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By Barstool Sports

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Welcome to Schnitt Talk. Barstool Sports' Ellie Schnitt and her producer Alanna explore what it's really like to be a 20-something, from dating and relationships to standing up for yourself as a woman in the workplace. They might not have all the answers, but they'll ask them right along with you. In short: it's a podcast for chicks by a chick who gets it.

Episode Date
E26 The Cheating Episode

This week is all about the hard C word: cheating. The girls discuss all angles of cheating, from the cheater, the cheated on, and the cheated with. Every side has a story and a perspective that is important to hear. Ellie tells a very emotional story. Ellie also shares an important metaphor from her therapist about actions and decision making in What My Therapist Said To Me This week.

Apr 16, 2019
E25 The Age Old Question ft KFC

Kevin Clancy of Barstool's KFC Radio joins this week's episode to discuss the burning question we've all had our entire lives: can guys and girls truly be just friends? We discuss all the reasons that prove and debunk this, as well as friendships with the opposite sex while you're in a relationship, and office romances. Ellie tells the embarrassing story of her very poor execution of her therapist's advice this week. And we answer your DM's about fighting with your roommates, and ex sex. 

Apr 09, 2019
E24 Be A Good Effing Friend + Interview with Youtube Star LaurDIY

DIY Youtube personality, Lauren Riihimaki  (LaurDIY), joins this weeks episode to talk about her massive Youtube success with her almost 9 million subscribers, as well as balancing her personal life and the spotlight. Ellie talks about the importance of supporting your friends and finding self confidence in the little things in life. The girls answer your DM's, and need a little help with one from the always colorful Jared Carrabis 

Apr 02, 2019
S1E23 The "Not-My-Boyfriend" Breakup ft Michaela Okland

Ellie and Alanna discuss a very eventful weekend and talk the importance of setting boundaries for yourself in your life. Michaela Okland of the She Rates Dogs Twitter account joins the podcast this week to discuss getting over a non official relationship, getting closure, internet trolls, and weird twitter culture. 

Mar 26, 2019
S1E22 The Ups and Downs of E.D. with Faye Brennan

Faye Brennan, Sex and Relationships Director of Cosmopolitan Magazine joins Schnitt Talk this week to discuss the best articles of the April issue of Cosmo. We cover the ever elusive and extremely common condition of erectile dysfunction. How to react to it, what triggers it, and how to avoid it. We also dive into an extensive review of the best sex toys of 2019, and a discussion on normalizing the discussion around masturbation. Ever wonder why people aren't using condoms? This statistic will shock you. 

Mar 19, 2019
S1E21 Parked Car Conversations with WCW Hannah Berner

Hannah Berner of Berning in Hell Podcast and Bravo's Summer House joins this week's episode to talk everything under the sun from the importance of female friendships to boyfriend penis. 

Mar 12, 2019
S1E20 "Do You Like That?"

The girls talk about the importance of being vocal and confident in bed, and being comfortable with your sexuality. The people you sleep with aren't mind readers, speak your mind or forever hold your peace! They also dive into a discussion about the insane ways men talk about women and sex, how to tell if a guy really likes a girl, and can you be in love with your best friend?

Mar 05, 2019
S1E20 "Do You Like That?"

The girls talk about the importance of being vocal and confident in bed, and being comfortable with your sexuality. The people you sleep with aren't mind readers, speak your mind or forever hold your peace! They also dive into a discussion about the insane ways men talk about women and sex, how to tell if a guy really likes a girl, and can you be in love with your best friend? 

Mar 05, 2019
S1E19 Food Is Not The Enemy with Jackie London R.D.

Jaclyn London R.D., Nutrition Director of Good Housekeeping and author of "Dressing on the Side (and Other Diet Myths Debunked), joins Schnitt Talk this week to talk healthy eating habits and fake diet trends during the most self destructive time of the year... spring break. 

Feb 26, 2019
S1E18 For The Boys

The girls answer DM's from male listeners covering topics ranging from "the friend zone", why you should ditch a wingman and get a wingwoman, texting etiquette, what to do about your friends shitty relationship, and the best way to drunk text.

Feb 19, 2019
S1E17 Love Was Invented By Hallmark

Ellie and Alanna discuss Valentine's Day etiquette for the all the ranges of relationship statuses. What type of relationship is the best and the worst to be in on Valentine's Day? What do you do about your non boyfriend/ girlfriend? Do you get a gift? Should you just hide in your room and pretend the day doesn't exist? This episode addresses all the awkward questions this lovely day insights. 

Feb 12, 2019
S1E16 Flippin' The Crazy Switch

We're all a little crazy, but what kind of crazy are you? Ellie and Alanna dive into the wide range of different types of crazy, tell some of their crazy girl stories, and read your absolutely insane DM's about your proudest crazy moment. 

Feb 05, 2019
S1E15 Are You Bored, Horny, or In Love?

Barstool Sports' Kayce Smith joins this weeks meeting of Messy Bitches Anonymous to discuss her experience as a female in the male dominated field of sports broadcasting, as well as knowing if you actually like someone or just the attention, post nut clarity, and when to leave after a hookup. Ellie and Alanna discover something about each other from a night out, that lends itself to a greater piece of advice about meeting guys at bars. 

Jan 29, 2019
S1E14 Post Breakup Warfare: An Artform

Ellie and Alanna discuss the strategic craft behind winning Post Breakup Warfare and getting over your ex for good. The girls also tackle how to get out of a rut, the perfect time to make a move on a girl, and one thing every girl should be doing to feel sexy and confident. 

Jan 22, 2019
S1E13 "There Seems To Be A Small Tear In Your Vagina"

The girls discuss surprising lessons learned in college about greek life, fake friends, long distance relationships, and how to not tear your vagina.

Jan 15, 2019
S1E12 Truth or Drink with Chicks in the Office

The Chicks in the Office answer your DM's, and play a game of truth or drink.

Jan 08, 2019
S1E11 Safe Sex Is Sexy

Happy New Year! The girls ring in 2019 with a very important discussion about safe sex, being the "cool girl", and not getting too drunk and ruining your life. 

Jan 01, 2019
S1E10 We Fukd Up

Merry Christmas to all our Cry Babies! After a rather sudden upset, Ellie and Alanna had to make a very quick new episode to replace the one planned for today. The girls chatted about NYE and all the hype associated with it, roses and thorns of 2018, and plans for 2019!

Dec 25, 2018
S1E9 Tough Love for Dummies ft Lost Kings

Ellie and Alanna talk about the importance of the "love languages". In The Friend Zone, The Lost Kings' Rob and Nick talk finding love in the city, toxic friendships, and the inspiration for their music. 

Dec 18, 2018
S1E8 Keepin' the Mystery ft MTV's Nev Schulman

The girls and MTV's Nev Schulman discuss the importance of mystery, overplaying "hard to get", and if there is still any hope for finding love online. 

Dec 11, 2018
S1E7 For One Night... And One Night Only

Ellie and Alanna answer your DM's about the ever underrated dad bod, one night stands, virginity stories, and more. 

Dec 04, 2018
S1E6 What Makes The Rocket Launch

Ellie and Alanna talk respect and explore the mind of the always-entertaining Jared Carrabis, aka the Saugus Rocket.

Nov 27, 2018
S1E5 Thanksgiving Eve: A Social Warzone

Ellie and Alanna discuss traveling back in time for one sacred night every year -- Thanksgiving Eve. Seeing your exes, frenemies, old crushes, and trying to prove you didn't peak in high school. This is the most underrated, and petty, social holiday of the year. 

Nov 20, 2018
S1E4: “Cosmo Isn’t Pornography for Women” with Faye Brennan

Sex and Dating Director at Cosmopolitan Magazine Faye Brennan comes in to talk getting what you want by asking for it in the bedroom, boardroom, and everywhere in between.

Nov 13, 2018
S1E3: Shootin’ the Schnitt: Ghost Stories…BOO!

Ellie and Alanna discuss proper ghosting protocol, spooky ghosts from their pasts, and haunting ghost stories from the DMs. 

Nov 13, 2018
S1E2: “Girl Power, Bitch” with Erika Nardini

Ellie talks to the incomparable Barstool CEO Erika Nardini about her journey to Barstool and the challenges women face in leadership positions; Ellie tells probably the worst hookup story in history.

Nov 13, 2018
S1E1: Self Proclaimed Player with Mike Grinnell

Ellie puts Mike Grinnell of “Spittin' Chiclets” in the friend zone to discuss his techniques for picking up girls at the bar, what it would take to wife him up, and his mom issues.

Nov 13, 2018
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Nov 08, 2018