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By Roland Frasier

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Category: Careers

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Subscribe to Business Lunch with Roland Frasier. How much more successful would you be if you had lunch once a week with an insanely successful entrepreneur who shared their biggest secrets on how they think and achieve success? Well, now you can! Grab your seat at the table as successful entrepreneurs reveal their step-by-step strategies, fascinating stories, great wine, travel hacks and other delicious tidbits each week with serial entrepreneur/business strategist, Roland Frasier.

Episode Date
Hacking Your Biology with Dave Asprey

All entrepreneurs, or businesspeople in general, are limited by the same 1 thing: their physical bodies. Dave Asprey, bio-hacker and entrepreneur, is here to help hack your body so you can always be at your best.

Dave tells us how to be great entrepreneurs by making sure our bodies are in the best condition to help us reach out largest goals. He explains how to avoid brain fog, the crucial step to getting a great night’s sleep, and how gratitude changes the chemistry inside of your body.


  • What brain fog is, and how to avoid it
  • How to set up your room to get the best sleep
  • How your body uses energy when it is working properly and how that energy is transferred to will power and personal development


Dave Asprey’s Books

The Bulletproof Blog

Dec 14, 2018
Discovering Your Alter Ego with Todd Herman

What’s the secret of the highest performing people around the world?

An alter ego.

In this episode, we talk to performance coach, Todd Herman, about alter egos, enclothed cognition, and the leaders and athletes who are using these strategies to reach their business and personal goals.

Join us to learn how you can discover your alter ego, quickly access it, and use it to tap into your inner potential.


  • How putting on a pair of glasses helped Todd become a better speaker
  • The questions to ask yourself to discover your alter ego
  • How enclothed cognition can affect your performance in any of your goals
  • The first step you can take to build your alter ego


Todd on LinkedIn

Todd’s Website

The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life

Dec 12, 2018
Influence and Persuasion with Dr. Robert Cialdini

Everyone, particularly those working in sales, has struggled with persuasion in one way or another. But Dr. Robert Cialdini has become the leading expert on just that—influence and persuasion—and he joins Roland to talk about how anyone can use these concepts in their business.

Dr. Cialdini explains 2 strategies to get a prospect to buy into what you’re selling, which messaging technique works best for your customer relationship, and how to use unity to create stronger partnerships with customers.


  • The 2 major routes of persuasion: your message and what you say the moment before you say the message
  • The influence levels of a relationship and what marketing technique to use according to that level (reciprocity, social proof and authority, and scarcity)
  • The seventh principle of influence and how to use it to develop a partnership with customers
  • Why you should always ask for a customer’s advice instead of their opinion
Dec 07, 2018
Scaling Up with JJ Virgin

Celebrity nutritionist and successful entrepreneur JJ Virgin says, if people aren’t chasing you out of the door after your speech, you don’t have a good product. But even a great product can struggle with growing as a business.Roland sits down with JJ to talk about how she overcame many obstacles to build her multimillion-dollar nutrition empire. She talks about her start in network marketing and how she leveraged her knowledge to land gigs on Dr. Phil and Oprah. JJ explains how she’s been able to scale her business and her brand to become a world-wide nutritionist and mentor to health professionals around the world.In This Episode You’ll Learn:● How starting a gym helped JJ create a scalable business model
● JJ’s strategy to “whale hunt” and find the biggest doctor’s in the country to buy her products
● Why not putting a lead capture form on her website for three years was a huge mistake
● How books can be a lead generation tool instead of a commoditization strategy
● The template of a successful product or course: figure out your niche, create a framework that gets customers 80% of the way (and have somebody else get them the last 20%), then figure out what’s unique about your framework

Dec 05, 2018
Business Lunch with Roland Frasier Trailer

Business Lunch is a podcast produced by DigitalMarketer and hosted by Roland Frasier.

Roland interviews influential business leaders and entrepreneurs and finds out their stories, secrets, and strategies.

Nov 15, 2018