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At WHOOP, we are on a mission to unlock human performance. We measure the body 24/7 and provide detailed analytics to our members regarding strain, recovery, sleep, HRV and more. Our clients range from the best professional athletes in the world, to Navy SEALs, to fitness enthusiasts, to Fortune 500 CEOs and executives. The common thread among WHOOP members is a passion to improve. What does it take to optimize performance for athletes, for executives, for anyone? We've launched this podcast to dig deeper. WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Ahmed interviews a variety of athletes, experts and industry leaders.

Episode Date
Pro Golfer Nick Watney shares how WHOOP warned him of COVID-19

Pro golfer Nick Watney, the first player on the PGA Tour to be diagnosed with COVID-19, details how his WHOOP data led him to getting tested for the virus. Watney shares how he became alarmed by a sudden rise in his respiratory rate and how he experienced no other symptoms that would have alerted him to the presence of the virus. Nick discusses his current health (3:28), his significant respiratory rate spike (6:05), why he was immediately concerned (7:21), testing positive (9:59), his quick action to protect those around him (11:00), the impact of WHOOP (12:15), the PGA's procurement of 1,000 WHOOP straps for players, caddies, and tournament staff (13:30), sharing his story to help others (15:52), what he has learned from WHOOP (21:31), and a detailed rundown of the hours and days leading up to his positive test (22:25).

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Jun 27, 2020
World-renowned sleep expert Dr. Chuck Czeisler discusses groundbreaking sleep research and a new collaboration with WHOOP for the COVID Resilience Project

World-renowned sleep expert Dr. Chuck Czeisler joins Will Ahmed and Emily Capodilupo to discuss everything you need to know about sleep, and to announce the launch of the COVID Resilience Project. WHOOP is collaborating with Dr. Czeisler’s team, along with researchers from Harvard’s Brigham Health, Harvard Medical School, the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health at Monash University, the Institute for Breathing and Sleep at Austin Health, and ARCHANGELS, to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic and its mitigation have impacted our members’ physical and mental health using a comprehensive survey. Dr. Czeisler details the connection between stress and sleep (7:07), how insufficient sleep significantly lowers testosterone levels (9:01), the dangers of not getting enough sleep (11:43), the most exciting research in sleep today (14:26), his Harvard course on creating time for sleep (17:50), why we need to sleep (21:50), the COVID Resilience Project (24:52), why researchers need your help (27:32), how you can help (29:44), the role of WHOOP in the study (36:13), and how this study will affect public policy (36:47).

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Jun 24, 2020
Nate Checketts, Rhone CEO, unveils new WHOOP gear and shares his views on technology
WHOOP and high-performance apparel brand Rhone have teamed up for an all-new drop of WHOOP clothing. Rhone CEO and Co-Founder Nate Checketts joins the WHOOP Podcast to discuss the partnership, his views on the role of technology in our world, and how he uses WHOOP to optimize his own life. Nate talks about why he was always cut out to be an entrepreneur (1:56), leaving his job at the NFL to start his own business (4:03), why he loves his WHOOP (7:30), his relationship with former NBA Commissioner David Stern (8:06), how WHOOP is a part of his toolkit to manage diabetes (10:43), his philosophy on business (12:35), pioneering technology advancements in fabric (13:13), the new WHOOP/Rhone clothing (16:21), what he's learned about late meals from his WHOOP data (27:30), why he's cherishing more time at home during COVID-19 (30:52), and his advice for potential entrepreneurs (34:34).

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Jun 17, 2020
PGA Champion Justin Thomas on using disappointment to fuel success and how WHOOP helps him perform

World No. 4 golfer Justin Thomas joins the WHOOP Podcast to talk about the highs and lows of his career, and how WHOOP helps him train, sleep and perform better. Justin discusses his upbringing and how his dad and grandfather inspired him to be a golfer (3:09), his friendly rivalry with Jordan Spieth and battling it out for the 2012 NCAA National Championship (10:50), seeking advice from Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Brady (14:42), taking lessons from disappointment (18:15), his friendship with Tiger and teaming up with him at the Presidents Cup (20:42), what qualifying for the PGA Tour was like (27:22), his disappointing finish at the 2017 U.S. Open and how that helped him win his first major two months later (31:47), discovering WHOOP through Rory McIlroy (37:48), what he's learned from WHOOP (40:22), his "world-class" sleep data (42:14), how he analyzes sleep and recovery (50:13), measuring WHOOP data on the course (58:47), dealing with nerves in big moments (1:00:54), what he thinks is good for golf and bad for golf (1:04:18), plus which big-name golfers he's on a WHOOP team with (1:14:15).

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Jun 10, 2020
Jennifer Jacobs shares tips and tricks for at-home workouts, improving recovery, and getting results

Jennifer Jacobs is one of the world's most recognizable personal trainers. She is the founder of J Method Fitness, spent 3 years as an instructor for Peloton, and has been training people virtually for more than a decade. She discusses how she got into the digital space (2:09), the keys to leading a successful workout (5:06), her training philosophy (6:37), why home is the optimal place to workout (11:22), how boxing is a great workout (14:26), her approach to nutrition (16:54), why she's against counting macronutrients (19:51), the buy-in needed to reach your fitness goals (21:50), how COVID-19 has changed her motherhood experience and how she gets her kids to get moving indoors (27:33), the importance of mental health (29:26), and her recovery tips and tricks (31:50). 

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Jun 03, 2020
Best-selling author Ryan Holiday shares his thoughts on stillness, ego, and defining success

Ryan Holiday is one of the most popular writers in the world and has authored bestsellers such as The Obstacle Is the Way, Ego Is the Enemy, and Stillness Is the Key. His books have become wildly successful among high-performing people and teams, including Rory McIlroy and the New England Patriots. Ryan discusses finding his calling as an author (3:15), dropping out of college to pursue writing (4:22), writing his first book (9:33), managing ego (12:34), the difference between confidence and arrogance (13:33), The Last Dance (15:00), defining stillness (21:35), trusting WHOOP to tell him to rest (26:23), practicing patience (30:03), weighing different points of view (37:18), using autonomy to measure success (41:48), his goals (43:39), why greatness shouldn’t be determined by external factors (46:38), and how WHOOP helps him optimize his life (48:32). Plus, Will answers your questions in this week's mailbag (50:40). 

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May 27, 2020
The Story of WHOOP and the inspiration behind our mission to unlock human performance

The tables have been turned for this week’s podcast. Will Ahmed changes roles from host to guest as we share his discussion with NOBULL founders Michael Schaeffer and Marcus Wilson on their podcast, Behind the Horns. Will dives deep on the founding of WHOOP and our mission to unlock human performance. He shares what WHOOP is all about (2:13), why Lebron James and Michael Phelps were among the first WHOOP users (3:09), the inspiration for creating WHOOP (4:08), trying to unlock the secrets of the human body (5:05), how WHOOP tracks strain and recovery (11:04), understanding HRV and why it plays a huge role in recovery (12:07), how WHOOP measures sleep (15:16), the importance of slow-wave and REM sleep (16:11), how WHOOP can indicate you might be getting sick (19:28), the guiding philosophy in designing WHOOP (24:17), why high-performing people focus on sleep and recovery (28:20), how WHOOP helps parents (33:02), and ways to better optimize your travel (39:51). Plus, Will answers your questions in this week's listener mailbag (44:16),

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May 20, 2020
PGA Tour winner and NCAA champion Dylan Frittelli discusses how WHOOP has helped him succeed in golf

Dylan Frittelli is one of the top golfers in the world and is coming off a strong rookie season on the PGA Tour in 2019. He joins Will Ahmed to share his story, what drives him, and how he uses WHOOP as part of his scientific and methodical approach to training. Dylan discusses being a 6-sport star in South Africa and his lifelong dream to play sports professionally (3:17), coming to America and being a 3-time Academic All-American at Texas (8:19), teaming up with Jordan Spieth in college and winning a national championship (9:00), how he knew Spieth was destined for success (11:12), how there's little to separate the best golfers in the world (12:04), watching Tiger Woods growing up and now competing against him (14:00), developing mental skills to succeed on the course (18:38), how golf is a humbling game (24:17), tips he's learned to optimize traveling (26:37), what his workouts look like (31:14), winning his first PGA Tour event (32:14), why he doesn't look at the leaderboard (33:44), how WHOOP has helped him improve his life and career (36:10), prioritizing short-term goals over long-term goals (44:15), and why he went 5 weeks without picking up a club when the PGA shut down (49:15). Plus, Will answers your questions in this week's mailbag (52:17). 

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May 13, 2020
Researchers Use WHOOP to Track COVID-19 Recovery Process

WHOOP data continues to be used by doctors and researchers as they try and learn more about coronavirus. The Duke University COVID-19 Research Taskforce is putting WHOOP straps on coronavirus patients to track how they are recovering from the disease, both in the hospital and after they are discharged.  Lead Clinical Medical Physiologist Dr. Jeroen Molinger discusses his coronavirus research (3:27), the ICU experience (5:10), creating survivors and not victims (8:14), buying time with ventilators (8:56), what researchers are hoping to learn about BMI’s role in coronavirus outcomes (9:19), why heart rate variability could be a good predictor of post-COVID immune response (10:42), study goals (14:53), why we still don’t know enough about asymptomatic cases (19:57), the importance of tracking HRV (23:10), COVID’s effect on sleep (24:29), and what he’s learned from his WHOOP data while working during the pandemic (25:51).

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May 06, 2020
WHOOP members fighting COVID-19

This week, we’re highlighting how WHOOP members are fighting the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve put together a compilation of interviews with people from across the country who’ve either been inflicted with COVID-19, or are working on the front lines to keep everyone safe. 

Navy SEAL and combat medic Steve Viola discusses working at a field hospital in New York City (3:40), why this pandemic reminds him of his time at war (4:08), how workers converted a 92,000 square-foot facility into a hospital in less than a week (6:57), and how WHOOP is helping medical personnel stay safe while treating patients (9:48). 

Grocery store worker and dietitian Scott Brown has seen a major shift in his data working on the front lines. He has reported a significant spike in day strain (15:55), calories (18:42), and his recovery (19:34). 

Brian Eisenberg was the first known WHOOP member with coronavirus. He discusses his illness (23:03), how his recovery and HRV plummeted (25:47), and his spike in respiratory rate before symptoms materialized (28:50). 

David Frankel came down with COVID-19 in early-March. He shares how widespread his exposure was (31:27), what his crash looked like on WHOOP (36:21), and how the first day of symptoms marked his worst WHOOP data ever (37:36). 

New York City law student Peter Machtiger lost his sense of smell and taste due to coronavirus (42:32). He also reported a significant jump in resting heart rate (43:33) and respiratory rate (44:00).

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Apr 29, 2020
Comedian Tom Segura discusses finding success making audiences laugh, and improving his well-being with WHOOP.

Tom Segura is one of the biggest acts in comedy right now and recently released his latest Netflix special, Ball Hog. He joins the WHOOP Podcast to talk about his career and how to best optimize his WHOOP data. Tom discusses why he wanted to be a comic and how he broke into the business (2:25), discovering stand-up (6:25), what it was like the first time he took the stage (10:21), the rush of performing (13:33), how he develops new material (16:35), why this age of political correctness gives him an advantage (19:48), finding WHOOP and participating in the Sober October campaign (21:38), how WHOOP has helped him sleep better (23:15), discovering he has an Olympian-like resting heart rate (25:19), breaking down heart rate variability (26:33), using the WHOOP Journal to track THC and other supplements and behaviors (31:29), working on material while high (35:28), performing in English and Spanish (38:10), and tips for aspiring comics (39:10). Plus, Will Ahmed answers your questions in this week's mailbag (44:20).

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Apr 22, 2020
Stanford neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman on dealing with stress and thriving during coronavirus

Many people are reporting high levels of stress and anxiety as we continue to navigate through these trying times. Stanford neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman explains how the brain responds to stress and uncertainty and how we can counteract that and thrive in the face of adversity. He details how the brain functions (5:39), why neuroplasticity sets us apart (9:35), the fundamentals of dopamine and motivation (12:43), how our brains derive meaning (16:25), the chemical effect being with loved ones has on your brain (23:00), how gratitude can change the brain (27:17), stress and coronavirus (29:23), the nervous system's role in immunity (33:31), a breathing technique that creates calm (38:08), increased anxiety surrounding sleep (41:22), how we can embrace uncertainty and be optimistic about the future (44:06), and how the next generation may be prepared for success after this pandemic (50:05). Plus, Will answers your questions in this week's mailbag (54:09).

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Apr 14, 2020
Rory McIlroy, world's top-ranked golfer, shares how WHOOP has improved his career

In what would have been Masters week, we are excited to share our sit down with the world’s top golfer, Rory McIlroy. He joins Will Ahmed for a wide-ranging conversation about his career, what drives him, and how he believes WHOOP has improved his performance both on and off the course. Rory and Will discuss how it was Rory's lifelong dream to become a professional golfer (4:43), how he idolized Tiger Woods growing up (6:53), how his parents supported him unconditionally (8:55), golfing from sunrise to sunset (12:45), why his 2011 collapse at The Masters made him a better golfer (15:38), winning his first major just two months later (24:00), searching for an edge and discovering WHOOP (30:32), how WHOOP has altered his training methods (34:06), why a green recovery often means success on the course (37:20), his win at the 2019 FedEx Cup (38:13), how he views alcohol consumption differently because of WHOOP (45:17), how he mentally prepares for tournaments (53:08), why he admires Justin Thomas (1:00:54), why he's inspired by Tom Brady (1:02:17), and how WHOOP is improving his career and helping him lead a healthier life (1:04:34).

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Apr 08, 2020
The Importance of Respiratory Rate Tracking During The COVID-19 Pandemic

At WHOOP, we have been gathering information on coronavirus and we have already uncovered fascinating insights into this terrible disease. WHOOP is investigating a potential connection between changes in respiratory rate and COVID-19 symptoms and is partnering with the Cleveland Clinic and Central Queensland University to study this possible link. Emily Capodilupo joins Will Ahmed to discuss why WHOOP is tracking coronavirus (1:16), the details of our research efforts (2:32), what we have learned so far (4:32), the importance of detecting who is sick (8:12), how data can help (12:21), what we know about respiratory rate and how consistent it is (13:17), why accurate information is tricky to obtain during this time (16:25), understanding exercise intolerance (21:02), and how you can track your respiratory rate using WHOOP (23:33). Plus, Will answers your questions in this week's mailbag (26:00).

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Apr 01, 2020
Dr. Nicholas Christakis, Yale coronavirus expert

Dr. Nicholas Christakis of Yale University has emerged as one of the nation's leading experts on coronavirus. He joins Will Ahmed to discuss how the virus started, why it's spreading so quickly, and what we can do to limit the number of cases moving forward. Nicholas and Will discuss how China used a "social nuclear weapon" to address the outbreak (6:38), what experts believe may have started the pandemic (11:33), how many cases one case can reproduce (12:18), mortality rates compared to other diseases (14:47), how Korea was successful in combating COVID-19 (18:33), what led to Italy's collapse (19:49), the risk healthcare workers are facing (23:05), the best and worst-case scenarios for the United States (25:08), the importance of testing and the next steps the US should take (32:33), if we will experience a second wave of coronavirus (37:30), how technology can help us fight the disease (40:17), why young people aren't out of the woods (49:30), and the importance of trusting experts (55:14).

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Mar 25, 2020
Trauma surgeon Jamie Coleman on saving lives and how she's using WHOOP to better her own life.

Here at WHOOP, we are inspired by the work of doctors, nurses, and medical professionals, especially during these trying times. Dr. Jamie Coleman joins Will Ahmed to discuss her experiences as a trauma surgeon, plus how she uses WHOOP herself, and to help her colleagues lead better lives. Jamie shares why she became a surgeon (3:30), what it's like working in a male-dominated field (4:16), how a matter of minutes or even seconds can be the difference between life and death (9:48), staying calm under pressure (12:10), how emotion in the trauma bay can prove dangerous (18:40), coping with death (22:34), being unable to save a patient (28:41), the struggles trauma surgeons face (32:42), how her colleagues can optimize their lives with WHOOP (40:10), what she has learned from WHOOP (51:41), how to deal with red recoveries (54:19), and what she hopes to accomplish as she uses WHOOP to study surgeons (1:04:16). Also, Will answers some of your most frequently asked questions (1:06:42). 

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Mar 18, 2020
Introducing the all-new WHOOP Journal.

Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo are back to talk about the all-new WHOOP Journal, which allows Members to log and track more than 40 different behaviors on a daily basis. Kristen and Emily go in-depth on how drinking can alter your sleep (5:28), how we metabolize caffeine and what we can learn from tracking when we consume it (8:58), how marijuana and CBD impact sleep (10:27), the effect of sex on performance (15:59), measuring anxiety and stress (20:15), preparing for travel (29:03), how people respond to sleeping in unfamiliar beds and sharing a bed with a partner (31:26), how women can track menstruation and pregnancy through the new Journal (33:13), what we can learn about different diets (38:26), and how to evaluate various medications with WHOOP (40:20).

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Mar 11, 2020
Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief Liz Plosser discusses trends in women’s fitness, the importance of sleep, and balancing work and family.

This month, WHOOP is honoring the extraordinary achievements of women across all backgrounds, lifestyles, sports, and professions. Liz Plosser, the Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health, joins Will Ahmed to talk about her goal to help women lead better lives and how she balances her busy career with raising three young children. Liz addresses her mission at Women's Health (2:13), expanding coverage of mental health issues (3:57), her own fitness goals (9:21), why women should lift more weights (11:18), finding time to workout even when you're busy (14:09), the importance of sleep (16:21), optimizing your commute (23:45), the best ways to lead a team (25:09), staying fit while pregnant (27:57), why postpartum can be a challenge for many moms (31:32), and curating the clutter in the wellness world (34:34). 

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Mar 04, 2020
Study proves WHOOP is “excellent” at sleep tracking.

A new study by the University of Arizona has proven that WHOOP is outstanding at tracking sleep. Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo talk about what this means and why WHOOP is excellent when compared to polysomnography, the gold-standard in sleep evaluation. Researchers also found that wearing WHOOP actually improves sleep habits. Kristen and Emily discuss setting a new bar for sleep tracking (2:10), how this study came to be (3:23), why they expected the results to be strong (6:03), how WHOOP is built to get the best data possible (8:29), how WHOOP is helping people get better sleep (11:48), what polysomnography is and why it's considered the gold-standard in sleep tracking (14:54), why sleep is so difficult to evaluate (18:04), and how rewarding the results are (23:05).

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Feb 26, 2020
Green Beret Kevin Flike shares his inspirational comeback story after being wounded by war.

Kevin Flike thought he was about to die. After being shot in the stomach while serving as a Green Beret in Afghanistan, Kevin underwent a long and difficult path to recovery, battling pain, addiction, and loss as part of his remarkable comeback story. He joins Will Ahmed to discuss that journey and his newfound mission to help others by sharing his experiences. Kevin covers why he joined the army (2:11), what made him want to be a Green Beret (5:20), working hand-in-hand with the Afghan people (8:39), the stressful nature of his deployments (10:52), the 11-hour fight with the Taliban that changed his life (16:36), how his life was spared by a matter of inches (19:25), being saved by an Afghan commando and his fellow soldiers (21:25), what was going through his mind before his life-saving surgery (26:24), why he saved the bullet that nearly killed him (26:36), coming to peace with death (27:25), the importance of living without regret (30:09), the severity of his wounds and the invasive and experimental surgery that was needed after being shot (36:30), struggling with the loss of teammates (37:13), becoming addicted to painkillers (42:38), how his wife helped him through the darkest period of his life (45:31), finding WHOOP and training for the Boston Marathon (50:39), and his new mission to help others (55:45).

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Feb 19, 2020
Elite CrossFit coaches James Hobart and Austin Malleolo discuss the evolution of the sport.

James Hobart and Austin Malleolo, two of the top CrossFit coaches on the planet, join Mike Lombardi to talk about their experiences as CrossFit Seminar Staff Flowmasters and how they've seen the sport evolve over the last 10 years (6:45). They also discuss how they found their voices as elite coaches (8:03), learning from others (13:20), the 3 questions all coaches should ask themselves (14:20) as well as other tips for new coaches (17:08), the overtraining mindset of athletes (22:45), when Austin almost died (23:40), what they've learned from WHOOP data about sleep (30:30), time commitment needed to excel in CrossFit (35:32), secrets to staying fit (36:52), using WHOOP in a coaching role (41:27), and how data will drive change (45:46).

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Feb 12, 2020
Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine on how mindfulness made him an elite warrior.

Mark Divine was one of America's top warriors, but his path and approach to becoming a Navy SEAL Commander was anything but ordinary. Mark joins Will Ahmed to discuss how he went from being a CPA to a SEAL (4:55), how mindfulness, meditation and zen led him to become a warrior (7:51), the importance of listening to your heart and gut (12:31), similarities between meditation and exercise (19:26), why leaders should meditate (25:12), how he uses WHOOP and how it changed his outlook on wearables (30:41), what SEAL training is like and how his mindfulness toolkit helped him become the No. 1 graduate in his class (36:29), how 185 guys got weeded down to 18 (42:07), his views on training soldiers of the future (46:06), what a "true warrior" is made of (47:10), and his approach to business and how leaders should carry themselves (51:04).

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Feb 05, 2020
Marc Randolph, Netflix Co-Founder, on the idea that changed entertainment forever.

Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph sits down with Will Ahmed to discuss how the company he started in the late 90s grew into the entertainment giant that it is today. Randolph details how the idea for Netflix came about (3:43), some of the "stupid" ideas they almost tried instead (6:46), how investors told him it would never work (9:49), industry disruption (13:09), the importance of building a strong company culture (19:35) and not playing Little League (24:18), Amazon's attempt to buy Netflix in the early days (26:11), the company's key breakthrough (31:14), the Dot Com bust & Blockbuster's rejection of a $50-million acquisition of Netflix (32:19), why he uses WHOOP & how he boosts his recoveries (40:05), plus what he does to destress and let work go (46:02).

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Jan 29, 2020
Naps: Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo discuss the physical and mental benefits to napping, the concept of sleep debt and how naps help offset it, plus how to incorporate your activities & day strain into planning the timing and duration of your naps.

Your greatest recovery amplifier: Naps. Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo break down the value of napping on rest days (4:11), how naps maximize the quality of your training (7:03) and improve cognitive functioning (8:15), what you can gain from 3 minutes of slow wave sleep (9:23), why a 30-minute nap is only good sometimes (10:53) and why you should avoid napping for too long (12:50), the benefits of napping in between workouts (14:28), the napachino (15:10), the best time to sleep during the day (17:40), using WHOOP to manage sleep debt (23:14), avoiding binge sleeping (24:48), and tips to nap better (28:11). 

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Jan 22, 2020
Rebecca Hammond, Professional Spartan Racer, discusses the sport of obstacle course racing and how WHOOP has helped her become one of the world's best in such a short time.

Pro Spartan racer Rebecca Hammond talks about what the sport of OCR is and how she got into it (2:41), how WHOOP has modified her training habits (5:55), what she does to get out of a recovery rut (6:44), her views on napping and nutrition (7:33), how she optimizes her sleep (12:47), taking Ambien and pre-bed supplements (14:19), her pre-race mindset (16:53), the spear throw and other obstacles at the Spartan World Championships (18:21), race strategy and awareness of other competitors (25:25), visualization and turning nervous energy into focus (27:11), her best recovery hack (30:24) and her lowest recovery on WHOOP (32:44).

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Jan 15, 2020
How Sleep Impacts Performance: Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo discuss the benefits of REM and slow wave sleep, effects of sleep deprivation, how much sleep you need, and the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your time in bed.

Why is sleep important for everything you do? Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo talk about sleep architecture and the 4 stages of sleep (2:30), what happens when your sleep is cut short (4:51), the benefits of slow wave and REM sleep (7:42), mood regulation (15:09), not knowing you're sleep deprived (17:16), a needed culture shift with how we view lack of sleep (22:15), how much sleep we actually should get (25:06), time asleep vs time in bed (26:14), experimenting to determine your sleep need (33:19), sleep regularity (37:24), why your body performs better when it can anticipate sleep (41:33), and tips to fall asleep when your body wants to (44:51).

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Jan 07, 2020
Remembering David Stern: With the passing of the NBA Commissioner Emeritus, a cherished WHOOP advisor and investor, we've re-released the very first episode of our podcast, which serves as a fitting retrospective on David's life.

Originally recorded in October of 2018, WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Ahmed talks to David Stern about his career as NBA Commissioner (6:51), the challenges he faced and how he overcame them (11:16), how he suspended a player for kneeling during the national anthem 20 years before Colin Kaepernick (14:56), social media today (19:18), sports and its overlap with politics (23:51), gambling (29:19), what data and technology will do to extend players' careers (30:11), cannabis (44:16), and much more.

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Jan 02, 2020
Year on WHOOP: What can you learn from a year of data? Mike Lombardi and Emily Capodilupo discuss what days people are best recovered, when they get the most sleep, behavior trends, training patterns and more.

What do you learn from a year of WHOOP data? Mike Lombardi and Emily Capodilupo talk about the Annual Performance Assessment sent to all WHOOP members (2:32), how you stack up against your peers (4:07), what day of the week people take on the most strain and are best recovered (5:54), the time of year they work out the most (8:15), why we sleep more in winter time (9:24), knowledge gained from daily sleep surveys (11:05), behaviors that most affect sleep (12:18), training patterns throughout the year (16:27) and the body's physiological response (17:45), functional overreaching vs non-functional (18:10), and the average daily recovery, strain and sleep stats for everyone on WHOOP (20:35). 

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Jan 01, 2020
Pierre-Henri Chuet, fighter pilot turned entrepreneur, discusses the mental state necessary to succeed in combat missions, and how he applies the lessons learned to the business world.

Combat pilot turned entrepreneur Pierre-Henri "Ate" Chuet talks about becoming Europe's youngest pilot at age 15 (4:54), his first aircraft carrier landing (7:10), turning anxiety into fuel (12:45), the impact flying has on your brain and body (18:10), his thoughts on the movie Top Gun (18:56), preventing mistakes in the air (25:25), combat mission preparation (33:10), what it's like to eject (36:40), how suffering a stroke at age 31 changed his life for the better (44:38), getting on WHOOP (52:09), the principles of "aviate, navigate and communicate" (54:24), and his best tips for combating jet lag and handling the effects of altitude (1:00:26). 

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Dec 17, 2019
Science of Winning, Part 2: Kristen Holmes and Mike Lombardi on building team culture, plus how to promote and enhance key performance traits like grit, character, intrinsic motivation, leadership, and self-concept clarity.

In Part 2 of Science of Winning, Kristen Holmes and Mike Lombardi discuss building team culture (3:53), assessing key performance traits (8:17), what it means to have grit (11:48), aligned organizational values (13:28), intrinsic motivation (16:16), self-concept clarity (19:51), leadership starting with self-rule (21:54), speaking once and listening twice (23:25), what is your superpower (24:55), sleep, recovery and fueling behavior (28:06), knowing your team (34:24), and defining core values (38:18).

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Dec 11, 2019
Unlocking Human Performance: What is WHOOP, and what can it do for you? CEO Will Ahmed sits down with ATP Science Co-Founders Jeff Doidge and Matt Legge.

ATP Science Co-Founders Jeff Doidge and Matt Legge chat with WHOOP CEO Will Ahmed about unlocking human performance, including the company's mission (3:35), preventing overtraining (4:50), the metrics WHOOP tracks (5:36), measuring recovery (7:16), quantifying strain (8:45), getting WHOOP on the world's best athletes (9:45), improving sleep efficiency and consistency (15:49), the effects of mental fatigue (23:16), why heart rate variability is so important (27:03), what many people don't realize about the impact of alcohol (29:41), other learnings from the data (34:53), and ongoing studies and research using WHOOP (40:55). 

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Dec 04, 2019
Holiday Hacks: Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo share their best tips to help you travel better, eat and exercise smarter, and reduce stress during what can be a very strenuous time of year.

Hacks for holiday stress, travel, nutrition, exercise and more: VP of performance Kristen Holmes and Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo discuss optimizing a hotel room (3:26), dehydration from recycled air on planes (5:35), why it's harder to sleep away from home (6:10), vitamins and supplements to help you on the road (11:45), combating mindless eating (15:03), why day drinking is better than at night (16:21), extra calories as a chance to build muscle (16:48), finding ways to be active (18:07), journaling what you're grateful for (19:28), 15-second recovery boosts (21:31), how to "fake" high HRV (23:31), and why it's OK not to always be in the green (27:35).

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Nov 26, 2019
Dr. Richard Isaacson, Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medical College, discusses a study that used WHOOP sleep data to search for signs of early Alzheimer's detection, plus background on the disease and how to combat it.

Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medical College Dr. Richard Isaacson talks about why he began studying Alzheimer's (4:07), how it starts 20-30 years before symptoms appear (4:38), how many people have it and the early signs of it (6:06), the three stages of the disease (8:27), ABC's of Alzheimer's prevention management (10:51), the reason for the study (17:21) and why they wanted to look at sleep (18:19), the value of cost-effective, non-invasive monitoring (19:49), the study's hypothesis and methodology (23:10), conclusions based on the WHOOP data (29:56), implications for future research (34:29), his own personal learnings from wearing WHOOP (38:52), and tips for what we can all do to prevent Alzheimer's (43:05).  

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Nov 19, 2019
Calories: Nutritionist Kassandra Hobart joins Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo to discuss exactly what calories are, how your body uses them, the challenges in tracking them, plus tips for being smarter and healthier with how you consume them.

Nutritionist Kassandra Hobart chats with WHOOP VP of Performance Kristen Holmes and Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo about the science of calorie tracking, including what calories really are (4:01), basal metabolic rate and the ways your body burns calories (4:26), a recent update to improve how WHOOP tracks caloric burn (9:04), food label inaccuracies and other things that make calorie counting difficult (11:09), if weighing food helps (14:50), why eating slowly and in a restful state is so important (18:16), general guidelines for where your calories should come from (22:56) and why this varies depending on your goals (25:06), why food timing matters (29:12), how calories affect your sleep (32:18), and the biggest misconceptions people have about calories (38:55).

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Nov 12, 2019
Panos Papadiamantis, Co-Founder of PNOE, the world’s first portable cardio-metabolic analyzer, on what it does, why it can benefit everyone, and how it'll calibrate with WHOOP.

PNOE Co-Founder Panos Papadiamantis explains what cardio metabolic analysis is (3:56), how PNOE works (7:21), mechanical efficiency when it comes to burning calories (11:03), why people often gain back weight they lose (14:16), when and how to combat caloric efficiency (22:24), why all calories are equal when it comes to weight loss (24:51), how PNOE knows how many calories you should consume each day (31:43), what PNOE and WHOOP can do together (32:43), detecting cardiovascular disease (36:24), assessing your posture (43:45), a "one-stop shop" for everything (45:28), training yourself to breath better (46:42), and why VO2 max is "just the tip of the iceberg" (55:46).

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Nov 05, 2019
Steve Weatherford, Super Bowl champion, entrepreneur, business coach and fitness expert shares how he became one of the NFL's strongest players as a punter, plus the philosophies that've helped him find success in life after football.

Super Bowl champion Steve Weatherford discusses how he transformed his body in high school from a 108-pound freshman to a 225-pound senior (6:23), why NFL kicker and punter jobs are going to international players (8:42), discover, develop, deploy (11:48), managing his ADHT (18:52), the 4 things men rank their lives by (22:23), operating based on feelings or commitments (33:07), saving time each day for personal development (39:45), participating in Masterminds (41:21), hard work vs. relationships (42:35), high intensity, high humility (44:24), Everesting 29029 (51:43), and life lessons he discovered atop a mountain (57:27).

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Oct 30, 2019
Pro athletes and coaches discuss how alcohol impacts their bodies and their training, as well as the insights they’ve gained from WHOOP data, in a Sober October compilation episode.

In a special Sober October compilation episode:

  • NBA champ Marc Gasol says WHOOP helps him understand alcohol's effect on sleep (3:19)
  • Gold medalist Ginny Thrasher details how even small amounts impact her data (6:15)
  • Pro street skater Neen Williams credits getting sober for extending his career (7:33)
  • Nike master trainer Kirsty Godso believes sleep deprivation is worse than a hangover (15:50)
  • Pro golfer Scott Stallings notes that your body metabolizes some types of alcohol better than others (18:26)
  • Superhero trainer Don Saladino says the calories from drinking are not what we should worry about (20:50)
  • Basketball legend Sue Bird explains how WHOOP makes her more thoughtful about when she drinks (22:52)
  • Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe shares his motivation for giving up alcohol and becoming a Buddhist monk (24:45)
  •  PGA Tour Champions leader Scott McCarron talks about why he doesn’t like to drink when he travels (26:58)
  • The Ainsworth creator and HPLT founder Brian Mazza discusses his poor training behavior as a student athlete (28:27)

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Oct 22, 2019
Ben Greenfield, coach, speaker and NY Times bestselling author shares the tools and techniques he uses to maximize his daily performance, plus what is undervalued in fitness today and the metrics he believes everyone should track to live better.

Biohacker Ben Greenfield discusses his background and how he got to where he is today (4:39), how his daily routine differs at home vs on the road (9:02), 15-minute morning recovery sessions (12:17), coffee enemas (16:43), his daily workouts (18:11), minimal effective training doses (20:30), the gym as a form of meditation (22:47), benefits of nasal breathing (23:47), why his kids are "unschooled" (27:48), what goes into his superfood smoothies (32:45), hunting with a bow and arrow (30:50), his many hacks for better sleep, including 4-7-8 breathing (41:07), tests we should all take to live longer and healthier lives (50:12).

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Oct 15, 2019
Alcohol: Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo break down everything you need to know about how alcohol impacts your sleep, recovery and performance.

For Sober October, VP of Performance Kristen Holmes and Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo take a deep dive into how alcohol affects your body, including the myth that it helps you sleep (4:58), its impact on your sleep cycles (4:58), why it'll prevent you from seeing the benefits of a workout (8:24), what you'll notice in your WHOOP metrics after drinking (9:54), the story of a team that went sober and won a national championship (11:16), empowering collegiate athletes with data (12:47), a study that indicates hangovers may last 4-5 days (13:47), healthy behaviors than can help offset the effects of alcohol (18:07), increased risk of injury (19:28), behavioral change in military special ops (20:05),  whether tiny amounts can sometimes be good for you, especially with food (25:03), and why you should self-experiment with your WHOOP data (27:28).

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Oct 08, 2019
Sue Bird, 4-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and 3-Time WNBA Champion, on winning at every level, how a willingness to change has helped her extend her career, and why she'd like to see the women's national team play a game against celebrities.

Basketball legend Sue Bird discusses what's enabled her to have so much success for so long (4:37), the boxes she needs to check in order to perform at her best (11:29), the value of sometimes skipping practice to rest (14:59), whether or not morning shootarounds cause unnecessary strain (22:01), coffee naps and pre-game caffeine (26:51), using blood flow restriction to help strengthen her ailing knee (33:51), game-time adrenaline and how to fake it (37:05), what it's like being a world-class athlete couple (41:42), the effect alcohol has on her WHOOP data (54:11), stress and cardiovascular strain (55:34), her goal of having the women's national team play against celebrities (1:04:57), why NBA players respect WNBA players more than average Joes (1:06:33), and the lowest recovery she's ever had on WHOOP (1:15:44). 

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Oct 01, 2019
Dr. Jordan Shallow, performance coach, chiropractor, and competitive powerlifter talks injury prevention, maximizing the value of your training, and breathing as a gateway to the autonomic nervous system.

Powerlifter Jordan Shallow, aka "The Muscle Doc," discusses the ins and outs of his sport (6:49), why controlled breathing is so important (9:30), the process of dropping 30 pounds for a weigh-in (15:44), understanding the difference between strength and stability (24:09), how to dislocate a shoulder (26:43), what he's learned from various injuries and how he's recovered without surgery (33:11), flexibility vs. mobility (41:20), breathing as a gateway to the autonomic nervous system (52:09), what heavy lifting does to his HRV (53:38), why his athletes have "parasympathetic days" instead of rest days (58:25), optimization vs. adaptation (1:21:19), and why we should strive for allostasis instead of homeostasis (1:23:12).

Sep 24, 2019
Recovery: Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo take a deep dive into the WHOOP recovery metric--how it works, what it measures, using it to train smarter & more efficiently, plus tips for better recovery.

VP of Performance Kristen Holmes and Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo explain everything there is to know about WHOOP recovery, including how it's calculated (5:39), why heart rate variability is so important (6:25), an MLB study validating it (12:26), the impact of strain, rest and sleep (14:59), active recovery (18:18), why it may not match how you feel (22:01), how stress affects it (26:07), using it to optimize training (28:38), the value of auto-regulation (31:27), working out when you're in the red (32:09), self experimentation and factors that affect it (33:01), what to do to improve it (37:26), and why it's actually better if you're not always in the green (47:25). 

Sep 17, 2019
Scott McCarron, 11-time PGA Tour Champions winner, on how he's in the best shape of his life and believes he can continue to improve his game at 54 years old.

PGA Tour Champions money leader Scott McCarron discusses how he discovered WHOOP (3:52), what's made him so successful at a later age (4:57), learning from some all-time greats (14:41), the mental aspect of golf (20:41), maximizing performance when in the red (24:12), improving sleep with CBD oil (26:33), meditation and focus on the course (30:06), lessons from TV broadcasting (35:53), things you probably don't know about Tiger Woods (37:18), balancing gratitude with BAMF (44:14), qualities of a great caddy (51:18), and the popularity of WHOOP on the PGA Tour (1:05:17).

Sep 11, 2019
Matt O'Keefe, CrossFit super-agent & President of Loud and Live Sports, along with VP of Strategic Development Dylan Malitsky, discuss the events that will shape the future of the sport, plus what WHOOP does for CrossFit athletes and the sport as a whole.

CrossFit super-agent and President of Loud and Live Sports, Matt O'Keefe, along with VP of Strategic Development Dylan Malitsky, discuss their backgrounds and how they got to where they are today (5:18), working with Matt Frasier and other top athletes (9:46), lessons for success (14:29), how the sport has evolved in the past 5 years (16:33), the popularity of Wodapalooza and replicating that with other competitions (18:32), event programming and inside information (28:53), if the Games season is too long (40:30), what WHOOP does for CrossFit athletes (45:32), using recovery, strain and heart rate data in live broadcasts (48:19), comparing your HRV to the world's best (48:34), and growth through innovation and trying new things (50:16).

Sep 04, 2019
Ginny Thrasher, Gold Medalist in the sport of air rifle, talks about the dedication and mindset necessary to go from beginner to Olympic champion in just 5 years.

Olympic Gold Medalist Ginny Thrasher discusses how she took up the sport of air rifle (4:18), going from a beginner to an Olympic champion in only 5 years (8:59), the research she did as a West Virginia University student that led to her getting on WHOOP (14:33), increasing accuracy by lowering resting heart rate (15:53), her Ted Talk and the growth mindset (21:34), affirmations and journaling (23:44), mantra-mindfulness (24:49), HRV's affect on shooting (30:33), what improves her sleep (34:56), her training diet (40:31), factors that influence performance (44:28), optimism takes work (48:01), and training for the 2020 Tokyo Games (50:41).

Aug 27, 2019
The Science of Winning: Kristen Holmes and Mike Lombardi discuss how to build and sustain long-term success in sports, with the idea that performance is a choice.

The Science of Winning: Kristen Holmes, a national champion field hockey coach, and Mike Lombardi, a former US rowing coach, share what it takes to sustain success in athletics. They talk about the idea that performance is a choice (4:30), defining success (6:57), using data to individualize training (10:23), coach-athlete trust and accountability (14:35), building a perennial contender (20:06), playing as if the score is always 0-0 (25:43), opportunities not opponents (26:19), measuring capacity with WHOOP (37:06), what a coach embodies (42:05), the vital role of sleep (46:28), data trends (52:28), and their favorite recovery modalities (56:38). 

Aug 21, 2019
Ebenezer Samuel, Fitness Director at Men's Health Magazine, talks learning about training and recovery from pro athletes, keeping up with all the latest workout trends in Manhattan, and putting them to the test through self-experimentation.

Men's Health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel discusses the start to his career in journalism (3:59), unwritten rules for interviewing a star athlete (8:14), learning about fitness from the New York Giants (9:29), coming back from an ACL injury (10:55), his biggest message when it comes to exercise and training (18:10), strategies for putting on muscle (19:59), his favorite gyms and classes in NYC (28:25), getting on WHOOP and #BeYourOwnLabRat (34:56) the afterburn effect (36:58), fitness goals and tests he likes (42:44), why his workouts are great for women too (51:56), the benefits of yoga (54:09), using resistance bands like Tom Brady (58:55), and what he does for physical and mental recovery (1:01:03).

Aug 13, 2019
Live at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games: Jared Stevens, the Buttery Bros, Kelsey Kiel & Tola Morakinyo of Invictus Boston, Barbell Shrugged's Anders Varner, Jess Coughlan & Bobby Downton from RAW Strength & Conditioning, Revival Strength owner Marcus Filly

Live from the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games: Anders Varner discusses the One Ton Challenge (3:33), the strain of working at the Games (12:41), coaching with WHOOP (21:51), and creating separation between workouts and daily life (25:31). The Buttery Bros talk making pancakes (35:17) and the "CrossFit game of thrones" (36:33). Jared Stevens explains how he's getting more deep sleep (42:15), the effects stress has on his body (42:54), and why he'll probably keep his beard (49:56). Jess Coughlan & Bobby Downton open up about what the demo team is like (51:04), being a coach-athlete couple (54:34), and WHOOP coming to Australia (1:02:02). Marcus Filly elaborates on intelligent training (1:07:29) and quality of movement (1:14:35). Kelsey Kiel describes a day at the Games (1:21:03) and what she's doing to prepare for next season already (1:24:01). Tola Morakinyo shares his thoughts on the new qualifying format and early cuts (1:28:52), as well as what he does for in-competition recovery (1:36:10).

Aug 07, 2019
Don Saladino, trainer to some of the world's most famous actors, shares what it takes to make them look like superheroes.

Superhero training Don Saladino talks how he got into fitness (4:12), his first celebrity client (6:03), what a typical 1-hour session involves (8:56), eating to put on muscle (15:54), breathing, visualization & daily gratitude (23:23), why you shouldn't train like Rocky (39:09), under-resting (40:31), how exercising 15 minutes a day can be enough (41:58), getting on WHOOP and using it with his clients (42:34), maximizing sleep quality (45:13), how mood can affect physical appearance (57:02), whether or not actors use steroids (58:14), eliminating negative stressors (1:00:03), and the ultimate goal we should all have when working out (1:07:39).    

Jul 31, 2019
Ed Baker, former Head of International Growth at Facebook & VP of Product and Growth at Uber talks leaving Silicon Valley behind and becoming a world-class triathlete.

Elite triathlete and former Facebook Head of International Growth & Uber VP of Product and Growth Ed Baker discusses founding his first company (4:43), lessons learned running startups (9:13), working with Mark Zuckerberg and Travis Kalanick (17:34), prioritizing sleep over exercise (24:36), becoming an Ironman triathlete (24:55), training methodology (27:10), insights from WHOOP (29:59), nutrition for endurance athletes (35:38), active recovery (39:53), his career highlight (44:40), pre-race routine (47:52) and in-race fueling (48:55), positive takeaways from a serious injury (55:23), and the decision whether or not to go pro (1:01:13).

Jul 24, 2019
John Capodilupo, WHOOP Chief Technology Officer, talks 3.0 tech, the membership experience, and a pair of recent sleep studies validating WHOOP data.

CTO John Capodilupo discusses WHOOP technology and signal accuracy (5:24), how to wear your Strap to get the best data (8:44), constantly improving algorithms (15:12), 3.0 troubleshooting tips (17:21), using Bluetooth Low Energy (17:48), app and firmware updates (22:48), what to do if the lights won't turn on (24:13), membership services (27:53), a Cornell Alzheimer's study (34:09) and an Arizona insomnia study (37:31) that each used WHOOP, and the idea that everyone should have 24/7 access to their physiological data (41:17).

Jul 17, 2019
Scott Stallings, 3-Time PGA Tour winner, talks applying fitness to golf and the health and lifestyle changes he's made to transform his mind and body.

Three-time PGA Tour winner Scott Stallings discusses the instant he decided to be a golfer (5:08), playing with Tiger Woods (7:05), the growing role of fitness in golf (10:52), the biggest moments of his career (13:50), the physical transformation he's undergone (16:46) that began with a chronic fatigue diagnosis (17:38), discovering allergens and solving his health issues (19:29), CrossFit and Rich Froning (26:10), lessons learned from WHOOP (28:06), cold recovery techniques (37:27), kettlebell juggling (41:25), visualization and the mental reset button (53:34), and his best advice for aspiring athletes (1:03:19).

Jul 09, 2019
Happy 4th of July!

The WHOOP Podcast is taking a break this week, wishing all of you a happy 4th of July. We'll be back next week with more great guests and fresh insight into optimizing performance!

Jul 04, 2019
Heart Rate Variability (HRV): Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo explain what HRV is, what affects it, how to improve it, and what it means for recovery and human performance.

What is HRV? WHOOP VP of Performance Kristen Holmes and Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo discuss everything there is to know about heart rate variability, including what it is (3:39), why it's such a valuable metric (7:06), how it's an indicator of fitness (10:11), what things affect it (12:59), why WHOOP tracks it during sleep (17:27), the role it plays in recovery (23:04), how it fluctuates regularly (26:42), why it's hard to say what a "normal" HRV is (30:07), the reason it's most beneficial to follow trends over time (32:11), and lifestyle choices to improve HRV (33:00) like better hydration (36:42), nutrition (39:19) and sleep (42:30).

Jun 25, 2019
Brian Mazza, creator of The Ainsworth & founder of High Performance Lifestyle Training, on the similarities between hospitality and fitness and applying the lessons he's learned from each.

The Ainsworth creator and HPLT founder Brian Mazza discusses High-Performance Lifestyle Training (3:19), how he got his start in the food & beverage industry (7:46), the secret to his success (10:45), where The Ainsworth came from (13:04), 24-karat gold wings (14:08), the ethos of HPLT (18:00), intermittent fasting (22:46), meditation and gratitude (23:01), getting on WHOOP (28:55), his favorite measures of fitness (34:46), the Empire State Building race (37:11), similarities between hospitality and fitness (40:48), and the benefits of CBD water (52:43). 

Jun 19, 2019
Dr. Bob Arnot, author, award-winning TV journalist & champion stand-up paddleboarder shares his secrets for competing with world-class athletes one-third his age.

Author, TV journalist, and world-class paddleboarder at 71 years old, Dr. Bob Arnot discusses his incredible career (3:43), how he discovered WHOOP (9:01) and his tips improving recovery (13:49), being a "Type T" personality (21:50), 3 things that help him sleep anywhere (26:15), the "feed-forward" loop (33:23), preventing your muscles from aging (38:47), which athletes live the longest (43:15), taking up paddleboarding (44:21) and competing in the world championships (47:02), the benefits of coffee and polyphenols (50:56), "cardiodiabesity" (1:00:32), The Aztec Diet (1:03:20), online learning vs traditional education (1:11:56), breathing to reduce stress (1:22:58), and "the ultimate health barometer" (1:26:05).

Jun 12, 2019
Understanding Strain: Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo break down how the WHOOP strain metric works, and how it can improve your training.

How to optimize your training by understanding strain: WHOOP VP of Performance Kristen Holmes and Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo break down everything there is to know about the WHOOP strain metric, including where it came from (3:27), what it measures exactly (4:39), how it's individualized (5:05), why WHOOP doesn't count steps (6:32), what causes strain besides exercise (7:49), day strain vs workout strain (9:03), minimizing unnecessary strain (12:15), how it's logarithmic and not linear (13:25), balancing strain and recovery (16:25), and two new features available with the WHOOP Strap 3.0, the Strain Coach (21:59) and WHOOP Snap+ (26:44).

Jun 04, 2019
NOBULL Co-Founders Michael Schaeffer and Marcus Wilson talk building the brand, trends in footwear technology, and optimizing performance in their daily lives as entrepreneurs & executives.

The Co-Founders of NOBULL, Michael Schaeffer and Marcus Wilson, discuss how the company got its name (6:36), their brand philosophy (10:58), early failures including the first prototype (13:06), designing the shoes (16:27), sponsored athletes (20:11), using WHOOP (23:48), nutrition and fasting (26:08), meditation (29:25), the future of athletic footwear (31:45), lessons from Phil Knight's book "Shoe Dog" (37:56), and their best tips for success (42:56).

May 29, 2019
Introducing WHOOP Strap 3.0 featuring WHOOP Live

WHOOP Strap 3.0 ft. WHOOP Live is now available! Will Ahmed and Robert Moeller discuss everything that's new with the 3.0 (2:12), including 5-day battery life (3:47), the ProKnit band (5:05), Bluetooth Low Energy compatibility (8:01), the Strain Coach (9:21), WHOOP Snap+ (14:20), heart rate broadcasting (17:48), how WHOOP Live features are enabled (19:12), what the 3.0 costs (20:24) and how current members can upgrade (20:57).

May 22, 2019
Jeremy Powers, 4-Time Cyclocross National Champion, talks retirement, gratitude, coming back from injuries, and how he made the most of his career despite never being the most talented rider.

Four-time cyclocross national champ Jeremy Powers discusses his recent retirement (3:28), what cyclocross is exactly (5:40), his path to becoming a pro (7:47), tracking nutrition (12:49), competing with a team vs as an individual (22:15), meditation (25:49), seeing a sports psychologist at the age of 17 (27:08), music as a training tool (28:44), "the momentum loop" of gratitude and positivity (34:14), battling back from a potentially fatal case of valley fever (35:49), how he discovered WHOOP (41:33), getting out of the red and into the green (44:23), sleep and recovery tips (47:37), who he's influenced and inspired by (58:34), and the Jam Fund he co-created to support aspiring young cyclists (103:34).

May 15, 2019
Neen Williams, Professional Street Skater, on being a high-performance athlete and extending his career as long as possible.

Professional street skater Neen Williams discusses how he got into skateboarding (3:08) and becoming a pro (4:31), the most "normal" job he ever had (5:31), a moment of clarity that changed his life (8:55), how he uses WHOOP (14:28), the strain of skateboarding (17:06), what makes him an artist (18:35), risk assessment when attempting tricks (19:47), diet and nutrition (23:03), sleep and recovery (24:44), advice for his 18-year-old self (32:34), his positive outlook and embracing the dark times (35:54), what mindfulness means to him (40:05), and a 1% recovery on WHOOP.

May 08, 2019
Work Hard, Rest Hard: Kristen Holmes chats with Nuun Hydration’s CEO Kevin Rutherford & Director of Product Development Vishal Patel about the intersection of endurance sport, sleep and recovery.

Endurance sport, sleep & recovery: WHOOP VP of Performance Kristen Holmes sits down with Nuun Hydration CEO Kevin Rutherford and Director of Product Development Vishal Patel. They discuss how we can all benefit from performance monitoring (5:15), what endurance exercise does to your body (7:44), sleep as a skill (10:07) and the 4 stages of sleep (11:21), working out too hard to fall asleep (12:47), how WHOOP determines recovery (19:31), results of exercising when you're tired (21:33), nutrition for recovery (23:42), why 8 hours sleep is an arbitrary number (29:56), how to wake up energized (33:43), avoiding negative stress with mindful breathing (34:02), sleep fasting (39:22), hydration and its effect on HRV (42:04), and what happens when you miss your natural window to go to sleep (47:06).

May 01, 2019
Marcus Filly, Revival Strength Owner & 6-Time CrossFit Games Competitor, on helping his clients make smart health and fitness decisions, plus optimizing his own performance as an athlete, coach, business owner and father.

Revival Strength owner and 6-time CrossFit Games competitor Marcus Filly discusses his first exposure to CrossFit and rapid rise to the top of the sport (9:40), why he became a coach (12:07) and what his practice entails (15:57), functional bodybuilding (19:19), cold showers (24:11), his current performance goals (32:09) and how they relate to his WHOOP metrics (34:42), advice for picking the right trainer (41:41), individual coaching vs personal training (43:05), community and coach-client relationship (50:18), social media and building a voice (53:41), using WHOOP with his clients (1:07:57), maximizing his sleep efficiency (1:09:40), and self experimentation results seen in his WHOOP data (1:22:14).

Apr 24, 2019
Kate Courtney, Mountain Bike World Champion, shares everything she’s done to reach the pinnacle of her sport.

Defending mountain bike world champion Kate Courtney talks about her intro to the sport (3:10) and incredible rise to the top (8:06), her love of data (11:37) and meditation (15:45), recovery as a life skill (21:52), fueling with waffles (23:57), training and functional overreaching (28:37), her nap routine (35:18), workouts in the gym (39:01) and not fearing strength on the bike (44:08), pre-bed recovery (49:48), sleep habits and environment (57:39), travel advice (1:08:54), a typical day's strain (1:10:51), and her biggest goal going forward (1:18:57).

Apr 17, 2019
WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, Cesaro, and Coach Josh Gallegos on competing for the best WHOOP data, how it helps them adapt their training, and what really happens when they get in the ring.

Seth Rollins, the WWE's new Universal Champion, fellow wrestler Cesaro, and coach Josh Gallegos talk about their "WHOOP gang" (7:21), the similarities between wrestling and CrossFit (8:53), competing for the best WHOOP data (11:25) and the discoveries they've made from it (12:51), what increases their HRV (15:11), adapting workouts based on recovery (19:50), diet and nutrition (24:43), how to avoid injury in the ring (30:10), the art of wrestling (31:57) and how it compares to dancing the tango (33:33), what causes the most strain during a match (40:35), tips for getting to sleep (42:50), advice for success (46:17), and the worst recoveries they've ever had (51:58).

Apr 09, 2019
The Circadian Rhythm Sleep Hack: Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo discuss the benefits of Sleep Consistency.

How to improve your sleep by maintaining your circadian rhythm: WHOOP VP of Performance Kristen Holmes and Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo talk about the benefits of Sleep Consistency (3:38), where the idea came from (5:49), what we've seen in WHOOP data (9:13), spending more time in deeper stages of sleep (10:31), behaviors that can help (11:32), a case study of a team that traveled west but stayed on Eastern time (14:12), and how it benefited them (17:07), Connor Jaeger's preparation for the 2016 Olympics (19:34), other methods for handling time zone changes (20:26), including a bedtime routine (21:12) and splitting the difference pre-travel (22:05), and getting better sleep despite actually spending less time in bed (23:07).

Apr 03, 2019
Mike Mancias, trainer to LeBron James, discusses the role recovery plays in keeping his athlete on the court, and why he's been "all-in" on WHOOP since the beginning.

LeBron James' long-time athletic trainer Mike Mancias talks about his journey from equipment manager of a small college basketball team to training an all-time great (6:17), working with Tim Grover and Michael Jordan (10:18), durability and post-game recovery (18:52), getting involved with WHOOP (24:27), effects of the NBA lockout in 2010-11 (26:31), what he sees in WHOOP data (27:24), nutrition trends (29:11), his best training tip for the everyday athlete (30:24), recovery methods to combat aging (32:21), what to do when you're "low energy" on gameday (36:19), his career highlights (39:34), and improving the happiness of NBA players (42:07).

Mar 27, 2019
Brandon McDaniel, a Director of Athletic Development & Performance Science in Major League Baseball, talks training methodology, gameday preparation, and how his organization uses WHOOP data.

An MLB Director of Athletic Development & Performance Science Brandon McDaniel discusses his individualized approach to training (5:35), overrated metrics in baseball (14:42), why pitch velocity has increased in recent years (17:19), how his team uses WHOOP (22:09) and what they learn from the data (30:41), what he tells a player who's "in the red" on gameday (34:41), pre-game dos and don'ts (37:53), the value of naps (39:31), players' use of caffeine and tobacco (42:08), different recovery techniques for older and younger athletes (52:59), his World Series experience and what he saw on WHOOP (59:21), losing 70 pounds in 6 months (1:04:45), and what he does to keep learning and improving (1:06:40).

Mar 19, 2019
The Sleep Episode: WHOOP Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo answers everything you want to know about sleep.

Sleep expert and WHOOP Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo talks about her background and why she joined WHOOP (3:46), habits of our top 100 sleepers (15:30), bedtime routines (20:01), new WHOOP sleep features including Sleep Consistency (20:48), Sleep Efficiency and Respiratory Rate (24:18), how long one bad night of sleep affects you (36:30), improving REM & slow-wave sleep and what that means (43:29), tips for staying asleep (44:54), exercise's effect on sleep (52:58), tracking HRV during sleep (1:00:03), the reason why we try to sleep 8 straight hours (1:08:45), the dangers of Ambien (1:15:25), what sleep data looks like when you're drunk (1:21:53), and the numbers behind how much better people sleep after they start using WHOOP (1:28:55).

Mar 13, 2019
Kirsty Godso, Master Trainer & Energy Dealer on taking the work she does in the gym and amplifying it outwards into the lives of herself and her clients.

Kirsty Godso, Master Trainer and fitness model discusses why she calls herself an energy dealer (2:58), her nutrition (8:12) and workouts (12:30), the strain of teaching vs working out (13:28), heart rate recovery as a training tool (17:57), the concept of strategic laziness (30:56), hangovers compared to sleep deprivation (32:52), the rare times she's "in the red" (34:39), how she defines success with a client (41:32), WHOOP as a support system (51:01), why working with your body is a partnership and not a dictatorship (57:25), finding an upside to a serious injury (1:04:13), and the 7 different books she's reading right now (1:09:58).

Mar 05, 2019
Andy Puddicombe, Buddhist Monk and Headspace Co-Founder on his amazing life journey and giving people the tools to improve health and happiness through meditation.

Headspace Co-Founder Andy Puddicombe talks about getting into meditation at an early age (4:30), quitting school and traveling to the Himalayas (6:35), the effects meditating 14 hours a day had on his body (13:02), amazing lessons from his teachers (18:22), what it took to officially become a monk (31:49), his degree in Circus Arts (40:27), re-acclimating to the modern world (42:46), creating Headspace (46:39) and meeting his Co-Founder Rich Pierson (50:13) why he's a "massive fan" of WHOOP (56:33) and what he's learned from using it (1:00:08), how he incorporates meditation into his family life today (1:01:25), and what we can expect from Headspace in the future (1:24:17).

Feb 26, 2019
Joe Holder, Master Trainer and Health & Wellness Consultant talks about the similarities between training supermodels and pro athletes, as well as everything he does to stay "in the green."

Joe Holder, Health & Wellness Consultant and trainer to some of the most beautiful women in the world discusses how a football injury in college put him on his career path (8:01), the power of mindfulness (12:23), training supermodels vs. NFL players (23:43), what he looks for in the first session with a new client (27:57), why men should train more like women and women should train more like men (29:57), the importance of the other 22 hours in the day (32:09), what it means to be part of the "plant based gang" (33:46), supplements he takes (40:04), his amazing WHOOP data and what he's learned from it (41:38), as well as how WHOOP helps him better understand his clients (46:44), and the advice he'd give to someone looking to pick a trainer (47:43).

Feb 19, 2019
Jason Khalipa, former CrossFit Games World Champion and current author, coach and gym owner shares the training philosophies that have helped him succeed throughout his career.

Jason Khalipa, former CrossFit Games World Champion, owner of NCFIT gyms, and author of As Many Reps As Possible talks about the evolution of the CrossFit Games (6:02), fasting workouts in the morning (10:17) and developing his own training process (12:35), his critical component for success (13:50), including giving people the right tools (19:32) and the value of fitness as a community (22:03), what to look for in a gym (26:13) and how to identify a good coach (27:23), the AMRAP mentality (31:20), "knowing your why" (37:18), the benefits he sees in WHOOP (49:09), and why he plans to invest in a bio freezer (57:35).

Feb 12, 2019
Angela Ruggiero, 4-Time Olympian, Hockey Hall-of-Famer & Sports Innovation Lab Co-Founder on training and recovery during her time as a pro, plus the various ways technology is reshaping sports.

Angela Ruggiero, 4-time Olympian and Sports Innovation Lab Co-Founder, discusses winning a Gold Medal while still in high school (5:42), carrying the 9/11 flag at the Salt Lake City Games (10:21), using heart rate recovery (14:36) and other biometric data (18:28) to improve her performance long before it was the norm, pregame naps (24:27), visualization and meditation (30:06), playing in a men's pro game (38:08), what's holding back women's sports (43:25), being a contestant on The Apprentice (49:28), her time as a member of the IOC (53:02), technology's impact on sports and the role her business plays in it (1:01:44), and what it means that Netflix says it's biggest competitor is Fortnite (1:13:11). 

Feb 05, 2019
Marc Gasol, 3-Time NBA All-Star, talks improving his diet, sleep and recovery, avoiding unnecessary strain, and everything else he does to continue playing at an elite level.

Marc Gasol, 3-time NBA All-Star, discusses his basketball background (2:57), falling asleep and missing his name being called on draft night (4:52), having an older brother in the league (6:03), things he's doing to extend his career (7:28), avoiding unnecessary strain (11:32), why he uses WHOOP (12:55), recovery tactics (13:50), training advice for young athletes (23:30), role models (27:45), following a paleo diet (29:06), fasting with a "16:8" method (29:45), and what caused his lowest WHOOP recovery (31:25). 

Jan 30, 2019
Robert Moeller, Veteran Navy SEAL, talks about the training and preparation necessary to compete in an event that pushed the boundaries of human performance.

Robert Moeller, Veteran Navy SEAL, discusses competing in the first-ever Specter Series event, a skydive, swim, and 100-mile run. In Part 1, he talks about becoming a SEAL (4:06), including BUD/S training (6:38), Hell Week (10:30), his first mission (18:42), and the Rip Its Challenge and other forms of friendly hazing (25:18), as well as his first experience with WHOOP ( 29:24), why he believes it can help the military (32:55), how it enabled him to train smarter (39:47) and sleep better (43:03), plus his expectations (51:40) and prediction (59:47) two days prior to the competition. In Part 2, he recaps the event (1:03:08) and its most difficult moments (1:10:05), analyzes what he saw in his WHOOP data (1:23:51) and what his sleep (1:25:42) and recovery (1:28:07) were like afterwards, then reveals what they'll do to somehow take things up a notch for the second Specter Series event in 2019 (1:31:26).

Jan 22, 2019
Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab Founder, on his role in creating much of the technology we use today, predictions for the future, and his long-time friendship with Steve Jobs.

Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab Founder, author of Being Digital, and one of the very first users of the internet discusses the many accurate predictions he made in his book two decades ago (6:07), future technology like learning by taking a pill (19:38), virtual reality in 1967 (21:07), the birth of the internet (26:05), his friendship with Steve Jobs, (37:26) including literally the first iPhone (42:30), plus the Apple CEO's failures too (39:27), artificial intelligence (55:46), cryptocurrency (1:08:00), clean energy (1:10:32), space travel (1:12:26) and the immense value he sees in WHOOP outside of athletics (57:38).

Jan 16, 2019
Kristen Holmes, WHOOP VP of Performance and NCAA Champion Coach talks helping elite athletes sleep and recover, plus all the tips & tricks she uses to optimize her own performance.

Kristen Holmes, Vice President of Performance at WHOOP, former Team USA field hockey player and national champion coach at Princeton University discusses how her coaching philosophies evolved (9:09), the physiological and psychological factors of performance (15:10), advising the world's best athletes (31:05) and what they've learned from WHOOP data (39:20), Moneyball 2.0 (45:39), the vital importance of sleep (21:40), including blocking blue light (55:10), creating the right environment (56:35) and sleeping consistently (1:04:10), functional overreaching as a training method (1:11:30), mindful breathing (1:17:00), nutrition (1:23:15), recovery methods her athletes like and don't like (1:30:56), and the single most important thing we can all do to be healthier (1:43:39).

Jan 09, 2019
Strauss Zelnick, media mogul and author of "Becoming Ageless" shares the secrets to how he continues to get fitter as he gets older.

Strauss Zelnick, founder of Zelnick Media Capital, President & CEO of Take-Two Interactive and Chairman of CBS discusses his book Becoming Ageless: The Four Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever (8:02), advice for being young and successful (11:38), his exercise group known as The Program (16:11), getting fitter as he gets older (19:44), avoiding injuries (23:45), recovery methods he likes and doesn't like (26:08), how his diet has evolved over time (33:25), things to avoid when trying to improve your sleep (36:22), and what his amazing career has meant to him (42:09).

Jan 02, 2019
Katrin Davidsdottir, 2-Time Fittest Woman on Earth, talks training, recovery, sleep, nutrition, & all the little things she does to stay on top.

Two-time CrossFit Games champion Katrin Davidsdottir talks about how she got into the sport (3:40), her rapid ascension to the top (9:59) and what it takes to stay there (23:05), her warmup routine (25:50), sleep and recovery (38:55), what she likes about WHOOP (47:05), the psychology behind winning back-to-back titles (58:40), inspiring and empowering her fans (1:00:05), gender equality in sports (1:05:10), being the best version of herself (1:15:13), and the cultural impact of Instagram (1:20:39). 

Dec 19, 2018
Kevin Kit Parker, Mad Scientist of Harvard, on being in a firefight, designing the perfect dress, improving sleep, vacation optimization, plus dinner with Kanye & Larry Page.

WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Ahmed talks to Harvard Professor and U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Kit Parker about the science of counterinsurgency (5:12), creating irresistible fashion (11:15), art's impact on science (29:14), how your body reacts to being in a firefight (45:48), improving sleep in the military (1:00:06), vacation optimization (1:12:14), privacy and data security (1:30:40), travel tips and life hacks (1:37:27), and the most creative person he's ever met (1:42:50).

Dec 11, 2018
David Stern, NBA Commissioner Emeritus, talks sports, technology, data, gambling, social media, & much more.

WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Ahmed talks to David Stern about his career as NBA Commissioner (7:22), the challenges he faced and how he overcame them (11:47), sports and its overlap with politics (24:22), social media (19:49), gambling (29:50), cannabis (45:17), what data and technology will do to extend players' careers (30:42), and how he suspended a player for kneeling during the national anthem 20 years before Colin Kaepernick (15:27).

Dec 04, 2018