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 Jun 9, 2019
If you think rock n roll is dead, you need to open your ears and listen. LG is doing it and she's doing it better than most. Praise Tanya!


Queen of S-Mountain is a music podcast hosted by LG, the front-woman for the greatest, all-female, queer, southern rock band of all time, Thelma and the Sleaze. Season One featured tour storytelling, with an oral history of the band, advice for DIY rockers, and hard truths about the music industry. A dark and funny critique of the State of Music and life on the road for touring musicians. Season Two showcases the women of rock in this cultural moment, with tales of triumph, highlighting both the current and continuing female dominance in the industry, with interviews from beloved musicians, independent legends, and more.

Episode Date
Kam Franklin - Part 2

Kam Franklin and LG continue their chat in part two of this episode, discussing the cities that are a "hard nut to crack" for touring musicians, like Atlanta and Kam's hometown of Houston. They analyze Nashville in a similar way - exploring everything from marketing, clubs, audiences/scenes, lessons learned, music history, gentrification, the south, and the music biz overall. Kam talks about growing up in a diverse neighborhood in Houston, reveals that she used to be a promoter, has big picture plans to one day throw a festival, but first, she's focusing on a forthcoming double album from her band The Suffers. Huge thanks to sponsor EarthQuaker Devices! Support this podcast at patreon.com/QOSM and grab some merch at society6.com/QOSM

Sep 17, 2020
Kam Franklin - Part 1

Kam Franklin of the Houston band The Suffers is an award-winning singer-songwriter, a performance artist, an activist, a writer, and an orator - and as if that's not enough, she was a trade analyst at an investment bank before her band's national debut. After a producer from Late Show with David Letterman booked The Suffers on the show, she quit her day job and the rest is history. Kam and LG discuss racism and sexism within the music industry, Americana and its festivals, the issues with genre-labeling, empathy in modern times, and more, in part one of this episode. Huge thanks to EarthQuaker Devices for sponsoring! Visit them at www.earthquakerdevices.com. Support this podcast and women in audio at www.patreon.com/QOSM and grab some merch from www.society6.com/QOSM.

Sep 10, 2020
Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy, a Swiss-born singer-songwriter, musician, and wunderkind who grew up in Nashville, chats with LG about her music journey. They discuss her younger years at rock camp, her experience with home recording, her tour setup, her music career rise (and signing a record deal with label Fat Possum Records), the new era of young women in music owning their process, some fun gear chat, and more. They also play a game LG made up - a 90s lyric quiz! Support this podcast at www.patreon.com/QOSM. Grab some merch at www.society6.com/QOSM. Thank you to podcast sponsor EarthQuaker Devices! www.earthquakerdevices.com

Sep 03, 2020
Lizzie Powell - Part 2

LG continues her chat with Lizzie Powell of Land of Talk (landoftalkmusic.com) in part two of this episode. Lizzie and LG discuss recording, bandmates, guitars, navigating around the creepy, entitled men of the music industry (and sometimes just crushing them with a guitar), predictions on when musicians will get to tour again, their shared love of croissants, and more in this engaging episode. Support this podcast, and women in audio, at patreon.com/QOSM and grab some merch at society6.com/QOSM! Thank you EarthQuaker Devices for sponsoring! earthquakerdevices.com 

Aug 27, 2020
Lizzie Powell - Part 1

This week, LG chats with singer, songwriter, and guitarist Lizzie Powell of the Canadian indie rock band Land of Talk, from Montreal, Quebec, in Queen of S-Mountain's first international episode! In part one, they discuss Canada's current and former arts funding (and the funding delegated to bands), recording a demo, songwriting, mental health, and the ever-persistent question "What's your song about?" Subscribe, leave a comment and a review, and support this podcast at patreon.com/QOSM. Grab some merch from the QOSM store at society6.com/QOSM. Thank you to our sponsor EarthQuaker Devices for being a champion of women in audio. Visit them at www.earthquakerdevices.com!


Aug 20, 2020
Glenn Van Dyke and Alex White

*Content Warning* - In this episode of Queen of S-Mountain, LG chats with musicians Alex White and Glenn Van Dyke about the allegations of sexual misconduct and toxic culture by men at the now-defunct Burger Records and some of its affiliated artists, the betrayal of those who operated under the guise of helping women only to prey upon them, and the path forward for women who relied on Burger Records to release their music. This episode is not an exploration of details surrounding the misconduct, but rather a cathartic conversation with invitations for resource sharing, outreach, and a path forward. Thank you to EarthQuaker Devices for sponsoring, and thank you to Alex and Glenn for helping to navigate this topic and offering their wisdom as women in the music industry. 

Aug 13, 2020
Alicja Trout - Part 2

Host LG continues her chat with Memphis rocker Alicja Trout! They discuss home recording and demo making, her go-to gear, her creative partnerships, what her kids think of her music, her business acumen, and more. Huge thank you to EarthQuaker Devices for sponsoring this episode! Give them a follow on Instagram and visit them at earthquakerdevices.com. Support this podcast and women in audio at patreon.com/QOSM and grab some merch at society6.com/QOSM. 

Aug 06, 2020
Alicja Trout - Part 1

Alicja Trout is a Memphis-based rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, and member of many bands including Sweet Knives, Lost Sounds, River City Tanlines, The Clears, The Fitts, The CC Riders, Mouserocket, Destruction Unit, Black Sunday, and more. She's been featured on MTV, has done a solo project, and has operated her own indie label, all while raising a family, growing a garden, occasionally fostering shelter dogs, and managing properties. Host LG chats with Alicja over the phone about her life in Memphis, acquiring her first Flying V guitar, and more. Thank you to EarthQuaker Devices for sponsoring this episode! If you're able, support this podcast and women in audio at patreon.com/QOSM and grab some merch from society6.com/QOSM

Jul 30, 2020
Jenny Hoyston - Part 2

Part 2 of the Jenny Hoyston interview is here! Jenny talks with LG about her yearly event for women, called Fabulosa, her love of swimming pools, the loneliness of coming back from a world tour, her decision to stop playing with Erase Errata, and more, in this heartfelt and funny second installment of the interview. Enormous thanks to EarthQuaker Devices for sponsoring this episode. If you're able, support this podcast and women in audio at patreon.com/QOSM

Jul 16, 2020
Jenny Hoyston - Part 1

This week's episode features Austin-based producer, vocalist, guitarist, trumpeter, and supercomputer Jenny Hoyston of Erase Errata who joins host LG for this utterly charming episode. They talk about her time with the band, the sound production choices she made, the "gay old times" memories from the old days of SXSW, seeing Phil Collins play at the Parthenon in Athens, Greece from her hotel balcony while on tour, and more. Support this podcast and women in audio at patreon.com/QOSM. Grab some merch at society6.com/QOSM. Huge thanks to sponsor EarthQuaker Devices. Visit them at earthquakerdevices.com!

Jul 09, 2020
H.C. McEntire

In this week's episode, LG interviews H.C. McEntire! After two years working all over the world as a backup singer in Angel Olsen’s band, H.C. McEntire (www.hcmcentire.com)came home to an old farmhouse in the woods in North Carolina, right on the Eno River, to create her forthcoming album Eno Axis (available August 21, 2020). LG and H.C. discuss the album, the significance of the river she references, the joys of working with a woman engineer in the studio, and more in this dreamy episode of Queen of S-Mountain. Thank you to EarthQuaker Devices for sponsoring! Check them out at www.earthquakerdevices.com. Grab some QOSM merch at society6.com/QOSM and go to patreon.com/QOSM to hear a hilarious bonus clip from this episode.

Jul 02, 2020
Kate Pierson - Part 2

LG continues her chat with Kate Pierson of The B52's in part two of this episode! They discuss the band's wild outfits, the resurgence of thrift culture, their experience being the band from The Flinstones movie, Kate's fantastic solo album, the importance of women supporting women in the music industry, fighting for important causes outside of social media, and so much more. Bonus clip at: www.patreon.com/QOSM. Huge thanks to our sponsor EarthQuaker Devices: www.earthquakerdevices.com

Jun 25, 2020
Kate Pierson - Part 1

LG interviews Kate Pierson of The B52's! In part one of this interview, they talk about how she is holding up during quarantine, the formation of the band and her library of The B52's tapes from recording, how the band shares equal ownership and stays together like a family, hanging out at a strip club with ZZ Top, traveling across the world on tour, the PSA that Fred Armisen recorded for them to play before shows, a little about the house from "Love Shack" and so much more. Click the subscribe so you don't miss part two next week! Thank you so much to EarthQuaker Devices for sponsoring this episode. www.earthquakerdevices.com Support this podcast and women in audio: www.patreon.com/QOSM

Jun 18, 2020
Lilly Hiatt

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Lilly Hiatt chats with LG over the phone about the music biz, her songwriting process, her unique voice, and what it means to be a touring musician that cannot tour during the quarantine. Lilly has just put out a new album called Walking Proof and, despite the touring pause, it has been doing well. This episode also includes the segment "I Like This Band A Lot" where LG showcases Velvet Vaughan. Huge thanks to sponsor EarthQuaker Devices. 

Guest: Lilly Hiatt www.lillyhiatt.com
Featuring: Velvet Vaughan www.instagram.com/velvetvaughan
Sponsor: EarthQuaker Devices www.earthquakerdevices.com
Jun 04, 2020
Quarantine Q&A

In this special episode of Queen of S-Mountain podcast, host LG compiles audio interviews from music friends in quarantine and asks them how they're doing, what's keeping them busy, what music they are listening to, and what their hopes are for the future in a post-pandemic world. This uplifting episode features interviews from singer-songwriter Becca Mancari, Jordan Victoria of Heaven Honey, Caroline Bowman of Cold Lunch Recordings, and Sarah Greenwell of Gymshorts. This episode also features great music from these folks, as well. Thank you to EarthQuaker Devices for sponsoring!

Visit them at www.earthquakerdevices.com! If you are able, support this podcast and women in audio at patreon.com/QOSM and check out the merch store at society6.com/QOSM

May 28, 2020
Caroline Rose

Not only is genre-spanning musician Caroline Rose a singer-songwriter, but she’s also a producer, AND she also has a degree in Architecture. Pre-quarantine, she was making her TV debut on Late Night with Seth Myers and she was coming up with hilarious promotional ideas like buying a vague billboard in the middle of nowhere, confusing a small town in Texas. Caroline was also getting ready to tour on her newest release, a cinematic pop album called Superstar. She headed to Vermont to be near her band and team during the pandemic, and from there she’s chatting with LG on this free-wheeling interview that includes a wild story about Caroline breaking into a sugar factory. If you’re able, please support QOSM podcast: www.patreon.com/QOSM or grab some merch at www.society6.com/QOSM.Huge thanks to our sponsor EarthQuaker Devices! Check them out at www.earthquakerdevices.com.

May 21, 2020
Lori Barbero

Thrilled to present this week's guest...drummer from Babes in Toyland Lori Barbero! LG chats over the phone with Lori, who is hunkered down in Minneapolis during the quarantine. Lori talks about her time in the band, the business end of things, going on tour, playing huge festivals, and her enormous, recently-unearthed collection of photos (7 plastic tubs worth) from her touring days, and more. Lori also shares some hard truths about music ownership and why the band didn't continue even after two former Google employees helped jumpstart their successful reunion.

If you're able, support this podcast and women in audio at patreon.com/QOSM

May 14, 2020
Patty Schemel

QOSM's first quarantine episode is a big one - this episode features drummer extraordinaire Patty Schemel! Patty talks to host LG over the phone about her woodworking class that she teaches to young kids (and how they mostly have no idea she was the drummer for the band Hole), the difference between playing in a band in the 90s versus today, music Scenes, touring, and so much more. It's a freewheeling and loose interview that has a lot of laughs - and there's another edition of the new segment Tour Stories! Support this podcast and women in audio at www.patreon.com/QOSM and check out the new QOSM merch store at www.society6.com/qosm! Huge thanks to our episode sponsor Love of Fuzz. Check them out at www.loveoffuzz.com

May 06, 2020
Julie Robbins

EarthQuaker Devices' CEO Julie Robbins is this week's guest on Queen of S-Mountain podcast. Host LG sits down with Julie (pre-social distancing) in a sunny backyard in Nashville, TN to talk about her come-up, motherhood, and the creation of EarthQuaker Devices with her husband. Julie also dives into disrupting a misogynist industry and making it a better place for all women. If you are able, support this podcast and women in audio at patreon.com/QOSM!

Apr 29, 2020
Margo Price - Part 2
Part 2 of the interview with the super talented singer-songwriter Margo Price. Host LG continues her chat with Margo about the music industry, the do's and don'ts of signing contracts, sticking to your guns, and more. This episode also includes a new segment called "Tour Stories" which you don't wanna miss. Support this podcast and women in audio at patreon.com/QOSM! Big thanks to sponsor EarthQuaker Devices. Visit them at www.earthquakerdevices.com!
Apr 15, 2020
Margo Price - Part 1

In part one of this interview, host LG sits down with singer-songwriter Margo Price for lunch in Nashville as they discuss her journey as a musician, her meteoric rise in country music, her process, the people who surround her professionally, her forthcoming album, and more. Part two coming next week! Subscribe so you don't miss out. And don't forget to support this podcast and women in audio at www.patreon.com/QOSM! Huge thank you to this week's sponsor Springwater Supper Club & Lounge. Give them a follow at @SpringwaterDive on Instagram. 

Apr 08, 2020
Pamela Cole

Pamela Cole is the co-owner of Fanny's House of Music, an iconic music store in East Nashville that functions as the antithesis to Guitar Center in its accessibility, female representation, and approachability. Host LG and Pamela discuss the music biz, the ever-changing landscape of Nashville, Pamela's own musical journey, and everything that Fanny's stands for as an important part of the community. Be sure to buy some merch and support Fanny's House of Music: tinyurl.com/FannysHouseOfMusic and support this podcast and women in audio: patreon.com/QOSM!

Apr 01, 2020

Nashville-based singer-songwriter and musician Tristen is featured on this week's episode. Tristen has released four albums - and has another one on the way later this year - and she has also performed as a member of Jenny Lewis' live band. Tristen chats with host LG about her process, her journey to music, hearing her music played on All Things Considered for the first time, definitions of success, the importance of band morale, and so much more. www.tristen.com

Support this podcast and women in audio at www.patreon.com/QOSM!

Mar 25, 2020
Alicia Bognanno - Part 2

Here's Part 2 of Episode 4 with Alicia Bognanno of the Nashville band Bully! 

Alicia and host LG talk about the songwriting process, the pros and cons of being on social media in this day and age, vocal work, gear, media interviews, and more.

Huge thanks to this week's episode sponsor EarthQuaker Devices. www.earthquakerdevices.com

Support this podcast at patreon.com/QOSM and support women in audio.

Check out Bully at www.bullythemusic.com!

Mar 18, 2020
Alicia Bognanno - Part 1

This episode features Alicia Bognanno of the Nashville band Bully - she’s an audio engineer, a producer, a songwriter, a musician, and a helluva great podcast guest, giving her first interview in a year. She and host LG get down to the nitty-gritty of the business side of things for an artist at her level of fame, the roots of her talent and drive, and exchange music recommendations on a rainy day. LG tells a particularly wild story about meeting Lucinda Williams. 

Be sure to subscribe to the QOSM Patreon for podcast bonus content at patreon.com/QOSM!

Mar 11, 2020
Brittany Howard

In this episode, LG interviews the iconic, Grammy award-winning Brittany Howard! They talk shop, crack jokes, tell childhood stories, and discuss the business of music in a backyard in Nashville, TN. Brittany also talks about the process of introducing herself to the world beyond her association with Alabama Shakes. Check out Queen of S-Mountain wherever you get your podcasts. Support women in audio at www.patreon.com/QOSM Thank you to EarthQuaker Devices for sponsoring this episode! Visit them at www.earthquakerdevices.com

Feb 26, 2020
Makenzie Green

Nashville musician Mackenzie Green chats with host LG to discuss her artistic journey, how she met her former bandmate, and what she's been up to since Birdcloud. They also discuss 90s pop country music and disrupting that conventional genre, seeing the music industry from the other side, and a frank and honest discussion about creativity - and the spurts and sputters that happen along the way. They also laugh a bunch because Mackenzie is a little bit...naughty. 

This episode is sponsored by The Johns! Their debut album "Forge" was just released and is available wherever you buy or steal ur music. 
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Feb 19, 2020
Tanya Tucker

LG interviews Grammy award-winning country music legend Tanya Tucker, who also happens to be LG's higher power. The two musicians chat on Tanya's tour bus to discuss the business of music, the art of picking hit songs, and Tanya's musical journey as an uncompromising artist. 

If you like this episode, head on over to www.patreon.com/QOSM to get access to exclusive bonus clips and more and support women in audio!

Feb 12, 2020
The Art of Songwriting

Host LG takes listeners on a tour of her songs with the guitar she learned on, a duplicate version of the Sears-Roebuck student guitar that her late grandfather, a guitar dealer, gave her when she was younger. Weaving stories of her experiences with her songwriting process, this episode is a musical walk through the band's catalogue, the stories behind the songs, and a preview of some new hits in the making.

Episode mixed by Damien Verrett.

Episode sponsor: EarthQuaker Devices, www.earthquakerdevices.com

Jan 03, 2019
Meet the Band

Hear the band's side of the story! LG interviews some of the current and rotating members of Thelma and the Sleaze, featuring Cootchie-Cootchie, Whiskers, and Snowflake. When LG turns the mic over to her fellow bandmates, these rockers share dirt, throw shade, and laugh hard.

Episode mixed by Damien Verrett

Episode sponsor: EarthQuaker Devices - www.earthquakerdevices.com

Jan 03, 2019
Pro Tips from the DIY Music Queen

The blunt tips you need to be in your own DIY band, and all the stuff to avoid, too. LG gives hard truths, practical advice from her own experiences, and waxes philosophical about the ways people get through the music industry door.

Dec 28, 2018
Being in a Touring Band

Rocker host LG gives a detailed look at the ins and outs of the music industry, the state of the modern day touring band, and the music festival giants that get paid well, while small artists are “eating a Hot N’ Ready on the hood of their vans.” 

Mixed by Damien Verrett

Episode sponsor: EarthQuaker Devices, www.earthquakerdevices.com

Dec 27, 2018
Band Drama

Meet the various members of Thelma and the Sleaze from its early days to its current rotating cast of badass women, and follow along as the band weathers the ups and downs of life as touring musicians.

Episode sponsor: EarthQuaker Devices www.earthquakerdevices.com

Dec 19, 2018
The Origin Story

The origin and evolution of the band Thelma and the Sleaze, and the bumpy road that leads to the promise of a record deal. 

Episode sponsor: EarthQuaker Devices www.earthquakerdevices.com

Dec 19, 2018
Meet Thelma and the Sleaze!

Hop in the van and tour the country with Thelma and the Sleaze, the greatest all-women Southern rock band of all time, as they figure out how to make life work as touring musicians. 

Nov 29, 2018