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 Apr 17, 2023
So Awesome😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Science Fiction Guy
 Jan 16, 2023

 Jan 8, 2023
it's cracked just like i am in Fortnite 😃😂

Manrico Sualog Metiong
 Oct 24, 2022
Manrico Sualog Metiong Better, Kingfisher & Metiong Iss: Live now union libertad ,Antique

 Jul 20, 2022


Brains On presents Forever Ago®, a history show for the whole family! Every episode looks into the surprising and fascinating history of things we think are ordinary, but they’re not -- like ice cream flavors, video games, baths and more. We make learning about the past fun while teaching listeners to think critically about history.

Episode Date
How a freezing summer gave us Frankenstein, bicycles and more

Joy and co-host Asa learn about the year without a summer, and how it led to some amazing inventions! 1816 was a very strange year. In many parts of the world warm summer weather never came, and crops froze.  Scientists now know these were the effects of a volcanic eruption, but back then, people had no idea what was happening. Still, this tragedy kicked off a lot of innovation, from new works of art to new ways of growing food. Come learn all about it while Joy and Asa wait out a rainstorm at Camp Chronology. Plus, as always, a new First Things First featuring coolers, canoes and compasses! - Use promo code forever to get 50% off your first month and free shipping

May 31, 2023
ZAP! The history of the microwave

Beep boop ZAP! Did you know that the microwave oven was invented by accident? From space-age luxury item to everyday appliance, microwaves have come a long way in the 76 years they’ve been around. Join Joy and cohost Aaliyah for the history of the gadget that made it possible for us to heat our breakfast burritos or mac and cheese bowls in mere seconds. Plus, your hosts bust some microwave myths and tackle a brand new round of First Things First! 

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May 24, 2023
Way to Play: How Playgrounds Grew Up

We’re so excited to be back for season THREE of Forever Ago! Join Joy, Elysse, and some talking playground equipment as they spring through time to explore playgrounds of the past, present and future. You’ll hear how playgrounds started popping up thanks to the industrial revolution. You’ll visit 1960’s London to hang out with the godmother of Adventure Play, and meet a group of students working to transform their inaccessible playground into a recess retreat for everybody! And of course, a new First Things First!

May 17, 2023
Forever Ago is Back May 17!

Season 3 of Forever Ago is starting soon! Forever Ago is a history podcast for the whole family, where we explore the before! This season, we’ve got all kinds of surprising stories for you. Tune in to learn some awesome facts, and play games like First Things First, and hear from listeners like you! New episodes drop Wednesday starting May 17th. But if you just can’t wait, you can check out a bonus episode with Joy by signing up for our Smarty Pass!

May 04, 2023
Million Bazillion: Why do some people get paid more than others?

Hey Forever Friends!

A quick note: our new season starts on May 17th, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Until then, we’re excited to share this episode of Million Bazillion. It’s a show our pals ask and answer all kinds of questions around money. Check it out and enjoy!

 In this episode, listeners Henry and Nathanial wanted to know why workers don’t get paid the same. Million Bazillion co-hosts Ryan and Bridget help break down what’s known as the “wage gap” with the help of the Vindicators superhero squad, who are on a mission to make pay more fair. Plus, they brainstorm ways to fix the problem.

Apr 24, 2023
Do scientists have superpowers?

Hi! It’s Joy Dolo here. Forever Ago will be back in your feed with new episodes in May! But to tide you over until then, I wanted to share this episode with you that I made with my friends at Brains On. You’ll get to meet some incredible scientists, play the mystery sound game and listen to me contemplate whether tacos are sandwiches! It’s so much fun. Thanks, Friends! Enjoy the show!

It's just a normal day at Brains On headquarters, until Molly and co-host Aaliyah find Forever Ago host Joy Dolo in the midst of a full-blown stress attack. She has a lot on her agenda: it's her birthday month and Black History Month, she's producing a one-woman show, she's got episodes to host, parades to plan and a self-portrait made entirely out of found objects due for her art class! Joy isn't sure which way is up, if tacos are sandwiches and if she should re-think her entire life. Luckily, there are all sorts of amazing scientists who just happen to be hanging out at Brains On HQ happy to help. Chemist Joya Cooley, urban ecologist Jasmin Green, roboticist Randi Williams, entomologist Jessica Ware and space suit technician Sharon McDougle are on the case, ready to share their wisdom and superpowers with Joy.

This episode is sponsored by Disney Channel and Disney+. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur premieres Friday, February 10 at 8p on Disney Channel and available on Disney+ Wednesday, February 15. Visit for more info.

Feb 13, 2023
Love is in the hair! A history of cornrow braids

Tag along with Joy, Amira and a magical bobblehead with the gift of gab on a road-trip while they explore the history of cornrow hair braiding! We’ll hear how cornrow braids made the leap from ancient tradition to the halls of Congress – and get acquainted with Madam C.J. Walker, the first Black female self-made millionaire who made her fortune with hair and flair! 

Plus, a special appearance from King Benkos Bioho, a trail-blazing historical leader who used braids as a secret map to lead enslaved people to freedom. And of course, a new First Things First!

This episode was sponsored by:

Nov 23, 2022
Rocket women: How a secret program paved the way for female astronauts

Get ready for an out-of-this-world episode! Joy and co-host Elsa are trapped in a black hole with a baby elephant and a mountain of old junk! 

They’ll explore the history of a super secret astronaut testing program for women called the “Fellow Lady Astronaut Trainees.” This group of bold, highly-trained pilots spent years making a case for why women are just as qualified to become astronauts as men! 

Plus, the dynamic duo digs into the history of the Space Race (spoiler: it’s not an astronaut marathon) and tries to figure out a new First Things First. It’s famous firsts in women’s history: first female millionaire, first woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize and first woman to reach the peak of Mount Everest!

This episode was sponsored by:

Nov 16, 2022
How pens rewrote history

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but how did it get that way? Join Joy and co-host Buddy as they head to the U-PEN college reunion (a whole university for pens!) and meet pen pals from throughout history, made of everything from feathers to steel. And on First Things First, we’re putting these stupendous school supplies in order: Crayola crayons, whiteboards, and rubber erasers!

Nov 09, 2022
Tomb raiders: How Egypt’s treasures ended up all over the world

There’s stuff from ancient Egypt in museums all over the world, from jewelry and statues to mummified bodies. But it turns out a lot of that stuff was stolen.

Joy and co-host Hania learn how Europeans took control of so many important artifacts from ancient Egypt. Plus, they teach a video game character about the disturbing history of unwrapping parties, where Victorian people in the 1800s would unwrap mummified bodies in front of a crowd of people.

On First Things First we try to find out which came earliest in history: traces of cheese, written language or evidence of juggling!

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Nov 02, 2022
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Oct 31, 2022
The lawn con: A history of grass

Grab your hedge clippers and don’t forget to feed your plastic flamingos! Joy and cohost Max are exploring the surprising history—and even more surprising legacy—of the American lawn. The clean, green front lawn has been synonymous with the American Dream for decades, but…why do we like lawns so much? A green-year-round carpet of grass takes a lot of water and other resources to maintain, and can pollute local ecosystems. How can we get the pleasant sanctuary of a traditional lawn without harming the environment? Joy and Max climb a massive hill and find some donkeys, and lawnfluencer superstar Ry-Ry the Lawn Guy experiences a revelation. We hear from local wildlife, and environmental conservationist and tall-grass enthusiast Neil Diboll encourages us to let our lawn’s wild side come out to play. Naturally, the biggest question is: Will Joy construct the perfect topiary self-portrait?

Once you’ve gotten the grass stains out of your pants, see if you can put this First Things First in the correct order: Plastic lawn flamingoes, the gas-powered lawnmower, and AstroTurf. Also--what summer shoe is one of the oldest styles of footwear in the whole world? Didja Know has the deets!

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Oct 26, 2022
Guitar stars: Strumming through the ages

Get ready to shred! Joy and cohost Buddy are building the most epic guitarchestra (aka guitar orchestra) in this week’s episode — so they’re auditioning some of history’s most notable guitar players. Jazz innovator Charlie Christian shows off his strumming solos, which made scores of people want to buy electric guitars. Les Paul not only plays the electric guitar, he updates the look and sound, paving the way for rock and roll. And musician Sima Cunningham from the band Ohmme stops by to show off the special pedals she uses to push the boundaries of what a guitar even sounds like. Of course, the biggest question is: will Joy’s air guitar chops earn her a seat in the guitarchestra?

All shredding aside, see if you can put this First Things First in the correct order: record players, headphones and pianos. Also, why do movie trailers come at the beginning of movies? Didja Know makes sense of it all!

This episode was sponsored by:

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Oct 19, 2022
The Bone Wars: A dino discovery duel!

Looking for a story full of spies, sabotage, and feuding scientists? Get ready to dig into today’s episode all about the Bone Wars, a raging rivalry over discovering dinosaur bones and other fossils. Joy and her co-host Siddharth meet two competitive, popsicle-loving paleontologists who can’t seem to stop bickering. We’ll also learn about the history of paleontology with the help of science writer Riley Black.

Plus, do you know which animal went extinct first: dodo birds, sabertooth tigers, or wooly mammoths? Find out in First Things First. You can also uncover how cartoons were invented on Didja Know. All this and a bag of bones in this episode of Forever Ago!

If you just can’t get enough dynamite dino stories, this episode has a partner in our Brains On feed. It’s called Did the Brontosaurus really exist? Intriguing, right? Check it out!

This episode was sponsored by

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Oct 12, 2022
Keeping it chill with air conditioning

We’re back with a hot new episode on staying cool! We’re talking about the history of air conditioning, our favorite frosty invention. Joy and co-host Maeve meet a sassy talking ice unicorn who is trying to find a place to chill out (and not melt!). Find out what chocolate, chewing gum and macaroni have to do with the invention of air conditioning. Plus, hear about some eco-friendly ways to beat the heat (splash pads, anyone?).

First Things First is back, too! Find out which was invented first: frozen yogurt, slushies or snow cones. Find all this frozen goodness, and a peek into why school buses are yellow, in this episode of Forever Ago!

Oct 05, 2022
What do grown ups-do with all their money?

Hey there Forever Friends! We’re coming back with new weekly episodes, starting next week. Until then, check out this cash-riffic show from our pals at Million Bazillion.

If you add up all the money a grown-up makes in their lifetime, it might sound like a lot! Surely they must have more to show for it. Where are the castles, the ponies, the fancy cars? In this episode, with the help of a magic necklace and a podcast-loving neighbor, we’ll do the numbers on the stuff grown-ups have to pay for every day. It’s not all pizza parties and ice cream sundaes! 

Sep 28, 2022
Pirates: More than peg legs and parrots

Ahoy, matey! When you think of a pirate, you’re probably thinking of a white man with a beard and an eyepatch, maybe a pegleg, maybe a parrot on his shoulder. But we’re here to tell you that pirates didn’t usually look like that. Joy and co-host Elsa learn about what pirates were really like from expert Laura Sook Duncombe (instead of an eyepatch, they usually had… a written contract?) and hear the story of Cheng I Sao, a fierce female pirate who ruled the South China Sea in the early 19th century. And on First Things First, it’s an all captain edition. Who came first: Captain America, Captain Hook, or Cap’n Crunch?

We want to hear what you think about Forever Ago! You can help us out by filling out a short audience survey:

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Jul 20, 2022
Who was the first lifeguard?

Whenever you go to a big pool or a public beach, you’ll always see lifeguards around: a person whose job it is to stand by the water and make sure everybody is safe. It’s a cool job, but did you ever wonder how it got started? Joy and co-host Brooklyn want to learn how to be lifeguards, and they learn from a couple of robots programmed to be like Hawaiian surfing legends Duke Kahanamoku and George Freeth, who are part of the early history of lifeguarding in the United States. And on First Things First, you’ll guess which came first: seatbelts, fire extinguishers, or CPR.

Also, we have a favor to ask of you! We want to know a little bit more about our listeners and it will help us a lot if you’d head to and complete a short, anonymous survey. It takes less than 5 minutes and you’ll be doing all of us at Forever Ago a huge favor by filling it out. Again, that’s Thanks so much!

Jul 13, 2022
The Joy of Swimming

Everybody loves a nice dip in the pool when it’s hot outside… but if you never learned to swim, that pool can be pretty scary. Host Joy Dolo and co-host Brooklyn take us on a personal journey this week, exploring Joy’s own history with swimming, along with why many African-Americans aren’t comfortable in the water. (Hint: it’s about colonialism.) We’ll look at the history of swimming around the world, some of the misguided beliefs that led some people to think there was only one right way to swim. We’ll also meet someone who’s working to make sure more Black kids know how to get around in the water. Plus, there’s a new First Things First! What came first: swim caps, swim fins, or swim goggles?

This episode was sponsored by:

Outschool ( to save $15 on your child’s first class)

Jul 06, 2022
When baths met soap

Scrub-a-dub-dub, it’s time for the tub! Or is it? You probably wash up with soap plenty of times throughout the week, but did you know that most people throughout history didn’t use soap for their bodies at all?

Joy and co-host Maeve take a trip to Menaka’s ‘Storical Soap Stand, to learn how soap became such a big deal. And on First Things First, we’ll be putting these items in historical order: kids’ bubble bath, shower caps, and rubber duckies. 

Jun 29, 2022
Mac and Cheese: From 'What's in these?' to 'Yes, please!'

You might think macaroni and cheese is just a quick and easy meal, or a special dish that comes to the holiday table. But Joy and her co-host Buddy are here to tell you that macaroni and cheese is actually a pair of SUPERHEROES!

We’ll trace the history of the dish back to ancient Rome, through the Elizabethan Age, and all the way to America by way of James Hemings, an enslaved chef who cooked for Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.

The modern history of mac & cheese continues with the invention of powdered cheese. And you’ll get a chance to guess the historical order of shelf-stable foods including peanut butter, powdered milk, and instant ramen noodles. Spoons up!

Jun 22, 2022
The rise and fall of fancy men

We can learn a lot about what a culture thinks is important through its fashion. These days, most men don’t wear makeup to work, or lace collars, or powdered wigs, but that wasn’t always the case! Joy and co-host Max go on a journey to the history spa, where they get a 1770s makeover from Frank, the macaroni maven. (What’s a macaroni? Not just a noodle!) Listen as they learn about the ancient history of makeup (we’re talking Egypt here) and why being a fancy man eventually fell out of style. Plus, there’s a new First Things First! Do you think neon clothes, baseball caps, or bellbottom pants came first in history?

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Outschool ( promo code: foreverago)

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Jun 15, 2022
Rubik’s Cube: The twists and turns of fads

The Rubik’s Cube is a twisty toy that has 43 quintillion possible configurations — and it can also teach us something about trends and fads. Joy and this week’s co-host Buddy are visited by Rocky, of long lost Pet Rock fame, who wonders why it isn’t still popular. Listen as they all explore the ups and downs of the Rubik’s Cube and spot the differneces. Find out who invented the Rubik’s Cube, how it’s popularity died out and why it’s back in a big way now. 

We’ll also learn about other trends like the flagpole sitting and goldfish eating (really!), and how fads and fashions come and go. Plus, there’s a new First Things First with Legos, slime and crossword puzzles. Which do you think came first (no peeking)?

We’re always looking to hear your suggestions of what to put in the Forever Ago Time Capsule. Upload your recorded answer at

Jun 08, 2022
Ice cream flavors: From whale poo to vanilla

Forever Ago kicks off the new season with everybody’s summer favorite: ice cream!

In this episode Joy and co-host Maeve explore the many flavors of this frozen treat. Historian Rosa Abreu tells us why classic vanilla is anything but boring. We’ll also check out some historical tastes of the past, including mace, orange blossom, and ambergris. That last one comes out of a whale’s intestine and was considered a delicacy.

We’ll learn about how ice cream was a symbol of the rich and powerful, long before everyone had a freezer in their kitchen. Join us for the scoop on what really goes into your sundae.

Submit what you want to include in the Forever Ago time capsule at — we’ll be featuring many of the responses on the show!

Jun 01, 2022
Forever Ago is back June 1!

Forever Ago fans! The moment is finally here! Host Joy Dolo and team are back with new episodes June 1!

Forever Ago is a history show for the whole family. Every episode looks into the surprising and fascinating history of things we think are ordinary but they’re not - like ice cream flavors, video games, baths, and more.

May 18, 2022
Shoes: How French Royalty Became the Fashion Police

The oldest known pair of shoes didn’t look like much, but foot fashion has come a long ways since prehistoric sandals. Joy Dolo and her co-host Daria lace up some matching footwear and take a hike through shoe history with reporter Nancy Yang. First stop is the Oregon cave where a 9,000-year-old pair of shoes was discovered. Then, a French king who tried to enforce a monopoly on his signature style, and the inventor who made shoes affordable for everyone. And finally, is the future of shoes… bacteria? This episode is sponsored by Myro ( You can support Brains On and Forever Ago at

Dec 27, 2018
Umbrellas: The Magic Invention of the Sculptress

Umbrellas have been shielding us from the elements for thousands of years, but they haven’t always been in style. Time-traveling reporter Josie Huang takes Joy Dolo and co-host Bella on a bumpy ride through “brolly” history. We’ll meet the fashion-forward guy who made it cool to carry an umbrella in London, and the savvy sculptor Slawa Duldig, who created a more portable design. Plus, a visit from resident umbrella trend forecaster Sanden Totten.

Dec 20, 2018
Emojis: The :-) That Changed Everything

From simple smiley faces to sparkly unicorns, we have a lot of emoji options. But it wasn’t always this way. Joy Dolo and co-host Melissa search for the very first emoji with reporter Elyssa Dudley. They’ll meet the man behind the first emojis designed for cell phones, and visit the early computer lab where smiley faces went viral. Plus, we’ll meet the teenager who created her very own emoji. You can support Brains On and Forever Ago at

Dec 13, 2018
Clocks: A Brief History of Telling Time

Long before clocks, humans found creative ways to track time. From falling sand to burning incense, we tried it all. But it took a daydreaming astronomer and a whole lot of inventors to get us to the precise clocks we use today. Joy Dolo and co-host Kira set off on a tour of ancient timekeeping devices with reporter Carla Javier. Plus, we’ll learn about a clock buried deep in a mountain side that’s designed to keep ticking for 10,000 years. This episode is sponsored by StoryWorth ( You can support Brains On and Forever Ago at

Dec 06, 2018
Sandwiches: A Hillel By Any Other Name

It’s a simple recipe: bread, filling, bread. But sandwiches had to get their scrumptious start somewhere. Joy Dolo and co-host Ben travel back to a time when putting food between two slices of bread was a culinary revolution. Reporter Tracy Mumford introduces us to two innovators duking it out for the credit, and Brains On host Molly Bloom treats us to some strange historical sandwiches, including a sandwich loaf. This episode is sponsored by Hint ( and Molekule ( You can support Brains On and Forever Ago at

Nov 29, 2018
Skateboards: When Roller Skates Met Surfboards

The first skateboards didn’t come from a store. Kids had to make them from scratch! And they made for a bumpy ride… Joy Dolo and twelve-year-old pro skater Minna kickflip their way through history with reporter Chris Greenspon. We’ll get the scoop on low-tech early skateboards and the skaters who innovated their way to a smoother ride. Plus, we’ll talk with a skater who wants to change the world with four wheels and a deck. You can support Brains On and Forever Ago at

Nov 22, 2018
Cameras: From Pinholes to Perfect Selfies

Did you know that the ancestor of our smartphone cameras was just a box with a tiny hole in it? This week, Joy Dolo and kid co-host Elena explore the wide world of cameras with the help of reporter Paulina Velasco. Ancient philosophers, French inventors, and one frustrated businessman team up across space and time to bring us the modern camera. And we’ll meet a scientist who wants to use cameras to help the blind see. You can support Brains On and Forever Ago at

Nov 15, 2018
Video Games: A Tale of Two Pongs

Video games are a lot older than you probably realize, but it took a long time for them to catch on. Join host Joy Dolo and kid co-host Kai on an epic quest through history to figure out how video games began. With help from intrepid reporter Cari Spivack, they’ll visit the age of dinosaur computers, early arcades and befriend some talking cows.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Care/of ( You can support Forever Ago at

Nov 08, 2018
Season One: The Trailer

Forever Ago is a history show for the whole family. Every episode explores the origin of one thing – like sandwiches, video games and clocks – while teaching listeners to think critically about the past. Hosted by Joy Dolo and produced by the team behind Brains On and Smash Boom Best.

Oct 24, 2018