Mindful Things

By McLean Hospital

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Category: Medicine

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Knowing that mental wellness is a topic that deeply affects each and every one of us, McLean Hospital brings you Mindful Things, a podcast dedicated to real talk about the conditions and situations we face daily yet rarely discuss. In each episode, our host Trevor Chamberlain sits down with some very special guests, including experts from Harvard Medical School, as well as ordinary people living extraordinary lives, to dig deep into everyday challenges while also exploring their own experiences with conditions such as depression, anxiety, and trauma. Mindful Things is a part of Mental Health News Radio Network.

Episode Date
Adolescents and Anxiety with Dr. Kathryn D. Boger
Our thoughts and perceptions can shape how we react to situations. Before today’s interview, our trusty host talks about attempting to move past a bout of severe depression. Trevor then sits down with Dr. Kathryn Boger, Program Director of the McLean Anxiety Mastery Program (8:45),who shares her thoughts on ways to retrain our brains to realize things are not as bad as we initially think. Dr. Boger also discusses child and adolescent mental health, particularly the importance of early detection and early invention in children and adolescents, while also sharing what it was like for her to grow up as an anxious child. Check out Dr. Boger’s TedX talk about child and adolescent mental health (https://bit.ly/2SH4rQt) after you read about her fresh approach to adolescent anxiety treatment (https://bit.ly/2H22Mn2)!
Jan 08, 2019
New Year's Resolutions with Dr. Philip Levendusky
This New Year’s Eve, millions of Americans will resolve to lose weight, give up smoking, or find a new job. Chances are, they made the same resolution last year and the year before and have yet to succeed. In fact, more than 90% of people won’t meet their goals. In this episode, McLean’s Director of Psychology Dr. Philip Levendusky tells us that it’s easier than you think to start making changes in your life. He wants to help you stick to your resolutions by encouraging you to set realistic expectations and give yourself the leeway to forgive yourself and keep trying should you start to slip from your new routines. In the end, while your goal may be perfection, it is perfectly healthy to give it your best and always feel as if you are a work in progress. Don’t forget to check out Dr. Levendusky’s Top Tips for Meeting your New Year’s Goals! https://www.mcleanhospital.org/newyears
Dec 28, 2018
Holiday Stress with Mark Longsjo
Life often includes many stressful moments, but stress around the holidays can be overwhelming for many people. From feelings of fatigue and isolation to financial stress and unrealistic expectations, it can be difficult to prepare ourselves for the increased stresses the holidays can often bring. In this episode, Trevor talks about his struggles with emotional regulation and what helps ground him. Then we are joined by McLean’s Mark Longsjo, LICSW, who helps remind us that we have more control than we believe and shares some suggestions to help each of us keep things in check.
Dec 18, 2018
Anxiety and Careers with Dr. Leonard Su
Leonard Su is a fully trained, fully licensed, fully retired vascular surgeon. After 4 years of college at Yale University, 4 years at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 3 years of laboratory research, 7 years of residency both at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Washington, AND 10 years of clinical practice, he hung up his scalpel and picked up a keyboard. He traded O.R. Lights for stage lights. His clinical career was cut short by mental illness, but he remains ever willing to help others. Only now instead of sutures and stents, he uses words and the power of talk. He speaks on the issues of mental illness in society, particularly in the medical profession, and strives to start conversations about mental illness. His background, while clearly steeped in medicine, also includes experience with stage such as with dancing in a local production of the Nutcracker, improv Comedy, and small episodes of trying stand-up Comedy.
Nov 27, 2018
Animal Therapy with Jeff Fink
Through this podcast, you will meet our host Trevor, who in addition to working at McLean, also knows a thing or two about living with mental health challenges. With Trevor as our moderator, he will guide us through up close and personal conversations with clinicians, advocates, celebrities, and ordinary people who have extraordinary stories to share. Along the way, you’ll also get to know Trevor, as he opens up about his own experiences with mental illness, growing up in a Native American household, and traveling the globe as a documentary filmmaker. In this week’s episode, Trevor introduces you to Jeff, whose experience with mental illness led him on a long journey that finally ended with him being paired with his service dog, Earl. Jeff talks about how his life with Earl led to his founding of Go Fetch Wellness, an organization dedicated to integrating animals into a whole-person approach to mental health treatment.
Nov 06, 2018