Why You Should Steal Like An Artist If You Want To Be Creative
Apr 19, 2022
119. How Your Habits Can Help Shape You Into the Person You Want to Become with Donna Zajonc
Apr 12, 2022
118. How To Improve Your Experience With Existence And Enhance Your Relationship With Life With Jem Fuller
Apr 05, 2022
117. Why You Need An Alpha Wolf to Defeat Your Inner Pig and Finally Lose Weight with Glenn Livingston
Mar 29, 2022
116. How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals Before Or After Age 40 With Allan Misner
Mar 22, 2022
115. How Focusing on Big Health Changes Distracts You from Your Cellular Potential with VJ Hamilton
Mar 15, 2022
114. How To Raise Your Frequency For Better Brain Health With Dr. Patrick Porter
Mar 08, 2022
113. Bulletproof Founder Dave Asprey Shares the Laws of Happiness, Health, and Success and How to Upgrade Your Biology
Mar 01, 2022
112. P90X Founder Tony Horton Shares How To Gain Strength & Build Muscle At Any Age
Feb 22, 2022
111. How To Track Everything From Sleep To Movement, And Even Your Period With Caroline Kryder From Oura.
Feb 15, 2022
110. How to Escape the Darkness: Why Exercise is Powerful Medicine For the Mind with Dr. J.M. Thompson
Feb 08, 2022
109. How To Get Your Mind Right And Your Body Tight With Lunden Souza
Feb 01, 2022
108. How to UnFu*k Your Relationship Before It's Too Late with Gary John Bishop
Jan 25, 2022
107. Why What's On Your Plate Can Help You Lose Weight with Cheryl McColgan
Jan 18, 2022
106. The Importance of Developing a Winning Mindset to Achieve Your Goals with Barton Guy Bryan
Jan 11, 2022
105. 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Wellness in the New Year with Allison Jackson
Jan 05, 2022
104. How To Practice The 4 Virtues That Help You Live A Happier Life With Ryan Holiday
Dec 28, 2021
103. How You Can Force Your Anxiety to Tap Out By Using the Emotional Freedom Technique with Katie Nall
Dec 21, 2021
102. Learn the Secret to Success Before Reaching Your Goals with Ken Wimberly
Dec 14, 2021
101. Neurofeedback: Rewiring the Brain Without Medication with Michael P. Cohen
Dec 07, 2021
100. How to Work Through Conflict in Your High-Stakes Relationships Before It's Too Late with Jayson Gaddis
Nov 30, 2021
99. How to Wake Up Grateful Have More Gratitude Every Day with Kristi Nelson
Nov 23, 2021
98. Getting Stronger and More Resilient with The Mad Scientist of Strength, Chris Duffin
Nov 17, 2021
97. How Yoga Can Align Your Mind and Body for Better Wellness with Annie Appleby
Nov 10, 2021
96. ​​How to Heal Your Hunger and End Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson
Nov 03, 2021
95. Learn the Secret to Turning Your Pain Into Your Superpower with Jill McAbe
Oct 27, 2021
94. Biohacking or BS? Fact vs Fiction in the World of Self-Help with Mads Friis
Oct 20, 2021
93. How to Take the Guesswork Out of Your Diet with Award-Winning Chemical Engineer, Three-Time Champion Fitness Competitor, Christine Hronec
Oct 13, 2021
92. Using Red Light Therapy to Improve Your Health And Wellness With BioLight Founder Dr. Mike Belkowski
Oct 06, 2021
91. How To Change The Way You Feel About Your Body with Emily Lauren Dick
Sep 29, 2021
90. Why You Should Eat the Cake: Simple Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle
Sep 22, 2021
89. How to Hack Your Nervous System to Get Better Sleep, Deeper Meditation, and Less Stress with Dr. David Rabin
Sep 15, 2021
88. Learn the Four Gifts Experienced by Highly Sensitive People with Courtney Marchesani
Sep 08, 2021
87. The One Ring to Rule Them All. How to Reach Your Fitness Goals and Look Good Doing it with Harpreet Singh Rai
Sep 01, 2021
86. Learn About the Secret Ingredient that's Being Called the Superfood of the Future With Catharine Arnston
Aug 25, 2021
85. Busting the Calorie Myth and Helping You Eat, Think, and Live Better with Jonathan Bailor
Aug 18, 2021
84. 90 Seconds to Whole Brain Living with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor
Aug 11, 2021
83. Break Free From Your Comfort Zone and Take a Leap of Faith with Neil Seligman
Aug 05, 2021
82. Why the Secret to Better Health May Be in Your Blood with Karina LaMarr
Jul 28, 2021
81. Learn the Diet Secret That Fuels Some of the World's Top Athletic Performers with Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke
Jul 21, 2021
80. Are You Feeling Lost? Really Good Advice on Getting From Here to There with Hallie Bateman
Jul 14, 2021
79. Learn the Secrets to Building True Mental, Physical and Emotional Toughness for Success and Fulfillment with Greg Everett
Jul 07, 2021
78. Money is Energy: How To Attract More Of It with Madeline Gerwick and Peg Donahue
Jun 30, 2021
77. What Your Therapist Won't Tell You with Kelsey Darragh
Jun 23, 2021
76. Man Enough: Undefining Masculinity with Justin Baldoni
Jun 09, 2021
75. How to Reduce Stress and Boost Brain Health Naturally with Dr. Teralyn Sell
Jun 02, 2021
74. 5 Facts To Know About Stress And Its Effect On Health with Dr. Vikki Petersen
May 26, 2021
73. 18 "F" Words That Will Change Your Life with Shawn Rawls
May 19, 2021
72. What is the Law of Attraction with Karen Eldad
May 12, 2021
71. Building a Better Body Image with Erica Mather
May 05, 2021
70. The Art and Science of Essential Oils with Jodi Cohen
Apr 28, 2021
69. How to Live the Life of Your Dreams with Steve Cook
Apr 14, 2021
68. How to Let Go of the Past: Tips on Releasing Trauma with Ashra Bennett
Apr 07, 2021
67. What are the Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation with Stephanie Wagner
Mar 31, 2021
66. What is Cold Therapy with Dr. Josephine Worseck
Mar 25, 2021
65. How to Change Bad Habits and Overcome Addiction with Dr. Judson Brewer
Mar 10, 2021
64. Can CBD Help With Weight Loss with Brooke Alpert
Mar 03, 2021
63. How to Lose Weight Without Dieting with Maverick Willet
Feb 25, 2021
62. What is Holistic Medicine with Ava Rockwell
Feb 17, 2021
61. How to Find Your Life's Purpose with Jaya Jaya Myra
Feb 10, 2021
60. How to Optimize Your Immune System with Marie Ruggles
Jan 27, 2021
59. How to Have a Healthy Home with Becky Rapinchuck
Jan 20, 2021
58. Fast This Way to Better Health with Dave Asprey
Jan 13, 2021
57. Get Fit – Don't Quit! How to Get Mentally and Physically Motivated with Jake Steinfeld
Jan 06, 2021
56. How Breathwork Benefits Mind, Body, and Spirit with Steve Whitney
Dec 30, 2020
55. How to Overcome Anxiety and Stress with Elke Scholz
Dec 16, 2020
54. Why You Need a Budget - Four Rules to Manage Your Money with Jesse Mecham
Dec 09, 2020
53. Healing Through Music: How to Return to Your True Self with Carrie Akre
Dec 02, 2020
52. How to Have More Gratitude Every Day with Kristi Nelson
Nov 25, 2020
51. How to Boost Energy, Fight Disease And Slow Aging with Glutathione with Nayan Patel
Nov 18, 2020
50. How to Survive and Thrive When Bad Things Happen with Dr. Jim Taylor
Nov 11, 2020
49. What it Means to be a Highly Sensitive Person with Andre Sólo
Nov 04, 2020
48. Magic Kingdom Secrets That Could Make You Happier with Louie Gravance
Oct 28, 2020
47. The Wisdom of Love, Loss, and Fear with Gary John Bishop
Oct 21, 2020
46. Lives of the Stoics and their Modern Lessons with Ryan Holiday
Oct 14, 2020
45. NAD Therapy: A Secret Weapon Against Aging and Chronic Illness with Dr. Alain Polynice
Oct 07, 2020
TRAILER - The Fit Mess
Oct 05, 2020
44. Emotional Intelligence and Giving Yourself Permission to Feel with Dr. Marc Brackett
Sep 30, 2020
43. Fight or Flight: How to Manage Anxiety
Sep 23, 2020
42. Finding Happiness in a Pandemic with Karen McGregor
Sep 17, 2020
41. How to Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting
Sep 09, 2020
40. How to Break the Cycle of Self-Sabotage, Accelerate Your Growth, and Realize Your True Potential with Ryan Sawyer
Sep 02, 2020
39. How to Safely Go Back to School with Dr. Harvey Karp
Aug 19, 2020
38. How to Unfu*k Yourself with Gary John Bishop
Aug 03, 2020
37. How to Create Your Own New Normal
Jul 21, 2020
36. The Many Benefits of Yoga with Michael Suzerris
Jul 06, 2020
35. What is Float Therapy with Andrew Loppnow
Jun 14, 2020
34. What is CrossFit and is it right for you with Chad Southwick
May 24, 2020
33. Digging Deeper with Shaun T
May 06, 2020
32. When Modern Medicine Goes Too Far with Dr. Paul Offit
Apr 22, 2020
31. Corona and Lyme with Healing Jess
Apr 02, 2020
30. Why You Need To Ditch The Act with Ryan Foland
Mar 15, 2020
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Feb 16, 2020
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Jan 04, 2020
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Dec 14, 2019
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