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By Tore Maras

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 Nov 17, 2021
The info and topics you get here will blow you away. The podcasts are long and at times you have to listen for a while to get to the good stuff. But when it comes, it will knock you into next week - possibly literally. So good.

Mojo Hau
 Jan 14, 2021
love Torre

Fed Up!
 Dec 17, 2020
Tore is one of the best at saying, "Have faith! It had to be this way. The stuff you want is coming..." Frankly I've had enough. I see nothing happening! This podcast delivers about as much as what every politician promises leading up to an election! The 12/16/20 is filled with testimony from retards! C'mon Tore, we want to hear your take, not hearings from retards!

 Dec 4, 2020

 Aug 11, 2020


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Episode Date
Mon 16 May: Rico Vacay - New News - Formula Fit - Deep Fakes - Hate Roots - Clear Danger - Race Cards
Short show tonight, it's time for Rico with the girls. OMG, there's real news on CNN. You know what to think when the scheme is a repeat. Is Bill Barr actually on it? Russia bashing peaks. Deep fake algos and the shimmering Schiff. Soon, very soon. The whistle blower was a wire tap. Manufactured evidence means they made it all up. It's false flag season so be careful who you're with. Is unrestricted concealed carry a real danger? Hate roots, violent plants, and the flowering of tragedy. Stay calm and alert, keep to your friends and maintain our effort. As the astrology column says, it's time to avoid complications with strangers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 17, 2022
Fri 13 May: Arctic Fronts - Power Plays - Upgraded Us - Selfish Intentions - NATO Moves - Ice Nukes - Digital North
Global strategies are now proving the importance of the far North. Selfish intentions are always involved in decisions. Have humans been upgraded? Is that divine or man made? Bacteria talks as every cell is in symbiosis. The judges always find something wrong. Life support for red stringers. Very small pockets of people actually get things done. Satisfied comfortable slaves cannot fathom a lack of structure. The sheeple aren't going anywhere. Arctic power plants and under the ice bases. Energy security heads North. Greenland energy, Estonia tech, and the heart of cyber security development. Quantum tech isn't new. All nations have been the subject of tests. The WHO already gives advice to the world. Even when every chip is stacked against us, ours remains a civilized revolution. Remember, it's up to we the people to take back our nation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 14, 2022
Wed 11 May: Patrick Q&A - A Discussion With Patrick Byrne
Tore and Patrick discuss today's hot topics on just about everything. Subjects covered include election fraud, voting machine tricks, some white hat history, and what happens next in the war. They also take on all listener questions.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 12, 2022
Tue 10 May: Priming Us - The Odds - CIALSD - Dead Parties - Negative Energy - Massive Reach - Love Hate
The long battle seems never ending because the scope of war is so huge. The odds are stacked, which is why we fight. There's something called a group say, because we're all in this together. Winning is not why we do things. The evil legacy of the McGill Project, and what it says about today. Torture on foreign soil. They can't stop the truth bots. It's not the who or where that makes intel, it's the how. The entire facade of political parties needs to go. There is no reforming the GOP. We follow the candidates that stand for freedom. HSBC and the big early frauds. Make your attack sideways, and never go for the head. Who's ready for racist attacks in Ohio? The digital code is coming with DNA as the ultimate ID. Remember that hate and love both bring passion, but only one has the frequency of hope. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 11, 2022
Mon 09 May: Tore Update On Locals
Tore calls in for a Locals channel update while driving. She covers the latest on her various legal cases and drops lots of hints about what's to come. Apologies for the disjointed audio.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 10, 2022
Fri 06 May: Vulnerable Times - Forgiving You - Trauma Tales - Trump In Penn - Between Lines - The Defamer - Early Fraud
Life in today's American is stressful, traumatic and vulnerable. And it's all by design. The neck stomping must soon end. Some people fight just for glory. Important conversations are taking place. The posturing just creates pockets of stupid drama. Evil requires instructions, has no new play books, and never changes what works. The conditioning is to pacify free thought. More than anything else, truth is resilient. Remember, the gates of hell are locked from the inside. President Donald Trump speaks from the rally in Pennsylvania. Tiny dancer stays away. Time to answer. Election theft starts on the petition side by blocking challengers. Our legal filings and other patriot things are making history. Let's keep it up, and throw in some unconditional love. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 07, 2022
Wed 04 May: Tore's Court Case Update On Locals
Tore live streams her discussion of today's court ruling in her case against Dominion, discusses the attitude in the courtroom and then talks to some observers who were there. Run time is 17 minutes. Yup, 17.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 05, 2022
Mon 02 May: Crystal Clear - Real Science - Evil People - Zombie VAX - Frequency Rules - Ugly May - Staying Local
Connections, vibrations, crystals and systems of control. Let's talk real science. Don't tell people, show them. They are lying to protect power. Manipulation from idiots and clowns. The J6 setup was modeled on the 1932 Bonus Army. Super fires and protecting that one person. There are chess board pieces on the move. Brain crystals and controlling power was shown in Rwanda. Huh? Amazing powers in frequency, oscillation, piezzo pressure and molecular orientation. Let's get our minds together. We're all just tons and tons of atoms. What is the magic frequency? The destructive power of resonance. Tesla was right. Manipulating ideologies is easy but deprogramming isn't. The new flu, liquid crystals, project Milkyway, and the evil coming this month. President Trump speaks. NCSWIC which means the train has left the station. So, inspire your neighbors, protect your family, and concentrate on what's local. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 03, 2022
Fri 29 Apr: Consequences - Death Threats - Roll Ups - Bonafide Meaning - Fetal Cells - Mall Merlin - Our Future
The threats are becoming so real, you can feel embarrassed for ignoring them. God's armor shines under pressure. It's a war, with depression, psycho behavior, security personnel and long dark drives home. But now it's roll up time in the defense against demons. There's lots of self centered talk among the depressed. It's harassment to obfuscate. Red flags mean cords are cut. A true purpose is in service to others. Stupid people will beat you with it. Lying because someone lied to you. Religious fights happen in the military. Targeting Christians is real, ongoing and historical. The Bonus Army and their lost battle. It was military versus the military. The magic name Wexner and all that goes with it. CEO's, the letter agencies, honeypots and intel gathering. It's all a prelude for what is coming. We must define our future because our legacy will be our freedom. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 30, 2022
Thu 28 Apr: Maras4Ohio - Tore's Campaign Speech From Columbus, Ohio
This is a recording compiled from separate streams on Locals, provided by Phoebe Maras, and covering most of Tore's hard hitting speech at tonight's Columbus campaign event. It's real politics with busy room audio, speaker introductions, questions from the crowd, after event chatter, and a complete shut down of two streaming platforms at the mention of Les Wexner's name. Run time is 48 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 29, 2022
Wed 27 Apr: Freedom Expectations (Part 2 of 2) - Boxing In - Who They Are - Twatter Spats - The Script - ShadowGate III - In Control
Now that we see the divisions, we can begin to understand the evil. They turn on each other and lash out in all directions. A new bad guy in the bullseye. Blackrock owns all. The Tesla is all about AI and data, data, data. The monsters right in front of us. Pardon me, what about Greenland and Mars? A shock awaits when you see the betrayal. Conservative assets with pay stubs. Hollywood and government are the first targets. It's a huge war swirling all arounds us. We must be the ones who shape our tomorrows. Not just another yesterday. Don't project fear and always retain a pure heart. It's visions of compassion and freedom that make us human. Take the objective perspective, and then what's coming will all make sense. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 28, 2022
Wed 27 Apr: Freedom Expectations (Part 1 of 2) - Game Over - Insane Day - IIA Ops - Food Wars - Lead Heads - Good Prevails
A frantic fear of freedom is breaking out all over. They are showing themselves like never before. A significant two year contract has ended. This is how the ops happen. Now it gets fun because the game is well planned. Does it all seem to be happening at once? The reward is in doing the act of kindness itself. Ali and those who back him. Using food as a weapon has dire consequences. It all comes down to power and control. The toxic history of lead and it's health connections. Long standing operations are being challenged. It's a revolution versus misdirection. Bats, snakes, venom and the VAXT. In the vicious info war of deceit, our awakening means they are only prolonging the inevitable.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 28, 2022
Tue 26 Apr: Unexpected Happenings and Q&A - A casual streaming update and solo discussion posted on Tore's Locals channel.
Tore takes online questions, chats about numerous subjects, calls into a campaign rally, and then plans a vacation. Plus, she smokes and knows things. Run time is one hour and 17 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 27, 2022
Mon 25 Apr: Bright Monday - Standing Tall - Sin Defined - Treason Levels - August Pain - Wray Shade - War Money
Faith and trust are always in the same wartime foxhole. Strokes, sickness and surprise deaths. Harassing faith means chipping away at social defenses. Breaking the covenant of love and purity. It's the era of deception. Showing evil to people is necessary. Elon frenzy reaches a peak. Betrayal is a strategy for some. Choose God over government. Who have we been taught to trust the most? Truth inspires awe for the witness. Rough, tough and ready. Running them into the dead end of the maze. No election machines means no elections. The sandcastles of lies are being washed away. The stream of lies from the FBI is truly amazing. The agency of crimes and conspiracies. More scamdemic is coming to stop the paper ballots. Donate to the war and wonder where it goes. The ending won't be for everyone, whatever that means. Everything depends on faith because the future is for the survivors. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 26, 2022
Fri 22 Apr: Discernment Maxed - Jailed Rights - End Stage - Little Lies - State Of Betrayal - DJT Speaks - Wins Coming
As the war's intensity grows, insight, judgement and understanding can save your life. Call it well vetted personal intelligence. J6 shows the level of betrayal. To top it, they poke the bear. It's all in the end stage. Rights don't depend on likes. Preserving justice means it applies to everyone. Do good and get rewarded. The Bergy anger runs deep. His karma cache cannot be good. A good example of bad flaws. Spotting lies is easy if you start small. See the demons by looking right into their face. Doxing and whining go together. A new generation of real journalists exists. Intentions matter because they show integrity. Hog tied and undercut, Trump got more done than anyone. Our President speaks from Florida. The wins will soon get bigger. Fear nothing because the enemy has already lost. Now, we must seal our victory and claim true freedom. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 23, 2022
Thu 21 Apr: The Real War - Traitor's Life - Collusion - So Huge - 30 SOS's - Objective View - Target Religion
When the battles are many, we must focus on the key conflict. It's good versus evil, and the demons hide so well. They eradicate the humanity within themselves. A life defined by deception and corruption. So sneaky when the backstory is setup first. Trump represents what they stole from us. Not a Christian nation, but a free nation. Communism cannot coexist with religion. It was religion versus religion first. It matters not who your God is. A Trojan horse built by the almighty. This is a global effort. Concessions made for others, Christians take the heat. The majority are feared, so religion is targeted. Churches have sold out, but America was born from religious freedom. The true story of Judas. Is the United States similar? The scriptures tell a story that we may not be seeing. We have to defend more than our religion. Include our thoughts, our spirit, our freedom. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 22, 2022
Tue 19 Apr: Fearless Faith - Holy Tuesday - The Want - Morality Required - Wars Of Exemption - Core Respect - Cool God
There are fables and traditions that lead us to true understanding. A moral and knowledgeable citizenry are requirements for a constitutional republic. America is based on Christian values like basic respect. The power of controlling all thirsts. People convince themselves to be stupid. What we see and hear depends an where we stand. So said CS Lewis. Deadly sins and heavy hearts. Allah means god. Do not mock is good advice. There are zero exemptions for Christians. As always, it takes faith to overcome self preservation instincts. Being blacklisted and then scrubbed will make you ready. There's no looking back when reality has been shattered. How will we change tomorrow? When are we going to stand up? Let's never ask why we did nothing. To grow it our way, faith must water the future. Fighting for God and His words is the only way we win.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 20, 2022
Fri 15 Apr: Crunch Time - Never Normal - On Camera - Many Fronts - Psych War - Trust You - Good Friday
This war has been one long stretch of intense mind fornication. All they have left is psy-ops, and it's coming to a head. Ali the grifter and his many troubles. Where's those bitcoins? Yesterday and tomorrow are formulated today. The Twitter algos are owned by the feds. Being right means there's more work. Let's talk keystone one more time. There is so much going on out of sight. A glimpse of the coming documentary. The sinking of a Russian warship threatens escalation. Let's start at the beginning back in 2019. False flag threats means keep your enemies close. Brandon's hand games. It's a fake war protecting a fake regime. The begging puppet wants more. Military VAX and one soldiers story. Some thoughts on faith during this Good Friday. Remember that justice rides in slowly on a donkey, and it's finally getting close. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 16, 2022
Thu 14 Apr: Airport Update - Tore Provides A Short Briefing From The Departure Lounge
Apologies for tonight's small missing portion at the start. A corrected file will be posted when available. First, some big case updates. Remember that trust and guidance go together. Believe it or not there is a huge amount happening. Ali's moves and coming indictments seem to be related. That pipeline is full. So many are being thrown under the bus. Desperation is in the air, so be ready for anything. No news now means big news coming. Pray for mercy and redemption. There will be plenty of need for both. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 15, 2022
Mon 11 Apr: Trial Runs - Meddling Order - French Frayed - ISI Service - Big Case - Long Links - Faith And Ability
It's all been seen before. The election fraud we had in 2020 was initiated in other countries. Viva La France. It wasn't a receipt for meddling, it was more like a purchase order. The goal is to control all elections. Tools and techniques first deployed in Europe. Is that the Five Eyes? 2012 was a big year. Sarkozy bad, Macron good. The Judas kiss. Target Le Pen and the groups involved. On the cusp of breaking the chains. A foreign spy service gets close to Dr. J. Of course, news involving Pakistan is old hat to us. Let's call it a dearth of leadership. The EU is another example of fraud, graft and corruption. The big case update. Spurious and costly discovery. Looking back it's easy to see this was all necessary. Organic means hard to hijack. Remember that our values reflect who we are, and our faith defines our abilities. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 12, 2022
Fri 08 Apr: Wicked Games - Truth Hidden - Assets Popping - Prayer Pause - Target Kids - Role2Play - Deal Making
The info war is spreading into numerous high level struggles. The SAG is back, thanks to Sean. Odd articles are starting to showing up. Those henchmen once paid are now flipping. The public can no longer recognize the truth. It's time to call evil by it's true name. Multi tasking during the demon battle. Doing the right thing means sometimes helping losers. Center yourself and take some prayer time. CAA funding and what they really do. J6 lockups are intimidation. No doubt, their target is the family. Working the system after the dust settles. All MSM is scripted. Those outsourced are also unprotected. So much backup for that one laptop. Revenge is bait. Does whistle blower mean cloud access? From here, it looks like unneeded deal cutting. The Finger Lakes and a zone of evil. The entire fight is about control, of information and of us. It's not like she told us so, it's more like a friendly warning. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 09, 2022
Thu 07 Apr: Crypto Class - Digital $$$ - Block Chains - Mining Proofs - Broken Tokens - Bit Whales - Gone Cash
What would you do if they stopped printing cash? Here's a scary choice, learn about cryptos or starve. Be ready for future digital debates. Digital dollars must never be programmable. Hot and cold wallets and secure online ID. Ensuring digital money is universal. We must recognize that control is their goal. Programmable digital currency could own us. Superior payment methods preached by kids in baggy pants. If we want to control our own future, then we must understand it. Bypassing the evil parts of AI. Understanding public and private keys. This is happening whether we like it or not. It has to be civilized. Watch all related local legislation, because we are getting thrown into the deep end of the digital future. Our understanding is also our best defense. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 08, 2022
Wed 06 Apr: Heating Up - A Discussion With Mike Trimarco - Pure Chaos - Laptop Details - The Wanderer - Special Elections - Narrative Drive
Independent researcher and analyst Mike Trimarco joins Tore for the first hour. They cover the Hunter hell laptop, Maxey, whistle blowing claims, human smuggling, hidden emails, deleted texts, and all the crimes contained there in. Hiding in the Alps cuz you see black sedans? So what? Cambridge is a word soon to be famous. SloJo the wanderer. Illegal human smuggling for high level meetings. Obot hints and slights. How they twist the facts against us. DJT brings the heat. It's a battle to control the story line. Stay sticker tactful. The new N word. Embarrassed on a global scale, and looking like idiots to the world. No joke. Special elections are a reality. There's no letting go of the obvious fraud. Dice trolls. Welcome to the everywhere tragedy. It's patriots like us that are going to save this country. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 07, 2022
Tue 05 Apr: Behind The Curtain - 22 Days - Order Dictates - With Our $$$ - World Orgs - Fish Bowl Bang - Plans vs Plans
It's all been planned and it isn't complicated. The future was planned in 1944 from New Hampshire. Decades of existing order. The gold peg break of '71, SDR's first crypto, and exploiting poor countries. Bonds and bondage. Using our money to enslave us. How the IMF claims resources. Nothing has ever been normal. The PR push for poverty. Trump mitigated everything. The genius of Space Force is coming into focus. It's about national security. EMP incoming and watching the water in the sky. X and gamma rays down to the inch. Are you ready for the dark? Let's get the damn torches out. One question, isn't that an egg in a frying pan? A united America is unstoppable. Ukraine is the Dim's Hiroshima. Impeach 44 is the perfect plan. Now, we must keep putting on the pressure to insure that the future is the one we want. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 06, 2022
Mon 04 Apr: Bad Coms -- Tech Issues Force Short Show - The Big Guy - End Game - Push Back - Tax $$$ - 44's Companies
Rumble performs badly at first, and then fails completely near 40 minutes. It's all about communications. Machine assets and the dangers of AI. When there's no push back, evil takes more. How things are evolving at Truth Social. Allocating resources means cutting off someone. Dead babies sitting on the shelf. What are they doing with our tax money? Under the guise of climate change, bad people thrive. World happenings and yacht confiscation in Spain. Hunter news and Obot's front companies. The laptop spells it all out. And, right about there, Rumble starts leaking oil, blows a valve and then seizes up solid. Better luck tomorrow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 05, 2022
Fri 01 Apr: Playbook - Same Methods - Setups 'n Violations - Ongoing Always - Russia Myths - NDA's Aplenty - Crazy Month
NOLA edition two. Short show tonight pre festivities. It's always the same with these people, lawfare and harassment. They will infiltrate and isolate. Be careful in your groups. There is something ongoing all the time. Election integrity will be the issue that identifies all. Some historical Russia, Russia, Russia with Coates and Kerry. Imagine examples of people types we need in office. Just so we're clear on this, 44 orchestrated it all. Be ready, because the next few months are going to get crazy. But for now, it's party time on April fools night in New Orleans. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 02, 2022
Thu 31 Mar: No Deals - Half Truths - Mother Load - The Devil - Crowd Sourced - Mastermind - Time2Unite
NOLA edition. We're being shown laptop porn when there's a more important blueprint of evil. Let's call it throwing cover. It's all about asset control. Small details released means deals being made. What the world should really know. What to do when all the agencies are corrupt. Was Beau's death a deliberate move? When patriots are running on script, be concerned. It almost feels like they're deliberately pissing it away. There it is, a failure of duality perceptions. The goals is to never have this happen again. Regarding the agencies, torch it all. Peoples analysis is the best. JOB, Obot, Big Mike, Dr. Jill, they all knew. The forecast is for intense periods of interim chaos. Now we're seeing the shift, currency plays, and a meeting of the minds. When we all come together and use the power of our united voice, the truth will win. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 01, 2022
Wed 30 Mar: Tore Maras On Greece, The Hellene Mindset And The Grexit Idea.
This is an audio rendition of an article, written by Tore, and first published on July 7th, 2015 at It was recently converted to mp3 format and posted on ToreSays+ Telegram channel. Don't let the digitized male voice, and occasional mispronunciations fool you. These are Tore's powerful insights, observations and descriptions of Greece, it's history, and her experiences growing up there amid strong family and culture. Then, she outlines the currency manipulation and economics that determined locally community success, as well as national status in global world affairs. It's interesting, informative and excellent info vital in unpacking today's geo politics. Run time is 30 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 31, 2022
Tue 29 Mar: Coming Storm - What Used 2B - Rule Changes - Brother 'n Son - Keynes Control - Money Moves - The Next 60
We all know that from this point on there is simply no going back. What used to be will change soon. Starvation news and shutdown speculation. The Hunter connections are thick, and then there's brother James. Psaki involved? Pushing a plan for carnage. Sen. Grassley spills the beans and Rep. Gaetz throws down, while Nadler sharts. The transfers, the connections, the accounts, it's all there. When the corrupt panic watch out. Was the great depression planned? The Marshall plan for total control. Keynes, the currency pump, and how we got where we are today. The IMF and World Bank's crypto SDR's. The BANCOR was the first try. Big dollar moves are coming. Digital currency in exchanged for what? Economics is perception management. Get ready to ride the upheaval train this summer. Free people must always control their own money, and thereby control their government. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 30, 2022
Mon 28 Mar: Freedom Flowers - Recompense More - Tainted Word - Boxed In - Georgia Mind - Question Always - Bio Lab Fever
More than any other teaching, we must learn to always question everything. The period of serious recompense is upon us. Editing history and the Bible. Cromwell's pact with the devil. The power and the Arc. The age of deception goes way back in history. Time to stop and look up. The guiding light means good or evil. When in doubt, search within. They can't stop this train wreck. All network devices can be compromised. Our country is no longer intact. We allowed them to prey on us. The dogmatic thinking channels that exist. Ours is an endless extension of love and allegiance. The real president speaks from Georgia. Some golden geese and Metabiota truth. Maxey is right, but doing it wrong. CIA investments and the big backers. Actual happenings in those labs. Why jump the gun? Decide, and then stand on your own two feet. Our goal is to think with knowledge and experience, and always for ourselves. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 29, 2022
Sun 27 Mar: Tore With Patrick Byrne On The Daily302 Vodcast
Hosted by Daniel McGirr, Tore and Patrick team up to cover important ground in this 90 minute interview. Their different backgrounds, how they met, current projects and team efforts start the discussion. Then, it's all of today's topics like Jack Maxey and the laptop, encryption keys, MetaBiota, election integrity, new insights on major breaking investigations and why it's so hard to get honest voting. Also discussed are major world events including Ukraine and all the related graft and corruption. Tore and Patrick conclude with some comments on the what future may hold. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 28, 2022
Fri 25 Mar: Bottomless Pit - People's News - Anon Bank - New New Year - Missile Moves - Script Rewrite - Union Dreams
The obstacles to truth and freedom can seem almost overwhelming. But the long battle is necessary. Losers are gumshoes without contacts. Let's call them thirsty. It's not about who's first. The truth is messy, raw, and not what we want to hear. Real news is now powered by the people. Some just blow out candles to make their flame brighter. Believe it, much testifying has taken place. Start asking basic bank questions like name, location and board members. Low hanging fruit. Where are those tax $$$ today? Now is when we begin taking control of the future. Greek tragedies and four centuries of slavery. Some calendar facts. It's looking like the script has changed. Iran and North Korea reach a critical point. Union power, 100% transparent, and who takes the first wedgie. Remember, your heart is what you really offer, and together we can set fire to the rain. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 26, 2022
Fri 25 Mar: Prelude - A 16 minute chat about tonight's show which is coming up later.
Tore drops some hints about Jack Maxey, recent moves in the RICO case, cool cars and crab legs. The show will begin after dinner. Start drinking, because you're going to need it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 26, 2022
Thu 24 Mar: RICO Time - Patrick Byrne joins Tore for a short discussion and review.
It's all about racketeering. Tonight's short talk with Patrick Byrne is a brief intro to the RICO lawsuit made public today, and the in-depth analysis coming soon. Run time is just 18 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 25, 2022
Wed 23 Mar: Resilience - Good 'N Bad - Division Issues - Chaos Theory - Worst Type - Real Hero's - Define Woman
The knowledge we have is what makes us strong. Human faculties lowered means less resistance. Red stringers and the new dinosaurs. The Brightbart era and a media model that works. Those chaos butterflies can mess up the future. Some thoughts about what we can do together. They know what works when controlling the slaves. A nominee that knows not of a woman. RINO bragging rights. Freedom depends on us refusing their answers. Our little things have made big changes. Evil exists when good people do nothing. They don't want to believe it's true. It could get real bad real quick. Hang on folks, because recent Mid East events point to a Marshal Islands solution. Have faith, pray, and always be ready to help the friends and family around us. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 24, 2022
Mon 21 Mar: Inciting Bravery - The Losers - True Colors - Bare Bones - The Pipeline - Hamster Wheel - Your Money
Standing up for what is right encourages others. Walking the walk. Never let the stupid people pull you down. What are they doing to advance the cause? The Hell Laptop is more than sexual deviance. Rein in your rage. Inside the game is when they show their true motives. Innate reactions are hard to control. Feel those fangs growing? Don't be afraid to look stupid but never be deterred. Just trying to help a city. Bare bones honest is a style. The curious case of Lindsey. Who was the best localizer? KBJ nomination for all the wrong reasons. Sen's Cotton and Hawley speak up. The look on her face. Please, not the circle back thing. Lawsuits aplenty for the spring planting. Taxation is theft. A hard look at who finances the enemy. It's not just the corporations. Be ready, because evil will summon all it's demons in the face of our combined power. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 22, 2022
Fri 18 Mar: Making Magic - A Few Things - Feelings - Legal Evil - Jobs Undone - Fire Refined - Federalist Party
Seeing real change means you must make the magic. If it's never been done, then go do it. Oddball lawyers who watch TV. The real enemies quietly plan and scheme against you. Only loser have followers. We're all leaders like the lions and eagles in the Bible. Events timing is inspiration so make your mark in history. Ohio memories of fights over redistricting. Election theft software is not new. Those that scream the loudest have the most to hide. Preemptive set ups is just the start. The 15th Amendment Voting Rights Act, was poorly interpreted. These are court filings that defend we the people. Fast talking legaleze in denial of Writ. When people are evil, they eventually fail. It's like live learning legal theater. Bringing the good and courage out in others is something we must do. Because the righteous are brothers and sisters in the fight for the future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 19, 2022
Thu 17 Mar: Slow Justice - Eating Crow - Case Review - Sandbaggers - Feeling Dirty - Coffin Nails - US Marshals
Justice delayed is evil's strategy because they think truth can never win. Who's to say crow isn't food? The Halderman Declaration is a major factor. Erroneous defamation is still a crime. At the core of our election fraud is some simple, routine code. A complete pencil and paper election process is the only answer. It's tyranny when a judge's mind is already made up. St. Patrick of Ukraine. Hookers and blow does not a laptop make. Still, it makes you feel dirty. Is it possible to have compassion for the Bidens? This defines blatant graft. What organization could supervise a new election? The advantages of a separate law enforcement agency. It was the US Marshals that maintained fair elections after our civil war. Remember that lies travel around the world at light speed, while truth seems to ride a donkey. But, justice is coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 18, 2022
Tue 15 Mar: Atomic Crimes (Part 2 of 2) - Refugees - Binding Contracts - Runit Salute - Early Years - Same Names - New Plans
The added years have changed perceptions of an evil legacy. Sea Gypsies, the dome, and the new nuclear tourism. Much has changed since the late fifties brought new weapons and atoll attacks. Blackouts, sea floors, radioactive pools and the death snow. Operation Hardtack cleanup was underfunded by a distracted Congress. Stateside nuke production and a Missouri story. Argentina's historic nuke fraud. In the Pacific, exiled island natives can rarely return. The familiar names of Robinson and Sinclair appear as original island owners. Forbidden communications or outside visitors is to save the culture. Some recent history brings us full circle. New ideas for isolated islands include prisons for the corrupt and treasonous. Soccer balls in action? Take it all in and consider the true facts, because our nation's nuclear history may shape our future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 16, 2022
Tue 15 Mar: Atomic Crimes (Part 1 of 2) - Humanity Islands - Coercion Tactics - After Thoughts - 67 Drops - The Dome -- Down Winders
It's sad but true that our national legacy includes crimes against humanity. The tragic story of the Marshal Islands. Other atolls have also paid the price. A few survivors look back. Exposure claims and the downgrade legacy of lies. Porous coral waste dumps and short term solutions. Now it's climate change that's threatening. Pacific horrors and the evil deals made. All boxes ticked on the worst of crimes checklist. Offering a fifty million payoff after destroying their nation. The ghost team and Bikini Atoll. They call it the dome, but it's really a tragedy. Iodine, radiation and the new tourist industry. There were bio weapons tests too. Even crypto's started here. This was the proving grounds for the Cold War. As always, the civilian population pays the tragic historical price. Stay strong because there is much more truth to come. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 16, 2022
Mon 14 Mar: Money Money Money - Not Ashamed - Operation Popeye - Evil Governs - Shell Companies - Pharma Pets - Cabal Fall
Follow the money and you follow the crimes. The best criminals control finance. Feel embarrassed for our country, but remember it's not our fault. Climate change is used to crash things. The Raskin appointment and all the baggage involved. Only dead fish go with the flow. Climate markets and directed assistance. Energy as blackmail. Our worst enemies are within our borders. Need an off shore corporate structure? The Panama Papers and the purpose of shell companies. Guano politics and island claiming. Nitrogen fertilizers and visionary players. Why would American Cyanamid abandoned facilities so quickly? Zoetis, animals and vaccine research. Strange how pets got Covid too. Avoid rabbit holes and put the pieces of understanding together. Be warned, the truth can be detrimental to your psyche because that's where the war is fought. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 15, 2022
Fri 11 Mar: War Routine - Clear Thinking - Big Cover - Silencing You - Same Script - Absolutely Nothing - New Eyes
The selling of another war somehow looks different this time. An evil repetitive history of sinister manipulation. So many war motives. Knowing their history makes for clear thinking. Today, the war pitch sounds like traitor talk. Making us vulnerable with prison thinking. The Ukraine distraction and corruption cover up. How may wars did Trump start? Zero. Now it's NAZI propaganda all over again. The words of war have evolved, but we have stepped up too. Our war is informational, but no less war. A sad history of presidents and lies. Their biggest mouths are constantly elevated. Memes and stickers are part of the fight. Our five missions. Don't let them tell you lies. It may not feel like it, but we are in command. When we invest in knowledge, the results show that together we will win. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 12, 2022
Thu 10 Mar: Front Page - Hot Mess - Largest Richard - 150 Days - Sino Buyouts - Uruguay Express - Pivot South
What they consider news is a complete joke. Car stories and gas price plans. The judge reads the act to Juicy, who acts right back. The butt of jokes and and wacko award winner. Mayor Lori with Chicago's largest. Uruguay and the new energy play. Saudi has 28 years of oil left. Then what? ChyNa's future energy play in Uruguay. The small human oriented country. A national balancing act. Some confuse it with Paraguay. On purpose? Climate, seashores, economics and small population, How does this nation even exist? Spain, Portugal, colonial dominance and John Kerry. Useful information for the coming months. Clean food and good access. Time for nations to pivot South. Expansionism and the Orientals. Watch who's coming down the map. Trust in God because there will be no deals. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 11, 2022
Wed 09 Mar: Harder Way - Dingy Briefs - A Little Upgrade - Immune VAXT - Meningeal Signs - Vector Pathogenic - Humanity Compromised
The pathways used by evil are becoming more apparent. The legal fights continue in a mix frustration and determination. There's two ways this can go. Work day birthday. The back burner is where they put everything. Follow the Constitution or GTFO. Trump speaks to the youth. Can you imagine Brandon doing this interview? The sponsor drop challenge. Economic growth was the best in the world. The best answer to everything is education. Florida leads the way, again. It's tough looking back on history and then living it. The planned path to human destruction. Random samples and lots of them. Meningeal signs, damaged VAXT immunity, atypical symptoms, dumb docs, scattered blood work, medical system compromises, stiff necks and sudden death. It's time to educate yourself on treatment of the VAXT we love. They may hate you for avoiding harm, but we must now consider how best to help those that didn't. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 10, 2022
Mon 07 Mar: Enrichment - Our Ore - All Stops - Simple Fix - Insane Ukraine - Fluid Situation - Whipping Boy
It's a long sordid history of corruption, evil and treason. Uranium One was the crux of many schemes. Remember, nukes are clean energy. The war lies, concocted stories, blatant treason, and deep state failure of everything. Visa, SWIFT, and the amazing flash ban on Russian everything. History has realists like Stephen F. Cohen. The view from 40k feet makes it all make sense. Is this the Dim's Hiroshima? Western blood gets spilled with senseless war mongering. Costs are too great for the EU or NATO. Nuland, the election planners and an atta boy attitude. This is Antifa like behavior. CHAZ in Kiev looks familiar. It's proud boys on steroids. Since 2010 this has been building. The brave Andrew Breitbart went around the gatekeepers. Be ready for anything, because they can't avoid the truth this time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 08, 2022
Sat 05 Mar: Core Struggle - The Goods - Give 'n Take - Throw Weight - Bought Nation - Bad Choices - Reality Details
Everyone is an expert until they have to show results. The memes offer both give and take. Stawwwp not being productive. Show us real action. Who's walking the walk? Ask who really wants election integrity. Where are those generals and pundits now? The constant trashing looks strategic. Who's the only person fighting Dominion? None have offered to help. It's a civilized civil war. No fly bait and the hard sell. Don't forget when Ukraine's debt vanishes. What the citizens want. Exiled and drafted. The blue haired combat volunteers are where? The bloviating and the freak outs. Delaying the inevitable while everything crumbles. Focus on the micro things, right? With dinosaur tools we fight. Mind your family, yourself and always love mankind because that's why we fight for freedom. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 06, 2022
Fri 04 Mar: Short Show - Ohio Fallout - Closing In - Some Clarity - Good News - 40k Feet - No Thanks
Short show tonight due to a tight schedule of patriot tasks. The blatant bending of rules in Ohio will cost them. Tennessee kicks out Dominion. More to follow on them. Major movements and events hint at future good news. Lindsey panics. In the closet and the shady files, plus smiling on the photos. Crimea is to Russia as Guam is to the USA. Let's do a hands across Ukraine. Don't forget, now Ukraine's debt is gone. A GoFundMe account? Really? Bottom line, it's not our war. We should never forget our nations founding values, and stand firm on what we demand. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 05, 2022
Thu 03 Mar: DePlatformed - Death Twitch - Power Plays - Byrne Dustup - Thin Veil - Broken Cycle - More People
Ours was once the land of free speech, now tyrants censor truth tellers with no repercussions. For live shows, Twitch is out, is in. Patrick Byrne explains and speculates. SOS ballot phookery in Ohio. No real patriot likes running psyops. Just look who is supporting Ukraine. The pressures are gettin into their heads. Dominion eating crow in Tenn. Decertification pending? Checks and balances mean the courts might actually be working. One case can prove election fraud. An undercover victory for journalism. There's nothing like attorneys who speak freedom. The raging dumpster fire accelerates. We all need to get involved. Remember that prayer is the best ammunition for defense. Use it often. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 04, 2022
Mon 28 Feb: Sideways Strategy - Father Of Lies - Intentions R Key - Satan's Plan - CPAC Unpack - Big League BS - Never Stop
To understand the evil we're seeing, you must imagine yourself as the devil. The maximum load of anxiety, doubt and fear. Misinformation, distraction and misdirection are their tools. The arbitrary selection of our rulers. This is not the way it's supposed to work. Towing the line no more. When it comes to political reps these days, nobody wants a pussy. The best place to wreck a system is from within. The blind spots that result from lying, and the damage they do. Watch for negative creep over. Our President Trump and his speech at CPAC. Powerful, cunning and smart. Call BS, and bring down the house. The America First Strategy is the only strategy. "By 2024 or sooner." Integrity in the electoral process means ballot access too. Focus on today as if tomorrow was already here. Truth takes them down with one swoop so you must never stop fighting. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 01, 2022
Fri 25 Feb: Targets - Caddy Dan - False Fronts - The Exchange - Parts Brothers - Case Nuggets - CCP Evil
The desperate enemy is lashing out in all directions. Dan Scavino, and everyone on Trump's staff, is a target. Social media and the tamers of the tweet. A perfect strategy is both intricate and simple. Call it change, chaos, or a fighting spirit. Then there's the Raskin level TDS. Verizon deals and the German power plays. Evil brothers from Ecuador, huge donations to Obama and Clinton, arranger Adam Schiff, genius journalist Julian Assange and the disgusting deals made. Why would a country flip? Yes, there were experiments on people. Relentless grasping at straws. Puzzle pieces coming together. Russia has them by the nads. No SWIFT, no heat. Nigel at CPAC. We're all tired of the antics. Look to the regular people and not RINO's. Brace yourself, because now things get really hot. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 26, 2022
Thu 24 Feb: Geo Briefing - The Prizes - The Region - NATO Useless - Arrested Assets - Blind Spots - Water2Watch
It's like the best current situational briefing available to civilians. A breakdown of the players, the history, the inside moves and the scramble to cover tracks and save narrative. It's all planned. Turkey, Greece, the Dardenells, the Bosphoros, three seas and heating fuel for Europe via the TurkStream. It's all in play. These waterways bare watching you say? Those agents pushing riots have been arrested. Who are the Nazi's with bio weapons labs again? A warm water Putin and the big game chess he plays. Brandon shakes inept and befuddled. Turkey's challenges are major. Greece holds some cards too. MSM lies and hides, then repeats. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Remember, it had to be this way, was not unexpected and has been mitigated as much as possible. NCSWIC We will take back our country because the weapons they cannot control are us. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 25, 2022
Wed 23 Feb: Then 'n Now - Fun News - Re Pluto - MSM Sinks - Durham Shakes - CIAvsNSA - Tore's Story
Let's take a close look at just how far we've come. The swamp is so very deep and wide. A short look at some fun news. Rare earth magnetic supply chains, huh? It's a planet again. Pluto, strange snow and ice, and the question of reclass. Is that planet X? The declass panic and MSM narrative scramble. All roads lead to 44. Do not overlook war between agencies. Data monitoring under the big island. FISA judge plays dumb. Their plan is all about division. PP Harry shouts pass the soap. Willing and complicit spell JOB. It's called framing a target. That could be us too. A war with half baked losers, taxpayer funded evil, amid refused knee bending and a murdered witness. That makes for big brass ovaries. Meet Tore Maras. Fearless is as fearless does. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 24, 2022
Tue 22 Feb: All Can See - Bizarre Days - Brit Tales - Golden Beau - Not Normal - Moses Talk - Wag Ukraine
Even though we see truth faster, others are finally catching on. Brittany has some shocking stories to tell. The chosen brother and the dirty work done. Seriously, the grand kids too? When you're spoiled and protected, the hold is strong. Most binding chains are unseen. The unrighteous that spread the word. Panic is accelerating. The land of confusion. Messing with the algos. Laying and weaving make a false fabric. We are consuming their goods while they consume us. Acknowledging the break away. A man on the street in Kiev. Liberation will come piece by piece. Donetsk don't tell. Cheesy Chucky chatter. How to put people in a box. Milo calls out the cracking masks. Can you feel it in the air? We're winning. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 22, 2022
Mon 21 Feb: Corporatism (Part 2 of 2) - Patrick Byrne Joins Tore - Convoy Setup - Milgram Karens - Authority Complex - FDR Fascists - Protest Logic
Patrick Byrne joins Tore in the second half. They touch on tyranny's history, the cabinet model, a militant layer, aeroplane miles, and more. Why is the Dominion lawsuit being ignored? Has John Kerry been served? So many smart people are blinded by the scamdemic. The complex, vile contents of Hunter's laptop. Big victories are coming, lets don't blow it. Scammy Davis Jr. brings doubts to the coming trucker protest. A set up? How we're living thru a global Milgram experiment. Why do libs crave authority? Scratch a lefty, get a goon. Ask Chomsky. The beginnings of wokism and the loss of critical thinking. Citizen grand juries and a new strategy. Our future plans are for justice and freedom. That's why we should always aim above morality and strive to do good. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 22, 2022
Mon 21 Feb: Corporatism (Part 1 of 2) - Evidence - Freedom's Future - Word Power - Lawsuit Blackout - Team Tiffs - The Laptop
The first half of tonight's two part show. The wedding of communism and capitalism has born many bastards. Syndicalism, industrial Mussolini variants, and the worst upper level fascist kind. Hitler, Sanger and the helpful American left. Discernment is key to media understanding. Find and support those patriots who love the country. They try to deter citizen participation. Ukraine infiltration or an obvious invasion. In world affairs, America is no longer a factor. Some history behind the modern origins of fascism. The power of words and how they are weaponized. Change for good take work. The USA is no longer a player in world events. How Russia can liberate Ukraine. Patrick Byrne joins Tore for the second half. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 22, 2022
Sun 20 Feb: Tore's Speech At The ReAwaken America Tour in Canton, Ohio
Introduced by Patrick Byrne, Tore takes the conference stage at this very successful ReAwaken America Tour. This was on Saturday 19 February, and presented by Apologies for audio issues. Tore's speech runs just over 11 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 20, 2022
Wed 16 Feb: Treason Tales - Half Slime - Tech Exec 1 - Dead Reckoning - Deal Closer - The Tightening - Good People
It's all coming into better focus, and it looks a lot like treason. Of course, that's nothing new to us. Freaky hints at the SB. The NFL's fast deals and real big time players. People see it's time to reset our course. Race, justice and the melanin nomination. The coms within the silent circle. Manos, Joffe and how MIT and UNC got involved. Ohio is where things happen. Cyber attacks and political campaigning. Fabrication alpha. Ongoing resistance is a big deal. Friends sometimes fight in public for positioning. Sen. Grassley is pissed. Who's tired of boomerangs? Remember, it's our obligation to prove we want freedom. And that means it's time for good people to step up. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 17, 2022
Tue 15 Feb: On A Ride - Time Review - Broken Record - Crowd Intel - DeBanked - Conquer State - Funding MSM
For those just catching up, today's events were covered here long ago. Let's look back and see how current events unfold. Discernment is a highly learned skill. The useless media are nothing but script readers, and everyone is playing a role. Spent cards don't help in the game. When it's easy, they ban you. What happens when options run out? The genius of crowd sourced intelligence work. Like a broken record we must keep repeating the facts. It's all moving at a dangerous speed. Killary's bribes and very deep state $$$. The blacklisting of enemies is what fascist regime's do. When does denial of service get criminal? The Russia versus ChyNa models. The criminal MSM still gets funded. Political prisoners are real in America. Know your rights and facts, because all this insanity stops only when we say so. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 16, 2022
Mon 14 Feb: Mosaic Day - Love Targets - St. Val's Story - Fraud Deals - Server Gang - Rectify Freedom - Right Again
For patriots, love of country is part of today's reflections. You can also add families, friends and freedom to the list. Safety, security and warmth is what we all need. Seeing election fraud from the other side. Guarding the puzzle pieces until the right time. The hamster wheel is spinning and you are on it. A chocolate crazy story. She was picking her teeth with a key? Everyone knows Obama knew. JOB was a special advisor at the time. Remember the name Angelo Manos. It always has to be independent private contractors. Florists and bugs. Something needs to be broken into a million pieces, then reassembled. You have to catch them first, and that's been done. But there is no point if the people don't see, so we must help them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 15, 2022
Thu 10 Feb: Big Shift - Real Thriller - Talking Points - Ohio Example - Free Talk - JohnnyFrankDon - VAX Actress
The winds of change are blowing, and they're getting stronger. Narrative fractures and panic repair efforts. Sure reality is confusing, but total ignorance is a choice. Give us some of what they are not talking about. GOP endorsements good or bad? Again, they can't stop what's coming. What about those other stolen elections? A look at crumbling media myths that go back to generations previous. Speaking truth to evil makes some eat their words. The tech fiat rules are also ending. President Trump speaks about crime. Running the numbers for boomers. Old Tonight Show clips and the hints they dropped. VAX criminal Dr. Wen is a fraud and useful crisis actress. There is a shifting shape to the evil we face, so we must stay strong in both faith and resolve. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 11, 2022
Wed 09 Feb: Re Betrayal - Many Forms - Maskholes - Push 'N Push - Off Ride - Peak Stimulus - Hard Lines
The betrayal comes from many angles and in all forms. A sense of harm from losing trust. CDC switches policy and spawns mask off movements. Infighting and irrelevent policies go together. We all have PTSD now. Helping our nation grow means dealing with smack talk. Pence and Pelosi in collusion. Assets for unlimited investigations meant their ops failed. Aggression is their default policy. Foreign money helped the red stringers. True fact, it's game over for them. The dots are easier to connect looking backwards. Get involved and get off the bad candidate ride. Politics should not be considered dirty. Never forget that people hate the truth. Don't let hard lines blind us. Ukraine's 7 year itch. Always pay attention as they show us who they really are. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 10, 2022
Tue 08 Feb: Never Again - Mike Timarco Interview - Inside Data - Election Games - Rabbit Holes - The Brothers - Local Plans
Truth shines when we see their ways and not just hear their words. God is our protector, and always will be. On wings of eagles is where justice soars. The Homeland Security edict of tyranny. Cambridge Analytica data mining, election moves, true intentions and API for beginners. Mike Timarco is Tore's special guest. Together they cover inside info on the bottomless laptop, election scammers, global news and all the traps being layed for patriots. What future strategies show promise? We must consider both short and long term. All the awake people want to get involved. Poll watching, running for office, and voting in primaries are all critical. Taking our country back must be a local effort, because giving up just isn't in our blood. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 09, 2022
Mon 07 Feb: Patrick Byrne Press Conference With Q&A Session
Patrick Byrne talks to the press about what he saw during the election fights, what choices were given and taken, his meetings with President Trump, the stolen election strategy, snakes and RINOs team up and much more. Patrick also takes a series of questions from the press. Technical issues end the stream abruptly. Run time is 1 hour 11 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 08, 2022
Mon 07 Feb: First Domino - Evil Moves - J6 Fraud - Slow Unity - VAXUGenics - DJT Nuggets - Queen 2 F7
Every move they make is destructive to America. What happens when the thumb is off the scale? What is taught today isn't real history. Our unity as a people will pull us through. Flu versus Covid. Fake data, scary peaks, coding tweaks and whistle blowers. VAX experiments in Africa and population control. US aid is gone $$$. The first domino makes the rest fall. Is that you Warren? You can't lock them ALL up. Without valid ID, we have nothing. As tech evolves, so must our privacy. Where's Durham? Hints flow as our President interviews with Kash Patel. Raskin ethics. Before the big moves, it all has to be perfect. Adding insult to injury. Demons crawl in thru open borders. It is what it is for now, because sometimes things are a little bit different. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 08, 2022
Thu 03 Feb: Meetup In Tampa - Live Recording - Guests Tore and Patrick Byrne - Presentations - Candidate Speakers - Strategy Discussion
Tore and Patrick Byrne speak at tonight's group meetup in Tampa, Florida. Audio is rough and technical difficulties were rampant, but the well attended and energetic meeting went on. Patrick and several speakers take the mic, presentations are shown, strategies discussed and then Tore and Patrick field questions from the crowd. The recording begins and ends abruptly. Run time is one hour and thirteen minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 04, 2022
Tue 01 Feb: Patrick's Place - New Bunkers - COG Again - Blimp Thinking - Re Crisis - Heat Up - Patrick Chats
A short show tonight from the Byrne residence. West Virginia's Greenbrier facility, and the age that conceived it. Cold war, nuke scares, duck and cover, and the bunker of a lifetime. What COG means for today. The Cuban missile crisis updated. A new blimp suit strategy. For the maintenance of freedom. A mock up White House interior could pass as authentic. Who would go underground today? Patrick Byrne joins Tore for a lively second half of show discussion. Then it's off to do patriotic shit. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 02, 2022
Mon 31 Jan: Tiger Year - Relevance - Wanting War - Real News - Metaverse - ID And U - Block Chains
In the year of the tiger, wild things happen. The entire world knows that it's Ukraine the dog. There is a lot going on, so stop nagging. If people knew the full truth, only a few would make it. Some good hints from our President. Don't look now, but it's HIV incoming. It's time for some real news. It's the party of Boris now. Who wants a war and why? One refugee asking the Taliban for help. Owning your own ID is key. Shadow AI is a constant threat. Block chain tech is unavoidable. Think voting. Confirming identity is no easy matter. Zero proof keys, user allowed data and isolating AI threats have all combined. The meteverse and the cyber putz. Let tech assist but not control us. Have faith in yourself and always remember that God will not leave us isolated and misunderstood. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 31, 2022
Fri 28 Jan: Events Foreseen - Had It All - Chosen States - Fourth Amendment - Embracing It - Proof Types - Run Time
The events of today were known, planned and evident long ago. What didn't the Simpson's predict? The J6 committee and people's rights. What to do when the playbook is known. Do not be deceived because you think you know. Malicious lawfare on a whole new level. AG's and their evil is abuse of office. Is jury nullification considered anarchy or a defendant's right? Arbitrary investigations are against the law. Discovery allows strategy. The internet is legal communication. A paper ballot purpose. No warrant means no search will make big fourth amendment news soon. You are more than just one person when you have a purpose. Putting ourselves out front is the place to make a change and that is why Tore will be on the ballot in Ohio. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 28, 2022
Wed 26 Jan: An Evening With Patrick Byrne (part 2 of 2): Natural Orders - Gut Trust - 100 Monkeys - Covid Fall - Coke Heads - Jig Is Up
In part 2 of Tore's talk with Patrick Byrne, they hit on Ukraine crimes, coke versus pot, get well diets, today's legal filings, block chain tech, the alpha agencies, what's happening to crypto's, the leveraging of pensions, failed party politics, why the monkeys got involved, and the massive wake up call facing America. The subject list is long and the pace is quick so try and keep up in this latest of Patrick and Tore's informative and fascinating discussions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 27, 2022
Wed 26 Jan: An Evening With Patrick Byrne (part 1 of 2) - Encyclopedias Walking - SCOTUS Picks - Recall Moves - Rabbit Holes - God Deals - Future Plans
This is part 1 of a tonight's 2 part discussion with Patrick Byrne. All aspects of the current news are covered including SCOTUS moves, the Wisconsin recall bill, RICO cases nationally, trusting Marines, targeting Karl Rove, no look tail numbers, wake up calls, the Juicy lynching, events surrounding Lin Wood, and the big push to retaliate against truth tellers and patriots. There's more in part 2 of tonight's discussion with Tore's guest Patrick Byrne. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 27, 2022
Tue 25 Jan: Cover Wars - Meddling History - Back End - Power Plays - Dry Run - Crimea Crimes - In Lane
Insane in the Ukraine. Weaklings, playing global power politics, should stay in their own lane. Back end history and NATO games. All that aid to help their elections. Was Maidan a warm up for our fake insurrection? Ukrainian people have suffered true tyranny. History, war, empire politics and the Crimea prize that has tempted many. Russia's backyard and our corrupt alliances. Obot's lackeys were to provide oversight? Election fraud R us. Hunter's deals always cut in Pops. The Cyprus example defines a real annexing. Is Russia now as aggressive as Turkey was then? Hiding crimes is what foolish wars are for. Patriots and history will soon have the truth standing tall. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 26, 2022
Mon 24 Jan: Betrayal Tales - War Rumors - Truth Scare - Great Asset - Ops Failed - Insanity Defined - Ramping Up
In war, betrayal is as lethal as guns. And there is plenty throughout history. Praising riots and occupation. CNN gets truthy? An early trigger to a fake war. Cartel money and auto audits. Who's good at finding booby traps? J6 committee suddenly revamped and re-tasked. Threatening children is where they go first. Violation of trust reveals dark secrets. Hot mics and great assets. Tech they don't understand gave it away. Physical deformities, earthly heaven, the Oneida Community, evil schemes, a presidential assassination and the definition of insanity. Failed ops mean they double down. This won't stop until we win using our most important weapons - our pen, our voice and our prayers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 25, 2022
Sat 22 Jan: Retro Evil - Tesla Trouble - Race Card - SCOTUS Gate - Torture Queen - Election Targets - In The End
First, let's tell some high tech car stories. Customer service and sudden hacks. Then, the perpetrators of evil can never outlive their crimes. Election fraud was the goal, torture was the method. Playing the race card again and again. How could the military possibly be involved? Mid level people from the old school. Helping America see clearly. Past stories hurt those who lived it all. Why must we fight for standing? Panic, Pelosi and Pense. Booby traps, fraud and election desertification. The torture queen and difficult memories. Software testing for all the marbles. Wrong place, wrong time. Masks and VAX to help you bend the knee. Remember in the end you must focus on trusting your gut, because the truth will all be coming out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 23, 2022
Thu 20 Jan: A Discussion With Millie Weaver (Part 2 of 2) - DJT Comments - Crypto Hacks - DAVOS Attitude - Preemptive Moves - QUX Rollout - Home Schooling
The second half of tonight's show begins with the conclusion of Trumps remarks on the Hannity show. Then, Tore and Millie take on targeted lawfare, whose protecting Brandon, amazing herd mentality, frame ups, election integrity, how to fight local corruption, the QUX roll out experience, Dominion suits and much, much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 21, 2022
Thu 20 Jan: A Discussion With Millie Weaver (Part 1 of 2) - Presser Chaos - Losing It - Theatrics - DNA Testing - Running Point - DJT Reacts
This is the first of tonight's two part discussion with investigative journalist Millie Weaver. A small sample of subjects covered include the hell presser, medical tyranny, national guard in schools, the attempt to federalize elections, Hunter's deal closer, old email clues, whether Wray is good or bad, and who's propping up Brandon. Then, the first part of President Trump's interview on Hannity. Don't miss part 2 of tonight's show with the conclusion of Trumps remarks, then continued analysis and discussion with Millie Weaver. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 21, 2022
Wed 19 Jan: Confusion Tactics - Suffocated - Recent Rulings - With Malice - Strange Voice - Blackmail - Birdbath Brain
If there is one thing the enemy is good at, it's sewing confusion. More than just sloppy, turmoil is created as a weapon. Here's what you should do, run for office. Attacking vipers of lawfare come equipped with ample malice. ChyNa voting machines and counter suits. Absent parents must develop good bonds and affection with their kids. Two hour hell presser. Is that him? Weird voice. DALEK brains and glitching clones. Nancy's custom pinstripes. Sure, blow my mind and then book out. Connected cranium computers are a thing. The bird bath brain comments are a firmware bug, obvious evidence and terrifying. Get ready for a wild ride because it's creepy as hell and 100% true. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 20, 2022
Mon 17 Jan: Comeback - MLK Echos - Fix All - Corp Rules - Airplane Mode - Fake Bots - This Way
Long time observers are seeing old events come back around. There's the DEVOS meeting and their anti freedom agenda. Then, Astana is in the news again. It's Russian troops, Ukraine and NATO, the Euro Council, and a clean slate. MLK, the C_A, and the sacrifices made. Riding the VAX wave until it's flat. Google is the company. How about those 8,192 IP's? There is a lot of money currently changing hands. Just 30 seconds of world coms is massive. Where is all that stored again? Transparency should be a true goal. Some people don't want things fixed. The Dominion suit has it all. RICO means trafficking, fraud and real conspiracy. Fake support means pants fall down faster. It had to be this way, or when it's all over we would just be in the same position. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 18, 2022
Fri 14 Jan: Back 'N Forth - On Fire - Known Plans - Truth Roars - Our KRAKEN - Seditious Play - Poo Fight
In the life and death information war, the time pendulum swings. Let's go back and see today's fight. The misinformation is necessary, some say on both sides. Three ops to save the country. Everyone wanted to be a hero. There are numerous states that want to decertify now. Enron is back, again. Our homework is done and here's a docu-teaser. Plane wrecks and suspects. If you're reading this then you know the KRAKEN. Why are the Dems so worried about Assange? NPR is the worst. The J6 desperate legal plays to protect insiders. For big pharma, the cured are lost customers. The rats are throwing crap at each other. Remember, no one can take away your freedom, it can only be surrendered. We are winners now, so stand up and show it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 14, 2022
Thu 13 Jan: Scripts Flipped - Mind Sets - Slave Traits - Unity Power - Filibusters - Dead Protest - TORE4OHIO
There are so many scripts, and then there are all the flipped scripts. It's a gut trust thing. Ingrained in our culture are control traits. Stifling freedom's nature goes with the eating of crow. What makes a good slave? Freedom means more than owning guns. Our collective goal is to inform more. Making the NOVAXT into new minions. A raging debate restarts around the filibuster rule. The Senate was always the target. Wide spread reports of women's changing menstrual cycles. The best political slogan ever might be "gut the place." Are the VAXT more angry? The J6 Babbitt murder, and continued questions. Don't count on winning while doing nothing. Join the fight. Stand up for freedom and your country. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 14, 2022
Wed 12 Jan: Not Right - Our Backs - DARPA Design - Docs Hidden - Cybernetics - Rights Bill - Karen St.
More and more people are noticing that something seems way off. So many know the real truth. A short account of head movement forward and back done quickly. Look who's holding up the top of the pyramid. Some people think they are actually voting. Powerless is one thing we are not. The stable virus on which the rest were built. What exactly did they want these bio weapons for? Epi-genetic cross talk and how we went modern. Societies of control are suddenly a hot topic. Is it really possible to have an internet bill of rights? Steering behavior, controlling profiles, machine responses and how AI is changing us all. The amazing Millie interviews from deep in Karen country. As we watch it all happen this week, never forget to keep your faith fresh and strong. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 13, 2022
Fri 07 Jan: Calendar Trials - Cirsten Requiem - Roman Resilience - POTUS Tasks - Mandate Debate - Even Weirder
First some words regarding the death of Cirsten Weldon, freedom fighter and patriot. R.I.P. It is a true sign of the times that even the calendar and seasons cannot be trusted. How did time tracking get political? Those Romans are everywhere in our history. Astral mapping and covering the gaps. The immense tasks taken on by POTUS. It wasn't just the USA, it was the world. Statutory authority comes from where? They should know what their job is. It's the year of the tiger, and that means changes. Parins patria and the SCOTUS arguments taking place today. Our efforts and our words are being heard. Making the courts work for the people again. Believe it or not, things could get a lot weirder. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 08, 2022
Wed 05 Jan: Hard Truths - Squirming - IC Assets - VAXSIC - Free Zones - NEOM Lights - People's Union
The truths are becoming self evident to all. Value and knowledge are what comes from legitimate approved authority. The golden foot is followed. Where is that moon? Immune fatigue and the medical manipulation of America. VAX injuries and death are getting hard to ignore. The tough decisions around WarpSpeed. ChyNa vapors and bio-weapons. The presser was stopped as the IC assets gathered. To save America we must first save New York. Borders for countries, cities and free trade zones are part of the evil plan. Economic manipulation for greed and profit. How about a union for the people, with standing. Fix 2020, and the two previous decades of election thefts. A run for Ohio Governor? It is time to take the reigns and save our country because only we the people that can do it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 05, 2022
Fri 31 Dec: Recompense - Piper Pay - In Pain - War Weather - Universe 9 - Three Sifters - MMXXII
It was a year of vast historical changes, and there are still so many yet to come. Now is when so many players are going to pay. Parents who trusted will suffer. Our nation will have birthing pains all over again. Lay lines, early machine coms, ether, the Wilkes Expedition, Earth geometrics, lighthouses and messages traded thru time. Pay attention to the 3,6,9 plane. What's an alloy footprint? Making it rain for mud not war. The trillion watt seed blaster. Water watching is good. They will maximize our casualties during their bitter defeat. It was a perfect year for seeing the light. Betty White stuck? Huh? Time is not linear. The past, present and future co-exist. Use the three sifters of goodness, truth and necessity. There will be lots of wins coming. Tomorrow begins a difficult year of regaining order, and finding the answers that justice demands. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 01, 2022
Thu 30 Dec: Our Faith - Obsessions - RINO Racket - Insane Inc. - Termite Brain - Clique Bait - Servile Base
Separating the target population from faith is essential for tyranny. They must always wear the common man disguise. It's usually someone else's fault with them. Do the R's actually run the D's? An anonymous story and a common target. The fruit of our work. When lights shine, people take ownership. Joining groups to protect ourselves. Are we really just a market share? The true meaning of secularism, and it's related conceptual confusion. Are we talking about AI software here? It's not a top down brain. They want us to lose our beliefs, because that elevates the now. It's spiritual warfare and nothing less. As the survivors we will rise above the masses of the faithless and their dedication to blind obedience. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 31, 2021
Wed 29 Dec: Low Deals - Corner Working - Sad Karens - Take Downs - Fact Focus - Secularism - All Human
There are corners being worked and dark deals being made. Fake VAX cards and the go around tyranny industry. New Yorkers are fed up. We got groups. The meetup strategy unfolds. There is disaster in the air. Non compliance means a steep fine. Flipping and flopping on the boosters, variants and testing. Brandon takes some press heat. There are others being tried in relation to the Maxwell case. Malicious intent directed at our patriots. Massive ops meant to divide are occuring. Screw the drama, bring the facts. It's a simple test, are they pro-America or not? The evils of secularism are a working weapon of the deep state. The power of faith is rising strong as can now be seen in the East. This faith is why evil will never be able to cancel the truth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 30, 2021
Thu 23 Dec: Repeat Reset - Seeing It - Loose Fires - Frozen Evil - 1918 ReFlu - Angel Children - Deep State Dept.
This is not the first time we've experienced a pandemic with lock downs, orphans and death. The great reset and what that really means. Russia, NATO, aggressive moves and Putin's piano. Those who understand feel like they just woke up during surgery. Making humans bigger, better and stronger. Are we the children of the fallen angels? The 1918 flu story, and how one scientist started it all again. Rewriting DNA cannot be a good thing. Always, throughout history, there have been waves of orphan children. Why? The technology somehow meshes with the timing. For the record, Covid originated from the US State Department. And there's proof. Don't be discouraged. Face every challenge like you will eat their lunch. Each and every patriot is a fire starter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 24, 2021
Wed 22 Dec: True Motives - Dead System - All In - Multi Layered - VAX Moves - Distracted - The Interview
When light suddenly appears in the darkness, true intentions are shown. What's that smell? There are too many evil people. Losers often trudge on the tear trail. The winning candidate usually has the most money. Multiple levels of deception will be astound to all. CNN is melting down rapidly. Maxwell trial stirs up many doubts. Saving face is goal one. What are the deals being made? All the big names need to come out. Blood type specific bio weapons are now in play. One more time, Trumps VAX strategy was a difficult, calculated war move. A SCOTUS update. Stirred up normies signal a political collapse. Our amazing President does another intriguing interview. Have the patients of the saints, and the faith of the ages, because a storm approaches. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 23, 2021
Tue 21 Dec: Excelsior - An Interview With Patrick Byrne - Peak Woke - Power Hijack - Hero Man - The Split - Precipice
Patrick Byrne joins Tore for a hour long discussion of today's hot topics. Then, peace and justice is not just doomed idealism. as the enemy portrays it. The word that cannot be spelled. Ever upward is more than a slogan. Cities versus the country is an objective of war. Just like the slaves in ChyNa. The people are slowly rising, and resisting the right way. Faith is a double edged sword. Birth, death and manipulation. Predictive analytics just mimic previous thought. Was climate change a software bug? Ask yourself what they have done for you. We are all one, although our training says not. When we soon reach the precipice, the people will see. It is only us who will make that happen. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 22, 2021
Mon 20 Dec: Holding On - Your Job - Inner Circle - Hopium - Just Laws - Says DARPA - Happenings
This is the war's most painful stage. Tired, foggy, numb but determined. So many events are going unseen. It's the big bang coming, just like we've heard before. The meme makers and red stringers aren't really getting things done. 23 Dems have quit and counting. C_A, Google, and the algos. What is a real digital soldier? So many lurkers were trusted by our masses. Redemption and lofty expectations can co-exist. The huge wrench President Trump has thrown in. J6, FBI and the pre-planning. The cabal defenders define extremism. Pepe may launch a green terror wave. Where are the vegans? B's are P's and P's are B's, it's a tip. In a just society no person is inherently above another, and our drive for truth will ensure that. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 21, 2021
Fri 17 Dec: Choosing Integrity - Hard Insanity - Simple Ask - VAX4Food - Normalizing - 7 Nation Army - From Within
It's confusion and chaos as a war objective. Abnormal behavior should never be ignored. We must all focus on the signs. Much of what is happening is out of sight. The vanishing trait of integrity. It's an honest, simple question that could not be answered. Self reflection is the beginning. Our inner world drives outer behavior. Gov. Kristi Noem speaks out. Food for VAX is evil. Want to understand Russia? Look at a map. Three fronts require action. Remember Operation Snow Globe. The gut wrenching inside collapse of Turkey using weaponized inflation. President Trump made the tough decisions he had to make. To understand where we are today, know the true history of his ways and not just his words. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 18, 2021
Thu 16 Dec: News Raid - A Discussion With Millie Weaver
Investigative journalist and patriot Millennial Millie Weaver joins Tore for a full current events breakdown and a look to the future. They touch on the GAO complaint strategy, commies in our midst, Proud bad Boys, Fed money, the CNN implosion, Baldwin phone handling, ChyNa's terra forming, VAX policy, hero's at Veritas, sicko's in the media, and what to expect next in this wacko world. It's the ultimate in current events awareness from two modern journo heroines. Run time is 2 hours and 13 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 17, 2021
Wed 15 Dec: Flex Strategy - Mind Games - War Art - Defeat In Detail - Butt Fires - Fraud Net - Zoom Out
A victorious citizen army must be fast and malleable. Mind games with big consequences are at risk. Shape shifting strategies and humans. The study of war goes way back. Today, it's two sides against the people. Look at all the attempts to confuse and discourage. J6 and the linchpin of coordination. This is how you get things done. Delusion drunkard says "he's just perfect." It is past time for accountability. Use the law. Waste, fraud and abuse can be reported. Seen any? The two target strategy. Our power has been neutered, but that's over. Nobody has a bigger voice than us. Resist the tyranny with action, because your destiny will be born from free will. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 16, 2021
Tue 14 Dec: Insane Times - Way Deep - Created Dirt - Cudda Wudda - Butterfly Hints - Commies - Torch It
When the evil just can't get any worse, it somehow moves up another notch. The times are scattered and foggy. History shows us earlier examples of created dirt. We're watching the old guard versus the new. Gonzalez and Kane took early hits. The scum bag tactics go way back. All the familiar names were involved then too. Mike's tipped uterus is in the news. It seems the Democrats are all commies, and they have a Senator. Sometimes it feels like we should just torch the whole thing. It's not real, it's a movie, but we still live here. Using our legal institutions is paramount in saving them. Scheming against us has major flaws. They cannot predict our responses, and no one can cancel our ideas. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 15, 2021
Mon 13 Dec: Final Facades - Titans Battle - Stolen Steal - The Game - All Props - Kill Hacks - Down Hunker
It's never been more true, that nothing is as it seems. The Ali rash that won't go away. Seems obvious now, they tell you who they are. It's all orchestrated and pushed down our throats. In what universal can this be considered normal? Sheep wear masks. Massive info has been dropped. Everything makes us paranoid when confusion is a weapon. By agreeing, we do not surrendered authority. We're seeing all props on this reality stage. What the hell is operation Poison Needles? Look at everyone whose dumbing down and bowing out. Methods include self deleting evidence and fake .jpg files. Evil shows no restraint as patient ventilators were hacked. Get active and do something to save your country, or become part of the problem. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 13, 2021
Fri 10 Dec: New Heros - Uncertified Fraud - Peak Frustration - AG Whiner - Listening - Citizen Seeds - Bell Ringing
The collective unconscious on display in America is astounding. It has always been a small motivated group that makes changes. It's all about how we see the world around us. Facts, claims and a constitutional crisis. Patriots can never refuse a challenge. When voting machines are not certified, elections are invalid. The Louisiana AG talks smack on stolen elections. Consistency and stability out rank truth. The people must do it themselves. Power cannot be based on positions illegally won. What AG retreat? Donors? Sponsors? Don't let them ring your bell. There are lots of game plans and alternative strategies. Justice and election integrity is the goal. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 11, 2021
Thu 09 Dec: A Discussion With Millennial Millie - First Recorded 10 Mar 2020
In this discussion from March of last year, Tore and Millie get into many subjects which are directly affecting us today. Lots of hints are flying regarding the virus, plandemic planning, quantum brains, covert data collection, AI, election fraud, strange hats, global initiatives and so much more. Amazing prescience is on display in this quick paced dialog from almost two years ago. Run time is just under one hour. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 10, 2021
Tue 07 Dec: Self Sabotage - So Soon - Rabbit Holes - The Paradox - Grooming - Look Back - Compassion
The real challenge is to keep from destroying ourselves. They seek to divide us, and they're good at it. Desperate times and measures ae showing. The rabbit holes are many and deep. The sickening evidence emerging about Garbage Pail Kids. Danial J. Jones and the deep treachery that follows him. The ghoulish tests on kids is hard to imagine. There will be trials. We The People is both intricate and simple. Why dates are important, and why now doctors? The Covid narrative has been in the making forever. Our President was surrounded by snakes. You are the boss now, so act like it. Booster songs from pedos. Some thoughts on our prison world. Compassion is difficult to summon in these times, but it must be our goal and our answer. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 08, 2021
Mon 06 Dec: Intentions - An Interview With Patrick Byrne - Shiboleths - On Schedule - The Line - Vase Gun - Wait And See
Tore spends the first half of her show tonight talking to Patrick Byrne. They cover all the hot topics including provable election fraud, open source lawfare, the Jan 6 hoax, traitors within, secret meetings and many other subjects. Then, it's a Juicy trial and a good laugh. Lemon connection? Strike the question but the truth will still come out. The real nature of CNN's involvement. There's another trial too, with even better testimony. The American Revolution and the proclamation line. Clear legal boundaries then and now. Having faith in the people means everything. The gun, the vase, and all the layers in the onion. Red flags include revenge, hate, loathing and greed. With so much deceit and fraud, sometimes you just have to wait and see. God sees every nook and cranny of your heart, so make all intentions good ones. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 07, 2021
Thu 02 Dec: Into Focus - More Heads - Docu Series - Guard Down - Fake All - Shutdown - Rights Earned
Seriously, is there anyone on the planet that doesn't see the fakery? It's comic level obvious. Juicy crumbles trying to find a leg to stand on. The snarling judge defense. Every lie is being revealed, and everywhere. One by one, they are getting closer to J.O.B. Infiltration is their main weapon. What's frightening are some of the people who had access. Understanding the wives can mean seeing handler babies. McNamara admits to not being best or brightest. Asset names, trick spellings, laundering foundations, multi corporations, and that's just the start. Evil has no real support. All the resignations are just a coincidence. Bezos has what color hat? Where is Jerome Corsi? We're closing in on something big. Enjoy the trailer, and then enjoy the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 03, 2021
Wed 01 Dec: An Interview With Dr. John McGreevey, US Senate Candidate From Maryland
Tonight Tore spends the entire show with, Dr. John McGreevey from Maryland. Just a few of the topics covered include his Senate race, how that office changes people, the massive corruption of that exclusive chamber, and what he would do to change it. Their wide ranging discussion also hits on medical tyranny, HIV/AIDS myths, fear porn VAX drives, cell biology, their related research backgrounds, mask madness, hijacked minds, lawfare, bitcoin manipulation, populist politics, and most other subjects you can think of. Spread the word on this fully informed patriot and outstanding people's candidate. Support Dr. John McGreevey for US Senate from Maryland. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 02, 2021
Tue 30 Nov: December Rising (Part 2 of 2) - DNA Evil - Drug Fakes - Angels Voices - Testing Grounds - Dust Up - Timing Is Now
This is the second half of tonight's important four hour show. Where are all the damn journalists? In the age of info, skepticism is critical to survival. All the HIV lies are coming home again. Those that planted the seeds played with the genes. The problem is keeping condoms on the protean spikes. Nothing good is coming from the vax. Deep capture means medical tyranny plus indoctrination on a massive scale. Demons work in the dark, while truth brings light. Everyone is showing themselves in shocking fashion. Details on the Bergy dustup. Introducing new fears to mix and match. It's the biggest psyop in history. Stressed now? The worst hasn't even begun. As hard as it is these days, we must always look for the good in people. Then, find your still. We are all going to need it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 01, 2021
Tue 30 Nov: December Rising (Part 1 of 2) - A Corrective - Circus Fog - Educate - Victim Games - Pity Party - Retractions
This is the first half of tonight's important four hour show. The power to educated the masses is critical. They hijack minds because they can. Tools are being used that are real psyop weapons. Victims must always feel a group vibe. Detached from reality defines Juicy. Everyone knows it's a fake attack lie. It's his version of the truth. Even the first backers are seeing no honor. What's a decorated celebrity? Retractions galore are coming to O'Keefe and his truth warriors. Objective large scale journalism is officially dead. It's made obvious with the old story behind the HIV/AIDS connection. Drug testing horrors from big pharma to the world. An AIDS refresher course. Immune system attacks. Fake data, efficacy, results and safety. The war is getting real now. It had to be this way, even though things will be getting much worse. (See part 2.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 01, 2021
Mon 29 Nov: Closing In - Court Dates - Bad Actor - Evil Morphs - The Payers - Fraud Origins - Close Ties
Desperate measures are now in play as the war drags on. Everything is one big psyop. Twitter was a DARPA project. Amplifying or destroying narratives using deception is old hat. The big pair of trials that started today are off limits to the MSM. That French dude, Kamala's lynching bill, the Lemon boyfriend, it's all coming together in a juicy mix. The look of evil is obvious to the trained eye. We haven't even started on Hunter's laptop. The Covid op has been planned for a long time. Ohio election fraud evidence from 2008 went boom in Tennessee. Find the pay masters, and you find the planners too. Maxwell served them up, and her trial could too. RICO, RICO, RICO. Women make the best predators. Will another Comey be attacking witnesses? Remember, telling people was not enough. Because they had to see it all, we are living this reality. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 30, 2021
Fri 26 Nov: Confusion Reign - Post Truth - Non News - Fun Facts - Crash Run - Memory Store - Life Chaos
Even for those trained in battle, the situation looks confusing. But that's on purpose. There's so much going on, just watching it all is tough. Discernment is key while you gaze at the unfolding. Stealing allies and the ChyNa $$ game. Aussies are on a mission in the Solomon Islands. Changing maps and the trade route chess board. The front end of the process has been hijacked. Our open source legal lawfare movement. What is a tyranny allowance? This is how corruption occurs. It's important that the people see the evil. How to think and what to trust? Junk DNA is where storage occurs. Family holiday chaos is the food of life. Enjoy it all and have a blessed season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 27, 2021
Tue 23 Nov: Receipts - Storms - Now Focused - Going Slow - Next Time - Bail Outs - Food Break
Call it evidence, documentation or proof, it's actually just receipts for actions taken. We have a lot of them. The storm is brewing large, and it will have a very cleansing effect. When people are safer, they become bolder. Take time and study that dinner. This is the systematic dismantling of the old guard, and it's an ugly fight. Fake investigations are what they do. DJT on Hannity. Mike Lindell and his upcoming Thank-A-Thon. It is far past time to dismantle the GOP. Stolen elections should be everyone's first priority. AJ and Ali, sitting in a tree. We have pages and pages of truth, or just call them receipts. Massive MSM bailouts are from taxpayer money. This is how it's all coming down. Work hard and be righteous, for the storm that erupts will show us the light of truth and justice. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 24, 2021
Mon 22 Nov: Snake Farm - Anniversary - Paper Trails - Patient Bitch - Sell Outs - Receipts - Gun Karens
If there was ever any doubt, it truly is a swamp. With so many grifters, blackmailers, prostituted and traitor politicians, redemption seems impossible. The JFK assassination has an anniversary, and history awaits retribution. Sometimes, we bite the snakes. SCOTUS filings and legal battles are happening in the shadows. MSM in their last gasps of life with Kyle lies. The people must see it for themselves. AJ sells out and what a shame. Pick the right side or go to jail. The kill shots take a toll on young people. The entire world is watching our struggle. What has happened down under? They aren't even hiding what they're doing. The people themselves are the ultimate depositors for freedom, and we must protect it with everything we have. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 23, 2021
Fri 19 Nov: On Offense - Two Step - Target Bannon - Trigger Discipline - Roles Played - Orders - Card House
The moves, countermoves and narrative building are truly getting wild. Guns, Kyle and Bannon are the current missed targets. Of course, it's all about getting to Trump. Did the WH order a political arrest? Watch out for the quiet ones, especially when they're smiling. Everything went according to plan. Bait taken. AJ, Ali, and the ins and outs of a setup shill lie fest. They usually like to be hidden. The McCarthy marathon was an amazing feat. That kid Kyle did everything right. Loose lip POS comments. Sure was a lot of drones that day. Thank you courageous jury. Blaming pot for heart attacks in 6 year old kids. Have no doubt they are coming for the guns too. We have every zoom call and chat room archived. It's going to be boots at least until Xmas. Remember, God sees all and justice is coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 20, 2021
Mon 15 Nov: Free On Paper - Final Say - Assets - Warp Speed - History's Answers - Another Level - Storm Riders
The struggle of the people versus central power goes way back. Hamilton rules today. Tucker, and the ratification debates of the time. Look for what's concealed to drive the investigation. Express written consent has not been given. It's time for the AG's to get on board. to end the nightmare. How to introduce evidence according to the law. Pro Se not allowed. The JOB interviews show a different man. It's just a little fraud. The FEMA camp code in your file. Red castle, green castle. Hilarious gas prices. Sticker wars drive them crazy. Time to join the suit. Climate change insanity. RINO's watch your step. Look what happened when we were asleep. Let's say it again. We are the news. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 16, 2021
Sun 14 Nov: Sunday Movie Night Discussion With Patrick Byrne
Tonight Patrick Byrne joins Tore for their latest insightful look into major events of the day. ChyNa's hold on our defense industry. Election fraud and media hits. Podcast ports to strange locals. Hero talk among pals. Frustration and how to fight. Mission Of America project. The Nov 23rd lawsuit and it's impact. Grass roots and state group participation. RINO's and fraud. Who's a tycoon? Gen. Flynn and the future of MAGA. Thugs, bouncers and covid police. The next few weeks are going to be eventful. We're well seasoned and ready. We love you all long time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 15, 2021
Fri 12 Nov: Uprising - Free Will - Usurpation - Non Churches - Pretending - Agency Fade - All Owned
The endless train of lies and abuse seems to go on forever. The documentary series will be epic. Just when the people need them, churches become tools of coercion. The free will and the boomerang. Two can play at the indictment game. It's a facade with masks and pretending. Would Jesus be cancelled today? There's a difference between God and religion. We will take back what is ours. The judgement time is upon us. C_A informants getting hunted down. Attacking truth seekers. Fifteen days to eighteen months of covid insanity. Still lying about 6 Jan. Self defense and the whacko left. Spectators will suffer as the cookie crumbles. The uniparty wins on fake ballots. Even the slowest have to see the truth now. They can't win, because this is the uprising. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 13, 2021
Wed 10 Nov: Turmoil Time - Risking All - Brass Ring - Making Heros - Chaos Loop - Bitches Run - Soft Files
A true warrior fights in faith while risking it all. The random chaos events that surround us. Failure is all part of the freedom game. Now you are going to see fangs. Look into the mirror and decide. Attacking freedom's warriors gets you nowhere. Nothing is hidden on the internet. Take a stand and be a hero, some training may be required. The amazing power of group think mind control. Shifty caught again. It's a pro's world of dirty tricks. Files not numbered means you will never know. The flights into Florida. A judge throws down hard. With quiet determination we must continue the fight. Couch bound critics complain, but the patient patriots are the ones actually saving them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 11, 2021
Tue 09 Nov: The Divide - Death Rattles - Data Op - Eating Dirt - Diary Daze - Show Time - Bedrock
They claim to be working for us, but we can see all the lies now. Final cards are being played. Thoughts and concepts have been weaponized. The Project Veritas raid, and what it means to journalism. Why now? With his upbringing, maybe Hunter just didn't know any better. The diary from hell on the laptop from same. Evidence of potential crimes should go to authorities. Trump is the symbol of our victory. Let's just say their family respect is in the negative. Cash only please. It's not up to us to forgive. The citizens are downtrodden right now, but the government should worry about their waning patients. Force should be for enemies. They know the jig is up. IRS records stolen for political reasons. So many lies, it looks like a Mars fact filter. They cannot destroy the true source of good. We have to pray that our ears can always hear and our eyes can forever see. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 10, 2021
Mon 08 Nov: Heating Up - Cuffing Season - So Much - Clueless - RICO Suave' - Civilized War - Patrick Byrne
It's going to be a big month for wins, but don't celebrate yet. So much happening, where to start? Your actions have made history. A Rittenhouse case witness blows it. Boomerang on gas prices. Where's Chucky? Pushing ChyNa and barf back better. Ohio is on the list. Mass exodus from L.A. There is no such thing as tepid fraud. Florida rejects the madness. The courts have gone from least to most dangerous. PATRICK BYRNE joins Tore for the second half. They cover election fraud, most corrupt states, wuflu corruption, zip code medicine, child experimentation and all the horrors of our day. Another powerful convo between two of our biggest patriot warrior hero's. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 09, 2021
Fri 05 Nov: Evil Sweet - End Limitations - Fund All - Trust Factor - Friendlies Inside - Myth Shatters - Victorious
It's the source of massive graft, corruption and evil ignored by all. The sugar daddies and how they roll today. The CDC is NOVAXT. More lies about weaponizing viruses. A daughter's dynamic within the family. Who supports who in the vipers nest? Tortuous interference means they messed with you, like Hunter did. The shower diaries are back in the news. Nance squirms and begs. Some history on the sugar industry and who controls it. The Fanjul brothers own an empire supported by political influence. Dark Dominican trafficking, resorts, airports and model citizenry. The cartel for elites. What happens when there's no sugar? What are the chances of two matching bed wetting stories? Be ready for big news soon --- again. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 06, 2021
Thu 04 Nov: Trafficked - Clicks Away - The Cube - Revelations - Stringers Red - Hard Convo's - Good Strategy
When He scorches everything, it's time for big faith. We have a choice. Full control means we still fight back. Take a look at everything we've done. Reactive media has a cow. Learning how to be humble is the ultimate test. The biggest soldiers are put thru fire. Tolerance comes from understanding. Tough conversations come from trying to listen. Who owns Dominion? Invisible computing means they own your data. A real sheriff speaks out about human trafficking. The brutal truth about slave porn. Sex work often begins with vulnerable children. There's lots of odd history that nobody wants to talk about. Be ready for battles against the big snakes, those from the past and the evil ones of today. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 05, 2021
Wed 03 Nov: Seeds - Done Toast - Vendetta - Wit Dim - SCOTUSGate - Ground Work - Hidden History
So much is going on behind the scenes that we don't see. An election message was sent - they're done. What happens when you just can't cheat enough? Call it dead in the crib. The people no longer buy the BS. Own the idea. The war has gone on for almost a decade now. All the dark money, or fund raisers, and what they actually want. The V movie and all the parallels for today. Notable cases, partisan rulings and blatant favoritism is all the evidence they need. December 3rd, expect boots. Sponsor decals required. Bloviating from Congress to lay groundwork. There truly is a hidden history for the high court, and their scandal is poised to go hot. Be ready for everything, and always pray. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 04, 2021
Tue 02 Nov: Back Doors - City List - In Charge - Local Evil - Covenants - $$$ Motives - Our Move
It's a smart move for the enemy to take the evil to local communities. Make a world pledge of obedience. How many mayors in on this? What voters get to say is zip. Just move along citizen. The VAXT and NOVAXT separation is coming. Using city, state and country tyrants was always the plan. Thanksgiving is a target date for big events. City councils will sell you out in a minute. Commonalities in cities worldwide can be used against us. It's blatant foreign influence in our country. Sponsor labelled suits required for all politicians. What and who's doesn't stink? It's what we call optics. She told them to go get those Alaska servers. The toxicology reports are coming back. Remember that everybody tells you who they are. November will be an exiting month, but then December comes. Stick together, help each other and pray. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 03, 2021
Mon 01 Nov: Truth Pills - Shocked - Code Brown - Spilt Tea - Got Caught - Upgrade - Reality Blind
Back again and the attacks never stop. Patriots and truth tellers face the fascist onslaught. Throwing shade the General's way. Some say soiling of official undergarments may have occurred. The political prisoners of Jan 6. The truth cannot be controlled. Pro Se people are making progress in court. Fighting for election integrity never ends. The Daughters Of Liberty showed us the way. Citizens push big for education honesty. Keep coming at them and never stop. Hidden justice starts with judges sealing reports. She's upgraded, got questions? It's never smart to delay truth. Take one step back and think. The dominoes must all be in place, because big moves start now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 02, 2021
Sun 31 Oct: Tore Guests On A July 26th, 2017 Hagmann Report Interview Part 2 of 2
Tore in her second early interview with the Hagmann Report. Subjects include Tore's amazing predictions regarding pandemics, hospitals and medical tyranny, and her research background. Also discussed are Information on viruses more DNA questions, and what to expect if things continue in this direction. This is the second interview of two. Run time is one hour and twenty minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 31, 2021
Wed 27 Oct: Targets - Power Drunk - Rhetoric - Wilting - Lie Big - Tough Talks - Out Front
Tyrants are terrified when the people are united. The Fed's reaction to school board meetings proves it. Disgusting weasel talk is called out by a few brave Senators. The wellness centers push their product lines at school. Back when California advised Hitler. The proletariat troops protect leaders not people. Difficult conversations lie ahead, and behind. Excitement and determination are sure signs of movement. Disgusting Cohen of Tennessee was in on all the evil. Out front then, ready to burn now. It's going to get fiery, in maybe, 48 hours. America will be going off completely. Here's the facts, we are not now and have never been the underdog. Now is the time and it's finally our turn. That's how it goes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 28, 2021
Thu 21 Oct: Hard Awake - Down Pants - The Point - Conversations - Protocol Hole - Overreach - Empire History
Waking up is so very hard to do. Obvious fake, fraud and abuse makes it easier. There's a point where even the sheeple get activated to stand up. That's why the psyops are thick. What the hell is Congress even doing? The Nads uses protocols to interrupt real debate. It's the erosion of discussion. But, some real questions are getting thru. Justice joke on the stand. The $600 excuse. An obvious goal is to kill off all small business. 10 most powerful angels. A Reagan history lesson. Statewide groups are catching on fire. We need our own think tanks. The 9th and 10th Amendments are genius. Now is when we mix our pride with activism, because we can only rely on ourselves. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 22, 2021
Wed 20 Oct: Freak Out - Crumbling - Person Party - No Cover - Gen Politico - Inception - Clones Inc.
Why did they wait until now to say get involved. Where were they? The people must carry the fight. We are the storm. Political parties are a scam for all to see. Rebellion means involvement, and the press is freaking. It's money that elects the ancients. The dismantling means they are on the way out. Changing faces is common with celebs. When military and politics combine. The wrong track was chosen by many. Clone lives still matter. Did someone say no sperm needed? Everything is weaponized. Vax's, infertility, human cloning, IVF, it all seems like some sort of plan. They seek to divide both cells and political opposition. When the truth becomes known, we'll be asking how could this possibly have happened. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 21, 2021
Tue 19 Oct: Coming Bells - The Beast - Same Script - Motives - Geo Confused - Year 536 - Idols Fall
If you think it's the worst year ever, you would be wrong. It feels like history all over again. There is simply not that many of them compared to us. Autocracy and how quickly things can change. Check out the island tyranny. Idols come and go. The covid model and it's history. Some claim it's the mark of the beast. Regime crumbling is a spectator sport. Sew your pants on, here comes Theodora. The year 536 led to the dark ages. Global ash of various colors came from nowhere. The moving geography of history and the ancients. Beware, beware of the green gospel. It strains logic and meaning, but those in the know say we are going to hear a lot of bells. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 20, 2021
Mon 18 Oct: Find Out - No Whimpers - Max Lawfare - High Bidder - One Person - Time Line - News Again
The greedy bastards want to own us, and they think we're stupid too. F around and find out who's the spookiest of the spooks. Don't forget, lots of people are watching. The health care system was created to control us. Fat pharma paychecks define the news. The rewriting of history is an ongoing effort. Crafting a narrative is getting more complicated. Fake kids in fake vids for a fake veep. It's just about that time. Who recalls when SNL was funny? Color of law is not enough for justice. The masses must stand up and resist tyranny. The Clinton's are back in the news, and there's hints about Chelsea. It's happy birthday time. Remember that only the people can put a check on run away government power. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 19, 2021
Sun 17 Oct: Tore Guests On A July 24th, 2017 Hagmann Report Interview
Tore in an early interview with the Hagmann Report. Subjects include Tore's background, experience and plans for the future. Also discussed are Information on viruses, DNA and related subjects relevant to today. Medical industry changes, Tore's experience in the field, and the tyranny of the future are covered. This is the first interview of two. Run time is one hour. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 17, 2021
Fri 15 Oct: Game Changers - Double Speak - Tide Ride - Had2B - Standing Ground - Disfunctional - Only Step 1
The people are finally seeing their collective power. And the fight to destroy it rages on. It's hot garbage from one disaster to the next. Vax psyop failing. Lottery IOU's mean states can be bribed. It's a red looking tide and MSM has panicked. DNA testing is the next ID tech. VISA has been good to Nan. The big push to comply makes for obvious tyranny. Masks keep slaves obedient. Doctors know what's going on. Some are even standing up. Remember, it had to happen this way. Torching the bottom line. Hidden budgets and unused kickbacks. Our people are going thru a major stress test. Teaching dis-function K thru 12. Are you ready for torched benefits? We must each be individuals, but work as one. If not now then when? If not us than who? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 16, 2021
Tue 12 Oct: Throwing Fire - Wise Guy - Writs Large - Hit Pieces - Head Flip - All Timing - Drivers Seat
The deposition from hell highlights smug, arrogant, elitist corruption. The Coomer crumble fest . A large majority of Americans don't want mandates. Is defending rights really domestic terrorism? Texas takes a stand with our Writ wording. Professor Alex Halderman dives into voting machines. Judges should not be hiding evidence. Reprehensible and illegal is standard. Swing state testing for self hackers. Fighting the fighters gives cred. How far gone are teachers unions? Those zoom call recordings say a lot. Discrepancies, miscounts, large differences, and the basics of electoral fraud. The people now understand how recounts can happen. Let's go Brandon. You may be sick of hearing it, but they really, really, cannot stop what is coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 13, 2021
Mon 11 Oct: Tyranny Law - Rebel Duty - Can't Breath - Pair Growing - Bloody Shirt - Big Changes - Percolating
It's centralized government force versus the people, again. No surprise, our country has a long untold history of same. Slaves run the hamster wheel until it ends. Poverty and freedom are very close relatives. The essential elements of a prosperous society are wrapped around freedom. Writs alive, 47 states have now filed. We're seeing pyramid style control. Now is a perfect big entrance time for SCOTUSgate. 1880 was a stalwart election with crazy leftists, painful death, stalwarts and half breeds. The Social Compact Theory takes a hit. Jacobson versus Massachusetts in 1805 is now being sold as forced jab precedent. No need to die if violence means they win. Resisting is totally in our blood. Supreme Court shenanigans then and now. Our victories will be etched in history. Always remember that we are the many and they are the few. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 12, 2021
Fri 08 Oct: Memory Whole - DNA Stores - Phase Skip - Gain Of Fauci - VAXLocks - Cell Line- Stand Fast
Understanding the miracle of human memory, and related research, explains much about today. DNA as a storage medium is well advanced. Why not crystals? Eons of information passed down, until now. Protein memory blockers are real. Was it 2019 when things got started, or 2012? Fauci and killer virus planning go way back. Ike knew way back when. That's right, memories get passed on via neurons and the germline. Flower loops and super coils. Perfectly bred humans means smart enough to serve but too dumb to revolt. The winners write the history. Who would experiment on black people? The amazing cell line of Henrietta Lacks and her tragic, sad story. Frequency changes have made all that was invisible now painfully obvious. Stand fast patriots, because it's going down. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 09, 2021
Thu 07 Oct: Our Courts - Mockery - Selective Law - Jan 6 Show - Need2Obey - Stolen Voices - Perpetuity
Without legal justice in honest courts, we have nothing. Taking back our Constitution and the institutions that protect it will not be easy. The level of compliance is shocking. Promises kept means something. Selective justice and targeted arrests are signs of a dictatorship. Lawfare has been a weapon of the left forever. School boards shake and whine. FBI versus moms. It's what a tyranny does. We're still free on paper, at least for a while. Protecting the courts means using them. Corrupt judges will show themselves and become vulnerable. When evil can no longer hide, then the rule of law will return to America. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 08, 2021
Wed 06 Oct: Off Hacked - Gone ID - The Pen - VAX Cells - Inside Hero - On Paper - Wins
The hacks and shutdowns are for cover. BigTech has pressing data management issues that need addressing. Somehow, the keys are lost in the wallet. A good crypto mystery rides the ups and downs. Writs now filed in 45 states. Fake whistle blowers are obvious next to the real ones. Promo bait, message control and operational backfire. Good body doubles will test your ID skills. That's you on paper, just not really. Monica interview weirdness. Project Veritas exposes the shocking vax fetal cell lines. Contempt for religious exemption. McKinsey in the middle again. It's hard to see it, but we're actually winning. Take pride, because you are the hero's of your own story. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 07, 2021
ue 05 Oct: Trust Touch - WhoRThey - Pre Plague - The Firm - VAX Evict - Hamster Wheel - Our Courts
If you're asleep now, tomorrow's future may be a real surprise. Many sheeple are trapped in their own mind. The American dream and perpetual debt. Layers of tyranny show quickly in the brainwashed. Domestic travel restrictions are next. Consultants suddenly own the world as McKinsey remains a major player today. Speculation is not production. The top layers of the pyramid will always survive. Taking power back means getting money out of the equation. The blame others strategy. 45 Writ states and growing. Know their plan and counter early. We must use our court system as the founders designed it. It is both our tool and our weapon to protect precious freedom. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 06, 2021
Mon 04 Oct: So Hot - Fire On - Mask Distraction - VAXNAZIS - Code Yellow - Outages - Plan UFO
Can you feel everything getting hotter? It's a scorched earth policy they pursue. Let's segue right away. Judges sandbag, scold and trample Article III. Have no doubt, they are coming for your kids. That's when things start to get real. The blackouts may be self inflicted, like the whistle blower. NDA's are there to cover evil. Censorship is a sure sign of tyranny. SCOTUS is in session, so let the scandals begin. We must use our voices and pens as weapons within our own courts. Project Veritas is doing God's work. Chit chat about crimes against humanity over a salad at lunch. FB snitch looks staged along with their app family problems. Big show coming? Sort of obvious with the UFO news suddenly on all channels. What's a Fonesca? The Pandora papers are coming soon. For most people, their eyes and ears are just not ready, but we will see a more complete human existence soon.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 05, 2021
Fri 01 Oct: Foundations - The Taking - Freedom Facts - Trial Runs - Bail In - PedoVaxr - 39 Booyah
History repeats itself, and also their evil plans. We're about to see another nasty round. It's Constitution time, with some rule of law please. Call it bail ins or capital controls, but bank theft is more accurate. Look to Cyprus and see our future. Bond holders go first. Fascists use lots of repeated slogans. Who's tired of giving in? Explaining away trillions is easy for Yellen. 39 states have filed Writs with almost zero media coverage. The circle tyranny of stolen elections and medical mandates. Cal vax psychos start after kids. One child's choice between hospital or heaven. What exactly is a hive mind failure? Some people were just never meant to be with humans. What's coming will help sort that out. Stay salty. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 02, 2021
Thu 30 Sep: Nightmare Shift - Flashbacks - They Know - Board Serfs - Hell Loop - Numbers - Veeps
It's a sad, horrific tale that has to be told. Past shows prove perception. It is incredible what they are allowed to do. The Obot bill got it all started. School boards are feeling the heat. What? Hunter involved with pallets of cash? Conservators, and how they got that power. Have no doubt pinheads, parents are the primary stakeholders. Real victims tell heart wrenching tales of medical protocol murder. Hospitals, death panels, and our sudden reality of medical tyranny. Give me some happy veep talk. Who do you like? There is nothing better than having your voice heard. A new month is here, so let's have faith in better things to come. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 01, 2021
Wed 29 Sep: Toe Hold - An Interview With Patrick Byrne
The great patriot Patrick Byrne joins Tore for another electric interview. Arizona facts, massive fraud, and how it's going to roll from here. All the scams have to get fixed before the next election. Topics include magic ballot paper, undercover disguises, deleted data, and an AG looking to do the right thing. Don't miss the big rally in Arizona tomorrow. It's the start of the new phase, because we've got them cold. This is a fascinating strategy session between two geniuses fighting for your freedom. Listen, learn and then go get active. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 30, 2021
Tue 28 Sep: Super Salty - Due Credits - Sidney Spills - Narrative Wars - Early Daze - VAXEVIL - World Tell
Some people take the risk and some take the credit. It's good, it's bad, it's pissed off grateful. The general says advice was given, not taken. The great Sidney Powell makes use of a bad ass affidavit. Who's scribbles are those? Tom Feeney of Florida is who started it all. Did someone say sharks? One small gal was the absolute best at operational planning. Oh, the early days of vote rigging in Ohio. Methods over people was the rule. Case the 6 Jan event and don't miss anything. Spooks always go alpha. Project Veritas does it again. The new evil needs numbers. It's there for all to see, so go tell the world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 29, 2021
Mon 27 Sep: The Charter - UN JFK - Paytriots - Heros 4 Real - Vax Camps - Self Gov - Diamonds
The challenges intensify as expected. It's no time for mincing words. Is this what got JFK shot? The UN charter and why he signed it. The endless game of inside info and compromise. Bend the knee now and it will never stop. Brave military men now facing the SHU. Apathetic America is the biggest disappointment. Private contractors are the devils little workers. Lawfare weapons target families too. There's gates, fences and roads as the camps get real. Machine checks in each state needed for October surprise. Are the grass roots dead? Remember that it's during extreme pressure when diamonds are formed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 28, 2021
Fri 24 Sep: Undo Time - Hil2Dy On - Speed Up - Twist n' Squeeze - Next JOB - Nation's Tasks - Rest Up
The results are in. Massive discrepancies prove Trump won Arizona. All the dazed and confused that don't get it. The coup against the people is unraveling. A short interview with Patrick Byrne. At the keyboards during the exact moment. They are clinging by teeth, toes and fingernails. Those that vouched for the Arizona results are suspect. Oh yeah, all servers had full internet connectivity. It's the first state point of the spear. Thirteen writs filed, sixteen ongoing. Next target up is the IRS. And then what everyone is waiting for, the MSM. Nothing an illegitimate junta does will stick. Short show tonight, but includes a bonus phone convo with PFC_Bergy. Let's all have a blessed restful weekend. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 25, 2021
Tue 21 Sep: Rights Club - United Power - Your House - The Pen - MOU Inc. - New Slaves - OffAss R Us
It has never been more true than today that our rights are won in battle. There is no one deserving faith other than God and ourselves. Our numbers outweigh their evil. There is simply no government right to control me. Big tech and the MOU agreements. Did I hear Lockheed? How certain intel groups played elections. Self policing and the bottom line are opposites. Never play dumb with a woman. Writ updates from state groups. A corrupt judiciary leaves very few options. The state constitutions can be our tool. Freedom from masks is paramount. SCOTUSgate is coming and will be a stunner. School health care has become sadism. Now is truly the time to get up and fight for your freedom and your country. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 22, 2021
Mon 20 Sep: Med Evil - Mask Daze - Death Jab - Under Mat - Parents Rights - 26 States - Harvest Moon
The medical tyranny is intensifying as injustice builds. Needle evil has so many adherents. Masks, school prisons, teachers unions, forced jabs, social division, it all swirls in a bad stew. They seek to divide, and the scamdemic is a perfect tool. Project Veritas has another brave truth teller. Vax deaths hidden under the mat. The HIV factor will be news soon. How quickly the hospitals turned malicious. Even the FDA posts internal critics. Saved from wolves, eaten by shepherds. What? The Constitution doesn't specifically protect parents rights? A movement grows. The first goal is 26 states. Never forget that this fight is helping the boss. It's harvest moon and time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Fight hard, because our freedom is at stake. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 21, 2021
Fri 17 Sep: Constitution Day - Many Rising - State Moves - Sheep Shock - Slave Care - CAA Docu - Awakened Us
It's a day to celebrate our national heritage document, and also use it. Vigilance is the price of freedom. Today's colleges and the Constitution are a dismal combo. We the people have been asleep, but not any more. The challenges before us are are great, and so is our goal. Look at those states stepping up. Idaho is just one gem. Washington, Ohio, and North Dakota enter the fray. Others soon to follow. The scary new power of hospitals. Obama care solidified medical tyranny, and it's finally being challenged. The Creative Artists Agency has quite a story. It will be coming out in documentary form soon. It's all a movie to shackle your mind, so don't let them do it. And always enjoy the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 18, 2021
Thu 16 Sep: Marked Now- New Apartheid - Vax Trust - Faith Walk - Role Plays - Script Writers - War Freaks
Mixing politics, health care decisions and the church. It can only end up bad. The Novaxt are the new lower caste. Doubt caused by the church runs contrary to true faith. Gone is a sense of peace. Wise and obedient have left the building. Changing focus tests the brethren. Who trusts the vax? Platte River Networks is back in the news. Two months in 2016 is when it all started. Everything is orchestrated for mass consumption. Milley mixed messages. Shouldn't the writs be headlines, instead of fast food? Hildawg's attorney is under the gun. East coast be warned for fifteen days. We are making history and future patriots will praise us in song. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 17, 2021
Mon 13 Sep: War Layers - Filing Heros - Dark Courts - Traumatize 101 - Hating U - Med Dred - Rollover Not
It's really all about the children, and a parents right to protect them. Sammy, Kelly, Valerie and Jennifer tell their courageous tales of intimidation in the people's courts. Hero moms facing up to evil. Big men, covid closures, and drop box dimwits. Child abuse in schools is illegal. Any real judges? Does an average citizen have a chance? Dark room scare tactics and controlled attorneys. Use your rights now or forever be slaves, and pussies. It's hospital prison murder. Medical mistrust skyrockets. Soon, they will all pay. Those that bend the knee and comply will die. Hack attacks and the coming big documentary. When will this all be over? When you get off your ass. They're feeling the heat with war on many fronts. Now it's time to use their own words against them, because they matter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 14, 2021
Fri 10 Sep: Writ Happens - Mandamus Rules - Rudy911 - Narratives - Power Clause - T Planned - The Sparks
When you read the details, it's a done deal. The Ohio constitution is like others, so go look at yours. Rising waters and the 911 anniversary. Rudy was, and still is a hero. The vax mask distractions. To compel and to punish is covered in the law. It's called informed consent for a reason. We have to step up, so dude, just do it. Education is the fuel, justice is the spark. There's a legal way to make those responsible act. A common law remedy. Where are all the brave lawyers? The new documentary approaches, and it will change things. On many different fronts, it's truly almost time to enjoy the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 10, 2021
Thu 09 Sep: JoVax Reax - Freedom Not - Face Boot - 100 Mil - Green Light - Dr. Bonus - Our Test
A short show and reaction to the latest vax demands. First, a catch up on judges who prejudge and lawyer bots to plug up the system. The Pretender speaks with new requirements. The old days when it was our body, our choice. Hate percentage climbing. Begging and offering paid time off. Booster confusion. Is this all in the mandates? Minorities now not allowed in bathrooms and diners. The reaction to this insanity will define our country long into the future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 10, 2021
Wed 08 Sep: Mask Truth - An Interview With Stephen Petty - Exposure - Failure - Justification - Reality
A true subject expert, Mr. Stephen Petty, P.E., C.I.H., C.S.P., joins Tore to talk truth about masks. The insanity, the law, schools and what looks like child abuse are all discussed. Reality means droplets, aerosols, mask holes and openings the size of a human hair. What are the effects of depriving children of oxygen? Airline cooties coming down the isle. It's really all about control. Shocking behavior from the emerging tyrants. Who's the conspiracy theorist now? It's important to dispel disinfo for both judges and the public. Mask mandates are being overturned in Kentucky and elsewhere. The forensic engineering behind OSHA lies. What ever happened to dilution and ventilation? Open a window. Know the law and the facts, then you will be part of a real mask solution. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 09, 2021
Tue 07 Sep: Normal Not - Foundations - 16th Debate - Oven Turners - Tax n' Vax - Unseen Again - JauntyTor
Taking back the legal process means getting active. Fear is what's for lunch. Build now what we will use legally later. It will be one prison for all the Karens. Judge assignments get juggled. Admit it, the Federal courts don't work for the people. Another update on Avery Garfield and her fight. The taxation fight goes way back. Did you say straight to the DNA? It is impossible to unsee and unlearn. American society as we know it is now gone. Twenty years ago JauntyTor was here as a dude. Cities versus the country, and the scatters. Get to know your neighbors because you will be talking soon. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 08, 2021
Mon 04 Oct: So Hot - Fire On - Mask Distraction - VAXNAZIS - Code Yellow - Outages - Plan UFO
Can you feel everything getting hotter? It's a scorched earth policy they pursue. Let's segue right away. Judges sandbag, scold and trample Article III. Have no doubt, they are coming for your kids. That's when things start to get real. The blackouts may be self inflicted, like the whistle blower. NDA's are there to cover evil. Censorship is a sure sign of tyranny. SCOTUS is in session, so let the scandals begin. We must use our voices and pens as weapons within our own courts. Project Veritas is doing God's work. Chit chat about crimes against humanity over a salad at lunch. FB snitch looks staged along with their app family problems. Big show coming? Sort of obvious with the UFO news suddenly on all channels. What's a Fonesca? The Pandora papers are coming soon. For most people, their eyes and ears are just not ready, but we will see a more complete human existence soon.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 07, 2021
Mon 06 Sep: Labor Pains - Mesmerized - Slaves Inc. - Comply Not - Mask Evil - Echo Chambers - Overload
The history of labor is really all about corporate control. We will take back courts, because the people demand it. Look what details have popped up. There is only the now, and every second counts. Non conformity means a closeness to faith. Can you really understand life before your dead? Wut? From child labor to child indoctrination. The good and bad of unions. Who to sue? Mandatory vax by corporate masters equals slavery. The evil surrounding vaxing kids. It's child abuse. Are they inserting info? We've been lied to so long, truth is almost unknown. It's not complicated. Good people try to help everyone, even those that hate us. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 07, 2021
Fri 03 Sep: Spear Tips - Reins Taken - Where RU? - Pussies - Beast Mark - New Racism - Fire Refined
You've been given everything you need, now it's time to step up. We have to take back the courts and our legal processes. Knowing your rights is just the beginning. Spoon feeding is over, so get to work. Yo, dudes, are you out there? It's lawfare at the lowest level. TRO's ignored and justice delayed. Student's rights are patients rights. The vaxbeast bears the mark. Where are the Christians? Now there's booster pills? It feels like Revelations all over again. When zombie movies look tame. The fear of uncharted waters. An interview with a brave nursing student Avery Garfield, and her lawyer Russell Newman. Support their fight against vax tyranny, and a free future for our children. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 04, 2021
Thu 02 Sep: Our Coups - Roads Traveled - Target Home - Oil Operation - Meddling - Nonstop Corp - Target HHS
Our history is coming home hard. We have definitely been there and done that. Iran and Guatemala are just the start. 245 years and on going. Locke's theory and our founders. The play book and the money came together everywhere. Paid chaos in our modern era. The psy ops are now very finely tuned. Overthrows and economics always go together. Angels stand firm. The trick is to justify planned aggression. Kermit and the creative thugs. How to disallow corporate behavior. Hunter's devices keep on giving. Where's the mask experts at HHS? The people who deserve freedom are now the ones who are fighting for it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 03, 2021
Wed 01 Sep: Be Brave - Maskholes - Warrior Children - Pain Zone - Struggling - Common Man - Dystopia
Mandates, masks, and student repression are fueling growing anger. Like hamsters on a wheel, they want us obedient. Rule one says keep them stupid. Lust, greed and power all crave cash. Some of us feel ashamed for the world. Get outside your comfort zone and make a difference. Class poison runs his mouth. The boundaries of common sense no longer apply. Face diapers for cash. Our smoking non-nun is among the 1% that are fearless. Break stuff and be pain free. Follow the money, because it talks. Never be scared when you fight for freedom. The fate of our nation depends on us coming together. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 02, 2021
Tue 31 Aug: Time - All In - Healing - Achievements - PsyOp Tools - Thread Bare - Tight Focus
Every moment that passes cannot be regained. Life's achievements are judged at our last breath. The importance of healing. A true understanding of history is essential. Societies are transformed in many ways. Control is key. JFK's peace speech revisited. Quick change disguises. Two generations of innate free will makes us tough to enslave. The reality box we're used to has shattered. Look at all the converging events. School boards for prison. Rigging elections is what they do. Find your still and always remember that our faith motivates our humanity. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 01, 2021
Fri 27 Aug: Forgiven - Devils Inside - Tired - Our Fallen - Wailing Karens - Eight Months - Vachinas
Who doesn't get it now? The people must stand up and defend their rights. New fallen hero's and our incredible national decline. The CIA has F'd up again. The blood of martyrs is now on their hands. Insane parents donate their children to science. Schools are in a daze while parents doze. Toe tagged and ready for the harvest. If you are sick and scared then stay home. Get off your knees or die. To them, your destruction is necessary. The corrupt fiefdom of North Dakota. Let's be clear, masking kids is child abuse. Only one party and one President talks about the Boss. Be confident that although the evil is huge, we the people will expose and overcome it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 28, 2021
Thu 26 Aug: Titan Fight - Unraveling - Reveal All - Mutiny Smell - Red Death - War Bugs - Our President
When the best of us stand up, quisling school boards shake. The conflicts of interest are thick. They're scared and it shows. All will be revealed in this white hot summer. The reactive anger and call outs are part of the smack down. ISIS-K is the new terrorist variant. Push the military to the limits and see what happens. Are you ready for the season ending bang? 911 truth is integral to all that is happening. Disease and war are buds. Did she say "Pacific Northwest Morgellans"? The angriest people will be the VIXIMS. Nations fall for lots of reasons. Time to get strong, stay salty and be ready. Our real President Trump appears on Hannity. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 27, 2021
Tue 24 Aug: VAXWARZ - Kill Shots - Mil Targets - Shady Labs - Paid2Jab - Stat Lies - Fake Approval
This show will trigger the safeguarding of the US Military. It's all vax lies with fake data, fake studies, fake approval. ChyNa and Germany team up for vax production. No real US reviews. Into who's arms? Our troops? Kill shots? We must help our own NOW! Sketchy places and hidden locations. FDA scams to hide the collapse of PedoJo. Vaxt are lab rats and always were. A placebo in your state? Pharma won't say. Hey, it's 95% effective, in 1% of the cases. Demons attacking real doctors. Disgusting paid VAXRS. 40k per child? Better find a hiding place. Soros nursing unions, vax tags marking subgroups, perfect $$ scams, it just goes on and on. It's time to put on the armor of God because we're going to need it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 25, 2021
Mon 23 Aug: Persecution - Defiance - Head First - Gut Trust - On Faith - True Self - Youth Time
The growing intensity of oppression will only get worse. Vax lunacy supreme. Off the chart bitterness and spite. What is coming will test the faith of all believers. Those that cannot stand for truth see nothing. Do not consent because He will be victorious in all things. There's a school board that has no idea what's coming. Something is happening and we can feel it. Do not be consumed by a thirst for power. The 50cc Corinthian showed spunk and grit. Now is the time to stand up and not be afraid. Follow your true self while preparing the young for what's to come, because the future is a gift only for survivors. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 24, 2021
Fri 20 Aug: Free Will - Full Rights - Door C - Wrong Path - Fault All - Water Watch - Island Works
The building and toppling of nations has never stopped. Is that what we patriots face? The typical approach is them claiming they want to help. Losers preach to the sheep. Gullible seems to be a drink so many enjoy. Vax insanity boils, while the people begin to stand their ground. Reports of Caries, another vax side effect. Of course HIV and Covid are related. The tech they have and we don't. We're due for a complete medical turnaround. Those who sell their soul cannot savoir peace. Watch the water, while it goes thru your prepper filter. The islands, the military development, and the poverty of the people. Seeing what they do gets us ready for our future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 21, 2021
Thu 19 Aug: Demons Flock - Sideways - Bad Optics - War Deception - Mind Heist - Un Disasters - Faith Now
All the things that we think we know. Our real President shines in pointed flashbacks. How the Taliban treaty was scuttled. There are a million shades of fake. It's all psyops 101. They planned all this crap. The universal call for no deals. Factions, friends, relatives, and whoever is left. Child porn setups and lawfare. Today's false flag attacks fizzled because the people are waking up. Private jails, blackmail, and what comes next. We are watching a movie. Patriots will never bend the knee. Now is the time to dig deep for your faith. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 20, 2021
Wed 18 Aug: The Goods - Truth Is - Damn Salty - Journos Where? - Rapid Degrade - Expectations - A Convo With Patrick Bergy
Where the hell are the journalists? The President reviews PedoJo's debacle. Milley makes excuses. No decisions being made even score above senseless. Are these what are called journalists? Crooked lawyer poses with fake Pretendant. Somehow missed by MSM. The words election integrity better be on their lips. Multiple ops run at the symposium. Now we see where people sit. Stone and Santilli looking bad. Truth was burned and hidden. Patrick Bergy joins the show for a broad ranging discussion. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 19, 2021
Tue 17 Aug: An Interview With Patrick Byrne
Tore's special guest tonight is the great patriot Patrick Byrne. They discuss the state of America and our changing world status. Also, the strategies and actions, taken and not. Are we armed with the right tools? It's absolutely possible, truth can win over violence. Mike Lindell and the symposium attacks. Be looking for the wrong take away's. Race, vax's, Hitler and the Nazi left. Mesa we cannot talk about, yet. America's greatest shame. President Trump speaks to the nation on Hannity. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 18, 2021
Mon 16 Aug: Exposium - Lindell Edition - Dirty Plants - Patriots Fight - Hold Backs - Affidavit Boom - Trigger Time
The Lindell Symposium proved it all, while under constant attack. The super patriot himself, Mike Lindell, covers what went on. Insiders showing themselves is part of the plan. Antifa, fake ID's, and the counter intel folks also operating. Complexity and media never go together. Vote data bases accessible by phone? Really? The snakes on the floor were easy to see. Code Monkee business. Getting the evidence into court is the key. The affidavit that leads the way. Truth never gets anywhere quickly. It's a war for our minds, and timing means everything. Relax in a prone position, watch, wait, and be conscious of scope shadow and trigger pull. God bless America. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 17, 2021
Fri 13 Aug: The Brink - Brain Wash - Redemption - Admit It - Formations - Tactical Moves - Hard Choices
They say battle lines are drawn, but it's more than just a line. Reclaiming the words that got us here. The philosophy of who lives and dies. We know these facts to be true. Dominion must admit their crimes. The shape of our forces and how we will now engage the enemy. Make me happy because that's the final goal. Original filings are a buttress of truth. We have come full circle. In tank combat, it's always about the weak points. Never fight a war without knowing yourself and your enemy. Pray hard for our country and our patriots. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 14, 2021
Thu 12 Aug: Re Eugenics - Vaxt Reich - Feeble Minded - Obfuscation - Galton Gang - Impeach 44 - In Coming
Another case of been thru this before. The vaxt and their master race. The parallels are mind blowing. Making better humans via a needle. Human rights are reproductive rights. Sanger, Galton, Kellogg and now Bill Gates. Hitlers advisers planted the seeds of evil. Tay-Sachs and the DNA collection effort. Watch the vax pressure mimic our history. Impeach 44 and rid us of Obotcare. Have no doubt, the virus was created for the vaccine. Vax insanity will now grow worse, much worse. Incoming lawsuits will shake things up. Keep your eyes open and get ready to rumble. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 12, 2021
Wed 11 Aug: Controlling All - Boomerang - Auto Ban - OKC Op - Game Theory - Aim Soros - Data Gold
Remember, take it all in one small piece at a time, but open wide for this one. People always want maximum truth. They attack then ignore. Cyber symposium talks and results. Fix'n ops R us. To forgive is to understand. Cody Snodgrass and the inside story of OKC. Detonators, micro wave brain weapons, protein synthesized poisons, all part of the gut wrenching treason and evil. They do it cuz we're stupid. Do you want to be here again and again? Hell yes she's salty! Agnes Heller and the philosophy of decency. You dismiss what you don't understand. Always remember that data is gold. Get active and work citizens, because they are nothing without you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 12, 2021
Tue 10 Aug: Vax Attax - Lie Fails - Re Anthrax - World Eyes - Real Scrutiny - The Cyber Symposium - Truth Rain
Quoting once again "We've already won." But it's still a long hard fight. Ego problems incoming. You better believe the credit is due. It's you, Tore listeners, that have made a real difference. FAG reps and the evil they push. Anthrax is back, just like in the 911 era. What the vax's have done to the military is a crime. Under a bridge level of homeless. The red team looks good. Cyber Symposium, patriots and the mountains of proof. CaC cards can modify software too. The greatest scrutiny of all is the public kind. Hold on to your seats, because we're driving, not riding. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 11, 2021
Mon 09 Aug: Loop 421 - Unstoppable - Lie Lullaby - Unity Weapon - Pen Paper Law - Math Time - Truth's Light
The learning we've done and the lies we were told. Sen. Rand Paul stands up. Control the opposition and you will win the war. Forfeiting freedoms year by year. The sharpest weapons are the non violent ones. WWG1WGA is made for now. The plan was always you. Hailstone numbers, Benford's Law, Polya conjecture, Python shapes and collapsing timelines. Math is life. Doctors speak out when the people give them strength. Are all our leaders actors? Mars is the past, Venus the future. Be ready for anything and always retain your situational awareness. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 10, 2021
Sun 08 Aug: Roundup - Not Alone - News Need - Bad Govs - Sea Power - Not Glass - Angels Gathered
A Sunday news roundup with the usual stunning insights. Public being informed? How will it ever be possible? People of the future hate the people of today. What options did we have? Low wattage interviews show the stress of the times. Some would rather accept lies than have patience. It's a war, no one knows when it will end. Karens must be ethically sourced. RINOs are killing the party. Remembering tomorrow's details is tough. An Agalega island story and the Indian Ocean heat up. Get active and get ready, because we can all feel something is coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 09, 2021
Sat 07 Aug: Consent Control - Lies Told - Truth Bias - Live Reality - Bunker Down - Satan's Days - Off Chains
Is it possible to truly believe anything? This is where faith comes in. The massive network of lies. Movies are coms. Looking back to what we have today. In tiny little boxes, separate and controlled, that is our intended future. 144k base pairs - now that's a coincidence. Nimrod, Babel and the language of separation. The angels and the gods. How much time left roaming the universe does the devil have? Free will and choice is what's rapidly eroding. We are nearing the time of great turmoil, so learn to seek your still. Choose hope always, because it makes living a joy in itself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 08, 2021
Tue 03 Aug: Bergy Edition - More Reps - Troop Rally - Router Hunt - Nipple Gate - The Affidavit - Fake Rigs
Patrick Bergy sits in for a free ranging discussion with Tore. There are disappointments aplenty in our patriots fight. Has confidence waned? The Cuomo story smells of fishy timing. Don't get into the granny killing. The routers have more info than the computers. Generals didn't take the advice. Now, they have to go find the evidence. They have the wrong idea when it comes to authority. Tally me banana. Rich people are doing damn little for the cause. Keep it in mind, those who lie will find no deals, and even less compassion. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 04, 2021
Thu 29 Jul: Zombie Univ - New Graft - Connections - Kid PsyOps - Perfect 28 - Blind Movement - On Board
The combination of busy and quiet is unsettling. Eyes on patriots helped in New Mexico. School corruption just scratches the surface. PedoJo connections? Motivated by righteous anger is sometimes good. On board brainwashing for all the teens. Shaping the crazy left for the future. The Sunrise Movement is Greta with food. Govs and mayors think they can bully. MSM is losing, the narrative is collapsing, and it all shows in their bad ratings. Organ harvesting for export. What is the perfect age? This is our 1776, and we will do whatever it takes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 30, 2021
Wed 28 Jul: On Rights - New Normal - Crisis Division - MSM Out - 9 And 10 - Labor History - Boom
The destruction of our rights has been gradual. But now, it's at vaxt speed. Complete shutdown is the obvious goal. Desperation makes them vicious. The ninth amendment, and the tenth, are now extremely important. The citizens that the Constitution protects are mostly clueless. We need real news. The MSM thinks they still control perception. Jimmy Hoffa's lessons. Was the government involved in his murder? Let them think we are weak, just before the storm. Walk in faith, not in sight. Always use the light of truth to guide you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 29, 2021
Tue 27 Jul: Fire World - Provocation - Redefining Terror - All In Plan - Op Deliberate - Sec Spike - Bad Show
The provocations continue as the world burns. It all seems to be coming at once. Toxic clouds, floods and plenty of impending doom. All while the audits prove it -- Trump won. Is Florida next? Showcasing some famous conspiracy theories. It all seems very coordinated by the left. ChyNa and Russia must be laughing. Making terror a convenient target. The girl wasn't helping the tree spike team, very much. The insane Dims are like cornered curs. Now is the time to have faith, and stick together. Find your inner peace and prepare. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 28, 2021
Mon 26 Jul: Re Revolution - History Repeat - First Drop - Born 2 Revolt - Waking Up - Focus Hard - Coming Storm
It wouldn't be our first violent revolution, but it would be the first peaceful one. Pushing, pushing, pushing. Always, they are demanding we bend a knee. Decisions with one foot in the grave. They want a war to excuse their coming crimes. This is hardly the first time insanity ruled our country. Back then we were breeding towards a better us. Why and what you are not allowed to know. We all have a fond hope for peace. Now we must work for it, plus our freedom. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 27, 2021
Thu 22 Jul: Coms 'n Ops - Dr. Email - Big Fish - Spy All - Media Tools - Server Law - Trust Kill
It truly is an information war. Today's truths will hurt. Europe and the multi-spy states. Turning on and off the email systems while non attribution is very difficult. Go with the public wifi and flash drive bootup. No Danish love for German secrecy. Shields, frameworks and personal data. Who can you believe in? The take down of a cynic's favorites. There is no one but ourselves. How much of what they say is a set up? Victims are used like tools. Our future belongs to us, so we must be the ones to build it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 23, 2021
Wed 21 Jul: ReBasics - Dealing Son - Con School - Dictator Dance - Power Keys - Us Again - Get Active
It has got to be the people now, just as always. If not us than who? The emails, the deals, and the corruption are all visible now. Dictator school shows us the basics. The keys to power are the people you have to keep happy. Hear me this. The factions are what lead to control, but not without the treasure. Soon, basic needs take over. We have to make the changes to save our country. Focus on the tangible and target your locals. Remember, your efforts are what will make the real news. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 22, 2021
Tue 20 Jul: Dispelling - Delta Porn - Function Gain - Gitmo Doubts - Tantrums - Peak Troughs - In The Still
There is so much seen that should not be believed. The peak screamers and the death of covid. Gitmo unpopular truths. What the hell is happening? The info is all misinfo. With heads come tails, sound and silence, etc. Anti-American actions are not hard to find or prove. Experience your thoughts and vibrations as stress free as possible. The MSM tantrums prove their myths. Look to find peace and your inner still. Always remember to walk in faith and not in sight. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 21, 2021
Mon 19 Jul: Toxic Emotions - Chem Brain - Mind 2 Body - Disinfo Trauma - Stress Ops - Box Out - Talk Time
What your mind says, your body does. This is not always beneficial. Community rage and the stress factor. The FAG and the Hollyweird message. Misfolded proteins, brain chemistry, and how control is achieved. Trauma, toxins and thought. Closed box thinking. Blood measurements and operational goals. DNA wound up and turned off. Accepting unfair situations is never easy. Sometimes saving comes without knowing. It's been true all along, this is an information war. Our population will have PTSD for decades. Real coms means getting together to communicate. Listen to your inner voice, it will always tell the truth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 20, 2021
Fri 16 Jul: Chaos Course - Short Sided - Future Model - Riots Pending - Diaper Diva - Endgame - Stick Together
Our system is being played, and this is how. The end game will nhot be for everyone. False info and the fog of war. Butterfly's and the 4.669 bifurcation constant. They speak the language of instability. The way you treat others defines your own state of mind. That is either menses monetary manipulation or just diapers in a different box. Want to save your country? Get together and do something. Watch Africa to see what is planned for us? I know a gal who says chaos is her friend. Get those primitive networks up and running, because future coms are in doubt. Look around and realize that chaos is the law of nature, while order is just a dream of man. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 17, 2021
Thu 15 Jul: Boom Wrecks - Arizona Audit - Trump Won - Router Secrets - All Caught - Chaos Model - One Percent
The audit power train has left the station. Arizona finally flipped today after the election night scam. Specialty knowledge is our specialty. Hunter's art story is bigger than they know. The military is going limp under the pussy pressure. Find the top of the pyramid, and then find their soldiers. The USA melting pot is real. This is why it all took so long, the EU had to burn down first. Who's affidavit was the judge afraid to touch? The Haiti hit shows an active non elected fourth branch. Citizen rights are always the first thing sacrificed. Remember, it takes only a few dedicated patriots to change the world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 16, 2021
Wed 14 Jul: Big Guy - Cuban Cutoff - Pops'n Son - USAID Graft - Coup App - War Move - Call Out
The Bidan clique is siding with the world's fascists. Cuban citizens have been cut off from all coms and the outside world. Cuban American families are livid. Hunter's kill switch. USAID graft goes way back. Internet control to rule the world. The big guy is Obot. Pops runs nothing. Look at all those laptop clues. Some fun phones are ghost receivers. The UN strategy is where this is going. Do these fascist hope to bring this home? Election integrity is the line they cannot cross. This is how we make things work, so hammer down and enjoy the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 15, 2021
Tue 13 Jul: Smother Op - The Gridlock - Pretenders - Setup Call - Sabotage - Power Truth - Loath Like
The self proclaimed news sources are in for another drubbing. Fake ass grifters soak up air time. They cover, fabricate and smooth. America will never be the same after this. A total lockup of information is their goal. Sock puppets for Brennan. Hey genius, actually read something once in a while. How many strategy goals are there? Seventeen! Use the truth to advance our wins, because it can defend itself. The CDC cover up seems serious, a lot like murder. There is no shame in demanding accountability, in fact it's our duty as citizens. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 14, 2021
Mon 12 Jul: New Times - This Moment - Truth Results - The Posers - Failing Big - Place Holders - Almost Hot
(New show time: 7:30-9:30 EST) There are other new times coming, and it will be soon. Truth's commander. Controlled not is this situation. Fraud's consequences are now showing. How to fail in front of the world. The Taliban will now crush all opposition. Pedestrian levels of obfuscation. Avoiding the charade could have been possible. People have had access forever. Tell us about the clowns. Misery and socialism go together. The Cuban cover up will expose many crimes. It's still all about money. Everyone is so done with the dress up act. This time it's true and things will soon be really, really hot. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 13, 2021
Fri 09 Jul: Timelines - Circle Backs - Delta Review - More Deeper - DUQU You - Pole Riding - Mitigation
A look back at some of the key facts. Don't ever say they weren't told. 130 equals inside job. Evil always wants to come in first while the truth takes it's time. The bottomless pit just got deeper. People didn't have to go thru that pain. Discovery is the key, and may show system design history. Obot to Snowden to the algo. Options are numerous when you command the clock. They were selling data, showing details and always tracking us. Seriously, you can't screen shot that? Cancelling the truth is impossible. The Dims and water watching. Shame weighs heavy, but not on enough people. Stay frosty and always be looking for your inner still. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 09, 2021
Thu 08 Jul: The Snakes - Usurper - Fake Rule - Plan Roman - BHO vs HRC - $$ Trails - Return Look
The many headed vipers, the forked tongue talk, and the dangerous venom. It's common knowledge now, Trump won. Fake authority and how it's gained. An active transfer of existing control replaces legitimacy. Respect from the people is zero. The Roman empire parallels are fascinating. When were those coup chapters written? Many will never understand this war. Scumbags, lies, and fake paid protests with the Hilldog, Obot and Benghazi. Was HRC set up? The stripping of our freedoms will continue. Stay true to yourself, trust your gut and keep both eyes open. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 08, 2021
Wed 07 Jul: Sow and Reap - Class Standing - Info Coil - Harm's Vessel - Graphene Sins - Vectors - Door Karens
Operations against the people have entered a more intense phase. The President starts the legal take down of big tech. Go door to door to kick off a war. Sticky feet are not always good. Did anyone notice that seam? Proximity and intentions must go together. Tangles and reactions are just two complications. Delta waves and variants add to the mix. Truth and anger resonate much differently. This just in, MSM is a tool. The secondary effects of vax spreaders. An army of psycho do-gooders. United we're unstoppable, and they know it. Stick to the honest truth because it cannot be cancelled. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 07, 2021
Tue 06 Jul: American Spring - Overthrow Op - Typical Plan - People War - Tall Truth - Faith Boulders - Silver Lining
The entire plan is looking very familiar. It's the Arab version again, with psyops, lies and attacks on the people. Noam noaz. When the leader won't sell out, replace them now. The truth doesn't need banners and trumpets. The planned changes for Europe have come home. The fear what happens if the people decide. The impossible now looks possible. Psyops never work against psyops. The need to control minds means you have already failed. Great underdog victories always depended on deception. What happens when evil runs out of bullets? Remember, the truth sounds like hate speech to those that hate the truth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 06, 2021
Mon 05 Jul: Non Secrets - Liberation - 32 Dec 69 - Ego Driven - Leadership U - Fake All - Erection Fraud
Controlling us is the ultimate goal. The truth will stand tall on it's own and scream out. There are no secrets between nations. What is going on in the oceans? Cooperation and no go zones. They target those who can lead the people, so everyone must be a leader. The best propaganda is mostly truth. Digital string and leading people astray. A Stone turns. The truth can be ugly and crass. We're in a war on a whole new level. A sure fire mic drop vax stopper. Now is the time for us all to step up and lead, because the future is here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 05, 2021
Thu 01 Jul: Hot Spell - Sold Outs - Silencers - $$$ First - Shill Thrills - Mosh Pit - Old Tactics
The heat is on all over. Now is a good time to keep a close eye on everything. There will be casualties. RICO spreads like insider info. Just look what's been unleashed. What to do if the boss is involved. The media called it, just like she said they would. POTUS speaks and the world listens. Kamala's cat fights. The shills will get back all they gave. Goal one should be the good of the country. The orange flag signal meant go. Kennedy faced it too. The amazing impact of the DJT endorsement. We've said it forever, power must be taken back locally. When it gets hot, always stay frosty. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 01, 2021
Wed 30 Jun: Nano Wars - Crow Eating - Plan Perfect - NSA Spies - Graphene Scene - Vax Hax - Inverted Hope
Why are they reporting on this now? We knew about the NSA spying long ago, and told you. Nobody wanted the truth. The judicial corruption and fake news is cover. The amazing Schiff faced liar. Knowingly and willingly. Obsolete media and internet controls. The payoff is access to corruption. Chemistry class redux. Walking proteins and modified tangles. Graphene as a binder is just the start. Ligands, clots and your personal operating system. Brave doctors do exist. What they are doing is hacking humans, via vaccines. The importance of an unaltered genetic code. What's mirrored and inserted may be neutralized. Have faith and look out for each other. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 30, 2021
Tue 29 Jun: Gloating - Pin Pulled - Smoke Screens - Low Fruit - Shill Defense - Alignment - Leftugees
No detailed confirmation after this, but today is for gloating. The shill planets have aligned, and now they will all fall. Their panicked scattering looks like roaches. A real strategy must be planned years ahead. Dominoes will tip and then keep going down. All the analogies apply, like reap what you sow, weeds loosened, crops harvested. Ohio was the kickoff, now Florida will be huge. The guilty assume they are suspects. The algos, the illusions, and the predicted response. Half logic and excuses are now banana peels. Be careful who you follow, because with the truth on our side we cannot be cancelled. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 29, 2021
Mon 28 Jun: Real Soon - Panic Attacks - POTUS Speaks - Shadow's End - Stunner QUX - Sneak Peak - Ready Set Go
We are getting closer to major historical events occuring. The end of the pretender approaches. The border and the spin. From the 17th state, our President begins the push. The enemy always sees the money first. What happens when asses are owned. 121 million votes. Our movement is growing, and fast. Infiltration and subversion is all they have. We've got the goods on all of them. This is a user experience like no other. QUX sneak peak, and it's a shocker. Seriously, it does that? Nobody wants to hear it, but the fight has just begun. Prepare yourself, because nothing can stop what's coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 28, 2021
Thu 24 Jun: Threats - Big Moves - Action Time - Brass Stalls - Collapsing - Slow Ed - Your Part
It's all happening too slowly for some. The enemy is bold, and the threats are getting bigger. Blood, liberty tree, and all that stuff. The generals and admirals are still deciding. Say what? Between democracy and dictatorship. Yes, it can all slide backwards towards tyranny. The personal need to understand is rare these days. Educating the public on controversial issues takes a long time. Was there a collapse of some kind? Things will get worse before they get better. Small actions can mean big changes. Don't get comfy, get involved instead. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 24, 2021
Wed 23 Jun: Trends - Blanked Out - Big Deals - Delta Plans - Vaxtims - Child Horrors - One Person
Tore is moving so today's show is short, with some choppy audio. How the left blanks out opposition voices. Line towing is ugly. Backup narratives are in play. Major world events are happening. The countries that won't talk to us. White shame and dead brains. Vax horror plans roll on. SIREN, a new search engine is introduced. Hunter's laptop and it's gut wrenching evidence of worldwide medical experiments on children. One person was always there. Stay safe and remember, if something sounds off it's probably a lie. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 23, 2021
Tue 22 Jun: Delusions - Tyranny Rivals - Fourth Branch - Crafted News - Defined Targets - Two F's - Stand Up
It's authoritarianism, and it's competitive. Our Representative Democracy is an illusion. They fight just to control us. Africa was the testing grounds. Defining media narratives and their use. Who's your daddy? The corporate model has now formed into a government. All aspects of life are affected. Bringing up the conflicts pits one against the grain. It's time to stand up and not fear the results. This is how it works. There is a lot going on, so be careful and watch the desperate spin. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 22, 2021
Fri 18 Jun: Games End - Big Propaganda - Coup Sources - The Pretendant - Now What? - Bad Oyster - It's Started
The psyop sophistication level is astounding. Propaganda seemingly has no limits. How the government pushes it. Bringing back Bernie. Socialism sold like cereal. So now what the hell happens? Prominent danger does indeed exist. Those who are brazen fall the fastest. There are many versions of the laptop around. Stolen ID's and the drive for bio proof. There's nothing like truth in the face. Always trust yourself and be your own guiding light. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 18, 2021
Thu 17 Jun: Made Points - Short Show Due To Tech Issues - Analysis Of Recent Putin And Trump Comments
Today's show ends abruptly at 35 minutes due to technical difficulties. Tore provides her thoughts on recent interviews by two of the world's major leaders. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 17, 2021
Wed 16 Jun: Showing Us - The Keystone - Bias Types - GCHQ Ops - Majicians - Trust Illusion - United
The keystone is the psyops. How and why the world must be shown. The way to limit whistle blowers is throwing cover. It's a social media psy-war. The goal is to distract and distort. The truth will stand tall on it's own. We must develop the tools to recognize manipulation. Squelching dissent is an art. Expectations in the target population are key. The many ways of coming together and then splitting apart. Putting us in boxes is only the start of the plan. Putin speaks like a leader. Under one banner we will form a more perfect union. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 16, 2021
Tue 15 Jun: Clone World - Feeling It - Inner Peace - CYA MSM - All Combos - Genetic $$ - Merging
The grotesque world of cloning and what it means for the future. It's not a myth, it just seems like it. Finding your inner peace within a bizarre and frightening world. The real Trojan horses of our day. The very brave get the first arrows. The fake women now considered beautiful. Censorship and airline travel restrictions are next. In this day and age, ignorance is a choice. Follow the money to the big evil. Fake news will pay. The laptop was dumped on purpose. Never forget that we are responsible for the success of our own country. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 15, 2021
Mon 14 Jun: Motivators - Flag Unite - War Fog - Charades - All Toast - Troll King - Psych Dance
On Flag Day it is important to remember our history, but also to see what tomorrow will bring. The view is blocked by the intense fog of war. Take a look at what is anonymous and false. Spells and spelling. NATO makes moves amid their fake club. The king of trolling earns his crown. Truth can always stand on it's own. Desperation is still ugly. Unity also depends on truth. The dis-info comes from every corner. Much of what we know will soon be toast. Remember, patriots are in command because the righteous are bold. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 14, 2021
Fri 11 Jun: Group Think - In Crowd - Optic Power - Dry Runs - Lube'n - Non Sheep - No Surprises
The amazing power of the herd mentality. It's on display with an MSM steroid mix. When speaking out seems dangerous, by design. The cliques in schools, work environments, and the news. Our leaders will come from the people. The country's power is on hold. Stand up and sit down like you're told. Those desperate to be liked are many. How the MSM cults hang together. Zoom in for laughs. A cringy convo with a famous pud wrestler. Silver tongues and slick scales go together. A free thinking people will never be surprised about their future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 11, 2021
Thu 10 Jun: Fake Truth - His Story - The Tricksters - Real Sources - No Context - Past Date - Son Smuggler
Tore is back and Bisquit is talking. Devil horns thru the ions. The busy God of mischief. Context is important and so is symbolism. That's how truth is shaped. Remove yourself to see the situation. This is all a created deception. Who exactly is the controlled opposition? Aerospace events incoming. Guess who's back? Acting shady and eating crow. Fauci will soon be going to jail. It was always politically directed science to get Trump. Never, ever turn from the source of real truth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 10, 2021
Fri 04 Jun: Discernment - Deep Rig - Like Buddah - Moms Roar - Labs Leak - WTF $$ - Conservator USA
Patrick Byrne joins Tore for a brief discussion of his new documentary movie. Watch for the June 19th live stream opening. ( ). A brave mother speaks out. Double talk and loss of control. The fire in our hearts. Hunter's leverage. Where is all the money going? The people are now setting the news narrative. The legal power of a conservator. How could that affect America? A shaved head moment. Building a real dossier. They look like giants until we're off our knees. Be proud of those who stand up for what's right. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 04, 2021
Thu 03 Jun: Fires Lit - All Facets - Email Feints - Rabbit Holes - Lost Scarf - UFO Ruse - Empathy
Many things are happening on numerous fronts. A little truth is seeping into the system. The candid emails are from a public source. A classic case study of influence trading. Be ready for false flags and distractions. Death bed dirty deeds. Wife handlers and dropouts. There's a history of doing business with cartels. The laptop from hell has many stories contained within. Where's that Dr. lady? UFO psyops have officially begun. Walk a mile in those other shoes. Can good people do bad things? Remember that without compassion and empathy for one another, there can be no unity. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 03, 2021
Tue 01 Jun: Q Talk - Truth Psyop - Mirror Smoke - Shiny Keys - Paytriots - Nudging U - Hot Month
It's time for some common sense talk about the Q movement. Symbolism, handlers and dossier copies. Psyoping the psyopers. Why Q scares both sides. Tiny doors and blue spirits are intriguing. The massacre and the child trafficking hub. The in crowd is actually very humble. DJT got 120 million votes. Around 2018 the experts began to appear. IP data is all about location. There are pallets of fake ballots on video. We are the leaders of our domain. Trust yourself to decide what's real. Enjoy the show and remember that everything will be revealed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 01, 2021
Mon 31 May: Betrayal - An Interview And Discussion With Guest Patrick Bergy
Tore's guests include Patrick Bergy, among others, for a wide ranging Memorial Day dialogue. All the day's hottest subjects come up. Topics covered include the country's planned dead zones, possible resource riots, the fake presidency, money system hopes, zombie control, hate America education, intel sources and methods, Hunter's laptop, and everything else relating to the ongoing war. As always, truth wins in today's analysis among real hero's and patriots. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 01, 2021
Fri 28 May: All U Need - Our Power - Freedom Love - Zone Games - Guide Fail - Hard Fix - What's Best
It's important to realize how powerful we are. Freedom is addictive. A very strange coma story. FEMA zones look like targets with a bullseye. The chaos at the center. Blatant ballot misreads are the latest evidence. We need to take hold of the situation. You can't change human genetics without knowing about humans. Little do they know what they have in store. So many are just lost in space. Harder, stronger and faster is the strategy. It's your community, city, state and nation, so do what you know is best. SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 29, 2021
Thu 27 May: Rough Ride - Bamboozled - Enemy Unseen - Reconciling - Pre Disaster - Mitigation Now - All Out
We have all the tools we need to see everything. What's this talk of moving to other planets? Invisible, and what that implies. Defining perceived or natural. Merging timelines can complicate things. The narrative they constantly sell. Chimp outs and emergency alerts. How you should feel is on the control list. Good bait looks like the target. Mass graves and fake coffins. FEMA rezoning WTF? Hiring for disaster. What is meant by stealing the light. Kansas and the Wuhan plan. Trust the real people and be ready for anything. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 27, 2021
Wed 26 May: Flag Day - Roots Mobilized - Star Points - Deja Vu Pivot - POTUS Speaks - Viral Move - Getting Stronger
A day of celebrating liberty in the past, present and future. Something big is definitely happening. Some history of the statue. Man, Muslim or chained? Taming mortals with beautiful lies. They use the entire globe as an evil experiment. First arrests are coming and there's lots of rumors. Digital decentralization of money, control and leverage. Why not let everyone do well? The Q concept drives the left nuts. Bidanflation run amok. From ChyNa to Kansas, get ready for the fight. Freedom is what helps us find our strength. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 26, 2021
Tue 25 May: Cancel Con - Transit Trap - Truth Penalty - Floozy Flag - Riot Pros - Hot Upcoming - The Kneelers
The extent to which tyrants will go to stop the truth has increased. Transit shutdowns have always been a left tactic. Punishing real journalists has benefits for thugs. Start wars or rumors of wars. There is a Rudy history that proves his record. Another generation of hope. Choking off an economy isn't that hard. Leasing the most. OK, show me an amazing UFO distraction. Role models should be chosen carefully. Saint George and the beautiful virtue they're signalling. Where are we going from here? Remember, only spend your energy on real news. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 25, 2021
Mon 24 May: Some Clarity - Grassroots - Flash Murder - Re Malaise - Water Watch - Pipeline PR - Blood War MAY 24TH, 2021 | 02:27:57 | S3:E132
It all starts at our level with the people gaining knowledge. Revisiting a brutal massacre with related cover ups and corruption. Bio hacks, string proteins, mask madness and stupid people. One pistol's story. The crisis of confidence returns. Commercial airlines and state security. Diversion and arrest. It's always in the emails. What borders in the world where not shaped by blood? The essentials of modern life are now being targeted. So many lies, so little truth. It's going to be a long summer. Be ready for anything. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 25, 2021
Thu 20 May: Percolating - An Interview With Patrick Byrne MAY 20TH, 2021 | 02:09:39 | S3:E131
Two legitimate patriot hero's discuss the pressing issues of our times. Audits, dumpster divers, evidence, media fog, and possible future news are all explored. There are actual legal routes which might still be effective. The shocking corporate takeover of our elections. 2004 is when the incriminating data begins. Most of what is now taking place is unseen. Other states are getting the truth bug. Deep state desperation and no where to run. Going goon is their next move. The whole world is watching. Remember, they can't cancel the truth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 20, 2021
Mon 17 May: Short Storm - Energy $ - Tie In 911 - Crypto Club - Long Holds - Little Details - The Tribes
The money manipulation game is hitting full speed, just like it did before 911. Want to know the future? Follow the stocks. Shorts, longs, squeezes and ghosts. If not us, then who? The dark money sources are being shut down. Multiple hats are in the game. Arizona is leading the war. Is the Federal Reserve dead? Our modern social monopolies, fiat markets and fake gold. Coins to mock coins. Time to scrutinize two things: resource investments by states, and the related stock moves. Watch the water. You are the storm. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 17, 2021
Sat 15 May: Eyes Open Two - The Dome - Distractions - Our Blinds - Time Spotting - Clash State - The Louise Slaughter Story
The second of a two part Saturday show. The iron dome defense system and perception power. The distractions are for a real purpose. Hiding what's relevant. How history cover's it's tracks. The parallels in history are easy to spot. Some black and white culture trash talk. How standing with free people is risky. Indoctrination goes deep. Not on any one's side. Now is the time to get salty. The true story of a brave American hero who understood genetic tools and the threats. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 15, 2021
Sat 15 May: Eyes Open One - Time Trips - Looking Glass - 70's Redux - Sound Reality - Dark Siege - No Mercy
The first of a two part Saturday show. A look back at the establishment and those times. The truth seekers of their day. The importance of sound. The canceling of truth's tongue. Don't wait for someone else to save you. The Romans, Jews, and the brutal war of destruction. Truth is always ugly. Who keeps these wars going? We are all on a historical journey. The know nothing can stop what's coming. The right perspective going forward. Be ready for all options. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 15, 2021
Fri 14 May: Team America - Data Thefts - Footprints - Cable Games - Evil 63 - Turmoil Again - Op Control
A major reveal of election theft and multiple motives. The hero squad. It was always about the data mining too. There was DNA, medical history, voting patterns, everything a target. Who was there to stop them? Underwater cables and controlled access. Zero latency was a critical goal. Cover stories are failing amid rumors of war. What was once controlled is now turning to flames. The bigot squad is right up front. That was different players in a different time. Ours was a history of rebellion. It's all coming into focus because they cannot cancel the truth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 14, 2021
Thu 13 May: Take It Back - One Plus - Access Control - Risk Grid - Unregulated - Crypto Runs - Back End
As predicted, it's a covert energy agenda now. There are suspect patterns and practices. Every attempt is being made. Foreign carriers coming with unlimited weights. Upstream, exposed and unregulated. ChyNa has control of our energy. Strange happenings on both ends of the supply chain. Why cryptos may suffer. Now is the time for what SloJo? The truth cannot be suppressed. Hey losers, learn to code. The Alpaca treatment. Talking smack is what they do. Be ready because there is a new America rising up. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 13, 2021
Wed 12 May: Spotlights - Fog Lifting - Sell Outs - Pipeline Attacks - RICO Suave - Two Titans - News Wash
The treasonous connections are everywhere. No more waiting for the news, this is it. Sellouts and the obvious global power grab. What is really going on with gas flow? One red state that's ChyNa owned. Access to our resources is being controlled. It's all about leverage. His emails prove he's not totally wrecked. What it means to be at their beck'n call. CEFC did what? The corruption is identical to the mob. A fakers job is to scrub real news. Flexing, connecting, and the laptop from hell. Stay salty, because things are going to get wild. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 12, 2021
Tue 11 May: Had To Be - New War - Storm Perfect - Gain Function - Grid Hacks - UnCops - The Shells
The swirling storm gains intensity. The high level functioning crack head. Sexploits as cover. Shutdowns, market expansions, revenue agreements, and the new pipeline wars. What do the insiders know? Some chilling testimony regarding gain of function research. Is it possible to heal the wounds now? Big things are happening in the recounts. The chaos when police back down. Disgusting racial narratives and planned social divisions. New glasses on the face of evil. It's now perfectly clear that this is all up to we the people. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 11, 2021
Mon 10 May: Serving Crow - Curiouser - Big Minds - New News - Hunter Genius - RICO Redux - Those Closest
It's all getting more and more strange. Those closest to POTUS let it all happen. Masterminds and perverts. Stealing ours and selling it back. Understanding what's coming. Emails and records corrected. The smart son, really? Who's in bed with ChyNa? Campaign op's. The brilliant ones are portrayed as idiots. Why would ChyNa sweat? Planking and M&M's, oh my! Hedge funds and asset management. It's all an operation. They already have future plans. Energy grid access is an issue. Going red for who? The new mafia. Who pays for the corrupt? It's called the truth, and it's coming like it or not. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 11, 2021
Thu 06 May: Definitions - New Structure - Reality Hack - Master Lie - Good Reasons - The Hunted - Takedown MAY 6TH, 2021 | 02:00:36 | S3:E122
They believe what they show us is the new reality. To get funding, just change what things are called. Bribery and vaccines are illegal when combined. Perceptions are changed like it's their socks. Staying true to your gut is never easy. Bidan crime family is now the center of the silence. Public conditioning stalls. Evidence, motivation and collusion is on paper and documented. A mother's plea about school mask insanity. Humanity and logic are stirring. And always there is the reminder, we have it all. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 06, 2021
Wed 05 May: Simplicity - Veil Pulled - Bribe Jab - Cultural Control - UnDonors - Salty Ways - Local Power
Things are not complicated, it's about control. Look at what is behind the curtain. Healthcare bribery is illegal. The leader of the party must be acknowledged. The age of consent reborn. The biggest part of the pyramid is the bottom. The 80/20 rule. Spain is not the Ukraine. Transport tourism and forced donations. What exactly is mental health? All gun laws are local. Big pharma and the plan for billion dollar collusion. To protect ourselves, we must all stay focused. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 05, 2021
Tue 04 May: Antarctica One - Mysteries - Histories - Blue Light - Nitrogen - Iced Jerky - Clone Lives
Bizarre stories on a frozen, isolated mystery continent. Videos shed light. Where oxygen drops and why. Reptilians races, their presence, and the people who discuss them. When Penguins ruled. Ice holes from space and how they form. SCP-5545-2 and it's strange story. It's not the CO2, it's the nitrogen content they manipulate. Endless hallways and weird tales of South Pole intrigue. Replication tech is more than myth. Again, do clone lives matter? Server systems run best at sub zero. Just enough to get your feet wet. Part two is next - to help avert what's coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 04, 2021
Mon 03 May: Phase Four - Last Step - Precipice - Fear Faith - High Force - Parades - Our Terms
How we got here is a chilling story. All the nations and peoples who were once free. The exposure of those who manifest evil. The arrogance of the fooled is remarkable to watch. Shake ups and shake downs in the swamp. 1918 brought mask terror a century ago. Same tactics, same weakness. An iron fist for dissenters, while they bank on us forgetting. The Romans and the start of weaponized religion. For much of the world, it's a hijab for you. They don't care about our history. Stand strong for what you believe in. Remember, we are the children of freedom's rebels. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 03, 2021
Fri 30 Apr: Truth Grows - Bait Taken - Propaganda - Noam Noaz - Clowns - Double Edge - Obsolete Evil
All the lies and myths are showing. Evil heartland threats. The propaganda narrative was perfected long ago. Repeat again. Terrifying people with truth. Holding power accountable is rare. The press decided who to control. Remember the labor movement? Nixon, COINTELPRO, long drunken nights, and why Pat was packing. Organizing at a local level is key. It's all in the spin. They're losing grip and they know it. Forced humility in the age of info alternatives. Thinking differently is where the struggle begins. Trusting the truth will take us to the limit. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 30, 2021
Thu 29 Apr: Maydays - Big Brewing - Enough Is - War Rumors - Crypto Times - Original Sin - The Border
It feels like it's all building to a boil. What will the first bring? How to introduce evidence. It's more than the Hunter laptop. Silicon money and the EMP fix. The NYT cites the NYT. Chipped, monitored, safe and in chains. SloJo language analysis. Ludicrous hyperbole just won't play. Was a war on the people just declared? Sen. Scott shines. From cotton to Congress. Audits, evidence and border raids. A real immigration policy with compassion. Original sin is not the story. We must all believe in redemption, because that time is approaching. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 29, 2021
Wed 28 Apr: Side Shows - Brain Junk - Timing - Tense Calls - Border Chaos - Climate Push - Survivors
It's all feeling like a bad movie. Naked, floating and insane. Everything is tipped on it's head. Is Erdogan on his way out? Retribution and payoffs. 100 days approaches. Weakening the military is their goal. Are the Chinese now smuggling drugs? Cycling the news is a strategy. Kamala's Kartel Konnections. Where's Hunter? Tax and spend is back, again. No designated survivor. The border invasion is a planned event. They can try and cancel history, but the truth won't be denied. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 28, 2021
Tue 27 Apr: Recycling - Traitors Again - ReDeception - 100 Days - Volcanoes - Trial Slaves - Gut Trust
Haven't we heard this all before? Rehash of global warming and population control. Golden passports and grand deception. How long was the plan on the books? Money, drugs and power. Digital currencies and the coming crash. All underwater volcanoes are important - and dangerous. Traitor Kerry is making us look weak around the world. The history of Planned Parenthood and slave medicine. Targeting and submission brings policies unrelated to health. There are many long time ingrained deceptions. Stay alert and trust your gut. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 27, 2021
Mon 26 Apr: Deception - In Focus - Hypocrisy - News Salt - Incoming - Non Jobs - Dignity Fail
Mainstream news strives to be worse. It's the great deception and hypocrisy festival. We are in a controlled civil war. SloJo's weakness is showing daily. Not all who cross are from Mexico. Fake climate programs and cash pyramids. Our rights come from God, not man. How quickly we entered the crazy zone. Staffing issues, miracle cash and misstating the truth. Uncontrolled immigration is an advantage for anarchists. The great deception is not good for most. Is Kansas safe? Be strong and stay diligent for whatever is coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 26, 2021
Fri 23 Apr: Busted Edition - With Guest Patrick Bergy - Pro Grifters - Names Named - UnProud Boys - Toll Taken - Cancel Proof
A fiery discussion with a war veteran and patriot who's fighting for our freedom. His frustrations, the blind sheeple, honeypots, blackmail, scam operators and old school targeting. Developing avenues to attack others is key. ShadowGate stirred them all up. Their goal is compromise at any cost. The battle exhaustion takes a toll. The proud boys are infiltrated with low life wife beaters. What's going on now in Washington is only a start. Big names will be coming down. The trick is to find yourself a protected position, stick together and hold on. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 25, 2021
Fri 23 Apr: The Deep Rig - An Interview With Patrick Byrne
The astounding level of corruption in elections is just the start. Patrick Byrne joins Tore for an interview covering his new book "The Deep Rig". Patrick also describes his activist organizations, Arizona audit news, the election fraud evidence, bamboo ballots, pitiful corrupt Dims, and physical intimidation from BLMtifa. There's more. The Plum Island move, public involvement fighting it, the free future of America, and real plans to get us there. These two great patriots agree the weeks ahead will be historic. This discussion provides hope that good prevails over evil, and the light of truth will soon shine through. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 23, 2021
Thu 22 Apr: The Cube - All Fronts - Best Days - Psyop Suits - Audit Ninjas - Assets Owned - Tiny Bits
It all depends on your perspective. Everyone contributes for the full sided view. The war is happening on all fronts. POTUS is a player. The lawsuits that make a first impression. Vicious dough boy protects election fraud. The narratives, the money, and the leverage. Patrick Bergy speaks truth bombs. There is so much compromise and blackmail. Rift causing is what they do. Astute funding of real journalism brings out pieces of truth. Putting together the big picture from the moon. Taking back power one bite at a time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 22, 2021
Wed 21 Apr: Breakdown - The Labs - New Start - Kansas Threat - Mob Ruling - Food Control - Truth Unbound
All the false narratives are coming apart. The bright vision that was hijacked. Stopping the attack on our food supply. Censored voices tell the real story. Police targeting for narrative and profit. The classic case of jury intimidation and grounds for appeal. Riots and looting as a policy directive. Food control, the final conspiracy. Real hero's who are relentlessly pursuing the truth. Fighting the reckless disregard for honesty. What they cannot cancel scares them. Sometimes fiction makes the coming reality easier. Feeling something in the air. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 21, 2021
Tue 20 Apr: Free Fall - Oddities - Fixed Points - Lifted Vail - Cartels - Sub Hints - Riot Plans
How quickly it all comes apart. Mistakes were made and now payment hurts. The trick in falling is understanding how to land. Fear works best as a motivator. Conditioning the people for truth. POTUS calls it as always. The highest currency is blackmail. Nautilus weirdness. Hunter's bills include tax liens, porn, hookers and Russian collusion. Cartel ties are the big story. Where's SloJo? It's in the air, lots of pain is coming soon. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 20, 2021
Fri 16 Apr: Grassroots - The Wakeup - Control Not - XXL SCOTUS - Old Targets - Non Bots - Climate Rechange
It's all designed to wake up the masses. By now, everyone knows about the election hacks. Speech you hate is not hate speech. Killary on the laptop? Underwater volcanoes can change things. Shaping the court means attacking Thomas. States can be impeachment friendly. Facts, evidence and what else they avoid. Ali again? Climate change is a big tent. Bot farms and organic growth compared. Through it all, truth stays stronger than anything. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 16, 2021
Thu 15 Apr: Truth Agenda - The States - Fear Porn - Root Causes - Basement News - Bio Bugs - Money Shade
The blatant manipulation is now front and center. MSM evil and the virus of fear. The border story gets buried. Boycotts are not the answer. The states is where real change is born. Death graphics means ratings. Milking the climate crisis is a lame future plan. String pulling via the bat phone. Bio bugs and tornadoes in our heartland. Who likes the truth? Be a shark among the goldfish. Families to feed means truth is compromised. Why in our backyard? Fighting all this evil depends on each and every one of us. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 15, 2021
Tue 13 Apr: Plum Crazy - War Labs - Playground - Hunted Now - Food Target - Famine Plans - Like Home
A chilling show on bio weapons, level 4 labs, and using famine as a weapon. A history of forced industrialization and shortages. Population safety concerns are mostly a PR effort. Hunter's playground and the beaches at low tide. Labs and food come together. Why Kansas? America's beef belt is vulnerable. Attacking food resources is an ancient evil. Cuba as a test target. Fake meat 4U. It's about putting us in our place. For America, let's be loud, clear, coordinated and fast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 13, 2021
Mon 12 Apr: The Sword - Hijacked - Rage Machine - Power History - Family Wars - Change Pain - The Children
Overcoming our fear is a threat to them. Reading and comprehending may be dangerous. Weaponizing hate is what the MSM does. Forgiving is so hard. Still, they know not what they do. Greece, kings and the ruling elites of then and now. Truth cannot be changed, because it stands on it's own. Blowing the whistle on what's to come. Beto, border lands and rail cars. Where's the guitar guy? Detention centers and humanity haters. There are some swamp draining facts being hidden. Some must see things to understand, while we must keep the faith. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 12, 2021
Thu 08 Apr: Peer Plots - Vax Pressure - All Aboard - Adrift Definition - Cell Lines - Legal Shields - Proof's Burden
The bio war takes a more defined shape. The pressures are building to choose conformity or fight. The bully moves that shape group behavior. Repression will come with a syringe. Can the military ranks be so timid? Leave employees home to cut costs. Billionaires and pandemics go together. A legal framework is on the books to protect us. Precedent, history and the burden of proof. The new meaning of your body, your choice. Learn to fight because it's coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 08, 2021
Wed 07 Apr: Closets - Clinging On - Wanting It - Super Cancel - Target GA - Ukraine Inc. - Fire Starters
Their strategy is to hide all the corruption and fraud. Algos, secret rooms, JOB's failed backups, and the story of 2016. A shooting deconstructed. The heat of the moment means brush fires of freedom. Is this the end of baseball? Woke Inc. has no real plan. Hunter's deals involve a dozen countries. Kiev's fraud became Americas. World data is the new mining ore. Getting things done means making it warm for local officials. Does it take a boot on the face? Now is the time to be a shark in the fishpond. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 07, 2021
Tue 06 Apr: The Overlords - Everywhere - Decree Gov - Taured Tales - Praise Unseen - Davids All - Bonus POTUS
They are in our bed, fridge and car. Corporate power is domination. More sway than our vote. Governing is not just making proclamations. Putting our foot down on the covid demons is a start. Strange stories from the past. The foolish said it was all so beautiful. Those invisible clothes are making the emperor look bad. Negative news for them shows that truth spreads like wildfire. The true President answers some candid questions. Remember, it's everyone's fight to become the real news. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 06, 2021
Mon 05 Apr: The Telling - Seeing It - Truth Tissue - Fear Whine - Evil's Posture - Song Same - Gone Digital
Their goal is total rule over the world and our country. Feel the acceleration? Corporate control in the modern age. It's crumbling before our eyes while more people see. The abortion debate is far from over. Why Syria is so important to Putin. JOB's last stand. Finding sympathy for evil. Posture, makeup and pain. Just exactly what should the secrets be? The planet knows it's time to wake up. They no longer control the flow. Be ready for the seven nation army. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 05, 2021
Fri 02 Apr: Unsafe - Secret Dirtiest - Every Facet - Roll Over - World PsyOp - Local Start - Louder
The influence level of corporate power is stunning. Do you feel safe today? There is an equal and opposite reaction. Pause it, break it, change it. These happenings are not random. Names, staff, software and corruption are all on the server. Medical free speech is threatened too. Saving yourself is a difficult concept. It's going to get ugly when cities fight everyone else. Sometimes fires serve to restore and replenish, and then life begins anew. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 02, 2021
Thu 01 Apr: PsyOp Day - The Fools - Border Boom - Time Tampered - Thug Slice - Arc Talk - Calendar Games
All fools day and many of them are crowing. Vaxport news and the new smuggler boom. Just making their bread. The country that is second most powerful. Why no talk of restricted airspace? Taking control of our own time, space and history. The States is where we must make the fight. Pizza politics and the war on conservatives. The agency and the Arc. From Gods to animals. Times and dates can be moved by those in power. A real civilization looks back for knowledge. Consider it all as we boldly face the future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 01, 2021
Wed 31 Mar: Bio Truths - Vax Reality - Paved Road - DNA Replicators - Signal Cascade - Double Dose - mRNA Power
(Choppy audio first 20 min) Today's class moves quickly so do NOT drop your pencil. POTUS speaks and we all have reason to hope. The vax bio basics are what they are hiding. Sequencing, disabling, silencing and transcripting is what they do. Pathways to proteins give them highways to hell. Your building blocks are designed by God. The CMV vax opportunity shows how they think. Inside or outside the nucleus makes a huge difference. Vectors and vulnerability. Knocking out genes entirely is never advisable. Why do vaxers push a double dose? They bank on you trusting them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 31, 2021
Tue 30 Mar: Gene Scene - Med Tyranny - Policy Fail - Minus DNA - Vax Laws - Walled Out - 7 Nations
The private discrimination surrounding the death vax. What proteins they are trying to eliminate. Something called legal precedent. The death of GOLUP. The massive failed policy at the border. Who owns personal health info? The major corporations and why they don't abide by the law. Making people think they are sheep. The masses will be migrating towards America. The are good at pushing the envelope. Staring out at the rest of the world. There is talk of a seven nation war. Keep the faith and do your part. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 30, 2021
Mon 29 Mar: Patience - All Seeing - Papers Please - Lost Satire - Distortion Inc. - Brute IMF - Political Prisoners
The fake media acts like no one knows. Somehow, blind trust extends to those who enslave us. It's now medical discrimination well defined. Suits and counter suits will have them boxed in. Be ready for vax martial law, with masks. What ever happened to irony and satire? It's a battle for life. Nazi's used the law as a weapon. This is modern big tech book burning. It's not about the parties, it's about the infiltrating corporations. We must prove our freedom is made of more than paper. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 29, 2021
Sun 28 Mar: Spiritual - Sin Original - POTUS Speaks - The Comforting - Religious Wars - Family Side - Our Beliefs
A special Sunday show in celebration. Our real POTUS speaks. The importance of a Christian president. Why pray? New media platforms incoming. Both sides psyop. Decoding and then downplaying the truth. Vaccine blasphemy and the church. Archangels, battles and history. Weaponizing all religions in all nations. Staying comfortable with the facts. It's not always easy to see evil. Stay centered in your beliefs and ready for the future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 28, 2021
Fri 26 Mar: Water Watch - Jammed Up - Monkey Virus - Train Wreck - Ocean Walls - Remote Secrets - AI Driving
Who said to watch the water? We need action, not just words. SloJo babble. Importing Ebola. It was a gust of wind that did it. Supply chains, Euro markets, and AI at the wheel. Let's unload each container and see what's in it. A look at St. Helena Island and it's mysteries. The key role of Africa cannot be ignored. Where the oceans come together is important. There are leaders trying to get a war started. Someone check the air traffic that morning. No matter how bleak it gets, God always wins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 26, 2021
Thu 25 Mar: The Movie - Secret Sauce - Vax Threats - Raging Narratives - Chop Shops - Trojan Horse - Cozy Up
All the myths depend on the media. It takes something special to get normies motivated. Soy boys are feeling bad. Decoding the veep. The needle intimidation is growing fast. We know who the real enemies are. They will act like friends and then burn things down. There is no limit to what they will do. The brutal organ harvesting must end. Dazzling meme's and tweets are not signs of real support. Truth is painful. Infiltrators destroyed the day. We were sold out by our own people. Fighting for the future is what we do. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 25, 2021
Wed 24 Mar: The Project - Evil Orgs - T.N.S.P. - Selling Influence - Partners All - DNA Zoo - OP Stories
The secret organization that shapes American policy. The most important are the ones you've never heard of. Truman National Security Project. Hiding behind name changes and weak history. Yale roots and Hunter as CEO. All aboard for roll out strategies and narratives. Who are their partners in crime? The puppet masters are crazy, and look that way. The deep state department and all their connections. Pushing aid to grease the skids. A roundup of the vaccine DNA zoo. A ghost story from a war zone. Add to your knowledge and build trust in yourself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 24, 2021
Tue 23 Mar: Paper Freedom - Envy Weapons - Obedience - State Force - Stacked Chips - False Self - Serious Ground
The politics of control is reaching a crisis. POTUS speaks and it's refreshing. What's coming may be traumatic. Truth stands when all else fails. Envy used as a weapon. Pushing social justice fights to divide us. Timelines and reality constructs. The organizations that no one talks about. We feel better in a cloud of numbers. The nine ground stages of war. Helping others provides a true mental benefit. They want blood spilled. Those too lazy to fight will not be free. Choosing our battles and forcing their hand will lead to victory. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 23, 2021
Mon 22 Mar: Facts Hurt - Target Pools - Dis Traction - Greed Corp. - The Script - Resets - Bribe Games
It's all about traction and distraction. How about that UFO revelation? What everyone does not want to hear. The actual news that matters is buried. Proud of their yellow stars. Vector designs and the ways of shaping influence. Create it, see it, know it. Unleashing the truth and watching. The entire world will know. It's going to be an interesting three weeks. Steering humanity away from the fallen ones. HSBC, banks and bribery. The scripts and the reality they want us to see. Seek the truth and listen to yourself in the days ahead. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 22, 2021
Fri 19 Mar: Rerun Again - Infiltration - Mocking Ops - Complicit - Africa's Fallen - Old Wars - Idea Control
It's all about keeping people confused. Everything is fake with those who are complicit. Playing the race card to cover human trafficking. Pipeline politics, the Eastern Med, and Turkish control. Asian lives matter, except to BLM. The fall of the Roman empire holds many lessons. Africa and the Songhai empire show the perils of infiltration. Repeated patterns are known to the deep state planners. Gold, salt and religion. The take downs and the politicians from without. History can work for you, but only when you understand it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 19, 2021
Thu 18 Mar: Not Alone - Controllers Inc. - Lines Drawn - It Takes One - Shake Down - King Pawns - Stand Up
They live to troll for the negatives. Doomer smack downs and the demoralization strategy. Remember, everyone is playing a role. Ignoring the situation is difficult for them. How info drops deeper into a box. Nullification is the word not to be spoken. FBI tactics and the fake riot. Hijacking movements is a specialized attack. There are details about watching the water. Who are the thought leaders and their throng? Validation is part of the fight. Non attribution in today's world is not easy. We are the news now, and we will do what it takes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 18, 2021
Wed 17 Mar: Battle Lines - Puppet Masters - Fiddle Playing - Script Flip - Group Think - The Ogres - Invincible
It's all about the info we're allowed to see. Who, exactly, controls that. The monsters behind the mask. Let's say it again, everyone has their price. Even good people can become pawns. Everyone loves the truth. The forces holding us down are now exposed. Choosing battles means taking the right shot. That's a fiddle being played. Here are the people that let us down. Group think helps them win. More than ever, educate yourself and trust your gut. Remember, you are your own hero. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 17, 2021
Tue 16 Mar: Warriors - Redemption - Sacrifices - Truth Logic - Patrick Bergy On Whistle Blowers, Patriots And Perps
The ugly truth is hard to hear. Trusting the military may not be the best option. Going thru doors that make us uncomfortable. Who's your president? How they redefine truth. Changing history is a fixed strategy . Waking up requires real discernment. Patrick Bergy joins Tore in the second hour for an upbeat, fast moving discussion of all the hot subjects including witch hunts, who to trust, the Q movement, political prisoners, multiple risks facing truth tellers, a strategy for future victory and much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 16, 2021
Mon 15 Mar: Contrived - Think Crimes - Puppets - Control Models - Patriot Hits - All Showing - Our Nation
It's a war - any questions? Thought crimes are here. The Chyna model is ideal for control of the people. What we can do and when. DNA is all part of the planned info grid. They work together to keep us separate. Stupid excuses for stupid policies. Where are these patriots? Fake video and contrived situations. Why do they need help finding evidence? The intimidation is intended to show us their power. Freedom is for those who fight. We must band together and share real info. Our nation needs us now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 15, 2021
Fri 12 Mar: Comments Off - Momentum - The Fighters - Media Control - Target States - Whites And Reds - Focused
There are rumors that the war has been won. The reason? We are the news now. Fighting people are free people. Their control of the news is slipping. American newborns are 80k in debt. Gov't agencies that work to silence you. Are you ready for Restin Ebola? The citizen fight must be waged at the state level. Is Texas next? Russia's civil war teaches some hard lessons. Medical data and your privacy. Do the work for freedom and win the biggest prize. Trust everyone 100%, and then watch for the proof. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 12, 2021
Thu 11 Mar: The Center - Tyranny Redux - Cut Corn - Free History - Teachings Lost - Emotion Box - The Light
The history of controlling people is a long one. The age of tyranny reviewed. News roundup and some relief. The corn metaphor. Corinth and the center of the world. Is America similar? Freedom is for those who fight for it. Ask the Greeks. There are edits and lost parts of the ancient scripts. Our ability to prosper is being controlled. Psyops are the weapons that combine emotion and logic. Prove them wrong and know what's right. They are loud and in our face. Victory will be sweet. Until then, playing by the book means walking in faith. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 11, 2021
Wed 10 Mar: Global Fix - The P.A.I.N. - Repudiation - Inside Facts - African Myths - Lab Testing - Seeing Eyes
The integrity of elections is the core issue. So much cannot be proven authentic. There's a process of verification. Who's doing this? It begins at the state level. The dark continent has so much to offer. Let's look at a global scale comparison. NGO's and their move to the South. The CCP has big plans and a good start. Fake narratives always mean control. Isolation is key when testing. What can we learn from these attacks? We must view ourselves as a similar target. Now is the time to look beyond what we are told to see. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 10, 2021
Tue 09 Mar: All Timing - Change Desire - Fake Harmony - The Contracts - Control Inc. - LePew Too - Birth Of Memes
The shape of the woke control culture is plainly evident. When the people want change, it happens. If the vote was illegal, so is their office. Corporate power lines up against freedom. Overt, aggressive sexuality in a cartoon skunk. SCOTUSgate is still coming. Covid is enslavement. The border crisis is building fast. Dr. Seuss was the original meme warrior. Woke left pressure and Hitler themes are similar. Why should there be psyops at all? Freedom is for those who earn it. Keep faith as your main source of hope. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 09, 2021
Mon 08 Mar: So Ready - Happy 43rd - Grain Against - Political Prisoners - Clause Catch - Crystal Tech - Inner Gifts
The evil is in plain sight and change is near. Birthday 43 celebration and thanks. All cards are being played close to the chest. Text, calls, proof exists that Chyna says yes or no. Showing the world is easy when you have all their coms. The emoluments clause goes both ways, and the Biden's are the poster family. Legal moves based on TDS mean selective prosecution. Crystals can be squeezed and stretched. You can hide anything when it's stored on glass. This tech has arrived several decades ago. The confusion storm rains anguish, so you must find your inner peace. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 08, 2021
Fri 05 Mar: It All Fits - Unseen Options - Five Eyes - Space Time - Hex Cubes - Math Truths - Big Picture
It's a big universe of possibilities out there. How the devil works. Seeing our reality from far away. Gorilla vax behavior shows us things. New study shows 78% invalid votes. Atomic level wobbles. Space chemistry and how it affects us. Explaining math and religion. Mecca, a pilgrimage, and the strange shape of things. Saturn is a mystery. What they don't know helps us. Wave function and our inner vibes. Maintain your positive faith and choose your best outcome. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 05, 2021
Thu 04 Mar: Signals - SOTU Review - Lincoln Like - Fake Pain - Usurpation Defense - Rigged Deals - Super V
A careful look at this week's major POTUS speech. But first, some car love and thanks. Gas lighting immigration pain. How tears make weapons. Destroying peace and creating war. The changing of the old guard party. Pandemic excuses to violate the law. Set backs and honest elections. Wind farms for poverty. You and the W.H.O. Explaining SCOTUS failures. Outlining the globalists future for all to see. Trumpism and what it means. Be careful of all planned demonstrations. The look and confidence of someone who knows what's coming. Our victory will be YOOGE. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 04, 2021
Wed 03 Mar: Original Intent - Anger News - Delta 32 - The Cauldron - Colored Cubes - All Aspects - New Dragnets
What exactly were their original goals? Let's look at covid and everything else. Funds, inflated numbers and the Cuomosexuals. Why the gene editing? HIV has a history that tells us much. How a virus is blocked from attacking a cell. Keys to the gate of vulnerability. Nazi's history, false origin narratives, and the playground of the SS. Viral variations and Ebola incoming. Who in the cabinet profits? Deployed deep state assets and the new dragnets. United we are unstoppable. Stay sharp and keep the faith. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 03, 2021
Tue 02 Mar: In Focus - Lawfare Ways - God's Armor - Gagging Us - Scaling Up - Subversion - Class Acts
The start with local attacks, then get more aggressive. Out of the woodwork they all came. Subpoenas were printed like coupons. Patience brings payoffs. How soft Marxism is sold in schools. The many ongoing wars on truth. Scars are worn by real warriors. In the line of fire is where demoralization lives. Looking forward we can see where this is going. Issues of standing are challenged by class actions. Some care only about justice and not about the money. The people of the USA will be rising like champions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 02, 2021
Mon 01 Mar: Mind Chains - Evil's Face - Commodities - Fallen Ones - Vibing Page - Stupefied - Six Years
The face of evil is showing and the world can see it. Scripture, mythology, and the divine council. The Elohim had help. When we are on the same page, love and hope survive. Building narratives is like controlling thought. Ears can listen but may not truly hear. They cannot force you to mask submit. Was covid used to take over the nation? Here comes Ebola again. Now, it's Trump's GOP. They are destroying the nation slowly, so we can all watch. 404 Errors serve as clues. We must all understand our collective power. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 01, 2021
Fri 26 Feb: Truth Swab - Butt'n In - Brazen Acts - Cellular War - Golden Rules - Floating Mines - Real SOTU
The up front insanity seems designed for a purpose. Bend over and take a deposit. A medical briefing on why they probe. Soldier cells and your gut brain. Going back to the Sumerian's history to tell us the future. DNA is involved. Asteroid mining and the commodities markets. Nancy's covid go ahead. The golden element in our health involves alchemy and you. Salt island slaves and how the future looks to globalists. Empty advise from CPAC fakes. POTUS will soon speak. Our numbers are growing and we want the truth. Never more than now, you need to trust your gut. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 26, 2021
Thu 25 Feb: Control - Spam Wars - Projection Ops - Truth Ministry - Brain Junk - All Options - Portal Fakery
The amount of psyop operations being deployed is shocking. It's all about defining your information options. There are paid assets operating in all levels of media. Let's flip everything on it's head. The human era might be just a blip in time. Cubits and the binary myth. Speech, thought, and replacing the human software. Their end is our beginning. Quantum processing enables an exponential speed up. Portal tech and faking leadership. They win when we go violent. There is no going back now because nothing can stop what's coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 25, 2021
Wed 24 Feb: Truth Crown - Thin Ice - Millie Docu - Clowns All - Plan Known - Spear Tip - The Flow
Lots of excuses, fakers and truth avoidance have gotten us here. It was a coup. The motives and plan behind Jan 6th. Everyone knew, they just didn't say. How to control both parties. Ali and the orange team. Another startling documentary from real journalists. Tactical attacks against POTUS. Suffocating knowledge is what clowns do. Fixed time points cannot be pushed aside, just delayed. We are 120 million strong. Citizens are consumed, not the consumers. Finding your flow means getting activated. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 24, 2021
Tue 23 Feb: Predictive Analytics - Patriot Day Truths - Nazi's 2021 - Book Burning - New Censorship - Many Deceptions - Working Together
Censorship is not about silencing you, it's about cutting off your information. Disallowing you is their goal. Stealing and obstruction are core tactics. Fake riots ginned up by fake politicians. The Committee On Public Information is back. Today's parallels with NAZI propaganda are frightening. Censorship is book burning. The only person who can tell you anything is POTUS and he is the ultimate insider. There are so many things going on. Hope is born within you, so look inside yourself for what resonates and follow your faith. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 24, 2021
Mon 22 Feb: Demolition - SCOTUS Taxing - Excitement - Ebola Play - Papers Please - Bad Sacrifices - Sins Helpers
SCOTUS, public anger and the avenues they opened. How hard they will fall. Hunter's back taxes are now fair game. Has the war been won? The entire plandemic is a repeat. Who is the Ebola man? Handling our enemies like children who need love. Predictive analytics show bad pretensions among the clueless. Churches are filled with politics and their shame is showing. Vaccine stories and the urge for revenge. Tribunals and armed security? More details tomorrow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 22, 2021
Fri 19 Feb: Backlash - Pain Delay - Sino Grid - Shadow Docket - Fixed Points - Mask History - FISA Flip
The delays make hiding their criminal activity harder. It adds pain and suffering. SloJo destroys Texas. Immigration and the goal of ending medicare. Making the elderly dependent. Justice Scalia explains parchment guarantees. FISA goes both ways. The shadow docket is making certain people very nervous. Fixed events cannot be changed within the time lines. Wendell Wilkie claimed electoral fraud. Stealing elections and flu pandemics go way back. American exceptionalism does not come without sacrifice. Always keep the faith, and watch what happens now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 19, 2021
Thu 18 Feb: The Quiet - Driven - Picture Big - Polling POTUS - Market Shams - Perils USA - Yellow Star
POTUS speaks, and says it's time to be quiet. There is a larger overall picture and it says he's got huge support. Why bring up 2024? The politics of death in New York. The MadMax show and how it's scripted. Capital markets with people power are a threat. They want us to kneel. So long as the union shall last. How do average people become murderers. Karen's and the virus myths. It's because other people have to feel safe. The yellow star of Covid. The most essential freedom of all is our free speech. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 18, 2021
Wed 17 Feb: Toolbox - For Freedom - Rush R.I.P. - Justices - Truth Beacon - Ouroborus Code - Core Gravity
Tiny morsels of information are falling on mostly deaf ears. The scouts in wartime. Truth is a prerequisite for existence. There is actually a theory of everything. History's quirks define us. The left and the one percent. Drawing the courts into politics. Whistle blowers and what we are supposed to know. What can be considered the devil's finest work? Time is slow, but spring blooms are coming. The snake and it's tail. So you think you are solid? Shiny hair and the glue that holds us together. Always walk in faith regarding what you feel. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 17, 2021
Tue 16 Feb: The Quest - Higher Loyalty - SCOTUS History - Undo Burden - Voynich Guide - Baffling AI - Agreements Made
For true patriots who care about the country, there are goals. The history of our highest court gives hints. Justice Scalia speaks from the grave. When the time comes, there will be only one clock. AI means transferring human knowledge to a computer. The enduring mystery of the Voynich manuscript. What does it tell us about anything? Antarctica may be a fascinating clue in the legend. Chunky women in green goo. Is this some type of foundation for our future? Keep the faith, trust your gut, and be ready for what's coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 16, 2021
Mon 15 Feb: Momentum - Time Weave - Desperate Delay - DNA And Strings - Outcomes - Who Dictates - Finding Your Still
Honest talk and truth drives the left nuts. Nan is losing it. AI data profiles are the new gold standard. Empowering the people with string theory and science. Who's your president? The next 14 days will be epic. Straw man arguments emerge from Pandora's box. Math is a language. The people make the laws. Are massive class action law suits pending? We have to pick our battles carefully to win. Don't let them change your reality. A true North heading will feel like finding peace amidst the chaos. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 15, 2021
Fri 12 Feb: Impeachment Hearings - Commentary - Their Words - Our Swords - Seeing Evil - Making History - Never Give Up
Let's start with two hours of the impeachment hearings. It finally seems time for our side to talk. Defense means using their words. Our evidence we will be on display today. It's good enough for a Senate trial. Who holds the power grid switch? Citizen rights are not dependent on their ability to pay. What happens from here is up to you. We are making history as a people, and we must finish the battles. It's important to both believe in POTUS and never stop doing what's right. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 12, 2021
Thu 11 Feb: Evidence Inc. - Faked - Danger Admin - Frog Blocks - Crosstalk - Sacred Geo - Party Started
Their show trial is using fabricated evidence. HAVA illegal day. The encryption vote changing keys. Dominion whines and squirms. They have no power over a free people. AJ, Ali and their sordid history. Disinformation can be a good thing. Formatting human life has problems. How it all will start and end. Modems, dongles and insert points. We've said it before, FISA works both ways. Their crimes are surfacing. Stand up and say no more manipulation of life or health. Keep the faith on all levels. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 11, 2021
Wed 10 Feb: Fixing Unfit - Contracts - 100 Days - Root Science - Sticky Ends - AI Future - Unity Victory
Unfit and corrupt seems easy to prove now. It's a POTATUS lemon law. The people power and the documentation. Using the tools and the 25th amendment. Next is some serious science. The roots of bio war. It's like elves shoveling coal. Editing out disease sure sounds good. Radiation super bacteria. SynBio and you have a future together. NeuraLinks, lacing, DNA networks and the butt pucker. No body can tell you what you know. We caught them all. We need to be resonating on the same victory frequency. Our unity means America is unstoppable. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 10, 2021
Tue 09 Feb: Infiltrated - Enemies Unseen - From Within - Mom's Boy - GOP Perverts - Code Inside - Impeachment Again
All they can do is subvert and destroy. They have no real politics. Every time it's a paid op. How did these pedos get close to the president. Hapsburg inbreeding did this. Digit up and hide it. Blue check zeros. Is AJ done? When your momma is a lawyer. Is it a vaccine or a version upgrade? The index finger and the gut feeling. The DNA code inside us are targets for CRISPR. Could impeachment bring some surprises? When it's the darkest, keep your faith and always look for the light. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 09, 2021
Mon 08 Feb: Anticipation - Simplicity - Deception War - Citizens R Outcasts - Victory Alignment - 100 Year Plan - Rights Proud
In a war, it's all about knowing the enemy's moves. The best plans are the simple ones. Time for the comparison of Nazi's verses the woke. The best intentions are easy to manipulate. It's like game theory on steroids. The goal is to maintain human freedom. For true liberty, this has to be a 100 year plan. Are you a citizen with a complete tool box? Our job is to fix it and leave. The study thinking in the effort to guide it. Everyone must play their part. Be proud of the rights you hold as an American. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 08, 2021
Fri 05 Feb: Coup Plans - Multi Phase - Collusion Inc. - Egos And Zooms - Admitting RICO - Yo Ohio Quo - Heros R U
We knew all their plans, but did it help? It's the corporations and big tech attacking us. How the human psyche complicates things, even for patriots. The left is addicted to cheating. Bad things happen when big tech and big labor shake hands. Realize the we are the target and then start to take control. Go ahead and bring that impeachment. The law provides some true weapons. Evidence is the ammo, and we have a lot. Being patient is the hardest part. Victory is sweetest when the odds are steep. It is in our blood to be rebels. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 05, 2021
Thu 04 Feb: All Assets - Mind Speaking - Quo Warranto - Social Slaves - Long Knives - The Purging - Pillow Talk
There is always a new level to the war. Freedom will not be censored. The legal avenues back to reality do exist. They seek to turn us on and off at will. Do you want to watch the movie or write the script? The Brown Shirts are looking very familiar. Controlling others as a goal. Should we prefer a statesman or politician? All citizens are qualified. Prepare for incoming screeching. A sticky situation and a steep hill can teach us. We, the people, make the rules now. Stand fast patriots and keep the faith. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 04, 2021
Wed 03 Feb: Bare Truth - Lit Shadows - Scorched Earth - In The Now - Revolutions - Standing Tools - Freedom's Wings
We are part of a historic movement. The shadows is where the truth lies. Working in the den of thieves. Generosity brings ten fold returns. We got too comfortable. The new wars are digital at first. Self preservation rear's it's ugly head again. Real patriots must admit the truth. A brief history of revolutions worldwide. The writs and us. Sovereignty must be claimed by the people. We will all know the nitty and the gritty. The good guys blocked everything. Chaos is our favorite lunch food. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 03, 2021
Tue 02 Feb: Triple Convo - George Nasif & Cirsten W - Evidence Fire - Software Scams - Testing Loyalty - CCP Insiders - Rightful Place
Tore joins in a conversation with two dedicated patriots. Real evidence has awakened the people. This means servers full of documents and data. There is also lots of blame to go around. Numerous governors are on the list. February means surprises. There are many things not public. Something took effect on day one. Burma's elections with Hamer and Scorecard. Is it time for property seizures? There is fake news in citizen journalism too. Trump is picking a new cabinet. Some thoughts on what the future holds for all of us. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 02, 2021
Mon 01 Feb: Project Reins - Lie Living - Underdogs? - The Stressers - From Ashes - Regular People - Real Work
People power is dangerous to them. Now is when the uncomfortable effort begins. Our future is designed by us. The DS wants their version of liberty and freedom. Failure is the best teacher. Our country can rise from ashes and soil. Illegally obtained elected office holders make good reform targets. We didn't start the fire. We the people must write our own script. Are we being trolled? Hacks, lies and moving up. It's like we are all living in a fog. The election was shamelessly stolen, and now we serve crow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 01, 2021
Fri 29 Jan: Not Finished - On Script - Big Duplicity - Known Sequence - Econ War - Cold Crow - State Strategy
It's almost as if events had been pre-planned. How game theory influences our lives. Options are known will all choice sequences. It's Mockingbird 101. A pissed off base is no way to start. Do you call this a free market? Trader apps stop limit access by the little guys. The floors are burning beneath their feet. PedoJo and, wait for it, the swabbing of your anus. Heads will spin. POTUS says "We haven't finished yet." A statewide strategy means no certified machines, no legal election. We have the ultimate power. Now is when our real muscle flexing begins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 29, 2021
Thu 28 Jan: DS Inc. - Feeling Heat - People Power - Insider Squirm - Short Stop - Down Clamp - The Bubble
Make no mistake, this was part of the plan. Greedy sharks trapped in a tank. Chat board power and the little guy. Selling short and losing long. The numbers are staggering. They will respond with repression while all the world is watching. Gifted stocks, Congress, and the massive corruption of insider trading. Is it coordinated buying or financial manipulation? How corporations rule us. Forcing election fraud into being a non-issue. Have faith in the fact that money exposes everything. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 28, 2021
Wed 27 Jan: Lawfare - SCOTUSGate - Making Mandamus - Evidence Enshrined - Alliances Shifting - START Stops - Infiltrators
There are still important legal options. The hearing from history tells us a legal tale. Remedies were pushed by real citizens. It's not important until the crime is completed. TU Spaceforce. SloJo reshapes treaties. The US power grid and ChyNa, together again. The distinctions among patriots are more apparent. All those people you thought were your friends. Real news is hard to find. Those pushing propaganda will be made examples of. We must find their sources of funding, and quickly. Truth survives and always rises to the top. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 27, 2021
Tue 26 Jan: Duality - Back Stepping - Intel Mashup - Fraud History - Niobium - Quantum Coming - Blackmail Tech
The dual shaped government formation has a precedent. Logic and reason have left the building. Algo's and string theory may help explain things. Criminal election fraud groups have been used before. There's a long history of voter abuse by government players. Unpopular presidents need military protection. Nb, the gold replacement, has many useful properties. Quantum leaps are just around the corner. The bio interface and it's developers. Med tech and blackmail go together. The key is keeping your faith in an insane world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 26, 2021
Mon 25 Jan: Some Animals - The Selected - Their Law - Future Plans - Organizing - Get Up - Our Hand
Staying ready during tough times for patriots. The odd things that are happening. MSM snaps into line. Seeing the pain is an act of love. We must understand the human aspect of revolts. Can they put everyone back to sleep? Unrealized expectations and the future. Waiting means mesmerizing. The information pipeline has gone dark. Differences are large between face value and naked truth. The more we mope the less we fix it. Calling cards come in the midst of evil. Our hand is still in the game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 25, 2021
Fri 22 Jan: Fake All - Crisis Moments - Truth Awakens - Our Consent - Free Speech Redux - Built Reality - People Rising
It all seems like sleepwalking thru reality. How high tech has been developed to control us. Free and independent states are back. The multiple facets of censorship. Jesus spoke too freely. We shall arise armed with knowledge. They want to decide what you're allowed to hear. Hedonism extinguishes freedom's fire. Managing you is their science. How did the founders want SCOTUS to respond? A corrupt judicial system stymies sovereign free will. We are the masters. People want to know the truth. With our faith in victory, they should all be worried. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 22, 2021
Thu 21 Jan: The Arena - Optics - Get Up Now - Ten Rules - Down Pants - Revolt Redux - Fate's Director
These times are not for the timid. Patriots are called to do their part. Their op is demoralization. The risks of getting into the fight. Reason is the advocate of self preservation. The taxes that led to peasant revolts. Infiltrators have their pants down. You can't just hear it, you have to see it. Time lines and the fulcrum of chaos. Remember, don't be mean. Battle rules for the ages. We will strike our own path. Enjoy the show while doing what you are empowered to do. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 21, 2021
Wed 20 Jan: 1776 v2.0 - Faux Farce - CU Soon - Rights Review - Two Days On - Six More Years - We R Many
It seems the worst has happened, but have they gotten away with it? Remember, they want you to feel defeated. POTUS speaks with amazing calm confidence. The next two weeks will be important. Corrupt states are the easy fruit. Why are they so hostile in victory? The Army is in DC to defend something. Strengthen coms with your people. SCOTUSgate looms. There are other countries with two presidents. Freedom is hard work. The hunger games are on display. The cold fact is we won in a landslide. Always have faith in yourself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 20, 2021
Tue 19 Jan: Popcorn Day - Pressure Builds - Vetting Inc. - Rising Sun Tzu - Fear Porn - Dis Appointment - Founders Law
These are historic days for patriots. Suddenly, the NG get some love from the left. Delayed resignations and the bait used in a good trap. How important is the role of the family? It seems like the entire world is against us. There are plans to backup the plans. Don't forget, they want you in a camp. Riot claims versus our own eyes. Some were born for this moment, others came from afar. Don't lose everything and then get motivated. God chose the maximum pain route and this is it. The digital army is fighting hard. Pray for America and the true warriors for freedom. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 19, 2021
Mon 18 Jan: Leaders R Us - Tortured Souls - Minute Men Again - Revolution II - Staying Focused - Spark A Fire - Our Part
Pain is seeing the evil buried within humans. Hell lives on a laptop. The results show when humanity is lacking. Did you know the hanging chads were an op? More people than ever know when something is amiss. The skills of a true leader start with enthusiasm. Know who you are fighting for and against. History's battles mirror our war today. Why vet the NG? The savior is in each of us. What comes next has been carefully thought out. We have everything we need meaning they are toast. The nation's shareholders are the people. It's time to have faith that God always wins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 18, 2021
Fri 15 Jan: All Angles - Perspectives - Exposed Assets - Underdog Millions - Ops Layered - Stay Focused - Wrath Of Justice
Our knowledge base for the future is excellent. What they call news is old. The disinfo has never been worse. Making the majority feel like the minority. The number of current domestic missions is unreal. The ghoulish never look good gloating. Back to the original anthem. The pen is still the mightiest sword. They now want to set us up. You dictate what's important. It's all about information timing. They will try to bait you, don't let them. Be aware of your faith, and never lose it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 16, 2021
Thu 14 Jan: DC Guards - Out Front - Titans War - 25th Hunting - Backlash Optics - Gab Speech - What's Up
Right out front is everything we need to know. 20,000 troops for a virtual inauguration? Overcoming emotion is important to truly see. Theirs is an entirely different set of gods. Control of you is the goal. Censorship and insanity does not play well. The browser wars are just getting started. A hero platform steps up with a patriot leader. History is important in understanding where we are today. Despots push discouragement. Never surrender to evil, and it is peace and safety that we shall find. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 14, 2021
Wed 13 Jan: The Tools - Seeing All - Last Frontier - Fact Fiction - Sharp Swords - High Folly - Past Proof
The test for all of us is now. We have all learned the necessary tools. We can see it all so clearly. America is the last frontier. For most, there is a blending of fact and fiction. 120 million strong and rising. Dead to rights is where we have them. Reviewing history from the lone star state. The best view is always from the moon. Hear the demon screeching within the House of Representatives. Be careful what you wish for. Beautiful diamonds are created under pressure. It's all on the line for the USA. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 13, 2021
Tue 12 Jan: Max Attack - Ears And Eyes - Deception Arts - Titan Wars - Hacktivists - POTUS Speaks - Bonus Bit
Max weapon deployments occuring. Finding faces among the platforms. GAB for the people. Screaming demons and biblical stories. Terror TV is what we get. The down low riots. Liberation from deep thought control is the most difficult. The opsec breakdown on their side. Where's Nancy? We had to be forced to see. Freedom's mass exodus. Orange is their color. Tools to hijack elections have long existed. Be ready, things will happen quickly. Roll up your sleeves and trust your gut. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 12, 2021
Mon 11 Jan: Fear Not - The Underdogs - Fixed Points - Bracket Ops - Aiding Terror - Released Catch - In Motion
We are all part of the war now. The 25th Amendment move shows panic. Who really has the advantage? What would happen if they won? The color revolutions come home. USAID and overseas riots. Look how they embrace forced speech. We've studied how to usher all elections. SOS Pompeo speaks. Ours is a quantum race. How they destroy movements and twist narratives. AI covers every facet of decision making. The Mockingbird is almost dead. State level small platoons offer hope. Never give up your faith. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 11, 2021
Sat 09 Jan: Strap In - Blackout - 4 Bang Monday - PsyOp Games - Serpent And Tail - Game Theory - You Tech
The next several weeks will be historic. Consequences for their crimes will be real. Why are they so scared? POTUS and game theory. Countering intel ops against the people. Bow down and eat dirt. The big tech flex. Truth is rising like a Phoenix. Bad decisions make the best stories. How the plandemic works for nano tech. Their clock has already started. On Thursday evil seemed to have won. Three days later it was resurrected. The good will spread when you always have faith. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 10, 2021
Mon 04 Jan: Serving Us - Core Changes - Train Wreck - Learned Evil - Saying No - In Their Face - Real Rebels
Tore is on the move. Shows will be irregular this week. Elected leaders are learning who's boss. Chasing clout and money is not the goal. How this situation moves forward. Wednesday will be a show of people power. Seriously, they can't find evidence? Language is key in finding the truth. By design, there are so many distractions. It all makes more sense when you consider the long term. Standing tall during mask mania. This week the real rebels will write history. Pray for America. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 04, 2021
Fri 01 Jan: Heroes 2021 - The Frequencies - Force Driving - Power Sounds - Split Plans - Fear Message - Water R Us
The next few months will be a huge test for us and America. We need leaders that are humble, selfless and confident. Kings and tyrants are among those that will fall. Goodness always precedes greatness. A brief review of their two president plan. They use fear to control. What is the predictive division? Quantum duality and hard wired genetics. The amazing memory of water. Your words are power, so stay firm and push the message. Providing a knowledge gift is the highest form of love. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 01, 2021
Thu 31 Dec: Bare Myths - Prior Failures - Mold And Shape - Worry Wisdom - Info Terror - Godly Guides - Day Of Patriots
The disappointment is in how we were duped and lost control. 2021 will show it. They weaponize fear and use it well. In reality, their world is on fire. The tyrants are often weak at heart. Our hope is their target. Greek mythology seems very relevant to today. Servitude provided is not fulfilling work. Valid ballots ward off evil. It's time to face the new year. POTUS needs a big show on the monumental day that's coming. Always keep both faith and hope. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 31, 2020
Tue 29 Dec: It Begins - Old Playbook - Freedom's Martyr - The Source - AI Brains - EU Fish - Global Titan War
POTUS proclamation stokes religious freedom. The martyr who was murdered for his cause. Liberty has to be more than toleration. How globalism works locally. The difference is that we have guns. The brave will stand with justice. The DS has proven they will stop at nothing. A public re-vote would cement confidence. Don't be discouraged, all they have is the megaphone. Expecting new arrivals in the world's strangest capital city? The future is up to us. Never underestimate the power of good. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 29, 2020
Mon 28 Dec: Tore's Phone Interview With The Fargo Forum
Another streamed phone interview resulting from Tore's detailed affidavit included in the Sidney Powell SCOTUS case. This one, slightly less aggressive, is with the Fargo Forum. North Dakota is pertinent based on Tore's prior anti-corruption battles within the state. Avoiding case facts and rehashing personal attacks are SOP for all levels of the MSM. Run time is 40 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 29, 2020
Mon 28 Dec: Options - Taking Control - Social Mania - False History - ND Beachhead - Safe And Fair - Freedom Era
There are numerous ways this could go, several of them are ugly. History does not lie about liberty's hardships or our President's views. The planting of false media stories goes way back. Transparency is still the key. How Warpspeed could help with voting. The provable fraud just keeps piling up. Can you notice the dilations in time? Free speech can be brutally ugly. Never forget that we are the news now. This is all normal in the land of confusion. Nothing can stop what's coming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 28, 2020
Fri 25 Dec: Holiday Chaos - Big Bangs - Plan Chads - ShadowGate 3.0 - Real Elected - Fear Hit - Seeing Anew
The news doesn't stop on Christmas. Nashville explosion came with warnings and countdowns. Words of confusion. Small details tell you the story. Treason squares is the zoom call image. The media is not what it seems. Everything you think you know. The origins of modern election fraud. How far back does this go? Only POTUS and the 20 can speak for us. God's plan on a single page. It's true, miracles can happen. The challenge is to keep the faith in sudden storms. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 25, 2020
Thu 24 Dec: Fact Witness - Hatchet Job - Lawfare - Way Bigger - Blind Justice - They Know - On God's Side
The attacks are incoming and growing. They cannot deny the facts, so they attack the messenger. It's about going after Sidney. The affidavit from hell. At one time in America, justice was blind. Criminal treason means evading US law overseas. They just want to make it all go away. GSC, TAC and the trouble that's in the details. ChyNa and the SmartMatic connections. We have a sledge hammer for everything they've built. Nan seems to be working today. Think about what is on the line, and then pray for POTUS, love, and American unity. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 24, 2020
Wed 23 Dec: Liberty's War - All Timing - Multiple Fronts - Money Slaves - Hard Focus - Every Card - IMF Evil
All the wars are coming together. Why the new holiday? The strategy behind Christmas eve. Ridiculing the kickback bill. The new deep state personnel are coming forward. Out with the old Pope. Rights still apply to speech we may not like. Discrediting opponents is their goal. Look inward for direction. It's not bloody yet. History's warriors. Duality is a temporary state. POTUS carries the weight of the world. Pray that the turmoil opens people's eyes. With a unified love of freedom, we are an unstoppable nation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 23, 2020
Tue 22 Dec: New Rebels - Undertones - Primal Tribal - Global Ops - Battlefield Prep - Gate Keepers - Mob Minds
The guiding star shows us the light. Those that pursue the truth seem just as rare. The swamp runs so deep and wide. Team mentality is a human trait. Again, it all had to be this way. The insane funding bill and it's commie backing. Horse racing and Covid. Infiltrate, own, and then replace. Nan and the C.O.G. Titles and tiaras got us here. The snot nose kids that run things. It's important to pull the rug out from under them all. Continue to be loud because we won. They only look like giants if you are on your knees. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 22, 2020
Mon 21 Dec: History's Cure - Lincoln Speaks - Evil Fears - World Optics - DS Cash Flow - All Fighting - Loud Proud
We are in another civil war. The true way has been shown before by our martyrs. Faith means not being fearful. Predictive absolutes don't exist. History is the future with less technology. Nobody wants lies and cheaters. It's always all about the money. Cities and countries are watching. The money import problems are months old, and hurting them. Stay positive and resonate like a soldier. Remember, our faith terrifies the enemy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 21, 2020
Fri 18 Dec: Focus Time - Anti News - Real Goals - Commies Again - Power Not - Team Humanity - Another Trap
Come together for victory. The different types of ops. Script fails and special people. The little lady in the middle of it all. The dark inside them. It's the reporter on the island. Our power was never really true. Margins dwarfed the fraud. How deep it all goes. We are the commodity. The hack trap for POTUS. Trust yourself because the snow globe has cracked. The best is truly yet to come. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 18, 2020
Thu 17 Dec: Kill Shot - Our Roar - Ops Vs Ops - Spy History - Building Distrust - SCOTUS Bomb - World's Eyes
The people refuse evil, to live. Momentum is building. The minds of the fighting 300. We are seeing those who break out against America. Our history brings us back to the basics. Grooming the genius. A rumored SCOTUS conversation was actually recorded. It's all happening soon, and it's massive. To muddy the waters is their only strategy. Remember that they are few and we, the many, have goodness as our path. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 17, 2020
Wed 16 Dec: Boomerang - Trap Doors - Starting Over - 20 Senators - Cloud Fraud - Terrifying Rudy - Short Bus
The facade is crumbling. As the tables turn, pleas of no evidence sound weaker. Extended testimony from cringy Senate hearings. Certifications lacking, inspections missing, testing ignored and deadlines long passed. The law is the law. Starting over is terrifying. How many elected are truly legitimate? The scripts, the key files and who had access to our election. The 30 state ShadowNet impact. Why are gaming and elections so similar for software designers? Have faith in what is coming. Stand tall and help others be ready. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 16, 2020
Tue 15 Dec: The Cleansing - End Game - Audacious - Swift Satisfaction - Invisible Chains - True Perspective - Our Way
Some of the players are truly seeking redemption. The fecal theater is now at it's worst. Their fantasy EC vote. True perspective adds situational awareness. The Barr resignation and how it will play out. New blood at DOJ? History is often a lie. A development program for future Karen's. Keep holding them accountable. The groomers and the groomed. Gratitude is a form of currency. It looks bad, but the hot mess is actually going our way. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 15, 2020
Mon 14 Dec: At War - Order In Chaos - Truth Waves - Votes R Freedom - Reverse Rigged - Serenity - Faith Walk
Short show today as Tore is on the move. POTUS shows dignified order amid the chaos. Listen carefully when he speaks. ChiCom infiltration is the latest massive exposed weapon. No doubt, it's a war. The thing that makes Americans free is their right to vote. There are so many people working against election integrity. The DNC server leak contained so much more. This week, be ready for the ride of your life. Always stand tall and walk in faith, not in sight. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 14, 2020
Fri 11 Dec: Brazen Op - Lines Crossed - RICO Laptop - Your Job - Heads Up Brain- Plan Gridlock - Had To Be
There's a reason it all seems in your face. Demoralized means weak. Truly, the laptop contains hell like brutal crimes against children. A spreading plague like HSBC. Everyone in the world knows it was a rigged election. The MSM is a cover machine. Super ChiCom soldiers have already been built. Brain projects define the direction of evil. How were they able to penetrate so effectively? They try to destroy the remaining moral compass. POTUS controls the ship. Thousand of patriots are working hard to ensure we've got this. Support them every way you can. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 11, 2020
Wed 09 Dec: Infil-Traitors - Setup Threats - CCP Creation - Downer Traps - So Blatant - Weaponized - Faith Walking
What our history tells us about infiltrators. Our SOS Pompeo lays it out. Patriots stand up for free speech. Their booby traps are being used against them. The view is more complete when standing on the moon. Will the MSM ever come back? Many hope not. Our elections have had flipped votes before. Texas stands up for liberty. The corruption is so obvious, it almost seems planned that way. What is today's gift? Always live with the knowledge that God wins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 09, 2020
Tue 08 Dec: ChiCom Ties - Deals Made - Calls And Chats - Swamp Factions - Quantum Intel - Packet Tracing - Big Moves
The CCP and their connections are endless. How did they get so deep into America? Their influence goes into the election. Both ants and lions are now showing. Pooper and the London dungeon. Backbone is what Republicans need. ChiComs play the long game. POTUS wants normality like everyone else. Data packets got parked in England. A black box to bypass what bothers you. Where did all those votes come from? Gas lighting is fun. You will be surprised on how quickly the situation will change. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 08, 2020
Mon 07 Dec: Tore Interviews Patrick Byrne
Tore sits down with a fellow freedom fighter Patrick Byre in this 55 minute interview from the belly of the beast, Washington D.C. They discuss his long battle against the deep state and how it all got started. First up is the massive election fraud of 2020, then the state of our many legal battles and Byrne's role in them. Next, Arlen Specter's cannibals, Byrne's famous affair, and what happens next. Tore brings out startling details aplenty, from a true Constitutional patriot in the thick of the war. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 07, 2020
Mon 07 Dec: Plain As Day - Truth Rising - MSM Illusions - Trap Doors - Panic Within - Patriots Fight - Blow Torch
The election corruption is visible to all citizens. That is why it had to be done this way. The many factions within the beast belly. Patriots are making themselves heard. Things are already done, the work is for optics. Controlling information assists their damage control. POTUS speaks and says it all. Just six counties needed to steal it all. Truth on our side makes the difference. The DS must win or die. Don't miss the separate interview with Patrick Byrne. Support the good people who are fighting hard for our country. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 07, 2020
Fri 04 Dec: Loyalty - Truth Showing - Testing Morality - Gut Trust - War Unity - People See - Freedom's Vote
This is the ultimate test. POTUS and the constitution defend the people. What's true and false? When our teams fight, we lose. The most effective are mocked. It will be known as The Speech. See-saw algos and the threat from ChyNa. Military standards were degraded for many reasons. In state legislatures is where citizens will see the evidence. Null and void will be followed by round them up. It's an impressive MSM show, but they know they're losing. Be thankful for everything that is about to come. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 04, 2020
Thu 03 Dec: Solutions - Timing Moves - Playbook 1864 - Fear Control - Swamp Algos - Speech Prelude - Info Nodes
The graft and corruption are all on record. POTUS lays out the situation. With an earlier crisis, spilled blood was the result. Covid excuses and airline cooties. In 2016, the algos broke too. Is the military the only way forward? As always, follow the money to the clowns in congress. Remember, there are two Huber's. Their goal is always to fracture our base. Now is the time to have trust in your President. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 03, 2020
Wed 02 Dec: Roadmap - Taking Fire - Gatekeepers - Bad Advice - Panic 230 - Beast's Belly - We R Many
It's like we are watching a movie. Byrne(ing) down the house. The worst steps are the ones they seem to be taking. Half truths make the best lies. No doubt, it's a national security issue. The screaming about section 230 shows we're over the target. Infiltration is key. In the belly of the beast there are many losers. Things are mapped out to the end of February. The fix was digital, the paper was backup fake evidence. Real progress can be made once the people see. The future will see our eagle soar high. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 02, 2020
Tue 01 Dec: Showing All - Truth Pills - Subversion - Vote Routers - Stopping Point - Democracy's Core - NCSWC
Freedom is happening among millions of patriots. The fighters are spitting truths. It had to happen this way so the people could see. Making it simple is the key to evidence. Sidney's waves just keep coming. Family, history, and the evils of socialism. ChiComs as God. The routers helped distribute evil. Brave journalists told this story years ago. Loosening dirt for four years helps to pull the weeds now. The fraud was massive and egregious. A dry run was made in Ukraine. There's a stopping point for all this. Celebration time means chocolate. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 01, 2020
Mon 30 Nov: Fear Not - Treason - Honey Pots - Insurrection Act - Access Routers - Every State - Missing Agencies
It's an insurrection using vote fraud. There was access to everywhere. The dongles will work for hackers. It was push and pull for the swamped algos. There were many minding the gaps. Where are the DOJ and FBI? Our POTUS speaks. There are hero's and warriors of all stripes diving in. More and more evidence is surfacing. Every vote tally was done at an overseas location. The military and the four year rotation. How many elections are null and void? Pray for the many good people fighting this battle. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 30, 2020
Fri 27 Nov: Death Rattles - Big Names - Votes R Freedom - Intimidation Not - 3 Card Monty - Peacocking - Many Tentacles
Trust in what's to come. There will be perp walks of well knowns. Not glitches, more like cheats. It's about power. Will POTUS play the insurrection card? Go ahead, certify and see what happens. MS13 are the shock troops. Ours is a digital army that reaches around the world. MSM is now the biggest clown show ever. Trust POTUS and let him do it. Always remember that timing is everything. Passing through the dark and into the light. In the end, God always wins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 27, 2020
Thu 26 Nov: Big Thunder - In Control - A Teams - Failed Illusions - Truth Haters - It's Worse - Rebel Millions
TORE IS BACK !! How we prepped for these historical times. Talented immense teams come together. Patriots are in control. This is way bigger than preserving fair elections. We let them do this. How Hammer and Scorecard came together. Evil always fills a void. The MIP core and where it lives. Eroding freedom using a non-free press. The sacrifices that so many have made. Can you see that we're winning? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 26, 2020
Wed 18 Nov: Team USA - Max Misinfo - Disgusted Ugly - Tricky Traps - 20 Year Taint - New UnVoting - Proof Verify
An update show from Washington DC. America's team hero's take on the deep state cabal. Patrick Bergy joins the discussion. Software to throw elections has been developed, tested and perfected for years. A 2019 Tore Says show sounds just like today. Audits and recounts may not prove fraud. We have backup plans for our backup plans. A free election means vote counts must be provable. It always helps to know their plots. Stay strong patriots and never lose faith. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 18, 2020
Tue 17 Nov: Tore Update - From Wash DC - Dirty Sharks - Rapid Unfolding - Control Loss - Tag Teams - Saving America
A short 19 minute update from Tore, who is in the heart of the beast. The election fraud situation is unfolding rapidly. DC is dirtier than ever. Secure meetings and guarded bathroom breaks. Millie and Bergy are in town. The machines know everything. Listen to your President. Patriots are in control. More updates when it becomes possible. Pray for our country. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 17, 2020
Thu 12 Nov: War Time - All In - Who He Is - Every State - Dominion Deletions - Fraud Models - Reverse PsyOp
America's confrontation grows even more intense. Massive evidence and witnesses confirm systemic fraud. POTUS is making memories for history. Patriots approach the fight with humility. Real journos talked about election fraud long ago, and described details. All the left's tally machines had network connections. PIN code voting. Hard evidence aplenty for those that want it. Think message over messenger. When it's most difficult, practice doing things with love. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 13, 2020
Wed 11 Nov: Tore On The Pete Santilli Show - Recorded Sun 08 Nov.
Tore and Pete hit on all the hot subjects in this fast moving interview. Truth comes out on RFID tech to track ballots, voting fraud of all kinds, the moves to cover it all up and the suspect counties and officials. Software to steal elections called Hammer and Scorecard was used. Of course, Tore has first hand experience. Corrupt states, thrown elections, strange math and massive voter overages, all covered in this tight discussion. Listen and learn. Run time is 52 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 12, 2020
Wed 11 Nov: Chaos Time - Perps Tense - Vets Reflect - Citizen Scores - Burning Integrity - Ballot Pallets - Math Impossible
It's harder to cover up a massive landslide. MSM all in on no fraud. Patriots coming forward daily. Censorship is key to their plan. Yes, there's been a multiple day roundup. A failing coup could mean some big name perp walks. Disguises have made huge advantages since the latex 80's. Big moves isolate the most evil players. Sidney nails down the truth as always. The methods of fraud will shock everyone. We must all learn to trust our gut. Remember, we are the storm. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 11, 2020
Tue 10 Nov: Treason - All Caught - Squirm Hearings - Audit Fears - Vote Glitches - The Movement - Mitigation
Today's show includes extended excerpts of the McCabe hearings. His pucker factor is near ten. Lots of groundwork laying. Coup plotters are all caught. Arrests and indictments are proceeding now. Operation Renegade kicked off long ago. A patriots kind of roundup. We must pose the questions that will make the people think. Why are we paying people to silence us? The team has been aware of their plans and were ready. Stay tuned for more to come. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 10, 2020
Mon 09 Nov: Unify 4 War - Seeing All - Fraud Ware - Hammer Down - Simple Counts - MSM Burn - Our FISA
I had to happen this way, so the people can see. Drop the pettiness and fight together. There were all facets of election fraud. MSM has got to be all in because they are running out of corners. Offshore database tech to throw counts and track players. Postal crimes accumulate. It's not a watermark tagging official ballots. SecDEF out as the avalanche starts. The laptop from hell involves real warrants. Christmas comes early this year. Everyone should use the tools we have and Mail to the Chief. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 09, 2020
Sat 07 Nov: Wonderland - Power Gloating - Time's Side - Tracker Toast - RFID Booms - Fifth Column - Golf Calm
The megaphone of evil. A massive back slapping theater. Suddenly, they found patriotism. Chuck shows his burner phone. What virus? Graphene adds to ballot tech. Space Force is watching it all. You can find buried ballots? Rudy fights big while POTUS shows calm on the links. The traitor fifth column is not shy about sedition. Stay calm Patriots and hold solid. We are winning. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 08, 2020
Fri 06 Nov: Stay Strong - The Charade - Perp Roundups - Orange Genius - Validity Brand - MSM Final Stand - Slow Chess
It is time for that special focus. Trust yourself. MSM screams while they become irrelevant. Watch and see who flips, the so called conservatives. There are arrests being made now, but very quietly. Clumsy and poorly organized scamming everywhere. Special markings will show valid ballots. The battle for election integrity won't just be in the courts. POTUS has been preparing with a whole new agency. No valid elections have occurred since JFK. A new era approaches. Do not be discouraged, truth and God will win. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 06, 2020
Thu 05 Nov: Fraud City - Control Machine - MSM Assets - All States - Overage 72 Mil - Events Coming - The Lion Party
It's patriots versus the deep state as always. The words of prophets are ringing true. No numbers add up. MSM pushing SloJo hard. Rigging nation wide in multiple ways. Black budgets and ballots. Watermarks and sharpies. SpaceForce and their flies on the wall. Was every state really red? Why legal steps are important. Electoral integrity is THE most important objective. Massive corrupt cities are always run by Dims. More ballots than voters. Keep an eye on tonight. The new powerful party of patriots will have real teeth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 05, 2020
Wed 04 Nov: Dead 2 Rights - MSM Traitors - Epic Battle - MIP Ops - Those Robbed - Coming Fix - End Game
This is an historic battle that we all knew was coming. The disgusting MSM was following orders all night. Defending statistical insanity. Every aspect was planned. All patriot eyes are on the next few days. SCOTUS gate now looms huge. Laura Loomer was robbed. The corruption head sits on the neck. Were these events necessary for the public to see? We have everything, and they can't stop what's coming. We will win in the end because sunlight and truth will make it all go away. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 04, 2020
Mon 02 Nov: Home Stretch - POTUS Speaks - Fraud Plans - Past Efforts - Subcons Again - 17 Points - Election Party
The amazing POTUS energy burst. Making the final hours count the most. Cross over votes will be crucial. IIA efforts target the election. They've done it before and here's how. Crazy Dims plan on disruption of cities. Again, it's subcontractors and election fraud. Exposure by brave journalists dampens their plans. Be ready for MSM ops targeting the winner announcement. The party looks like it's going to be a big one. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 02, 2020
Sat 31 Oct: Time Hop - Original Show - First Playing - From 05 Nov 2018 - Delta Review - Open History - Go Time
A look back two years to the first Tore Says show. Streamed here tonight for the first time. Too weird for back then they said. Remember, remember the 5th of November. It's go time for election moves. Do not fear what is coming. Staying ahead of events is key. Come with open eyes, ears and a love of your country. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 01, 2020
Fri 30 Oct: Reset NOT - Zoom Coup - Naked Facts - SloJo Knew - Nervous Imbeds - Ex MSM - Flu Cure
The corporate media are not even hiding it now. Their bias is unlimited and it's proven by the Biden laptop story. Paid Fed DS operatives, on recorded audio, are actively planning to disrupt DC. The tortured soul who's father knew everything. Left money and the Sunrise movement are the same force. POTUS speaks, and the truth rings out. The MIC, the contractors and the journalists. Lockdowns are to control the people. Expect trouble around the media and election results. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 30, 2020
Thu 29 Oct: Big Changes - Freedom Haters - Coup Map - Demoralization - Deep Unmasking - Contractor Rulers - Bad Blu Checks
It truly is an amazing time to be alive. Casting doubt on America goes back decades. The military coup plans are real. The information flow cannot be stopped now. An insane situation with big media and free speech. What Congress really cares about. Self preservation is not always pretty. That unmasking thing was related to pallets of cash. Spying criminality goes back much further then we thought. There is so much more just around the corner. Stay frosty and keep your eyes open. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 29, 2020
Wed 28 Oct: The Algos - Mind Hacks - Clowns Exposed - Intercept Layers - Money Trails - Out Partners - Moon View
Election interference is what they are doing. The techs face an angry Senate. Blaming it on the software is easiest. The multi level structure of evil. Our macro view is from the moon. Picture backgrounds tell stories. What do we know about those shell companies? A politician's financial history is the best place to start, and don't forget the wives. The Biden's are worldwide political corruption defined. Maybe the videos meant he wanted to get caught. Show them at the voting booth, how much you love America. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 28, 2020
Tue 27 Oct: The List - Server Horrors - Game Theory - Pole Riding - Wall Flies - Gestapo Media - Left Plans