ADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka

By Tracy Otsuka

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Category: Alternative Health

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Erica S.
 May 3, 2021

Nika Smit
 Jan 7, 2020


I have NEVER met an ADHD woman who wasn't truly brilliant at something! **This podcast with over 6.5 million downloads is for smart, high-ability ADD/ADHD (diagnosed or suspecting) women who see their symptoms as more positive than negative. If you want to fall in love with your ADHD brain and discover where your brilliance lies, this podcast is for you! **ADHD for Smart Ass Women is globally ranked in the top one-tenth of one percent of all podcasts in the world on any subject. It's streamed in more than 160 countries and is downloaded by more than 150,000 listeners every month.**

I’m Tracy Otsuka your host. I'm a lawyer, not a doctor, a life-long learner and a certified ADHD coach. I’m committed to changing the conversation around ADHD. **When I was diagnosed eight months after my son, my entire life suddenly made perfect sense but all I heard and read about was everything that my ADHD brain SHOULD be struggling with when in fact I would come to learn that my ADHD is responsible for some of my greatest superpowers. **One other thing, we constantly hear about all the successful ADHD men, but no one talks about the women. This podcast is here to change that dynamic. ADHD women are my people, and I’m here to acknowledge, support and cheer them on.***


Episode Date
EP. 284: Unlocking Productivity: Alexis Haselberger's ADHD-Inspired Techniques
Jun 12, 2024
EP. 283 Kris Jones: Simplifying Writing for ADHD Brains
Jun 05, 2024
EP. 282: The Power of Persistence: Arielle Paul’s Story
May 29, 2024
EP. 281: True Crime: The Lori Vallow & Chad Daybell Story with Author, Lori Hellis
May 22, 2024
EP. 280: Dr. Sharon Saline: The Stress-Anxiety-ADHD Nexus
May 15, 2024
EP. 279: From Anxious Ground to Blooming Minds: Kendall Platt's Mindful Gardening Revolution
May 08, 2024
EP 278: Author Allison Larkin on 'The People We Keep' and Thriving with ADHD
May 01, 2024
EP. 277: Linda Karanzalis: A Pioneer's Approach to Nonverbal Learning Disorder and ADHD
Apr 24, 2024
EP. 276: Embracing ADHD and Autism: The Mindful Misfit's Guide to Movement and Magic for Every Body
Apr 17, 2024
EP. 275: From Soft Bones to Solid Laughs with Comedian Ellie Hino
Apr 10, 2024
EP. 274: Embracing Diversity at the Dinner Table: Transforming ‘Picky Eating’ with Stephanie Sorrentino Mulholland
Apr 03, 2024
EP. 273: Empowerment Beyond Misdiagnosis with Alyssa Fontaine
Mar 27, 2024
EP. 272: Grieving and Healing through ADHD Perspective with Laurie Peterson, Anita Robertson, and Sandra Centorino
Mar 20, 2024
EP. 271: Navigating ADHD and Public Service with Dulce Vasquez
Mar 13, 2024
EP. 270: The ADHD Toolbox: Brooke Schnittman's Strategies for Success
Mar 07, 2024
EP. 269: How to Feel Good with Taylor Elyse Morrison
Feb 28, 2024
EP. 268: Dissecting RSD, People Pleasing, Neurofibromatosis and Pet Nutrition with Priscilla Tollin
Feb 21, 2024
EP. 267: Harnessing EMDR and Polyvagal Theory for Stress Mastery with Gabrielle Juliano-Villani
Feb 14, 2024
EP. 266: ADHD in the C-Suite: Katy McFee's Blueprint for Women in Leadership
Feb 07, 2024
EP. 265: Harnessing Your ADHD Superpower: A Chat with Jessica McCabe from How to ADHD
Jan 31, 2024
EP. 264: Doing Veterinary Medicine Her Way with Dr. Ashley Portmann
Jan 24, 2024
EP. 263: Melinda Shepherdson's Odyssey from World Explorer to Adventure Bush Therapy
Jan 17, 2024
EP. 262: Navigating Relationships: Understanding Coercive Control, Trauma, and ADHD with Maya Ann
Jan 10, 2024
EP. 261: From Our Pages to Their Lives: 4 More Stories of ADHD and Insight
Jan 03, 2024
EP. 260: From Our Pages to Their Lives: 5 Stories of ADHD and Discovery
Dec 27, 2023
EP. 259: Exploring the Heart of ADHD Women An Interview of Tracy Otsuka by Dr. Christine Li
Dec 20, 2023
EP. 258: The Power of Hope: Rewriting the ADHD Narrative
Dec 13, 2023
EP. 257: The Challenges of ADHD and Aging in Women with Dr. Kathleen Nadeau
Dec 06, 2023
Ep. 256 Cults, Child Marriage and ADHD Optimism with Dr. Tamara MC
Nov 29, 2023
EP. 255: Emotional Resilience in ADHD: Building a Happier Brain
Nov 22, 2023
EP. 254: In the ADHD/Autism Trenches with Dr. Nanci Smith
Nov 15, 2023
EP. 253: When You Feel Unexplainably Unwell: Your Nervous System and ADHD with Pharmacist & Patient Advocate, Kalin Johnson
Nov 08, 2023
EP. 252: ADHD in the Workplace with Lisa Lewis
Nov 01, 2023
EP. 251: What Happens When We Learn How to Lead with Alice Gendron
Oct 25, 2023
EP. 250: Coaching Yourself with Executive Leadership Coach Antonia Bowring
Oct 18, 2023
Bonus EP: Are We Really Stubborn, Irreverent, and Oppositional?
Oct 13, 2023
EP. 249: Adieu Beautiful Mama: ADHD and Grief
Oct 11, 2023
EP. 248: Educating Neurodivergent Students with Former NYU Professor and Author Sivan Hong
Oct 04, 2023
EP. 247: Breaking Up with Booze and Living Your Best Life with Amanda Kuda
Sep 27, 2023
EP. 246: Make it Funny with Comedian, Blaire Postman
Sep 20, 2023
EP. 245: When You Love What You Do, it Rarely Feels Like Work with Stephanie Calderon
Sep 13, 2023
EP. 244: Perfectionism, Confidence and ADHD with Dr. Fiona Peters
Sep 06, 2023
EP. 243: Learning to Trust Yourself with Sarah McCall
Aug 30, 2023
EP. 242: Hyperfocus Your Way to Success as an Artist Entrepreneur, with Jessica Liddell
Aug 23, 2023
Ep. 241: ADHD, Adventure and Doing Things Her Own Way, with Expat Entrepreneur, Jessi Kingan
Aug 16, 2023
EP. 240: How We Lead in What We Love with YouTube Influencer Kathy Joseph of Kathy Loves Physics
Aug 09, 2023
EP. 239: ADHD, Autism and Other Neurodivergent Insights with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Megan Anna Neff
Aug 02, 2023
EP. 238: Regulating our ADHD Nervous System with Psychologist Anna Daphna
Jul 26, 2023
EP. 237: What Do I Do If I Really Hate My Job/Career with Shell Mendelson
Jul 19, 2023
EP. 236: The Golden Ticket All Kids Really Need with Irena Smith
Jul 12, 2023
Bonus EP: ADHD Success Story with JULIANNE DECKER
Jul 07, 2023
EP. 235: ADHD Life in a Nudist Colony with Award-Winning Documentarian Mandy Zelinka
Jul 05, 2023
Bonus EP: ADHD Success Story with TRINLEE CHODREN
Jun 30, 2023
EP. 234: How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Start Anything with Laura Vig
Jun 28, 2023
Bonus EP: ADHD Success Story with Haley Lin
Jun 23, 2023
EP. 233: The Overlap of ADHD and Autism with Andonette Wilkinson
Jun 21, 2023
EP. 232: You Can Change Your Brain and So Can Your Child with Neuroeducation Expert Barbara Arrowsmith-Young
Jun 14, 2023
EP. 231: Inattentive ADHD with Cynthia Hammer
Jun 07, 2023
EP. 230: Why ADHD is a Feminist Issue
May 31, 2023
EP. 229: A Strength-Focused Approach to Relationships with Psychotherapist, Anita Robertson, LCSW
May 24, 2023
EP. 228: Raising a Spirited ADHD Child with Pulitzer-prize Winning Investigative Reporter and Author, Katherine Ellison
May 17, 2023
EP. 227 How to Start and Finish Anything with Roxanne Jarrett
May 10, 2023
EP. 226: ADHD and the Gut-Brain Connection with Nicole Malcher
May 03, 2023
EP. 225: Challenging the Status Quo with Welsh Politician, Sara Robinson
Apr 26, 2023
EP. 224: ADHD, Autism and Making Friends with Steph West
Apr 19, 2023
EP. 223: Why We Love Schitt's Creek and How We May All Be a Little Like Moira Rose, with Author Rachel Floyd
Apr 12, 2023
EP. 222: Overcoming Adversity through Gratitude & Optimism with Jen Kohms
Apr 05, 2023
EP. 221: ADHD and Grief After a Later in Life Diagnosis with Amelia Etherton
Mar 29, 2023
EP. 220: ADHD Strengths, a Late in Life ADHD Diagnosis and Why You Should Talk to Strangers with Angela Raspass
Mar 22, 2023
EP. 219: ADHD Tenacity: Using No to Get Closer to Yes with Jamie Cutino
Mar 15, 2023
Ep. 218 How an ADHD Diagnosis Taught Micah Clasper-Torch to Rethink Entrepreneurship
Mar 08, 2023
EP. 217: Working Through Imposter Syndrome and RSD with Bestselling Author, Emily McKaskle
Mar 01, 2023
Ep. 216: Building an ADHD-Friendly Career with Elly Linam
Feb 22, 2023
EP. 215: Anxiety, Rumination and Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone with Amanda Feliciano
Feb 15, 2023
EP. 214: From Banker to Baker with Entrepreneur, Emma Dodi
Feb 08, 2023
EP. 213: How Testing for Learning Differences Showcases our Unique Strengths with Emily Yudofsky, Co-Founder of Marker Learning
Feb 01, 2023
EP. 212: How to Make a Sustainable Living From Your Creativity with Miriam Schulman
Jan 25, 2023
EP. 211: How to Live Your Purpose with Municipal Politician and Climate Consultant, Kacy Peterson DeLong
Jan 18, 2023
EP. 210: CBT, Perfectionism, and Learning to Lean In with Therapist and Author, Kristen Baird-Goldman
Jan 11, 2023
EP. 209: Emotion, Trauma and ADHD with Dialectical Behavioral Therapist, Vanessa Gorelkin
Jan 04, 2023
EP. 208: What’s Your Intention for 2023?
Dec 28, 2022
EP. 207: Childhood Trauma with Non-fiction Author Coach, Allison Lane
Dec 21, 2022
EP. 206: How to Stop the Guilt, Move More and Ditch Imposter Syndrome with Marnie Bothmer
Dec 14, 2022
EP. 205: How Luzia Tschirky, correspondent at Swiss Public Broadcasting SRF Uses Her ADHD Strengths to Cover the War in Ukraine
Dec 07, 2022
EP. 204: Intermittent Fasting with Gin Stephens
Nov 30, 2022
EP. 203: Changing the Definition of Success with TedX Speaker Martha Barnard-Rae
Nov 23, 2022
EP. 202: ADHD, Imposter Syndrome and Dentistry with Alexis Tomaszewski
Nov 16, 2022
EP. 201: Traumatic brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis and ADHD with Amanda Smith
Nov 09, 2022
EP. 200: Come Meet my Family
Nov 02, 2022
EP. 199: How to Get Diagnosed with My Checklist
Oct 26, 2022
EP. 198: How to Unlock Your Potential with Occupational Therapist, Vanessa Gorelkin
Oct 19, 2022
EP. 197 A Gripping Holocaust Story with Renee Grewe
Oct 12, 2022
EP. 196: ADHD and Imposter Syndrome with Author and Sales Expert, Shianne Sampson
Oct 05, 2022
EP. 195: ADHD, Running an Online Business and Hiring Help with Digital Marketing Strategist, Jen Lehner
Sep 28, 2022
EP. 194: ADHD & Trauma
Sep 21, 2022
EP. 193: ADHD, Money and The Keyless Life with Denise Duffield-Thomas
Sep 14, 2022
BONUS FROM TRACY: 5 Days to Fall in Love with Your ADHD Brain [TIME SENSITIVE]
Sep 08, 2022
EP. 192: ADHD and Imposter Syndrome with Artist and Entrepreneur, Katie Hayes
Sep 07, 2022
EP. 191: Raising Differently Wired ADHD Kids with Debbie Reber
Aug 31, 2022
Ep. 190: PTSD, Trauma, and EMDR: When Your Career Makes You Sick with Former Lawyer, Lara Connolly
Aug 24, 2022
EP. 189: Trauma and Mindfulness with Tenrikyo Priestess, Latoya Williams
Aug 17, 2022
EP. 188: How to Manage Our ADHD in the Kitchen with Food Blogger and Pastry Chef, Rebecca Eisenberg
Aug 10, 2022
EP. 187: ADHD and How to Feel Good and Inspire with Teen Recording Artist, Devyne Bean
Aug 03, 2022
EP. 186: Make Managing Money Fun with Money Coach Siw Slevigen
Jul 27, 2022
EP. 185: ADHD and Politics
Jul 20, 2022
EP. 184: ADHD and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Danielle House
Jul 13, 2022
EP. 183: Why ADHD Women Might Struggle More with Imposter Syndrome
Jul 06, 2022
EP. 182: ADHD and Habits with Expert Aggressive Canine Behavior Consultant, Rene Smith
Jun 29, 2022
EP. 181: Meet Tracy's Oh So Clever Podcast Producer, Grace Bourey
Jun 22, 2022
Ep. 180: Interpersonal Intuition and ADHD
Jun 15, 2022
EP. 179: ADHD, Relationships and Sex with Sex Educator, August McLaughlin
Jun 08, 2022
EP. 178: NO, it's NOT ADHD! and Other Bullshit Women Hear from Medical Professionals Who Should Know Better
Jun 01, 2022
Ep. 177: Medication, Diagnosis and Curating Your Own ADHD Team with Pharmacist and Patient Advocate, Kalin Johnson
May 25, 2022
EP. 176: ADHD and Being a Smart Ass in Male-Dominated Fields with Danyell DiLena
May 18, 2022
EP. 175: ADHD and How to Take an RSD Moment and Turn it Into Opportunity with Leslie Robbins
May 11, 2022
EP. 174: ADHD and Gratitude with Catheryn Wreford-Holden
May 04, 2022
EP. 173: The Difficulty of Diagnosing ADHD in Women and Girls with Dr. Grace Esan
Apr 27, 2022
EP. 172: Tracy’s Top 12 Can’t Live Without, ADHD Resources
Apr 20, 2022
EP. 171: ADHD and Dental Health: Crowns, Root Canals, TMJD and Grinding
Apr 13, 2022
Ep. 170 Inattentive ADHD with Clinical Psychologist, April Kane
Apr 06, 2022
EP. 169: ADHD, Higher Education and Completing That Damn Dissertation with Dr. Abbey Weinstein
Mar 30, 2022
EP. 168: ADHD and 100 First Dates in NYC with Business Strategist & Stockbroker, Jackie Newman
Mar 23, 2022
EP. 167: From Theoretical Physicist to Atmospheric Scientist with Natalia Bliankinshtein
Mar 17, 2022
Ep. 166: Skin Picking, Hair Pulling, Nail Biting and ADHD
Mar 09, 2022
EP. 165: This Might Be One of My Top 3 ADHD Life Hacks Ever!
Mar 02, 2022
EP. 164: The Best Tool for Managing Anxiety with Kate Moryoussef
Feb 23, 2022
EP. 163: Entrepreneurialism, ADHD and Irlen Syndrome with Business Coach, Jessi Romero
Feb 16, 2022
Ep. 162: ADHD, Trauma, and Living Your Purpose with Master Teacher, Kathleen Germs
Feb 09, 2022
EP. 161: ADHD and Hypnotherapy with Hypnotherapist, Meggie Houle
Feb 02, 2022
Ep. 160: ADHD, Dyslexia, Nursing with Entrepreneur and Founder of RekMed, Jennifer Zahourek
Jan 26, 2022
EP. 159: ADHD, Perimenopause and Menopause with Dr. Susan Varghese
Jan 19, 2022
EP. 158: ADHD and Women: Speak Your Mind, Embrace Your Too-Muchness and Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen
Jan 12, 2022
EP. 157: The Best ADHD Treatment With or Without Medication
Jan 05, 2022
EP. 156: How to Choose Your Word for Next Year
Dec 29, 2021
EP. 155: ADHD, Dyslexia and Unexplained Underachievement with Founding Director of REED Charitable Foundation, Jennifer Knopf
Dec 22, 2021
EP. 154: Your Brain is Not Broken; Strategies for Navigating Your Emotions and ADHD Life with Dr. Tamara Rosier
Dec 15, 2021
EP. 153: ADHD and Dyslexia with Dyslexia Therapist, Melanie Florsheim
Dec 08, 2021
Bonus Episode: 29 Gifts - Let's Ditch the Overwhelm and Put Joy Back into the Holidays, Together
Dec 01, 2021
EP. 152: ADHD and Friends: Blurting, Oversharing and Small Talk with Social Skills Expert, Caroline Maguire
Dec 01, 2021
EP. 151: ADHD Moms, What Really Matters? with Patricia Sung
Nov 24, 2021
EP. 150: Intersectionality of Complex Trauma and ADHD for the BIPOC Community with Therapist, Emerald May Rubio
Nov 17, 2021
EP. 149: Simple Steps to Organize Your ADHD Life with Lisa Woodruff
Nov 10, 2021
EP. 148: ADHD and Sleep: Beyond the Boring Strategies
Nov 03, 2021
EP. 147: ADHD and Resilience with Juliana Hock
Oct 27, 2021
EP. 146: Simple Strategies For Being on Time and Planning Better
Oct 20, 2021
Ep. 145: Why is Time So Difficult For Our ADHD Brains?
Oct 13, 2021
EP. 144: 7 New Ways to Biohack Your ADHD Brain and Stop Rumination NOW
Oct 06, 2021
EP. 143: It's Usually Not Just ADHD With Educational Diagnostician, Laurie Peterson
Sep 29, 2021
EP. 142: ADHD, Nutrition and Intuitive Eating with Becca King
Sep 22, 2021
EP. 141: Laundry, House Cleaning, and an ADHD-Friendly Refrigerator with Struggle Care’s KC Davis
Sep 15, 2021
EP. 140: ADHD and Relationships With Melissa Orlov
Sep 08, 2021
EP. 139: ADHD, Authenticity and Not Fitting In with Trendsetting Hairstylist and Educator Jayne Matthews
Sep 01, 2021
EP. 138: ADHD and Vertical Heterophoria with ADHD expert and author René Brooks
Aug 25, 2021
EP. 137: How to Get That Thing That You REALLY Don't Want to Do, Done!
Aug 18, 2021
EP. 136: ADHD and Creativity with Artist and Online Entrepreneur, Miriam Schulman
Aug 11, 2021
EP. 135: ADHD, Suicide Prevention and Audio Journaling with Grace L’Orange
Aug 04, 2021
EP. 134: ADHD, Entrepreneurship and Social Media with Kamden Hainsworth
Jul 28, 2021
Ep. 133: ADHD and The Appeal of Alternative Careers with Beekeeper Adrienne Smith
Jul 21, 2021
EP. 132: ADHD and Trauma with Psychotherapist, Denese Marshall
Jul 14, 2021
EP. 131: ADHD and a Million Gold Stars
Jul 07, 2021
EP. 130: The Collaborative & Proactive Solutions System for Challenging Kids with ADHD
Jun 30, 2021
EP. 129: ADHD, Asian Americans and the Model Minority Myth
Jun 23, 2021
EP. 128: ADHD and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria with Keynote Speaker, Jessica Fern
Jun 16, 2021
EP. 127: How to Improve ADHD & RSD Symptoms with Yogi, Adell Bridges
Jun 09, 2021
EP. 126: From Homeless Shelter to Covid Infection Control Scientist with Tiffany Jackson
Jun 02, 2021
EP. 125: ADHD and How to Respond to the Non-Believers
May 26, 2021
EP. 124: ADHD, Art, and the Music Industry with Rebecca Brianceau
May 19, 2021
EP. 123: ADHD and Tapping for Procrastination
May 12, 2021
EP. 122: Women and ADHD Medication with Dr. Carolyn Lentzsch-Parcells
May 05, 2021
EP. 121: ADHD and Hypersensitivities in Women with Terry Matlen, LMSW, ACSW
Apr 28, 2021
EP. 120: ADHD, Medical School and Receiving Accommodations for the USMLE Board Exams with Dr. Elizabeth Sanchez
Apr 21, 2021
EP. 119: ADHD, Entrepreneurship and Workarounds with Dr. Lola Day
Apr 14, 2021
EP. 118: Sizing Down and Creating An Organized Home for ADHD Living with Francesca Rizzo
Apr 07, 2021
EP. 117: ADHD and How to Control Rumination, RSD and Depressive Thoughts
Mar 31, 2021
EP. 116: ADHD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Mar 24, 2021
EP. 115: The Pandemic Job Market and Re-Entering the Workforce wih Lynn Miner-Rosen
Mar 17, 2021
EP. 114: ADHD, Women and Hormones
Mar 10, 2021
EP. 113: How to Live to Your Potential with ADHD
Mar 03, 2021
EP. 112: ADHD, Working Memory, Hip-hop and STEM with Raven the Science Maven
Feb 24, 2021
EP. 111: ADHD and Medical School with Dr. Diana Mercado
Feb 17, 2021
EP. 110: ADHD, Science, and Creativity with Infectious Disease and Genetics Expert, Dr. Amy Cain
Feb 10, 2021
EP. 109: The ADHD Artist with Sarah Gise
Feb 03, 2021
EP. 108: Professional Organizer Judith Houlding
Jan 27, 2021
EP. 107: From High School Dropout to College Success with Lucy Van den Heuvel
Jan 20, 2021
EP. 106: ADHD 2.0: New Science and Essential Strategies for Thriving with Distraction with Edward Hallowell
Jan 13, 2021
EP. 105: ADHD, Emotion and Choosing the Right College with Collegiate Athlete, Mikayla Kee
Jan 06, 2021
EP. 104: Goal Setting and Planning for ADHD
Dec 30, 2020
EP. 103: Helping Black Women Kick the Shame of ADHD with Stacey Machelle
Dec 23, 2020
EP. 102: ADHD, RSD and How to Pursue Higher Education with Dr. Melody Kuphal
Dec 16, 2020
EP. 101: Pt. 2, What 99 Episodes Taught Me About the ADHD Brain
Dec 09, 2020
EP. 100: Part 1, What 99 Episodes Taught Me About the ADHD Brain
Dec 02, 2020
EP. 99: Organization for ADHD Teens with Executive Function Coach, Julia Clements
Nov 25, 2020
EP. 98: The Unplanner System for ADHD Planning Success in 2021
Nov 18, 2020
EP. 97: ADHD and Managing Money with Michelle Nickel
Nov 11, 2020
EP. 96: ADHD, Confidence, Career and Mid-life with Leadership Program Design and Delivery Expert, Juliann Decker
Nov 04, 2020
EP. 95: Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating and ADHD with Aleta Storch
Oct 28, 2020
EP. 94: ADHD with Paparazzi, Jaimie Harris
Oct 21, 2020
EP. 93: ADHD, Positive Emotion and Being Future-Focused
Oct 14, 2020
EP. 92: ADHD, Trauma, Shame and Falling in Love with Your ADHD Brain at 59 with Isabelle Baker
Oct 07, 2020
EP. 91: What Do I Do With My ADHD Life and Our A-OK! System
Sep 30, 2020
EP. 90: How to Talk to Your Child About Their ADHD with Katelyn Mabry
Sep 23, 2020
EP. 89: How an ADHD Diagnosis Healed 22 Years of Anxiety with Jade LeQuesne
Sep 16, 2020
EP. 88: ADHD, Rumination and Criticism
Sep 09, 2020
EP. 87: ADHD Means That You're Never Too Old
Sep 02, 2020
EP. 86: ADHD with Dr. Kristen Nicole
Aug 26, 2020
EP. 85: ADHD, Emotion and RSD with Entrepreneur & Coffee Magnate, Helena Hills
Aug 19, 2020
EP. 84: ADHD and Nutrition with Nicole DeMasi Malcher
Aug 12, 2020
EP. 83: Productivity, Procrastination, ADHD and Just Starting
Aug 05, 2020
EP. 82: ADHD with NASA Flight Controller, Natalie Cluck
Jul 29, 2020
EP. 81: ADHD with Teen Author, Gracie Dix
Jul 22, 2020
EP. 80: ADHD and Female Friendships with Janet Murray
Jul 15, 2020
EP. 79: ADHD and Imposter Syndrome
Jul 08, 2020
EP. 78: What Does ADHD Look Like in Women? The Update
Jul 01, 2020
EP. 77: ADHD, Anxiety, Self-Care and Law School with Jaklin Levine Pritzker
Jun 24, 2020
EP. 76: Your ADHD Brain is A-OK! My 6-Step System
Jun 17, 2020
EP. 75: Why ADHD Coaching Works
Jun 10, 2020
EP. 74: Overcoming Procrastination with Focusmate and Rachel Elliott
Jun 03, 2020
EP. 73: ADHD Hacks Recommended By Our Members
May 27, 2020
EP. 72: What The Pandemic Taught Me About My ADHD Brain
May 20, 2020
EP. 71: ADHD and the Importance of Fun, with Psychologist, Author & Grand Poohbah of Play, Dr. Kirsten Milliken
May 13, 2020
EP. 70: Social Anxiety and ADHD with Mental Health Clinician, Kelsie Elizabeth
May 06, 2020
EP. 69: ADHD and the Arts with San Francisco Opera Singer Sally Mouzon
Apr 29, 2020
EP. 68: How to Train Your ADHD Brain to Work with Fear
Apr 22, 2020
EP. 67: Surviving a Very Difficult Adolescence, a Love of Accounting and Belonging to Yourself with Vera Bruursema
Apr 15, 2020
EP. 66: Change Your ADHD Life by Changing Your Thoughts
Apr 08, 2020
EP. 65: Managing our Children and our ADHD in the Time of COVID-19 with Jaime Fisher
Apr 01, 2020
EP. 64: ADHD and the Creative Life with Francesca Rizzo
Mar 25, 2020
EP. 63: Choose to Be the Hero, Not the Victim in Your ADHD Life
Mar 18, 2020
EP. 62: ADHD and Cannabis
Mar 11, 2020
EP. 61: Diagnostic Testing For ADHD With Laurie Harwood Peterson
Mar 04, 2020
EP. 60: ADHD, Entrepreneurialism and Fearlessness with Dr. Brandi Noll
Feb 26, 2020
EP. 59: ADHD and Justice Sensitivity with Immigration Attorney Taylor Levy
Feb 19, 2020
EP. 58: 5 ADHD Hacks That Change How I Work
Feb 12, 2020
EP. 57: A Mid-Life Diagnosis of ADHD with Sandra Centorino
Feb 05, 2020
EP. 56: Is it ADHD or Non-Verbal Learning Disorder? with Linda Karanzalis, M.S., BCCS
Jan 29, 2020
EP. 55: What I’ve Learned in the Year Since I Started my ADHD for Smart Ass Women Podcast
Jan 22, 2020
EP. 54: How Proper Breathing Reduces Stress, Stabilizes Emotions and Makes the ADHD Brain More Mindful
Jan 15, 2020
EP. 53: Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness, Meditation and ADHD
Jan 08, 2020
EP. 52: How Choosing a Word for the New Year Helps Me Better Manage My ADHD Brain
Jan 01, 2020
EP. 51: Meet My Son Markus: An ADHD Underdog Success Story Plus My Article on ADDitude
Dec 26, 2019
EP. 50: Meditation That Even You Can Do (Especially if You’re Inattentive or Have RSD) with ADHD Life Coach, Diann Wingert
Dec 18, 2019
EP. 49: ADHD and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD), Part 2: How to Reduce and Even Eliminate Its Symptoms
Dec 11, 2019
EP. 48: When You Grow Up Poor, Adopted, Bullied, Angry, 2E and the Only Black Girl In Your Town, No One Ever Thinks It Might Be ADHD. Meet Our Brilliant Guest, Sandra Coral
Dec 04, 2019
EP. 47: Why Gratitude is Even More Important to the ADHD Brain
Nov 27, 2019
EP. 46: How ADHD Helped Caryn Prall Build a Two Billion Dollar Real Estate Empire
Nov 20, 2019
EP. 45: When ADHD is Misdiagnosed as Bi-Polar Disorder, Meet 27 Year-Old MMA Fighter Elizabeth Megan
Nov 13, 2019
EP. 44: Why ADHD and BiPolar Disorder Are Commonly Misdiagnosed
Nov 06, 2019
EP. 43: How Megan Burlingame Failed Her Way to Success and Discovered her ADHD Superpowers
Oct 30, 2019
EP. 42: Everyone Does NOT Have ADHD!
Oct 23, 2019
EP. 41: Should I Disclose My ADHD At Work With Lynn Miner-Rosen
Oct 16, 2019
EP. 40: How to Prepare to Meet With Your ADHD Doctor
Oct 09, 2019
EP. 39: How An ADHD Diagnosis Changed 24-Year-Old Josie Bowman’s Life, The Second Time
Oct 02, 2019
EP. 38: ADHD and Drifting Off Topic
Sep 25, 2019
EP. 37: ADHD, Positive Emotion and Essential Oils with Crystal Edmonds
Sep 18, 2019
EP. 36: Crowns, Root Canals, TMD and ADHD
Sep 11, 2019
EP. 35: How To Respond When People Tell You ADHD Isn't Real
Sep 04, 2019
EP. 34: ADHD and Repetitive Body Focused Behaviors (Also Known As Skin-Picking, Nail Biting, Teeth Grinding, Etc.)
Aug 28, 2019
EP. 33: How Cognitive Behavioral Coaching Can Change Your Life with ADHD Expert Diann Wingert
Aug 21, 2019
EP. 32: What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and How Can it Help ADHD?
Aug 07, 2019
EP. 31: Reading Strategies for ADHD Brains with Reading Specialist and Fellow ADHDer, Katelyn Mabry
Jul 31, 2019
EP. 30: My Favorite Tech Tool: How The Apple Watch Saved My ADHD Brain
Jul 24, 2019
EP. 29: Psychotherapist Perry Janssen talks about ADHD, emotion and the importance of learning how to manage your feelings
Jul 17, 2019
EP. 28: How To Navigate The College Admissions Process As An ADHD Teen
Jul 10, 2019
EP. 27: How an ADHD Diagnosis Changed Danielle Ford's Life
Jul 03, 2019
EP. 26: Tracy’s Strength-Focused ADHD Book List
Jun 26, 2019
EP. 25: ADHD and Addiction
Jun 19, 2019
EP. 24: What Does ADHD Feel Like From Women Who Have ADHD
Jun 12, 2019
EP. 23: ADHD and Rumination
Jun 05, 2019
EP. 22: ADHD And Procrastination With Dr. Christine Li
May 29, 2019
EP. 21: ADHD and Weight
May 22, 2019
EP. 20: How To Figure Out Your ADHD Strengths
May 15, 2019
EP. 19: ADHD And Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)
May 08, 2019
EP. 18: The 10 Things I Wish Every Teacher Knew About Their ADHD Students
May 01, 2019
EP. 17: The 10 Things I Wish I Would Have Been Told About ADHD When I Was First Diagnosed
Apr 24, 2019
EP. 16: Intuition and ADHD
Apr 17, 2019
EP. 15: Why Major Life Decisions Are So Difficult To Make For Those Of Us With ADHD
Apr 10, 2019
EP. 14: What’s A Body Double and How Can It Help Me Get My Work Done?
Apr 03, 2019
EP. 13: ADHD and Non-Fiction, Is That a Thing?
Mar 27, 2019
EP. 12: Learned Helplessness and ADHD
Mar 20, 2019
EP. 11: Gifted and ADHD
Mar 13, 2019
EP. 10: Why Exercise is Important for the ADHD Brain
Mar 06, 2019
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Feb 27, 2019
EP. 8: Why Am I Always Late? ADHD and Time - Part One
Feb 21, 2019
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Feb 14, 2019
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Feb 07, 2019
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Jan 31, 2019
EP. 4: The One Trait that Everyone with ADHD Shares
Jan 24, 2019
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Jan 24, 2019
EP. 2: ADHD, The Facts, The Symptoms and the Advantages of the ADHD Condition
Jan 24, 2019
EP. 1: Tracy Otsuka Shares her ADHD Story and her ADHD Superpowers
Nov 19, 2018