Who Runs That?

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Have you ever seen a product you love and thought about what goes on in the company behind it? Enjoy surprising conversations with the people in charge of some of America's most interesting businesses.

Episode Date
Food52 Co-Founder Merrill Stubbs
In this episode Seth Stevenson talks to Merrill Stubbs, co-founder and president of Food52. In their conversation, Stubbs talks about her time in cooking school, the interesting demographics of Food52’s customer base, and the balance of combining web content with web commerce. 
Apr 15, 2019
Reductress Co-Founders Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo
In this episode Seth Stevenson talks to Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo, co-founders of the satirical feminist website Reductress. In their conversation, Newell and Pappalardo poke fun at some of the tropes of internet writing and explain what it’s like to run a digital media company on a tight budget. <br><br>This episode is brought to you by The Alternative Board. Learn more at <a href="http://thealternativeboard.com/whorunsthat">thealternativeboard.com/whorunsthat</a>&nbsp;
Apr 08, 2019
Bonobos CEO Micky Onvural
In this episode Seth Stevenson talks to Mick Onvural, CEO of the menswear brand Bonobos. In their conversation Onvural talks about the value of brick-and-mortar shops, the challenges of marketing to men, and why marketers make great chief executives. <br><br>This episode is brought to you by The Alternative Board. Learn more at <a href="http://thealternativeboard.com/whorunsthat">thealternativeboard.com/whorunsthat</a>.
Apr 01, 2019
Zola Co-Founders Shan-Lyn Ma and Nobu Nakaguchi
In this episode Seth Stevenson talks to Shan-Lyn Ma and Nobu Nakaguchi, co-founders of the wedding planning and registry site, Zola. Ma and Nakaguchi started the company when they realized their friends’ wedding registries were difficult to navigate. Now they’re growing fast and hoping to eventually be the primary destination for all things wedding-related.&nbsp;
Mar 25, 2019
Oscar CEO Mario Schlosser
In this episode, Seth Stevenson talks to Mario Schlosser CEO and co-founder of the health insurance company Oscar. In their discussion, Schlosser talks about what it’s like to start a business in a sector that’s rife with regulation and bureaucracy, about what really goes into setting insurance rates, and about his views on U.S. health care policy and how we can improve it.&nbsp;
Mar 18, 2019
NerdWallet CEO Tim Chen
In this episode Seth Stevenson talks to Tim Chen, found and CEO of NerdWallet. During their conversation Chen talks about what inspired him to found the company, how millennials think about money choices, and what he thinks the U.S. government should be doing when it comes to consumer financial protection.&nbsp;
Mar 11, 2019
Merge Records Co-Founders Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan
Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan, co-founders of Merge Records, talk to Seth Stevenson about running a record label in the era of streaming music, the advantages of operating in Chapel Hill, NC, and what goes into a record contract with a band these days.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br><br><br><br><br>
Mar 04, 2019
Coffee Meets Bagel CEO Dawoon Kang
Coffee Meets Bagel CEO Dawoon Kang talks to Seth Stevenson about founding the company with her sisters, turning down $30 million from Mark Cuban, and her effort to make online dating less overwhelming.&nbsp;
Feb 25, 2019
Harry's CEO Andy Katz-Mayfield
Seth Stevenson talks to Andy Katz-Mayfield, co-founder and CEO of the razor and skincare company, Harry’s. In their conversation, Katz-Mayfield talks about some of his early business decisions, the ebb and flow of facial hair trends, and how he wants to promote a more progressive brand of masculinity. &nbsp;<br><br><br>
Jan 07, 2019
Chirps CEO Rose Wang
Seth Stevenson talks to Rose Wang, CEO and co-founder of Chirps. In their conversation, Wang talks about going on Shark Tank, the environmental advantages of eating bugs, and whether crickets can feel pain.&nbsp;<br><br>
Dec 31, 2018
Field Notes Co-Founder Aaron Draplin
Seth Stevenson chats with co-founder and chief designer of Field Notes, Aaron Draplin. In their conversation, Draplin talks about the inspiration for Field Notes, his use of locally sourced paper and staples, and the timeless appeal of the Futura Bold typeface.
Dec 24, 2018
E.L.F. CEO Tarang Amin
Seth Stevenson chats with Tarang Amin, CEO of the cosmetics company E.L.F. In their conversation, Amin talks about what it’s like to be a man running a makeup company, about makeup trends in the YouTube era, and about what it’s like to test products on his own face.&nbsp;<br><br>
Dec 17, 2018
Carnival CEO Arnold Donald
Seth Stevenson talks to Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald about what it’s like to oversee nine different cruise lines at once. In their conversation, Donald talks about some of the trends in cruising, explains how a business insight helped his company save a lot of money on arugula, and recounts some of the challenges he’s faced as one of just a handful of black CEOs of big, publicly traded companies.&nbsp;<br><br>
Dec 10, 2018
Kickee Pants CEO Aerin Nicole
Seth Stevenson talks to Kickee Pants CEO Aerin Nicole about her search for the perfect baby clothes material. In their conversation, Nicole talks about scouting for a bamboo-based textile, her line of gender-free baby clothes, and what it’s like when celebrities like Kim Kardashian post photos of their children wearing Kickee Pants.&nbsp;<br><br>
Dec 03, 2018
DoSomething CEO Aria Finger
For a special Giving Tuesday episode of the show, Seth talks to Aria Finger, CEO and “Chief Old Person” of DoSomething. Finger talks about why she’s spent her whole career at a non-profit, what it’s like to be a grown-up trying to reach young people, and about the misconceptions we hold about today’s youth. For one thing, the best place to find them isn’t on social media...<br><br>
Nov 27, 2018
Betterment CEO Jon Stein
Seth Stevenson talks to Betterment CEO Jon Stein about the democratization of financial services. In the interview, Stein talks about the role he feels financial companies should play in treating investors fairly, about Betterment’s preparedness for a potential market crash, and his thoughts about offering so-called alternative investments – like maritime debt and weather futures – to the everyday saver.&nbsp;
Nov 26, 2018
Big Gay Ice Cream Co-Founder Douglas Quint
In this special Small Business Saturday edition of the show, Seth Stevenson talks to Douglas Quint, co-founder of Big Gay Ice Cream. Quint was a professional bassoonist who got his start in ice cream when he spent a summer driving a soft-serve truck around New York City. He put a sign that said Big Gay Ice Cream on the side, which was supposed to be just a place-holder name, but the business took off, and the name stuck.&nbsp;<br><br>
Nov 24, 2018
Cuyana CEO Karla Gallardo
Seth Stevenson talks to Cuyana CEO Karla Gallardo about her upbringing in Ecuador and how it inspired her to make products that last. Gallardo also explains why she focused on women investors when she started the company and what it was like to see Meghan Markle sporting a Cuyana bag.&nbsp;<br><br>
Nov 19, 2018
Coming Nov. 19th: Who Runs That?
Have you ever seen a product you love and thought about what goes on in the company behind it? Enjoy surprising conversations with the people in charge of some of America’s most interesting businesses. Episode 1 drops Nov. 19th.
Oct 22, 2018