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Category: Comedy

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Sasha Shoecraft
 Jan 8, 2019
One of the best Podcasts out there! These girls are hilarious and give great advice! I've recommend them to a few people.


Grab your favorite beverage and come sip with the virtual BFF squad you didn’t know you needed! Join BFFs Ashlie and Colleen where they catch up and bring you all their favorite things, entertainment recommendations, hot takes, advice and shenanigans. As part of the sip squad, you’ll leave the hour with new things to incorporate into your life, lots of laughs and, as always, your much needed girl time fix. Tune in weekly… there’s always a spot saved for you!

Episode Date
14: What You Need to Know: Injecting Your Face
This week, hear some hot takes from the sip squad and we tell you what you need to know about injecting your face. Plus, we have no problem with drinking, with one exception...find out what it is! Also, we give you Coll's Coverage of the Grammys and, as always, much more!! Follow us on Instagram: @youcansipwithus ( Drop us a voicemail: 503-489-7282
Feb 19, 2019
13: What You Need to Know: Is it Too Late Now to Say I'm Sorry
This week, find out the book that needs to be on your 'must read' list and get our latest Bachelor Nation update. Also, are you in a music rut? If so, we got you covered! Plus, we share our 'two sips' on something everyone can relate to and tell you a few things it's about time we switch up. And, as always, much more!! Follow us on Instagram: @youcansipwithus ( Drop us a voicemail: 503-489-7282
Feb 12, 2019
12: What You Need to Know: Best Rosé on the Market
This week, we celebrate 100k plays of the podcast and explain how you can enter our latest giveaway! Also, Ash drank a lot of Rosé...find out which one topped her list! Plus, we tell you the people we think shouldn't be getting attention and the companies that should. We also debut our version of "Who would you rather?" (Hint: It's not what you think). And, as always, much more!! Follow us on Instagram: @youcansipwithus ( Drop us a voicemail: 503-489-7282 Ash's Favorite Rosés: Angry Orchard Rosé Cider Poema Sparkling Rosé Francis Coppola Sofia Sparkling Rosé Josh Rosé Quail Oak Rosé Ace Rosé Cider
Feb 05, 2019
11: What You Need to Know: How to Take Your Instagram Feed to the Next Level
This week, we tell you what book is inspiring the SH*T out of us and which Instagram accounts you need to have in your newsfeed. Plus, we're feminist, but you won't see us joining in on THIS! Also, learn about our podcast challenge throw-down and, as always, MUCH MORE!! Follow us on Instagram @youcansipwithus (   As heard on this episode:  The Instagram accounts your newsfeed needs @thebirdspapaya ( @krista.horton ( @harmonize_beauty ( @themacrobarista ( @weratedogs ( @glennondoyle ( @enews ( ( @overheardnewyork ( @overheardla ( @msrachelhollis (
Jan 29, 2019
10: What You Need to Know: Our Everyday Must Haves
This week, we open up our mail bag and share some hot takes on listener love predicaments. Plus, find out what things we can't live without daily and why water is fooling us! We also talk about Ash's big deal achievement and tell you what's cooking in Coll's kitchen. And, as always, much more!! As heard on this episode: 15% off with code "youcansipwithus" at checkout of 21 Drops Essential Oils
Jan 22, 2019
9: What You Need to Know: Things That Need to Be On Your Radar Right Now
This week, find out what bandwagon we might be hopping on and why we are raising a glass to dogs.  Plus, we tell you what place you need to love in order to sip with us and how you can take the leap with natural deodorant. Also, get the latest updates on Taylor and Rihanna...and much more!! Ashlie's recipe for "Nature's at-home antibiotic"... Ingredients: 1 tsp. ground turmeric (theraputic quality), 1/4 cup raw honey, 2 drops lemon essential oil (optional) Mix ingredients, stir well, store at room temperature Stir before each use Take 1/2 tsp. several times a day Coll's natural deodorant recommendation... Tom's Natural Odor Protection (Original Care)
Jan 15, 2019
8: What You Need to Know: How to Achieve Your 2019 Fitness Goals
This week, learn how to thrive in 2019 with your health and fitness goals. Also, you'll find out why we blindly follow Sandra Bullock and Ash gives Coll an impossible decision to make. Plus, we tell you why it's us against "the man"...and MUCH more!!
Jan 08, 2019
7: What You Need to Know: 2019 Goals and the Future of You Can Sip With Us
This week, Ash and Coll talk goal setting for 2019 and look into the future of You Can Sip With Us. Also, learn what you need to know about dating, careers and life.  Plus, Ash shares one drink recipe that you NEED to try (see below)! And, as always, MUCH MORE! Ashlie's 'Fresh and Tipsy' Recipe Step 1: Blend and strain 50g cilantro, 50g mint, 20-30g jalapeño and 30 oz fresh pineapple to get juice mixture Step 2: Mix 1/2 oz lime juice, 1/4 oz simple syrup and 2 oz vodka with a portion of the juice mixture from step 1 Optional Holiday Garnish: Serve with a strawberry (Santa hat)
Jan 01, 2019
6: Oscars, Babies & Air Fryers, Oh My!
This week, Coll gives us the latest on the road to the Oscars plus shares what everyone needs to know about infertility. Also, hear the latest controversy about the air fryer and Ash's lesson on making lemonade out of lemons. And, as always, much more!!
Dec 25, 2018
5: Fave Things of 2018
This week, Ash and Coll share their faves from 2018! They also defend Taylor Swift's honor and provide your award season update. Plus, hear their weekly rants and raves and MUCH more!
Dec 18, 2018
4: Ash & Coll in the Hot Seat
This week, we tell you what you need to know about Ash & Coll and we each take our turn in the hot seat.  Also, we discuss some companies and technology that need to get it together and Coll offers a heartfelt rant on a "diss" that needs to die. And, as always, much more!!
Dec 10, 2018
3: Holiday Gift Guide
This week, we find out if Colleen is having a boy or a girl and break down our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. Plus, Ash brings her FIRST hot topic to the table and you'll learn why we were so happy this week! And, as always, much more! Ash & Coll's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Virago Babe false lashes Yeti Mug Owlet Sock Monitor Bonds Wondersuits  Wildfox Sweaters (at Nordstrom Rack) LadyBoss blue light blocking glasses Solo Stoves Daily Harvest bowls Audible membership Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Gent Scents
Dec 04, 2018
2: Big Words and Big Cheekbones
This week, we discuss the final chapter of Kaitlyn and Shawn, begin the road to the Oscars, talk about thriving and not just surviving this holiday season and tell you how Colleen's dog is ruining her career. Plus much more!
Nov 28, 2018
1: Welcome to the Titanic
In our kickoff episode, we welcome our new BFFs, tell you what needs to be on your TV and why we have a bone to pick with the Kardashians, check in on our bestie Taylor Swift, talk about Ashlie's fight with gluten, and much more...
Nov 16, 2018